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Spring 2009

Inside: John Stossel on the Dangers of Big Government “Capitalism Fuels Freedom”— CEO David Kim’s Advice to Young Conservatives

Vol. 30 • No. 1

March 31, 2009

Ron Robinson Foundation President

Dear Colleagues, Time and Newsweek magazines use their iconic covers to promote leftist themes and leaders while they denigrate conservatism and conservatives. Conservatives are labeled on past covers as “Hell Raisers,” “Bully Boys,” “Preaching Fear,” “Uncle Scrooge,” “Down & Dirty,” and the “Avengers.” Meanwhile, liberals are “Saviors of the World,” “Charming and Charismatic,” “One of a Kind,” “The Real Thing,” and “The Sunshine Boys.” This has been a pattern for many years, but it reached its pinnacle with more than 30 Barack Obama covers that would have embarrassed his own PR team already known for their propensity to prematurely coronate their boss. One cover—from four years ago—had the newly-elected Senator smiling from ear-to-ear: “Seeing Purple: A Rising Star Who Wants to Get Beyond Blue vs. Red.” Newsweek declared the Senator, then 99th in seniority, was “fully prepared to step into a leadership role….[he] offers fresh solutions.” Obama alone would merge the interests of the Red and Blue states. The mainline news media refused to criticize any leftist. Barack Obama and Joe Biden might not have given much, if any, of their own wealth to help those less fortunate, but that was never examined. Well, now we know the administration, which was sold to us as moderate and a unifying force, has embarked on an orgy of government spending and leftist ideology the likes of which we have never seen. Americans recognized they got into personal trouble with excessive spending and borrowing, and the American “consumer” was beginning to reform his spendthrift ways. President Obama’s answer to that? Government spending on a scale unprecedented in human history. Irresponsible individual behavior became a rationale for irresponsible governmental behavior. Obama and Biden, who were so Scrooge-like with their own wealth suddenly, become Santa Claus with “Other People’s Money!” To this we say, “Enough!” Enough with the leftist media bias. Enough with the phony politician’s compassion for those less fortunate. And enough of spending other people’s hard-earned money. This is not reform. This is radicalism, and it must be challenged. This issue of Libertas includes Dr. Burt Folsom’s critical look at FDR who sponsored his own leftist schemes and John Stossel’s warning that we cannot create jobs by executive order. You will also find a free market and pro-America perspective entrepreneur and CEO David Kim. The White House could benefit from their insights. Sincerely,

Ron Robinson President





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The Road to Serfdom

Remembering the 9/11 Victims ;VWZ[\KLU[HJ[P]PZ[YLÅLJ[ZVU[OL ! 5L]LY-VYNL[7YVQLJ[


Just Married!


Foundation Welcomes Rick Keith





Are We Headed for Another Great Depression?



Also in this Issue: • Senator DeMint Addresses 200 Interns – page 4 • Cold War Experts Share Lessons with Youth – page 5 • Meet the Unsung Heroes of the Conservative Movement – page 12 • Attend an Upcoming Foundation Conference Near You! – page 35 On The Cover: President Barack Obama has appeared on the cover of Time and Newsweek more than 30 times since his first cover appearance in 2005. For years, Young America’s Foundation President Ron Robinson has advised Foundation student audiences that they can recognize the mainstream media’s bias with ease by simply reviewing the covers editors select for their weekly publications. His popular presentation includes more than 150 cover images highlighting the favorable and often iconic portrayal of liberals versus unfavorable and critical depictions of conservatives. Libertas, a publication of Young America’s Foundation, highlights the programs, events, students, staff, and supporters of the Foundation. You may contact Libertas and Young America’s Foundation by writing to: Young America’s Foundation, National Headquarters, 110 Elden Street, Herndon, Virginia 20170; calling 800-USA-1776; or visiting

Libertas Spring 2009


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Stephen Moore Celebrates ’81 Tax Cuts at the Ranch; Schweizer, Dolan, Reagan, and Others Pass on Cold War Lessons


By Jessica Koebensky, Editor

Moore Headlines Tax Cut Celebration On August 13, 2008, more than 130 members of Young America’s Foundation’s President’s Club gathered at Rancho del Cielo to celebrate the 27th anniversary of President Reagan’s signing of the 1981 Economic Recovery Tax Act. Reagan economic advisor and Wall Street Journal editorial board member Stephen Moore spoke about the long term economic benefits of the Reagan tax cuts. Recounting the poor state of America’s economy prior to 1981, Mr. Moore reminded the audience of the need to pass on free market principles to young Americans. Young America’s Foundation was also honored to host members of the Young Britons’ Foundation Wall Street Journal editorial board member as well as Mrs. Wendy McCaw, publisher of the Stephen Moore headlines the anniversary celebration of the 1981 Economic Recovery Santa Barbara NewsTax Act. Press, at the event. Guests sat in on a live broadcast by nationally syndicated radio host Lars Larson as he commemorated the date by interviewing a number of Reagan’s contemporaries including Frank Donatelli, Attorney General Edwin Meese, Congressman Jack Kemp, Secret Service agent John Barletta, and Reagan Ranch Presidential Scholar and Governor George Allen. Santa Barbara News-Press owner and publisher Wendy Following lunch, the Foundation’s Sarah T. Hermann Intern McCaw and News-Press co-publisher Arthur von Scholars shared their experiences at the 30th annual National Wiesenberger visit the Reagan Ranch with Foundation Conservative Student Conference, and supporters enjoyed open Vice President Andrew Coffin (right) during the tax cut celebration. house tours of Rancho del Cielo.

Senator DeMint Inspires 200 Capitol Hill Interns “Do you want socialism, or do you want freedom?” Senator Jim DeMint posed this question to more than 200 Washingtonarea interns at the Capitol Hill Club. Foundation Vice President Ron Pearson helped organize the event during which attendees heard the Senator speak about his new book, Why We Whisper: Restoring our Right to Say it’s Wrong. Sarah T. Hermann Intern Scholar Bobby Hamill introduced the senator and shared information about the Foundation with those in attendance. During his talk, DeMint emphasized the importance of standing up to big government and policies that counter traditional values and the Constitution. Students also took advantage of the question and answer period by inquiring about the role of government in citizens’ personal lives. DeMint stayed to sign copies of his book and took extra time to speak with the interns one-on-one.



Senator Jim DeMint signs copies of his book, Why We Whisper, following his lecture to Capitol Hill interns.


Naval Academy professor John Arquilla discusses President Reagan’s Cold War policies and achievements.

Students Learn from Cold War Experts and Radical Islam Opponents


Best-selling author and Foundation alumnus Peter Schweizer (right) wraps up the Enemies of Freedom seminar with a panel discussion featuring the program’s speakers (from left to right) Tomasz Pompowski, Tony Dolan, Nonie Darwish, and Oleg Kalugin.

Students from across the country gathered at the Reagan Ranch Center in Santa Barbara for the Enemies of Freedom: from the Cold War to the War on Terror seminar, a three day in-depth study of American foreign policy from the Cold War through the war to defend America from radical Islam. The program, sponsored by the Earhart Foundation and New York Times best-selling author Peter Schweizer, included engaging discussions on how we can apply the historic, economic, and philosophic lessons learned from the Cold War to today’s pressing foreign policy questions. Polish journalist Tomasz Pompowski discussed the role of faith in winning the Cold War, and Naval Academy professor Dr. John Arquilla explained how Reagan revolutionized American foreign policy. Talk radio host and Ronald Reagan’s son Michael Reagan provided the students with a better understanding about how President Reagan viewed the Cold War, and former KGB agent Oleg Kalugin spoke of his journey from a party-line communist to one of communism’s greatest critics. Author Nonie Darwish discussed the historical and current impact of Islamic Sharia law and how it is the antithesis of western values. Tony Dolan, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and President Reagan’s speech writer for eight years, not only shared anecdotal stories of his time with the President but also emphasized the importance of words in impacting the world. The students also had the opportunity to visit President Reagan’s beloved ranch. Seminar attendee Christina Chiappe of California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo concluded, “No one should miss the opportunity to experience the speakers and films that are brought to these seminars. They are vital to understanding our current world and help young people to intelligently communicate the truth and facts.”

“No one should miss the opportunity to experience the ZWLHRLYZHUKÄSTZ[OH[HYL brought to these seminars.” Students from across the country gather for the Enemies of Freedom: from the Cold War to the War on Terror seminar at the Reagan Ranch Center.





Rancho del Cielo can make you feel as if you are on a


- Ronald Reagan

May 8 to 10 & October 16 to 18 S O OLD UT

Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Santa Barbara, California, and at the Reagan Ranch. Join an intimate group of five other couples for a trip that you will never forget. All of the details, including two-night, five-star accommodations at the historic, oceanfront Biltmore Hotel, meals, and a VIP tour and gourmet lunch at Ronald Reagan’s “Western White House,” are planned for you and included in one price of $2,287 per couple (covering all weekend expenses except travel to and from Santa Barbara).

These exclusive weekend getaways are capped at six couples. Reservations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information please call Jason Barbour at 336-286-1701

Annual National Conservative Student Conference



Chao, Will, Lowry, Williams, and Others Inspire Future Leaders have never found reading from a textbook as fascinating as I did during Dr. Burt Folsom’s lecture on textbook bias at the 30th annual National Conservative Student Conference. I, along with 450 other students from 35 states and 150 campuses, traveled to Washington, D.C., to hear engaging speeches from Conservative Movement leaders. The experience far exceeded my expectations. Speakers turned lectures into engaging dialogue, with students eager for their turns at the microphone during the questionand-answer sessions. Dr. Walter Williams took complex topics in economic theory and discussed them from a moral perspective with which I could easily relate; Foundation board member and best-selling author Peter Schweizer revived the tired phrase “compassionate conservatism” by showing just how generous we conservatives are in comparison with our hypocritical liberal counterparts; and talk radio hosts Doug Giles and Michael Graham made all of us laugh, reminding us that liberals do not have a monopoly on comedy. Other speakers at the conference included Governor George Allen, National Review Editor Rich Lowry, columnist George Will, Weekly Standard Editors Fred Barnes and

1) Columnist George Will opens the 30th anniversary conference with a discussion of the current issues facing our country and the Conservative Movement.




Annual National Conservative Student Conference

Bill Kristol, Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao, and many more. In addition, C-SPAN, reaching 92 million homes, aired 12 of the conference segments live and played a total of 36 segments during and following the week-long program. One of the highlights of the week was a briefing at the White House with the top speechwriter to President Bush, Marc Thiessen. Thiessen, an alumnus of the National Conservative Student



Conference, shared personal stories about the President and about his own experiences working in the White House. It was inspiring to see that someone who started at a Foundation conference had worked to such a high position in the administration. The opportunity to interact with hundreds of like-minded students from all over the country—and even some from abroad—offered a unique experience most of us do not get on

our college campuses. Meeting so many student activists dedicated to promoting conservative values on their campuses provided much encouragement to go back to my own campus at George Mason University and do the same. Knowing that I am not alone in facing the dominant liberal agenda on campus instilled confidence in me that is necessary to face the challenges presented by the Left. Words of wisdom from esteemed




conservative leaders and support from my peers left me with one crucial lesson: conservative ideas are not being represented on my campus, and it is my job to correct that. Armed with ideas and a new outlook on my college career, I know I must go back to my campus unafraid to challenge my peers, my professors, and—thanks to Dr. Folsom—even my textbooks. —————————————————— Alyssa Cordova is a senior at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.

2) Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao shares her thoughts on the economy and the importance of the free market. 3) Students Jamie Luther and Jennifer Zakarian (back row, left to right) and Chris Guzman, Alyssa Cordova, and Michael Wood (front row, left to right) enjoy the conference’s evening banquets. 4) National Review Editor Rich Lowry shares his thoughts about the media and the Conservative Movement. 5) Conference Director Roger Custer presents economist and regular Foundation speaker Dr. Walter Williams with an award for his dedication to teaching young people the importance of the free market. 6) Foundation alumnus and White House staffer Anthony Warren speaks with students following the conference’s annual White House briefing. 7) Students Joseph Gurliaccio and Brian Hackett participate in the special White House briefing at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. 8) More than 450 students from 35 states travel to Washington, D.C., for the 30th annual National Conservative Student Conference.





Annual National Conservative Student Conference

BRITISH INVASION Young Britons Experience YAF

he AngloAmerican “Special Relationship,” personified by Lady Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, is alive and well, and there are plenty of students on both sides of the Atlantic who can now vouch for this. The Young Britons’ Foundation (YBF) teamed up with Young America’s Foundation to take 25 U.K. students to the National Conservative Student Conference held in Washington, D.C., last August. The Young Britons’ Foundation performs a similar function to Young 1


America’s Foundation; we organise activist training sessions, host speaker events, campaign against academic and media bias, and hold an annual Activist Training Conference. YBF and Young America’s Foundation share the same values—values that have their roots in the conservatism of two of our greatest leaders, Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. On each side of the Atlantic, we campaign for limited government, personal responsibility, liberty, and freedom. YBF believes that British conservatives could learn a lot from America, and so each year YBF gives U.K. students the opportunity to experience American activism at its best: through Young America’s Foundation. The British students charmed the Americans with their accents, whilst the Americans impressed the British with their hardcore activist approach and optimism. It’s clear that both can learn a lot from each other. The U.K. Conservative Movement has never been stronger, and as Prime Minister Gordon Brown flounders in office,

the winds of change are elevating the conservatives. U.K. students saw how to make the most of this on university and college campuses, and American students saw how the U.K. has revived its once tired Conservative Movement. In the U.K., Conservative Future is active on the majority of university campuses—massively outnumbering the liberals that traditionally lay claim to campuses. However, the U.K. young Conservative Movement is not yet as autonomous and proactive as it is in the United States, where Young America’s Foundation leads the field in youth activism. After the National Conservative Student Conference, YBF took a dozen students to California where they explored the life and lasting accomplishments of Ronald Reagan at Rancho del Cielo. For most of the British, it was their first exposure to the intimacies and details of the life that Reagan led not only as president but also in the years before his election. The most memorable part of our trip was attending the barbecue lunch at the Reagan Ranch to honour the 3


Conference and the Reagan Ranch 27th anniversary of the signing of the 1981 Economic Recovery Tax Act. Not only did this give the British an opportunity to really understand the life of Ronald Reagan, but it also demonstrated the incredible role that Young America’s Foundation plays in the Conservative Movement—and in having saved Rancho del Cielo to ensure that future generations will learn about Ronald Reagan’s remarkable life. YBF activists always enjoy their trips to the U.S., and this most recent visit was certainly no exception—whether it was engaging with speakers such as George Will or Bill Kristol, taking in the D.C. nightlife with newfound American friends, or getting the full Reagan experience in Santa Barbara. So successful was the trip, that YBF has already organised a return in 2009. This will be a great opportunity to catch up with and learn from new friends, and to discuss the state of the Conservative Movement in both countries. The alliance between Britain and America is not just policy-oriented. As the YBF visit showed, it is also cultural, historical, and above all, vital.

1) Young Britons’ Foundation Executive Director Donal Blaney leads a delegation of British students to the Reagan Ranch. 2) Twenty-five students from the U.K. travel to Washington, D.C., to learn from leading conservatives and meet like-minded American students at the National Conservative Student Conference. 3) The British delegation visits the Reagan Ranch Center prior to touring the Reagan Ranch. 4) British students Oliver Cooper and Beulah Chelva visit Rancho del Cielo during the Foundation’s celebration of the 1981 Economic Recovery Tax Act.





“A must-read for donors to the Conservative Movement” —75th U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese III



ontained in the pages of this book by Young America’s Foundation’s Nicole Hoplin and Ron Robinson are the stories that have rarely been told by the media. . . They are the stories of the vibrant lives of people who stood behind some of the Conservative Movement’s brightest moments, and who received little recognition or gratitude from the Movement or the country they shaped over the years. More importantly, they are stories of how the most significant books, institutions, and leaders came to be . . .

Order Your Cop y Today!

“The mainstream press can be held responsible for one of three actions when it comes to stories (or lack thereof ) about conservative philanthropy. It either: (a) ignores a great gift given altogether, (b) vilifies the gift and its significance, or (c) misinterprets and misreports the gift in a way a donor would not intend for it to be remembered. If conservatives rely solely on the media for gift-giving reinforcement, they will seldom take the steps necessary to propel the Movement forward. . . ” Purchase Funding Fathers today—essential reading for those who want to know the inside story of the Conservative Movement and learn about its largely unheralded heroes.

Available online, in bookstores everywhere, or at 12 @V\UN(TLYPJH»Z-V\UKH[PVU‹3PILY[HZ

Emboldening Beliefs and Reaffirming Convictions 2008 West Coast Leadership Conference Inspires 600 BY ROGER CUSTER, CONFERENCE DIRECTOR


will leave this conference with a restored faith in American conservatism and with a newfound inspiration to further our cause. I have become frustrated with the collegiate liberal mindset, but this conference has given me hope,” said Meghan Notti of Santa Clara University as she left the 2008 West Coast Leadership Conference. Held in Santa Barbara, California, the ninth annual conference brought more than 600 participants from 18 states and 95 campuses to learn conservative ideas and network with other future leaders. Best-selling author and Foundation Director Peter Schweizer kicked off the conference with a speech about his new book, Makers and Takers. He used statistical data to prove how conservatives are happier, more involved, and more generous than liberals.

Members of the University of California – Santa Barbara ROTC present the colors at the West Coast Leadership Conference’s opening banquet.



Foundation alumnus and best-selling author Peter Schweizer shares insights from his latest book, Makers and Takers, with the audience of 600 students and supporters.

Brian Hawkins from Azusa Pacific University asks questions of the leading conservatives participating in the West Coast Leadership Conference.


Wall Street Journal columnist and Foundation alumnus John Fund wraps up the student program with a discussion of the presidential race.

he day-long sessions began with Michael Reagan discussing the 2008 election results in the context of his father’s election losses and victories. Reagan Ranch Board of Governors Chairman Frank Donatelli offered his thoughts on the election and his role at the RNC during the fall. In advising students, Donatelli said, “You won’t know how good a victory feels until you’ve had a defeat. In life, you learn more because you lost.” A lively panel discussion on the same topic followed with Foundation Vice President Kate Obenshain, Seattle talk radio host and Foundation Director Kirby Wilbur, California GOP Chairman Ron Nehring, and Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute President Michelle Easton. Later, Congressman Mark Souder encouraged students to remain active in the Conservative Movement and discussed the challenges currently facing our country. Syndicated talk show host Dennis Prager fired up the crowd with the best ways to debate with liberals and advance conservatism on campus. He noted, “The university is the ultimate intellectual bubble where foreign ideas are not permitted in, lest they upset the faculty.”



“This conference has emboldened me and my beliefs, and reaffirmed my conviction that the youth are the key to the Conservative Movement.” Landon Wilson, Mount Si High School in Washington



Talk radio host Dennis Prager (middle) meets with University of California – Santa Barbara students (from left to right): Steven Begakis, Julie Kopp, Kristen Till, Ross Nolan, Lea Uebelhart, Kevin Frost, and Lili Petrossian.

California GOP Chairman Ron Nehring participates in a panel discussion on the state of the Conservative Movement.


Top student leaders from around the country visit President Reagan’s 688-acre ranch prior to attending the conference.

fternoon sessions commenced with a talk about conservatism and the culture war by acclaimed screenwriter and author Andrew Klavan. He was followed by an inspiring talk from Baja Fresh CEO David Kim, a Korean immigrant who encouraged students to stand up for the free market in the face of socialism. “There is a symbiotic relationship between capitalism and conservatism,” said Mr. Kim. “When individuals are empowered, they have the ability to serve others directly [and not through the government].” (See pages 17 to 20 to read the full transcript from Mr. Kim’s speech.) Wall Street Journal columnist and Foundation alumnus John Fund wrapped up the conference with his analysis of the election results. He highlighted President Obama’s choice of Clinton administration officials and questioned how that amounts to “change.” Throughout the conference, students asked tough questions and discussed the electoral results, but they left with a newfound confidence in conservative principles that will carry their activism into 2009 and for many years to come. Landon Wilson from Mount Si High School in Washington summed up the weekend in a few words: “The last two days have been the two most influential of my life. This conference has emboldened me and my beliefs and reaffirmed my conviction that the youth are the key to the Conservative Movement.”






BAJA FRESH CEO DAVID KIMâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S ADDRESS AT THE 2008 WEST COAST LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE Young Americaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Foundation thanks Mr. Kim for allowing his inspiring speech to be reprinted in Libertas.


beating than capitalism has been t is a special honor and my holdings in the now defunct privilege for me to be here Bear Sterns! with you today. Seeing so For entrepreneurs like me, many smart, cool, conservative opening the stock page of the Wall college students is encouraging. I have to tell you it is refreshing to Street Journal every morning has know that not all college students been almost as painful as being got swept up in the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Obama forced to sit through a Michael mania.â&#x20AC;? Moore movie! Notice I said When Roger Custer called to â&#x20AC;&#x153;almostâ&#x20AC;? as painful. invite me to speak, I told him I Yes, from all outward would agree to speak here today appearances, this would seem on one condition: that Young to be a hard time to be a young Americaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Foundation promise conservative. The truth is there not to play any â&#x20AC;&#x153;Yes We Canâ&#x20AC;? has never been a more important music videos by rappers and time to be a young conservative California Lutheran University student Michael Swaiden celebrities! than right now. Look around meets David Kim following his inspiring speech to 600 at In all seriousness, I want to the West Coast Leadership Conference. this room. Right this second, you thank the president of Young are sitting shoulder to shoulder Americaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Foundation, the impressive Ron Robinson. with the next great leaders who will carry the message of After presidential defeats like the one we just suffered, it is freedom, limited government, free markets, and personal comforting to know we have wise conservative leaders like responsibility. Ron Robinson to provide strong leadership through the The true test of your values and convictions comes not during seasons of sunshine, but rather during days of darkness storm. and despair. In light of the recent election, on the surface it might As the great British poet Lord Byron put it, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Adversity is appear that conservatism has suffered a lethal blow. The the ďŹ rst path to truth.â&#x20AC;? Leadership is about living out your most liberal president in American history will soon occupy values when itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hard to do so. the White House. The outgoing president has one of the I am here today for one simple reason. I am absolutely lowest approval ratings in the modern era. The House and the Senate will now be dominated by the most leftist leaders convinced that each one of you in this room is the solution in history, and in the wake of the biggest ďŹ nancial catastrophe to the problems liberals will create over the next four years. since the Great Depression, capitalismâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;the ďŹ nancial bedrock The reason I know this is because President Ronald Reagan of our nationâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;is under assault. taught me about capitalism, about giving, and about what it Come to think of it, the only thing that has taken a worse means to be an American. @V\UN(TLYPJHÂťZ-V\UKH[PVUÂ&#x2039;3PILY[HZ


SPEECH BY DAVID KIM, CEO OF BAJA FRESH –––––––––––––––––––—––––––––––––––––– At the 2008 West Coast Leadership Conference –––––––––––––––––––—–––––––––––––––––

what I say to them: let people keep what they earn! It’s your Before my family immigrated to the United States, my money, not the government’s! father served as an ambassador for the Korean government. So here’s my message to President-Elect Obama: Don’t We traveled and lived everywhere. Bolivia, Paraguay, “spread the wealth around.” Spread the freedom around! Egypt ... I attended more schools than I can remember. In I don’t know about you, but I trust Joe the Plumber far total, I lived in eight countries. In 1979, after serving the more than I trust Joe Biden. country for more than 20 years, my father was forced to Now I’m aware of what our anti-capitalist friends will retire after a change in the administration. That is when my all say. They will tell us that the recent collapse of our parents decided to move to the United States because of our financial markets proves that capitalism is broken. But, as educational background. usual, our liberal friends have it exactly backwards. What Like most immigrants, we arrived in America with very the recent financial disaster proves is that capitalism works! little. My father’s once elite political affiliations now meant nothing. We had no money and knew no one. So my parents When people make poor decisions or act badly, the market found a tiny two-room apartment and immediately started punishes them. Now, does anyone enjoy watching people’s personal trying to find work. That’s when I got my first taste of the fortunes evaporate into thin air? No, American free-market system. My father of course not. It’s awful, tragic, and would take my two older brothers and The fact that you’re a part of heartbreaking. And I can tell you on me down to a marketplace where we Young America’s Foundation a personal level that these last several learned the art of negotiation and sales weeks have been some of the most by selling toys! proves that you are a leader. difficult days of my professional life. Those early experiences were my But more than that, it proves I’ve had to fight harder than ever to first lessons in capitalism and, not to that you understand what protect my employees’ jobs. mention, desperation and humility. But So let’s be very clear about this: more than that, those early experiences men like Ronald Reagan and the deep financial crisis we face is real taught me that America is opportunity! economist Milton Friedman and severe. But does that mean that That America is freedom. For the first understood: capitalism fuels the entire free market system should be time, I saw that I could work hard, build wealth, and still be my own boss. freedom and breeds creativity. tossed into the trash heap of history? Absolutely not! That became my dream. I dreamed Free markets create fresh I like what Warren Buffett, the that one day I would be blessed with the richest man in the world, says about all opportunity to create jobs for people, ideas and prosperity. this. Warren likes to say, “Capitalism provide financial security and stability without failure is like Christianity for my family, and to have no limits without hell.” You can’t have one on what I could accomplish or create. without the other. And I could help others accomplish their dreams. I began I’ll be very interested to hear your thoughts about the to realize through controlling my mind and disciplining my $700 billion bailout and the attacks against capitalism by work habits, I could accomplish anything. those who favor socialism. I believe you can do the same. In fact, I know you can But as President Gerald Ford once warned, “A government and you will. The fact that you’re a part of Young America’s big enough to give you everything you want is a government Foundation proves that you are a leader. But more than that, big enough to take from you everything you have.” it proves that you understand what men like Ronald Reagan That’s the first message you must carry back to your college and economist Milton Friedman understood: capitalism campus. The old saying, “Money is power” is true. And the fuels freedom and breeds creativity. Free markets create fresh more money you let people keep, the more empowered they ideas and prosperity. become. Do you realize how blessed we are to live in a nation that The second message you need to spread is the message values economic opportunity? It is the greatest gift a country that Ronald Reagan preached throughout his political can give its citizens: the right to soar as high as your wings career. As you know, he majored in economics at Eureka will carry you. College. So he understood the folly in raising corporate tax Trust me. I’ve lived and conducted business all over the rates. In a 1975 interview with the libertarian publication, globe. I’ve seen with my own eyes what “central planning” and “government-run economies” do to individuals. Reason Magazine, here’s how then-Governor Reagan And yet, some liberals just don’t seem to get it. So here’s explained it:



SPEECH BY DAVID KIM, CEO OF BAJA FRESH –––––––––––––––––––—––––––––––––––––– At the 2008 West Coast Leadership Conference –––––––––––––––––––—–––––––––––––––––

If you want to know the secret to America’s astounding wealth and prosperity, all you need to do is study America’s long, proud history of helping others. For example, according to USA Today, last year Americans donated a jaw-dropping $300 billion dollars to charity, making our nation the most generous nation on the planet. Last year, America donated twice as much to charity as the next most generous country. And it’s not just those of us at the top. In fact, three-fourths of all Americans—from all backgrounds and walks of life—donated an average of You see, Ronald Reagan understood that businesses don’t $1,800 a year to charity. You see, I believe that America’s enormous generosity pay taxes, they merely pass taxes on to the consumer. And that’s why the “soak the rich” rhetoric we hear from liberals and desire to help others is at the very heart and soul of is cynical and unfortunate. That kind of class warfare may American prosperity. I write about this in my upcoming book, Ignite!: The 11 Values that score political points with some voters, but it comes at the cost Fuel Billionaire Success. What I of harsh economic consequences believe is this: individuals who and the loss of real jobs that give the most receive the most. affect real families. Do you know why? It is That reminds me of a picture because God entrusts wealth to taken of Ronald Reagan inside those whom He knows will be the Oval Office at a time of good and faithful stewards of the economic crisis. As he’s standing blessings they have received. there staring out the window, you Each one of us here has but can almost feel the weight of the a short time on this earth. When world resting on his shoulders. we pass on, we can’t take our The reason he cared so much money, cars, or wealth with us. about economic growth was As the great legendary business because he remembered what titan and philanthropist, David it was like growing up during Rockefeller, once said, “You’ll the Great Depression with an Foundation alumnus and author Wynton Hall (left) was never see a hearse with a luggage alcoholic father who could barely instrumental in arranging Mr. Kim’s appearance at the rack!” hold his job as a shoe salesman. He West Coast Leadership Conference. Rockefeller had it exactly understood that a person’s ability right. He understood that no to get a job was tied to their pride and ability to support their matter how much success or possessions we ever amass, none family. Leadership is stewardship. Great leaders put those of it will go with us when we die. they lead first. President Ronald Reagan understood this. And that, you see, is the genius of America. Woven into But there’s another reason he championed capitalism: the fabric of American history is a solemn belief in the value capitalism produces the means by which individuals—not and duty of serving others—no matter who they are. Let me governments—can directly serve their fellow man. There is a give you an example that is near and dear to my heart: the symbiotic relationship between capitalism and conservatism. Korean War. When individuals are economically empowered, they have the Thirty-six thousand nine hundred and forty. That is the ability to serve others directly. But when a country becomes a number of Americans who died during the Korean War— nation of entitlement, individuals feel less compelled to give to American boys fighting in a distant, far away land that most charities, donate their time, or volunteer in their communities. had never seen or knew much about. And yet, when the time Instead, they just shrug their shoulders and say, “That’s not came to stand up and fight against tyranny, 36,940 young my problem. Let the government deal with it.” 18- and 19-year-old American men answered duty’s call. You know what the saddest part of this is? It is that They linked arms with my parents and sacrificed their lives socialism robs individuals of the joy and blessings that come for others. But what if they had not? through being a cheerful giver. Giving is a boomerang. It What if those Americans had instead said, “Let someone always comes back to you. else get involved. I’m not giving up my blood and treasure. Who pays the business tax anyway? We do! You can’t tax business. Business doesn’t pay taxes. It collects taxes. And if they can’t be passed on to the customer in the price of the product as a cost of operation, business goes out of business… So they’ll tax business and the price of the product will go up and the people will blame the storekeeper for the rise in the price of the product, not recognizing that all he’s doing is passing on to them a hidden sales tax.



SPEECH BY DAVID KIM, CEO OF BAJA FRESH –––––––––––––––––––—––––––––––––––––– At the 2008 West Coast Leadership Conference –––––––––––––––––––—–––––––––––––––––

greatest happiness, success, and joy come when we volunteer and help to improve the lives of others. As the great poet Ralph Waldo Emerson once put it, “Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself.” I don’t know about you, but that’s sure been true in my life. The happiness we get when we help others is the greatest reward one could ever wish for. And that is why your presence here this weekend is so important. You are the leaders Students from UCLA attend the weekend-long program and enjoy Mr. Kim’s inspiring speech underscoring the importance of the free market. who must carry the torch of economic freedom forward. No way! I’m comfortable. Let someone else take care of the You are the generation who must now rebuild and strengthen problem. Not me!” What would have happened had that the Conservative Movement and amplify its message. You been America’s response during the Korean War? are the Americans who must refuse to allow re-distributive Well, I don’t think it takes a historian to tell you that economic policies to outsource philanthropic service to some tens of thousands more innocent Koreans would have been government agency or bureaucrat. slaughtered had America simply crossed its arms and sat on The battle that lies before you will not be easy. But that’s the sidelines and not rushed to defend the South Koreans. why it must be you to lead it. Because if you don’t do it, Those American soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines who will? who died fighting for my relatives were sowing seeds so that Who will stand up and preserve the values that made our I now enjoy the harvest. Even though I never got to meet or nation great? Who will stand up and protect the truth from thank those young soldiers, they planted the seeds of freedom those who would rather tear America down than to lift her that brought me great bounty. They planted the seeds for up? Who will stand up and defend freedom so that future people in another time and place. They sowed seeds that generations of Americans will inherit the liberties guaranteed would blossom only decades after their deaths. But they to us by those brave and brilliant men in that tiny hall in didn’t let that stop them from investing in the promise and Philadelphia? freedom of future generations. No, they gave their very lives I think I know the answer. And I think you do too. So so that I might be here today. when you get home, get to work and run hard and fast. Not a day goes by that I don’t thank God for the soldiers’ President Ronald Reagan taught me what it means to be families who instilled a deep and solemn belief in the imporan American. We owe him more than words can repay. But, tance of giving and sacrifice in their sons and daughters. let us never forget his famous and powerful warning: Is it any wonder America is so blessed? Is it any wonder that the United States continues to enjoy prosperity beyond Freedom is never more than one generation away anything the world has ever seen? Is it any wonder that our from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in nation continues to be so richly rewarded? the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, From the very beginning, America was built on a Godly and handed on for them to do the same. foundation. With that faith in God came the belief that the riches we enjoy on earth flow from and belong to the I’m sure he’s looking down and smiling at the sight of so Almighty—not ourselves. And that, I believe, is the true secret many brilliant young Americans willing to charge into battle. to happiness and inner peace. The material things in life and The fate of our beloved nation rests on your shoulders. May prestige are not the pathways to happiness. I’ve seen riches God give you the strength and spirit to keep fighting the good come and go. But what I have learned in my life is that the fight! Thank you.




“ONE OF THE GREATEST WEEKS OF MY LIFE” A Student’s Perspective on the 9/11: Never Forget Project ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––———————————––––––––––––––——

By Ryan Sawtelle, Pepperdine University


hroughout my college career, there are many events that my club and I have brought to and facilitated at Pepperdine University, none of which have been more important and more meaningful than the events surrounding the anniversary of September 11, 2001. Our conservative student club has participated in Young America’s Foundation’s 9/11: Never Forget Project in past years, but in 2008 we took things to a higher level. Eighteen months of planning and fundraising went into creating a display of 2,977 three-by-five-foot American flags standing high atop

Pepperdine University student Ryan Sawtelle organized this moving display of 2,977 ten-foot tall Americans flags on his campus as part of the Foundation’s 2008 9/11: Never Forget Project.

road and families enjoyed ten-foot poles. The picnics amongst the flags, representing those flags. Children, many murdered on September born after that tragic day, 11, spread across the front ran through the display. lawn of Pepperdine and Visitors sat down for a faced the Pacific Ocean. prayer, and many walked The scene was quite through the flags with majestic. During the day, tears in their eyes. The the winds picked up off “Wave of Flags,” as it the ocean and sent the was dubbed, became the flags waving in synchrotalk of Malibu. nized motion. At night, Foundation Vice President Young America’s the flags lay somber, lit by Patrick Coyle presents Ryan Foundation helped floodlights, reminiscent of Sawtelle with an award honoring his successful us schedule Harold a reverent grave. campus activism. The display attracted Simmons Lecturer and people from all over the country U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft including families of the victims and to speak to the Pepperdine community local police and fire departments. on the evening of September 11. When We left the flags up for the Mr. Ashcroft arrived on campus, he entire week, during which requested that he be able to walk traffic along Pacific Coast through the flags before he gave his Highway came to a halt speech. The Attorney General then gave as passers-by a riveting lecture, recounting the events stopped along of 9/11 and America’s responses to the the side of the



attacks. He was met with thunderous applause from a packed house. As an avid Harley rider, I also decided to organize a motorcycle rally on Saturday, September 13 to benefit the Fallen Heroes Fund. The rally concluded at the base of the flags with song and prayer. The Grand Marshalls

for the event were the Patriots Guard Riders—a group of motorcycle riders, most of whom are veterans, that escort fallen soldiers to the funeral homes and make certain that every soldier has a proper, reverent burial. More than 300 motorcycles participated including the official Los Angeles

9/11 Air & Rescue Team sent to the rally by Harley-Davidson and at the request of the mayor. The event raised thousands of dollars for our wounded and fallen soldiers and their families. The events of that week will forever be etched in the memories of students at Pepperdine University and

around the community. I will always remember it as one of the greatest weeks of my life and look forward to seeing the 9/11: Never Forget Project on campus for years to come. —————————————————— Ryan Sawtelle is a senior economics major at Pepperdine University.

Students from across the country organized 9/11: Never Forget flag memorials on their campuses to remember those murdered by radical jihadists on September 11, 2001. Pictured are flag memorials at Canisius College in Buffalo, New York (page 22), Queens College in Flushing, New York, (page 23, top left), the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia (page 23, top right), University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida (page 23, lower left), and Lake Forest College in Lake Forest, Illinois (page 23, lower right).

(Upper left and right) In addition to the Never Forget flag display at Pepperdine University, student leader Ryan Sawtelle also organized a motorcycle rally featuring the Patriots Guard Riders and members of the Los Angeles 9/11 Air & Rescue Team. (Lower left) Members of the military stand guard at the flag display organized by students at the College of the Ozarks in Point Lookout, Missouri. (Lower right) Conservative student leaders at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire created a Never Forget flag display to ensure their campus properly remembered those killed on September 11.

Record Number of Schools Participate in 9/11: Never Forget Project ––––––––––––––––————————————————————————————————————————————————––––––––––––––––

A record number of schools—more than 180 nationwide—took part in Young America’s Foundation’s 2008 9/11: Never Forget Project. Most colleges and high schools would not hold programs to remember those murdered by radical jihadists on September 11, 2001, if not for the efforts of Young America’s Foundation and the hundreds of conservative students who bring this project to schools across our country. Young America’s Foundation provides students with training, resources, materials, speakers, and support to display 2,977 American flags to represent each person killed in the terrorist attacks. For more information about this important project and a list of participating schools, visit our website:



Ron Robinson

“My fellow conservative, I failed a dear friend...”

Her name was Evelyn Peterson, and she was a kind, generous woman. She believed inspiring young people with conservative ideas is the best way to shape America’s future. I first became acquainted with Evelyn in 1994. She and her husband, George, were deeply concerned about America’s future. They made a $50 gift to Young America’s Foundation to help shape the direction in which our country was headed. Evelyn and George were among the first Americans to step forward to help save the Reagan Ranch in 1998. They understood the power of inspiring young people at this important presidential site.

“I wish I had another opportunity to help Evelyn achieve her dreams.” Sadly, George passed away in 1999. Soon after, Evelyn designated Young America’s Foundation as the primary beneficiary of her retirement plan. Evelyn felt a responsibility to preserve America’s freedom for future generations— including her own grandchildren. My last conversation with Evelyn was three days before she died. She told me she intended to be recognized as a one million dollar supporter. This was not the first time Evelyn expressed her desire to make a life-changing gift through her estate. But Evelyn never updated her plans to include the significant gift she intended to make. I miss Evelyn. I take responsibility for not working more closely with her to ensure she fulfilled her wishes. I should have asked Evelyn how I could help. But I was reluctant to seem intrusive. Conservatives are especially hesitant to impose our beliefs on others. I wish I had another opportunity to help Evelyn achieve her dreams. I failed Evelyn by not following up on her estate planning intentions. This message is my attempt to make it up to her. She would be pleased to know her story encouraged others to help shape America’s future.

Please meet with an attorney and update your estate plans to reflect your current wishes. You can help your attorney by providing this sample language: “I give, devise, and bequeath to Young America’s Foundation, tax identification number 23-7042029, 110 Elden Street, Herndon, Virginia 20170 (insert percentage, amount or nature of gift, or remainder of estate) to be used for educational purposes (or to support the Reagan Ranch and activities at the Reagan Ranch Center).” You may also designate Young America’s Foundation as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy by filling out a simple form provided by your insurance company. If you have any questions, please call me or my colleague, Kimberly Begg, also an attorney. Kimberly and I—along with many of the Conservative Movement’s most important leaders—are members of the Ranch In The Sky Legacy Society, because we have updated our estate plans to include Young America’s Foundation. We share your commitment to shaping America’s future, and we are here to help you. Gratefully, Ron Robinson, President

Note: Updating your estate plans is even more important because the Obama administration and Congress are expected to reverse the estate tax relief included in the Bush tax cuts. Forty-five percent or more of your wealth could go to the government unless you make gifts to tax-exempt organizations—including Young America’s Foundation—in your will or living trust.

National Headquarters, F. M. Kirby Freedom Center, 110 Elden Street, Herndon, Virginia 20170, 800-USA-1776, The Reagan Ranch Center, 217 State Street, Santa Barbara, California 93101, 888-USA-1776 © Copyright 2009 Young America’s Foundation

By Dr. Burt Folsom Author, New Deal or Raw Deal?

he Great Depression and the New Deal are landmark events in the political history of the U.S. We can trace the rapid growth in big government today back to President Franklin Roosevelt and his many federal programs of the 1930s—from farm subsidies to social security to our modern welfare system. In the current financial crisis, many Americans are crying for Barack Obama to begin a “new” New Deal. In New Deal or Raw Deal? I suggest that such a move would be a disaster. Why? Because the New Deal was an utter failure and did more to perpetuate than end the Great Depression. Here are four points to consider. First, the Great Depression was triggered not by the failure of capitalism, but by well intentioned government programs. The Federal Reserve raised interest rates, which halted investment; Congress passed the highest tariff in U.S. history; and President Hoover raised taxes, which further discouraged entrepreneurs from starting or expanding businesses. These points are important because Barack Obama, during the 2008 presidential campaign, suggested raising both tariffs and income tax rates. Second, the New Deal programs didn’t work. Unemployment in 1939 was still 20 percent, which led Henry


Dr. Burt Folsom, author and history professor at Hillsdale College, teaches the important accomplishments of America’s early entrepreneurs to the students attending the 2008 Reagan Ranch High School Conference at the Reagan Ranch Center in California.

Morgenthau, the secretary of treasury, to say, “We have tried spending money. We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work.” Morgenthau was right. In the New Deal, we paid farmers not to produce, we paid unemployed Americans to count caterpillars, and we gave Illinois 15 percent of all federal relief money and Massachusetts zero. How could that redistribution of tax dollars have put Americans back


to work? Instead, what happened was that FDR, in order to pay for his programs, had to raise income taxes— first to 79 percent and then to 90 percent on large incomes. That further discouraged investors from starting industries and creating new jobs. Third, when we bailed out companies during the Great Depression by giving them large loans, we saw politicians give bailout money to political friends, not necessarily to

Washington urged us to “avoid likewise the accumulation of debt, not only by shunning occasions of expense, but by vigorous exertions in time of peace to discharge the debts which unavoidable wars have occasioned, not ungenerously throwing upon posterity the burden which we ourselves ought to bear.” If Barack Obama takes this advice, he will avoid another Great Depression.

Dr. Burt Folsom meets with high school students at the Foundation’s Gratia Houghton Rinehart National High School Leadership Conference—a program at which he has spoken every year since its inception in 1997.

those companies that were well run. In other words, we played politics with who got the loans and who didn’t. Under President Herbert Hoover, a huge bank bailout loan went to Charles Dawes, the former GOP vice-president. And his bank failed even with the federal subsidy. Under Franklin Roosevelt, fellow liberal David Stern, editor of the Philadelphia Record, received a key federal loan so that he could campaign to elect fellow liberals in the swing state of Pennsylvania. By contrast, Moe Annenberg, the editor of the conservative Philadelphia Inquirer, not only did not get a federal loan, he got a summons by the IRS to appear in court for income tax evasion. As FDR said to Henry Morgenthau, “I want Moe Annenberg for dinner.” Morgenthau responded, “You’re going to have him for breakfast—fried.” When federal money is dispensed, politics—not competence, equity, or need— determines where it will be spent. If we expand government in the current

crisis, we can expect politicians to continue to reward their friends and punish their enemies. Finally, the crisis of the Great Depression became the opportunity to expand the federal government permanently. When FDR became president, the national debt was about $20 billion. When he left office (after World War II) it was about $250 billion. After the New Deal, most of FDR’s programs remained intact and the national debt continued to rise, which has imposed a crushing burden on Americans now being born. If, as a nation, we value our character and integrity, we can’t drown our children in a sea of debt. George

About Dr. Folsom Burton W. Folsom Jr. is a professor of history at Hillsdale College in Michigan and is a senior historian at the Foundation for Economic Education. He is a regular speaker at Young America’s Foundation’s conferences as well as a columnist for The Freeman. Dr. Folsom has written articles for the Wall Street Journal and American Spectator, among other publications. In addition to his latest book, New Deal or Raw Deal? How FDR’s Economic Legacy has Damaged America (Simon & Schuster, 2008), he also authored The Myth of the Robber Barons (Young America’s Foundation, 1987).




Foundation Welcomes New Reagan Ranch Development Director –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––——

By Jason Barbour, Director of Development


t Young America’s Foundation, we are blessed to work with a dedicated team of passionate students, supporters, and staff. Recently, we undertook a search to add a key member to our Reagan Ranch leadership team. While we sought an individual who had valuable professional experience to match the position, what was an even more important qualification was the individual’s personal passion and dedication to our conservative mission.

Rick Keith, the new Reagan Ranch development director, brings 20 years of experience in higher education, public affairs, and philanthropy to the Foundation team.

Thankfully, we found the ideal leader in Rick Keith. Rick joined Young America’s Foundation in the role of Reagan Ranch development director in September 2008. A native of Texas, he brings more than 20 years of experience in the areas of higher education, public affairs, and philanthropy. But, more importantly, Rick brings a lifetime of passion for conservative principles. We hope you will join us in welcoming Rick as we partner together to reach increasing numbers of young Americans with conservative ideas.


What attracted you to Young America’s Foundation and our mission? ———————————————— Rick: After spending most of my professional career on college and university campuses, I came to strongly believe that if the next generation of leaders for our country is influenced only by what they see and hear on campuses, our country will be in serious trouble. There are student leaders willing to stand up for conservative values, even in the face of intimidation and damaging consequences to their academic success. We must affirm them and provide them with the tools, encouragement, and support they need. Young America’s Foundation’s mission is to do just that. Why are you conservative? ———————————————— Rick: My parents and my extended family are conservative, God-fearing people. Being raised in such an environment certainly shaped my views and values. I grew up fiercely independent, knowing that what I got out of life would be in direct proportion to what I put into it. I do not want some government bureaucrat to either assist me with or deter me from what I want out of life. Secondly, my faith and my understanding of Scripture influence me. Conservative values are born of truth. My Lord said, and Scripture reveals, that the Truth shall make you free. Freedom comes from living a life according to the truth. Liberalism knows no truth, only relativism, which enslaves those who emotionally and blindly follow. What did you admire most about Ronald Reagan? ———————————————— Rick: I admire most his unwavering, steadfast commitment and adherence to his principles. He lived and governed by and through his convictions.


How did your background prepare you for your new role with Young America’s Foundation? ———————————————— Rick: As a university administrator, I saw first-hand the deliberate, radical, left-wing agenda that permeates our campuses. This gives me a perspective to better convey the importance and urgency of our supporters’ financial gifts. My administrative role was always in development and public affairs, which has provided a wealth of experience at building strong relationships that benefit the organizations and the charitable intent of the supporters. I now have the wonderful opportunity to bring together like-minded generous supporters with bright-minded conservative students who will make a positive impact on our country. How do you see this new role in terms of your overall career? ———————————————— Rick: Simply put, this role will define my career. I believe each individual, whether a politician, corporate executive, or philanthropist, seeks to establish a personal legacy that will remain long after his time on earth is done. The greatest legacy I can leave for my children and grandchildren is one that gives them pride to say that I invested my gifts of hard work and tireless efforts in the final, greatest chapter of my professional career at Young America’s Foundation— dedicated to making this country greater through inspiring young people with conservative ideas and principles. Since you have been on the job, what do you like most? ———————————————— Rick: It is, of course, the wonderful, generous people I am able to meet through my work. I have the privilege of meeting and spending time with some of the finest people on earth—our supporters! I am also honored to work at the Reagan Ranch Center with some of the most passionate, talented, and dedicated people I have ever been associated with. But, what I enjoy most is the opportunity to connect people with the character and values of Ronald Reagan through an experience of visiting his beloved Rancho del Cielo. It is priceless.



Cold War-Era European Leaders Reflect on Reagan and the Impact of Freedom Walesa, Laar, and Landsbergis Headline Baltic Cruise B Y N I C O L E H O P L I N , D I R E C T O R O F F O U N D AT I O N R E L AT I O N S


eagan is irreplaceable. Without him there would have been no victory [over Communism]. But how to count it…it is impossible to estimate. Only God knows what he did.” So spoke former Polish President Lech Walesa during a speech he gave to 100 Young America’s Foundation

supporters in Gdansk, Poland, the location of the shipyards where the Solidarity movement for freedom from the Soviet Union began. Walesa’s remarks provoked an emotional response from the crowd whose once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet this Nobel Laureate, world

leader, and freedom-fighter had finally arrived. Foundation Board of Directors member Peter Schweizer was influential in scheduling this exclusive opportunity for the travelers. Those who heard Mr. Walesa’s words of reflection on Ronald Reagan and the Cold War spent eleven nights at sea as part of Young America’s Foundation’s “Exploring Ronald Reagan’s Role in the Fall of Communism” cruise.

1) Nobel Laureate, Polish President, and freedom-fighter Lech Walesa gives a memorable speech to Young America’s Foundation supporters in his hometown of Gdansk, Poland. 2) More than 100 travelers spent 11 days at sea as part of the “Exploring Ronald Reagan’s Role in the Fall of Communism,” cruise in July 2008. 3) From left to right: Tom Heathorn, Joan Lamoreaux, Bob Unger, a Berlin tour guide, Susan & Emmett O’Brien, Kathy Easton, Donn Dears, Peter Easton, and Dixie Gussler visit the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Background: Brandenburg Gate






The group included Young America’s Foundation and Reagan Ranch supporters from across the country—individuals who have been instrumental in advancing freedom and conservative principles among young people—who wanted to spend time with like-minded friends while participating in educational sessions and visiting interesting port stops along the way. Reagan Ranch Board of Governors members who joined in the 2008 Baltic cruise included: Governor George Allen and his wife, Susan; Al & Bette Moore; and Doug & Pat Perry. The nearly two-week cruise included stops in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Poland, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, and an excursion to Berlin, Germany. While in Germany, the group visited the Brandenburg Gate, a section of the Berlin Wall still intact, and Checkpoint Charlie. While the group docked in Tallinn, Mart Laar, Estonia’s prime minister from 1992 to 1994 and again from 1999 to 2002, provided inspirational comments on his country’s transition


from a centrallyplanned economy to a capitalist one. Inspired by Milton Friedman’s book Free To Choose, Laar presided over Estonia’s vast economic progress, earning him the title, “Baltic Tiger.” Laar’s appearance was made possible by supporter Beverly Danielson who encouraged the former prime minister to spend his vacation with our group. Laar described his appreciation for Ronald Reagan: Without this man, I would be somewhere in Siberia in chains… Ronald Reagan was a man who changed world history. Many people in Central and Eastern Europe think that there has not been enough understanding in the world, including in the United States, of what Ronald Reagan has done. While in Klaipeda, Lithuania, former president Vytautas Landsbergis (1990 to 1992) discussed the growing threat Russia poses to his country’s freedom and prosperity. He also reflected on Ronald Reagan: “Reagan was a great man indeed. He deserves

the memory of all captive nations. He was a person who could stand against the Soviets, but not just stand, but put them down also.” In addition to the three heads of state, Young America’s Foundation hosted speakers who traveled with the group overseas and shared comments on a variety of topics. In a session emceed by Vice President Richard Kimble, Edwin Meese, 75th U.S. attorney general, discussed milestones on Ronald Reagan’s road to victory during the Cold War. One of those momentous occasions was a speech Attorney General Meese watched Ronald Reagan give at Westminster where he said, “The march of freedom and democracy will leave Marxism and Leninism on the ash heap of history.” Foundation President Ron Robinson reexamined Whittaker Chambers’ book Witness and Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s The Gulag Archipelago in order to describe how freedom prevailed against all odds. Best-selling author Peter Schweizer’s speech addressing

4) Estonian Prime Minister (1992 to 1994 & 1999 to 2002) and “Baltic Tiger” Mart Laar shares his personal struggle for free enterprise in Estonia. 5) Lithuanian President (1990 to 1992) Vytautas Landsbergis gives the travelers an indication of how those in the Baltic region credit Ronald Reagan with their freedom from Communism. 6) Steve & Terry Miller, Jack & Katherine Perrin, and Michelle Easton & Ron Robinson enjoy an evening meal together on board the Seven Seas Voyager in northern Europe. 7) Joan Lamoreaux, Kathy & Peter Easton, and Rick Schwartz listen as their Berlin tour guide (center) shares information about the Berlin Wall dividing East from West. 8) Cruise traveler Mark Kroll asks one of his pressing questions during the speakers program on board the ship. 9) Reagan Ranch Board of Governors members Al & Bette Moore visit Peterhof, the palaces and gardens of the “Russian Versailles,” just outside of St. Petersburg.

7 6

Reagan’s secret strategy to defeat the USSR sparked a discussion of current rogue nations posing threats to American security. Director of Development Jason Barbour presided over a session featuring Virginia Governor and Reagan Ranch Presidential Scholar George Allen who discussed U.S. energy policy and creative lessons learned from Ronald Reagan regarding energy independence and security. Michelle Easton, president of the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute, dispelled the myths that feminists try to propagate that there are few, effective conservative women leaders. She did this by citing the great accomplishments of Margaret Thatcher, Clare Boothe Luce, and Jeane Kirkpatrick. Former College Republican National Chairman Eric Hoplin’s comments on what conservatives could look forward to in November 2008 suggested that the power of conservative ideas can lead to success at the ballot box. Unfortunately, the

economy’s downturn hadn’t yet truly been realized at that time nor had the funding machine of the Left. Ron Robinson also interviewed me about our book, Funding Fathers: The Unsung Heroes of the Conservative Movement. The work is a compilation of the great conservative gifts that have impacted the Conservative Movement and was published in September 2008 by Regnery Publishing. The 2008 Baltic cruise was a soldout event! Each year, Young America’s Foundation sponsors a cruise at sea for our supporters. You can find out more at or contact Nicole Hoplin (651-334-1537 or nhoplin@ for more information about an upcoming cruise.

11 10


10) Reagan Ranch Board of Governors Co-Chairman and 75th U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese discusses Ronald Reagan’s milestones on the road to victory during the Cold War. 11) Best-selling author and Foundation Director Peter Schweizer shares key insight from his book Reagan’s War: The Epic Story of His 40-Year Struggle and Final Triumph Over Communism with the travelers. Background: Skyline of Tallinn, Estonia


Foundation Alumni Meet at ’97 Conference, Wed 11 Years Later –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––—— By Roger Custer, Conference Director


photo by Garrett Hubbard

n the summer of 1997, two America’s Foundation during his As a student, Chris attended Young students befriended each time as an activist at Pennsylvania America’s Foundation’s National other while attending Young State University. “My involvement Conservative Student Conference, the America’s Foundation National with Young America’s Foundation Richmond Regional Conference, and Conservative Student Conference. was a life-changing experience,” says the inaugural student conference at Little did they know that they would Gillott. “Not only was I given the the Reagan Ranch. However, it was tie the knot more during Chris’s than a decade later! time as a Sarah Stephanie Inks T. Hermann and Chris Gillott Intern Scholar at are Foundation the Foundation’s alumni who National continue to advance Headquarters conservative when he and ideas through Stephanie first their careers crossed paths. and sustained Stephanie’s involvement with involvement with Young America’s Young America’s Foundation. Foundation started Today these when she was in accomplished high school, and newlyweds are she built upon working to advance that as a Sarah T. their ideas at Hermann Intern many levels. As Scholar in 1998. Stephanie finishes “My time as a her law degree at [Foundation] Foundation alumni Stephanie Inks and Chris Gillott, first introduced more than a decade Georgetown Law intern was ago at a Foundation student conference, celebrate their marriage in 2008. School and helps probably the recruit students for best summer of opportunity to enrich myself in free Foundation conferences, Chris serves my life,” remembers Inks. “While I as Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s market economics and conservative considered Chris a good friend at the thought, but Young America’s policy advisor on fiscal and economic time, I had no idea I would fall in love Foundation gave me the necessary development issues. Gillott has more with him seven years later and marry tools to be an effective leader in than seven years of public policy him more than a decade later.” championing a marketplace of ideas experience and previously served She went on, with the on my college campus.” He utilized as Jindal’s congressional legislative Foundation’s assistance, to graduate the Foundation’s campus lecture director in Washington, D.C., as a from Hillsdale College where she program to host several successful legislative aide to U.S. Senator Kay was a top student activist and campus events including appearances Bailey Hutchison (Texas), and as a leader. Stephanie later worked at the by Oliver North, William F. Buckley marketing and fundraising officer at Foundation as director of foundation Jr., Charlton Heston, Dinesh D’Souza, relations and remains eager to reach The Heritage Foundation. Chris became involved with Young and many others. young audiences with conservative



photo by Garrett Hubbard

Chris, who currently works for Governor Bobby Jindal, and Stephanie, a law student at Georgetown University, both got their start in the Conservative Movement as Young America’s Foundation interns in 1998.

ideas. “As a Hispanic woman, I am passionate about recruiting for the Foundation from underrepresented communities.” Since 2005, Stephanie has voluntarily recruited and mentored non-traditional students at the Foundation’s conferences, many of whom come from low-income homes or inner-city areas. “I am so excited to see a diverse group of faces and life experiences at the high school conferences,” says Stephanie. “And I love hanging out with the students as they have this life changing experience!” Chris shares Stephanie’s enthusiasm for reaching young people and offers his advice for current students: “I recommend students take full advantage of the Foundation’s campus training and leadership seminars. Becoming an active

“My time as a [Foundation] intern was probably the best summer of my life,” remembers Inks. “While I considered Chris a good friend at the time, I had no idea I would fall in love with him seven years later and marry him more than a decade later.”

advocate of conservative principles on a college campus will allow you to hone many skills while providing a balance of opinions for your peers. Bringing speakers and contributing to the public debate is perhaps the greatest real-time leadership development application a student can administer. This transcends the traditional classroom experience by allowing you to enrich the spirit of thought in your campus community and discover innate skills sets you will use throughout your professional career.” Stephanie and Chris were married in the fall of 2008 and are undoubtedly rising young leaders in the Conservative Movement. We wish them nothing but the best and look forward to hearing about their many accomplishments together in the years to come.




The Road to Serfdom


By John Stossel, Author and ABC’s 20/20 Co-Anchor moment to lose,” and he and the liberals in Congress insist that government must unionize most of America by passing “card check,” and taxpayers must throw even more money at American automakers. This is the conceit of what Thomas Sowell calls “the ABC’s 20/20 host John Stossel, one Young America’s Foundation’s most popular lecturers, addresses the National anointed.” The Conservative Student Conference. politicians know best how our money t’s exciting that the world is so should be spent. The “road to serfdom” excited about Barack Obama. I’m is paved with such good intentions. excited, too. That he achieved the Obama promises: “We will change presidency says something good the world ... There is nothing we can’t about America. do, nothing we can’t accomplish if we are But the excitement also frightens me. unified.” It reinforces the worst impulse of the Who is this “we” media and political class: the assumption politicians always cite? that all progress comes from Washington. We can change the In a free society, with constitutionally world for the better if “we” limited government, the president would means hundreds of millions be a mere executive who sees to it that of free people pursuing predictable and understandable laws their interests, inventing, are enforced. But sadly, the prestige and building, parenting, helping. power of the presidency have grown, But the politicians’ and liberty has contracted. That is not “we” is different. It means something to celebrate. government. “We” will The infatuated chattering classes now take your money by force demand “action” on the economy. They and order you about. A use positive words like “bold steps.” The democracy can become the tyranny insufferable New York Times suggests the of the majority. That’s no way to create choice is “between a big-bang strategy of prosperity. pressing aggressively on multiple fronts Obama is an extraordinarily talented versus a more pragmatic, step-by-step man. But there is one thing he can’t approach .... ” There is endless talk about successfully do: ignore the laws of how FDR ended the Great Depression economics. No one can do that. That’s and how Obama will apply similar why we call them “laws.” “stimulus.” Ludwig von Mises wrote that once Please. FDR’s “bold” moves didn’t the science of economics emerged in the end the Depression. They prolonged it by late 18th century, people began to realize discouraging capital investment. Hoover “there is something operative which and Roosevelt turned what might have power and force are unable to alter and been a brief downturn into ten years of to which they must adjust themselves double-digit unemployment. if they hope to achieve success, in Now Obama says, “We don’t have a precisely the same way as they must take




into account the laws of nature. This realization ... led to the program and policies of [classical] liberalism and thus unleashed human powers that, under capitalism, have transformed the world.” The resulting abundance, which so many people take for granted without understanding its source, allows them to believe that a new president can “stimulate” us out of recession. But we cannot raise wages or create jobs or eliminate poverty by executive order. We can do so by freeing people to save and invest and accumulate capital. We can’t make medical care universal and inexpensive by legislative fiat. But we can approach that goal by permitting a free market in medicine to work. Government is force, not eloquence. And force is an attempt to defy economic logic. The consequences are often opposite of those intended. “A subsidy for medical insurance increases the demand for services and raises prices. A price ceiling makes those services less available. A floor under wages makes jobs for unskilled workers more scarce, as employers find it a losing proposition to hire them. A subsidy to production means too much produced relative to something else consumers want. A trade restriction lowers living standards at home and abroad,” writes Sheldon Richman. What will happen when the unintended consequences hit? F.A. Hayek warned that a government serious about enacting its economic plan must be prepared to use heavy-handed measures. Is that what we want? I fear that today’s “forceful actions” will not only be a painful assault on our freedom, they will exacerbate whatever economic troubles we face. ————————————————— This column was originally published on November 12, 2008. ————————————————— John Stossel is a member of Young America’s Foundation’s lecture program. For information on bringing Mr. Stossel to your campus, please contact Foundation Vice President Patrick Coyle at 800-USA-1776.

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