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Fall 2013

Vol. 34


No. 2

Remembering Margaret Thatcher 41076_Libertas.indd 1

8/29/13 10:40 AM

September 22, 2013

Dear Colleagues,


onservatives are experiencing greater anxiety today than at any time in my decades of involvement. Our country is in great peril. A $17 trillion dollar debt that bought neither peace nor prosperity is jeopardizing our children’s

and grandchildren’s futures. Our culture is polluted, and arrogant executive and judicial branches of government ignore voters’ clear preferences on major social issues. We no longer control our own health care decisions. The IRS, already operating as its own fiefdom, is now a partisan player in suppressing citizens’ dissent. In addition, news sources and pundits that we traditionally trusted were overly optimistic about the possibility for change coming from 2012 elections. They contributed to the current despair. Now, some of the leading pundits suggest we need learn to live for the foreseeable future without offering substantive opposition to the Obama administration. Conservatives’ anxiety is understandable. However, you are not without ways to shape the future, advance your ideas, and ensure a change of course. Ronald Reagan said it best: “There is no better way to establish hope for the future than to enlighten young minds.” This is the very mission of Young America’s Foundation. It is the raison d’être of our conferences, campus-based speakers program, the National Journalism Center, our Young Americans for Freedom chapters, and with the activities conducted at the Reagan Ranch Center. You are already active in Young America’s Foundation programs. You have saved the Conservative Movement’s most historic site—The Reagan Presidential Home, the Reagan Ranch—sponsored students to programs that teach your ideas, and sustained a conservative cadre that gives us hope for the future. Do not be afraid. Trust the Divine Plan, but do your part in sharing your principles with eager and impressionable audiences. That is what is reported on in this issue of Libertas, and it is the mission of Young America’s Foundation. These programs can, and should, give you hope for the future. Sincerely,

Ron Robinson President

LIB ERTAS Fall 2013


Volume 34

Number 2

Great Beginnings Seminar Introduces Students to the Basics of Conservatism By Jessica Jensen, Editor


Remembering Margaret Thatcher By Nicole Hoplin, Vice President


Senator Johnson, Hall, Thiessen, and Obenshain Teach Students How to Master Conservative Rhetoric By Katie Taran, Conference Director


Cornell University Activist Stands Up For Freedom By Patrick X. Coyle, Vice President


Tancredo, Folsom, Robinson, and McElhinney Inspire High School Students at the Reagan Ranch By Katie Taran, Conference Director


High School and College YAF Chapters Battle Leftist School Administrators By Kate Cortes, YAF Chapter Services Program Officer


Protecting Presidential History: Preserving the Hay Barn at Rancho del Cielo By Marilyn Fisher, Curator

On the Cover: Vol. 34

Fall 2013

t Thatcher Remembering Margare

No. 2

President Reagan and Margaret Thatcher enjoy time together at the White House. (Photo courtesy of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library)

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Ronald Reagan Academy Students Explore Rancho del Cielo Pavlich and Rohrabacher Headline YAF Events at CPAC Governor Jan Brewer Visits the Reagan Ranch Henninger, Folsom, West, and Buchholz Discuss Free Enterprise at Rawhide Circle Retreat

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B r I e F

Ronald Reagan Academy Students Learn and Explore at Rancho del Cielo For the third year in a row, the eighth grade class of Ronald Reagan Academy—a charter school in Springville, Utah—spent the day with Young America’s Foundation learning about their school’s namesake as part of the school’s annual class trip. The students began their visit at the Reagan Ranch Center studying President Reagan and the Cold War through various gallery exhibits. They also watched the Foundation’s film, Still Point in a Turning World: Ronald Reagan and His Ranch. The group spent the afternoon at President Reagan’s beloved ranch—Rancho del Cielo— walking in Reagan’s footsteps as they toured the main house, tack barn, and Secret Service Command Post. As part of the class trip, the students and their families raised money to help preserve the Ranch for future generations. “This is just something we wanted to do. We will make a gift annually when we visit the Ranch from now on,” explained Reagan Academy teacher and trip coordinator Carrie Ashcraft. The class’s contribution is recognized on Freedom Wall at Rancho del Cielo.

Eighth grade students from the Ronald Reagan Academy in Utah explore the Reagan Ranch Center’s Exhibit Gallery.

Ronald Reagan Academy students learn about President Reagan’s life and accomplishments by using the timeline table at the Reagan Ranch Center.

As part of their annual class trip, Ronald Reagan Academy students walk in Ronald Reagan’s footsteps at Rancho del Cielo.


Young America’s Foundation | Libertas | Fall 2013

41076_Libertas.indd 4

8/29/13 10:40 AM


B r I e F

Pavlich and Rohrabacher Headline YAF Events at CPAC As a sponsor of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) 2013, there was no shortage of activity or exposure for Young America’s Foundation at the annual event. In addition to having exhibit booths, the Foundation hosted a student dinner and luncheon and also enlisted the help of 40 volunteers from Young Americans for Freedom chapters to distribute promotional materials. On the first evening of CPAC, more than 80 students attended a Young Americans for Freedom dinner with Congressman Dana Rohrabacher. At the dinner, held exclusively for members of YAF chapters from across the country, Congressman Rohrabacher (a former YAFer himself) talked about the unique challenges facing young conservatives and urged them to take a stand for their beliefs. Special guests included Vice Chairman of Young Americans for Freedom Chris Bedford, Foundation Director Kirby Wilbur, and Foundation Vice President Patrick Coyle emcees an afternoon session Foundation Vice President Ron Pearson. in the main ballroom at CPAC. The next day, more than 120 students gathered to attend Young America’s Foundation’s student luncheon featuring Foundation alumna Katie Pavlich. The New York Times bestselling author, news editor, and Fox News contributor offered a compelling speech on how “Guns are a Girl’s Best Friend.” During CPAC’s opening dinner banquet, Foundation President Ron Robinson and Reagan Ranch Board of Governors member Becky Norton Dunlop were recognized for founding and organizing the first CPAC 40 years ago. Program officer Kate Cortes also participated in a CPAC panel titled The Future of the Movement: Winning Generations X and Y, and Foundation Vice President Patrick Coyle served as the emcee in the main ballroom—where he introduced Senator Rand Paul and Governor Rick Perry, among many others.

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, a YAF alumnus, speaks to current Young Americans for Freedom activists at a special dinner at CPAC. Bestselling author Katie Pavlich attracts a sold-out audience at Young America’s Foundation’s student luncheon at CPAC. Young America’s Foundation | Libertas | Fall 2013

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8/29/13 10:41 AM


B r I e F

Governor Jan Brewer Visits Reagan Ranch During Western Women’s Summit Young America’s Foundation opened its doors to the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute for its annual Western Women’s Summit in Santa Barbara, California. Students and supporters of the Luce Institute gathered at the Reagan Ranch Center for two days of inspiring speakers and encouraging fellowship with like-minded conservative women. The weekend concluded with an exclusive tour of Rancho del Cielo where the Luce Ladies had the opportunity to walk in President Reagan’s footsteps. The Summit attracted an impressive line-up of conservative women speakers including Fox News’s KT McFarland, author Nonie Darwish, Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn, Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, and Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, who gave an encouraging charge to all in attendance: Just look around this room. It’s filled with dedicated, enthusiastic, smart, and articulate women…dedicated to leading this country back to the principles of our Founding Fathers. I am honored to be able to stand with you this evening and say to all of you, as women under the banner of Ronald Reagan, we will never ever rest until we once again get back to that shining city on the hill.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer tours the Reagan Ranch during the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute’s Western Women’s Summit.


Young America’s Foundation | Libertas | Fall 2013

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8/29/13 10:41 AM


B r I e F

Henninger, Folsom, West, Conway, and Buchholz Address Rawhide Circle Retreat More than 100 supporters and friends gathered in Santa Barbara for Young America’s Foundation’s annual Rawhide Circle retreat which focused on the question, “Can Free Enterprise Survive for Future Generations?” The Foundation also utilized the special weekend to launch our latest initiative: The Center for Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise. For many participants, the weekend began with The Wall Street Journal’s deputy editorial page editor, Daniel Henninger, discusses the current state of our free market system and how to protect it for future generations during the annual Rawhide individual tours of the Reagan Ranch. Supporters Circle retreat at the Reagan Ranch Center. then gathered at the Reagan Ranch Center where they were welcomed by President Ron Robinson. The session continued with a robust presentation by pollster Kellyanne Conway, CEO of the polling company, inc. and a member of the National Journalism Center’s Board of Governors. Conway presented the results of the Foundation’s extensive study on young people’s views about free markets and conservative ideas. Later, guests enjoyed the opening dinner banquet featuring the Wall Street Journal’s Daniel Henninger. Reagan Ranch Board of Governors Chairman Frank Donatelli emceed the program which also featured remarks from 75th U.S. Attorney General Ed Meese. The next day began with an entertaining and informative session featuring author, economist, and Foundation alumnus Todd Buchholz, who offered insights regarding the challenges facing our economy and how competition advances freedom and happiness. A highlight of the weekend included a panel featuring four of the Foundation’s top student activists: Stephan Pitts from Mississippi College, Langston Bowens from Grosse Pointe South High School in Michigan, Gabriella Morrongiello from Oregon State University, and John DiGiacobbe from Highland High School in Ohio. The program continued with author and Hillsdale College free enterprise historian Dr. Burt Folsom who discussed how government subsidies, throughout history, have bankrupted companies. The final session featured a panel of YAF Foundation supporters enjoy a rooftop reception at the Reagan Ranch Center. (From left) Marion leadership, including President Ron Robinson Vandersteel, Jack Perrin, Katherine Perrin, Don Dick, and popular Foundation speaker Dr. Burt Folsom. and Vice Presidents Nicole Hoplin and Kimberly Begg, and Dr. Folsom, who briefed attendees on the Foundation’s plans and goals for the Center for Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise. The weekend concluded with a dinner emceed by Reagan Ranch Board of Governors member Mark Larson and featuring Lt. Col. Allen West, who was introduced by Reagan Ranch Presidential Scholar Governor George Allen. West delivered a passionate speech on the need to uphold the Constitution and how we can make the moral argument for free enterprise. Young America’s Foundation | Libertas | Fall 2013 7

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8/29/13 10:41 AM

Great Beginnings Seminar Introduces Students to the Basics of Conservatism By Jessica Jensen, Editor

During the student seminar, former special assistant to the director of the CIA Herb Meyer helps Young America’s Foundation celebrate the 100th anniversary of CIA Director William J. Casey’s birth.

Bestselling author and Foundation Director Peter Schweizer discusses why conservatives are happier than liberals—the topic of his book, Makers and Takers.


Young America’s Foundation | Libertas | Fall 2013

Students from around the country learn the basics of conservative principles at the Reagan Ranch during Young America’s Foundation’s Great Beginnings: A Seminar for Emerging Leaders.

Seminar participants tour the newly restored Secret Service Command Post at Rancho del Cielo.

Young America’s Foundation | Libertas | Fall 2013

41076_Libertas.indd 9


8/29/13 10:43 AM

Foundation alumnus and Managing Editor Alex Marlow teaches the students how to effectively utilize new media to promote freedom.

Students participate in a question and answer session during the Great Beginnings seminar at the Reagan Ranch Center.

“playing defense,” and this strategy kept us from winning. “In the end, we got our hands on the biggest secret of the Cold War…that the Soviet Union was beginning to implode,” explained Meyer. He also noted that this intelligence gave President Reagan the confidence to pursue his missile defense strategy, which was the “proverbial bullet between the eyes.” Later in the weekend, Young America’s Foundation’s President Ron Robinson and bestselling author Peter Schweizer discussed the defining elements of conservative principles and 10

what sets conservatives apart from liberals. Foundation Vice President Patrick Coyle and YAF Chapter Services Program Officer Kate Cortes provided concrete tips and advice on how to proactively advance conservatism on campuses nationwide. Managing Editor Alex Marlow, who—along with Coyle, Cortes, and Schweizer—is a Foundation alumnus, discussed the necessity of using social media as a tool to promote one’s ideas. “Marlow gave me an idea as to how to be a proper

Young America’s Foundation | Libertas | Fall 2013

41076_Libertas.indd 10

8/29/13 10:43 AM

Students from around the country enjoy an inspirational afternoon at Rancho del Cielo.

Foundation President Ron Robinson provides an introductory lesson on conservative ideas.

Reagan Ranch Board of Governors member Bernadette CaseySmith shares remarks about her father and Ronald Reagan’s close friend, William J. Casey, who served as 13th director of the CIA.

journalist,” noted Marymount University student Chelsea Kirk. “He emphasized that there is nothing wrong with being an activist and a journalist as long as your work remains factual and honest.” Ann McElhinney, filmmaker and producer of the documentary FrackNation, echoed Marlow’s advice in her speech, providing examples on how she utilized the power of social media to promote FrackNation and expose Hollywood’s bias against the film.

Young America’s Foundation looks forward to working with all of the seminar attendees, who left the program with increased knowledge of conservative ideas and the confidence necessary to share their beliefs with their peers. As student Chelsea Kirk later wrote, “This seminar gave me a greater understanding of what it means to be conservative as well as how to apply those philosophies on my campus and how to argue my beliefs around people who aren’t conservative.” Young America’s Foundation | Libertas | Fall 2013

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8/29/13 10:43 AM

“The ranch was my father’s refuge, his sanctuary; it fed his soul...” — Patti Davis, Town and Country, November 2012

Rancho del Cielo was Ronald Reagan’s home for 25 years. It served as the Western White House for eight years. It is where President Reagan signed the largest tax cut in American history and hosted world leaders including Mikhail Gorbachev and Margaret Thatcher. Since the 1960s, Ronald Reagan worked closely with Young America’s Foundation because he understood that “freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” Given our long history together, it was natural for the Foundation to step forward in 1998 to save the Ranch as a Presidential home and site of inspiration for young people. President Reagan’s freedom philosophy continues to inspire young people through the Foundation’s programs at the Reagan Ranch, Reagan Ranch Center in Santa Barbara, and nationwide. We have been honored to work with three generations of Reagans and to use Rancho del Cielo to reach young people with President Reagan’s values and lasting accomplishments.

“The house has been maintained exactly as it was when my parents owned it...” — Patti Davis, Town and Country, November 2012


National Headquarters F.M. Kirby Freedom Center 110 Elden Street, Herndon, Virginia 20170 The Reagan Ranch Center 217 State Street, Santa Barbara, California 93101 800-USA-1776

You can ensure Ronald Reagan’s ideas are passed on to today’s young people. Young America’s Foundation |To Libertas 2013 get| Winter involved, call 800-USA-1776 or visit

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8/29/13 10:43 AM

President Reagan and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher meet on the south lawn of the White House following the Prime Minister’s Arrival Ceremony. (Photo courtesy of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library)

By Nicole Hoplin, Vice President


ogether with John Paul II, Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher changed our world. Their friendship, while long distance, gave both courage and conviction to fight battles at home and abroad in a challenging time. In the 1970s, America endured a tumultuous economy—from gas lines and high inflation to high interest rates and a feeling of pessimism—it was Ronald Reagan who lifted the American spirit with his entrepreneurial ideas and hopeful outlook. Similarly, Great Britain also faced a difficult economic situation at home; few realize it was even worse than it was here. A deadly combination of zero growth and high inflation—in one year reaching 25 percent—gave the

country many problems. Its people, after years of pro-big government leadership, submitted to inefficiencies in the workplace and a complete lack of business development. Margaret Thatcher became Britain’s leader at a most critical time and changed her country for the best. She brought down inflation, removed subsidies, slashed regulations, and privatized key airline and steel industries. When criticized and taunted for her bold policies, like her U.S. counterpart, Margaret Thatcher stayed the course. Together, Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher brought about economic recovery and prosperity in their homelands. Continued on page 15 Young America’s Foundation | Libertas | Fall 2013


President Reagan and Margaret Thatcher enjoy time at Rancho del Cielo on February 7, 1993. (Photos courtesy of the Margaret Thatcher Foundation)


Young America’s Foundation | Libertas | Fall 2013

President Reagan kept this satirical poster of himself and Margaret Thatcher in the tack barn at Rancho del Cielo, where it still hangs today.

But, they didn’t stop there. As the Soviet Union’s rise stole and threatened the freedoms of millions worldwide, they stood boldly together to oppose this tyrannical, encroaching power. And together, they witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall signaling this important victory for liberty. While the challenges they faced were serious, they both kept a sense of humor, relying upon one another for encouragement. In fact, President Reagan kept a Gone With the Wind-style poster of the two leaders in a prominent place in his tack barn at Rancho del Cielo. The poster, meant to be a satirical piece on the two leaders and their shared conservatism, was put out by the Socialist Worker magazine in its Christmas 1980 issue and portrayed Reagan carrying Thatcher. Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan had a shared understanding of the world and of the human condition. This is why, in addition to allying ourselves so strongly to Ronald Reagan over the years, Young America’s Foundation also looked to Margaret Thatcher’s leadership and vision for important inspiration for the next generation of young Americans. Continued on page 18

Margaret Thatcher speaks at St. Louis University as part of Young America’s Foundation’s Steve Wood Lecture Series in 1998. Young America’s Foundation | Libertas | Fall 2013


In a December 4, 1986, letter to President Reagan, Prime Minister Thatcher offers encouragement for Reagan’s support of the Nicaraguan freedom movement. (Courtesy of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library; a facsimile of this letter is on display at the Reagan Ranch Center.)


Young America’s Foundation | Libertas | Fall 2013

41076_Libertas.indd 16

8/29/13 10:47 AM

(Left) Margaret Thatcher accepts a “Hard Work U” shirt from the College of the Ozarks during her campus speech on February 21, 1997. (Middle and right) Margaret Thatcher is introduced prior to her Young America’s Foundation-sponsored address at the College of the Ozarks.

Young America’s Foundation | Libertas | Fall 2013

41076_Libertas.indd 17


8/29/13 10:48 AM

Members of the Foundation’s leadership team and Reagan Ranch Board of Governors meet with Lady Margaret Thatcher in London in 2010.

Foundation President Ron Robinson greets Lady Thatcher during the special reception with Foundation friends and supporters in London.


Young America’s Foundation | Libertas | Fall 2013

She spoke for our national campus speakers program on two separate campuses in the 1990s. In 1997, she addressed more than 4,500 students assembled at the College of the Ozarks. The following year, Thatcher again spoke to thousands of students at St. Louis University. Among her key messages was the following: “When there is no sanctity of the individual, then we are pawns to be used.” In 1993, Thatcher visited President Reagan at the Ranch and commented during her visit, “I think things fall into perspective, you know, once you get away from the center of government. You come outside, the artificial perspective of the White House goes, and the genuine perspective of the countryside goes on forever.” In 2010, she was the guest of honor at a Foundation supporter reception in London where we celebrated her relationship with Ronald Reagan and all those who stepped forward to save and preserve the Reagan Ranch. Young America’s Foundation remembers former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who passed away earlier this year at the age of 87. She will always be a shining beacon for freedom on the world stage as today’s young people seek to learn from the past to secure our future.

“I knew something was missing, until I added Young America’s Foundation to my will”

Dear Conservative,

Are you worried about America’s future? Some say America has gone too far down the path of big government and redistribution to return to our freedom-loving roots. But remember, many Americans felt similar despair in the late 1970s. Then Ronald Reagan changed everything. He used conservative ideas to turn the country around. If you came of age before 1980, you experienced America’s revival firsthand. Young people lack this experience, so they are vulnerable to the distortions and lies advanced by the Left. Indeed, polls routinely tell us young people are becoming more supportive of leftist ideas, despite failures of socialist and redistributive schemes witnessed during their lifetime. Young people deserve the opportunity to understand conservative ideas and lead America in freedom. Young America’s Foundation is the premier conservative organization specializing in developing young leaders and reaching new audiences with your principles. YAF saved Ronald Reagan’s ranch, the Western White House, 15 years ago. Now we protect the Reagan Ranch as a Presidential property and place to inspire young people with conservative ideas. We are the leader in our field, providing young people with breakthrough opportunities including national conferences for high school and college students, Young Americans for Freedom chapters, leadership programs at the Reagan Ranch and Reagan Ranch Center, National Journalism Center media internships, and the largest campus lecture program in the Conservative Movement. We have a successful formula for reaching high school and college students. We simply need to expand our programs to reach young people on an ever-increasing scale. That’s why I’m asking you to please consider including Young America’s Foundation in your estate plans.

You will have peace of mind knowing your estate is under your control— not the government’s—and will be used to help young people.

I urge you to ask your attorney to add this bequest language to your will: “I give, devise, and bequeath to Young America’s Foundation, tax identification number 23-7042029, 110 Elden Street, Herndon, Virginia 20170 (insert percentage, amount or nature of gift, or remainder of estate) to be used for educational purposes (or to support the Reagan Ranch Fund).” I want to personally thank any conservative who is considering an estate gift. Please call me at 800-USA-1776 at any time. Thank you and God bless you. Gratefully,

R Robinson, President Ron Member, Ranch in the Sky Legacy Society

I knew something was missing, until I added Young America’s Foundation to my will. Now I have peace of mind knowing my estate is under my control, not the government’s. And since YAF is a 501(c)(3) organization, my gift is tax-exempt. I can think of no better use of my life’s earnings than to help young conservatives.

You can receive a free Estate Planning Guide when you call 800-USA-1776 and mention this ad. Ask for Kimberly Martin Begg, Esq., vice president & general counsel.

41076_Libertas.indd 19 800-USA-1776 The Reagan Ranch Center 217 State Street, Santa Barbara, California 93101 National Headquarters F.M. Kirby Freedom Center 110 Elden Street, Herndon, Virginia 20170

8/29/13 10:49 AM

Author Kate Obenshain addresses YAF Rhetoric seminar attendees.

Senator Ron Johnson warns of the dangers of an ever-increasing government.

Senator Johnson, Hall, Ross, Obenshain, and Thiessen Teach Young People How to Master Conservative Rhetoric By Katie Taran, Conference Director


oung people from 18 states, representing 16 schools and three Conservative Movement organizations, gathered in Washington, D.C., for Young America’s Foundation’s third Mastering Conservative Rhetoric in the Battle of Ideas seminar. Made possible by the generosity of Caesar Arredondo and George and Frances Field, this seminar aimed to educate attendees on rhetorical skills and help them make the case for conservative ideas—especially the moral case for free enterprise. Rhetoric expert, celebrity ghostwriter, and Foundation Director Wynton Hall led the seminar which featured leading communication and policy experts. Senator Ron Johnson opened the program with a discussion 20

Young America’s Foundation | Libertas | Fall 2013

Program Officer Hillary Cherry utilizes her newfound knowledge about rhetoric and debate to deliver a practice speech to her peers.

Foundation alumnus and Director Wynton Hall leads the program where young people learn the skills they need to defend and promote conservative ideas.

on how big government is leading the country into ruin. Ron Pearson, vice president of Young America’s Foundation, helped secure the Senator’s participation. Other speakers included two speechwriters to President George W. Bush, Jonathan Horn and Foundation alumnus Marc Thiessen; author and frequent Fox News guest Kate Obenshain; professor of communication at Virginia Tech Dr. Buddy Howell; Heritage Foundation vice president and member of the Reagan Ranch Board of Governors Becky Norton Dunlop; president of Regnery Publishing Marji Ross; and founder and chairman of the Competitive Enterprise Institute Fred Smith. Each seminar attendee made a brief presentation utilizing the skills learned, and the program concluded with an intense networking and strategy session. Attendee Rosy Harvey of the Faith and Freedom Coalition noted, “This was my first interaction with [Young America’s Foundation], and I’ve truly been blown away by the caliber of the program and the participants’ singular dedication towards advancing the Conservative Movement.”

YAF Chapter Services Program Officer Kate Cortes (middle) dines with Rhetoric seminar participants (from left) Rosy Harvey, J.J. Publicover, Morgan Cole, Cortes, Greg Steele, Stephan Pitts, and Grant Strobl.

Seminar attendee Greg Steele asks a question during the Rhetoric seminar.

Students from around the country enjoy the program in our nation’s capital.

Young America’s Foundation | Libertas | Fall 2013


S T u D e n T

P R O f i l e

Cornell University Activist Stands Up For Freedom By Patrick X. Coyle, Vice President

Cornell University student activist Jessica Reif meets Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

Cornell University, like many sChools, isn’t known to be friendly towards conservatives. That didn’t stop one student from dramatically changing the atmosphere through her activism. Jessica Reif is a 2013 graduate of Cornell University, and through her involvement with Young America’s Foundation, she organized more lectures featuring prominent conservatives during the 2012-2013 school year than all the other departments and university committees combined. In an interview for Libertas, Reif said she first became interested in conservatism after studying economics in high school and learning about the superiority of free market 22

principles. “My continued study of business solidified my faith in the private sector’s ability to tackle the challenges facing the American people,” she explained. Indeed, her strong convictions motivated her to become more involved. As Reif said, “Cornell’s ideological climate is extremely liberal, and conservative clubs are really the only dissent to that stream of thought.” Reif was introduced to Young America’s Foundation her freshman year through the 9/11: Never Forget Project, and she remained active by hosting speakers and organizing other campus initiatives. When she was handed the reins of her club this past year, Reif dedicated herself to reaching more students at her school. Her first event was a debate between Senator Rick Santorum and Howard Dean, which she hosted through Young America’s Foundation’s Arthur N. Rupe Foundation Great Debate Series. Reif put much effort into ensuring the event’s success. “I worked closely with my university’s police department, press relations office, and a division of the communications department to successfully promote and execute the event,” said Reif. “I also reached out to academic departments and other student groups to co-sponsor the debate.” Reif also attended a Reagan Ranch Activism Seminar at the Reagan Ranch Center where she further honed her activism skills and learned how to reach the most people through her events. During the seminar, Reif enjoyed a special afternoon at the Reagan Ranch. “Visiting the Ranch allowed me to connect with Reagan’s ideas in a very tangible way. While I’ve read extensively of President Reagan’s policies, visiting the Ranch gave me the opportunity to gain insight into his character.” Back at Cornell, the young activist worked hard to build anticipation for the upcoming debate between Santorum and Dean. Her efforts paid off. Within 90 minutes, all of the event’s free tickets were distributed to the student body. On the night of the debate, 1,200 students filled the lecture hall and another 100 crowded into an overflow room to watch Senator Santorum take on Governor Dean. The two debated the proper role of government in a free society, and Fox Nation also streamed the program live online. “I stand by the traditional American principles that made this country successful,” Santorum told the standingroom-only audience. “The Constitution is a limiting document, not an empowering document.” In contrast, Governor Dean said he believed the Constitution was a “living document” and that it was meant to “evolve.” Reif reported back to YAF on the event’s success: “As the crowd filtered out of the auditorium, students discussed

Young America’s Foundation | Libertas | Fall 2013

41076_Libertas.indd 22

8/29/13 10:50 AM

More than 1,200 students attend the debate between Senator Santorum and Howard Dean.

Jessica Reif meets Senator Rick Santorum during Young America’s Foundation’s Arthur N. Rupe Foundation Great Debate at Cornell University.

Cornell University conservatives organize the 9/11: Never Forget Project.

which positions they agreed with and which they didn’t. Following the event, my group has taken part in several events. At each one, students raised questions about the debate and the role of government in a free society. [I am] confident that the debate made students question the size of government and reconsider its role.” She also said watching 1,200 of her peers clap in favor of Senator Santorum’s remarks at the debate was the most rewarding experience of her activism. Indeed, the debate was one of many successful events Reif organized her senior year. She also hosted Foundation speakers S.E. Cupp and Herman Cain who spoke as part of YAF’s Harold Simmons Free Enterprise Lecture Series. “Activism gives students the opportunity to change the climate at their college,” Reif said. Through her activism, Jessica Reif did just that—enabling thousands of students at Cornell to learn more about the importance of freedom, limited government, and free enterprise. Her advice for students who are hesitant to speak out on a liberal campus is to “stand up for what you believe in.” She added, “You can earn the respect of your peers by making strong arguments for limited government even if they disagree with you. You’ll be surprised by how many students are willing to consider opposing views.” Young America’s Foundation | Libertas | Fall 2013


H i g H S c H o o l c o n f e r e n c e at t H e r e a g a n r a n c H

tancredo, folsom, robinson, and Mcelhinney inspire High School Students at the reagan ranch By Katie taran, conference Director


Congressman Tom Tancredo delivers a rousing address, encouraging the students to take pride in their country.

“Having an insight into Reagan’s personal life was indescribable. Touring his ranch allowed me to become familiar with him in a way that couldn’t have happened through a textbook or a movie.” — ali Blando, oshkosh, Wisconsin

ore than 150 attendees from 14 states and 36 schools gathered at the Reagan Ranch Center in Santa Barbara, California, for Young America’s Foundation High School Conference at the Reagan Ranch. This conference is made possible by the Richard and Barbara Gaby Foundation, which has sponsored the event every year since 2008. The conference began with a reception for students and parents on the Center’s Alwal Anheuser Beims Moore Rooftop Terrace. Following the reception, students and parents gathered in the David Louis Bartlett Outreach Center for the opening banquet featuring Congressman Tom Tancredo who urged the students to take pride in America and our freedoms. “If you open the gates anywhere in the world, people run one way: to the West,” Congressman Tancredo explained to the young audience. “Why? Because we have something they don’t—a constitution that guarantees freedom…We have this incredible system that has provided so much for so many. There is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, we should be proud of it because everyone in the world knows there is something good here, something better.” The next morning, participants assembled in the classroom for sessions featuring Ron Robinson, president of Young America’s Foundation; Igor Birman, chief of staff to Congressman Tom McClintock and YAF alumnus; and Dr. Jake Jacobs, professor and founder of the Politically Incorrect Institute. They spoke on the meaning of conservatism, the future of freedom, and the life and principles of Ronald Reagan, respectively. continued on page 26


Young America’s Foundation | Libertas | Fall 2013

Conservative college leaders, (from left) Dr. Jerry Davis of the College of the Ozarks, Dr. Richard Jewell of Grove City College, and Peter Deluca of Thomas Aquinas College, share the benefits of attending their institutions.

Cherylyn Harley LeBon, national co-chair of the Project 21 Black Leadership Network, addresses the high school conference attendees.

Students from across the country tour the tack barn at the Reagan Ranch where they gain a better understanding of Ronald Reagan’s values and lasting accomplishments. Young America’s Foundation | Libertas | Fall 2013


H i g H S c H o o l c o n f e r e n c e at t H e r e a g a n r a n c H

The high school conference attendees receive their certificates of completion following the three-day program in Santa Barbara.

Documentary filmmaker and popular Foundation speaker Ann McElhinney headlined the monthly Wendy P. McCaw Reagan Ranch Roundtable luncheon—which was held in conjunction with the conference. Students and supporters also enjoyed a screening of McElhinney’s latest documentary, FrackNation. Later, a visit to Ronald Reagan’s ranch, Rancho del Cielo, was a highlight of the weekend and provided the students with a greater appreciation for the 40th president and his timeless principles. “My visit to the Reagan Ranch solidified my adoration 26

for President Reagan,” remarked Ali Blando from Lourdes Academy in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. “Having an insight into Reagan’s personal life was indescribable. Touring his ranch allowed me to become familiar with him in a way that couldn’t have happened through a textbook or a movie.” The students’ day concluded with a dinner banquet featuring Cherylyn Harley LeBon, former judicial appointee and national co-chair of the Project 21 Black Leadership Network. LeBon addressed whether or not America is still the land of opportunity. The program also featured Hillsdale College history

Young America’s Foundation | Libertas | Fall 2013

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9/12/13 1:21 PM

Rachel Horvath, niece of longtime Foundation supporter Russell D. Sibert, enjoys the High School Conference at the Reagan Ranch.

Documentary filmmaker and conference speaker Ann McElhinney meets with Foundation supporters Wendy P. McCaw and Arthur von Wiesenberger.

professor and author Dr. Burt Folsom who spoke on the perils of big government and the importance of free enterprise. He was followed by actor and author Joseph Phillips who discussed race in America today. The high school students also learned about some of the nation’s top conservative colleges during a panel featuring Dr. Graham Walker, president of Patrick Henry College; Dr. Jerry Davis, president of the College of the Ozarks; Dr. Richard Jewell, president of Grove City College; and Mr. Peter DeLuca, vice president and founder of Thomas Aquinas College. Foundation Vice President Patrick Coyle concluded

the conference with a presentation on how students could advance conservatism at their schools by hosting a speaker, starting a YAF Chapter, and participating in different campus initiatives. The attendees returned home energized and excited to share what they learned with their peers. Rachel Horvath from Highland High School in Medina, Ohio, wrote, “How grateful I am to have been a part of this conference. It was truly life changing and opened my eyes to the extent and depth of the Conservative Movement. I can’t wait to return to Ohio and start enlightening others!” Young America’s Foundation | Libertas | Fall 2013

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9/12/13 1:22 PM

Young Americans for Freedom Chapters Triumph Over Leftist School Officials By Kate Cortes, YAF Chapter Services Program Officer

DePaul University YAF creates this pro-life display, which was destroyed by campus leftists a few hours later.


onservative students are silenced every day on high school and college campuses across America. Academia’s hostile attitudes toward conservative ideas often prevents them from becoming activists at their schools or even being able to start a conservative club. However, the young men and women involved with the Foundation’s Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapters are a special brand of activists, consistently and successfully fighting to advance the Conservative Movement at their schools.


Indeed, they are upholding the advice Ronald Reagan gave to YAF leaders a generation ago: Remember your very title—you are Young Americans for Freedom. That is your mission above all others. You are most important in this particular moment of history, because so many of your peers have listened to false prophets and demagogues. President Reagan would be proud of YAF activists today. Their stories are an inspiration to us all.

Young America’s Foundation | Libertas | Fall 2013

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8/29/13 10:53 AM

Leftists Destroy Pro-Life Display at DePaul University, YAF Chapter Leader Punished


n Chicago, members of the DePaul University YAF chapter have faced an uphill battle against school administrators and fellow students determined to undermine their conservative values and right to free speech. In early 2013, the group hosted a “Flags for Life Project” to mark the 40th anniversary of the historic Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision. On the morning of January 22,

(From left) Kristopher Del Campo, Brendan Newell, and Adam Syvertsen organize a YAF registration table to recruit new activists to their club.

DePaul University YAF’s pro-life display is trashed by leftist students, who left the pink and blue flags in garbage bins near the school’s library.

YAF club members set up 500 pink and blue flags to symbolize just some of the lives lost every day due to the tragedy of abortion in our nation. That evening, DePaul YAF chairman, Kristopher Del Campo, along with other executive board members, The DePaul story is featured by the Daily went to take down Caller and other media outlets nationwide. the flag display. What they found was startling. The flags had been removed and stuffed into trash bins near the entrance to the DePaul library. Del Campo contacted DePaul Public Safety, which reviewed videotape of the vandalism and discovered there were 13 individual students involved. Although the individuals went through a judicial process at DePaul, sanctions, if any, were never made known. Instead of apologizing for the blatant attack on free speech and taking steps to ensure something like this never happened again, DePaul University—the largest Catholic university in America—turned the blame on YAF Chair Del Campo. The school’s administrators charged him with endangering the safety of the liberal vandals by releasing their names to Young America’s Foundation. They quickly placed Del Campo on disciplinary probation, prohibited him from contacting the vandals, and required him to write a “reflection letter.” The DePaul YAF story sent shockwaves through the media, with Fox News, the Daily Caller, Huffington Post, LifeNews, and other outlets reporting the incident. Instead of backing down (even when threatened with expulsion from the university), Del Campo knew he must continue the fight for conservative values. Just a few weeks following the attack on their pro-life display, the DePaul YAF chapter worked with Young America’s Foundation to host New York Times bestselling author Katie Pavlich and Congressman Tom Tancredo, ensuring conservative ideas are not silenced at DePaul. Del Campo’s brave decision to keep fighting the liberal DePaul administration is encouraging to students nationwide, and we applaud him for his courageous efforts to advance freedom at his university. Young America’s Foundation | Libertas | Fall 2013


YAF Chapter Battles School Officials to Host Senator Santorum


ot long after the DePaul incident, liberal bias reared its ugly head in Michigan’s Grosse Pointe Public School System as the district’s superintendent tried to quash the much-anticipated speech by Senator Rick Santorum. Langston Bowens, the YAF chapter chairman at Grosse Pointe South High School, contacted Young America’s Foundation in early spring to inquire about having Santorum speak at his high school. After working on the schedules and alerting high school administrators, the speech—on the topic of leadership— was scheduled for late April. However, plans changed two weeks before the event when a hastily organized

Senator Santorum addresses more than 1,100 high school students despite attempts by school officials to cancel the Young America’s Foundation-sponsored lecture.

Members of Grosse Pointe South YAF meet with Senator Santorum following his address on leadership.


Young America’s Foundation | Libertas | Fall 2013

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8/29/13 10:53 AM

conference call took place between YAF Chapter Vice Chairman Peter Fox, Grosse Pointe South Principal Matt Outlaw, Young America’s Foundation Vice President Patrick Coyle, and Superintendent Thomas J. Harwood. On the call, Harwood expressed reservations about the upcoming talk. According to Harwood, teachers within the district became outraged when the news of the Santorum speech became public. They proceeded to send YouTube videos, showcasing Senator Santorum’s stances on traditional marriage and education, to administrators. As the conversation progressed, the administrators became more agitated. Harwood explained that, while he supports traditional marriage, he has a Senator Santorum greets Grosse Pointe South High School students. brother who is gay, and he finds Senator Santorum’s views “extreme.” Harwood then proceeded to cancel the event. Over the next 48 hours, Young America’s Foundation and the YAF chapter, along with Senator Santorum, took to the airwaves, newspapers, and blogosphere, spreading the news of the school’s liberal bias towards conservatives. The story received coverage from Fox News, the Detroit Free Press, the Associated Press, the Detroit News, the Daily Caller, WXYZ ABC 7 (Detroit),, and many other outlets. Santorum also appeared on The O’Reilly Factor, and YAF Chapter Chair Langston Bowens was a guest on Fox & Friends. With the media firestorm continuing to increase, the school’s Grosse Pointe South High School’s YAF chapter chair, Langston Bowens, appears on Fox & Friends to discuss his school’s efforts to cancel Senator Rick Santorum’s address to the student body. administrators approached the YAF chapter with a compromise: Santorum would be permitted to speak, but students would be required leadership, the Grosse Pointe South YAF chapter is the largest to have their parents sign a permission form before they student group at the school. could attended the program. Young America’s Foundation congratulates the YAF Requiring the permission form did little to hinder leaders at DePaul, Grosse Pointe South, and nationwide for the event’s success. More than 1,100 students attended their work to share their values with their peers. the program, Senator Santorum received three standing ——————————————————————— ovations, and an additional 500 community members For more information about starting a YAF chapter at attending a public forum that followed the event. your school, please contact Kate Cortes at or Today, thanks to the dedicated efforts of the club’s 800-USA-1776. Young America’s Foundation | Libertas | Fall 2013


President Reagan spends time in the hay barn preparing for his daily ranch chores.

Photo courtesy of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

Protecting Presidential History: Preserving the Hay Barn at Rancho del Cielo By Marilyn Fisher, Curator


n 2011, Young America’s Foundation supporter Mary Dell Pritzlaff generously funded the restoration of the United States Secret Service Command Post at the Reagan Ranch, protecting this historic building and its essential role in telling the story of President Reagan and his ranch. Not long after the Command Post restoration, Mrs. Pritzlaff stepped forward once again to sponsor the hay barn special acre of the Reagan Ranch, providing the resources to restore 32

Ronald Reagan’s barn. The hay barn is a symbol of Ronald Reagan’s work ethic and how he spent his time at his beloved Rancho del Cielo. Therefore, the restoration was focused on keeping intact as much of the original structure as possible. Preservation guidelines required that original barn boards be examined for condition and catalogued for future reference. Most were kept and some replaced, a practice similar to those used at Presidential home sites such as Mount Vernon and Monticello. To ensure the longevity of the

barn, Young America’s Foundation’s team members carefully researched appropriate steps to accurately restore the barn to its condition during the Reagan era.

The Hay Barn and Ranch Tools The 1950s structure is the place where Ronald Reagan kept his heavy ranch equipment and vehicles. His Ford tractor with skip loader, the “Gipper’s Chipper,” the red Ford Ranger truck, and the log splitter were all housed there, and each item has a

Young America’s Foundation | Libertas | Fall 2013

41076_Libertas.indd 32

8/29/13 10:53 AM

Photo courtesy of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

President Reagan enjoys riding his Ford Du-all tractor near the hay barn.

Students learn about President Reagan and his strong work ethic by visiting the hay barn at the Ranch. Photo courtesy of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

story as to how it was acquired by the President. The 1985 Ford pick-up truck was purchased from Jim Click, son-inlaw to Holmes Tuttle, who served as part of Ronald Reagan’s early “Kitchen Cabinet.” The log splitter, a piece of equipment that Reagan used throughout the Presidency, was a gift from Ronald Reagan’s friend, Dennis LeBlanc. The President used this tool as often as he used his chainsaws. LeBlanc recalled the President’s method for chopping wood: “We would cut the logs into length where the tree was. Then we would haul it in the trailer back to the barn… where we would split the logs with the splitter.” The logs would be left outside for a year and then stacked in the barn for another year to be seasoned. Ronald Reagan’s daily Ranch chores revolved around the barn. His brush clearing could not have been completed without the piece of equipment that caused the most anxiety for U.S. Secret Service agents: the powerful wood chipping machine known as “The Gipper’s Chipper.” Secret Service Agent John Barletta mentioned the dangerous machine in his book, Riding with Reagan. He wrote, “The chipper, however, [was] the most dangerous machine of all. If you throw brush and wood in there and a piece of branch catches on your jeans, it will pull you right in, and there will be nothing left of you.” Also located in the hay barn is the Ford Du-all tractor with skip loader. This machine was given to President Reagan in 1986 on the occasion of his 75th birthday by 31 of his close friends, including James Stewart, Justin Dart, Holmes Tuttle, Jack Wrather, William French Smith, and others who supported Ronald Reagan’s early public service. Upon receiving this essential piece of equipment, President Reagan said that the tractor was “the best birthday gift ever.” He sent a thank you letter to his friend, William French Smith, with a photo of himself and the tractor and the inscription, “Just a picture

President Reagan enjoys splitting and stacking wood during his time at Rancho del Cielo. Young America’s Foundation | Libertas | Fall 2013

41076_Libertas.indd 33


8/29/13 10:54 AM

The hay barn’s wood planks were in deteriorating condition prior to the restoration project.

The hay barn is inspected following restoration and just prior to the first coat of fresh paint.

of a happy farmer and what made him that way— my heartfelt thanks.” Reagan also noted in his letter, “… I can’t wait to get to the Ranch and have a ride on it—maybe even do a little work with it.” Early in 1981 the Secret Service agents asked the President if they could store their horse tack in the hay barn. Reagan agreed, and prior to each ride the agents would saddle up their mounts in the barn corral. Secret Service Agent Barbara Riggs recalled, “The hay barn was used to store tack (saddles and bridles) and other equipment used for the Secret Service horses. The corral was… occupied by Secret Service horses when the President was at the Ranch. ” Today, the agents’ riding tack still hangs in the barn. (The care and feeding of the agents’ horses was the responsibility of the federal government. However, Ronald Reagan believed that feeding his personal horses was his duty and not the responsibility of the American people. He always purchased hay for his horses and stored it separately.) The President enjoyed working hard at the Ranch where he could see the results of his labor daily. The Ranch equipment symbolizes Ronald Reagan’s physical resilience and strong work ethic, and the preservation of his hay barn is essential to sharing the role the Ranch played in his life and his Presidency. As history will acknowledge, the President’s handson nature and strong work ethic was not only seen at Rancho del Cielo but also in his role as the leader of the free world. The hay barn restoration was completed so that future generations who come to the Ranch through Young America’s Foundation’s programs may learn more about the life and values of Ronald Reagan. Young America’s Foundation is grateful to Mary Dell Pritzlaff for her generosity and foresight in preserving history through the restoration of important Reagan Ranch structures.

Secret Service agents’ riding tack still hangs in a corner of the hay barn—a reminder of the Presidential years at Rancho del Cielo.


Young America’s Foundation | Libertas | Fall 2013

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8/29/13 10:54 AM



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This is a great opportunity to uplift your spirits while supporting Young America’s Foundation’s mission to reach increasing numbers of young people with the ideas of individual freedom, a strong national defense, free enterprise, and traditional values. We hope you’ll join us on this enlightening and enjoyable voyage.


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