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Burnham Plan Project: The Plan of Chicago from1909 to 2009

The Burnham Plan radically reshaped Chicago’s central area and was considered a milestone document in urban planning. It imagined greater lakefront access for more people, an expanded highway system, more parks, and many other changes that still affect Chicago’s residents today.

How does the Burnham Plan, created 100 years ago, relate to your community now? Imagine you are a Digital City Planner and are asked to suggest changes to make your own community better. Take part in the Burnham Plan Project, and you will: • Use mobile cell-phone computers and multimedia devices to capture video and images that document your vision. • Explore a critical issue affecting your community, recommend a solution, and publish your project to an online social learning network. • Contribute to key discussions on how the Burnham Plan laid out a vision for the city that continues today: Does it still work? What changes might need to be made? Your participation will make you eligible to win a trip to Washington, DC to share your project with a global audience. Developers of the top three Digital City Planner projects will travel to Washington, DC on October 5 to present their concepts at the United Nations World Habitat Day celebrations and convey their ideas for a future Chicago to community leaders and urban planners from around the globe.

Important Dates: August 18 at 2:00 pm l Information Session August 19 through September 18 l Project Dates

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Burnham Plan Project