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The University of York Students’ Union


Thanks to you, YUSU has had a fantastic year.



CONTENTS 4. The Year at a Glace 5. A Word From Our CEO REPRESENTATION

6. Academic Representation 7. Excellence Awards 8. Voice Your Change 9. Mental Health Case Study 10. Elections WELL-BEING


University of York Students’ Union Impact Report 2016-17

12. Opportunities Introduction 13. Student Media 14. Focus on ISOC 15. Give it a Go 16. York Sport Union 18. Volunteering & RAG 22. Love York Awards 24. Roses 2017 MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS

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of students agree that YUSU is brave. That YUSU is not afraid to take on new challenges and opportunities.



of students agree that YUSU is an inclusive organisation. That everyone can find their place at YUSU.



of students agree that YUSU is run for, with and by students. That YUSU is focused on the needs of students.

University of York Students’ Union Impact Report 2016-17

YUSU RAG 2016/17 total (excluding Meningitis Research Foundation total):


£120,734.46 25% SCORE

of students voted in the YUSU elections.

Between YUSU Charity and Commercial Services, YUSU paid Student staff a huge:




Looking back on the previous year my personal highlights have involved seeing first-hand the incredible things students do. From watching students fundraise over £120,000 for good causes through RAG to witnessing our academic reps debate the future of education policy, theatre performances, inclusive liberation campaigns to basketball matches, our students do incredible things with their students’ union. For me there are three standout statistics that show how students increasingly recognise the impact of their involvement with YUSU has on their academic life.

A huge eighty seven percent of students believe that YUSU is run for, with and by students. Our members understand what we do and the way we do it makes students a critical part of our combined success. The way we engage and involve students and work tirelessly with them to do incredible things is unique and special.

Huge thanks to all the staff, elected officers, funders, friends and students who made the 2016/17 academic year a fantastic one.

“A huge 87% of students believe that YUSU is run for, with and by students.” University of York Students’ Union Impact Report 2016-17

Three quarters of all students at York agree that YUSU enables students to make change happen. Students recognise YUSU provides the skills, support and encouragement to campaign, to fundraise, to represent, to set up new student groups, to question the world around them and to secure change.

Seventy seven percent of students at York agree that engaging with YUSU student opportunities will have a long term value once they leave university. Students recognise that participation in our sports clubs, societies, volunteering, representative networks, fundraising and employment is about enjoying a great student life and also improving their future.




STUDENTS SHAPING THEIR HIGHER EDUCATION YUSU supports Academic Representatives to change the learning experience. Student feedback shapes the degree programmes at York to ensure students receive the education and training employers want. Each year YUSU recruits and trains Faculty, Department and Course Representatives.


of York students agree YUSU effectively represents them.

University of York Students’ Union Impact Report 2016-17

In the 2016/17 academic year YUSU recruited 477 Academic Representatives in total. 3 Faculty Reps, 29 Department Reps, 445 Course Reps.


Course Reps

Department Reps

Faculty Reps


Electronics Department Rep 2016/17, Herman Larsen.

Sociology Second Year Course Rep 2016/17, Kat Ferris

“As Department Representative in the Department of Electronic Engineering I have made a difference, putting my skills to use to improve the department for all students in all years. It has improved and developed my personal skills, as well as given me the opportunity to get acquainted with so many interesting people I would never have met had I not taken the opportunity. As a department rep you gain insight into the department, and can see with your own eyes that the student body has a huge impact on decisions as well as throughout the university. As an example, after 5 years of asking the department to provide more feedback on exam marks, the department will soon finally start trailing exam feedback in various ways to find out what works best.”

“I gained confidence and experience in talking to staff members and being able to effectively challenge them is definitely a new skill I learnt! Being an advocate for the student voice is so rewarding and being able to see the changes being made is really great. I’ve now got lots of transferable skills, like working in a team and communication skills and it’s always handy having the department know who you are!”

Arts & Humanities Faculty Rep 2016/17, Marina Lewis “The role was entirely new when I started and it is still in the process of being shaped. Having the opportunity to work behind-the-scenes with the university and student union has been invaluable and gives a platform for the student voice to be heard. The YUSU meetings will also be a memorable take-away from my time as Faculty Rep. We have productive discussions and engaging debates.”

“Having the opportunity to work behindthe-scenes with the university and student union has been invaluable and gives a platform for the student voice to be heard.”


424 294

University of York Students’ Union Impact Report 2016-17

The Excellence Awards are a fantastic opportunity for students to nominate teaching staff at the university who are outstanding in their subject area. This year's awards were a wonderful evening of celebration.


Staff Members recognised by

304 Students



10 2

VOICE YOUR CHANGE Five Sabbatical Officers and a 16 strong team elected for the nine officer roles and the policy coordinator post make up one team and represent 18,000 students In the past 12 months we have worked with students to review the policy process and ensure policy systems are robust.

Policy Submissions

Collectivley with the 477 academic reps, they sit on over 220 different committees to represent students' views in YUSU, the University, the City and on national student forums and committees.

PERIODIC REVIEWS This year YUSU submitted 5 student feedback reports for Periodic Reviews in SPSW, Maths, Physics, Economics and L&LS. As well as having student representation on the review panels, the student voice is heard through the YUSU submissions as well as by those students who volunteer to meet with panel on the day.

Should YUSU incorporate?

Should YUSU boycott the NSS?



University of York Students’ Union Impact Report 2016-17








NO 400







0 1292 students voted. 1066 Yes, 150 No, 76 Abstentions


Student Referenda

958 students voted. 568 No, 379 Yes, 11 Abstentions


MENTAL HEALTH CASE STUDY Student mental health has been an issue on campuses up and down the country. Demand on services has been skyrocketing year on year. Following continued campaigning by YUSU Sabbatical Officers at the start of the 2016-17 academic year the University announced a £500k investment, over three years, to address the issue. Following this new focus on mental health support for students, YUSU Sabbatical Officer Dom Smithies was invited onto the steering group with the City of York Council to produce the Student Health Needs

Assessment, the first of its kind to have ever been conducted on the student demographic in York. This is a really positive step in the local government acknowledging the particular needs of students and young people in the city. Over five per cent of students participated in the Student Health Needs Assessment survey and focus groups.

University of York Students’ Union Impact Report 2016-17

Following continued campaigning by YUSU Sabbatical Officers at the start of the 2016-17 academic year the University announced a £500k investment, over three years, to address mental health issues.




25% University of York Students’ Union Impact Report 2016-17

of the student body voted in the 2017 YUSU elections for 36 candidates over 18 positions.

4,654 students voted in the YUSU elections.


20% Ballots cast went up by 20% for five of the Part-Time Officer positions from 2016.

WELL-BEING ADVICE & SUPPORT CENTRE YUSU ASC dealt with 533 cases from August 2016 to July 2017. This represents a fifteen percent increase from the same period in 2015/16 (462 cases) and a seventy one percent increase from 2014/15.

Total Academic & Welfare cases









strongly agreed that they would recommend the service to a friend

“They've been wonderful. I can't think of anything to change.”


Several wellbeing workshops were run by YUSU in the autumn and spring terms, with support from the GSA and Student Hub, on the topics of budgeting and mindfulness. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with one hundred percent of participants saying that they would recommend the workshop to a friend

University of York Students’ Union Impact Report 2016-17

84% 91%

strongly agreed that they were satisfied with the service


“Helpful, expert advice to apply to real life situations” “I learned how to be a supportive friend while also caring for myself” "Really helpful, gave me the support and advice I needed. I felt really comfortable speaking to the adviser"

“ You have helped me massively!” 11

STUDENT OPPORTUNITIES The YUSU Student Opportunities department encompasses a variety of activity groups on offer to students. This includes societies, student media, sport, fundraising and volunteering projects. The groups are student led and aim to provide quality opportunities for personal development and social networking, alongside the chance to receive an unrivaled student experience.

University of York Students’ Union Impact Report 2016-17







12 12






Student Media at York was highly decorated in the 2016/17 academic year.



Four Student Publication Association Nominations Finn Judge won Highly Commended in Best News Story for ‘Revs attacked by ex-staff for alleged lack of breaks and forged reviews’

Four Student Publication Association Nominations Abbie Llewelyn, Winner of Outstanding Commitment



Nominated for Best Publication and Best Specialist in the Student Publication Association Awards Special Mention for Best Specialist

Best Technical Achievement GOLD: Beat the Buzz BRONZE: Biscuit News (The Kevin Greening Award for Creativity) BRONZE: Best Station Branding


at the Student Radio Association Awards (National student awards)

at the NaSTA Awards (National Student Television Association)

People’s Choice Awards - Live Award for Roses with LA1:TV


• • • •

1800 people attended a joint carol service between the Christian Union and York St. John’s in the Minster Outdoor Society ran a successful YuFund grant to fund First Aid Training for their walk leaders Aerobics ran charity ‘Bring a Boy’ Sessions approximately once per term to encourage more men to get involved Mathsoc raised £630 to take members to the Tomorrow’s Mathematics Today conference in Manchester 16 Societies took part in the second GeekFest held on campus

• • • • • • •

Thai Society got involved in a sports competition against other Thai societies from around the UK SAGGY (Scouting and Girl Guiding at York) ran an activity day for local Girl Guides in Autumn Term Quidditch were the Lower Bracket Winner at the Northern Cup 2016 and qualified for the British Quidditch Cup in 2018 Concert Orchestra played concerts across the Lake Geneva area Yoga Society’s retreat day offered 5 different yoga classes around five different themes Samba Band joined in the Manchester Day Parade AstroSoc set-up the scale model of the solar system on campus.

University of York Students’ Union Impact Report 2016-17

Jazz and Big Band Society performed their first event independent concert in the Rymer Auditorium



Focus on:



• • •

Best Newcomer Award in the Charity Week Northern Region Best Politically Active ISOC in the Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS) Northern Region Awards High Commendation for Best Committee of the Year in Love York Awards.

Articles written on

• • • •

Prevent Why another EU referendum is not fair Need for the racism hotline in the University Muslims' Engagement with the wider community.


Raised in three weeks as a part of the Charity Week Campaign, that takes place every year in October. The money goes to one of the four charities in developing countries.

University of York Students’ Union Impact Report 2016-17

Volunteering As a part of FOSIS’s BADG campaign that takes place every year in February. The campaign specifically requires them to do four things: clean the streets; blood donation; feed the homeless; random creative acts of kindness. They did all but cleaning the streets.

Widening Participation “Our events are open to everyone, and we have had several post-grads attend our events, with one even in our committee this year. Another postgrad student is joining the committee next year. We had four students from medics department in our committee, one doing medicine and two doing biomedicine. We know King’s Manor is a bit isolated so we had one Art Circle over there as well.”

Muhammad Hassan



GIVE IT A GO In its third year of running, we’ve developed lots of new opportunities and a refocus on ensuring that students are getting the best possible experience when they participate in Give It A Go. Give It A Go is all about offering students the opportunity to participate and develop in new opportunities throughout the entire academic year.

230 Sessions

First ever Give it a Go week, with


89 %


GIAG events

2,444 Online followers

Eighty nine percent of respondents told us that they would attend another Give It A Go session. Eighty three percent of respondents told us that they would attend another session held by the hosts of their respective Give It A Go session up from seventy seven percent last year.

Session Organisers' Feedback

Student Attendees' Feedback

“We made it free for everyone, which got more people to attend.”

“Really great intro session!”

“We had a great turnout compared to what we normally see at training, which enabled a really lively atmosphere.” “Yes! We’ve had a very successful term in terms of membership numbers, commitment of players and a great social vibe, and the GIAG session kicked our term off to a great start.” “It created an opportunity for us to inform students about the existence of our new society. It also helped us to present our goals and aims to students, and solicit for their support. It is a great platform to send the message out.”

“I think it was a really nice session, I feel like everything was really clearly explained and everyone there was really encouraging, which was so nice! I felt quite comfortable taking part and trying it out for that reason.” “All great fun.”

“It created an opportunity for us to inform students about the existence of our new society...and to present our goals and aims to students... It is a great platform to send the message out.”

University of York Students’ Union Impact Report 2016-17

“The Give it a Go session was booked well in advance, giving us plenty of time to prepare, set up and get lots of current members on board to help out in the session.”



YORK SPORT UNION 4 sports clubs became accredited on the newly formed York Sport Union Accreditation Scheme. Women's Rugby and Swimming & Waterpolo achieved gold status through their charity fundraising, inclusive sport schemes and sports development programmes. Other clubs to be awarded were Handball and Netball.


York Sport Union Scholars represented Great Britain in their sports - Elspeth McLeod, Shellby Stephenson, Matthew Tomlin and Nicholas Romain

MONEY INVESTED Sport England - Wakeboarding £998 Sport England - Sailing £9,997 Ten sports clubs received support from Yu-Fund during 2016/17

External Awards

• • • • • •

Won YUSA Great Event Award 2017 for Roses YUSA Highly Commended Club of the Year Women’s Rugby 2017 Active York Student Sportsperson of the Year 2017 - Matt Tomlin Active York Sportsman of the Year 2017 - Stuart Hosie Active York Sportswoman of the Year 2017 Elspeth McLeod Roses 2017 Shortlisted for Third Sector Charity Partnership of the Year Award 2017.

YUSU Awards

• •

Nathan Costin, Lacrosse President 2016/17 Outstanding Leadership Award Lottie Massey & Women’s Rugby - Campaign of the Year & Student Giving Individual of the Year Awards.


University of York Students’ Union Impact Report 2016-17

Kate Wilkinson, student


“College sport is so important here at York as it gives absolutely anyone and everyone access to informal, friendly and fun sport. Whether you’ve played a sport all of your life or never tried it before, college sport offers anyone the opportunity to train and play for their college. The college system, especially in terms of college sport, is probably one of the best things about the university for me, as it has allowed to me meet so many people and make new friends, as well as giving me many opportunities to build myself as a person and take on new roles”

Martin Crosby, Assistant Head of Alcuin College “College sport is a great model for how Colleges and YUSU work together in collaboration. This year it was identified that Sports Captains were being left out of pocket because of the way finances worked. Now, following action from the College Sport Working group, all sports captains have access to a secure bank account and financial processes which reduces their risk and also assists captains and presidents to learn important finance and organisation skills.”


Seventy seven percent of students at York agree that engaging with YUSU student opportunities will have a long term value once they leave university.

University of York Students’ Union Impact Report 2016-17

17 17

STUDENT OPPORTUNITIES VOLUNTEERING YUSU has 16 student-led volunteering projects for students to gain skills and give back their time and talents to the community.

RAISING & GIVING RAG parade was featured on the front page of the York Evening Press and is an important community event that gives students the opportunity to have fun but also give back to some fantastic charities in York.

644 10,949 Volunteers

Hours spent volunteering

ÂŁ1701.13 RAG week raised

University of York Students’ Union Impact Report 2016-17

for IDAS and Action for Children


The Sabbatical team took on a number of challenges and reached


People through Facebook



Students took part in RAG week 2016 *Estimate


Catherine from Action for Children had this to say about being adopted by RAG

With the money raised from RAG Week, Action for Children could pay for intensive work to prevent a vulnerable child being taken into care, and provide artists to work with families at their disability centres during their Summer Stay and Play events.

“Action for Children is delighted to be adopted by YUSU RAG this year!"

“Thank you so much to all of the dedicated students & staff who are involved in YUSU RAG. With your help we can continue to make a real and lasting difference to disadvantaged children, young people and their families.”


“Last year we received more than 4,000 calls for help to our 24-hour helpline and many more via web chat. Each year we help over 3,000 adults, 900 families and nearly 2,000 children and young people.”

"With the support from YUSU RAG, Action for Children will be able to continue all of our important work which enables children and young people to reach their full potential. Thank you so much to all of the dedicated students & staff who are involved in YUSU RAG. With your help we can continue to make a real and lasting difference to disadvantaged children, young people and their families. ”

Jane from IDAS had this to say about being adopted by RAG “Everyone at IDAS is thrilled to be one of your chosen charities this year along with Action for Children. Thank you! We support adults, children and young people who are affected by domestic abuse and sexual violence." "We operate across the City of York and North Yorkshire. Last year we received more than 4,000 calls for help to our 24-hour helpline and many more via web chat. Each year we help over 3,000 adults, 900 families and nearly 2,000 children and young people. We help them by giving advice, emotional and therapeutic support, support them through criminal and family courts, and provide emergency accommodation in our refuges when they flee from violence." "We also run a Rape Counselling service. Domestic abuse and Sexual Violence can affect anyone. We support men as well as women, people from the LGBT community, from all backgrounds and ages. We keep people safe and help them to recover. A massive thank you to everyone at YUSU RAG. With your support we can continue to deliver our lifesaving and life-changing services.”

University of York Students’ Union Impact Report 2016-17

With the money raised from RAG Week, IDAS can provide emergency welcome packs for two whole families arriving at a refuge with nothing but the clothes they arrive in, and four therapeutic play sessions by a trained worker to enable children to express their trauma through storytelling.

"As a charity that supports children and young people, it is great to have the support of students in the local area and we are so grateful that YUSU RAG would like to work with Action for Children. Through 611 varied services across the UK, Action for Children supports around 380,000 children, young people and their families each year, and this wouldn’t be possible without the support from our local communities. From Adoption and Fostering services, to Children’s Centres and Disability Support, to help for disadvantaged young people and Young Carers, Action for Children is there for as long as it takes."


STUDENT OPPORTUNITIES TREKS & CHALLENGES YUSU enables students to go on once in a lifetime experiences whilst raising money for some great causes across the world.

£84,893.04 Total Raised

University of York Students’ Union Impact Report 2016-17



Each home Roses fundraises for a charity partner. This year York Mind and Lancashire Mind were chosen as the Roses 2017 charity partners. YUSU RAG organised this fundraising, and over the Roses Weekend and in the period afterwards, YUSU RAG’s team of 40 volunteers raised an incredible £3,812.29. Split equally between the two charities, RAG raised £1,906.15 for York Mind and £1,906.14 for Lancashire Mind.

Action Against Hunger/Choose A Challenge:

Machu Pichu, 17 participants, raised £41,272.78

Childreach International:

Amazon Adventure, 4 sign ups, 2 drop out. 2 participants raised £6,394.20 Big Build Nepal, 15 sign ups, 5 drop out. 10 participants raised £22,377.49 Kilimanjaro, 6 sign ups, 1 drop out. 5 participants raised £14,848.57

Daisy Watson Brown, our Kidscan contact had this to say about working with YUSU RAG: “I wanted to send an email to say a huge well done and an absolutely MASSIVE thank you from Kidscan for not only raising a phenomenal amount of money for our research into targeted childhood cancer treatments, but also for organising and running such an incredibly successful and fantastic Jailbreak event from start to finish." "The fundraising total this morning is at over £15,800, and looking at the amount of cash donations still to be processed I think we can reasonably predict that you will have raised over £16,000. I know the plan was to make Jailbreak 2017 even bigger and better than last year’s event…well I think we can confidently say that you achieved that. You are all absolutely amazing!" "On a personal note, I’ve really loved every minute of working with YUSU again this year and I feel very lucky to have been able to involved in your Jailbreak for Kidscan 2017. ”



This accounts for any RAG that student groups at York do in which they pay money into the RAG One-off collections account. This money can be donated to any UK-registered charity. The RAG one off total for 2016/17 was £3,110.

This year’s Jailbreak saw the highest student participation rate with 90 students breaking away from York. YUSU RAG’s Jailbreak 2016/17 was the highest grossing Kidscan Jailbreak ever. Together the teams raised £18,156.02 - beating last year’s total by over £5,000.

YUSU RAG 2016/17 total (excluding Meningitis Research Foundation total):

University of York Students’ Union Impact Report 2016-17





Student Giving Group Award

The Love York Awards are a key highlight in the student calendar for recognising the hard work from student volunteers across YUSU and within the University of York. With relevant sponsors for awards such as Gorkana Jobs supporting the Student Media Award, it has become an important event both locally and beyond.

Teddy Bear Hospital is a student-led volunteering group that works with children aged five-seven in local primary schools to enable them to feel more comfortable around healthcare professionals. Highly Commended (x2): KEEN York (Kids Enjoy Exercise Now), Music Education Group (MEG)

Academic Representation Award

Presenter: John Robinson (Pro Vice Chancellor for Teaching, Learning & Students) Winner: Lauren Tomasello

As a course rep within the Electronics department she has fought for lecture capture to improve accessibility. Lauren is also the chair of Supporting Women in Engineering, increasing diversity in STEM. Highly Commended: Rachael Horton

Campaign of the Year

Presenter: Rob McLoughlin (Broadcaster) Winner: University of York Women’s Rugby Union Football Club: #ItsNotOK Campaign

UYWRUFC has spearheaded a campaign against Domestic Violence on campus. The #ItsNotOk campaign video for sexual abuse awareness week made by and including members of the club made both university and local press. Highly Commended: York Toilet Twinning

University of York Students’ Union Impact Report 2016-17

Contribution to Student Well-being


Presenter: Alyson Scott (CEO York Mind) Winner: Elliott Duke

Elliott has been a listening volunteer and training coordinator for York Nightline, NightSafe team leader, a Head STYC, Halifax wellbeing representative, as well as studying for his degree and being a supervisor at the YUSU shop. Highly Commended: Emma Underwood

EY Diversity & Inclusivity Award

Presenter: Tim Hill (Executive Director Ernst & Young) Winner: Laura Parke

Laura has selflessly given up her time to help with the running of the Family Network. As a second year Law student and Mum to a two year old Laura doesn’t have a lot of free time but she has used this to benefit other students with children. Highly Commended: Investment and Finance Society: Women in Finance

Presenter: Dawn Bargate (Project Manager IDAS) Winner: Teddy Bear Hospital

YuFund Student Giving Individual Award Presenter: Mary Haworth (UoY Office of Philanthropic Partnerships & Alumni) Winner: Lottie Massey

As Fundraising officer for UYWRUFC Lottie has led initiatives to implement policy on domestic abuse at both YUSU and the university level. Highly Commended: Agata Lambrechts

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Award

Presenter: Tom Banhan (UoY Head of Careers) Winner: UoY Memes

New admins grew the Facebook page to its current total of over 11,000 likes. Many UK universities have subsequently created meme pages but York still stands as the 4th most popular Highly Commended: Astro Soc: The University of York Solar System

Sporting Achievement of the Year

Presenter: Keith Morris (UoY Head of York Sport) Winner: Elspeth McLeod

Elspeth was part of the GB Powerlifting squad competing in the European championships, achieving an incredible 3rd place in the deadlift, as well as coming in 1st place for BUCS. In addition to this, she has been an inspiration for her club and as President has led the team to its highest ever position. Highly Commended (x2): Kendo Club, Francesca Vigilante

Gorkana Student Media Award Presenter: Ashley Richardson (Gorkana) Winner: Josh Salisbury

Josh has helped to rebuild Vision from the ground up. Having consistently been a leading light in the student media for three years, his leadership and journalistic skill are second to none, along with his ability to sniff out a good story. Highly Commended: Naomi Gildert


Society of the Year Award

Committee Of The Year

The society has grown enormously this year, putting on two showcases, winning 16 trophies at competitions around the country and holding the first inter-university competition at York. They also cleaned up at Roses, contributing to York’s tally in the dance competitions where the white rose took 81% of available points. Highly Commended (x2): United Nations Association York (UNA York), PantSoc

The James committee has excelled on every front, with a particular highlight the successful organisation of the very first James v. John’s Varsity with York St. John’s. This was a huge success, with hundreds of participants and spectators, and showcased the quality of the JCRC. Highly Commended (x2): Islamic Society, Nightsafe

Presenter: Ben Vulliamy (YUSU CEO) Winner: University of York Dance Society

Presenter: Mike Britland (Assistant Head of James College) Winner: James College JCRC (2017)

Outstanding Leadership Award

Extra Mile Award

Presenter: Heidi Fraser-Krauss (UoY Head of Information Services) Winner: Emily Morris

Emily has taken part in every volunteering opportunity available this year with York Law Society including educating Syrian refugees on their employment rights in the UK. Emily is also a content editor for EborLex the University’s Law Journal. Highly Commended (x2): James Lees, Samuel Willcocks

Best Event

Presenter: Damian Cruden (Artistic Director York Theatre Royal) Winner: CHMS Present: Anything Goes

The performance was described as outstanding by all who attended. After losing Central Hall as their main performance space, the society reinvented and succeeded despite challenging circumstances. Highly Commended: ASEAN: Discover ASEAN Week

Presenter: Millie Beach & Alex Urquhart (2016-17 & 2017-18 Union President) Winner: Nathan Costin

Managed to lead the entire lacrosse club through a very difficult time, all while also introducing two new sponsors, an Equal Opportunities Officer and an outreach programme. Highly Commended: Mobayo Oguntunde

Outstanding Contribution Student Life Presenter: Koen Lamberts (UoY Vice Chancellor) Winner: Jaz Millar

Jaz has been really excellent at outreach projects and has helped educate people about LGBTQ issues beyond people’s basic understanding of a complex umbrella that covers hundreds of students at the University. Highly Commended: Roberto Avelar Vargas

University of York Students’ Union Impact Report 2016-17



York are Roses 2017 Champions! Not only did we bring home the Carter James Trophy but we hosted the biggest and best YUSU event to date. Highlights include; York Basketball Mens 1st team winning in the final 20 seconds of the most exciting opening ceremony yet, with an electric atmosphere with 1000 spectators packing out the brand new sports arena. The Roses Festival entertained 4000 attendees; including the local community, students and University staff, with a light show across the lake and energetic student performances.

50 139 2000 + COMPETITORS




University of York Students’ Union Impact Report 2016-17

YORK 27 LANCASTER 25 The Roses 2017 promotional video; 'The White Rose Inferno' gained 79,500 views, 57,500 more than the promotional video in 2015.



2017 20,000








The 2017 Roses Live site was integrated (Live Stats & Roses Info) focussing more on student generated multimedia. There was a 100% increase from 2015 of visitors who stayed active on the site for a minimum of 30 minutes, and 1,867 more Roses Live visitors across the Roses weekend than in 2015. 2015 saw 22,000 visitors whilst 2017 saw 23,867.


Roses Live visitors across the weekend


More programmes than 2015

Sponsorship (£49,916) Tickets & Merch (£14,519)


YSTV delivered live coverage through 49 television shows across the Roses weekend, in collaboration with their Lancaster equivalents, LA1TV. This was 29 more programmes than were delivered in 2015.

The total expenditure for Roses 2017 was £62,797. The total income from sponsorship and all tickets and merchandise sales was £64,435.


£3,812.29 Raised for York & Lancashire Mind. Student mental health was a focus for Roses 2017, with extensive campaigns running before and during the event.

2017 SCORE

YORK 206.5


University of York Students’ Union Impact Report 2016-17


LANCASTER 159.5 25



92% 92% 96% 75% Comedy Night Satisfaction Rating

Viking Raid Satisfaction Rating


University of York Students’ Union Impact Report 2016-17



Freshers' Fair Satisfaction Rating

Percentage of Students who rated their college Freshers' events good or excellent

Percentage of attendees who were 'very satsfied' with the event.



Club Nights per term, including Marmite, Timewarp and special events. There has also been partnership events between YUSU and student groups, such as 'RAG vs. Timewarp'.



2,052,622 Web views over the academic year on yusu.org


2,052,622 total website views


1,723,239 total website views

Freshers Minisite

University of York Students’ Union Impact Report 2016-17

73,620 page views 18,550 users



At a glance

3,000 12,000 7,000 17,000 Followers




COMMERCIAL & FINANCE COMMERCIAL SERVICES YUSU runs a number of commercial serives across both campuses. They exist to provide fit for purpose, attractive, safe and welcoming spaces to all students, staff and visitors at the university. We are a not for profit organisation which means every penny we generate in surplus is poured straight back into student led activity


7% Out of its total turnover Commercial Services made a seven percent positive contribution which went towards to YUSU funded campaigns and student activity.


satisfaction ratings in the Student Life Survey for our quality of product, atmosphere, staff friendliness and value for money

Award for all licensed venues Hosted more than


Student-led events involving a wide range of individuals, clubs, societies and colleges


in our venues for best practise on environmental sustainability


for all licensed venues to reinforce our commitment to providing safe and inclusive spaces for all

in loyalty related prizes and discounts to our customers Employed more than


student staff throughout the year in a number of roles across retail, catering, licensed trade and events

17,200 burgers, 84,891 soft drinks, 23,140 cocktails and posted 13,475 letters and parcels via our on campus postal service Last year we served a staggering

We are a national living wage employer

University of York Students’ Union Impact Report 2016-17

GOLD Achieved Green Impact

Through our mobile payment scheme we were proud to give back



FINANCIALS In the 2016/17 academic year, YUSU had an income of £3.822 million, with an expenditure of £3.751million.

Detailed below is where that money came from and went to.



Commercial Services (51%)

Commercial Services (51%)

Block Grant (28%)

Central Resources (11%)

Other Grants & Funding (2%)

Wellbeing & Community (5%)

Events & Marketing (19%)

Representation & Democracy (5%) Events & Marketing (12%) Student Opportunities (17%)

University of York Students’ Union Impact Report 2016-17

In addition YUSU has acted as custodian of funds and supported clubs, socieities, fundraising and volunteering groups to £1.343 million. Activities Central £120,000 Student Support Costs £116,000 Sport Central Support

£80,000 Society & Volunteering Grants £102,000 Sport Club Grants Between Charity and Commercial Services, YUSU paid Student staff a huge: We are a national living wage employer



2017/18 YUSU PRESIDENT Alex Urquhart

The 2017/18 Sabbatical Officers feel that we are taking up our roles at a really exciting and challenging time for YUSU and students at York. The diversity of our membership, their wide range of interests and a rapidly changing world mean YUSU needs to continue to evolve. We are prioritising having an even greater impact on students' academic life at York, developing our community strategy and working with partners to improve student well-being. I'd like to take this chance to thank everyone that will continue to contribute to our impact over the next year. The work of the Sabbatical team, Part-time

Huge thanks to all the staff, elected officers, funders, friends and students who made the 2016/17 academic year a fantastic one.

Officers, Course reps, Department reps, YUSU Staff and Trustees is crucial to our success, and is appreciated by the members. I particularly want to thank our students for their engagement with us. When you cast a vote, run to be a representative, volunteer your skills on a society committee, coach one of our sports teams, fundraise for a charity, submit a policy proposal, complete a survey, write an article for our student media, work in one of our venues or simply share a post, you take a proactive part of your union's work. As a result you are part of helping YUSU have an even greater impact on York's students. Thank you!

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Impact Report 2016-17  

Impact Report 2016-17  

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