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20 Impact The University of York Students’ Union


2015/ 2015/16



Contents 4. Year one Highlights 6. How are we Performing?

7. Looking to the Future 8. Love York Awards 12. YUSU Representation 13. YUSU Sabbatical Officers Mental Health Work 14. York Floods Response 15. Part Time Officers 16. Excellence Awards 17. YUSU Raising and Giving 18. Volunteering 20. Societies 21. Give it a Go 22. York Sport 24. Wellbeing 25. Marketing and Communications 26. Events 28. Commercial Services 29. Finances 30. Closing Statement from Ben Leatham 31. Thanks


The University of York Students’ Union ESTd 1963

For, With & By Students

YUSU Funded


189 63 16

of students agree that YUSU is run for, with and by students We are focused on the needs of students

A record breaking

3720 377

Election Turnout

NSS Satisfaction Score down 1%


this is higher than similar institutions Leeds, Sheffield & Manchester

Huge Won

ÂŁ125,566.15 462

Raised through RAG


College Varsity against Durham for the first time ever


increase of nominations recognising student activity at our Love York awards


48% increase % on the previous academic year, and turnout for NUS a huge 101% affiliation referendum. increase since 2013/14 Students voted to remain with the NUS available in YUSU Bars passing more discounts and benefits to our members

YOYO Wallet

Volunteering Groups

for student union best practice for its response to the York Boxing Day floods 2015


well-being cases. This is a

Sports Clubs

NUS Showcased YUSU

steps forward for student mental health at York. since 2014/15 More advice workshops this is a positive and outreach work % score in comparison achieved than ever before to our historic trend



in the 2015/16 academic year


Summer Ball attendees

Graduation Dinner atendees

We are now into year two of our strategic plan. Here are some of our highlights from year one:




Quality SU accreditation part A . We are continuing our work to gain full accreditation in academic year 2016/17

of students agree YUSU is brave

Green Impact

We are not afraid to take on new challenges and opportunities

GO LD for our Commercial Services and Bronze for our charity operations.

Chosen Platform & Tested a new website


BUCS Take a Stand award for inclusive sport

- 2016 -


inclusive Give it a Go sessions delivered



1 Demigirl 1 Genderless 16 Females

20 Males

agree YUSU is an inclusive organisation.

Everyone can find their place at YUSU Ran in the YUSU Elections


How we are Performing Representation

YUSU effectively represents me

YUSU enables students to... Lead their academic experience

Have their voice heard

Provide feedback simply

2020 Target 80% agree 18% increase 71% agree ‘Challenge the University more’ ‘Include more voices’

78% agree

69% agree

80% agree

Key YUSU work in this academic year will concentrate on the democratic process and engaging more students with democracy and representation through the Union

Student Opportunities YUSU contribute positively to my personal development

YUSU supports students to... Take part in student opportunities that have long term value to them

Easy to access opportunities for all

Reward and recognition for extracurricular development

2020 Target 75% agree 18% increase 57% agree ‘More activities for international students’ ‘The careers centre and the employment options seem to cater mostly for people interested in jobs in large companies/corporations’

78% agree

74% agree

63% agree

This academic year YUSU student opportunities will develop an employability strategy that will support more students to gain the skills and knowledge for employment

Community & Well-being Most members are proud to be part of a York community that enhances their student life -

88% of students said they are proud to go to the University of York

YUSU is working with services and students at the University to make sure student needs support the development of services at York. The Sabb team 2015/16 undertook extensive lobbying on campus to encourage the UOY to assess mental health needs on campus and ensure more adequate provision of services in the city. As a result the task force was established.


Nationally, YUSU worked hard to develop a consensus amongst SU’s on mental health. A motion at the NUS conference passed unanimously, putting the issue at the top of the student movement agenda. Volunteering has grown in the last year and students giving back to community has been huge YUSU has created a more fit for purpose area for Advice and Support in the student centre


of students agree that YUSU takes a proactive approach to help students stay ahead whilst studying

Looking to the Future YUSU’s roadmap to 2020

2014/15 Setting the agenda Consultation on the future of the Union with thousands of students and key stakeholders



What’s happened 5 year strategy launched We have taken significant steps in the first years of our strategy to create a better Students’ Union for our ambitious staff and students. What we did: • Quality SU accreditation part A completed • Green Impact Gold for Commercial Services and Bronze for Charity • Agreed new website platform Union Cloud • Created a more fit for purpose Advice and Support Centre to respond to increasing demand

Where we are now Continuing our work to gain sector accreditation, we are:

• Completing quality SU accreditation • Gaining the new criteria of ‘Very Good’ for Green Impact Charity • Developing our website content, reporting and functionality We are developing our Commercial Services to achieve our ambition to provide unique, safe, fun, professional spaces and facilities. This year we will achieve this by: • Best Bar None Awards for all YUSU Campus venues • ‘Good Night Out’ scheme to equip barstaff to tackle harrassment Key to our performance as a Union is to represent all students, therefore we are:

• Consulting with studentson our policy and democratic process • Consulting on a new partnership agreement to ensure that student voices are engaged with all aspects of University decision making

• Establish a neighbourhood reps scheme to support students in being good neighbours

2017/18 The halfway point Impact assessments on student employability and the difference students make in the city will support us to demonstrate how being involved with your Students’ Union is beneficial for both students and the local community


2018/19 The future We will have identified new ways to expand the breadth of well-being support available to students Students will have access to a record of their personal development through YUSU

Have we achieved what we wanted to achieve? A blueprint for a new YUSU building will have been shared with students We will provide the best student employment opportunities that offer better than fair employment conditions.


Love York Awards Celebrating student achievement The Love York awards are a night to celebrate all the fantastic achievements students have made throughout the academic year. This year we had an incredible 638 nominations for awards, that is the biggest in YUSU’s history,

303 more than the previous year.

Campaign of the Year York Boat Club Rainbow Wellies York Boat Club was awarded Campaign of the Year for the Rainbow Wellies campaign. After the success of the Rainbow Laces in association with Stonewall, the Boat Club came up with a campaign of their own so they could show solidarity in stamping out homophobia in sport.

Student Fundraiser or Group of the Year Amsterdam Marathon Runners 2015 41 students raised a huge £47,022.34 for Worldwide Cancer Research by taking part in the Amsterdam Marathon in October 2015. “I rank running the marathon as one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. And then going out that night to celebrate with my mates was fantastic especially as ‘the snake hips’ were still in full working order.” Current York Sport President, Isaac Beevor (Quote courtesy of Vision)

Academic Representative of the Year BA in Midwifery Practice programme Anna Kennedy and Katherine Ellery


This is a full time, intensive programme over 45 weeks of the year. There is limited time for midwifery students to engage in University life but both Anna and Katherine regularly attend and participate in student engagement activities. They have attended Board of Studies, Programme Committee meetings, Student/Staff forum and Periodic Review engagement events. They present student feedback sensitively and make sound recommendations of how improvements for the student body can be made.

Best Event Northern Youth Fashion Show This formidable event raised over £30,000 for Refugee Action York and the Xavier Project. The fashion show ran by YUSU media society Hard Zine and Northern Youth, welcomed Editor and Chief at American Vogue, Anna Wintour and Guardian editor Katherine Viner to host the night of inspirational student fashion.

Committee of the Year York Student Cinema This committee has increased the society’s annual audience figures from 3,500 to nearly 5,000 and almost doubled the volunteer base to over 30 regular volunteers. The committee has also piloted a number of collaborations. It organised a Comedy Society showcase before a screening and has organised numerous socials with groups including Feminist Society, LGBTQ, Physics Society and more.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Award George MacGill

George is relentless and the fact that he managed to start a business from scratch and get his product stocked on campus is unbelievable. He approaches his business in such a professional way it’s hard not to respect him for it, and to be inspired by it.

“Like most students I drank too much vodka and ate too much pizza. My health and finances were ruined. I wasn’t consuming any fruit or vegetables, so I started juicing them. My health improved massively, the list of benefits was endless.” George McGill (Quote courtesy of York Evening Press)

Volunteering Group of the Year Open Minds This project has taught volunteers about mental health disorders and encouraged to design workshops plans to shared their acquired knowledge within secondary schools. At a time when the lack of mental health provision within the city is being called into question, the project are actively working to bring mental health into the spotlight by running workshops within secondary schools.

Outstanding Contribution to Student Life Joseph Willis

Joe has improved the profile of student writing and theatre across campus (and York) constantly for the past year. He has boundless energy and an unbreakable ‘good-will’ spirit that means he is so valued in whatever venture he decides to undertake.

Non-attributed quotes courtesy of Nomination Forms


Outstanding Community Volunteer Giovanna Berger

Giovanna’s dedication to Tea and Coffee Club has meant the survival of the project. When I joined the project, Giovanna was the only person on the committee and successfully arranged entertaining weekly meetings.

Thanks to Giovanna, Tea and Coffee club celebrated its 30th Birthday in June 2016. Some members of Tea and Coffee club, which provides a social activity for local elderly residents, have attended since its beginning in 1986 and see it as a key part of their social life.

Outstanding Leadership Award Alex Light

Media have been working so much better as a society group and I have no doubt this is due to the effort Alex has put in, both in print and broadcast media and making the smaller outlets feel important and that their voices were just as important. By bringing structure back to the role of Media Chair, there is now a real sense of community again. Media societies also now feel they have a voice on societies committee, with Alex being clear about what he cannot do as part of his role, but often going the extra mile just to help.

Give it a Go Session of the Year Tom Stevens (Harry Potter Muggle Society) The Give it a Go session attracted a high number of participants, many of whom came for a laugh. Several players subsequently expressed surprise at the professionalism with which the session was run and a high number of players from the session of various abilities became regular attendees in weekly training sessions and matches against other universities. Tom’s positive attitude and aptitude as a captain was highlighted as a key reason for this.

Roses Team of the Year Volleyball Men’s 1st’s

Won their BUCS league securing promotion, won the Northern Conference Cup, and only undefeated uni team all year. One of the highest BUCS points earners for the University, and won their Roses match in style.


Greg Dyke Award for Student Media Chris Owen Chris supported the YUSU President to get vital information out to students during the December floods in York, and a worthy winner of an award which recognised unrivalled passion and commitment towards developing student media at York.

Chris has been an astounding editor, and has created content for Nouse that has rivalled anything it has published previously. His live-blogging of the York floods over Christmas is the most viewed item ever on the Nouse website.

Contribution to Student Well-being Calum Stewart

Calum has provided invaluable support to YUSU’s programme of wellbeing workshops at a time when the service has been stretched to capacity. Through his efforts he has improved attendance of sessions within colleges and also secured York Award recognition for the workshops and their positive impact on students.

Society of the Year United Nations Association The UNA has doubled in size in the 2015/6 academic year and excelled in creating a committed community in the world of debating.

UNA is the best society that I have discovered during my time at university. It has brought together a great range of people from various backgrounds who all love debating and that I am happy to call my friends. It has furnished us with opportunities that seemed far out of reach last year, including travelling abroad to other conferences and the opportunity to meet people from universities across the world.

Contribution to Diversity and Inclusivity Beki Willerton

Beki organized a colours session at trampolining to support LGBTQ and was very welcoming to trampolining’s first blind member. As social sec, she made sure to have a variety of socials, including non-drinking socials to include people who won’t/can’t drink.

Non-attributed quotes courtesy of Nomination Forms


YUSU Representation Election Turnout 2016

5,097 29%*

of student population INS


E, C



E, L



of students agree that YUSU effectively represents them.




By 2020 we want 80% of students to agree that YUSU effectively represents them.

NUS Referendum It has been a controversial and challenging year for the Union for student representation. In response to diverse views on campus the Union held a referendum on whether YUSU should remain affiliated to the NUS in June 2,471 total votes 1,461 ‘yes’ votes 1,233 ‘no’ votes


voter turnout

46 abstensions (+1 spoilt ballot)

Students at York decided to stay affiliated to the NUS


*percentages correct at time of voting

YUSU Sabbaticals’ mental health work Mental Health within the student population is a national issue. Recently published figures show that the number of students accessing counselling services at Russell Group Universities has jumped by 28% over three years. This problem is heavily compounded in York as a result of the chronically underfunded services in the city. •

NUS Motion on student mental health

Passed •

Lobbied the University to implement a mental health task force

Achieved •

Involved students in the direction of campus healthcare provider, Unity Health’s new service on campus

Completed Scott has also been involved in interviews ” for two additional practitioners for

the universities well-being and advice service Open Door. Scott pushed for a Mandarin speaker so that more international students are catered for on campus, following student concerns that international students can find accessing advice and support for their specific needs difficult. Unity Health

In response to student pressure voiced by the sabbatical team to the institution and the national growing mental health crisis, Koen Lamberts, the Vice Chancellor, commissioned a task force group to examine the scale of the challenge and what the University should be doing to address the issue in York. A report was produced outlining a number of definitive actions that the University will be taking. With encouragement from Union President Ben Leatham, the University released the report, which is a great achievement in itself due to the hard realities in the report and bucks the trend across the country of not talking about student mental health. Overall this is a huge step forward. York is now one of the leading Universities in tackling this issue. York is also currently witnessing a city wide mental health campaign following the closure of Bootham Hospital. The sabbatical team teamed up with Mental Health Action York to make sure student voices are heard in the campaign for better services in the city. Ben attended a rally organised by (MHAY) and did a speech about student mental health.


Mental health awareness and exam de-stress campaigns engaged hundereds of students across campus


York Floods Response On Boxing Day 2015, York was hit hard by widespread floods that affected large parts of northern England. York is known for its flooding and has had large investment in flood defences in previous years, but unprecedented volumes of water compromised the city’s defences. The devastation caused by, what has been reported as, the worst flooding in York in a generation, resulted in 500 flooded homes, 250 families evacuated and many businesses losing thousands of pounds of goods and equipment. Due to the time of year, much of the student population had left York to enjoy the festive period at home. National media attention quickly began to pick up pace as the flooding situation in York worsened.  Students outside the city were worried that their term time residences were under water, as Environment Agency warnings were severe across most of York and it was being reported that much of the city was under water.

Well-being Officer Scott Dawson communicated the challenges and cut through the noise by coordinating clear and practical guidance from the Environment Agency and the city council. Meanwhile, Union President Ben got on his bike! Ben cycled around student housing areas taking pictures and encouraged concerned students to get in touch with him via social media and he would cycle to their property to let them know the situation. Working in collaboration with student newspaper Nouse, the pictures Ben took were then uploaded to a real-time feed along with important practical information, advice, guidance and a discussion board. This useful tool was accessed by students and the local community, receiving over 50,000 hits in 3 days.

you Ben! You are a star! This is ” Thank such a relief! ” Student University of York

The Union, working in collaboration with the institution took action to mitigate any unnecessary worry. President, Ben Leatham went the extra mile by cutting his Christmas holidays short, returning to York to initiate a Union campaign to give on the ground, real time information to reassure students.

excellent and helpful piece of work. ” An Well done and thank you. Student housing provider” Sinclair Properties

York well from the 50s and 60s. ” II know have relatives living on Tang Hall. This

The Union got the message out through its channels; however when the telephone exchange was flooded, landline telephone and broadband WI-FI internet services were either intermittent or non-existent. Working remotely, Community and

service must reassure lots of families who have students attending the Universities in York. Well done. David Ward

To support the clean-up effort, Ben also set up a volunteering mailing list. 370 students signed up and this was shared with the Council. Claire Newhouse, Director at Higher York, the partnership body bringing together education providers and the City Council said:

The commitment to students, other residents, businesses and the wider City was admirable. As a local resident myself, I was amazed to see images of Ben in local media – touring the City on his bicycle with the sole purpose of reassuring those students who were not in York!

Part-time Officers BME • •

Put on a really fantastic talk with Set Our Sisters Free about the detention centre at Yarl’s Wood, working with York Socialist society. Continued with campaigns on Why Is My Curriculum White? and Prevent.

Disabled • •

Highly Commended for Committee of The Year at the Love York Awards Put on Access Your Future for the fourth consecutive year, attracting a range of inspirational speakers for a day of talks and workshops. The event was funded via YuFund.

Environment & Ethics • •

Ran ‘Refugee Week’ - raising over £350 for UNHCR and United Rescues York in the process. Refugee Week was also ‘Highly Commended Campaign of The Year’ at the Love York Awards.


Transgender Awareness Week raised over £270 for Action For Trans Health and included a whole host of panels, discussions and events to highlight the Trans* community here at York. This is an area where our LGBTQ Network are really paving the way and proving an inspiration to other networks around the country. Sex Worker Solidarity campaign/week was nominated for a Love York Award

Womens’ • •

Ran ‘Ladies Day’ in collaboration with York Sport Union and the York Girl Can campaign. Raising money for Marie Curie in the process. FemFest 2016 put on a really varied week of events celebrating women, and raised money for Survive and IDAS as well - they collaborated with BME and LGBTQ Networks really well too, and had lecturers from the University speak.

International •

Global Week was another success, attracting hundreds of students to the Beverage Festival, Food Fiesta and a range of cultural performances.


Excellence Awards The 4th annual Excellence in Teaching and Supervision Awards, the Excellence Awards were held by YUSU and the University of York, on the 10th June 2016, celebrating individuals, teams and departments from across the University that are making an outstanding contribution to students’ lives. This year’s project saw 465 University of York

students submit 621 nominations for 332 members of university staff. The response surpassed previous levels of nominations and student engagement, offering students an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the staff making significant contributions to their academic experience.

YUSU Student Opportunities YUSU Student Opportunities provides students with extra-curricular activities that support them to grow their skills and employability. YUSU Student Opportunities is so special because students are the leaders and visionaries for their clubs, societies and volunteering projects. This allows them to pursue anything they want and without even knowing it, access opportunities once leaving university through the networks and skills they have accrued. As well as benefiting the lives of students, YUSU Student Opportunities allow students to make a massive difference to the lives of people living in the local community and further afield.


What we have said we will do:


of students asked in 2015 said they think YUSU provides opportunities that positively contribute to their personal development.


By 2020 we want this number to be 75%.

YUSU Raising & Giving This academic year YUSU RAG has raised a whopping


for good causes



raised for KidScan

Students face the challenge of getting as far away as possible with no money. This year 13 teams took on the challenge raising £12,039.47 for various good causes and covered a staggering

10,523.70 miles

RAG challenges, Childreach - £108,902.21 Tough Mudder, Prostrate Cancer Research - £340 Colleges - £3411.27

RAG Week - £873.20

Jailbreak - £12.039.47


YUSU Volunteering Volunteering through YUSU provides students the unique opportunity to lead volunteering projects as well as making a huge difference to lots of different communities. Here are some examples of volunteering in action


‘active’ volunteers


KEEN KEEN stands for, Kids Enjoy Exercise Now, and the group runs activity sessions for children with disabilities. KEEN has made exceptional steps to be as inclusive as possible and 2016 York KEEN became Makaton Friendly: ‘The impact of this training at KEEN York has been huge. Not only do our children feel more able to express themselves but our trained volunteers feel better able to communicate instructions, understand complex emotions, and form relationships with our children.’ Project Coordinator Lucy Goodyear said: ‘I’ve now got a job working with SEN children and adults. I never would have even thought about applying for a job like that without KEEN. It completely changed my career direction.’

committee members

23,451 volunteer hours

Teddy Bear Hospital This project allows students to work with children aged 5-7 to make them feel more comfortable in the presence of Healthcare professionals. This year Teddy Bear Hospital has worked hard to become more inclusive. The project used to be exclusive for students following the Hull York Medical School 5 year MBBS programme, but as of this academic year volunteers have opened up the offering to all students enrolled on a healthcare based courses. This year 23 active members have run 9 sessions across 8 primary schools in the local area, and the group has received a large number of requests for sessions.


Tea and Coffee Club Tea and Coffee club leader Giovanna Berger Tea and Coffee club won an individual award from Higher York for her contribution to the project. This year Tea and Coffee club celebrated 30 years of students serving the elderly from the York community. Working with the Age UK and the British Red Cross, Tea and Coffee club provides an afternoon of socialising for some of the most isolated pensioners in the city. ‘I will dearly miss Tea and Coffee Club... it has been a huge part of my life here at University and feel all the hours I have dedicated have paid off, in making me a more organised, dedicated better person!’ Doreen has been coming to Tea and Coffee club since it started in 1986 said: ‘It’s the only time I get out of the house during the week and I enjoy coming so much because everyone is so nice to me.’

Nightsafe Night Safe provides immediate support and signposts vulnerable students in the night time economy in York during the four University of York club nights. After the continued success of Nightsafe, the project was awarded £5,000 from North Yorkshire Police for the second year in row, as it became recognised for its contribution to minimising incidences that would have to be picked up by the emergency services

Volunteering for YUSU NightSafe, a city centre night time safety scheme, was really exciting and gave me the opportunity to get hands-on giving basic first aid, conflict resolution and offering people the emotional and physical support they needed to feel safe on their night out. NightSafe showed me how much I can enjoy taking ownership of a project and this is what I hope to achieve in my career







First Aid trained

Conflict Management trained

Active Listening Trained

Use of Radio and CCTV trained

Domestic Violence & Rape Awareness trained

Drug and Alcohol Awareness trained

Bhavin (Bsc Physics with Astrophysics)


Societies Northern Youth A fashion show organised by campus publication Hard Magazine featuring talks from fashion editor Anna Wintour and Guardian editor Katharine Viner has raised over £30,000 for two charities supporting refugees. The Northern Youth, organised exclusively by students, took place at the University’s Central Hall on the 29th January, and featured collections from young designers from all over the country. Refugee Action York and the Xavier Project, the two recipient charities, are both concerned with alleviating the hardships faced by refugees. Refugee Action York helps integrate refugees into the local area, and the Xavier Project delivers mentoring schemes, offers job opportunities and runs schools for refugees across the world. “We are absolutely thrilled with the way the evening went, we’ve raised a substantial amount of money which will really make a difference to people’s lives,” said Ellie Wintour, one of the students involved in organising the event. “We can’t thank Anna, Katharine and everybody else who was involved in the show enough for helping us to make the event such a success.” (As reported by Chris Owen, Nouse Editor)


Give it a Go Now in its second year, Give It A Go has become a key way for students to get involved with student opportunities at YUSU.

232 sessions 2,000 students 1,427 online followers 2015/16 saw something for everyone, with student and university-led sessions from a wide range of providers:

• • • • • • • • • •

Societies Sports clubs Volunteering groups Advice and Support Centre YUSU Bars Careers York Alumni Association Languages for All York Active Centre for Global Programmes



Student satisfaction has been high:

” It's a really great scheme so please continue it!! ” absolutely. We reached out to more people, ” Yes, many of which were not members of our society... GIAG is a great initiative!! ” bumped our members and publicity ”Has especially amongst first years ” us another opportunity to reach out ” Itandhasfindgiven new members. ” 77% of students who attended a Give It A Go session told us that they would attend another session held by the session hosts. We're looking forward to continuing the scheme heading into 2016/17 and expanding it so that Give It A Go becomes an integral part of student life.


York Sport Union York Sport Union not only supports the weekly involvement with BUCS it provides inclusive sport through Give it a go and College Sport, as well as providing grants in partnership with Santander to attract the top athletes to the institution Leadership Opportunities in Sport

509 committee members on 63 sports clubs

who gained leadership skills such as budgeting, project management and communication


Events • This year Roses was in Lancaster, the event saw

York take over 1,000 students to compete and spectate in one of the biggest varsity’s in Europe. Women’s football made history as the headline fixture, opening the tournament to a crowd of over 2,000 The first ever Colours Ball was held at the York Railway Museum with over 250 guests in attendance. Awards were given to the most committed teams and athletes for their hard work.

A further leadership positions in College Sport including captains, fixture coordinators and interns

Performance Programme Supported 24 high performing athletes and 6 elite level clubs through bursaries, strength & conditioning, sports massage and sports science workshops Achievements include: • Peter Jordan came 3rd in the BUCS Fencing Championships • Sarah Parsons came 3rd in the BUCS Outdoor Athletics Championships in the discus event. • Jordanna Morrish came 4th in the BUCS Indoor Athletics Championships in the high jump event. • Hannah Howitt came 4th in the BUCS Standard Distance triathlon event • In rowing the men’s lightweight 4 squad came 4th in the BUCS Rowing Regatta • Matt Tomlin travelled to Florida to compete for GB Softball in an international competition. • Shellby Stephenson travelled to Tasmania to compete for the GB U23 Underwater Hockey team Other Club Achievements: • Pool & Snooker had an excellent season with their men’s and women’s teams coming 2nd in the BUCS 8 Ball Championships. The club also won the BUCS Snooker Shield event and came 4th in the BUCS Snooker Championship event. • Men’s Volleyball 1st won the BUCS Northern Conference Cup final • Roberto Olivieri of Shooting came 2nd in the BUCS Clay Pigeon Shooting event. • Ultimate came 3rd in the Men’s Outdoor Championship event • Lacrosse became the Women’s English Lacrosse Champions


Awards • Matt Tomlin won the Young Coach of the Year award for Baseball Softball UK

• Laura Carruthers and Alex Ighalo were

shortlisted for the BUCS BDLA Leader of the Year Award

• York Sport Union invested over

£85,000 into clubs through core club grants and contingency grants • Over £90,000 was used to fund club facility hire for training and competitions

Equal Opportunities

College Sport football is a great way to play the sport you ” College love with some of your best mates at university ” Dec Tuite, James College

WINNERS - 2016 -

York Sport Union won the BUCS #TakeAStand award for our Equal Opportunities programme. This is a national award that recognises universities’ work on inclusivity in sport. York Sport Union achieved the award through:

• Working more closely with liberation officers •

• • • • •

to deliver workshops for clubs on how to be inclusive Introducing mental health workshops to help club members to support each other. This initiative was picked up nationally with Grace Clarke and Isaac Beevor as leads Empowering clubs to deliver their own campaigns highlighting their own inclusive cultures, a great example of this is the boat club and their rainbow wellies Encouraging clubs to host give it a go sessions to create a culture of welcoming beginners and newcomers Createing and launching an equal opportunities brand so clubs could wear their intentions on their sleeves! Every single varsity participant had stonewall rainbow laces Launching This Roses Girl Can along with Lancaster- this saw women's football open our biggest tournament of the year for the first time. Hosting ladies day, which included women only taster sessions and a panel discussion on the barriers to sport

simple to join, fun to play, and a great way to ” It's meet other people who share the same interest as you ”Ellis, Vanbrugh College Dante sport shaped how I view sport at York ” College because college sport has taught me very important skills such as time management, dedication and determination Tiziana Lunigiani, Alcuin College

College Varsity

2,000 149

teams across 16 sports


Over students took part in the one day varsity event against Durham


invested in the College Sport system York beat Durham for the first time in the annual College Varsity competition Every participant wore rainbow laces in support of the Equal Opportunities scheme The event featured 13 sports and every York college was represented

YorActive Trial Grace Clarke successfully developed the YorActive trail that connects the two York campuses through fun and interactive fitness stations. The trail aims to encourage as many people to get active by walking, running or biking the route

opportunities to participate in college sport throughout the year, both in leagues, tournaments and sports day

The event culminated in a Darts tournament with over 400 spectators attending


Overall score is now 2-1 to Durham. York will look to make it 2-2 when teams travel to Durham in 2017


Well-being & Academic 500


462 cases from Aug 2015 to

Total of July 2016.


This represents a increase from the same period in 2014/15 (up from 312 cases),




and a 2013/14.


increase from

0 Well-being cases There has also been a marked increase in the volume of some of the more time-intensive cases, notably academic appeals and academic misconduct:









Academic Appeals 172 appeal cases in 2015/16, up 52% from last year (113), a rise which is also exacerbated by now having an additional review stage for unsuccessful appeals




Academic misconduct cases 46 academic misconduct cases in 2014/15, up 48% from last year (31)

Marketing & Communications










Re-branded website launch January 2016 in preperation for new platform implementation in 2016/17 academic year.

1,723,239 Web hits over the academic year

YUSU.ORG Freshers mini-site

550,696 page views 22,575 unique users 10,000 hits on average per day,


the week of A-Level results



Summer Ball 2016

A record breaking

3720 377

Summer Ball attendees

Graduation Dinner atendees


York take over


Spectator packs for all York participants

students to compete and spectate

Roses 2016 #RosesAreWhite

Freshers’ Week 2015 YUSU welcomed over

5000 students


Commercial Services We aim to make sure students look to YUSU commercial services provide safe, fun, professional spaces and facilities, whilst delivering a modest surplus to support our charitable activity.


Commercial services contributed towards YUSU’s funding

91%think that YUSU venues offer

value for money

YUSU commercial services offer students employment opportunities that allow them to earn whilst they learn, as well as contributing to student employability YUSU paid student staff a huge


in wages in the 2015/16 academic year

Throughout the academic year YUSU customers redeemed

91%of our workforce

recognise recruitment, training and development practices as industry leading

8,710 Yoyo loyalty and points based items with a perceived net worth of

£40,000 28

YUSU Financials 2015/16 YUSU had an income of just over £3.6 million in the 2015/16 academic year, just over £3.5 million was spent on operating expenditure. Here is where the money went:



Commercial services including retail - 49%

Other grants and funding 2%

Student Opportunities - 14%

Well-being and community - 4% Representation and democracy 5%

Block grant - 28% YUSU Events and Marketing - 16%

Commercial services - 54%

Student Grants YUSU Sport club grants - £103k

Central resource costs - 14% YUSU Events and Marketing - 14%

YUSU Society and Volunteering group grants - £140k

YUSU Sport central support - £108k

YUSU also supported clubs, societies and volunteering groups to receive an income of just over £1.4 million and administered just under £1.4 million in expenditure for student groups to run their activities.


2015/16 YUSU President Ben Leatham YUSU truly puts its membership - the students - first. As an organisation it constantly strives to develop its activity, to impact more people, to improve itself. Over the past year I have seen YUSU launch a campaign to support students with mental health issues, work with the City of York Council to respond to the devastating Christmas floods, as well as organise a record breaking Summer Ball, among so many other things. Students at York have a huge range of interests and are involved in a phenomenal amount of activity. In order to serve them best YUSU has to be versatile, varied and energetic. Having been President of the Union it is clear that it meets and exceeds these criteria across all its elements. I am incredibly proud and humbled to have been a part of it.

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Thank You! One of the key indicators of YUSU's growing success and impact is just how many people support us, we couldn't do it without you! I wanted to thank all of the sabbatical officers and other elected students including part time officers, course reps, NUS conference reps and trustees. Your work getting elected and working tirelessness to ensure York students views are shared is invaluable. I also wanted to thank all of the YUSU staff for their work and expertise right across the organisation to deliver our wide range of services, activities and projects. I must also acknowledge the University as our primary funders and for creating an environment that respects and listens to students. Finally I wanted to thank all of the students who support YUSU. When you share your opinions, volunteer in our programs, use our services, vote in our elections, stand as a representative, run events and inspire others it is the key to our success. Many thanks, Ben Leatham, 2015/16 YUSU President


The University of York Students’ Union

Impact Report 2015/16  
Impact Report 2015/16