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Thursday, April 17, 2014 - Volume 17, Number 9

SPRING HAS SPRUNG – Yorkton’s 2014 Spring Expo event took place Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the city, attracting hundreds of vendors and visitors from across the province and beyond. See more coverage on Page 3.

City opens doors to workers By SHANNON DEVEAU N-R Writer

THE PROVINCIAL 4-H Public Speaking Competition was held in Yorkton Saturday. Pictured above, Shastyna Chambers from the Melville Town N Country 4-H Club performs her speech, entitled A Sad Story With A Happy Ending. See more on Page 7.

Small town Saskatchewan is Yorkton no longer, as the city is quickly gaining exposure across the country and beyond. Earlier this month two members from the city’s administration department – Roy Lanaway, Communications, and Faisal Anwar, Economic Development Officer – made the trek to Toronto to attend the 2014 National Job Fair and Training Expo. Attended annually by thousands of job seekers and employers from across the nation the event serves to stimulate employment and showcase opportunities. This year there was a Yorkton booth in the building and according to our local representatives, the reception was extremely positive with more than 800 attendees taking the time to see what this city has to offer and to respond to a variety of surveys. Recent economic growth has led to a shortage of workers in the Yorkton area – both skilled and unskilled – and Lanaway says according to the business community and stats, there are about 1,000 jobs to fill. The idea behind the Toronto trip was to attract capable employees, along with their families, to this area to live, work and settle. Lanaway and Anwar have been working for the better part of the last year to put together a concept and a package to bring with them to Toronto and following a post job fair presentation to the city’s economic development committee, it was unanimous they did an excellent job. Before heading to the fair the pair put together a comprehensive package that included video, written material, photos, testimonials and tech related add ins. Also taken along as a helpful tool that lent credence to the need for workers in this area were current Saskjobs postings which indeed confirm there at

– Toronto initiative deemed a success

least 1,000 jobs available in this area. It’s predicted that number will grow as Yorkton continues to expand in the next three to five years. The hope says Lanaway, was through attending the job fair, bridges could be built and a connection could be made so residents in the Ontario area looking for work, many of whom are newly settled immigrants, would view Yorkton as a viable opportunity. The Toronto area is basically an untapped area when it comes to capable workers adds Lanaway. After completing surveys with as many competent workers as possible, and leaving behind a detailed image of what Yorkton has to offer, Lanaway and Anwar hope to connect with the local business community and fill the gaps. “What we’re aiming to do is to get this information out to the business community as quickly as we can... it will be up to them to follow and to make direct contact with those they think may be suitable employees... “What we said to the people there (Toronto) is this is one additional method of getting your foot in the door for a potential job rather than just sending out your resume cold call... as all of know, trying to find a job is not an easy thing...” There is a tracking mechanism in place so the city will be able to gage the success of the project down the road when it’s determined how many of the workers that were reached out to, successfully relocate. Continued on Page 3.


Page 2A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, April 17, 2014


THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, April 17, 2014 - Page 3A

Spring Expo showcases array of businesses By DEVIN WILGER N-R Writer COLIN GAUTHIER of Wood Farm Woodworking was one of the over 150 booths at Spring Expo over the weekend.

with plenty of traffic and sales. The company builds dining room sets, bedroom furniture and coffee and end tables, the big pieces which work best with solid wood construction. Gauthier says that it’s more than just getting a table or a bedroom set, but getting something custom-made and handcrafted, which is delivered directly to the customer’s door. “It’s personalized service.” It usually takes six to twelve weeks to get a piece made, Gauthier says. Over the weekend, he says that he was trying to sell something peo-

Every year, Spring Expo hosts a wide variety of booths and exhibits relevant to Yorkton’s consumers. This year, over 150 such displays filled the Gallagher Center, representing everything from clothing to cars to home repairs. One such booth at the show belonged to Wood Farm Woodworking. The owner of the Kyle, Saskatchewan-based custom furniture manufacturer, Colin Gauthier, says that he has been coming to the show for the past five years, and says that the weekend overall was awesome,

ple might not have expected when they walked through the doors of the Gallagher Centre. “Coming to a trade show people aren’t expecting to buy solid-wood furniture and get it custom made.” The booth at the Spring Expo showed a small sampling of what Wood Farm offers, and Gauthier says that being custom means they’re open to what customers want for their home. “We pretty much build whatever you want because we are a custom company.” Those interested in seeing what Gauthier does can visit

Mill project seeks support By DEVIN WILGER N-R Writer

A thousand jobs in Yorkton Con’t from Page 1. Lanaway and Anwar say they hope this fair and initiative is just the beginning of putting Yorkton on the map as a desirable place in which live, work and invest. “This really was an experiment... no one knew what to expect. When Faisal and I got there we had no idea what to expect... we were overwhelmed by the response and I think given the response that we had... we will have a lot more involvement from the business community...” While there were travel expenses involved all on the economic development committee agreed they were well worth it given the end result. In addition to highlighting Yorkton afar, the city is left with a comprehensive marketing package that can updated annually, shared and used for years to come as a marketing tool. Included in it is a magazine type Community Profile that speaks to all Yorkton has to offer. There are jobs, the city is multi-culturally friendly, there are recreational opportunities, housing, a reasonable cost of living, policing, amenities, quality health care and many support networks. “These materials will

be very useful for any business in this community to use for their own recruitment efforts... that’s what it was all about.” In addition to being available in print form, Lanaway says “It’s all available electronically

so anyone can access it...” Going forward the plan is to make a presentation to the Yorkton Chamber of Commerce and to look at further opportunities to shine Yorkton in a positive light.

EVERYTHING FITZ A six piece family band that combines a variety of musical styles for a unique and captivating show! Final Concert of the Season

Tuesday, May 6, 2014 8:00 PM ANNE PORTNUFF THEATRE Yorkton Regional High School

Tickets available on-line. • Visit For tickets call or visit the Yorkton Arts Council, 49 Smith St. East or Welcome Home Floral & Gift Shop, 113 Smith St. East and at the door

Clinics for the Beginning Runner

A CITY OF YORKTON booth at the recently held National Job Fair event in Toronto garnered much attention from those in attendance.

Anyone who drives by the Yorkton Brick Mill will notice that a great deal of work is being done on the building. The Yorkton Brick Mill Heritage Society was at Spring Expo to give people an update on where they’re at and what needs to be done. A new problem which needs to be tackled is the roof, explains Allan Bailey with the Yorkton Brick Mill Heritage Society. The problem was discovered by the city building inspector, who discovered issues with the rafters which were not noticed earlier. The new roof design will add another $8,500 to the project, but the plan is to go ahead and put the roof on the building. The other priority for the project is stabilization of the building, which will be a total of $80,000. Bailey says that grants from the Painted Hand Community Development Corporation and the Sask Heritage Foundation have raised $33,700. With local fundraising gaining $15,000 so far, the group is a little over half-way to their goal, needing to raise $32,000 to reach their goal. Work that has already been done is the replacement of all the windows, cleaning of the building, and the roof repairs are currently underway. The goal of this phase of work is to get the


building preserved, Bailey explains. This is the second phase, with the third phase involving the development of a plan for use of the building. Bailey explains that due to liability concerns it’s unlikely that the building itself will be open to the public, but that the current idea is to build a building adjacent which would highlight Yorkton’s agricultural history and allow people to look inside the mill and see the equipment through the windows. “What we are hoping is that we can tie it in and tell the story of the agricultural history of this part of Saskatchewan.” That phase is far into the future, however, and the main concern right now is just preserving the building itself. Bailey admits that it will be a slow process, but that Yorkton has lost so much of its architectural heritage that saving the mill and buildings like it is something that needs to happen. “We’ve lost so many beautiful buildings in this community. As I jokingly say, if we keep tearing everything down the oldest building in town is going to be Walmart.” Part of the goal of going to Spring Expo was to get people involved in the preservation of the Mill, and if people want to get involved they can contact Vern Brown with the Yorkton Brick Mill Heritage Society at 306783-8246.



Presents Charity Road Race

Learn to Run

This year we are offering 3 types of clinics 5K (for NEW or BEGINNER runner) 10K (should already be able to run 5K) Half Marathon (for the more EXPERIENCED RUNNER)

1875,7,21‡675(7&+,1*‡PACING YOURSELF


Clinic Sessions are weekly: Tuesday & Thursday beginning May 6 @ 5:45 p.m. Note: you are invited to become involved even aIter tKe ÀrVt VeVVion KaV beJun +alI 0aratKon Zill run 7ueVdayV and a ZeeNend run


Yorkton Regional High School PARKING LOT There is no cost, but participants pay registration for the Charity Road Race at the clinic.

Charity Road Race is Sunday, August 17, 2014 Start running with other beginning runners. Learn to run at your own pace. For information call 306.786.0506

Page 4A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, April 17, 2014 OFFICE MANAGER: Diane St. Marie

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Online and accountable Every bit of transparency we can bring to the table when it comes to care homes in the province is a good thing. With that being said, now Saskatchewan residents will have access to more information as the provincial government has announced inspection results are now available online after recent changes to legislation were made to allow inspection information to be shared with the public. “Online access to the most recent inspection results will help families select a personal care home,” Health Minister Dustin Duncan says. “It will also provide increased incentive for operators to provide the best care possible.” We trust our most vulnerable citizens to these homes so if we can do so with peace of mind, knowing they will be safe and cared for the province will be a better place for it. Personal care homes are privately owned and operated but they are licensed and monitored by the Ministry of Health. There are many requirements personal care homes must follow. During an inspection consultants look at a number of areas including resident care, care records, food served, recreational activities and health and safety. The inspection results, now posted online, indicate what standards were not met at the time of the inspection and if they have been addressed. If deficiencies are identified during the course of an inspection, ministry officials work with the personal care homes toward correcting deficiencies. If there is a home you want to know about, visit live/health-and-healthy-living/manage-your-health-needs. Currently, there are 243 personal care homes in operation across the province. This measure is just one added step to ensure each of them is doing their best when it comes to quality, dependable care.

Big and small, people come in all sizes Well now I’ve about heard it all. Some people are “big boned” some small and some are somewhere in between – is it up to a schooling facility to decide in which category a person should fall? I think not. A 92 pound Yale University student was recently facing expulsion from the school unless she could PROVE she did not have an eating disorder. Okay, so we’re talking about a small boned, thin, Taiwanese-born gal. She’s always been tiny. At 20 years old, she’s only 5’2” as well. That doesn’t mean she’s unhealthy, it just means she’s a small woman. So what do Yale executives do? They tell the gal – Frances Chan – she MUST gain weight. How? By force feeding herself junk food – plenty of carbs, ice cream, cookies, you name it, to prove she wasn’t starving herself. Just like some struggle with weight loss, so too, do others have trouble putting weight on. Overweight, underweight, just right, the bottom line is, if you are healthy and happy, that’s all that should matter. “I have never had an eating disorder,” says Chan, “but all the pressure from Yale to eat more was making me sick. I finally just told them that I wasn’t going to forcefeed myself anymore.” I would say that should be an

option. Apparently Chan’s problems began when she visited Yale’s cancer centre concerned about a lump in her breast which turned out to be benign. Through the process doctors found her body mass index (BMI) was out of and they felt she Shannon Deveau proportion needed to gain weight. “I told them my whole family is skinny and that I was eating healthy and well... but they said... I could be forced to leave college if I did not deal with it.” A barrage of testing ensued along with force feeding and repeated check ups. “I was eating a lot of carbs and three or four scoops of ice cream and cookies before bed. I even stopped walking up the stairs...” With all of that, Chan gained a whopping two pounds. She is NOT a big girl and nor likely, is she meant to be. Don’t we all wish we could gorge on chips and ice cream and stay thin... and maybe Chan would like to carry a few more pounds, who knows? But some metabolisms just work differently and it shouldn’t be up to a university to dictate or to change a person’s natural body make up. I can see expressing a genuine concern about a potential health problem and offering support, but the way Yale went about this is just wrong. Force feeding junk food? Definitely not the answer and perhaps above all people, a “Yale big wig” should know that.

The way I see it... Column

Inconvenience isn’t an inherently romantic idea Every so often I will wake up to a song called “Automatic,” sung by Miranda Lambert. It’s not a song I choose to wake up to, but since it frequently plays while I’m getting up, it’s often the first thing I hear every day. I hate the song. The song itself is all about everything being better in the good old days, though given Lambert’s relative youth the good old days in her case are not exactly a long time ago. The song is filled with waxing nostalgic about things that were not great in the first place, like “standing in line for gas.” The entire song is romanticizing things that society has discarded for mostly good reasons. The frustrating thing is I can understand preferring to do something in a less convenient manner. I mean, I drive a car with a manual transmission because I find it more fun. I understand the desire to make things from scratch rather than just buy it from the store, and the inherent rewards of honing some potentially old school skills in the process. I intend on building a cloud tank this summer to try to make some old school visual effects, for the sheer fun of it. Lambert’s song could get to the root of that, be about the joy of doing things on your own and honing unique skills. But since it focuses on minor inconveniences, it doesn’t actually get to the root of the idea.

Things I do with words... Column Devin Wilger I don’t savor the experience of driving more when I have to pay for gas inside rather than at the pump. It’s just a different way to get the money to the necessary people, and if anything taking longer to pay for gas is just keeping me away from the experiences down the road which I am actually going to enjoy. Crank windows don’t make the air outside sweeter, getting rejected over text isn’t more or less of a disappointment than getting rejected over the phone. It’s just a different way of achieving the same ends, and the more convenient option is generally preferred because it’s one less thing to get in the way of actually living your life.

It misses its own points too. It says Polaroids are better than digital, but Polaroids were the quick and easy alternative. An artistically minded person can spend more time manipulating and enhancing digital, making something unique, similar to dark room techniques with traditional film. Film and digital can both benefit from extra time. Polaroid, by contrast, is set and stone and immediate, it is everything Lambert is otherwise lambasting in the song. I hate the song both because it’s trying to glorify inconvenience, but it doesn’t understand why doing things by hand is often more rewarding. Baking from scratch, building your own furniture, even writing and recording an original song, all of these activities involve honing a skill to create something suited to your tastes. The end result is better not just because of the work that went into it, but because you’re the one creating it, and every step of the way your choices and your skills have influenced the final product. Creating something on your own means you’ve made something which contains your personality, and while you can just buy things and enjoy them, something you’ve made entirely on your own is inherently worthwhile and rewarding. However, instead of focusing on that, Lambert writes a line about crank windows, and that is frustrating.

THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, April 17, 2014 - Page 5A

to the editor


Your letter of the Week

Ag. changes patently absurd

It’s a sad day in Saskatchewan

To the Editor:

The Agricultural Growth Act, Bill C-18, is currently before Parliament. It is an omnibus bill amending nine separate pieces of agricultural legislation. The changes vastly increase corporate control of seed and will result in higher seed costs for farmers in the future. The Plant Breeders’ Rights Act (PBRA), adopted in 1990, confers to a breeder of a new plant variety, a form of intellectual property rights similar to a patent. The Plant Breeders’ Rights Office receives between 300 to 400 applications per year with about 100 coming from Canada. This office has no role in enforcement of a breeders’ right once granted. It is up to the rights holder to pursue infringements through the court system. The International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (UPOV) is an international Convention of which Canada is a member state and signatory. The purpose of UPOV Convention is to standardize criteria, definitions, legislation and regulations as they apply to plant breeders’ rights among member states. Canada’s current PBRA is based on the 1978 UPOV version which implicitly recognizes that a farmer may use part of their harvest for seed. The 1991 UPOV version gives extensive and exclusive rights to plant breeders so that their authorization is required for farmers to use harvested material as seed. In order to ratify the UPOV ’91 Convention, Canada has to amend the 1990 PBRA. This is exactly what Bill C-18 does. At present, a PBR holder only has the exclusive right to produce and sell seed. The proposed amendments grant PBR holders the exclusive right to produce and reproduce, condition, sell, export or import, and to stock propagating material for 20 years (to “condition” means to clean and/or treat seed and to “stock” means to bag or store seed). This is a significant

expansion of intellectual property protection and expands the legal avenues for seed companies to pursue royalties. Further, the ability to collect end-point royalties on the whole crop following harvest if not previously collected on the seed would be permitted with these changes. These powers would only apply to varieties introduced after the new Act comes into force. Existing varieties would continue to be subject to the UPOV ’78 rules and conditions. To save, reuse, select, exchange and sell seeds is a traditional practice and an inalienable right of farmers. Government is proposing a “farmers’ privilege” section in this legislation. They claim that this provides an exception to PBR-holders’ exclusive rights to reproduce and condition seed. This government-given privilege allows farmers to save and condition seed, but notably absent is the ability to stock the seed. What’s more, the power to limit the farmers’ privilege provisions in the future through regulations is also included in Bill C-18. What is being proposed is truly a hollow privilege for farmers. The big print giveth and the small print taketh away. Canada’s variety registration process is an important part of this story. Older varieties can be used by farmers without payment of royalties and effectively ensure market discipline on PBR varieties as a lower priced option for farmers. In May 2013, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) proposed a regulatory change that would allow variety registrants, who are often also PBR holders, to withdraw varieties on demand, without criteria or reasons and no mechanism for another entity to take over responsibility for an abandoned variety so that farmers can continue using it. The Canada – EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), which the Government of Canada recently agreed to in principle, would expand the

enforcement powers of PBR holders. While the text has yet to be released to the public, the National Farmers Union has studied the leaked draft text of this agreement. CETA would permit the precautionary seizure of a farmer’s assets upon alleged intellectual property rights infringement. Further, the same asset seizure powers could also apply to a third party, such as a seed cleaner, if alleged to be assisting patent infringement. If C-18 passes, these enforcement tools would become available to seed companies seeking to prosecute farmers for violating PBRA rules and regulations. The primary purpose of the C-18 measures is to increase revenues for seed companies. Farmers will eventually be bound to yet another agri-business profit centre, this time via the seed. Litigation and the gradual de-registration of publicly available varieties will help persuade farmers to replace farmsaved seed with seed purchased from the company every year. Farmers are being promised more variety research and development, and more innovative new varieties through this privatized system. However, farmers will simply end up paying more royalties with no say in how these funds would be used. Probably a reduced level of research on regionally appropriate varieties and less assurance that a registered variety can be expected to perform as claimed. Farmers can probably look forward to more correspondence from Sue, Grabbitt, and Runne LLP Barristers & Solicitors, along with additional forms to fill out on varieties planted, yield history and annual sales. For more information about UPOV ’91 and Bill C-18 please visit Randall Affleck, Lower Bedeque, National Board member, National Farmers Union.

How to get better care for our seniors

To the Editor:

The debate rages on about how the Government should best provide care to the seniors of our province. On the one side, you have interest groups such as impacted families and the NDP party arguing for increased front line care workers and legislated minimum levels of care; and on the other hand, you have the current government with its increased emphasis on keeping seniors in their homes longer, and an increased reliance on efficiency consultants to find ways to reduce costs in providing the current levels of front line care. My mother has been in a senior care home for the past 3¼ years, the first 2½ at the Sunset Extendicare facility here in Regina. Two years ago, Linda Wacker (a Client Representative of the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region, “RQHR”) and myself met with a long-term care official of RQHR to

discuss concerns I had about my mother’s care and other troubling long-term care issues that I had witnessed. In my opinion, the primary cause to all of these problems was the habitual short-staffing of care-aides at Sunset Extendicare. This first meeting with RQHR led to the forming of a concerned family members committee, which has been meeting for the past two years with the Sunset facility’s management and with various senior officials from the ReginaQu’Appelle Health Region regarding ongoing care concerns. Despite promises to the contrary, the level of care has never changed from what has appeared to many family members as being unsafe and/ or inadequate. Again, it is my view that the primary cause to the unsafe and inadequate personal care of our family members is the chronic understaffing of care-aides at the Sunset facility. The committee’s record

keeping has, in general, shown Sunset running below their “100%staffing levels” approximately 50% of the time. Despite pressing Sunset management and the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region on these shortfalls, the Sunset facility has not been able to consistently run their facility at full or near-full staffing levels. In one of the last meetings between the Sunset family committee and the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region, senior management of the RQHR were asked four different times why they refuse to make Sunset accountable to run their facility at the care-aide levels for which they are being funded at by the RQHR. These are tax-payers’ monies, and it is troubling that the RQHR is not upholding its responsibility to make senior care homes accountable for the tax payer money they have been allocated. Continued on Page 6.

Solution to grain issue is urgent in Sask. To the Editor: The Green Party of Saskatchewan (GPS) is alarmed that we are now into April and the Grain Backlog Crisis in Rural Saskatchewan continues. The federal government’s proposed solution to end the backlog is not adequate. Imposing fines

on the railway companies for not moving the grain has not compelled CN and CP to get the grain moving. Meanwhile spring is here and it is going to be very difficult for most farmers to get into their fields soon without cash in their pockets. We urge the Harper Government to work with the Wall Govern-

ment quickly to develop a Provincial Transportation Strategy to address the transportation needs of farmers first and end the backlog as soon as possible. We need to work with all levels of government to create a strategy that makes the entire Transportation system work for everyone involved.

The most immediate need for the Strategy is to help farmers get their grain to port so they can make some money. Any fines collected by Ottawa from the railway companies should go to Saskatchewan farmers as compensation. Victor Lau, Leader of the GPS, Regina, SK.

To the Editor: I am putting pen to paper in an effort to inform residents of Saskatchewan and particularly those of Yorkton how important the harness racing industry is to your economy. Last spring I moved into Yorkton from Manitoba with eight horses and a fifth wheel camper trailer to train and race out of the Yorkton Exhibition grounds. I remained there until the end of the racing season. All feed, supplements, veterinary supplies and services, tack, fuel and repairs were purchased in Yorkton. My partner Valerie Emerson drove from Gladstone, MB to Yorkton every Thursday afternoon and returned to Manitoba Sunday evening. Every week she bought groceries and fueled up her car in Yorkton prior to leaving for home. Every weekend without fail we had family and friends drive to Yorkton to watch the races and have a visit. I have two owners who reside in Saskatchewan and they religiously made the two hour drive to attend the races and cheer their horses on. They too brought people with whom they shared the experience. It was exciting to race in front of the large and enthusiastic crowds that came out to watch the races, make a wager and enjoy the steak suppers and the concession food and drinks. After the races and the horses had been retired for the night we gathered to enjoy a meal and refreshments… this too all being purchased in Yorkton. Naturally the next day the women took advantage of the great shopping available there. At the end of 2013, when the final accounting was done it showed that all the purse monies that were won and training fees paid in Yorkton were spent in Yorkton… that, and a large sum more. That being said I would have returned for another racing season both for the love of the sport and the hope that in the future racing in Saskatchewan could prove lucrative. I understand that there are only so many tax dollars to go around but I believe if the Saskatchewan government took a good look at the amount of revenue generated by Friday night harness racing in Yorkton and compared it to other recreational activities and entertainment that they fund, harness racing would be a long way from the bottom of the list. I am competing this month in the Western Regional Drivers Challenge at Fraser Downs, representing the province of Saskatchewan. I give thanks to Yorkton Exhibition for their hard work in securing sponsorship so that harness racing continued in the province in 2013. I will do my utmost to make Saskatchewan proud but the real victory will be if harness racing is resuscitated in the province. I implore those who have the power to do so to take another look at harness racing in your province. It will be a sad day indeed when the province of Saskatchewan is the only one in all of Canada not supporting this industry. Richard Remillard, Gladstone MB.

Letters welcomed The News Review accepts Letters to the Editor. Any information or ideas discussed in the articles do not reflect the opinion or policies of our paper in any way. Authors of Letters to the Editor must be identified by including their full name, address and phone number where they can be reached during business hours. Letters to the Editor should be brief (under 350 words) and may be edited for length, grammar and spelling. The News Review reserves the right not to publish Letters to the Editor.

Page 6A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, April 17, 2014

More opportunities for vets and armed forces No Canadians have earned more admiration and respect from their fellow citizens than our Veterans and Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) personnel. They make me very proud to be Canadian. The Government of Canada has already shown, through many measures, how much we value our CAF personnel. It pleases me to share that we are making some new reforms that again demonstrate clearly that even when they no longer wear our nation’s uniform, their country is still here for them. The Veterans Hiring Act was introduced in Parliament a few weeks

ago. Through this Act, which is expected to come into force in 20142015, members of the Canadian Armed Forces with three years of service time who have been granted honourable release will have greater access to rewarding new employment opportunities in the federal public service. This is an important step forward that enables those men and women who want to continue to serve Canada to do so once their time in uniform in complete. Also, through the Veterans Hiring Act, members of the Canadian Armed Forces who are medically released due to a career-

Parliamentary Report Op-Ed Column by Garry Breitkreuz ending injury or illness suffered in the line of duty, will now go to the front of the line for job openings they are qualified to fill in the federal public service. This priority entitlement will be theirs for a full five years, extended from the current two years. This gives Veterans time to upgrade their education and skills if

needed. For both options, Veterans and releasing CAF personnel must still apply and qualify for positions. For some time now, the federal government has been working alongside corporate Canada to ensure Veterans are connected with opportunities in the private sector. As Defence

Minister Rob Nicholson recently noted: “Our men and women in uniform acquire a number of skills during their service to Canada that make them ideal employees. Creating job opportunities within the federal public service is an important step in helping them transition to civilian life.” Many Canadian companies already deeply value Canada’s Veterans for their leadership, professionalism and teamwork, as well as their organizational and management skills. These abilities, learned and practiced so thoroughly while enlisted, are all transferable to a

Local youth hopes to help end Crohn’s disease By DEVIN WILGER N-R Writer The Regina Gutsy Walk takes place every year for Crohn’s and Colitis Canada, raising money and awareness for the cause. The honorary chair for the Gutsy Walk in 2014 is Andrew Ross. The Yorkton 11-year-old has been a part of the event from when he was two years old. Ross is excited about being the honorary chair, which will entail giving a speech and being a big part of the day overall. He was given the honor after his family raised over $20,000 for the walk in the past five years. Crohn’s is a Gastrointestinal disease that can occur anywhere along the GI tract. Symptoms vary, but often include abdominal pain, cramping, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, weight loss

and lack of energy. People who have Crohn’s will experience periods of acute flare-ups, when their symptoms are active, and other times when their symptoms go into remission. The average risk of a flare-up in any one year is approximately 30 per cent. It’s a chronic condition which has no known cure at the moment. Ross has Crohn’s himself, being diagnosed when he was just a small child. He says that having the disease means he has to be very careful about what he eats. “I really have to be careful with my stomach, because if I eat a lot of junk food I will be in the bathroom lots, so I have to eat well.” The walk itself is a fun experience, and the Ross family goes to different locations to do the walk each time. His first walk

Better senior care Con’t from Page 5.

Each of the four direct attempts to question senior management on why the RQHR refuses to ensure that Sunset runs their facility at the level of staffing they are being funded for was met with silence and not answered. Instead of spending tax payers’ money on US-based consultants and Japanese senseis, the current government might actually find that better senior care can be achieved when their highly-paid bureaucrats actually execute the responsibilities they have been entrusted to carry out. It is my opinion that the failure of the RQHR to adequately monitor senior care home conditions is a lapse in its duties towards both the home’s residents and their families. The fact that families have not been able to find assistance from the RQHR regarding these matters shows to me, a clear need for the Province’s current politicians to legislate/adopt a province-wide Seniors’ Bill of Rights as the best way to protect this vulnerable group. After reading the latest newspaper headlines, I am beginning to think that what is really needed, may be for a third-party consultant to be brought in to help point out to the leaders of our current government the same very facts that family members at the Sunset facility have been flagging for almost two years.

was in Yorkton back when there was a Gutsy walk in the city, and since then he has been to walks across the prairie provinces. Ross says he raises money for the cause

because he would like to see a cure for the disease, both for himself and all of the other people who have the disease. “It would be really good if people could finally find

a cure for it.” Those who want to learn more about Crohn’s and Colitis or support Ross can visit

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career in the public service – and the Government of Canada wants to be sure our Veterans have the opportunity to make a smooth transition from military to civilian life. The Government of Canada hopes the opposition parties and government unions will join us in making this goal a reality. You can find more detailed information at: eng/services/ps-hiring.

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THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, April 17, 2014 - Page 7A

4-H provincial speaking competition held in Yorkton By DEVIN WILGER N-R Writer For the first time in the event’s history, the Provincial 4-H Public Speaking Competition was held in Yorkton. Kids in four different age groups from all regions of the province assembled in the city to speak at the event and compete for the top honors in the province. LeeAnn Weinbender, Secretary/Treasurer for the event, says that the public speaking event is a confidence builder for the kids, and a mandatory part of the club. She says that it fits with the club’s philosophy of learning by

doing, and is one of the many activities kids take part in throughout the year in the 4H program. The provincial competition comes after club, regional and district competition. The event was held by the six 4-H clubs of the region, Happy Centre 4-H Club, Otthon Outlaws 4-H Club, Rhein 4-H Beef and

Activities Club, Springside 4-H Beef Club, Yorkton Creators 4-H Club and Yorkton 4-H Light Horse Club. The results for the event are as follows. Cloverbud: 1st – Alyssa Sinclair, 2nd – Sennarey Garven, 3rd – Kalla Nicholas. Junior: 1st – Kyle Kirzinger, 2nd – Sierra Day, 3rd – Shastyna Chambers. Intermediate: 1st – Lauren Luciuk, 2nd – Dalaney Depape, 3rd – Chasten Sim. Senior: 1st – Robyn Baxter, 2nd – Jacqueline Toews, 3rd – Karley Rumpel.






Page 8A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, April 17, 2014

Community Events Cindy’s Sunday Market Yorkton Legion April every Sunday until July 5. 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Free admission, over 30 vendors. Call (306) 748-2269 to book your table or learn more. Art in the Country at Cherrydale Golf Course. Artists reception June 7 at 7 p.m. All are welcome! The Gift of Life Fun Run & Walk June 8, registration @ 9 a.m. at Sacred Heart High School. Walk/run begins at 10:30 a.m. Proceeds to support the Kidney Foundation. Call Audrey at 306-783-5259 for info.

Attention ATV and Dirt Bike Riders The Yorkton SNo Riders would like to announce our trails and shelters are now closed for the summer. Please respect our Landowners and stay off their land during the off season months. The landowners have given permission to the club to access their land on the trails only during the winter months. Thank you for your continued cooperation.

Yorkton’s Off Leash Dog Park Fundraising Committee Meeting Thursday, April 24, at 7 pm in the Ravine Room at the Gallagher Centre. Everyone welcome! For more information email yorktondogpark@gmail. com or call Karen Dunlop at Fins, Feathers and Fur Pets and Supplies at 306-782-7387. Learn to Run Clinics • begin May 6 and run Tuesday and Thursday @ 6:45 p.m. There are 3 types of clinics: 5K, 10K and Half Marathon. Clinics take place at the Yorkton Regional School Parking Lot. There is no cost for the clinic, but participants pay registration for the Charity Road Race at the clinic. The Annual Charity Road Race and Community Walk will take place Sunday August 17 Visit our website at to print off registration form. St. John Ambulance First Aid Classes OHS Standard First Aid/ CPR classes. Personalized courses and online training also available. For more info. or to register call Judy at 306-783-4544 or email:

“The Relevance of Post-Secondary Education” The Canadian Federation of University Women/ Yorkton Inc. presents Dr. Vianne Timmons, President of the University of Regina speaking on “The Relevance of PostSecondary Education” April 26, 10 a.m. in Room 123 at Parkland College. Free coffee and muffins. Admission is FREE. Donations to local scholarship program appreciated. All are welcome! Our regular monthly meeting will be held after the presentation. For more information contact Bilkies @ (306) 782-5837 or Elsie @(306) 783-4862. Dimensions Now showing at the Dean Gallery • a juried exhibition of the best of Saskatchewan fine craft. The next one is in 2016, so don’t miss out on this one. 49 Smith St. E in Yorkton 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday to Friday, 1-4 p.m. Saturday Free! Parkland Prairie Girl Guides Extra Ops Unit • presents... • “The Lego Movie” – April 26, 3:30 p.m. @ the Yorkton Tower Theater All ages $5.00 There will be no debit machine for admission – cash only please. • “Fundraiser Tradeshow” May 4, 10:30 – 4 p.m. Yorkdale School, Yorkton Free Admission Everyone Welcome Over 45 vendors Lunch available for purchase Popcorn, Cotton Candy, Face Painting, Raffles, Cookies and more!

YFTBA Symposium 2014 St. Gerard’s Parish Complex Apr. 26, 7 p.m. 11 a.m to 7 p.m. Registration 11 a.m. Lunch @ noon Supper @ 5:30 p.m. Guest speakers, silent auction & ticket raffle Call (306) 782-0057 for details or visit: YFTBA.COM United Way AGM Union office boardroom at 180 Broadway St. W April 28, 6 p.m. New members are welcome as well as anyone wishing to join the executive! Call Marjorie at 306-782-1966 or email: for more details. Pecha Kucha Yorkton Public Library April 29, 7 p.m. Do you have a story you would like to share? An interesting or unique hobby? You can share your story in 20 slides with 20 seconds per slide. Join us for an evening of fun and storytelling! Contact the library for details. Good Spirit Car Show Sponsored by the Yorkton Antique Auto Association July 6 at Good Spirit Provincial Park Call Merve at 306-783-7494 for details. Attention gardeners! Yorkton and District Horticultural Society Meeting April 24, 7 p.m. Sunshine Room at SIGN on North Street Special guest: Karen Leis speaking about Vermiculture and composting with worms. Everyone is welcome.

Storytime Yorkton Public Library Preschool Time: Apr. 14 – June 5 Mon. or Thur. 10:30 to 11:15 a.m. for ages 3-5 Toddler Time: Thursdays, 10:30 to 11 a.m. for ages 6-36 months Apr. 17 – June 5 Call (306) 783-3523. Movie Afternoon Yorkton Public Library Apr. 23, 2 p.m. Movie: Megamind! All are welcome! Melville & District Quilter’s Guild Inc. Spring Festival of Quilts-a Viewer’s Choice Show Melville Community Works located at 800 Prince Edward Street, Apr 25-26, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. daily. Includes: demos, food court, merchant mall, craft table, door prizes. For more info contact: Karen at 306-5080228 or Erica at 306-7944506. The Yorkton Legion Track Club The club is open to all Yorkton and area athletes that were born in 2002 or older. To register or learn more contact Club Manager, Marcel Porte at marcel. or call Cell: 306-621-7716. New Horizons Senior Center Bingo 78 First Ave. North Yorkton, Sk. Bingo will be played every third Sunday of each month. Bingo starts at 2:00 p.m. Eight games will be played at 25 cents a game. Extra cards will be available. Everyone is welcome. Lunch included Admission $3/person.

Parkland Right to Life Meetings Meets every third Wednesday of the month @ St. Gerard’s Hall basement @ 7.30 p.m. For info. call 306-783-6240. Co-Ed Pool League Every Monday at 7 p.m. at the Royal Canadian Legion, 380 Broadway St. All are welcome! No partner required. Come out and have some fun! Cash prizes every week! Community Choir Come join the fun! Yorkton Community Concert Choir. Please call Laurene at 306-782-0460 or Anna at 306-744-2729 for more information. New Horizons Friday Night Dances 78 First Ave. North Yorkton, Sk. Great night of dancing Music by: • No dance Good Friday • Memory Lane, April 25 Everyone is welcome Lunch is included $7.00 per person For info. call Peter: 306-782-1846. Habitat for Humanity Volunteers Wanted To get your name on the volunteer list for a build or to be part of a committee, go to and click on “Volunteer Now”. Dart League Attention dart players, steel-tip action is underway for the 2013-14 season at Gunner’s Lounge at Royal Canadian Legion. This is a fun league for all ages, so beginners are encouraged to come out. For more information call 782-1783.

CHESS MASTERS – The Saskatchewan Provincial Chess Tournament was hosted on April 5 and 6 at the University of Regina. Eighteen students from the Yorkton Chess Club travelled to Regina to participate. Ten of these eighteen students placed in the top three! Pictured above are the participants from St. Michael’s and M.C. Knoll School (l-r) they are: Coach and Tournament Host, Narom Sing, Joseph Van Der Loo (1st Place) Sean Van Der Loo (2nd place) Cameron Van Der Loo (4th Place) Rylan Bahrey (4th place) Issac Lortie (2nd Place) Jesse Horseman, Sofia Lorte (1st place). Front: Kari Adane (2nd place), Matthew Ross (2nd place), Noah Wyatt (2nd place), Reichen Shoeman (3rd place), Benjamin Lorte (1st place) Sofia Lortie, Joseph Van Der Loo, Benjamin Van Der Loo and Kaeden Hanishewsky will be travelling to the Canadian Chess Challenge in Winnipeg in May. An invite is extended to chess players of all ages (new or experienced) to participate in the Yorkton Chess Club. Players meet every 2nd Wednesday from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. at the Yorkton Public Library. The Yorkton Chess Club would like to thank Saskatchewan Lotteries for their sponsorship.



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BATTLEFIELD TOUR – Forty students and six teachers from Sacred Heart High School are going on the Canada’s Battlefields tour, starting in Amsterdam at Anne Frank’s House, continuing on to visit Vimy Ridge and Normandy. The City of Yorkton and the Royal Canadian Legion gave the students pins to wear on their trip, as they tour Europe and represent Yorkton and Canada while learning about the history of our nation in the two World Wars. The trip begins in the same month as the anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge, which happened April 9, 1917. Pictured at left, JilliAnn Sawatsky (right) receives her pins from Peter Wyatt with the Royal Canadian Legion.

















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THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, April 17, 2014 - Page 9A

WRITE ON! – The Royal Canadian Legion Remembrance Day Writing Competition winners this year from Sacred Heart High School are Nicole Redl (right) who won for Senior Poetry: 1st in Region, 2nd in Zone and Chelsea Spilchuk (left) who won for Senior Prose: 1st in Region, 1st in Zone, 3rd in District. Above they are pictured with Peter Wyatt (Legion member).

Page 10A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, April 17, 2014 BEST BUDDY – Buddy is a 3 ½ year old female Rottweiler cross. She is a very friendly, affectionate, personable dog and would make a wonderful family pet. If you’re that responsible, loving home please call 306-7834080 for more information or drop by the SPCA at 79 - 7th Ave. S in Yorkton.

Saskatchewan realtors give back Saskatchewan REALTORS® recently gathered at the Sheraton Saskatoon for their 2nd annual Legacy Gala. Part of the Quality of Life in Saskatchewan initiative, the funds raised at the Gala, are collected to provide grants to six worthy charities from across the province every year through the Association of Saskatchewan REALTORS® (ASR) Legacy Grant Program. The 2014 recipients – which include one from Yorkton – are: • Yorkton Women in Need Inc. to provide household items to 20 families when they are ready to depart from Shelwin house. • Riverside Mission Inc. in Moose Jaw to purchase a walk-in freezer unit for the soup kitchen to allow them to buy more bulk food

and keep it longer. • Battleford and Area Sexual Assault Centre to help operate a 10-week Teen Girl Empowerment Group. • Rose Garden Hospice Association in Prince Albert to help with the planning process of a vision to build and operate a 10-bed hospice. • Saskatoon Society for the Protection of Children Inc. to help provide the programming for the children who stay at the crisis nursery. • Regina Sexual Assault Centre to create and deliver a puppet program for kids to learn how to recognize and talk about abuse. The Legacy Grant Program will be receiving applications again in early 2015. More information can be found at:

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Born in March 2014 at the Yorkton Regional Health Centre BATKE - Born to Jeff and Darla Batke of Yorkton, SK, a daughter, Brooke Lane Riley, March 3, 2014. ---------------------------HELFRICH - Born to Kendra and Bennett Helfrich of Melville, SK, a son, Cohen Michael Rodney, March 8, 2014 ---------------------------HAAS - Born to Chad and Jennifer Haas of Yorkton, SK, a son, Cameron Jack, March 11, 2014. ---------------------------PRODONCHUK Born to Jeff Prodonchuk and Cheryl Lozinski of Ebenezer, SK, a son, Jordan Timothy, March 14, 2014. ----------------------------

ULMER - Born to Rhonda Sens and Travis Ulmer of Abernathy, SK, a son, William Ralph, March 17, 2014. ---------------------------MASS - Born to Janelle Yanyu and Tom Mass of Yorkton, SK, a daughter, Bianca Jade, March 23, 2014. ---------------------------WHITEHAWK - Born to Alyssa and Lyndon Whitehawk of Yorkton, SK, a daughter, Joyce Kimberly Elsie Grace, March 24, 2014. ---------------------------BENT - Born to Ryan and Lesa Bent of Yorkton, SK, a daughter, Dejanae, March 26, 2014. ----------------------------

LINDGREN - Born to Tyson and Meghan Lindgren of Yorkton, SK, a daughter, Sloane Victoria, March 26, 2014. ---------------------------PARKS - Born to Colin and Loni Parks of Yorkton, SK, a daughter, Mya Lynn, March 27, 2014. ---------------------------DIXON - Born to Carla Dixon of Yorkton, SK, a son, Nathan Robert Christopher, March 28, 2014. ----------------------------

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NEWS REVIEW SPORTS Sport notes Sports Bank Drop-in The Yorkton Sports Bank is collecting used sports equipment at the Kinsmen. Come out and check out the assortment of sports equipment, including hockey gear, or donate your old equipment. Appointments are required. Contact for more information by phone at 306828-2401. Help give back to the community by donating your used equipment to those who are in need.

Learn to Run The Annual Charity Road Race and Community Walk, Learn to Run clinics begin May 6th. The clinic sessions begin May 6th and run Tuesday and Thursday @6:45. There are 3 types of clinics: 5K, 10K and Half Marathon. The clinics take place at the Yorkton Regional School Parking Lot. There is no cost for the clinic, but participants pay registration for the Charity Road Race at the clinic. The Annual Charity Road Race and Community Walk will take place Sunday August 17th. Visit The Health Foundation website at to print off a registration form or for more information

Winter Trails Closed The Yorkton SNo Riders would like to announce their trails and shelters are now closed for the summer. Please respect our Landowners and stay off their land during the off season months. The landowners have given permission to the club to access their land on the trails only during the winter months. Thank you for your continued cooperation. Have a story for Sport Notes/The News Review? Send your local sports tip to sports@yorktonnews. com and your local event could be in Sport Notes.

ONE GAME AWAY - Taylor Thompson and Terriers teammates celebrate an empty net goal in Game Three of the 2014 SJHL Finals to help put Yorkton one game away from a sweep and back to back league titles.

Terriers a game away from SJHL repeat By CHASE RUTTIG N-R Writer

a statement right from the opening game. With goaltender Isaiah Plett returning to the crease after missing the final game of the semifinals, Melville would do just that as the acrobatic netminder would give the high powered Terriers offense fits by keeping the game scoreless. Plett’s strong play in goal would allow Melville to draw first blood in the series as Brady Constant would find an open cage off a rebound to give the Mils a 1-0 lead. With a strong section of Millionaires fans at the FAA and a much larger Yorkton support silenced for a moment it looked like Game One was destined to start the series off with an underdog road win by

Melville to make things interesting. Melville’s 1-0 lead would carry over into the third period and beyond as Plett continued to make acrobatic save after save for the Mils while being under a 21 shot siege by the defending champs over the final 20 minutes. That play in goal would take the Terriers into the final minute down a goal and making things look bleak as for 59 minutes Yorkton could not find a clean look at net that did not end with a result featuring the puck hitting Plett’s equipment in what looked to be a historic shutout.

When the 2014 SJHL Finals went underway on Friday night, SJHL fans didn’t quite know what to expect. After all, it was the first time two opponents from the same division took each other on for the league championship under the league’s new three division system. Furthermore it would also be an historic moment for the league’s biggest rivalry as the defending champion Yorkton Terriers took on the underdog Melville Millionaires for the Canalta Cup. Would Yorkton have an easy path to Cont. on Page 13. their second straight SJHL title? Or would the Millionaires be able to dig deep and shock the province with the franchise’s first ever SJHL title after years of waiting despite returning just four players from last season? Those answers were quickly answered over the weekend as the two teams played the first three games of their best of seven series and what fans quickly found out was that the defending champion Terriers experience would be more of a factor than even anticipated. Two straight overtime wins to quick off the series followed by a 3-1 Monday night home win in Game Three has given the Terriers a quick 3-0 series lead over the Millionaires, taking a lot of the buzz and excitement over the series by simply showing their dominance over the league even with Melville trying whatever they can to get into the best of seven series. For 59 minutes during Friday night’s Game One it didn’t look like the Terriers would be on their way to pushing the Millionaires to the verge of a potential sweep as Melville expectedly came to the Farrell KALE THOMSON has been a key player in Yorkton’s fast SJHL Finals start, allowing just Agencies Arena for the first of multiple sellouts with the mission to take away one goal in every game so far, outdueling Melville’s Isaiah Plett in each game to help lift the Yorkton’s home ice advantage and make Terriers.








with Soft Drinks


11 am - 9:30 pm


THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, April 17, 2014 - Page 13A

Yorkton holding off pesky Mils in SJHL Final Cont. from Page 12.

Brett Boehm had other ideas as the Terriers’ prized mid-season acquisition from the Flin Flon Bombers again etched his name in Yorkton Terriers history during his short time with the team by banging home a late rebound goal with 40 seconds left to tie the game. For Melville it would spell a harsh feeling of heartbreak after fighting so hard to steal Game One, but for Yorkton it would be a deserved equalizer after outshooting a defensive minded Mils team 21-6 in the final period to finally breakthrough on the scoreboard. Heading into overtime after 60 minutes of strong goaltending from Plett and Yorkton’s Kale Thomson fans couldn’t have been blamed for expecting a long sit down for sudden death as goals were at a premium during regulation, but just two minutes and thirty nine seconds were needed to settle Game One in overtime as Kailum Gervais would crash the net hard and beat Plett just outside of his outstretched pad to give Yorkton a huge 1-0 series lead with a 2-1 win in a classic first game of the series. The win arguably went to the more deserving team as the Terriers dominated puck possession and most of the play in Game One, especially after going down a goal after Constant’s marker in the second period. After the second intermission and instruction/motivation from Terriers head coach Trent Cassan the game would feature mostly one way traffic from Yorkton. At the end of the day Yorkton outshot Melville 46-25, but the bulk of those shots came in dominant play from the defending champions after they went down a goal as during the third period and overtime the shots were 28-7 in favour of the Terriers. Gervais’ quick goal would also be needed as with the Canalta Cup schedule dictating that Game One and Game Two would be played on back to back nights during the opening weekend of the series a goal two minutes into overtime surely made Terriers head coach Trent Cassan a bit happier Post game Kailum Gervais was ecstatic to be the OT hero, mentioning that the team’s run up to the finals followed by a big Game One overtime win had the team riding serious momentum in the direct aftermath following the game. “We have been on a good run of play recently and all of the guys have been playing great so we have a ton of momentum right now heading forward” Heading into Game Two that momentum would be put to the test as the Terriers would have to make the quick turnaround from Friday to Saturday and enter hostile territory as Melville’s Horizon Credit Union Centre would host its first game of the series in a “must win” for the Mils who would be planning on doing anything possible to avoid going down 2-0 in the series before heading

back to Yorkton for Game Three. As expected after two solid goaltending performances from Plett and Thomson in Game One, Game Two would also pan out to be a low scoring affair. However the first period would see a goal as after a strong jump to the game from the hosts, rookie Jordan Ross would put the Terriers up 1-0 in the final five minutes of the frame with his fifth of the playoffs to send the teams to the dressing room with Yorkton again having the upper hand following Friday’s dramatic comeback which surely took a lot of Melville’s confidence away. Ross’ goal would be the lone offensive fireworks for much of the game as once again the heroics of Plett in goal for Melville and the steady play of Thomson for Yorkton would put a kibosh on any small chances of high scoring between the two teams who wisely were reluctant to give any sort of ground to their opponents in a hard fought second game of the series that went into the third period scoreless despite Melville putting 10 shots on Thomson in the period. Heading into the third it could be expected that Melville would finally find a goal at home especially considering that their biggest chance of staying in the series would come at defending home ice. With the game nearing the final ten minutes the Mils did just that as Reed Murray would be the hero with a game tying goal that would send the SJHL Finals to overtime for the second straight night as both teams couldn’t find a difference maker over 60 minutes of regulation. This time fans would have to sit around a little bit longer as Thomson and Plett had no problem with giving the 2,000 hockey fans who sold out the HCUC some free hockey by dragging out regulation time with several big saves on each end to keep it scoreless through 20 minutes of OT despite a 9-8 shot count in favour of the hosts. In the second overtime it would be a costly penalty that would see the game’s turning point as Adam Koopman’s cross checking penalty would put the Terriers on the man advantage early in OT2. For both teams it would be the first penalty since 14:47 of the second period, making it a controversial one as the hometown fans did not appreciate a penalty given to their Mils following the refs swallowing the whistle during much of the third period and the first overtime. Perhaps the outrage was due to the fact that the smart long-term Mils fans knew that the writing was on the wall and how significant Koopman’s penalty was because just as time expired on the Koopman penalty and Melville was getting back to even strength, captain Devon McMullen would find an open slot to beat Plett through his legs on a low shot to give the Terriers their second

straight OT win five minutes into the second overtime. It would be a hard pill for Melville to swallow, but one that the Terriers have been forcing their opponents to take all playoffs with now five straight OT wins. Something that OT winner and captain Devon McMullen attributes to good coaching from Cassan and a calm presence in the locker room allowing the veteran laden team to just focus on treating overtime like any other moment of the game. “Trent sits us down in the locker room after regulation usually and just tells us to go out there and play like it is regulation time and not to worry about losing the game,” says McMullen. “We have had a lot of success in just playing calm hockey and taking it one shift at a time all year which has carried into overtime in the playoffs.” When asked about how much the overtime winner meant to the captain who has now played in three SJHL Finals during his career with the Terriers, McMullen was quick to hold true to his team first mentality yet again. “Honestly when it gets to overtime I am going to be just as excited to see anybody on our side score the winning goal, especially in such important

games where we need the wins however they come,” says McMullen. “But I must admit it was a pretty special moment to get an overtime winner in Melville to give us a big second win in the series after their goaltender frustrated us all night.” Holding a big 2-0 series lead Game Three on Monday night in Yorkton would be Melville’s last chance to avoid going in the dreaded 3-0 hole in the best of seven series. However after two overtime defeats it would be no easy task going into a packed Farrell Agencies Arena in front of 2,000 fans who came out to watch the Terriers try to put Melville in big trouble in the series with a home win. The Mils would get some added help by the way of their leading scorer and veteran Colin Mospanchuk returning to the lineup from a concussion, already down 2-0 in the series and out of the lineup for over a week the Mils captain would have a hard task in front of him in getting back up to game speed and being the X-Factor to lift the Millionaires to a historic victory on road ice. Melville would come out strong to start the game, getting a big boost on the powerplay after Koopman did his best to goad Thompson into committing a high sticking pen-

alty away from the play. The Mils would start with five shots on the powerplay to lead the shot clock 5-1, but after that the Terriers would begin what was their best defensive performance of the SJHL season in completely shutting down Melville’s offensive play. From Melville’s fifth shot to midway through the second period the Terriers would allow just one shot on Kale Thomson, putting 19 on Plett to dominate a stretch of play while wearing down their opponents by forcing them to defend in their own zone for much of the opening 20 minutes. Still heading into the second period the Terriers were once again being frustrated by the amazing heroics of Plett in goal as the Mils star player of the Finals continued to make an array of amazing acrobatic saves to keep Melville afloat. From kick saves to saving pucks with his shoulders, helmet and everything in between Plett electrified the Melville fans who travelled to Yorkton while keeping the game scoreless. Knowing they would need something special to beat Plett the Terriers got just that from fourth line veteran Derek Falloon who showed that while he is used in a role player position he still has sneaky offensive talent by

deking Plett out of his crease before sliding on the ice to put in a backhand goal into the empty net to give Yorkton a 1-0 lead. That lead however would be shortlived as even after getting outshot 19-1 before Falloon’s goal the Millionaires wouldn’t stop fighting and got a goal from an unlikely source in rookie Ben Mack who scored his first ever SJHL goal to tie the game back up at 1-1 just over two minutes after Falloon’s goal to take away the momentum that Yorkton fought hard to build with a game tying goal. Melville’s hard luck would continue as after working hard to tie the game they would again find the Terriers just too good to keep down as Yorkton’s offensive zone time continued to pile up and wear down the Mils defense the Terriers would ramp up the pressure heading into the second intermission in search of a huge goal to take away the Mils confidence after tying the game up. They would find that goal with just over a minute left in the second period as veteran Tyler Giebel would score his third of the playoffs to give Yorkton the lead right back heading into the third. Cont. on Page 14.

HIGHWAY 10 BATTLE - Melville would let their frustrations get the better of them at times on Monday night in Yorkton in Game Three of the SJHL Finals as the Terriers put them one game away from elimination. Yorkton has a chance to lift the trophy with a four game sweep in Melville later this week.

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Page 14A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, April 17, 2014

NHL Playoff Preview: Rapid fire breakdown of the first round series The NHL regular season is over and although there is only one Canadian team in this year’s playoffs it is still the most popular time of year for Canadian sports fans as they organize their playoff pools, draft their fantasy teams, and head to the gas station to make their Pro-line parlays as hockey dominates the spring and legends are made in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. As always I have you covered with a rapid fire preview of the first round matchups.

Montreal will have to deal with Tampa Bay’s home ice advantage in this series after the Lightning won it on the last day of the season, but with Carey Price already proving that he can step up in the clutch in the Olympics there is hope that Montreal can keep Canada in the playoffs past the first round.


Missing Nathan Horton I just don’t see a way where the Blue Jackets upset the loaded Penguins roster in a seven game series.

Boston Bruins vs. Detroit Red Wings Detroit makes its debut in the Eastern Conference after years of domination in the West as heady underdogs against a Bruins team that made last year’s Cup Finals. As we saw last year Boston has the tendency to let teams hang around, so don’t be shocked if the Wings can make this series one of the more entertaining ones if they can get good goaltending. Either way expect everyone to get excited about an Original Six matchup in the playoffs that hasn’t been seen in a long time. Prediction: Wings in 7 Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Montreal Canadiens

Prediction: Habs in 6 Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Columbus Blue Jackets

Prediction: Pens in 5. New York Rangers vs. Philadelphia Flyers The most interesting matchup in the East, the Flyers will look to conquer their playoff goaltending demons. Unluckily for the Flyers, they will be facing one of the best goaltenders in the world who has a reputation for being lights out in the opening round throughout his career. Prediction: Rangers in 7. West Anaheim Ducks vs. Dallas Stars

Ruttig’s rants Column Chase Ruttig

In Teemu Selanne’s last season it is highly unlikely that the Ducks will get knocked off early despite Bruce Boudreau’s shaky playoff coaching record. Prediction: Ducks in 4 San Jose Sharks vs. LA Kings San Jose has a history of choking in the playoffs while the Kings have a history of turning it on come playoff time making this California rivalry all that more enticing for night owls looking for the

best West Coast series to watch. Prediction: Kings in 7 Colorado Avalanche vs. Minnesota Wild Colorado shocked everyone by winning the Central division in head coach Patrick Roy’s first year behind the bench. The Avalanche are led by a young team, including prodigy Nathan MacKinnon so don’t be shocked if there are some early series jitters from the young Avs. With a former Colorado legend in Roy behind the bench and an

energized Pepsi Center ready to relive the glordy days of the 90’s and 00’s when Roy was the star of many Cup winning teams home ice advantage should be enough to steer them through to the second round. Prediction: Avs in 7 St. Louis Blues vs. Chicago Blackhawks An intriguing matchup puts two historic Western Conference rivals together as the Blues go into the playoffs looking to continue the streak of defending champions failing to lift the Stanley Cup back to back with a first round win. Adding goaltender Ryan Miller at the trade deadline from Buffalo has the Blues thinking a potential Cup run of their own is in order, but as always their front end talent raises question marks when it comes down to their own ability to score despite being the best defensive team in

the league. For Chicago their biggest question will be whether or not they can conquer history and defend their Stanley Cup crown without the advantage of a high seed in the playoffs. With the added difficulty of the Olympic break factoring into the Blackhawks defence of their 2013 Cup win there is a bit harder of a road for Chicago, but a team that is loaded with talent will feel good about their chances against the Blues provided they can find the goals necessary to knock off the stifling Blues defensive strategies. Prediction: hawks in 6


Final Predictions: WCF: Avs.



ECF: Habs.



Stanley Cup: Penguins over Blackhawks.


MEN’S MEN’S LADIES LADIES MOST PINS HIGH SINGLE HIGH TRIPLE HIGH SINGLE HIGH TRIPLE OVER AVERAGE Terry Hudy 314 Terry Hudy 770 Dorothy Ostapovich 235 Dorothy Ostapowich 611 Terry Hudy +105 Jason Manastryski 238 Jason Manastryski 542 Ellen Krotenko 185 Ellen Krotenko 499 Jason Manastryski +62 Peter Moroz 294 Peter Moroz 639 Edith Wagner 230 Susanne Hack 595 Peter Moroz +122 Bryce Newton 253 Bryce Newton 628 Abbey Somogyi 186 Abbey Somogyi 488 Brett Newton +70 Barry Gawryliuk 308 Bert Hasper 703 Melissa Basaraba 269 Patricia Thomson 659 Bert Hasper +135 Andy Boleziuk 256 Larry Serdachney 618 Sharon Pfeifer 241 Eleanor Yasinsky 613 Sharon Pfeifer +86 Dennis Hoedel 224 Gerry Kastrukoff 637 Eileen Gulak 247 Adella Hansen 649 Eileen Gulak +86 Barry Tocher 277 Rick Becquet 696 Jenn Kostiuk 348 Jenn Kostiuk 769 Jenn Kostiuk +117 Melvin Kwasnitza 289 Melvin Kwasnitza 686 Rosemary Mandzuk 252 Rosemary Mandzuk 568 Peter Pryszlak +113 Karen Mehling 326 Karen Mehling 706 Karen Mehling +119 Jarett Koroluk 265 Dale Cross 661 Jenn Kostiuk 388 Jenn Kostiuk 1007 Jenn Kostiuk +160 Jacob Hooge 212 Jacob Hooge 554 Ashley Schrader 219 Ashley Schrader 520 Khlesi Mclaughlin +58

Terriers look to stay focused one game away from title Cont. from Page 13. Already up 2-1 heading into the third period, the Terriers continued to dominate both ends of the ice, even with the Millionaires stepping up their play in an expected valiant third period effort trying to avoid the third straight loss of the series. Great neutral zone interceptions from Tayler Thompson and Brett Boehm as well as strong cycle play by the Terriers forwards and pinching offensive defenseman in the Norrish twins and Devon McMullen would keep the puck in the Melville zone for longer stretches than Mils head coach Jamie Fiesel would have liked in the last period as the visitors watched the clock slowly tick away while trying to knock Yorkton off the puck. Nearing the midway point of the third period the Mils would get one last chance on the powerplay after a Boehm interference penalty, but the Terriers penalty kill would remain perfect on the series by denying Melville of any real chances with the man advantage to continue their frustrations. After a late timeout and an empty net, the Mils would attempt to keep the puck in the Terriers zone, but as they had all night Yorkton would get the

puck out before refusing to let themselves get out muscled in the Melville zone, eventually getting an empty net goal that was credited to Giebel following some hard work in the empty crease from both him and Thompson to push the puck over the goal line to make it a 3-1 final. Post game Trent Cassan credited his team for the effort they put forth in a game where the Terriers expected Melville to throw everything at them in a pivotal Game Three. “I have been impressed with the way we have played all series, but to come out knowing that Melville was going to try whatever they could to get into the series to come out and get the first regulation win of the series while playing a complete game on every line was big for us.” Cassan mentioned the Terriers depth as one of the major aspects to their early success in the series, specifically their fourth line which features Derek Falloon and a rotating group of players including rookies Tyson Enzie and Jordan Ross. “Our depth has been huge for us because as you know we like to roll out four lines and get everybody ice time which allows both veteran players and rookies to be comfortable in any situation,” says Cassan.

“When you look at tonight’s game we got a huge contribution from a fourth line that had a lot of talent when you look at how players like Falloon and Enzie can play offensively so when you can stick guys like that on your fourth line of the depth chart and get them on the ice it is a huge boost.” Cassan also credited the Terriers for staying disciplined in a game where the Millionaires veteran players in Allan

Kilback and Mospanchuk both took penalties that were costly with Kilback taking out Thompson from behind for a game misconduct and Mospanchuk taking a double minor for high sticking late in the first period. “I try to tell our guys that while it is a physical series and it is to be expected that tempers can flare that we can’t allow ourselves to get on the penalty kill by taking frustration pen-

alties and after having to kill off four penalties in Game Two I felt that we did a good job of that tonight.” As for a potential sweep of the Mils in Game Four when the teams go back to Melville, the always calm Cassan was as usual quick to downplay the big headline. “We are just going to take it one game at a time,” says Cassan. “The goal is always to win the game and we are going to go into

Melville with the same goal we always have, but there won’t be anymore pressure than there already is to go out and keep improving and working hard.” If the Terriers do lose on Melville in Game Four they will have plenty of chances to recover, up 3-0 in the series it is now safe to say the defending champions are on the verge of back to back glory. Only one game is in their way of Canalta Cup glory.

YESSA BASKETBALL CHAMPS - MC Knoll won the 2014 Yorkton City Elementary Basketball Championship last week, defeating Yorkdale in the final. Yorkdale earned the glory in the Girls Final, winning the city crown over St. Michael’s.

the news review - Thursday, April 17, 2014 - Page 15A









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AUTO MISCELLANEOUS GUARANTEED APPROVAL drive away today! We lend money to everyone. Fast approvals, best interest rates. Over 500 vehicles sale priced for immediate delivery OAC. 1-877-796-0514. WRECKING AUTO-TRUCKS: Parts to fit over 500 trucks. Lots of Dodge, GMC, Ford, imports... We ship anywhere. Lots of Dodge, diesel, 4x4 stuff... Trucks up to 3 tons. North-East Recyclers 780875-0270 (Lloydminster).

Whatever you need done, you’ll find the solutions right here!

NURSERY t GARDEN CENTRE GROCERY STORE Hwy. #9 North, Yorkton, SK. 306-783-8660



10' X 40' trailer, fully furnished, $12,500 or best offer. Lake of the Prairies, Ricker's Campground, Lot 33. Offers. Open May 15/14. Call 306-783-1389.



SATURDAY, MAY 10, 2014 Prairieland Park Convention Centre 503 Ruth St. West Saskatoon, SK. Now Accepting Consignments. Don’t Delay Consign Today!

Wagner’s Flooring Ltd.



Buying/Selling FEED GRAINS heated / damaged CANOLA/FLAX Top price paid FOB FARM


115 - 41 Broadway W. Yorkton, SK 306-786-6636

464 Broadway St. E., Yorkton 306-783-8392

Vision problems?


CNIB products for better living. 2011 LTD 71 Broadway East 306-783-3028 1-866-659-1843


David 306-631-7207 306-693-4411 PL # 329773 www.thecollector

Western Commodities 877-695-6461 Visit our website @

FORAGE SEED for sale: Organic and conventional: Sweet Clover, Alfalfa, Red Clover, Smooth Brome, Meadow Brome, Crested Wheatgrass, Timothy, etc. Free Delivery! Birch Rose Acres Ltd. 306-863-2900.

UNRESERVED AUCTION. Terarosa antiques, furniture, advertising, tins, gas pump, Harley Davidson motorcycle, collectibles and more. 10 a.m., Saturday April 19; or 780-8425666. Location: Marsden, Saskatchewan.

Make the most of your sight. CNIB's useful products help.

GOOD ALFALFA grass mix hay for sale. Big squares 3x4x8. Located in ROCKGLEN Sask. 70 dollars a ton or best offer Call 780621-7833.

1-866-659-1843 •

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Page 18A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, April 17, 2014

Full Line of Plumbing, Heating, Electrical • Residential and Commercial Wiring • Renovations • Fixture and Faucet Installation and Repair • Oil, Gas and Propane Systems


Plumbing, Heating and Electrical Service Ltd. 225 - 4th Ave. N. Yorkton, Sask. S3N 1A9 Phone: (306) 783-4020 Fax: (306) 782-5354

Ron Skinner 306-621-7700


MLS® 493102 Amazing houses like this don’t come around every day so come have a look! See MLS®493102 for many more details.

Spring Features

306.782.9680 ▪ ▪

Enjoy beautiful sunrises in the three season sunroom, as well kick back with a glass of wine and enjoy sunsets on the front deck. An amazing five acre walkout style 2180 square foot bungalow! There is access to the main road from the west side and a road to the golf course on east side. This house is stunning with its generous foyer that opens to the front dining room. Breath taking kitchen with Corian countertops, propane stove, built in ovens, commercial grade hood fan and soft close doors/drawers. The living room features lighted custom built book cases on each side of the electric fireplace. On the main floor there are three bedrooms and a 4 piece bathroom; the master features a huge walk in closet and a full bathroom. The lower level contains a family room, media area, two oversized bedrooms, 4 piece bathroom and plenty of storage.

NOW UNDER NEWJodyLOCAL OWNERSHIP Johnson Owner/Design Consultant





44 - 2nd Ave. N. 306-783-1699 Budget Blinds of East Central Saskatchewan Serving Postal Codes: S0A, S3N, S0E

NEW LOCATION: 27 1st Avenue N. Yorkton, SK As of May 1st, 2014

Long Service Award

PREMIER REALTY 45C Palliser Way, Yorkton

The Award of Excellence

Vange Vallaster 621-7272

Feature Property

The Best in Custom Blinds and Window Coverings

Helping you is what we do.™



tin New Lis


10 Kilborn Bay

6 Spice Drive

MLS® 492110




Location Ideal! MLS® 474130






Blue Chip Realty

Blue Chip Realty


MLS® 489171

1 Dalewood Cr. 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 1276 sq. ft.


1,040 sq. ft., 3 bedroom, fully developed basement, single garage.



MLS 490548



MLS® 469905

169 Road Allowance Calder 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 963 sq. ft. Double detached garage.



MLS® 478879

79 Agricultural Ave.

108-345 Morrison Dr.


MLS 489999

264,900 306-782-2253


MLS® 493720




274 FOURTH AVE. N. MLS 491894

$192,900 NEW

93 MCBURNEY DR., YORKTON $305,000 MLS 483937


111 BARBER AVE., SPRINGSIDE $179,500 MLS 485630

201 FIRST AVE. N., STURGIS 484655

$159,900 MLS

Win Big

4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 1728 sq. ft., balcony.


1053 sq. ft., 2 bedroom condo, open concept.


Pat Pugh

Home: 783-7629 Fax: 786-7918

306 783-6666 Email: or


65 Rosefield Drive

269A Hamilton Road, Yorkton, SK 306-783-6666 (Office) or email

BUY or SELL with SANDI, enters you for a chance to WIN Cell: 621-1119 269 Hamilton Road, Yorkton,aSK BULLFROG HOT TUB!

Recently renovated. Ground floor, 3 bedroom condo, 1 bathroom, patio, behind Parkland Mall

2 bedroom condo, fridge, stove, dishwasher, washer, dryer, very attractive.

Each office independently owned & operated.


101-289 Fietz St.

308-289 Fietz St.


MLS® 482501

We'll come to you! Request a free, no obligation measurement for your next flooring project! For a free room measure visit

The ONE store for your perfect floor.™ Linden Square Shopping Centre, Yorkton, SK Phone: 306-782-6556 Toll Free: 1-888-782-6556





MLS 491982

MLS 489104



30 JOHNSON BAY 485240

$79,900 MLS

Deb Schmidt C.Dir Realtor

306-621-3689 ©2011 Century 21 Real Estate LLC. All rights reserved. CENTURY 21® is a registered trademark owned by Century 21 Real Estate LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Each office is independently owned and operated.

THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, April 17, 2014 - Page 19A

Spring 999 Price Break


Matching loveseat ONLY $949 Matching Chair ONLY $799

Leather Match Sofa

no $


Office Desk


$ D








when you purchase a Culligan® water conditioner or drinking water system*

Leather Match Reclining Sofa

1499 interest

Reclining Loveseat ONLY $1449 Rocker Recliner ONLY $999

Better deals on better water, ASK pure and simple. OUT OUR


Computer Desk - $279


48” Bookcase - $179



Purchase a High Efficiency Water Softener and Aqua-Cleer® Drinking Water System and receive


$200 OFF


your purchase e price*

Corner Table - $219 Hutch - $299 for single

76” Bookcase - $219 File Cabinet - $299


*Special limited time offer. Certain restrictions apply. OAC. See participating dealer for details.



months (OAC)



5 Piece Dining Room Includes Table & 4 chairs



5 Piece Dining Room Includes Table & 4 chairs

Call your local Culligan® dealer today

“Over 65 Years of Sales & Service”

60 Myrtle Avenue Yorkton, SK S3N 1P7 306-782-2274

Culligan of Yorkton 306-782-2644 800-756-5545 #1-76 7th Avenue South


SPRING SAVINGS ALCO RAILING SYSTEM Features a unique non-welded design which allows the railings to be custom fitted during installation. Tough powder coated finish with durable polyurethane. • In-stock - white only





Armadillo From Rhino Deck Composite has never looked better. Armadillo’s “hardshell” is permanently fused to its composite core. The unique composition of the outer layer provides better control over pigmentation, resulting in a denser, richer color, more variation and a more realistic look. IT’S FULLY ARMORED: Armadillo’s super hard exterior shrug off scuffs, stains & boasts superior resistance to fading. OUT OF SIGHT: Armadillo’s grooved planks enable the use of the Rhino Deck hidden fastener system. It provides a clean, uninterrupted look and quick installation. • 20 year manufacturer’s warranty including 2 year defective parts replacement warranty • 5/4” x 6” - 12’, 16’ & 20’ • 3 colors

DECORATIVE GLASS DOOR LITES Decorative glass embraces natural light and transforms any entryway into a vision of beauty. Add charm and sophistication to your home’s entry. • In-stock varieties only

10% OFF



Your choice of left or right hand swing. Comes completely assembled including brickmould, primed white and ready to finish. Pre-hung in 4 1/2” jamb. 2’8” x 6’8”. 32”x80 - 4-9/16





SERVICES DOOR SHOP you 'll need to install your new We've got everything door stops etc. At door . . . Lock sets, shims, door shop services, e plet com r offe we r, dso Win and mortising for including prehanging, drilling alling glass. inst and bs kno hinges and No Problem!


18999 EACH

Prices in effect until April 26, 2014, or while quantities last! • Visit us on the net:

HWY 10 EAST • YORKTON • 1-800-458-9663

PHONE: 306-782-2937 • FAX 306-783-8487

The you need to know!

and check out the deals

STORE HOURS: Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 5:30pm Sat: 8:00am - 5:00pm • Closed Sundays & holidays for family time

Windsor Plywood

Page 20A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, April 17, 2014

G Gavin Konkel Specializing in Farm, Acreage and Ag 306.641.9123 Corey Werner Owner/Broker 306.621.9680 37 LAURIER AVENUE

ng N e w L is ti

Brooke Niezgoda Residential Sales 306.621.2586

306. 782. 9680


ng N e w L is ti

#104-289 # 0 8 FIETZ S ST..

ng N e w L is ti


ng N e w L is ti

ng N e w L is ti

$269,900 Size: 1,070 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 3 Year Built: 2013 Bathrooms: 3 Taxes: $0 (2013) MLS® 492274

$330,000 Size: 1,278 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 3 Year Built: 1984 Taxes: $2507 (2013) Bathrooms: 3 MLS® 492471

$159,900 Size: 1,011 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 3 Year Built: 1981 Bathrooms: 1 Taxes: $1267 (2013) MLS® 492721





S O LD by M L S

S O LD by M L S

S O LD by M L S

ng N e w L is ti

$99,000 Size: 880 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 3 Year Built: 1945 Bathrooms: 1 MLS® 493169

Bedrooms: 4 Year Built: 1966 Bathrooms: 2 Taxes: $2051 (2013) Size: 1,040 sq. ft. MLS® 490208

Bedrooms: 3 Year Built: 1953 Bathrooms: 2 Taxes: $1692 (2013) Size: 956 sq. ft. MLS® 489907




$279,900 Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 2

Size: 1,144 sq. ft. Year Built: 1971 Taxes: $2074 (2013)

MLS® 484206 Text: CORE to 33344


$289,000 Size: 1079 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 2 Year Built: 2003 Bathrooms: 2 Taxes: $2151 (2013) MLS® 488585 Text: CORE18 to 33344


$129,900 Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 1

Size: 770 sq. ft. Year Built: 1980 Taxes: $1191 (2013) MLS® 487012


$251,000 Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 3

Size:1,645 sq. ft. Year Built: 1953 Taxes: $1887 (2013)

MLS® 484953


$284,900 Size: 1,250 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 4 Year Built: 1961 Bathrooms: 3 Taxes: $1272 (2013) MLS® 488999 Text: CORE31 to 33344

East Shore Estates SALTCOATS LAKE FRONT LOTS FOR SALE 2 - 23 Anderson Trail MLS® 488309 $ 39,900 Each Text: CORE22 to 33344


$474,000 Size: 1,118 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 5 Year Built: 1979 Bathrooms: 3 MLS® 488645

$185,900 Size: 1,296 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 4 Year Built: 1912 Bathrooms: 2 Taxes: $1430 (2013) MLS® 487064


$186,900 Size: 1202 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 3 Year Built: 1932 Bathrooms: 2 Taxes: $1377 MLS® 492808 Text: CORE28 to 33344


$232,000 Size: 988 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 3 Year Built: 1967 Bathrooms: 3 Taxes: $1869 MLS® 477517 Text: CORE11 to 33344

$335,000 Size: 1,293 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 4 Year Built: 1986 Bathrooms: 3 Taxes: $2574 (2013) MLS® 490431 Text: CORE5 to 33344


$349,900 Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 3

Size: 1,736 sq. ft. Year Built: 1988 Taxes: $2891 (2013)

MLS® 486915 Text: CORE33 to 33344


$198,500 Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 1

Size: 1,500 sq. ft. Year Built: 1921 Taxes: $1522 (2013)

MLS® 485469 Text: CORE25 to 33344



$195,900 Size: 816 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 3 Year Built: 1954 Bathrooms: 2 Taxes: $1557 (2013) MLS® 491489

$35,000 Size: 572 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 2 Year Built: 1950 Bathrooms: 1 Taxes: $1 (2013) MLS® 490276 Text: CORE16 to 33344


$108,000 Size: 1136 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 3 Year Built: 1966 Bathrooms: 1 Taxes: $1300 (2013) MLS® 477864 Text: CORE15 to 33344


$199,900 Year Built: 1976 Bedrooms: 5 Taxes: $1600 (2013) Bathrooms: 1 MLS® 491624


$175,000 Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 1

Size: 988 sq. ft. Year Built: 1952 Taxes: 0.00 (2013)

MLS® 484466 Text: CORE4 to 33344


$150,000 Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 1

Size: 672 sq. ft. Year Built: 1985 Taxes: $1117 (2013)

MLS® 487951


$369,900 Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 3

Size: 1350 sq. ft. Year Built: 2009 Taxes: $1940

MLS® 485543 Text: CORE14 to 33344


$139,900 Acres: 5.98 Taxes: $280 (2013) MLS® 488118

$539,500 Size: 1,902 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 4 Year Built: 1992 Bathrooms: 4 Taxes: $3139 (2013) MLS® 493019 Text: CORE34 to 33344

Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 2


Size: 11,502 502 sq sq. ftft. Year Built: 1959

MLS® 491312


$50,000 Size: 616 sq. ft.

Year Built: 1930 Taxes: $1093

MLS® 483644


$115,000 Size: 981.88 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 3 Year Built: 1912 Bathrooms: 1 Taxes: $1115 MLS® 469424 Text: CORE1 to 33344


$429,900 Size: 1,581 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 4 Year Built: 2009 Bathrooms: 4 Taxes: $2501 (2013) MLS® 485245 Text: CORE30 to 33344


$115,000 Size: 1,573 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 6 Year Built: 1953 Bathrooms: 3 Taxes: $1 (2013) MLS® 490278 Text: CORE29 to 33344


$10,800 Lots & Land

Taxes: $414

$609,000 Size: 2,180 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 5 Year Built: 2011 Bathrooms: 3 Taxes: $5000 (2013) MLS® 493102


$445,000 Size: 1,809 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 4 Year Built: 1995 Bathrooms: 4 Taxes: $2803 (2013) MLS® 491920 Text: CORE10 to 33344


$199,900 Size: 1,180 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 3 Year Built: 2011 Bathrooms: 1 Taxes: $1200 (2013) MLS® 490594


$139,900 Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 2

MLS® 486673


$179,000 Size: 1056 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 4 Year Built: 1959 Bathrooms: 1 Taxes: $897 MLS® 476867 Text: CORE20 to 33344


$49,900 Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 1

$155,000 Size: 1334 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 6 Year Built: 1967 Bathrooms: 2 Taxes: $1424 MLS® 477123 Text: CORE27 to 33344

Size: 776 sq. ft. Year Built: 1953 Taxes: $823 (2013) MLS® 486859


$369,000 Bedrooms: 5 Bathrooms: 3

MLS® 483148


Size: 1,632 sq. ft. Year Built: 1976 Taxes: $1085 (2013)

Size: 1118 sq. ft. Year Built: 1979 Taxes: $1852 (2013)

MLS® 488611


$289,000 Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 1

Size: 1,131 sq. ft. Year Built: 1950 Taxes: $0.00 (2013)

MLS® 484532 Text: CORE12 to 33344





MLS® 488959

MLS® 488957

Yorkton News Review April 17, 2014  

Weekly newspaper covering Yorkton and surrounding area.

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