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Night sky magic

Staff Photo by Calvin Daniels

Everyone seems to love fireworks, and many gathered at the Painted Hand Casino Main Stage Saturday evening to enjoy the display which was one of the

final events of the annual Yorkton Exhibition. The fireworks followed stage performances by the Hunters Brothers and the GX94 Star Search Finals.

Greyhound service in Yorkton shuts down By Sean Mott Staff Writer The countdown to bus extinction has begun (in the Prairies, at least). Greyhound Canada will be closing its passenger bus and freight services in Manitoba,

Alberta, and Saskatchewan (British Columbia will maintain a lone Vancouver-toSeattle route). Yorkton’s service will not be spared. The closures will go into effect on Oct. 31. “I was surprised and a little disappointed,” said Mayor Bob

Maloney. Greyhound Canada cited slumping sales as their primary reason for abandoning bus services in the Prairies. “The business model seems to be broken,” Maloney said. Greyhound passenger buses

provided a vital link between rural small towns and bigger cities. They were an affordable alternative to flights. With the closures, hundreds of employees and rural citizens have been left in the lurch. “It’s a loss for the community,” Maloney said. “It’s going to

be difficult.” Maloney is uncertain what business, if any, will be able to fill the hole when Greyhound rolls out of Yorkton. “If Greyhound can’t make it work, I don’t know who can,” he said. “I’m not sure what the future of our terminal will be.”

China massive market for area exports By Calvin Daniels Staff Writer China is a huge market in terms of potential trade exports. That potential has already been realized by a number of Yorkton and area businesses

including Buckle Great Northern Beef Corp., who hosted a visit from Richard Choi, chief representative of the Saskatchewan Trade and Investment Office China, based in Shanghai. For Choi, working in promoting business and

trade in China is a natural. Born in China, but growing up and being educated in Canada, he has worked extensively in the business field including time with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in China, before taking the position

with the Saskatchewan office. Choi said having an office in Shanghai is a good step in opening doors to the massive market of the city, and the country, adding Canadian business has to understand going in it is

a different world there in terms of how one carries out business. “The way they do business over there is very different from how we do business here,” he said, adding he believes the basis for business in China “comes from the

history and culture of the country.” It’s important that Canadian business understand at least some of that history. For example, “China only opened to the world

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‘Long cool’ win for Borderline By Calvin Daniels Staff Writer For the second year in a row a Langenburg-based rock band won the Yorkton’s Got Talent finals at the summer fair. This time around the fans voted Borderline the night’s best, with the four-piece group led by lead singer Carlie Geres wowing the group with a rendition of ‘Long Cool Woman’ by the Hollies.

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Joining Geres in Borderline are Cody, Kyler and Riley Buchberger. Riley Buchberger, the band’s drummer, was also part of The Firm which won the inaugural Yorkton’s Got Talent in 2017. Between being called up to the Painted Hand Casino Main Stage as winners, and being urged to play a couple of encore songs by fans who stayed in the grandstand area, Geres told Yorkton This Week they had gone with a song they knew well.

“The song’s been on our song list before,” she said, adding they put in a couple of weeks of focused practice leading up to the contest. “… It’s just lots of fun to sing – just a classic.” One thing that didn’t bother Borderline was the crowd, as the band has played in front of some large audiences before including the 2017 Rhythm ‘n Ribs in Yorkton, an event they are already booked to return to later this month (July 27-29). But there was still a sense of excite-

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ment as Borderline took to the stage as the final act of the night. “(We were) fired right up and ready to go,” said Cody Buchberger. Geres, 18 – the Buchbergers are 14, 15, and 16 – graduated high school in June, but she says that won’t affect her performing with Borderline. “I’m taking nursing in Yorkton,” she said, adding being close to home will keep the band together.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018 | | Yorkton This Week

Kiddies Day

Staff Photos by Devin Wilger

The Yorkton Exhibition Summer Fair is fun for all ages, but Thursday is the most fun for the youngest folks. That’s when the fair holds its Kiddies Day, which kicks off with the Kiddies Day Parade, featuring floats put together by the kids of Yorkton.

Summer free fishing weekend ahead Saskatchewan’s annual summer free fishing weekend is just around the corner. On July 14 and 15, residents and visitors to the province are welcome to fish in any of Saskatchewan’s public waters open to sport fishing without purchasing a fishing licence. “Saskatchewan offers some of the best fresh-

water fishing in the world,” Environment Minister Dustin Duncan said. “Free fishing weekend is a great opportunity for families and visitors to make summer memories at one of our province’s many lakes.” For those new to fishing or interested in learning more on fishing necessities, local fishing experts Jason and Jeff Matity will be leading

free Learn to Fish sessions during free fishing weekend. Participants will learn about fish identification, how to pack a tackle box, cleaning/filleting and more. These free lake-side sessions run at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. in Douglas and Moose Mountain provincial parks on July 14, and Buffalo Pound and Echo Valley provincial parks on July 15. More informa-

tion can be found at www. tourismsaskatchewan. com/places-to-go/provincial-parks/summer-fun. Anyone planning to take part in free fishing weekend should note that all other fishing regulations, including possession limits, gear restrictions and size limits on some lakes and rivers, remain in effect. Free fishing weekend does not apply in national parks

and anyone planning on taking fish out of the province must purchase a licence.

The first free fishing weekend in Saskatchewan was held in the summer of 1989

to encourage participation in sport fishing and increase public awareness about the value and diversity of angling opportunities in the province. In 2015, the province held the first winter free fishing weekend. Annually, approximately 250,000 people sport fish in Saskatchewan, including more than 50,000 outof-province anglers.

sheer scale of the market is enticing. Choi pointed just to the city of Shanghai with its population of 32 million. “That’s only two million short of the total

population of Canada,” he noted. Choi added there is a significant middle class in Shanghai and that is the important sector they want to access. People with a growing income are willing to spend money for quality imported products such as Buckle Great Northern Beef, or honey from Wendell Estate Honey at MacNutt, or flax oil from TA Foods here in the city. The market is there. “It’s very big and very

complicated,” he said, adding the opportunities in Shanghai do exist “as long as you know what

you’re doing.” That is where the trade office and Canada’s reputation can help.

More information about fishing in Saskatchewan can be found in the 2018 Anglers’ Guide, at

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in 1978,” reminded Choi. “China has only 40 years (experience in trading).” That limited timeframe in international dealings compared to a country

such as Canada is significant, he said. “They’ve had to learn a lot of things from the west.” While there are hurdles to be cleared to trade into China, the


Lawrence & Cynthia Gutek, Hendon Windows installed March 21, 1997 Comments 20 years later: “The best thing about our windows is that they are maintenance free!! It seemed like a lot of money at the time, but over 20 years it was money well spent.”

Call 1-866-FOAMLAKE (1-866-362-6525)


Gardeners’ Market Everyone Welcome! Buy/Sell Local Fresh Produce!

Carlie Geres, lead vocalist for Borderline performs at Yorkton’s Got Talent.

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In fact, when asked, the four musicians envision a long-term collaboration, nodding agreement to the idea of still being together five years from now. This summer, they have plans to start taking their music in a more personal direction. While having gigs arranged for the aforementioned Rhythm ‘n Ribs as well as Spy Hill, Grayson and Birtle, MB, they want to write some songs. Drummer Riley Buchberger admitted they have a lot of work ahead to get barely percolating ideas to the full song stage, but it is part

of the plan. “It’s a project this summer,” echoed Geres. Taking second place was a quintet of dancers from ExtravaDance in Yorkton. The senior hip hop group performed a number entitled “Big Winner (Mash Up).”

Members of the group were Grace Bartel, Trinity Schneider, Hannah Seville, Kendil Veer, and Sarah Willson. The third place finisher among the 10-acts was eight-year-old magician Makayla Winters of Yorkton.

Gardeners’ Market 2018 Schedule July 21 �������������������������������������August 25 July 28 �������������������������������� September 1 August 4 ����������������������������� September 8 August 11�������������������������September 15 August 18���������������September 22 & 29 What: When: Time: Location:

Gardeners’ Market Every Saturday Beginning July 21, 2018 9 am to 12 noon Melrose Avenue & Simpson Street Prairie Harvest Christian Life Centre (north parking lot outside)

(1 block south and 1 block east of Broadway & Gladstone intersection)


July 16th to 27th: OFFICE CLOSED Regular office hours resume Monday, July 30 Monday to Friday, 9:00-12 and 1-5:00 We wish you a safe and sunny July

Dr_Sheila_Grunert_2x30.h20_R0011586776.indd • prod1/kk • ytw July 11,18/18 • mp july 13,20/18

Promoting Local Gardeners & Buying Local

Local gardeners are welcome to register to sell their produce at Yorkton Gardeners’ Markets each Saturday this summer. Produce welcome for sale at the Yorkton Gardeners’ Market are: fresh garden vegetables, fresh fruit, fresh cut flowers, potted plants, honey, jams, jellies, pickled vegetables, relish, arts and crafts.

Register as a seller To register as a seller at Yorkton Gardeners’ Market Email: or or Phone: Glen 1 (306) 783 7040

Up Front

Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Teaching raptors while entertaining By Calvin Daniels Staff Writer Canadian Raptor Conservancy is one of the largest captive breeding projects in the world. The Port Diver, ON. based organization has more than 200 captivebred birds at its facility, and regularly breeds over 15 different species each year. Many of the species are endangered species and some of their offspring are sent back into the wild through organized release projects around the world. To raise awareness about raptors in general, and the conservancy in particular they send out travelling shows to introduce to the birds. For Matt Morgan, a wildlife educator and raptor trainer, it’s a dream job. “I do this all year long. I travel across Canada,” he told Yorkton This Week as his travels brought him to the Yorkton Exhibition for daily shows highlighting raptors. Morgan, who grew up in Toronto, said when he was a youngster his family went to bird shows at the Toronto Zoo, and his interest in birds such as hawks and falcons was set. When old enough he became a licenced falconer after “working through an apprenticeship program.” The apprenticeship is important for its handson experience because as Morgan noted while you can read a lot about falconry “books are just books”. The first bird Morgan

Matt Morgan of the Canadian Raptor Conservancy with a bald eagle at the Yorkton Exhibition, owned was a Harris Hawk, a species native to further south into the United States. “It’s a fairly standard beginner bird,” he explained. “The Harris Hawk (Parabuteo unicinctus) is a medium-large bird of prey which breeds from the southwestern USA south to Chile and central Argentina,” details the conservancy website at http://www.canadian- “It is the only member of the genus Parabuteo. The name is derived from the Greek para, meaning beside or near, and the Latin buteo, referring to a kind of hawk; uni meaning once; and cinctus meaning girdled, referring to the white band at the base of the tail. John James Audubon gave this bird its English name in honor of his ornithological companion, financial

supporter, and friend Edward Harris. “Individuals range in length from 46 to 76 cm and generally have a wingspan of 1.1m. The average weight for males is about 710g, while the female average is 1020g. This is a sexual dimorphism of about 40%, with the female being larger than the male. They have dark brown plumage with chestnut shoulders, wing linings, and thighs,

white on the base a tip of the tail, long, yellow legs and a yellow beak. “The bird lives in sparse woodland and semi-desert, as well as marshes (with some trees) in some parts of its range, including mangrove swamps. Harris’s Hawks are permanent residents and do not migrate.” As his interest in falconry grew Morgan saw a conservancy show and mentioned he would be interested in working with them. As it happened a full-time job opened up and they called him to apply, and he got the job and has been with them for nearly five years. Morgan said the conservancy is involved in a variety of areas of conservation, including the facility caring for sick and injured birds of prey that have come from wild populations. If possible the birds are returned to health and released back into the wild, and if release is not possible they remain cared for. Wild birds are not used in shows however. All of the birds used for demonstrations are captive-bred, he said. The facility also works on a variety of conservation programs related to birds of prey. “This includes “Operation Falco Slovakia” which is a project to help restore the endangered Saker Falcon to the Republic of Slovakia. Canadian Raptor Conservancy bred Saker Falcons for release and was used as a

consultant to help establish a breeding facility in Slovakia,” detailed the website. The Canadian Raptor Conservancy is one of the founding partners of the Ontario Barn Owl Restoration Project. Morgan explained the barn owl population while widespread in Ontario “is on the verge of extinction.” “The Barn Owl (Tyto alba) is the most widely distributed species of owl, and one of the most widespread of all birds. They are found almost anywhere in the world outside polar and desert regions,” detailed the website. “The Barn Owl is a pale, long-winged, longlegged owl with a short square tail. Depending on subspecies, it measures between 25 and 45 cm in overall length, with a wingspan of about 75 to 100 cm. “Its head and upperparts are a mixture of buff and grey (especially on the forehead and back) feathers in most subspecies. All have fine black-and-white speckles… “The Barn Owl builds a nest of sorts, but unlike in typical owls it is just a scrape in any unsorted debris as has assembled in a hollow with narrow entrance. Typical nest sites include tree stumps and cliff crevices, but these owls will readily nest in attics, vacant and ruined buildings, and even wells, chimneys, hunting blinds and similar locations.” Continued on Page A7

Simard tops GX94 Star Search By Calvin Daniels Staff Writer For the second year in-a-row a singer from St. Lazare, MB., has topped the GX94 Talent Search. In 2017 it was Julianna Moore thanks in large part to a great rendition of the challenging ‘Crazy’ made famous by Patsy Cline, who won it all. This time Solange Simard, crediting her rendition of ‘Diane’ from artist Cam, who won the silver buckle, limited edition jacket, and a chance to record a pair of songs. “’Diane’ is very powerful,” said the 16-year-old Simard after her win on the Painted Hand Casino Main Stage at the Yorkton Exhibition Saturday. Simard said the song is rather new on the music scene, but she said it caught the judge’s attention in a preliminary round of the competition, so it was a natural to

come back with it at the finals. Simard then turned to a familiar Creedence Clearwater Revival standard ‘Ever See the Rain’ to round out her two-song set. “It was my first time performing it,” she said, adding working with the band that all finalists had for the show helped. While confident in her performance the win still came as a surprise. “There were a lot of talented singers,” she said, adding when her name was announced she was of course thrilled. “My heart was running when I was announced.” For Simard the GX Star Search came in her first year in the contest, a rarity in the 25-plus years of the competition. However, Simard did have experience to draw upon. The performer is completely bilingual and has performed in front

Solange Simard of St. Lazare became the second straight winner of the GX94 Star Search competition from the Manitoba community. of some large audiences singing in French. And she was chosen to record a song as the Manitoba representative on a French recording done in Quebec.

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songs,” she said, adding she knows that would create a language barrier for local listeners, “but it is under consideration.” While still barely a teenager, Simard already

Available at DR AUTO EXTRAS Hwy. 10 East, Yorkton

Don’t forget to ask about our unlimited VIP 85 Wireless plan too. 95 mo.

So will she choose to record a French country song as part of her win in Yorkton. “I have thought about it. I’ve heard a bunch of great French country

has years of experience in terms of singing. When asked when she started her reply was “since I’ve been able to talk.” Simard added it is almost in her blood too. “It’s something a lot of my extended family does,” she said, adding that runs from her dad, to various uncles and aunts. That network of musical family was important. “It’s very important that they come and support me,” she said, adding “I know they’ll always be there.” As for her own interest, Simard said she likes that her voice can affect an audience. “I like seeing the reaction when I start singing,” she said, although she admitted in Yorkton she chose not to wear her glasses, so she didn’t see the large audience well as she concentrated on the singing.


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Perspective Best to understand why teepees are there


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Politics Why there are teepees on the lawn across from the legislature in Regina is likely a more important question than why the teepees are still there. After having a least one teepee there for nearly five months now, many are asking: Why police are unwilling to enforce the bylaws prohibiting them? Are the First Nations protestors getting special treatment? With all due respect, these are the wrong questions. If this were a simple matter of bylaw enforcement, it is the Provincial Capital Commission — the provincial body that replaced the old cityprovincial Wascana Centre Authority that used to administer this city park — that has dropped the ball. While the PCC successfully got the the police to remove the original teepee last month, it likely should have requested the campsite be cleared in February when it first when it first went up in response to the Gerald Stanley not guilty verdict. It didn’t — perhaps because the Saskatchewan Party and the PCC recognized the sensitivity of the situation. One might recall the entire province was a bit of a power keg after the not-well-understood verdict in the death of Red Pheasant First Nation resident Colten Boushie. Certainly, Premier Scott Moe deserves much credit for reaching out to Boushie’s family and the First Nation community as a whole to create better understanding. Nevertheless, the protestors still felt a need to be heard, to educate others on their issues including the historic treatment of aboriginal children and maybe even heal a little themselves. The legislative grounds are a place where people sometimes go to be heard by exercising their free speech — whether we necessarily agree with what they have to say or not. This expression comes in the form of protest. And, quite often, the protestors violate park bylaws … or perhaps even other laws. The latter was clearly the case in February 200 when farmers demanding $300 million from the provincial government and a billion dollars, overall, stormed the legislature, chained the front doors and then conducted a nine day-andnight sit in. The Regina police let them be, even though they were obviously conducting a far more serious trespassing offence. It ended when the protest leaders, themselves, asked the police to break it up when things were getting out of control. (There was talk of threats being uttered.) Yes, this current protest camp has been around for much too long. Yes, it has grown in the past couple weeks at the at encouragement of of the Federation of Indigenous Sovereign Nations (FSIN) after the Regina Police removed the initial protestors and got them to temporarily take down the original teepee. One fears that the longer this camp stays, the great chance for resentment … or worse, unpleasant confrontation. The camp leadership should be cognizant of this. But it does seem clear the Regina police have acted wisely so as to avoid confrontation. And while there are those who will rightly argue that some of the protestors demands can’t be met, maybe it would serve us all well to take a moment to listen what they are actually asking. At a meeting with provincial cabinet last week, the protestors laid out a wish list of things they wanted. Some are less feasible, like a moratorium on adoption and any expansion of the foster care system. But others seem rather reasonable. They have asked for: “clear data on the number of children in child care and the duration of their care”, a “review of all permanent wards”, examination of “the use of in-home supervision in-lieu of apprehension”, a “full report on child care”, a cabinet visit to the Red Pheasant First Nation, as promised and a “cost analysis” of children in care with cheaper alternatives in mind. This is why the protest teepees are there. We should at least try to understand that. Murray Mandryk has been covering provincial politics for over 22 years.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Classified Sales: Deanna Brown



International trade opportunities for local business I

t is sometimes difficult to get your head around the idea of a product being made in the local area and sold to someone on the other side of the world. There is a general understanding by most, at least in Saskatchewan, that the crops they see growing in fields as they drive down our highways are exported outside of Canada. But, it is less thought about that products such as jars of honey, bottles of flaxseed oil, or pieces of machinery processed locally find interested markets in other countries. Richard Choi, chief representative of the Saskatchewan Trade and Investment Office China, based in Shanghai, was in Yorkton over the weekend and he brought into focus the connection the local area has in terms of trade with China. One of those businesses is Buckle Great Northern Beef Corp., which hosted Choi on his visit. The Buckle farm was homesteaded in 1885, six miles south of Yorkton. Since the 1940s, they have fattened cattle for both the Canadian and US markets. In 2014 Buckle Great Northern Beef Corp. sent its first container of beef to China. Their beef is now in 25 retail stores in Shanghai. “We were the first company to legally export beef (Canadian) into mainland China,” said Blaine Buckle in a 2015 Yorkton This Week story. The initial shipment was two containers of beef, “the equivalent of about

100-head of fat cattle,” he said. Wendell Estate Honey from MacNutt has also made forays into China. To diversify their sales, Martin Neuhofer said in a 2013 YTW story the company wanted to develop a line of products for the high-end consumer market both domestically and abroad. The business had already undertaken its first run of product, softcreamed-honey presented in jars, with sales in Canada, as well as Japan and China. Neuhofer said then they were looking to generate sales through gift shops, high-end wine stores and similar locations, where it can sell at a significant premium as a hostess gift or as a corporate gift. As an example, a twelve ounce jar of the Wendell Estate Honey retails for some $18 in Montreal and $40 in China, he said. While there are hurdles to be cleared to trade with China, the sheer scale of the market is enticing. Choi pointed just to the city of Shanghai with its population of 32 million, only a couple of million less than all of Canada. A growing middle class has dollars to spend on quality import products. With American president Donald Trump becoming increasingly protectionist in his trade policies the chance for Canadian business, including those local manufacturers, to look further afield certainly seems timely. There are already examples of how it can work.


Does the way Canada operates the provincial equalization program need to be changed?

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History Corner Relief of Mafeking (Boer War) 1900

Staff Photo by Sean Mott

Roadside facelift Keep your eyes peeled for detours this week. Stage two of the Broadway Street West resurfacing project began on Monday, Jul. 9. The construction will cover the Broadway

section between James Avenue and Barbor Avenue. Its planned completition date is Jul. 18. Stage one finished earlier than expected on Jun. 29.

Gov’t issues bluegreen algae advisory The Water Security Agency and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health are advising the public to avoid swimming in or drinking water where blue-green algae blooms are occurring. Algae blooms, or heavy concentrations of blue-green algae, commonly occur during calm, hot weather in areas of lakes and reservoirs with shallow, slow moving or still water that has sufficient nutrients. Pet owners and livestock producers are also advised to keep their animals away from such water. Algae blooms often give the water a shimmering, foamy pea soup appearance. They are usually blue-green, bright blue, grey or tan in colour. The recent warm temperatures in the province may result in the quick formation of algal blooms. The blooms typically last up to three weeks and can be pushed around the lake or reservoir by the wind. Swimming in or drinking this algae-contaminated water can cause red skin, sore throat, cramps or diarrhea. In addition, caution should be taken when considering the consumption of fish or shellfish caught in areas of a water body where a bloom exists; in particu-

lar the internal organs of the fish should not be eaten. If you have health

symptoms, please call Healthline 811 or contact your health care provider.

In South Africa, war had broken out between the British army and Dutch settlers called Boers. Canada, being a British colony, answered the demand from Britain and sent volunteers to serve under British command. The town of Yorkton and vicinity was, in 1900, populated in majority with Ontario people of British descent and people from England and Scotland, all very loyal to the Crown. The photo here shows a grand celebration in Yorkton after a 217 day siege — the battle for the town of Mafeking had been won by the British. Celebrants are lined up in front of the old Manitoba & North Western Railway round house

(where locomotives were turned around in railway yards). On the left side, on stage is Yorkton’s first band under the leadership of J.S. Smith, manager of the Hudson’s Bay Company store. Photo from the Howard Jackson Collection. If any one wishes more information about this photo, such as names of many in the crowd, please call the Archives. Contact Terri Lefebvre Prince, Heritage Researcher, City of Yorkton Archives, Box 400, 37 Third Avenue North Yorkton, Sask. S3N 2W3 306-786-1722

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018 | | Yorkton This Week

July 11, 2018 - July 17, 2018

Council Meeting Monday, July 16, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. Help Keep Catch Basins Clean! During periods of heavy rain the storm water system can get backed up. Streets are designed to hold water until the underground storm water system is able to take water away. Often catch basins (drains) on streets can become clogged with tree branches, leaves, grass clippings, etc. Residents can help prevent flooding and assist public works staff out by cleaning catch basins on their streets. Clean drains mean water will move faster through the system. Also please remember not to drive down streets holding large amounts of water. Driving creates waves which can lead to flooding of garages and homes on those streets.

Broadway Street Resurfacing Stage 2, James Avenue to Barbour Avenue

Work Area

2016 Construction

Dracup Avenue North Starting M ay 2, 2016 the Roadways Reconstruction will begin on Dracup North from Darlington to York Road. Please follow all road closures and detours.

This project began Monday, July 9 and is scheduled for M ost underground infrastructure improvements and construction of the new roadbed were completed in 2015. completion July 18, weather • Roadway preparation work began in mid April, including replacement permitting. As in Stage 1 of the short section of water main at the north end of the street and construction of some additional of new catch basins. from Myrtle to James Avenue, • Grading and roadway preparation is slated to begin M ay 1 and is expected to take approximately two weeks. (completed in June) the • Concrete paving of the roadway will then get underway around M ay 24 and is expected to be completed by July 1, weather permitting. westbound (North) side will be resurfaced first, followed by ***Insert Dracup Avenue North Reconstruction Map here the east side. Dracup Avenue North Completion Project (York Road to Darlington Street)

Westbound Lanes Unaffected

Work Area

City of Yorkton Recycling Pick-Up Zones and Community Depot Locations For more information please visit livinghere/garbage/ ***Note*** Recyclable Materials should be placed at the curb for collection by 8 am on designated pickup day.

Zone 1 - Monday Zone 2 - Tuesday Zone 3 - Wednesday Zone 4 - Thursday

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proof bill/f/c YTW wed july 11/18

Yorkton This Week | | Wednesday, July 11, 2018

RAPTORS Continued from Page A3 Morgan said obviously a prime nesting location are barns, which are increasingly metal clad in Ontario, making them hard to access, The barn owl also suffers because of rat poison. Morgan said when people kill pests, the owls end up eating the poisoned vermin. When dead barn owls are found in Ontario, they always show at least some level of rat poison, he said. Habitat loss is also an issue, with the barn owl preferring grass-

lands, said Morgan, adding some 95 per cent of grasslands in Ontario have been lost in the last 20-30-years. Other projects have seen the Canadian Raptor Conservancy contribute several young peregrine falcons to the Ontario Peregrine Falcon Recovery Team. Morgan said it certainly is not all bad news in regards to raptor populations in Canada. For example, the bald eagle population in Ontario has strengthened to the

point where it is nearly off the endangered species list. In general, Canada does a credible job of protecting the birds, sucg as banning the use of DDT, but that is not the case in all countries. The Swainson’s Hawk, named after William Swainson, a British naturalist, “are declining in some parts of their range due to loss of habitat. Although the use of DDT has been banned in the United States, the Swainson’s Hawk still

encounters pesticide use when it migrates in the winter to Argentina. Known as the locust hawk, the hawks will eat numerous amounts of these insects and in turn ingest a high amount of toxin, which causes thinning of egg shells,”

explains the website. Morgan said educating the public about raptors is a big part of why they take birds on the road. He said many people have heard about raptors, but not everything out there is factual. “Awareness is a fair-

ly big thing … We try to replace the myths with interesting facts about them,” he said. Morgan said if they can educate everyday people, they will “put pressure on people who can make changes” to better protect raptor species.

July 11, 2018 - July 17, 2018

Council Meeting Monday, July 16, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. BYLAW FAST FACTS Driving on Flooded Streets

Traffic Bylaw No. 18/2016 Section 27-C Recent changes to City Bylaws means that motorists can be fined for driving through streets holding large amounts of water. Waves created by the vehicle may cause flooding to surrounding residential homes and garages. Fines for creating waves that endanger property are $250.00 per incident. Property owners that witness such activity are encouraged to report incidents including license plate numbers and photographs to the city Bylaw office.

Call for Advertisers City Transit Advertising Opportunity Submissions must be received before 4:00 p.m. on July 13th, 2018 Please send submissions clearly marked “City Transit Advertising” to: Department of Community Development, Parks and Recreation City of Yorkton Box 400 Yorkton, Saskatchewan S3N 2W3 Details of Submission: To provide advertisers with options for advertising space on City Transit vehicles. Terms and conditions, vehicle operating hours, preferred options and available space are available at: City Website: In Person: Community Development, Parks & Recreation Department Administration Office 455 Broadway Street West (Gallagher Centre) Yorkton, Saskatchewan S3N 2W3 Phone: 306-786-1750 Submissions shall remain open for acceptance by the City and irrevocable for thirty (30) calendar days following the date specified for proposal closing. Submissions received after the date and time specified for closing will be marked late and returned unopened. 2 year agreements preferred. Contact Person: Enquiries regarding the submissions particulars should be directed to: Darcy McLeod, Director City of Yorkton Phone: 306-786-1750 Email: The City reserves the right to reject any or all submissions. Lowest or any submission not necessarily accepted.

Information on Legalizing Cannabis for Recreational Use The Federal Government has announced that recreational cannabis will be legalized on October 17, 2018. Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments will all have different responsibilities in terms of implementation, regulation and enforcement. For general information and details as to the responsibilities of the various levels of government please visit: cannabis.asp

General InquIrIes: 306-786-1700

Mayor’s Office ............................. 306-786-1701 After Hours Emergency ............................... 306-786-1760 Building Services ......................... 306-786-1710 Bylaw Control .............................. 306-786-1725 City Clerk ..................................... 306-786-1717 City Manager ............................... 306-786-1703 City Parks & Green Spaces ..... 306-786-1780 City RCMP................................... 306-786-2400 Communications ......................... 306-828-2424 Community Development, Parks & Recreation .................. 306-786-1750 Economic Development ........... 306-786-1747 Engineering Department ............. 306-786-1710 Farrell Agencies Arena Booking .. 306-786-1740 Fire Hall ....................................... 306-786-1795

Gallagher Centre Water Park & Meeting Rooms/Convention Centre Booking ....................................... 306-786-1740 Gloria Hayden Community Centre .......................................... 306-786-1776 Godfrey Dean Meeting Rooms Booking .................................... 306-786-1780 Kinsmen Arena & Blue Room Booking ............................ 306-786-1780 Library Rooms Booking............... 306-786-1780 Property Sales ............................. 306-786-1747 Public Works ............................... 306-786-1760 Sports Fields & City Centre Park Bookings .................................. 306-786-1780 Tax Department .......................... 306-786-1736 Water Billing Department ............ 306-786-1726

Request for Demonstrator Equipment Name: Request for Compact Track Loaders Demonstrators Interested suppliers will need to respond by 3:30 PM, July 18, 2018. Details of Demonstrations: The City of Yorkton requires Compact Track Loaders for demonstrations purposes from July 23 to August 3, 2018. The units will be tested and compared to similar units of other manufactures. The information collected will be used in the rating process for the award of a future tender/purchase of approximately six (6) machines in late 2018 or early 2019 that will be publicly advertised. The City will not be responsible for any charges incurred during the demonstration period other than associated fuel use. Each supplier is requested to supply two (2) machines based on the specifications below: General Specifications Machine A 1. Machine will be a new, currently advertised, 2018, standard production model. 2. Standard operating weight of approximately 9250 lbs. 3. Turbo charged, liquid cooled, Tier 4 final diesel engine of approximately 74 hp. 4. Air conditioning 5. Dual joystick both ISO and H patterns 6. Standard hydraulic flow of approximately 20 gpm 7. Hi-flow hydraulics of approximately 28 gpm 8. Hydraulic self leveling and ride control 9. 2 speed drive 10. Tipping load of approximately 7500 lbs 11. Rated Operating Capacity of approximately 2500 lbs at 35% of tipping load 12. Break out force at bucket of approximately 6500 lbs with construction bucket 13. Vertical lift path 14. Hydraulic or electric quick attach 15. General purpose construction bucket General Specifications Machine B 1. Machine will be a new, currently advertised, 2018, standard production model. 2. Standard operating weight of approximately 10,500 lbs. 3. Turbo charged, liquid cooled, Tier 4 final diesel engine of approximately 74 hp. 4. Air conditioning 5. Dual joystick both ISO and H patterns 6. Standard hydraulic flow of approximately 24 gpm 7. Hi-flow hydraulics of approximately 37 gpm 8. Hydraulic self leveling and ride control 9. 2 speed drive 10. Tipping load of approximately 9000 lbs 11. Rated Operating Capacity of approximately 3200 lbs at 35% of tipping load 12. Break out force at bucket of approximately 7500 lbs with construction bucket 13. Vertical lift path 14. Hydraulic or electric quick attach 15. General purpose construction bucket Contact Person: Enquiries regarding this request should be directed to the attention of the following: Johnathan Oranchuk, Fleet Operations Manager City of Yorkton Box 400, 37 Third Ave N Yorkton, SK S3N 2W3 Phone: 306-786-1760 Email:

SANITARY LANDFILL Hours of Operation: JUNE 1 TO AUGUST 31 Monday to Saturday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm CLOSED SUNDAYS AND STATUTORY HOLIDAYS Please ensure all loads are secured prior to transporting and incoming loads have entered no later than 15 minutes before closing to allow for material handling. Thank you for your cooperation! City of Yorkton, Environmental Services 306-828-2470

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018 | | Yorkton This Week

Theodore collision results in fatality By Sean Mott Staff Writer

When responders arrived on the scene, they discovered two vehicles which had collided into each other.

An evening car accident in Theodore resulted in a fatality last week. On Jul. 8 at approximately 6:50 p.m., Yorkton Rural Detachment responded to reports of a motor accident at the intersection of Highway 651 and Highway 16 in Theodore.

A female driver was pronounced deceased at the scene. A male driver was trasnported to the Yorkton hospital with unknown injuries. Yorkton Rural RCMP are investigating the accident. Collision reconstruction helped with the investigation.

July 11, 2018 - July 17, 2018

Council Meeting Monday, July 16, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. Public Notice Proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment to Regulate Cannabis Retailers Details: Yorkton City Council will consider a text amendment to Zoning Bylaw No. 14/2003, which proposes to regulate cannabis retailers. Yorkton has been approved by the Province for two cannabis retail licenses and the City must now consider zoning amendments to allow the awarded companies to proceed with the Provincial permit process. As part of allowing cannabis retailers, the City will look to limit the zones in which they can operate, and also create separation distances between cannabis retailers and child-focused uses such as schools and approved daycares. Regardless of the City’s bylaws, cannabis retailers will not be allowed to operate until Federal cannabis legalization is approved, and until Provincial permits are issued. The amendment will be publicly advertised before Council makes their final decision. Information: To view the proposed bylaw, visit our website at There is a link to Public Notices on the home page. Questions regarding the proposed bylaw may be directed to: Michael Eger, Director of Planning, Building & Development Phone: 306-786-1758 Email: Public Hearing: A Public Hearing will be held on Monday, July 16, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. in City Hall Council Chambers, Yorkton, SK. City Council will hear all persons who are present and wish to speak to the proposed amendment. All written submissions will be read verbatim by the City Clerk unless the submitter is in attendance to speak on behalf of their submission. Written Submissions: If you wish to provide written comments for Council’s consideration, they must be submitted by 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, July 12, 2018. Written submissions must be directed to: Jessica Matsalla, Director of Legislation and Procedures In Person: 37 Third Avenue North, Yorkton, SK Via Mail: Box 400, Yorkton, SK S3N 2W3 Via Email:

Due to low entries, the 2018 Yorkton in Bloom competition has been cancelled. The program will resume in 2019.

For more information on Yorkton in Bloom please call the Recreation Services Division office at 306-786-1776.

Bylaw No. 17/2018 – Proposed Rezoning to Allow for Mixed Use Residential-Business Amendment to Bylaw No. 25/2008 and Zoning Bylaw No. 14/2003

FALL 2018

Saturday, September 22 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Legal Description: Lot 2, Block 2, Plan AA6142 Civic Address: 281 Broadway Street West Current Land Use Concept: Contract Zone Proposed Land Use Concept: Mixed Use Residential-Business Details – The applicant proposes: To rezone Lot 2, Block 2, Plan AA6142 (281 Broadway Street West) from CZ Contract Zone to MXURB Mixed Use Residential-Business to allow for residential and commercial use. Information – To view the proposed bylaw, visit our website at www.yorkton. ca. There is a link to Public Notices on the home page. Questions regarding the proposed bylaw may be directed to: Carleen Koroluk, Land Use Planner Phone: 306-786-1727 Email: Public Hearing – City Council will hear all persons who are present and wish to speak to the proposed bylaw and all written submissions will be read verbatim unless the submitter is in attendance to speak on the submission, on Monday, July 16, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. in City Hall Council Chambers, Yorkton, SK. If you wish to provide written comments for Council’s consideration, they must be submitted by 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, July 12, 2018. Written submissions must be directed to: Jessica Matsalla, Director of Legislation & Procedures In Person: 37 Third Avenue North, Yorkton, SK Via Mail: Box 400, Yorkton, SK S3N 2W3 Via Email:

      

$2 Adult | 12 & under free (with an adult) Antiques & Collectibles Homegrown Vegetables Children’s Items Sports Items Home Baking/Canning Lawn & Garden Items Household & Crafts …& much more!

To book your table visit the SecurTek Information Kiosk at the Gallagher Centre, call 306-786-1740 or email

General InquIrIes: 306-786-1700

Did you know.....all City News is also accessible on the City of Yorkton website. Just go to our website at and scroll down to view the “City News” links.

Yorkton This Week | | Wednesday, July 11, 2018


— Nevertheless, she persisted —

Proud Owner of


Parkland CPAP Services Inc.

S H heil int a z

ParklandCPAP_1x35_ R0011580424.indd Women in Business July11, 2018/ prod2/kj


Remax_1x35_R0011583013.indd Women in Business July11, 2018/ prod3/dm proof bill Email:

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SheilasPlace_1x35_ R0011580270.indd Women in Business 2018 proof sandy email:

Proud Owner of

Proud Owner of

Body Poetry Fitness Studio

Living Wellness Acupuncture

Yorkton Hearing Service

BodyPoetry_1x35_ R0011580334.indd Women in Business 2018 proof sandy email: dwnesseth@gmail. com

LivingWellness_1x35_ R0011584961.indd Women in Business 2018/ prod3/dm proof sandy

YorktonHearing_1x35_ R0011583010.indd YTW Women in Business 2018 •prod2/kj

La Jod ws y on

G N len isc da hu k

AllAboutFlowers_1x35_ R0011579772.indd Women in Business 2018 proof brian

TreeOfLife_1x35_ R0011585064.indd YTW Women in Business 2018 •prod3/dm

Sheila’s Place

Proud Owner of

W Ma ae ira lch li

Proud Owner of

All About Flowers / All About Gourmet Gifts & Homdécor

LRFuture_1x35_ R0011580470.indd Women in Business 2018 YTW July 11/18

Tree of Life Wellness

Proud Owner of

Ja M cqu vu ie la

BrittanysBeautyBar_1x35_ R0011580342.indd Women in Business July11, 2018/ prod2/kj

Proud Owner and Registered Acupuncturist of

Sh Mic ab he at lle os ki

Proud Owner of

LR Future Insurance & Investments

St e B pha uc n kl ie e


RE/MAX Blue Chip Realty

K Ar rist no en ld

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uc Lar hh a ol ze r

Lil_Angels_1x35_ R0011580612.indd Women in Business July11, 2018/prod1/kk

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KristenArnold_1x35_ R0011583083.indd Women in Business July, 2018/prod2/kj

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L’il Angels Fun & Play Daycare

Brittany’s Beauty Bar

Financial Advisor EDWARD JONES®

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Li Ounda ar E. t

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C K arr ien ie le

B r H itta int ny z

ForeverWellness_1x35_ R0011580443.indd Women in Business 2018 proof sandy email: admin@

Financial Advisor

L R aur en ie ton

Proud Owner of

Forever Wellness Centre

N Sta eu cy fe ld

N N ico ag le y

YTW_womeninbusiness_banner_6x56.h11_R0011565125.indd prod3 f/c YTW july 11/18 proof to bill

ine an a m J ar d Ch an Shopgirls

The Vintage Vault VintageVault_1x35_ R0011584947.indd Women in Business 2018 prod3/dm proof sandy Email: vintagevaultfashion@gmail. com

Proud Owner and RNCP of Better

Living Nutrition BetterLivingCentre_1x35_ R0011424541.indd YTW Women in Business 2017 •prod2/kj proof bill email:

Proud Owner of

Florissima Flowers and Plants Florissima_1x35_ R0011585153.indd Women in Business 2018 bill

Proud Owner of

Proud Owner of

Let’s Make Wine

Budget Blinds

LetsMakeWine_1x35_ R0011584965.indd Women in Business 2018

BudgetBlinds_1x35_ R0011580463.indd Women in Business July 2018/prod3dm proof brian Email:

Women Entrepreneurs: Think Big

Women entrepreneurs are becoming a driving force in the Canadian economy.

risk to get where they are. It’s never easy for anyone to start, grow and maintain a business.

About 50 per cent of all businesses started today are started by women. However, small and medium-sized businesses owned by women earn less than half the revenue of comparable maleowned businesses, according to data from BDC client companies.

I would encourage you to take a moment and consider how far you’ve already come as entrepreneurs, business owners and role models for other women, despite the bumps in the road. Trust in yourself and your ability to create value and you will succeed.

Part of this is a function of industry vertical—many women operate specialized consulting and service-oriented businesses that can be considered boutique in size.

But you do need help. Gender is irrelevant—no entrepreneur achieves success without the support, coaching and belief of others.

But that’s not the whole story. Women tend to grow their businesses organically. They often have a higher awareness of risk which can impact their decisions to seek the capital they need to accelerate the growth of their businesses. Negative perceptions about dealing with banks and other institutions lead many to avoid looking for external sources of funding.

It’s vital to connect and build relationships with the mentors, peers, professional advisors and others who can help you build a better business and become a stronger entrepreneur.

Risk is Part of the Job But I would remind every single woman entrepreneur out there who is running a viable business that it took some measure of

Relationships are Key Develop relationships before you need them. Connect with other women entrepreneurs and find mentors who will challenge you, guide you and invest their time with you. Seek out partners, organizations and associations that can support you and your business. They’re everywhere, if you know where to look.

Build a relationship with your banker, so you know what your bank needs from you to understand your business and see value in supporting your growth. Developing the right contacts, relationships and advice are all part of a solid business strategy.

The time is Now Now is the time to invest in your future success by getting the growth capital you need to develop new services or new products, reach new markets, or to boost the productivity and profitability of your business. Canada needs all the entrepreneurs it can get. Don’t be content with the status quo. It doesn’t matter if you are a small business with a local market, or a potential exporter of goods and services, now is the time to invest in your business. For the good of our economy, this isn’t an option, it’s a necessity. Lesley Lawrence

Senior Vice President, Financing and Consulting, British Columbia & North, at Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC)


Wednesday, July 11, 2018 | | Yorkton This Week

— Empower the women around you —

TracysOnBroadway_1x35_ R0011579736.indd Women in Business July11, 2018/prod2/kj

ThePlumTree_1x35_ R0011579863.indd YTW Women in Business 2018 •prod3/dm sandy

email: karlagervais@gmail. com

ck Ca eri ro ll- l Ri ca r

proof sandy


The Plum Tree

Karla’s Auction KarlasAuction_1x35_ R0011579743.indd Women in Business 2018

D Jo ebbi ne e s

T B rac en y de r

K Ge ar rv la ai s

M B iche ai ll ley e

MichelleBailey_1x35_ R0011579747.indd Women in Business July11, 2018/ prod2/kj proof sandy email:

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Tracy’s on Broadway & Tracy’s Bridal


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VacationsYorkton_1x35_ R0011579760.indd YTW Women in Business •prod2/kj

Century 21 Broadway Park Realty

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Proud Owner of

R Y ond un a g

Vacations Yorkton


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Step by Step Shoes


Heart and Soul Healing Centre

PumphouseAthleticClub_1x35_ R0011579868.indd YTW Women in Business july 2018 •prod3/dm sandy

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Proud Owner of

Proud Owner of


Proud Owner of Rangeelaa-

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Extravadance Studio

The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy

Century 21 Broadway Park Realty

Bohemian Women’s Clothing and Home Decor

LH Accounting Services

ExtravadanceStudio_1x35_ R0011579875.indd Women in Business July11, 2018/ prod2/kj

TheMedicineShoppe_1x35_ R0011579888.indd Women in Business July11, 2018/prod2/kj proof sandy

TrinaStechyshyn_1x35_ R0011579893.indd Women in Businessjuly/18 proof sandy email:

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Proud Owner of


Dance Innovations

Century 21 Broadway Park Realty

Mermaid Makeup & More MermaidMakeup_1x35_ R0011585845.indd Women in Business 2018

Dance_Innovations_1x35_ R0011579989.indd Women in Business July11, 2018/prod3dm

DebCook_1x35_R0011579992. indd Women in Business July2018/ prod3/em sandy

Rangeelaa_1x35_ R0011579911.indd Women in Business July 2018/prod3m proof to brian

Proud Owner of

Forever Wellness Centre ForeverWellness_1x35_ R0011580448.indd Women in Business 2018 proof sandy

H Lin ol da ow ka

HeartAndSoulHealing_1x35_ R0011579987.indd Women in Business July11, 2018 prod2/kj

LH_Accounting_1x35_ R0011579924.indd Women in Business July11, 2018/prod2/kj

P Iv am ey

M Saty uk aS tin an uta th lap i. ati

Shoppers_1x35_ R0011580450.indd Women in Business July11, 2018/prod2/kj

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D Co eb ok

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North 40 Fabrics

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Kl T as ric sen ia ,B SP

Proud Owner of

The Pumphouse Athletic Club

Proud Owner of

Proud Owner of

Renew Wellness RenewWellness_1x35_ R0011586999.indd Women in Business July11, 2018/ prod1/kk

Canadian Women are creating startups at the Highest rate among Women in the G20 Countries, a New Report shows.

proof sandy

email: arielraelacusta@gmail. com

Canadian women are starting businesses at a higher rate than their counterparts in all other G20 countries, according to a new global report published.

considering some of the barriers they face in traditional employment.

How women are Contributing to the Economy

“Entrepreneurship is another avenue for women who have talent and ability and who want to take care of their own security and families.”

“Canada has seen a surge of entrepreneurship in our economy over the last 20 years, and women have been at the forefront, launching businesses at rates that often outpace men,” said Karen Hughes, a professor at the University of Alberta’s Alberta School of Business and Department of Sociology, and author of the 2015/16 biennial Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Canada Report on Women’s Entrepreneurship.

Why women are Driven to go Solo

Women’s firms are also creating more jobs. “The majority of female entrepreneurs are employers (both in early-stage and established businesses), but there’s still a big group who are going it solo.”

“Now they’ve moved to first place from third, internationally, in terms of starting up and running businesses that are younger than 3.5 years. That’s 13.3 per cent of women in Canada compared with 10 per cent in 2014.”

“Only 15 per cent said their business was started out of necessity. So it’s not driven primarily by poor economic conditions, though this is an issue for some women. But most women are recognizing and identifying opportunities,” Hughes pointed out.

Hughes said that the increase, though not a dramatic jump, aligns with the high participation of women in the labour force. “It’s clear that women in Canada have a lot of interest in entrepreneurship, and this was shown in the attitudes measured in the report, as well.”

Women are more confident than ever, too, according to the GEM Canada study.

Gaining insight into women entrepreneurship is important for fully understanding women’s economic and leadership contributions, especially

There is also no gender gap in fearing failure in this year’s report, whereas in 2014, men reported greater confidence than women.

When asked what motivated women to be entrepreneurs—defined as any attempt at a new business or business venture, which could include being self-employed or expansion of an existing business—opportunity was cited the most.

“Four out of five women said they felt well prepared and capable of running a business,” she said.

The data also indicate that although job growth is expected in the future for established female entrepreneurs, early-stage female owners expect less job growth than men—a trend that is true for Canadian female entrepreneurs as well as those in other countries. “Those modest expectations for job growth do need to be considered,” she said. There is debate over how much Canada’s startup culture contributes to the economy, added Hughes. “My view is that women entrepreneurs have a lot of diversity, and they need to be supported and mentored to grow. Some women are seeking very high growth, some are running productive businesses contributing to local economies, and others are balancing work and family. These are all different ways of contributing to the economy and important parts of the picture,” she said. The full report is available online at


Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Representing 8 Different Farm Insurance Companies Including

Horse sector helps economy When it comes to agriculture the equine sector sometimes seems to get lost. The sector is often seen more as a hobby, or perhaps falling into the realm of sport, than an agriculture enterprise, and there are some obvious reasons for being unsure exactly what box to check in terms of horses. But what should not be lost is the significant impact the horse industry has on our economy. The impact was brought into sharp focus again last week when attending the Yorkton Exhibition Association’s summer fair. Each day I drove

down the road at the back of the grounds right through the middle of the parking for those involved in chuckwagon and chariot races. It is an impressive site seeing the semitrailer units, horse trailers and campers sprawled across the grass, and the horse tethered out awaiting a chance to run the track. In talking to Kevin Gareau president of the Eastern Professional Chariot & Chuckwagon Association (EPCCA), I learned that there were 45 chuckwagons entered in the Yorkton show, and 53 chariots. A bit of math and I realized that would account for 286

Agriculture THIS WEEK

Calvin Daniels horses on the grounds, add a few more carried as extras, or training purposes and it is easy to suggest 300 horses were on-site. Gareau said a young horse for racing might be purchased for $2,500, but the best were about $10,000. If you average that at a modest $5,000 the value of horses for

racing in Yorkton was $1.5 million. Of course the horses, while the single most important component of racing, are only a small part of the cost of what is very much a hobby for drivers, but also an economic stimulator. Every hitch requires a wagon and harness, the horses need feed. A

farrier will be needed to shoe the horses. On occasion a veterinarian will be required. And that is just to run the track. Drivers in the EPCCA come from all over the province. Gareau as an example is from Domreny, SK., which according to Google is about a 350 kilometre jaunt from Yorkton. Rolling a truck and trailer down the highway means gas purchases, flat tires that need fixing, and dozens of other pop up costs drivers will face as Gareau noted they hit some 18 communities for 40 days of racing each summer. There is also of

course the cost of the trailers, many manufactured on the Prairies, and of trucks, and campers, barbecues and tarps and a hundred other things chuckwagon drivers and their families will require for life on the road from June through September each year. While the horse industry is not the critical aspect of farming it once was, it does remain a sector which sees dollars spreading through the local economy, with the chuckwagon and chariot sector a clear example of that. Calvin Daniels is Editor With Yorkton This Week.

Judge happy with 4-H cattle quality By Calvin Daniels Staff Writer The quality of cattle at the 2018 edition of the Yorkton Regional 4-H Show was very good according to show judge Ryan Hurlburt. “It’s a quality 4-H regional show,” said the judge on the noon break from picking the red ribbon winners in various classes Wednesday morning. “… The quality’s been fine.” Hurlburt said the champion and reserve females of course stood out. “They were a very strong pair of heifers,” he said, adding they were put together in a similar way showing length and capacity to become good cows. The annual show, held as part of the annual summer fair in the city attracted eight area 4-H clubs with members showing 78 steers, and 44 females. In addition there were 19 ‘cloverbud’ participants, members who are just starting out in 4-H and are ages six-to-eight. In terms of judging,

Hurlburt said he looks at the animals in the show ring from “a diverse background in cattle.” Hurlburt said he is a “fourth generation livestock producer,” who grew up on the family farm where they run a cow/calf operation of purebred Angus and Gelbvieh, as well as commercial animals among the 200-cows. In addition to working with cattle growing up, Hurlburt has sharpened his eye for cattle as an auctioneer currently with Saskatoon Livestock Sales which sells some 100,000 head of cattle annually, but also with two years at Heartland Livestock in Yorkton. In 2016 he won the LMAC Canadian Livestock Auctioneer Championships. So what does the varied experiences in the cattle industry have Hurlburt looking for from the 4-H cattle in the Yorkton ring? The answer depends on the class. “What’s important for females, it starts with structural soundness. I always say cows need

The Yorkon Regional 4-H Show was one of the kick-off events for the Yorkton Exhibition. to be sound from the ground,” he said. After ensuring a cow has the feet and legs to walk a pasture all summer for a number of years, Hurlburt then looks for other things in a female. For example, he said a female needs “some rib shape” that shows

the capacity for a calf to develop. And of course beef cattle are raised to produce beef so the females need to show some muscling as well, said Hurlburt. In the case of a cow/ calf pair Hurlburt said he gets to see what the cow is producing in terms of a calf, adding at

this time of year the cow scores about 70 per cent in his mind, and the calf 30 per cent. In the fall as the calf grows it takes on a more important role in terms of picking the best pair, edging closer to 40 per cent of the decision. With steers, it really comes down to the beef the animal should yield

when it goes to market, in the case of a show such as Yorkton they head to slaughter at day’s end. “As far as structure and muscle that doesn’t change,” said Hurlburt, but the importance of feet and legs is reduced since they have made it essentially as far as they need to carry the animal.

Ex a learning experience for shadow judge By Calvin Daniels Staff Writer The light horse ring at the Yorkton summer fair was a classroom of sorts for Natasha Quigley. Quigley was shadowing show judge Tammy Hayward as part

of a process to become a carded judge through the Saskatchewan Horse Federation (SHF). She said going through the process just made sense given her background. “I’ve judged 4-H and small shows and been a coach,” explained

Quigley who hails from Gravelbourg. “I’ve been involved in the horse industry since I was three, so it was the next step.” Quigley has shown horses for years, typically Arab stock, and generally in the western

riding classes, although she added she hopes one day to become active in events where she and her horse are working with cattle. Judging puts her on the other side of things, and the 40-year-old said the training provides a

good foundation. She explained the SHF set up the training program as a way to foster greater consistency among judges, and as a way to ensure a thorough knowledge of class rules. “You do some classroom work,” she said,

adding there are tests associated with that element of the program. And then there is what essentially is an apprenticeship of sorts where those taking the course must shadow at least four different judges over a Continued on Page A12

Your news is our news! Hosting an event, a fascinating human interest story, it matters. Call us for details on coverage!

PHONE: 306-782-2465 EMAIL: “Local people, local news.”

YTW_your_news_6x56.nil_R0011511120.indd/prod3/dm/f/c/oct 31, 2012 till may 29, 2013


Wednesday, July 11, 2018 | | Yorkton This Week

The light horse show at the Yorkton Exhibition attracted more than 40 horses and their handlers.

Seniors, Parents, Children! Earn some extra cash (possibly of up to $400/month depending on route size), get exercise and work only a few hours a week too!

Be a Yorkton This Week Carrier!

LEARNING Continued from Page A11 period of time. Tammy Hayward of Kendal, SK., who did the Yorkton show is the third judge Quigley has shadowed. Quigley said it is good to get a varied perspective as every judge does things just a little bit differently. “Every judge is very

different,” she said, adding “the way Tammy scores halter classes is very different from the judge I worked with last.” The differences provide an opportunity to develop an approach based on different aspects from those shadowed. “It’s picking out what-

“By the ends of summer I’ll have my qualification in,” she said, adding those are reviewed before the final carding is approved. Once approved education doesn’t stop as a course is required every three years to keep carded judges up-to-date on rule changes.

ever’s going to work best for you,” said Quigley. Quigley said the overall program puts new judges on a more or less equal footing. “It’s creating a little more consistency within judging,” she said. Quigley said the final step is being accepted by the SHF.

• No early mornings • No collecting • We pay by direct deposit on the last Friday of every month • Weight bonuses • Sales bonuses • Any age welcome • Only 2 days or less per week

If you would like a route, please e-mail us at: or telephone circulation at:


YTW-Carriers_2x67.a28_R0011511709.indd prod2/kj Jan 3/18 - Dec 28/18 f/c jim

20 UP TO



















































ON NOW AT YOUR PRAIRIE CHEVROLET DEALERS. 1-800-GM-DRIVE. Chevrolet is a brand of General Motors of Canada. Offers apply to the retail purchase or lease of a 2018 Silverado 1500 Crew Cab High Country 4X4, Suburban, Colorado, Malibu Premier, Equinox and Cruze Hatch equipped as described. Offers apply to qualified retail customers in the Prairie Chevrolet Dealer Marketing Association area only on select vehicles delivered from July 4 – July 31, 2018. * Offers are valid toward the retail purchase of an eligible new or demonstrator 2018 MY Chevrolet delivered in Canada between July 4th, 2018 – July 31st, 2018. Up to 20% Of MSRP Cash Purchase Credit is a manufacturer to dealer incentive (tax exclusive), valid toward retail cash purchases only on select 2018 models in dealer inventory the longest as of July 4th, 2018. Not compatible with lease and finance purchases. By selecting lease or finance offers, consumers are foregoing the Up to 20% of MSRP Cash Purchase Credit which will result in higher effective cost of credit on their transaction. Credit is calculated on vehicle MSRP (which excludes vehicle freight and A/C charge), excluding any dealer-installed options. Credit value will vary with model purchased: models receiving a 15% of MSRP Credit are: Colorado (excl. 2SA), Equinox, Suburban; models receiving a 20% of MSRP Credit are: Cruze Hatch, Malibu (excl. 1VL), Silverado LD. Dealer may sell for less. Dealer trade may be necessary. As part of the transaction, dealer may request documentation and contact General Motors of Canada Company (GM Canada) to verify eligibility. These offers may not be redeemed for cash and may not be combined with certain other consumer incentives. Conditions and limitations apply. Void where prohibited. See Dealer for full program details. GM Canada reserves the right to amend or terminate offers for any reason in whole or in part at any time without prior notice. 1 Visit for vehicle availability. Services and connectivity vary by model and conditions as well as geographical and technical restrictions. Requires active connected vehicle services and data plan. Data plans provided by AT&T or its local service provider. Accessory Power must be active to use Wi-Fi hotspot. ** The 2-Year Scheduled Lube-Oil-Filter Maintenance Program provides eligible customers in Canada, who have purchased or leased a new eligible 2017 or 2018 MY Chevrolet (excluding Spark EV, Bolt EV), with an ACDelco® oil and filter change, in accordance with the oil life monitoring system and the Owner’s Manual, for 2 years or 48,000 km, whichever occurs first, with a limit of four (4) Lube-Oil-Filter services in total, performed at participating GM dealers. Fluid top offs, inspections, tire rotations, wheel alignments and balancing, etc. are not covered. This offer may not be redeemed for cash and may not be combined with certain other consumer incentives available on GM vehicles. General Motors of Canada Company reserves the right to amend or terminate this offer, in whole or in part, at any time without prior notice. Additional conditions and limitations apply. See dealer for details. Ÿ Whichever comes first, fully transferable. Conditions and limitations apply. See dealer for complete details. ©2018 General Motors of Canada Company. All rights reserved.


Floats & more The Painted Hand Casino Parade was a highlight of the annual Yorkton Exhibition Summer Fair. Under sunny skies the parade, with its floats and vintage cars, clowns and farm tractors made its way down Broadway Street Saturday morning much to the delight of young and old who lined the route. Staff Photos by Calvin Daniels

Wednesday, July 11, 2018



Wednesday, July 11, 2018 | | Yorkton This Week

Community Spotlight The Yorkton Public Library is open at 9 a.m. Monday-Friday.


A week full of jampacked activities, music and games. Ages 4-12. VBS St. Paul Lutheran, July 16-20, 2018, 73 Smith St. E., Yorkton. Call 306-783-4266 for more info.


Science Camp Summer camp registration is now open! July 16 - 20, St. Michael’s School, 407 Darlington St. E., Yorkton. Join us for a week of hands-on and exciting science experiments! Covering a wide range of topics, from computer science to chemistry, we’re sure we have the right camp for you.


TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) meets every Tues., SIGN East Entrance, 83 North St., weigh in 6:15 p.m., meeting to follow; Wed., SIGN 345 Broadway St. W., York B Salon, Lower Level, weigh in 12:00 noon, meeting 12:15 12:45 p.m. Call 306-7833765 or visit www.tops. org for more information.


Citizens on Patrol Program Yorkton COPP the eyes and ears of your community is recruiting new members. For an application or more info please contact COPP at 306783-7042 or 306-7833564 or The Yorkton City Detachment of the RCMP at 306-786-2400 or Box 153, Yorkton, SK S3N 2V7.


Al-Anon meets Monday nights, 8 p.m. at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, 73 Smith St. and Wednesday nights, 8 p.m. at Westview United Church (355 Bradbrooke Dr.). Alateen also meets on Wednesday night, 8 p.m. at Westview United Church. Adult children of Alcoholics Al-Anon meeting every Friday at 7 p.m. at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, 73 Smith St.


Attention all crib players - come join us at the Yorkton Public Library on Friday at 1 p.m. All are welcome. Please use the back door.


Club 55+ Golden Age Bowlers are looking for new members. Leagues are Mondays and/or Wednesdays at 1 p.m. First time Bowlers are welcome! Drop in at 12:30 p.m. on those days or call Brad at the Yorkton Bowl Arena 306-783-5183.


The York Colony Quilter’s Guild meets every Wed. at 9:30 a.m. at the Western Development Museum. Experienced and novice sewers are welcome. There are group activities and classes to learn new techniques, as well as work on charity projects. Come and check us out to enjoy some stitching time with a welcoming group.


Parkland Writers Alliance: Contact Carol 306-782-5755, Marge 306-783-0174,, http://parklandwritersalliance.wordpress. com. Parkland region’s public writing group meet 3rd Tuesday of the month at the Yorkton Public Library, 7 p.m. - 9 p.m. Everyone inter-

ested in writing is welcome. Annual membership fee is $10.


Donate at the following Canadian Diabetes Association Clothesline® drop boxes and help the more than 9 million Canadians living with diabetes and prediabetes: SIGN Family Support, 345 Broadway St. W. Clothesline® drop boxes happily accept all cloth based items, shoes, hats, belts and more.


Yorkton Retired Senior Citizens Cribbage and Pool Players Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., lower level at St. Gerard’s Church east entrance off 4th Ave. N. Light lunch w/coffee/tea. Nondenominational club. Contact Joan at 306-7836042.


Crossroads - A support group for women experiencing or who have experienced domestic violence. Thursdays 1:15 - 2:30 p.m., Family Resource Center - SIGN on Broadway. Free childcare and transportation available & Thursdays 6:30 - 8:30 p.m., Shelwin House (please call for address). Adults (women) only. Group is open to all women who feel a need for support on their journey. Please contact 306-782-5181 or 306-783-7233 for more info.


P a r k l a n d Woodworking Guild meets at 7:30 p.m. the 2nd Thursday of each month. Sept. to June, in the basement of Seventh Day Adventist Church, 384 Gladstone Ave. S. Our members do woodworking, carving, scrolling, turning or build furniture. We have a members library, visitors welcome. Contact Jerry at 786-6652 or Norman 896-2398.


Attention all lovers of boardgames; chess, o t h e l lo , c h e c k e r s , back gammon, go, Camelot etc., join the Yorkton Boardgamers Guild, a new group forming to promote gat her in g s to play boardgames and have fun. For further information call 3067 8 2 -17 8 3 o r e m a i l yorkton_boardgamers_


Gloria Hayden Community Centre Hours of Operation Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to noon, 1:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Closed over the lunch hour. Saturdays & Sundays noon to 5:00 p.m. Stat Holidays closed.


We need you to share your talent! Play guitar, piano, dance or sing? We would like to invite you to perform in our facility! Please call Suzanne Beck at 306-786-0815, I’d be happy to have you join us. Yorkton & District Nursing Home, 200 Bradbrooke Dr.


The International Women of Yorkton and area is a social group for all women. They meet one evening a month, at 222 Smith St. E., Yorkton. For more information contact Cathy at 783-2777.


Park Swingers Square & Round Dance

Club Weekly Dances Every Monday 7:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Rounds, 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Square Dancing. Call Ray & Karen Thies at 306-7829790 for location.


The Yorkton branch of the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society holds their regular meetings on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Yorkton Public Library. Anyone interested in genealogy is welcome to attend!


Community Adult Band Rehearsals Tuesdays 7:00 p.m. at Yorkton Regional High School Band Room. Two bands: Concert Band & Jazz Big Band. New members welcome. Contact Larry Pearen 306-782-4182 for more info.


Come join the fun! Yorkton Community Concert Choir. Please call Laurene at 306-7820460 or Anna at 306-7442729 for more information.


Yorkton 4-H Light Horse Club is a projectbased youth organization (ages 6 - 21) focusing on the growth and development of our members, leaders and volunteers. If interested in more info please contact Mr. DePape at 306-783-7769.


The Gen. Alexander Ross branch of the Royal Canadian Legion monthly meetings are held on the last Wednesday of the month, nine times a year. Your participation, as Legionaires, is critical to the future progress of our organization.


“Whoever said don’t run from your problems never had to face a bully.” Telephone and internet ser vice for kids in Canada. No problem is too big or too small for our professional c o u n s elo r s . 1- 8 0 0 6 6 8 - 6 8 6 8 k id shelp.

Provincial bus tour on weekend

First, some quick reminders: the Yorkton In Bloom competition is in full swing, with judging taking place Jul. 10 – 12. Good luck to all the entrants! Seeing the winning gardens will be a self-guided tour again this year, so if you’d like more information please call 786-1776. All these beautiful gardens are always an inspiration, so thank you and congratulations to everyone who entered the competition! The Saskatchewan H o r t i c u l t u r a l Association’s Bus Tour takes place July 15 – 17, and is the “Honeywood Lilies In Bloom and The North”. It sounds like a wonderful tour; if you’d like to find out more please call Sheila Glennie at (306) 338-7304 for full information. And one more very important garden note: Wednesday, Aug. 8 is the date of the Yorkton and District Horticultural Society’s Annual Fruit, Flower and Vegetable Show at St. Gerard’s Parish Complex. This show brings you the best of the gardening year: fruit and vegetable displays, cut flowers, plant displays, and flower arrangements. Your admission price includes tea or coffee and dainties. It’s a lovely way to spend an afternoon, so bring a friend and join us! G’day, mate! Let’s chat about a plant that originally hails from the land down under, New Zealand and Australia. It’s the kangaroo apple. The five-dollar name for this plant is “solanum aviculare”, and it’s a cousin to the nightshade family of plants. In its natural environment, it can grow up to twelve feet tall, in a shrub form. For us, of course, it makes a bold and beautiful addition to a flowerbed or in a planter. It will grow several feet high, and the large leaves are very pretty: we can compare them to the lobed shape of an oak leaf. The flowers are small compared to the size of the plant, and come in purple-blue or white.


Gardener’s Notebook They look very much like potato blossoms. Because of where it came from, it likes full sun and can tolerate heat and humidity very well. It can also tolerate soil that is a bit heavier. (Just as a note: I read that when planting instructions says “full sun”, that is defined as the plant having “full exposure to direct sun for at least six hours each day”. Good to know!) As for moisture, it likes evenly moist soil but well-drained soil. So no wet feet! For almost every plant, the amount of water it receives is very important. If we neglect to water them and they wilt, the roots are also drying up; if we leave them in this state too long, the plant will not be able to revive itself. On the other side of the coin is watering them too much, which is also dangerous because if the plant is waterlogged, air cannot get to the roots and they can begin to rot. Most plants do well in

evenly moist soil. And if we want to give our plant a little treat, we can apply some balanced fertilizer over the summer. A plant like this is certainly a conversation piece, and would make a beautiful addition to your plantings. And if we want to get really exotic, we can call it the “poroporo” plant, which is what they call it in New Zealand. Mark it down in your garden journal under “new plants to try!” It’s beautiful! The Yorkton and District Horticultural Society maintains a website at www.yorktonhort. ca Visit us and see what’s new, and what’s coming up with the group! Whether you are out puttering in your garden or sitting quietly and enjoying the serene atmosphere, savour every day in your garden! Just be sure to wear a hat! Have a great week!


Yorkton Public Library - Book Club held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, 2:00 p.m. Manga & Anime Club held on the last Wed. of each month 7:00 p.m., ages 12 - 19 yrs. Teen Book Club held on the 2nd Thurs. of each month (early dismissal day) 2:00 p.m. All programs are free. For more info or to register call 306-783-3523. To submit your own upcoming event… for our WEBSITE AND PRINTED PUBLICATIONS go to:

Click on “VIEW UPCOMING EVENTS” Scroll to the bottom right and “SUBMIT YOUR OWN EVENT”

Yorkton This Week welcomes written submissions to Community Spotlight from not-for-profit and community organizations. Information must be sent in writing, to Community Spotlight, Yorkton This Week, Box 1300, Yorkton, S3N 2X3, or by fax at 306-786-1898, or email All items must be in the Yorkton This Week office by 5:00 p.m. Friday to appear in Wednesday’s Yorkton This Week. comm_spot_1x65_nil. R0011511122. indd prod2/kristin 8p6x65L

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Getting old hurts - but God remains present Yorkton This Week | | Wednesday, July 11 2018

The Preacher and I travelled a thousand summer miles between Dad’s home and ours recently. We took a bed and breakfast a mile or so down the road from his care facility and visited daily between naps and meals. We played checkers for an hour one afternoon, he and I. When the board held only two sets of five kings battling for

the field, he stole two of mine in one go. “Daddy, you’re good at this,” I wrote on his whiteboard. His hearing loss makes audible conversation almost impossible. He read the words (upside down, mind you) and shook his head. Minutes later, he won fair and square. Will someone please explain to me how an almost 94-year-old brain,

Hot country Hot Saskatchewan band The Hunter Brothers performed on the Painted


Kathleen Gibson ( is a Yorkton-based author and speaker.

Sunny Side Up

unable to grasp how a whiteboard works, what

province is home or (at times) whether I’m his wife or daughter, still possesses the cunning to plan moves and plot strategy? In the background, his television displayed colourful scenic images. Dad watched a strutting male peacock, tail spread regally. It reminded me of a Vancouver park our family visited often in my childhood. Peacocks and flamingos wandered freely. Monkeys, bears, whales, and armies of scolding black squirrels entertained us. Dad laughed often there. “Remember Stanley

Park?” I wrote, hoping we could talk about those trips; recall days when life held more colour. His elegantly sterile care facility feels to him only a pretty white (and achingly lonely) prison. He shook his head. “I don’t know that game. I wouldn’t know how to play.” I sighed and drew a tic-tac-toe grid on the board. He placed an X in the centre. On his next turn he scribbled an O in the corner. Out in the hall, a patient called for help. Tulips appeared on the television, blazing red. “Remember how Mom loved flowers?” I wrote. Mom died in 2014. “Yes. I remember.” He smiled and closed his eyes. “Do you ever see her, around where you live? Do you see Jesus, too?” His eyes shut again. “Dad, take a nap. It’s ok!” He shook his head vehemently. “No, I wouldn’t know what to do!” then his head


dropped. “I think I’ll lie down,” he said finally. I helped him transfer from his wheelchair. Lifted his feet onto the bed. Arranged his pillows. I want to snatch Dad from this end-of-life confusion. From this place and time where loneliness wraps him like a shroud, lowering the corners of the wide smile I’ve loved since childhood. My siblings live nearby and visit regularly, but none of us can be with him always. We struggle with that. I sit with my Bible open – as Dad often still does. My heart is heavy. But in that book, God speaks to me. Reminds me of his promise that Dad is never really alone. That even in these tattered years, ragged in understanding, God is present. That one day, Dad’s faith (and ours) will become sight. He will see Jesus – and Mom too. Till then, we pray and carry on.

Staff Photo by Calvin Daniels

Hand Casino main stage Saturday at the Yorkton Exhibition.

BDO_Canada_3x39.a26_R0011527021.indd/prod3dm fc YTW feb 14,mar7,28,ape18,may9,30,june 20,july11, aug 1,22,sept12,oct3,24,nov14,dec5,26/18 sandy


The light of the eyes rejoices the heart, and good news refreshes the bones. — R.S.V. Proverbs 15:30 Church of God in Christ

MENNONITE, AT SALTCOATS Pastor Laurel Wiebe — 306-898-2099 Pastor Tim Warkentin — 306-744-8133 Sunday Morning Service 10:00 a.m. Sunday School 10:40 a.m. Worship Service EVERYONE WELCOME

Zion Lutheran Church (Church of the Lutheran Hour) (GX Radio 9:00 a.m. Sunday) 234 INDEPENDENT ST., YORKTON 306-783-5589 Pastor Andrew Cottrill

Sunday: 9:00 a.m. Bible Study 10:00 a.m. Worship and Sunday School Wednesday 9:00 a.m. Matins (Prayer), and Devotion

First Baptist Church SMITH STREET & THIRD AVENUE Pastor Steve Rosluk; Office 306-783-3119

Worship Service & Children’s Time at 10:30 a.m.

Free Pentecostal Church 20 BRADBROOKE AVE.

Pastor E. Richardson


Services: • Sunday, 10:30 a.m. & 7:30 p.m. • Wednesday, 7:30 p.m.

St. Andrew’s United Church SECOND AVENUE AND SMITH STREET St. Andrew’s  United  Church   Second Avenue and Smith Street

OFFICE 306-783-4157 MINISTER REV. JEN DRESSER Website: Facebook: St. Andrew’s United Church Office: 783-4157

Website:   Minister:  Rev.  Cordelia  Karpenko     Worship  Time:  Sunday  at  10:30  a.m.  

(insert  what  is  happening  this  week  at  the  church)    


Listen to CJGX Radio every Sunday at 8:45 a.m.

No Services in July Please join Westview United Church July 15th at 10:30 a.m.

Holy Trinity Anglican Church

++Dominion Chapel Ministry

165, 2ND AVE. N & DARLINGTON Deacon: The Rev. Luanne Hrywkiw 306-782-0018 Church 306-786-7131

Sunday, July 15th Worship Service & Sunday School 10:30 a.m.

Destiny International Christian Assembly Establishing Ministries and Releasing Destinies

109 Maple Avenue, Yorkton Senior Pastors Dag & Bukky Lawale

Every Sunday - Worship Service at 10:30 a.m. Every Wednesday - Bible Study at 7:00 p.m. Last Friday of each month - Prayer Meeting at 7 p.m. For more information please phone 306-782-2427

Everyone Welcome  

—Everyone Welcome— Taking dominion: fulfilling destiny

Join us every Sunday from 10:45 a.m. for a moment of excellent worship and undiluted word of God. Thursday Bible Study/Fellowship 7:00 p.m. to 8:15 p.m. 366 Independent St., Yorkton For more information 306-620-2462 306-641-2377 The home of the blessed generation

Westview United Church 355 BRADBROOKE DRIVE Office 306-783-3063 Rev. Deborah Smith ‘New to the community? Come check us out!’ KID’S FAIR - Westview United Church July 17, 18, 19; Children ages 4 - 12

“A Place of New Beginnings”

to register call and leave a message with the church office. Sunday, July 15th Worship Service at 10:30 a.m. Everyone welcome


St. Mark The Evangelist

St. Mary’s Ukrainian Catholic Church

72 Melrose Avenue • PHONE 306-786-6840 Senior Pastors Des & Cheryl Klingspon Employment Program 306-786-1840

Meeting at SS. Anargyri Greek Orthodox Church 160 Betts Ave., Yorkton, Sask. “Services in English”


Sunday Worship Service 10:30 a.m. • Contemporary Worship • Children’s Ministry • Youth Ministry “Changing our world with the love of God.”


Orthodox Church (OCA)

155 CATHERINE STREET 306-783-4594 Conducted by Ukrainian Redemptorist Fathers Phone 306-783-4594 or 306-783-7778

Sunday, July 15th Divine Liturgy 10:30 a.m.

Saturday Divine Liturgy (English) 5:00 p.m. Sunday Divine Liturgy (English/Ukrainian) 10:00 a.m.

Priest: Rodion Luciuk Phone: 306-786-6216 Cell: 306-621-5341



Wednesday, July 11, 2018 | | Yorkton This Week

No matter what you like, listen to Drake

People used to primarily find music through the radio, which was always a problem for people with odd tastes in music and a distinct lack of nearby radios that played music you liked. My own fondness for the 1970s is entirely due to the oldies station being the only thing you could reliably get in a tractor that was not country music. The radio is not particularly personalized, as it is for everyone. If you typically like the most popular songs, this is fine; if you don’t, you aren’t going to find much there.

Spotify built a business on people wanting something tailored to them. Their marketing push was that people would get recommendations based on what they liked, and the more they listened, the more personalized it got. It’s an appealing idea, though there’s always this feeling that the service might be pushing you in specific directions. So long as you generally like the songs you hear, it’s not too suspicious. That is, until recently, when a publicity stunt got out of hand. Drake released a new


Thinking I do with words...

album, called Scorpion, on the Canada Day weekend. Spotify, like a friend who just discovered a new band, insisted everyone had to hear it. Drake headlined every product category and playlist. Want to praise the lord with Fresh Gospel?

Here’s Drake. How about the best of British? Well, Canada recognizes the Queen, here’s Drake. Ambient Chill? How about Ambient Drake? This stunt did not do Spotify any favors, as the service was roundly mocked for forcing Drake

on its users. It also highlighted a problem with how people discover new music. If Drake is for everyone, how much are these playlists based on what we play? Is the service really reacting to the user? Are we stuffing less well known artists in a closet so we get more Drake? Frustration aside, is this really that different from regular radio, which was also playing Drake over the weekend? It wasn’t worth it to Spotify, now embroiled in a controversy, and it wasn’t worth it to Drake, whose album would have

been popular anyway. The entire thing is a silly mess that could have been avoided, but now people question if their playlists are a lie and they’re being lead down musical paths they wouldn’t otherwise travel down. For people not interested in the mainstream, what good is Spotify now, since they were just recommended the most mainstream artist out there? Finding new music has always been a challenge and this stunt just revealed that it has never stopped being a challenge. It’s possible it never will.

THE AMATEUR BBQ COMPETITION IS BACK The Amateur BBQ competition, a popular success in 2017, will be back again. Amateur teams compete against each other for prize money and bragging rights. Visit our website for competition rules & entry form.

Entry Fee: $50 Deadline: FRIDAY, JULY 20

Band Schedule 2018 FRIDAY JULY 27 Justine Sletten 5:30 to 6:30 Borderline 7:00 to 8:45 Samara Yung 9:15 to 11:00

SATURDAY JULY 28 Katie Morgan 1:00 to 2:00 The Jay Walkers 2:30 to 4:15 2 Speed Axle 5:00 to 6:45 Cloned by Kings 7:15 to 9:00 Odd Man Out

SUNDAY JULY 29 Dale Mac 1:30 to 3:15 Shameless 3:45 to 5:30 Steve Gibson Band 6:00 to 7:45

9:30 to 11:15

These championship BBQ vendors will be on site to cook, smoke and grill for you

Regina, SK

London, ON

Port Dover, ON

Hinton, AB

Vancouver, BC


Wednesday, July 11, 2018


A key element of chuckwagon races is getting around the start barrels cleanly and out onto the track running hard.

Racing in the blood for Assoc. president By Calvin Daniels Staff Writer Chariot and Chuckwagon races have long been a staple fare at the Yorkton Exhibition. Dozens of drivers and trailer loads of horses converge on the city each year for three days of racing, arriving in the early morning hours Wednesday straight from racing in Weyburn Tuesday evening. When the final race is run in Yorkton Friday they load and head down the highway to race in Sheho Saturday. Over the summer members of the Eastern Professional Chariot & Chuckwagon Association (EPCCA) will hit some 18 communities driving some 40 days of races, all of it for the love of the sport. At least that is what keeps Kevin Gareau of Domremy, SK. driving. “I drive three carts and two wagons,” he said Thursday morning, a quiet time before the action of racing began in the afternoon. Gareau hits the road in June and the final races are in September. In July he will see home for only six days. “I get holidays and this is what I do. I don’t go to the lake,” he said, adding for all the drivers “this is our round of golf.” Gareau is busy during the actual races, driving not just his own rig, but for friend Casey Peterson who was injured in a training run and can no longer drive. The 40-year-old is equally busy off the track as he is in his second year as president of the EPCCA, an organization representing some 75 drivers. The involvement in the

“My dad drove. I’m a second generation driver … You see that all the time, second and third generation families … Not many people start right off the street.” — Kevin Gareau sport was basically hereditary. “My dad drove. I’m a second generation driver,” he said. “… You see that all the time, second and third generation families … Not many people start right off the street.” And that tradition is repeating as 15-year-old Shae Lynn Gareau, Kevin’s daughter is into her second season driving chariots. Dad admitted watching his daughter go round the track for the first time was both gratifying and scary. “It was nerve racking for me,” he said, but he added “I had confidence in her,” that helped him recognize she could do it. “… You have to trust in the horses and the people with you.” Gareau has two more children, ages 12 and nine, and he admitted he will be proud if they choose to race one day. Of course Gareau could

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remember his own first race on a track at Mistawasis in 1996. “The first time I was not sure what to expect. I had done it lots at home,” he recalled. But, Gareau made it around the track safely, and he said that is something he still looks at as a lesson that in the end, win, or lose, safe trips are paramount. Gareau said drivers are aware there is a danger to the sport, but they focus a lot on keeping everyone safe. “It’s in the back of your mind. That’s what makes you careful. Everybody knows the danger of it,” he said. The first race also gave Gareau a sense of pride. “It’s a sense of accomplishment that’s pretty neat … I still hold on to that to this day,” he said. As for family, Gareau’s father, 73, no longer drives, but he and his wife do rail down

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the road following their son at most of the meets. “They like to come and camp and watch the races,” he said, adding racing is an integral part of their family. “It’s what we talk about at Christmas and Easter, the outfit, or ‘did you hear what happened to this driver?’” For all the drivers it is just a hobby – Gareau admitted his winnings Wednesday would not fill his gas tank – albeit one that comes with a significant cost. You can start with young horses that might cost only $2,500, but top rigs are running thoroughbred stock worth upwards of $10,000, said Gareau. The horses are only part of what you need, but are the critical aspect of the sport. “Everybody does it for the love of the horses,” said Gareau, adding he takes some

Chad Holinaty

exception to those who think the horses are ill-treated by the sport. “I would challenge anybody in any equine event or business to provide more consistent care. These horses are well cared for.” Gareau said the horses are athletes and as a result get the best feed, and care so they can perform at the top level. And competition is keen. Gareau pointed to the races in Yorkton Wednesday where the first place wagon rounded the track in 65:07, with the 43rd place wagon, (two did not earn times), ran a time of 72:31, so the entire field was within a narrow seven-and-a-halfsecond window. The three-day Yorkton meet is the biggest event of the summer as a joint event with the Manitoba Pro Chuckwagon & Chariot Association. This year the meet attracted 45 chuckwagons and more than 50 chariots, which Gareau said adds some extra excitement for drivers. “The competition is real good,” he said, adding having the Manitoba drivers means some different match-ups. “We see some faces we’ve known for a long time but don’t see every weekend.” For fans, they tend to like the chuckwagons best. “They’re the highlight. Chariots are exciting and they’re good, but lots of people are there to watch the wagons,” said Gareau. So what makes the wagons so popular? “There’s just more going on. There’s more horses. It’s a very exciting sport,” offered Gareau.

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Inaugural rugby season holds promise Major League Rugby held its inaugural championship game on the weekend. The game featured the Glendale Raptors and Seattle Seawolves which was ultimately a matchup of the best of season one. The Raptors were the top team through the regular season, and for their part the Seawolves were arguably the best team in terms of fan support with regular sellouts. The Seawolves would prevail 23-19 in what had to be a bit of a surprise finish, thanks in part to a try from Canadian Ray Barkwell, and the planning of Canadian playercoach Phil Mack. Seattle is actually spotted with Canadian players including Brock Staller, Cam Polson, George Barton, Mozac Samson, and Nakai Penny, so they were the team I have followed

most closely this season. While the MLR season was generally positive for the sport, it wasn’t without concerns in the sense that any new league would like more fans in the stands. The league has been cautious settling into smaller venues, but full stands were still not an every game occurrence. But the season has been one that would seem to lay a solid foundation for rugby to get a permanent foothold in terms of a pro level league in North America. The sport will get another boost in 2019 with the next world cup to be held in Japan with the United States already qualified, and Canada with a backdoor chance. And, growth in the MLR is going to happen. New York has already been announced for 2019, and it is expected at least two other cities will be


Opinion part of the loop. Where those teams are will be interesting to see, with my hopes clearly on the Ontario Arrows being one of them. That said Washington, Los Angeles, Dallas, Sacramento, Boston and Chicago are among a list of nearly 20 cities mentioned in various online threads in recent months to want into the league. As a sports fan I’ve always been interested in new leagues that pop up every once in a while. For example, the Global T20 Canada cricket tournament has been

going on in Toronto the last couple of weeks. Apparently, Canada has a long cricket history, dating back to the 1800s when it participated in the first ever official International cricket match staged in North America against the USA. This tournament has teams representing teams from Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Vancouver, and former YTW reporter and cricket fan Thom Barker tells me via Facebook the tourney is hoped to be a prelude to a full-fledged Canadian

league. I can’t say I list cricket anywhere near my top-10 team sports to watch, but I recognize it is popular in countries such as India and Pakistan and that we have many immigrants from those countries in Canada which could create a fan base for a new league. And, if a league started and a sports channel picked up games, I would at least check out a game or two to see if cricket could grow on me as a sport to watch. It is interesting that new pro sports leagues in Canada are being considered. The Canadian Professional Lacrosse League was promoted to start this year, but the field lacrosse league never took flight, although the league’s Facebook page is now suggesting a spring 2019 launch. It would be outstanding if the league got

off the ground, but it does seem like a long shot. It would seem the same scenario surrounds the Canadian Arena League a new proposed professional arena/ indoor football league designed to bring threedown Canadian rules action to arenas across Canada. “Each team will be made up of a 20-man roster,” notes their website at “... Each team will play on a 50-yard field similar to our counter parts in the United States. All teams will play a 10 game schedule.” Again, it’s said set to launch in the spring of 2019, this would be great to see, but sadly it’s hard to envision it happening. Thankfully the MLR seems set to grow, and that is good enough for now in my world.

Crunch time The Outlaws of Motorsports hosted a demolition derby Saturday afternoon on the infield of the Painted Hand Casino Raceway as part of the annual Yorkton Exhibition. This year 14 cars took part in the event, up from 10 in 2017. When the final fender was crunched and grill smashed Bernie Bilay from Dauphin, MB. was the event winner. Staff Photos by Calvin Daniels

Sport and art meet in new partnership A new partnership will help promote by facets of culture in the parkland; art and sport. In the summer of 2019 pARTners Art Gallery in the Yorkton Public Library will be home to a multi-artist, multi-media show. And that show will have a sport-theme thanks to a partnership with the Parkland Association of Disc Golf, (PADG). “I was talking to a local artist about doing a piece with a disc golf theme, and at the same time the PADG was going through the licensing process to sell tickets on a disc golfthemed quilt, and the idea of a show just sort of clicked in my head,” said PADG president Calvin Daniels. Never a particularly shy guy, Daniels threw the idea at Tonia Vermette with the Yorkton Arts Council who books the pARTners Gallery. “I thought it was a fun idea. Our pARTners Gallery is a great place for some pretty unique shows, and this should be one of those,” she said.

So now it’s up to artists throughout the parkland region to take up the challenge. “This will be a multimedia show, so it’s open to paintings, photography, fibre art (quilts etc), even small sculptures,” said Vermette. “The more diversity in the work, the better the show in my mind.” Daniels said he can envision some pretty cool and unique options. “As this idea rolled around in my head for a while I was thinking how interesting art done right on a golf disc might be, or photography from a drone, and personally I’d love to see some cartoon style art, I think those would be awesome,” he said. “The great thing about this is that artists have all summer to get out to the courses in the area to find inspiration,” added Vermette. Deadline for entry would be June 27, 2019 with artwork being dropped of the Community pARTners Gallery, located in the Yorkton Public Library

from June 27 - 29. Entry forms will be available from the Yorkton Arts Council office, the Yorkton Public Library and online at and PADG. The show will be in pARTners through July and August 2019, and there will be a reception to highlight the event at that time. Anyone seeking information on the PADG can find them on Facebook, or email at — Submitted by the Parkland Association of Disc Golf

Health The




SUNDAY, AUGUST 19, 2018 YORKTON, SK | 8:30 A.M. START (1/2 MARATHON 7:30 A.M. START) Medals & Awards | Prizes & Door Prizes

Beethoven’s Symphony #5

is 30 minutes.

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Early Bird Entry: $40.00 before July 20 includes TEC Shirt After July 21 entry fee $40.00 TEC Shirt not included. 17 & under $20.00 - After July 20 entry fee $15.00 Event Shirt not included. THERE WILL BE NO RACE DAY ENTRIES All proceeds from the Charity Road Race go toward the PURCHASE OF MEDICAL EQUIPMENT FOR THE REGIONAL HOSPITAL

To register contact The Health Foundation @ 306.786.0506 or 1.800.636.3243 Register online @:

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Cards best the Bulls in pair By Calvin Daniels Staff Writer The Yorkton Cardinals found a visit by Lethbridge for a pair of Western Major Baseball League games just what they needed to get back to winning. It was a day for the pitcher’s under near perfect baseball weather at Jubilee Park Sunday as the Bulls and Cards took to the field. Hunter Sanford would be masterful on the hill for the Cardinals allowing only two hits, while walking two and striking out nine, going the distance in shutting out the visitors. Yorkton would find runs scarce as well, leaving 10 on base, but managing to plate two runs in the seventh for the eventual 2-0 win. For his part Hunter said his stuff was working and he was able to spot it to both sides of the plate effectively. “I was able to get competitive strikes,” he said. Hunter said he isn’t always a strikeout pitcher, but Sunday the strikeouts just piled up. “It depends on my stuff for the day,” he said, adding “I had good twostrike pitches that got batters out.” Monday the offences of both teams came to the fore as the teams squared off again at Jubilee Park. Yorkton scored one in the bottom of the first inning to take an early lead, but the Bulls scored three in the third to take

then added one in the sixth, a home run by Griffey Halle, before the Bombers added one in the seventh to round out a 3-2 score in favour of the Cardinals. Parker Hubbard was the winning pitcher on five innings of work with six strikeouts. Austin Skelhorn picked up the save. In the second game Yorkton took a one-run lead in the third, but could muster no more offence. That was not the case for the Bombers who scored three in the fifth, and added a pair in the seventh for a 5-1 win. Wryland McKnight took the loss for Yorkton, based on six innings of work where he scattered seven hits, and gave up three runs, but only one of those earned. He struck out five.

Following two home wins over Lethbridge the Yorkton Cardinals head west for a tour through Alberta. the lead. But in the bottom of the third the Cardinals scored four to regain the lead, thanks to a threerun homer that left the field just to the right of the 400-foot marker in centrefield by first baseman Riley Jepson. “I had a good count two-and-o, and got a fastball up that I got enough of to drive it out,” said Jepson after the game. It was Jepson’s second homer of the season, although he said he likes to think home runs are a part of his game. He said he is starting to find the groove at the plate, much

the same way the team is starting to get better. “We didn’t start the season the way we wanted to,” he said, but added they are becoming more competitive as the season wears on. Lethbridge drew within one in the top of the fourth, then evened the score 5-5 with a run in the eighth. In the ninth Thirus Jones drew a one out walk for Yorkton, then scored the game winner all the way from first on a double to the centrefield wall by Griffey Halle. Tyson Black started for Yorkton on the mound

going five innings. Matt Zanutto earned the win with two innings of relief. The two wins leaves the Cardinals with an 8-20 record, worst in the WMBL leaving the team 14-games back of frontrunning Weyburn, and 4.5 games back of fourth place Swift Current. Head coach John Farrington said the Cardinals are starting to play better baseball. “We’re starting to come together,” he said. “The atmosphere is great.” Farrington said the team is starting to get solid pitching, like

Hunter’s performance Sunday, and timely hits, like in Monday’s win. In the case of Hunter’s complete game Farrington said, “that’s the kind of thing that can really jumpstart a team.”

Bandits visit

After a postponement July 4, Yorkton took to the field to host the Brooks Bandits Thursday in a doubleheader. The teams traded single runs in the second inning, Yorkton’s run coming courtesy of a Riley Jepson home run. Yorkton went ahead with a run in the fourth,

Up next

The Cardinals head out on their annual Alberta swing this week. They were scheduled to visit Edmonton Tuesday, but results were not available at press time. The Prospects sit third in the west. Today, (Wednesday), and then again Thursday the Cardinals will be in Fort McMurray, last in the west, before stopping Friday to play Edmonton again. Saturday and Sunday Yorkton visits Okotoks, second in the Western Division, then hit Swift Current Monday.

Stock car racing was held Sunday at the Yellowhead International Raceway.

Dust and fast times at Yellowhead track It was race day Sunday at Yellowhead International Speedway in Yorkton. Under near ideal conditions a number of races took place on the medium bank, 3/8 mile track, built on land leased from the City of Yorkton by the Parkland Racing Association. Winners from the day include;

Thunder Stock Heat




Matkowski Heat 2: 11 Neil Matkowski Feature : 11 Cory Matkowski

Young Yorkton footballers are flexing their skills, spreading their wings, and representing their hometown as they battle athletes from across Canada. Five Yorkton football players are competing in the 2018 Under-16 Eastern Challenge in Guelph, Ontario. They’re playing with the Saskatchewan team in the week-long tournament (which began on Jul. 7). The Yorktonites

Heat 1A: 5K Stefan Klym Heat 1B: 88 Trevor

Monk Heat 2A: 5K Stefan Klym Heat 2B: 88 Trevor

Monk Feature: Pickering



The next day of racing at the track will be Sunday, July 15, with races starting at 2 p.m..

Hobby Stock

Heat 1A: 29 Brice Dahlin Heat 1B: 7h Caylee Hiebert Heat 2A: 26 Tyler Rosenthal Heat 2B: 44 Jen Atkings Feature: 7h Caylee Hiebert

Yorkton footballers compete in Guelph By Sean Mott Staff Writer

Street Stock

(all from YRHS) joined 35 other athletes from around the province. Jaxon Boyda (defensive back), Kenton Effa (linebacker), Keane Szabo (linebacker), Reece McCormick (defensive line), and Dallas Thiessen (offensive line) competed in evaluation camps to earn their spots on the team. They’ll be competing against teams from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario, and Quebec. The tournament wraps up on Jul. 15.

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Sky riders The Global FMX freestyle motocross was part of the daily entertainment at this year’s summer fair in Yorkton. Top riders with years of experience executed all the latest freestyle motocross tricks with ease with shows all four days. Staff Photos by Calvin Daniels

Rocky Mountain hop, part one I flexed my fingers on the hot steering wheel. I rolled down the window and spat out my wad of flavourless gum. I flicked through the radio stations. Channel after channel of distorted static greeted me. I rubbed my sunburnt arm as I cracked my neck and peered forward. The endless highway stretched before me, surrounded by seas of green. In a nearby field, a cow mooed. I had been on the road for four hours. I wasn’t even at the halfway point of my journey. Once in a while, you have to do something foolish. We live in a society that values order, control, and reliability. Farmers have to get up at the same time every day

or we’d all starve. Accountants have to file their numbers down to the umpteenth decimal or our economy would descend into a Mad Maxesque hellscape. Politicians have to make important decisions or we’d have no one to pummel with our impotent rage. We need routines. But every so often, it’s necessary (and satisfying) to burn your routine to the ground. It’s vital to toss your schedule into a pyre and turn the ashes into something new. Shattering a cycle, however you do it, is the only way to stay sane. I’ll be honest with you folks; I was in a bit of rut these last few months. The winter hangover blahs clung onto summer like a tenacious barna-


Settling in... cle. I needed to hit the restart button. But what would be the kindling for this ritual fire? Last week, I found myself with five days off. As I browsed through my computer looking for something to do, I stumbled across Google Maps. Bored, I scrolled up, moving my God’s eye view far above Yorkton. I saw all of Saskatchewan and beyond. Far to the left, clinging to the side of

Alberta, I saw them: The Rockies. I thought, “Why not?” So, I packed my bags, booked a motel, and set out for Banff. I’ve been meaning to see the mountains of Canada’s great west ever since I moved to the Prairies, but I always found an excuse to put it off. July seemed like the right month to finally do it. I didn’t jump into this journey completely half-

Pinoy fiesta The Pinoy Fiesta is about bringing people together. Now in its 9th year, and second at the Western Development Museum, the event celebrates the Filipino culture in Yorkton through food, dance and entertainment. Bernardino Guno, President of the Parkland Area Filipino Community Inc., said that the goal is to gather the area together, through sumptuous food and quality entertainment. “Whatever the nationality you are, you are welcome here at this event.” Staff Photos by Devin Wilger

baked. I stuffed my trunk with water and granola bars. I filled my iPhone with dozens of podcasts. I borrowed an 11-hour audio book from the library. I was ready (supposedly). Living in Saskatchewan for close to a year, I thought I had grown accustomed to Prairie driving. I’ve survived the monotonous stretch of flatness, straight lines, and grid roads on numerous trips. The drive to Banff injected the Prairie flatness with steroids. It was a nine-hour journey with, at most, three turns. I shot through Saskatchewan and Alberta with the directness of an arrow. My car ploughed past farms, villages, and gas stations.

They all blurred together into a green and yellow soup. It was like riding a carousel; the same images repeated themselves ad nauseam. The road to Banff seems custom built to break the mind due to boredom-induced insanity. But thanks to our modern conveniences, I clung onto my levelhead. I flipped through radio stations, CDs, podcasts, and two hours of the audiobook (which was surprisingly bingeable). I defeated road madness. As the sun retreated to the horizon, I checked into the motel. I collapsed onto the bed, drifting into a heat exhaustion coma. But my journey had just begun. Tomorrow, I had to climb a mountain. Tune in next week.

Yorkton This Week | | Wednesday, July 11, 2018


President’s ball The New Horizons held their President’s Ball in May, which saw their new board of directors introduced to the crowd, along with an evening of fun and dancing. The new board consists of (l-r) Irene Sawchuk, Doreen Dubiel, Diana Shorter, Jean Remezoff, Arliss Dellow, Vi Stefanuk, Peter Legebokoff, Carol Melnechenko, Alan Kuzmick, Wayn Porsch, Nick Andrusyk and Randy Ochochinksi. Not present, Clarence Newstead. Staff Photo by Devin Wilger

AN EXPERIENCE YOU’LL NEVER FORGET Green Hills, golf how it was meant to be

Let’s Go Golfing

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Power carts, walk on welcome, friendly service • Senior Mixed Tournament, July 18th • Hosting Kevin Kaminski Golf Classic August 4th •Men’s Open Tournament TBA •Men’s Nite on Tuesdays and Ladies Nite on Thursdays at 6 p.m. • Senior Day Fridays 1 p.m.

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DERENOWSKI - Iris Myrtle (nee Zacharuk). December 18, 1924July 5, 2018. With a tear in our eye, we announce the passing of our mom, Iris Derenowski at the grand age of 93.5 years. Left to carry on her legacy and share many memories are her children: Romaine, Denise (Wayne) and Loren (Shelly); grandchildren Cora (Adam), Nadine, Craig, Michael, Chelsea, Emma (Justin) and Ella and great grandchildren: Jordon, Caitlin and Lukas. Also, remembered by her brothers Michael and Stephen (Irene); sister in law Dorothy and many special nieces, nephews and friends. Predeceased by her beloved husband Peter, daughter in law Eileen, brothers Walter and Russell, sister Phyllis (Nick) and sister in law Winnie. Iris was born on a farm near Stornoway, SK to the parents of Michael and Catherine Zacharuk. She was a dedicated teacher beginning her long career in the tiny hamlet of Somme in 1943 and retiring in Yorkton in 1985. She found a way to balance work and motherhood. Iris loved to travel and explore the world, was an avid reader, a champion bowler, an impeccable organizer and an amazing “head” gardener (but we all know Peter did the actual work). She contributed many volunteer hours to the Royal Canadian Legion, RCL Women’s Auxiliary and the Ukrainian Orthodox Hall. We will miss her greatly. A celebration to honour her life and legacy is planned for Friday, July 13, 2018 at 2:00pm at Christie’s Funeral Home in Yorkton with Rev Jen Dresser officiating. She will be laid to rest beside her loving husband Peter in the Yorkton Cemetery. Special thanks to all the kind and caring staff at Canterbury Foundation in Edmonton, AB. Donations may be made to Alzheimer’s Society of Canada or Osteoporosis Canada.

WILSON - Mrs. Gwen Wilson of Yorkton, beloved wife of Russell Wilson Gwen passed away peacefully at the age of 91. Gwendoline “Gwen” Fay Wilson (nee Merriman) was born January 23, 1927 in Yorkton, SK, daughter of Arthur and Laura (nee Walton) Merriman. Gwen was the oldest of six children raised on the Merriman farm N.W. of Springside. Gwen attended the Clear Creek School until grade 8 and then took her grade 9 by correspondence at home. She never completed her schooling, instead she helped on the family farm. She later worked at the Theodore Hospital as a Nurse’s Aide for 3 years. In 1949 she met the love of her life, Russell Wilson, whom she married on October 9, 1950. They resided on the Wilson homestead by Wilson Lake. They worked side by side on the farm. They were later blessed with 5 daughters, Fay, the first born lost at birth, then Jocelyn, Valerie, Deborah & Barbara. Gwen was a wonderful wife and mother. Gwen enjoyed reading romance novels. As time went on, she began reading the Bible and found God and faithfully served the Lord for the rest of her life. Gwen was a faithful member of “The Truth”. She also enjoyed crocheting, knitting, embroidery, sewing, cooking, playing the organ, gardening, especially her flowers. Gwen’s favorite dining place was Pizza Hut and she loved her soft ice cream, especially banana splits. Gwen especially enjoyed seeing her grandchildren, great grandchildren and being with family and friends. Gwen always had a smile, great laugh, and a hug and kiss for everyone! When Gwen lost her grandson Tim Werner a year and a half ago, she was heartbroken and wished it would have been her instead. However, her faith comforted her as 2 Timothy 4:17 reads “but the Lord stood at my side and gave me strength.” Gwen and Russell had a wonderful marriage that lasted 67 years, their love for one another was an inspiration to all. Their advice for a long, happy marriage was never go to bed mad and kiss and say I Love You every night. Gwen and Russell moved to Yorkton in 1992 when Russell’s vision started to fail. Gwen became a wonderful caregiver to Russell when he lost his vision nearly six years ago. Gwen was blessed with a long, healthy and rewarding life up until the last 3 years when she started battling cancer. As her health started to fail and she began to find it difficult to take care of Russell and their home, they moved to the Yorkton Crossing Seniors Home in March of 2017. Making many new friends and being admired by all. Gwen always got compliments on all of her outfits and how nice she looked. The move at the beginning was very hard for Gwen to accept for she was always such a strong and independent woman. Giving up a lot of what she enjoyed the most was difficult for her. This past year became a struggle for Gwen but her faith kept her strong and she fought until there was no fight left. Gwen was dearly loved and will be sadly missed. She was predeceased by her parents, Arthur and Laura Merriman, daughter Fay in infancy, brother Ardis, brothers-in-law Maurice Paciorka and Norm Schick, nephew Dale Schick, grandson Tim Werner. She leaves to cherish her memory, her loving husband of 67 years, Russell, her four daughters; Jocelyn (Robert) Payne of Theodore and their children Shaun (Carrie) Payne, Kerrie (Aaron) Nasby, Lori (Ty) Brekke, Jory (Trish) Payne and Zachary Payne, Val (Gene) Rybka from Armstrong, BC and children Melanie (Shaun) Goodfellow, Korin Steffenson, step children Danielle (Rybka), Jonathan Rybka and Nicole (Taylor) Nickle. Debbie (Richard) Prybylski of Willowbrook and their children Josh (Janelle) Prybylski, Amanda (Brad) Goltz, Sarah (Kevin) Kriger, Vicki (Andy) Duff, Bethany (Tim) Trost, Matt (Christina) Prybylski, Mark Prybylski, Mallory (Michael) Wilk, Luke Prybylski and Jake (Jen) Prybylski. Barb (Evan) Werner of Springside and children; daughter-in-law Tracey (+Tim) Werner, Corey (Jeanie) Werner, Clayton (Tracy) Werner and Tyler (Jodi) Werner; 46 great grandchildren sisters; Phyllis Paciorka and Beatrice Schick, brothers; Ronald Merriman and Les (Judy) Merriman and numerous nieces, nephews and other relatives, good friends and all who loved her dearly. The funeral service was held on Friday, July 6, 2018 at Yorkton Memorial Gardens Family Centre with Dale Wipf, Muriel Henderson & Betty Petersen officiating. The pianist was Jan Cobb and guest register attendees were Ethel Fisher and June Hermanson. The ushers were Len Kennedy and George Cobb. A poem was read by Daughter Barb and eulogy given by Craig Wilson. Psalm 121 was recited by Marlene Kennedy. The interment led by Mary Roper followed in the Garden of St. Matthew at Yorkton Memorial Gardens with Shaun Payne, Jory Payne, Josh Prybylski, Matt Prybylski, Corey Werner and Clayton Werner serving as the casket bearers. Memorial donations may be made to Stars Air Ambulance or the New Regional Hospital Building Fund as gifts of remembrance. Condolence can be sent to the family at www.baileysfuneralhome. com. Established 1893

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Obituaries 2018-07-10

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ELASCHUK - Suzanne Elaschuk of Yorkton, beloved wife of Leonard Elaschuk passed away peacefully on June 30 at the Yorkton Regional Health Centre. Suzanne Roberta Elaschuk (Gray) was born January 2, 1955 in Regina, daughter of Robert (Bob) and Helen (Rioux) Gray. She graduated from Scott Collegiate in 1973 and went on to complete a degree in Social Work in 1977 from the University of Regina. She moved to Yorkton to take a position at Mental Health and continued to work as a Social Worker and Mental Health Therapist there throughout her career. She met her husband, Leonard Elaschuk, in Yorkton and they were married on February 24, 1979 in Regina. They were blessed with two daughters, Erin and Kimberly. She was predeceased by her parents, Robert and Helen Gray, brother-in-law, Paul Voisine. Suzanne is survived by her husband Leonard; her two daughters, Erin Elaschuk (Yorkton, SK) and Kimberly Elaschuk (Halifax, NS), sister, Roberta Voisine (Nanaimo, BC), brother, Clarence (Rocky) Gray (Victoria, BC), niece, Nicole (Erik) Esleyer (Nanaimo, BC), great-nephew, Gavin, and great-niece, Hayden. Suzanne dedicated her career to suicide prevention and mental health. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to either Shelwin House or Lifeline Canada Foundation. A Prayer Vigil was held on Wednesday, July 4, 2018 at St. Gerard’s Roman Catholic Church in Yorkton with Ernie Bobowski presiding. The reader was Tammy Morrison. Lise PerraultStreeter led in praying a decade of the rosary in French. The Funeral Mass was held on Thursday, July 5, at St. Gerard’s Church with Rev. Fr. Arpee Urquico as the Celebrant. The cross bearer was Christine Bohn. The accompanist, Donna McCauley led St. Gerard’s choir in the singing of the hymns. The readers were Lise Perrault-Streeter and Christine Bohn. The interment took place in the Trinity Columbarium, Garden of Memories at Yorkton Memorial Gardens. Condolences can be sent to the family at

SEBULSKY - Ronnie was born on January 21, 1950 in Foam Lake, SK to loving parents Peter and Victoria (Korpatnisky) of Sheho. He grew up on the family farm 3 1/2 miles South and 1 mile West of Sheho. A shy, quiet youngster he attended Fosti School until grade 8, then high school in Foam Lake graduating in 1968. Ronnie was very fortunate to have many friends and cousins in Sheho, with whom he grew up with. After high school, Ronnie worked for a couple of years and drove school bus for about 6 years. He became an orderly at University Hospital in Saskatoon, then worked as a volunteer with the Red Cross in Jamaica in 1974. Upon his return to Canada he worked in Vibank, SK as a bank manager for the Credit Union. Ronnie moved back to Sheho when his father Peter passed away in 1978, to help his family on the farm. In 1985, he started as a Village Clerk in Sheho, he took a 2 year U of R course in Local Government Administration, then worked for the Village of Theodore for 13 yrs. From there he moved to the R.M. of Insinger for 6 yrs and finally for the Village of Sheho for 9 yrs until his retirement in 2015 at the age of 65. Even in his retirement he was still driving a mail truck a few days a week. At one point he also opened Rock ‘N Rony’s Drive-In. He operated the drive-in, with a little help, until it became too much to work two jobs and had to close the drive-in. Ron was involved with the Sheho Rec Board for many years organizing the sports days, he could always be found in the camper being the banker; doing the books and deposits. Ron was also on the Parkland Valley Board of Directors for a number of years (Sports, Rec and Culture). Ron was an Associate Legion member until his passing. In his spare time, he worked for his good friend Danny Rudey at Dan’s Catering for many years. Throughout the years he made many lifelong friends and acquaintances, always stopping to say hello and chat. Ron was a compassionate, caring, intelligent and giving man, helping others with their problems or fixing things, finding a home for a family or helping people with legal matters. One of Ron’s main passions was creating beautiful Ukrainian Easter Eggs; he spent countless hours creating beautiful works of art. Ron had a green thumb in the garden and had a love for flowers, fruit trees and vegetables. His garden was always big and come harvest time always bountiful. One highlight in his life was on October 25, 2013, when he was set up on a blind date at the Theodore Rec Board fundraiser - this was the night he met Chris Bates. He was quiet at first but at the end of the night he asked Chris to go out with him and she said yes, he was on cloud nine! Ron and Chris enjoyed working side by side catering, gardening, planting flowers, baking, and going on road trips in the Chevy. Ron loved to joke around; you could often hear him saying “Giver Tar paper” or “Way to go Grace”. He also enjoyed his coffee row every day after 2:30 p.m. Family was very important to Ronnie, from picking stones for Chad to going to birthday parties at Amy’s. He loved just going for coffee to catch up with family and friends. Ron travelled to Jamaica, Mexico, England with his friend Gerald Hoffman, a Caribbean cruise with his sister Bev, Niagara Falls and Toronto. Ron worked hard and enjoyed his life and everything that came with it. He is survived by his fiancé Chris Bates of Yorkton, her son Justin of Prince Albert, and daughter Roslyn of Yorkton; his brothers Randy (Dorothy) of Regina, Bernie (Faye) of Sheho, and sister Beverly (John) of Saskatoon; his nephews Colin (fiancé Sydney) of Mississauga, Chad (Danielle) and Nohl of Sheho, Tyler (Heather) Ryder and Kaliya of Regina, Kyle (fiancé Shayla) of Regina and niece Amy (Ryan) Gracie, Kallie and Nickson of Yorkton. He was predeceased by his father Peter in 1978 and his mother Victoria in 2013; and his god daughter Colette Medvid. Ron was a beloved brother, uncle, godfather and friend; he will be sadly missed by all who knew him. Words of sympathy and caring may be left for the family at Funeral arrangements entrusted to Narfason’s Funeral Chapel & Crematorium, Foam Lake, SK. 306-272-3212. Memory Eternal.

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PROUT - Donna Prout of Yorkton passed away on June 23, 2018 at Lakeside Manor Care Home in Saltcoats. Donna Maureen Prout, daughter to John and Olga Devine, was born on April 30, 1939 in Moose Jaw SK. After graduating from SION Academy, Donna went on to attend the Grey Nuns Collegiate in Regina where she received her certification as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). She began her nursing career at the Moose Jaw clinic, of which she had very fond memories. In 1965, while working in Moose Jaw, Donna met Allan Prout. In 1966 they were married then resided in Yorkton where they were blessed with two daughters. Donna liked to keep busy. She loved gardening, camping, reading, cheering on the Saskatchewan Roughriders, and spending time with her friends. But what she loved most was being a nurse and caring for others. Donna had a strong passion for spending time with family and friends. In 1976, Donna became a Life Member of Beta Sigma Phi, of which she was very proud. Donna’s strong faith was evident in all areas of her life. It guided her to become a member of the Catholic Women’s League (CWL) at St. Gerard’s Church in 1980. Donna spent her retirement years volunteering, enjoying coffee groups with friends, and caring for her grandchildren who were her pride and joy. She spent the latter month of her life enjoying the company of residents and staff at Jowsey House. It was here that many of us were once again able to see that twinkle in her eye. She settled in nicely, her sense of humor returned, and she was very happy there. For that we are so very grateful. Donna was predeceased by an older brother, John Gilbert Jr., her father John in 1975, and her mother Olga in 2003. Donna leaves to celebrate many cherished memories, her brother Donald, daughters Kristine (Brian) and Pam. Her grandchildren Taylor, Jaeden, Bronwyn, Rowen, and Adysen, as well as many friends whom she loved dearly. Funeral Mass was celebrated on Saturday, July 7, 2018 from St. Gerard’s Roman Catholic Church in Yorkton with Rev. Fr. Basil Chomos as the Celebrant. Riley Sherring served as the crossbearer. Lectors were Leanne May, and Audrey Parisloff. Intercessions were read by Jaeden Simpson. Honour Guards were members of the Catholic Women’s League and members of Beta Sigma Phi. Interment will follow in the family Plot in Rosedale Cemetery, Moose Jaw, SK. Condolences can be sent to the family at Memorials in memory of Donna may be made towards Beta Sigma Phi as gifts of remembrance.

SVEINBJORNSON Caroline Jean Sveinbjornson (Buckell) was born October 11, 1953 in Yorkton, SK. She grew up in Bredenbury, SK and was the youngest of 5 children. She went to school in Bredenbury and then Yorkton and graduated in 1970. After high school she went to Regina where she completed a hairdressing course, after which she returned to Churchbridge, SK and got engaged to Gordon Sveinbjornson in 1971. In July 1972, Gordon and Caroline were married and moved to the Sveinbjornson family farm in the Thingvalla district, northeast of Churchbridge. In the spring of 1975 they had a son, Nolan Gordon Sveinbjornson. Three years later in the spring of 1978 they had a second son, Ryan Wayne Sveinbjornson. Gordon and Caroline raised their family on the farm and Caroline drove school bus, and then later did child care for a local RCMP family. In 2008 they left the farm and moved into Churchbridge. After they moved into town, Caroline began working seasonally at Asessippi Provincial Park where she enjoyed working and meeting new people. Caroline worked at the park for the past 10 years, where she continued to work until the spring of 2018 when she was no longer able to. She enjoyed working in the outdoors and with her co-workers, many of whom she became good friends with. Caroline enjoyed going for coffee with friends, playing bingo and cards, and in her early years she really enjoyed curling. In 2003 Gordon and Caroline were delighted on the arrival of their first Grandson, Austin, who she spent many hours raising and caring for while Ryan, who was a single father, was off at work. In 2016 Ryan met Rachael who brought 3 more grandchildren into her life, Cody, Hayley, and Cassidy, whom she loved dearly. Caroline was predeceased by her parents, Raymond and Elizabeth Buckell, her brother Wayne Buckell, brother in law Tom Haynes, and numerous aunts, uncles and cousins. Caroline leaves to mourn, her husband of nearly 46 years, Gordon Sveinbjornson, her sons Nolan (Kent) Sveinbjornson, and Ryan (Rachael) Sveinbjornson, grandchildren Austin, Cody, Hayley and Cassidy, as well as her sisters, Margaret Haynes and family of Lanigan, SK, Shirley (Ford) Davies and family of Saskatoon, SK, Doreen (Melvin) Hicks and family of Acme, AB, Lyle (Vivian) Sveinbjornson and family of Rocanville, SK; Gerald (Cheryl) Sveinbjornson and family of Regina, SK, and brother-in-law Glenn Martin of Saskatoon, SK. Instead of flowers the family has asked that donations to be made to the Palliative Care Ward at the Pasqua Hospital in Regina, SK, or the Thingvalla Church Cemetery. The family of Caroline Sveinbjornson would like to thank the doctors, nurses and staff of the General and Pasqua Hospitals, and the Palliative Care ward for their loving care provided to Caroline and her family. We also want to thank our family and friends for their loving support through this difficult time, and would like to recognize and thank honourary pall bearers, Lillian Sveinbjornson, Rose Sveinbjornson, Joyce Yaworsky, Marie Yanke, Vivian Munson, Carol Prince, Carla Rathgeber, and Donna Overland. A Funeral Service for Caroline was held on Saturday July 7, 2018 at 1 p.m. from the Chapel of Christie’s Funeral Home with Shelley Morris officiating and Austin Sveinbjornson as urn bearer. Special thanks to Christie’s Funeral Home for their loving care and attention.

Death Notices

Death Notices

THORSRUD - Bjorn Thorsrud passed away on Saturday, July 7, 2018, at the age of 87. Born to Kristian and Julie Thorsrud on May 30, 1931, Bjorn grew up in Lillehammer, Norway and moved to Canada as a young man. While in Dauphin, MB he fell in love with Lorraine Tycholis and they were married on November 5, 1960. Together they opened Thorsrud’s Colour Centre in Yorkton, SK and remained in business together for over 42 years until their retirement in 2005. Bjorn is predeceased by his wife Lorraine, and survived by his three daughters: Julianne, Karen, and Sharon. Funeral services will be performed by Rev. John Oussoren at the Yorkton Memorial Gardens Family Centre on Saturday, July 14, 2018 at 2:00 pm. Please join the family in celebrating the life of Bjorn Thorsrud.


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PLAN NUMBER 2-3767 proof brian email to baileys IDEAL FOR A GROWING FAMILY This attractive twostorey home features an unfinished basement with space for two bedrooms and a roughed in bathroom, making this Surrounded by a wealth the ideal choice for a of spruce and pine trees growing family. is the City of Yorkton Entry is on the ground Cemetery. This peaceful, level, into a foyer with a historic setting has a den on the left. Ahead is variety of standard and the stairway to the upper floor and into the great cremation plots room. available. The great room‘s fireContact Community place will ensure a cozy Development, Parks & space during the winter Recreation at 306-786-1750 months. The dining room for further and kitchen overlook information. at covered deck. Stairs from the deck lead to the CityOfYorkton_1x47.nil_R0011506103 back garden. In Memoriam .indd comp7/DB 1x47L The kitchen includes •wed 11/11/09 GRAHAM - In loving memory of a prep island that sepDoug Graham who passed away (class 1030) bill arates it from the dinJuly 11, 2014. What we would give if we ing area. The U-shaped could say counter configuration I’ll go and see my brother or means plenty of work father today. To hear his voice and see space for the cook, and his smile the window over the and sit and talk with him awhile. double sinks has a view He had a sense of humour That made things so much fun to the covered deck. The He always had a friendly word corner pantry will proto say to everyone. vide welcome storage When I am sad and lonely And everything goes wrong space. I seem to hear him whisper A doorway between “Do your best and carry on”. the kitchen and dining So many times I have needed him room gives access to the So many times I have cried If our love could have saved him covered deck, making al

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He never would have died. Dear Lord please take a message of love to him Now that he’s with you Tell him how much we miss him and give him all our love. -Forever remembered and forever loved by sisters, Sharon, Donna, Carol and daughter Jodie.

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LASH - Andrew Lash (1915-1998). There is always a face before us A voice we would love to hear A smile we will always remember Of a Dad we loved so dear. -Loved and remembered by his family

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One year ago my world fell apart. I miss your big smile and your sense of humor. So long for now - until we meet again. Love you forever!!! Myrt I will remember you forever ... you are the wind beneath my wings ...

The family of the late Ethel Propp, of Yorkton, would like to sincerely thank all of you who supported us at the time of Ethel’s passing. The cards, flowers, food, visits, phone calls and prayers were greatly appreciated by all of us. Thank you SWNA-FarmStress_1x23.h11_ to Dean and the staff of Bailey’s R0011586528.indd Funeral Home for their care and •classified ytw julythis 11/18 guidance •during difficult time. Thanks to Pastor Devon Pattemore for leading the beautiful service for Ethel. Thanks to Ruth McPhee for all the lovely music played at Ethel’s service. Thanks also to the compassionate staff at the Yorkton Crossing. We know that Ethel was loved by all of you. Your gentle, loving care of her especially during her last days was so appreciated by her family. We know you did everything you could to make sure she felt comfortable, content and loved. Ethel touched so many lives. Her passing has left a huge hole in our hearts. We are so thankful to everyone who has been there for us during this difficult time. God bless you all! -Ethel Propp’s Family. Give us a call soon. We’d like to help you place a classified ad in Yorkton This Week. Phone 306782-2465.

fresco meals a breeze. The master bedroom overlooks the front garden, and the window boasts an extra-wide sill. The luxurious en-suite includes an oval soaker tub, as well as a shower stall and a handy towel cupboard. Double basins occupy a bayed-out area. The walk-in closet is spacious enough for a couple’s clothing and accessories. The two secondary bedrooms look out to the back garden and share a three-piece bathroom. The linen closet is located in the corridor opposite the master suite. On the ground floor, the den features a bayedout corner window with an extra-deep sill. The unfinished basement, with its two bedrooms and roughed-in bath, has a large covered patio and could serve as a mortgage-helper or in-law suite. The laundry room includes a row of cubbies. Access to the double garage will allow it to double as a mud room. Exterior finishes include stucco with wood accents around the greatroom window. Brick accents on the lower

storey, and a decorative garage door, add character. This home measures 47 feet wide and 46 feet deep, for a total of 1,546 square feet. Plans for design 2-3771 are available for $695 (set of 5), $755 (set of 8) and $803 for a super set of 10. Also add $35.00 for Priority charges within B.C. or $60.00 outside of B.C. Please add H.S.T., PST, OR G.S.T (where applicable) to both the plan price and Priority charges. Our 50TH Anniversary Edition of the Home Plan Catalogue containing over 400 plans is available for $15.50 (includes taxes, postage and handling). Make all cheque and money orders payable to “Jenish House Design Ltd.” and mail to: JENISH HOUSE DESIGN LTD. c/o...Yorkton This Week #201- 1658 Commerce Ave Kelowna, BC V1X 8A9 OR SEE OUR WEB PAGE ORDER FORM ON: AND E-MAIL YOUR ORDER TO:

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The family of the late Ronnie Sebulsky wish to express our sincere appreciation for the love and support of our family in our time of sadness and sorrow. Thank you for phone calls, food, cards, flowers and donations to Christ the King Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery Fund. Thank you also to Dan’s Catering and staff for lunch. Our officiant Father Ray Lukie, Cantors Ed Pindus and Colette Karapita, and palamar Leonard Sebulsky. Thank you also to our pallbearers, guestbook attendants, and cross bearer. Also to Harold and Staff of Narfason’s Funeral Chapel & Crematorium for their care and compassion with the funeral arrangements. Thank you so much. -The Sebulsky Family


The Yorkton S.P.C.A. gratefully acknowledges Maurice McKen for his continued compassion towards animals and his generosity in loving memory of his late wife Jean McKen. Phone 306-782-2465, and we will help you place your ad in This Week.

Coming Events HERITAGE DAY. National Doukhobor Heritage Village Inc. Veregin, SK. Sunday, July 15, 2018. Service 9:30am. Blini Brunch 10am-12pm. Adults: $15, 12 and under $10. Pre-school : FREE. Program: 1pm. Bus Tour - Old Village Sites $30. Must be booked by July 10, 2018. Contact: 306-5424441. Highways to Heroes 5th Car Show, Snowbirds aerial performance, Skyhawks parachuting, music concert, July 15, 10am. 15 Wing Air Base Moose Jaw. Call 306-6952-4245 or see us on Facebook.

Near Ashwood Place in Yorkton a neutered male indoor cat. All grey w/ green collar and green bell. $500 cash reward for his safe return

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NOTICE TO CREDITORS In the Estate of WILLIAM DONALD KIRSCHMAN, late of Yorkton, Saskatchewan, deceased All claims against the above estate verified by statutory declaration and with particulars and valuation of security held, if any, must be sent to the Public Guardian and Trustee of Saskatchewan before the 6th day of August, 2018. PUBLIC GUARDIAN AND TRUSTEE OF SASKATCHEWAN #100-1871 SMITH STREET REGINA SK S4P 4W4 Attn: Melissa Winder, Trust Officer


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Mobile/Manufactured Homes for Sale

BEAUTIFUL 3 bedroom townhouse; 1200 sq.ft. close to school & hospital, central air conditioning, high efficiency furnace. References & lease required. Pictures can be viewed on Kijiji under Houses For Rent Yorkton. Call George at 306-537-3228, Joyce 306-7822226, or 306-737-1897.

The following commercial land and buildings located in Yorkton, SK. will be offered for Sale by Tender: Property Information Legal: Lots 4-10 - Blk 19 - Plan Z2171 Ext. 0 Civic: 375 8th Ave. N. SAMA Assessment: $305,200.00 Three Phase Power

STOREY AND A HALF House East of Yorkton. 5 miles from Lake of the Prairies. 2 bedrooms on main floor. References required. No Smoking, No Pets. Available Immediately. Phone 306-742-4781.


• Buyers are responsible for inspection for quality and suitability. Viewing scheduled upon request.

• Municipal taxes adjusted as of Closing Date being 30 days after acceptance of tender or earlier as agreed.

• A minimum deposit of $5,000.00 must accompany each tender, as a certified cheque or bank draft payable to Shawn Patenaude Law. The balance of the purchase price shall be paid to Shawn Patenaude Law within 30 days after acceptance of tender. Unsuccessful bidders will receive deposit back following closing of tenders.

• All lots must be purchased as package.

• Highest or any bid may not be accepted.

BIDS SHALL BE SUBMITTED to Shawn Patenaude Law, by registered mail or personal delivery at the address below by 4:00 p.m., July 31, 2018:

Houses For Rent

Suites For Rent ARE YOU between 18 and 30? Are you in school or training? Are you making minimum wage? Shared accommodation with four other people available immediately at $500/month including utilities & wi-fi. Contact Anthony at 306-6207227.


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Tender envelopes are available from our office.

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• Large 1 & 2 bedroom. • Soft water, heat, and parking included • Fridge & stove • In suite laundry • A/C, deck & patio door • Secure, quiet

Janet 306-620-6838 ON BUS ROUTE

YTW-DriverTender_2x44.h13_R0011569467. indd/prod2/kj YTW June 6,13,20,27/18 July 4,11/18 MP June 8,15,22,29/18 July 6,13/18/proof jim


PRinvestments_1x27.nil_ R0011511701.indd 4-PLEX SUITE 1x27LFOR prod2/KJ (class 4040) RENT •wed-mp-tfc #12 CALWOOD CRES, 1200 SQ. FEET, 2-BEDROOM INCL. MAJOR APPLIANCES $900/MONTH + UTILITIES ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS

PH: 306-783-9236 TERRY OR JANET


Services for Hire

FOR HOUSE ADDITIONS, car sheds and renovations call Ralph’s Construction at 306-621-1398.

BRAZEAU MASONRY & ROOFING. Asphalt Shingling, Brick & Block layer, Chimney repair, Parging. Licensed & Insured. Wayne 306-331-8069.

Handyperson WHATEVER NEEDS DONE. Carpentry, plumbing, painting, yard work, garbage hauled away. Phone 306-621-7538, leave message.

Lawn & Garden




Highway #9 North, Yorkton 306-783-8660 YoungsPlantWorld_1x18.nil_ R001340164. Renos Home Improvement indd 1x18L& comp7/DB (classified) wed tfc

FOR ALL your Interior, Exterior work. Decks, fences, siding, windows/doors and builds. Bath and kitchen remodeling/tiling. Experienced and licensed. Call Mike at 306-621-7526.

EAVESTROUGH CLEANING. To clean your house collar give me a holler! Phone Fred 306-621-1533.

GORD THE HANDYMAN specializing in: Repair work, Roofing, siding, decks, yardwork, painting, fencing and more. AJ CLEANING SERVICE. Will clean your whole house. Wall washing, painting and more! Other services available! We have 30 years experience. Free Estimates. Call 1-306370-1947 or 306-7953144. UNLIMITED SOLUTIONS. Mold inspections & Testing. Radon gas testing, ozone odour elimination. Wayne 306-331-8069.

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CONDO FOR SALE. 2 bedroom, two baths, 1,090sq.ft., inside car parking, laminate flooring, five appliances included. Phone 306-7838293 or 306-620-6707.

A COMMERCIAL BUILDING on Main Street in Sturgis. Well maintained, 1356sq.ft., 3 baths. Call 306-548-2834 for information.

Cabins/Cottages/Country Homes ALL SEASON cabin for sale at Good Spirit Prov. Park, Kitchemanitou subdivision. Walking distance to beach. Lot 66’ x 125’. 3 bedroom cabin. Garage 1,156 sq. ft., includes screen room and guest room. Furnished. Call 306620-6789 or 306-620-8790.

For Sale by Owner 137 CALDWELL Drive. Beautiful 4 bedroom, 3 bath, 1320 sq. ft. home in Weinmaster area. In-floor heat in garage and in developed basement. For viewing or additional info call/text 306-620-6789 or 306-620-8790. HOUSE ON Logan Cres. South side. 2 bedrooms up, 2 bedrooms down, 1 bathroom on main, 1/2 bathroom in basement, lots of closet space. Phone 306-7832669.

Houses for Sale HOME FOR sale. 2 bedrooms, 1 bath. Nice and warm. Will sell for $8,000. Taxes are $500./year. Call 306-620-5970. HOUSE FOR SALE. 37 Wallace Ave. Phone 306-783-7258. Smart shoppers find the best buys in the Yorkton This Week Classifieds.

Lots & Acreages for Sale 10.55 ACRES R.M. Buchanan. 1,700sq.ft. house, shop, outbuildings. 306-782-3655.

FOR SALE: Maple Grove Estates. Beautiful lake front lot at a great price. Call 306-621-3697.

Land for Sale

lawn side very 306-

FOR SALE: Dining Room & chairs; Large Walnut china cabinet & contents; Vermont casting wood stove; maple wood coffee & end table; Large TV cabinet stand; 48” bed & mattress; 15 cubic foot freezer; Dutch bench and mitre saws; 2-10 gallon crocks & 2-5 gallon crocks; 3 small antique clay jugs; 6 metal mesh patio chairs; complete patio set (table & 6 chairs); livingroom 4 pc. chesterfield set; brass coffee table & end tables; many garden tools. Phone 306-783-3835. FOR SALE: Eight Westeel 1950 bus. bins. Good condition, no rust, must have ladders, on cement, to be moved. Roblin/Yorkton area $1,000 each. Also two 1350 bus. $800, has floor, $500 no floor. Please contact 431-890-2593.

HOUSE TO BE TORN DOWN for salvage. East of Yorkton on #10. 306-620-8643.


20 - 3rd Ave. North, Yorkton, SK S3N 3R1 Ph. 782-2465

FOR SALE: 21” walk behind mower. Craftsman rear bag, discharge, 6.5 Briggs motor, good working order. Phone 782-9131 or 306-621-9783.


FOR SALE: Whirlpool High Efficiency electric, large capacity dryer. 3 years old in excellent working condition. $200 OBO. Craftsman 12” Sliding Compound Mitre Saw with Laser Trac. 6 years old in excellent condition. 9 mitre angle positive stops. Single bevel up to 45 degrees. Manual included. $150 OBO. Call 306-542-2976.

Shawn Patenaude Law 9-259 Hamilton Road • Yorkton, Saskatchewan S3N 4C6

Newspaper delivery drivers with vehicle for carriers, dealers, post office, missed papers and parcel delivery. Rural delivery is once per week on Thursday p.m. City delivery is Wednesday and Thursday. Parcel and missed paper delivery is daily as required. Payment is on a per trip, kilometre, piece and monthly basis. Contracts will be in effect until August 31, 2020. Tenders close July 27, 2018. Only tenders displaying contact numbers for cell phone, mobile phone or immediate means of communication on tender envelope will be considered. Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.

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TerryPollock_1x20.i17_ R0011513429.indd COLUMBIA WEST & • prod1/kk • classified PREMIER EAST APTS. • ytw july11,18,25/18 Bradbrooke Dr. •ytw aug1, 8, 15/18 •mp july 13,20,27/18 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom •mpBachelor, aug03,10,17/18 Suites - Fridge, stove, parking, heat & water included - Security doors, close to bus stop - No pets - Balconies on 2 & 3 bedroom suites


ColumbiaWest_1x23.nil_ Available Immediately R0011511708.indd 1x23L for Rent! •wed •mp tfc (class 4040) 2 BEDROOM SUITE IN proof sandy


For Inquiries, please call

306-782-8803 Daytime

1,100 SQ. ft. 2 bedroom lower suite. Includes fridge, stove, SaskBTMak_1x17.a28_R0011511705. Power, SaskEnergy and water. indd Shared washer and dryer. Fenced prod3/dm YTW MP mar1/17 backyard. Lakeview Road, -Yorkdec29/17References classified ton. required. proof traceyPhone 306-728-4325, $750/mo. email: 306-728-1437 . 1,100 SQ. ft. 2 bedroom lower suite. Includes fridge, stove, SaskPower, SaskEnergy and water. Shared washer and dryer. Fenced backyard. Lakeview Road, Yorkton. References required. $750/mo. Phone 306-728-4325, 306-728-1437. 2 BEDROOM Suite Available. $775/month. Heat & water included. Phone 306-620-5671 for viewing. AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY energy efficient 2 bedroom condos close to downtown. Bath & a half, deep soaker tub, walk-in closet, 9 ft. ceilings, oak trim, upgraded ceramic tile flooring, private balconies for BBQ, lots of storage plus heated attached garage. Appliances include fridge, stove, dishwasher, washer, dryer and water softener. Non smoking, no pets. References required. Call 403994-0279 for further information or for viewing. BEAUTIFUL 3 bedroom townhouse; 1200 sq.ft. close to school & hospital, central air conditioning, high efficiency furnace. References & lease required. Pictures can be viewed on Kijiji under Houses For Rent Yorkton. Call George at 306-537-3228, Joyce 306-7822226 or 306-737-1897. FURNISHED BACHELOR Apartment at 217 4th Ave. N. $340/month. Phone 306-7824030.

Houses For Rent 3 BEDROOM HOUSE, 1,600sq.ft., near a school, fully furnished, 2 commercial toilets, hard wood flooring, new 3 pane windows, 5ft. jacuzzi, garden space available. Monthly rent $1,500. Phone 306783-7484.

BUYING SILVER coins, paper money, gold and old jewellery, complete estates. Pay top prices. 14 times face value for silver coins. 306-783-3230.

Furniture SWNA-BriskEnergy_1x26.h11_ R0011586525.indd ELECTRIC BED with Vibrator •classifiSingle ed • ytw july 11/18 bed with $600. electric

head and foot lift and vibrator. Canadian Safety Standard Approved. Excellent condition. Great for a senior. 306-743-2698. TWO IDENTICAL Brown leather couches. Paid $3,500. Selling for $2,300. Approx. 1 year old. Comes with 5 year extended warranty. excellent condition. Phone 306-7833244.

Musical Instruments EPIPHONE LES PAUL electric guitar, case, tuner, stand, Peavey bandit amp, extra speaker, sound effects pedal. $500. Phone evening 306-782-8965.

For Sale - Misc


Side of Beef $3.50 lb. Small sides available Other cuts available

Hamburger (Lean) $

4.00 lb.

Order now for July and August pick up All Pieces Cut & Wrapped NORTH COUNTRY MEATS STENEN Phone Shawn 306-548-2807 Ted 306-621-1082 Penner_Ted_1x30.h27_ R0011568485.indd prod3dm STATEMENT OF OWNERSHIP class Published weekly by Boundary MP may 25,june1,8,15,22,29, Publishers Ltd., a subsidiary of july7,13,20,27/18 Glacier Ventures International Corp. YTW The may Glacier30,june6,13,20,27, group of companies july 4,11,18,215/18 collects personal information from proof to brianin the normal course our customers of business transactions. We use that information to provide you with our products and services you request. On occasion we may contact you for purposes of research, surveys and other such matters. To provide you with better service we may share your personal information with our sister companies and also outside, selected third parties who perform work for us as suppliers, agents, service providers and information gatherers. Our subscription list may be provided to other organizations who have products and services that may be of interest to you. If you do not wish to participate in such matters, please contact us at the following address: Yorkton This Week, 20 Third Avenue North, Yorkton, S3N 2X3. For a complete statement of our privacy policy, please go to our website at: or stop by our office and pick up a copy. Yorkton This Week is owned and operated by The Prairie Newspaper Group LP, a division of GVIC Communications Corp.

BoundaryYTW_1x64.nil_R0011511698. 30 lumber $2/each: indd PIECES prepress2/KJ2x41x64L 100 batts insulation R20-23”x48” class display 50 wed/mp-tfc $2/each; batts insulation R28-15”x48” $2/each; 100 sheets Mdf 4x8 $7/each. Phone 306-7836240. Advertisements and statements contained herein are the sole responsibility of the persons or entities that post the advertisement, and the Saskatchewan Weekly Newspaper Association and membership do not make any warranty as to the accuracy, completeness, truthfulness or reliability of such advertisements. For greater information on advertising conditions, please consult the Association’s Blanket Advertising Conditions on our website at BARN-STYLE VINYL Garden Sheds - 8x8ft. $1100; 8x10ft. $1400; 8x12ft $1700. Insulated large dog houses $300. Phone 306-783-8260. COMMERCIAL MEAT equipment, meat saw, vacuum tumbler, 3 freezer displays, walk-in cooler, deli cooler. Call or text 306-7453484.

NEWLY BUILT 8x12 barn garden shed. Complete with siding $1,350. 8x10 $1,150. build on site and will accept ments. Call 306-783-6240.

style vinyl Will pay-

PROVINCE-WIDE CLASSIFIEDS. Reach over 550,000 readers weekly. Call this Yorkton This Week NOW or 306-782-2465 for details. RECLINING SOFA & CHAIR, 2 rockers, coffee and end tables, TV stand, 4 bookcases, dining table, buffet & hutch, 1963 bedroom suite. All in good condition. Best Offer. Phone 780-902-7141. TRAILTECH GOOSENECK 241/2 ft.x 8 ft., 20,000lb axels, new deck, 5 1/2 ft. beavertail, flop over loading ramps. Phone 306-647-3333.

Garage Sales 185 - 5th Ave. N.; Thurs., July 12, Fri., July 13, Sat., July 14, 8am6pm. Household items, clothing, misc., wood crafts. 20 MOSSFIELD PLACE. Fri., July 13 & Sat., July 14, 9am-4pm. Hand tools, power tools, ladders, children’s toys, wine making equipment, hunting, shooting, & fishing equipment and gear, reloading equipment, household items, crystal, small electric hand appliances, desk & assorted chairs. 340 MAPLE AVE. Sat., July 14 from 8am-2pm. 1998 Olds Intrigue, elliptical, home decor, furniture, stroller, boy’s clothes, miscellaneous. 382 BETTS AVE. Thurs., July 12, Fri., July 13 & Sat., July 14, Daily 9am-7pm. Very large quantity baby and children’s mostly new clothing & footwear, baby swing, stroller, cradle, indoor & outdoor toys, books, games, cooking roasters & servers, kitchenware, new picture frames, hammock, treadmill, card tables & chairs, queen mattress box spring set, washer, dryer, 2 inch PVC pipe, bathroom vanity, faucets, bi-fold doors, desks, tools, new pool table light, building block supports, new paving stones, kid’s electric car, adult electric quad and more. 389 MAPLE AVE. Thursday, July 12, Friday, July 13 from 8am-4pm. Household items, tools and much more. 503 - 1st Ave. W., Buchanan, SK.; Sat., July 14, 11am-8pm, Sun., July 15, 9am-4pm. Moving Sale. Household, ride-on garden tractor & tiller, shop tools, garden tools, welder & antiques. Garage Sale July 13 and 14, 8 AM - 5 PM 36 Hillbrooke Dr. Housewares, women's clothes, men's watches, Xbox 360 games, kids bikes, Christmas lights, books, sports memorabilia, etc. Rain or Shine

JAYCO 24FT. 2013 Trailer. Asking $14,000. Phone 306-260-2554.

Farm Implements 1998 MORRIS Heavy Harrow. Tines at 21-22”, very good conditon, $14,500 OBO. Phone 306273-4311 or 306-621-9204. 8” 51ft. Brandt Auger w/24hp motor; Case 33ft. cultivator; grain vac; 2290 Case tractor & 4890; 1980 GMC 65 Series box & hoist; 57 GMC totally restored; 15ft. Farm King rough cut mower; 1044 bale wagon; 2 Massey Ferguson square balers. Phone 306-5167171 or 306-627-3445. Equipment in Jedburgh. FARM MACHINERY For Sale. 1984 - 8920 White combine. 3,000 hours. $3,000. Phone 306-7838873 or 778-220-9285. GOOD’S USED TRACTOR PARTS (204) 564-2528 or 1-877-564-8734 Roblin, MB HESSTON 1275 16’ Haybine. Ready to go. PM1 - RP 1411 Baler for parts. Offers. Don Ruf 306-7825805, Highway 52A, Yorkton West. JD TRACTOR 4840 good condition, Morris cultivator Challenger L-320 32’ Morris harrows & shovels good condition. Leon CP77 deep tillage with Leon harrows, 26”, good condition. JD 1000 28” cultivator Morris harrows. Phone 306-547-4731. JOHN DEERE 3020 diesel. Synchro range transmission, excellent rubber, new paint, new seat, new oils & filters, 2spd. pto, runs well. Asking $8,500 OBO. 306-7334402 or 306-435-9269. WANTED: IH Tractors, running or in need of repair. Looking for 66 series and older. Also, looking for a D19 or D21 Allis Chalmers. Phone 306-621-1556.

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Pets MINIATURE HORSES For Sale, 32” and under. Quiet and handled daily. 204-734-4005 in Kenville, MB.

Auto Miscellaneous Wrecking over 250 units... cars and trucks. Lots of trucks... Dodge... GMC... Ford... Imports... 1/2 ton to 3 tons... We ship anywhere... Call or text 306-821-0260. Lloydminster.

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work-at-home positions available. Get online training you need from an employer-trusted program. Visit: or 1-855768-3362 to start training for your work at-home career today!

Yorkton This Week | | Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Unique flavour to The Dead South By Calvin Daniels Staff Writer With a sound built on a foundation of bluegrass The Dead South have been finding new fans around the world. The Regina-based band, which formed in 2012, has a busy schedule of performances across Canada, the United States and into Europe in the months ahead, but Friday they were in Yorkton playing the Painted Hand Casino Main Stage at the summer fair. Nathan Hilts, spokesperson for the group said the group formed with an idea that has since evolved.

“The idea was to play bluegrass, but we actually weren’t good enough musicians,” he joked in an interview with Yorkton This Week Friday. So the band quickly used their love of bluegrass and created a slightly different sound. “It actually came together very quick and easy for us, like it was meant to be,” said Hilts. While The Dead South’s sound has a heart of bluegrass and classic folk it also has a unique energy that has been likened to punk music. Hilts said their sound comes from varied influences from “Saturday Night Polka Party” to

punk, encompassing everything the band members have listened too, and liked over the years. That process

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

The granstand at the summer fair Friday was the bluegrass-based music of Regina band The Dead South.

STUDENT RECRUITMENT & ENGAGEMENT OFFICER Parkland College is accepting applications for a Student Recruitment & Engagement Officer based out of the Yorkton Main Campus. This is a permanent, full-time position commencing July 30, 2018. This position is primarily responsible for student recruitment and implementing opportunities and activities that foster a positive student experience. This position will lead all student recruitment activities undertaken by the College and will represent and promote the mission, vision and values of Parkland College. Qualifications: • Two years post-secondary education. This education would provide knowledge and specialized skills in marketing and public relations, and of the post-secondary education system. • Two years of recent, relevant work experience. The experience demonstrated will include experience in promotions, marketing, communications, recruiting, and working with people. What We Offer: • Permanent, full-time Position (37.5 hours per week) • Competitive compensation and pension plans • Comprehensive benefits package • Professional development opportunities • Professional and respectful work environment For a more detailed description of the position including responsibilities and requirements, please visit About Us: Parkland College offers an array of educational services to adult learners in East Central Saskatchewan. Students can complete university degrees, skills training diplomas and certificates, and adult upgrading. Our mission is to provide high quality, learner centered education and training as a foundation for lifelong success. Our employees are student focused, knowing their work has an impact on students communities partners and the economy. Our values of respect, continuous learning, compassion and diversity, to name a few, have formed a positive culture at Parkland College. Closing Date: July 18, 2018 Please send your application electronically, quoting competition #99-1718 to: Candidates will be required to provide a sufficient criminal record check prior to initial employment.

1.866.783.6766 | General Employment General Employment General Employment Parkland_College_3x92.h11_R0011585580.indd prod3dm ytw july 11/18 sandy VMC JANITORIAL/CLEANING

Join our Fashion Team at our Yorkton location!

SERVICES is looking for a parttime cleaner starting at 6pm-8pm. Phone leave message at 306-7822363. Have resume ready.

Now Recruiting…



Flexible scheduling 50% clothing discount Bonus program Salary based on your Talents and Experience ✔ Opportunity to advance

✔ ✔ ✔ ✔

LOVE our Styling! FLAIR for FASHION and life! Fun, creative with a great sense of humor! A CAN-DO attitude!

If this describes YOU, we cannot wait to meet you! To apply bring your resume to 5-277 Broadway Street, Yorkton (Parkland Mall) or email resume to Please reference: Y0R 809

SWNA-Renaissance_1x31.h11_ R0011586537.indd •classified • ytw july 11/18

Seniors, Parents, Children! Earn some extra cash (possibly of up to $400/month depending on route size), get exercise and work only a few hours a week too!

Be a Yorkton This Week Carrier!

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If you would like a route, please e-mail us at: or telephone circulation at:


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Trucking & Transport SWNA-Bryden_1x44.h11_ TRUCK DRIVERS Needed to R0011586525.indd start immediately and Super B experience •classified • ytwnecessary. july 11/18 Self-mo-

tivated. Phone 1-204-937-2693, 1-204-247-0940 or 1-204-9377711. Give your tight budget a little relief. Make some extra cash by selling the items you no longer need with a low-cost, fastacting Yorkton This Week and Marketplace Classified Ad. Phone 306-782-2465.

includes the music liked by not just Hilts, but Scott Pringle (mandolin, vocals), Colton Crawford (banjo) and Danny Kenyon (cello) who were the band back in 2012. While on the road touring a lot The Dead South have recorded and released three albums. Their most recent album ‘Illusion & Doubt’ charted at number two on the Bluegrass US Billboards and won Best Saskatchewan Album of 2016. Their debut album ‘Good Company’, first released in 2014, is still

on the US Alternative Albums and Canadian All Categories Top Album charts, while their official music video to ‘Good Company’ has millions of views on YouTube, according to the band’s website. The band signed its first record deal with Germany’s Devil Duck Records in 2014. The touring paid off. In November 2015 The Dead South received the Canadian Independent Music Association’s Road Gold certification for ticket sales in excess of 25,000 over a 12-month


period, details their website. Hilts said being on the road is a big part of their success which he called “organic” in the sense early on they gained their fans without a great deal of radio airplay. “It was all word-of-mouth,” said, adding that has meant growing interest “playing bigger and bigger shows.” The extensive touring has meant adapting a lifestyle suited to the schedule. Hilts said they have come to realize they need time for themselves, and time to write new music too, something not always easy to do on the road. “One of the things we played as much as we can, we said yes to every possibility. We tried to be as many places as we could” he said, adding that is changing. “There was no time for ourselves.” So while still staying busy on the road, Hilts said they are carving out chunks of time to relax a bit more these days in order to keep things fresh. “We’ve got to take the time,” he said.

Team UP a puzzle game with charm It always fascinates when a game can be stored in a relatively small box, and yet once on the table the limited contents can hold a player’s attention so well. But that is exactly what Team UP! From designers Hadi Barkat, and Sébastien Pauchon. The first thing that caught my attention was that the components for Team UP are all wooden. I simply find wooden game pieces to be aesthetically more pleasing than plastic, and as a result I probably have something of a bias toward wooden games, but in this case it really does look sharp. In terms of game play, Team UP from the publisher Helvetiq, is a cooperative game: you are not opponents, you are partners. This creates an interesting dynamic that is not part of most games. The team are trying to do the best possible job of packing ‘boxes’ onto a pallet. (It should be noted here that you can play this solitaire quite well). “The goal of the game is to stack the boxes on the pallet as compactly as possible. The more full layers you stack, the more points you win. A perfect pallet is worth exactly 25 points,” explains the rules. The ‘boxes’ are wooden cubes of varying shapes, as well as having one side painted a colour, which becomes important as the game develops. Players draw cards from a deck which indicates the block colour you must use from the remaining blocks; or the shape you must use from the remaining blocks, regardless of the colour. In placing the boxes there are a number of rules to follow, but all are very easy to follow. For example a newly placed box must touch at least one other box, (there is a starting box placed each game), and the coloured side of the box must face up. A lot of the rules are simply common sense in terms of how you would imagine packing a pallet. For example, a box cannot extend past the boundaries of the pallet. Boxes may not overhang or ‘float’ above empty space. The box must be in full contact

THE MEEPLE GUILD (Yorkton) with the pallet or with one or several boxes below. The game ends if any of the following three situations occurs: All of the boxes have been stacked on the pallet, possible, but rare. There are no more cards in the draw pile. The players mutually agree to stop drawing new cards as the risk of penalties has become too high. Scoring is done in three steps: Count the number of layers that are 100 per cent complete. Each on is worth five points. Deduct one point for each box that was not stacked on the pallet. Deduct one point for each card placed face down in the discard pile. Apparently there is one known solution to achieving perfection, but reasonably it won’t happen since the cards would need to be in a particular

order and a player would then have to make the perfect placement each turn too. So reasonably you shoot for 20 points, and will generally have a piece or two orphaned, so 18 is likely the target that says you did as well as can generally be expected. There is replay here as you tend to want to try to do better, and there are simple rules for challenging friends to do better based on the same card draws, that are fun too. The quick game play, good looks, and ‘I can do better’ allure of Team Up! certainly make this a great time filler to add to a collection. Check it out at www. Thanks to fellow gamers Jeff Chasse, Trevor Lyons and Adam Daniels for their help in running through this game for review.

Staff Photo by Calvin Daniels

Making a splash The Flying Fools High Dive Show has brought joy to many spectators throughout the world since 1990, and this year they brought their comedic hijinks and faring high fives to the Yorkton Summer Fair where they performed all four days. The divers jumped from heights three to 25-meters leaving audiences in awe as the pool was only eight-metres in diameter and three-metres deep.


Wednesday, July 11, 2018 | | Yorkton This Week

Painted Hand Casino Yorkton’s #1 Entertainment Hot Spot!

Final Draw July 26 at 9pm

510 Broadway St. W., Yorkton, SK SHUTTLE SERVICE Phone: 306-786-6777 Fax: 306-786-7774 Available Within Yorkton - Call 306-786-6777

Yorkton This Week | | Wednesday, July 11, 2018


CONGRATULATIONS Yorkton regional HigH ScHool graduateS


Richard A. Leland, Q.C.  Thomas P. Campbell Cynthia A. Nijssen  Doreen K. Clark  Kyla M. Eiffert Nolan R. Kondratoff  Mark T. Persick  Michelle A. Brassard (Student-at-Law)

Leland Campbell LLP is pleased to announce the expansion of our law firm into Canora as of December 12, 2016. Yorkton

36 Fourth Avenue N. Ph: 306-783-8541


445 Second Street Ph: 306-542-2646


116 2nd Avenue E. Ph: 306-563-4250

ANNOUNCEMENT With the ANNOUNCEMENT addition of the Canora office, ANNOUNCEMENT Leland Campbell LLP is able to better serve our clients, and we are pleased to be a part of these communities and Richard A. Leland, Q.C.  Thomas P. Campbell surrounding districts. Cynthia A. Nijssen  Doreen Clark P. Kyla M. Eiffert Richard A. Leland, Q.C.K.  Thomas Campbell Nolan R. Kondratoff  MarkT. Persick Michelle A. Brassard (Student-at-Law) Cynthia A. Nijssen Doreen K. Clark  Kyla M. Eiffert Richard A. Leland, Q.C.  Thomas P. Campbell RichaRd a. LeLand , Q.c. • TMichelle homas P. c amPbeLL Nolan R. Kondratoff Mark T. Persick A. Brassard (Student-at-Law) A.ondRaToff Nijssen  •Doreen K.PClark  Kyla M. a. Eiffert nCynthia oLan R. K maRK T. eRsicK • cynThia nijssen Nolan R. d Kondratoff  Mark T. Persick  Michelle A. Brassard (Student-at-Law) oReen K. cLaRK • KyLa m. eiffeRT • micheLLe a. bRassaRd

Leland Campbell LLP Leland Campbell LLP is pleased to announce the LLP expansion of Leland Campbell is pleased to announce the expansion of LelandCampbell_6x28_R0011565970.indd our law firm into Canora as of of •prod3/dm • Grad 2018 proof bill email: is pleased tof/cannounce the expansion


ANNOUNCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENT Leland Campbell LLP Leland Campbell LLP is pleased to announce the expansion of Richard A.Leland, Leland, Q.C. Thomas P.Campbell Campbell Richard A. Q.C. Thomas P. is pleased to announce the expansion our law firm into Canora as of of CynthiaA. A.Nijssen NijssenDoreen DoreenK. K.Clark ClarkKyla KylaM. M.Eiffert Eiffert Cynthia NolanR. R.Kondratoff KondratoffMark MarkT. T.Persick PersickMichelle MichelleA. A.Brassard Brassard Nolan ourRichard law firm Canora as of A. Leland,into Q.C. 12, Thomas P. Campbell December 2016. Cynthia A. Nijssen  Doreen K. Clark  Kyla M. Eiffert Nolan R. Kondratoff  Mark T. Persick12,  Michelle A. Brassard December 2016. Leland Campbell LLP Leland Campbell LLP Yorkton Kamsack Canora is36pleased pleased toN.announce announce the expansion of E. is to of Leland Campbell LLP Fourth Avenue 445 Secondthe Streetexpansion 116 2nd Avenue Yorkton Kamsack Canora 306-783-8541 Ph: 306-542-2646 Ph: 306-563-4250 our lawto firm into Canora as2nd ofAvenueof our law firm into Canora as of 36 Avenue N. 445 Second Street 116 E. isPh:Fourth pleased announce the expansion Ph: 306-783-8541 Ph: 306-542-2646 306-563-4250 December 12,Canora 2016.Ph: 12, 2016. our December law firm into as of Congratulations Grads With the December addition of12, the2016. Canora office, of Yorkton Regional High School Yorkton Kamsack Canora Yorkton Kamsack Canora WithAvenue the addition of the Canora office, Campbell LLP able to better 36Leland FourthAvenue N. 445 445Second Second Street is116 116 2ndAvenue Avenue E. 36 Fourth N. Street 2nd E. Yorkton Kamsack Canora Ph: 306-783-8541 Ph:306-542-2646 306-542-2646 Ph:pleased 306-563-4250 Ph: 306-783-8541 Ph: Ph: 306-563-4250 Leland LLP able to better serve ourCampbell clients, and we isare to 36 Fourth Avenue N. 445 Second Street 116 2nd Avenue E. serve clients, andcommunities we are Ph: pleased aour part of these andto Ph:be 306-783-8541 Ph: 306-542-2646 306-563-4250 bethe a part of these communities and surrounding districts. With the addition of the the Canora office, office, With addition of Canora surrounding districts. Richard A. Leland, Q.C.  Thomas P. Campbell Cynthia A. Nijssen  Doreen K. Clark  Kyla M. Eiffert Nolan R. Kondratoff Mark T. Persick Michelle A. Brassard (Student-at-Law) Richard A. Leland, Q.C.  Thomas P. Campbell Cynthia A. Nijssen  Doreen K. Clark  Kyla M. Eiffert Nolan R. Kondratoff  Mark T. Persick  Michelle A. Brassard (Student-at-Law)

(Student-at-Law) (Student-at-Law)



Wednesday, July 11, 2018 | | Yorkton This Week

Yorkton Regional High School 2018 Valedictory Address Good afternoon parents, teachers, family, friends, school board members, and fellow graduates. On behalf of the graduating class, I would like to thank you all for attending our ceremony today. I am honoured to be standing here representing the class of 2018. Graduation is a milestone that will inevitably divide our lives into “before” and “after”. Before this day, we have been able to depend on our parents and teachers to guide us through life. After this day, we must face our own challenges, pave our own path, and make our own future. But instead of focussing on the “after”, we should think about the “during”. We have spent four long years working towards this moment, and now that it is here we should take a moment to look back on how our time here has shaped us. What we have learned

here is the foundation upon which we will build the rest of our lives. We have learned the value of friendships, hard work, and that no matter what English teachers say, it is always possible to write an essay in one night. These lessons will serve us well in the future, no matter where it may lead. As I was writing this speech, I wracked my brain for a single defining memory that would bring us together as a graduating class. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that our high school experience cannot be reduced to one or two events for which everyone was present. I think of my experience at the YRHS as one large amalgamation of smaller, intimate moments. These are the moments that will stay with us: the lunches in the cafeteria, the group projects, the annual Friday Night Lights, the dreaded study hall,

Hanna Czinkota and of course the many RCRs that we all complained about but finally in grade twelve gave us a good laugh. However, I think we can all agree that none of us would like to remember Mr. Sharpe wearing a diaper. I would like to thank our teachers for putting in the effort to ensure we learned as much as we could, and a spe-

cial shout out to Mr. Miller for always bringing an extra light to the room. We could all take advice from him, and never let anyone “dull our shine”. Without the help from the teachers who went above and beyond, I’m sure many of us would not be up on this stage today. Our teachers have not only taught us course material, but many life lessons that we will be forever grateful for. I would also like to thank our families for supporting us from day one. Parents, you have always been by our side. From the first day of kindergarten, when we cried for you not to leave us, to today, when you are the ones crying. You have always been there to watch our games and support our other extracurriculars, and made sure we feared you enough to pass our classes. You are the reason why many of us are the people we are

today, and I thank you for your unconditional love and support through the years. Lastly, to my graduating class. Together we have made memories and formed lifelong friendships. Thank you to my friends and peers for giving me these memories and for making high school an enjoyable experience. In these last few months, the word “future” has become an unknown promise. Today, as we celebrate the last moments of the “during”, we can all be hopeful about the “after”. In our fast approaching future, let us all have the courage to chase our dreams, make mistakes, and reach our full potential. Thanks to our families, teachers, and peers, we have all the necessary skills to succeed in life. We will always endeavor to pursue excellence. Congratulations class of 2018!

2018 Awards and Scholarships Lerif Patzer Academic Memorial Scholarships$3,000, presented by Mr. Mike Haczkewicz. These awards were established by, and in memory of, Mr. Lerif Patzer of Pasadena, California. Born and raised in Yorkton, Mr. Patzer shared a dream with his brother Mr. Edwin Patzer - to become lawyers after WW II. Edwin was killed in action, and Lerif went on alone to law school, eventually attaining the position as Manager of Legal Claims for Great West Life Assurance Co. in Los Angeles. In 1998, when the YRHS Marching 100 bid to participate in the Tournament of Roses Parade, Lerif provided financial support. Lerif’s kindness has allowed him to again provide financial support for years to come to students of the YRHS through his generous endowment of over $50,000. These scholarships are $500 each and are presented to the student who has the highest average in specific courses. The student must be continuing his/her education at the post-secondary level. The recipient for the highest average in Grade 12 sciences with marks of 98% in Chemistry 30, 97% in Biology 30 and 95% in Physics 30 is Kayley Harvey. With the highest average in AP ELA A30 and AP ELA B30 at 94% is Sarah Edel. Sarah will also receive the Ruth Jolson Medal for English given in memory of for-

mer YRHS English teacher Ruth Jolson. With a high average in 2 or more Fine Arts classes is Owen Easton. The recipient for Practical and Applied Arts in the Business and Computer Technology area based on nominations and chosen by the PAA teachers according to a high academic standing is Tamara KerlukeHolowatuik. The recipient for Practical and Applied Arts in the Technical and Trades area based on nominations and chosen by the PAA teachers according to a high academic standing is Brody Popowich. And the final recipient showing excellence in skill and attitude in Physical Education 30 is Matthew Balysky. Lerif Patzer “Are You Raider Enough” Scholarships, $2,500, presented by Mr. Mike Haczkewicz. The recipients of the Lerif Patzer Are You Raider Enough scholarships are nominated and chosen by his or her teachers. This student has worked to his or her potential, has shown a desire to improve and to excel and has contributed positively to create a safe learning atmosphere. This student is respectful of teachers and peers and celebrates and recognizes the differences and achievements of all Raiders. This student truly lives the Raider Statement of Beliefs and Values and is a proud member of The

Family of Raiders. These scholarships are also $500 each. Would the following recipients please come forward. For Humanities: MacKenzie Bjornerud; For PAA Business: Jenna Senchuk; For PAA Trades: Dustin Murray; For Phys Ed: Dylan Novak; For Math/Science: Amy Schmalz. The Dr. Michael Ziglo Scholarships, $2,500*** each, presented by Dr. Michael Ziglo. This scholarship was established by former YRHS student Michael Ziglo who graduated in 1988. Michael went on to attend Dentistry at the University of Saskatchewan, and then completed his orthodontic degree at the University of Alberta. The chosen recipients are Hanna Cznkota and Sarah Edel. Dr Ziglo has established two other scholarships in the names of his two favorite teachers: The Ted Wlock Math Scholarship, $500. This scholarship named in honour of former YRHS math teacher Ted Wlock is presented to a student who has excelled in math. the recipient is Hasin Raihan. The Dave McVey Memorial Scholarship: $500, presented by Dr. Michael Ziglo and Mrs. Lee McVey. This scholarship is awarded to a student with a high average in History 30 in former YRHS history teacher Dave McVey’s name. Mr. McVey was well known

for his many sayings, loud voice and ability to make history come alive resulting in many former students remembering him fondly. The recipient is Kayley Harvey. The MorrisonChristopherson Scholarship, $1,500, presented by Mrs. Jean Knoll. This scholarship was established by Nancy Morrison in memory of her mother, Jessie Christopherson, who taught at Burke School and her father, William H. Morrison, a lawyer for over 55 years in Yorkton and a member of the School Board of the Yorkton Collegiate Institute. The scholarship is to honor their love of and commitment to education. It is available to a student who shows general proficiency and who plans post-secondary education at a public institution. The recipient is Madeline Benneke. The Susan Harper Memorial Scholarship, $1,500, presented by Mrs. Valerie Gendreau. This scholarship is given to a student who is planning to enroll in a Registered Nurses training program. The winner is Mellanie Lago. Rusnak, Balacko, Kachur & Rusnak Law Scholarship, $1,250, presented by Mr. David Rusnak. This scholarship is presented to a student of high academic standing who has completed the Grade 12 Law class. The student must be continuing with post-secondary education. The recipient is Kayley Harvey.

CONGRATULATIONS GRADS OF 2018! #18 First Avenue North, Yorkton • 306.782.1793

The Hopkins Bursary, $1,000 each, presented by Mrs. Jean Knoll. This Bursary is to recognize the help offered to the early European settlers in this area by the First Nations people. This year the two students of First Nations origin receiving the Bursary are Grey Leask and Brooks Smith. The Ethel and John Prop Music Scholarship, $1,000, presented by Ms. Kelsey Kuz. This scholarship is awarded to a band and/or choir student who has shown dedication, diligence, commitment and cooperation in both attitude and participation in the music program, and who is continuing with post-secondary education. The recipient is Dawson Leister. The Florence Woloshyn Memorial Scholarship, $1,000, presented by Mrs. Lisa Yeadon. This scholarship was established in accordance to the wishes of the late Florence Woloshyn who held a high value for education and a desire to support young people in achieving their educational goals. The recipient must show general proficiency

and must be continuing with post-secondary education. The recipient is Victoria Parkvold. Dr. Borys and Mrs. Tolczynski Bursary, $1,000, presented by Mr. Trent Szabo. This award goes to a deserving graduate who is planning his or her studies with the purpose of going into a Health Care Profession. The recipient is Matthew Balysky. The Heather Laxdal Memorial S.R.C. Bursary, $1,000, presented by Mr. Curtis Loucks. This bursary is given to a Grade 12 student who has gone above and beyond the call of his or her office over the course of the school year striving to maintain and better the level of school spirit and enthusiasm. This year the scholarship will shared by both SRC Presidents. The recipients are Lillian Zoltan-Lozinsky and Matthew Baylsky. The Saskatchewan Youth Apprenticeship (SYA) “WarDale Equipment 1998 LTD” Industry Scholarship, $1,000***, presented by Mrs. Valerie Gendreau. Continued on Page C3

RoyalBankOfCanada_2x28_R0011569411.indd • prod1/kk • grad 2018

LINDSAY BOYKO Receptionist


JACQUIE MVULA Audiologist M.S., R. Aud.

Yorkton This Week | | Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Congratulations YRHS Graduating Class of 2018! “Learning Without Limits… Achievement For All”


GoodSpiritSchoolDivision_6x28_R0011565824.indd prod2/kj YRHS Grad 2018 Continued from Page C2 The Saskatchewan Youth Apprenticeship Scholarships are being awarded to Saskatchewan students who have completed the Saskatchewan Youth Apprenticeship Program. The recipient must be pursuing a career in the skilled trades. The recipient is Austin Hutchings. The Farmer’s Business Network Scholarship, $800, presented by Ms. Kristine Krekelwich. This scholarship goes to a deserving student with a high academic average who intends to continue his or her education. The recipient is Blake Chiasson The Jackie Adam Memorial Scholarship, $750, presented by Mrs. Jo-Ann Erhardt. This award is presented to a student who attended Saltcoats School. This student must have worked to his/her potential and plans to continue with post-secondary education. The recipient is Dylan Novak. The General Alexander Ross Branch #77 Bursaries, $750 each**, presented by Mr. Barry Whitehead and Mr. Ken Gordon. These bursaries are presented to Grade 12 students who are the children or grandchildren of a veteran and who plan to continue their education. Students must apply for these bursaries. The three recipients are Ecko Swain, Matthew Mandziuk and Carson Thorley. The Good Spirit Teachers Association Scholarships, $750 each**, presented by Mrs. Valerie Gendreau. These scholarships are awarded to Grade 12 students who are continuing with post-secondary studies leading to appropriate qualifications in the teaching profession. Students must apply for this award. The recipients are Tamantha Kirsch, Isla Bymak and Taylor Dietrich. The Western Inspirational Award, $750, presented by Ms. Alice Okeny. This award, sponsored by the Western Financial Group, is not necessarily for high academic achievement, rather it is to recognize a student who has overcome adversity, displayed outstanding community and/ or school spirit as an organizer and/or participant and who has demonstrated inspirational conduct. The recipient is Riversong Allary. The Helen and George Morris Memorial Scholarship, $500, presented by Mr. Perry Ostapovich. This scholarship goes to a worthy student who is pursuing post-secondary education at a recognized institution. The recipient is Hasin Raihan. The Park Memorial Scholarship, $500, pre-

sented by Mr. Dan Cross. This scholarship is given to a deserving student who has a high academic record. They must have plans to continue postsecondary studies. The student’s name will also be placed on a plaque which remains at the school. The recipient is Matthew Breitkreuz. The Y.R.H.S. Staff Scholarships, $500 each, presented by Mrs. Valerie Gendreau. These awards go to students who show excellence and must be continuing with post-secondary education. Our candidates have an excellent academic record and have the respect of both staff and students. The recipients are Mackenzie Bjornerud and Gabriel Courville. The Gloria Hayden Memorial Scholarship, $500, presented by Mr. Lee Poncelet. This scholarship is awarded to a student advancing to a post-secondary institution in either Kinesiology or a Recreation related field. The student must possess positive leadership qualities and above average academic standing. The recipient is Victoria Parkvold. The Edwin Patzer Memorial Scholarships, $500 each, presented by Mr. Dan Cross. These scholarships are funded by the family of Flying Officer Edwin Patzer, to perpetuate the memory of the young pilot who was killed in action in February 1945. He was also a former defensive star with the Yorkton Terriers Hockey Club playing with the team from 1940 to 1942. These scholarships are awarded to deserving students to recognize excellence in the areas of athletics, academics, visual or performing arts, student representative council or technical education. The students must be continuing formal education at a recognized postsecondary institution. The recipients are David McLennan, Carson Miller and Cameron Zamonsky. The Kinsmen Club of Yorkton Proficiency Scholarships, $500 each, presented by Mr. Sunil Shaw. This is the 68th year for these awards which are presented for high academic achievement and proficiency in extracurricular activities. Our winners have good academic records and have contributed much to the extra-curricular programs of our school and community through volunteer work. The recipients are Kayley Harvey, Tia Slowski, Matthew Mandziuk and Hasin Raihan. The C.J. Houston S.R.C. Memorial Scholarship, $500, presented by Mrs. Jean Knoll. This scholarship is offered to a Grade 12 student who shows proficiency and who is planning post-secondary

education. The recipient is Carson Miller. Photography by Mitch Award, $500, presented by Mrs. Geraldine Hippsley. This award goes to a student with the most creative and innovative mind in the Visual Arts area. In the famous words of the late Albert Einstein “Imagination is more important than knowledge itself.” The recipient is Taylor Brinley. The United Commercial Travellers #578 Scholarship, $500, presented by Ms. Kristine Kreklewich. This scholarship is offered to a student who shows general proficiency and who is planning post-secondary education. The recipient is Tamantha Kirsch. The Associated Canadian Travellers Scholarship, $500, presented by Mr. Perry Ostapovich. This scholarship is presented to a student of high standing who is planning postsecondary education in a human health field. The recipients are Paige Onufrychuk. Yorkton B.P.O. Elks Lodge #392 Scholarship, $500, presented by Mr. Dan Cross. This scholarship is given to a worthy student who will be furthering his or her postsecondary education. The recipient is Blake Chiasson. The Doreen Berrns Memorial Scholarship, $500*, presented by Ms. Priya Pandit. This scholarship is sponsored by the Springside and District Lions Club and is presented to a Grade XII student from the Springside District. The recipient must be planning to enroll in some academic, vocational or technical program which is not offered at the high school level. Students must apply for this scholarship. The recipient is Brody Popowich. The Farrell Agencies Most Dedicated Scholarship, $500***, presented by Mr. Roby Sharpe. This scholarship is awarded to a student who has shown leadership and dedication both on the football field while involved with Yorkton Minor Football and also within the community. The recipients are Matthew Mandziuk and Matthew Baylsky. The Yorkton Lions Club Technical Scholarship, $500, presented by Mr. Vern Brown. This scholarship is awarded to a student who has displayed proficiency in the technical areas, and who plans to pursue further education in a technical field at a recognized postsecondary institution. The recipient is Dylan Nernberg. The Yorkton Lions Club Academic Scholarship, $500, presented by Mr. Vern

Brown. This award is given to a Grade 12 student with a high academic record who plans to pursue post-secondary education. The recipient is Matthew Breitkreuz. The Yorkton Club Lions Leadership Award, $500, presented by Mr. Vern Brown. This award

is given to a student who shows outstanding leadership qualities in at least one of these areas: Student Representative Council, a Fine Arts production, or a major sport. This recipient must hold a good academic record and must display excellent leadership qualities.

The recipient is Dakota Berezowski. The Modern Mattress Nicole Lachapelle Memorial Scholarship, $500, presented by Mrs. Jean Knoll. This scholarship, sponsored in part by Modern Mattress of Yorkton, Continued on Page C10











FARM & AGRO CENTRE 180 Hamilton Road 306-782-2451

BROADWAY GAS BAR 305 Broadway W. 306-783-5603

PALLISER WAY GAS BAR 110 Palliser Way 306-783-1910

AGRO CENTRE Ebenezer 306-782-7434

Congratulations Class of 2018 FAMILY RUN. COMMUNITY MINDED. TRUSTED SINCE 1983 306.782.5592 /


Wednesday, July 11, 2018 | | Yorkton This Week

Congratulations to all the 2018 Grads!

Congratulations Class of 2018! 2018!

Concrete Construction/Concrete Pumping


GrossConstruction_2x28_R0011563342.indd GRAD 2018 • prod2/kj • Brian MEN’S WEAR

For Personal service and Quality aPParel Congratulations Grads of 2018

YORKTON, SK Phone 306-621-6281

ServiceMaster of Yorkton 306-621-9292 ServiceMaster_2x28_R0011566517.indd •prod2/kj • GRAD 2018 • sandy

BarbourExcavating_2x28_R0011565677.indd GRAD 2018

Congratulations Graduates of 2018!

41 BROADWAY EAST YORKTON, SASKATCHEWAN Phone: 306-783-8107 Alexanders_1x28_R0011563243.indd •prod2/kj • GRAD 2018

“Don’t Just Get “R” Done, Get “R” Done Rite!

Congratulations Grads of 2018

Principal Mike Haczkewicz

Vice-Principal Johnna McBride

Vice-Principal Dennis Nesseth

Keenan Aarrestad

Andrea Achtymichuk

Breanne Achtymichuk

Ewan Achtymichuk

Mathew Adams

Riversong Allary

Kegan Altwasser

Reid Arnold

Kolten Austin

Briana Balabuck

Matthew Balysky

Kygean Baumung

Lane Baumung

Madeline Benneke

Dakota Berezowski

Zackary Biblow

Mackenzie Bjornerud

Brooklyn Blight

Matthew Breitkreuz

Taylor Brinley

Isla Bymak

Nicholas Cantelo-Ward

391 Ball Road

306-782-9600 Done_Rite_1x28_R0011563273.indd •prod2/kj • GRAD 2018 • Brian


YORKTON WELDING & MACHINE (1983) LTD. 140 York Rd., Yorkton Ph. 306-783-8773 Fax 306-783-8769 YorktonWelding_1x28_R0011563277.indd • 1x28lines • pro2/kj • grad 2018

Grad 2018

Congratulations from

Highway #10 East, Yorkton, SK

Phone 306-783-4566 1-866-600-4566 DiscoveryMotorsports_1x28_ R0011563247.indd • prod2/kj • 1x28 lines • grad 2018/brian

would like to congratulate all the Grads in 2018 and wish them the best in the future. From Management & Staff 145 Broadway St. Yorkton


HomeHardware_1x56_ R0011563248.indd prod2/kj •grad 2018

Photos provided by Photographic Portraiture by Mitch

From your friends at

269 Hamilton Rd., Yorkton, SK 306-783-6666 RemaxBlueChip_6x28_R0011566523.indd • prod2/kj • 6x28lines f/c • grad 2018 proof bill email to doug

Yorkton This Week | | Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Congratulations to the Class of 2018




Best wishes from Mayor Bob Maloney and City Councillors Ken Chyz, Randy Goulden, Quinn Haider, Mitch Hippsley, Aaron Kienle, Darcy Zaharia

Ph. 306-786-1700 Fax 306-786-6880

Hwy. #9, Yorkton, Sk Phone 306-783-3333

CityOfYorkton_2x28_R0011566529.indd • prod3/dm• 2x28lines • grad 2018 bill

Congratulations Graduates of 2018!

Congratulations Grads

Schraders_2x28_R0011566329.indd prod2/kj • proof sandy • Grad 2018 email:


39 Smith St. W., Yorkton Phone 306-782-6050 Minute_Muffler_1x28_R0011563275.indd •prod2/kj • GRAD 2018 • brian

GRAD 2018 Congratulations from the

Kayla Carr

Blake Chiasson

Raeleigh Churko

Keaton Clay

Gabriel Courville

Board of Directors and Staff Members at

ST. MARY’S CULTURAL CENTRE 240 Wellington, Yorkton—306-782-1010 StMarys_1x28_R0011563339. indd prod2/kj 1x28L •grad 2018 brian Call 306-786-6607

15 - 8th Ave. N., Yorkton

Logan Crook

Hanna Czinkota

Jacqueline Derbowka

Taylor Dietrich

Illya Dikhtyarenko

Would like to congratulate the Grads of 2018 PremierCabinets_1x28_ R0011563266.indd/brian prod2/kj• grad 2018

Owen Easton

Sarah Edel

Mackenzie Ernest

Kaito Farquharson

Tairen Favel

Congratulations Class of 2018 FOR A JOB WELL DONE From Management & Staff 119 - 277 Broadway St. Parkland Mall

306-786-7555 Manos_1x28_R0011563588. indd • prod2/kj • brian grad 2018


Jake Fenske

Trisha Ford

Wyatt Forwood

Jessica Gascho

Keaton Gold


Haas Nissan “Does Not” Charge Any


Haas Nissan “Does Not” Charge Any Documentation Fees!

Dreyden Haberman

Zachary Halliday

Kayley Harvey

Morgan Horsburgh

Austin Hutchings Phone 306-783-9461 Toll Free 1-877-778-4227

Photos provided by Photographic Portraiture by Mitch

Congratulations class of 2018

HaasNissan_1x56_R0011563245.indd •prod2/kj • proof Brian •1x56lines


I ǒ I D  YOǦ

We a re w i t h yo u e ve r y s te p a l o n g t h e w ay. CornerstoneCreditUnion_6x28_R0011571516.indd • prod2/kj • 6x28lines f/c • grad 2018 bill


Phon Check us out on Toll Free 1-877-77




Find us on Highway C6

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Congratulations Grads! We are proud to support the students of our community.

Heavy Truck and Trailer Parts & Service Heavy Truck and Trailer Parts & Service 306.782.4313


Find us on Highway 10 East, Yorkton, SK or

Find us on Highway 10 East, Yorkton, SK or HeavyTruck Truck and andTrailer Trailer Parts Parts & Service Service Heavy &

306.782.4313 306.782.4313 Yorkton, SK or Find 237 us onBroadway HighwaySt. 10E., East, Yorkton, or

Find us on Highway 10 East, Yorkton, SK or

TruckProz_6x28_R0011568111.indd prod1/kk Grad 2018 proof:

Congratulations Graduates of 2018!


19 Broadway St. E. #101, Yorkton, SK TheVintageVault_1x28_R0011567780. indd •prod2/kj • GRAD 2018 proof sandy email:

Congratulations Grads

WHEN IT COMES TO GIFTS •Frames •Watches •Jewellery •Engraving & more See Us First 26 - 2nd Ave. N. Yorkton, Sask. 306-782-2927

Daniel Jack

Jayden Jarvis

Madison Jensen

Robyn Jones

Emma Just

Tyana Katzell

Jessica Kelts

Brett Kemp

Tamara Kerluke-Holowatuik

Tamantha Kirsch

Braden Kitchen

Lane Krasowski

Jake Lafferty

Mellanie Lago

Carter Lake

Tyson Lautamus

Grey Leask

Sungtaek Lee

Dawson Leister

Samantha Lewthwaite

Isaiah Lowe

Gillian Lutcher

Kristen Maddaford

Matthew Mandziuk

Maricon Mangino

ParksJewellery_1x28_R0011563260. indd • 1x28L prod3/dm • grad 2018






From Management & Staff

159 Broadway St. Yorkton


Caa_1x28_R0011563239. indd 2018 grad prod3/dm/brian

Congratulations from

Awesome Rides 75 Broadway St. E., Yorkton, Sask. Phone


JackMally-Thoens_1x28_ R0011567786.indd •prod2/kj • GRAD 2018 proof sandy email:

of 2018 306-621-2818 ExtravadanceStudio_1x28_ R0011568093.indd •prod2/kj • GRAD 2018

Congratulations Class of 2018 306-786-7676 Yorkton, SK

Thorsness_1x28_R0011566095. indd prod2/kj grad 2018

Photos provided by Photographic Portraiture by Mitch

Congratulations YRHS Graduating Class of 2018! Begin your studies at U of R, U of S and SaskPolytech close to home.

1.866.783.6766 | ParklandCollegeYRHS_6x28_R0011565587.indd • prod2/kj • 6x28lines f/c • grad 2018

Yorkton This Week | | Wednesday, July 11, 2018


#4 Palliser Way, Yorkton


Congratulations Graduates of 2018!

GRAD 2018 Congratulations from...


P: 306.782.2224

Suite 6, 84 Broadway St., E., Yorkton FabutanSunTanStudios_ 1x28_R0011563584. indd Congratulations GRAD 2018 to all the Graduates prod2/kj

GRAD 2018

Faith Mariano

Tanisha Martin

Carter Matatall

Harmonie McDougall


50 Broadway St. W. Yorkton, SK Phone 306-782-2638

KM_Autocare_1x28_R0011563269.i •prod2/kj • GRAD 2018 • brian

CLASS OF 2018!

Tanner Melnychuk

Carson Miller

Lexie Mireau

Dustin Murray

Braden Nernberg

162 Ball Road, Yorkton, SK


SaskAbilities-1x28_ R0011563590.indd •Grad 2018 proof brian

Dylan Nernberg

Camden Neumeier

Brad Newton

Dylan Novak

Paige Onufreychuk

25 Broadway St. E. Downtown Yorkton 306-782-0503 •prod2/kj • GRAD 2018

Congratulations GRADS

Monica Orpeza

Morenike Oyenubi

Teisha Papequash

Victoria Parkvold

Roman Pedersen 464 Broadway Street East Yorkton, Sask.

306-783-8392 Wagners_1x28_R0011566093.indd grad ads 2018 prod2/kj •1x28L bill

Congrats to the Grads of 2018

Joshua Petrychyn

Brody Popowich

Sydney Popowich

Marley Potzus

Hasin Raihan

Photos provided by Photographic Portraiture by Mitch

Class of 2018!

LoganStevens_1x28_ R0011568005.indd GRAD 2018 prod2/kj

Hair-is-ma Unisex Hair Designs Ltd. 385 Broadway Street E. Yorkton, SK S3N 3Z3

306-782-4247 YORKTON 2 Broadway Street E | 306-782-2275 •

Hwy. #16 West, Yorkton 306-783-9459

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Congratulations Grads of 2018 Hair-Is-Ma_2x28_R0011565599.indd prod2/kj Grad 2018


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Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2018

P.O. Box 20030, Yorkton Phone: 306-783-9243 Cellular: 306-621-3227 Email: Website:

YorktonBusinessImprovement_6x28_R0011565604.indd prod2/kj grad 2018


Congratulations Graduates of 2018!

★ ★

★FOR★★TH★E S ★ H T C EA ★ ★ ★ ★AR★ R★ ★ ★


Repairing, Unlocking & Fixing Cellphones, Computers & more

Congratulations Class




85 Broadway Street East 306-782-0353 DanceInnovations_1x28_ R0011565578.indd •prod2/kj • GRAD 2018


It’s Official

2018 Grads

Congratulations! Luke Reid

Rebekka Renneberg

Jordan Repsch

Wishing you all the best on your graduation day.

Devon Revet

Sharp Automotive Repair Ltd.

536 Broadway St. E.

278 Myrtle Ave., Yorkton, SK


306-782-2396 SharpAutomotive_1x28_ R0011566192.indd grad 2018

OlsonDiesel_1x28_ R0011565679.indd /prod2/kj 1x28/ grad 2018 SHHS&YRHS

Frame It • Cut It Mark It • Engrave It

All the Best Grads of 2018 27 2nd Ave. N., Yorkton

57 Broadway Street East Yorkton, Sask. S3N 0K6

Griffin Richard

Ph: 306-782-8282

Amy Schmalz

Brandt Scott

Jenna Senchuk Pumphouse_1x28_R0011569570.indd •prod2/kj • GRAD 2018 sandy

Darby Sherwin

Tia Slowski

Brooks Smith

Way to Go GRADS

Jesse Smith


Hwy. #10 East Yorkton 306-782-7423


YorktonSmallEngine_1x28_R0011563529.indd 1x28L prod2/kj grad 2018/sandy

Potzus_1x28_R0011571578. indd GRAD 2018 • bill prod2/kj

Congratulations to the Grads of 2018 Wishing you much success and all of life’s best.

Joshua Soke

Keanan Sperling

Adam Srochenski

Brennin Stein


Frozen Cactus

#1 - 275 Broadway Street East Yorkton, SK

37 Broadway St. E.



FrozenCactus_1x28_R0011569383. indd GRAD 2018 prod3/dm • proof to sandy

Congratulations Days_Inn_Grad_1x28_ Grads of 2018

23E Smith Street West Yorkton, SK S3N 0H9 Tel: 306-782-2298

R0011566596.indd •Grad 2018 • bill Email:


Kennedy Stephanow Toshiba_1x28_R0011565934. indd • prod2/kj • 1x28 lines • grad 2018/sandy

Congratulations to the



VisionSense_2x28_R0011563241.indd grad 2018 f/c

Ecko Swain

Kaden Taphorn

Keenan Taphorn

Photos provided by Photographic Portraiture by Mitch



CollinsBarrow_1x28_ R0011563345.indd • prod2/kj/proof brian regional/sacred grad/2018

Congratulations Grads of 2018


7 - 2nd Avenue North, Yorkton, SK.

306-783-3037 Fedorowich_2x28_R0011566092.indd grad 2018

JEFF BAHREY Senior Financial Consultant


BahreyJeff-Investors_2x28_R0011566193.indd • prod2/kj• grad/2018 proof bill email:

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Right off Broadway in the old Liquidation World Building!

12 Livingstone Street, Yorkton, SK 306-783-0464


Modern Mattress

* Freee delivery del eliv ivery and a d setup an setu up * 6655 ni nigh night ght comfort comf mfor o t guarantee guar gu a anteee * Old mattress removal program * Low price guarantee * Locally owned and operated

Congratulations Graduates of 2018!

Congratulations Class of 2018

306-782-1199 CathayWagantall_1x28_ R0011564335.indd grad 2018

Cargill_1x28_R0011565655.indd grad 2018

Congratulations Grads of 2018



from Jackie & Brenda

Alexis Tarr

Jasmine Thompson

Carson Thorley

Amber Tilcox

“FUN IS RIGHT UP OUR ALLEY” 49 Broadway St. E. Yorkton, Sask.

6 - 1ST AVE. N. YORKTON, SK 306-783-4656

Phone 306-783-5183

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Congratulations & Best Wishes

YorktonBowlArena_1x28_ R0011566408.indd • grad 2018 prod2/kj

Class of 2018

from Yorkton & Canora Locations

Linda E. Ouart Financial Advisor Yorkton, SK 306-786-2111

Dalton Trowell

Rylee Wagner

Payton Weinmaster

5 Assiniboia Ave. Yorkton—306-782-1577 Canora—306-563-5527

Darren Wilkins

Linda_Ouart_1x28_ R0011566518.indd/ prod3/dm/grad 2018 bill

Penguin_1x28_R0011565683.indd • prod2/kj • 1x28 lines • 2018 grad SHHS & YRHS/proof bill

Grad 2018

Cody Wlasichuk


Cameron Zamonsky

Taylor Zayshley

Lillian Zoltan-Lozinski

Photos provided by Photographic Portraiture by Mitch



22 - 2nd Ave. N. 306-782-4424 BOOKSTORE AND CONSIGNMENT STORE email:

The Colored Brush 279 Hamilton Road 306-78-COLOR (782-6567)

WhatsInStore_1x28_ R0011563264.indd prod2/kj grad 2018/brian

TheColoredBrush_1x28_ R0011566321.indd prod2/kj Grad 2018 proof sandy

Take A Bow

Hearn’s Westview Pharmacy



(Across from Hospital)

Phone 306-783-4331


You deserve it!

L.H. RecycLed Auto PARts Open Mon. to Fri., 8:00 to 5:30;


15 YORK ROAD WEST, YORKTON 306-782-4395 OR 1-800-657-4395

Hearns_1x28_R0011563240.indd •prod2/kj • grad 2018

LHRecycledAutoPartsLtd_1x28_ R0011563533.indd GRAD 2018 prod3/dm sandy




“Where Printing Is Done Procyshenally”

306-783-0321 leadingedgeaviation

22 4th Avenue North, Yorkton

306-782-8211 ParklandPrinters_1x28_R0011566088. indd • prod2/kj 1x28 • grad 2018

LeadingEdgeAviation_1x28_R00115 •prod2/kj • GRAD 2018 sandy


Graduates, The World Awaits You... Go Out & Make It An Even Better Place.

“Imagine it. Achieve it. Dream it. Become it.”

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270 Hamilton Road, Yorkton / 306-783-9022 / YorktonDodge_6x28_R00115565834.indd • prod1/kk• GRAD 2018

Congrats Class of 2018! Yorkton, SK

306-621-7062 ApperleyElectric_1x28_ R0011566090.indd prod2/kj Grad 2018

Class of 2018 Wishing you all the best in your future.


PLANT WORLD LTD. NURSERY • GARDEN CENTRE • GROCERY STORE Highway #9 North, Yorkton 306-783-8660 YoungsPlantWorld_1x28_ R0011563272.indd prod2/kj • grad 2018 • brian



ConcordeGroup_1x56_R0011570548. indd •prod2/kj •1x56lines



to the

GRADS! 306-782-2645 YorktonDistributors_1x28_ R0011565659.indd • prod2/kj • 1x28lines •sacred/regional grad/2018

455 Broadway W., Yorkton


Personalized Support & Services 17 - 259 Hamilton Rd. Yorkton, SK S3N 4C6 P: 306-782-2000 F: 306-782-2001

AWARDS Continued from Page C3 is given to a female who brings passion and light to the qualities she has while allowing others to also see their significant qualities. The recipient is Robyn Jones. The Willowbrook and District Lions Club Scholarship, $500**, presented by Mr. Eugene Maystrowich. This scholarship is awarded with preference given to a child from the Willowbrook area. The recipient is Luke Reid. The Yorkton Bowl Arena Scholarship, $500, presented by Mrs. Lisa Yeadon. This scholarship is awarded to a student who has a high academic standing and is pursuing a post-secondary education. The recipient is Hanna Czinkota. The Jake Berg Memorial Scholarships, $500 each**, presented by Mrs. Valerie Gendreau. The Jake Berg Memorial Scholarship is presented annually by the Yorkton Co-op. The recipient must be involved in community activities and must meet entrance requirements for a postsecondary institution. The recipient was chosen by a committee of the Co-op’s Board of Directors. The 2018 recipients are Sarah Edel and Mackenzie Bjornerud. The Gary Voinorosky Memorial Scholarship, $500**, presented by Mr. Lee Poncelet. This scholarship is given to a deserving student who has extensive involvement in minor sports and who follows the philosophy of Mr. Voinorosky “Whatever You Do — Do Well.” The recipient is Dylan Novak. Jostens Yearbook Scholarship, $500, presented by Ms. Kristine Kreklewich. This award is presented to an outstanding member of the Yearbook team. The recipients are Jenna Senchuk and Morenike Oyenubi. J. Elton Davidge Scholarship, $500*, presented by Mrs. Lisa Yeadon. This scholarship goes to a Grade XII student from the City of Yorkton who plans to pursue postsecondary education. Academic standing is a consideration, however, the student’s community participation is a main focus. Students must apply for this scholarship. The recipient is Tamantha Kirsch. The Yorkton Curling Club Scholarship, $500**, presented by Mr. Grant Bjornerud. This scholarship is awarded to an active member of the Yorkton Curling Club who is continuing with postsecondary training. Students must apply for this scholarship. The recipient is Mackenzie Bjornerud. The Yorkton United FC Academic and Performance Scholarships, $500 each***, presented by Mr. Dennis Nesseth. Yorkton’s local soccer club, is proud to offer scholarships for academics and performance to their graduating players. Preference is given to applicants who have participated in their competitive STARS program, volunteered with the club, and have an academic average of 80% or higher. The recipient is Dawson Leister. The Good Spirit School Division Scholarship, $400, presented by Mr. Steve Variyan. The Good Spirit School Division offers an annual scholarship to the top graduating student in each of the GSSD grade twelve classes. The YRHS top academic graduate is Hanna Czinkota. The Yorkton Council #2031 Knights of Columbus Scholarships, $400 each, presented by Mr. Lee Poncelet. These two scholarships are awarded for General Proficiency, and are to be used for educational purposes. Our recipients have strong academic records and both plan to continue their

studies this fall. Students must be a son or daughter of a Knight and/ or a member of the Parish. The recipients are Alexis Tarr and Braden Kitchen. The George Skinner Memorial Scholarship, $350, presented by Ms. Kristine Kreklewich. This scholarship goes to a deserving student with a high academic record who is planning a post-secondary education. The recipient is Faith Mariano. The Morris Peterson Memorial Scholarship, $350, presented by Mr. Don Tkachuk. This scholarship is presented to a student who plans to continue his or her studies in the mechanics field as Mr. Peterson felt education was very important. He began his career in 1953 becoming a journeyman in 1957 and working at all the Chev garages in Yorkton mentoring many young men in the field until his retirement in 2015. The recipient is Dustin Murray. Yorkton Collegiate Institute (1982) Scholarship, $300, presented by Mr. Dan Cross. This award is presented to a student who is planning his or her education at a post-secondary institution, and is recognized as having worked to his or her fullest potential. The recipient is Cody Wlasichuk. The Independent Order of Odd Fellows (I.O.O.F.) Yorkton Lodge No. 9 Scholarship, $300, presented by Mr. Lee Poncelet. The recipient of this scholarship must have a good academic record and must be continuing with further education. The recipient is Daniel Jack. Yorkton This Week Scholarship, $300, presented by Mr. Perry Ostapovich. This award is given to a worthy student who plans to pursue post-secondary studies. The recipient is Tamantha Kirsch. The Alex Denesyk Memorial Scholarship, $300***, presented by Mrs. Cecelia Denesyk. This scholarship is presented to a student from a rural background. The recipient is Keanan Sperling. Drs. Greg and Bernie Trischuk Scholarship, $300, presented by Mrs. Lisa Yeadon. This scholarship is given to a student who is planning a career in any healthrelated field. The recipient is Jayden Jarvis. The Captain Patrick Rushowick Memorial Bursary, $300, presented by Mr. Geoff and Mrs. Bonnie Rushowick. This bursary is awarded to a student who like Patrick, displayed kindness by being a friend to his/her peers or by providing a helping hand whenever needed. The recipient is Jayden Jarvis. The Josephine and Henry Gulak Scholarships, $300 each, presented by Mr. Perry Ostapovich. These scholarships are awarded to two students who wish to pursue postsecondary education. The recipients are Braden Nernberg and Matthew Breitkreuz. Dr. Bree Rogoza Health Science Scholarship, $300, presented by Ms. Kristine Kreklewich. This scholarship is for further studies in any Health Care field. The recipient is Jayden Jarvis. McDonald’s Restaurant of Yorkton Award, $300***, presented by Mr. Gaurav Kumar. This award is presented to a Grade 12 graduate of the Yorkton Regional High School who was an employee of McDonald’s Restaurant in Yorkton. The successful candidate must intend to enroll as a full-time student at a recognized post-secondary institution. The recipient is Ecko Swain. The Bredenbury Lions Club Scholarship, $250*, presented by Lion Keith Switzer. This scholar-

ship is available to a student who attended Saltcoats School to complete grade eight. The student must be attending full time at the YRHS and must be continuing with postsecondary education. Leadership and volunteerism are important criteria, and students must apply for this scholarship. The recipient is Kaito Farquharson. Yorkton Masonic Lodge #12 Scholarship, $200, presented by Mr. David Polachek. This scholarship is presented to a student with a strong academic standing. Our recipient is Ewan Achtymichuk. The Canadian Federation of University Women’s Club Scholarships, $200 each, presented by Mrs. Lisa Yeadon. These awards are given to two girls who have high academic records in Grade XII and plan to attend University. The recipients are Tyana Katzell and Emma Just. W. Ernest Quine Memorial Scholarships, $200 each, presented by Mr. Roby Sharpe. These scholarships are presented to deserving students for academic success. The three recipients are Keenan Aarrestad, Morenike Oyenubi and Jessica Kelts. Beta Sigma Phi Memorial Scholarship, $200, presented by Ms. Krsitine Krelewich. This scholarship is given to a student who has a high academic standing. The recipient is Amy Schmalz. Order of the Eastern Star Scholarship, $200, presented by Mrs. Patsy Polachek. This scholarship is awarded to a worthy Grade 12 student with a high academic record who plans to pursue his or her education at any post-secondary institution. The recipient is Ewan Achtymichuk. The Hot Rod Shop High Performance Award, with a $200 Gift Certificate, presented by Mr. Wade Stachura. This award is for a student who has shown a keen interest in restoration and/or performance modifications in the automotive field. The recipient is Kygean Baumung. The Y. R. H. S. SRC Dedicated Student Scholarships, $200 each, presented by Mr. Roby Sharpe. These students show dedication to school life by routinely working hard, showing diligence and responsibility both with their course work and with extra-curricular pursuits. The students must plan to continue his/her formal education at a recognized University, College, Vocational or Technical School. The recipients are Reidl Arnold, Hanna Czinkota, and Amber Tilcox. Yorkton Aircraft Service Practical and Applied Arts Scholarship, $200, presented by Mrs. Jean Knoll. This scholarship is awarded to a student who displayed proficiency in the Practical and Applied Arts areas. The student must be pursuing post-secondary education. The recipient is Payton Weinmaster. The Rick Shussel Memorial Scholarship, $100, presented by Mr. Roby Sharpe. This scholarship is offered to a student who has displayed a positive attitude and helpful manner as recognized by both staff and students. The student must be continuing with postsecondary education. The recipient is Faith Mariano. Grace Henke Sutherland Memorial Prize, $100 plus a plaque, presented by Mr. Mike Haczkewicz. This annual prize is awarded to a graduating student who has exhibited those exemplary characteristics, qualities and attitudes which enhance the life and work of the Regional. The recipient is Riversong Allary.

Congratulations and all the best in your future endeavours! Parkland Mall Yorkton

306-783-9796 Shoppers_1x28_R0011563344.indd •prod2/kj • GRAD 2018 •brian

CLASS OF 2018!

501 York Road. W. Yorkton, SK

Congratulations to the

HarvestMeatsGrad_1x28_ R0011565524.indd •Grad 2018 • brian


2018 For more information contact

Kees Taekwondo


Kees_1x56_R0011565611. indd prod2/kj grad 2018



. ..


. ..

131 Palliser Way Yorkton

306-783-4477 Hey grads, want to be an insurance broker? FarrellAgencies_1x28_ R0011565681.indd prod2/kj Grad 2018

All the Best Grads of 2018

Living Wellness Acupuncture 40 Smith Street W. 306.620.9357 LivingWellness_1x28_ R0011565582.indd grad 2018


36 - 2nd Ave. N.

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Music Store FuzztoneMusic_1x28_R0011567245.indd GRAD 2018 • prod2/kj • sandy

Best Wishes for Your Future 2018 Grads on broadway &

306-783-6360 Flamingo Square Mall TracysOnBroadway_6x28_R0011567813.indd • GRAD 2018 • prod2/kj

bridal Downtown Yorkton

Yorkton This Week 2018-07-11  
Yorkton This Week 2018-07-11