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From Pamela Gunter-Smith, President

Another academic season has come to a close at York College. In the fall, we welcomed 900 enthusiastic new freshmen to campus, and with the December and May commencement ceremonies we announced that 1,056 were ready for the next phase of their lives. By the way, the number of YCP graduates having secured jobs six weeks prior to graduation significantly exceeds the national average, marking a good return on the investment in a YCP degree. This year’s commencement speakers included York City Mayor C. Kim Bracey and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient Dr. Donna E. Shalala. Both were selected not because of any political affiliations or leanings, but rather as examples of our motto – Servire est vivere (to serve is to live). In her remarks, Dr. Shalala reminded graduates of "the spirit of service and community that has been part of your education here from day one." YCP continues to ensure that students receive an education that is relevant preparation for the future. This year, we successfully launched two new innovative and distinctive programs: Generation Next and Graham Scholars. Generation Next1 replaces a more traditional core curriculum with one that emphasizes interconnectedness and relevance of many disciplines to a particular major. Our Graham Scholars2 program provides a select group of students with an opportunity to learn and apply principles of entrepreneurship to any field of study. The College strengthened its

commitment to link experiential learning and community engagement with two new facilities in downtown York. The former Lafayette Club at 59 E. Market St. will be home to the Center for Community Engagement. The facility will also house the food management laboratory for our growing Hospitality Management Program. The College also owns and operates MarketView Arts on Philadelphia Street in the heart of York’s arts district. This facility houses studios for faculty, students, and community artists. There is more to come as we enhance our programming in both facilities. Perhaps the greatest accomplishment of the year is the launching of our five-year strategic plan, which was approved by the Board of Trustees in January. The 2016-2021 Strategic Plan for a Greater York College3 is the culmination of campus-wide conversations on the future of the College. The plan continues our theme of innovation while capitalizing on existing strengths. It is supported by four overarching strategic pillars of academic excellence, a robust

enrollment, distinctiveness, and engagement reflected as four goals on a bedrock of the fifth goal, which is financial support and sustainability. The plan is intentionally meant to be dynamic, rather than static. As we live the plan, we will continue to evaluate and modify its initiatives. I encourage the YCP community to take the time to review the plan and discuss ideas for accomplishing our goals. Ultimately, this plan belongs to each of us, as does the future of our College. As I reflect on the 2015-2016 academic year, what a year it has been!

Pamela Gunter-Smith, Ph.D. President York College of Pennsylvania

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Volume 6, Number 5

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ON THE FRONT COVER: May 2016 YCP graduates joyfully celebrate their success at the iconic fountain on main campus.


Navigating the Future

Before the advent of GPS, I acted as navigator on road trips with my husband, who was fond of taking last-minute shortcuts (including a memorable sheep track in Wales) that weren't clearly marked on my map. Thankfully, GPS has made life much easier for navigators, but I have learned that it is still necessary to pay attention and watch out for new paths and detours.

steps to attain them are clearly outlined. There can still be some surprises along the way that lead to a dead end or a wrong turn. In these situations, navigators need to make decisions. The York College Strategic Plan is both a necessity and an opportunity. It answers important questions such as: who we are, where we are going, and how we will get there. It is up to us as a community to realize the full potential of this particular map, make adjustments as needed, and aim for the best possible outcomes. Speaking of the best possible outcomes, I am delighted to report

President Pamela Gunter-Smith Dean of College Advancement Jane Hogge Assistant Dean of College Advancement Mary Dolheimer Director of Alumni Relations Kristin Schab '04 Assistant Director of Alumni Relations Nicole Montgomery '11 YCDS Director of External Affairs Laura Burkey Director of Web Communications Andrew Shaw Director of Athletic Communications Scott Guise Director of Print and Mail Services Angie Staples '02/MBA'04 YC Magazine College Editor Gail R. Huganir Art/Creative Director Lance A. Snyder '76/'05 Photographer Mike Adams Editorial Assistant Colleen M. Adamy Spring 2016 Interns Hannah Barrett '16 Jenny Derochemont '17 Lucas Dimini '17 Taylor Gamber '16 Chantel Vereen '17 Summer 2016 Interns Tanner Fox '17 Jamie May '17 YC Magazine Advisory Board Frederick A. Bianco '72; Megan Davitt '12; Dominic F. DelliCarpini, Ph.D.; Cobey Dietrich '02; Nathan A. Eifert '91; Jaime Garland '98; Nancy Johnston '75; Patti S. Stirk '87/MBA '99; Michael J. Zerbe, Ph.D.

Dr. G-S is the chief navigator for York College, and The 2016-2021 Strategic Plan for a Greater York College is our map for the next five years (see page 24 ). It will guide us and give us confidence as we move forward, but, as she says, we will continue to keep an eye on our surroundings, and make adjustments to our journey, as needed. Maps are useful in all their forms: students need outlines for papers or research; a career path shows the steps to reach goals; a timeline allows a project to stay on budget ; and a game plan provides a team with a winning strategy. Strategic plans, like maps, are an integral part of our lives that help to predict where we are headed. Besides being of practical use, maps help stir our imaginations and inspire us to reach new destinations. Goals seem easier to achieve if the

that the homeless student featured in our "Seeking a Home and an Education" article in the previous issue is set to graduate in December 2016. We congratulate her on her hard-won achievements so far, and wish her all the very best as she moves forward with her life. We would also like to extend grateful thanks to everyone who responded to the article. The YCP community has many kind hearts! Our Office of Intercultural Student Life and Global Programming is continuing to work on ideas and projects to offer more assistance to students trying to reach their educational goals despite being homeless or hungry. All the Best,

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We welcome your news and comments at York College of Pennsylvania does not discriminate because of race, color, religious creed, disability, ancestry, national origin, sex, or age in employment or in recruitment and acceptance of students. 2 | York College Magazine • SUMMER 2016


York College's Archives, part of the Special Collections Room in Schmidt Library, serve as the institution's "memory," preserving artifacts, documents, and photographs for today's college community and those of the future. The Archives welcomes donations of college-related memorabilia. Please contact Karen RiceYoung '92, Archives Specialist,, 717-815-1439, for more information.

A Glimpse of Our Past Where's Anna? by Karen Rice-Young '92 Anna Elizabeth Taylor graduated from the York Collegiate Institute in 1912. By 1916, she was a professional photographer and owner of The Ansonia Studio, 10 West Market Street in York, known as the Ebert Building, four years before women obtained the right to vote. Taylor studied photography at the renowned Southern School of Photography under Dean of American Photographers W. S. Lively, and returned to become an instructor. She is pictured (below left) in this circa 1916 photo taken at the school. Taylor is also one of the women in the enchanting photo (below right) of the Sigma Delta Literary Society, which was taken at the entrance to the YCI in May 1912. (Digital version: Which one of these young ladies do you think is the remarkable YCI graduate, Anna Elizabeth Taylor? This mystery is a familiar one in our Archives, where the images have been compared and scrutinized by many a visitor, yielding no definitive identification. Please email your best guess to

... Did you know ior n Ju k or that Y York College and a ad h Hospital collaborative program that nnel trained perso urse N y for the Arm ng Corps duri WWII?

Did you know the Newman . . . that Club, a student organ Catholic stu ization for dents, was started on campus in 19the YJC Newman Clu65? The b, along with Hillel an d Intervarsity an groups, are d other p YCP's Counciart of Spiritual Lifl of e. York College Magazine • SUMMER 2016 | 3



Commencement May 2016

"In a time of great peril but even greater promise, you will be asked to solve some tough challenges and confront our oldest demons. But you will also have the chance to dream new dreams and pursue a future that is more peaceful, more prosperous, and more compassionate than any time in human history."

– Dr. Donna E. Shalala

Above: Honorary Degree Recipient and May 2016 Commencement Guest Speaker Dr. Donna E. Shalala, President and CEO of the Clinton Foundation, with Dr. Gunter-Smith

733 Undergraduate Degrees 31 Graduate Degrees 3 DNP; 8 MBA; 3 MED 19 MS Nursing

83 Cum Laude 73 Magna Cum Laude 36 Summa Cum Laude

3,520 number of friends and family in attendance

"From day one, York College provided me with the tools and support I needed to pursue a successful career." Ronnie Mitchell '16 (Edgewood, MD) feels that one of the main strengths that separates York College from other institutions is the thorough preparation students receive before entering their professional fields. He said, "As a student, you have the opportunity to engage in many learning experiences that can help guide you toward your professional career, no matter the major." In addition to being a Resident Assistant, Mitchell was a Student Ambassador who provided and assisted with campus tours. He was also a Telecounselor Supervisor who called potential students interested in attending YCP. As Senior Senator, he represented his class and relayed any concerns from the student body to the Senate. One project Mitchell worked on was trying to get more handicapaccessible water fountains throughout the residential halls and academic buildings. When talking about a favorite professor, he said, "Dr. [Mary Kay] Reed has an outgoing personality and is never afraid to speak her mind. She's open to communicating with any student. I think she has an eye for student leaders. Dr. Reed has assisted me in several ways from providing information for leadership opportunities to writing letters of recommendation for graduate school." Mitchell is most proud of being able to leave his mark as a positive leader at YCP. "It has been an exceptional experience serving on several different organizations on campus. All of them have had an influence on the person that I am today." – CV 4 | York College Magazine • SUMMER 2016

"From day one, I knew I would be able to succeed academically, socially, and physically with the opportunities that York College has to offer." When she first discovered York College, Priscilla Yau '16 (Upper Marlboro, MD) was a competitive figure skater at York Ice Arena. The small campus population and opportunities for students that she learned about during a tour of the campus sealed the deal for her. In May, Yau graduated in her third year of undergraduate studies. Putting her figure skates aside, staying ahead with extra credits during the semester, and taking summer courses allowed her to reach this goal. She considers it to be her greatest achievement at York College. She found it challenging and said there were "some difficulties along the way, such as dealing with multiple assignments with heavy course loads at the same time, and attempting to manage my time equally between classwork, my work-study job, and extracurricular activities." Yau majored in Criminal Justice with minors in International Business, International Studies, and Legal Studies. She was a general member of Alpha Phi Sigma, the Criminal Justice Honor Society, and the American Investigative Society of Cold Cases. She also played fullback on the women's rugby team and was a SpartaNation Road Crew member. Aside from school, her hobbies and interests include cars, concerts, and traveling. Once settled into her career, she hopes to continue traveling – she has already visited 19 countries. Yau wants nothing more than to be the person that her supportive family raised her to be. – LD

GREEN AND WHITE "Graduates, have the courage to choose the right path, but in doing so, do not forget to leave a trail that others might follow." Dr. Gunter-Smith, President of York College

"From day one, YCP provided me with an advisor and a mentor who led me in the direction for success. With handson experience working with encouraging, successful professionals, I'm on the path for a Master's Degree in Social Work." Yvonne Quinones '16 (York, PA) earned a BS in Behavioral Science, with a minor in Gerontology. She came to York from San Diego, CA, where she and her husband were stationed in the military. She decided to continue her education while her husband served as a recruiter in York. She was drawn to the College by its smaller class size. As the mother of four children ages 5, 9, 12, and 18, it was difficult at times for Quinones to attend school, especially when her husband was on deployment. "During the semesters, if one child gets sick, it spreads like wildfire, and you can't take a sick day," Quinones said. However, the leadership skills she acquired in the military helped her pull through and thrive. Quinones interned with AARP, which gave her the opportunity to be a voice for the senior population, which she views as a humbling experience. She also volunteered for the Military and Veterans Society (MAVS), and for other organizations and events, including Spartapalooza, Relay for Life, and the American Cancer Society. Quinones feels strongly about having a space dedicated to the students on campus who are veterans or in the military. She said, "A challenge for me as a non-traditional student was finding other students that shared my experience or perspectives. If YCP had an app, I would love to see one for connecting with adult learners." – JM

"From day one, York College provided an incredible environment to encourage the accomplishment of my own goals as well as the resources to give back to the student body." Mass Communication major Brian Dix '16 (Oxford, PA) is a student of many talents. York College appealed to him because of its financial value, the astounding faculty-to-student ratio, and the immediate feeling of being home. At YCP, he was an Orientation Leader, Concert/Large Scale Events and Traditions Chair within the Campus Activities Board, and Orientation Coordinator. Other than being an incredibly driven student, Dix also enjoys real estate and baking. Somehow, he still found time for these activities while also coordinating the Spring Concert. Unveiling the concert was a highlight for him, and he said, "The College's reaction was overwhelmingly positive and incredibly rewarding." Within the Mass Communication curriculum, Dix loved Broadcast Performance, and said, "It gave me a chance to gain practical experience in my intended career field. It allowed me to explore my creative potential while learning important skills on sophisticated software." He said that faculty, such as Brian Furio, Ed.D., Robert Mott, M.A., and Lowell Briggs, M.S., helped him go above and beyond and get the most out of their classes. His plans now include starting a career in television news. This will bring him closer to the ultimate goal that he wishes to accomplish: making a difference in the world. – CV

York College Magazine • SUMMER 2016 | 5

"From day one, I knew YCP would offer me the opportunity to be successful in class and on the field." When it comes to sports, watching and playing are not enough for Marketing major Caleb Abney '16 (Forest Hill, MD). Abney grew up outside Baltimore and has been supporting the Baltimore Ravens throughout his life. This led him to become a Ravens Walk intern for the NFL team. It had been his dream to watch games from the field, and, as a marketing and customer service intern, he got to attend every home game. His day started six hours before kick-off when he began setting up the Ravens Walk. He then provided fan assistance at the Walk until the game kicked off. Afterwards, he tore down and headed into the stadium to pull out the quarterback banner for the halftime event. He loved being able to be on the field before halftime, and he found it rewarding to provide a fun, exciting experience on game days for the fans. York College gave him the skills necessary to make an impression and contribute to the organization. In particular, the Graham School of Business prepared him to work efficiently with his co-workers and perform all tasks and duties successfully. As a member of the YCP men's lacrosse team, Abney dominated on the field as one of the best goalkeepers in the country. During this academic year, he earned United States Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association (USILA) All-American honors. – KH


A Passion for Justice

In his February lecture, civil and human rights leader, former NAACP President, Rhodes Scholar, venture capitalist, and author Benjamin Todd Jealous, showed the audience that taking risks is how one makes changes. He said, "When you commit yourself to your passion, it must be something that defies all odds. With that, a little fire starts up inside you and it will grow. It will attract others and it can start a movement." He spoke about his own civil rights experiences and those who "had a spark" and were willing to fight for justice in this world. He described that no matter where you are from, there will always be a passion inside you. "This keynote was a call to action. It was to think about what excites you the most, no matter who you are. Find a way to change for the good by looking for your passion. It may even be at York," said York College President Dr. Gunter-Smith. Some students were amazed by Jealous's theories and were very grateful to have him speak on campus. ShaiQuana Bailey '18 (York, PA) stated, "[This was] very inspirational. It tied in personal issues with history that seems unknown to society." – CV

Zipcar Arrives! After growing tired of being without a car and having to work with others' schedules to get a ride

somewhere, Erika Faloney '16 (Baltimore, MD) met with Dr. Gunter-Smith and suggested an idea that offered a solution. Faloney said, "I showed her the university program that the service offered, and a year later, here we are." YCP is one of the first Central PA colleges to offer Zipcar, a membership-based car-sharing service. The unveiling of the service in March was accompanied by a launch party with Zipcar representatives in attendance. Evva Comans, University Account Executive for Zipcar, said, "We know that a lot of students don't have cars, so our main goal is just to improve mobility. We work closely with students to provide an option to shuttle services." Student Azia Evans '17 (Bethlehem, PA) was the first to take advantage of the service on the same day and thought it was great. – LD

Rebound: The Chris Herren Story "Recovery deserves a

voice," Chris Herren, author and founder of The Herren Project, preached at his capacity crowd lecture in March. Herren, a recovering addict and former NBA player, visited campus as part of the Vizzi Family Lectureship in Professional Excellence Series to share his powerful story of a promising athletic career that turned down a deadly path. Local organizations were invited to set up information tables about addiction and rehabilitation. Herren began the cautionary tale with his coercion into using cocaine in the first few weeks of college. Not long after, a neighbor supplied him with Oxycotin, which triggered an addiction that cost him $25,000 a month. A short-lived dream of becoming a player for the Boston Celtics ended, and Herren relocated to Italy. There, he became a heroin addict and returned to the U.S., homeless. A 14-year struggle with addiction nearly ended his relationship with his family as well as his life. When asked why it's important that college students hear his story, he said, "Sometimes in our lives, we don't think we can get up and bounce back. I've been able to recover and I think if I can inspire others to do so, then it's well worth it." – LD

Imara Ashton Miles Class of 2017 Music Major Hometown: Hyattsville, MD

"From day one, I knew York would be home. At York, I knew I'd make lifelong friends, memories, and connections." "I decided to come to York because I automatically fell in love with the campus. It just looked like a college fantasy." Imara Ashton Miles '17 (Hyattsville, MD) is vocally gifted and has been performing since the age of five. She has appeared in many different venues, including the Kennedy Center. At York College, she is the Public Relations Chair for YCP Improv, and the Music Director of the YCP Enharmonix, in addition to being a Resident Assistant. While fulfilling her degree in Music, she became interested in the Human Communications course because of its theory of strengthening interpersonal skills. She also adores partcipating in the YC Chamber Singers directed by Grace Muzzo, D.M.A. Throughout the two years Miles has been singing for the group, they have performed in Philadelphia, PA, and at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial in Washington, D.C. After she graduates from YCP, Miles hopes to be accepted into a prestigious music school, such as Julliard or Peabody, and aspires to become an opera singer. She said, "I'm fascinated with opera because it's so intense." – CV 6 | York College Magazine • SUMMER 2016



Photos of YCP's mascot Screamer are hidden throughout this issue! See if you can find them all. Email the number (including the one on this page), along with your name and address, to The sender of the first email opened with the correct number will win a T-shirt!

Planting Trees for the Planet

To honor Earth Day, professional chemistry fraternity Alpha Chi Sigma and the Chemistry Society teamed up to host Trees for a Change, an event devoted to planting trees around campus. Nine trees were planted in total: two outside of the Naylor Ecological Sciences Center, two between Schmidt Library and the Waldner Performing Arts Center, and five at various locations surrounding the fountain. Senior Kristina Craven (White Marsh, MD), Alpha Chi Sigma’s president, said of the event, "We had an outpouring of support from alumni, faculty, and businesses that wanted to donate to the event and we really could not have done it without them. We hope our trees brighten up the campus and remind everyone that giving back to the earth is simple and anyone can do it!" – LD

Advocacy Day

WVYC Winners

Students gained firsthand experience lobbying legislators when they visited the State Capitol to talk about the financial needs of independent institutions of higher education. John Altman, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Political Science, said that every year the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Pennsylvania (AICUP), of which York College is a member, holds a Student Advocacy Day. It is an opportunity to "remind legislators that their constituents attend private colleges and universities, and that they should try to increase their awareness of the enormous contributions that private higher education makes to the state of Pennsylvania." He added, "The main issue that we lobby for is increased funding for the State Grant Program for student aid. Many of our students receive this type of financial aid and rely on it to help pay for their education at York College."

York College's radio station won a statewide award and a national award. WVYC Social Media Director Jessica Schick '18 (Montgomery, NY) was named the winner of the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System Top Social Media Director at the organization's national conference in NYC. The statewide award went to Aimee Lewis '16 (Lancaster, PA), who was recognized by the Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters (PAB) for Outstanding Radio Feature Story/Report/Series for her report, "Addressing Security at York College of PA." WVYC was the only college radio station that received a PAB award. – HB

"From day one, YCP has given me the tools and experiences to grow as a leader." Criminal Justice major Joseph Salerno '18 (Islip, NY) found just what he was looking for when he was accepted to York College. "I came to York because, not only was it an affordable place with a quality education, but it was also a school that held many future opportunities for me." As an executive cabinet member of Student Senate, he learned about and worked with various sections of campus life. Salerno was part of the Student Services Committee, which is a department in Student Senate that creates new projects and initiatives to better the student experience. He said, "This committee works with IT, Residence Life, Dining Services, Grumbacher Sport and Fitness Center, and the Bookstore. One of the things that I am most proud of is coordinating a bus for students to go home for breaks since not all of them have cars or are able to afford other means of transportation. It took a lot of hard work and dedication to make this happen." Salerno hopes to run for the executive board of Student Senate, but participating in Student Senate is not all he does: Salerno is a patrolman for the Department of Campus Safety. In this position, he patrols the campus day and night to help protect members of the York community. He is also the Philanthropy Chair for Kappa Delta Phi Fraternity, making him responsible for the Chapter's service and charitable events. Salerno plans to pursue a job dealing with juvenile offenders as he believes that there is nothing greater than helping the youth of America. – CV York College Magazine • SUMMER 2016 | 7

Joseph Salerno Class of 2018 Criminal Justice Major Hometown: Islip, NY


Panic! at the Disco

Live-in Internship

No panic, only joy when York College's spring concert featured the well-known, chart-topping band Panic! at the Disco. The band played songs from their past four albums, as well as their newest album Death of a Bachelor. Brian Dix '16 (Oxford, PA), the head coordinator for the spring concert, said, "All of the pieces fell into place and [the concert] worked like a well-oiled machine. York College's event staff worked like a dream alongside professional production staff, and students loved the event." – CV

Jamese Preston '16 majored in Human Services, with a focus on gerontology. When she heard there was a possibility that she could live at SpiriTrust Lutheran's Village at Sprenkle Drive in Manchester Township, she jumped at the opportunity. She spent her last semester before graduation working 15-20 hours a month at the senior home in exchange for room and board. She made friends with residents, and had the satisfaction of seeing things firsthand that she had learned about in class.

T! FUN FAC Jen Hindley and her dog, Symba Class of 2017 Professional Writing Major Hometown: York, PA

Top five vehicles registered by students this year are Honda Civic, Honda Accord, Ford Focus, Toyota Corolla, and Toyota Camry.

"From day one, York College has provided me with the encouragement and resources necessary to achieve my goals." Senior Jen Hindley's life changed radically on April 10, 2010. She was playing on the women's rugby team during a game against West Chester University when she suffered an accident that left her with a traumatic brain injury that forced her to withdraw from YCP and go home to Long Island to recover. Adding to Hindley's challenges, 18 months after the accident, a disc in her back spontaneously erupted, leaving most of her left leg paralyzed. Following several corrective surgeries and hours in physical therapy, she proudly states that she can "walk with only the assistance of a cane." In 2014, Hindley and her mother, Ruth, whom she calls her "rock," moved back to York. This spring, Hindley returned to study at YCP. She does not have the memory to study Biology anymore, and has switched her major to Professional Writing, and said, "Biology was something that I liked, but writing is something that I love. Writing has allowed me to see that I can have a bright future and a successful career despite my disabilities." Returning to college after her accident has required some adjustments, such as carrying an iPad full of reminders and wearing sunglasses to block out intense light. "All of these strategies have allowed me to maintain a 4.0 overall GPA despite my brain injury," said Hindley. "My goal in college is not just to survive or get by, it is to thrive and achieve the best results possible." – BS 8 | York College Magazine • SUMMER 2016


Engineering Projects Unveiled

It was time for the great reveal! Teams of senior engineering students, who worked on three projects over two semesters, proudly unveiled the results at the Kinsley Education Center in April. On display were a Baja race car, an off-road dune buggy that would compete against other colleges in June; a bike rental station that will allow students to check out and return a bike; and a high-speed formula-style race car that would compete against other colleges in mid-May. (For competition results, check out YCP Racing on Facebook.) Members of the Engineering Society of York have supported the program for many years and were on hand to present an oversized check for $2,000.

T! FUN FAC Coach Rich Achtzehn celebrated his 200th victory in 1992 when the Spartan wrestlers had a 24-12 win over Susquehanna University.

"From day one, York College provided me with the skills to excel in my major, opportunities to develop my leadership skills, and friends who have become my family away from home." Abhi Kudaravalli '17 (Long Island, NY) is a Lieutenant with the York Area United Fire and Rescue and a Biology major on the Pre-Med track. He said, "Volunteering with the fire department has taught me how to think on my feet, remain calm in the most adverse conditions, and, most importantly, work as a team member." He has been part of the Fire and Rescue team for four years. Besides being a good citizen of York, Kudaravali is very involved on campus. He was elected President of Student Senate in the spring semester. He has acted as Parliamentarian in Student Senate, a brother of Kappa Delta Rho, a Student Ambassador, an Orientation Leader, a member of Order of Omega (a Greek Honor Society limited to the top three percent), and a SpartaNation road crew member. He chose York College because the faculty and students made him feel like part of the Spartan family from the moment he set foot on campus. He likes to share this connection with others, so being part of SpartaNation was one of the most rewarding things that he has done so far. On the road, he heard stories from alumni about what the College was like when they attended. He also enjoyed talking about YCP with prospective students and their families, describing how he has taken advantage of the numerous opportunities available to students. – JD York College Magazine • SUMMER 2016 | 9

Abhi Kudaravali Class of 2017 Biology Major Pre-Med Hometown: Long Island, NY


Ryan Britt and Luke Skywalker

Is Luke Skywalker illiterate? In his February lecture, Ryan Britt, author of the book Luke Skywalker Can’t Read and Other Geeky Truths, said he believes that Luke Skywalker and the rest of the Star Wars community cannot read. Unsurprisingly, this has caused a controversy among Star Wars fans. He bases his argument on the fact that in the Star Wars films, most of the communication occurs using holographic images. Britt states that Sci-fi books tend to stem from fears of what could happen in the future. He correlates this with the fact that electronics are becoming more popular and there is fear that people will stop writing, which may cause discrepancies in history. Britt agrees that electronic communication is a useful tool, but says that it shouldn't replace writing. He advises aspiring writers to, “read as much as possible," and says that it is important to develop a daily habit of writing. – JD

Fighting for Social Change

York College students enjoyed light saber battles with Star Wars characters during Spring Fest on April 30.


York College students consume 5,520 slices of pizza per day.

"The exhibition is confrontational, but college art galleries have a responsibility to bring exhibitions that spark dialogue and challenge viewers in multiple ways, through both content and form," said Matthew Clay-Robison, Art Gallery Director, Communication and the Arts, of Porkopolis, the art exhibition featured in the York College Galleries earlier this year. The exhibit showcased the art of Sue Coe, an English artist who lives in New York. Coe's work in Porkopolis revolves around her longing for social change, particularly in regards to animal cruelty. The exhibition was promoted by a viewing of the film Cowspiracy, a documentary that takes a deeper look into the harm caused by cattle ranching, and a lecture by Coe. Since Coe is a devout vegan, the lecture was followed by a gallery reception offering vegan food. Coe also viewed the work of York College students. She was glad to visit York and attempt to convince her audience to help initiate change. Coe said, "All the students have done such a beautiful job. Their work is amazing and inspiring and the vegan food provided [at the reception] was beautiful. I think we made a few vegans tonight." – LD 10 | York College Magazine • SUMMER 2016


In Tune With Success Sing your hearts out, because York College's very own a capella group Rhapsody was named champions at the Cultural Alliance of York County’s YorVoice. The 19 talented performers sang their famous rendition of Imagine Dragons' "Radioactive" in front of over 500 people. Chris Betzler '16 (Folsom, PA), deemed their performance an amazing experience and said the group looks forward to competing in next year's YorVoice. – CV


Visit and listen to Rhapsody sing their hearts out!

What is Enough?

In the inaugural year of York College's Sustainability and Environmental Studies Series, Professors David Fyfe, Ph.D., and Rory Kraft, Ph.D., invited tiny house blogger Tammy Strobel to speak about living tiny, and she asked the question, "What is enough?" Strobel, who downsized from 1,200 sq. ft. to 128 sq. ft. in 2010, faced the challenges of deciding what was worth keeping and what wasn't important enough to fit inside her tiny home. Throughout her experiment of living tiny, Strobel has come to these conclusions: "your happiness matters, it's not about the house, and it's important to pursue what you're passionate about and enjoy life." – HB

Juan Roberto Diago


Breaking Boundaries

"I admire writers with self-control, but I’m not that girl." The brilliant, boundary-breaking, and brutally honest Roxane Gay made this statement when she came to the College and did readings from her New York Times Bestsellers, An Untamed State (2014) and Bad Feminist (2014). "Writing is pain, and [Gay] endures it," said Travis Kurowski, Ph.D., Professor of Creative Writing. Kayla Heston '17 (Abbottstown, PA) said that "she [talked about breaking down] those walls and barriers that we put up as writers and just write." After completing her Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Technical Communication, Gay is now an Assistant Professor of Fiction at Purdue University in Indiana. Her third book, entitled Hunger, is due to be released this summer. – CV

! AC T

Afro-Hispanic Art

All events in the 1963-1964 York Junior College Concert and Lecture Series brochure cost no more than $2 a ticket.

After President Obama's visit to Cuba, York College guest speaker Juanamaría Cordones-Cook, an internationally recognized expert on Afro-Hispanic art, film, and culture, hopes that we will see more from Afro-Cuban artists. As part of her lecture at York College, Cordones-Cook showed the film Diago: Artista Apalencado, which means "maroon artist." The film is about Afro-Cuban artist Juan Roberto Diago, who focuses on poverty in Cuba. Cordones-Cook was inspired to study the Afro-Hispanic genre by Cuban writer Nancy Morejón. "My mission," she said, "is to offer a lens into the world of Afro-Hispanic Art." – JD

York College Magazine • SUMMER 2016 | 11


David Fyfe, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Geography in York College's History and Political Science Department. He teaches numerous courses, including Introduction to Geography, Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and Advanced GIS. Many of his courses integrate an international travel segment, such as his Cultures and Environment Field Series and International Service-Learning

classes. He and his students have completed servicelearning in Peru, Panama, Kenya, Tanzania, India, Greece, Egypt, Turkey, China, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Fyfe emphasizes the importance of travel and service-learning as it relates to his academic interests and curriculum. Learning about the world and all of the areas that he teaches about, he said, allows him to teach his courses more effectively.

David Fyfe, Ph.D 1. This collection of mugs illustrates Fyfe's work with orphanages affiliated with Homes of the Indian Nation (HOINA). He has been working with the organization, which provides food, shelter, clothing, medical care, and education to impoverished and disadvantaged orphans, for several years. He and his students travel to southern India for three weeks to volunteer as a component of his International Service-Learning class. 2. Fyfe brought this propaganda poster for the North Korean military back as a souvenir from his travels to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. He traveled to North Korea during the 2014 spring break. 3. Fyfe received this gecko, constructed of wire and recycled soda cans, during his service-learning trip to Panama in 2011. The course focused on sustainability, and students worked with indigenous groups in the nation on sustainable agriculture practices and projects. 4. As is evident from the ominous skull and crossbones, this sign warns of danger — more specifically, of land mine danger. Fyfe brought it back from a museum in Cambodia that he visited during his Summer 2014 Cultures and Environment field series in Vietnam and Cambodia. There are still mines buried in the country as remnants of the Vietnam War. Students in the course learned about the history, politics, economies, tourism, and globalization of this region. – EK

12 | York College Magazine • SUMMER 2016

Thank you. You are part of the rich history

that has made York College the institution it is today, and you are part of the movement where real-world experience, close connections and personal growth are emphasized. Where students are challenged to become the best versions of themselves. Where the value of a good education is proven, every day. From Day One.





In a Summer 2011 York College Magazine article that acknowledged a generous gift from the Willman family, Dennis Willman '63 said, "I would like to be remembered as a local resident who used his York College experience to not only build a business, but as one who also dedicated time to build the York community in a variety of ways." Willman passed away peacefully on March 23, 2016, and he will, indeed, be fondly remembered as a benefactor who, with Karen, his wife of 50 years, did much to enhance the region and York College. Willman earned an Associate degree in Business Administration from York Junior College in 1963, and a Bachelor's degree in Marketing/Management from Susquehanna University in 1965. He maintained close connections with both institutions. At York College, he was a member of the board for the York College Community Opportunity Scholarship Program (YCCOSP), served on the Board of Trustees, and was also Trustee Emeritus. President of York College Dr. Gunter-Smith remarked, "The grand opening of the College's magnificent groundbreaking Willman Business Center in 2013 came about through the vision and generosity of business leader and philanthropist Dennis Willman and his wife Karen. He was deeply committed to the growth of the College, the success of our students, and the York community, and it was our pleasure to recognize this commitment and name the Business Center in his family's honor." Dennis Willman enjoyed strong family ties to York. His father, R. O. "Rube" Willman, was one of three businessmen, including Robert Warren and Charles S. Wolf, who in 1954 founded the York Container Company (YCC), a producer of corrugated packaging materials. Dennis started working for YCC during the summer months when he was a high school student. After college, he had a distinguished career with YCC, and retired in 2011 as Chairman and CEO. Coni Wolf, the Vice President of Business Development, Chair of the York Container Foundation Board, Corporate Officer, and Owner at YCC, said, "Dennis was a gentleman and a wonderful business partner. I appreciated his leadership and interest in continually improving the Company. He emphasized learning by taking workers to see other plants and believed in the importance of industry and community participation. He had deep loyalty to his family, church, community, friends, industry associations, and, of course, York Container. I will miss his guidance." President of York Container Company, Stephen Tansey, agreed, and said, "Dennis was a man who really made the most out of life: a family man, business leader, and sportsman, who was actively engaged in his community and church. He was a steadfast friend and admired by everyone who knew him. I’m honored to be part of his family [as his son-in-law], and to have worked closely with him for the last 14 years." Willman's commitment to enriching the community is apparent in the years of service that he devoted to numerous local organizations, including York College, Junior Achievement, the Boy Scouts of America, and the United Way. He was also a board member for the York Area Chamber of Commerce, and the York County Community Foundation. He was Director and President of the Manufacturers' Association of South Central Pennsylvania, Chairman of the York County Executive Committee of the Pennsylvania Economy League, and a member of Rotary Club of York for more than 40 years.

Rick Smith '63, Associate Broker, Berkshire Hathaway Homesale Services, was Willman's college roommate. He stated, "Dennis always had high standards, and he lived up to them. He was as honest as the day is long. He would tell it like it was. He said, 'When you're making a deal, always leave a little on the table for the next guy; you don't need to get every last cent.' You could take his word. He always seemed to live within his means. He was never flamboyant. York College is a much better place because of Dennis. He was very much aware of the value of giving back to the community." Willman was also an avid outdoorsman and golfer, who travelled extensively around the world with friends and family. He was a member and past president of the Country Club of York, and a member of Pine Valley Golf Club, in Camden County, NJ. He was an active member of Aldersgate United Methodist Church and devoted to his wife, Karen, and his daughters Jolene and Jennifer, and their families.

14 | York College Magazine • SUMMER 2016

Kirssin '78 Lectureship in History


"History is not like a video game. You can't just start again," stated Tim Snyder during the inaugural Jon Kirssin '78 Lectureship in History on April 11. Tim Lambert from public broadcaster WITF facilitated the event where Snyder discussed points raised in his book Black Earth: The Holocaust as History and Warning. Snyder said that Hitler used Jews as scapegoats in order to resolve Germany's past mistakes. He remarked that when we look at history today, we are able to see ways in which horrific events such as the Holocaust could have been prevented. Since we cannot go back in time, he believes that we must learn from the past. – JD

Huber Foundation Supports York College

A supporting organization initiated by the late Erwin Huber, owner of Adhesives Research, has been funded with shares of the company. The Huber Foundation supports the Physical Science and Engineering Departments at York College, and it will have a profound impact on the growth and success of those programs. Future issues of YC Magazine will include updates on the gift, and show how it will help transform York College.

On the Trail

The York County Heritage Rail Trail is getting a makeover, and both the community and YCP students will benefit. A groundbreaking ceremony in March marked the start of construction on the Rail Trail with York Mayor C. Kim Bracey and representatives from the College, Downtown Inc., and York County Parks in attendance. Plans for improvement include better lighting, grading, and repaving. – CV

New Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi

International Honor Society in Education, Kappa Delta Pi, installed the new Alpha Theta Alpha chapter at York on April 4, with 54 students being inducted as new members of the society. The chapter is advised by Nicole Hesson, Ed.D., Coordinator, Middle Level Education, Spanish Education, Music Education. In order to join, students must have an overall GPA of a 3.5 for Secondary and Middle School Education majors and a 3.7 for Early Childhood and/or dual majors. Students must also earn Pre-Professional Education Status. – HB

Marketview Arts

The York community was invited to the first major event at the College's recently acquired Marketview Arts location at 37 West Philadelphia Street, York, in February. The York College Division of Art and the Center for Community Engagement held the My York City Art Show in collaboration with the Cultural Alliance of York County and York Traditions Bank. The show celebrated York-inspired art, and was part of the 275th anniversary of York City. York College Magazine • SUMMER 2016 | 15


Faculty and Administration News Dean's Book Features Work by Students

Jobs That Pay

State Rep. Kevin Schreiber '92 D-York, joined Department of Labor & Industry Secretary Kathy Manderino April 25 on her "Jobs that Pay" walking tour of York, which began at the J. D. Brown Center for Entrepreneurship on Kings Mill Road.

The 11th edition of The Prentice Hall Guide for College Writers co-authored by Dominic DelliCarpini, Ph.D., Naylor Endowed Professor of Writing Studies and Dean, Center for Community Engagement, included essays by Emily Kuhl '15, (New Freedom, PA), Tanner Fox '17 (Akron, PA), Paige Koch '17 (York, PA), Stefanie Fuchs '18 (York, PA), Leah Miller '18 (Spring Grove, PA), Carrie Gingrich '16 (York, PA), Chris Blakely '16 (Butler, PA), and Adam Richman '16 (York, PA).

Instructor of the Year

Howard Burtnett, MHS, CRNA, clinical instructor and professor in the York College/WellSpan Health Nurse Anesthetist Program, has been named the Clinical Instructor of the Year for 2016 by the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA). Each year, only one person in the U.S. receives this award, which is presented to the person who has made a significant contribution to the teaching of nurse anesthesia students in the clinical area.

Woman of Influence

Christine Heine, Ed.D., Head of York Country Day School, was recognized as one of the 25 Central Penn Business Journal's 2016 Women of Influence.

York College & HACC York College and HACC, Central Pennsylvania's Community College, signed articulation agreements in March to provide a pathway for students in Biology, Criminal Justice, Human Services, Mathematics, Music Industry, Psychology, RN/BS Nursing, Secondary Education, and Sociology to earn an Associate degree at HACC and transfer to York College to earn a Bachelor's degree. A similar agreement was signed in 2015 for Hospitality Management students.

New Book

Amanda Rich, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Behavioral Science/Sociology, published a book titled Standing Together and Finding a Voice Apart: Advocation for the Intellectual Disability Rights. The book aims to broaden our understanding of the process of advocacy, particularly advocacy that changes policies and practices affecting the lives of people with disabilities and their families.

Nominated for SCORE Award

Executive Director of Mt. Gretna School of Art and adjunct faculty member in Communication and the Arts, Jay Noble, MFA, was nominated for a SCORE small business award for his groundbreaking summer painting program. Built on providing generous scholarships and top-quality instruction, it has attracted deserving students from colleges and universities nationwide, including several YCP students.

Transfer Honor Roll

York College was one of 40 schools across the country to be named to the Transfer Honor Roll by Phi Theta Kappa honor society. These 40 schools were recognized for their support programs for students transferring from community colleges to four-year institutions and were judged based on their engagement, collaboration, impact, and achievements related to transfer students from community colleges. – HB 16 | York College Magazine • SUMMER 2016

York College students and York Country Day School pitched in and donated furniture, clothing, games, electronics, sporting goods, and nonperishable food for a Campus Cleanout Sale to benefit Bell Socialization Services and Re-Source York. Nick McConnell, MA, Director of Operations, Center for Community Engagement, is shown with some of the items sold at the June event.


W What happens when you bring together three recent York College grads, a team of talented YCP faculty and staff, and local schools with students brimming with potential? You have the YCP Leadership Conference – a daylong event for high school students to teach them the qualities of a true leader. In order to make the program a success, the Center for Professional Excellence (CPE) invited young alums Casey Albright '13, Lauren Hannaford '14, and Sarah Walsh '15 to help out and give back to the College with their time and talents. Fortunately, all three enthusiastically agreed, and began using the unique skills that they learned while pursuing their degrees to assist in developing the program. During the course of several weeks, they dedicated over 75 hours of their time to crafting the program. Working with a team of faculty and staff from several different departments across campus, the group decided to focus on four core principles that would help the high school juniors become effective leaders: Modeling

the Way, Inspiring a Shared Vision, Challenging the Process, and Enabling Others to Act. Lending her expertise to the project was Julie Saville, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Recreation and Leisure Administration. Saville, who guided the program's design and development, said, "We believe that every high school student can be a leader — whether they are currently in a designated leadership role or not. We want these students to envision themselves as future leaders in their schools and communities." On April 13, the program came to fruition when 34 local high school juniors arrived on campus to begin their leadership journey. The students learned via hands-on experience, and, rather than just listening to lectures, they were put in situations that would help them exercise their leadership skills. Current YCP students were asked to participate in the program in order to provide guidance and highlight the excellent education students receive at YCP.

After months of hard work and dedication, the program received rave reviews from the participants. Many students said that the experiential segments of the program were the most enjoyable. While numerous students said that the program instilled in them the importance of leading with confidence, one student stated that, in the future, they "will lead with compassion," a trait not easily taught, though highly valued in any leader. The main recommendation students provided was that they hoped there would be even more interaction at next year's event. High school staff members who attended also expressed the hope that the program would occur again next year. By the day's end, many of the participants were asking why it ended so early, which was a sure sign that the event was not only a success, but also likely to become a regular part of the CPE's programming.

by Matthew Randall, Executive Director, Center for Professional Excellence

York College Magazine • SUMMER 2016 | 17


18 | York College Magazine • SUMMER 2016



Walthall Finishes His Memorable Campaign in Fine Fashion

York College senior men's swimmer Kyle Walthall (Port Huenene, CA) had already secured his spot in Spartan men's swimming history before his trip to the 2016 NCAA Division III National Championships in Greensboro, NC, in mid-March. After the championships, Walthall cemented his legacy as one of the best individual athletes in school history. Walthall brought home the school's first national championship since 2006 when he won the 100 breaststroke in dramatic fashion at the championships. He then earned his sixth career All-American honor in the 200 breaststroke the following evening. The national championship was the first since current head wrestling coach Duane Bastress won the 2005 and 2006 Division III National Championships at 184 pounds. Walthall had a fantastic senior year for the Spartans. He recorded 19 individual wins and six relay wins. Walthall earned the Capital Athletic Conference (CAC) Male Swimmer of the Year for the second time in his career. He won the CAC 100 breaststroke championship for the fourth straight year, and his time of 54.74 broke his own championship meet record. He won his third straight CAC 200 breaststroke title with a time of 1:59.24. Walthall was also a key part of the 400 medley relay and the 200 medley relay teams that each earned second place finishes at the CAC championships. Spartan head coach Greg Doyle was proud to coach Walthall during his senior year. "I knew Kyle had a special gift once I started coaching him this season," said the first-year Spartan mentor. "He worked extremely hard to put himself in a position to be a champion. He is the best breaststroker in Division III and I will remember his accomplishments the rest of my coaching career." Walthall also qualified to compete in the 2016 Olympic Trails in Omaha, NE, June 26 through July 3, 2016.

The men's lacrosse team won their first-ever Capital Athletic Conference championship with a 10-9 win at #1 ranked, and previously unbeaten, Salisbury on April 30. The Spartans then went on to advance to the NCAA Division III Tournament Elite Eight before falling to #5 Gettysburg 7-6 in overtime. The Spartans finished the campaign with a school-record 18 wins as four Spartans earned first team All-CAC honors while those four also earned USILA AllAmerican honors. Head coach Brandon Childs and program founder and first head coach Phil Avillo are pictured with the 2016 CAC trophy.

The Spartan Athletic Department had their best academic year in school history as the department boasted a cumulative GPA of 3.24 for the year. The Spartan student-athletes had a spring GPA of 3.26 which is the best single semester in school history. York had 306 of 423 student-athletes earn a spot on the Athletic Honor Roll during the first semester, and 290 of 395 earn that honor during the second semester. The department had 293 of 395 earn the honor for the entire academic year. York College finished the academic year with eight Spartans earning All-American status in their respective sports. Field Hockey's Ali Posey '18 (Airville, PA) became the first NFHCA All-American in the 48-year history of the program. Kyle Walthall '16 (Port Huenene, CA) finished his career as a six-time swimming All-American as he also won the first swimming national championship in school history, as he was victorious in 100 breast stroke at the Division III National Championships in March. Freshman Greg Warner (East Berlin, PA) became the Spartans' 26th wrestling All-American as he finished fifth at 141 pounds at the 2016 championships in Cedar Rapids, IA, in March. Senior women's lacrosse defender Megan Strauch (Baltimore, MD) earned IWLCA All-American honors for the second straight season after leading York to their fifth straight NCAA Tournament appearance. A trio of men's lacrosse players earned USILA All-American honors. Seniors Caleb Abney (Forest Hill, MD), Josh Kluver (Abington, PA), and Andrew Gamble (Easton, MD) were joined by sophomore Joey Fiorino (Reisterstown, MD), as York was well-represented on the 2016 All-American team. York College Magazine • SUMMER 2016 | 19

I wanted to add my ideas to my favorite genre.

Exploring my German heritage brought me to a deeper understanding.

Seeing my work hung in the gallery made everything real.

Sorry Not Sorry will let the book do the speaking for you.

Everyone's exhibition displays highlight the unique character of their books.

Every student put their heart into these books, making the show amazing.

Making a book was lots of work, but worth it!

It felt great to see our work all come together at the Senior Show.

I am so proud to be part of such a talented group of students.

This exh is four ye ibit hard workars of ,a it shows. nd

Creating a book that will be passed down through my family for generations to come was amazing.

Chops shares my life as a designer, illustrator, and a musician.

My book became the perfect opportunity to share history and humor.

Displaying and talking about my work was both terrifying and exciting.

Realizing all of our abilities was an eye-opening experience.



Preparing for Ex Libris

Every year, Graphic Design majors at York College showcase their work in Wolf Hall's galleries for the Senior Exhibition. Winter and spring graduates begin preparing their pieces in the fall semester to be completed in December. The exhibition is usually similar to a gallery, where observers can walk around and enjoy each piece. However, the artworks on display have been graded throughout the semester and prepared for a juried decision by Graphic Design faculty. Sixteen students were featured in the 2016 Spring Exhibition that took place from April 1-14.

YCP's Graphic Designers

The College instills in its students an emphasis on professionalism, aiming to shape them for life after graduation. For graphic designers, this goal is no different. The Graphic Design program focuses on producing students who embrace professionalism, versatility, creativity, and commitment. The students in the program perform a lot of selfinitiated work — and not all of it is digital — which teaches them to be independent, creative thinkers. "It's a creative and competitive field, but the support is always there," said Graphic Design senior Lina Than (York, PA). It is these values that prepare Graphic Design majors for whatever the Exhibition asks of them.

The Nature of the Event

On opening night, each graphic designer must give a PechaKucha-style Senior Artist Talk. This means each presentation will consist of 20 images, each shown for only 20 seconds. "Students carefully develop a narrative, a presentation that represents their work and who they are as artists at this stage in their lives," said Melanie Rodgers, MFA, Coordinator of the Graphic Design program. “Students that have done these talks gain confidence in themselves and their work, gain valuable presentation experience, and there is a celebratory tone to the whole event. Students are judged by the whole package: design, crafting, concept, presentation." Each year, there is a different theme with which students must align their projects in some way. This year, the exhibition was titled Ex Libris, which can be translated from Latin to mean "From the library of." For this year's theme, the seniors were tasked to create books, which were displayed with other elements that made the galleries feel like a library. Combined with the YCP values stated previously, all the Graphic Design students' skills up to this point in their education lead up to the expectation that they should be able to create a book. That is, they must be able to do

research, generate content of some kind, contextualize the content while considering their audience and purpose, and assemble a final product. The Senior Exhibition showcases that these students are creative, capable, versatile, resourceful, and worth hiring. Than said, "The amount of time that goes into writing and rewriting, researching, and gathering assets takes way more than 13 weeks to do. I knew it would be a struggle, but I also knew my own skill set and that I could do it." Since the exhibition ends with the announcement of three ranked winners, there is a slight competitive edge. Despite this, students remain in strong support of one another. "We all push each other to create the best books possible, because, in the end, we know that it's all going to be shown together," said Than. Graphic Design senior Gabby Sullivan (Wharton, NJ) seconded this notion. She said, "We're a great group. My peers have been with me every step of the way, but there's always a bit of competition. If anything, we push each other to do better."

Creating Art

While writing and designing a book, every aspect becomes one interdependent process. Sullivan adds, "When you're writing, you're also spending so much time thinking about the visual aspect. In the end, you want them to coexist and feed off each other, and look amazing!" In the beginning of the academic year, the seniors often conversed about their projects and guided each other, helping to develop their ideas until they were ready to be approved by their professors and executed independently. Following approval, students prepared prototypes for feedback during biweekly events called pin-ups where each project is displayed and evaluated by peers. "Classmates discuss, comment,

by Annelise Vlacich '16

suggest, question choices, wording, design decisions," said Rodgers. It is "a great way for students to learn how to work as creative teams." As with many other educational advancements, students look forward to a final accomplishment from the very beginning of their studies — a capstone of sorts. For Sullivan, as well as the other Graphic Design seniors, she could not believe that time had finally come. "You learn from day one that this project is what you're working toward in this major. It takes a lot of work and it's pretty scary. I feel like I've been talking about this project since I was a freshman." For some of the seniors, deciding on a project was easy. Many creators have topics of interest that they often include in their work, or ideas floating around in their heads waiting to be put to the test. Sullivan considered two such ideas, including her life as an Army kid or that of acceptance and self-esteem. Graphic Design senior Rebecca Shaffer (Dover, PA) wanted to explore her heritage. So she decided to carve linoleum prints of German folktales in a way that "hearkens back to the old German woodblock prints." For Than, creating a magazine was something she had thought about before she set out to become a graphic designer, and she was confident that that would be her final decision.

Completion and Results

As the fall semester came to an end, the students had finally and successfully produced their books. Reflecting on the past two semesters leading up to the Exhibition, Shaffer said that "These projects aren't made in the hopes of winning, but in the personal connection that this project is to the artist themselves and the messages behind the project as well." In the end, each senior had a book worth being proud of. On the opening night of the Exhibition, the seniors gave their presentations, introduced by a graphic-design-themed rap song by Rodgers. At the end of the reception, the top three senior projects were announced. First - Kendra Miller, Second - Lina Than, and Third Rebecca Shaffer. First-place winner Miller said, "The possibility of winning was a source of motivation in the back of my mind that helped keep me motivated and putting forth my best effort while creating my book. However, everyone else was doing excellent work on their own books as well, so I wasn't expecting to receive first place. It did certainly make me happy though, and I'm really glad all those long nights of painting paid off!"


Go to and join Professor Rodgers for a private tour of the Ex Libris exhibit.

Opposite Page: 1. Peter Maria from Factoryville, PA. 2. Caroline Voorhis from Harrisburg, PA. 3. Tyler J. Cross from Landover, MD. 4. Rebecca Shaffer from Dover, PA. 5. Kendra Miller from York, PA. 6. Hannah McDevitt from Reading, PA. 7. Shannon O'Dell from York, PA. 8. Nicole Wagner from Mohnton, PA. 9. Gabrielle Sullivan from Wharton, NJ. 10. Lina Than from York, PA. 11. Anna Meleney from Rockville, MD. 12. Joshua Downey from Manchester, PA. 13. Kristen Eaton from Mays Landing, NJ. 14. Austin Dimmig from Perkasie, PA. 15. Evan Hornberger from Ephrata, PA. No photo available for Matt Stankiewicz, Baltimore, MD. York College Magazine • SUMMER 2016 | 21

os Galapag Costa Rica

Australia Galapago




Vietnam Vietnam 22 | York College Magazine • SUMMER 2016

A Conversation with Annie Nguyen, Ed.D. Coordinator of Study Abroad and Global Education

by Jenny Derochemont '17


When students have questions about studying abroad, Annie Nguyen, Ed.D., Coordinator of Study Abroad and Global Education at York College, has answers. She also has plans, which include expanding the overseas program so that it is more oriented toward students' career paths. "I want to make sure students focus on why they want to study abroad before applying and choosing a program," she said. Since taking the position at YCP in 2015, Nguyen has started to introduce more structure to the program. She wants to make it easier for faculty to add programs, and plans to increase support for existing study abroad options. She would like to increase the number of short-term study abroad programs, which would include courses in the summer or during the school year where students study abroad during one of the school’s

breaks. Nguyen understands the benefits of correlating short-term study abroad with the GenNext constellation courses so that students get more out of their experience. Part of aligning the shortterm study abroad trips with GenNext involves the development of programs that will hit different aspects. This will allow students to have the kind of experience and access to study abroad programs that align with their goals and interests. She said, "Studying abroad is about creating a meaningful educational experience where students go abroad and engage in the culture and different aspects of global and international issues on a professional level." Nguyen is able to promote study abroad and provide information sessions regarding options offered for overseas programs. She said that it is easy to find the study abroad webpage on the

College website, and she has created a new Facebook page, where students will find information about events, options, and deadlines relating to the program. Additionally, she distributes a monthly newsletter that focuses on current programs and scholarship opportunities. Nguyen recently coordinated an event called "Around the World in a Week" that featured a panel of students who participated in overseas programs, plus a presentation about volunteer work accomplished by students in India. Studying abroad takes planning, and Nguyen would like students to start thinking about it earlier in their college career and plan when they would like to study abroad, rather than thinking about it at the last minute during their junior or senior year. "The earlier they have it in their mind, the easier it is to fit it in their program of study," she said. She has made improvements so that students better understand what options are available to them. They also have a better idea about what needs to be done when applying to study abroad. YCP has some excellent study abroad programs. The College also affords students the opportunity to go through programs offered by other universities and providers. If a student finds a program that the College doesn't have an agreement with, Nguyen said that it is the student's responsibility to do the vetting and work with the College to review financial aspects. This ensures that the transfer of credits is handled appropriately. Faculty such as Keith Peterman, Ph.D., and David Fyfe, Ph.D., from departments such as Physical Sciences and History and Political Science, work closely with the overseas program. They have developed well-respected study abroad programs in countries such as Costa Rica and India. Nguyen has enjoyed gathering details and coordinating these programs so that information is readily accessible and the programs are better integrated with GenNext. She said, "Part of studying abroad is [having] a sense of an academically and educationally focused lens where you can get more out of the experience than you would alone." She looks forward to working with faculty and students as new study abroad options evolve.


Go to to hear more about studying abroad.

What study abroad options are being offered? short-term long-term

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York St John (York, England) - Fall 2017 Kufstein University (Kufstein, Austria) - Spring 2017 Nuova Academia (Milan, Italy) - Spring 2018 Sophia University (Tokyo, Japan) - Spring 2017, Summer 2017 and Full Year 2017-2018 Universidad Del Sagrado Corazon (San Juan, Puerto Rico) - Spring 2017

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Plants and People (Costa Rica) - Spring 2017 Chemistry and Society (Costa Rica) - Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 Cultures and Environments Field Series (Galapagos Islands) - Summer 2016 Cultures and Environments Field Series (Ghana) - Summer 2017 International Service Learning: Making a Difference in a Globalizing World Part 1and 2 (India) - Fall 2017 and Spring 2018

York College Magazine • SUMMER 2016 | 23




Planning for Our Future The 2016-2021


for a Greater York College

For over a year, many in the YCP community met to help shape our new strategic plan for the next five years. Led by a dedicated strategic planning steering committee, this initiative has resulted in a detailed and thoughtful road map for York College, which has been reviewed and approved by our Board of Trustees. President GunterSmith is deeply appreciative of the time and effort that so many people have given to this plan, and she is excited to share highlights here.

To read more details about The Strategic Plan, go to The plan has followed a logical path. Fundamental questions were addressed — who we are and who we serve (our mission), who we want to become (our vision), and how we achieve that vision (goals, objectives, initiatives, and action steps). Objectives and initiatives reflect challenges and opportunities facing higher education in general, and York College specifically. The plan seeks innovation while capitalizing on existing strengths. It is meant to be dynamic, rather than static. We will continue to evaluate and modify its initiatives as we move forward. Dr. Gunter-Smith invites the York College community to continue to question, comment, and make recommendations. MISSION STATEMENT

York College prepares its graduates for productive and purposeful lives. As a diverse community of educators and learners, we provide a high-quality, private education that emphasizes personal development, close faculty/student mentoring relationships, and real-world experiences. We partner with our community for the benefit of both our students and the broader region. We strive to make this worldclass, private education financially accessible.

24 18 | York College Magazine • SUMMER 2016

The plan is supported by four overarching strategic pillars: academic excellence, a robust enrollment, distinctiveness, and engagement. These pillars are reflected as four goals on a bedrock of the fifth goal, financial sustainability. Each goal has four strategic objectives with initiatives listed for each objective.

Goal 1

Academic Excellence York College will be known for the excellence of our programs, the quality of our faculty, and the distinctiveness of our students' experience.

Goal 2

Enrollment York College will achieve a robust undergraduate and graduate enrollment and provide services for student success.

Goal 3

Distinctiveness and Alumni Engagement York College graduates will be professionals who are prepared for the competitive global arena and are engaged with their alma mater.

Goal 4

Engagement York College will be a catalyst for positive change both in our communities and in the practices of higher education.

Goal 5

Financial Support and Sustainability York College will foster mission-based philanthropy and effectively manage its resources to assure financial strength, promote sustainability, provide financial support to our students, and incentivize innovation and creativity throughout the institution.

VISION STATEMENT York College will be the premier destination for students seeking an education that integrates career preparation with a strong foundation in the liberal arts, and will be a catalyst for positive change in higher education and in the broader community. York College will stand apart through: • Our graduates, known for their readiness to compete in dynamic and competitive global environments, and for the innovative spirit they bring to their life's work; • Our faculty, known for their expertise, engaging teaching techniques and their commitment to student success; • Our programs, known for their academic excellence and their relevance to a world of careers; and • Our campus and community, known for the distinctive curricular and co-curricular experiences that support student development and our commitment to economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

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Alumni Profile Founder's Day The 2016 Founder's Day celebrated the rich history of York College that can be traced back to The York Academy in 1787. Over the course of five days, the Office of Alumni Relations hosted nine events for alumni and students to celebrate Founder's Day. Highlights included the York Junior College Reunion; FDR: An Arsenal for Democracy Lecture; York County Trivia Night; Spartan Birthday Party Celebration; Coffee and Traditions; Alumni Employee Luncheon; and Birthday Bingo. Above center left: Logan Shillito '18 (York, PA), and (center right) Christina Lenhoff '17 (Bear, DE), enjoy the Founder's Day Celebration with reenactors from the American Historical Theatre.

Samuel P. Miller '07

The new Chief Operating Officer of York-based Wolfgang Candy Company, one of the country's oldest family-owned and operated confection companies, was raised in York, PA. Samuel P. Miller was named Wolfgang's COO in February, and he is putting his York College education to good use. He had searched for a graduate program that fit him until he realized that there is no place like home. He earned his MBA at YCP, and was pleased that the department placed such emphasis on the practical side of business. He said that students not only heard faculty discuss theories, but also listened to people talking from experience. He said, "I wanted to hear from people who have been in the business world and had applied the practices and learning in that setting. [YCP faculty] were extremely focused on blending the bookwork and real-life examples to ensure we were pushing ourselves to use it in our work setting." Miller felt a connection with his classmates because they all had full-time jobs and were working to obtain degrees that could be utilized in the future. Miller really enjoyed the teaching style of Dave Greisler, Ph.D., and said, "He was so engaged in his teaching and [had a] zest for life. It made a significant impression on my career from that point forward." Wolfgang Candy Company has been in business for over 95 years, and Miller looks forward to using the applied teachings that he learned at YCP to benefit the company in its future endeavors. – CV "From day one, I was encouraged to apply my studies and theory learned to the business setting, helping me push my organization forward by bringing new tools and value to the table."

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Alumni Profile


Golf Outing The 26th Annual Golf Outing Winners. Left to Right, George Shorb '79, Moose Brown, Bill Shorb, Alex Shorb.

Emma Zlotowitz '14

Emma Zlotowitz has pursued a career path that is anything but ordinary. Currently, Zlotowitz is a researcher for Late Night with Seth Meyers. When a celebrity is booked for an upcoming show, it is her job to create a packet about that guest filled with researched personal information about them and what they are promoting. This task helps the producers during the pre-interview and helps Seth Meyers create a smooth conversation with that guest. She said, "Late Night has exposed me to so many incredible opportunities and people. I had a chance to meet my favorite filmmaker of all time, Quentin Tarantino. I think we became best friends." Prior to Late Night, Zlotowitz worked for an AOL web series as well as a production assistant on Who Wants to Be A Millionaire. While at York, she was a member of Phi Sigma Sigma and WVYC, the school's radio station, where she was Promotions Director for two years. When it came to coursework, Professor Robert Mott enhanced her college career. "He helped me figure out where I should go and what I should do career-wise . . . Mott explained to me that I had the tools to be a writer and producer, and started to utilize my talents for multiple projects throughout campus. He was the first person who wouldn't let me give up when I wanted to. For that, I am indebted to him." Zlotowitz felt that she was exposed to a variety of opportunities from day one. She believes that the College discovered and displayed her strengths, passions, and interests. – CV "From day one, York College taught me that I didn't deserve anything in life. I had to earn it."

Leadership Conference Jamie Stodart '10 (right) presented Jason Keller '16 with the Rising Star Award. Students, alumni, and staff attended the Alumni Leaders Breakfast on April 30. Breakfast attendees gathered in Alumni Hall to share insights and ideas about strengthening leadership skills. Highlights included Alumni Leadership Awards and an interactive "Goal: Stand Up" presentation by Keynote Speaker Lowell Briggs, Professor of Communications.

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York Junior College's Anniversary

Alumni Profile

by Taylor Gamber '16

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of York Junior College, the Office of Alumni Relations sponsored an event for YJC alumni and current YCP student leaders on March 30 at the Willman Business Center's Yorkview Hall. Assistant Director of Alumni Relations, Nicole Montgomery '11 said, "The York Junior College reunion was the largest reunion we've ever had on campus. It was great to see so many graduates and their families!" Alumni mingled with current student leaders, including students involved in organizations such as Student Senate. They enjoyed exchanging fond memories, and were amazed to hear about the incredible differences between the YJC student experience compared with the experience of today's York College students. Public Relations major, sophomore Megan Cirocco (Whitehall, PA) said, "This event was a great opportunity to meet many important people. Meeting alumni and hearing their stories was amazing. It's crazy to think how much has changed. Hearing about women who were only able to choose between three majors, [during the years that York Junior College was instated], makes me thankful for all the opportunities that I have at York today." Senior Music Industry major, Stefan Del Conte (Ambler, PA), who had the opportunity to perform and provide entertainment for guests at the event, said, "It was truly a pleasure performing for the school and for all the attending alumni as I, too, will soon be an alumni." Beyond the music and delicious lunch, what really made the event outstanding were all the alumni who still consider York College their home. Lois Grove (pictured right), part of the York Junior College class of '43 said, "I have my heart here." Many other alumni shared happy anecdotes and exclamations when asked about their time as students. Ruth Wonik '51 said, "My experience at York Junior College was wonderful. We used to go skiing and sledding on Reservoir Hill. Oh, it was such fun!" YJC alumni also spent time at the event reflecting on the stepping stones of experience and education that they received as students, which would later help pave their career paths. "I was a commuter at York Junior College," said Michael Worley '68 (pictured left). "I started in Radio Broadcasting and graduated with an Associate degree in Science." The reunion was summarized by Donald Stung '43, who said, "I feel like we started a lot of things here, and I am very proud of that. The school has grown tremendously since it was the York Junior College."

Sanjay S. Parekh '96/MBA '99

Now a successful Human Resources Executive in United Arab Emirates, Sanjay Parekh believes that great students deserve great support from day one. While at the College, Parekh majored in Business Studies for both his BS and MBA. When it came to education at York, Parekh felt that the professors were very approachable and willing to help all students. "The education at the College was holistic. Taking courses in other domains really opened my mind to different fields of knowledge, which I feel are extremely essential for a complete education." He was also the President of the International Students Club, where he organized various onand off-campus activities dedicated to international students. "Overall, the whole experience at York made me feel like I was at home, even though I was thousands of miles away." Just recently, Parekh established a scholarship to encourage outstanding international students to discover what he found at York: a great education, professional preparation, and meaningful friendships. "I always wanted to give back to York ever since I graduated. It was not a matter of 'if' but 'when,' and the timing for me is now. I was fortunate to get a quality education at York, and I would like for more international students to fulfill their dreams of studying in the United States and getting a great education at YCP." The scholarship is open to first-time, full-time students who are coming to York to immerse themselves in American culture at a school that welcomes students from across the U.S. and from around the world. – CV

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"From day one, I felt that I was made to feel at home in a new country and, even today, I cherish all the learning from faculty and friends that I made at YCP."




Alumni Profile Kelsey Raudensky '14

For Kelsey Raudensky, York College was a prominent part of her life as she worked to add to her skills as a teacher and musician. As a freshman, Raudensky had a private studio where she dedicated her time and knowledge to 20 students. "I have always been captivated by the way a feeling or emotion can be communicated so clearly and so powerfully through musical expression," she said. Most of her inspiration for teaching comes from her former piano teacher and personal mentor Professor Gretchen Dekker, whom she admires greatly. Her favorite classes at the College were Music Theory and Aural Skills. Both gave Raudensky a solid foundation of crucial musical knowledge that she uses every day. After graduating from YCP, she worked as a Music and Performing Arts teacher at William Penn High School for the 2014-2015 year. During that time, Raudensky also served as a vocal instructor and accompanist for the school's production of Aida. "This was an incredible learning experience for me as someone used to teaching in a more one-on-one private lesson setting." Today, Raudensky is a piano teacher for York College's YCPrep Community and teaches 21 students each week while working as a service music coordinator and teaching herself how to play the organ. She dreams of someday attending grad school for piano pedagogy. Until then, Raudensky will strive to find new and creative ways to better herself as a teacher and musician. – CV "From day one, York pushed me outside of my comfort zone. The experiences and successes I had while there prepared me to take on much greater challenges and shaped who I am today."


Humane Award

Pennsylvania State Representative Kevin Schreiber ’02 was named Humane Pennsylvania Legislator of the Year for pursuing legislation and awareness related to animal issues. Schreiber, a state representative for York City, was recognized after cosponsoring House Bill 1516, which allowed public safety officials to remove animals at risk for danger from unattended vehicles, even if it meant breaking the car's window. Another bill, House Bill 492, which Schreiber also cosponsored, requires pet shops to display a dog's breed, age, breeder, and birthdate on the cage when a dog is for sale. A dog owner himself, Schreiber (shown above with his wife, Jennifer '09, and their dog, Lucy) is passionate about protecting animal rights and is honored to receive this recognition. – HB

Brian D'Apice '11 Brings It Home! Brian D'Apice set off from Times Square, NYC, on May 4, 2015, and returned on April 29, 2016, after cycling around the Continental U.S. He raised over $50,000 for charity and rode 12,181 miles!

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A Bright Future

Ken Lamken '08 (right) and his pop folk rock band known as Beecher's Fault garnered more than one million plays on Spotify in 2015. Although an art student during his time at York College, the vocalist and keyboardist fell in love with music during those years, often devoting time to creating music in the late hours of the night. With lyrics that cover a wide range of meaningful subjects, Beecher's Fault has achieved success, especially in the York, Lancaster, and Harrisburg areas. The band is looking forward to playing several large-scale shows and performances in the coming months. Listen to the music at – LD

Distinguished Citizen

The 28th annual York Distinguished Citizen Celebration honored The York Water Company for its 200 years of service to the community. Also honored was Jeffrey R. Hines '97 MBA, its President and Chief Executive Officer, for his outstanding leadership and service in the community and for exemplifying the values of the Boy Scouts of America. The event was held at Yorkview Hall on May 23. Pictured above left to right are Eagle Scout Speaker Garrett Forrester, Honoree Jeffrey Hines, and Event Chair John Luciani.

Alumni Profile Brittany Alvarado '14

Playing sports as a York College Spartan was a large part of the college experience for Brittany Alvarado. She found a perfect combination of hard work and lasting friendship with her field hockey teammates. She said, "The Spartan sports community is so supportive, wishing each other 'good luck' on campus and [offering] support at the games." During her senior year, Alvarado was diagnosed with a thyroid condition, and doctors told her that they could not rule out cancer as the cause. Despite this, Alvarado continued to train. "My body would just not cooperate, but the person I am only knows to keep going," she said. The summer after Alvarado graduated with a Mass Communication degree, she had her thyroid and lymph nodes on the left side of her neck removed due to cancer. She said that she is now officially cancer-free. "I am doing very well, and have come a long way from the beginning of this roller coaster. I hope to just use this to inspire others to never let anything get them down." Alvarado is currently the Orlando City Soccer Club Content Manager in FL. She is the videographer for the Major League Soccer team Orlando City Soccer Club, a pro men's team and the National Women's Soccer League team Orlando Pride, a pro women's team. She works with international soccer stars such as Kaka, Alex Morgan, and Ashlyn Harris, and said, "It's pretty cool to be able to feel a sense that you are helping a team grow. I find pure joy in being able to connect with athletes and their struggles and give them a platform to tell their stories." – KB

30 | York College Magazine • SUMMER 2016

"From day one, I knew York College would be my second home."


Entries shown in bold have photos.

EIGHTIES Dana A. A'Hearn '93 (York, PA) has been named to the Red Lion Area Senior Center Board of Directors. She is also a Market Leader for BB&T Bank. Linda Amos '84 (York, PA) had her poem "Waging Peace" published in April in Wild Onions, the magazine of the Humanities Department of the Hershey Medical Center's School of Medicine at Penn State University. James J. Bennett, Sr. '88 (Sea Isle City, NJ) has been appointed by the Governor of NJ as a Commissioner with the Delaware River and Bay Authority. His term will run through July 1, 2020. Edward Gruver '83 (Lancaster, PA), award-winning sportswriter, has written his sixth book, Hairs vs. Squares: The Mustache Gang, the Big Red Machine, and the Tumultuous Summer of '72, published by the University of Nebraska Press. Robin L. (Oswald) Lutz '83 (Summit Hill, PA), Manager of National Penn bank's Northampton branch, has been promoted to Vice President. Wendy (Shannon) Nichols '82 (Bear, DE) recently retired as a Sergeant from the Delaware State Police. She began her career as a police officer and was a State Police Trooper for 33 years. She and her husband, Bob, are now enjoying retirement life to the fullest. Jacqueline Pieterse '83 (Middletown, MD) has started her own nursing/ companion care company in MD that is called The Home Team Senior Care. Gregory J. Roussey '87 (York, PA) was hired by Dewberry as Construction Services Manager. Russell H. Showers '85 (Lititz, PA), Vice President of Human Resources for Reading Health System, has been named to the 2016 Advisory Board for The Leadership Development Group. Robin L. Wolbert '85 (York, PA) was promoted to Treasurer with Conestoga Title Insurance Co. She has been with the company since 1994. NINETIES

Jennifer J. Glassmyer '97 (York, PA) was named Campaign Director for The Cultural Alliance of York County. She will manage the annual campaign, focusing on data management and support. Darren R. Lawson '93 (Harrington, DE) is the new Superintendent for Killens Pond State Park in DE.

Kathryn A. (Pittelli) Leonard '98 (Scranton, PA) has been promoted to Executive Vice President at Johnson College in Scranton, PA. She has been with the college since 2007. She is also currently pursuing her Doctor of Education through Rowan University. Adrienne McNeal-Washington '98 (Bethlehem, PA) is the new Assistant Vice President of Community Relations at Lehigh University in Bethlehem. She is also studying for a Doctorate in Higher Education Administration through the University of Phoenix. Melissa Kraus Taylor '92 (Roswell, GA) has been named the Managing Director of Porter Novelli’s Atlanta office. Anthony W. Wible '98 (Andover, NJ) was appointed to Senior Equity Research Analyst with Drexel Hamilton. He will be a part of the firm's Technology/Media/Telcom research team. TWO THOUSANDS

Carianne L. (Attig) Bowen '08 (York, PA) has joined Mortgage Network Inc. as a loan officer in the York office. Nicole M. (Davis) Clabaugh '04 (Shrewsbury, PA) has been promoted to Family Office Manager within Arthur Bell's family office services group. She has been with the firm since 2012.

Kathryn A. (Pittelli) Leonard '98

Jeffrey R. Guindon '08 (Salunda, PA) has been hired by ParenteBeard as a Portfolio Manager. Amy S. Heim '04 (York, PA) has been promoted from Manager to Principal at CPA firm KatzAbosch. She is also CoChair of the firm’s Estate and Trust Department. Whitney N. Shaeffer '09 (Red Lion, PA) has joined Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Homesale Realty. Whitney Wagner '08 (Red Lion, PA) published her first book, Courageous: Living the Fearless Life God Intended, (Westbow Press) in April 2016.

Melissa Kraus Taylor '92


Jaime S. Cutter '15 (Narvon, PA) is a Sales Account Executive for ticket sales with the Delmarva Shorebirds Class A baseball team. Kevin J. Eck '15 (York, PA) has been named to the Red Lion Area Senior Center Board of Directors. He is also the District Office Manager for State Representative Stan Saylor. Nicholas J. Errico '12 (Woodbridge, NJ) has been added to the ranks of the Woodbridge Township Police York College Magazine • SUMMER 2016 | 31

Whitney Wagner '08

CLASS NOTES Department assigned to the Radio Patrol Division. Robert C. Hill '10/'12 (Gilbertsville, PA) is a Supervisor at Knoll, Inc., in East Greenville, PA. Heather N. Morgan '15 (York, PA) is a Marketing Assistant with the York County Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Caleb Robertson '15

Caleb Robertson '15 has written and illustrated a book called Draw to help adults explore their creative side through drawing. Robertson created a Kickstarter campaign to raise the $15,500 to pay for the book's publishing costs, but exceeded his goal and raised nearly $25,000 from 575 backers from across the country.

Claudia A. Hess '11 (Reinholds, PA) married Gregory E. Hrinda of Hampstead, MD, on July 11, 2015, at St. Gregory Byzantine Church in Beltsville, MD. Lisa R. Leitl '08 (Lansdale, PA) married Louis Carsello of Temple, PA, on September 12, 2015. Jami R. Lewis '12 (Etters, PA) and Jeffrey D. Snyder '12 (Kutztown, PA) were married on September 5, 2015. The ceremony was performed in the Rotunda of the Pennsylvania State Capitol in Harrisburg, followed by a reception at the Park Inn in Mechanicsburg, PA. Emily R. Perry '12 (Hughesville, MD) is engaged to Daniel J. Folsom II of California, MD.

Nathan D. Stewart '13 (Finksburg, MD) is a morning news anchor with WFRV Lindsay M. Phillips '14 (Pawling, NY) in Green Bay, WI. He will serve as an anchor for the weekday newscasts and and Conor D. Murphy '14 (Athens, PA) were married on March 19, 2016, in report from the field. Scranton, PA. The couple honeymooned in Ireland. WEDDINGS AND ENGAGEMENTS

Jenna M. Abel '13 and Chad M. Styer '13

Jenna M. Abel '13 (Wrightsville, PA) and Chad M. Styer '13 (Elizabethtown, PA) were engaged on December 5, 2015.

Beckie M. Rineholt '13 (Thomasville, PA) married David Kress of Glenville, PA, on May 1, 2015, at the Gettysburg Round Barn in Biglerville, PA.

Lauren M. Artuso '04 (Lynbrook, NY) married Raffaele Corso on November 20, 2015, at St. Mary Gate of Heaven in Ozone Park, NY. A reception followed at the Floral Terrace reception hall in Floral Park, NY. Also in attendance were fellow York alumni, left to right: Stephanie (Wolfe) Boyer '05, Kerina Pennock '04, the bride, Kelly Weidman '05, and Melissa Chrusch '04.

Amber N. Rishel '15 (Mifflinburg, PA) and Evan T. Frock '13 (Keymar, MD) are engaged. A wedding is planned for April 2017.

Jaimie L. Bull '10 (York, PA) and Connor T. O'Malley '12 (Baltimore, MD) were married on October 3, 2015, at Linwood Estate in Carlisle, PA.

Lauren M. Artuso '04

Lauren C. Byers '14 (Millerstown, PA) and Brandon D. Corsi of Broomall, PA became engaged on December 4, 2015. Lisa M. Fegley '06 (Fleetwood, PA) married Tony Ferreira on November 21, 2015. The couple resides in St. Louis, MO. Shelby M. Hansen '13 (Lewisburg, PA) and Kory S. Swartzlander '15 (Mifflinburg, PA) were married on May 23, 2015, at The Barn at Boones Dam and honeymooned in Jamaica. They reside in Lewisburg.

Shelby Hansen '13 and Kory Swartzlander '15

Kayla E. Heiner '10 (Glenville, PA) is engaged to Philip Dehoff of Spring Grove, PA. A wedding is planned for September 2016.

32 | York College Magazine • SUMMER 2016

Kyle M. Smith '09 (Springfield, VA) is engaged to Marisa Dadurka of Forty Fort, PA. The couple will exchange vows on November 10, 2016, in Chantilly, VA. Erica K. Stevenson '08 (Easton, MD) is engaged to Justin D. Hiner of Cordova, MD. Their wedding is planned for October 1, 2016, at Maria's Bed and Breakfast in Stevensville, MD. ARRIVALS

Frank J. Bowman '02 and his wife, Zhenzhen (Hiram, OH), a daughter, Emma Savannah, on March 23, 2015. Mallory A. (Gunser) Direso '08 and Daniel C. Direso '08 (Hatfield, PA), a son, Timothy Daniel, on February 18, 2016. Lia N. (Spanos) '11 and Ronald L. Goetzke Jr. '09 (Odenton, MD), a son, Joseph Ronald Goetzke, on April 10, 2016. Amanda J. (Zych) Hill '10 and Robert C. Hill '10/'12 (Gilbertsville, PA), a daughter, Hayley Jayne-Marie Hill, on June 3, 2015. She weighed 8 lbs. 6 oz. and was 21.75 inches long.

CLASS NOTES Sarah B. (Nelson) Palmer '05 (Elkton, MD) and her husband, Jeff, a son, Allan Nelson, on January 9, 2016. Kristin A. (Summers) Schab '04 and Robert M. Schab '04 (York, PA), a daughter, Charli Lynn, on March 18, 2016. She weighed 7 lbs. 9 oz. and was 18.5 inches long. Charli joins big sisters Ashleigh Paige (5) and Brooklyn Taylor (3). Kristin is York College's Director of Alumni Relations. Heather L. Smith-Straub '10 and Eric W. Straub '09 (Clayton, DE), a daughter, Annabel Lee, on July 19, 2015.


Mary S. (Strine) Buchart (York, PA), January 4, 2016. She was 99 years old, and was born and raised in York. She was a member of Trinity United Church of Christ in Hallam, PA. She is survived by her children,grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Maysie Slonaker Deardorff (Fairfield, PA), May 18, 2016. She was 92 years old. She graduated from York Hospital Nursing School in 1945, and was part of the Army Nurse Corps program that the College had in conjunction with the Hospital. She is survived by three children, including David L. Deardorff '93 (Fairfield, PA). Franklin H. "Potsy" Franklin (York Township, PA), April 3, 2015. He was a veteran of the U.S. Army. He also worked for Met Ed as a line foreman for 32 years until his retirement in 1982. He is survived by his wife, Elaine, their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Michael J. Guidara (Carlisle, PA), December 23, 2015. He worked as a chef and also owned an auto supply store and a deli in Dillsburg, PA. He is survived by his wife of 41 years, Betsy, and their son, Tony. Donald B. Harrison (Dover, PA), January 23, 2016. He worked as a Corrections Officer for York County Prison. Following retirement in 2001, he worked part time for York College's Campus Safety Department and drove more than 127,000 passengers around campus in the shuttle bus. Carolyn R. Kirkpatrick (York, PA), January 10, 2016. She was very active in the York community, including the College's Women's Auxiliary, as well as the Junior League and the auxiliaries of York Hospital and the York Heritage Trust. She is survived by her husband,

Henry, to whom she was married for 66 years, and their children. Ray G. Rife (York, PA), January 15, 2016. He was a supervisor at York International as well as a lifeguard at the YMCA for 17 years. He served in the U.S. Merchant Marines from 19431958. He was a member of local bridge clubs, the Optimist Club of York, and was on the board of the Children's Home of York. Dale G. Sauers (York Springs, PA), February 19, 2016. He worked as an engineer for NASA for 18 years, then a Professor of Statistics and Operations Management at the College for 28 years. He is survived by his wife, Patricia, and his two daughters.

Lisa R. Leitl '08

Clarence H. Walthall, Jr. (Port Heuneme, CA), December 10, 2015. He was a highly decorated, 20-year veteran of the U.S. Army, serving as a paratrooper with both the 82nd and 101st Airborne divisions, and as a Ranger. He fought in Korea and Vietnam, and, in 1957, as part of the 101st, he helped integrate Central High School in Little Rock, AR. He also worked for 31 years for PetoSeed in Saticoy, CA. ALUMNI Marian A. (Wright) Canfield (York, PA), December 15, 2015. She received her Associate degree from York Junior College, a teaching certificate from Millersville University, and a Bachelor's degree from Temple University. She went on to work as a senior draftsman for Johnson Controls. She is survived by her husband of 58 years, Fred.

Lindsay Phillips '14 and Conor Murphy '14

Oscar A. Delle '48 (York, PA), July 17, 2014. He was a U.S. Navy veteran who served during World War II and attended York Junior College. He retired as Principal of William Penn High School. B. Frank DiAngelo '48 (Bel Air, MD), July 17, 2015. He was a veteran of the U.S. Navy and attended York Catholic High School, York Junior College, Gettysburg College, and the University of Delaware. He retired from the Harford County Board of Education, where he served as a principal and teacher for 30 years. He is survived by his son and daughters, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Jack D. Downs '57 (Wrightsville, PA), October 20, 2015. He was a veteran of the U.S. Army and attended York Junior College and Concordia Teachers College in Chicago, IL. He taught at Canadochly Elementary.

York College Magazine • SUMMER 2016 | 33

Kyle M. Smith '09 and Marisa Dadurka

Joseph Ronald Goetzke

CLASS NOTES He is survived by his wife of almost 55 years, Elydia, and their children and grandchildren. Ricardo M. Fattori '63 (Jacksonville, FL), April 3, 2013. Originally from NJ, he relocated to FL in 2001. He served in the U.S. Air Force and attended York Junior College. He is survived by his wife, Barbara, and their children and stepchildren.

Hayley Jayne-Marie Hill

Emily L. Foster '74 (Hershey, PA), December 12, 2015. She worked in the family business, as well as in medical records for the University of Virginia Health System, Geisinger Medical Center, and Pocono Medical Center. Wendy S. (McKee) Holston '96 (Chincoteague, VA), February 26, 2016. She lived in Chincoteague for 15 years, where she was employed by Riccia Chemical in Pocomoke, MD. She is survived by her husband, Christopher, and their two daughters, and many other family members and friends. Marcia (Hepler) Kadilak '51 (West Lawn, PA), January 11, 2014. She attended York Junior College.

Brooklyn Taylor, Charli Lynn, and Ashley Paige Schab

Heather '10 and Eric '09 Straub with Annabel Lee

Laura A. Marra '08 (Haddonfield, NJ), February 9, 2016. While at the College, she was active with the Madrigals as well as with softball and the Drama Club. She is survived by her husband, Thomas Loving, her parents, and her siblings. Andrew K. Miller '96 (Lancaster, PA), January 10, 2016. While at the College, he was a four-year letterman wrestling heavyweight and a national qualifier in 1994, 1995, and 1996. He shared his passion for wrestling as an assistant coach at Columbia High School for several years. He worked for B. J. Baldwin Electric and PP&L until his diagnosis with multiple myeloma. He is survived by his wife, Jill, and their two daughters, as well as his parents, brother, and many other relatives. Andrea Candle Ontko '93 (Ponte Vedra Beach, FL), February 21, 2016. She is survived by her parents, brother, and many cousins. Roger J. Reynolds '60 (York, PA), December 9, 2015. He was a teacher and educator at Mechanicsburg Area School District, Eastern York School District, and Dallastown Area School District. He retired in 1995. He earned

John A. Sullivan '95

an Associate degree from York Junior College, as well as degrees from the University of Maryland, Millersville University, and Shippensburg University. He is survived by his wife of almost 53 years, Mary Kathryn, their children, and grandchildren. Edgar P. Sentz '66 (Taneytown, MD), March 6, 2015. He is survived by his wife, Linda, their children, and grandchildren. Kevin R. Shellhamer '78 (Harrisburg, PA), December 27, 2015. He was a nationally certified board teacher. He taught music and served as band director for Central Dauphin Middle School for 34 years until his retirement in 2014. He played in the orchestra for Calvary UMC in Harrisburg. He is survived by his wife of 35 years, Sheree, his mother, and his three children. David M. Slaugh '73 (Lancaster, PA), November 9, 2015. As "David the Goldsmith," he was a well-known downtown Lancaster jeweler. He is survived by his wife of 31 years, Cynthia A. Pagotto, and their daughter, along with many relatives and friends. Vincent D. Sparacino '10 (Hanover, PA), October 3, 2015. He is survived by his parents, sisters, and partner, Megan. John A. Sullivan '95 (Plainsboro, NJ), February 18, 2016. He worked for The Wall Street Journal and was part of the team that received a Pulitzer Prize for their efforts in support of the publication in the aftermath of September 11. He is survived by his parents, brothers, and many extended family members. Edward T. Wagner III '62 (Perry Hall, MD), December 28, 2016. He was a 38-year veteran of the Baltimore City Police Department, and he served on the board of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #3 for many years. He is survived by his wife, Marla, and their children. STUDENT Sarah Rundorff '19 (Johnstown, PA), May 27, 2016. She was a freshman Business Administration major and is survived by parents Annette Goetsch and Dr. Robert L. Rundorff as well as siblings Matthew, Kristine, and Gretchen.

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Remembering York College of Pennsylvania in Your Will

Many donors consider making a bequest to York College of Pennsylvania. We offer the following sample language for your will. Your bequest can be unrestricted, or a statement of intent can direct your funding to a specific interest. “I give to York College of Pennsylvania, a not-for-profit educational organization located in York, PA (Federal ID #231352698), the sum of $______ (or all the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate) to be used by that institution for its general purposes (or according to a statement of intent previously agreed upon by the College and me).” A gift to York College from your will or trust qualifies for an estate tax charitable deduction and may have significant tax benefits for you and your loved ones. Please contact the York College Advancement Office at 717.815.1218 for more information.



David T. Polk, Ph.D.

David T. Polk, Ph.D., retired Professor of Behavioral Sciences, passed away on June 4, 2016, at his home with Frances, his wife of 35 years, by his side. He was a beloved and highly respected member of the College faculty and the York community, recognized for his teaching, research work, and dedication to improving the lives of others. Mary B. Ligon, Ph.D., Chair, Behavioral Sciences Department, said, "Dr. David Polk, Professor Emeritus, retired at the conclusion of the 20132014 academic year after serving in the Behavioral Sciences Department for 42 years. He was a highly accomplished professor with a tremendous record of teaching excellence, professional involvement, and service to the College and community. York College was fortunate to have a professor of Dr. Polk's caliber." Polk selflessly lent his skills and talents to the York community, playing key roles on initiatives and committees to the betterment of many organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, York Literacy Council, York Arts, United Way Youth Services, and the York County Heritage Trust. Among the many awards he received were the Professional Service and Leadership Award from the York College Alumni Association and the Rotary Foundation District Award of Rotary International. Prior to his illness, he was slated to be President of the Rotary Club of York. He and his wife, Fran, have both been involved with many organizations contributing a great deal to the York community. Steven G. Jacob, Ph.D., Professor, Behavioral Sciences/Sociology, said, "David Polk took his passion for community service into the classroom. He taught research methods through applied projects that benefited many nonprofits. These agencies received top-quality research that was actionable, and this made them more effective in serving the residents of our community. Students in turn learned by doing and took their new skills all over the region, furthering his impact. In this way he multiplied himself many times over. Few teachers have ever been so effective while helping so many. He set the standard for the College in service, leadership, and teaching. He inspired many to learn so they could serve others. That is an awesome legacy." At York College, Polk served as the Chair of the Behavioral Sciences Department from 1976-1978 and as Director of the Institute of Applied Social Research. He also teamed up with


Associate Professor of Marketing Thomas D. Lepson, Ph.D., to create the Polk-Lepson Research Group. Lepson, Polk's friend and business partner for 40 years, said, "David was the most kind and gentle person I ever met. What truly distinguished David was his brilliance. He made me a better person." These sentiments were echoed by colleagues, including Associate Professor of Management, Mark O'Donnell, Ph.D., who said, "David was an impressive person and an outstanding colleague. His kindness, sharp intellect, and dedication to helping others will be greatly missed." Polk helped to establish the reputation of the College's Center for Professional Excellence. John Bartman, a member of the York College Board of Trustees, said, "David and I worked together on the Advisory Committee for the Center for Professional Excellence. He surveyed CEOs and human resource vice presidents to understand what York College Magazine • SPRING/SUMMER 2016 | 36

'professionalism' in a recent college graduate new hire meant to them." Matthew Randall, Executive Director of the Center for Professional Excellence, said, “What I really liked about David was his blend of empathy and intellect. I believe that these two attributes were at the heart of his personal and professional success. York College students respected David. He didn't tell the students what to think; he taught them how to think. I was honored to have worked with David on behalf of the Center for Professional Excellence." Bartman agreed about Polk's attributes and said, "He was the consummate professional, a skilled and very capable researcher and writer, but most importantly a professor and teacher who students loved, respected, and admired." David Polk will be deeply missed by all who knew him as a dynamic educator, caring individual, and loyal friend.



Photos courtesy of Rebecca Zhou

by Zehao Zhou, Ph.D., Assistant Professor/Information Services Librarian May 2016 marked the 50th anniversary of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. In 1966, communist leader Mao Zedong led one of the most cataclysmic events in human history, the intent of which was to purge the country of his opponents and preserve the "true" communist ideology. "Revolution is not a dinner party!" Mao proclaimed, unleashing legions of Red Guards to every corner of the country to launch the "Red Terror." Destruction and violence of unspeakable proportions ensued. Half a century has gone by, but the events of the Cultural Revolution remain fresh in my memory. I remember the "Chinese Crystal Night" in summer 1966 when waves of Red Guards stormed our Shanghai "bourgeois neighborhood," beating up the innocent, ransacking homes, and parading their inhabitants through the streets. I watched my mother burn the entire family photo collection to destroy any possible "incriminating evidence" that could be used against us. I saw children publicly denouncing their parents, students attacking their teachers, and Red Guards setting all the Bibles of our local church on ďŹ re. As all of this was happening, the infamous "Campaign against the Four Olds," (a campaign against old ideas, old habits, old customs, and old culture) began. The material representation of 5,000 years of Chinese civilization was summarily destroyed or irrevocably damaged, the equivalent of the eradication of all material symbols of the Greek, Roman, and JudeoChristian traditions. The scale and proportion of these destructive acts made the recent devastation of historical sites in Bamiyan and Palmyra by the Taliban and ISIS pale in comparison. Despite the toll it exacted on individuals and the country's cultural heritage, the Cultural Revolution remains a missing chapter in the memory of China. Most people who lived through it still don't know the true reasons for it, nor do they know who actually engineered it. Tens of millions of Chinese still revere Mao Zedong, the chief perpetrator of the Cultural Revolution, to this day. Worst of all, scholars in China still lack access to credible archival sources for their research on the Cultural Revolution. My recent professional activities represent the ďŹ rst steps to dispel this national amnesia. I have been a member of a group of academics who created the ďŹ rst independently produced archival database series on the entire Mao era, including the Cultural Revolution. Published by the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies at Harvard University, and titled The Database for the History of Contemporary Chinese Political Campaigns, 1949-1976, this archival milestone has broken the Chinese government's stranglehold on the studies of the Cultural Revolution and other atrocities of the regime. Totaling 32,000 archival documents, this database series has become an indispensable resource for studying the Mao era. I am both fortunate and proud to have been a member of this small group of committed academics who refused amnesia and devoted many years of their lives to preserving history and keeping the memory of the Cultural Revolution alive.

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YC Magazine Summer 2016  

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