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York College CRUSADER



Hailey Siebold, Danielle Bowlby, Kristine Evangelista, Katie Kynion, Drew Geiger, Angel Gray, Carson Tuttle, Devyn Pearl, Corrine Pearl, Riannon Romero, Heather Colby, Sarah Trembly, Jessie Griffith, Tabatha Cramer, Amanda Saldivar, Dani Marks, Lexi Paspalof, Arica Reeves, Ebony Carther, Troy Kelly, Sarah Hansen, Kim Martin, Marcus Johnson, Ramses Larobina, Will Assama, Gene Felise, Kris Little, Keaton Holland, Ashley Kuehl, Morgan Tackett, Joe Madison, Tiffany Shimp, Joe Weaver, Brady Sikes, Hannah Sheldon, Chelcie Holloway, Brenna Johnson, Mallory Sansom, Bryce Ballard, Ally Weaver

Volume 56 2011-2012 York College 1125 E 8th St York, NE 68467 (402) 363-5600

Caleb Clark, Jade Hodge, Marybeth Ester, Andrew Aragon, Arica Reeves, Bethany Saylor, Miles Negley, Jasmine Agee, A.J. Jaramillo, Sara Lincoln, Morgan Goracke, Shaylee Carlock, Kailey Firm, Cameron Holmes, Angel Gray, Paul Helms, Kenzie Witt, Kawika Pedrina, Jeremy Burgener, Sean Murfin, Keenan Gaskin, Joanna Overly, Dani Marks, Caleb Connolly


The York Experience

Crusader 2011-12

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photos by Amanda Baldwin


Sarah Van Deusen, Maegan Detlefs, Stephanie Wilson

Brianna Bailey gets a warm YC welcome from Mrs. Seufferlein.

Garrett Cote’ and Abdul Sesay help freshmen unload at McCloud Hall.


Opening Days

Eckman’s home, free bowling, a concert by alumni Josh Cleveland and Todd Truitt, and a soccer scrimmage accompanied by a tailgate party were among the evening activities. As returning students made their way back to campus on Saturday, freshmen were busy with service projects. With the help of Campus Ministries and Student Association, four different orientation groups spent the day painting a couple of houses in town as well as two apartment buildings on campus. During this first week, the town of York gave their own welcome with a community fair, including free prizes and a picnic dinner on the courthouse lawn.

In his first semester back on campus, Dr. Terry Seufferlein visits with students in The Caf’ before class. (above) Kelsey Buglewicz sinks her teeth into a delicious bite of watermelon at the community fair downtown. (middle) As part of an annual orientation activity, freshmen groups such as this went out into the community to paint houses. (right)


Opening Days

Sarah, Maegan, and Stephanie are ready for the year to begin.

Starting Fresh

Carrie Berzins, Jeremy Burgener, Kayla Will

t can be a bit daunting to set foot on a college campus for the first time as a student. All the prep time and anticipation that accompanies the freshman experience morphs into reality as the car pulls into the parking lot on a beautiful Wednesday morning. New beginnings, new friends, new schedules, a new home. Welcome to York College! It was a busy orientation schedule Thursday through Saturday, including academic advising, campus tours, iPod touch demonstrations, and get-to-know-you sessions with Student Association, club reps, and YC Campus Ministries. A cookout at President

Alan Clark, Brennan Jarvis, and Jake Nugen on move-in day.

Josh Lopez and Bradlee Carls have to wonder about PJ’s enthusiasm.

Patricia Robinson brings a good attitude to the service project.

Brady is welcomed to his first day in the dorm by Daniel and Kellan.

Alec Abend, Tom Korn, and Hailey Siebold at the President’s BBQ.

Morgan Goracke, Leilani Roman, Pete Holmes, Jenny Long, Billiey Reeder, Laurel Simpson, Katelyn Graeser, Kellan Goben

After painting a house for several hours, this freshman group cleans their brushes with smiles to spare. (above) Drew Leonard gets a free Applebees’ appetizer coupon from Jamie Mix during the community’s welcome. (inset) Tedrick Urune, Amen Osayande, Thadd Varmall, Andre Vaughn, and Amen Osayande take time out from the community fair for a photo. (left) Casandra Taylor and Paul Clement enjoy the picnic on the square. (far left)

Opening Days


And the cutest couple on campus goes to LaRee and Steve Eckman.

Matt Rhea and Evan Stanger goof off at the tailgate party.

DeVante’ Brooks and Lewis Ingram go at each other in the boxing ring.

Alyssa Becker, Ebony Carther, Emily Rivera, Mesha Ellison

Alyssa, Ebony, Emily, and Mesha group together for a great photo.

Keaton Holland, Kris Little, Rocco Cirelli

Troy Kelly, Brennan Jarvis, Tyler Cox, and Karissa Austin put their best foot forward on behalf of the track team. (above) Collin Tucker launches his parade candy high in the air. (right)

Coach Nick Harlan clowns around with Keaton, Kris, and Rocco.


Opening Days

Jamie Mix displays her Utah flag with pride as the choir gets set to lead the York delegation. (far right)

On the Lighter Side

Food, Games, & A Parade


Ana Moyers, Crystal Rush, and Laura Tesnahlidek find something funny during the block party talent show. (above)

usic and the smell of food wafted from Kiplinger Avenue, attracting students to join in the festivities of the annual Block Party. Hosted by YCM, this year’s party did not disappoint with its selection of fun finger foods, such as corn dogs and cotton candy, to the various activities that occupied the brick street. Student Association helped fund the inflatable game rentals where balance seemed to be a key component. Laughter was produced in abundance from the boxing arena, bungee cord race, and sumo

wrestling pad. If that wasn’t entertaining enough, the popular dunking tank gave its share of light hearted moments. To cap off a great evening, a studentorganized talent show made the party complete. In September, the choir and athletic teams participated i n t h e Yo r k f e s t P a r a d e , representing the college and tossing candy to onlookers. With nearly 200 students involved, the parade provided a great venue for York College to show their appreciation to the community.

Jordan Mestas and Andrew Aragon battle with batons in one of the inflatable games rented for the block party. (above) For Chelsea Caruso, Karsyn Maya, Saleena Deal, and Thomas Killian, there’s nothing like eating cotton candy on Kiplinger Ave. (top) Sarah Hansen and Riannon Romero compete for who can stretch the farthest while connected to a bungee cord. (left)

Opening Days


All Together Club Week

T Joel Morien of Kingsmen and Jenny Long of Beta hug after Club Week’s Friday chapel. (above) Victoria Ebel seems very pleased with her Beta invite while Beth Brock just plays nonchalant with President Van Deusen... she’s happy on the inside. (below)

he end of September brings a lot of excitement as it marks the official beginning of a new year for social service clubs on the YC campus. After a few weeks of getting to know some of the particulars of clubs and their members, freshmen and transfer students are able to pledge one that best fits their personality. The mail room on Monday morning ushers in Club Week with a flood of students anxious to know if they were drafted

into their club of choice. The days to follow are filled with intense fellowship, friendly competition, abundance of fun, conversations around food, and a community service project. While each club has its own style, there are actually more similarities than there are differences. Every club strives to build relationships, while serving God and one another. In general, clubs provide a way for students to get involved on campus and build friendships that can last a lifetime.

Delta gets into their support of Kyodai with cheers, signs, and attitudes. (top)

Becca Duncan, Amanda Detlefs, Stephanie Wilson, and Isabel Camacho show friendships aren’t limited to clubs. (above)

Tyson Lewis


Club Week

Sig Tau’s Troy Kelly makes a run against the Kingsmen.

Bryan Irsik of AXE has a clear path to the end zone.

Morgan Goracke touches up Jameson Trauger’s makeup.

As their club week service project, Sigma Tau and Theta Psi helped clear out the basement of Middlebrook for future use as classrooms. (above) Delta and Kyodai gather in after the grueling early morning football game for a championship picture in the rain. (left)

The Beta ladies pride themselves in putting together some of the best cheers of the year for their AXEmen. (above) Chasta Bonifas, Whitney Wiemer, Laura Morrill, and Erika Garcia stay warm with plenty of Omega Phi spirit. (inset) AXE, Beta, Delta, and Kyodai gather for a prayer of thanksgiving after the match-up. (right)

Zane Berner, Andrew Rush, Shelby Terrell

Evanda Christoph stretches for Cameron Holmes’ flags.

Beta newbies: Tabitha Hameister, Anna Hoehn, and DeDe Miller.

Andrew Aragon approves of Club Week’s outside chapel.

Liz Callaway knows how to pull Ethan Owens’ strings.

On A Pedestal Coronation


litter, coordinated outfits, quickly choreographed moves, interpretive dances, and of course some sweet serenading! Coronation was complete with all of these components as all eight clubs took to the gym floor to honor their beaus and sweethearts.

Josh Baerg served as host and relied on the talents of Patrick Clark to run the music. The evening was full of entertainment and laughter as new club members strutted their stuff and helped to set on a pedestal the chosen beaus and sweethearts for the year. Club Beaus: Beta - Casey Kinnison Delta - Josh Baerg Omega Phi - Zane Berner Theta Psi - Bryan Armstrong Club Sweethearts: AXE - Rachel Johnson Kyodai - Becca Duncan Kingsmen - Amanda Kline Sigma Tau - Nikki Moeder

The Foxie ladies of Theta Psi put on an awesome display of flower power for their beau Bryan Armstrong. (top) Rachel Johnson is practically speechless by the moves of Asher Palamo. (above) Delta girls get inside Josh Baerg’s comfort zone as they serenade him with Waiting for Tonight. (middle) Omega Phi give Zane Berner all the attention he could handle and surprised him with their tribute to his beloved Packers.(right)



Bryan Armstrong received his share of flowers as the beau for Theta Psi.

Rachel Johnson with the men of Alpha Chi Epsilon.

Josh Baerg feels the heat as the ladies of Delta put on the charm.

One by one the men of Kyodai put on a show for Becca Duncan.

Amanda Kline cherishes Kingsmen’s traditional She is so Wonderful. (above) Omega Phi and Kingsmen pose for a pre-Coronation photo. (inset) As Kyodai’s sweetheart, Becca Duncan accepts a flower from Bryan Magno. (left)

Nikki Moeder got the royal treatment as Sig Tau sweetheart including lots and lots of glitter. (above) Beta gets into their routine as they serenade their beau Casey Kinnison. (right)


As evident by this picture with the Eckmans, it was a proud moment for Bryan Armstrong.

Chris Kistenoglu attempts a shot on goal in front of the Homecoming crowd.

In Send Me No Flowers, Briana Van Deusen sold Caleb Clark a graveyard plot with eerie pleasure.

Under the direction of Dr. Roush the Concert Choir was impressive at Homecoming chapel.

Homecoming Court were senior candidates (l-r): Bryan Armstrong, Kimberlee DeGroot, Quin Johnson, Jordan Veness, Bethany Saylor, Jason Lloyd, Thomas Lichty, Sarah Van Deusen, Josh Baerg, and Rachel Johnson; (back row) Freshman – Billiey Reeder and Peter Holmes; Sophomores – Troy Kelly Jr. and Morgan Tackett; Juniors – Patrick Clark and Alice Hackett.



Mike Rush tells Sarah Van Deusen how proud he is and of course, that he loves her. (right)

Where the Heart Is Homecoming 2011


hat does a flash mob in front of McGehee Hall have in common with YC alumnus and American Idol participant Caleb Hawley, and what are all those people waving at? Why did YC Theatre’s Caleb Clark get his hair buzzed and what does Maegan Detlefs see in Dylan Ford? Was Erich Loper able to pull off his Fire in the Furnace tenor solo at 10:30 in the morning? For students who stayed in town through YC’s Homecoming weekend, those questions had answers. Campus, in all of its fall splendor and ideal temps, was right on cue for guests, alumni, and college prospects

to enjoy the festivities. The schedule included concerts performed by Psallo and the Concert Choir, varsity soccer and volleyball games, and the theatre department’s hilarious Send Me No Flowers production. The 2011 YC Homecoming Court came on the field at half time of the men’s soccer game with each class having representatives introduced. To the delight of the crowd, Jason Lloyd, a senior Physical Education major was dubbed York College king, and crowned queen was Bethany Saylor, a senior Music Vocal Performance major.

Laurel Simpson gets front and center with the flash mob.

Morgan Tackett maneuvers for position against a Bellevue opponent. (right) With the help of several students and the entire cheerleading staff, Carson Tuttle emcees Deal or No Deal on Saturday night. (far right) Caleb Hawley’s music video got some flash mob assistance from anyone who showed up Saturday afternoon in front of McGehee Hall.



Special Occasions Campus Highlights


tudents don’t need much of an excuse to dress up and have fun. And on certain occasions, dress down and just be totally off the wall silly. Whether it’s the annual Halloween festivities or the

seasonal Cocoa and Carols, a break from the routine is a good excuse to get away from the books for a while. Throw in a spirited Sketchy Tuesday or a 10-inch snowfall and you easily have the makings of a self-proclaimed holiday.

Katie Kynion, Troy Kelly, Jaynie Brautman, Angel Gray, Matthew Miller, Devyn Pearl, Kelsey Buglewicz

Mayra Urrutia, Sean Carroll, Jordan Kinney, Cameron Holmes, Morgan Tackett, and Kellan Goben go nuts in the snow. (above) Despite Negative Nancy, a.k.a. Cameron Holmes, everyone had a great time with the fresh snowfall the week before finals. (right)

Lauren Childs and Heather Colby cuddle close on their sled as they prepare to take flight.


Special Occasions

Bakersfield, Calif. wrestler Josh Lopez shows good form on the snowboard at Harrison Park.

Lauren Childs, Corrine Pearl, Sarah Trembly, and Devyn Pearl enjoy the December snow.

Sophomores Tiffany Shimp and Amber Clark get the giggles as they roll around in the fresh snow.

Jameson Trauger, Aaron Beadle

Amber Parker, DeDe Miller, and Ashley Heimbouch went to soccer practice in costume.

Cameron, Drew, Patrick, and Dylan are looking cool with their TRON outfits.

Bryce Ballard, Lucas Anderson, and Kellan Goben supported the women’s basketball team’s first home game in their Halloween Smurf outfits. (above)

The volleyball team & coaches honored the sweater portrait at their Christmas party.

Celebration Singers pulled out all the stops on their Cocoa and Carols production.

As always, Sketchy Tuesday drew out many interesting and creative looks: some funny, some creepy, and thanks to the men’s soccer team, some just plain awkward. (above) Zane Berner and Randy Lewis have fun with their backwoods look. (right)

Special Occasions


Marcus Johnson, Ramses Larobina, Will Assama, Daymian Mar-

Marcus, Ramses, Will, Daymian, and Jeremiah enjoy the moment.

With faculty and staff serving, Pre-Finals Breakfast is a real treat.

Catherine, Susan, and Deb make such cute hostesses.

Dr. Fullman really is happy to dish out the scrambled eggs.

Nick DiToro emcees the Iron Chef competition for the second year in a row. (above)

Sam Mwago, Danielle Bowlby, Ana Moyers, Kayla Durham

Sam, Danielle, Ana, and Kayla make a toast to final’s week.


Food & Fellowship

Sam Mwago, Chris Kistenoglu, and Ingo Miranda of Team Aladdin were crowned champions of YC Iron Chef with each chef receiving $25 in York chamber checks and a dinner of their choice to be cooked by Chef Patrick. (above)

I s a a c O b e r m i l l e r, Thomas Korn, Brett Wise, Josh Nuyten, and Jordan Leis forget their upcoming exams for a while. (right)

The Taste of Fellowship

Patricia Robinson, Leilani Roman, Laura Morrill, Erika Garcia, Karsyn Maya, Molly Bartee, Jacob Gibson, Joel Morien, Justin McQuiddy, Bryce Ballard, Lucas Anderson, Macy Mountjoy

It’s better with food


ood and fellowship go hand in hand at York College and such things as pre-finals breakfast, Iron Chef, and an ice cream social to close out the year are welcomed annual reminders of that fact. The anxiety of taking final examinations just before Christmas is certainly tempered with the traditional late night country-style breakfast that is served up by the York College administration, faculty, and staff. Taking a break from the books around 10:00 Sunday evening, students replenish their energy supply with a broad variety of menu items. It’s a lighthearted evening, giving students and

volunteers just what they need to begin the week. At the end of January, student chefs emerged to compete in the third annual Iron Chef competition sponsored by Aladdin. Lemons were the secret ingredient, but the real surprise was that each dish had to be vegetarian. Judges sampled and scored each entry for taste, creativity, and overall presentation while emcee, Nick DiToro, provided the commentary. Team Aladdin was crowned champions of the competition with Happy Pony Team taking 2nd. The pre-finals ice cream social in the spring also scored big with the student body and provided a late night break that everyone looked forward to before hitting the books.

Judges Dr. Kathleen Wheeler, Todd Kirshenbaum, and Jason Lloyd pose with the five Iron Chef teams. (top) With President Eckman flipping pancakes in the background, Gayle and Larry Good together with Bob DeHart wait for the next wave of students. (middle) Chef Garcia of “That 1 Team” smiles as Karsyn and Molly prep the food. (left)


Uno with Ramses Larobina, Ariel Lundstrom, and Jeremiah Ahart.

Stephanie Wilson, Katy Keefer, and Mayra Urrutia enjoy the company.

Tyson Lewis serves up the grub with President Eckman.

Losing Yourself Shine Retreat


hine Retreat, a mid-winter tradition at York College, was held the second weekend in February at the Timberlake Ranch, near Central City. Regardless of the weather, it has become an annual favorite for campus as it draws more than 130 students to interact in a less formal setting. Tim Lewis and the campus ministry staff do a great job every year of keeping the event fresh, fun and student-focused. This year’s theme, Lose It, was highlighted by three keynote presenters: Mark Smesrud, Jim Tuttle, and Rusty Ridley. All three speakers did an exceptional job as they challenged students to get Shawn Gronseth catches the camera’s eye as Parker Seilstad gets set to launch the pool ball. (above) Mark Smesrud gets volunteer Matt Miller to help him with a demonstration. (right)


Shine Retreat

rid of anything that inhibited their relationship with Christ as well as encouraged them to use their talents and gifts to His glory and not for self gain. The popular breakout sessions were led by faculty, staff, and YC alumni. There were also a variety of indoor and outdoor activities including board games, volleyball, card games, dodgeball, and of course paintball in the snow. Friday night’s talent show was a hit with a distinct panel of judges making the call. Bobby DeHart, LaRee Eckman, Catherine Seufferlein, and Rusty Ridley gave their “expert” critique throughout the production and declared in the end that students Jordan Siebold and Alfred Peters were the co-champions of the night.

With snow on the ground, indoor volleyball was a hit with the Shiners.

Catherine Seufferlein gives her two cents as a talent show judge.

For the talent show Saia Lotulelei led a group in an intense chant.

Megan Eberle, Daniella Lescure, and Sean Carroll are all set.

Alfred Peters wowed the audience and judges with his moves.

Alice Hackett, Michelle Tsinnie, Mallory Sansom, Karsyn Maya and Erika Garcia are ready for the morning session to begin. (above) As Carson Tuttle deals the cards, Jake Owens readies his catlike reflexes. (far left) Daniel Magner and Lucas Anderson embrace their inner child. (left)

Shine Retreat


Cameron Holmes, Dylan Ford, Abdul Sesay, Mark Wiseman, Troy Kelly, Seth Walker, Carson Tuttle, Chase Craddock, Tyler Cox,

Shannen Kryfka, Brenna Johnson, Rocky Mtn. High: Chasta Bonifas, Amber Clark, Mallory Sansom

Caleb Clark, and Morgan Goracke.

Brenna and Quin Johnson – siblings tough enough for any job.

After tagging every garment and hanging them in order of style, Mayra Urrutia, Ally Weaver, Breanna Gates, Chelcie Holloway, and Mallory Sansom discover the coziness of large sorting bins. (above) Through My Own Backyard Ministries, Andrew Rush and Mallory tutor some inner-city boys after school. (inset) Beta takes a moment to offer a pious pose as they take in a little nightlife in the city. (right) With DK’s theme for the week Seeing Through God’s Eyes, Shaun Howard and Bryan Magno have great attitudes as they move furniture at the Leland House. (far right)


Spring Break Missions

Delta and Kyodai pose with a new friend from the suburbs.

Laurel Simpson, Raquel Pineda, Beth Brock

Sig Tau and Theta Psi do a little sight seeing in Nashville.

Courtney Hammitt, Pete Holmes, Tiffany Shimp, Shaun Hess, Isabel Camacho,

Ryne Smith, Lauren Post, Whitney Wiemer, Luke Case

Kingsmen and Omega Phi pause on their hike for a group photo.

Shoes collected at Soul Quest are transported by DK to Chicago.

Theta Psi and Sig Tau volunteer their time at Graceworks Ministries.

Kyodai and Delta eat at Chicago’s famous Ed Debevic’s Diner.

Sharing the Love Clubs - Spring Break Missions


Amber Clark, Sarah Van Deusen, Casey Kinnison, and Quin Johnson goof off at the Myriad Botanical Gardens during AXE and Beta’s sightseeing day in Oklahoma City. (top) Greg and Jaci Smith touch their reflection at “The Bean” in Chicago’s Millennium Park. (above)

or some college students, spring break means sunshine and relaxation, a respite from the cares of campus life. For many students, however, spring break is an opportunity to serve. This year 46 students from the social clubs participated in spring missions, serving the poor and homeless in four cities. Eight members of Delta/Kyodai, along with sponsors Greg and Jaclyn Smith, worked in downtown Chicago. They delivered 25 boxes of donated shoes, cleaned, moved furniture, loaded and unloaded trucks, and sorted donated clothing at homeless shelters as well as spent time visiting with families living in the shelters. Ten members of AXE/Beta and sponsors Susan and Kent Van Deusen joined forces with a youth group from Amarillo, Texas and worked at a couple of city missions in Oklahoma City called The Refuge and Cross and Crown. They planted community gardens, cleaned roads and yards, packed and distributed food, and prayed with those that came into the missions. Dr. Mike Case sponsored nine members of Kingsmen/ Omega Phi on a trip to Littleton, Colorado where they worked with His Hands Christian Ministries for the third year in a row. They provided food, clothes, and prayers for anyone in need and helped the ministry move to a new location. They also spent time visiting with the homeless. Sig Tau/Theta Psi was the largest group as 19 students, along with sponsor Trisha Goben, traveled to Franklin, Tennessee (a suburb of Nashville). Students spent mornings working with Graceworks Ministries, sorting food and clothes for the organization. In the afternoons, they worked with My Own Backyard Ministries, which provides outreach, tutoring, and mentoring to inner-city youth after school.

Spring Break Missions


Sig Tau and Theta Psi stormed the stage to claim the President’s Award for best overall club show.

Sarah Van Deusen and John Baker animate their zombie characters in AXE and Beta’s Nightmare.

Theta Psi and Sigma Tau come together for the big finale in their award-winning production Paparazzi.

Tyler Cox leads the group of pesky photographers looking for that perfect angle to snap a shot in Fly on the Wall. (left)

Kingsmen and Omega Phi let loose and get down to Footloose.

Delta ladies bring the professional world to its knees as they take care of business.



The haunting looks of wideeyed zombies was sure to give nightmares to any young children who watched Beta and AXE’s performance. (below)

Curtain Call Songfest 2012


nder the direction of Amy Fraser, the 35th annual Songfest production was a smash hit for all of those involved. Months of planning, designing, creating, and rehearsing went into the three-night event with its closing finale on Saturday night of the High School Days weekend. In all, about one fourth of the York College student body participated in pulling off the celebrated show. The talents of the six hosts and hostesses: Patrick Clark, Maegan Detlefs, Angelene Gray, Cameron Holmes, Bethany Saylor, and Caleb Smith were a wonderful compliment to the club shows and together, made the production a great success. At the completion of Saturday night’s performance, clubs anxiously awaited with the audience to hear the judges’ tally of their three-night production. Would Delta Chi Alpha and Kyodai

surge ahead in the professional world with Taking Care of Business, or would Beta Beta Sigma and Alpha Chi Epsilon repeat as champions with their zombified Nightmare? Could the judges be swayed by all the movie tunes sung by Omega Phi and Kingsmen in Cinemania, or would Theta Psi and Sigma Tau put together the best portfolio with Paparazzi? And the Oscars go to… Best Music and Best Choreography went to Sig Tau and Theta Psi, while AXE and Beta claimed the Best Costumes award. These two shows split the award for Best Theme, making this year’s production another very tight race. The President’s Award for the best club show overall went to Theta Psi and Sig Tau’s Paparazzi.

Hosts and Hostesses open Songfest with Beautiful Day. (above) Angel, Maegan, and Bethany put on a great rendition of Walk Like an Egyptian in the first act. (left)

Justin McQuiddy and Peter Hansen sing with enthusiasm about Men in Tights.

AXE and Beta pose with their awards for Best Costumes and Best Theme.

Cameron, Patrick, and Caleb showed off their tight harmonies in Roll Away Your Stone.

Parker Seilstad, Shaun Hess, and Kailey Firm display great stage presence in their show.



Andrew Rush

Caleb Clark


Director Amy Fraser Producer Dr. Shane Mountjoy Co-Producer Catherine Seufferlein Technical Director John I Baker III Backstage Manager Jared Stark ICC Sponsor Jeff Finch Backstage Manager Jared Stark ICC President Josh Baerg

Production Crew: John W. Baker–Assistant Technical Director and Sound Jasmine Agee–Stage Manager Caroline Gaudreault–Light Operator Aaron Rhodebeck–Light Operator Keenan Gaskin–Spotlight Operator Erin Florea–Spotlight Operator



Beautiful Day — Hosts and Hostesses


Somebody to Love — Hosts and Hostesses



Delta Chi Alpha and Kyodai

Omega Phi and Kingsmen

Stereo — Patrick Clark Many the Miles — Maegan Detlefs Feeling Good — Caleb Smith

Turning Tables — Bethany Saylor Hallelujah I Love Her So — Cameron Holmes Fallin’ Medley — Angel Gray



Theta Psi and Sigma Tau

Beta Beta Sigma and Alpha Chi Epsilon

Walk Like an Egyptian — Angel, Bethany, Maegan Roll Away Your Stone — Caleb, Cameron, Patrick

Earth Song — Hosts and Hostesses Edge of Glory — Finale Cast

DELTA/KYODAI: Hi Ho!, 9-5, Working For A Living, Why Don’t You Get A Job, Just Got Paid, Working For The Weekend, Bang On The Drum, Car Wash, Hard Days Night, Get A Haircut, Working For The Man, Taking Care of Business, Hi Ho! THETA PSI/SIGMA TAU: Freeze Frame, Paparazzi, One Way or Another, Freeze Ray, Private Eyes, All Star, Lucky, Never Gonna Give You Up, Fly on the Wall, U Smile, I’m Gonna Getcha Good!, Shinning Star OMEGA PHI/KINGSMEN: Let’s Go to the Movies, Eye of the Tiger, Old Time Rock and Roll, Accidentally In Love, Highway to the Danger Zone, Time Warp, Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend, Jailhouse Rock, Footloose, Kung Fu Fighting, Men in Black, Maniac, Jai Ho, Men in Tights, You’re the One That I Want BETA/AXE: Afterlife/Nightmare, Cannibal, Scooby Doo, Thriller/Heads Will Roll, I’m A Zombie And I Know It, Sweet Dreams, Just a Zombie, Ghostbusters, Awake And Alive, Bring Me To Life



Titanic Proportions History comes alive


he campus community had the rare opportunity to go back in time as two pivotal historic events were honored in both the fall and spring semesters. To celebrate the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible, faculty from the English, Bible, and History departments hosted a symposium on the publication in November. Published in 1611, this English translation of the Bible became the most influential book in Western

Kimberlee DeGroot and Royce Roberts pose with the King James Bible presenters. (above)

“To Make a Good One Better: The King James Bible, 16112011” was presented over two evenings in November.


Campus Events

culture. The two-day symposium was moderated by history professor, Tim McNeese, and was complete with lecturers, costumes authentic to the time, an extensive display of artifacts and facsimiles pertaining to the translation, and Renaissancestyle refreshments. In the spring semester, 100 years to the day from when the Titanic struck the fateful iceberg, a group of costumed history enthusiasts gathered in the Mackey Center to learn more about the most deadly non-wartime tragedy at sea. The Miller Room was transformed into the A la Carte Restaurant on board the Titanic, and many of the 120 participants came in character, sporting period gowns and suits. The somber tolling of a replica bell from the Titanic marked in real time the sinking of the ship, interrupting the program with reminders every few minutes of what was going on a hundred years earlier. From iceberg encounter to final submersion, the sinking of the “unsinkable” ship lasted only 2 hours and 40 minutes. The York College event followed the same timeline. McNeese provided commentary throughout, focusing on the unlikely events and the human folly responsible for the tragedy.

Brenna Johnson and Mallory Sansom view replicas of ancient manuscripts.

Josh Fullman talks about the perils of being a Bible translator.

Amanda Kline and Caroline Gaudreault greeted those attending the symposium.

Tod Martin and Brianna Bailey perform a song authentic to the period.

Carrie Berzins, Mayra Urrutia, Troy Kelly, Morgan Tackett

Carrie, Mayra, Troy, and Morgan came dressed for the occasion. Erin Florea, Kristin Tuttle, Lauren Post, Keenan Gaskin, Andrew Percic, Rachel Johnson, Morgan Goracke, Jasmine Agee

Evelyn Campbell, David Smith, Evan Stanger, and Sherman Davis kept the food service authentic for the meal aboard the Titanic. (above)

A readers’ theater arrangement of real survivors stories was prepared by John Baker.

Crystal Rush, Maegan Detlefs, and Carson Tuttle plunged their hands into ice water for several minutes so that they could better imagine the experience of those victims waiting for rescue in the frigid waters of the North Atlantic.

Bev McNeese, assistant professor of English, relaxes before the Titanic events get underway.

Campus Events


2011-12 Club Awards

Stone Creek Event Center provides a great atmosphere for banquet night.

Big Heart Award – Delta Community Service Award – Delta & Kingsmen All Sports Award – Beta & AXE

Sitting with friends makes the occasion even better.

The buffet spread was once again full of great choices.

Daniel Magner approves of the menu his $10 purchased.

Ana Moyers has a good eye for her subjects. Whether it’s good friends like Molly Bartee and Jenny Freeman or that special someone like Caleb “Moose” Smith and Brianna Bailey, banquet is a wonderful opportunity to get close. (insets)


All-College Banquet

The ladies of Beta Beta Sigma make good use of the stairs for their club picture. (above) Drew, Sara, Jason, Collin, Andrew, Tierney, Carrie, and Ashley enjoy their table of eight. (right)

Drew Geiger, Sara Geiger, Jason Lloyd, Collin Tucker, Andrew Aragon, Tierney Gensler, Carrie Berzins, Ashley Kuehl

Varlencia Winters, Bethany Fields, Karsyn Maya, Shaylee Carlock, and Erika Garcia give beauty to the evening. (below)

Dressed to the Nines All-College Banquet


t was a special night of looking one’s best and taking a short road trip to McCool Junction as SA hosted the annual All-College Banquet at the Stone Creek Event Center. As always, the menu items in the buffet were abundant and delicious, topped with a tough decision of cheesecake options. During dessert, an entertaining slide show of the year was shown. Josh Baerg, ICC President, kicked off the honors for the evening with the club awards followed by Todd Sheldon recognizing years of employment among faculty Mr. and Ms. YC Candidates: (1st row) Nathan Towell, vocal music education – Ogallala, NE, Luke Phillips, Bible – Brisbane QLD, Australia, Randy Lewis, criminal justice – Geneseo, IL, Jason Lloyd, physical education – St. Louis, MO; (2nd row) Sarah Van Deusen, psychology – Lee’s Summit, MO, Kristin Tuttle, middle grades education – Lincoln, NE, and Rachel Johnson, middle grades education – West Des Moines, IA

and staff. Carol Rowedder headed the esteemed list with her milestone benchmark of 30 years. Others honored were Gayle Good - 2nd Miler Award, Janet Rush – Staff Member of the Year, and Dr. Terry Seufferlein – Faculty Member of the Year. The grand finale of the program was the presentation of Mr. and Ms. York College for 2011-12 with the honors going to seniors Kristin Tuttle and Luke Phillips.

SA President Thomas Lichty with Faculty Member of the Year, Dr. Seufferlein. (right)

YORK COLLEGE EMPLOYEES HONORED: Faculty Member of the Year — Dr. Terry Seufferlein Staff Member of the Year — Janet Rush 2nd Miler Award — Gayle Good 30 Years — Carol Rowedder 25 Years — Gayleen Nestor 20 Years — Dr. Michael Case and Tim McNeese 15 Years — John I. Baker III 10 Years — Gayle Good, Cindi Gunselman, Tod Martin, and Janet Rush 5 Years — Brien Alley, Summer Dickinson, Shannon Leinen, Brent Magner, Greg Smith, and Jen Spickelmier

Mr. & Ms. YC


Shannen Kryfka, Brenna Johnson, Seniors sing in the Concert Choir Amber Clark, Mallory Sansom

for their final performance.

The support of his family at graduation gives Saul Perez a big smile.

class of 2012 Graduates are hooded after they receive their diplomas. (above) Heather Bristol beams up at President Eckman as she receives her degree in Psychology. (left) It was a proud moment for the Tsinnie family as Michelle earned her B.A. in Biology. (right)



Escorted by her dad, Stephanie Wilson waves for the camera.

Nathana Clay was able to graduate with a perfect 4.0 gpa.

Jotham Andrews, Kelley Andrews, Bryan Armstrong*, Josh Baerg, Brandon Bailey**, Amanda Baldwin, Carrie Berger, Zane Berner***, Heather Bristol, BryAnna Brock**, Garrett Brown*, John Bryan*, Matthew Carlson*, Nathana Clay***, Kirsten Clements***, Daniel Costanza**, Kayla Crowell, Kimberlee DeGroot***, James Didier, Rebecca Duncan**, Elizabeth Eklund*, Selena Emery, Curtis Eubanks, Kristine Evangelista, Caroline Gaudreault, Elizabeth Goertzen, Courtney Graff, Shawn Gronseth, Derek Harlow, Elicia Hebrink**, Keaton Holland, Quin Johnson*, Casey Kinnison, Amanda Kline**, Randy Lewis**, Thomas Lichty**, Sara Lloyd, Erich Loper, Matthew Lostroh***, Michael Lostroh***, Marisa Maher**, Andrew Matheny, Chelsea Mayer*, Ian McEnerney, Nick McGrew, Lorena Medeiros, Nathan Melvin, Andrew Miller***, Jamie Mix, Sam Mwago, Tara New*, Isaac Obermiller, David Ohlin**, Alexis Paspalof**, Saul Perez, Katie Perry, Luke Phillips***, Kyle Reeves***, Andrea Rice, Royce Roberts, Toni Sabo*, Marty Salsbury, Kelsea Schuerman, Brittanie Shaw, Logan Siddall**, Benjamin Smail**, Jarad Swanson, Sara Taverner***, Nathan Towell**, Michelle Tsinnie, Sarah Van Deusen*, Jordan Veness, Stephanie Wilson, Adam Wohlwend *Cum Laude - GPA of 3.40 or higher **Magna Cum Laude - GPA of 3.60 or higher ***Summa Cum Laude - GPA of 3.85 or higher

Professor Billy Lones poses with the first Criminal Justice graduates.

Lexi Paspalof gets a kick out of the speaker’s thoughts.

Casey Kinnison returns the smile as he receives his diploma.

Kyle Reeves and Elizabeth Eklund kid around before the ceremony.

Saying Goodbye Graduation 2012


amily and friends gathered in the York City Auditorium on May 5 to witness the class of 2012 receive their bachelor’s degrees. Sharing stories of military heroes and as well as scripture, General William M. Fraser III, commander of U.S. Transportation Command at Scott Air Force Base, called students to live up to their potential. General Fraser challenged graduates to a life of character and excellence through the four principles of passion, discipline, commitment and sacrifice. “If you have the desire to do your best, if you have the discipline to focus that desire, if you have the commitment to finish the job and the willingness to make sacrifices for a greater cause, then I will contend that you have enormous character and you will achieve your dreams,” said Fraser. At the conclusion of the commencement address, Dr. Tracey Wyatt presented the Dale R. Larsen

Dr. Tracey Wyatt presents the Dean’s Award to B.A.

Teacher of Achievement Award to Mark Miller, Associate Professor of Mathematics. Wyatt then made the Dean’s Award presentation to honor an outstanding senior. To the delight of the senior class, Bryan Armstrong of Topeka, Kansas, who graduated Cum Laude with a degree in sports management, was the recipient of this year’s award. At the conclusion of these honors, President Eckman shook each graduate’s hand as he presented them with their earned diploma. Seniors were then hooded by a relative or close friend.

Shannen Kryfka, Brenna The group toured the Johnson, Parthenon on Amber Clark, Mallory Sansom the Athenian Acropolis in Athens.

In their newly acquired gear, it’s time to see Niagara Falls up close.

Students watch a flax demo at the Landis Valley Museum, PA.

Rachel Johnson and Auschwitz survior Frances Irwin.

The Theatre at Pergamum (Rev. 2) provided an impressive view for the group. It was the centerpiece of the acropolis of the ancient city, located on Turkey’s northern Aegean coast. With a seating capacity of 10,000, it is the steepest theatre of the ancient world, rising vertically 122 feet.

Michael McGee, Laura Morrill, Garrett Cote, Royce Roberts, Kirsten Clement, Erin Florea, Stephanie Wilson, Carson Tuttle, Saul Perez, Bryan Williams, Bryan Irsik, Rachel Johnson, Andrew Rush, Chris Kistenoglu, Ian McEnerney, Jesse Pope, Sarah Pope, Emily Becker, Ricky Creek, Samantha Dixon, Jordan Veness, Peter Hanson, Carrie Berger, Chelsey Quigley, Kayla Durham, Elissa Maynes, Michael Lough, Megan McBride

Dr. Frank Wheeler’s group pose in front of the Library of Celsus in the city of Ephesus where Paul visited and the gospel of John was written. (above)

Chris Lu

photo by

Erin DeHart and the 22 students who went on the Holocaust trip took a siteseeing trip to Ellis Island. (right)


Tim McNeese snaps a group photo at an Iroquois village in Ontario, Canada, during their Mid-Atlantic tour. (top right)


Beyond the Classroom

Two reflecting pools in the footprints of the fallen buildings are almost an acre each. The memorial displays 2,981 names of those who died in the terror attacks Sept. 11, 2001.

photos courtesy Rachel Johnson

Experiential Learning Real-World Education


rom ancient ruins in Greece to the Statue of Liberty, York College students had the opportunity to go beyond the classroom after year-end finals and take learning to a whole new level. Three faculty-led experiential learning trips had students interacting with history and its impact on the present in a very personal way. Dr. Frank Wheeler led a 12-day tour overseas traveling with students, as well as a few alumni and others, to Turkey and Greece, visiting some cities from Paul’s missionary voyages. The group made stops in Istanbul, Troas, Troy, Pergamum, Laodicea, Ephesus, Athens, Corinth, Thessalonica, and Philippi. Senior Bible major, Bryce Ballard, said, “It’s a very different experience to read the letter to Ephesians after having walked the streets of Ephesus. It inspired me.” Tim and Beverly McNeese led a group of seven students through a tour of the Mid-Atlantic region visiting sites of historical and literary significance, including those relating to the French and Indian War, the Erie Canal, Mark Twain’s home, and a dozen other locations. “You can sit in a classroom

Saving Blueberries: Inspired by Frances Fingers reach and save the blueberry That none would notice was there. Holds it close to her lips; Smells the leaf that was its neighbor. When she bites, she chews with purpose. Every seed is a gift. The flavor of timeless mercy. When all the life has been drawn out From the fruit’s dark veins, Her stomach is filled with silent prayer. She has lived another day. ~Carson Tuttle (Rachel Johnson described Frances Irwin as “the single most amazing woman I have ever met.”)

photo by Amber Soderholm

and talk about something until the cows come home,” said Tim McNeese, “but there is nothing like getting out there and seeing the places where history was made and where people lived it.” Education faculty members Erin Dehart and Chris Luther led 22 students on a Holocaust studies trip. Participants’ hearts were broken and minds were opened as they met Holocaust survivors and visited museums and monuments in New York City and Washington D.C. Carson Tuttle traces the letters “FREEDOM IS NOT FREE” etched into the black granite wall that extends into the reflecting pool area of the Korean War Veterans Memorial. (top left) Mike Miller, Katie Kynion, Rebecca Agler, Amber Walker, and Bryce Ballard give their best tourist pose inside the Trojan Horse replica in Troy, Turkey. (above)

Beyond the Classroom


There’s nothing like a 6 a.m. football game to get the blood flowing during Club Week... just ask Darth Maul Aragon. Beta and AXE put on a very memorable Songfest show with their zombie theme. (right) Briana Van Deusen and Laurel Simpson were part of the AXE/Beta crew that helped with a couple of city missions in Oklahoma City. (below)

BETA BETA SIGMA: Beau—Casey Kinnison (1st row) Nichole Williams, Amber Parker, Emily Meranda, DeDe Miller, Laurel Simpson; (2nd row) Shandie Curtis, Rachel Johnson, Kayla Struck, Sarah Van Deusen, Beth Ann Brock, Sierra Trower, Tori Ebel, Raquel Pineda, Kameryn Brewster; (3rd row) Marisa Maher, Sara Lincoln, Chrystina Contreras, Kelley Andrews, Amanda Detlefs, Tabitha Hameister, Heather Negley, Katy Keefer, Becca Reynolds, Michelle Tsinnie, Alice Hackett, Amber Clark; (4th row) Jenny Long, Jordan Veness, Maegan Detlefs, Shaylee Carlock — not pictured Emilie Alston, Bethany Fields, Sara Geiger, Tierney Gensler, Anna Hoehn, Christina Hubl, Brenna Johnson, Ashley Kuehl, Jordan Mestas, Jamie Mix, Macy Mountjoy, Alyssa Mustard, Tara New, Porsha Nyhof, Kristine Phillips, Emily Pitkin, Patricia Robinson, Sydney Roseke, Martha Slater, Casandra Taylor, Briana Van Deusen, Courtney Baker (S), Cara Kroeker (S), Gail Miller (S), Jen Spickelmier (S), Susan Van Deusen (S)


Beta Beta Sigma

Beta: (Semester 1st/2nd) Pres—S. Van Deusen, VP—A. Detlefs, Sec/Tres—M. Maher, Activities Dir— B. Reynolds & S. Carlock/B. Van Deusen, Service Projects Director—A. Clark, Spiritual Life Dir— M. Tsinnie & B. Johnson/ B. Brock, Intramurals Dir—R. Johnson/K. Struck & S. Trower, Songfest Rep—J. Veness, Historian—R. Pineda/T. Hameister, Fundraising Dir—B. Van Deusen & J. Mix/A. Detlefs & M. Tsinnie, Club Apparel Dir—M. Slater/L. Simpson & J. Long, Theme Dir—K. Andrews/R. Pineda

Laurel is welcomed to the club by Maegan, Amanda, and Sarah. (left) With Quin Johnson looking on, Bryan Irsik takes a small bite out of the All Sports Trophy presented to AXE at the banquet. (right)

Beta & AXE


eta Beta Sigma and Alpha Chi Epsilon enjoyed a great year on and off campus. Beta once again volunteered their time at Adopt-a-Pet walking the dogs, and a couple of times during the year they partnered with AXE in painting the library’s main floor. As a brother/sister club, Kiss ’n Tackle was a favorite activity along with bonfire devotionals... supplied with a healthy dose of s’mores, hot dogs, and hot chocolate. During spring break, they traveled to Oklahoma City to work at two city missions. Joining forces with a youth group from Amarillo, Texas in a mentoring program, they planted community gardens, cleaned up roads and yards, packed and distributed food, and prayed with those that came into the missions. Both clubs were recognized at the All-College Banquet for their members’ athleticism with the All Sports Award. For Songfest, AXE and Beta put on their best scary faces with their show Nightmare. Their zombie makeup and asylum-issued outfits won them Best Costumes while they split the award for Best Theme with Sig Tau and Theta Psi. Macy Mountjoy found her calling as a very creepy zombie. (middle) ALPHA CHI EPSILON: Sweetheart—Rachel Johnson (1st row) Asher Palomo, Austin DeWitt, Mark Massay; (back row) John Baker, Dean Slattery, Doug Moore, Luke Phillips, Andrew Aragon, Casey Kinnison, Caleb Ham, Bryan Irsik, Quin Johnson, Nathan Towell, Ben Elsass — not pictured Darreon Collins, Stephan Johnston, Miles Negley, Justin Carver(S), Ben Hackett (S), Tim Lewis (S), Chris Luther (S), Mitch Roush AXE: (Semester 1st/2nd) Pres—B. Irsik, VP—B. Elsass, Sec/Tres—N. Towell, AD—Q. Johnson, Songfest Rep—J. Baker, Historian—D. Carney, Octagon—S. Johnston

Alpha Chi Epsilon


Them’s fightin’ words, Mr. Holmes. (left) A.J., Joe Madison, and Chrystian Banuelos visit with classmates during Club Week. (right) Becca Waggoner gives Drew Leonard a piece of her mind on stage, while Becca Duncan enjoys her final Songfest. (middle & inset)

Delta & Kyodai


elta Chi Alpha and Kyodai made the most of their year as they welcomed new members and immediately got down to business serving others. Delta once again worked throughout the year with supervising the downtown York Children’s Museum every Saturday. They teamed up with Kyodai for a spring break mission trip to Chicago where they cleaned, moved furniture, loaded and unloaded trucks, and sorted donated clothing at homeless shelters. They also spent time visiting with families living in the shelters. Delta was recognized once again at the AllCollege Banquet with the Community Service Award as well as repeat recipients of the Big Heart Award for their participation in the campus blood drives. For Songfest, Delta and Kyodai put in the long rehearsal hours to perfect their show Taking Care of Business. DELTA CHI ALPHA: Beau—Josh Baerg (1st row) Jenny Freeman, Varlencia Winters; (2nd row) Amber Walker, Ana Moyers, Karsyn Maya, Jade Hodge; (3rd row) Danielle Bowlby, Shelby Terrell, Daniella Juarez, Daniella Lescure, Joanna Overly, Damesha Ellison; (4th row) Chelsea Mayer, Sandy Chang, Lucie Yunevich, Becca Duncan, Karissa Austin, Bethany Sailor, Tiffany Shimp, Emily Rivera, Isabel Camacho — not pictured: Brianna Bailey, Alyssa Becker, Elizabeth Callaway, Erin Davidson, Kayla Durham, Elizabeth Eklund, Marybeth Ester, Kailey Firm, Courtney Hammitt, Callie McCoy, Kristin Menge, Becca Waggoner, Kayla Will, Stephanie Wilson, Lauren Wiltse, Deb DiToro (S), Meredith Fear (S), Robin Lewis (S), Tori Means (S), Jaclyn Smith (S), Charla Stark (S), Jaclyn Walth (S)


Delta Chi Alpha

Delta: Pres—I. Camacho, VP—B. Duncan, Sec/Tres—B. Saylor, SDL—T. Shimp, Activities Dir—K. Fuller, Service Dir/Fundraising—C. McCoy, Historian—D. Lescure, Fashion Dir—A. Moyers, Athletic Dir—L. Callaway, Songfest Reps—D. Bowlby & E. Davidson

“A favorite memory for me was making our video for club week because we all took time out of our day and it showed that we cared about how we were going to present our club, even if it was silly.” — Isabel Camacho Ana Moyers and Danielle Bowlby, along with the rest of Delta, celebrate with Kyodai their victory over AXE in the traditional early morning football match-up. (above) Everyone gives a resounding yell in their Songfest crowd pleaser Taking Care of Business. (left) Greg and Jaci Smith sponsored Delta and Kyodai’s spring break mission trip to Chicago to work with homeless shelters. (below)

KYODAI: Sweetheart—Becca Duncan (1st row) Evans Francis, Keenan Gaskin; (2nd row) A.J. Jaramillo, Joe Madison, Ian McEnerney; (back rows) Shaun Hess, Bryan Magno, Josh Lopez, Josh Baerg, Chrystian Banuelos, Bradlee Carls, Pete Holmes, Grayson Stewart, Michael McGee, Jason Lloyd — not pictured Patrick Clark, Danny Cunningham, Andrew Leonard, David Ohlin, Ethan Owens, Andrew Percic, Parker Seilstad, Dennis Leinen (S), Chef Patrick O’Brien (S)

Kyodai Pres— Pres—E. Owens, VP—S. Hess, SLD—J. Baerg, Athletic Dir—D. Cunningham, Missions Coord—A. Percic, Songfest Reps—P. Seilstad & A. Leonard, Wizard of Chants—P. Clark



Omega Phi and Kingsmen finish the morning competition with a family photo.

Megan Salfrank and Linda Risinger stay warm in the early morning chill. (inset) Led by the on-stage presence of Alfred Peters, Omega Phi and Kingsmen invite the audience to go with them to the movies. (right) Dr. Mike Case once again sponsored the group’s spring break trip to Denver to assist His Hands Christian Ministry, reaching out to the homeless. (below)

OMEGA PHI: Beau—Zane Berner (1st row) Laura Morrill, Jessica Bos, Ashley Lillie, Maggie Brockhoff, Ali Wallgren, Aileen Edmonds, Corrine Pearl; (2nd row) Lauren Post, Linda Risinger, Morgan Goracke, Shannon Patrick, Lori Beeson, Erika Garcia; (3rd row) Katelyn Graeser, Megan Salfrank, Sarah Trembly, Amanda Kline, Marissa Watts, Megan Eberle; (4th row) LeiLani Roman, Tiffany Cole, Chasta Bonifas, Crystal Prawl, Whitney Wiemer, Samantha Dixon — not pictured Katie Briggs, Caroline Gaudreault, Jackie Powell, Susan Stewart, Tisa Wharton, Lisa Cantrell (S), Cheri Clark (S), Meghan Salsbury (S), Denise Wiemer (S)


Omega Phi

Omega Phi (Semester 1st/2nd) Pres—A. Kline, VP—C. Prawl, Sec—W. Wiemer, Tres—L. Risinger, SLD—M. Salfrank/S. Dixon, AD—C. Bonifas/T. Cole, S. Trembly, Activities Dir—L. Risinger/L. Post, Service Dir—C. Bonifas, Songfest Rep—A. Edmonds, Historians—S. Dixon/M. Goracke, Clothing—L. Post/A. Walgren

Omega Phi cuts up together at the AllCollege Banquet. (left) Ryan, Luke, Caleb, and Ryne enjoy the Pre-Finals Breakfast. (right) Ali Walgren, Chasta Bonifas, and Tiffany Cole give a heartfelt performance. (middle) Ryan Nelson was a natural for his role as one of Robin’s Merry Men. (inset)

Omega Phi & Kingsmen


mega Phi and Kingsmen started the year off right with their part in the Coronation program. Complete with cheese heads and Packer signs, Omega Phi gave their beau Zane Berner a very memorable serenade while Kingsmen and their wooden swords harmonized beautifully their traditional “She is so Wonderful” for sweetheart Amanda Kline. Both semesters the clubs cleaned their adopted mile of Highway 34 near the ethanol plant. Another tradition preserved was the annual spring break mission trip to Denver to work with His Hands Christian Ministries. With the organization’s move to a new location, the students transferred furniture and supplies so that the ministry could continue with minimal interruption and also spent time visiting with the homeless people the ministry reaches out to. For Songfest, Omega Phi and Kingsmen chose the theme Cinemania featuring a plethora of movie tunes and guest appearances from Kung Fu Panda Clark, the rich and famous Mandy Kline, and Robin’s Merry Men. At the AllCollege Banquet, Kingsmen won the Community Service Award. KINGSMEN: Sweetheart—Amanda Kline (1st row) Josh Gonzalez, Jacob Gibson, Alfred Peters, Saia Lotulelei, Evanda Christoph, Jordan Siebold, Paul Helms, Justin McQuiddy, Casey Kaup, David Smith, Joel Morien, Toby Thompson, Jameson Trauger, Collin Tucker, Gage Headley; (2nd row) Luke Case, Peter Hansen, Zane Berner, Ryne Smith, Ryan Nelson, Daniel Magner, Caleb Clark, John Machisic, Brandon Trout, James Lawson, Evan Stanger, Matt Rhea, Tyson Lewis, Jerome Taylor — not pictured Nathan Trumbo, AJ Wharton, Travis Stoltenberg (S), Tod Martin (S), Nick DiToro (S), Michael Case (S), Stephen Detlefs (S) Kingsmen: (Semester 1st/2nd) Pres—Z. Berner/AJ Wharton, VP—AJ Wharton/C. Clark, Sec—R. Nelson/D. Smith, Tres—M. Rhea, SDL—E. Stanger/L. Case, Athletic Dir—J. Morien/A. Peters, Activities Dir—P. Helms & J. Trauger, Songfest Rep—N. Trumbo



Saleena Deal and Shelby Terrell get psyched up for the freshman service project. (left) New members take flight as they prep for Coronation. (right) Sig Tau and Theta Psi members enjoy the block party. (middle)

Theta Psi & Sig Tau


heta Psi and Sigma Tau members were almost inseparable throughout the year as they made the most of their time together. With more than half of the YCM staff being from one of these clubs, the spiritual side of campus life was a high priority for these students. That was evident in their spring break mission trip to Franklin, Tennessee where they worked with Graceworks Food Pantry as well as the inner-city mentoring program Franktown Open Hearts. With 20 students going on the trip, it was the largest YC group to travel for spring missions and for some members, their best club experience of the semester. However, not to be outdone, their Songfest production was also a monumental experience as they took celebrity status to a whole new level in Paparazzi. Winning Best Music and Best Choreography and splitting Best Theme with AXE and Beta, they were able to celebrate the President’s Award for best club show overall. Cameron Holmes goes vertical for the catch in the Club Week football game. (above) THETA PSI: Beau— Bryan Armstrong (1st row) Erin Florea, Jasmine Agee, Saleena Deal, Billiey Reeder, Mariah Saylor; (2nd row) Mayra Urrutia, Morgan DeBoer, Chelcie Holloway, Hannah Sheldon, Breanna Gates, Sheyli Thomas, Molly Bartee, Mayra Perez, Ally Weaver, Stephanie Studebaker, Nikki Moeder, Mallory Sansom, Dani Marks, Daria Gainey; (3rd row) Jordan Kinney, Alicia Briski, Toni Sabo, Rebecca Agler — not pictured Carrie Berzins, Jaynie Brautman, Kimberlee DeGroot, Katie Kynion, Adiana Loya, Katie Perry, Morgan Tackett, Shelby Terrell, Kristin Tuttle, LaRee Eckman (S), LaRae Melvin (S), Heidi Smith (S)


Theta Psi

Theta Psi Pres—B. Gates, VP—M. Saylor, Sec/Tres—K. Kynion, SLD—M. Samsom, AD—C. Berzins, Activities Dir— Ally Weaver, Service Dir—A. Weaver, Historian—K. Kynion, Fashion—M. Tackett & M. Urrutia, Songfest Rep—J. Kinney & S. Studebaker

Papparazzi! was an impressive production that filled the stage with award winning moves and memorable music. Mr. and Mrs. McNeese’s celebrity entry was the icing on the cake. (above and insets) The traditional early morning flag football match with Kingsmen ends in the traditional happy pose. (left) During spring break missions, Sig Tau and Theta Psi weigh themselves as a group on the Graceworks food pantry scale. (left)

SIGMA TAU: Sweetheart—Nikki Moeder (1st row) Bryan Armstrong, Dylan Ford, Tyler Cox, Kellan Goben, Matthew Miller, Troy Kelly, Mike Miller, Bryce Ballard; (2nd row) Chase Craddock, Alan Clark, Aaron Beadle, Jarrett Waters, Seth Walker, Andrew Rush; (3rd row) Carson Tuttle, Brady Sikes, Logan Siddal, Caleb Smith, JD Patterson, Seth Jacob, Drew Geiger, Sean Carroll, Cameron Holmes — not pictured Lucas Anderson, Cody Baack, Austin Benton, Jeremy Burgener, Paul Clement, Caleb Connolly, Charles Dick, Gene Felise, Josh Ivey, Chris Kistenoglu, Jordan Leis, Daniel Magner, Sean Murfin, Kris Olson, Jordan Pella, Saul Perez, Abdul Sesay, Christian Spath, Kyle Svehla, Reid VanWesten, Mark Wiseman, Joel Coohorn (S), Bobby DeHart (S), Jeff Finch (S), Larry Good (S), Ken Gunselman (S), Willie Sanchez (S), Josh Stewart (S) Sigma Tau (Semester 1st/2nd) Pres—A. Beadle/C. Tuttle, VP—D. Ford/C. Craddock, Sec—A. Sesay, Tres—K. Goben, SLD—C. Smith, AD—S. Carroll & C. Holmes, Songfest Reps—B. Ballard & A. Rush

Sigma Tau


As Bradlee Carls can testify, SA’s annual Dodge Ball Tournament was a hit.(below and middle)

Mallory Sansom, David Smith, Sheyli Thomas, and Amber Clark play their instruments in SA’s Scavenger Hunt. (below)


tudent Association was one of the busiest groups on campus as they brought about some of the most popular activities of the year for student participation. SA and Student Activities Board (SAB) hit the ground running by providing the inflatable games for the opening block party and helping with the evening’s activities. In September, they organized Tournament Week withBryan different competitions each night Magno such as gennis and sand volleyball. October was a very busy month as they hosted an upscale charity tournament in the Spiritual Life Center, organized and decorated for the Homecoming crowning ceremony, coordinated with YC Athletics in sponsoring Midnight Madness to highlight the basketball teams, and assisted with the campus Halloween STUDENT ASSOCIATION EXECUTIVE COUNCIL: President: Thomas Lichty VP for Student Activities Board: Sarah Van Deusen VP for Inter-Club Council: Joshua Baerg Secretary: Carrie Berzins Treasurer: Jeremy Burgener CLASS SENATORS: Seniors—Isaac Obermiller/Bryan Irsik Juniors—Michael Miller/Miles Negley Sophomores—Mayra Urrutia/Troy Kelly Freshmen—Tyler Cox/Matthew Miller


Student Association

party. Later in the semester, they promoted their first of two digital scavenger hunts and teamed up with social clubs in putting together the all-campus Christmas party. In February, SA sponsored Singled Out, the annual Valentine’s game that always draws a good crowd. In the spring, they put on an awesome Easter Egg Hunt in Cherry Hill with Sean Carroll and Sierra Trower taking home the grand prizes of an Xbox and a Nintendo Wi. Throughout the year SA hosted YC Night at the Movies giving students an opportunity for inexpensive entertainment. At year’s end they helped put on a wonderful All-College Banquet and honored Janet Rush as Staff Member of the Year and Dr. Terry Seufferlein with Teacher of the Year.

photo by Tiffany Shimp

2011-12 Student Association: (1st row) Sarah Van Deusen, Mayra Urrutia, Tyler Cox, Miles Negley; (2nd row) Carrie Berzins, Thomas Lichty, Matthew Miller, Troy Kelly; (3rd row) Michael Miller, Joshua Baerg, Bryan Irsik – not pictured Jeremy Burgener, Isaac Obermiller, and Jaci Smith (Sponsor)

The Caleb Hawley benefit concert for Haiti sponsored by members of YCM raised money for the relief efforts.

SAB’s charity tournament in October brought in card sharks (e.g. Isaac Obermiller, DeDe Miller, and Pete Holmes) from all corners of the campus and dealers from the faculty and staff ranks such as Jeff Finch. (above and inset) Dodge Ball’s Dream Team was comprised of students, faculty, staff, and future Yorkies: (l-r) Mark Wiseman, Dean Slattery, Terry Seufferlein, Susan Van Deusen, David Odom, Rachel Odom, Tyler Odom, and Chase Craddock. (left)

PJ Bunyard emceed Singled Out the week before Valentine’s Day, giving everyone a chance at winning a mystery date. (below & left)

Singled Out Mystery Dates and Winners: Matthew Miller & Morgan Tackett Mayra Urrutia & Tyler Cox Saia Lotulelei & Stephanie Wilson Alaia Navratil & Cameron Holmes

Several members of SA were part of the ground-breaking ceremony for the Campbell Activity Center. (l-r) Tyler Cox, Josh Baerg, Alice Hackett, Thomas Lichty, and Sarah Van Deusen helped by turning a second shovelful of dirt at the celebration. (above)

Student Association


Stephanie Wilson

The annual Shine Retreat is a great escape from the routines of campus: (counter clockwise from top) Tim Lewis and Rusty Ridley put on their game faces... sort of. The smiles of LaRee Eckman and Katie Kynion could melt any heart. Katy Keefer is motivated to do what it takes.

The Start Running, Stop Trafficking 5k run/walk had 125 participants, 20 volunteers, and over 150 people. It raised $1,900 for the Christian non-profit Tiny Hands International. (above) See You at the Pole takes a break from the chapel routine as Carson Tuttle leads the YC family in a prayer. (top left)

YCM organized a chapel for the YC family to write notes of encouragement to Tyson Lewis and Logan Siddall. (above & right) The YCM staff sent their love to Tyson in a picture card. (far right)


Campus Ministries

YCM staffers Mike Miller and Erin Davidson had a good time assisting freshmen in their service project. (right)


ampus Ministries went about doing good as they put their mark on many of the things that make life at a Christian college exceptional. From helping with the freshman move-in and organizing the campus block party, to providing year-round support and infrastructure to the spiritual wellbeing of the York College family. The YCM s t a ff , l e a d b y campus minister Tim Lewis, seemed to make a daily difference in the lives of students. Among their duties were laying the course of daily chapel, campus devotionals, and 9’o clock. A couple of big events that they organize every year are the freshmen service

projects during orientation and the campus-wide winter retreat getaway. In November, they assisted with a fundraiser for Tiny Hands International, raising $1,900 in the Start Running, Stop Trafficking 5k run/walk organized by YCM staffer Kristin Tuttle. In February, they came to the aid of fellow student Sam Mwago in raising the money he needed to return to Kenya for his mother’s funeral and to help with the actual funeral expenses. Assisting Lewis this year were senior staff members Rachel Johnson, Carson Tuttle, Kristin Tuttle, and a host of ministry team leaders. Students gather around Sam Mwago for a prayer during chapel. (middle) Worship Team Carson Tuttle Patrick Clark Danny Cunningham Sean Carroll Cameron Holmes Bible Study Team Rachel Johnson Miles Negley Small Groups Team Erich Loper Hailey Siebold

YCM: (1st row) Andrew Percic, Rachel Johnson, Dylan Ford, Miles Negley, Katie Kynion, Kristin Tuttle, Cameron Holmes; (2nd row) Ally Weaver, Carrie Berger, Kellan Goben, Erin Davidson, Erich Loper; (3rd row) Sean Carroll, Carson Tuttle, Patrick Clark, Alice Hackett, Danny Cunningham, Bryce Ballard — not pictured Sara Geiger, Hailey Siebold, Morgan Tackett

Prayer Ministry Team Erin Davidson Kristen Tuttle Andrew Percic Activities Team Sara Geiger Dylan Ford Shepherd Ministry Morgan Tackett Bryce Ballard FCA Kellan Goben

Encouragement Team Carrie Berzins Ally Weaver

Campus Ministries


Paul Helms gives it his all at the Spring Works. (left) Maegan Detlefs puts some soul in her solo in Walk Him Up the Stairs. (right)

Concert Choir


ighly recognized for their level of choral artistry, the 65-member Concert Choir delivered inspiring and edifying performances throughout the Midwest under the direction of Dr. Clark Roush, Endowed Chair for the Performing Arts. For the first time, the choir’s performance at Homecoming was livestreamed on the YC website for alumni around the world to enjoy. Their Winter Tour over the Christmas break included concerts in Kansas, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. They performed their Spring Works Concert, The Soul Speaks: An Evening of Spirituals and Gospel Music, to a

nearly packed auditorium at the First Presbyterian in April. Selections included accompanied and acapella pieces by well-known composers such as Moses Hogan and Rene Clausen. Soloists for the concert were York College faculty members Dr. Adrienne Dickson and Amy Fraser, as well as York College alumna Sue Roush and several current students. Kay Magner provided the evening’s piano accompaniment. The concert was recorded and made available on YouTube. The choir recorded a CD titled Search Me, O God at the end of the year featuring their 2011-12 repertoire. Dr. Roush completed his 26th year at York College.

Fire in the Furnace as only Erich Loper can sing. (left) The Soul Speaks April 23 Accompanist - Kay Magner

Adiemus *Dr. Adrienne Dickson, Amy Fraser Percussion — M. Carlson, N. Towell, P. Helms Alto recorder — Jennifer Niemann The Harvest *Dr. Adrienne Dickson Walk Together Children Don’t You Let Nobody Turn You ‘Round *T. Wharton Deep River Beautiful City Calling My Children Home Violin — Brianna Bailey Trio — B. Saylor, L. Simpson, T. Lichty Walk Him Up the Stairs *M. Detlefs If I Can Help Somebody *Sue Roush Waitin’ For the Light To Shine *M. Carlson We Shall Walk Through the Valley in Peace He Never Failed Me Yet *E. Loper, M. Forney *Soloist


Concert Choir

The choir was well prepared for their first big concert of the year during the Homecoming and High School Days weekend. (above)


ORK COLLEGE CONCERT CHOIR, DR. CLARK ROUSH, CONDUCTOR: (1st row) Callie Heitz, Aileen Edmonds, Alicia Briski, Nikki Moeder, Megan Forney, Kailey Firm, Jenny Long, Alice Hackett, Bethany Saylor (Section Leader), Casandra Taylor, Dylan Ford, Emilie Alston, Amber Walker, Lauren Post, Paul Helms; (2nd row) Megan Eberle, Drew Leonard, Tisa Wharton, Marissa Watts, Angelene Gray, Maegan Detlefs, Ryne Smith, Rebecca Agler, Susan Stewart, Stephanie Studebaker (Section Leader), Peter Holmes, Hannah Sheldon; (3rd row) Joel Morien, Gage Headley, Cameron Holmes, Matthew Miller, Patrick Clark, Sammi Dixon, Nathan Towell, Laurel Simpson, Thomas Lichty (Section Leader) Amanda Kline, Parker Seilstad, Saia Lotulelei, Kameryn Brewster (Vice-President), Kristin Tuttle, Jasmine Agee, Jarrett Waters; (4th row) Sara Taverner (Treasurer), Drew Geiger, Crystal Prawl (Secretary), Caleb Smith, Brady Sikes, Kimberlee DeGroot (President), Brianna Bailey, Carson Tuttle (Section Leader), Erich Loper, Ryan Nelson, Michael Daringer, Daniel Magner, Ali Wallgren, Evan Stanger, Seth Jacob — not pictured Caroline Gaudreault, Ben Krekel, Kimberly Martin, Jamie Mix, Doug Moore, Marty Salsbury, Hailey Siebold, Kyle Svehla As with the Winter Tour, sometimes the journey is just as important as the destination. (left)

Dr. Roush gets animated during a fall rehearsal. (right)

2012 CONCERT CHOIR AWARDS: Outstanding Vocalists: Bethany Saylor & Erich Loper Outstanding Newcomers: Brianna Bailey & Brady Sikes “WOW” Award: Ryne Smith

photo by Drew Geiger

During the Winter Tour, the guys were styling vests in record numbers. (below)

The Soul Speaks’ opening number “Adiemus” featured a great African sound with the percussion team, alto recorder, and soloists Dr. Dickson and Amy Fraser. (below)

Winter Tour January 3-8 Jan. 3 Jan. 4 Jan. 5 Jan. 6 Jan. 7 Jan. 8

East Point CofC Wichita, KS WestArk CofC Ft. Smith, AR Brentwood Christian School Austin, TX Weatherford CofC Weatherford, OK Broken Arrow CofC Broken Arrow, OK Rocketdyne Road CofC Neosho, MO

Mary’s Song Emmanuel Orators — P. Clark, P. Seilstad, D. Ford The Glory of the Father Loving Lamb *A. Hackett Student Conductor — Nathan Towell I Know the Lord’s Laid His Hands on Me *S. Dixon 4 Choruses from the Lamentations of Jeremiah He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands Give Me Jesus Search Me, O God Praise Ye the Lord Pilgrim’s Hymn (from the opera The Three Hermits) The Lamb Fire in the Furnace *E. Loper Lord, Make Me Thine Instrument The Lord Bless You and Keep You *Soloist

Concert Choir


Everyone let loose during their performance of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. (above and inset) Rockin’ Gold featured songs like Proud Mary, Enough, and Y.M.C.A. (left)

Moose and Megan made hearts swoon in their performance of White Christmas. (left) Amy Fraser goes over a few things from dress rehearsal. (above)

Patrick takes a polaroid portrait. (above) Laurel Simpson and Jordan Siebold accompany Kristin’s Three Little Birds. (right)


Celebration Singers

Divas & Legends of Pop April 29–May 1 Rockin’ Gold – Celebration Singers Say A Little Prayer – Alice Teddy Bear – Drew Earth, Wind & Fire – Celebration Singers Jackson – Ryne and Rebecca Three Little Birds – Kristin Featuring Laurel and Jordan A Tribute To Queen – Celebration Singers I Wanna Hold Your Hand – Bethany You Can’t Always Get What You Want – Patrick Thriller – Celebration Singers Rock And Roll – Laurel Faithfully – Caleb Vogue – Ladies of Celebration Singers Best Of The Boys – Men of Celebration Singers Nothin’ At All – Samantha I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman – Megan A Tribute To Bon Jovi – Celebration Singers Director: Amy Fraser Assistant Director: Bethany Saylor Choreographer: Bethany Saylor Light Design: Tisa Wharton Costumes: Bethany Saylor Sound: John W. Baker and Jordan Veness Set Design: Laurel Simpson

The Backstreet Boys gave a memorable performance during the spring concert. (right) Rebecca and Ryne did Johnny and June Carter Cash proud with their Jackson. (left middle) Ger, Sandy, Carrie, and Ashley get front row seats to the Divas and Legends of Pop production. (right middle)

Celebration Singers


elebration Singers delivered on both their winter and spring productions, entertaining the campus and community audiences. Just before semester finals, Director Amy Fraser had the group prepped and ready for their annual Cocoa and Carols show. Gurganus Hall was packed for each performance to hear Christmas favorites such as Home for Christmas and Winter Wonderland to the popular You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch and Believe. Add the Helping Hands’ cocoa and cookies to the mix, and you’ve got a great recipe for the evening.

Their spring concert, Divas and Legends of Pop, explored rock and pop music from Elvis Presley to Brittany Spears. The repertoire was fun for all ages as the group presented music from several eras made popular by the likes of Bon Jovi, CCR, Village People, Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, and Madonna, as well as boy bands and others. With fun costumes and a well-designed set, the high-energy show was much more than your standard “show choir” fare.

Cocoa & Carols December 8–11 Opening Alice ……………………………………. Santa Baby Rebecca and Doug …… Baby It’s Cold Outside Drew ……………………………… Blue Christmas The Photo Album (Scene 1) ….. Sammi and Parker An Old Fashioned Christmas Bethany …………………….. Winter Wonderland Parker ………………………….. Christmas Shoes Brianna ………… All I Want for Christmas is You The Fox Hole (Scene 2) … Ryne, Drew and Caleb Home for Christmas Laurel …………..…………………………. Believe Megan and Caleb …………... White Christmas Ryne …………… You’re a Mean one, Mr. Grinch A North Polaroid Kristin ………………. We Need a Little Christmas Sammi ………………... Where Are You Christmas Bethany, Megan and Alice ..… Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas A Family Portrait Reprise Director: Amy Fraser Assistant Director: Bethany Saylor Choreography: Bethany Saylor and Kristin Tuttle Sound: John W. Baker and Marissa Watts Lights: Tisa Wharton

2011-12 Celebration Singers: (1st row) Bethany Saylor, Drew Leonard, Laurel Simpson, Kristin Tuttle, Alice Hackett; (2nd row) Joel Morien, Patrick Clark, Parker Seilstad, Rebecca Agler, Samantha Dixon; (3rd row) Brianna Bailey, Caleb Smith, Ryne Smith, Ryan Nelson, Megan Forney — not pictured Doug Moore Brianna Bailey is all smiles in the opening act of Cocoa and Carols. (above)

Celebration Singers


Judy lets George have it with both barrels after she uncovers the truth that he’s not terminally ill. (left)

George imagines lean times ahead after all the bad choices he’s made concerning his affairs. (right)

Briana Van Deusen was captivating as she sold graveyard plots with an unmatched enthusiasm. (top inset)

Send Me No Flowers


he York College Theatre Department presented the light hearted and laugh-filled play Send Me No Flowers for the Homecoming festivities. When he experiences chest pains, chronic hypochondriac George Kimball (Caleb Clark) goes to the hospital for a checkup and overhears his doctor discussing the diagnosis of a terminally ill patient with an associate. Assuming he is the one scheduled to die, he asks his friend Arnold (R.J. Roberts) to help him find a new husband for his wife Judy (Maegan Detleffs) so he’ll know she won’t be alone once he’s gone. George locates Judy’s old college beau Bert (Dylan Ford), now a Texas oil baron and attempts to hook them up. Meanwhile, Judy mistakes her husband’s good intentions for an attempt at a cover up. The chaos that ensues on stage is hilarious as George tries to straighten out his problems and get his wife back. Caleb was chosen 201112 Best Actor by his peers for his lead role in the production, and the drama departments’ Best Actress for the year went to Maegan for her portrayal as Judy. George lets his imagination run wild as he dreams up the appearance of a girl, played by Laurel Simpson. (left) George dreams of Judy selling pencils to strangers just to survive after he is gone. (right)


Send Me No Flowers

John Baker gives last minute pointers at the end of dress rehearsal and gathers the cast for a group picture. (above and right)

George approves as his friend Arnold encourages Bert to spend time with Judy. (left) Arnold tries to get George to fabricate a story that will appease Judy: “Truth is fine, but it’ll never take the place of common sense!” (right) A faithful husband to the end, George thinks back to the time he refused the advances of Miss Mason. (right) Jealousy begins to creep over George as Judy and Bert talk about old times and the fact that Bert is now worth millions. (left) George has a dream of Judy being devastated with the news of his imminent death. (right) Megan, Stephanie, Ali and LeiLani give their own stage presence to the box office. (below)

Cast in order of appearance: Judy Kimball .................................... Maegan Detlefs George Kimball ...................................... Caleb Clark Vito ............................................... Jameson Trauger Bert Power ............................................. Dylan Ford Dr. Rachel Morrissey ........................ Bethany Saylor Nurse/Salvation Army Ringer ............ Brianna Bailey Arnold Nash ...................................... Royce Roberts First Passerby ................................ Morgan Goracke Second Passerby/Policeman ................. Caleb Smith Ms. Akins .................................... Briana Van Deusen A Girl ................................................ Laurel Simpson Miss Mason ......................................... Jasmine Agee Assistant Director .................................... Erin Florea Director ........................................... John I. Baker III

Production Crew: Stage Manager—Erin Florea; Stage Crew—Biliey Reeder, Alaia Navratil; Light Operator—Caroline Gaudreault; Sound Operator—Patrick Clark; Set Design—John I. Baker III; Sound Design—John W. Baker; Costume Mistress—Lauren Post; Master Electrician—John W. Baker; Light Crew— Stephan Johnston; Set Construction—John I. Baker III, Erin Florea, Courtney Baker, Lauren Post, Jasmine Agee, Morgan Goracke, Brianna Bailey, Laurel Simpson, Alfred Peters, LeiLani Roman, Joel Morien, Andrew Percic, Dylan Ford, Matt Miller, Billiey Reeder, Nichole Williams, Stephanie Studebaker; Makeup Crew—Marissa Roush; Clinical Consultant—Michael Becker; Logo Design—Courtney Baker; Head Usher—Andrew Wharton; Box Office—Megan Salfrank, Stephanie Studebaker, Ali Wallgren, LeiLani Roman

Fall Theatre


Quiet on the Set ONE ACTS Buck .......... Paul “Wheels Of Fury” Helms Woman ......................... Morgan Goracke Man ............................... Jordan Siebold Director ......................... Erin N. Florea Assistant ................. Lauren G. Post Deaf Guy ............................. The Nelson The Boy Band: Alan Clark Daniel Magner Alfred C. Peters Parker Seilstad Director ....................... Mitchell Roush

Director just can’t seem to commit to any idea she has, and bless her heart, the Assistant is just trying to hard. (above)

In one of the many nonsense moments in the production, The Boy Band makes a dramatic entrance to the set. (above)

Ryan Nelson played the Deaf Guy and wasn’t short on making a lasting impression. (left)

Buck had a terrible time staying awake for the film-shoot despite his microphone duties. (left)

The self-involved actors, played by Jordan and Morgan, try to make their roles believable. (left)

Family members interrupt James’ plans for some “alone time” with his girlfriend. (right)

Grandpa was an ornery but lovable old codger, convinced that everything was better in his day. (left)

The cast of Dinner with the MacGuffins. (left) James MacGuffin is forced to confront the world he lives in as it is turned upside-down. (below)


Dinner with the MacGuffins



James MacGuffin .................... Drew Leonard Karen Shumblesmith .............. Jasmine Agee Helen MacGuffin ...................... Hailey Siebold Grandpa MacGuffin ........... Jameson Trauger Dwight MacGuffin .................... Nathan Towell Agent Smith ............................... Ali Wallgren Agent Wesson ........................ Andrew Percic Director ..................................... Patrick Clark

Grandma was a stubborn old woman that spoke her mind, while Daddy humbly listened . (left) Dylan’s character was a handsome yet empty embodiment of the American Dream. (right) Mitchell Roush, Thomas Lichty, and Patrick Clark directed the annual One-Acts. (middle) Mommy, a domineering and authoritarian wife, only wants her share of the American Dream. (below)



Mitch gives some pointers to the cast after dress rehearsal. (above)

The American Dream ONE ACTS Briana played the part of Mrs. Barker, an aloof and arrogant busybody (right)

Mommy ................. Caroline Gaudreault Daddy ............................ Matthew Rhea Grandma ..................... Laurel Simpson Mrs. Barker .............. Briana Van Deusen Young Man ........................... Dylan Ford Assistant Director ....... Caleb Clark Director ....................... Thomas Lichty

hat do two teenagers with romance on their minds, a narcoleptic boom mic operator, and the perfect American family have in common? The annual One-Acts of course. Three comedies and a couch: an evening of comfortable comedy was presented by the York College Theatre Department just before the Thanksgiving break. This year’s emerging directors were Mitchell Roush, Patrick Clark, and Thomas Lichty. Roush wrote Quiet on the Set earlier in the year while studying acting and entrepreneurship at The International Theatre Academy of Norway. The show is about the worst film shoot ever with the plot involving a crazed director, some self-involved actors, two pages of nonsense dialogue and a narcoleptic boom mic operator. “It’s kind of like an episode of Seinfeld. Nothing really happens, but you laugh a lot,” Roush said. Clark’s show, Dinner with the MacGuffins, focused on a typical American high school student named James, who brings his girlfriend, Karen, over for an afternoon of romance. As James and Karen attempt to make sparks fly, they are repeatedly interrupted by everything from James’ eccentric family members to the FBI. Clark, who aspires to work in the film industry, said the show was a lot of fun to direct. The final show of the evening was Edward Albee’s The American Dream, which director Thomas Lichty described as a dark comedy. “It’s funny, but it has serious undertones,” and it makes you think, said Lichty. The plot involves a married couple obsessed with the idea of having the perfect child. In the end, the audience comes to realize that the couple’s version of perfection—wealth, professional success, good looks—is purely cosmetic and ultimately empty. The young directors oversaw every detail of their productions, from script and cast selection, to budgets and set construction.



Throughout the play, the townspeople sang hymns and spirituals that served to underscore dramatic moments. (left) Homer’s gift of gab and love for soda pop gave the play an amusing lighter side. (right)

Anatomy of Gray


ohn Baker chose to direct the emotionally powerful and funny production of Anatomy of Gray for the spring drama. Baker described the deep, rich play as “a children’s story for adults”. The drama touched on themes of science and religion that challenged audience members and made them think. Set in Indiana in the late 1800s, Anatomy of Gray dealt with death, loss, love, and healing in a unique comingof-age story. Music played an important role in the show. The Gospel hymns performed by the cast were authentic to the time period and served to underscore dramatic moments in the production. Jasmine Agee won the year’s Best Actress award for her portrayal of June Muldoon in the production, while Royce Roberts was chosen Best Supporting Actor as Pastor Phineas Wingfield. Seniors and veterans of the York College stage, Maegan Detlefs and Bethany Saylor, served as assistant director and music director, respectively. Dr. Gray looks over the spots on Tiny’s legs while she helps her brother stand on his head to relieve his unbearable pain. (inset) The “very boring town” of Gray, Indiana, is shook to the core when Galen Gray drops from the sky. (right)


Anatomy of Gray

Production Crew: Stage Manager—Maegan Detlefs; Stage Crew—Laurel Simpson; Light Operator—John W. Baker; Spotlight Operator—Billiey Reeder; Sound Operator—Matt Rhea; Set Design—John I. Baker III; Light Crew—John W. Baker, Erin Davidson; Costume Mistress—Lauren Post; Set Construction—John I. Baker III, Morgan Goracke, Jasmine Agee, Kyle Svehla, Matt Rhea, Nick Floyd, Courtney Baker, Stephanie Studebaker, Royce Roberts, LeiLani Roman, Matthew Martin, Laurel Simpson, Caroline Gaudreault, Caleb Clark, Lauren Post, Ryan Nelson, Drew Leonard; Backdrop Painting—Leaf Moore, Qing Qing Moore; Clinical Consultant—Michael Becker, Logo Design—Courtney Baker; Head Usher—Joel Morien; Box Office—Megan Salfrank, Patrick Clark, Tisa Wharton

2011-12 YC Theatre Awards Best Actor ............................ Caleb Clark—Send Me No Flowers Best Actress .................. Maegan Detlefs—Send Me No Flowers Best Actress ........................... Jasmine Agee—Anatomy of Gray Best Supporting Actor ............ Royce Roberts—Anatomy of Gray Best Supporting Actress ....... Briana Van Deusen—Wizard of Oz Best Assistant Director ......... Maegan Detlefs—Anatomy of Gray Best Technical Crew ............................................ John W. Baker Best Actor in a One-Act ............... Jordan Siebold—Quiet Please Best Actress in a One-Act ..... Laurel Simpson—American Dream Most Improved Actor ................................................. Caleb Clark Drama Department Appreciation Award ................... Lauren Post Friend of the York College Drama Department: Courtney Ann Baker, Michael Becker, and Rachel Mayfield Despite their suspicions, everyone lends a hand to help June and the doc treat Pastor Wingfield. (top) Gray and the widow Muldoon enjoy a boat ride and friendly conversation. (right) June stands determined to be a nurse someday, married to Gray, and have a family. (left) Tiny Wingfield likes what she sees and hears and starts making plans of her own. (right) After his dramatic entrance, Galen shocks the town with how he resuscitates June. (right) The Doc tries to ignore the sight of blood as he operates on Crutch’s hand. (lower right)

Anatomy of Gray: (1st row) Ali Wallgren—Townsperson, Brianna Bailey—Tiny Wingfield, Drew Leonard—Galen Gray, Jasmine Agee—June Muldoon, Stephanie Studebaker—Rebekah Muldoon, Erin Florea—Maggie; (2nd row) Ryan Nelson—Townsperson, Royce Roberts—Pastor Phineas Wingfield, Jameson Trauger—Homer, Caleb Clark— Crutch Collins, Briana Van Deusen—Belva Collins, Kyle Svehla—Townsperson, Morgan Goracke—Townsperson — not pictured Maegan Detlefs—Assistant Director, Bethany Saylor—Music Director, and John I. Baker III—Director

Spring Theatre Production


2012 Traveling Children’s Theatre Feb. 28 Osceola Elementary March 1 York Elementary March 6 Shelton Elementary March 8 St. Paul’s Lutheran March 20 Emmanuel Lutheran March 22 Hampton Elementary March 23 Longmont Elementary (2) March 23 Loveland CofC March 24 Boulder Valley CofC March 27 Cross County March 29 Giltner Elementary April 7 YC High School Days April 10 High Plains April 11 Old Time Radio KAWL April 12 McCool Junction April 13 Gurganus - York Community April 14 Seward Library April 17 St. Joseph Elementary April 19 Shelby-Rising City April 24 Milligan Elementary April 26 Heartland Community April 28 Morton Library – NE City May 1 Fillmore Central May 3 Humann Elementary

The cast takes a bow after performing on the road in Colorado. (above)

Scarecrow explains what it’s like to not have a brain. (left)

Dorothy puts up a fight as the winged monkeys try to take her slippers by force. (right)

Special effects such as Briana Van Deusen melting onto the stage went over big with the young audiences. (left)

Bethany’s good witch characters were popular with the kids. (left)


You take your life in your own hands when you mess with a Kalidah! (right)


Wizard of Oz

Morgan Goracke ................................. Dorothy Laurel Simpson .......................... Scarecrow John W. Baker .................... Tin Woodman Erin Florea ....................................... The Lion Briana Van Deusen ..... Wicked Witch of the West Bethany Saylor ................... Good Witch(s) Dylan Ford ................. The Wizard of Oz Jasmine Agee ................... Various Parts Caleb Clark ...................... Various Parts Ryan Nelson ...................... Various Parts Billiey Reeder .................... Various Parts Parker Seilstad .................. Various Parts Rachel Mayfield ................ Assistant Director John I. Baker III .............................. Director

The Wicked Witch puts a little fear into the good hearted Munchkins. (right) Despite the eminent signs of danger, Dorothy and her crew were determined to see the Wizard. (below)

Wizard of Oz


PRODUCTION CREW Traveling Crew: Erin Davidson Set Design and Painting: Courtney Ann Baker Painting: Morgan Goracke, Jasmine Agee Costumes Construction: Ruth Carlock, Deb DiToro, Cheri Clark, Charla Stark, Natasha Hackett, Leaf Moore, Jim Petersen, Carla Breninger, Sheila Tandy, Marla Wyatt

With the cast displaying their concern, Erin Florea as the Cowardly Lion bemoans her situation. (above) Guardian of the Gates was an imposing figure on stage. (middle)

raveling Children’s Theatre celebrated its 15th season with their production of The Wizard of Oz under the direction of John I. Baker III. Beginning in the spring semester, the 12-member cast surrendered their Tuesday and Thursday mornings to practices and performances at various elementary schools in Nebraska and for special events, such as High School Days. With twenty-five performances in the semester, the students in this theatre company interacted with thousands of elementary kids, bringing each show to life with a personal touch. Baker himself wrote the crowdpleasing script, and this year added to the schedule a three-day, four-performance tour in Colorado the week after spring break. “The cast grows so much through the experience of repeated performances and serving as cast and crew,” said Baker. “Seeing the magic come to life is what acting, directing, set construction and watching are all about.”

Traveling Children’s Theatre


In March, York College sent a team to compete in Washburn University’s Leadership Institute’s Leadership Challenge Event in Topeka, KS. The two-day event offered participants education, hands-on experience, and recognition in an interactive leadership simulation competition. The team won the INTRUST Bank Award for Team Collaboration. (l-r) Tyler Cox, Troy Kelly, Sandy Chang, Matthew Miller, Miles Negley, and sponsor Jaci Smith. (left)

Phi Beta Lambda


ork College’s Phi Beta Lambda began the year remembering longtime friend and supporter Dr. Roger Collins who passed away after a heart attack in October of 2010. Collins was the chair of the E.A. Levitt School of Business at the time of his death and instrumental with the funding of the York College Investment Group. He provided years of guidance to the students involved. D r. C o l l i n s w o r k e d a l o n g s i d e Associate Professor of Business Marti Soderholm in the department for many years and could be counted on for his support of PBL.


Phi Beta Lambda

Officers were elected in the October meeting with Josh Baerg accepting the role as PBL president. Other officers were Casey Kinnison – vice-president, Stephanie Wilson – secretary, Jeremy Burgener – treasurer, and Laura Tesnohlidek – reporter. Even though the group did not enter their usual competitions in the spring, they did work on projects throughout the year from promoting the Eternal Threads organization to their annual Special Appreciation Day venture. Soderholm completed her 30th year as sponsor of PBL.

PBL Officers: Josh Baerg—President, Stephanie Wilson—Secretary Casey Kinnison—V.P. Laura Tesnohlidek—Reporter, Jeremy Burgener—Treasurer

2011-12 PBL: (1st row) Stephanie Wilson, Kayla Will, Laura Tesnohlidek, Ebony Carther, Megan Forney, Tyler Cox; (back rows) Kyle Wichman, Josh Baerg, Sam Mwago, Dustin Campbell, Abdul Sesay, Brandon Bailey, Casey Kinnison, Keenan Gaskin, Eric Howard, John Bryan, Emily Lutz, Jeremy Burgener, Garrett Brown - not pictured Katie Kynion. (above)

English graduates were gifted with classic novels in pop-up books after their capstone presentations. (left)

Luke Case, Caroline Gaudreault

Several members of Sigma Tau Delta accompanied the McNeeses to the Kansas City Renaissance Fair in October. (right)

Sigma Tau Delta

Y The trip to Denver wasn’t without its comical moments as Thomas and R.J. make an effort to model some hats. (above)

ork’s chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, the International English Honors Society, navigated through another busy year under the sponsorship of Beverly McNeese and Summer Dickinson. The group hosted their annual Edgar Allan Poe-try slam in October, transforming the Spiritual Life Center into a venue of spooky poetry and haunted recitations. In February, they gave students who were in a romantic mood the opportunity to speak their feelings out loud in the popular L o v e r s ’ Ly r i c a l L i n e s . B o t h events were well attended and enjoyed by the campus family. Since the society’s international conference was too far away to travel to this year, the YC chapter of Sigma Tau Delta took

a day-trip in the spring to visit the Denver Art Museum and take in a play at the famed Space Theatre, a 550-seat theatre in-the-round. At the end of the spring semester, they completed their ninth edition of Unvarnished Words, a publication of more than 60 short stories, poetry, essays, artwork, and photography contributed by students. 2011-12 Sigma Tau Delta Officers Kirsten Clements – President & Treasurer Kimberlee DeGroot – Vice President Logan Siddall – Secretary Thomas Lichty – PR Representative

Sigma Tau Delta spent quality time together on their road trip to Denver. (l-r) Crystal Prawl, Kimberlee DeGroot, Megan Salfrank, Tim McNeese, Kirsten Clements, Royce Roberts, Logan Siddall, Bev McNeese, Thomas Lichty – not pictured Zane Berner, Maegan Detlefs and Summer Dickinson. (left)

Sigma Tau Delta


Dylan gets to play in the sand as part of the summer routine. (left) Cooped up in the van takes its toll, and the group just needs to unwind. Touring over the summer was Patrick Clark, Dylan Ford, Casandra Taylor, Angel Gray, Maegan Detlefs, Bethany Fields, Matthew Miller, Caleb Smith, and manager Quin Johnson. (right)



he a cappella singing group Psallo was a big hit as they completed their second year as ambassadors of the Admissions Office. Homecoming, High School Days, and area youth rallies were all part of the mix during the academic year. The group was on the road for YC over the summer months with two of their first performances at Soul Quest in front of an estimated 750 campers and staff. During their eightweek tour, they put on thousands of miles counseling and entertaining primarily at Christian camps in New Mexico, California, Washington, Oregon and the Midwest. The group entertains a captive audience at Silver Maple Camp and during Soul Quest evening worship. (right) Psallo Summer Tour Schedule: June 10 – 14 June 17 June 20 June 22 – 27 June 27 – 30 June 30 – 7 July 8 – 14 July 15 – 18 July 18 – 21 July 22 – 28 August 1–4

Soul Quest – York College Las Cruces, New Mexico Bakersfield, California Delano Bay Christian Camp – Washington Camp Yamhill – Oregon North Bay Bible Camp – California Southern Oregon Bible Camp – Oregon Nebraska Youth Camp – Nebraska Silver Maple Camp – Kansas Wyoming Bible Camp – Wyoming Palisades Christian Camp – Idaho

While school was in session, Psallo members were Maegan Detlefs, Erich Loper, Angel Gray, Paul Clement, Casandra Taylor, Matthew Miller, Bethany Fields, and Dylan Ford – not pictured Daria Gainey. (right)



Garrett, Stephanie, and Ben are set to explore all the nuances of Italy and to lend a helping hand were needed. (left & right) Marisa, Amber, and Austin were a formidable team in their Japan assignment, and it was second nature for them to make friends with readers like Rachel Sui. (middle)

Summer Missions


our groups went out from York College this year with the Let’s Start Talking program. Using the Book of Luke as their English text, the students who were on the LST teams were able to have oneon-one conversations about the Gospel in four different countries: Belgium, Italy, Japan, and Taiwan. The summer experience gave them a unique opportunity to display the love of Christ and to see firsthand the global impact of the Good News. Belgium Dylan Ford Kellan Goben Larry Good Cameron Holmes Italy Ben Abraham Garrett Cote Stephanie Wilson

Japan Austin Benton Marisa Maher Amber Parker Taiwan Daniel Magner Ryne Smith Stephanie Studebaker Whitney Wiemer

Dylan, Kellan, and Cameron made the most of their time in Belgium. They introduced Jeopardy to their group when they got together for a readers’ party. (above & left)

When they weren’t busy with their pupils, Daniel, Whitney, Stephanie, and Ryne took in the sights and sounds of Taipei. (above)

Summer Missions


“Even though three months does not seem like a long time for some, for members of a team it can feel like almost a lifetime. The bond between the girls is undeniable and can be closely compared to that of sisters.” – Katie Kynion

The girls act like a family of sisters during the team photo shoot. (above) (Insets: l-r) Morgan Tackett sends it down the field; Senior forward Tara New, who led the team in goals, gets position against a SW Christian defender; Jordan Kinney isn’t really yelling at Katie Kynion, but it certainly appears that way; Amber Parker gave her support to Sketchy Tuesday with her hairdo. Morgan Tackett, Mayra Urrutia, and Jaynie Brautman enjoy a road trip together to watch an NCAA soccer match. (right) Heather Negley stretches in stride for control. (far right) Coaches Hinton and Leinen take it all in. (below) No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 19 20 22


Women’s Soccer

Player Veness Urrutia Sheldon Berzins Negley Brautman Kynion Yunevich Heimbouch Tackett Buglewicz Parker Medeiros, Kinney Curtis Miller Martin Keefer New

GP GS G 19 19 0 19 19 0 12 1 0 19 19 1 18 18 0 19 19 1 17 2 0 4 0 0 14 0 0 19 17 1 19 18 0 19 19 0 19 19 1 19 19 0 11 0 0 17 3 1 12 0 0 18 0 0 19 19 5

A Pts G/SH SH SOG SOG/SH YC RC 0 0 0.000 0 0 0.000 0 0 2 2 0.000 18 8 0.444 0 0 0 0 0.000 0 0 0.000 1 0 4 6 0.028 36 23 0.639 0 0 0 0 0.000 21 12 0.571 1 0 1 3 0.063 16 10 0.625 0 0 0 0 0.000 9 7 0.778 1 0 0 0 0.000 0 0 0.000 0 0 0 0 0.000 2 1 0.500 0 0 0 2 0.200 5 3 0.600 0 0 0 0 0.000 13 5 0.385 0 0 0 0 0.000 4 2 0.500 2 0 2 4 0.018 55 31 0.564 1 0 1 1 0.000 6 3 0.500 0 0 0 0 0.000 1 1 1.000 0 0 2 4 0.200 5 4 0.800 1 0 0 0 0.000 1 0 0.000 1 0 0 0 0.000 3 2 0.667 0 0 0 10 0.125 40 28 0.700 0 0

Date Opponent 8/31 McPherson College 9/3 Tabor College 9/4 Bethel College 9/7 Morningside Univ. 9/10 Mt. Marty College 9/11 Hastings College 9/13 Briar Cliff University 9/16 Sterling College 9/21 Doane College 9/27 Saint Mary (KS) 10/1 *SW Christian 10/4 Concordia University 10/8 *Central Christian 10/12 *Saint Mary (NE) 10/15 *Bellevue University 10/22 *Oklahoma Wesleyan 10/26 Manhattan Christian 10/29 *Central Baptist 11/4 *Bellevue University *MCAC game; Home games in bold

Score L 0-1 W 2-1 W 1-0 L 0-1 W 1-0 L 0-4 T 0-0 L 0-3 W 1-0 L 0-3 W 2-0 L 0-1 W 1-0 W 1-0 L 0-1 L 0-2 T 1-1 L 0-1 L 0-1

2011 Women’s Soccer Team: (1st row) Jen Lyons, Martha Slater, Kristin Menge, Carrie Berzins, Ashley Kuehl, Morgan Tackett, Kylie Fuller, Mayra Urrutia, Hannah Sheldon, Rachel Johnson; (2nd row) Lauren Wiltse, DeDe Miller, Adiana Loya, Tierney Gensler, Elizabeth Callaway, Shandie Curtis, Tara New, Kate Kynion, Katy Keefer, Kim Martin, Heather Negley, Kelsey Buglewicz; (3rd row) Head JV Coach Shannon Leinen, Assistant Coach Matt Coppinger, Amber Parker, Jaynie Brautman, Anna Hoehn, Tiffany Shimp, Lucienne Yunevich, Lorena Medeiros, Jordan Veness, Macy Mountjoy, Jordan Kinney, Becca Reynolds, Student Assist. Kristi Phillips, Ashley Heimbouch, Raquel Pineda, Head Coach Trent Hinton

1st Team All-MCAC Carrie Berzins gets control of the ball. (left) Jordan Veness goes up and over freshman defender DeDe Miller to secure the ball. (right) Lorena Medeiros gets airborne for the header in York’s 1-0 win over College of Saint Mary. (middle)

Women’s Soccer


he women’s soccer program has made large strides over the past few years and continues to build momentum every season. The ladies finished 3rd in the MCAC at 7-9-2 and fought a close 0-1 decision against the eventual conference champions Bellevue University in the postseason tournament. Junior midfielder Carrie Berzins was named First Team All MCAC for the third year in a row. Lorena Medeiros, Morgan Tackett, and Jordan Veness received Second Team honors. The team grew in numbers with 34 players on the roster at the start of the season. This was the first year for York to have a full junior varsity squad, and the coaches were thrilled with the team’s success and the improvement they saw throughout the year. They played a complete 10-game season with Hannah Sheldon as the leading scorer for the JV team.

Women’s Soccer


Abdul Sesay clears the ball against St. Mary. (left) Senior forward Chris Kistenoglu fights for position during the Homecoming game against Bellevue. (right) First Team All-MCAC midfielder, Santiago Castano, takes off at full speed down the field. (middle)

Men’s Soccer


hile the men’s soccer team was fun to watch with their speed and aggressiveness, they weren’t able to advance into postseason play this year with a record of 4-11-2. Wins came at the midway point in the schedule with victories over Mount Marty, Sterling, and Saint Mary and then at the end of season with a 4-1 win over Manhattan Christian. Sophomore transfer Santiago Castano was named First Team All MCAC as a midfielder. Chris Kistenoglu (forward) and Abdul Sesay (defender) were named 2nd Team. Kistenoglu led the team in goals (7), followed by Castano and Carlos Fernandes at 5 each. Castano and Andrew Rush led the team in assists with 4 apiece. Head coach Chris Luther made his decision to move into a full-time faculty position in the spring and it was announced that Jon Ireland would be his replacement. Luther was a twotime NCCAA Central Region Coach of the Year.


Chris leads the team in a war chant before taking the field. (above) (Insets: l-r) Andrew Rush shows good form as he clears the ball; Luis Arevalo gets out in front of the offense; Seniors Garrett Brown and Josh Ivey go high for their headers against the University of Saint Mary Spires. Date 8/31 9/3 9/4 9/7 9/10 9/13 9/16 9/21 9/27 10/1 10/2 10/4 10/8 10/15 10/22 10/26 10/29

Opponent McPherson College Tabor College Bethel College Morningside Univ. Mt. Marty College Briar Cliff University Sterling College Doane College Saint Mary *SW Christian Westminster (Utah) Concordia University *Central Christian *Bellevue University *Oklahoma Wesleyan Manhattan Christian *Central Baptist

Score L 0-7 L 1-3 L 1-3 L 1-2 W 5-2 T 1-1 W 3-2 L 1-4 W 4-3 T 1-1 L 0-3 L 2-7 L 2-4 L 1-3 L 0-2 W 4-1 L 3-4

Carlos Fernandes goes up to block the kick from a Southwest Christian opponent. (left) David Maple gives his full concentration as he advances the ball during the Homecoming match. (below)

* MCAC game; Home games in bold

2011 Men’s Soccer Team: (1st row) Andrew Percic, Ingo Miranda, Carlos Fernandes, Andrew Rush, Grayson Stewart, Kris Olson, Dylan Hrkach, Chris Kistenoglu, Luis Pulido; (2nd row) Assistant Coach Ben Hackett, Garrett Cote, David Maple, Abdul Sesay, Rafael Batista, Stephan Johnston, Garrett Brown, Nathan Towell, Josh Ivey, Mikey McGee, Head Coach Chris Luther; (3rd row) Manager Ethan Owens, Nash Goldman, Tom Killian, Austin DeWitt, Evans Francis, Marcelo DeSouza, Ben Abraham, Derek Poole, John Baker; (4th row) Santiago Castano, Ben Sullivan, Andre Ferreira, Chase Craddock, Luis Arevalo, Nick Mueting, Jahviair Payne, Randy Lewis, Renan Chaia, Paul Clement

No 0 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 19 20 21 22

Player GP GS G A Pts G/SH SH SOG SOG/SH YC RC Percic 7 6 0 1 1 0.000 0 0 0.000 1 0 Pulido 12 10 0 0 0 0.000 0 0 0.000 1 0 Sullivan 17 16 1 1 3 0.200 5 2 0.400 3 0 Craddock 16 2 0 0 0 0.000 5 1 0.200 1 0 Arevalo 17 17 0 1 1 0.000 11 3 0.273 4 1 Clement 8 1 0 0 0 0.000 2 1 0.500 1 0 Brown 17 9 0 2 2 0.000 5 3 0.600 4 0 Castano 14 13 5 4 14 0.139 36 21 0.583 8 1 Kistenoglu 16 16 7 2 16 0.259 27 16 0.593 2 1 Fernandes 12 11 5 0 10 0.167 30 17 0.567 7 1 Chaia 14 5 2 0 4 0.167 12 8 0.667 1 0 Lewis 5 3 0 0 0 0.000 2 1 0.500 1 0 Ferreira 8 0 1 1 3 0.333 3 1 0.333 1 0 Miranda 16 0 1 1 3 0.125 8 4 0.500 0 0 Maple 17 16 0 2 2 0.000 6 3 0.500 4 0 Batista 8 1 1 0 2 0.333 3 2 0.667 1 0 Ivey 16 16 0 1 1 0.000 4 1 0.250 3 1 Hrkach 7 0 0 0 0 0.000 0 0 0.000 0 0 Olson 17 13 3 1 7 0.273 11 5 0.455 2 0 Cote 5 1 0 0 0 0.000 0 0 0.000 0 0 Abraham 2 1 0 0 0 0.000 0 0 0.000 0 1 Sesay 15 15 0 1 1 0.000 1 1 1.000 2 0 Souza 14 7 1 3 5 0.167 6 4 0.667 7 1 Rush 16 10 3 4 10 0.300 10 7 0.700 0 0

Sophomore goalie Luis Pulido sends the ball down the field. (above)

Men’s Soccer


The Freeman Center erupts as the Lady Panthers take Central Baptist down in 3 sets on Play for the Cure night. (above) (Insets: l-r)) Chelsea Caruso led the team in digs (635) and was 2nd in serving aces; Kayla Durham gets a successful dig against Peru State; DeGroot and Tialavea form an impenetrable block; Kenzie Witt had 8 kills in the 3-2 win over Peru St.

Kimberlee DeGroot brings it down against the Mustangs with Erin Davidson and Kailey Firm looking on. (above) Player Bonner Bowlby Caruso Davidson DeGroot Durham Firm Johnson Moyers Rush Tesnohlidek Tialavea Tsinnie Witt


S 56 4 129 126 117 127 71 20 31 128 128 106 1 106

K E TA PCT A SA SE RE Dig Blk 56 30 230 0.113 16 3 7 3 37 22 0 0 0 0.000 7 4 1 0 2 0 3 8 43 -0.116 26 27 26 42 635 0 98 19 289 0.273 1075 56 33 0 378 37 198 55 540 0.265 2 0 2 0 17 134 3 0 15 0.200 15 19 28 42 244 0 1 0 4 0.250 27 12 13 4 73 0 0 1 2 -0.500 0 1 1 4 13 0 34 24 133 0.075 12 0 0 0 2 19 175 92 579 0.143 2 8 38 1 39 57 362 139 1195 0.187 66 13 9 39 331 80 286 111 920 0.190 9 25 38 24 229 35 0 0 0 0.000 0 0 0 0 1 0 186 124 811 0.076 4 11 21 21 113 17


Date Opponent W/L 8/26 Iowa Wesleyan W 3-0 8/26 Mount Mercy L 1-3 8/27 Waldorf College W 3-0 8/27 William Penn L 0-3 9/2 Dickinson State W 3-2 9/2 Dakota Wesleyan L 1-3 9/3 Montana St-Northern L 1-3 9/3 Valley City State L 1-3 9/7 Union College W 3-0 9/9 Bacone College W 3-1 9/9 Kansas Wesleyan L 0-3 9/10 Friends University L 1-3 9/10 Stephens College W 3-0 9/13 *College of Saint Mary W 3-2 9/16 Mt. Marty College W 3-2 9/20 Peru State Univ. W 3-2 9/23 Oklahoma Wesleyan * W 3-2 9/24 *SW Christian W 3-0 9/27 *Bellevue University L 0-3 9/30 *Haskell University W 3-0 10/1 *Central Christian W 3-0 10/4 Concordia University L 1-3 10/6 Union College W 3-0 10/15 Dakota Wesleyan W 3-2 10/18 *Bellevue University L 0-3 10/20 Grace University W 3-0 10/25 *College of Saint Mary W 3-0 10/28 *Central Baptist W 3-0 10/29 *College of the Ozarks L 1-3 11/1 Grace University W 3-0 11/5 *Central Christian W 3-0 11/11 *Bellevue University L 0-3 11/17 Crowley’s Ridge W 3-0 11/18 SAGU (Texas) L 0-3 11/18 *Oklahoma Wesleyan W 3-1 11/18 Colorado Christian L 0-3 * MCAC game; Home games in Bold

Crystal Rush goes over the top against College of St Mary in a 3-0 series. (above) 2011 Volleyball Team: (1st row) Karsyn Maya, Kailey Firm, Shelby Terrell, Sandy Chang, Brenna Johnson; (2nd row) Maggie Brockhoff, Michelle Tsinnie, Michelle Perez, Erin Davidson, Danielle Bowlby, Alaia Navratil, Casandra Taylor, Kayla Durham, Erika Garcia, Chelsea Caruso, Student Ass’t Courtney Graff; (3rd row) Ass’t Coach Robert Fear, Head Coach Meredith Fear, Faith Underwood, Rachelle Tialavea, Kenzie Witt, Dacy Bonner, Ana Moyers, Kimberlee DeGroot, Laura Tesnohlidek, Crystal Rush, Molly Bartee, Saleena Deal, Student Ass’t Chelsey Quigley, Student Ass’t Kristine Evangelista – not pictured Mallory Sansom and Marybeth Ester

MCAC Newcomer of the Year Rachelle Tialavea spikes crosscourt against Bellevue. (left) Erin Davidson’s 1075 assists were second in the MCAC. Her 56 serving aces were also the team high. (right) First Team All MCAC Laura Tesnohlidek led the team in kills on the season with 362. (middle)



econd year head coach Meredith Fear guided the volleyball program to an impressive 20-12 season and a third place finish in conference. The Panthers were 8-3 in the MCAC and qualified for postseason play at the conference championship. Erin Davidson and Laura Tesnohlidek were named First Team All MCAC along with three teammates named Second Team: Chelsea Caruso, Kimberlee DeGroot, and Rachelle Tialavea. Crystal Rush received honorable mention and Tialavea was named Newcomer of the Year. The Lady Panthers rallied around Sylvia Warren, a beloved member of YC’s custodial staff, when they hosted Play for the Cure night. Along with a great night of intense volleyball in which they beat Central Baptist in three straight sets, the team sold t-shirts, had a bake sale, and ran a silent auction during the match to raise more than $700 for Warren and her family.



Wes Negley gives upward credit after winning his match and on his way to securing the 133-pound championship at the November York Open. (left) Jake McCoy (174), ranked in the NAIA coaches pole top 10, went 2-2 at Nationals. (right) Bradlee Carls went 1-2 at Nationals pinning Levi Morgan of Great Falls at the 3:27 mark. (middle)



C hosted 143 wrestlers from 10 colleges and universities in the first open of the year and won five of 10 weight brackets. Under head coach Ramon Diaz and associate head coach Greg Smith the team began the year ranked in the nation’s top 25. In only the second week of competition, the Panthers qualified seven for Nationals and by season’s end qualified eleven: Miles Negley (125), Wes Negley (133), Chrystian Banuelos (141), Josh Lopez (141), Bryan Magno (141), Nicholas Clarke (149), Robert Eklund (149), Jacob McCoy (165), Kyle Wichman (165), Bradlee Carls (197), and Ray Johnson (285). The Panthers finished the regular season ranked #20 in the NAIA coaches’ poll, and finished 18th out of the 35 schools represented in the NAIA national wrestling competition in Des Moines, Iowa. Eklund, Clarke, McCoy, and Carls advanced to the AllAmerican round and were a single win away from being named All-American. This was the largest number of national qualifiers in the program’s history.



York hosted its second Open in January that brought in 215 wrestlers from 19 different colleges and universities representing all divisions. Jake McCoy went 4-0 at 174 and was awarded the tournament’s Most Outstanding Wrestler. (above) (Insets: l-r)) Ray Johnson (285) went 2-2 at Nationals; Josh Lopez (141) went 1-2; Kyle Wichman (165) went 0-2; Bryan Magno (141) went 0-2; Chystian Banuelos went 0-2.

Juniors Nicholas Clarke at 149 and Emerson “Miles” Negley at 125 both went 2-2 at Nationals. (above and right) 2011-12 Wrestling Team: (1st row) Miles Negley, Josh Lopez, Toby Thompson, Brandon Trout, Wes Negley, Chrystian Banuelos; (2nd row) Eliis Trotter, Robert Eklund, Chris Swayze, Kyle Wichman, Taylor Witt, Bryan Magno, A.J. Jaramillo, Jorge Munoz; (3rd row) Ass’t Coach Jotham Andrews, Alfred Peters, Jake McCoy, Shaun Howard, Head Coach Ramon Diaz, Timothy Parker, Jason Lloyd, Nicholas Clarke, David Smith, Student Ass’t Bryan Williams; (4th row) Associate Head Coach Greg Smith, Student Ass’t Nick McGrew, Bradlee Carls, Raymond Johnson, Saia Lotulelei, JD Patterson, Nathan Trumbo, Tyler Hendrickson, Mark Massay, Student Assistant Bryan Irsik – not pictured Marcus McArthur, Student Mngrs: Sara Geiger, Callie McCoy

Robert Eklund won by technical fall over Cumberland’s Derek Murdock. Eklund went 3-2 at the NAIA National Tournament. (above) Shaun Howard was the hero of YC’s dual against #13 Concordia University, winning at 197 pounds to secure the 27-21 home victory. (left)



Livia Medeiros puts up a three in York’s one-point loss to conference opponent Oklahoma Wesleyan.(above)

(Insets: l-r)) Coach Spickelmier goes over the game plan; Emily Rivera elevates for a shot just outside the paint; Alyssa Becker is in position for the defensive rebound.

Coach Fear and the ladies go a little nuts during the team photo shoot. (below)

Name Becker Carther Hammitt Lincoln Loya Lundstrom A. Lundstrom E. Maher Medeiros Ortega Quigley Rivera Santos Schuerman Tialavea Veness


G FG 26 55-125 14 1-9 29 11-53 29 98-365 15 2-18 25 33-86 11 20-61 29 100-261 16 23-79 13 12-30 14 7-22 29 37-192 29 119-276 7 4-6 1 5-12 12 8-29

Pct 3P Pct FT Pct HI PTS AVG STL BLK Reb 0.440 10-32 0.313 41-69 0.594 19 161 6.19 31 2 24/56 0.111 0-4 0.000 0-2 0.000 2 2 0.14 2 0 1/2 0.208 2-31 0.065 6-13 0.462 5 30 1.03 13 1 5/33 0.268 44-196 0.224 76-95 0.800 21 316 10.90 48 6 24/85 0.111 0-2 0.000 3-9 0.333 3 7 0.47 3 0 1/3 0.384 7-22 0.318 10-11 0.909 11 83 3.32 15 0 15/36 0.328 4-19 0.211 19-28 0.679 11 63 5.73 10 0 10/19 0.383 21-85 0.247 31-50 0.620 16 252 8.69 57 2 65/100 0.291 12-44 0.273 6-11 0.545 11 64 4.00 16 1 22/37 0.400 3-8 0.375 6-10 0.600 13 33 2.54 1 0 6/11 0.318 5-15 0.333 4-4 1.000 10 23 1.64 4 0 1/13 0.193 10-81 0.123 24-37 0.649 12 108 3.72 23 3 8/49 0.431 4-9 0.444 62-98 0.633 24 304 10.48 51 20 62/180 0.667 1-3 0.333 1-2 0.500 3 10 1.43 3 0 2/7 0.417 0-0 0.000 4-4 1.000 14 14 14.00 0 0 1/5 0.276 0-4 0.000 5-9 0.556 7 21 1.75 7 3 10/29

Women’s Basketball

Marissa Maher puts up a jumper over her defender. (above) 2011-12 Women’s Basketball Team: (1st row) Adiana Loya, Mesha Ellison, Ariel Lundstrom, Erica Lundstrom, Alyssa Becker, Kelsea Schuerman, Ebony Carther; (2nd row) Head Coach Jen Spickelmier, Associate Head Coach Paul Kroeker, Courtney Hammitt, Marisa Maher, Emily Rivera, Jordan Veness, Sara Lincoln, Rachelle Tialavea, Livia Medeiros, Mayara Santos, Student Manager Emily Lutz, Associate Head Coach Robert Fear

Sara Lincoln, who led the team in scoring, gets the easy two on a fast break. (left) Ariel Lundstrom looks to pass around a Midland defender. (right) All-MCAC center, Mayara Santos from Sao Paulo, Brazil, goes high above the defense for the jumper. (middle)

Women’s Basketball


t was a tough year for Opponent Score women’s basketball Date 10/29 Hastings College L 42-72 both on the road 10/31 Concordia University L 50-68 11/6 Bethany College W 70-44 and at home. Coach 11/8 Dordt College L 41-65 11/11 Dakota State 60-53 Jen Spickelmier’s team 11/14 Southwestern College WL 52-73 Sterling College L 37-69 didn’t lack for effort, but 11/18 11/19 Tabor College W 64-62 L 46-78 the hardwood was a 11/22 Dakota Wesleyan 11/28 Friends University L 44-67 merciless arena for the 12/6 Saint Mary College L 55-62 Dakota Wesleyan L 33-79 Lady Panthers as they 12/9 12/14 Midland University L 58-66 1/2 McPherson College L 47-67 went 5-24 on the season, 1/4 Doane College L 54-92 L 43-88 2-12 in conference play. 1/10 *College of St Mary 1/13 *Central Baptist L 56-63 Mayara Santos was 1/14 *College of the Ozarks L 49-85 *Oklahoma Wesleyan L 53-67 named to the women’s 1/20 1/21 *SW Christian L 47-73 *Haskell University L 50-59 All-MCAC Team as she 1/27 1/28 *Central Christian W 60-52 L 51-76 led the team in several 2/3 *Haskell University 2/4 *Central Christian W 73-49 categories: rebounds 2/10 *Oklahoma Wesleyan L 49-50 *SW Christian L 58-69 ( 2 4 2 ) , a s s i s t s ( 6 1 ) , 2/11 2/14 *College of St Mary L 56-64 54-70 blocks (20), and was 2/17 *Central Baptist 2/18 *College of the Ozarks 40-78 second in scoring (304) *MCAC game; Home games in bold and steals (51). Sara Lincoln, who led the team in scoring (316) was Honorable Mention All-MCAC.

Women’s Basketball


Dylan Brewer gets airborne in a fast break score against the Mustangs. (left) Keenan Gaskin, who led the team in shooting percentage with 54%, goes up high for a one-handed jumper against Central Baptist. (right) NAIA Honorable Mention All-American Thad Varmall makes a break to the basket against a Morningside defender. (middle)

Men’s Basketball


oming off a 15-15 season, head men’s basketball coach Delton Deal guided this year’s team to a home opener victory over 23rd ranked Morningside College. Led by junior guard Thaddeus Varmall’s 23 points, the team shot an impressive 57 percent from the floor in both field goals and three point attempts in an exciting 89-87 nail biter. The team finished the regular season at 16-16. In postseason play, they upset Central Christian 96-78 in the semifinals of the MCAC Tournament before falling to the 7th ranked Bruins in the title game. Varmall was named NAIA Honorable Mention All-American as well as AllMCAC. Dee Ellison, Keenan Gaskin, Marcus Johnson, and Desmond Strickland were named Honorable Mention All-MCAC.

Date Opponent Score 10/29 AIB College of Business W 87-77 11/1 Hastings College W 76-75 11/4 Morningside College W 89-87 11/5 Concordia University L 66-91 11/8 Tabor College W 90-82 11/18 Peru State W 99-67 11/19 Park University L 81-82 11/22 Dakota Wesleyan L 77-85 11/25 Dakota State L 69-79 11/26 AIB College of Business W 100-67 12/3 Briar Cliff University L 60-72 12/6 Mount Marty L 62-79 12/16 Concordia University L 88-93 1/2 McPherson College L 67-91 1/5 Morningside College L 71-89 1/7 Grace University W 96-73 1/10 *Bellevue University L 70-100 1/13 *Central Baptist W 85-66 1/14 *College of the Ozarks W 105-100 1/20 *Oklahoma Wesleyan W 82-79 1/21 *SW Christian W 80-71 1/27 *Haskell University L 84-88 1/28 *Central Christian L 90-92 2/3 *Haskell University W 80-69 2/4 *Central Christian W 95-81 2/10 *Oklahoma Wesleyan L 65-75 2/11 *SW Christian L 88-101 2/14 *Bellevue University L 68-83 2/17 *Central Baptist W 92-83 2/18 *College of the Ozarks W 92-71 2/24 *Central Christian W 96-78 2/25 *Bellevue University L 72-112 *MCAC game; Home games in bold


Men’s Basketball

photo by Bob DeHart

Name Varmall Johnson M. Strickland Gaskin Brewer Vaughn Urune Johnson R. Ellison Washington Burks Lopez Johnson A. Smith Bryan Ahart Larobina Assama

G 30 32 32 31 22 32 16 32 32 10 19 27 24 20 25 6 1 1

FG 170-326 164-343 127-278 157-293 83-179 65-164 44-136 42-124 30-101 27-65 15-32 16-46 15-41 10-34 5-18 3-11 2-3 0-1

Pct 3P Pct FT 0.521 18-61 0.295 108-135 0.478 29-80 0.363 93-137 0.457 99-214 0.463 28-38 0.536 1-5 0.200 61-109 0.464 19-51 0.373 27-34 0.396 24-80 0.300 29-35 0.324 14-52 0.269 20-40 0.339 14-51 0.275 15-28 0.297 8-40 0.200 16-26 0.415 1-9 0.111 11-35 0.469 6-14 0.429 6-12 0.348 6-20 0.300 2-3 0.366 3-10 0.300 5-10 0.294 2-12 0.167 2-2 0.278 0-3 0.000 5-20 0.273 0-2 0.000 0-0 0.667 0-0 0.000 0-0 0.000 0-1 0.000 0-0

Pct 0.800 0.679 0.737 0.560 0.794 0.829 0.500 0.536 0.615 0.314 0.500 0.667 0.500 1.000 0.250 0.000 0.000 0.000

2011-12 Men’s Basketball Team: (1st row) Ass’t Coach Jeff Mills, Andrew Johnson, Dee Ellison, Marcus Johnson, Brent Smith, Reggie Johnson, Andre Vaughn, Blake Casey, Tree Burks, Desmond Strickland, Student Mgr. Logan Moyer; (2nd row) Ass’t Coach Joe Lundstrom, Ass’t Coach Justin Ward, Tedrick Urune, Dustin Campbell, Dylan Brewer, Demarius Washington, Keenan Gaskin, Daniel Lopez, Amen Osayande, Thadd Varmall, John Bryan, Student Ass’t Kory Slaughter, Head Coach Delton Deal 2011-12 JV Basketball: (1st row) Justin McQuiddy, William Assama, DeVante’ Brooks, Aaron Frizell, Donte’ Parker, Jeremiah Ahart; (2nd row) Ass’t Coach Justin Ward, Head Coach Delton Deal, Gary Holloway, Xavier Trice, Ramses Larobina, Derek Poole, Camden Liska, Christian Spath, Daymian Marshall, Jamaane Jordan, Lewis Ingram, Ass’t Coach Joe Lundstrom, Student Ass’t Kory Slaughter, Ass’t Coach Jeff Mills

HI PTS AVG STL BLK Reb Ast 26 466 15.53 39 10 75/157 42 28 450 14.06 57 10 30/72 82 27 381 11.91 38 6 32/64 35 24 376 12.13 23 30 82/147 13 22 212 9.64 21 0 14/21 13 12 183 5.72 14 1 12/29 39 13 122 7.63 14 2 32/60 12 16 113 3.53 11 1 24/39 35 10 84 2.63 30 1 16/50 132 11 66 6.60 12 2 17/33 10 11 42 2.21 5 1 2/5 7 11 40 1.48 2 17 11/43 4 11 38 1.58 5 2 14/17 8 6 24 1.20 5 0 3/5 5 4 15 0.60 10 3 7/20 18 2 6 1.00 1 0 1/3 2 4 4 4.00 0 0 1/2 0 0 0 0.00 0 0 0/1 1

Students celebrate with the team their 89-87 victory over 23rd ranked Morningside College. (above) (Insets: l-r)) Desmond Strickland led the team with 99/214 from behind the arc, an impressive 46%. Reggie Johnson uses his smile to avert the ball handler’s attention*; Dee Ellison makes a move against a Concordia defender to set up one of his 5 assists on the night*. He led the team with 132 on the season. *photos by Bob DeHart

Marcus Johnson commits the Tabor defense before giving the assist to Varmall. (right)

Men’s Basketball


In support of their teammates, the Lady Panthers line the fence to encourage the batter. (above) (Insets: l-r)) Lexi Paspalof lines out a hit to right; Brittanie Shaw and Katie Perry give a buddy pose; Taby Cramer delivers her best stuff on Senior Day allowing only 5 hits and no runs. Katelyn Graeser throws the Bellevue runner out at first. (below)

Britney Curry tries to turn two in the final double header of the season as the Panthers swept Haskell University on Senior Day. (above) Leaders At The Plate Name




Colby Cole Cramer Curry

22 25 25 38 30

0.204 0.250 0.000 0.342 0.300

0.286 49 9 0.313 16 3 0.000 7 0 0.360 114 25 0.320 50 1

10 4 0 39 15

2 1 0 2 1

1 0 0 0 0

0 0 0 0 0

1 1 0 9 6

7 1 1 4 6

0 1 0 0 2

11 3 3 11 6

3 1 0 9 0

39 37 4 33 10 24 36 41 31 43 38 35 12

0.241 0.237 0.500 0.303 0.143 0.196 0.351 0.380 0.167 0.256 0.250 0.302 0.000

0.277 0.250 0.500 0.539 0.214 0.326 0.486 0.722 0.214 0.346 0.286 0.349 0.000

20 18 1 23 2 9 39 41 7 34 28 26 0

3 1 0 6 1 4 7 11 0 9 4 4 0

0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 0

0 0 0 4 0 0 2 8 0 1 0 0 0

14 4 2 25 1 10 18 34 5 24 16 11 1

4 7 1 4 2 12 8 15 5 15 8 3 1

4 2 0 2 0 5 1 3 1 2 3 0 1

12 17 1 9 7 16 11 12 8 12 14 9 2

3 4 0 4 0 2 1 0 1 0 6 1 1


Arica Reeves receives a little triage from Coach Means. (above)



2012 Softball Team: (1st row) Katelyn Graeser, Tiffany Cole, Riannon Romero, Daniella Juarez, Heather Colby; (2nd row) Alyssa Mustard, Sarah Trembly, Christina Hubl, Brittanie Shaw, Britney Curry, Jessie Griffith, Tabatha Cramer, Amanda Saldivar; (3rd row) Assistant Coach Devyn Pearl, Katie Perry, Dani Marks, Lexi Paspalof, Corrine Pearl, Arica Reeves, Maicey Madden, Head Coach Tori Means

Griffith Hubl Juarez Madden Marks Mustard Paspalof Pearl Perry Reeves Romero Shaw Trembly


83 76 2 76 14 46 111 108 42 133 112 86 5

8 23 1 12 1 10 22 30 10 15 19 10 1


Corrine Pearl led the team in hitting, including 8 homeruns. (left) Tiffany Cole stretches toward the batter in her delivery. (right) Riannon Romero lines out a base hit to bring Lexi home against Midland University. (middle) Overall Pitching Name G ERA W L Tiffany Cole 22 3.29 8 12 Taby Cramer 23 4.52 6 10 Jessie Griffith 22 3.99 5 2

S IP 0 123.1 0 100.2 2 54.1



he women’s softball team almost doubled their victories from last year with 19, winning 11 out of their last 20 games. However, they weren’t as fortunate in conference play, finishing 6th and missing the postseason tournament. Four players received conference honors with Corrine Pearl, freshman Date Opponent Score 17 Kansas Wesleyan L 1-8 outfielder from Ridgecrest, Feb. Feb. 17 Hillsdale Baptist W 2 Mid-America Nazarene L 1-2 Calif., heading the list as All- Mar. Mar. 2 Midland University L 5-13 W 11-2 MCAC First Team. Pearl led in Mar. 3 Sterling University Mar. 5 Concordia University (2) L 0-9, L 4-5 most of the hitting categories Mar. 8 Hastings College (2) L 5-6, L 3-5 Mar. 10 McPherson College W 7-1 including 8 homeruns, .380 Mar. 12 Doane College L 0-8 W 6-5, W 9-4 batting average, and 41 hits Mar. 22 Sterling College (2) Mar. 23 Peru State (2) L 8-10, L 0-2 on the season. 2nd Team Mar. 24 Presentation College (2) W 13-1, W 9-1 27 Tabor College (2) W 7-6, L 1-13 A l l - M C A C h o n o r s w e n t Mar. Mar. 30 *Central Baptist (2) L 0-12, L 0-7 31 *Oklahoma Wesleyan (2) L 6-11, L 2-10 to Britney Curry and Lexi Mar. Apr. 3 Midland University (2) W 12-4, L 4-6 W 2-0, L 2-3 Paspalof, while Arica Reeves Apr. 5 Nebraska Wesleyan (2) Apr. 10 Doane College (2) W 9-8, W 8-7 was Honorable Mention All- Apr. 13 *Central Christian (2) L 2-3, W 4-3 14 *SW Christian (2) L 5-7, L 1-8 MCAC. The ladies, under Apr. Apr. 18 *College of St. Marys (2) W 7-4, L 2-4 20 Dakota State (2) W 3-0, W 7-2 third year coach Tori Means, Apr. Apr. 21 Dakota State (2) L 4-6, W 2-0 finished their season 19-24, Apr. 24 *Bellevue University (2) L 0-11, L 0-1 Apr. 27 *Haskell University (2) W 11-0, W 11-1 4-10 in the MCAC. *MCAC game; Home games in bold


Matt Blaemire finished the season with a 6-2 record and was named to the MCAC 2nd Team (left) Pat Burford and company watch his ball sail out of the park in York’s 2-0 victory over Central Christian. (right) NAIA All-American Honorable Mention catcher, Gene Felise, came in as a relief pitcher in the MCAC Championship game. (middle)



anther baseball finished the 2012 season 42-16, winning their 3rd consecutive MCAC title. York entered the tournament as the #2 seed but went 3-0, including back to back wins against host Bellevue University to claim the championship and advance to the opening round of the NAIA Championships in Oklahoma City. This was the fourth time coaches Nick Harlan ’04 and Brian Walth ’03 have taken YC to postseason play on the national level. The team finished ranked #1 in the NAIA in doubles (144) and #5 in home runs per game. Gene Felise, senior catcher and relief pitcher, was named NAIA Honorable Mention AllAmerican as well as All-MCAC 1st Team along with Pat Buford (OF) and Joe Garcia (IF). All-MCAC 2nd Team honors went to Matt Blaemire (RP), Zach Garcia (SS), Brett Nathan (SP), and Isaac Obermiller (OF). Athletes making the MCAC Gold Glove Team were Felise, Isidro Carrizoza, Jr. (3B), and Josh Nuyten (2B). Joe Garcia was also named MCAC photo by Bob DeHart Newcomer of the Year.



2012 Season 42-16 Date Opponent Score Feb. 10 Lubbock Christian (2) Wf 9-0, Wf 9-0 Feb. 11 Lubbock Christian Wf 9-0 Feb. 17 Hillsdale Baptist W 12-2 Feb. 17 Kansas Wesleyan W 7-2 Feb. 24 Oklahoma Baptist (2) L 3-5, W 11-8 Feb. 25 Oklahoma Baptist (2) L 3-6, L 6-15 Mar. 1 Sterling College (2) L 4-6, W 8-5 Mar. 2 Hillsdale Baptist W 25-4 Mar. 2 Crowley’s Ridge W 25-4 Mar. 3 Hillsdale Baptist W 17-1 Mar. 3 Crowley’s Ridge W 18-1 Mar. 6 Nebraska Wesleyan W 21-3 Mar. 7 Midland Lutheran W 10-4 Mar. 10 Tabor College (2) L 2-12, W 11-8 Mar. 12 Northwood University (2) L 4-6, L 8-14 Mar. 13 Arlington Baptist W 8-2 Mar. 13 Dallas Christian W 10-1 Mar. 14 Oklahoma Christian W 13-4 Mar. 23 *Central Christian (2) W 14-0, W 2-0 Mar. 24 *Central Christian (2) W 10-0, W 10-0 Mar. 27 Concordia (2) W 6-1, W 5-3 Mar. 30 *Bellevue University (2) L 4-6, L 5-6 Mar. 31 *Bellevue University (2) L 2-13, L 3-7 Apr. 3 Concordia University (2) W 7-4, W 6-2 Apr. 9 Briar Cliff (2) W 16-2, W 10-0 Apr. 10 Doane College W 12-11 Apr. 13 *College of the Ozarks (2) L 2-4, W 3-0 Apr. 14 *College of the Ozarks (2) W 10-2, W 6-2 Apr. 18 Hastings College W 10-0 Apr. 20 *Central Baptist (2) W 3-2, W 6-1 Apr. 21 *Central Baptist (2) W 12-2, W 11-7 Apr. 24 Hastings College W 9-1 Apr. 27 *Oklahoma Wesleyan (2) W 14-4, L 6-7 Apr. 28 *Oklahoma Wesleyan (2) L 6-12, W 3-1 May 2 *Oklahoma Wesleyan W 4-1 May 3 *Bellevue University W 4-1 May 4 *Bellevue University W 3-0 May 10 ^Mount Marty (SD) L 7-8 May 12 ^Lubbock Christian Univ. L 2-6 * MCAC game; Home games in bold ^ NAIA Opening Round—Oklahoma City, OK

photos by Bob DeHart

Leaders At The Plate Name



Slg% AB




Abend Bandy Blaemire Brumbaugh Burford Camarena Carrizoza Cirelli Connolly Costanza Didier Felise Garcia, Z Garcia, J Leis Lowther Nathan Nuyten Obermiller Rodriguez VanWesten Wise Wisener

51 11 26 13 53 33 57 47 3 13 29 51 57 49 49 21 56 52 52 24 11 52 11

0.287 1.000 0.000 0.000 0.362 0.329 0.303 0.328 0.500 0.000 0.190 0.313 0.364 0.362 0.348 0.333 0.310 0.292 0.349 0.226 0.000 0.333 0.000

0.504 1.000 0.000 0.000 0.559 0.457 0.434 0.431 0.500 0.000 0.238 0.522 0.467 0.599 0.618 0.833 0.601 0.405 0.534 0.290 0.000 0.586 0.000

40 0 0 0 38 16 39 24 1 0 9 10 50 31 41 1 43 45 37 3 0 43 0

37 1 0 0 68 23 44 19 1 0 4 42 67 55 31 2 52 49 51 7 0 37 0

13 0 0 0 19 3 13 6 0 0 1 13 13 9 7 0 10 11 13 2 0 11 0

129 1 2 2 188 70 145 58 2 1 21 134 184 152 89 6 168 168 146 31 1 111 2

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 0

5 0 0 0 6 2 2 0 0 0 0 5 2 9 5 1 13 2 4 0 0 5 0

19 0 0 0 46 27 19 7 0 0 4 25 41 42 19 4 52 39 34 7 0 30 0

21 0 0 0 12 5 24 7 0 0 0 11 17 15 17 0 20 24 13 4 0 11 0

10 0 0 0 16 8 3 5 0 0 3 4 4 4 9 0 2 5 9 1 0 8 0

26 0 2 1 28 14 18 12 1 1 5 19 13 39 16 3 28 28 31 6 1 21 2

0 0 0 0 3 3 0 0 0 0 0 2 2 0 2 0 2 1 2 1 0 0 0

0 0 0 0 3 2 3 1 0 0 0 1 6 2 1 0 1 5 1 1 0 7 0

York went 3-0 in the conference tournament including back to back wins over #1 Bellevue University. (above) All-MCAC 1st Team infielder, Joe Garcia, fields the ball at first for the easy out. (right)

Brett Nathan led the team in homeruns on the season with 13 and made a name for himself on the mound as well with a 7-4 record. (left)

2012 Baseball Team: (1st row) Sean Murfin, Rocco Cirelli, Chris Costanza, Jordan Leis, Zach Garcia, James Didier, Caleb Connolly, Aaron Conyers; (2nd row) Gene Felise, Josh Nuyten, Patrick Burford, Junior Carrizoza, Dustin Wisener, Wilfredo Rodriguez, Shawn Bandy, Brett Nathan; (3rd row) Ass’t Coach Dylan Connolly, Associate Head Coach Brian Walth, Alec Abend, Jeremy Burgener, Matt Blaemire, Brett Wise, Head Coach Nick Harlan, Ass’t Coach Erik Gray; (4th row) Eduardo Camarena, Reid VanWesten, Adam Dubberke, Joeseph Garcia, Cody Brumbaugh, Tom Korn, Alex Lowther, Isaac Obermiller 2012 JV Baseball Team: (1st row) Mitchell Fletcher, Mark Wiseman, Corbin Brown, Charlie Dick, Robert Perez, Ger Lao; (2nd row) Dean Slattery, Seth Walker, Mike Miller, Casey Kaup, Jordan Suter, Jacob Powell, Brett Lane; (3rd row) Associate JV Coach Doug Tew, Cody Baack, Bryan Armstrong, Seth Jacob, Andrew Raymond, Jordan Pella, Ass’t JV Coach Daniel Costanza



Kyle Bottom grinds it out at the finish of the Woody Greeno Invite in Lincoln. (above) (Insets: l-r)) Karissa Austin looks ahead as she nears the finish line; Kameryn Brewster stays focused at the first meet of the year; Warren Lannon reaches deep as he tries to overtake a runner at the end of a race. Coach Carver gives encouragement to Kellan Goben and the rest of the men’s team as they prepare for a race. (below) Cross Country race photos courtesy of Renae Bottom.

2011 Cross Country Team: (1st row) Emily Meranda, Morgan DeBoer, Alice Hackett; (2nd row) Kameryn Brewster, Jordan Mestas, Karissa Austin; (3rd row) Kyle Bottom, Kellan Goben, Warren Lannon, Tyler Cox; (4th row) Head Coach Justin Carver, Brennan Jarvis, Jake Nugen, Jake Hasenauer, Ricky Creek not pictured Kristin Tuttle


Cross Country

2011 MCAC Cross Country Champs: Morgan DeBoer, Kameryn Brewster, Kristin Tuttle, Karissa Austin, Emily Meranda, and Alice Hackett. (left) Kayla Struck practices with the javelin before the NCCAA Championships where she placed 7th in the nation. (right) Lincoln, Neb. senior Kristin Tuttle led the team with her second place finish at conference. (middle)

Cross Country Track & Field


he men’s and women’s cross country teams both put together great finishes to the regular season by strong performances at the MCAC meet. The women flashed through the finish lines ahead of the competition at conference with four of the five runners placing in the top 10. Led by senior Kristin Tuttle with her second place finish, the team came away with a conference championship and an automatic seed for Nationals, held in Vancouver, Wash. Named All-MCAC were Tuttle, Karissa Austin, Alice Hackett, and Kameryn Brewster. Two from the men’s team also competed at Nationals as Warren Lannon and Kyle Bottom ran their personal best times for the year at conference and placed third and eighth respectively. The freshman duo paced the Panthers to third place in the conference and were also named All-MCAC. The indoor track season was highlighted with two NCCAA national champions in the shot put, Shaylee Carlock and Andrew Aragon. Both athletes delivered again at the NCCAA outdoor competition in May and repeated their national championship bid. Aragon recorded his personal best at the meet with a throw of 57’4¼” and won the event by four inches. Carlock’s throw of 46’9” bested the competition by five feet and set a new NCCAA record. At the MCAC meet, Carlock was named female track and field athlete of the year as she won both the shot and discus events. In all, there were 12 event champions, 10 First Team All-Conference athletes, and 13 named Second Team. Head coach Justin Carver was awarded the MCAC Women’s Coach of the Year in both cross country and track and field. 2012 1st Team All-MCAC Track and Field Champions: Shaylee Carlock: shot put and discus Marybeth Ester: 200m Kameryn Brewster: 1500m Karissa Austin: 800m Jade Hodge: triple jump Andrew Aragon: shot put and discus Kawika Pedrina: 100m and 200m Ester, Liz Callaway, Hodge, Ebony Carther: 4x100m relay Austin, Brewster, Kristin Tuttle, Ester: 4x400m relay Justin Carver: MCAC Women’s Coach of the Year

Cross Country / Track & Field


Top 10 Finishes at the NCCAA Outdoor Championships: Shaylee Carlock: 1st shot put (tournament record) Andrew Aragon: 1st shot put; 8th in the discus Marybeth Ester: 7th in the 200m Patricia Robinson: 7th in the women’s shot put Kayla Struck: 7th in the javelin Jade Hodge: 8th in the triple jump Caleb Smith: 10th in the discus

Shaylee Carlock keeps her intensity in practice. (top) (Insets: l-r)) Kristin Tuttle shows her winning stride at the MCAC’s 4x100m relay; Shaylee Carlock’s throw at nationals set a meet record by more than five feet; Kawika Pedrina takes the lead at the NCCAA Championships’ 100m prelims; In the shot, Andrew Aragon brought home the gold at both the indoor and outdoor national championships; Aaron Beedle returned for the third time to the national stage placing 14th in the shot put. 2012 Track & Field Team: (1st row) Ryne Smith, Tyler Cox, Sam Mwago, Danny Cunningham, Kyle Bottom, Jake Hasenauer, Warren Lannon, Collin Tucker, Kawika Pedrina; (2nd row) Troy Kelly, Jordan Mestas, Kameryn Brewster, Elizabeth Callaway, Marybeth Ester, Danielle Bowlby, Joel Morien; (3rd row) Aaron Beadle, Marisa Maher, Emily Meranda, Karissa Austin, Ebony Carther, Patricia Robinson, Asher Palomo; (4th row) Seth Hines, Caleb Smith, Shaylee Carlock, Sierra Trower, Kayla Struck, Jade Hodge, Joe Madison, Kellan Goben; (5th row) Darreon Collins, Andy Goad, Caleb Ham, Head Coach Justin Carver, Andrew Aragon, Dustin Campbell, Cameron Holmes, Drew Geiger


Track and Field

2012 MCAC Women’s Track and Field Champions

Shelby Terrell holds cheerleader in training, Maddux Bandy. (right) Jade Hodge cheers on the student section at a home volleyball match. (below) The 2012 squad give their best Panther claw pose to yearbook photographer Katie Kynion. (middle)

Cheer & Pom Squad


C Cheer and Pom Squad hit the ground running at the beginning of the school year. After conducting a two-day open tryout and clinic in August, the ladies in blue and white gave their full support to the athletic program throughout the year under the direction of head coach Tamara Sanchez. Sanchez enlisted the help of Zeruiah Bandy and Marissa Roush to assist in the coaching duties and quickly began a quality cheerleading program. Besides the athleticism that’s required in executing some of their routines, the squad kept at the forefront of their performances an enthusiasm for the athletes, no matter what the score. Getting the home crowd fired up has its demands, but there was no doubt that the encouragement provided by this Panther team made a difference in its inaugural year of service to the student body. Go Panthers! Cheer & Pom Squad 2011-12: (1st row) Nichole Williams, Jade Hodge; (2nd row) Maddux Bandy, Daniella Juarez, Amber Parker, Sheyli Thomas; (3rd row) Ass’t Coach Zeruiah Bandy, Ass’t Coach Marissa Roush, Joanna Overly, Shelby Terrell, Daniella Lescure, Varlencia Winters, Head Coach Tamara Sanchez




Mr. H. Jarrell Gibbs Hot Springs Village, AR Mr. Patrick W. Hendricks Tulsa, OK Mr. Steven W. Belden Lucas, TX Dr. Michael Armour Dallas, TX Chairman of the Board

Mr. Edward J. Bailey Houston, TX Mrs J. Ann Case Kearney, MO Mr. A. Don Drennan Abilene, TX Dr. Jeff W. Hannel Lubbock, TX

Mr. Van R. Harrold Wichita, KS Dr. E. LaVerne Haselwood Omaha, NE Mr. Chester M. James Kingman, KS Mr. David Lynn York, NE Mr. Edward E. McLoud Leavenworth, KS Dr. Bryan G. Miller Milford, NE Mr. Norman E. Morrow St. Francis, KS Mr. Mike V. Myers Littleton, CO Mr. Perry Rubart Ulysses, KS Mrs. Carolyn Stephenson Lubbock, TX Mr. Charles B. Stephenson Lubbock, TX Mr. G. Wayne Studebaker Norfolk, NE Mr. Paul Touchton Brentwood, TN Mr. Charlie J. Watts Eudora, KS Dr. R. Wayne White Carrollton, TX Dr. Gregory N. Woods York, NE


Board of Trustees of Trustees

Vice Chair


Administration Dr. Steven W. Eckman President

Dr. R. Wayne Baker Chancellor


od richly blessed York College during the 2011-12 academic year with a near record-breaking fall enrollment of 507, another balanced budget, the addition of new Trustees and faculty, the growth of the College’s online programs, and the success of Panther athletics to name a few. A very special blessing came in early October in the honoring of Colis and Dolores Campbell as the first inductees to the York College Athletic Hall of Fame. Many of the coach’s former players joined in the celebration of one of YC’s most influential couples. A few weeks later, the administration was approached by an anonymous donor who further wished to honor the Campbells in an incredible way by fully funding a $1.4 million building project with their namesake, the Colis and Dolores Campbell Activity Center. Scheduled to be ready in January of 2013, the center will provide space for intramurals, a wide variety of student activities, special events, and daily chapel.

Brent N. Magner VP for Advancement

Dr. M. Shane Mountjoy VP for Student Development and Dean of Students

Willie Sanchez VP for Admissions

On May 4, Colis and Dolores Campbell and their family were joined by board members David Lynn ‘74 and Charlie Watts ‘65, and President Eckman ‘71 in a ground breaking ceremony for the Campbell Activity Center. (above)

Todd L. Sheldon VP for Finance and Operations

Dr. Tracey L. Wyatt Academic Dean

(1958-1975) Colis Campbell’s main role in his 17-year tenure at YC was head basketball coach and athletic director. He also taught physical education, Bible classes, and coached track, soccer, and tennis for several years. Dolores worked with the Girls’ Mission Group, pep club, cheerleaders, and social clubs, eventually serving as dean of women. (above)



Dr. Alfred Arth Professor, Education

John I. Baker III Associate Professor, Communication


*Michael Becker Associate Professor, Psychology

Ruth Carlock Levitt Library Asst. Director/Instructor

Dr. Michael Case Associate Professor, Bible

*Bob DeHart

Assistant Professor, Physical Education

Erin DeHart Assistant Professor, Education

Summer Dickinson Panther Press, English Instructor

Rick Eldred Instructor of Bible

Jason FitzSimmons Director of Center for Student Success

Amy Fraser Assistant Professor, Music

Josh Fullman Assistant Professor, English

Ken Gunselman Levitt Library Director/Assistant Professor

Patricia Jensen Assistant Professor, Physical Education

Chad Karcher Assistant Professor, Physical Education

Dr. Jason Kite Assistant Professor, Physics

Cara Kroeker Adjunct Professor of Psychology/Counselor

Sandy Kroeker Adjunct Professor, Family Studies/Social Work

*Billy Lones, JD Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice

Chris Luther Assistant Professor, Education/Men’s Soccer

Tod Martin Registrar, Business Instructor

*Bev McNeese Assistant Professor, English

*Tim McNeese Associate Professor, History

Gail Miller Associate Professor, Biology



*Mark Miller Assistant Professor, Mathematics

*Dr. L. Ray Miller II Professor, Chemistry

*Mark Moore Associate Professor, Business

Dr. Mark Pearson Associate Professor, Biology

Ramona Ratliff Levitt Library Circulation Assistant/Instructor

*Dr. Clark Roush Professor, Music

Dr. Terry Seufferlein Associate Professor, Bible

Marti Soderholm Associate Professor, Business

Harold Tandy Associate Professor, Computer Science

*Dr. Frank Wheeler Professor, Bible

*Dr. Kathleen Wheeler Associate Professor, Education

Dr. Alex Williams Associate Professor, Chemistry

*Chair of Department and/or Division

Brien Alley Director of Financial Aid

Courtney Baker Administrative Assistant, Education Administrative Assistant, Admissions

Tim Bruner Special Assistant to the President

PJ Bunyard


Zeruiah Bandy

Admissions Counselor

Lisa Cantrell Director of Online Learning

Justin Carver Cross Country & Track Coach

Dan Cole Director of Student Accounts, Instructor

Faculty & Staff


Joel Coehoorn Director of Information Technology

Ashley Connolly Admissions Counselor

Delton Deal


Men’s Basketball Coach

Ramon Diaz Wrestling Coach

Nick DiToro Development Officer

Bob Gaver Director of Facilities

Loretta Goben Custodial

Gayle Good Administrative Assistant, President’s Office

Larry Good Residence Life Coordinator

Cindy Gunselman Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs

Ben Hackett Assistant Men’s Soccer Coach

Nick Harlan Baseball Coach/P.E. Instructor

Trent Hinton SID/Women’s Soccer Coach

Chrystal Houston Director of Alumni & Communication

Nick Jones Assistant Director of Admissions

Thessali Jones Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs

Dennis Leinen Buildings and Grounds

Shannon Leinen Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach/Instructor

Tim Lewis Campus Minister, Instructor

Larry Light Buildings and Grounds

Tori Means Softball Coach

Leo Miller Circulation Assistant, Library



Rose Miller Accounts Payable

Rachel Odom Gibbs Apartment Manager

Gary Pinney Buildings and Grounds

Meredith Rosenbaum Volleyball Coach, Instructor

Mitch Roush Admissions Counselor

Carol Rowedder Computer Services

Janet Rush Assistant Bookstore Manager/Mailroom

Meghan Salsbury Administrative Assistant, Financial Aid

Tamara Sanchez Cheer Squad Coach

Heath Schmalzried Admissions Counselor

Catherine Seufferlein Asst. Dean of Students

Ron Shields Bookstore Manager

Steddon Sikes Director of Publications

Greg Smith Assistant Wrestling Coach

Jaclyn Smith Student Activities/Thomas Hall Mgr/Instructor

Jen Spickelmier Women’s Basketball Coach, Instructor

Jared Stark Athletic Director, Instructor

Travis Stoltenberg Custodial

Eric Tremaine Buildings and Grounds

Susan Van Deusen Women’s Apartment Manager

Brian Walth Associate Head Baseball Coach/P.E. Instructor

David Young Admissions Counselor

Sylvia Warren Custodial




Jasmine Agee Cody Baack Brianna Bailey Chrystian Banuelos

Molly Bartee Rafael Batista Dacy Bonner Jessica Bos

Kyle Bottom Katie Briggs Alicia Briski Beth Brock

Maggie Brockhoff Dakota Brooks DeVante’ Brooks Ronald Brown

Kelsey Buglewicz Bryce Bullington Chelsea Caruso Evanda Christoph

Alan Clark Chris Costanza Tyler Cox Britney Curry



Saleena Deal Morgan DeBoer Austin DeWitt Victoria Ebel

Mesha Ellison Kailey Firm Evans Francis Jenny Freeman

Daria Gainey Erika Garcia Ryan Geiger Tierney Gensler

Jacob Gibson Nash Goldman Josh Gonzalez Morgan Goracke

Katelyn Graeser Tabitha Hameister Curtis Hamilton Courtney Hammitt

Jake Hasenauer Gage Headley Tyler Hendrickson Jade Hodge




Anna Hoehn Chelcie Holloway Gary Holloway Cameron Holmes

Pete Holmes Dylan Hrkach Robert Ingram Zack Iseral

Jamaane Jordan Casey Kaup Katy Keefer Thomas Killian

Warren Lannon Ashley Lillie Camden Liska Jenny Long

Josh Lopez Saia Lotulelei Ariel Lundstrom Dani Marks

Daymian Marshall Matthew Martin Karsyn Maya



Kristin Menge Emily Meranda

Nichole Williams and Varlencia Winters enjoy a nice fall day. (left)

Brianna Miller DeAnn Miller

Laura Morrill Nick Mueting Jorge Munoz Heather Negley

Christina Nielsen Porsha Nyhof Asher Palomo Amber Parker

Donte’ Parker Shannon Patrick Ja’hviair Payne Corrine Pearl

Brianna Perez Michelle Perez Alfred Peters Derek Poole




Jacob Powell Billiey Reeder Matthew Rhea Trevion Richardson

Emily Rivera Patricia Robinson Edison Rodriquez LeiLani Roman

Hannah Sheldon Jordan Siebold Brady Sikes Laurel Simpson

Caleb Smith David Smith Susan Stewart Kayla Struck

Ben Sullivan Chris Swayze Shelby Terrell Sheyli Thomas

Spearheaded by Ana Moyers, on April 10, students participated in TOMS’ annual One Day Without Shoes to raise awareness of the impact a pair of shoes can have on a child’s life. (right)



Molly Bartee, Matthew Miller, Drew Geiger, Katie Kynion, Shaylee Carlock, Bradlee Carls, Emily Becker, Lori Beeson, Alicia Briski, Paul Clement, Tiffany Cole, Jessi Pope, Jacob Powell

Dan Thomason Toby Thompson

Ali Wallgren participates in the campus blood drive with a great attitude. (left)

Jameson Trauger Sarah Trembly Brandon Trout Sierra Trower

Collin Tucker Faith Underwood Seth Walker Ali Wallgren

Jarrett Waters Joe Weaver Nichole Williams Lauren Wiltse

Varlencia Winters Mark Wiseman Taylor Witt Lucienne Yunevich

Matthew Miller, Kristin Tuttle, and Ashley Kuehl get carried away in their conversation. (left)




Ben Abraham Rebecca Agler Yolanda Alailefaleula Lucas Anderson

Luis Arevalo Nicole Ashton Will Assama Karissa Austin

Alyssa Becker Emily Becker Jaynie Brautman Dylan Brewer

Elizabeth Callaway Ebony Carther Santiago Castano Renan Chaia

Sandy Chang Amber Clark Paul Clement Darreon Collins

Chrystina Contreras Garrett Cote Chase Craddock Taby Cramer



Shandie Curtis Megan Eberle Aileen Edmonds Marybeth Ester

Christopher Fifield Mitch Fletcher Erin Florea Dylan Ford

Megan Forney Aaron Frizell Kylie Fuller Breanna Gates

Andy Goad Kellan Goben Jessie Griffith Caleb Ham

Sarah Hansen Seth Hines Eric Howard Seth Jacob

Alberto Jaramillo Brennan Jarvis Brenna Johnson Daniella Juarez




Troy Kelly Jordan Kinney Ashley Kuehl Ramses Larobina

James Lawson Kathryn Lee Andrew Leonard Daniella Lescure

Lance Lorang Adiana Loya Emily Lutz Jen Lyons

John Machisic Daniel Magner Kayla Martin Kimberly Martin

Marcus McArthur Callie McCoy Justin McQuiddy Matthew Miller

Doug Moore Joel Morien Breanna Morris Alaia Navratil



Jake Nugen Delaney Ortega Briana Van Deusen serves up an order with a smile behind The Well’s counter. (left)

Thomas Parker JD Patterson

Kawika Pedrina Jordan Pella Andrew Percic Raquel Pineda

Emily Pitkin Lauren Post Jacqueline Powell Luis Pulido

Cheryl Ratliff-Marti Andrew Raymond Arica Reeves Riannon Romero

Sydney Roseke Andrew Rush Amanda Saldivar Mallory Sansom




Mariah Saylor Parker Seilstad Abdul Sesay Jabari Shaw

Tiffany Shimp Ryne Smith Christian Spath Evan Stanger

Grayson Stewart Jordan Suter Kyle Svehla Morgan Tackett

Katie Thomas Mariah Thompson-Bills Preston Tibbetts Mayra Urrutia

Briana Van Deusen Susan Van Deusen Rebecca Waggoner Amber Walker

Ally Weaver Tisa Wharton Kayla Will Kenzie Witt



Andrew Aragon John Baker Bryce Ballard Carrie Berzins


Tristian Birch Matt Blaemire Chasta Bonifas Danielle Bowlby

Kameryn Brewster Corbin Brown Jeremy Burgener Isabel Camacho

Dustin Campbell Shaylee Carlock Isidro Carrizoza Sean Carroll

Blake Casey Lauren Childs Matthew Cimmino Caleb Clark

Patrick Clark Nicholas Clarke Tiffany Cole Caleb Connolly




Ricky Creek Danny Cunningham Danny Cunningham and Jordan Mestas share a semi-private moment on one of the campus swings. (right)

Michael Daringer Erin Davidson

Sherman Davis Marcelo DeSouza Charles Dick Samantha Dixon

Adam Dubberke Kayla Durham Robert Eklund Ben Elsass

Bethany Fields Joeseph Garcia Zach Garcia Keenan Gaskin

Drew Geiger Ashley Grant Angelene Gray Alice Hackett



Ashley Heimbouch Callie Heitz Paul Helms Shaun Hess

Josh Ivey Marcus Johnson Ray Johnson Stephan Johnston

Chris Kemen Thomas Korn Katie Kynion Brett Lane

Joseph Lane Jordan Leis Jaquar Lovett Maicey Madden

Joe Madison Bryan Magno Mark Massay Elissa Maynes

Michael McGee Jordan Mestas Brianna Perez and Junior Carrizoza wait outside the Freeman Center as morning chapel is about to get underway. (left)




Michael Miller Ingo Miranda Macy Mountjoy Ana Moyers

Sean Murfin Alyssa Mustard Brett Nathan Miles Negley

Ryan Nelson Josh Nuyten Kris Olson Joanna Overly

Ethan Owens Robert Perez Chelsi Reichwaldt Rebecca Reynolds

Linda Risinger Wilfredo Rodriguez Katiamari Roman Megan Salfrank

Matt Cimmino, Patrick Clark, Lauren Childs, Katie Kynion, Angel Gray, Ian McEnerney, and Dave Young take the hill at Harrison Park in style. (right) Dee Ellison, Logan Moyer, Reggie Johnson, Aaron Frizell, and Saul Perez make the best of the frigid weather on their way to the Caf. (far right)


Juniors photo by Devyn Pearl

Hailey Siebold Martha Slater

Michelle Perez, Ashley Kuehl, and Carrie Berzins make the cut during a fall photo shoot. (left)

Dean Slattery Stephanie Studebaker

Casandra Taylor Nate Trumbo Carson Tuttle Tedrick Urune

Reid VanWesten Thadd Varmall Andre Vaughn Marissa Watts

Kyle Wichman Whitney Wiemer Stephanie Wilson

At the end of the spring semester, science majors: Jordan Veness, Lexi Paspalof, Elizabeth Eklund, Kristine Evangelista, Michelle Tsinnie, Andrew Matheny, Daniel Costanza, Adam Wohlwend, David Ohlin, Marisa Maher, and Amanda Baldwin, gathered outside of Sack Hall for a picture used to promote their senior papers. (left)




Alec Abend Jeremiah Ahart Emilie Alston Bruce Amende

Jotham Andrews Kelley Andrews Bryan Armstrong Josh Baerg

Brandon Bailey Amanda Baldwin Shawn Bandy Aaron Beadle

Lori Beeson Zane Berner Ashley Bolm Adam Brock

BryAnna Brock Garrett Brown Cody Brumbaugh John Bryan

Pat Burford Tree Burks Eduardo Camarena Bradlee Carls



Matt Carlson David Carney Garrett Brown and Kayla Will steal a kiss in the library. (left)

Luke Case Rocco Cirelli Nathana Clay Kirsten Clements

Heather Colby Daniel Costanza Kimberlee DeGroot Bridget Deschner

Amanda Detlefs Maegan Detlefs James Didier Danielle Driscoll

Rebecca Duncan Elizabeth Eklund Dee Ellison Robert Enriquez

Curtis Eubanks Kristine Evangelista Gene Felise Carlos Fernandes




Megan Fifield Caroline Gaudreault Sara Geiger Travis Gibson

Elizabeth Goertzen Courtney Graff Shawn Gronseth Ben Hackett

Peter Hansen Elicia Hebrink Keaton Holland Shaun Howard

Christina Hubl Bryan Irsik Andrew Johnson Quin Johnson

Rachel Johnson Reggie Johnson Casey Kinnison Chris Kistenoglu

Amanda Kline Adam Kreifels Ger Lao Randy Lewis



Thomas Lichty Sara Lincoln Kris Little Jason Lloyd

Erich Loper Daniel Lopez Matthew Lostroh Michael Lostroh

Michael Lough Alex Lowther Marisa Maher David Maple

Andrew Matheny Chelsea Mayer Megan McBride Jacob McCoy

Ian McEnerney Nick McGrew Livia Medeiros Lorena Medeiros

Nathan Melvin Jamie Mix Nikki Moeder Logan Moyer




Sam Mwago Tara New Isaac Obermiller David Ohlin

Alexis Paspalof Devyn Pearl Saul Perez Katie Perry

Kristi Phillips Luke Phillips Jessi Pope Sarah Pope

Crystal Prawl Chelsey Quigley Kyle Reeves Andrea Rice

Royce Roberts Crystal Rush Toni Sabo Marty Salsbury

Mayara Santos Bethany Saylor Kelsea Schuerman Brittanie Shaw



Logan Siddall Kory Slaughter Ben Smail Brent Smith

Cailin Stahl Desmond Strickland Jarad Swanson Sara Taverner

Laura Tesnohlidek Doug Tew Rachelle Tialavea Nathan Towell

Xavier Trice Michelle Tsinnie Kristin Tuttle Sarah Van Deusen

Jordan Veness A.J. Wharton Jared Wiley Bryan Williams

Brett Wise Dustin Wisener Adam Wohlwend Nick Youmans



Student Index A Abend, Alec 5, 77, 104 Abraham, Ben 61, 65, 94 Agee, Jasmine 2, 24, 27, 40, 47, 51, 52, 55, 56, 88 Agler, Rebecca 33, 40, 47, 49, 94 Ahart, Jeremiah 16, 18, 73, 104 Alailefaleula, Yolanda 94 Alston, Emilie 34, 47, 104 Amende, Bruce 104 Anderson, Lucas 15, 17, 19, 41, 94 Andrews, Jotham 30, 69, 104 Andrews, Kelley 30, 34, 104 Aragon, Andrew 2, 7, 9, 28, 35, 79, 80, 99 Arevalo, Luis 65, 94 Armstrong, Bryan 10, 11, 12, 30, 31, 40, 41, 77, 104 Ashton, Nicole 94 Assama, Will 1, 16, 73, 94 Austin, Karissa 6, 36, 78, 79, 80, 94

B Baack, Cody 41, 77, 88 Baerg, Josh 10, 11, 12, 29, 30, 36, 37, 42, 43, 58, 104 Bailey, Brandon 30, 58, 104 Bailey, Brianna 4, 27, 28, 36, 47, 49, 51, 55, 88 Baker, John W. 22, 24, 35, 51, 54, 56, 65, 99, 112 Baldwin, Amanda 30, 103, 104, 112 Ballard, Bryce 1, 15, 17, 33, 41, 45, 99 Bandy, Shawn 77, 104 Banuelos, Chrystian 37, 69, 88 Bartee, Molly 17, 28, 40, 66, 88, 92 Batista, Rafael 65, 88 Beadle, Aaron 15, 41, 80, 104 Becker, Alyssa 6, 36, 70, 94 Becker, Emily 32, 92, 94 Beeson, Lori 38, 92, 104 Benton, Austin 41, 61 Berger, Carrie 30, 32, 45 Berner, Zane 9, 10, 15, 30, 38, 39, 59, 104 Berzins, Carrie 4, 27, 28, 40, 42, 49, 62, 99, 103 Birch, Tristian 99 Blaemire, Matt 77, 99 Bolm, Ashley 104 Bonifas, Chasta 9, 20, 38, 99 Bonner, Dacy 66, 88 Bos, Jessica 38, 88 Bottom, Kyle 78, 80, 88 Bowlby, Danielle 1, 16, 36, 66, 80, 99 Brautman, Jaynie 14, 40, 62, 94 Brewer, Dylan 73, 94, 112 Brewster, Kameryn 34, 47, 78, 79, 80, 99, 112 Briggs, Katie 38, 88 Briski, Alicia 40, 47, 88, 92 Bristol, Heather 30 Brock, Adam 104 Brock, Beth 8, 20, 34, 88 Brock, BryAnna 30, 104 Brockhoff, Maggie 38, 66, 88 Brooks, Dakota 88 Brooks, DeVante’ 6, 73, 88 Brown, Corbin 77, 99



Brown, Garrett 30, 58, 65, 104, 105, 112 Brown, Ronald 88 Brumbaugh, Cody 77, 104 Bryan, John 30, 58, 73, 104, 112 Buglewicz, Kelsey 4, 14, 62, 88 Bullington, Bryce 88 Burford, Pat 77, 104 Burgener, Jeremy 2, 4, 41, 42, 58, 77, 99, 112 Burks, Tree 73, 104, 112

C Callaway, Elizabeth 9, 36, 62, 79, 80, 94, 112 Camacho, Isabel 8, 21, 36, 99 Camarena, Eduardo 77, 104 Campbell, Dustin 58, 73, 80, 99, 112 Carlock, Shaylee 2, 29, 34, 79, 80, 92, 99 Carls, Bradlee 5, 37, 42, 69, 92, 104 Carlson, Matt 30, 105 Carney, David 105 Carrizoza, Isidro 77, 99, 101 Carroll, Sean 14, 19, 41, 42, 45, 99 Carther, Ebony 1, 6, 58, 70, 79, 80, 94 Caruso, Chelsea 7, 66, 88 Case, Luke 21, 39, 59, 105 Casey, Blake 73, 99 Castano, Santiago 65, 94 Chaia, Renan 65, 94 Chang, Sandy 36, 49, 58, 66, 94, 112 Childs, Lauren 14, 99, 102 Christoph, Evanda 9, 39, 88 Cimmino, Matthew 99, 102 Cirelli, Rocco 6, 77, 105 Clark, Alan 4, 41, 52, 88 Clark, Amber 14, 20, 21, 30, 32, 34, 42, 94 Clark, Caleb 2, 12, 13, 20, 24, 39, 51, 53, 55, 56, 99 Clark, Patrick 10, 12, 15, 23, 25, 37, 45, 47, 49, 51, 52, 54, 60, 99, 102 Clarke, Nicholas 69, 99 Clay, Nathana 30, 105 Clement, Paul 5, 41, 60, 65, 92, 94 Clements, Kirsten 30, 32, 59, 105 Colby, Heather 1, 14, 74, 105 Cole, Tiffany 38, 74, 92, 99 Collins, Darreon 35, 80, 94 Connolly, Caleb 2, 41, 77, 99 Contreras, Chrystina 34, 94 Conyers, Aaron 77 Costanza, Chris 77, 88 Costanza, Daniel 30, 77, 103, 105 Cote’, Garrett 4, 32, 61, 65, 94 Cox, Tyler 6, 20, 22, 41, 42, 43, 58, 78, 80, 88 Craddock, Chase 20, 41, 43, 65, 94, 112 Cramer, Taby 1, 74, 94 Creek, Ricky 32, 78, 100, 112 Crowell, Kayla 30 Cunningham, Danny 37, 45, 80, 100 Curry, Britney 74, 88 Curtis, Shandie 34, 62, 95

D Daringer, Michael 47, 100 Davidson, Erin 36, 45, 54, 57, 66, 100 Davis, Sherman 27, 100

Deal, Saleena 7, 40, 66, 89 DeBoer, Morgan 40, 78, 89 DeGroot, Kimberlee 12, 26, 30, 40, 47, 59, 66, 105, 112 Deschner, Bridget 105 DeSouza, Marcelo 65, 100 Detlefs, Amanda 8, 34, 105 Detlefs, Maegan 4, 13, 23, 25, 27, 34, 47, 51, 54, 55, 59, 60, 105 DeWitt, Austin 35, 65, 89 Dick, Charles 41, 77, 100 Didier, James 30, 77, 105 Dixon, Samantha 32, 38, 47, 49, 100 Driscoll, Danielle 105 Dubberke, Adam 77, 100 Duncan, Rebecca 8, 10, 11, 30, 36, 37, 105 Durham, Kayla 16, 32, 36, 66, 100

E Ebel, Victoria 8, 34, 89 Eberle, Megan 19, 38, 47, 95 Edmonds, Aileen 38, 47, 95 Eklund, Elizabeth 30, 31, 36, 103, 105 Eklund, Robert 69, 100 Ellison, Dee 73, 102, 105 Ellison, Mesha 6, 36, 70, 89 Elsass, Ben 35, 100 Emery, Selena 30 Enriquez, Robert 105 Ester, Marybeth 2, 36, 66, 79, 80, 95 Eubanks, Curtis 30, 105 Evangelista, Kristine 1, 30, 66, 103, 105, 112

F Felise, Gene 1, 41, 77, 105, 112 Fernandes, Carlos 65, 105 Ferreira, Andre 65 Fields, Bethany 29, 34, 60, 100 Fifield, Christopher 95 Fifield, Megan 106 Firm, Kailey 2, 23, 36, 47, 66, 89 Fletcher, Mitch 77, 95 Florea, Erin 24, 27, 32, 40, 51, 52, 55, 56, 95 Ford, Dylan 13, 15, 20, 41, 45, 47, 51, 53, 56, 60, 61, 95 Forney, Megan 47, 49, 58, 95 Francis, Evans 37, 65, 89 Freeman, Jenny 28, 36, 89 Frizell, Aaron 73, 95, 102 Fuller, Kylie 62, 95

G Gainey, Daria 40, 60, 89 Garcia, Erika 9, 17, 19, 29, 38, 66, 89 Garcia, Joeseph 77, 100 Garcia, Zach 77, 100 Gaskin, Keenan 2, 24, 27, 37, 58, 73, 100 Gates, Breanna 20, 40, 95 Gaudreault, Caroline 24, 26, 30, 38, 47, 51, 53, 54, 59, 106 Geiger, Drew 1, 15, 28, 41, 47, 80, 92, 100 Geiger, Ryan 89 Geiger, Sara 28, 30, 34, 45, 69, 106 Gensler, Tierney 28, 34, 62, 89 Gibson, Jacob 17, 39, 89 Gibson, Travis 106 Goad, Andy 80, 95 Goben, Kellan 5, 14, 15, 41, 45, 61, 78, 80, 95, 112 Goertzen, Elizabeth 30, 106 Goldman, Nash 65, 89 Gonzalez, Josh 39, 89 Goracke, Morgan 2, 5, 8, 20, 27, 38, 51, 52, 55, 56, 89 Graeser, Katelyn 5, 38, 74, 89 Graff, Courtney 30, 66, 106 Grant, Ashley 100

Gray, Angelene 1, 2, 14, 23, 25, 47, 60, 100, 102 Griffith, Jessie 1, 74, 95 Gronseth, Shawn 18, 30, 106

H Hackett, Alice 12, 19, 34, 43, 45, 47, 49, 78, 100, 112 Hackett, Ben 65, 106 Ham, Caleb 35, 80, 95 Hameister, Tabitha 9, 34, 89 Hamilton, Curtis 89 Hammitt, Courtney 21, 36, 70, 89 Hansen, Peter 23, 32, 39, 106 Hansen, Sarah 1, 7, 95 Harlow, Derek 30 Hasenauer, Jake 78, 80, 89 Headley, Gage 39, 47, 89 Hebrink, Elicia 30, 106 Heimbouch, Ashley 15, 62, 101 Heitz, Callie 47, 101 Helms, Paul 2, 39, 47, 52, 101 Hendrickson, Tyler 69, 89 Hess, Shaun 21, 23, 37, 101 Hines, Seth 80, 95 Hodge, Jade 2, 36, 79, 80, 81, 89 Hoehn, Anna 9, 34, 62, 90 Holland, Keaton 1, 6, 30, 106 Holloway, Chelcie 1, 20, 40, 90 Holloway, Gary 73, 90 Holmes, Cameron 2, 9, 14, 15, 20, 23, 25, 41, 43, 45, 47, 61, 80, 90 Holmes, Peter 5, 12, 21, 37, 43, 47, 90 Howard, Eric 58, 95 Howard, Shaun 20, 69, 106, 112 Hrkach, Dylan 65, 90 Hubl, Christina 34, 74, 106

I Ingram, Robert 6, 73, 90 Irsik, Bryan 8, 32, 35, 42, 69, 106 Iseral, Zack 90 Ivey, Josh 41, 65, 101

J Jacob, Seth 41, 47, 77, 95 Jaramillo, Alberto (A.J.) 2, 37, 69, 95 Jarvis, Brennan 4, 6, 78, 95 Johnson, Andrew 73, 106 Johnson, Brenna 1, 20, 26, 30, 32, 34, 66, 95, 112 Johnson, Marcus 1, 16, 73, 101 Johnson, Quin 12, 20, 21, 30, 35, 60, 106 Johnson, Rachel 10, 11, 12, 27, 29, 32, 34, 35, 45, 62, 106, 112 Johnson, Ray 69, 101 Johnson, Reggie 73, 102, 106 Johnston, Stephan 35, 51, 65, 101 Jordan, Jamaane 73, 90 Juarez, Daniella 36, 74, 81, 95

K Kaup, Casey 39, 77, 90 Keefer, Katy 18, 34, 44, 62, 90 Kelly, Troy 1, 6, 8, 12, 14, 20, 27, 41, 42, 58, 80, 96 Kemen, Chris 101 Killian, Thomas 7, 65, 90 Kinney, Jordan 14, 40, 62, 96, 112 Kinnison, Casey 10, 11, 21, 30, 31, 34, 35, 58, 106 Kistenoglu, Chris 12, 16, 32, 41, 65, 106, 112 Kline, Amanda 10, 11, 26, 30, 38, 39, 47, 106 Korn, Thomas 5, 16, 77, 101 Kreifels, Adam 106 Kryfka, Shannen 20, 30, 32 Kuehl, Ashley 1, 28, 34, 49, 62, 93, 96, 103

Kynion, Katie 1, 14, 33, 40, 44, 45, 58, 62, 92, 101, 102, 112

L Lane, Brett 77, 101 Lane, Joseph 101 Lannon, Warren 78, 80, 90 Lao, Ger 49, 77, 106 Larobina, Ramses 1, 16, 18, 73, 96 Lawson, James 39, 96 Lee, Kathryn 96 Leis, Jordan 16, 41, 77, 101 Leonard, Drew 5, 37, 47, 49, 52, 55, 96 Lescure, Daniella 19, 36, 81, 96 Lewis, Randy 15, 29, 30, 65, 106, 112 Lewis, Tyson 8, 18, 39, 44 Lichty, Thomas 12, 29, 30, 42, 43, 47, 53, 59, 107 Lillie, Ashley 38, 90 Lincoln, Sara 2, 34, 70, 107, 112 Liska, Camden 73, 90 Little, Kris 1, 6, 107 Lloyd, Jason 12, 13, 17, 28, 29, 37, 69, 107 Long, Jenny 5, 8, 34, 47, 90 Loper, Erich 13, 30, 45, 47, 60, 107 Lopez, Daniel 73, 107, 112 Lopez, Josh 5, 14, 37, 69, 90 Lorang, Lance 96 Lostroh, Matthew 30, 107 Lostroh, Michael 30, 107 Lotulelei, Saia 19, 39, 43, 47, 69, 90 Lough, Michael 32, 107 Lovett, Jaquar 101 Lowther, Alex 77, 107, 112 Loya, Adiana 40, 62, 70, 96, 112 Lundstrom, Ariel 18, 70, 90 Lundstrom, Erica 70 Lutz, Emily 58, 70, 96 Lyons, Jen 62, 96

M Machisic, John 39, 96 Madden, Maicey 74, 101 Madison, Joe 1, 37, 80, 101 Magner, Daniel 5, 19, 28, 39, 41, 47, 52, 61, 96 Magno, Bryan 11, 20, 37, 42, 69, 101 Maher, Marisa 30, 34, 61, 70, 80, 103, 107 Maple, David 65, 107 Marks, Dani 1, 2, 40, 74, 90 Marshall, Daymian 16, 73, 90 Martin, Kayla 96 Martin, Kimberly 1, 47, 62, 96 Martin, Matthew 54, 90 Massay, Mark 35, 69, 101 Matheny, Andrew 30, 103, 107 Maya, Karsyn 7, 17, 19, 29, 36, 66, 90 Mayer, Chelsea 30, 36, 107 Mayfield, Rachel 56 Maynes, Elissa 32, 101 McArthur, Marcus 69, 96 McBride, Megan 32, 107 McCoy, Callie 36, 69, 96 McCoy, Jacob 69, 107 McEnerney, Ian 30, 32, 37, 102, 107 McGee, Michael 32, 37, 65, 101, 112 McGrew, Nick 30, 69, 107 McQuiddy, Justin 17, 23, 39, 73, 96 Medeiros, Livia 70, 107, 112 Medeiros, Lorena 30, 62, 107, 112 Melvin, Nathan 30, 107 Menge, Kristin 36, 62, 91 Meranda, Emily 34, 78, 80, 91 Mestas, Jordan 7, 34, 78, 80, 100, 101, 112 Miller, Andrew 30 Miller, Brianna 91

Miller, DeAnn 9, 15, 34, 43, 62, 91 Miller, Matthew 14, 18, 41, 42, 43, 47, 51, 58, 60, 92, 93, 96 Miller, Michael 33, 41, 42, 45, 77, 102 Miranda, Ingo 16, 65, 102 Mix, Jamie 6, 30, 34, 47, 107 Moeder, Nikki 10, 11, 40, 41, 47, 107 Moore, Doug 35, 47, 49, 96 Morien, Joel 8, 17, 39, 47, 49, 51, 54, 80, 96 Morrill, Laura 9, 17, 32, 38, 91 Morris, Breanna 96 Mountjoy, Macy 17, 34, 62, 102, 112 Moyer, Logan 73, 102, 107 Moyers, Ana 7, 16, 28, 36, 66, 92, 102, 112 Mueting, Nick 65, 91 Munoz, Jorge 69, 91 Murfin, Sean 2, 41, 77, 102 Mustard, Alyssa 34, 74, 102 Mwago, Sam 16, 30, 58, 80, 108

N Nathan, Brett 77, 102 Navratil, Alaia 43, 51, 66, 96 Negley, Heather 34, 62, 91 Negley, Miles 2, 35, 42, 45, 58, 69, 102 Negley, Wes 69 Nelson, Ryan 39, 47, 49, 52, 55, 56, 102 New, Tara 30, 34, 62, 108, 112 Nielsen, Christina 91 Nugen, Jake 4, 78, 97 Nuyten, Josh 16, 77, 102 Nyhof, Porsha 34, 91

O Obermiller, Isaac 16, 30, 42, 43, 77, 108 Ohlin, David 30, 37, 103, 108 Olson, Kris 41, 65, 102, 112 Ortega, Delaney 97 Osayande, Amen 5, 73 Overly, Joanna 2, 36, 81, 102 Owens, Ethan 9, 37, 65, 102

P Palomo, Asher 35, 80, 91 Parker, Amber 15, 34, 61, 62, 81, 91 Parker, Donte’ 73, 91 Parker, Thomas 97 Parker, Timothy 69 Paspalof, Alexis 1, 30, 31, 74, 103, 108, 112 Patrick, Shannon 38, 91 Patterson, JD 41, 69, 97 Payne, Ja’hviair 65, 91 Pearl, Corrine 1, 14, 38, 74, 91 Pearl, Devyn 1, 14, 74, 108 Pedrina, Kawika 2, 79, 80, 97 Pella, Jordan 41, 77, 97 Percic, Andrew 27, 37, 45, 51, 52, 65, 97 Perez, Brianna 91, 101 Perez, Mayra 40 Perez, Michelle 66, 91, 103 Perez, Robert 77, 102 Perez, Saul 30, 32, 41, 102, 108 Perry, Katie 30, 40, 74, 108 Peters, Alfred 18, 19, 39, 51, 52, 69, 91 Phillips, Kristi 34, 62, 108 Phillips, Luke 29, 30, 35, 108, 112 Pineda, Raquel 20, 34, 62, 97 Pitkin, Emily 34, 97 Poole, Derek 65, 73, 91 Pope, Jessi 32, 92, 108 Pope, Sarah 32, 108 Post, Lauren 21, 27, 38, 47, 51, 52, 54, 55, 97 Powell, Jacob 77, 92 Powell, Jacqueline 38, 97 Prawl, Crystal 38, 47, 59, 108 Pulido, Luis 65, 97

Q Quigley, Chelsey 32, 66, 108

R Ratliff-Marti, Cheryl 97 Raymond, Andrew 77, 97 Reeder, Billiey 5, 12, 40, 51, 54, 56, 92 Reeves, Arica 1, 2, 74, 97 Reeves, Kyle 30, 31, 108 Reichwaldt, Chelsi 102 Reynolds, Rebecca 34, 62, 102 Rhea, Matthew 6, 39, 53, 54, 92 Rice, Andrea 30, 108 Richardson, Trevion 92 Risinger, Linda 38, 102 Rivera, Emily 6, 36, 70, 92 Roberts, Royce 26, 30, 32, 51, 55, 59, 108 Robinson, Patricia 5, 17, 34, 80, 92 Rodriguez, Wilfredo 77, 102 Rodriquez, Edison 92 Roman, Katiamari 102 Roman, LeiLani 5, 17, 38, 51, 54, 92 Romero, Riannon 1, 7, 74, 97 Roseke, Sydney 34, 97 Rush, Andrew 9, 20, 24, 32, 41, 65, 97, 112 Rush, Crystal 7, 27, 66, 108, 112

S Sabo, Toni 30, 40, 108 Saldivar, Amanda 1, 74, 97 Salfrank, Megan 38, 51, 54, 59, 102 Salsbury, Marty 30, 47, 108 Sansom, Mallory 1, 19, 20, 26, 30, 32, 40, 42, 66, 97 Santos, Mayara 70, 108 Saylor, Bethany 2, 12, 13, 23, 25, 36, 47, 49, 51, 56, 108 Saylor, Mariah 40, 98 Schuerman, Kelsea 30, 70, 108 Seilstad, Parker 18, 23, 37, 47, 49, 52, 56, 98 Sesay, Abdul 4, 20, 41, 58, 65, 98, 112 Shaw, Brittanie 30, 74, 108 Shaw, Jabari 98 Sheldon, Hannah 1, 40, 47, 62, 92 Shimp, Tiffany 1, 14, 21, 36, 62, 98, 112 Siddall, Logan 30, 41, 44, 59, 109 Siebold, Hailey 1, 5, 45, 47, 52, 103 Siebold, Jordan 18, 39, 48, 52, 55, 92 Sikes, Brady 1, 5, 41, 47, 92, 112 Simpson, Laurel 5, 13, 20, 34, 47, 49, 51, 53, 54, 55, 56, 92 Slater, Martha 34, 62, 103 Slattery, Dean 35, 43, 77, 103 Slaughter, Kory 73, 109 Smail, Ben 30, 109 Smith, Brent 73, 109, 112 Smith, Caleb 23, 25, 28, 41, 47, 49, 51, 60, 80, 92 Smith, David 27, 39, 42, 69, 92 Smith, Ryne 21, 39, 47, 49, 61, 80, 98, 112 Spath, Christian 41, 73, 98 Stahl, Cailin 109 Stanger, Evan 6, 27, 39, 47, 98 Stewart, Grayson 37, 65, 98 Stewart, Susan 38, 47, 92 Strickland, Desmond 73, 109, 112 Struck, Kayla 34, 80, 92 Studebaker, Stephanie 40, 47, 51, 55, 61, 103 Sullivan, Ben 65, 92 Suter, Jordan 77, 98 Svehla, Kyle 41, 47, 55, 98 Swanson, Jarad 30, 109 Swayze, Chris 69, 92

T Tackett, Morgan 1, 12, 13, 14, 27, 40, 43, 45, 62, 98

Taverner, Sara 30, 47, 109 Taylor, Casandra 5, 34, 47, 60, 66, 103 Taylor, Jerome 39 Terrell, Shelby 9, 36, 40, 66, 81, 92 Tesnohlidek, Laura 7, 58, 66, 109 Tew, Doug 77, 109 Thomas, Katie 98 Thomas, Sheyli 40, 42, 81, 92 Thomason, Dan 93 Thompson-Bills, Mariah 98 Thompson, Toby 39, 69, 93 Tialavea, Rachelle 66, 70, 109 Tibbetts, Preston 98 Towell, Nathan 29, 30, 35, 47, 52, 65, 109, 112 Trauger, Jameson 8, 15, 39, 51, 52, 55, 93 Trembly, Sarah 1, 14, 38, 74, 93 Trice, Xavier 73, 109 Trotter, Eliis 69 Trout, Brandon 39, 69, 93 Trower, Sierra 34, 42, 80, 93 Trumbo, Nate 39, 69, 103 Tsinnie, Michelle 19, 30, 34, 66, 103, 109 Tucker, Collin 6, 28, 39, 80, 93 Tuttle, Carson 1, 13, 19, 20, 27, 32, 41, 44, 45, 47, 103 Tuttle, Kristin 27, 29, 40, 45, 47, 49, 78, 79, 93, 109

U Underwood, Faith 66, 93 Urrutia, Mayra 14, 18, 20, 27, 40, 42, 43, 62, 98, 112 Urune, Tedrick 5, 73, 103

V Van Deusen, Briana 12, 34, 51, 53, 55, 56, 97, 98 Van Deusen, Sarah 4, 8, 12, 13, 21, 22, 29, 30, 34, 42, 43, 109 Van Deusen, Susan 43, 87, 98 VanWesten, Reid 41, 77, 103 Varmall, Thadd 5, 73, 103 Vaughn, Andre 5, 73, 103 Veness, Jordan 12, 30, 32, 34, 62, 70, 103, 109, 112

W Waggoner, Rebecca 36, 98 Walker, Amber 33, 36, 47, 98 Walker, Seth 20, 41, 77, 93 Wallgren, Ali 38, 47, 51, 52, 55, 93, 112 Washington, Demarius 73 Waters, Jarrett 41, 47, 93 Watts, Marissa 38, 47, 103 Weaver, Ally 1, 20, 40, 45, 98 Weaver, Joe 1, 93 Wharton, A.J. 39, 51, 109 Wharton, Tisa 38, 47, 54, 98 Wichman, Kyle 58, 69, 103 Wiemer, Whitney 9, 21, 38, 61, 103 Wiley, Jared 109 Will, Kayla 4, 36, 58, 98, 105 Williams, Bryan 32, 69, 109 Williams, Nichole 34, 51, 81, 91, 93 Wilson, Stephanie 4, 8, 18, 30, 32, 36, 43, 44, 58, 61, 103 Wiltse, Lauren 36, 62, 93 Winters, Varlencia 29, 36, 81, 91, 93 Wise, Brett 16, 77, 109 Wiseman, Mark 20, 41, 43, 77, 93 Wisener, Dustin 77, 109 Witt, Kenzie 2, 66, 98 Witt, Taylor 69, 93 Wohlwend, Adam 30, 103, 109

Y Youmans, Nick 109 Yunevich, Lucienne 36, 62, 93



photo by Taylor Ladd

Bryan Armstrong, Jeremy Burgener, Daniel Costanza, Alex Lowther, Kyle Reeves, Reid VanWesten, John Bryan, MCAC Scholar Athletes Dustin Campbell, Sean Carroll, Bryan Armstrong, Baseball Marisa Maher, Lorena Medeiros, Alyssa Becker, Basketball Brent Smith, Desmond Strickland, John Baker, Carrie *Carrie Berzins, Soccer Berzins, Jaynie Brautman, Soccer Garrett Brown, Emalie Clement, Amanda Deal, Blake Derrick, Dylan Brewer, Basketball Mikey McGee, Kris Olson, Brent Stahl, Jordan Veness, Lexi Kameryn Brewster, Track/Cross Country Paspalof, Zane Berner, Kameryn Brewster, Elizabeth Eklund, Garrett Brown, Soccer Jordan Mestas, James Tidei, Kimberlee DeGroot, Kristine John Bryan, Basketball Evangelista, Ana Moyers, Crystal Rush, Cassie Taylor, Mindy Jeremy Burgener, Baseball Witt, Ricky Creek, Shaun Howard Tree Burks, Basketball Elizabeth Callaway, Track Dustin Campbell, Track Sandy Chang, Volleyball Chase Craddock, Soccer Ricky Creek, Track/Cross Country Kimberlee DeGroot, Volleyball Gene Felise, Baseball Kellan Goben, Track/Cross Country Shaun Howard, Wrestling Brenna Johnson, Volleyball Rachel Johnson, Soccer Jordan Kinney, Soccer Chris Kistenoglu, Soccer Randy Lewis, Soccer Sara Lincoln, Basketball Daniel Lopez, Basketball Alex Lowther, Baseball Adiana Loya, Basketball Michael McGee, Soccer Livia Medeiros, Basketball Lorena Medeiros, Soccer Jordan Mestas, Track/Cross Country Macy Mountjoy, Soccer Ana Moyers, Volleyball Tara New, Soccer Kris Olson, Soccer Alexis Paspalof, Softball Andrew Rush, Soccer *Crystal Rush, Volleyball Abdul Sesay, Soccer Tiffany Shimp, Soccer *Brent Smith, Basketball Ryne Smith, Track Desmond Strickland, Basketball Nathan Towell, Soccer Mayra Urrutia, Soccer Jordan Veness, Soccer John Baker, Soccer

A sunny fall day after chapel is enjoyed by Kristine Evangelista, Alice Hackett, Luke Phillips, Ali Wallgren, and Garrett Brown.

The CRUSADER is a publication of York College under the supervision of Steddon Sikes, Director of Publications and Yearbook Editor. Brady Sikes was the Student Editor for this volume and Amanda Baldwin and Katie Kynion were the student photographers. A special thanks to Chrystal Houston for providing many of the stories. Photography was also contributed by Courtney Baker, John I. Baker, Renae Bottom, Aaron Beadle, Bob DeHart, Erin DeHart, Kellan Goben, Trisha Goben, Chrystal Houston, Quin Johnson, Rachel Johnson, Taylor Ladd, Jason Lannon, Shannon Leinen, Chris Luther, Marisa Maher, Tim McNeese, Ana Moyers, Devyn Pearl, Tiffany Shimp, Steddon Sikes, Amber Soderholm, Marti Soderholm, Jaclyn Smith, Stephanie Studebaker, Frank Wheeler, Kayla Will, and the York News-Times Staff. This yearbook was printed by the Walsworth Publishing Company of Marceline, MO. Greg Adams served as the annual representative.

112 *MCAC Scholar-Athletes of the Year

Cover photo by Bob DeHart


CRUSADER 2011-12 Volume 56

2012 Crusader  
2012 Crusader  

York College 2011-12 Yearbook