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Nineteen Twenty-Three

P R E S ID E N T W . O. JO N E S A. B., B. D. D. "P r exle" Jones is a loyal and staunch supporter of York College; a man who puts his devotions into actions. Although th is is h is first year as President, we are sure York Cole ge is going to be bigger, better York College than it has ever been before.

DEAN C H A R L E S E. ASHCRAFT A. B., A. M„ B. D. "W ere It not" for Dean some York College students would long ago have departed from the straight and n ar­ row path that leads to knowledge. A friend to all, he is loved by the entire student body.

C H A R L E S BISSET Registrar, Ph. B., A. M., B. D. Of Prof. Bisset it may be said that although he m ay never do a great thing, he could never do an unkind thing. By His good nature and kindly m anner he has endeared him self to all who know him .

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MARATHON J. C L IF F O R D MORGAN A. B. A. M. E v en though Professor Morgan lives in a world of dead language, he is by no means a dead man. On the contrary,his splendid coaching of our debating team s Is evidence that he Is very much alive.

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MISS EM M A T R A X E L Ph. B., A. M. She teaches French and Spanish and H istory of Education among the bugs. W e also find her as caboose of the dinner line at the Con.

H O W A R D F EEM ST ER A. B., A. M. In higher m athematics, Prof. Feemster rises far above the ordinary m ortal, and if, perchance you see some student w ith a dazzed look.

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Nineteen Twenty-Three

MRS. S. K. H E N D E R SO N Mrs. Henderson has drilled York College students in the modes of ex足 pression and declamation during the past year. To her, much credit Is duo for the successful presentation of dram atic peform ances by the His足 trionic Club and the students in her department.

DR. C H A U N C E Y L. YOUNG College Pastor A m an of high ideals and adm ired by all. A m inister in le rested in all college activities. A fine minister, a good sport and a loyal friend, w h a t more could we say.

DEAN C H A R L E S AMADON H ulitt Conservatory Dean Amadon never loses a chance to make a joke at the expense of some of the students, consequently. h ls appearance on a pep program is always eagerly anticipated.

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MISS EMMA FYE Dean of Women Ask the Con g ir ls . They are able to tell you more than we.

BENTON B. W OO D A. B. Prof. Wood w ith groat dignity and oratorical precision, unfolds for us the mysteries of rhetoric and literature, and leaves us with the feeling t h a t perhaps there are a few tilings that wo do not yet fully understand.

M ISS S Y LV IA W Y T H E R S B. M. One who understands h ow to teach music to children.

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Nineteen Twenty-Three

GE O R G IA N ADAM S A. B., A. M. All of us are not permitted to de­ scend to the dom ain of Miss Adams, but judging from the variety of odor which permeate the upper halls, many interesting things must happen there— th ings of the utmost im port­ ance to all concerned.

W M . C. NO LL A. B., A. M. Bugs, cats, fancy chickens and a good hearty laugh are Professor Noll's chief delights: to say nothing of the pleasure and exercise induced by his pre-historlc Ford.

EDITH M. C A L L E N D E R A. B., A. M. All academy students stand in awe of this professor who rules over them In word and action. Seniors say her specialty is "Senior themes with Out­ lines."

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MARATHON PROF. V. V. M OORE One whose looks, m akes all dents feel their duty.


MISS DOTSON H er sunny disposition makes beloved by all (the boys.)


MISS ALM A V O G LE R W hen she plays the violin, he art is stirred.

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Nineteen Twenty-Three t

MISS G LADYS PEARSON B. M. W hat would we do w ithout Miss Pearson to play for us In chapel.

MISS EDA RAN KIN M. B. One whose music thrills each lis t足 ener.

MRS. HUGH ARN OLD Librarian Do you w ant a book, a magazine, or anything of that sort, go to Mrs. Arnold. She reigns supreme in the realm of reference material.

COACH M IL L E R Athletics, with other things added to give spice and variety, is Coach Miller's life.

MRS. GIA U Q U E Art From the wonders she works with brush and with paint, we know her to be a true artist.

MRS. EDNA AN DERSO N Practice Teaching A friend of aspirin g teachers.

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JO H N DA VIDSON ......... Lamar, Nebr. V. M„ Pals, Football 3. Sandburr Age— Exlremely youthful. Am bition— Changes daily. Prospects— Hash s l i nger. Favorite Son g —" R ebec ca o f Sunny Brook Farm . "

VESTA L U DW ICK ........... York, Nebr. Y. W ., P als, Life W ork Recruit, Debate. Age—A deep, dark secret Amb it i on— To be a sailor (Sayior) Prospects— Doubtful Favorite S ong—"O h How I H ate To Go Home Alone. "


B A LLE R University Place, Nebr. Y. M„ Zeta. Life W ork R ecruit, Football 4 Track 4, Y . Club Ag e ?— It would Surprise you. Am bition— To be graceful. Prospects— Bright. Favorite Song —"G race, Enough For Me."

DO RO T H Y F E A S T E R ....... York, Nebr. Y. W., Zeta, Glee Club. Sandburr Age—A n unfair question. A m bition— To look dignified. Prospects— Hopeless. Favorite Song— "Angel Child. "

CHAS. BISSET ............... Class Sponsor

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M IL D R E D Y O U N G .............York, Nebr. Y. W. C. A., Pals Age, Sweet sixteen. A m bition— Circus girl. Prospects— W on 't be "Y oung" very Iong. Favorite Song—"A Good Man is Hard to Find."

C L A R E N C E C O FF E Y Oxford, Nebr. Y. M., Zeta. Football 2 Age— Old enough to vote. A m bition— To own a bungalow. Prospects— Ask Lucy. Favorite Song -"Its Three O'clock In The Morning. "


C U LB E R T SO N ......... York, Nebr. Y. W., Pals, Sandburr Age— No longer has birthdays. Am bition -To be an old maid (?) Prospects—Questionable. Favorite Song— "C o te rs Saturday N ight. "

PA UL RIGGS .....................York, Nebr. Y. M.. Pals, Life W ork Recruit, Glee Club. Age— Somewhere between 16 and 60. A m bition -To buy a marriage license. Prospects— Cannibal stew. Favorite Song—"Hom o Sweet Home. "

VEDA L U D W IC K ............... York, Nebr. Y. W ., Pals, Life W ork Recruit. Age- Same as lasl year. A m bition— To own a RIgg. Prospects— Hopeless old maid. Favorite Song— "Rock-a bye Baby."

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LYNN D A N K L E ............... Dedham, la. Y. M., Pals Age—He doesn't know. Am bition— Has none. Prospects— Sleepy Hollow. Favorite Song—"M y Own lona. "

M YRVAN C A N N O N ....... Hewitt, Minn. Y. M., Zeta, Football 1, Tennis. Age— Getting shiny on top. Am bition -To be president. Prospects—Organ grinder. Favorit e S ong—"Loves Old Swept Song."

BESSIE RIG G S ................... York, Nebr. Y. W.. Pais, L ife W ork Recruit. Age—You're as old as you think you are. Am bition— Actress. Prospects— Soap box orator. Favorite Song— "Give 'Em the Axe."


H E N R Y ............. York, Nebr. Y. M. Zeta Age -Teeth still good. A m bition—To reconcile science and religion. Prospects — not for publication. Favorite Song—"A dam Had 'lm . "

R O W E N A ST E V E N S ....... York, Nebr. Y. W., Pals, L ife W ork Recruit A ge— Ju st guess. Am bition— To be a vamp. Prospects— You never can tell. Favorite Song— "W ild W om en. "

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EARL T H OM ................... Lawrence, Kan. Age— W e'll never tell. Am bition— To be a m illionaire. Prospects— Slim. Favorite Song— "O h How I Hate To Get Up In The M orning."

RAYM O ND NEW TO N, Hollinger, Neb. Y. M„ Zeta, Life W ork Recruit Age— Scientific age. A m bition—To set the world on fire. Prospects- -A Quack Doctor. Favorite Song— "Bubbles."


M U LV AN EY..... York, Nebr. Y. M., Zeta Age— Too ancient for words. Am bition— To be a Morman. Prospects— Good. Favorite Song—"One, Two, Three, Four."

Even as the flowers of the garden do bloom, and brighten the garden with their lender beauty and sweet breath of perfume, so do lives blos­ som in our midst which m ake our garden of life the s w e e te r, the richer, because of their influence. Such a life, rich, full, and beloved, we knew in Anna Johnson, her cheery smile, her kindly ways, her generous sympa­ thetic spirit, enriching the lives of those about her. B ut even as the flower, in the hour of full bloom, m ay fade and fall away, so may a life, tho' rich and fair and beloved, pass on from our m idst— as the Master wills. Yet, even as the Power is not gone when faded, but re­ m ains as the memory of what. It was, and as sweet perfume in the crushed petals, so shall this life of Anna's be tenderly held in our memories, and the sweet essence of her being be held as an Inspiration for our lives.

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LUCY D A V ID SO N ...........Lamar, Nebr. Zeta, Y. W . C. A., Class H istrionic


A good student but occasionally needs a stim ulant.


M E E K E R ............. York, Nebr.

Zeta, Y. W . C. A.. Class Treasurer. She does much and does it well.


H O L M ................... York. Nebr.

Zeta, Y. M. C. A., Business Mgr. M ara足 thon. Reeding

(Reeding) is his light.



VIOLA ST O D D A R D ....... Aurora, Nebr. Pals, Y. W . C. A. W ho could resist her quiet and w in足 ing way.

MAY R O G E R S .......................Ord, Nebr. Zeta, Y. W . C. A. Oh! that I m ig h t be (Young) again.

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H A R V E Y W IM M E R ........... York, Nebr. Pal. Y. M. C. A., Glee Club, Recruit. "M r. President, point of order."


G IL B E R T . ........ ..... York. Nebr.

Pals. Y. W . C. A.. Histrionic. Oh say kids!

W hat's the use of fus足 sing up ?

M A RIE S H R Y O C K ......... Upland, Nebr. Y. W . C. A. Duties well performed and days well spent.


C U SH M A N ............... York, Nebr.

Pals, Y. W. C. A., Student Volunteer Q uiet? But full of hidden wit and fun.


A S H C R A F T ....... Class Sponsor

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H O L M ...................York,


Pal, Y. W . C. A., Glee Club The lift of a song, helps the day along.


H UNT .................York. Nebr. Pals, Y. W . C. A

A seeker after a titled man.


R IE C K E R .........Aurora, Nebr.

Zeta, Y. W . C. A. Class Treasurer. I didn't raise my girl to be ft m iller


S A W Y E R ...........Erina,


Pal, Y. M. C. A., R e c ru it It's better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.

H A R O LD P R E N T IC E ....... Akron, Iowa Pal, Y. M. C. A., Histrionic, L lfe W ork R ecruit. Sufficient cover for my head is the h a ir thereof.

G E R A L D M IL L E R .......Ravenna, Nebr. Zeta, Y. M. C. A. The W orld wants such men.

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I RWI N Zeta,

C A L D W E L L ........ York,


Y. M

C. A., Footba ll, Basket Ball. When it com es to dates, variety is the spice of life. WALTER

S N ED E KE R.....York, Nebr.

Zeta. Basket Ball Captain. W a lter. In his high a m b it i on, Seeks to be a congressman. RALPH W ould

J. C L IF F O R D MORGAN "Besides 'tis known he could speak Greek As naturally as pigs squeak; That. Latin was no more difficile Than to a blackbird 'tis to whistle." --Butter. G E O R G IA N ADAM S: "Science is, like virtue, its own exceeding great reward."

L E F E V E R ____ ..Strang, Nebr. Pal. Y. M. C . A. that

I could overcome bashfulncss.


W M . C. N O L L: "C om b down his hair- look, look, It stands upright."- Henry VI. H O W A R D C. F E E M S T E R :


"One science only, will one genius fit. So vast is art, so narrow hum an w it." - -Pope.

DR. W . O. JO N E S : Uneasy lies the heads of all that rule. H is worst of all whose kingdom is a school. Holmes. D EA N A SH C R A F T : "I don't hev enny trouble regulat­ ing me own conduct, but to keep other pholks straight is what bothers


C H A R L E S AM ADON: "Yes, music is the prophet's art, Among the gifts that God has sent One or the most magnificent." — Longfellow. EDA

R A N K IN :

"H e r song on its m ighty pinions, Took every living soul, and lifted It gently to heaven."— Longfellow.

C H A R L E S B IS S E T : "W h a t shall we call It? Folly or Good Nature? So soft, so simple, and so kind a creature." E D IT H M. C A L L E N D E R :

M RS SN O W K. H E N D E R S O N : "A woman whose eloquence hath power to clean the fullest house in half an hour." M ISS EM M A F Y E :

"H er over powering presence makes you feel. It would not be idolatry to kneel."

"However long thou walkest solitary The hour of heaven shall some, the man appear."

BEN T ON B. W O O D "And torture one poor thousand ways."— Dryden.


CO ACH M IL L E R : ten

"O ne may sm ile and smile a vllllan ."

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and be


H A L E ..... St. Joseph, Mo.

V irginia High School '20 Class President, " H e possesses a master m ind, "


S T E P H E N ........... York,


York High School '21. Y. W . C. A. "The more we know her, the more we love h er.


Aurora, Nebr.

Aurora High School '21. Glee Club, Zeta, Y. W . C. A. Cabinet "It's the song ye sing and the smiles ye wear that's m akln' the sunshine everywhere."


F R A Z IE R ------ York, Nebr. Polk High School '21. Glee Club.

"The deed I Intend to do is great but what, as yet l know not."

E F FIE H A N SE N ............. Aurora, Nebr. Aurora High School '17 Pals, Basketball '22. Y. W . C. A. "She's not very broad or not very tall but she's active and alert to be so sm all. "

PROF. N O L L .................. Class Sponsor

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N ELL M A RIE BEARSS. .York, Nebr. Y. C. Academy '18 Zeta Literary, Y. W . C. A. "N ell in one of our very best friends; W herever she goes, a h and she lends."

C H A R L E S PR O C H A SK A St. Paul, Nebr. St. Paul H lgh School '21 Pals, Y. M. C. A. "H e h a s unknow n possibilities. "

W IN IF R ED W IM M E R ....... York, Nebi. Y. C. Academy Pals, Y. W . C. A., Basketball "Active in body, spirit and Mind, One like her is hard to find."


M O ORE..... Cheney, Nebr.

.U niversity Place High School '20. Zeta, Basketball, '21, '22, Y. W . C. A. Cabinet, Class Reporter "W hen hearts are true, will do."



GIL B E R T DEASON.............. York, Nebr. York H igh School '21. Football, Basketball, Track, Zeta. " H e's never contented, He always wants 'Moore'."


M A R K S ...................Ord,


Ord H ig h School '19. Logan Co. H. S., Sterling, Colo.,'20. P a ls, Y. W . C. A. "H er music charms as doth herself. "


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B E L L O W S ........ Lushton, Nebr.

York Business College, Y. C. Academy H istrionic, P al Literary, Y. W . C. A. "A dangerous character— she studies."

W I L L I A M E. THOMPSON Gresham, Nebr. Gresham High School '20. Histrionic Club. "Anyone


w anting Campbell's please see me."


N E W T O N ...... Hollinger, Nebr.

Beaver City High School "21. Zeta. Y. M. C. A. "N o one but a genius can afford to waste his time. "

P A U L GOUDY Y. C. Academy '21. H istrionic, Y. M. C . A. "God bless the man who first Invented sleep."

GRACE W I N G ................... York, Nebr. York H igh School '20. Y. W . C. A. "W here the river flows calmly, there perchance It is the deepest."


York, Nebr.

York H igh School '20. Zeta. "Mrs. Clark Howard" AR CHIE MORGAN......... -York, Nebr. Y o rk . H igh School '21. Football Captain '22. "A promising young man, already fa­ mous."

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RA LPH S C H R O E D E R ....... York, Nebr. York H igh School '22. Glee Club, Pals, Y. M. C. A., Athletic Board. " 'Tis folly to display one's wisdom all at once."

N E L L IE E. BENN ETT..... York, Nebr. Y. C. Academy '38. Student Volunteer, Life W ork cruit, Pals, Y. W . C. A.

R e­

"A sincere student in all things. "


M A L L D E R ......... Mabel, Minn.

Parker College Academy '21. Pals, Y. M. C. A. "H is

duty is never neglected."


M CLAUGHLIN.. York, Nebr.

Sophomore 2nd Semester Zeta, Y. W . C. A. "She spreads around her that silent spell. That makes all of us love her well. "

MAX VAN W A G E N E N — Clarks, Nebr. Pals, Y. M. C. A., Glee Club, Debating. "A m an of few words was Max, But w hat he said were always facts." LE LA BUTE______________ York, Nebr. York H igh School Histrionic, Basketball '22, Y . W . C. A. "She laughs every time she's tickled And one m ig ht truly say, Although there Is no reason She giggles anyway."

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R O N A LD MCDONALD McCool J ct., Nebr. Pals, Glee Club, Basketball, Sandburr S taff. "C arry me back to 'little' V irgin ia "

EST H E R H O P F E R .... Deshler, Nebr. Zeta. Y. W . C. A., Basketball. "Entertainm ent is right along her line. Is that because her Tewell Is fine?"

BERN ICE W IL S O N ......... Pueblo, Colo. Y. W . C. A., Histrionic, Oratory, Pals. "For what I will, I will, and there's an end."

G EORG E JE N K IN S McCool J ct., Nebr. Pals, Glee Club. " H ls maxim we ever know, Is 'Got for home, Bruno'."

MAE T U R N E R .. Blue Springs, Nebr. Zeta, Y. W . C. A., H is tr o nic " I know I have red hair, But I'm happy, so there !"


McLA U G H L IN York, Nebr.

"She spreads around her that silent spell T hat makes all of us love her well. "


R O SS...... .......... Deshler,


Zeta, Y. W. C. A., Basketball. "G olden haired m aiden whose w inning smile, Attracts the boys for many a m ile. "

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LEVI L O R E M A N . Stromsburg, Nebr. Pals. Y. M. C. A.. Glee Club, Basket足 ball, H istrionic, Debating, Oratory "He Knoweth much, he knoweth more, He knoweth fully enough for four."


B E L L O W S _____Lushton, Nebr.

Pals, Y. W . C. A., H istrionic. "W ise and studious is she, F ull of charm and dignity."

M IL D R E D STENSON, Republic, Kan, Pals, Y. W . C. A. "Truth moulded with sincerity, Makes her just what, she seems to be."


A N D E R S O N .......Aurora, Nebr. Y. W . C. A.

"Quiet and unassuming, Diligent and not presuming. "


C O N R A D ...................York,


"To Nebraska he is true, but ever Iowa's friend; The reason? Just 'Dim ples' we'll pretend."

M IL D R E D N E L SO N ........... .Y ork, Nebr. Pals, Y. W . C. A., Debating "My, how she argues and decrees The wisdom of a Socrates."

(Page T h irty -eigh t)


B E R E U T E R ..... York,


Pals, H istro n lc. " H e's the ladies' man O ur 'Dapper Dan'."

V ELM A B A R K E R ...............York, Nebr. Pals. Glee Club. "T all and slender with grace imbued, Never indeed could she be rude."

F R A N C E L B A R R ............... York, Nebr. Pals, Y. W . C. A., Basketball. "A sincere and 'Earnest' girl. "

RA YM O N D C RIT ES Central City, N e b . "O f our number there is one. Whose aspirations reached to 'Sun'."



R E I D . ....... L o n g m o n t , Colo.

Zeta. Y. W . C. A., H istrionic, Debating. "The tiniest girl with the keenest m ind In the art of Expression is hard to find." ELIZA BET H

R O B SO N ..... York, Nebr.

Pals, Y. W . C. A., Histrionic. "The brightest eyes and the cheeriest smile, The happiest girl is Indeed worih w hile." LOIS W IL C O X ....... .McCool J ct.. Nebr. Pais. H istrionic, Basketball. "To

do her Justice needs a about. W e'll Bum it up in 'a m ighty scout'."

(Page T h irty -nine)

book good

G E O R G E R. H ALE "H e is as droll as he can be, W hat he knows, none know better than he."


H A Y D E N .............Yum a, Colo. Pale, Y. W. C. A.

"W ith a crayon she makes a mark Along that line she is a shark."


M Y E R S ......... Benedict, Nebr. P al s, Y. W . C. A.

" "Tis ever a smile you'll find, W ith this fair miss, in actions kind. "


M O RRISO N McCool J ct., Nebr. Glee Club.

"Some love two, some love three, B ut I love one and that is me-"


W A L T O N ............... York, Nebr. Glee Club.

"Busy all the while M aking conquests with her smile. "


N E LSO N . ..........York, Nebr. Pals, Y. W . C. A.

" Her standards reach on toward suc足 cess, She is not satisfied with less,"

V IR G IN IA N E V IL L E . ....Aurora, Nebr. Pals, Y. W . C. A., Glee Club, Debating "W e've often wondered but never knew How h er tiny little dome could carry all she knew."

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S T R A T E R ....... Lushton, Nebr. Glee Club, Histrionic.

"Do those liquid deep brown eyes Indicate that you are wise?"

E LAN O R A L L E N -------York, Nebr. Pals, Sandburr Staff. "H er desire above all the rest: To teach the young 'uns in the W est. " EVA G U D G E L ............. Gresham, Nebr. Basketball. "She learns the work of art with speed In that we can her future read."

M A TH ILDA PETERSON Imperial, Nebr. Pals, Y. W . C. A. "Quietly she does her work, and knows not w hat It means to boast."


HART.............. ...York, Nebr. Pals.

"H e talks and he ta lks. My goodness, how he talks. "


BLAN C........ ..... .Cheney, Nebr.

Zela, Y. W . C. A., Glee Club. "A girl of worth, without pretense."


H A R R IT T ....... _ Nelson, Nebr. Pals, Y. W . C. A.

"Pay goodly heed all ye who read And beware of saying 'I can't'."

(Page Forty-three )

MARATHON ......... .

FRA N CIS C H U R C H IL L McCool J ct., Nebr.

ET H EL S P O R E ............... Cowles, Nebr

Pals, Y. W . C. A., Basketball. "Dem ure as a princess In days of old, Her character Is that of pure gold."

"She's witty, she's tactful, and wise, She's very convincing in spite of her size."


H A R O L D VON BERGEN , York, Nebr.

M A RK S-- Ord, Nebr.

Pals, Y. W . C. A.

Pals, Y. W. C. A., Glee Club.


"H er jolly laugh, heard every day. Is the best thing possible to chase the blues away."

"H e's a way with him , Vonnie has, And how he can play! Some Jazz!"


Bradshaw, Nebr.

Y. W . C. A. "Kind, sincere, and sober, A friend to all who know her. "



"H e is ever fulfilling his duty W hen not posing as the Sleeping Beauty.

MASON................. York, Nebr.

as happy as a bumble-bee,

I don't bother work, and work don't bother me."


Lexington, Nebr. Zeta. Glee Club, Football, Basketball. Histrionic.

M U R P H Y ______,..York, Nebr.


SM ITH ................. York, Nebr. Pals, Histrionic.

"To those words And those words

who know thee not, can paint; who know thee, know are faint. "

no all

"Judge thou me by what I am ." DONALD SN E LL W eeping Water, Nebr. JO E

A L D E N ....................... York, Nebr.

Glee Club, Football, Basketball. "Bettor late than never Shall be my m otto forever."

Histrionic. "W herever he is, he does his best. How much that Is, we've never guessed."

(Page Forty-tw o)

(Page Forty-three)

ALICE O L S O N .......Sweetwater, Nebr. Pals, Y. W . C. A., Vice Pres. '22-'23. "She Is sunny, she Is fair. She is the girl with golden hair. " BE R T H A H O F ST E A D ........Akron, Iowa Pals, Y. W . C. A. "As sweet as she looks- -what more need we say."


FOLTS.............York, Nebr. Y. W . C. A., Pals. " She puts her worries In the bottom of her heart and sits on the lid a nd smiles." IVAN J E N K IN S - ....... Benedict, Nebr. Y. M. C. A.. Pals Secretary '22-'23. Glee Club. "The little m an with the big Ha, H a. "

RUTH G A RW O OD... ..........York, Nebr. Pals. "Q uite a m usician is she." EDITH

W R IG H T ............ York, Nebr Y. W. C. A., Pals. " A m aid with cheerful, w inning ways whose charm and hum or always slay. "

BERTH A S M IT H ....... .B enedict, Nebr. President '22-'23, Y. W . C. A., Pals. "A pleasing, winning disposition. " E R V A L H A T T A N ... ____ Parks, Nebr. Treasurer '22-'23, Y. M. C. A. "The gladdest of all when glad, The maddest of all when mad."

A L E N E W R IG H T ________ York, Nebr. Pals, Y. W . C. A. "Cheerful and studious:"

(Page Fo rty-thre e )










(Page Forty-seven)


G E R V A IC H IA R E A M E R Houston, Nebr.


Pals, Y. W. C. A., Life W ork Recruit. Clans Vice President( Pal Secretary)

"H er name, that of a precious Jewel, to her doeth well apply. "

"H ere is the girl with a heart and a smile. W ho makes this bubble of life worth while." BART

Pals, Y. W . C. A.

C A M IL LE PA CK N ER — Dresden, Kan.

"True to her work, her words and her friends." BLANC____ _________________ Cheney, Nebr.

Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. Pals, L. W. Rec., Glee Club, Football, Athletic Hoard. "H e asks no favors and shirks no re­ sponsibilities. " H E LE N

V A L E N T IN E ....... Tilden, Nebr.

ALVIN R E E D ....................... York, Nebr. Class Treasurer. "A llhough his hair Is red, his temper Is splendidly controlled."

M E L O Y .......... _.....York, Nebr.

Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Pals, Class Pres­ id e n t

D O RO T H Y T A Y L O R ..... Tilden, Nebr.

"H er eyes are Jolly and brown, But Helen herself, is true blue."

"W hole hearted in all she does."

M A RV IN V A N N IC E ______ York, Nebr.

LeROY H ORN .................. Tilden, Nebr.

"I'm after the work." A LICE



Pals, Y. W . C. A.


Pals. " I may do something sensational y e t"

JE N K IN S ....... Benedict,

Nebr. M AUDIE B A R K E R ...........Waco, Nebr.

Y. W . C. A., Pals. "Som e say she is studious; some say She is not, But we know she is jolly and that counts for a lot."

Pals, Glee Club. "A fond lover of music."

LO U ISE K L E IN B A C H .. Huntley, Nebr. LY LE

V A L E N T IN E ....... Tilden, Nebr. Pals, Class Secretary.

Pals, Y. W. C. A., Life W ork Recruit. "O ften seen but not heard."

" If you never trouble trouble, till trouble troubles you, You'll seldom find a reason to be look­ ing really blue."

H A ZE L M ALM QU IST Charleston, Nebr.

A R T H U R L IN D A H L ..... _Tilden, Nebr.

Zetas, Y. W . C. A.

Pals, Y. M. C. A.

"Sweetness, truth, and every grace. Are read distinctively In her face."


but not light-headed."

(Page Forty-eight)

D E L IA K O L L IN G ________ York, Nebr. Y. W . C. A,, Glee Club, Pais. " I care for nobody no not I, If nobody cares for me." V EN A BRO W N ....... York, Nebr. "You're pretty shy and dainty; you are some student too, The only thing that worries us Is to find some more like you." G RA CE F O L T S __________ York, Nebr. Y. W. C. A. "H appy am I: from care I'm free. W hy aren't they all contented like me." O R D M A YO ........... ......... McCool, Nebr. Glee Club, Sandburr Staff, Pals. "Oh, for a forty parson power."

R A YM O N D BRYANT Marshalltown, Iowa. Life W ork Recruit, Pals. "A downtown business but no office." L A U RA

ED M O N D S ..... Clarinda, Iowa


FOLTS.................York, Nebr. Y. W . C. A. "There is no royal path which leads to Geometry." W IL L IS

S M IT H ............. Geneva, Nebr. Pals "Alw ays stories to please the ladles." L O R R A IN E T HO M PSON , York, Nebr. Y. W . C. A. "She does work wonders with the tlps of her fingers, W hen on the piano her trained hands linger. " ESTH ER BARKER Beaver Crossing, Nebr. Pals. "M y eyes make pictures when they are shut."

JO H N H A R R IS ..... Smith Center, Kan.

(Page Forty-th re e )


PAUL M A R IN G ...... . . . . York, Nebr.


C A R M IC H A E I___York, Nebr.

"W e wish we knew him better."

"Be to her virtues very kind, Be to her faults a little blind."

M A RGA RET W O O D R U F F Aurora, Nebr.


"A pleasing manner. "

"New occasions teach new duties."

EN D E R ... ......... Cotesfield, Nebr.

FRA N CE S PA CK N ER.... Dresten, Kan. A LB E R T M U E L L E R , St. Joseph, Mo.

Pals. "A charm ing little girl with bobhbed hair. "

"Stars and stripes forever."

M IL D R E D W ATT.... .......... York. Nebr.

GUY O V E R M IL L E R Smith Center, Kan.

"In quite unassuming way, She plays the 'glad game' everyday.."

"A little nonsense now and then, i s relished by the wisest m en."

F LO R EN C E W AT T ______ York, Nebr.

P IE R C Y LAM BERT Smith Center, Kan.

"She is just what she seems to be." E ARL W A T SO N .......... ...... York, Nebr. "Somewhere a voice is calling. " C E C IL LAM BERT Sm ith Center, Kan. "A true friend is ever a friend."

"No truer eyes e'er tried to shine, To show the workings of heart and m ind." CA RL O SBO U R N Broken Bow, Nebr. "A brave man struggling in the eyes of fate."

(Page F ifty)

Nineteen Twenty Three

York College Sum m er School offers a valuable opportunity to all w ho desire to make the most of their time. It enables the busy teacher to liecome fam iliar with the problems of the day and it is a practical method of renewing a certificate. The sum m er session of 1922 was one w hich will never be forgotten by those who attended. The enrollment exceeded that of any previous year and included a large number of young people from neighboring towns who completed their Normal T raining W ork and are now teaching in different parts of the state. Dean Ashcraft was in his place a t the head of the faculty during the first four weeks of school, hut at the end of that time, joined his fam ily in California. Professor Noll attended the University of Chicago, but w ith these exceptions the regular faculty made up the teaching force. The work of Y. M. and Y. W. is carried on in Sum m er School, the latter being organized into an Eight Weeks' Club. The annual All-Day picnic is an event that is always anticipated and very much enjoyed. Even athletics is not forgotten in the summer, tennis being a popu足 lar sport. Under the hot afternoon sun students may be seen w orking hard at a game and in the cool o f the evening, the well-kept courts are scenes of activity. Duiring the last few weeks of the 1922 session, no little enthusiasm was shown over the Girls' Tennis Tournament. Beside the regular College and Academy Courses, Conservatory work and Art are offered. The latter departm ent has always been a very popular one and m any beautiful things have been created in water color, oil and china decoration. (Page F ifty-th ree)


FIRST ROW M artin Bowman Etta Mason Ethel M. T hom azln Stewart Hockam Vernon Monismith Frank L. Boettner Sara S. Hopfer


SECOND ROW Elsie L. Locke Stella M. Pettijohn W illard Adelson Charles H arm on E. L. W erner A ltha Regelln Raym ond Crltes

Roy W alker Jam es L. Brown Grace Vallsh Leslie Smith Alvln Kemp Ben W. H anzlick Em ll Miller


T H IR D ROW Theodore Apolius Marguerite Orendorff Ivan Ruggles Marie F. Myers Rocetha Jones Paul Royal Raym ond Allen

FOURTH ROW Gale Tucker Donald Olson

Edward Ender Helen Cites Norman H am m er Darwin I. Gantz Gladys P. Lentz

Cecil Gray Dorothy Clapp Arnold Bader A ugust Lehm an Frank Cline W alter Tuttle H erm an Glock

SEVENTH ROW Fred Baker Henry Rathjen W alter WIswell Lacey Ferris Floyd Stalder

(Page F ifty -fo u r)

(Page F ifty -eight)


B. C. PICNIC One fine day in the spring of 1922 Prof. Moore came upstairs and said he thought it was altogether too nice to stay indoors, so if we w anted we could have a picnic; you bet there weren't m any who did not w ant to go. So after noon a committee was dispatched to collect grub for a weiner roast, and about one o'clock we started out. We hiked to a pasture, east of town along the creek, and there pre足 pared to have our games. The first game, although it was played with a basketball, could hardly be called a basketball game, as it was j ust a mad scramble to see who could get the ball and hold it the longest. Several other games were played after which Abbott and G antz gave an exhibition of rough riding but it turned out to be rather smooth as the old nag tho ug ht she would rather eat grass than buck. About five thirty we built a camp fire and roasted the weiners and made coffee in a tin pall, and if anything ever tasted better we don't know w hat it Is, at least Prof. seemed to enjoy it from the am ount he ate, if he didn't need a doctor that night it certainly wasn't his fault. About dark we walked back to town, a pretty weary but happy bunch. By H. B.

KODAK HIKE Last fa ll the students of the Business College went on a kodak hike. One October afternoon most of the students, together with the teachers went to the park. The Kodak or Camera was the most im portant part of the event, although we students were the most striking features of the whole outing. In the first place we were very glad to have school dismissed at 2:30, so we could enjoy the brightness of the sun, in spite of the chilly breeze. that showered the fall leaves over the ground, and at times almost buried the very specimens we were trying to take. The Kodak caught the last glimpse of some of our members when they fell in a ditch and came out all bedecked with leaves. It was not only the leaves that got tangled though, no, the camera caught Gladys and Jam es "some w hat so." just in time to display their expertness on a negative which is now in clear print. H an zlick and Olsen were not satisfied to have their ability as monkeys displayed on the ground hut gave us a good exhibition of climbing in the trees. We all suggested indefinite numbers of poses until each one was snapped in his own favorite position. No one had the misfortune of falling into the creek, which was rather a disappointm ent in spite of the boys mischievous intents to over-balance some one while trying to cross the hanging bridge. Row ing was not popular because there was not enough "b o a t" to prevent one from falling into the gentle water, gurgling over the pebbles and rocky crevices below. So we explored and discovered until our films were exhausted and then hiked back to town declaring th a t we had spent a very enjoyable afternoon. By S. H . (Page F ifty -four)


(Page Fifty-seven)

(Page Fifty-eight)

Nineteen Twenty-Three

Oh you'll think you're doing splendid, W ith your Elementary Set, And you'll finish in a hurry And beat them all, you bet. And all the time you're thin kin', "Gee, this stuff is pie" Y ou never guess, you m ust confess Of the danger that's close by. For on the last Trial Balance You're doomed to take a fall, Y o u 'll w ant to cuss, create a fuss. For it won't come right at all. Then when you've finally mastered The bally, bloom in' thin g ; Y ou think you're well deservin' O f a cross and every thing. Miss Vogel says one evening W ith a serious, solemn face "Y o u 'll take your test tomorrow, You've had three days of grace. " On the morn you come in smilln' You're prepared to take the worst. You've crammed and cramm ed for that exam., You've cramm ed till you nearly burst. As the zero hour approaches, You begin to stew and fret, You're not prepared, you're faint, you're scared, Your brow is wet with sweat. R u t when the worst is over And you've passed the dreadful test, Y our soul is resting easy For you know you've done your best.

(Page F ifty -eight)



You come to the Y. B. C. And learn a Bookkeeper to be. T hat was the call, we answered to, So off we all came and joined the Zoo. It was in mild September o f twenty-two We started with the total of fifty-two. As new ones came, their work to find, We soon had a num ber of fifty-nine. I think it has been grand To find so m any in the Business land, W hen financial ends, has hindered some So they'll not know, w hat it was to come. O f all the things we are thankful for, It Is the faculty, w ith its boss V. V. Moore. Five years is it not that I can say V. V. Moore has stood at the B. C. door, And helped the students a diploma to secure. Miss Vogel, our bookkeeping guide Is ever ready to help if you fall to one side. Her knowledge she received at Y. B. C. So we are hoping to Rain, as did she. W arren Bailer, a York College Senior of '23 Teaches Arithm etic and English to a T. If your interests you wish to find, Ju st join his class and fall in line. Miss Dotson who is the assistant for penm anship Will teach you shorthand and the use of the typewriter shift W hen we are gone from Y. B. C. we'll not forget O f knowledge, we learned from this quartet. Correct are we not by taking this course For business folks are the world's big force. By G. L.

(Page Sixty)

Nineteen Twenty-Three


Gale Tucker knew the laws of a steno Were beneficial and wise; As he played upon the typewriter Bids "A m elia Lissm an" close her eyes. Grace Volishe's teacher told her Quietude was always best; And her little cerebellum Needed a recuperative rest. These babies needed relaxation Let the world go wrong or right Sleep my darlings, leave creation To its chances for the night. "Never had no fun Never," Vernon M onism ith cried, B u t the tears were swept away, W hen Marguerite Orendorff was at his side. Happy, busy, full of glee, May E tta Mason always be. Chatter, Chatter as the brook flows To join the b rim m ing river, Men may come and men may go B u t Ethel T hom azin goes on forever. A nna H um phrey liked pickles, Anna H um phrey liked pie She also liked her husband, "Bye-Bye." And so the years went one by one An' some how she was never done; An' when the angel said as how "Mrs. Reese," its time you're rested now. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. W ill Clara George go to heaven.

(Page S ix ty -One)

(Page S ixty-three)

Nineteen Twenty Three

Imagine: Mrs. Reese hoeing fifty acres of onions. Erw ln L. Werner not walking with Dorothy Clapp to their noon luncheon. Mrs. H um phrey loving her hubby. Ethel T hoinazin w alking in the Streets of Rome. Clara George in dreamland. Grace Volish driving mules. Gale Tucker as clerk in the Toonerville Hotel. Leslle S m ith pleading a case. O rm a Peterson fifty years from now getting on a street car with the parrot cage and numerous packages. Marguerite Orendorff in Congress. Theodore Nehmoth in a movie with a lady steno. Vernon M onlsm ith raising chickens. Etta Mason on the Sand Dunes. Amelia Llssman purchasing a hubby off the bargain counter at a 10c store. Bertha Kellner In an old plantation home. R ocetha Jones dictating to her boss Norman H am m er not smoking. Herman Clock in the President's Chair. "S ta n d in g with reluctant feet Dorothy Clapp at Theodore Neim oth's seat."

FOOLISH QUESTIONS AND S ILLY ANSWERS 1. Is it notoriety that makes the weather vane? Ans— No. The breeze kissed it. 2. Where does the winter-resort In sum m er? Ans. Wherever the palm beach suits. 3. W h at did the weather do to get herself so talked about? Ans.— The weather-stripped. 4. Where did the cowslip? Ans.— On the butter cup. 5. How m uch does the Milky way? Ans. — Enough to tip the m oon­ beam. 6. W hen did the auto trip? Ans.— W hen it could least a Ford to. 7. Do measles come singly or in pairs? Ans. That's a rash question. 8. Under w hat conditions will a beer bottle explode? Ans.— W hen the melophygistlc temperature of the horizon is such as to calorize the im purtent indentations of the, atmospheric analogy the theram ometer of the gym patacustus poleri u n becomes surcharged with Infinitesimals; this effected, a rapid depolorization Is produced which causes a convexular In the hexaginal of the terrestrial aqua-verush. (Page S ix ty -th ree)


Nineteen Twenty Three

(Page Sixty-five)

MARATHON Three young college students were parading the streets one Sunday m orning, when they met a very old preacher with flowing white beard, and apparently in moderate circumstances. W ith a desire to poke fun at the old gentlemen, the first freshie said: "H ello there. Father A braham . " The second said: "G ood morning, Father Isaac, " and the third sang out: " I greet thee, Father Jacob. " In gentle tones the aged servant of God replied: "I am neither Abra­ ham , nor Isaac, nor Jacob, but Saul, the son of Kish, who went forth to hu n t his father's asses; and behold, I have found them ." Prof. M. to Miss Vogel— Prices are com ing down rapidly nowadays. Miss Vogel— I wish I could say the same of weights. Lonesome Student— I don't believe I have a friend in the world. Needy Student Here's a chance to make one, Lend me five dollars. Jacobson to Baller— You must have had to pass a pretty stiff exam to qualify as instructor of English and Arithm etic? Baller— Well I was examined in psychology, integral calculus, m athe­ matical astronomy, polemic divinity, metaphysical analysis, and Greek, La tin , French and German. Jacobson— Holy Mackerel; what were you studying for? Ba ller— Infants teacher. Prof. M. going into Kroy Cafe "Waiter do you serve lobsters here?" W aiter--"Certainly, sit down, we serve anyone. " Miss Fye to Miss Thom azln who had her coffee cup refilled for the seventh time— "Y o u m ust be very' fond of coffee?" Miss T.— "Yes indeed, or I w ouldn't be drinking so m uch water to get a little." Green— W ho's there?" Burglar— "Lie still and keep quiet. I'm looking for money." Green— "W a it and I'll get up and help you. " Baller in English class- "W h a t Is an im prom ptu speech?" Bader— "O ne that has been carefully memorized and then forgotten at the last m inute." Mr. G antz— "H aven't you any ideals, young m a n ? " D arm a n --"I'll say; you should see them dad, they're peaches." Gentlemen w ishing to employ a stenographer— "Is Miss Clapp a rapid typist?" Prof. M. (boastfully)— "Absolutely— W hy that girl can operate a m achine faster than she can spell." Adelson— "D o you know the population of Y o rk ?" Paul— "N o t yet, it takes time to get acquainted with all of these dames. " Miss Vogel— Miss Lentz I think you need glasses. Miss L. — Yes I guess so; I see Gray all the time. Prof. M. In law class— Miss Lentz, when m ay an acceptance be can­ celled? Miss L. (absentmindedly) — Anytime before the wedding, I guess. (Page Sixty-s i x )

Nineteen Twenty Three

(Page Sixty-seven)



(Page Sixty-eight)

Nineteen Twenty-Three

(Page Sixty-nine)


(Page Seventy)

Nineteen Twenty-Three

(Page Seventy-one)

V IO LET NORTON-...... Loveland, Colo. Happy as a "M iller." Piano. Voice, Glee Club, Pals, Y. W. C. A.


H A R R IS O N -- Ravenna, Nebr.

R avenna H igh School '21. Glee Club, Zeta, Y. W . C. A. "There is nothing half so sweet in l ife as Love's Young Dream . "

BERTHA' BENNETT. __ Shelby, Nebr. Plano, Zeta, Y. W . C. A.


H E N S L E Y --- Exira, Iowa

Exira High School '2I. Glee Club. "M usic cometh from her heart and findeth expression in her song."

MURNA MARTIN Pals, Glee Club, H istrionic "She can sing, she can play, she can read. Pray tell, what more can any girl need?

M ERCY L. W IS W E L L--- York, Nebr. "Q uiet as a mouse." Piano, Zeta.


T H O M P S O N __ York, Nebr.

Pals. Y. W. C. A., Glee Club. H istri足 onic. "True to her word, her work, her friends, She receives life's best dividends."

(Page Seventy-tw o )

(Page Seventy-three) CLUB




AURORA. April 18th HAMPTON. April 25th P IC K R E L L . April 26th McCOOL, May 3d M A R Q U E T T E _________


OMAHA, April 27th YORK

Nineteen Twenty-Three


(Page Seventy-four)

HISTRIONIC CLUB The Histrionic Club was re-organized in the fall of '22. ing officers were elected:

The follow足

P r e s id e n t______________________________ Ivan E. Jenkins Vice President ..................................................Dorothy Reid Secretary ................................................. Guella Thom pson T re a s u re r...................................................... Lucy Davidson Business M anager ___________________ Glenn Kamel Platform M anager............................................... Paul Goudy Advertising M a n a g e r ..................................... Levl Lorem an Property M a n a g e r....................................... Harold Prentice Sergeant.................................................... W m . E. Thompson In s tru c to r..................................... Mrs. Snow K. Henderson A few days after the "clu b " was in motion, a play was brought in by our instructor, for rendition. The play, "T he Thread of Destiny," is no doubt widely known. It was worthily played and m uch enthusiasm was thereby created In the dram atic work. O ther plays are now being pre足 pared for future rendition. We are expecting good results from the ef足 forts put forth in that behalf. We believe that such training as is thereby attained adds m uch to one's ability in the great field of "D ram atic Art. " The "C lu b " have recently made plans for an evening hike, at which time a "feed" will be heartily enjoyed. Anticipations are rising high as the members look forward to the occasion. Three cheers for the Histri足 onic Club. I. E. J., Pres. (Page Seventy-five)


"T he mission of the ideal woman is to make the whole world hom elike."— Francis Willard. It is the aim o f this Department to teach the girls the science of hom em aking, so that they may forsee and prevent useless waste o f m ater­ ials, time and strength. Good cooking means knowledge of all fruits, herbs, balm s and spices, and of all that is healing and sweet in field and groves, and savory in meats. Good dressmaking means a knowledge of the different kinds of m a ­ terials, fashions that m ake up the prettiest and look the neatest and yet cost the least. In both these departments it means carefulness, inventiveness, w atch­ fulness, willingness and readiness of appliance.


Viola Stoddard

Bessie Riggs

Zelm a Reiker

Mildred W att.

Bertha Smith

Mildred Stenson

Alone W right

R u th Ender

Elizabeth Robson Bertha H ofstad Nellie Bearss

Florence Moore Lois Wilcox

Lucy Davidson

Edith W right

Veda Ludw lck

R eka Blanc

Fae Culbertson

Effie Hanson

Myrtle Nelson

Evelyn H u n t (Page Seventy-six)

(Page Seventy-f ive)

Y. W. C. A. CABINET Vesta Ludwick _____________________________ President Row ena S te v e n Vice President Reka Plane .............................................................. Secretary Bessie R ig g s ............................................................ Treasurer Mabel M e e k e r............................................... Membership Grace Evans...................................... ............... Social Service May R o g e r s _______________________________________ Social Florence Moore _________________World Fellowship Helen Meioy_______________________________________ Room Avis B e llo w s __________ ________ Corresponding Secretary Miss Georgian Adams .................................Faculty Advisor

(Page Eighty-th ) re

(Page Eighty-three )


(Page Eighty-tw o)

(Page Eighty-three)


Y. M. C. A.


President.......................................................................... Myrvan Cannon

Vice President _________________________ ____________ Maxwell Van Wagenen Secretary ............................................................................................ Lynn Dankle Treasurer ................................................................................... ..... John Davidson Musical C hairm an ....................................................................Bart Blanc Devotional Chairman___________________________ _________ Paul Riggs Missionary C hairm an ...................................................................... Ivan Jenkins Social C hairm an ____________________________________________ Warren Baller Estes Park C hairm an _____________________________ ..... Clarence Coffey F aculty A d v is o r................................................................................... Prof. Bisset Every M onday evening at seven o'clock the members and any other men of the College desiring, have gathered in the reception room of the conservatory for an hour in the Y. M. C. A. meeting. We have been led by prom inent speakers of the city and at times by members of our stu足 dent body. These meetings have consisted of a few songs, prayers and then a short suggestive talk. The association regrets th a t more of the College men do not Improve their opportunity for spiritual growth. The work of the study discussion has been under the leadership of Professor Bisset. Only one course has been studied this year and th a t was a book on w ar and its causes. It's purpose has been to create an anti-war feeling. Each sum m er the student conference is held at Estes Park. Usually several of the men of the College grasp the opportunity and go out. L a s t year there was no one able to go, but we hope th a t m any will this year. A t this conference plans are presented for solving difficulties and m eth足 ods are suggested. Besides this there Is a great inspiration i n coming in contact with some of the greatest men o f America. There is a good chance for an outing in the Rockies. Afternoons are given for hiking baseball, tennis or study. The association has had several good social times this year. these have been with the women's associations.

Two of

The aim o f the Y. M. C. A. is to fit every m an for Christian service and make every unsaved m an of the College face the question of ac足 cepting Christ as their personal Savior. It is to develop the four square m an and to advance the cause of Christ on the campus.

(Page Eighty-eight)



(Page Eighty-eight)

(Page Eighty-thre e )


(Page Eighty-eight)

Nineteen Twenty-Three


(Page Eighty-nine)



By the word Zeta we mean a society composed of two cieties which are an im portant part of York College life.

smaller so­

The Zetalathean society was organized at the same time as the brother society in the fail of 1914. Starting then as a small group they have steadily grown. The number of members have not only increased b ut they have completely furnished their hall. The purpose of the Zetalatheans is to promote good fellowship am ong the students, scholarship, social culture and the general improvement of its members. These purposes are carried out in the program s of the meet­ ings held every other Tuesday evening. The extempore is an interesting feature of each meeting and the members become more and more efficient in ability to speak without preparation. The programs are varied to in­ clude m any phases of life and to suit the talent of different members. To belong to literary society means a great deal. The hard w ork which is educational is combined with m any good times. One only has to mention the joint meetings, the annual Zeta Banquet and picnics to bring to mind of every member a num ber of pleasant memories and good times. The Zeta officers have shown unusual efficiency and originality in performing their duties. We were very sorry indeed to lose our Secretary, Miss A nna Johnson. Her loyalty and enthusiasm will long be remember­ ed in the Zeta Circle. Seven years have passed since Zeta was started and where are those to w hom she owes her gratitude? They have passed their school life and are in m any different professions and scattered far and wide. Zetalatheans— Zetagatheans Zetalatheans— Zetagatheans Here's to you, R a h ! R a h!

(Page Ninety)

(Page Ninety-one)

MARATHON STAFF Bessie R iggs ...

_________________________ Editor

A nna Johnson

_____________________________________ Assistant Editors

John Davidson Myron H olm ................... ............................. -............................ Business M anager May R o g e r s ....... ....... .... _................................. ......... .............Assistant Manager Clarence Coffey .................. ..... ................................... ..... ....................Cut E ditor Lynn D a n k le .................................... .................................... ....... ....... Snap Editor Lucy Davidson

________________________________ ____ _________ jo k e Editors

Myrvan Canon Charles Bisset

_______________________________________ F aculty Advisors

Dean Ashcraft Gale Tucker _______ _______________________ Business College Editors Ethel T hom azln Warren Baller ................... ................................ . . . . . . . . . . . Athletics (Page N inety-tw o)

T H E SANDBURR The sandburrs that once grew on the campus disappeared long ago, yet there is still a living, thriving Sandburr a t York College that comes from the printing office and which contains some very sharp stickers un足 der the heading of "R u n 's. " This Sandburr, the bi-monthly publication of York College, was first Issued In 1900. Since th a t time m any students have had a part in issuing and m aintaining the paper up to the present time. The staff of this year w ith the cooperation of other students who have contributed m any good "write-ups" have succeeded in keeping up the high standard of the Sandburr. This m ay be judged by the m any re足 quests of other schools for exchange and by the financial status of the paper. Due doubtlessly to the untiring efforts of the capable editor-in-chief to put out an interesting paper and to the ability o f the energetic busi足 ness m anager in collecting ads, the Sandburr has more than paid for its publication this year. The surplus has been used for draperies in office and for cuts. This year, the room adjoining the library was fitted up for the "S andburr Office" and here the editor and business m anager held busi足 ness conferences with the staff. While the sandburrs were allowed to die because of their "sticking" characteristics, the Sandburr is bei ng carefully cultivated and we trust that its "stick in g" qualities will he as great as those of the plant from which it derived its name. (Page N inety-three)


S TUDE NT VOLUNTEERS AND LIFE-WORK RECRUITS The only hope for the world in its present chaotic condition is Jesus Christ. Men are hungering and thirsting for reality, they are tired of sham. The opportunities to plant the kingdom of heaven in the lives of m ankind Is great, but leadership is la c k in g . T he call comes for service on the part of men and women to whom the Christ is real and vital. The Student. Volunteers and Life-Work Recruits have answered the appeal in terms of a promise o f life service to hum anity. The ethics of Jesus was brotherhood and service. We can leaven the lum p of hum anity by taking the Savior of M ankind as our example. P resident.............................................................. Reka Blanc Vice President ............................................... Bernice Wilson Secretary ..................................... Row ena Steven (Page N inety-four)


The Alpha and O m ega of Panther Athletic interests m ay be said to center In the athletic board composed of representatives from both the student body and the faculty. The business of this organization Is any business connected w ith the m anagem ent of the various branches of school sport, and this insures a policy democratically planned by the voice of the whole school. Such an im portant organization can not be given too m uch recognition and Y. C. has realized this fact for a num ber of years.

(Page Ninety-eight)

(Page Ninety-nine)


Nineteen Twenty-Three

IRVIN C A L D W E L L "Cowie"

W A R R E N B A LLE R "P ro f."

W eight 172— '22— End

W eighth 163— '19, '20, '21, '22 — Fullback Baller is an old man at football. H e is a great line smasher and was always good for a gain. He could also circle the ends for long runs. W arren is a good m an on the defense and on the receiving end of passes. In short he is a good, all-round man.


This was "Cowie's" first year at football and he work­ ed out to be one of the best ends Y. C, has had for some time. Opponents were lucky if they got around his end. "Cow ie" Is good at smearing Interference and a good kicker and receiver of pas­ ses. He will make Y. C. a real end next year.

W eight 149— '21, '22 " Atchy" held down the piv­ ot position against all com petition. Morgan plays a good defensive game and is a te a r on the offense. His accurate passing was easily the feature of m any games. Morgan fought every m inute of tile game and never lost the opportunity to cheer his team on. He will be invaluable next year.



JO H N DAVIDSON "Shorty" W eight

165— '20, Tackle


W eight 155— '22— End


Don is a man whom we can rely upon next fall. H is every-ready willingness to give and take made him the kind of a man that was dreaded.

This being John's third year of football he was not green at the game and thus played his position as tackle w ithout a flaw. Shorty is a "vicious" tackier and always brought his opponent to the ground. He will be greatly missed next year as he also graduates this spring.

BARTUS BLANC W eight 155— '22— Guard Bart was a real whiz when it came to learning the fine points of the dainty pastime. His ripping and deadly tack­ ling made him loom up as one of the strong and mighty. This was his first year out for the coveted position to which he aspired.

(One Hundred T w en ty-eig h t)

Nineteen Twenty-Three

C L A R E N C E C O FF E Y "Ja v a "

G L E N D A LE K A M EL "H u m p "

W eight 167— '21, '22— Tackle

W eight 148— '22— Quarter

This was Coffey's third year of football. He Is al­ ways like a stonewall when the enemy attacks his side of the line. Coffee liked to break up kicks and passes and Y. C. will lose a valuable m an when he graduates this spring.

"H u m py " came to us from Lexington H igh School, hav­ ing played on that eleven for two years as Quarterback and halfback. He proved to be a valuable man in Y. C. football circles. He was placed at quarter and held the position during the re­ m ainder of the season. K am el proved to bo a good passer and open field runner. H e was always there to put the old light into the team. He w ill be back next year.

GEORGE HALE "Sleepy" W eight 180— "22— Guard "Sleepy" will be a member of the cast for next year's performance. H is ability to tackle made him a man to be respected. Coaches, op­ ponents and spectators all looked alike to him and if they crossed his path, they were trampled.

(One Hundred T h ir ty ev -s en )


REX M IL L E R "W a rt"

JO E ALDEN "Boobs"

W eight

W eight 170— '22— Guard

125— '22— Half

Rex was the lightest man on the team this year but he played the gam e well from start to finish and is entitled to words of praise. He is a good t h in k e r : and he had no fear of the am ount of "beef" opposing h im . Lovers of football will miss him next year for he finishes his course this semester.

Joe came to us from York High school and was able to hold down the position of guard during the entire sea­ son. He gained his reputation for his power of endurence. As a marathon runner, Joe could easily w alk off with the brown derby. Due to injuries Joe did not parti­ cipate in all the games. He had the "ole fight" and never once was outplayed. He will be with us again next year. MYRVAN CANON "Spuds" W eight 143— '22— Guard Long, lean, "Spuds" made it a hard proposition for the boys on the first squad to hold their positions. H is only weakness is lack of ex­ perience and if he had an­ other year he would have no difficulty In landing a seat at the big table up in front.

(One Hundred F o r ty ) re -h

Nineteen Twenty-Three



W eight 165— '22— End

W eight 142— '22— Halfback

"V onnie" also came from York H igh school. H e play­ ed end during the early part of the season but due to the fact that backfield m aterial was unavailable h e was shifted to the backfield. "V onnie" could h it the line unusually well. "V onnie" was not able to get out and practice much, due to "pin k tea" obligations but he was a real buzz saw in the game. H e w ill be back next year.

B ill has lots of speed, zip and "do or die" spirit that is bound to win with perseverence. He is good every tim e for short gains and he w ill be a "speed m erchant" for the back field next year.



"Gillie" W eight 142— '22— Half "G illie" appeared on the scene for the first, tim e with the call to arm s for candi­ dates and he is one of the most faithful workers on the squad. H e never missed a night's practice and was al­ ways ready to do as directed. "G illie " is a real beast for punishment and great things are expected of him next fall.

(One Hundred Forty-one)


W hen the call was made for men out of which to develop a basket ball team, Coach Miller was confronted by his second formidable prob­ lem of the year. Only two varsity men from last year's team reported and though a good response was manifested by new men, inexperience is always a hard customer to deal with. York put up a game fight from the beginning to the end of the season and in no game were the Panthers badly outclassed, the end of the season finding a well trained quintet w orking together. Next year will find all of these men eligible for places and this fact encourages us to believe Y. C. will again see this squad— the next appearance being in the role of Winners. Those who won "Y s " on the York Court this season are Captain W alter Snedeker, Gilbert Deason, Irwin Caldwell, Donald Hale, Levi Loreman, Glen Campbell and R ay Conrad.


(One Hundred F ifty ig h t) -e

Nineteen Twenty-Three

(One Hundred Nine)


(One Hundred T e n )


Nineteen Twenty-Three Dr. Shidler: Mildred Y .:

"Adenoids often cause one to snore." "D ad m ust have adenoids." •

Bessie R. (Com ing from Modern Essays class-) : "For once, I'm out of there w ithout getting m ad. " Lela Bute: " I see you have your Bible w ith you." ♦

Jerry: I sure got cold last night. Grace: W as Zel cold too? Jerry: if she was, it was her own fault. * ♦

Albert Mueller called to telephone about 3:30 on Friday: "H ello! Hello! (cranky) Hello!" "This is Miller. " "W h o ? W h o ? " "I say, this is M iller!" "W h o are y o u ? " "O h, beg pardon, you have the w rong Miller." *



Playlette ACT I — "C upid in Action. " Viola Stoddard and Myrvan Canon. ACT 11- "C upid Disturbed. " Viola Stoddard, Myrvan Canon, Mable Meeker. ACT III— "C upid Retreats. " Viola Stoddard, Myrvan Canon. •


York's Flower Garden Johnny-Jump-Up— Jo hn Davidson. Sunflower--Lela Bute. Sweet W illiam — Billy Thompson. Petunia- Avis Bellows. M oonlight Ram bler— Irvin Caldwell. Four O'clocks (tea tim e )— Lynn Dankle. Sweetheart Roses— Viola Stoddard, Lucy Davidson, Gervaichie R e am ­ er, Helen Meloy. Bridal Wreath- Veda Ludwick. Tulips— Grace Evans, W arren Bailer. Black-eyed Susan— W inifred W im mer. D andy lion— Clarence Coffey. Blush Rose - Fae Culbertson. Marguerite— Marguerite Marks. Touch-me-not— M ay Rogers.

(One Hundred T h irty ev -s e n)

MARATHON Sing a song of sixpence A pocket full of rye. Four and tw enty keyholes Danced before Hay's eye And when the door was open Miss Fye began to chin, Now w asn't th a t a pretty hour To keep a fellow in, — Bertha Hofstad. •

Raym ond Bryant, janitor at the college passes thru the hall singing in a squeaky soprano voice. Professor W ood: There goes some Conservatory talent. *


Vena Brown (In Algebra class after m any unsuccessful attem pts to answer a question w hich Prof. Dankle had asked her): Well, dear! I Just can't answer th a t question. »

George Berenter: I w on't go out.



I am just like a lamp. •

I can be turned down, but


Prof. Noll (In Chapel): W ill the agriculture please meet in the north side of the chapel?


If you don't feel just right, If you can't sleep at night, If you m oan and sigh, If your throat is dry, If you can't eat or drink. If your grub tastes like ink, If your heart doesn't beat, If you've got cold feet, If your head's in a w hirl—• W H Y DO N 'T YOU M A R R Y T H E G IR L ? *


Mabel and Viola (at the aviation grounds: Gate Keeper: sion for children half price, 25c— right this way. «

Prof. Noll in botany class: notebook com ing?


A dm is­


Speaking of parasites, Bart, how is your

(One Hundred Fi f t y -eight)

(One Hundred Fort y re e ) -th

MARA 77 ION Charles Prohaska: Walt, are you going to chemistry lab today? Walter Henry: No. Charles P.: Miss Adams will he getting after yon. Walter Henry: That’s nothing, she’s after me now. • « • Gilbert Deason: night. Archie Morgan:

It takes a strong man to hreak away



Yes, or a strong hint. • • ♦

Paul Goudy (discouraged): If being bald-headed like l)can would help me to get psychology, I’d have my head shaved. • • • T H E SEVEN O’CLOCK

Did you ever wake up in the morning When the dawn is cold and grey, At half-past six when your Baby Ben Is singing his roundelay? You hark to his clamor discordant, You soul overflows with disgust, As you lie 'neath your blankets a-dozing, You don’t want to get up but you must. Do you ever wake up in the morning When the dawn is cold and gray, And you curse the fate which makes you late If you do not leave the hay. You do not budge but you begrudge The moments as they pass, Then you choke the clock and grab a sock T o hike to an early class. You hate the faithful alarm clock Which calls you from your bed, As you rush to greet your professor, Unshaven and unfed. “ Rod bless the man who invented sleep,” Is the cry o f the drowsy flock, “ But let him rustle for himself, W ho invented the seven o ’clock.” (One Hundred Sixteen)

Nineteen Twenty-Three

(One Hundred Seventeen)

(One Hundred Eighteen)

Nineteen Twenty-Three

(One Hundred Nineteen)


(One Hundred T w e n ty )

(One Hundred Tw enty-one)


(One Hundred T w en ty-tw o )

Nineteen Twenty-Three And he fairly shrieked with glee In the rooms o f chemistry When he shot and saw A Mr. Henry fall.

Then he journeyed to the ranks Of the sophomore class so great Where a preacher was the victim Of his dart. ’Mong the younger ones he found Miss Gervaichia and Bart Blanc And he sent a golden arrow To each heart.

Ah! the wicked little elf, Not content, he hid himself In the big library room, and Aimed with care. Straight into Clarence Coffey’s heart Pierced the rankling little dart, I^eft a very fervent feeling Seething there.

In Prof. Bisset’s room he strolled, Found Viola sitting there, Shot an arrow quick and true, for Myrvan Canon. Then went out Into the hall Found Virginia Neville there And must needs make sure her love For Ronald dear.

He bid in basket balls And laid many other traps T o catch his handsome victim Warren Baller He pursued his victims Still, Til! Grace Evans he had gained And he left an image sweet, her Mind to haunt. (One Hundred Tw enty-three)

MARATHON Cupid paused— should he desist? Never onee his aim had missed. Triumphs hold had crowned that hunt Very brief. “ But,” said lie, “ though gratified, J am not yet satisfied.” Then he bent a mighty bow, and Ragged two more.


• • * F A V O R IT E C O R N E R S

Jerry and /e ll— North window o i Con hall. Clarence and Lucy— Any EMPTY corner. Spuds and Vi— T oo numerous to m ention; bread line especially. Gilly and Florence— Prof. Bifiset’s room, Dean Amadon’s, Miss Adam's, Con Hall and College Hall. Warren and Grace— Dean Amadon’s room. George Bereuter— Any one, any where. Chauncey and May— At Ord. Bill and Mildred Y.— Library, alumni table, or "H om e.” “ Prent” -Mae— Bearss. Lyle V.-Ethel S.- No habits formed yet. “ Prince“ -Violet N.- H abitat unknown. Bart-Gervay— Pal Hall. Sned-Ksther- To and from school. John-Betty- 621 Blackburn. Lynn-lone— McCool Junction. Myron-Laura— Reo— divided seats. Paul-Veda— Library— short table. George J.-Pae— Viaduct. Arthur-Opal —Campus. Earl W.-Alice J.— Prof. Noll’s room. Max-IIelen— Chapel. Ralph F.-Sara H.— North o f Spoonholder. Don H.-Ruth II.— Sun or Empress. Walt II.-Miss Adams- Chem. Lab. Ralph Sch.-Merna M.— City Library. Donald T.-Esther H.— North of Spoonholder. Ronald and Virginia— Every day in every way together more and more. M A K E YOU R R E S E R V A T IO N S FOR N E X T YEAR EA R LY AND AVOID T H E RU SH.

(One Hundred T w e n ty -fo u r)

(One Hundred Tw en ty-five)

M ARATHON Paul Goudy resolves to get a date if he has to ask for it. Myron Hohn resolves to slow down a Little bit in studying. Dorothy Feaster resolves to try a new device for bluffing. The old one worked. Viola Stoddard resolves to show her ring. May Rogers resolves to smile a little— tee! hee! Bertha Bennett resolves to wear a new dress once in a while. Bart Blanc resolves to get another girl if he has to beat his best friend’s time to do so. Evelyn Hunt resolves to wear dark colors. Rowena Steven resolves to laugh more. Marguerite Marks resolves to get thin. Ethel Spore resolves to grow tall. Bessie Riggs resolves to become dignified. Irwin Caldwell resolves to be a city dude. Erval Hatten resolves to be bashful. Mr. Mtller resolves to set his alarm earlier. Veda Ludwick resolves to be good and get all lessons. (Ben Kamel resolves to stay awake during American Government class. Mrs. Arnold resolves not to wear the varnish off her pencils.

LOST— My girl.— Caldwell. FOUND— A red hall' on Pren­ tice’s coat. WANTED — A dishwasher — George Jenkins. TO LET- -My front parlor and dining room. Make your reservations early— Mrs. Paxson. STRAYED— T o Girl.— Canon.

Aurora •— my

FOR SALE— A windmill to pump water— Myrvan Can­ non. FOUND— Some new slang ex­ pressions. ■—- K a m e l an d Coach.

FOR EXCHANGE — A true heart in good condition. To be exchanged for your heait and hand. Lifelong satisfac­ tion guaranteed. Address George Bereuter, Carl Os­ born. WANTED A nut Louise Kleinbach. FOR SALE]— A Paul Goudy.



WANTED— A recipe for cook ­ ing beans.— Grace Evans. FOUND— A book o f by-laws.— Mildred Young. WANTED— A date that suits.— Ralph Sawyer.

(One Hundred Tw enty-six)

(One Hundred Tw enty-seven)

MARATHON WANTED— A man o f my own. •—Dot Feaster.

FOUND— A good Wilcox.

WANTED— Sleep and dates straightened out on the col­ lege calender.— Viola Stod­ dard.

FOR RENT— My privilege of using Con steps, in the even­ ing, by the moonlight— Gil­ bert Deason.

WANTED— My mamma— Mar­ guerite Marks.

FOR S A L E -V iolets — Albert Mueller.

LOST— Lots Holm.

WANTED— A license— Carl Os­ borne.


sleep— Myron

FOH SALE— Our little Con Girls.


WANT HD— A wad Grace Wing.

They tell us that Dean Ashcraft Has been quite blue o f late, Because he can not cover up The baldness o f hls pate. Each day the papers tell us About some famous cure For baldness, but the trouble is Results are never sure. Just supposin’ now for instance, He put tonic on his head And soon the hair commenced to grow A brilliant, llaining red! ’ Twould really be quite tragic And Dtean would not dare stop Until he reached Chicago And became a traffic cop. Or supposin’ that instead o f red The tonic made the down That grew upon hls shining dome A wooly, negro brown. With this jungle-like appearance He no doubt could make a name For himself, as a cook or waiter On the pullman of some train. But supposin* that the tonic instead o f brown or red, (One Hundred T w enty-eight)




gum -

Nineteen Twenty-Three

Caused hair quite black and curly To grow upon hls head. He’d have to get an organ And a little monkey sweet And no doubt he’ d make a fortune giving concerts in the street. Hair tonic has its place, o f course, But it rather seems to me It really is quite risky T o use It, for you see His hair might turn an Irish red A negro brown, or yet, It might make him Italian With curls as black as jet. Now we’ve come t.o this conclusion. “ Pride goctli before a fall,” Use tonic and judgment is sure to come Y ou’d best have no hair at all. So just remember, Dean Ash emit, When all is done and said We like you heaps e’en though you have NO hair upon your head.


“ Straightway I was ware, So weeping how a mystic shape (love) did move Behind me, and drew me backward by the hair.” Wimmer: “ That’s true to life. Ask Dean Ashcraft.” • • • Miss Callender: “ Don’t be discouraged if you don’t understand this selection by Browning, as he couldn’t explain it himself.” Mr. Wimmer: “ W e’ ll tell you all about it at the next hour.” Lucy May was speaking o f Feemster’s hair cut. George Bereuter: “ Someone must have a new hair mattress.” « • # George .1.: (over the phone) “ Say, how would you like a sundae?” Dot F : “ Why, I would just love it.” George: "All right; I will be around Sunday.” (One Hundred T w enty-nine)


(One Hundred T h irty )

Nineteen Twenty-Three


(One Hundred T h irty-o n e)



•J.»-» ♦ ♦ ♦

(One Hundred T h irty -tw o )

Nineteen Twenty-Three

(One Hundred T h irty-th ree)

MARATHON Walter Henry: Oh, Georgian, 1 have spilled concentrated sulphuric acid all over my clothes. What shall I do? Miss Adams: Hurry hom e! Hurry home. •

Reka to Rowena:

Walter Henry:



“ Does your sister In India go to evening g ow n s?” •

"I told the crew I liked to thrash myself.” *



Virginia was absent from Ilist. o f ICducation. Miss Traxel: “ How do we know o f the Roman school, the ludus?” Student: “ Because o f the kidnapping o f Virginia.” •



Dean Ashcraft: “ Tel! us o f this battle of the Philistines.” Henry: “ Well, I don’t remember the details; just the results.” Dean: “ What were the results?” Henry: “ Ah— well, It was serious for the Israelites.” Dean: (a broad smile.) •

Traxel: that.”

“ Christ was a Jew.

Yet 1 wouldn’t give them any credit for *

In the Con reccptlon room one day T w o Freshies were acting out a play. Miss Fye surely must have been taking a nap For they say that the heroine sat on the lap Of the hero bold, who reclined in a chair With his arms entwined ’round his lady fair. A stranger who opened the door said, “ Gee! This must be a class in spoonology.” “ Oh, Yes,” said Ronald, and hastened to add, “ Private lessons are really not-so-bad!” Says Virginia, “ Experience surely is fine When you have such a ripping good tcaclier as mine.”

(One Hundred Thirty-four*)


(One Hundred T h irty -s ix )

Nineteen Twenty-Three After Burlington bridge burned— Mildred Young: "I wondered why I didn’t get any mall this afternoon.” (Then when the otherB laughed) “ Well, I usually get mail twice a day." •


In history o f education: “ Mohammed married the widow master and so was pretty well connected.” •




Traxel: “ The catechetical method Isn’t as bad as it sounds.” Prof. Bisset, in Sociology class: “ We are all o f us children.” May It,: (thinking aloud) “ Some o f us are Young, others would like to be.” •



Viola Stoddard: (at dinner table one day) “ It sure is terrible, May Day, Junior-Senior Banquets, Glee Club trips and tennis matches.” We wonder what she means by the latter. •

Grace Kvans: “ I don’t like beans.” Myrvan: (thinking o f how well Warren liked them) “ 1 sure sympa­ thize with you.” # • • Lyn Dankle to George Jenkins: “ Where were you born?” George: “ In the state o f ignorance, foolish!” Lynn: Oh, you’ve never left the old home, have you ?” • « • Kdith Stephen: “ First Its men to remember; and then its dates.” • • • Walter Henry: “ Most miscrcscopic work requires quite a bit o f im­ agination.” Dean Ashcraft: “ Is that given as a fact or a confession?” * # * Prof. Bisset: (in Econom ics) “ Miss Young, do you believe in protec­ tion ?" Mildred Young: (glancing demurely at Mr. Laws) “ Yes, If it isn’t car­ ried too far.” • • • CHAPEL ANNOUNCEMENTS

Dean Ashcraft: “ Prof. Wood will not meet his classes today because o f sickness.” Dankle: “ 1 didn’t suppose it would make him sick for me to get my lesson just this once.

(One Hundred Thirty-seven)

Nineteen Twenty-Three Walter Henry: prison.” Dean Ashcraft:

(in Old Test. Hist.) "I can’t get Jeremiah



“ Just so you keep yourself out, you’ll do well.” » » •

Prof. Bisset: (looking at Coffey) “ Will you recite on this topic, Mr. Davidson?” As John begins to speak. Prof., with a start, shifts hls glance to the end o f the class. • * # In American Gov't (Prochaska waving at girls passing.) Paul Riggs: “ Why, Charlie, who were you flirting w ith?” (Snort from Charlie.) Mildred Nelson: “ It just tickled him to think that some one tho’t he was naughty enough to flirt.” * * *

Funny things do happen, For Caldwell has a girl! The poor boy is quite frightened And his heart is in a whirl. For weeks lie’ s looked with longing At this dainty little lass And said that she would easily All other girls surpass. Time rolled by quite swiftly And the day was getting late When at last be got up courage To ask her for a date. His voice shook with emotion And his heart jumped hard I know When at last he bravely asked her If she’d like to see a show. It seems the girl consented For when the day was done, Cowie took the maiden To a movie at the “ Sun.” The moral of th(s ditty Is very plain I guess, Says Cowie: “ Be courageous If a girl you would possess.”

(One Hundred T h irty-n in e)

(One Hundred Forty)

Nineteen Twenty-Three


John Davidson— without a girl. Virginia and Ronald -separated. Lynn Dankle- awake. Fae Culbertson— not talking to a man. Coach Miller— at prayer meeting. Charlie Prochaska— with a girl. Myron Holm— beating rugfl. Florence Moore— on time at 1:15. Warren Baller— saying “ Grace.” Paul Riggs— without Veda. Ellen Hayden— not asking questions. Mildred Nelson— without her hair curled. Gerald Miller— keeping his hands off Zel. Lyle Newton— not in zoology Jab. Alice Jenkins— not making go-goo-eyes. Grace Wing— not studying. * * * SIGN S OF SPR IN G

Grace accompanying Warren to B. C. Lucy having Coffee. Viola enjoying Spuds. Zelma riding In “ Our Ford.” Dandelions on the campus. Feemster has a hair cut. Lots o f hikes. A policeman guarding the faculty of the college. Ijovers everywhere. Boys all out for track. Tennis courts busy from before sunrise until after sunset. Dean wears a spring suit. Hookey- result o f spring fever. Miss Fye haunts campus. Girls wear new dresses. Floyd Laws walking “ home” with a girl. * * * Found in an academy student’s book- Mon.— Ironed, pressed pants, shined shoes, noodles, rain, letter.

(One Hundred Forty-one)



Ronald McDonald— “ Carry Me Back to (ole) Virginny.” Irvin Caldwell— “ Pm a Twelve O’clock Feller in a Nine O’clock Town.” Glenn Campbell— "Three O'clock In the Morning.” Helen Meloy— "Wait for the Wagon, the Studtbaker W agon,” (the Maxwell W agon.) George Bereuter— “ Atta Girl.” Delia Kolling— “ Rudolph Valentino Blues.” Joe Alden— ‘ ‘Gee, But I Hate to Go Home Alone.” Winifred Wimmer— Hail, Hail, the Gang’s all Here,” (at Weseyland.) Don Tewell— “ When the Bell Goes Ringing for Sarah.” sGeorge Jenkins— “ O Evelina, Sweet Evelina.” Nobody sings— “ 1 was Seeing Nellie Home.” Alicc O lson - “ Do Vou Ever Think o f Me.” Mr. Arnold— “ My Wild Irish RoBe.” Mildred Young —“ Oh, How Love I Thy Law's.” Albert Mueller—“ It Isn’t Raining Rain to Me, It’s Raining Violets.” Warren Baller— “ Gracc, Enough for Me.” Does anyone sing— “ Home, Sweet Home.” (Holm .) Viola Stoddard— “ 1 Want to be a Soldier, Bceause They carry ‘Big Guns’.” Gilbert Deason— “ More Love to Thee.” Evelyn Hunt— “ Oh, Mr. Moon.” Rowena Stevens— “ I’m Just a Country Girl.” Francel Barr— "I Want to be More Earnest.”

+ (One Hundred Forty-tw o)

Nineteen Twenty- Th ree


John Davidson— without a girl. Virginia and Ronald -separated. Lynn Dankle— awake. Fiie Culbertson— not talking to a man. Coacli Miller— at prayer meeting, Charlie Prochaska— with a girl. Myron Hobn— beating rugs. Florence Moore— on time at 1:15. Warren Baller— saying “ Grace.” Paul Riggs— without Veda. Ellen Hayden not asking questions. Mildred Nelson— without her liair curled. Gerald Miller— keeping his hands off Zel. Lyle Newton— not in zoology lab. Alice Jenkins— not making go-goo-eyes. Grace Wing— not studying. * * * SIGNS OF SPR IN G

Grace accompanying Warren to B. C. Lucy having Coffee. Viola enjoying Spuds. Zelma riding In “ Our Ford.” Dandelions on the campus. Feemster has a hair cut. Lots o f hikes. A policeman guarding the faculty o f the college. Lovers everywhere. Boys all out for track. Tennis courts busy from before sunrise until after sunset. Dean wears a spring suit. Hookey— result o f spring fever. Miss Fye haunts campus. Girls wear new dresses. Floyd Laws walking “ home” with a girl. * # * Found in an academy student’s book— Mon.— Ironed, pressed pants, shined shoes, noodles, rain, letter.

(One Hundred Forty-one)

(One Hundred Forty-tw o)

(One Hundred Forty-three)



12— Y. W. Jolly-up for all uew girls as well as the old. 14— Junior watermelon feed. Yum ! 15— Senior hike; meet at Prof. Risset’ s home. 17— Y. M. Stag party. Noise and boys! 20— Rev. 10. M. Flursh, returned missionary from Africa, speaks in chapel. Y. M. and Y. W. Joint reception. That receiving line! 27— Literary societies give receptions. 28— Academy go to Beaver Creek on a hike. 30— Rev. Carney, of the Christian Church, addresses chapel, Pep meeting at close o f chapcl. October

6— “ Peru’s Lament” by the Juniors. (Class of 1923.) York-Peru football game; first o f the season. 7— Dr. Cross and wife «Ing in chapel; followed by talk by Dr. 10— Y . W . candle lighting service.

11 -R eception given the students by the U. B.’s. 13— Pep meeting, and on the 13th. 14— Senior Academy breakfast. Some feed. Football with Hastings. 1.7-—Chapel speech by Dr. DeWolf. 18— Seniors hike to (W here?) 20— Sophs follow their elders example. 24— Dr. Schell visits chapel and talks. Y. M., Y. W. and L. W. R. meeting in which stereopticon pictures of Passion Week are presented. 20— Another pep meeting. 28— Jazzmodic Sympathetic Orchestra entertain at chapel hour. York-Midland Football Mixture. 31— Seniors take Juniors for a frolic! Pumpkin pie; shampoo. November

1— Y. W. Halloween masquerade in the Gym. 3— Junior Acad, go Halloweening. 4— Miss Wygall and Ben Charrlngton speak during chapel hour.

(One Hundred Forty-four)

(One Hundred Forty-five)

MARA THON 10— Senior Acad, have one o f those regular times at Prof. Noll’s. 11— York-Doane meet in football. 13-17 National week o f prayer observed. 18— Again football —York-Wesleyan. 21- Football banquet at City “ Y” . 22— Y. W .'s annual Thanksgiving spread. HI— York plays with St. Mary’s. December

2— U. B. C. R. social. 7— Student Volunteer Sec., Miss Baker addresses chapel 19— Histrionic Club presents program. 20— Sophomore Collegiate reception; Christmas tree. 21— Dr. Jones, college pastor addresses student body. Joint Y. M. and Y. W. meeting. 22— Boys glee club make iirst chapel api>earance. 23—Holiday Vacation begins. January, 1922

3— Monotony begins again. 13— Academy put on a pep rally. Junior chicken pie dinner. 14 -W esleyan opens our basket ball season. 24— We play ball with Midland. February

2— Y. M.-Y. W. reception. 4— Junior Acad, have a breakfast. Unusual. 6— Basket ball game with Hastings. 7— Annual Senior recognition day. 9-- Oysters stewed for the Sophs. 13— Freshman get around to have a party. 1.7-19— Student Volunteer Conference at Qotner. 21— Grand Island meets York In basket ball. 27— Peru ditto. March

7— Fresliies issue the Sandburr. Girls’ Glee Club in chapel. 8— Debate with Wesleyan. Y. W. membership banquet. 1.1— Sophs surprise Dean Ashcraft. (Did they?) 13— Y. W. Cabinet slumber party. (ALL’s quiet in the Gym.) -

(One Hundred Forty-six)

(One Hundred Forty-seven)


(One Hundred Forty-eight)

(One Hundred Forty-nine)


(One Hundred F ifty)

(One Hundred Fifty-one)


+(One Hundred F ifty-tw o )

(One Hundred Fifty-three)

MARATHON 23— Freshman debate. U. B. choir entertained by Indies o f the church. 24— Rev. Carney gives chapel talk. 25— Another pay day. 2B— Rev. Young forgot a few announcements. 2 7 —Y. W. and Y. M Thanksgiving banquet. A full turkey. Miss Brucla Dedlnsky, a native of Russia now teaching In Central C ollege, gave a splendid address. 28— Miss Whitney delights us with a piano solo. 20—All looking forward to turkey day. 30— Thanksgiving Day. Oh the eats. Hawkeye’s fourth annual feed. 22 participate. December

4 Everyone back to school. 5— A few pains. 6— No sighs heaid. 7— Fine December day. 8— Hai’d luck. 9— Dean Ashcraft elected Vice-Pres. Nebr. Inter-Collegiate Athletic Association. 10— Con rooms occupicd. 11— Y. W. C. A. and Y. M. C. A. 12— Basketball practice. 13— Unlucky day. 14 Basket ball Tournament. Junior girls, third year as champions. 15— Entertainment by Histrionic club. Packed house. 16— Preparation for football banquet. Names appeared on Con menu board for dates. 17— Several dates. Everyone fasts. 1 8 —Football banquet. No empty chan’s or dates, you know. 19— Sleepy-heads In every class. 20— Christmas shopping. 21— Many look forward to the following day. 22— Vacation. Hallelujah January

8— Work begins again full blast. 0 —Sandburrs are ready this morning. 10 -Y. W. Cabinet serve oyster stew at Con to Y. M. cabinet. 11— Almost a week gone. 12— City Union Banquet— a great feed. 13—Myron Holm gets a marcel. 14— C. E. business meeting.

(One Hundred Fifty-fo u r)

(One Hundred Fifty-five)

MARATHON 15— Questionable dates. 16— Literary. 17— Dates to Ted North Shows. 18— Orchestra and choir practice. 19— George Bereuter makes a mistake. Gets two dates for the same night. 20— Miss Fye goes to Aurora. Mrs. Henderson, matron. Party at Con. Warren Baller goes to Aurora. 21— John and Effie sweep up rice. 22— Worry begins. 23— Late horn’s, studying. 24— Exams begin. 25— More exams. 26— Most exams. Grace Evans celebrates her birthday. A farewell party for Fran cel Barr. 27— Reactions. 28— Sound sleep. 29— Histrionic club presents "The Thread o f Destiny.” SO— Literary. 31— Last day o f January. February

1—Joint Jolly-Up Reception. Best ever. 2— Ground U og Day. Appearance o f two Mexican desperadoes. 3— Game. _ . 4—-Education Day. 5— Y. W. C. A. Jolly-Up. 6— Senior Recognition Day. Dinner and party. 7— Doane game. 8— Paul and Veda had a date. 9— Basket ball game— ( ? ) . 10— Lots o f work for Marathon staff. Coasting party on Seventh. 11— Kodak Sunday. 12— Lincoln’s Birthday. 13— Sophomore Reception. 14— St. Valentine Day. Special Deliveries. Ludwick sisters entertain Seniors. 15— T oo many sweets. 16— Game. 17— Caught Ray Bryant chewing gum. 18— Prof. Bisset and John D. sleep in church. 19— Junior Musical Recital. 20— Miss McClenehan at chapel. Cabinet eat dinner with her at Con.

(One Hundred Fifty-six)

(One Hundred Fifty-seven)

MARATHON 21— Chapel talk by Miss Sanderson, Student Volunteer Sec. Theatre party in honor of Ruth Harrison. 22— Rev. DeW olf gave a chapel address, topic “ Washington.” White sweaters. 23— 24— Basket ball training tournament. 25— Everyone tired. 26— Y. W. C. A. election. 27— Basket bail rally. Team called fo r extempos. Clarence Coffey's birthday. 28— “ College on IliU” sung by Pal’s quartet. Negative debating team wins from Central City College. March

1— Settlement Day. 2— Well entertained. 3— Rather stormy. 4— Dean’s room occupied by several couplcs. 6— Warren’s shoes are heal'd. 6— Theatre party for Lucy Davidson. 7— Viola wears a pearl. 8— Choir practice at Con. 9— Fish. 10— Rowena seen on public streets with an ice cream cone. 11— “ A man to see Miss Fye.” 12— Trouble in Histrionic. 13— —York wins debate from Doane. 14— Dean forbids dates. Prayer meeting. 15— Lyle Newton enjoys show. 16— Seniors entertained at Young's. 17— Blizzard. 18— Coil girls entertain In the usual way. 19—-John D. enjoys himself. 20— Spuds eats bread, potatoes and drinks water. 21— Dr. Schell’s annua) address. 22— Rev. Rollings gave address. 23— Vacation— Observation. 24— Con house cleaning. 25— Late hours. 2G— Returning from vacation. 27— Literary. Beit Baller guest of Zetas. 28— Installation o f Y. M. officers. 29— Bells ring on second floor o f Con. 30— Birthday dinner for Zelma Riecker. 31— Y. M. Conference. (One Hundred F ifty-eight)

(One Hundred Fifty-nine)


1— Many boys have phone calls. Increased attendance at Catholic church, 2— Bill Laws found a hair on hls coat. 3— Life Work Recruit meeting. Juniors entertained at Dean’s. 4— Lynn Dankle slept In class. 5— Songs heard on second floor of Con. 6— Girls leave for Lincoln. 7—-Fine dust in the air. 8—-N o. 41 arrived on time— wonders. 9— Sleep needed. Echo meeting for Y. W. C. A. 10- -Uterary. 1 ]— Out for tennis. 12— Track meet. 13—Juniors entertained at Cushman home. A wonderful time and a wonderful ride. 1.4— Work continued on Marathon— Hike. 15— Lucy Davidson had a date. 16— Kamel combed hls hair. 17— Early tennis players. 18 Glee club went to Aurora. Dust a plenty. 19— More dust. 20—Rain— Hallelujah. 21— Down town nite. 22— Hail storm. 23— Arbor Day— Ice cream. Y. M. Supper. 24—Literary. Myron Holm wears a new spring suit. 25— Glee club at Hampton. Forecast— April

2fr - Glee club— Plckrell. 27— Glee club— Omaha. 28— Glee club— Seward. 29— It is going to rain. Spuds happy. 30— Play, “ The Dream That Came True.” May

1— May Basket Day. 2 - Prentice going a-Maying. 3— McCool— Glee club. 4— Maybe May D ay—Wesleyan plays tennis. 5— Clean up day. 6— Fine day for strolls.

(One Hundred Sixty one)

MARATHON 8— Literary. Installation o f Zeta officers. 7— Wash day. 9— Prayer meeting. 30— Junior-Senior Banquet. 11— Hike.

32— Tennis tournament. 13— Lightning. 14— Semester's work begins. 15— Haven’t time for you. 16—Marathon almost done. 17— Zeta Picnic. 18— May Day— yes a May day. 19— Everybody is worried. 20— Only one more Sunday. 21— Oh how many pp, have L 22— No rest for the wicked. 23— Busy getting readings up. 24— Beginning o f exams. 25— Nothing but exams. 26— Last o f semester exams. 27— Free from school duties. 28— Baccalaureate services. Visitors. 29— Literary anniversary. 30— Decoration Day. Field Day. Last dates. 31— Comm encem ent Farewells said.

(One Hundred Sixty-tw o)


The pictures and the write-ups Are now at last all in. The "ads” are all collected, Proof-reading finished, too. W e see the finished product, Its faults, its merits, too; W e crave your tender mercies. W e’ve been merciful to you. And now our tasks are ended, Our duties all complete, W e’ve labored, oh how we've labored; Now our reward we've won. — THE STAFF.

(One Hundred S ixty-fo u r)


Marathon 1923