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photo by Taylor Ladd

photo by Amber Soderholm

photo by Amanda Baldwin

The mission of York College is to transform lives through Christ-centered education and to equip students for lifelong service to God, family and society.

YORK COLLEGE IN ACTION: In February, Sam Mwago, a Kenyan student, received word that his mother passed away. When his classmates found that he didn’t have the $1,200 he needed for airfare to return home for the funeral, they held a collection for him. The York College family contributed $3,700. Not only was Sam able to attend the funeral, he was able to use the extra funds to help his family with other expenses. on the cover:

Yearbook photographer Amanda Baldwin ‘09 had a dream realized when her photo of students showcasing the uniqueness of “The York Experience” was chosen for the Heritage.

This spring I attended an event where several private colleges and universities were given the opportunity to tell about their schools. As I listened to the presentations, mostly by college presidents, I was struck by how similar they sounded. All claimed to offer quality education and a place where you are not “just a number.” Sometimes I worry that we cannot adequately describe “The York Experience” without sounding like every other sales pitch by a college recruiter. We do offer quality education and students are not just a number. But it is so much more than that. Most prospective students who visit the campus during the school year will decide to attend York College. That choice is not based on facilities or even the academic programs, but rather the spirit of the place, the connection with God and people. They come to experience our unique culture. Let me share a couple of examples. Emily* came to York thinking that she would stay two years then transfer to another college because we did not offer her major. During her first year, she developed some health problems. The York College family surrounded and supported her. Emily is still striving to overcome her physical challenges. Recently, she changed her major so she could stay at York College. Why? “I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else,” she told me. The local paper carried the story of our student Sam Mwago this spring. Sam is from Kenya and came to York to run track. He had not been home in two years when he received news that his mother had died unexpectedly. Sam is a quiet and gentle soul, who would never ask for anything. When the campus community learned he couldn’t afford to return home for his mother’s funeral, they took up a collection and raised over three times the amount needed. Sam was able to return to Kenya and help pay for the funeral expenses. While he was gone, students and faculty sent him his assignments and lecture notes, covered his work-study job, and prayed for him every day. The York Experience IS different. You can find alumni throughout this country and the world who are united by a common relationship to God and a small campus in Nebraska that has an impact far beyond its size. God bless all of you who support this place financially and pray for us constantly. Steve Eckman President *not

her real name

Profile Excellence




hen John Lucas enrolled at York College in 1965, he wasn’t your model YC student. “I was not a Christian, I wore my hair like Elvis (if you can believe that!) and I’d come from a street gang,” he says with a chuckle. He recalls how Jeanette (Galloway ’65) Christensen told him after they had become friends “when she first saw me, she thought, ‘Oh no, another trouble maker!’” Lucky for him, Ellen Whitman formed a different opinion of her classmate--despite the fact that when they started dating, faculty member Joe Alley pulled her aside to say, “Ellen, you can do better than this.” John eventually became a Christian and changed his wild ways. “He learned a new way of life here,” says Ellen. “York had a profound influence on me,” agrees John. Today, the couple have been married 43 years. In that time, they’ve raised three children (Laura, Julie, and Daniel--all YC alumni); had a number of career successes (John worked for the federal government for more than 20 years); worked with several small churches in rural Iowa; served on the advisory board at YC; and volunteered in nearly every capacity imaginable at Midwest Bible Camp in Brighton, Iowa. About the time John retired, their children moved hundreds of miles away in opposite directions, and the church that they poured so much of themselves into eventually dwindled and disbanded. They started to reevaluate their situation. They had worked hard, endured some challenges and enjoyed many sweet moments in their life together.

“I was not a Christian, I wore my hair like Elvis... and I’d come from a street gang.”

TRUE BLUE: John and Ellen have extended their York experience by working on campus facilities such as McCloud Hall through the Sojourners’ program. (above)

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Luke Phillips, senior Bible major from Brisbane QLD, Australia, and Kristin Tuttle, senior middle grades education major from Lincoln, Nebraska, were named Mr. and Ms. York College for 2012. (above) The Dean’s Award this year went to Bryan Armstrong of Topeka, Kansas, who graduated Cum Laude with a degree in sports management. (below)

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Heritage is a semi-annual publication for alumni and friends of York College. The magazine is available online at Heritage Editor Vol. 14, No. 2 Chrystal Houston ’03 Director of Alumni and Communication 402-363-5607 Assistant Editor/Design Steddon Sikes ’84 Director of Publications Photography Amanda Baldwin ’09 Bobby DeHart ’95 Erin DeHart ’94 Chrystal Houston ’03 Taylor Ladd ’10

Tim McNeese ’73 Steddon Sikes ’84 Amber Soderholm ’10 Frank Wheeler ’72


LIFE OF SERVICE: John and Ellen’s short term mission trip in Tanzania paved the way for their sojourning career across North America.

Some people at their stage of life would consider slowing down. But not these two. “Just because you turn 65 and retire from the secular world doesn’t mean you have outlived your usefulness,” says John. When they realized there was nothing keeping them in Iowa, they began looking for a new opportunity. After a short term mission trip to Tanzania, they decided the mission field was their next step. They

“All you need to do is have the faith to say, ‘There’s a need. I’m going to go take care of it.’” sold their home and bought an RV. They are now in their fifth year of touring the country as full-time Sojourners. The Sojourners are a group of mostlyretired Christians who travel far and wide in their RVs doing service work. Their goal is national evangelism. Upon request, the Sojourners travel to smaller congregations of the churches of Christ, as well as children’s homes, schools, and Bible camps. They seek to strengthen these

Heritage Summer 2012 4

organizations and to encourage, instruct, teach, edify, and evangelize those that they serve. “There are some amazing adventures to be had doing this,” says John. “We get a real boost out of it.” So far, they have traveled mostly in the North Central states and Canada. They are eyeing Alaska for next summer. They say they can’t pick a favorite place that they’ve served in the last five years--there have been so many wonderful experiences--but some of the most meaningful have been their times at children’s homes. Some of these kids come from horrendous circumstances, says Ellen. Often, they’ve been abused, neglected, and abandoned. Some have had run-ins with the law. Some struggle with addiction, others violence...and still, “They just have a deep need for someone to listen to them, be with them,” says John. “To hug them,” adds Ellen. “We are like grandparents to them,” she says. “God works through us to show them that people care,” says John. The Lucases recently returned to YC. John no longer looks like Elvis and there are few that would now tell Ellen she could do better. They were here to enjoy a reunion with their classmates from the 60s, but their visit was more than a walk down memory lane.

Annually, the Sojourners have convened on the York College campus to paint, landscape, remodel, make repairs and beautify campus. For the past three years, John and Ellen have served as leaders for the team of volunteers. John says that in addition to the love of Christ that they are always seeking to express, he hopes that their experience is a testimony of another sort. He wants

people to recognize that no matter what age you are, when you are called by God to fill a need, he will also prepare you for the work and will provide for you every step of the way. All you need to do is have the faith to say, “There’s a need. I’m going to go take care of it.” “It is impossible to measure all the different ways God has blessed us throughout the years since we were students at York,” says John. “He gets the credit for all that has been accomplished as he works through us.” lll

The Right to Council Lanny Gridley ’98 shares his advocacy for his alma mater


s a President’s Council member, Lanny Gridley ’98 regularly shares his ideas with the senior administration on what needs to happen to keep YC on an upward trajectory, with continuous growth in numbers and quality. This is nothing new for Lanny. He was doing the same thing as a student at YC. Lanny chose YC as a student because of the small size. He knew it was a place where he would receive individual attention in the classroom and have opportunities to be involved in leadership roles. Lanny served as student body president for two terms while majoring in accounting at YC. He was also active in PBL-SIFE, the organization for business students. Through these experiences, he developed strong relationships with faculty and staff members, including then-President Wayne Baker. That interaction was one of the most meaningful experiences Lanny had at YC, as it prepared him for the real world of business after graduation. Baker invited him and a select group of other students to sit in on meetings and get a peek at the inner workings of the college. “He let us share our ideas and get our hands a little bit dirty getting things done on campus,” he says. “He shared challenges with us and let us see decisions from a business perspective. I thought that was unique.” Today, Lanny is the CFO of a very successful company. He uses the business acumen developed at YC to give back to YC. He is one of the 40 members of the President’s Council, a group of former students that meet twice a year and commit to serving the college through prayer, advocacy, advice, and financial gifts. Lanny is excited by the direction YC is headed now and he is pleased to still be part of the group that’s pressing the envelope. One of this primary initiatives with the President’s Council has been developing an internship program to connect current students with alumni in industry.

(above) Lanny, far left, and other members of the President’s Council visit during Homecoming about some college initiatives. (below) Livia Medeiros, junior business major from Brazil, met with Lanny during the spring YC career/job fair and secured a summer internship with his company.

“You can get a Christian education at a lot of places,” he says. “But there is no place like YC.” It’s a culture that he wants to see grow stronger and continue for decades to come. That’s why he chooses to invest his time and resources here, as well as recruit interns for his company from the talented student body. All alumni, and especially those with a business background, should look for ways to be involved, says Lanny. He encourages his fellow classmates

to consider sharing their wealth and wisdom with the school in order to keep it flourishing for the next generation of Yorkies. lll Lanny is the CFO of Sherwood Construction Company. Originally from Kingman, Kan., he now resides in Wichita with his wife Jenny and one-year-old daughter Maeve. For more information on the President’s Council and how you can be involved, contact Nick DiToro at 402-3635660 or

Financial Challenges a Blessing York College was blessed recently through two challenge gifts, which will provide $200,000 for programs and buildings at York College. Local businessman Don Freeman, son of R.A. and Lena Freeman for whom the Freeman Center is named, pledged $50,000 in matched funds to York College for a renovation for the much-used gymnasium. Many alumni along with York area friends of the Freeman family responded to the challenge, quickly matching Freeman’s donation with their own. The funds raised will give a facelift to the 40-year-old building, providing a renovated entryway, home for YC’s new Sports Hall of Fame, as well as a new concessions area, new carpet, fresh paint and more. At the same time, York College Chairman of the Board of Trustees Jarrell Gibbs and his wife Cynthia also provided a matched gift opportunity. With a desire to foster the college’s recent momentum, they offered to match every “new” dollar raised between the end of March and June 30, up to $50,000. At the time of this printing, matching funds were still coming in for the Gibb’s challenge. These funds are unrestricted and will be part of total revenues that will help YC complete four fiscal years in a row in the black. Thank you to everyone who helped the Heritage Summer 2012 5 college meet these challenges!


Tom Buell ’73 helps at-risk families stay together Shelly* was 18 when she got a wake-up call. She knew it would be tough, but she was determined to overcome her cocaine and methamphetamine addiction. She didn’t want her baby to be born an addict. In need of help, she was referred to DCCCA Family Preservation Services in Wichita. The staff reached out to her and embraced her. “We became her family,” says Tom Buell ’73, regional director of the non-profit. They brought her food baskets, drove her to doctor’s appointments, brought her to job skills and parenting classes, and helped her find a job. Most importantly, they placed her in

Heritage Summer 2012 6

Tom was one of several classmates from ’72 and ’73 who got together for a mini-reunion in the Nashville area in June. They had a GREAT time with lots of laughs, hugs, stories, and even tears when they had to leave. They literally talked for 12 hours—noon to midnight—and invite other classmates to join them as they plan on getting together on campus at this year’s Homecoming, October 12-14. (l-r): Spike and Karen (Alley) O’Dell, Gary Lansman, Tom Buell, Mike Morris, Ron Allison, Paul Touchton, Mike and Linda (Plaster) Baker

a treatment facility where she was able to get clean. Today, Shelly and her son are drugfree. She works full-time, attends AA meetings regularly, and still benefits from parenting classes at DCCCA. “Her life is completely turned around,” says Buell. “Her baby has the chance to live a drug-free life with a mother that really loves him and can care for him.” That’s the kind of story Buell likes to tell about the work he does—ministry work that touches lives every day. His organization offers a range of services, from substance abuse treatment to life skills classes, all with the aim of keeping families together. Safety is the first concern, says Buell. Sometimes it is necessary for a child to be removed from the home.

Often, though, the trauma of taking them away from their families and placing them in foster care only adds to the child’s problems. “Children need their families,” says Buell. “We have no way of knowing which families are hopeless. We believe that troubled families can change. A crisis in a family—a crisis in any life—is an opportunity for change… we provide them with hope and provide them with the support they need.” Buell knows all about the importance of crisis moments and second chances. His own story illustrates the power of redemption. He came to York College in the fall of 1971 with one ambition: to play baseball for Coach Paul Touchton ’61. “I had no interest in church or school,” he says. “I was having a good time at York College because I met a lot of people I *Not her real name

(right) The ’72-’73 York College Panther baseball team. Buell is far left, front. Head Coach Paul Touchton ’61 is far left, back row. (lower right) Part of the ’72-’73 York College men’s soccer team, Buell is 7th from the left.

“This was probably the turning point in my life.”

really liked and we were having fun.” In fact, he was having so much fun, he was asked not to return for the spring semester. His GPA was abysmal. Still, he really wanted to be at YC. Buell had a long talk with Tom Schulz, professor of Bible, about his situation. Schulz told him it was time he got serious about life and started to appreciate the opportunity he had for a great Christian education. “He championed my cause to the administration,” says Buell. When he was allowed to come back on academic probation, he worked hard to prove worthy of Schulz’s endorsement. His grades came up dramatically. He declared a major in psychology, which would lay the groundwork for his future career. No longer on academic probation, he was looking forward to returning to athletics in the fall semester. That’s when the crisis moment occurred: Buell was in a serious car ac-

cident that left him blind in his right eye. “I thought my athletic career was over. I got pretty depressed. I didn’t know if I even wanted to go back to school,” he says. York College wasn’t ready to give up on him, though. “There was such an outpouring of support and caring…they really showed me that we were family.” Buell gets emotional when he recounts this part of the story. “This was probably the turning point in my life,” he says. When he returned to YC, Coach Touchton worked to keep Buell on the field. “He let me play…I don’t think there’s another coach anywhere who would have given me the chance to continue in athletics and who would have worked with me.” Touchton asked him to play soccer that fall, keeping him on the right side of the field so that he could see the entire field with his good eye. When baseball season arrived, Touchton put

Buell on third base—a position he’d never played before—so that he could compensate for his vision. “We did well,” says Buell. “I made second team all-conference for both sports.” He couldn’t have done it without the friends and faculty who reached out to him in his time of need, he says. The York College family believed in him before he had done anything to merit their faith. It’s like the work he does today with DCCCA, where his team invests in people whom others would dismiss. “I learned a lot of life lessons at York College,” he says. “I learned the guiding Christian principles that I still live by today.” lll Buell went on to finish his bachelor’s degree in psychology at Lubbock Christian College (now Lubbock Christian University) and earn a master’s degree in social work at Tulane University. He has worked in social services for nearly 25 years.

Heritage Summer 2012 7


photo by Frank Wheeler

(above) The Theatre at Pergamum (Rev. 2) provided an impressive view for the group. It was the centerpiece of the acropolis of the ancient city, located on Turkey’s northern Aegean coast. With a seating capacity of 10,000, it is the steepest theatre of the ancient world, rising vertically 122 feet. (left) The group posed in front of the Library of Celsus in the city of Ephesus where Paul visited and the gospel of John was written.

Travel brings students real-world education


rom ancient ruins in Greece to the Statue of Liberty, in May York College students had the opportunity to go beyond the classroom and take learning to a whole new level. Three faculty-led experiential learning trips had students interacting with history and its impact on the present in a very personal way. Bryce Ballard, a senior Bible major from Richmond, Ind., traveled with students, as well as a few alumni and others, to Turkey and Greece, visiting some cities from Paul’s missionary voyages. Bryce says the best part of the trip was, “getting to walk where Paul walked…with Dr. Wheeler.” Dr. Frank Wheeler, professor of Bible, led the 12-day tour. The group made stops in Istanbul, Troas, Troy, Pergamum, Laodicea, Ephesus, Athens, Corinth, Thessalonica,

Heritage Summer 2012 8

and Philippi. Ballard says it’s a very different experience to read the letter to Ephesians after having walked the streets of Ephesus. “It inspired me,” he says. “We need to continue Paul’s mission.” Tim McNeese, associate professor of History, and Beverly McNeese, assistant professor of English, led a group of seven students through a tour of the Mid-Atlantic region

“There is nothing like getting out there and seeing the places where history was made and where people lived it.”

(right) YC students Mike Miller, Katie Kynion, Rebecca Agler, Amber Walker, and Bryce Ballard give their best tourist pose inside the Trojan Horse replica in Troy, Turkey. (middle right) History professor Tim McNeese snaps a group photo at an Iroquois village in Ontario, Canada, during their Mid-Atlantic tour. (below) Rachel Johnson posted this picture of her and Auschwitz survior Frances Irwin. Rachel described her as “the single most amazing woman I have ever met.” (lower right) Carson Tuttle traces the letters “FREEDOM IS NOT FREE” etched into the black granite wall that extends into the reflecting pool area of the Korean War Veterans Memorial.

photo by Amber Soderholm

Saving Blueberries: Inspired by Frances Fingers reach and save the blueberry That none would notice was there. Holds it close to her lips; Smells the leaf that was its neighbor. When she bites, she chews with purpose. Every seed is a gift. The flavor of timeless mercy. When all the life has been drawn out From the fruit’s dark veins, Her stomach is filled with silent prayer. She has lived another day.

photo by Tim McNeese

~Carson Tuttle

visiting sites of historical and literary significance, including those relating to the French and Indian War, the Erie Canal, Mark Twain’s home, and a dozen other locations. “You can sit in a classroom and talk about something until the cows come home,” said Tim McNeese., “but there is nothing like getting out there and seeing the places where history was made and where people lived it.” Education faculty members Erin Dehart and Chris Luther led 22 students on a Holocaust studies trip. Participants’ hearts were broken and minds were opened as they met Holocaust survivors and visited museums and monuments in New York City and Washington D.C. You can see more pictures and read the class blog from the Holocaust studies trip at lll

photo by Erin DeHart

Heritage Summer 2012 9

PRESSROOM Activity Center Groundbreaking


ork has begun on the construction of the Colis and Dolores Campbell Activity Center. Located near the northeast corner of campus, the Campbell Activity Center will provide space for intramurals, a wide variety of student activities, special events and daily chapel. A groundbreaking ceremony was held May 4 for the 15,600 square-foot multi-use facility. The target completion date is in early 2013. See pictures and video from the groundbreaking, as well as a live construction camera at

1960s Classes Return Home


he past didn’t seem so long ago as a group of alumni from the 1960s met on campus in June. Sixty alumni and spouses enjoyed sweet fellowship at their beloved York College, sharing stories, pictures, memories, laughter, tears, and hugs. It was a blessed time for those that attended. For many in the group, it was the first time in 50 years that they had been back to campus. One of the highlights of the weekend was a building by building tour. Reunion attendees saw the advances that campus is making, as well as visit the buildings they remember from their own York Experience. They enjoyed reminiscing about what happened at “just this spot”

Heritage Summer 2012 10

decades ago as they revisited their old dorms and classrooms. Two of the reunion organizers, Lynn Yocum ’62 and Dan McCaghren ’62, presented a class gift to York College: two framed pages from a rare Geneva Bible, given in honor of Dr. Dale Larsen and classmates who have passed away. The 413-year old pages now hang on display in the Mackey Center.

Want to plan a reunion for your class? Contact Chrystal Houston in the alumni office. Call (402) 363-5607 or email to get started. (lower left) The class of ’62 presented two pages from a 1599 Geneva Bible that are now on display in the Mackey Center in memory of Dr. Dale Larsen and their YC classmates. (below) The 1960s reunion was well-attended this summer and brought back a host of memories.

(left) The building’s namesakes, Colis and Dolores Campbell were joined by board members David Lynn ’74 and Charlie Watts ’65, and YC President Steve Eckman ’71 in turning the first shovels of dirt. Groundbreaking party: (l-r) Jake Edwards, Betty Lou Knowles, Pattie Sue Edwards, Jim Knowles, Dolores Campbell, Colis Campbell, Steve Eckman, David Lynn, and Charlie Watts.

Faculty Transitions


ork College is excited to announce the addition of full-time faculty members for the fall term. Their skills, experience, and passion will bless our students and make the York Experience that much richer. We are especially thankful for the three new faculty members who will be donating their expertise to the college, providing their valuable time and talent to the students on a volunteer basis: * Edward Bailey, JD — Criminal Justice * Louise Bailey, EdD — Education * Terry Kite, PhD — Physics Other new faculty members include: * Hillrey Dufner, PhD — Education * Jaclyn Spivey, PhD — Psychology * Steven W. Thompson, MS, CPA — Business Three part-time faculty members will move into full-time teaching roles this fall: * Shannon Leinen ’07, MA, MBA — Communication and Forensics * Christi Lones, MLS — History * Chris Luther ’94, MSE — Education York College recognizes with gratitude the decades of service to students provided by two distinguished faculty members who are leaving YC for other opportunities: Dr. Kathleen Wheeler, professor of education, and Michael Becker, associate professor of psychology. Both have served as department chairs for many years, working hard to ensure the quality of their programs. They have been a blessing to thousands of students on our campus. lll

York College Online “a dream come true” Bachelor’s degree over three decades in the making


t’s been more than 30 years since Frank Clark came to York as a freshman. This October, he will accomplish a long held dream: he will finish his four year degree from YC. Frank came to YC in 1980 and earned an associate’s degree in business. He met his wife here as well, classmate Karen Emmons. After they left York, Frank spent 10+ years working in business then enlisted in the U.S. Army. He is currently a chief warrant officer working in logistics. As he has built his career, he has chipped away at a fouryear degree, taking a mix of online and seated courses from other universities. “Always in the back of my mind I wanted to graduate from a Christian college,” he said. “When I found out YC was offering online courses, it was a dream come true for me.” Frank is just three courses away from graduating with a bachelor’s in business. He plans to finish his last class this fall. “The experience [with York College Online] has been very, very good,” he says. He has taken online courses elsewhere, and he can attest to the quality of the instruction in the program. He was especially impressed with the helpfulness of faculty members who have accommodated his schedule needs around military deployments. More importantly, he appreciates the spiritual component that is present in every class. “It’s a different dynamic, having faith-based instructors rather than secular ones,” he says. That spiritual component was especially noticeable in his business classes taught by Dr. Monty McNair. “He does a great job of combining the business lessons with spiritual aspects,” he says. McNair is an engineer for Lockheed Martin and an elder at Southside Church of Christ in Fort Worth, Texas. Frank recently completed an upper division Bible class taught by Wayne Hawley ’70. The class on the Gospel of John was insightful academically, but it was also very meaningful spiritually, says Frank. “It impacted me a great deal. It will really help me in my Christian walk,” he says. Frank will retire from the Army in three years. He is looking at obtaining a masters degree, possibly in business, before reentering the civilian job market. Frank and Karen live in Columbia, Maryland. lll To further your education and spiritual growth, visit and enroll in classes today.




t’s been 15 years since the first York College Traveling Children’s Theatre production Wiley and the Hairy Man. In that time, cast members have traveled thousands of miles to delight thousands of children with their performances.

photo by Tim McNeese

Heritage Summer 2012 12 12


ach fall, the cast is chosen by John Baker, associate professor of communication. Each spring the ensemble rehearses then hits the road, performing between 25 and 30 times at elementary schools, libraries, churches, and on campus as well. The 2012 production, The Wizard of Oz, was significant for two reasons: Baker himself wrote the crowd-pleasing script, and the troupe travelled farther than ever, as they visited Colorado for a three-day, four-performance tour. The longer run of the show is great preparation for those cast members that aspire to act professionally, say freshmen Jasmine Agee and Morgan Goracke. After graduation, the pair of theater communication majors plan to strike out for New York City together and pursue careers on the stage. “The cast grows so much through the experience of repeated performances and serving as cast and crew,” said Baker. Goracke says that the Colorado tour especially was a challenge, as three of the four shows were performed in one day. Children’s theater is very physical and each performance demands a high energy output. It was exhausting, both women agree, but well worth the effort, as it was a taste of the real work of a performer. Traveling together throughout the semester led to a great bond between the cast members, Baker, and assistant director Rachel (Byrd) Mayfield ’03, who volunteered her time for the production. “We got to know each other really well. There were very rarely disagreements. It was really fun to have that feeling of family,” says Goracke. The best part is the audiences, say the student actresses. “I loved all the reactions from the kids. That was my favorite part,” says Agee. “They were just so excited to have us there. It didn’t matter if you did a great job or messed up, they just loved it.” lll (left) Traveling Children’s Theatre put on its annual show for the York community in the spring. (top right) Special effects from The Wizard of Oz such as Briana Van Deusen melting onto the stage went over big with the young audiences.

York College Traveling Children’s Theatre 1998-2012:

photo by John Baker

The Wizard of Oz (2012) Alice in Wonderland (2011) In One Basket (2010) Pinocchio (2009) Aladdin (2008) The Jack Tales (2007) The Hobbit (2006) Robin Hood (2005) Ali Baba and The Magic Cave (2004) Charlotte’s Web (2003) Incantation: Frog Prince (2002) The Emperor’s New Clothes (2001) Pinocchio Commedia (2000) Alice in Wonderland (1999) Wiley and the Hairy Man (1998)

Celebrating 35 Years


nder the direction of Amy Fraser ’01, York College’s 35th annual Songfest production was celebrated over the High School Days weekend. Hosts and hostesses this year were Patrick Clark, Maegan Detlefs, Angelene Gray, Cameron Holmes, Bethany Saylor, and Caleb Smith. At the completion of the show Saturday night, clubs anxiously awaited the judges’ tally of their three-night production. Would Delta and Kyodai surge ahead in the professional world with Taking Care of Business or would Beta and AXE’s zombified Nightmare repeat as champions? Could the judges be swayed by all the movie tunes in Omega Phi and Kingsmen’s Cinemania or would Theta Psi and Sig Tau put together the best portfolio with Paparazzi? Best Music and Best Choreography went to Sig Tau and Theta Psi, while AXE and Beta claimed the Best Costume award. These two shows split the award for Best Theme, making this year’s production another very tight race. There can be only one winner in the end, and the President’s Award for the best club show overall went to Sigma Tau and Theta Psi. About one fourth of the student body participated in this year’s production. Congratulations to everyone who had a part in Songfest 2012! lll

Heritage Summer 2012 13


TITANIC PROPORTIONS History comes alive at centennial event

Heritage Summer 2012 14

the adjacent Cornerstone Room, with replica Titanic artifacts and information about the ship and crew, including a set of dishes from first, second, and third classes. The display also included clothing and accessories similar to what might have been worn by passengers. The program was made up of a variety of acts. Live music authentic to the period was provided by Amy Fraser, Tod Martin, Brianna Bailey, and Kay Magner. YC students presented a readers theater arrangement of real survivors’ stories and news clippings, prepared by John Baker, assistant professor of communication. A live demonstration tested three students’ toughness by plunging their hands into ice water for several minutes so that they could better imagine the experience of those victims waiting for rescue in the frigid waters of the North Atlantic. Tim McNeese, associate professor of history and chair of the Department of History, was the key organizer of the event. MC for the evening, McNeese provided commentary throughout,

focusing on the unlikely events and the human folly responsible for the tragedy. McNeese also provided a brief lecture about what was to him one of the saddest elements of the tragedy: the division of families. McNeese explored the emotional scenes as husbands and fathers put their families on a lifeboat, promising to see them after the rescue, knowing all the while that they would likely never see their loved ones again. The evening concluded with a toast from McNeese, encouraging all to raise their glasses to those traveling by sea, air, rail and road, that they may all return safely to their loved ones. lll You can see pictures from the event and hear McNeese’s lecture at www. Titanic.asp photos by Amanda Baldwin


ne hundred years to the day from when the Titanic struck the fateful iceberg, a group of costumed history enthusiasts met in the Mackey Center at York College to learn more about the most deadly nonwartime tragedy at sea. The Miller Room was transformed into the A la Carte Restaurant on board Titanic, and many of the 120 participants came in character, sporting period gowns and suits. The somber tolling of a replica Titanic ship’s bell marked in real time the sinking of the ship, interrupting the program with reminders every few minutes of what was going on a hundred years earlier. From iceberg encounter to final submersion, the sinking of the “unsinkable” ship lasted only 2 hours and 40 minutes. The York College event followed the same timeline. Upon entering, attendees were given a card with information about a real Titanic passenger. At the end of the evening, lists were provided so that they could discover whether or not their passenger had survived the sinking. A museum display was set up in

Educator Sees Holocaust Evidence Firsthand

The Clock

Tower Society Cornerstone Circle $50,000 AND UP

Anonymous (2) Cornhusker Christian Children’s Fdn. Mr. Don R. Freeman Mr. and Mrs. H. Jarrell Gibbs Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Holthus Mr. and Mrs. David F. Lynn Mr. and Mrs. Ed McLoud Mrs. Ruth A. O’Toole* Estate of Mary Taylor

Trustees’ Circle $20,000-$49,999

Mrs. Elvera M. Curless* Dr. and Mrs. Wilbur Dabbs Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Hannel Mr. and Mrs. John L. Kooiker Mrs. Sandra Olson

Presidents’ Circle $10,000-$19,999

Anonymous (2) Mrs. Faye B. Andrews Mr. Jerry Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. Keel Hendricks Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. James Mr. and Mrs. Russell Schoof Mr. Foster Stanback Mrs. Irma Terpenning Mr. and Mrs. Charlie J. Watts

Founders’ Circle $5,000-$9,999

Mr. Keith Arterburn Mr. and Mrs. Don Drennan Dr. and Mrs. Steve Eckman Mr. and Mrs. Galen Groves Mr. and Mrs. Van Harrold Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hornbaker Drs. Joe and Jackie Humphrey The Estate of Mrs. Ila Key Mr. and Mrs. Brian Kramer Mr. David W. Krekel Mr. and Mrs. Roger E. Lessly Mr. and Mrs. Scott T. Niemann Mr. and Mrs. Ed Nill

recognizes alumni and friends of York College whose gifts make it possible to “transform lives through Christ-centered education.” Everyone who partners with the college with a contribution of $1,000 or more becomes a member of the Clock Tower Society. Recognizing gifts through May 31, 2012

Mr. and Mrs. J. Lindbergh Presson Mr. and Mrs. William Robertson Mrs. Ermalee Scroggin Dr. and Mrs. Charles Stephenson Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Studebaker The Victor Durrington Char. Trust Mr. and Mrs. Dennis E. Willard Dr. and Mrs. Gregory N. Woods

Builders’ Circle $2,000-$4,999

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Andrews Mr. and Mrs. Tim Bruner Dr. and Mrs. John P. Bryant Mr. Harry Denewiler Dr. and Mrs. Aaron G. Fletcher Mr. John E. Goeppinger Dr. and Mrs. E. LaVerne Haselwood Mr. Agene Hawkins Mr. and Mrs. Monroe E. Hawley Miss Sherri D. Herndon Mr. and Mrs. Chester James, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Light Mr. and Mrs. Brent Magner Mr. and Mrs. Quinton Martin Mr. and Mrs. Don Millican Mr. LeRoy Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Don Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Norris Mrs. Margaret Parker The Estate of Dorothy Reinhardt Mr. and Mrs. Jim Reischl Mr. and Mrs. Brad J. Reischl Mr. and Mrs. Jason L. Rice Mr. and Mrs. Perry Rubart Dr. Dorris “Dottie” Schulz Mr. and Mrs. Todd Sheldon Mr. and Mrs. Howard Sheldon Mr. and Mrs. Jack Stewart Mr. and Mrs. Rusty Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Touchton Mrs. R. Elaine Townsdin Dr. and Mrs. R. Wayne White Mrs. Gladys Willis Wilmar Foundation Charitable Trust Dr. David Worley

(* indicates deceased)

Sowers’ Circle $1,000-$1,999

Drs. Scott & Beth Anne Abraham Mrs. Wylene Baker Mr. Loy C. Banks Mr. and Mrs. Jim Begin Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Belden Mr. and Mrs. Steven “Chip” Bloecher Mr. and Mrs. Lenard Boesch Mr. and Mrs. Cornell H. Bonde Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Brueggeman Mrs. Ruth M. Carlock Mr. and Mrs. Orville Carr Mr. and Mrs. Win A. Chaney Mrs. Mary F. Clark Mr. and Mrs. David Conder Mr. Kirk B. Davidson Mr. and Mrs. Roger B. Deal Mr. and Mrs. Ramon Diaz Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Edwards III Mr. and Mrs. Barton W. Florea Mr. Byron F. Fullerton* Mr. J. A. Gamble Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ganus Mr. and Mrs. Steele Glenn Mr. and Mrs. John H. Glover III Mr. and Mrs. Rodney W. Goben Mr. and Mrs. Lanny D. Gridley Mr. and Mrs. Ken Gunselman Harlan Church of Christ Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Harris Mr. and Mrs. Justin T. Harrold Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Henderson Mr. and Mrs. Everett D. Hinton Mr. and Mrs. Greg C. Holoch Mr. and Mrs. Don Hornbaker Mr. and Mrs. Dean Howard Mr. and Mrs. Darrel Hoyt Mr. and Mrs. Larry Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kaaiohelo Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Keas Mrs. Susanne Keller Dr. and Mrs. D. Arnold Killen Dr. and Mrs. Terence Kite Mr. and Mrs. Bill Knight Dr. and Mrs. James R. Lackie Mr. and Mrs. William J. Lambert Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Lawrence Mr. and Mrs. H. Ken Leopard Mr. Charles Locke Jr.

Mrs. Debra L. Lowry Mr. and Mrs. Tim Mangan Mr. and Mrs. Dale W. Manor Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Maxwell Dr. and Mrs. L. Ray Miller Mr. and Mrs. Don Miltner Mr. and Mrs. Harold D. Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Gary Montford Mr. and Mrs. David S. Morrow Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. Morrow Dr. and Mrs. M. Shane Mountjoy Mr. and Mrs. F. Dave Odom The Honorable Ted Poe Dr. and Mrs. Michael R. Pruitt Mr. and Mrs. Erwin A. Reicheneker Mr. and Mrs. Titus P. Robison Mr. James T. Ross Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Shields Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Shipman Mr. and Mrs. Lowell G. Siebert Miss Joan M. Stirlen Mr. and Mrs. Craig Sumner Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Tandy Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Townsdin Mrs. Paula Varner Dr. and Mrs. James L. Wilkison Mr. and Mrs. Tom Williams Dr. and Mrs. Alex Williams Mr. and Mrs. Ted York

Corporate Circle Abbott Laboratories Fund BOEING Gift Matching Program Chevron Humankind Fdn. ConocoPhillips Cornerstone Bank R. L. Craft Co I80-81 Store Marlin Oil Corp. Money Handling Machines, Inc. Nebraska Independent College Fdn. Procter & Gamble Company Raindrop Repair, Inc Self Storage Co. of Iowa, LLC Tulsa Christian Foundation, Inc. Wells Fargo Foundation Wichita AWCE York Community Foundation York Printing Company


1937 Elizabeth Feemster Gladden would love to hear from classmates. She is 95 and still living in her own home and doing well. She is involved in various groups and on the go constantly. 1507 West Yakima, Pasco, WA 99301 1941 Al (Alden) Markel passed away on May 16, 2011 at the age of 93. He and wife, Regina, were married 67 years, during which they celebrated the births of six children, 13 grandchildren, and 16 great grandchildren. Al had a helium leak testing business for 50 years. Prior to that he worked for several aerospace companies. “He was the best of the best. We miss him so much,” says Regina. 1955 Charles G. Stark updated his contact info: 1500 Hwy 367 N #15, Bald Knob, AR 72010.  1959 William “Bill” and Linda Epperson celebrated their 50th anniversary two summers ago in southern France, where their oldest daughter lives. Bill has been at Oral Roberts Univ. since 1968, serving as chair of the English department from 1972-2009.  He’s still in touch with his old roommate, Don Stark (Bud). They have three grown daughters. 8249 S Evanston, Tulsa, OK 74137 1961 Richard L. Bennett passed away on February 19, 2012 at the age of 71, after a 13-month long battle with cancer. His final 12 years of his life he served as an elder at Eastside CofC in Duncan, Okla., and served as a deacon many years prior to that. He is survived by his wife; Joyce, son, Jeff Bennett, daughter, Jamie (Bennett ’89) Logan, son, Jerald Bennett (’91 & ’96), daughter Joni Hannabass, and nine grandchildren.  Jacqueline (Thayer) Williams updated her contact info: 4330 Kinneys Rd, Springfield, TN 37172 1962 Jimmie “Marq” (Williams) Strand updated her information: PO Box 174, Rupert, ID 83350.

Heritage Summer 2012 16


Syd and Joleen (Anderson ’63) Kite updated their information: 22707 S Banner Rd, Gothenburg, NE 69138 1963 Ronnie and Betty Jo (Adamson ’64) Baker recently celebrated 47 years of marriage. They have raised 3 sons and are blessed with 8 grandchildren. Ron has dedicated his career to working with teenagers through teaching, coaching basketball (and other sports), and detention center counseling. Betty has been involved with Tulsa city planning, managing a 22 story historic office building and later directing the conversion of the top 9 floors into 20 upscale loft apartments. Both are now retired, having spent most of their years in the Tulsa, Okla. area. They have retired to Austin, Texas, but Ron is still loyal to OU!.116 Live Oak Dr, Cedar Creek, TX 78612 Susan (Luke) Grissom and her husband Robert have moved to Nebraska to be near Susan’s mother. Robert and Susan spent 35 years in Brazil as missionaries as well as worked at a children’s home in Georgia. They are both now involved with Senior Action, serving as foster grandparents. They have six grown children. 721 S 1st Ave Apt 402, Hastings, NE 68901 susangrissom@ Marla (Weaver) Norris updated her info. She is a retired commercial designer and her husband Larry is a retired architect. They have two grown children, Matthew and Michelle. 400 NW Sagamore Ln, Kansas City, MO 64116 Merlin and Janet (Sommer) Prior updated their information. Merlin owns Mer-Dell Enterprises, Inc., and Janet owns and manages New Generation Fabrics, LLC. PO Box 5, Imperial, NE 69033 1964 David Keller retired after 35 years of teaching and moved from Fairburn, Georgia, to his home in Idaho. He and his wife Linda have two grown children. 2398 N Tangent Ave, Meridian, ID 83646 1965 Don and Mary Lou (Hineline) Hasselman are staying busy. Don travels nationwide giving safety and



maintenance workshops for the Grasshopper Mower Company, and Mary “goes along and plays secretary and tourist.” She has seen more lawnmower shops than any female has ever dreamed of seeing, she says. Their two daughters have given them four grandchildren. 4731 Grasshopper Ln, Kingston, OK 73439 papaslake@ Cynthia (Corlew) Laffoon wanted to update classmates on her info. She and her husband Harold have two grown daughters and live at 1420 NE 61 St, Lawton, OK 73507. Linda (Hester) Wright and her husband Barry are expecting their ninth grandchild this summer. Linda retired in 2007 from Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital after serving 25 years as a Peds RN. Barry is a construction estimator for JJP Mechanical Reps. They have three grown children. 1127 Maplehurst Ave, Nashville, TN 37204 wrightlh@ 1966 John and Ellen (Whitman) Lucas are in their fifth year as Sojourners, living in their RV fulltime doing volunteer work. They are having the time of their lives doing mission work, meeting new people, hearing their stories, and encouraging stronger relationships between them and their Lord. They have 3 children and 5 grandchildren. Sharon McCarley would love to her from classmates. She lives at: 12221 S Kirkwood #1331, Stafford, TX 77477. Charles “Chuck” Miller owns Miters and Such LLC, and his wife Marcy retired from teaching in May, 2012. They have three grown children. 2414 Fairview Ave, Caldwell, ID 83605 Joy (Voraritskul) Rogers updated her info: 9251 W Sunnyslope Ln, Peoria, AZ 85345. She and her husband Phillip have three grown children: Eric, Tyla, and Nicole and an adopted son from Thailand, Daniel (10). Charles and Pamela (Piskorik) White have served as missionaries in France for over 30 years and work with the Eglise du Christ congregation in Villeurbanne. They have three grown daughters: Tamara, Tiara, and Tessica. 6 Impasse Million, 69100 Villeurbanne, France 1967 Danny Weddle is an elder at the Washington Avenue CofC in Evansville and a former missionary in Belarus and the Philippines. He is retired from Evansville ARC, and his wife Blossom is a retired teacher. They have three grown children: Charles Van, Kevin, and MaryAnn. 4559 Conlin Ave, Evansville, IN 47714




1968 Daniel and Jill (Beaty ’67) Amundson recently moved to Phoenix and wanted to pass along their new address. 4801 W Sweetwater, Glendale, AZ 85304 Dorothy Kelly is a community liaison for the Foundation for Senior Living. 6840 W Mission Ln, Peoria, AZ 1971 Marti (Sears) Collins is a special education teacher with Elkins Public Schools. She had four children, though her son Michael passed away in 2008. 140 N Tourmaline Way #6, Fayetteville, AR 72701 Bill Hooten served in ministry on a full time basis from 1974 to 1991, serving churches in Alabama, Arkansas, and Texas. Today, he’s a sales rep for Arkansas Insulation and preaches on a regular basis for the Prairie Grove CofC. His wife Malia is a loan officer with Arvest Bank. They have two married children, Josh and Courtnee, and three grandchildren. 701 Prairie View Dr, Prairie Grove, AR 72753 1972 D. Anthony (Tony) Black and his wife Patricia moved from Pensacola to Melrose in the summer of 2010. Tony preaches for the Melrose Church of Christ. 409 Upham St, Melrose, MA 02176 Mark Fitzgerald has one daughter, Rachel, and lives at 1924 Churchill Gate Cv, Cordova, TN 38016 Gary Lansman is a managing partner with C & T Design in Orlando. He has four grown children. P.O. Box 1816, Umatilla, FL 32784 Sandy (Jones) Massey is getting excited for the class of ’72 reunion in the fall. Her current contact info is: 6013 Mountain Pine Lane, Rapid City, SD 57702 Darra (Moody) McWhirter works for Southwest Airlines in customer service. Lubbock was her home from ’72-’99. Following the death of her husband in 2010, God blessed her with the opportunity to return and be close to her three children and a nana to her grandchildren. 5424 28th St, Lubbock, TX 79407 mcwhirter.darra@ Candy (Manchester) Witt wanted classmates to know her whereabouts: 1712 N El Paso St, Colorado Springs, CO 80907 1973 Jerre (Corn) Bergeron is the director for the Spring ISD Family Literacy and PreK programs. Her husband John owns Christian Brothers Automotive. They have four children and two grandchildren. 7411 Songwind Ln, Spring, TX 77379 jerre.




Doug Berry was a missionary in Ukraine for six years and will be returning this summer for a 3-week mission trip. He is in his second year serving as the minister for the Osceola CofC as well as growing a part time business, SendOutCards. He has four grown children and six grandchildren. 530 E Clay St, Osceola, IA 50213 Thomas (Tom) Buell is the regional director of DCCCA Family Preservation Services. His wife Vikki is a senior administrative specialist with the Kansas Bureau of Investigation. They have two sons and four grandchildren. 10215 W Birch Lane, Wichita, KS 67212      Debbie (Cosby) Collins is a para professional with York Public Schools. 4 Laurel Lane, York, NE 68467 Monika (Mader) Easterly updated her information: 844 Apex Dr, Unit E, Fort Collins, CO 80525 easterlymo@ Michael (Mike) Morton reports sad tidings: his wife, Sharon Ann (Gaer) Morton, passed away in 2008 due to complications of multiple sclerosis. Mike is retired from Kansas Gas Service Co. and has three grown children and nine grandchildren. 1601 Grandview, Newton, KS 67114 1974 Donald and Mary (Minchew) Conley are the proud grandparents of another granddaughter and grandson… brings them up to five grandchildren. Donald is a retired IT director with Boeing and Mary is an executive VP with ADS Co. 15000 E Beltwood Parkway, Addison, TX 75001 1975 Dale and Vicki (Osborne ’74) Hawley are acclimating to life back home and having great fun with 3 grandchildren after an amazing year in Europe visiting missionaries, interviewing American families living abroad, and hanging out with brother Dennie Osborne (’79) and family. They are grateful for YC friends who continue to refresh and challenge their hearts! Dale is a marriage and family therapy professor at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, and Vicki works for the University of Minnesota Center for Early Education & Development. 1325 2nd St, Hudson, WI 54016 1976 Dick Jernigan loved his time at York and has the fondest memories of the school, the teachers, and the town. He owns Jernigan Landscape and Design, and his wife Marty is a cardiac sonographer for Methodist Hospital. 2030 Aspen Dr, Nesbit, MS 38651



1977 Cindy (Henderson) Fisher and her husband Tim celebrated the marriage of their eldest son, Eric, to Taylor Grandberg, May 5, 2012. 230 W Laurel Ave, McMinnville, TN 37110 1978 Lee Loney is a licensed nutritionist with LAL Nutrition Consulting. With her masters in nutrition, she opened an online business at www.lalnutrition. com and is currently in a Dietetic Internship program at New Mexico State University. She will finish in December 2012 and is very excited about the opportunities this new direction will provide. 1605 N Florida Ave, Alamogordo, NM 88310 lal@ 1982 Deonna Edgar works for Good Samaritan as an activities programmer. She is very grateful for her children Cohen (14) and Dairien (13) and celebrates God’s wisdom in giving her these beautiful creations. 151 W 4th, Nelson, NE 68961 David and LaTanya (Perry) Kimmons updated their info. David retired from the US Army and is now a minister for the Brentwood CofC, and LaTanya is a high school teacher. They have three children: Kendall, Kevin, and David Jr. 4381 N 16th St, Milwaukee, WI 53209 1983 Marie (Maurici) Reimann and her husband Mike are grandparents of a wonderful little boy, Braydon, and preparing for the arrival of their second grandchild in November. Marie is a customer service representative for BI Worldwide. 916 37th Ave N, St. Cloud, MN 56303 reimann.mrs@ 1984 Dena (Sims) Berkey has updated her contact information: 12101 Acre Rd, Marland, OK 74644, berkeyd@ Ralph Johnson is in his 23rd year at Boeing. He and Melissa live at 11030 Evergreen Way Apt E216, Everett, WA 98204. ralph.g.johnson@ 1987 David Jones owns and operates a tree removal company, Tree Hoggers, and is a full time Dad to Dylan (20), Mikey (17) and Gunnar (13). 4306 Birchcrest Ln, Bryan, TX 77802 1988 Dawn Carmody has a new address: 1333 Meadow Dale Dr, Lincoln, NE 68505. carmody68504@




1989 Natalie (Sutter) Clark and her husband Wade have a new address: 131 Daisy Lane, Justin, TX 76247. Charmaine (Sandel) Wishard completed a master’s in Education, specializing in Reading and Literacy, in December of 2010. She and her husband Alan are both employed by the Edmond School District. Charmaine was selected 2011-2012 Teacher of the Year by her colleagues at Russell Dougherty Elementary. They have a son, Austin (8). 304 Coldbrook Circle, Edmond, OK 73003 1990 Matt and Kelly (Looper) Fike are raising their three girls in a rural area outside of Ada, Okla. Matt completed his 5th year at Byng High School as the head girls’ basketball coach. His Lady Pirates won their 5th consecutive district championship and finished the season 23-7 and ranked 11th in the state. Their oldest daughter Kaylen (16) is a guard on the team. Kelly teaches math at Byng Jr. High School. Their other two daughters are Kendall (14) and Kirsten (9). 6021 CR 3605, Ada, OK 74820 1991 Armando and Cheryl Gonzalez are proud of their son Elijah as he graduated valedictorian of his class and will be attending York College in the fall on several academic scholarships as well as one for soccer. Armando preaches for the Okmulgee CofC and Cheryl teaches for the Schulter Public School. Prayers are requested on behalf of Cheryl as she goes through cancer treatments. They have two children, Elijah (18) and Elizabeth (16). 807 Mockingbird Ln, Okmulgee, OK 74447 charmjesus@ 1993 Benny and Niki (Wood ’92) Nowell recently celebrated their 5th year of working with SEVENS (www., an outreach ministry to the homeless and hurting in Boulder. They have three children: Max (12), Zoe (9), and Pete (8). 9100 Tejon St #157, Denver, CO 80260, nikinowell@ 1994 Clifton Garde wanted to pass along his contact information to classmates. He works for Chugach Alaska Corporation and has four kids: Hailey (11), Avery (8), Braxton (6), and Brynley (3). 212 NE 2nd St, Moore, OK 73160 1996 Brandy (Mathews) Segraves finished her Masters in Elementary Education in December.

1998 Diana (Wilson) Jarvais is a stayat-home mom with their two daughters, Chloe (5) and Jennifer (2). She requests prayers for her husband John as he battles cancer. 620 Lincoln Ave, Kaukauna, WI 54130 Lisa Berger-Parker and her husband Bryan welcomed their first child, a boy, Jackson Henry, on July 10, 2011. 19724 SE 35th Way, Camas, WA 98607 Corey and Carrie Smith have a new address: 1202 N 208th St, Elkhorn, NE 68022.   Kristin (Mathews) Robinson and her husband Nathan are the proud parents of Karis Ann, born May 9, 2012. Kristin is the campus manager for Kaplan Test Prep at UC Davis, UC Merced, and Fresno State. Nathan is the IA for severe special needs students at Clovis Adult Education and a financial consultant for World Financial Group. 7095 N Fruit Apt 148, Fresno, CA 93710  1999 David and Laura (Langlois) Roof welcomed Cypher Carol into the world, April 4, 2012. She joins her sister Katrina (5). David is a warehouse manager for Katadyn North America and Laura begins nursing school in the fall. 241 117th Lane NE, Blaine, MN 55434 2000 Rachel (Hawley) married Kyle Halliday on Dec. 17, 2011. Rachel is a family therapist with The Emily Program. She has a daughter, Harper Grace (7). 1323 Raspberry Lane, Eagan, MN 55123 Jason and Kendra (Sykes ’03) Matkins have moved closer to Kendra’s brother while he is battling stage four colon cancer. Jason teaches science and math at Tulelake H.S. and Kendra is at home with their two kiddos: Jubilee (4) and Gideon (1). PO Box 733, Merrill, OR 97633 Marc and Stephanie (Hastings) Schrader welcomed a new baby boy into the family, Carter Scott, July 21 2011. 1525 Drewry Ln, Madison, WI 53704 2001 Sue Roush is the communications assistant to Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman. Her husband, Dr. Clark Roush, completed his 26th year with the college, serving as the endowed chair of fine and performing arts. 525 N Ohio Ave, York, NE 68467

Heritage Summer 2012 17










1961 Paul Touchton and Jacqueline (Thayer) Williams were Mr. and Miss York College in 1961. In the fall of 2011, the two attended an alumni reception in Nashville and posed for an update to their yearbook shot. Paul and Jacqueline both live in the Nashville area currently. Jacqueline’s mother, Alice Thayer or “Mama T” as she was known, was the girls’ dormitory supervisor at YC for 25 years. Paul taught in the York College PE department for a number of years and is now on the YC board of trustees. 1966 Dale Neal earned his 700th career collegiate win as he led the women’s basketball program at FreedHardeman to their 16th consecutive appearance in the NAIA Div. I National Tournament. This was Coach Neal’s 18th season as head coach at FHU. During the season, the Lady Lions occupied the #1 spot in the NAIA National Poll for two weeks and finished the season at #3 with a record of 28-6. Dale was named TranSouth Coach of the Year as well as WBCA/NAIA Region 5 Coach of the Year. His wife Kathy (Miller ’65) is the chancellor’s assistant at FHU. They reside in Henderson and have four children and 13 grandchildren. 158 E Main, Henderson, TN 38340 1972 Dave Hawley completed 35 seasons this year as head tennis coach at Wichita Collegiate, establishing a dynasty in the world of high school tennis. This season photo by Ed Dunn was special for Hawley as the girls won the 4A state championship in the fall and the boys won the title in the spring. The Spartans have won over 40 state tennis titles under Hawley, and he has more kids involved in his tennis programs than anybody in the state. Dave serves as an elder at the Eastpoint CofC. He and his wife Sally (Kritz ’74) have three grown children and one grandchild. 7324 Ayesbury Circle, Wichita, KS 67226 1996 Pablo Sanabria, longtime minister in Managua, Nicaragua, has authored a Spanish commentary on Revelation through The Worldwide Spanish Literature Ministry in Wichita Falls. He holds a Master of Divinity from ACU. 2011 Corey Standerfer, who plays on the Australian pro circuit for the Bulleen Boomers state championship men’s basketball team, was voted by the league as Player of the Month in March. Standerfer was a standout player for York College. The 6’6” power forward played in all 30 games his senior year and averaged 18 points per game. Ranked in the top 10 for his conference in PPG, rebounding, steals, blocks and free throw percentage, he was selected for Honorable Mention All-American by both the NAIA and the NCCAA.




2001 Darin and Kerry Smith are the proud parents of a baby boy, Harrison William, born Jan. 19, 2012. Darin is a business consultant for Nationwide Insurance, and Kerry teaches at the Helping Hands Center for Autism. 487 Beaverbrook Dr, Columbus, OH 43230 2002 Matt and Jaclyn (Ogle) Leinen have a new address: 1010 Silver Lane, Crescent, IA 51526. Matt is in management at a local WalMart, and Jaclyn operates a photography business, Photos by JackiO. They have four children: Madelyn (9), Mason (8), Kade (6), and Chase (3). 2003 Stacia (Barton) Hamidi is proud to announce the arrival of her second son, Kyler Jean, Feb. 27, 2012. 420 S Forest Ave, Sugar Creek, MO 64054 Tracy (Matthies) Scharfbillig was married to Joe Scharfbillig July 30, 2011. Tracy is an occupational therapist with Aegis Therapies and Joe is in financial services with PrimeVest. They have bought their first home: 914 Cory Lane, St. Cloud, MN 56303 2004 Alicia (White) Kumer and her husband David welcomed their daughter, Kaia Renae, Dec. 14, 2011. Alicia has worked two years as a head start teacher and now is in her new role as a stay-at-home mom. David works for KGCR Tri-State Praise Radio Network in promotions and as an assistant mgr. 860 Cherokee Dr, Colby, KS 67701 akumer20@yahoo. com 2005 Spencer and Kimmie (Beitler ’03) Vogt both graduated December 2011 with their Masters degrees in Instructional Technology from the University of Nebraska - Kearney. 1138 N Hastings Ave, Hastings, NE 68901





2006 Micah and Crystal (Beard) Heatwole welcomed their third child into the family, Isabella Adelaide, Aug. 6, 2011. She joins Jonathan (4) and Andralyn (2). Micah graduated from Texas Tech University with a MA in English in December. He’s had four poems published in The Literary Journal and a photograph published as the cover art for an issue of Iron Horse Literary Journal. 2801 Slide Rd Apt 20, Lubbock, TX 79407 Zachary Smith graduated from pharmacy school in May and has received a job offer in Colorado Springs. He currently is a pharmacy intern at Wal-Mart Pharmacy as his wife Amber (Koroshetz ’07) is a pharmacy tech. Amber has started her own business in photography and wedding/event planning. They will relocate to the Springs in August. 1265 S Zeno Cir Unit A, Aurora, CO 80017 Amber (Peterson) and Brian Sundquist were married May 6, 2012. Amber is a QA compliance administrator for Agropur, Inc. PO Box 501, Willernie, MN 55090 2008 Mary Reynolds graduated in May with an M.Ed in Teaching, Learning, and Leading from Lipscomb University. She has moved and will begin a new job as a middle grades teacher at Benton Hall Academy, a school for students with special needs. 121 Stanton Hall Lane, Franklin, TN 37069 2011 Michael and Jordan (Daniels) Carney were blessed with the birth of James Scott, Dec. 27, 2011. Michael is a special education teacher for Hilldale Public Schools and Jordan is an accountant at Connors State College. 3002 Tull Pl, Muskogee, OK 74403

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Heritage Summer 2012 18


Competitive Speech Team Launches This Fall


here’s a new scholarship opportunity this fall for students with a flair for the dramatic. York College is launching the competitive speech program. The team will begin participating in meets in the fall semester in Nebraska, Kansas and Iowa. More than 20 students will participate in the various events including extemporaneous speaking, program oral interpretation, poetry/drama interpretation, communication analysis, after-dinner speaking, impromptu speaking, prose interpretation, informative speaking, duo interpretation, and oratory. There are scholarships available for new students who make the team, regardless of major. Shannon Leinen, assistant professor of communication and forensics, will coach the team. “The great thing about competitive speech is there is a lot of diversity in events. Students interested can choose to mix and match theatrical, professional, and presentational skills,” says Leinen. For more information, contact Leinen at (402) 366-3805 or

Concert Choir to Perform Elijah


n recognition of their musical excellence, the York College Concert Choir has been invited to perform Mendelssohn’s Elijah with Abendmusik: Lincoln. The performance will include a professional orchestra, choir, and soloists. Choir director Dr. Clark Roush, endowed chair of the Department of Fine and Performing Arts and professor of music, is excited about the invitation. It is not only a compliment to the caliber of his choir, but it is also a great growth experience for his students. The performance will be held in Lincoln on April 28, 2013 and will take the place of the college’s annual Spring Works concert. lll You can see the choir’s Spring Works concert from April (above) as well as their tour repertoire on the York College YouTube channel ( Scan the QR code to enjoy one of their concerts.

A Campus View — Bryan Irsik

LIfe is never easy, says YC senior Bryan Irsik. Things are going to knock you to your knees. The blessings come when you get back up and keep moving forward. For Bryan, the thing that knocked him to his knees was cancer. “I came to YC for wrestling,” he admits. “It was my main focus until January 13, 2008--the day I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma.” Bryan took the semester off from studies and went home to Garden City, Kan., to receive treatment and heal. He considered not returning to YC, wondering if his wrestling days were over for good. Though he hadn’t been very well connected at York College beyond his wrestling teammates up to that point, he says the YC family continuously reached out to him while he bat-

tled illness. With calls, emails, and unceasing prayer, Bryan’s classmates and teachers lifted him up. His health stabilized and he did return to campus that fall, but Bryan found that his focus had changed. No longer satisfied with being an athlete only, Bryan says he tried to emphasize social and spiritual elements of his life alongside his athletic and academic pursuits. Now, he is trying to enact the same sort of change in AXE social club. As president, he says it is his goal to change the club from its longtime athletic focus to be more service oriented. “I can honestly say that York College has changed me for the better,” says Bryan. If he had gone to a different college, he says he probably would have dropped out due to his health or other factors. Instead, he will soon graduate with a degree in physical education and sports management. Bryan is excited about his plans for after graduation as he intends to work as a teacher and a coach. There is great value in athletic training, says Bryan, as it teaches young people how to work hard, be responsible, and achieve their goals. But he hopes that as a coach, he will do more than that. He wants to instill in his students the same lesson that he has learned these past few years and adopted as a personal motto: “To get back up, to keep moving, and to keep relying on your team and on God.”

York College

Athletics Rising as the Nation’s Best


t wasn’t enough for the YC women to win the conference championship at the close of the outdoor track and field season and for the men to finish runners-up. It wasn’t enough that student athlete Shaylee Carlock was named female track and field athlete of the year and head coach Justin Carver ’07 was named Women’s Track Coach of the Year for the MCAC conference. The Panthers weren’t satisfied with Carlock a combined 12 event champions, 10 First Team All-Conference athletes, and 13 named Second Team. These same athletes packed their bags the following week and set out for Joliet, Illinois to compete at the NCCAA National Meet. Nineteen colleges and universities were represented at the meet and in eight different events, York College athletes placed in the top ten. Carlock, a junior from Turney, Mo., and Andrew Aragon, Conference Event Champions and 1st Team All-MCAC • Shaylee Carlock: shot put and discus • Andrew Aragon: shot put and discus • Kawika Pedrina: 100m and 200m • Marybeth Ester: 200m • Jade Hodge: triple jump • Kameryn Brewster: 1500m • Karissa Austin: 800m • Women’s 4x100m relay: Ester, Liz Callaway, Hodge, Ebony Carther • Women’s 4x400m relay: Austin, Brewster, Kristin Tuttle, Ester

Heritage Summer 2012 20

Conference Champs! The women’s outdoor track and field team brought home the MCAC Championship while the men finished runners-up. Shaylee Carlock was named Female Track and Field Athlete of the Year and Justin Carver was named MCAC Women’s Track Coach of the Year.

a redshirt sophomore from Delta, Colo., were both ranked #1 in the NCCAA outdoor competition and each returned to campus once again as National Champions in the shot put. In February of this year, both Aragon and Carlock brought home the indoor shot put national championship trophies. Aragon recorded his personal best at the meet with a throw of 57’4¼” and won the event by four inches. Carlock’s throw of 46’9” Aragon bested the competition by five feet and set a new NCCAA record. Other athletes who finished in the top 10 were: • Marybeth Ester: 7th in the 200m • Patricia Robinson: 7th in the women’s shot put • Kayla Struck: 7th in the javelin • Jade Hodge: 8th in the triple jump • Andrew Aragon: 8th in the discus • Caleb Smith: 10th in the discus Coach Carver commented how the track and field program has been very blessed this year, noting the success of the indoor season and the recent conference championship. He added, “I couldn’t be more proud of not only how the athletes performed but how they carry themselves on a daily basis.” “Coach Carver really does an amazing job and his athletes are so respectful and Carver appreciative of how hard he pushes them and how much he really loves them,” said YC athletic direcJade Hodge tor Jared Stark. lll


• Head coach Ramon Diaz and associate head coach Greg Smith took 11 wrestlers to Nationals, just one short of their preseason goal. Ranked #20 in the NAIA coaches’ poll, York finished 18th out of the 35 schools represented in the tournament. • Four of the 11 wrestlers who went to Nationals advanced to the All-American round: Robert Eklund (149), Nicholas Clarke (149), Jake McCoy (174), and Bradlee Carls (197). Each of these wrestlers were a single win away from being named All-American.

• Panther baseball finished the 2012 season 42-16, winning their 3rd consecutive MCAC title. York entered the tournament as the #2 seed but went 3-0, including back to back wins against host Bellevue University to claim the championship and advance to the opening round of the NAIA Championships in Oklahoma City. This was the fourth time coaches Nick Harlan ’04 and Brian Walth ’03 have taken YC to postseason play on the national level. • The team finished ranked #1 in the NAIA in doubles (144) and #5 in home runs per game. • Gene Felise, senior catcher and relief pitcher, was named NAIA Honorable Mention All-American. • Baseball had the following athletes receive all-conference honors: All-MCAC 1st Team: Pat Buford (OF), Gene Felise (C), Joe Garcia (IF) All-MCAC 2nd Team: Matt Blaemire (RP), Zach Garcia (SS), Brett Nathan (SP), Isaac Obermiller (OF) MCAC Gold Glove Team: Felise, Isidro Carrizoza, Jr. (3B), Josh Nuyten (2B) MCAC Newcomer of the Year: Joe Garcia

Chrystal Houston


Bradlee Carls Thadd Varmall


Steddon Sikes

• The men’s basketball team (16-16) was ready for postseason play as they upset Central Christian 96-78 in the semifinals of the MCAC Tournament before falling to the 7th ranked Bruins in the title game. • Junior guard Thaddeus Varmall was named NAIA Honorable Mention AllAmerican as well as First Team All-MCAC. Dee Ellison, Keenan Gaskin, Marcus Johnson, and Desmond Strickland were named Honorable Mention All-MCAC. • Matt Madole ‘01 has been hired as the women’s basketball head coach. Madole has been teaching and coaching in Oklahoma for over a decade. • Mayara Santos was named to the women’s All-MCAC Team and Sara Lincoln was Honorable Mention All-MCAC.



Corrine Pearl

Volleyball • Jenny Anderson was named head coach of the York College volleyball program. Along with nearly a decade of coaching experience, she enjoyed a stellar collegiate career playing for one year at Harding University before transferring to the University of Central Oklahoma where she set records as a libero for career digs and single season digs. Bob DeHart

To get the latest updates on York College athletics, follow the athletic director’s blog at

Amanda Baldwin

• The women’s softball team had four players receive conference honors at the end of the spring season. Corrine Pearl, freshman outfielder from Ridgecrest, Calif., was named All-MCAC First Team. Pearl led in most of the hitting categories including 8 homeruns, .380 batting ave., and 41 hits on the season. 2nd Team AllMCAC honors went to Britney Curry and Lexi Paspalof, while Arica Reeves was Honorable Mention All-MCAC. The ladies, under second year coach Tori Means, finished their season 19-24.

• Jon Ireland was hired in the spring to be the head coach for the men’s soccer program as Chris Luther moves to a fulltime faculty position. Ireland has been the head coach at both Faulkner University and Lipscomb University. Along with his experience, his credentials include a USSF National B coaching license and a NSCAA Level II goalkeeper’s diploma.

Gene Felise

Heritage Summer 2012 21

In Memory of ... June 2011 - May 2012 Charles Alexander Mr. & Mrs. T.W. Cooper Dr. Joe Alley Mr. & Mrs. Mark Hansen Mr. & Mrs. Harry Lisle Harvey Anderson Margaret Anderson Sarah Sheppard Andrews Mr. & Mrs. Dan Andrews Mike Arnold Mr. & Mrs. W.W. Arnold, Jr. Hazel Arterburn Arterburn Family Life Group Hon. & Mrs. David Arterburn Keith Arterburn Mr. & Mrs. Paul Arterburn Rick Bowser & Christine Holm Mr. & Mrs. Richard Brown Dawn Carmody Mr. & Mrs. Mike Freeman Elaine Harms Dr. & Mrs. LaVerne Haselwood Mr. & Mrs. Jim McKee Elsie Newman Mr. & Mrs. Todd Sheldon Dr. Frank Williams Mr. & Mrs. James Winchell Don Bailey Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Brueggeman Mr. & Mrs. Darin Morgan Dr. Elmer Baker Wylene Baker Nancy Lee Banks Loy Banks Rae Bell Mr. & Mrs. Rusty Taylor Helen Bettger John Bettger, Jr. Dr. A. Robert Brown Mr. & Mrs. James Bellcock Michael Brown Drs. Joe & Jackie Humphrey Dr. Harvey Childress Dr. & Mrs. Robert Oglesby Martha Childress Joshua Click Betty Long Esther Clothier Mr. & Mrs. Gary Montford Ralph Collins Norma Collins Dr. Roger Collins Matthew Bomar Norma Collins Drs. Joe & Jackie Humphrey Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Jones Mr. & Mrs. Roger Lowry Mr. & Mrs. Scott McCall Mr. & Mrs. James Peoples, Jr. Sara Tourney Royce Cooper, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Rusty Taylor Andylena Craig Mr. & Mrs. Rusty Taylor Alice Cumberledge Mr. & Mrs. Nick Saunders Moy Dudrey Mr. & Mrs. Larry Good Madora Fillman Gordon Fillman Jacob Friesen Elsie Friesen LeRoy Fritzen Mildred Fritzen Warren Fritzen Mildred Fritzen Don & Audrey Gardner Mr. & Mrs. Harry Patterson, Jr. James Grimes Mr. & Mrs. Steve Belden

Hugh Grimsby Mr. & Mrs. Dickie Hill Ralph Harrington Ruthvernelle Harrington Percy & Donotha Harris Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Lane Beau Ryan Harvey Maj. & Mrs. Kim Harvey Roger Hawley Mr. & Mrs. Steven Barber Carolyn Heath Delores Devore Pamela Hendricks Mary Harms Pearl Heydenreich Mr. & Mrs. Roy Westerfield Steve Hickel Mr. & Mrs. James Leupold Bob Hill Mr. & Mrs. T.W. Cooper Willard Hinds Mr. & Mrs. Charles Sansom Helen Hogins Susanne Keller Mr. & Mrs. Terence Quigley Mr. & Mrs. Leroy Wall Joy Horsley Susanne Keller LaVern Houtz Marian Brickel Mildred Fritzen Ola Howie Mr. & Mrs. Leon Tabor Alex Humphrey Deborah Baker Dr. & Mrs. Steve Eckman Susanne Keller Dr. & Mrs. Terence Kite Dr. & Mrs. Gayle Napier Mr. & Mrs. Scott Niemann Mr. & Mrs. Larry Nossaman Milda Imhoff Roscoe Imhoff Robert Daniel Israel Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Israel Virginia Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Rusty Taylor Albert Kamm Col. & Mrs. Herbert Kamm Arthur Keller Drs. Joe & Jackie Humphrey Susanne Keller Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Jenkins Mr. & Mrs. Richard Schow Smith Kite Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Conway Mary Kite Dr. & Mrs. Terence Kite Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Roseke Nelson Kramer Mr. & Mrs. T.W. Cooper Y-Vonna Krekel David Krekel Dr. Dale Larsen Mr. & Mrs. Mark Simmons Dr. & Mrs. Charles Wempe Steve Lucas Terry Gutshall Shirley Magner Cornerstone Bank Mr. & Mrs. Randy Ervin Mr. & Mrs. Scott Ferguson Christine Galkin Mr. & Mrs. John Galkin Mr. & Mrs. Larry Good Mr. & Mrs. Mike Hart Don Johnson Susanne Keller Mariana Long Mr. & Mrs. Brent Magner

Heritage Summer 2012 22

Irvin Magner Madge Miller Lance Rieder Rhonda Schmidt Don Ray Williams Lois Manchester Paul Manchester Robert Maninger Vera Maninger Nell Manor Bettye Alley Kimball & Debbie Matkins Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Horton Mr. & Mrs. Jason Matkins Quintin McDonald Lena McDonald Kirk Miller Madge Miller Mr. & Mrs. John Ratliff Mr. & Mrs. Donald Worten Mr. & Mrs. Gary Yeager Dr. Mabrey Miller Mr. & Mrs. T.W. Cooper Mr. & Mrs. David Gibson Dr. & Mrs. Shane Mountjoy Linda Minard Christina Hansen Eunice Moody Mr. & Mrs. Don Couch Mr. & Mrs. Chris Girard Mr. & Mrs. Brent Hansen Mr. & Mrs. Stan Hansen Mr. & Mrs. Mike Hearn J.M. Henning Mr. & Mrs. Leroy James Lois Kruse Mr. & Mrs. Don Millard Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Miller Ruth Miller Mr. & Mrs. Robert Pearce Judith Thiessen Dan Walker Mr. & Mrs. Dal Wells Mary Wooten C.L. Young Christine Murphy Mr. & Mrs. John Williams Darrel Murphy Dr. & Mrs. Paul Gardner Mr. & Mrs. John Williams Vera Musselman Mr. & Mrs. Russell Musselman Ernie Naegle Mr. & Mrs. Rusty Taylor Dr. Wilbur Overmiller Dulcie Robinson Herman Parker Edward Parker Max Pearce Mr. & Mrs. T.W. Cooper Cathy Pearson Dr. & Mrs. Ray Miller Pete & Katherine Poundstone Maribel Poundstone Paul & Veda Riggs Mr. & Mrs. Fred Haney Dr. Larry Roberts Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Studebaker Patricia Robinson Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Jones William & Mildred Ross Mr. & Mrs. Charles Cullum Lorna Mae Sanner Mr. & Mrs. Gayland Roberts Bob Sanner Keith Schinnerer Drs. Joe & Jackie Humphrey Dr. Thomas Schulz Mr. & Mrs. Jim Fry Drs. Joe & Jackie Humphrey Mr. & Mrs. Michael McCalister Dr. & Mrs. Ray Miller Mr. & Mrs. Gayland Roberts Dr. Dorris Schulz Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Trimble Mary Waller

Elizabeth Sommer Mr. & Mrs. Dale Vosler Harold Stelzer Drs. Joe & Jackie Humphrey Duane Stinchfield Elizabeth Stinchfield Marcia Stinnett Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Watts Eric Swenson Mr. & Mrs. Win Chaney James Tandy Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Clements Jody Taylor Dr. & Mrs. Steve Eckman Mr. & Mrs. Rusty Taylor Alice Thayer Shirley Marley Dr. & Mrs. Arthur Williams Kenneth Thomas, Jr. June Claar Myrtle Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Dan Andrews John Townsdin & Lisa Bowen Drs. Joe & Jackie Humphrey Elaine Townsdin

Fred Vorce Norma Vorce Maurice & Nancy Waters Mr. & Mrs. Robin Starck James & Florence White Connie White Terry Lee Willard Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Willard Irene Williams Mr. & Mrs. Armando Gonzalez Dr. & Mrs. DeLos Sparks Mr. & Mrs. T.D. Williams Mr. & Mrs. Tom Williams Gerald Willis Keith Arterburn Bobby Woods Mr. & Mrs. Jarrell Gibbs Dr. & Mrs. Jeff Hannel Drs. Joe & Jackie Humphrey Susanne Keller Mr. & Mrs. David Kreifels Madge Miller Joseph Wooten Mary Wooten

Friends and family honored the following people with donations to York College in their name. Dr. Scott Abraham Dr. Carl Baker Tim Bruner Colis & Dolores Campbell Andy & Johnnie Conway Sam & Kate Cooke Amie Cox Ralph & Lucy Cross Bobby & Erin DeHart Dr. Aaron Fletcher Charles Freeman Jarrell & Cynthia Gibbs Gayle Good Gordon Jenkins Daniel Knight Bill & Pat Martin Tod & Dana Martin

Madge Miller Dr. Ray Miller Chelli Cummings Morris LeRoy Murphy Josh Nuyten Dr. Mark & Cathy Pearson Doyle & Raye Rogers Pat Ross RoundUp 2011 Mike Rush Dr. Dorris Schulz Dr. Terry & Catherine Seufferlein Drs. Frank & Kathleen Wheeler Dr. R. Wayne White Taylor Witt Bill & Sandra Young YC Concert Choir

Audrey Gardner (84), wife of the late Dr. Don Gardner, president of York College from 1987-1991, passed away in Mount Dora, Florida, on November 26, 2011. Her influence lives on in the lives of her children, her five grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren, as well as the countless individuals she impacted in her decades of support of Christian education. Larry Roberts (77) passed away April 20, 2012, in Sebring, Florida. Roberts had a long history in ministry and in Christian higher education. He was the 17th president of York College, serving from 1991 to 1995. During that time, he oversaw the transition from a two-year to a four-year college at YC. He is survived by his wife Dorothy, three children, and three grandchildren. Sue Childress (97), widow of the late Harvey Childress, passed away June 4, 2012, in Dallas, Texas. Brother Childress was the first president of York College when the school re-opened in 1956. They were married for 73 years. Mrs. Childress was a steadfast and capable support to her husband throughout many roles in ministry as well as a faithful wife and mother. The Childress’ love for York College never waned as they promoted the school at every opportunity and provided generous financial support to bless students. The family has asked that memorial gifts be made to the Harvey and Sue Childress Endowment, York College, 1125 E 8th St, York, NE 68467.

...just around the

Alumni and Friends Work Days, July 26-28


alling all volunteers! Scott Eckman ‘79 is organizing the 4th annual YC Alumni and Friends Work Days. Projects will include small repairs and painting, landscaping and campus clean up. Whatever your level of skill, we will be happy to have you participate. Volunteers are housed and fed on campus during work days. The service these workers provide is invaluable as we head into a new school year. Please contact Scott at if you plan to join in the work!

Bible Teachers Workshop, July 28


he day-long event will consist of intense and practical workshop sessions that have been developed especially for today’s Bible class teachers. Class sessions will include Cradle Roll, Pre-School, Elementary and Youth. The workshop is hosted in conjunction with the nationallyknown Christian Education Association in Fort Worth, Texas. Registration fee for the workshop is $25 which covers sessions and the noon meal. For more information, contact Rick Eldred at or visit the website at

Legacy Alumni Reunion, August 7-9


t has been two years since the Legacy Alumni (pre-1956) were together on the YC Campus. For a few days in August, this group will be together once again reliving The York Experience. Bring photo albums and yearbooks from home along with newspaper clippings and YC memorabilia to display. The relaxed atmosphere of the Mackey Center will be the perfect fit for reminiscing about those past college days. Go to for more information on this reunion.

Sports Hall of Fame Induction, October 12


n October 12, the YC Lettermen’s Association will induct into the York College Sports Hall of Fame Don Moomey ’59, Bruce Tandy ’67, and Hub Foster. Moomey was a star of the basketball team from 1956 to 1959, and at one point was ranked fifth in the nation among junior colleges in scoring. Tandy had a career in athletics at YC that spanned four decades, while Foster covered York College athletics for the York News-Times for 25 years (1958-82). For more information on these future Hall of Famers and how to reserve tickets for the luncheon, go to

Homecoming & H.S. Days, October 12-14


weekend getaway is planned for you on campus that brings together some of the best experiences that YC has to offer. Homecoming & High School Days take advantage of beautiful fall days to invite alumni, high school teens, and friends of the college to a weekend of celebration. Saturday morning chapel, crowning of the Homecoming royalty, soccer games, fall theatre production, performance by the Concert Choir… all are part of the busy schedule. Make plans to be here, especially if it’s your reunion year.

Don’t forget to check the calendar on the back cover for other important dates.

photo by Bob DeHart

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COMING EVENTS July 26-28 28

York College Work Days Bible Teachers Workshop

August 7-9 15-19 20

Legacy Alumni Reunion New Student Orientation Classes Begin

October 12 Hall of Fame Induction 12-14 Homecoming & Fall High School Days November 17-25 Thanksgiving Break December 10-12 Final Examinations January 3-11 Concert Choir Winter Tour 14 Classes Begin February 8-10 Shine Retreat 28 Spring Play Opening Night March 9-17 April 5-7

Spring Break Spring High School Days (Songfest : April 4 - 6, 7:30 p.m.)

May 4 YC Baseball wins 3rd consecutive conference title and finishes the season at 42-16


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