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Portfolio July 2014

Yongchun Choi


01 Nucleate Creature Architecture on Urban infrastructure Pratt 3rd semester thesis 02 Event space Folk flea market & waterfront development Soongsil 5th year thesis 03 Laboratory of movable architecture Life and movement in architecture Pratt 2nd semester 04 Intersection and continuity Quality in space made by a surface Pratt 1st semester 05 Existence of diverse elements in a place High rise building Soongsil 4th year 06 Interactive slope Competition for an apartment house Soongsil 4th year 07 A shopping street with display boxes Competition for a commercial facility Soongsil 4th year 08 Head in the clouds Spring exhibition at Pratt Pratt 3rd semester 09 Gahoe-dong Catholic Church Competition for Catholic Church Opus architects 10 Pankyo residence Detached house Opus architects

01 Nucleate Creature Architecture on Urban infrastructure (Thesis) Individual / Academic work / Spring 2014 / Critic: Jason Vigneri-Beane, Jonas Coersmeier / Pratt Institute / U.S This project deals with architecture on urban infrastructure considering current global agenda and energy resource. This project started with preceding researches about hydropower, Venice Biennale and Coney Island. The process of these researches is to find a common point within those researches. What was a meaning of Coney Island in architecture design and urban planning in the past time? As a site for thesis project, the role of Coney Island is the most important subject for design process. Dreamland in Coney Island was the place where a new technology is introduced to public. The new rides were made by a new technique which was one of the experimental architecture. The building and a new technology shows people dream and future. In this sense, Coney Island was the place for experimental architecture which shows the agenda and issues at that time. With the role of Coney Island, This thesis will design an experimental architecture dealing with three questions; what is an agenda or big issue nowadays? How can these issues be expressed in architecture? How can human life be changed by the architecture with these issues?

Form making _ Line study (2d) With technology, we can make something new that we cannot expect. With parametric tool (grasshopper), lines can be deformed. By drawing manual line, we can get diverse interaction among lines.

Form making _ Line study (3d) By converting 2d line study into 3d line study, I could get sense of space just with line. Through connections of lines according to distance, I could have various connections of spaces.

01 Nucleate Creature

Form making _ Physical model study-1 Based on line study in computation tool, I try to make physical model. From the model, I could find what I cannot imagine and expect. I found interesting structural elements using side effect derived from glue gun.

Form making _ Physical model study-2 As a next step, I tried to make closed spaces in linear structures. I could think about overlap between interior spaces and exterior spaces, and enveloping skin structure.

Early form of structure and volume (Function : X) Based on the structural idea from the physical model and the line study, I made ideal model with computation tool and deformation tool. I could design basic form of structure and volume without thinking function.

Midterm form of structure and volume (Function : power plant) In the middle stage of this project, I suggest power plant as function bringing future scenario (exhaustion of oil). The ideal form was modified in order to hold the function of power plant.

Final form of structure and volume (Function : hydrogen power plant) With function as hydrogen power plant and public transportation, the form was changed so that the structure could hold spheres which can be used for elements of power plant such as hydrogen reservoir.

01 Nucleate Creature

1. concept formation in function 2. developing basic function 3. concept formation in form with basic function 4. form making (conceptual) 5. developing function with basic form 6. form making (structure) 7. basic function in architecture 8. making ideal form (closed space) 9. enlarging scale in function 10. clarifying future scenario 11. clarifying main function 12. form making with main function 13. modifying ideal form 14. subdividing main function 15. form making with a new element 16. reconsidering basic function 17. developing basic function 18. form making (sub-element)

Form & Function In architectural design, form and function are always related with each other. At the beginning of this project, however, function was almost excluded from design process. I just focused on a new form in architectural design. After making ideal model in form making, function was considered with future scenario which should be dealt with in architecture area. As the function of project connected to the form, the form goes back to early stage. Like this process, as form and function were alternatively considered in design process, new by-products can be generated, and design can be developed.

01 Nucleate Creature

Main view of Architecture on Urban infrastructure Urban Infrastructure not only supports urban life, but it also builds architectural structures. Moreover, new systems such as hydrogen power plants, ceiling parking system, public car system, distribution system and so on generate new future scenery of architecture on urban infrastructure.

Concept and Proposal With the emerging agenda and exhaustion of oil which are main issues of this project, general concept of this project is to integrate architecture with urban infrastructure. This project focused on transportation system and power plant system in order to consider exhaustion of oil.

Master plan of Coney Island The master plan has a different urban structure from 20th century’s urban planning which is car-oriented plan. The different structure was organized by nature and human-oriented plan which is mainly derived from walking-tolerance and public transportation.

01 Nucleate Creature

Ground floor plan With nature and human oriented urban structure, road can be used for other functions and have smaller scale which generates diverse human life stories. Moreover, the supporting structure like water pipe under the road can be used a structure of architectural building.

2nd level floor plan Hard infrastructure forms the structure of this project such as column, and roof. In order to get closed space, a mass that have a certain volume is inserted between the structures. The mass get the spaces that have characteristics of inside and outside both.

Basic system diagram Based on concept and proposal, I suggest several systems. As each system was modified or totally changed, the systems require different structure and form. I gathered these system into a structure and a system which can be shared and make something new.

01 Nucleate Creature

Function as hydrogen power plant In order to get hydrogen gas, hydrogen power plant mainly requires two resources which are water and solar energy. The water circulation system and water tower supply water source, and sphere solar penal system gather solar energy. Discomposed hydrogen is stored into sphere reservoir.

Vertical parking system In order to reduce parking space, I suggest vertical parking system using new ceiling structure. Moreover, the structure supply hydrogen gas and absorb water which is generated form hydrogen car.

Distribution and delivery system Without a car on the road, delivery system should be developed. The public car plays a role not only in transportation but also in distribution and delivery. By movement of people, package and energy can be distributed.

Interior view of soft-infrastructure Inside of the ceiling system, people can feel pieces of light which are generated form composition of sphere reservoirs. Floating masses divide space and lead people to upper level.

01 Nucleate Creature

Longitudinal section This section shows every system in the project; public transportation system, vertical parking system, hydrogen power plant system, soft infrastructure system, distribution system, and different scale urban structure.

Bridge between two soft-infrastructure The bridge plays a role not only in connection of two programs but also in a place to take a rest and a observatory.

Structure and ceiling system The physic model shows the variation in parametric design and aesthetic of curve in skin, structure, and mass.

01 Nucleate Creature

Lighting system Sphere solar penal system not only has high efficiency of gathering energy, but it can also be used for various ways in that it is transparent. We can get illumination effect simply using inside light.

Section model The physical model shows communication between inside space and outside space. Also it shows connection between two masses as well as between landscape and upper level spaces.

01 Nucleate Creature

Life story in a new system The stills show the different life style in new urban system. A man reserves public car, walks through different scale of road, moves to the other city distributing resources, and receives package via a rail system.

02 Event space Folk flea market & waterfront development Individual / Academic work / Spring 2008 / Critic: Choonsup Yoon / Soongsil University / Republic of Korea Seoul has urban development plan which consists of 4 step. The first step is New-town plan. This New-town plan makes large nucleus in urban. However this new-town remains a remote area without connection with other urban areas. To solve this problem, I suggest urban connection in which paths converge, interact, and create events. The diverse paths which are culture, commercial, community, water, and flea market become a space and can generate different qualities of spaces.

Basic concept model In a city, people move with various purposes on a same path. In this sense, I could say that various paths exist on one path. These diverse paths can make events by encountering each other and diverging.

02 Event space


Seoul Seoul is the world’s second largest metropolitan area with over 25.6 million people.


Market Market is a great urban program that can make communication among villages.


Market zone in Seoul

Seoul has problem with disproportion of development. In order to solve the imbalance, government has made diverse development plan.

Sinseol-dong is a central commercial area. Especially Dong-dea-mun market is biggest market in Seoul.

First New-town Plan

Dong-dae-mun folk flea market

First New-town Plan focuses on Gang-Buk area which is old residence area.

Relocation of Dong-dae-mun folk flea market makes flea market shrink.

Second New-town Plan


Second New-town Plan focuses on balancing between northern area and southern area.

By adding another flea market with multiple programs, revitalization of flea market can be made.

Third New-town Plan


Third New-town plan focuses on balancing between eastern area and western area.

By developing market, flow of people along waterfront can be naturally generated.

Analysis of New-town Plan


These New-town Plans focus on one town rather than wide area. This can make more severe imbalance in urban scale.

With the flow, market can be expanded and create a point that can effect on other area.

Urban Hole

Joint growth

Without connection among those New-towns, New-town Plan might make isolated towns.

With growth of market, other areas around market can grow together and be connected each other.

Connection (proposal)


Connection among new towns can be made by waterfront development with Han-river.

Through multiple markets, urban areas can communicate each other can make balanced development.

Analysis and proposal of urban planning of Seoul With New-town Plan, Seoul would have more severe disproportion in terms of urban development. I suggested developing waterfront which in widely dispersed in the city and used flea market as a program of waterfront-development.

Early conceptual sketch Intersection of diverse paths creates mixed spaces, moods, and performances. For example people who want to shop can see art galleries, or events put on by local community.

Conceptual sketch of mass Unlike the early concept, I developed a large mass that can absorb all urban paths. A mass was modified in order to get a pool of sunlight, and high accessibility to water.

02 Event space

Diagram of general concept and mass study Based on the conceptual sketch, a mass receives and mixes the urban paths. In order to make these inflows effectively, the mass is bent. Also the mass is perforated to make communication with nature.

layers of plan, and paths Diverse paths, and layers are derived from different levels. The buffer zone and open spaces offset a sense of difference from the size of mass and urban blocks.

02 Event space

Event space Various programs are connected by paths which are intermingled with each other. Nature penetrates into these paths. Therefore, programs, nature, and people on paths generate mixed events communicating with each other.


Ground floor plan scale: 1/600 1. retail 2. plaza 3. rest space 4. book cafe 5. sculpture park 6. green park 7. sunken garden

Ground floor plan Through the ground floor plan, we can see natural accessibility of urban inflow between urban blocks to the mass. Many accesses lead people to diverse levels of the mass by which programs are separated.

02 Event space

1. retail 2. entertainment 3. community center 4. rest space 5. multimedia room 6. cafeteria & fountain 7. book cafe 8. performaing space 9. water

6.3m level plan

10.5m level plan

scale: 1/1000

scale: 1/1000

1. theme park & exhibition 2. ticketing & cafeteria 3. sports court 4. swimming pool

23.1m level plan scale: 1/1000

1. retail 2. education program 3. community program 4. exhibition 5. performing space 6. sculpture garden

1. theme park & exhibition 2. theater 3. entertainment 4. education program 5. community program 6. observation & food court

1. exhibition 2. entertainment 3. gallery 4. education program 5. community program 6. open cafeteria

14.7m level plan scale: 1/1000

18.9m level plan scale: 1/1000

1. retail 2. exhibition 3. performing space 4. depository 5. loading dock 6. community program 7. education program 8. cafeteria 9. machanical space

1. folk flea market 2. plaza 3. parking 4. fountain

-4.2m level plan scale: 1/1000

-8.4m level plan scale: 1/1000

Floor plan The floor plans show relationship among diverse levels and programs. The first basement plan reveals connection between waterfront and the mass, as well as folk flea market plan which can remedy shortcomings of waterfront.

a - a` section plan

scale: 1/800

b - b` section plan

scale: 1/800



longitudinal section c



Programs are arranged according to levels and paths. Commercial programs are followed by folk flea market of waterfront. These commercial programs lead people to entertain programs and then cultural programs.


3d section diagram of program The diagram shows diverse access into the mass, connection with nature, relationship among the paths, and disposition of programs.

02 Event space

event space pedestrian passage folk flea market bence parking road

0 1




Folk flea market floor plan The waterfront of Seoul cannot be used frequently because it has widely varying tidal levels. Especially, in rainy season, the waterfront is flooded, which makes development difficult. With this issue, folk flea market which has mobility is a great program.

0 1




Detail section of main column The main column not only plays a crucial role in supporting the mass, but it is also a vertical core to connect the ground and the floating mass. Moreover, this structure allows sunlight to reach to the second basement floor via the atrium.

detail section - 1 plaza

0 1




c - c` section plan

0 1




detail section - 1

transverse section and detail section The Plaza connects water, the folk flea market, and the mass above. Around the plaza, the parking areas for the flea market, local community, and multiple programs are planned.

View of the waterfront The waterfront under the mass can be used for a place for citizen to take a rest. Also it provides people with various scales of performance places which can make joint growth with flea markets.

View of main column (2nd basement) Even though the place is the section basement floor, we can get plentiful sunlight from atrium around column. The curved openings of column make ambiguity between opened space and closed space.

02 Event space

Physical model of site plan Based on waterfront development, this project creates an urban-scale mass which can absorb diverse urban paths. By mixing these urban paths which means to create new events, the projects generate a big connection among towns around it.

03 Laboratory of movable architecture Life and movement in architecture Individual / Academic work / Fall 2013 / Critic: Vito Acconci / Pratt Institute / U.S How are people affected by movement? Movement changes distance, direction, location and size in architecture and urban scale, and these changes have influence on people’s life. This structure basically provide dynamic movement. Also it supports living of people. The main points is that this structure doesn’t have any space. It give just point, x,y,z-coordinates. Every space is defined by individual life. That’s why people’s life can be directly affected by movement, and We can think what can be movable architecture.

Experiment (study) dependent variable

independent variable Movements location


distance direction

Two variables for an experiment I tried to research what movable architecture is and how movement influences people’s life. In order to do this, I made an experiment without any other factors, except for two variables; one is people which are a dependent variable, another is movement which is an independent variable.

What is dynamic life by the movement? Four physical conditions which can be changed by movement would be distance, direction, location, and size. By these conditions, diverse factors are generated which can make people’s life dynamic. The diagram shows the changes of people’s life, which are derived from a movement.

03 Laboratory of movable architecture

Analysis of the movement of the laboratory The laboratory is composed of basic structures which have individual movement. Moreover, the composition and movement control five spherical spaces which are used for public spaces. By movements of structure, physical conditions of structure are generated.

03 Laboratory of movable architecture

Laboratory of movable architecture Time which is a most crucial factor in people’s daily life depends on the movement of earth. In other words, we can say that people are living depending on the movement of earth. If the movement changes, people’s life would change. With this general idea, I made different movement system in space where people and movement only exist, operating new urban structure. Therefore, I could think of what movements are, and how people can get dynamic life from the movements.

A system of public space I tried to reconstitute the modern urban system in order for movable architecture to be dealt with in bigger scale. Inside of the basic structure, the structure supports public space. The public spaces have diverse density which can be also made in modern urban structure.

A system of public space and individual space The perspective shows variation of density of public space, how public space connects to the main structure which has specific coordinates unlike public spaces, and how individual spaces are affected by those structures.

03 Laboratory of movable architecture

Section of the main structure Movement of main structure is made by contraction and relaxation. The wrinkled connection and flexibility of skin structure allows the structure to have a wide range of variation of movement.

Supply system of main structure The main structure is not used for a space to live, but it gives coordinates where individual spaces can be assembled, and make a space. The main structure provides people not only with coordinates, but also with food and air which is needed for living.

Mechanism of the main structure As the structure is contracted, in certain coordinate, extra space are created to be combined with individual space. The main structure supports these individual spaces providing with food and air, and play multiple functions such as bath room or kitchen.

Water in main structure Water is one of indispensable elements for living. I thought about characteristic of water in space how it can be used in space. I used water for hydroponics. I also could use water as a structural element like concrete.

03 Laboratory of movable architecture

System of individual space Individual space is controlled by refrigerants which can move freely on skin of sphere. Depending on movement of refrigerants, the skin changes state. Without refrigerants, the part of skin becomes liquid which allows the skin to combine with other skin of individual space.

individual space with water Water keeps spherical shape in space, and state of water can be controlled by temperature. The viscosity of water is an important characteristic by which water is combined easily. Based on characteristics of water, water is used for skin of individual space.

04 Intersection and continuity Quality in space made by a surface Individual / Academic work / Summer 2013 / Critic: Philip Parker / Pratt Institute / U.S This project started with lines. The lines reveal all qualities of water, biology, and social condition on site. By drawing these lines, the edges and boundaries are reconsidered. Through these works, the surfaces are operated and generate different qualities. These qualities are related to lines and edges again. In order to get relationship between lines and qualities, lines are rediscovered and give new qualities which make different surface qualities. By thinking line, edge, surface, and quality simultaneously, the crucial quality is decided, and creates different qualities on site. The different qualities are related to program and proposal, which gives a new architectural strategy.

Line drawing from water movement When water drops fall down into water body, the vertical forces of water drop switches to horizontal forces. When these waves meet at one point, these interfere with each other. In that point, direction of water movement dynamically changes.

04 Intersection and continuity

Surface line A crucial point of the water drawing is the part in which four water waves meet together and the most interference of waves occurs. The surface totally depends on interference of lines, which means that intensity of interference determines inscribing, joining, welding of the surfaces.

Quality of the single surface The model apparently reveals characteristic of the grain of the surface. Like canyon, the surface forms the spaces and the openings. I could find continuous connection of space and intersection with the other faces on surface.


tension tension


force - surface movement

surface grain



Three phases of surface movement Depending on time and intensity of force, the surface has different spatial qualities. I chose three phases which are loose, tensed, and intensive phases. Three phases play respectively different roles in the site.


04 Intersection and continuity

tension tension

relaxation tension


Playing surface The movement of surface can be called compression. The compression movement includes invasion, interference, opening, folding, bending, envelopments, twining, intertwinements, passing through, and overlapping. The movement is operated by radial field. Several radial fields are located on opposite sides which makes the surface compressed. However, the movement of surface can be divided roughly into two different compressions by relationship between forces and grains. The first one generates connection and continuity. The other one generates tension and relaxation of spaces.

Quality of the multiple surfaces The main quality of surface is intersection and continuity. This quality seems that it is just related to connection. However, there can be two different intersections; direct intersection and indirect intersection. Through two intersections, the surface has diversity of scale, opening, and continuity.

Surface on site On the site, the surface is arranged by social and biological analysis. People repeat go and stop in urban structure. Therefore we can say that people have continuity and static at the same time. In under water, biological variation exist depending sunlight and water level.

03 Intersection and continuity

Surface arrangement and program mutating The surface has three different phases which called loose, tensed, and intensive. The first phase plays role in wellness center creating relaxation spaces and connection with the greenway. The spaces in the loose phase fill with health program such as yoga, and spa. The second phase plays a role in a bridge between high Line and pier 54 because the tensed phase has the quality of continuity which can lead people to the other side. The intensive phase provides with many quality of direct and indirect intersection which allows people to get diverse experience with water, sunlight, and view of Hudson River.

Floor plan The floor plan shows the quality of continuity and intersection as well as different density in terms of intensity in three different phases. People can have various behaviors in the different quality and density of spaces.

View of the wellness center People can continue to walk, run, and ride a bike along the surface. Also they can take rest, or enjoy stretching. The surface provides different conditions of spaces which allows people to have diverse activities.

03 Intersection and continuity

View of the bridge In this phase, the surface provides people with direction. At the same time, the surface not only creates many pocket spaces which can be used for performance, picnic and so on, but it also makes closed spaces which can be used for retails.

transverse section This section shows entire phase of surface on site. People can enjoy the quality of the different phases doing diverse activities. With the program of wellness center and waterpark, the site plays a role in vitalizing urban life.

05 Existence of diverse elements in a place High rise building Team work / Academic work / Fall 2007 / Critic: Sangjin Lee / Soongsil University / Republic of Korea The city of Busan is divided into several areas by a lot of mountains. Even though Busan is a small city, Busan has diverse cultures. The main goal of this project was to show that characteristic of Busan as a landmark. This project focused on shape of a mass that can express image of Busan, structure that considers more than 100 stores, elevator system that allows multiple programs, low-floor plan that connects to urban context.





mass B

mass A mass C

Busan and concept Busan has developed with seaborne trade. In development, the topography is a guide that decides development of area. Busan naturally divide several small areas. However Busan shows social cohesion. We tried to shows the strong bond through the tower.




































Mass study With basic concept and volume, we studied the proportion of mass and total floor area. When the core was inserted, the mass had to be modified in proportion. So we developed volume of mass, at the same time we had to consider core plan.






05 Existence of diverse elements in a place

The tower as a landmark The most important role of high-rise building would be a landmark of a city. Empire state building of New York City, or Taipei 101 in Taiwan, also is a symbol of a city. This tower would be a symbol of Busan reflecting the characteristic of Busan.

1st Floor Plan

B2 Floor Plan

0. main hall 1. reception 2. surve hall 3. enter plaza 4. pocket park 5. sunken plaza 6. cafeteria B1 Floor Plan

0. urban plaza 1. retail 2. cafeteria 3. gallery 4. pocket park 5. open market 6. urban street

B3 Floor Plan

Connection with urban context In urban scale, high-rise building convert form horizontal flow to vertical flow. Therefore, ground floor plan and basement floor plan functions as a large plaza having vertical connection which creates diverse accesses.

0. urban plaza 1. retail 2. theater 3. gallery 4. pocket park

0. parking lot 1. machine room 2. electronic room 3. fan room

05 Existence of diverse elements in a place

sky lounge




Void plan With the program of office, hotel, and residence, we tried to plan diverse voids rather than repetition of same slabs. Through openings, the spaces cannot only get a connection between two stores, but it can also be used for different programs such as cafĂŠ.


Elevator and section plan The elevator plan was a crucial part in design process, in that many programs was mixed in vertical layer. We made mixed use zones in order to prevent the interference between different programs, and to providing programs which everyone can use.

05 Existence of diverse elements in a place

Access to the tower People can enter the tower in diverse levels and then move freely to the other levels. This would allow natural circulation within commercial programs, and multiple accesses to the core.

Mega structure This project has tremendous influence on urban infrastructure. It might be said that the high-rise building is a small city. In this sense, we made an effort to create a buffer zone between the existing city and a new vertical city. Through the buffer zone, the tower would coexist with the city.

06 Interactive slope Competition for an apartment house Team work / Academic work / Spring 2007 / Promoter : Samsung / Republic of Korean The main goal of this project is to make communication between a local resident, an apartment complex, and Han River. I use interactive slope to make communication between the apartment building and nature, and between the apartment building and the city. Moreover, many community spaces, cafĂŠs, and shops in apartment complex play a role in leading the local resident to apartment complex, and to Han River.

nature community

Concept and proposal The existing apartments around Han River are selfish. The buildings keep Han River to itself, making a wall without any connection with citizens. We tried to tear down the wall, inserting spaces which is filled with community and nature.

Mass study - 1 The diagram shows existing apartments and the disposition of buildings. We kept the volume and area of building and attempted to create a new arrangement which can allow every point of the site to get the benefits of the waterfront.

Mass study - 2 Based on basic volume of mass, we create a new disposition of apartments, considering the view of the Han River from the site. Furthermore, this disposition provides not only many community spaces between buildings but also large openings to the city.





Mass study - 3 With the basic concept and the disposition of the mass, we carved the mass and inserted void spaces, replacing carved area with towers. By doing that, we could get more openings to the city and the Han River, as well as the spaces into which nature, city, people, and community can be inserted.

06 Interactive slope

Site Plan The community road functions as a bridge between two separated apartment complexes. Also it leads citizens to inside of the town and to the Han River. We tried to make open-town to citizen while keeping private space for the town by dividing the ground level into two layers.





Elevation and programs The diagram shows a process of carving a mass with consideration of structure. Carved spaces would be filled with diverse community programs, social programs, rest programs, and nature.


Bridges and slopes The pieces separated by carving are connected by bridges. These brides also connect the slopes with the other masses. By doing this, we can get new networks in different levels, not jest in ground level.

06 Interactive slope

New garden in a high-rise apartment The slopes function as a new garden in a high-rise apartment, except for garden of ground level. Through these slopes and a roof garden, people can get open spaces easily, which is not allowed in existing apartments.

exit, climbing sliding activities seat, mini theater

playground, community

Angle of interactive slope The slopes have different angles depending connection of floors and distance of units. According to these angles, the slopes play different roles, which allow people to have diverse activities. These roles also change according to arrangement of angles.

06 Interactive slope

flea market event place

performance handicraft workshop

gallery theater


photo exhibition


women’s association

christmas party

table tennis workshop

arts festival

Urban program On the community road, we planned several program boxes. These programs boxes could change their programs according to time, date, or season. Through these boxes with urban programs, citizen could comfortably access to the town and the waterfront of Han River.

bazaar community

07 A shopping street with display boxes Competition of a commercial facility Team work / Academic work / Summer 2007 / Promoter : Space / Republic of Korean Commerce was generated, as human being considered effectiveness in life. It began as an exchange of goods between people who have and those who desire, goods and services. However, these days commerce is changing and evolving due to the use of the Internet which is becoming more common place for shopping activities. Yet shopping is not only done to buy and exchange goods, it is also an enjoyable activity in which people come together and socialize. We suggest a new system of shopping taking a strong point of Online shopping and of traditional Korean street market.

narrow width mid width wide width

Speed in streets The width of streets functioning as market is determined by demand and density of buyer. In a narrow street, acts of people can proceed quickly. However, expanded area in wide streets plays a role in making slow the fast flow of people.

individual movement

mid - group movement

large - group movement

Influence of group on a space When people walk on a street, depending on whether they are individual or group, their behavior have difference. These behaviors are also influenced by width of streets. We could use these differences to provide buyers with diverse experience of shopping.

07 A shopping street with display boxes

Influence of vendor on movement of people On streets, movement of people is changed by location of vendor. Bargaining between sellers and buyers is one of interesting events in shopping. Also the sale event gathers people and changes people’s movement.

am 6:00

am 8:00

am 10:00

pm 12:00

pm 2:00

pm 4:00

pm 6:00

pm 8:00

pm 10:00

am 12:00

am 2:00

am 4:00

Influence of vendor on movement of people according to time As the location of vendors changes and the kind of vendors changes, people’s flow changes. According to width of the flow, the speed of the flow would also have variation which influence on pattern of shopping.



Difference between offline and online shopping In offline shopping, we often experience repetition of shopping routes. Even though the repetition occurs, we often cannot find the shops and products. However, in Online shopping, we can easily get not only the information of many shops, but also the detail of products on a page.

A new system of shopping With strong point of online shopping, we suggest multiple vertical layers which allow people to access to multiple levels. In these layers, people can see display, events and movement of people, and decide the route along which they want to go, like online shopping.

07 A shopping street with display boxes

existing block

preservation of outline

2nd floor plan

extension of streets

3rd floor plan

formation of plaza

insertion of shop

4th floor plan

Mass and floor plan We used the scale of existing block and streets and extend the streets in vertical way. We inserted display box which also function as shop. By doing this, we could get various voids which provide the view to different layers.

View of display boxes Like seeing a page of an online shopping mall, people could see diverse displays of products and notice where shop is, and what happens there. Furthermore, people could see movement and density of buyers like checking popularity in online shopping malls.

08 Head in the clouds Spring exhibition at Pratt Team work / Academic work / Spring 2014 / Critic: Michael Szivos / Pratt Institute / U.S We had two goals for this project. One was to create a space for exhibition of the archive models and images. At the same time, we had to express an architectural agenda as an exhibition object. We tried to express gravity and structural aspect of minimal surface. We brought rocks and clouds as symbol of heave objects and light objects. So our main idea was that rocks are hung by clouds, namely heave objects are hung by light objects. Tubes were used for expressing rocks in that we could get variation of distance which allows us to have diverse topography and flat face for model. Mylar was used for making minimal surface as clouds.






surface network

island entry




Rocks and clouds According to the walking path, tubes were divided, and generated the archipelago. The islands needed entries for seeing models. Based on the islands, we created a surface which supports entire islands of tubes.

08 Head in the clouds


platform division

model placement

platform with models

head tube

24” tube

top frame 1/4” MDF


1/8” masonite


1/2” masonite


3” tubes


3” tubes

top frame 1/4” MDF

waffle support H-3” hardborad

bottom frame 1/2” MDF

for mylar connection 1/2 offset slit

Prototype and waffle structure We made the waffle structure in order to support the long span. At the same time, we had to reduce the depth of the waffle structure because we wanted to hide it in order to emphasize tubes and Mylar. By doing this, we wished to express the floating rocks with clouds.

Three layer Three layers of clouds, rocks, and water respectively provide different stories as well as new experiences. The projected images at the bottom as water make natural circulation and flow. The variation of tubes leads people into the hole and clouds stimulate visitors’ curiosity.

08 Head in the clouds

Inside of clouds Inside of clouds, we cannot only see models, but also feel a large space which is made by the five islands. By seeing the model at eye level, we can get different view of the models instead of bird’s eye view. This is a new experience and a new method of exhibition of architectural models.

09 Gahoe-dong Catholic Church Competition of Catholic Church Team work / Professional work / Fall 2010 / Opus architects / Republic of Korea This project was a challenge in that we had to consider western modern church and Korean tradition building at the same time. The location of site was Bukchon Hanok Village which is only one place in Seoul that preserves the style of Korean tradition village. We tried to bring a characteristic of spaces in Korean traditional architecture, rather than appearance of it. We took diverse yards of Korean traditional architecture as a main concept. The yards not only provide believers with spaces for diverse activities, but they also lead natural approach of visitors to the church.

09 Gahoe-dong catholic church

Conceptual section Gahoe-dong Catholic Church have different characteristic from other church in that it have many visitors except believers. This requires many public spaces. The yards function as these spaces. This section shows flow of people from the street of Bukchon Hanok Village to the main hall, and activities in the diverse yards.

bottom garden

basement floor with a openspace

center garden

sacred garden

multifunctional palce

sky garden

intermidate space

rest space with various view

private public

horizontal elevation

height of building (sunlight)



Site plan Four gardens play different functions at a different level. We located Korean traditional building front of the site because we wanted the church to be harmonized with other traditional building. Furthermore by locating main hall behind of that, we could get a sequence with four yards.

09 Gahoe-dong catholic church

Elevation and section In this project, our concern was to make the modern church harmonize with Korean traditional architecture. In this sense, height of the building was a crucial aspect. We made a gradual change of the height of the wall, Hanok, the main hall, and the spire.

10 Pankyo residence Detached house Team work / Professional work / Summer 2010 / Opus architects / Republic of Korea This project is one of professional works. However, it is different from others because I participated in whole process (SD, DD, CD). Through the process, I was able to think and learn what real architecture is. In schematic design process, we imagine images and draw it. To realize these images, we find and make details. We also collaborate with other difference fields. By drawing the drawings, I could learn about details and how to collaborate not only with team members but also with cooperative firm and subcontractor. I didn’t design whole aspects but I could participate in all design process and discuss with architect (Deaseung Woo) directly.

Floor plan and interior We suggest the connection between a living room and a master bad room. We make void space between them. By doing this, natural communication between the living room and the bad room could be generated and living room could get high ceiling which redounds to the fireplace.

10 Pankyo residence

Section and detail While I drew the drawings of section and detail, I could think about structural aspect and materials. I realized that a width of a wall, a depth of a beam, materials, and a detail for them are a crucial element which makes a drawing real.

Planning As building up 3d modeling, I participated in this project and we develop this project with 3d model. In the aspect of modification, 3d developing and planning can require more tasks. However we could design with being closer to reality. This was the final modeling.

10 Pankyo residence

Construction This project was constructed. There were several changes from original design, such as material of the elevation. However, the building expresses almost same feeling with 3d model. Through the project, I could learn an entire design process and construction in architecture.

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Architecture Portfolio 2014  

Yongchun Choi

Architecture Portfolio 2014  

Yongchun Choi