2023 Impact Report

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At the Y it all begins with one.

One person seeking a better future.

One person standing up for another.

One organization bringing them together.


YMCA of Grays Harbor

2023 Impact Report

Our Y 3 Who We Are 4 CEO Letter 6 Strategic Plan 7 Removing Barriers 8 Evidence-Based YMCA Impact 10 Our Community 11 Giving Back 12 Community Needs of Grays Harbor 13 Y’s Response to Community Needs 14 Barriers of Economic Development 15 Y’s Response to Barriers of Economic Development 16 Youth Development 18 Healthy Living 20 Social Responsibility 22 Community Events For a better us 24 Staff & Volunteers 26 Projects & Sustainability 29 Canoe House 31 Partnerships 32 Annual Campaign 33 Supporters 35 Financials 36 Our Reach TABLE OF CONTENTS Mission To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all. Four Core Values Honesty, Caring, Respect, Responsibility Youth Development by empowering young people to reach their full potential. Healthy Living by improving individual and community well-being. Social Responsibility by providing support and inspiring action in our communities.


We believe that lasting personal and social change can only come about when we all work together. Who better to facilitate this change than a dedicated group of professionals.

The YMCA Board of Directors is comprised entirely of volunteers who have lived and worked in Grays Harbor County for years and believe strongly in the YMCA’s mission and benefit to the community

Director Staff

Franzine Potts

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

YMCA of Grays Harbor

Melissa Dahlstrom

Finance Director

YMCA of Grays Harbor

Tracy Noga

Health & Wellness Director

YMCA of Grays Harbor

Dan Weber

Director of Camp Facilities

YMCA of Grays Harbor

Dan Brown

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

YMCA of Grays Harbor

Keith Sedgwick

Facilities Maintenance Director

YMCA of Grays Harbor

Tamar Yakovich

Youth Programming Director

YMCA of Grays Harbor

Ryan Catron

Director of Member Services & Camp Bishop

YMCA of Grays Harbor

YMCA of Grays Harbor Board

Moraya Wilson (CVO)

General Manager / Treasurer

KD&S Environmental

Brock Maxfield (Secretary)


Hoquiam High School

Dean Brydon

Leonard Barnes (Vice President)

Deputy Executive Director

Port of Grays Harbor

Jonathan Gozart (Treasurer)

Credit Analyst I

1st Security Bank

Travis Jelovich

Leslie Goings

Dir. of HR & Community Engagement

YMCA of Grays Harbor

Nicole Evanson

Sr. Director of Aquatics & Safety

YMCA of Grays Harbor

Dannielle Oliver

Sr. Director of Licensed Programming

YMCA of Grays Harbor

Pat Oleachea (2nd Vice President)

Managing Broker

Windermere Real Estate

Kenneth Albert (Past President)


Grays Harbor County

Arlene Torgerson CEO

Timberland Bank

Jill Smith

Designated Broker / Owner

Windermere Real Estate

Zach Edwards

Board President

Family Promise

Hunter Larson Board Volunteer Attorney

Grays Harbor College Foundation

Ruth Erwin-Svoboda

Ingram, Zelasko & Goodwin, LLP

Josh Steele

Vice President

D.A. Davidson & Co

Jennifer Durney Principal Financial Advisor Treasurer

Central Park Elementary School

Alissa Shay

Edward Jones

Josh Collette

Port of Grays Harbor Chief Finance Officer

Satsop Business Park General Manager

Washington State School District Assoc.

Business Insurance Agent

Durney Insurance, Inc

Grays Harbor YMCA Endowment Association Board of Trustees

Wes Peterson (President)

Tim Kuhn (Vice President)

Tim Marin (Secretary)

Parks & Recreation Director (Retired) Owner President

City of Aberdeen

Franzine Potts

A&B Machine and Hydraulics Inc.

Harbor Pacific Bottling Inc.

Wes Peterson

CEO CVO Trustee President

Moraya Wilson


Dear Y Supporter,

Our biggest joy in sharing our Annual Impact Report is being able to look back at all that was accomplished in the last year. It gives me a huge sense of pride to see what our staff, volunteers and supporters have enabled our Y to accomplish. That is why I want to start with simply saying, THANK YOU. Thank you for making our work possible. This year, amongst other things, our Y was open for service to our community more than 350 days, employing 225 staff, with over 1,600 volunteer hours, and awarded more than $410,000 in total scholarships! This was our first year of work in our new Strategic Plan, giving us a compass to guide our work in an even more intentional way.


To utilize the power of the Y to boldly shape our community to a healthy future and create a community we all want to live in. At the Y, we know this sounds like a heavy feat but we know Grays Harbor needs our Y and we know we are the organization like no other.

A community in need…

In Grays Harbor, more than 11% of adults have diabetes, 1 in 3 adults live with arthritis, 33% have limited access to exercise opportunities, and 24% of youth lack reliable access to sufficient quantity of affordable nutritious food. At the Y we are working to change that… 99% of our members say that our Y is an important resource for Healthy Living. Our work goes beyond just youth. In 2023, our Y served over 1,241 seniors and 263 families. Intentionally improving health outcomes in Grays Harbor.

A Strategic Approach…

Our goal is to utilize partnerships and collaborations to expand our cause in preventive and upstream physical and mental health. Last year, we expanded our work in Chronic Disease Prevention by serving 116 adults in Evidence Based Programming through Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring and Enhanced Fitness. In 2024 we will be adding Tai Chi and have expanded our insurance membership contracts to 4 payment options, helping alleviate the barrier of payment for our adult members.

Partnerships help us expand beyond our walls. In 2023, through local partnerships, we served meals and snacks throughout Grays Harbor, expanding our reach to Ocean Shores, Elma, Aberdeen and Hoquiam totaling 45,247 snacks and 43,739 meals. Additionally, our school district swim program is now set to have it’s most impactful year by teaching 2,000 youth life saving water safety skills from as far as North Beach to Elma. This is a partnership like no other Y or county!

A membership means more at the Y. We have expanded our services to include more, from fitness challenges on our Y app to virtual programming available from your home to expanded pickleball hours and much more! In 2023 we saw over 224,203 facility visits and 6,466 members with our FOR ALL program skyrocketing to nearly 32% of our membership on scholarship totaling $254,727 in membership scholarships.

The impact of our staff and volunteers…

At the Y, we showed up for Grays Harbor. In 2023 33 kids were prepared for kindergarten, 1,876 kids learned the lifelong skill of swimming, 721 kids had a supportive mentor afterschool, 892 kids received homework help, 860 kids found a healthy path in youth sports, 45,247 snacks and 43,739 meals were served and 486 kids discovered Camp Bishop. Our scholarship assistance grew from 22.9% to 31.7% of members. We were pleased to award $254,727 in membership scholarships, $36,231 in camp scholarships, $38,213 in program scholarships and $75,793 to school districts for school swim lessons. Additionally, FREE mission-based programs such as Park and Play, our meal service program, Harbor After School Mentoring and so much more!

Thanks to you, our supporters, our Y continues to be here for you. On behalf of the YMCA of Grays Harbor Board of Directors and staff, we would like to say thank you for staying with the Y and believing in our work. As promised, our Strategic Plan has guided us by elevating our commitment to serve in a more significant way then ever before. As we move forward, we will continue to be a champion to some of the most pressing needs within our communities.

This Impact Report shares our accomplishments of the past year. We hope you’ll enjoy reading more about how our Y continues to impact our community.


For a better Grays Harbor.



2023 marked the approval of a new Strategic Plan for the YMCA of Grays Harbor. The plan consists of Strategic Priorities with Organizational Strategies and Measurable Outcomes to create positive impact in our community.

The Y is a positive community beacon. We are an organization like no other. The Y is a leading nonprofit that is committed to strengthening community by empowering young people, improving health and well-being of people of all ages and inspiring action in and across Grays Harbor.


We will…

• Utilize the power of the Y to boldly shape our community to a healthy future and create a community we all want to live in.

• Create a community FOR ALL, from youth to seniors, by fostering meaningful, diverse and inclusive connections.

• Ensure ALL have access to learn, grow, and thrive.


The Y will…

• Support all community members on their holistic health journeys.

• Ensure all youth and families reach and sustain their fullest potential.

• Advance and strengthen our strategic advantages to grow our capacity for community impact.


• Engage and develop staff and volunteers to ensure sustainability and growth.


Since 1902, our Y has been a cornerstone of our community. The YMCA of Grays Harbor has over 120 years of history in the Grays Harbor County. This history has created an opportunity for the Y to understand the needs in our community and the knowledge to adapt programming to meet these community needs.

With these community needs come many barriers. This past year the Y has worked diligently to overcome these challenges to provide even more impact in our community.

Barriers Removed:

Transportation for School Swim Lessons: Grays Harbor Swims Endowment

Economic Development: Licensed Childcare so parents can work

Accessibility for all: Camp Bishop ADA Parking

Fighting Summer Food Insecurity: Park & Play

Helping see health & wellness progress: EVolt Body Analyzer

Reducing the cost of the holiday season: YMCA Giving Tree

Senior Fixed Income: insurance paid memberships

Summer Learning Loss: Park & Play

Fun Health & Wellness Activities: Pool Obstacle Course

Senior Isolation: morning coffee Mission

Support A Focus on Community Needs Inspiring Inclusive HERE FOR YOU
in Action

The Y is a leading nonprofit that is committed to strengthening community by improving the health and well-being of people of all ages, and inspiring action in and across Grays Harbor. The YMCA of Grays Harbor is committed to chronic disease prevention through evidence-based programming.

Our Y has launched two Chronic Disease Prevention/Evidence-Based Programs Enhance Fitness and Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring. In 2023, our Y received a grant to launch our third program, Tai Chi for Arthritis.

Personalized Support




The Y offers more than programs and services; we ensure that every individual has access to the essentials needed to learn, grow, and thrive.

Our fitness classes not only improve someone’s physical health; they help unleash a new outlook on life.

Our family activities not only bring families together, they help families stay together. Our youth programs not only teach children to dribble or how to swim, they provide kids lifelong lessons like confidence and teamwork.



5,954 – 6,466 (2023 low and high)

Membership Units

2,565 – 2,834 (2023 low and high)

YMCA Facility Visits 224,203


(2023 low and high)


98% say the Y is an important community resource for Youth Development

99% say the Y is an important community resource for Healthy Living

88% say the Y is an important community resource for Social Responsibility


the Y people don’t judge your size, color, language or age.”

Members Receiving
Policy Volunteers 18 Program Volunteers 85 Campaign Volunteers 68 Total Volunteer Hours 1,600




With a commitment to nurturing the potential of kids, providing healthy living, and fostering a sense of social responsibility, the YMCA of Grays Harbor ensure that every individual has access to the essentials needed to learn, grow, and thrive.

The Y. For a better us. For a better community.


Last year our Y provided more than $254,727 in Membership Scholarships to ensure everyone had the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive.


Our programs not only provide skills they teach life lessons. This past year, our Y provided more than $38,231 in Program Scholarships.


Learning water safety and how to swim saves lives! Because of Grays Harbor Swims, this past year our Y provided more than $75,793 in scholarships to school district swim lessons. This past year our Y provided more than $6,776 in scholarships to ensure kids were ready for kindergarten.



This past year our Y provided more than $36,231 in scholarships to campers. Camp provides kids an opportunity to discover who they are.




Grays Harbor lack reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food.

More than

1in3 of our and 8th graders report being bullied in the last 30 days


of the kids in our community are obese

30% have access to exercise opportunities


of youth in Response

11% of the adults in Grays Harbor have diabetes


Adults in Grays Harbor live with arthritis

of the children in our community live with 3 or more ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences)

The Y’s


The Y is the nation’s leading nonprofit committed to strengthening community through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. We believe strong communities are possible only when we invest in our kids, our health and our neighbors. Our Y has a long-standing track record and on-the-ground presence necessary to address our communities most pressing social issues related to youth, health and community life.

Early Learning Readiness

Prepared over 33 kids for kindergarten

Water Safety

Taught more than 1,876 kids the lifelong skill of swimming


Ensured over 721 kids had a supportive mentor afterschool

Family Time

Nurtured the growth of more than 1,399 families

Active Kids

Led over 860 kids to a healthy path through youth sports

Fighting Food Insecurity

Provided over 45,247 snacks and 43,739 meals to kids in need

Camp Bishop

Granted 486 kids an opportunity to discover and grow at Camp Bishop


Ensured over 892 kids received the homework help they needed

Chronic Disease


Provided two Evidence Based Programs to more than 116 individuals

Access to Exercise

Removed barriers to host

224,203 facility visits

“The Y is here to help everyone to be successful. There are lots of activities for everyone to do. “





Grays Harbor children live in poverty



of 3rd graders in Hoquiam, Aberdeen and Cosmopolis scored high enough on the nglish Language Arts test to meet the state standard

19% of Grays Harbor residents have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher compared to the state average of 36%

Grays Harbor has the 6th highest unemployment rate in the state of Grays Harbor tudents drop out of school

There are 20,111 people employed in Grays Harbor, but there are 44,214 individuals between the working ages of 20-64

The cost of full day childcare per month, set by DCYF, is $1,270 for a preschooler and $1,105 for a school age child

The Y’s




The Y’s commitment to Grays Harbor is developing new generations of changemakers who will better our community and make it a place we all want to live. We mold young people who will grow into thriving adults and transform our community by influencing system change, bridging social divide and giving back.

At the Y, we believe in the unlimited potential of young people to use their ideas, passion and voice for the greater good.

We are committed to empower youth, from childhood to young adulthood, with the support they need to become changemakers who create a better future for all

This support is critical for economic development, without the Y, the youth in our community would lack access to the basic resources and opportunities they need to thrive, such as quality health services, education, employment and opportunities to grow.

The Y is here to fill the gaps and help youth develop into the next generation of leaders who will transform our community for the better.

Youth in Y programs demonstrate improvement in academic proficiency as they journey from birth to career.

We foster a culture grounded in the Y’s shared values and beliefs and we are committed to inspiring and developing staff.

The Y invests in the youth today to empower the leaders of tomorrow.

We create safe spaces for children to be successful so that parents can go to work knowing their kids are taken care of. We provide snacks and meals to reduce the burden on already taxed working families. The Y employs over 225 people in our community with the Y being the first job for many.

In 2022 the Y opened a new learning center doubling capacity of childcare to more than 150 slots.

The Y is committed to Early Learning Readiness to ensure kids are ready to learn when entering kindergarten.

Building a Stronger Community


At the Y we believe all kids have great potential and deserve the opportunity to discover who they are and what they can achieve.

We recognize that effective youth development requires a holistic approach focused on achieving certain social-emotional, cognitive and physical milestones.

Youth need positive role models, and they need to feel physically and emotionally safe to thrive. To ensure youth realize their potential to become active, engaged and thriving members of society, the Y nurtures their development from birth to career through programming, experiences and supports.


Camp Bishop

“Encouraging independence, building self-confidence, enjoying the outdoors, and providing a safe opportunity to practice positive peer relationships.”

Program participant parent


Life Lessons

“There are so many valuable lessons learned in organized sports that carry over too many aspects of life.”

Program participant parent

Supportive Mentors

The Y provided more than 721 kids with a supportive mentor at Harbor After School.

Caring Place

The Y provided a safe and enriching environment before school, after school and during the summer to more than 171 kids.

A Place To Grow

The Y granted 486 kids an opportunity to discover and grow at Camp Bishop.

More Than Sports

The Y taught more than 860 kids valuable life lessons including teamwork, sportsmanship, coping, commitment, and resilience through youth sports.

Early Learning Readiness

The Y taught 33 preschoolers foundational social & emotional skills as well as academics to prepare kids for kindergarten.

So Much More

“TaeKwon-Do has taught my boys discipline more than anything in a really fun environment. They’ve learned to take turns, rejoice on other’s accomplishments, and feel proud of their own.”

Program participant parent


The Y is a leading community-based organization in improving our community’s health We harness our vast network to help battle chronic disease and improve individual and community health through programs that promote wellness, reduce risk of disease and help people reclaim their health

At the Y, we are helping lead the transformation of health care from a system largely focused on treatment of illnesses to a collaborative community approach that emphasizes well-being, prevention and health maintenance.


Reaching Goals

When I first started at the Y I had a walking stick, now after a year, my balance has improved and I have no falling instances.” YMCA Member

Something for Everyone

Water Safety Adult Sports

The Y taught more than 1,876 kids skills to be safe around the water.

In a response to providing additional healthy activities the Y added Pickleball with more than 45 players

In an effort to curb child obesity the Y provided an array of youth sports programming to more than 860 kids.

The Y provided two evidencebased programs: Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring and Enhance Fitness to more than 116 individuals.

Chronic Disease Prevention Support Active Kids

The Y instructed more than 140 classes of Enhance Fitness with more than 2,780 class visits so seniors had a place to socialize and improve their physical health

“The Y has given my client who is developmentally disabled a place to go where he feels welcome. He enjoys his time there, he uses the weight room and now we are both doing water aerobics. YMCA Member

A Place to Be

“I have diabetes and exercise is a very important part of my life, and the Y has been by far the best facility I have been to.” YMCA Member


The Y has been listening and responding to our communities’ most critical social needs for more than 160 years.

Whether it is fighting food insecurity, removing barriers, or helping people succeed, the Y has the credibility and expertise to be a catalyst to provide support for our community.

We believe communities are strongest when all people have an opportunity to participate, connect and thrive.

The Y engages people from diverse populations for individual and collective action.




“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to volunteer to coach this year. It built my confidence and was a wonderful experience for my son and I. I absolutely loved the experience.”

YMCA Member

Economic Development

“The childcare program is important because it allows parents a safe place to leave their children while they work.”

YMCA Member

The Y partnered with Aberdeen School District, Parks & Rec, Timberland Reginal Library, and United Way to provide a free program with supportive mentors and summer meals.

Partnering Removing Barriers

In an effort to get more families active, the Y partnered with Aberdeen School District and Quinault Indian Nation to provide free memberships and programming to more than 263 families.

Giving Back

The Y provided volunteering options in coaching, mentoring, facility improvement, and many more ways to help change the lives of children and teens.

Fighting Food Insecurity

The Y provided more than 43,739 free meals and more than 45,247 free snacks to kids in need.

Reaching More

This past year the Y provided services to more than 1,241 seniors; inspiring them to stay active and be social.


“The staff are intentional and if you want to connect with them they will meet you where you are with no judgement. It is one of the most welcoming places on the Harbor.”

YMCA Member


Strengthening the community is at the core of everything we do. The Y hosts community events each year to bring community members together to reinforce the family unit. Events at the Y are about giving opportunities to deepen relationships, develop new skills and interests, improve their health and well-being and connect with the community

222 443 235

Lasting Memories
Healthy Kids Day Harvest Carnival Turkey Bingo PARTICIPANTS FAMILY FUN Turkey Bingo Harvest Carnival Quality Family Time
a better us


1,600 Staff Volunteer Hours

VOLUNTEERS STAFF & Staff Pledges to Annual Campaign


Staff and Volunteers are the backbone of the YMCA. The YMCA of Grays Harbor has built an inclusive culture where all are welcomed.

At the Y we are always looking to hire, provide the opportunity to volunteer, develop, and inspire people from different backgrounds.

The Y, Learn, Grow, Thrive!

Proud of our Staff & Volunteers

Front Line Staff Highlights

Kale & Alison AHS Valedictorians

Bailee attending Baylor,

Annetthe graduated Masters in Sports Medicine, WSU

Charlie & Keara nationals for Skills USA

Kailey, Paul, Cristal AHS Business Week Champs

Char playing college soccer in the UK

Giving Back Highlights

Poggie Club: Fishing Program

AHS Girls Basketball: Basketball Clinic

Aberdeen Beautification: Bloom Team

Y Directors: Blue Zone Group, East Grays Harbor Youth

Collaborative, Rotary, United Way, Aberdeen Parks & Rec

Campaign Volunteers: Providing So Much More



Renovations to our existing facilities ensure our Y will be ready to meet the everchanging needs of our community. The investment in the YMCA of Grays Harbor guarantees that those most vulnerable will continue to benefit from the services of the Y.

Our buildings are tools. Our programs are methods. Our mission is achieved by the impact we have on people’s lives by their participation in YMCA programs and services.

Each year the Y tackles an array of projects to ensure the sustainability of our facility. This year we:

Y Facility:

New Filter System, New Pumps, Refinished Hardwood Floors, Locker Room Drainage, Spa Drain Repair, New Locker Room Doors, Painted Parking Lot Lines, Aquatics Area Tiling, and Painted Trim and Light Poles

Camp Bishop: Air Conditioning, ADA Parking and Accessibility, Milling Project, Walk-In Refrigerator, Pantry Completion, and Lodge Windows

Ensuring our next generation has a place to belong


BISHOP CAMP Refinished Floors

New Doors Parking Lot Lines Locker Room Drainage New Pumps Milling Project Air Conditioning Drain Repair Paint ADA



Building community is our cause and being a catalyst for partnership is at the forefront of our strategic plan.

The past 8 years the Y has collaborated and partnered with the Aberdeen Museum, Grays Harbor College Carpentry Program, Adam Pratt, Will Foster, Grays Harbor Community Foundation, and various volunteers and donors to build a new Canoe House at Camp Bishop.

The story begins with Westport’s Vern Heikkila, once a Camp Bishop camper, who fondly remembers paddling a classic Old Town canoe while at camp.

Over time, the 25-foot canvas on wood vessel fell into disrepair and ended up behind the Aberdeen History Museum in hopes that it one day might become a gallery piece.

Vern spent two years restoring the canoe to its former glory.

Once repaired, he began hauling it back and forth to Camp Bishop each summer, his heart set on sharing his love for canoeing, and his love of this canoe, with another generation of campers

In time, Vern decided the canoe needed a permanent home at Camp Bishop and the YMCA of Grays Harbor agreed. After thoughtful conversation, a design was commissioned and local architect Will Foster came up with something imaginative, a canoe-inspired building: curved and sleek with a heavy timber frame to represent the Harbor’s heritage of wooden boat construction, the timber industry and the canoes of the local Quinault Indian Nation.

In partnership with many, the new Canoe House was built to house a 25-foot restored Old Town Canoe that was used in the water safety program funded by the American Red Cross in 1946, and programming in the 1970s for youth at the Y.

Countless hours of planning and volunteering went into the partnership to build the beautiful canoe house that overlooks Lost Lake.


WHEN PARTNERS COME TOGETHER CANOE HOUSE For Generations Partnerships Hand Built By Our Community Camp Bishop Collaborations Dedicated Volunteers Imaginative Innovative



At the Y, building community is our cause. We find that this is most effectively done through partnerships and collaborations that enable us to broaden our reach in the community and serve it in new and unique ways.

The YMCA has been blessed to be a part of great partnerships and collaborations. We are thankful we have been given the opportunity to serve the youth and families of our community and are looking forward to see what else the future brings.

The Y partners with over 30 agencies, schools, and businesses including:

Aberdeen School District

Community Engagement Programs and Memberships, Harbor After School, Park and Play

Ocosta School District

Harbor After School

Hoquiam School District: Meals & Snacks

United Way of Grays Harbor

Harbor After School, Fighting Food Insecurity Programming

Quinault Indian Nation

Camp Bishop, Family Night, Potlatch, Community Partnership Programming and Memberships


Camp Bishop

Grays Harbor Community College

Camp Bishop Canoe House Construction

Grays Harbor Community Foundation

Harbor After School, Active Kids, Scholarships, Maintenance Support, Capital Project Support

G.H. Community Health Department

My Town Coalition, Al’s Pals, Healthy Kids Day

Aberdeen Parks & Rec

Park & Play

Timberland Regional Library

Park & Play

American Red Cross

CPR & First Aid

Hands on Children’s Museum

Harbor After School

School Districts (Swim Lessons)

Hoquiam, Cosmopolis, North River, North Beach, Grays Harbor Adventist, Mary M. Knight, Satsop


Dear Donors,

Your gift to the YMCA of Grays Harbor helps support our cause. Whether you’re a legacy donor through our endowment or an annual campaign supporter, every gift matters. Every donation to the YMCA goes directly back into our local community.

Through generous donations to our Annual Campaign, the YMCA is able to support each individual in their journey to live, grow and thrive regardless of their ability to pay.

When you give to the Y, you are making an investment in our community and reducing barriers so everyone has the opportunity to be so much more.

Last year, generous donors once again proved that our local community cares deeply about our Y and community. A record breaking $336,882 was donated to our Y. Because of these donations the Y was able to award $375,509 in membership and program scholarships!

We are deeply grateful to our donors for their generosity and support of the YMCA of Grays Harbor.

407 Donations

$336,882 Amount Raised

Membership Scholarships Program Scholarships
Campaign Impact
YOUR DONATION SUPPORTED After School Mentoring Early Learning Readiness Camp Scholarships


Supporters of the Y

1st Security Bank

8th St. Ale House

A & B Machine Hydraulics Inc.

Aaron & Melissa Dahlstrom

Aberdeen Lions Club *

Aberdeen Police Officer's Guild

Aberdeen Rotary Club

Aberdeen School District #



Aiken & Sanders, Inc. PSCPA

Alan & Gail Gozart

Amber Burkett

Amy Carlson

Analiese Flores

Andrea Vingo

Andrew & Molly Zinkle

Andy & Katie Snodgrass

Angela Endres

Ann Jurasin

Anne Foster

Anthony Burtenshaw

Anthony Cordova

Anthony Elder

Applied Ocean Energy Co.

Arlene Torgerson

Austin Weber & Alexis Cordova

Bailee Taylor

Bank Of The Pacific

Barbara Durney *

Barbara Porter

Becca & Tyler Fairchild

Betsy Seidel & Bob Martin

Bill & Judy Nelson

Blood Grass Design LLC

Blue Water Shipping Co.

Bob & Lynn Paylor

Brad & Lindsay Jones

Brandon Ray *

Brian & Alissa Shay

Brian & Suzy Ritter

Brian Hunter

Brian Locke & Sue Perry

Brock & Amber Maxfield

Bruce & Bette Worth

Bryan & Son Jewelers

BWC Terminals

Cal & Ruth Erwin-Svoboda

Caleb Brydon

Candace Juarez

Cari Pearson

Carl & Susan Evanson

Carlos Parker

Caskey Industrial Supply Co., Inc.

Chad & Lisa Smith

Chapter AK of PEO

Charles & Mary Isaacson

Charles & Myra Rockwell

Charles & Terry Fultz

Charles Warsinske

Charlize Ann Gutierrez

Chase & Allegra Hood

Chris & Katrina Linker

Chris & Lisa Schaffer

Chris & Misty Perry

Chris Frye

Christine Kincaid

Cindy Selin

Coastal Community Action Program

Coleman Carle

Cosmopolis Lions Club

Craig & Jane Teveliet

Craig & Kristen Dublanko

Craig & Tamar Yakovich

Craig Zora

Dakota Lynch

Dale Dove

Grays Harbor Community Foundation #

Grays Harbor Title

Grays Harbor Vision Clinic

Great Northwest Federal Credit Union

Gregory May

Harbor Architects

Harbor City Church

Dan & Britta Brown Harbor Pacific

Dan & Diane Burns

Dan & Diane Henze

Dan & Kay Catron

Dan & Wilma Weber

Daniel Tejano

Darrin & Brandi Wallace

Darrell Lokken *

David & Jamie Quigg

David & Mary Marshall

David Wentworth


Dean & Kathie Wilson

Dean & Laura Brydon

Dennis Company Ace Hardware

Derek Schlaht

Desmond Bowers

Diana Grigsby

Don & Dannielle Oliver

Don Watson

Donald & Jacqueline Cole

Dorothy Crow

Dotty Colwell

Doug & Bonni Warnken

Doug Bitar

Drew Grannemann

Druzianich Family Charitable Foundation

Duane & Rae Ann Brown

Durney Insurance Inc.

Dylan Blood

Earley Tire Factory Point

Easter & Stoney, P.S. *

Ed & Gretchen Klein

Edward & Joan Brewster

S Tire & Auto Service

Edward Jones Investments

Eliza Zora-Morgan

Elma Mini Storage LLC

Elma Truck & Trailer Inc.

Emma Mullins

Eric & Franzine Potts

Eric & Mary Nelson

Eric & Sheri Heikkila

Eric Byrd

Eric Lind

Erik & Juli Kupka

Five Star Dealerships

Frances Allen

Frank & Gloria Fitterer

Frank & Mary Stinchfield


Gabriel Parker

Gale & Sandy Dahlstrom

Gary & Connie Pugh

Gary & Rosie Morgan

Gary Morean

Gary Nelson & Julie Gage

Gene & Eileen Schermer

Gene's Stop and Go

Geoffrey & Karen Anderson

George & Suzy Donovan

Glen & Andrea Ramiskey

Glen & Julie Loomis

Gordon & Rebecca Chaffee

Harbor Regional Health

Harold Lovell

Hedlund Christmas Trees


Hometown Sanitation LLC.

Honda of Grays Harbor

Hoquiam Brewing Co., Inc.

Hoquiam Casa Mia

Hoquiam Elks Lodge 1082

Hoquiam Loggers Playday

Hoquiam Rotary

Hoquiam Vision Clinic

Ian & Sarah Connell

Industrial Hydraulics Inc.

Ingram Zelasko Goodwin, LLP

Isaac & Linsey Bale

Jack & Sue Ann Durney

Jackie Rowland

Jalee Kruger

Jameson O'Dell

Jane Sharp

Janeth Yasay

Jason Atwood

Jeff & Margo Hood

Jeff Burlingame

Jeffrey & Lisa Hawes (Reynvaan)

Jeffrey Lewis

Jeffrey Wong

Jennifer Durney

Jennifer Krasowski

Jeremiah Smith

Jerry & Martha Weber

Jessica Calvillo

Jill Smith

Jillian Cobb

Jim & Jackie Henry

Jim & Janet Boora

Jim & Jodi Dotson

JoAnn & Richard McMinn

Jodesha Broadcasting

Joe Sleasman Trucking

Joel Cole Construction

John & Anita Hanson *

John & Judit Logan

John & Lynn Ogren

John & Marnie Schumacher

John J. Karnas Co.

John Kirkwood

John Larsen

Jonathan Gozart

Joni Hildreth

Jordan & Adelaide Curley

Joseph Cinert

Josh & Janis Steele

Josh & Nicole Evanson

Josh Fox *

Judith Holliday

Juris Macs

Kailey Pendergrass

Karen Marshall

Karrie Myre *

Karter Kares

“The Y is a great place to support your health and fitness goals.”
Annual Campaign Supporter * General Fund Supporter + Endowment Supporter # Grant Supporter


Supporters of the Y

Katelyn Ancich

Kathryn Thomas

Kati Kachman & Derek Bumrungsiri

Katie Durney

Kayden Scroggs

KD & S Environmental

Keith & Lynette Lile

Ken & Donna Albert

Ken Bridges

Kiewit Company

Kooper Karaffa

KPFF Consulting Engineers

Kristine Finazzo

Kuinn Karaffa

Kurtis & Sasha Dawson

Kyle & Mary Winkle

Kyle Pauley

Lakeside Industries

Larry Blair

Larry Goldberg

Larry Torres *

Laura Baltazar

Laura Cable

Laura Smiley

Lauren Nuth

Le Orthodontics

LeAnne McClellan

Leatta Shipman

Lef Heikkila *

Leonard Barnes

Leslie Goings

LG Isaccson *

Linda Brown

Linda Springer

Lisa Love

Local Manufacturing Inc.

Logues Lodging's, Ltd.

Lonny & Doris Hatton

Louie-Jean Taylor

Lynnette Buffington

Magda Schoonderbeck *

Mainline Maintenance

Malinda Haag

Mark & Paula Reisman

Mark & Shelli Hopsecger

Mark Hegg

Marlene Johnson

Marshall & Cassie Lentz

Marti Debandt *

Maryann Welch

Mason Family Charitable Foundation

Matt & Kathleen Tanselli

Matthew Snodgrass

Maxwell Bailey

MB Electric Grays Harbor, LLC


Megan Valentine

Melissa Anderson

Mendi Stump

Michael & Cynthia Sand

Michael & Nancy DeVerse

Michael Lombardo

Michael Solan & DeAnne Bair

Mickey Thurman

Mike & Linda McCarty

Mike & Mary Ann Quigg

Mike & Melissa Barnes *

Monica Ewing

Nancy Moulton

Nancy Taylor

Natalie Karnas

Natalie Tillery

Neil Quigg

Nick Rognlin

Nikki Wells

Northwest Collision

Northwest Rock, Inc.

Ocean Companies

Oceana Spa

Olivia Bement

Organics 101 Market

Paneltech International L.L.C.

Parker Wood

Pasha Stevedoring & Terminals

Pat Anderson

Patricia Oleachea

Patrick & Kathy Quigg *

Patrick Meldrich

Patsy Nation

Paul & Cynthia McMillan

Paul & Karin Larson

Paul Andresen

Pete & Kristin Scroggs

Phil & Suzan Stegemoeller

Price & Barbara Chenault

Push Rods of Hoquiam

Quigg Bros. Inc.

Quinault Indian Nation

Raeanne Wolfley

Randy & Michele Rognlin

Raquel Ferretti

Ray Kahler & Callie White

Rayonier Community Fund #

Red Cedar

REG Grays Harbor, LLC

Reno Boatsman

Richard & Judy Isaacson

Rick & Amy Moyer

Rick & Elizabeth Hoss

Rick & Marsha Lovely

Rick & Susan Weidenbach

Rick Crume

Rita Groce

Robert Johnson

Rognlin's Inc.

Roloff Hughes Construction Inc.

Roman Machin

Ron & Kerin Covall

Ron Deaton & Beate Wahl

Ron McHenry

Ronda Harder

Ross Store Foundation #

Rudy Cummings

Ruth Clemens

Ryan & Jamie Graves

Ryan & Molly Bold

Ryan & Moraya Wilson

Ryan & Tiffanee Parson

Ryan Catron

Sandra Bredl

Sandra Lloyd

Sarah & Jesse Channel

Schermer Construction, Inc.

Scot & Janelle Embrey

Scott Berken

Scott Reynvaan

Selmers Furniture

Sergio Arroyo

Shane Gannon

Shaun Straka

Shawn Baker

Shawna Ashlock

Sher Choudhary

Sheri Tousey

Sherry Miller

Shyla Fowler

Slater Wilson

Small to Tall Pediatric Dentistry

Snell Crane Service

Stan Sidor

State of Washington #

Stephanie Norton-Bredl

Stephen I. Rupert, DDS & Dr. S. Frank Rupert

Steve & Christi Sayres

Steve & Paula Jones

Stritmatter Charitable Trust

Sunset Air, Inc.

Suzanne Wagner

Tanyalee Erwin

Tap Room

Tara Hamilton

Tara Johnson

Taylor McMullen

Teresa Allen

Teresa Richardson

Terry Kuhnau

Thomas & Jacqueline Shay

Thomas & Sue Epperson

Thomas Catron

Thomas May

Thomas Mayr

Tim & Cindi Lu Strode

Tim & Dawn Kuhn

Tim Hume

Timberland Bank

Timothy & Cathy Wandell *

Todd Bates

Todd Southard

Tom & Linda Isaacson

Tomas & Sarah Albert

Tracy & Katri Pelan

Tracy & Kristy Ford

Tracy Ford

Tracy Noga & John Riedesel

Tracy Wood

Transmarine Navigation Corporation

Travis & Jill Jelovich

Tricia Whorton

Tucker Ewing

Tucker Ibabao

Twin Star Credit Union

Tyler & Kate Teague

Umpqua Bank

United Way of Grays Harbor #

US Bank

Verner & Janet Heikkila

Vocational Rehab Specialists

Walt & Cindy Shearard

Washington State Alliance of YMCA #

Wayne Rognlin *

Wendy Rojas

Wes & Kay Peterson

Westside Pizza

William Phelps

Willis Enterprise, Inc.

Windermere Foundation

Windermere Real Estate

Xavier Tolbert

Yee & Norma Chak


Annual Campaign Supporter * General Fund Supporter + Endowment Supporter # Grant Supporter
The Y is staffed with great people, clean and friendly environment. Lots of
things to
do there.”

2022-2023 Expenses

2022-2023 Revenue

“The Y provides engaging programs for people of all ages in an inclusive environment.”
Assets 2023 2022 Current Assets 3,106,994 2,326,772 Property & Equipment 10,563,268 10,038,142 Other Assets 2,336,559 2,801,379 Total Assets 16,006,821 15,166,293 Liabilities & Net Assets 2023 2022 Current Liabilities 1,997,832 188,457 Long-Term Liabilities 32,817 1,386,984 Net Assets 13,996,172 13,590,852 Total Liabilities & Net Assets 16,006,821 15,166,293
Statements of Financial Position Fiscal Year Ending March 2023
Membership, 38.6% Program, 31.9% Grants, 6.5% Annual Campaign, 11.1% Camp, 9.9% United Way, 1.2% Other, 0.8% Membership, 5% Camp, 7% Admin, 24%
20% Program, 38% Depreciations, 7%
The Y. For a better us. YMCA of Grays Harbor 2500 Simpson Avenue Hoquiam, WA 98550 Phone: (360) 537-9622 www.ghymca.net
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