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CONSULTANTS Lizwe Engineers Consultancy (LEC) is a young MEP consultancy service provider registered in South Africa (ZAR). LEC is a client focused Design + Project Manage Construction service provider for complete MEP solution of Building Services & Infrastructure. The prime objective of the company is to achieve our client satisfaction by providing professional Engineering Consultancy service in all aspect of Mechanical, Reliability & Maintenance work for the following application by utilising the expertise of our dedicated as well as associate team experienced gained from ZAR since 2004. During those period our team has executed a number of projects in all range from South Africa, Ghana & SADC Region. Our design Motto is to ensure Sustainability, Energy Efficient and Economical Engineering solution for our client. LEC as a beginner in the markets operating with a dedicated team of more than 3 professionals managed by the discipline manager and Director by association of leading subject subject expert in respective field by utilizing modern complex software packages to provide the very best means of testing and shaping the building design to serve our client trusted advice combining localised expertise with global perspective. Currently LEC is in a strong position to deliver MEP designs for all kind of building services in high quality on time to meet our client requirements. As MEP consulting engineers we understand the important contribution we can make in helping to achieve sustainable buildings.

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Contact Us At! Cnr. Preller 39 & Vld Lingen Street, 12&14Â Bothaville, 9660 Tel: 056 515 1024 Email:

Lizwe Engineers  

Mechanical Consultancy Company!

Lizwe Engineers  

Mechanical Consultancy Company!