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Dale Beaumont

shares his secrets to success and why business is about more than the money Issue#3 - APRIL2013


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14 For Dorry Kordahi, achieving success is all about having the right attitude and ambition.

26 How did this entrepreneurial, award-

winning young businesswoman find time to broadcast to other busy parents?


12 Co-founder and Director of HireMeUp, couldn’t find part-time jobs that fit her schedule, she decided to create her own solution. 17 The business... has given

13 19

me a chance to heal and connect with other likeminded women and men.’

18 Director of Churchill Education,

works to help people transition into new careers, and give them renewed hope.

21 It took hitting rock bottom to

turn his life around and inspire others to act and achieve greatness.

22 ‘Celebrate, heal and cherish your life with good natural food choices.’ 2

24 His own experience with a delayed cancer diagnosed has inspired him to start 1stAvailable.

25 When she quit her lucrative

banking career in search of a new Y, she never suspected that her future lay in quirky footwear.

27 Elisa Limburg created

a life-changing business when many others were going under.

30 Jacqueline Murray

fought back against Post Natal Depression to find her Y.

32 What drives Sonja

Bertrand from Brisbane to strive for fair deals?

29 Franziska Iseli-Hall says her Y is ‘a

topic very dear to her heart’.

33 This award-winning

author truly believes in the power of the individual to perpetuate positive change.

35 After trying to go it alone,

Anthony Khoury can testify the darkest hour is just before the dawn.

37 For Tim Stokes, the guru behind the Business Freedom Program, sharing knowledge on life balance is more rewarding. 38 For Nikki White, spreading

the benefits of ThetaHealing is as much about providing business support to practitioners as healing clients.

40 For Toby Bensimon,

Director of Shiels Jewellers and

36 When Mira Smoljko, the founder of specialist

shoe retailers Glamazon Shoes, read a letter in a newspaper, it started her on her journey in business.

coffee wholesalers Bestspresso, fear is a positive thing – the source of great motivation.

42 For Vic Cherikoff, the

recognized authority on indigenous foods, reviving appetite for Australian native dishes – and the nutritional benefits they offer - has been his life-long work.

23 31


41 Marketing is not sales. Y COMMUNITY

43 Broken But Never

Beaten. The important thing is to believe that things will get better.

Issue#3 - APRIL2013



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Life IS short even if we live to 100 and I want to ensure I leave a footprint behind and have made a difference in the world.

SHAR MOORE Editor-in-Chief Happy Easter Everyone! I hope you had a well deserved break. What a big few weeks it has been for me personally, and thanks to all the supportive messages I received. Fortunately the results came back negative - what a relief.... but it made me stop and look at a few things. We don’t own tomorrow...we can’t fix yesterday either...we can only control the here and now. It made me realise how super important our Y in life really is. When you are faced with a health scare, you sit and think to yourself; what if the result came back positive? Would I change things in my life? Well I have reflected a lot in the last few weeks and have decided to help more people find their Y, and help more people network.

Look what’s in this issue? tUJNFTCFTUTFMMJOH"VUIPS %BMF Beaumont shares his story, a must read! t4PNFWFSZJOTQJSBUJPOBM:4UPSJFT from some amazing people t4PNFBNB[JOHUJQTGSPNPVS Business experts tYCommunity page t"OETPNVDINPSFOFTUMFEJO the pages for you to learn, grow and be inspired My hope, is that just 1 person somewhere around the globe will say “well if that person can step out of their comfort zone and live their lifes purpose, SO CAN I”. Until next month, Shar / YWoman

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DALE BEAUMONT Entrepreneur. Author. Business Guru. shares his secrets to success and Y business is about more than the money


Dedication, determination, resilience. They’re all defining attributes that Dale Beaumont developed from a young age as a junior elite gymnast. And they’re attributes that have also helped him to become the leader of one of the most successful business education empires in Australia. But as Dale says achieving in the sporting arena is much the same as achieving in business. “Through sport I learned about the importance of discipline and hard work, why you need to excel at the fundamentals, and how to motivate yourself when you’re feeling down. All these things you need to have within you for business success,” he said. It’s a simple philosophy, but one which helps him achieve his purpose. “I have arms, legs and a mind for a reason. If I’m not using them to their full extent then I’m being wasteful,” he said. Achieving success in sport also opened his eyes to the importance of having a coach, someone wiser and more experienced to lead the way. Someone who had the potential to drive you to achieving more than you could on your own. “When I did go out into the workforce I felt like my creativity and desire to achieve was squashed because someone else was calling the shots. I knew early on that for me the solution was to take matters into my own hands and become my own boss, and because I knew the importance of having a coach, I went out into the world and soaked up information like a sponge,” he said.


Issue#3 - APRIL2013


Michael Rowland, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Dr John Demartini, Brad Sugars and Robert Kiyosaki were among the first of Dale’s early mentors and helped shape the businessman he is today. “The best part is, I never stop learning. I’m always reading from a variety of sources to better myself and my business,” he said. Dale’s CV is impressive, his accomplishments are those of someone twice his age. What motivates Dale to continually reinvent and innovate is an inner determination that he practices in all areas of his life. “I think it’s ingrained in my DNA to always want to do more and achieve more. The biggest thrill I get from working with other businesses is helping them to discover more


for themselves too,” he said. “I’ve worked with business owners who after increasing profits for their company apply those same principals to losing 20 kilo’s or getting their marriage back on track. I love the flow on effect that by simply making some changes to a person’s business you can help them change their whole world,” he said. Dale’s first foray into business at the tender age of 19 was with Tomorrows Youth, which runs educational and self-development programs for 13 to 21 year olds across five countries. 27,000 young people have been impacted by this lifechanging program as they learn valuable life skills such as goal setting, communication skills, leadership, time management skills, how to manage money, team building, career skills, creativity and innovation. The success of Tomorrows Youth is something that Dale credits as one of his greatest achievements, “I’m so proud of what we achieved and I still get calls now from graduates of the program to update me on how their life has turned around,” he said. In 2004, Dale co-created public relations agency, KAPOW Media. Taking his own advice, he became a sought-after guest on many of Australia’s leading television and radio programs and has contributed articles to many of the country’s best respected business magazines. He’s now widely recognised as

move on. Every mistake I’ve made is a valuable lesson that’s helped to shape the business that I now have today,� he said. It’s not all work though. As father to two young children, Dale loves nothing more than a quiet weekend at home hanging out with his family. They also love to travel, and they spend four months of every year on overseas holidays. “I prioritised this early on. So when I work, I work hard. But my family is number one and showing my children the world is very important to me.� In fact, it’s in one of Dale’s favourite holiday locations that his personally most significant achievement has occurred. Hands Across the Water is a Thailand based charity which supports children effected by the 2004 Tsunami. Dale recently completed an 800km charity bike ride from Bangkok to Khao Lak in aid of the charity. “This was one of the physically toughest experiences of my life, but we did it and along with the other riders we raised over $1 million with all of it going directly to the an expert for those that want to earning him the title of ‘Australia’s charity,� he said. It stands to reason that this “build profile� fast and become a Most Prolific Author’. multi-faceted businessman has a micro-celebrity in their field. After an unarguably multi-faceted Y, but it’s a contrast These early ventures paved successful 12 years in business, that seems to be the secret to his the way for the success and Dale still says he’s gotten more recognition that Dale enjoys stuff wrong than right, but it’s how success. And as we ponder his today. To date, Dale has authored he handles these setbacks that see past achievements and business accomplishments, it’s without a CFTUTFMMJOHCPPLTUIBUIBWF him continue to prosper. “You’ve sold in excess of 250,000 copies. just got to keep going. We review doubt that the ever-evolving Dale Beaumont is already thinking of Incredibly, 11 of those books and analyse what went wrong the next big thing. were published in a single year, then simply reset the goals and

Issue#3 - APRIL2013


BUSINESS TIPS 1. Use ebay to Sell Excess Stock If you need cash or want to save money, then get rid of your excess stock by selling it on ebay. I love shifting excess stock and getting the cash in to make more money. Sometimes you can’t make the profit you want with your current stock but at least if you get the money back you can buy stock that is more likely to sell at a profit. /Chris Le Roy

3. Create a Postcard for your Clients to Send to Friends I saw this technique used in a couple of hotels in London during one of my visits. Basically, they had created a postcard that they would send on your behalf to your friends. The purpose of doing this is for viral marketing... by sending the postcard to your friends your maintaining contact with them, but for the hotel it allowed them to encourage your friends to stay at their hotel when you next come to London. Did it work? Absolutely, I asked one of the senior managers to tell me whether it worked and how well it worked. They said that they saw a 5% increase in patronage and the number of people who stayed more than once doubled where the client had actually received a postcard. How could you use this technique in your business? / Chris Le Roy 10

2. Claim, Verify & Update Your Google Listing When Google started Google Local, they loaded every small business into their system they could find... from sources such as Yellow Pages. This means that your business may already be available on Google Local. What you need to do is to get online and make sure you claim your business. /Chris Le Roy

4. What gets measured improves. So what needs to be measured in your business? Start with your enquiries, or leads. Then, your conversion ratehow many leads do you convert into sales? What is the average sale $ value? And how often do your customers buy? Start measuring, and see what happens! Karen Phillips 5. Cash is KING! Have a budget, stick to it and have a cashflow forecast for the next NPOUIT:PVDBOUHJWF808 customer service to your clients or attract new ones to your business if you are stressed out about your bank account balance! Rachael Boyle

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Y STORY Alli Baker has always held down a few jobs at a time. “There have only been a handful of months where I didn’t have more than one job,” recalls the 27-year-old. “I’ve never left an employer on bad terms and my average length of employment is one year.” At this point in her life, she counts twenty-one total jobs, and a CV that’s ten pages long.



Baker FINDING SOLUTIONS FOR A FLEXIBLE WORKFORCE When Alli Baker, Co-founder and Director of HireMeUp, couldn’t find part-time jobs that fit her schedule, she decided to create her own solution


While that may seem like a HR person’s nightmare, Alli embraces her versatility and enjoys the freedom of part-time jobs. “I’ve always loved the versatility and flexibility that having more than one part-time job offers,” she says. “I’ve been a lifeguard, journalist, swim instructor, sales associate, waitress, editorial assistant, PR/ marketing consultant, the list goes on.” Soon, she decided to start her own consulting practice. While trying to build a client base, she started looking for a job that would fit around her schedule. Since “job juggling” was one of her many talents, she thought this would be no problem. She spent a lot of time searching for different opportunities that would work with her consulting business. This was, as she remembers, a “monumental feat” since most part-time work was a mere tick box in a category on various online-classified model of job boards. Alli ran into the same disappointments and dissatisfaction that many people in her situation encountered,

including another fellow parttime job-searcher and struggling consultant Fiona Anson. Both of them came to the same realization that flexible work was the way the workforce was heading. “We decided it was about time someone designed a solution that made finding flexible work possible,” Alli said. “So we built HireMeUp, a worldfirst availability search engine making it easier for people to find jobs that fit into their lives.” Even though neither of them had any experience in HR or recruitment, and only a handful of HTML experience, this was an idea they both passionately felt about. On this specialized job board, employers can post parttime jobs and job seekers build their own schedule around what jobs are available. Soon, they will launch their mobile app, which is a job platform with a truly revolutionary approach to the flexible workforce’s problems. Both Alli and Fiona certainly have paid their dues on their startup journey. Her Big Y is helping others find flexible jobs, but also, Alli has found the reason that gets her up in the morning. “I can’t imagine a more fulfilling career” she says. “My businesses have been my biggest achievements to date.”

3 More Tips for


f you are new to business networking, it can be a bit daunting to enter a room full of people you don’t know and talk to them! Even if you have been networking for a while, it goes against the grain for most of us to self-promote. Here are 3 more tips to help you get the most out of your networking efforts: 1. Follow-up – how often have you heard the fortune is in the follow-up? It is! When given a referral, followup straight away and let the referee know the outcome. When meeting someone for

the first time at a networking event, follow up with an email or phone call, or even a “nice to meet you� card. 2. Interested –aim to be interested in others rather than interesting to others. Remember, 2 ears 1 mouth, use in proportion! Seek first to give, ask yourself how you can best help that person. 3. Tell your talent – not your whole life story, but a TFDPOETVNNBSZPGIPX your product or service solves a problem. For instance, if you are a massage therapist rather than say “Hi I’m Karen and I’m a

massage therapist� you could say “Hi I’m Karen and I help business owners become happier, more relaxed and more productive by eliminating stress and tension.� Last month and this NPOUITUJQTTQFMM130'*5 Enjoy, and may your networking be ever PROFITable! Karen Phillips - Australias Profit Mentor

Coconut Water -


oconut water is one of my favourite healing Superfoods because it is so tasty, refreshing and hydrating and is loaded with health benefits. I instantly feel like I’m on holiday when I take a sip. Coconut Water is the juice in the interior of a young coconut. It is the purest liquid

second to clean water –is antiviral and anti-bacterial. In fact, Coconut water is almost identical to blood plasma. In cases of emergency coconut water has been used as an intravenous hydration fluid. It’s loaded with B complex vitamins, calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium & zinc, potassium, enzymes, amino acids, and phyto-hormones. Coconut Water is low in calories and free of fat and cholesterol. It is renowned for its ability to re-energise and hydrate the body as well as assists in weight loss. Coconut water also aids in metabolism and has an

alkalising effect on the body to assist a healthy environment and keep disease at bay. Studies have also shown coconut water has antiaging, anti-carcinogenic and antithrombotic effects. Use as a healthy alternative to artificial drinks, sport, energy and mixer drinks. Your whole family will benefit from it. If you’re not living on a tropical island like Gilligan or a contestant on Survivor and don’t have access to fresh coconuts, then make sure it is organic with no additives. Summer Soliman-Gardner

Issue#3 - APRIL2013 13

Y STORY Perhaps like many successful people, making money was not the prevailing ‘Y’ for Dorry Kordahi’s decision to open his own business, although that, of course, is a welcome by-product. Dorry, a three-time BRW Young Rich Lister and 2 –time BRW Fast Starter, is always very careful to ensure that there is a healthy ‘bottom line’ to what he does. “Business is effectively the propulsion unit for my life,” he says. “[It’s] the thing that enables everything else to become possible.”

Surry Hills/NSW


KORDAHI INNOVATION, LEADERSHIP, AND REVOLUTIONARY: A RECIPE FOR SUCCESS For Dorry Kordahi, achieving success is all about having the right attitude and ambition

Over the years, Dorry’s ‘Ys’ were as varied as they were manifold, especially back in 2002, when the then Dorry Kordahi Management was in its’ early stages. A very competitive person by nature, he previously played professional basketball, where this characteristic served him well. Today, he knows it is within his personality to be determined and to go after what he wants with all his will. Dorry’s desire for success in all that he attempts, is at the core of who he is as a person. This sheer determination and ambition took him from towel boy for the Sydney Kings, to player and then co-owner of that team. Dorry’s views on success are complex. “I have numerous indicators of success and without achieving them all concomitantly,” he states. “I don’t consider myself to be truly successful.” After Dorry


and his brother, Danny, merged companies and formed DKM Blue, the accolades continued to mount, from the aforementioned BRW Lists to being a finalist in the prestigious Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year. The quest for success and that deeprouted competitive streak were being handsomely rewarded. Dorry has three main ambitions, perhaps what he considers his “Ys”: To be an innovator and to see his innovations come to fruition both as a fully-fledged idea and a commercial success; to be the market leader in his chosen field; and to always break new ground. “In business terms,” he describes, “that means I need to have ideas that are both original as well as feasible and, of course, the drive to see them through development and production before finally bringing them successfully to market.” Of course, profit is always a necessary part of any business venture. “I believe that success is like a garden,” Dorry says, “it needs to be planted, watered, nurtured, protected from the vagaries of the weather and only then will it bloom.”.

Y STORY Many women wear different hats during these modern times. That’s why it might be difficult for some female adults to discover who they truly are. It is now crystal-clear to Natrice Grosvenor, however, what her ‘Big Y’ is, in spite of the various roles that she plays. “I am a woman, daughter, sister, wife, friend and business owner,” she says. “but my greatest achievement in life so far is being a MUM.” This self-revelation actually came as a surprise to Natrice herself. After all, she used to be a determined career woman whose goal was to successfully climb the corporate ladder. She went through Post Natal Depression when she unexpectedly became pregnant with her first son while she was still in the middle of her “dream job.” However, she gradually learned to accept motherhood. Even though she suffered Post Natal Depression again when she had her second child, she was more prepared to handle it the second time around because of the knowledge she had previously acquired through experience and the support that she received from her family. More importantly, even if Natrice is primarily a mother, she is also able to achieve personal growth and to help other people by nurturing

her own business. Her love for all things creative, unique and handmade, as well as her interest in online shopping, led her and a friend to start a new business: an online marketplace. The focus of the business is to build a community of likeminded people, which could potentially assist and support other businesses. The online marketplace gives individual businesses the opportunity to grow by showcasing their products and services beyond their geographical reach. By being the best mom she can be, while also pursuing other interests outside of her role as a mother, Natrice has found healing and purpose. “The business has been my saving grace. It has given me a chance to heal and connect with other likeminded women and men,” she says. “Helping others, helps me.” This doesn’t mean that Natrice no longer encounters any problems as a mom or as a business owner. It does mean that she doesn’t see these problems as a hindrance to achieving her goals in life. “Every day brings new challenges for life and the business,” she says. “By taking small steps and with my support network by my side, I can achieve big things. I know that with my drive and determination, I have the passion and the vision to succeed.”



GROSVENOR A MOM WHO HELPS HERSELF BY HELPING OTHERS The business... has given me a chance to heal and connect with other likeminded women and men.’ - Natrice Grosvenor, Mother and Business Owner

Issue#3 - APRIL2013 17

Y STORY Shifting careers and skills can be a difficult task for many people. "GUFSZFBSTJOMBXFOGPSDFNFOU  former police officer Randall Smith left his job and developed posttraumatic stress disorder. He knew he could never be a police officer again, which not only meant his career was over, but it also shattered his self-confidence.

Samford Village/QLD

Randall SMITH HELPING OTHERS FIND A NEW START Randall Smith, Director of Churchill Education, works to help people transition into new careers, and give them renewed hope

However, it was this challenge that prompted him to start his own business with lawyer Tricia Velthuizen, which eventually became Churchill Education, a Brisbane based company that is currently Australia’s leading authority on Recognition of Prior Learning. They employ about thirty staff, based across three continents and over ten thousand nationally recognised qualifications issued to customers in the last seven years. Although it became a lucrative business, looking at the company today, the simple reason as to why they exist still clearly runs through every service, process and decision that’s made. After he left the Police force with no other place to go, Randall and Tricia worked to turn his knowledge and experience into something that could be used in the real world. However, when they put Randall’s investigative skills and Tricia’s law expertise together, they realized they could also be of great service to others. “What we really wanted was, never for another family to feel as if there was no other option but to stay


in a position without hope and without a dream for the future,” says Tricia. Their answer was in their simple, evidence-based system that is today used to evaluate their clients’ real life experience and skill sets, plus they also provided access to experience assessors. This avoids unnecessarily sitting in a classroom to be assessed on the skills the candidate demonstrates effectively on the job, obtaining a qualification at half the cost of a course in 28 days, positioning candidates for promotions, career transitions, and industry recognition. Neither Randall nor Tricia had a lot of business experience, yet the company grew and expanded, and has grown to incorporate a training arm, and now the team at Churchill serve thousands of people per year. Ask Tricia and Randall why they continue to do what they do, what gets them out of bed in the morning – their Big Y, and the answer will be as clear as the day the company was born. As Randall summarises: “We exist to deliver recognition, confidence and career security for our customers. And we celebrate their achievements with immense pride because we hold the absolute conviction that through us flows life-changing opportunity for our customers.”

Empower Your Business


irtual administration isn’t just about finding a contractor to handle all the odds and ends that your own staff doesn’t have time for. It’s about creating a partnership with a virtual administration team that can help you build a dynamic online presence and, ultimately, boost your bottom line. In today’s Web-driven economy, your online presence needs constant tending. In addition to providing phone answering, message taking, and appointment scheduling services, a virtual administration company

can cultivate your online reputation through the following services: Social Media Services – A virtual administration company can design, implement, and administer social media campaigns on sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Online Content Marketing Services – Getting your products and services, as well as your brand name, to rank well in search results pages is vital. A good virtual administration company will create content that ranks well for SEO and converts readers into customers. Email Marketing Campaign Services – Whether

you want to send newsletters or mass marketing emails, a virtual administration team can handle everything from managing the email lists to creating the content to scheduling follow-up contacts. Virtual Chat Services – A virtual administration company can help you capture more sales leads by administering a virtual chat service to answer client questions and/or schedule callbacks. Laura Williams

How To Use


n affirmation is a technique that can change negative self talk into positive. Affirmations can be practiced at anytime and anyplace. Some of my clients choose to say them in the car, whilst driving to work. If you are feeling adventurous, then you could try the following techniques: Looking

in the mirror and saying your affirmations out loud (sometimes people find this quite confronting, especially if the affirmations are about body image); using them in meditation; writing them down again and again; or listening to them on an iPod. Remember this! Your subconscious (or unconscious) mind is always aware, and it always listen your comments, thoughts and feelings. It does its best to bring them into your reality. So instead of thinking unknowingly (good or bad) it is better to keep on practicing positive affirmations. It automatically moves the negative thoughts out of your

mind and replaces the thoughts (or affirmations), chosen by you, for your betterment. #Tip - Make sure you say affirmations with power and emotion in your voice, even if you don’t BELIEVE what you are saying is the absolute truth! The more you repeat the affirmation, with power and emotion, the more you will BELIEVE them to be true. Negative thoughts cannot live in the same space as positive thoughts. Here are some affirmations: I like myself, I am Awesome. Maria Brady

Issue#3 - APRIL2013 19

LET’S GET NAKED TOGETHER AT THIS INTERACTIVE HANDS ON EVENT Friday May 17th, Brisbane Not sure what your passion or purpose is in life? Not quite sure if your on the right path in life? Don’t spring up out of bed on a Monday morning and not sure Y?

THIS EVENT COULD BE FOR YOU! It is your time to step up and take your place in the Universe! Stop hiding behind your fears and excuses! If not now, WHEN? When you live your Y, you will love your life Today is the day......

BOOK ONLINE NOW! Only $97 early bird price (including morning tea). Book before 15th April to secure this price



Y STORY While many people may think Executive coach Samson Bula has it all with a thriving business, it wasn’t like that. “It took me approximately 23 years to arrive here,” he laughs “I have had a lot of ups and downs along the way in my journey.” Today, his ever-positive personality belies his past – a major personal crisis that sent him spiraling down and eventually becoming homeless. “But, I always knew that one day I will do something great,” he recalls. “That one day I will make it and that one day I will become a SUCCESS.” And so he did. Samson says, “It seems to me that until you really hit rock bottom when everything around you has crashed in that moment in time when there is nothing left, you truly begin to SHINE and I guess that reflection is needed to understand that you are part of something greater than yourself and you are not your circumstances.” Today, Samson is an accomplished Executive Coach, Speaker and Entrepreneur. He helps people by imparting his own realizations from his past experience to others. His best advice to his clients is that they must decide on whom they want to be and make that decision to be their greatest self. “Take immediate and massive action even if it scares you to the pit of your belly,” he says. “Have faith in the fact life rewards you

when you reach the other side of your comfort zone and trust in your ability as a problem solver; you are greater than you give yourself credit for and your mind can truly create miracles when you need it to!” Purpose, as defined in the Oxford dictionary is “the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.” Samson feels that many people today are searching for their own purpose or feel a sense of lack of purpose, which he can relate to personally with his own past. He himself finds his own purpose in helping others – “Every morning I wake up thankful I have the chance to be able to impact people’s lives in a positive and influential way. It’s my passion I absolutely love it so much to be able to bring the best out of others and help them achieve their dreams.” His Big Y? He finds his own joy when he is able to help his clients live their own dreams, which in turn, he says, drives him to be a bigger and better person, creating more value.


Samson BULA

INSPIRE, ACT AND ACHIEVE GREATNESS: FROM HOMELESS TO SUCCESSFUL LIFE COACH It took hitting rock bottom for Samson Bula to turn his life around and inspire others to act and achieve greatness

Issue#3 - APRIL2013 21

Y STORY Food allergies and a lifethreatening illness may seem like hindrances to living a full life. However, these health conditions have actually been a blessing in disguise to Summer Soliman-Gardner. Instead of narrowing her horizon, these have led her to go on a lifechanging quest for good natural food choices.

Gold Coast/QLD

Summer SOLIMAN-GARDNER PRESERVING LIFE, NOT FOOD ‘Celebrate, heal and cherish your life with good natural food choices.’ – Founder/Managing Director of ltz All Good Foodan online health food store with a difference


rest for three months. The doctor recommended that she take a combination of medications for the rest of her life in order for her to survive and to avoid repeat episodes of pancreatitis.

Because Summer didn’t want to be dependent on drugs her whole life, she followed the same diet principles that her daughter did. She also performed research It all started with the discovery on natural supplements. With that Summer’s daughter was her doctor’s permission, she allergic to a majority of staple tried weaning herself from the foods, including sugar, dairy, drugs for a period of time. The corn, yeast, wheat, artificial doctor was astounded when additives and preservatives. the medical test results revealed that Summer’s pancreas was When the doctor whom Summer fully recovered and that her lipid consulted regarding possible levels were even better than food choices for her child was not normal after the trial period. able to help her, she personally started doing local and overseas Summer has discovered research on food which she could through years of research that use to prepare a variety of meals many people undergo food and desserts for her daughter. intolerances and disease without Summer’s efforts paid off - the being aware of it. What advice healthy changes in her child’s diet can she give to people who has played a major role in making wish to live well? “Celebrate, her a healthier, happier girl. heal and cherish your life with good natural food choices,” she Summer’s own health challenges recommends. “We discovered the have also encouraged her to healing powers of 100% natural continue learning about natural foods and it is our passion to health and wellness. She once share this with you, to give you experienced a life-threatening easy access so you too can make illness known as severe acute the most of a healthy life.” pancreatitis, which was caused by abnormally high levels What is Summer’s ‘Big Y’? “The of blood triglycerides and best gift you can give yourself cholesterol. She was actually in and children is to teach them to critical care on life support for make good natural food choices; a month and on restricted bed it’s survival for life,” she says.

The challenge of


eadership used to be viewed as innate. It was seen as a mystical blend of courage, charisma, and perhaps even a flair for the dramatic. These days, we think of leadership differently, as a skill to be acquired. With the changing nature of business today, organizational structures, and the growth of alliances between companies, comes the call for new approaches to leadership. So, what are these new approaches? They have less to do with formal authority and the power to control or command, and more to do

with using influence (especially communications and conflictresolution skills, diplomacy and motivational skills) to keep teams on track and aligned with your overall business vision. They also have to do with being alert, agile, and enterprising; with recognizing an opportunity, a gap in terms of what the market offers, and responding rapidly, and creatively. Or identifying a performance gap within your business, and being able to explain the external consequences so your team sees the broader context of their work and understands that it’s worth

you’re the


mployment Relationships! Employers be aware with Casual Employees! Casual employees are usually employed by the hour or by the day. They usually don’t get paid sick leave or annual leave. To make up for this they get extra pay called a casual loading. Casual workers are less likely to have regular or guaranteed hours of work.

Are your casuals true casuals by definition? This has been challenged on a number of occasions particularly when an employee leaves you, or generally when you leave them (termination). In most cases whereby the employee works regular hours, and days with an expectation, they could be deemed permanents, in a part time capacity. What does this mean? You could be faced with back pay on ALL entitlements a permanent employee would receive as per the National Employment Standards (NES) (ie annual leave/sick leave etc),

doing some things differently. Managing and leading remain distinct but complementary tasks. While managing involves coping with complexity like budgeting; leadership is about coping with change, a vision to the future. Management will always be essential, but as change has become the watchword of contemporary economic life, managers are increasingly being called upon to be leaders as well. Janelle Bartlett FCA

whether and as far back as six years. The best part about this is, it would be paid at the current rate (yes the inflated casual loading rate) Ouch! In addition penalties could apply for each breach which is quite significant to both the individual and the corporation. Lastly there is the correct termination process to follow which is the same process you apply with a permanent employee. Terminations are complex and therefore can go wrong.

Issue#3 - APRIL2013 23

t4JYPGUIFXPSMETMFBEJOHQFBLQFSGPSNBODF experts have distilled their most effective strategies for personal productivity into 3 FREE downloadable books that will teach you... ti)PX5P(P'SPN0WFSXIFMNFE $POGVTJPO And Feeling Stuck ‌ To Absolute Clarity, LaserLike Focus And Getting The Right Things Done� t1-64#FTU4FMMJOHCPPLT $PQJFTPG:.BH and so much more...

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Wynnum Manly Nissan

Y STORY As a career-focused banker in London, I thought nothing of the fact that I was pregnant. I literally finished a conference call with a Chief Financial Officer on my way to the maternity unit to give birth. Well, I can vouch for the fact that having a baby is life changing. The moment I returned home with a bundle in my arms, the thought of returning to work was out of the question. I didn’t want to be away from my baby for even a microsecond.

agreement. But my to-do list was now reading like a novel. I needed a business plan, a name for my company, a bank account, shippers, a warehouse, and a fulfilment centre, for starters. Sheer excitement kept the momentum going but I still had one very demanding one-yearold to look after.

Drawing upon my banking experience, I discovered the key to success is outsourcing. I outsourced babysitting to family, graphic design work to Pakistan, and web development to India. I A year passed, we moved back to approached old colleagues to do Sydney, and I considered returning photo shoots and friends for PR. I to work. However, I couldn’t fathom even had the local Australia Post going back to my banking career. team running around this local As I was hanging washing on the mum with a very small car yet a line, the idea of Attipas Australia very big business idea. was born. A pair of shoe-socks, as I coined them, that I had casually I gradually assumed the role purchased during a holiday in of a ‘mumpreneur’. It has been Japan were unlike anything on the a hard slog; being a mum is Australian market. Mothers were difficult enough. On average I particularly awed by how well OPXXPSLIPVSTBEBZPO my 14-month-old was walking in top of minding a toddler. But them. I would start importing and with passion, enthusiasm, and a selling those very shoes. loving family, I have been able to achieve my dream. Our first I emailed the manufacturer. batch of functional toddler shoes Within a day I had a response. are now available online. No, they did not have an exclusive distributor for Australia I now wake up in the morning as yet, and yes, they were and am driven by passion, interested in working with me. A rather than caffeine, blackberry quick call to the bank later and I messenger and a daily rate. Life was certain we could do it. is good.


Caroline AFRICH BEST FOOT FORWARD When Caroline Africh quit her lucrative banking career in search of a new Y, she never suspected that her future lay in quirky footwear

Within a week I had signed an exclusive distribution

Issue#3 - APRIL2013 25

Y STORY Despite having a First World medical system, getting a healthcare appointment in Australia is still difficult for many people. Statistics say that 31% of urban and 44% of rural Australians have a hard time getting a doctor’s appointment that suits them. Around 34% of Australians say they had to postpone treatment just because they could not get an appointment at a time that fits their schedule and about 20% of these people had their condition worsen because of the delay in getting an appointment.

Gold Coast/QLD


BARTOSCH CREATING A BETTER SYSTEM FOR HEALTH CARE APPOINTMENTS His own experience with a delayed cancer diagnosed has inspired Klaus Bartosch to start 1stAvailable

Klaus Bartosch was one of these people. “For about nine months my wife said to me repeatedly ‘Please go and see a doctor about the mole on your back,’” he recalls. “Well, I never did make that appointment. It was only when I happened to be in a doctor’s room with my wife for our sick child that she prompted him to check my mole.” This fortuitous meeting confirmed their worst fears – it was Stage 3 Melanoma and was dangerously close to moving into Stage 4. “I have never been more scared in all my life than I was in the months that followed,” Klaus says. “It should never have got to this point.” This was back in 2000, yet today, in the age of the Internet and lightning-speed communications, people are still having trouble getting the appointments they need. Klaus reiterates, “Here we


are in the age of the Internet where I am only three clicks away from booking a flight and tent in Machu Picchu - yet locating a healthcare provider requires several Google searches for a phone number several calls to the practices in my area to find an available time – all taking nearly five hours of my time to confirm the appointment!” he further states, “Even if I book with my own provider, I’m still placed on hold for at least five minutes and then it takes another five minutes to go through their openings to find the next available appointment at a time and date that is suitable!” Klaus’ Big Y revolves around the idea that Australians have the right to locate and access all healthcare services regardless of who they are, or where they live. That’s why he started 1stAvailable, a service where people can quickly get the appointments they need. 1stAvailable is a website where Australians can log-on 24/7 to book their doctor’s appointments. The site is built around the needs of both the patients and healthcare providers, so that everyone can get and provide the best healthcare possible.

With years of experience in off-shore sourcing and manufacture, our staff will happily arrange every detail including customs, shipping and delivery, which makes Garment & Product Solutions your one-stop shop in China.

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Y STORY Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Caruso – Founder and CEO of PuggleFM, Winner of the ‘Women in Business’ category of The Australian Excellence Awards – is a young mother of two daughters and a wife who lives in Perth. Besides this, she is also completing her International Business degree.


Charlotte CARUSO JUGGLING A BUSY LIFE WITH PUGGLE FM How did this entrepreneurial, award-winning young businesswoman find time to broadcast to other busy parents?

Charlie isn’t the only busy mother undertaking the busy balancing act of juggling a career, motherhood, running a house and attempting a personal life. Far from it: she is like the vast majority of busy women loading their lives full with never-ending errands, tasks and things to do. And it’s because of this that Charlie has committed her time to making it easier for other parents walking similar lifestyle tightropes. “’Podcasting’ makes accessing news and information much easier when you’re on the go,” says Charlie. “Instead of listening to the scandal and sensationalism included on most commercial radio programs, it’s nice to tune in and listen to the latest information on health reforms, or the education system – all while I cook or exercise or drive the kids to school, or shower! “The explosion of the digital age has allowed me to have the podcasts I love loaded directly to my phone, where I can listen to them when I’m ready. Despite my busy life I still stay connected to the things that matter – that’s what PuggleFM is all about.”


Charlie initially came up with the concept of PuggleFM while driving her two children to kindergarten. She found herself continually flicking through radio stations to avoid nasal spray ads, inappropriate lyrics, or irritating talkback. Charlie turned to her CD player to keep her two daughters happy – but drove straight into a traffic jam. The next two hours stuck in traffic motivated Charlie to found the first Australian community radio station for families and parents. However, acquiring a radio broadcasting license was not as easy as Charlie initially expected. After a year of closed doors, Charlie abandoned her quest for conventional radio broadcasting. She instead decided to focus her energies on developing an internet radio show and the medium of podcasting. This decision paid off, and within six months PuggleFM was receiving roughly 2,000 monthly downloads per podcast, as well as over 2,000 page views per day. “I think the initial success of PuggleFM sends a strong message that there are a lot of parents out there just as concerned about the general drop in standards of mainstream media,” says Charlie. “I think parents have embraced PuggleFM for at least attempting to provide an alternative. Providing an honest, trustworthy media choice is my personal Y.”

Y STORY Elisa Limburg is living the life she wants and doing what she wants to do. Having started her own events and marketing business, elevents, she has never been happier. Despite going into business during the global financial crisis in late 2008, the company has been running successfully ever since. Elisa says the tough economic climate even worked in her favour, as companies were outsourcing, having retrenched many of their full-time staff.

An energetic person who loves variety and is always seeking new experiences, Elisa says starting her own business changed her life. She feels happier and more confident, and her new career path has opened up some amazing opportunities.

These include being selected in 2012 to go to the G20 YES in Mexico. The next year Elisa was chosen to represent Australia at the 2013 G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Summit in Russia. She is on the Board of the Young “I was actually job-hunting Entrepreneur Society Australia and at the time after taking time Advisory Committee of Enterprise off to figure out what I really Network for Young Australians wanted to do,” says Elisa. “I was (ENYA). She is also a Feature becoming so frustrated by not Writer for ASPIRE and NO CURE getting anywhere, knowing I had magazines and an Ambassador built up some great skills and for Woman. Her business has been experience over 15 years. So I nominated for awards including a decided to start my own thing Telstra Business Award. and see what happens.” Starting her business has also She’s never looked back. Elisa enabled Elisa to support others. says that offering services in One of her core values is to ‘give event management, promotions back’ to society, so she supports and public relations just made non-profit organisations, which sense. “I was good at these she loves. Elisa also mentors young things and enjoyed doing them. people when she can, giving them Plus, I’m a creative and social career advice and direction. person with a knack for coming up with ideas and telling stories. “I love that I am in a position now It was an easy decision.” where I can do what I want every day. My Y is to satisfy clients with Elisa initially got work by great events and campaigns, but networking and meeting people also help others through nonat events. Within a few months profit projects. It’s a great balance she had found work and was and very rewarding.” even flown to Melbourne and Auckland to assist with projects.


Elisa LIMBURG TRIUMPHING OVER HARD TIMES Elisa Limburg created a life-changing business when many others were going under

Issue#3 - APRIL2013 29

Y STORY I didn’t realize how much of an impact my own personal Y IBEPONZMJGFVOUJM*UVSOFE Growing up in a small country town in Switzerland, I thought my purpose was to ‘save the world’ (as you do when you are young and naive).

"UBHF*MPTUNZEBEoBOEUIBUT when I realised the importance of not only having a Y but also going after it. So we founded Basic Bananas, a marketing training organisation helping small business owners grow through marketing that works.

I still clearly remember a family holiday to Indonesia when I was a child and all I wanted to do is share my pocket money with the amazing people we met along the way. It obviously wasn’t a sustainable solution and, of course, my money didn’t go very far.

I believe your Y can change and evolve as you go through life. Mine has always been about the same core message of making a difference, but the vehicles have changed along the way.

I was always very driven; a bit cheeky and innovative. At age 12 my friends and I founded a horse club. I had never even owned a horse, but just so happened to be looking after one. We organized regular horse festivals and got our parents to bake cakes to sell them to our competitors and audience. The money earned was donated to an organisation that looked after old and injured horses that would otherwise be put down. I guess it was my first social enterprise.

Today my Y is about making a difference through social business and helping small business owners thrive by using smart marketing, so they too can make a difference. Small businesses have such a tremendous opportunity to drive the economy and marketing is the tool with which to do it. I’m on a mission to help businesses engrain into their culture. Doing so can have an incredible ripple effect and help us not only maintain our precious planet but also make a difference in other people’s lives.


Franziska ISELI-HALL The Evolution of Y Franziska Iseli-Hall says her Y is ‘a topic very dear to her heart’. Here’s why

After school I moved to Geneva to study marketing and politics It’s what drives me every day and and graduated with a masters in gets me up and smiling early in both with the aim of working for the morning. the United Nations. However, I ended up working in marketing and advertising jobs. After working and living in different countries around the world I ended up in Sydney, where I met my husband Christo.

Issue#3 - APRIL2013 31

Y STORY My Y started after the birth of my daughter Talia nine years ago and then two years later continued with my son Daniel, now seven. I went through Post Natal Depression (PND) and was very stressed with the responsibility of being a mum. I thought that I had to be like Superwoman and have everything perfect.

Sunshine Coast/ QLD

Jacqueline MURRAY DON’T STRIVE TO BE SUPERWOMAN! Jacqueline Murray from Sunshine Coast, Queensland fought back against Post Natal Depression to find her Y


My solution – or so I thought at the time – was to go back to work, so my husband and I reversed roles. I soon discovered that I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted in life. For many years I was just getting through the day and often not wanting to keep going in life. Somewhere I had gotten completely lost and didn’t know how to find my way back. I started to question: Who am I? During my journey I also paid attention to what other women were saying and have found that there is a common theme of ‘Who Am I?’ Many women go through life not knowing who they are, what they can do, what they would love in their life, or what they enjoy doing. No woman needs to think that they are alone going through PND, depression, stress or have feelings and thoughts that they are not enough. My Y progressed with me journaling about my experience and what I did to make changes in my life. It was time to step up and move forward with my life.

I started to share this with other women and saw that the same changes occurred within them, too; I received positive feedback about my processes. From this information I have created programs that are starting to reach those that are also looking for help. What my journey has taught me so far is that life doesn’t need to be hard. We can love who we are and trust that we do know what it is we would love to have as our life. I am about empowering women to be all that they can be and know that they can choose more; choose to be all you can – and embrace life. Trust that selfknowledge; trust your instincts. What if self-love was the key to an abundant life? What would you choose to create as your life? My life now is filled with gratitude, fun, ease and enjoyment. When you have the tools and use them correctly, many different possibilities are available to you. It’s time to step up and empower you to live a life you love.

What about


eparation is tough enough on the adults involved in a relationship; adding children to the mix just makes this process even more difficult. So what are three (3) things you can do to help them

navigate their way through this emotional minefield? Firstly, you must remember that the decision to separate was a decision that was made by one or both of you as adults in the relationship. It was not a decision made by the children. Children need to know that the separation was not their fault and reassurance that this decision had nothing to do with them. Secondly, as adults you need to make an effort to ensure that children are not exposed to the conflict. Children should not be made to act as messengers between you and the other

parent. You must at all times remember that you are the adults in this situation. Children should at all times be allowed to remain as the children and not perform the role of peacekeeper or mediator. Thirdly, children may feel obligated to choose sides. It is important that you as parents reassure your children that they are still loved. More importantly, it is imperative that your children know that they can still love both of you equally. Lorrie Brook

Why Does Our Sex Drive Hit


here are lots of reasons why this happens. We are tired, busy, hormones, medications & we have too many demands on us. The majority of the time we disconnect from ourselves because we are so busy doing that we forget about simply being. Unfortunately our sex life get’s pushed to the bottom of the pile and becomes “another thing to do”, which then effects our well being and relationships. What most people are not aware of is that it’s really important to keep the sexual energy flowing because when it

is in flow it gives you the vitality & energy to do all the things you want to do. Your sexual energy is your life force and when that is shut down, or on snooze it starts to effect other areas of your life So what is the solution? BREATHE....specific types of breath to connect you back to your sexual energy. Here is one to get your started: Breathing in and out through the mouth for this practice. Charge: this is a strong and sharp inhale with a relaxed exhale.. Just let the air drop out of your mouth, making a noise as you exhale. Step: 2 quick & strong inhales (like taking 2 sips of hot

soup from a spoon), with a relaxed exhale through the mouth. Continuous: Just breathing in and out whilst making sound with no breaks. Do these 10 times each at a fast pace, & then play with it, mix it up. Then add in squeezing your pelvic floor muscles whilst breathing and feel the difference! Pauline Ryeland

Issue#3 - APRIL2013 33

Y STORY I’m a serial entrepreneur. The idea of creating something from scratch and seeing it come to life – that’s what gets me jumping out of bed in the morning, eager to start the day. I’m also a bit of a nerd. Not only do I love computers, but I have a bit of an embarrassing passion for coding. I’m not really that good at it: I’ve never done a HTML course or studied web design. But I was the only girl in my Software & Design class during high school, so that’s gotta count for something, right?



BERTRAND COMMISSIONING FOR FAIR TRADE What drives Sonja Bertrand from Brisbane to strive for fair deals?


And finally… I’m gay. There’s nothing more to really say about that, apart from the fact that I am, and that I’m passionate about helping the gay community. So, what do you get when you combine these three things? Well, my Y of course! In 2011, I decided to start QueerDeals, Australia’s first (and only) daily deals website for the LGBTQI community. That stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Questioning and Intersex – yes, it’s a mouthful! Unlike most businesses, our aim is not to make a whole lot of money. Instead, we’re passionate about creating community support for businesses that are gay-friendly, support equal rights and use fair employment practices. There are not many of them (although, luckily, the number is growing) so they deserve to be acknowledged – and they also deserve our

financial support. After all, I know I would rather spend my money at one of these businesses rather than one that is homophobic… wouldn’t you? A lot of the merchants we work with are small businesses, many of which are also gayowned and operated, and I’m excited about being able to help them bring their products to a wider audience. So many small Australian businesses are struggling with marketing and advertising, so we try to help them as much as possible. That’s why, unlike most daily deals websites, we only take a small commission to cover our advertising and credit card fees, and further reduce that by half for small businesses. To top it off, QueerDeals also donates a percentage of its profits to charities that help the LGBTQI community, including The Pinnacle Foundation, which provides scholarships and mentors to disadvantaged youth, and ACON’s Lesbian & Gay AntiViolence Project, which provides support to people who have suffered homophobic violence and helps make the community safer by promoting anti- homophobia and antiviolence initiatives. QueerDeals is a project of passion. It’s not paying my bills, but it’s my way of supporting organisations that are making a difference to people’s lives and thats my Y.

Y STORY Lillian Brummet and her husband and business partner, Dave, focus on topics that move them personally – including gardening, positive news, conscious living, writing and literacy, easily achieved environmental activities, pets and wildlife. Lillian feels strongly about her work and says: “It gives a sense of value to my life, that I am leaving a positive legacy behind with each day that passes. “When I hear from others, I am reminded that through my work I can help change the world one word, one reader, one listener at a time; and I am reminded to appreciate this opportunity to embrace my curiosity and to face the fear.� Lillian is also very passionate about writing: “I’m always writing something – often creating articles, product reviews, new poetry or working on a manuscript. In fact, I have another poetry book coming out later in 2013, a cookbook in 2014, followed by a gardening CPPLJOw Lillian’s blog – Brummet’s Conscious Blog – also offers daily posts containing inspiring quotes, articles, poetry, product reviews, recommended resources, and a section called ‘green tip of the day’.

times per week, she often invites special guests from all over the planet to share tips, advice, techniques and experiences on a wide array of topics in the realm of proactive and conscious living. When asked what motivates her, Lillian says: “Honestly, the main focus of everything my husband and I do – our shared Y – is to inspire hope – helping others realize the value of their efforts and encouraging them to become more proactive in life. “We practice what we preach, too – if you were to visit our home or office or tour our yard and come with us on outdoor excursions, you’d see that we are constantly working to make the world a better place, be it through growing our own organic food, composting and creating a yard filled with biodiversity, making eco-savvy improvements to the home, practicing zero-waste living, conscious purchase decisions, or picking up litter and pulling out invasive weeds. “People are always watching so just by doing, by being proactive, a person can influence others.�

Creston/British Columbia


BRUMMET SETTING THE WORLD TO WRITE This award-winning author of five books, passionate blogger, and dedicated radio host truly believes in the power of the individual to perpetuate positive change

As the host and producer of the hour-long ‘Conscious Discussions Talk Radio’ show, which airs three

Issue#3 - APRIL2013 35


Dale Beaumont

A new style of business networking awaits



Y STORY Sometimes your ‘Y’ only emerges after skirting for a while with disaster. For Anthony Khoury, his early determination to succeed alone couldn’t unlock success, and it took a moment of clarity for everything to click into place. “When I graduated from University, I was completely lost,� he recalls. “I was going off the rails in every area of my life. I was lazy and had a chip on my shoulder. I worked for my father in a pizza restaurant for 5 years and it felt like a prison sentence.� The itch to go it alone eventually had to be scratched, and in 2003, he announced to his parents he was leaving to set up an online business. In Anthony’s own words, “they were absolutely livid�! But he was going to prove them wrong. What followed was an experience he would never forget. He worked from midnight to 8am exporting stickers to the US, slept for 2 hours and then sold door to door. “After 2 months, I was thinking of packing it all in. The night shift was killing me, my sales were a disaster. I was all by myself. I had no one to guide me.

was going to war - war with my parents.� He finally realised just how heavy the chip on his shoulder was. It proved to be the crux, and over the next 3 years, he went from zero to $2 million in turnover, and UPEBUFIFIBTIBETUBSUVQT Today, Anthony’s Y comes from a more positive place. “When you see successful people with all the trappings of success, you make excuses like they were born with money or their parents are rich, “ he explains. “This may be true sometimes, but more likely they worked like crazy. I always tell people when they have a business that God is testing them. He is making you go through all kinds of pain before you succeed because he wants to see how bad you want it.� “Everything I did, each step I took for this business, was a first for me. I learnt everything as I went along. I say this in a positive and inspiring note, because it reinforces my view of the rich and successful. Anybody with an idea and enough tenacity and drive, is capable of achieving their desired outcome.�

Port Melbourne/Victoria

Anthony KHOURY TAKING THE HARD ROAD TO SUCCESS After trying to go it alone, Anthony Khoury can testify the darkest hour is just before the dawn. With enough tenacity and drive, an entrepreneur can achieve anything

“I looked on my wall at my handwritten motivational posters. There was one story I read every day, a story about an army going to war. I felt as though I

Issue#3 - APRIL2013 37

Y STORY Where does a great business idea come from? From the evidence provided by our YMag guests, it comes from different sources and in different ways. For Mira Smoljko, founder of the specialist shoe shop, Glamazon Shoes, it was a simple sign, in writing, that caused everything to click into place and for a dream she’d had since a teenager to become a reality.



SMOLJKO SPOTTING SIGNS OF A PERFECT FIT When Mira Smoljko, the founder of specialist shoe retailers Glamazon Shoes, read a letter in a newspaper, it started her on her journey in business


probably my first ever epiphany,” Mira recalls. “Suddenly, the idea for fashionable shoes in larger sizes that I had been carrying around for years began to crystallize and gain substance. That was the point when I began to seriously research the idea and put together a business plan.”

Mira described the next nine months as being a whirlwind of activity, with planning, product “People often refer to ‘signs’, and I sourcing, location hunting and don’t mean the paranormal type!” continuous learning leaving her she jokes. “I’m referring to those little time to stop and think. She light bulb moments where you admits that had she had time to suddenly have absolute clarity on think seriously about it, she may an aspect of your life. My story is have backed out. But with every about seeing these signs around step, the feeling grew that this me, then finding the courage to was right move for her. follow my dreams and passion.” “I kept Elizabeth’s letter to A graduate in Applied Chemistry, remind me every day that signs Mira worked in the corporate and opportunities are all around sector before starting as a us, if we choose to open our business consultant following eyes. I even managed to track her the birth of her children. But down and meet her through the that was only ever ‘something newspaper where her original else’ and her true passion lay in letter was published, which was starting her own business. quite surreal for both of us. She was quite taken aback at just how For Mira, the sign was a letter powerful her words were. published in the Sunday Age in July 2009 from a woman “It just goes to show that inspiration (Elizabeth) complaining about is anywhere and everywhere. And not being able to find stylish the really amazing thing is that shoes in a size 12. Mira herself once you open yourself up to it, is 5’11’’ with size 11 feet, so you find more.” she understood Elizabeth’s frustration, but it also turned on that light bulb and sparked the ‘Y’ that has driven her since. “I experienced what was

Y STORY Is knowledge really the key to success? Tim Stokes can testify to just how essential it is. He was already 13 years in business, and had learned a lot about the realities of running a company, when inspiration struck at an "OUIPOZ3PCCJOTTFNJOBSJO Suddenly, his Y - how he could make a significant difference in the world - became clear. A year later, the self-proclaimed passionate business enthusiast grasped an opportunity to become a pioneer of the burgeoning business coaching industry. Now a leading author, international speaker and Managing Director of Business Building Mentors, Tim has taken his own message to business owners around the world, helping them to realise their enterprises’ true potential while improving their own lives through his Business Freedom program. “I was determined to learn how to solve every challenge that prevented business owners having a worry-free life,â€? he says. “I suppose it was because of my years of dealing with the challenges of business myself that weren’t talked about much - simple challenges like, how to hire trustworthy and reliable employees, how to price your services to make a decent profit, and how to get more customers.â€? Tim knew the key to his calling was knowledge, so he ramped up his own learning, and soon

developed a way to distinguish the best business-building information sources in the world from the mass of ‘average’ information in the marketplace. Most importantly, he learned what business people really wanted. “Business owners weren’t sure what they actually wanted. They were stuck running a ‘busyness’ with a daily or weekly focus, not a business that was long-term goal orientated,� he says. “They told me they wanted more customers, but I found what they actually wanted was ‘business freedom’. They wanted a lifestyle, not endless years of hard work for a ‘busyness’ that relegated their family to second place.� Tim’s calling, finding a permanent solution to their challenges and giving them want they really wanted. The breakthrough came in 2002, when a client, confident his business could operate him, took a 2-month aroundthe-world holiday. For Tim, this meant his ‘Y’ had proved its worth. “I had achieved my goal, realized my own burning desire to contribute to business owners’ lives and to make a real difference , not just to their business but to their employees and their family life.�



STOKES SHARING KNOWLEDGE FOR GREATER BUSINESS FREEDOM Life is about more than turning a profit. For Tim Stokes, the guru behind the Business Freedom Program, sharing knowledge on life balance is more rewarding

The successful formula became the Business Freedom program, and today The Business Freedom Workshop Series spreads Tim’s secret to running a business – not being run by a ‘busyness’.

Issue#3 - APRIL2013 39

Y STORY Revelations can come at the least expected times and places, but their effect can be profound. For Nikki White, it wasn’t until she had completed an empowering stage in her life that she finally recognized what her ‘Y’ is. On the face of it, Nikki helps others to maximize the potential of their business enterprises. She assists practitioners in the natural health and wellness sector to have a professional and profitable business.



WHITE BUSINESS SUPPORT FOR HEALING HANDS For Nikki White, founder of The Heart Of Theta, spreading the benefits of ThetaHealing is as much about providing business support to practitioners as healing clients


But while helping people comes naturally to Nikki, her true aim her ‘Y’ - runs much deeper than that. “My overall goal in life is to have the natural therapy industry seen by the public as a realistic (not alternative) option when looking for solutions to their medical problems.” From first-hand experience, Nikki knows that benefits to be had from natural therapies, but the public’s perception of it is misplaced. Helping practitioners to develop their business and personal skills, is something she sees as a route towards changing that impression. “Achieving this goal starts with the practitioners themselves; teaching them about running a business effectively, working with them to enhance their professionalism so they can stand up against traditional medical options, and helping them to understand and

move with technology so as not to be left behind. “But I also work with them to develop their mindset and lift their confidence levels to stand tall in their modalities, and really reach out to clients and the public to raise awareness of this fabulous industry.” Having run a successful small business for over 8 years, Nikki certainly has a lot of business knowledge and plenty of advice to share. But that is not all that she has drawn from when teaching her clients. As a single mother of two boys, she also has a keen understanding of the circumstances that can drive the need to make a small business successful. And, after her divorce, she discovered a hidden spiritual side that had been bursting to come out of the closet. A qualified ThetaHealer, her A-ha! moment, as she calls it, came as she sat in the graduation room with her fellow graduates. They were congratulated and told to go out and be professional ThetaHealers, but nobody in that room had the slightest clue how to start a business. “That’s when I finally discovered my calling in life. To educate natural health practitioners on how to start their business and how to make it work, so they can do what they love whilst also making a profit from it.”



ave you always wanted to make a difference - but didn’t know how? Well now you can. $83 from each annual TSNG membership, will be donated by the company to the Sharanis Orphanage ProjFDU PQFOJOHPOUI.BZ JO Thailand. This project is very close


to Shar’s heart and it will house 20 Thai girls under the age of 5. Your contribution will ensure that these girls do not end up on the streets and in professions they do not choose. Instead, they will live in beautiful surroundings with caring people looking after them. Have clean clothes and fresh food to eat daily and have

the best education available to them. They will smile every morning and every night and have a chance at a great life that we believe every human being deserves. Your contribution counts and this project would not be possible without your support.

TSNG is a new Style of business networking to hit Queensland. With monthly events currently in 3 locations, we are leading the way as the preferred Business networking group in Australia. Click here today to find an event near you, or enquire about becoming a TSNG Area Manager. o TSNG launches in Sydney on 29th April! o Dale Beaumont is our Guest Speaker

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BENSIMON GOOD FEAR AS STRONG MOTIVATION For Toby Bensimon, Director of Shiels Jewellers and coffee wholesalers Bestspresso, fear is a positive thing – the source of great motivation


Motivation is a key component in success, but there is a wide variety of types to influence us. In Toby Bensimon’s case, his motivation comes from a strange mixture of a fear of failure and an optimism of success – ‘Good Fear’ as he likes to call it.

high level of optimism without the requisite pragmatism seen in accountant types. I don’t have an accountant’s brain either, but have found that a healthy dose of ‘what have I got myself into?’ has the same effect,” he says, describing the positive impact of both halves.

Director of the Australian jewellery chain, Shiels Jewellers, and the coffee wholesalers Bestspresso, he believes the exhilaration of uncertainty when embarking on new projects is what best describes his ‘Y’.

His best examples of embracing the ‘good fear’ was when he ordered his first container load of Caffè Vergnano coffee capsules before making a single sale, and when launching a new range of diamond rings in all Shiels Jewellers stores across Australia simultaneously. As far as Toby is concerned, these risks are what makes business worthwhile.

“My Y comes from a blend of the excitement that comes with attempting to launch something new that nobody has done before, blended with the fear of failure if the product or strategy falls on its face,” he says.

“I have never understood the ‘No Fear’ stickers that people have on their bumpers. I couldn’t imagine running my businesses “Fear is a huge motivator for every day without feeling some me and much like chilli in Thai trepidation that it could all come food is a necessary ingredient to a screeching halt at any time. to ensure that new ideas are This is what gets me up in the implemented in a way consistent morning, this is what makes me with sober projections.” excited and this is at the core of what makes me tick! It might seem that being influenced by polar-opposite “If you were to ask my friends emotions would promote and colleagues to describe me indecision, but the result is they’d say I’m an optimist, which actually the opposite. To Toby, sounds weird after what you’ve the extremities are two halves of read, but it’s not an incongruent a nutshell, cocooning creativity, observation. It’s precisely because pragmatism and drive. I meditate on all of the ways the train can derail six times before “Creative people are known to breakfast, that I’m elated when make poor business decisions this doesn’t happen.” because they tend to have a

Y EXPERT Marketing



have lost count of the number of times I have received a business card with Sales & Marketing Manager, as the title. Each time I greet these usually grinning individual’s, a wry smile appears whilst my mind is abuzz with questions of how one person can carry out both roles effectively. Apart from the obvious time constraints, the two roles require two very different skill and mind sets. Let us now dissect the different aspects of these equally important positions so as, you as business owners can identify who should be working in these positions.

Marketing put simply is, the creation of sales opportunities brought about by increased awareness of our products and services regardless of the method or media platform used. Marketing Professionals generally think very laterally and appeal to the individual in a manor that, invites enquiry and interest in our offering. The creation of ideas that attract our attention and in some instances, acceptance through buying into the ideals of the seller is a complex web. The skill of adding perceived value at little cost to the seller, has kept many Marketing Managers employed for extended periods. Modern day Marketing Managers rely on statistics like buying patterns, location, spending habits, weather seasons, earnings and demographic age to tweak their programs with subtle changes as we all move along life’s path. On the other hand, Sales is the conversion of the leads and opportunities created by effective marketing. When the awareness and the opportunity are there, we as Sales People are required to, identify when this is the case and take steps to inform our customers that we meet their needs and, convert effectively. The skill set of a Sales Person requires a keen eye to either recognise opportunities or create them within the operating parameters like price,

margin and of course the ability to manufacture, develop and deliver the product or service we are offering. Sales, requires a relentless positive attitude, decisive planning, strong time management skills and an eye for detail. The ability of a Sales Person to produce, submit and then deliver a stretching sales budget is a skill few other professions can master. The reputation of Sales People is tested each week for activity, each month for conversion and ultimately each year for ongoing credibility. Then, it all starts again with the arrival of the new financial year. Russ’ Tip We need both Marketing and Sales People in our arsenal as we create, sell and deliver our products and services. Be mindful of the different skill sets required and hire suitably...

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Y STORY In YMag, our guests have businesses that, more often than not, promote the cutting edge or the hot new thing. But Vic Cherikoff opted to look back and develop indigenous culinary expertise that was in danger of being lost in modern Australia.



CHERIKOFF REVIVING PAST TASTES FOR A HEALTHIER FUTURE For Vic Cherikoff, the recognized authority on indigenous foods, reviving appetite for Australian native dishes – and the nutritional benefits they offer - has been his life-long work


In fact, he is a recognized authority on Australian native foods, having authored and co-authored several books on the subject, and produced and hosted the Australian cuisine programme Dining Downunder, and is now promoting Australian food around the world. “My business revolves around Australian wild foods. I have been credited with being a pioneer of the industry and back in the 1980s I identified the core wild food species I thought were viable and which are still on offer today,” he says, adding that his company supplies the more creative chefs, adventurous foodies and innovative manufacturers. “The motivation behind this lunatic business (everyone knows pioneers never make any money) was that I saw a real need for farmers, land holders, and remote region Aboriginal communities, to help expand the species we use as food crops.” According to Vic, our choice of food has a real influence over our health, and our ‘modern’ diets don’t bode well for us in that regard. The typical Australian draws their nutritional requirements from around 40 to

100 different foods, whereas the Aboriginal hunter-gatherers had access to between 150 different foods in the deserts to over 700 in the tropics. “But there was another distinction,” he points out. “Not only were the foods more numerous, they are now being shown to have a nutritional density which far exceeds their farmed, irrigated, fertilized, domesticated equivalents. “I see wild food as an antidote to modern foods and growing them, as well as encouraging sustainable wild harvests, may significantly reduce the costs of health care, particularly amongst Indigenous people.” Vic gives 3 reasons for doing what he does. “It’s to help increase the biodiversity of our food supply; to wind back the clock on nutritional diseases caused by modern foods; and to re-establish the true value of Australian Aboriginal food and medicine resources.” But his true ‘Y’ is less blunt. “It’s strange to think about. I love foraging for foods in the wild. I’m eternally grateful to the Aboriginal women who shared their knowledge, their meals and their deep connection to their country. “There’s also the environmental need to save what remains of traditional foods and medicines, with the latter being a whole new opportunity. Perhaps I’ll only touch the edge of this resource in my lifetime.”

Y COMMUNITY Curtis Palmer Most people tend to think that sustaining a spinal injury would be the end of the road for them. I’ve heard many many times from people that they wouldn’t cope and couldn’t imagine what life would be like for them if they ended up in a wheelchair. For some people breaking their back might be the best thing that ever happened to them for others it is a long, hard, and sometimes tragic road. You just don’t know how things will turn out. I’ve been living my life as a quadriplegic for nearly 21 years. I broke my neck in a rugby league tackle when I was 15 and sure there have been times when I wanted to end it all and give up but when it’s all said and done I

truly believe that I wouldn’t take that day back if I could. Walking and being able to feel my body would be great but despite that I have lived a fulfilling, adventurous, and successful life. One I wouldn’t trade for anything. In a nutshell I have travelled the world, found the love of my life, won a gold medal, become one of the best wheelchair rugby players in the world and written an Amazon Best selling book – my autobiography. Eighteen months ago I had a major shift in the way I thought about life. I went from life being all about ME to wanting to use what I have learned and share that knowledge with others to improve their lives so I developed an idea and came up with the name Smashing It because it

reflects the way I look at life. Ever since I was told the news that I would never play footy again I have had the mindset that I want to not just overcome stuff and achieve stuff, I actually want to smash it and be the best at what I focused on. I love the idea that no matter what situation you find your self in you have the power to look at that predicament in many different ways. The power of positive thinking and being solutions based is an enlightening way to live, but it takes practice and hard work to master. I always ask myself how can I make something good out of this situation. I’m still on this journey but the more I read and surround myself with like minded people these decisions become easier to make. The first thing I do when I’m in a rut is analyze what is good in my life and give gratitude… from there it could be asking for help or looking at the situation differently. The important thing is to believe that things will get better and actually take action towards that happening. For more tips, inspiration and information please visit where you can also download Broken But Never Beaten, Curtis’ autobiography.

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Advertising and Graphic Design w w w. J u l i a n a C r e a t i v e D e s i g n s . c o m





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