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Kirsty Spraggon

Bright Lights, Big Dreams Issue#2 - March2013



Issue#2 - March2013


Table of Contents

26 Marriage celebrant

Gwen Inglis overcame her fear of public speaking.

28 Izabella Siodmak rises from her

own eating disorder to help others.


14 Gold Coasts Andrew

Hawkes has seen both sides of the coin and has risen above it all to tell his story

16 App creator and social

media innovator Brandon Cowan shares his inspirational philosophy.


23 Taking responsibility for

your failings can be the first step to recovering from a breakdown, as Clare Marshall discovered.

24 Boston-born Dale Stanten

saw through his mother’s troubles to the love that lay at the heart of their relationship.

With her business, 19 Handball pro and fashion 27 Fourzero, Carolyn Chambers PR Caroline Høgh Groth could never sit still – but her biggest move took her half way across the world.

20 Chris Le Roy fought his

way back from the depths of despair by absorbing some words of wisdom.

25 4

provides parents and newborn babes with peace of mind with specially designed infant clothes.

29 How Janelle Manton over-

came her demons to become the personal development guru behind ‘Top Secret Women’s Business’

32 When do your best ideas surface?

Keith Wright reckons it’s 3am. Here’s why.

35 Life-changing events can take many guises.

Often the impetus is a threat to the life of a loved one.

31 Despite being victimised

who face down adversity to make remarkable achievements – but rarely do they do so alone.

36 Melanie Stratford

45 We all love a good story

by bullies, Life Coach Lisa Phillips found success and discovered her Big Y.

inspires others with her fight against weight and discovery of healthy living.

– but the stories Taya Micola listens to are more meaningful than any Hollywood tearjerker.

39 Ric Allport strove to

46 Lisa-Jane Luck has over-

40 The road to success is


bring awareness of degenera- come her own disability to tive brain diseases by feeding help others in similar positions. the need for public awareness fraught with obstacles. For Selena Hawkings, her journey involved overcoming society’s prejudices.



41 Are You using the ‘Super 7’ in your business today?

44 What’s stopping you?

42 At YMag, we hear from

many disenfranchised people

Issue#2 - March2013



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SHAR MOORE Editor-in-Chief What a roller coaster of fun we have had here at YMag over the last few weeks! I am someone who likes to keep things real and authentic, and life is not perfect, but it allows you to reflect and improve next time. So what did we learn? Well many things, but essentially, start early, have a system, and follow it! YMag was so successful that after it went live at 12pm on the 6th of February, subscriptions just poured in. It was an amazing feeling, watching people from 4 Countries and 5 states of Australia, place orders for the long awaited launch copy. But it was not without its teething problems! The YMag team and I learnt very quickly, what needed to be done before the next issue was released and have been busy

Whats in this issue? • An amazing cover story, featuring Kirsty Spraggon originally from Perth now in LA following her Y - a must read! • 19 amazing people sharing their Y from their heart • Some amazing tips from our Business experts, including Russell Moore & Yvette Adams • Our new YCommunity page • And so much more nestled in the pages for you to learn, grow and be inspired My hope, is that just 1 person somewhere around the globe will say “well if that person can step out of their comfort zone and live their lifes purpose, SO CAN I”. Shar / YWoman

Shar Moore Listen to Shars live interview on the Peter Montgomery Show - Click Here Issue#2 - March2013



KIRSTY SPRAGGON Bright Lights, Big Dreams

Hollywood is paved with the legends of Aussies who travelled abroad to make it big. Tales of arduous pre-fame years are folklore among expats who now call LA home. Whether it’s Naomi Watts or one of the nameless faces waiting tables between auditions, the candidates all show stopat-nothing determination in their pursuit of their personal Ys. Kirsty Spraggon is another who has given up a comfortable life in Australia in order to pursue her dream.

Kirsty Spraggon left her job, her home and her family to pursue a dream and follow her Y 8


Issue#2 - March2013


For Kirsty, the recipe to ‘making it’ in Hollywood is simple: Take a pinch of delusion, add a dash of audacity, and a shot of courage. She’s even had the recipe engraved on a bracelet that she wears as a daily reminder of what she must do to fulfil her dream. That dream is coming to fruition in the form of ‘Kirsty TV’ – a new online talk show that’s starting to arouse the attentions of industry bigwigs. Kirsty TV and the bright lights of LA are a far cry from her previous career in real estate, which saw her ranked in the top one percent of RE/MAX’s global network of 121,000 sales agents. “I was at the top of my game but something was missing; I wasn’t satisfied,” she recalls. Unable to ignore that niggling desire to search for something more, Kirsty took action. “It’s one thing to ask yourself what’s missing,” she says, “but you need to be ready to listen to the response. When I 10

did, I knew with every part of my being that I wanted to be a speaker.” Public speaking had long been an interest of Kirsty’s and something she’d dabbled in since her school days. Dipping her toe in the water, Kirsty began to speak at real estate industry events. “It would have taken me 10 or 20 years to become a great speaker if I had kept doing it part time,” she says. After talking it over with her mum and a girlfriend, Kirsty quit her job the very next day. “Everyone thought I was insane,” she says. “Within a week I’d closed my business and let go of all my clients. I knew on some level if I didn’t go to that extent I would be likely to change my mind.” Kirsty moved to Sydney and spent the following 12 months immersed in the “University of Speaking,” as she refers to it. She attended every event, seminar and workshop she could in order to perfect her craft. Kirsty acknowledges this period of transition as the hardest part of her journey. “I walked away from a lot of money and the only career I’ve known,” she admits. “Real estate was my identity and my whole world.” Kirsty likens her journey to a patchwork quilt of her life. “You wouldn’t think that real estate would be connected to speaking, but it is. Real estate taught me how to connect with my clients. Likewise, speaking to

an audience was connecting, but on a deeper and more spiritual level than I ever thought possible. “Now when I interview people, we connect on that same spiritual level but I was never ready for how emotional it would be. It’s as if you are holding their heart in your hands. I can’t put into words what it’s like to sit with someone as they share their story and let you into their vulnerability.” One guest who left a profound impact was Petra Sokja, who was aged 16 when she was kidnapped and forced into the sex trade. Petra now shares her story to raise awareness of the warning signs of someone being kidnapped or trafficked. “I’m truly honoured to be an outlet for these people to share their messages,” says Kirsty.

Kirsty recently celebrated her first year of living in LA and says that, while it’s been amazing, the experience has not been without some low points. “There’s been times that are really hard, and every now and then you find yourself curled in the foetal position crying. That’s the reality.” Kirsty has immersed herself fully in the television industry in order to learn everything she can. “I knew I couldn’t stay in Sydney. I needed to be in the right environment, making the right connections. I’ve come across so many people who are waiting for someone to give them their dream. The reality is, they need to give it to themselves. I’m not waiting for a network to offer me a talk show, I’m creating one.

“I’ve spent the last year figuring out: What does the show look like? Who am I? What stories do I have to tell? I think the only way to truly learn the answers is to go through the process.” Kirsty TV is launching as an online talk show this month and its host is realistic about the steps she needs to take to court the attentions of coveted network executives. “Early on I met a very prominent agent,” she divulges. “He told me there were four things I would need to make it: be an amazing interviewer; invite great guests; entice sponsors to fund you; and attract a massive following. Only then will a network consider looking at you.” Kirsty has found the past few days particularly trying. Editing interviews, creating content and receiving feedback has left her overwhelmed. Then when she needed it most, Kirsty received an email from one of her Facebook followers in Bulgaria. She’d made a personal You Tube video and in it shared the importance of what Kirsty is doing for the women in her country. “All of a sudden the weight and self-doubt of the past few days shifted. The universe knew I needed a nudge. Moments like these remind me I’m on the right path, that I’m doing enough. If I can impact on one person and make a positive difference in their life, then I’m doing enough. ‘The How’ doesn’t seem so important because I know ‘Y’ I’m doing it.”

Issue#2 - March2013 11

BUSINESS TIPS 1. Make sure you have a good Robust Employment Contract detailing key terms and conditions of employment to ensure all parties are clear - Mandy Cann 2. Communication is the support system to business success Stacey Huish

4. Y  ou Will Make Mistakes...Embrace them and then bounce Back! It is inevitable in your journey towards your goals you will make mistakes and make big ones. The bigger the goals, the bigger mistakes. Love your mistakes cause they will teach you how to do it better the next time round. Chris Le Roy. 5. C  reate a Sticker People Can Put On Their Cars - One of the best ways to promote your business is with mobile billboards, so why not get your customers to put a sticker on their car for your business. McDonalds many years ago actually did this and they saw a jump in their sales. Essentially if a client added the McDonalds sticker onto their car they got a free small softdrink everytime they cam through drive through and bought a burger. Chris Le Roy 12

3. Grow or Die- In Jack Canfields, The Success Principles, one of the key issues he talks about is our need to embrace change. To many people and businesses are set in their ways... for example the rail industry. Over the last 30 years instead of the rail industry focusing on their clients needs, they have been set in their ways and its been the Road Transport industry that has embraced change and taken over most of the rail industries markets. You have to embrace change in your life to be able to go after your goals... take risks and give it all you have got! Chris Le Roy. 6. Begin with the end in mind. Have a clear vision of how you want your business to look in 5 and 10 years, and have an exit strategy. Once you know what the end looks like, you can make your plan to get there. And when opportunities come your way, ask yourself “Does this fit in with my plan? Will it take me closer to my vision - or further away?” Karen Phillips 7. Do the income producing activities first! It’s easy to get busy doing “stuff” - easier than doing the real work sometimes. What brings in the income in your business? List them all out, and then prioritize - highest to lowest, directly income producing to possibly income producing. Then allocate your time accordingly. Karen Phillips

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CREATING OPPORTUNITIES THROUGH HARDSHIP Brisbane’s Andrew Hawkes has seen both sides of the coin and has risen above it all to tell his story “I get out of bed because I owe it to my children, my wife and more importantly myself to be at least as good as I was yesterday, if not better.”

Andrew Hawkes has experienced both success and failure in his life. “Not too long ago I went from earning roughly $200,000 a year to bankruptcy in what seemed like a blink of an eye,” he recalls.

and success. There was another outcome: it helped me find my purpose; my Y.”

Today, Andrew devotes his time and energy to helping people help themselves. As a speaker, Although many in his situation author, and income strategist, blame the system or other he sees himself as a conduit people, Andrew knew that he for helping people understand was responsible for his situation. where their innate abilities lie “I was there due to the choices and monetizing them. Throngs and decisions that I had made.” of people attend his speaking From living it up in luxury, he hit events and leave messages of rock bottom. “I made some bad thanks and gratitude on his decisions that cost me nigh on website. “I have been described one-million dollars worth of cash as charismatic, inspirational, and assets,” he relates. “[It was] funny, cheeky. In essence I an expensive, and steep learning am whoever I need to be for curve. One that I will forever be the person I am talking with. thankful for.” All I know is that I am most passionate when helping others.” Andrew was down, but not out. “It taught me many things, the In many ways, Andrew helps value of a dollar, true friendship, others find their own big family and most importantly my Ys. Andrew’s own biggest Y, own ability to create opportunity perhaps, is his family.


What does your personal brand say about you?


one are the days when the only brand that mattered was the one-dimensional company name reflected in your logo. Marketing has changed, and thanks to the rise of social media, feedback, good and bad, is instantaneous, and can make or break a brand in a matter of seconds. Third party endorsement and word-ofmouth marketing have taken the place of flashy TV ads and expensive marketing campaigns. Transparency and authenticity are imperative.

You certainly need to invest in your corporate and product brands to ensure the right values are communicated, but what about your personal brand? Your personal brand, whether you own a business or work in one, is your most valuable asset. Personal branding is the process by which we market ourselves to others. Your plan should include social media, a website / blog (do you own your name as a URL?), the nuts and bolts of your personal brand (look and feel), your working self (resume etc), creation of your elevator pitch,

networking, your image ... it all adds up to create your personal brand. Be consistent, but most importantly, be real, raw and honest.

Alli & Genine

Annette’s Top 5 Tips for Business Woman Success


eing a wife/mother/ business woman can be challenging at times but if you are smart with your time, have a healthy diet and learn the power of delegating then life can be all you want it to be and more. Here are 5 tips: 1. Live by your diary: write everything down in your diary so you never miss an appointment or when to pick up the kids (Put alarms and reminders on your phone).

2. Delegate…You can’t be the font of everything whether it is at home or work. Delegate jobs that anyone can do and keep the jobs that only you can do. 3. Be healthy…If you want to work hard and play hard then you need to be healthy. To be successful you need to have abundant energy to get through your busy days and having healthy meals and snacks helps you think clearer, have more stamina and have less sick days. 4. Network…Go to events and meet as many people as you can. Share your story and

successes and soft sell. Going too hard with a sales pitch can be off putting at events so get as many business cards as you can so you can follow up after the event. 5. Be the expert…You must believe in what you are selling and above all know your product or service better than anyone else. For true success you need to be honest, trustworthy and give great customer service.

Annette Sym InternationalAuthor/Publisher/Speaker

Issue#2 - March2013 15


St Ives/New South Wales

Brandon COWAN DESIGN FOR LIFE App creator and social media innovator Brandon Cowan shares his inspirational philosophy

I create great apps that people around the world love. I do what I do because I have a strong passion for turning ideas into reality, and knowing that people around the world that I have never met use something that I have created.

live according to other people’s expectations, and consequently end up living unfulfilling lives.

I try and live by my own rules (which are also bound by those of our society). I take risks and try and do things differently whenever What I do is a lifestyle not simply a possible. If everyone were the job. Some people pursue money or same, taking no risks and working a full-time pastime, helping to build for other people, there would be someone else’s dream instead less innovation in our society. of their own. I pursue innovative interface design that is elegant in It is easy to be the same as its simplicity, and I have a passion everyone else – but it is more for social innovation. fun to be different and strive to innovate. The excitement in that When people die, most are is that you don’t know what is remembered by the impact that coming next or what is around they have had on other people’s the next corner. There are ups and lives, not by the size of their bank downs but it is a great journey that account. Too many people forget I wouldn’t change for the world. this and too many people don’t even consider challenging the That is Y I do what I do. status quo. Too many people


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Y STORY Ever since I can remember, I have always had a very goal-driven personality. From growing up playing European handball to turning professional in the sport at age 16 – all this while juggling college and working two jobs within fashion and beauty PR and marketing. I never had time to sit still.

lots of dark chocolate squares later, I’m proud to say that I’ve got an industry network here that is equal to someone having worked all their life in Australia – if not better. I’ve worked for lots of exciting companies in Sydney – from starting up businesses to working with well-established pioneers. My current job is with The Purist Company – my role there as the Communications & Digital Marketing Manager sees me juggling PR, digital marketing, social media, graphic design and much more.

I’m originally from Copenhagen, Denmark but decided to move to Sydney, Australia when I was 20. Why would I leave my family and all my friends, you might ask. I had a fantastic life, but I always want new and greater challenges and I strive to achieve bigger and better things – that’s What I love about my job is that my perfectionistic side. it’s so varied. I could never work a job that wouldn’t challenge I had reached the level within me career-wise and personally the business industry in every single day. The excitement Copenhagen that I’d set myself and passion you feel about and it was time to move on going into the office every to another part of the world. morning knowing that you are A fascination and love for going to make a difference is languages has always made me indescribable. feel like I was never destined to live in Copenhagen, and is the reason I speak seven languages.

Selling my apartment and moving to the other side of the world in 2010 not knowing a soul definitely proved to be interesting – going from having the best industry network in Copenhagen to hardly having any contacts within the industry is a challenge in itself – but not one I was going to let define me. Long hours, sweat, tears and

Bondi Beach/New South Wales

Caroline H. GROTH FASHIONABLY AMBITIOUS Handball pro and fashion PR Caroline Høgh Groth could never sit still – but her biggest move took her half way across the world One of my favourite quotes by Confucius that perfectly explains Y I live, love and breathe what I do: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Issue#2 - March2013 19

Y STORY A positive personal philosophy can be important during the hardest of times. Chris Le Roy knows only too well. He has embraced the idea of taking inspiration from pearls of wisdom. To explain: in 2009, his marriage was crumbling, his business failing, and he was morbidly obese – so it seemed to him there was little reason to go on. His depression was only compounded by a failed attempt to end it all. By 2012, little had changed, except his marriage had finally ended.




Chris Le Roy fought his way back from the depths of despair by absorbing some words of wisdom Chris’ summarises his philosophy as: “Impossibility is the name you give to self-imposed limitations.”


Less than a year later, Chris has already realised the first three of his six goals, and looks set to complete the list later this year. His life has changed dramatically. Chris has learned that achieving your dreams is within reach for everyone, regardless of their personal difficulties: “Everything I have achieved is because I know my Y – which is to inspire success,” he says.

“When you find your true Y it gives you a power that helps you to keep focus. I want to inspire others to succeed, even Surely, then, Chris was beyond in the depths of despair. I know hope…No, actually. Words uttered from experience how dark those by his Aunt resurrected his sense of places are and I wanted to show self-belief – and a promise he had others that there is hope, even in made to her 23 years earlier: that if the darkest of days. It might take he ever lost everything, he would a while but there is a way out.” pick himself up and fight back.

“This was the beginning of a major journey for me,” he recalls. “I was morbidly obese, my dreams had been crushed, my marriage was over, and my business was struggling. I set myself goals so big that nobody ever believed I would achieve them.” His list of six goals included running the 10km Bridge to Brisbane Run; losing 40kg; becoming a Les Mills RPM indoor cycling instructor; walking the Kokoda Trail; turning his business around; and publishing a book – which turned out to be ‘Chris Le Roy’s 12 Months from Fatty to Happy’

What’s So Good

About Your Smile?


id you know that more than 30% of us smile more than 20 times a day and less than 14% of us smile less than 5 times a day? But Children smile as many as 400 times per day! Smiling Relieves Stress and Changes Our Mood It actually takes more effort (and muscles) for your body to frown than to smile. Frowning sends a signal to your brain that something is wrong and this leads to stress. Researchers have proved that smiling is like a natural, feel good, antidepressant. Your body

immediately releases endorphins when you smile, even when you force it. This sudden change in mood will help you feel better and release stress and you will then in a better position to go about your day. # Tip... You can literally trick your body into feeling good! Next time you’re feeling down, and you don’t feel like smiling, put a pen between your lips. You are now activating the “Smile Muscles”. Remember, this lets off chemicals in the Brain that will make you feel good. Yes even if you are faking it, the Brain will believe it and register as you being Happy!

Smiling is something we do unconsciously but we rarely think about the power that it has, and the effects on others around us. Try to be childlike and smile, smile, smile!

Maria Brady Ylia Mind & Body Centre

Why I love Google Hangouts more than Skype now


have been using Skype for so long that I can’t even remember when I actually started using it. I loved that I could talk, for free, to my valued friends and business contacts around the world through text chat, audio or video conference. But lately, I have to say I think I prefer Google Hangouts

over Skype. Big call, but here’s why… We first experimented with Google Hangouts last year at our annual planning day.  We have a team that spans the globe; from Milan, Melbourne, Gold Coast and of course head office at the Sunshine Coast.  With Skype, we found the line quality was often unreliable and if you had any more than six people on line at the one time, it generally fell over. Google Hangouts is great because it’s free and we can have six or more people on the line at one time, with a nice reliable

connection. I believe Google Hangouts will continue to develop and they work well with Google Events too, which are wonderful. Overall, I have to say, ‘sorry, Skype I don’t think I need you anymore!’  Have you tried Google?  Y not try it for your next business meeting and let me know how you go!

Yvette Adams The Creative Collective

Issue#2 - March2013 21

LETS GET NAKED AT THIS INTERACTIVE, HANDS ON EVENT Not sure what your passion or purpose is in life? Not quite sure if your on the right path in life? Don’t spring up out of bed on a Monday morning and not sure Y? THIS EVENT COULD BE FOR YOU! The Naked Onion Event is all about discovering your inner Y and understanding what makes you tick. Understanding why you are here and what your passion is. This event will help you peel away the layers and remove all masks we wear and discover your inner Y! This event is not for the faint hearted as there will be raw emotions at play. If you are sick of hiding behind your mask and ready to peel the layers away and discover your inner Y, then this event is for you!


BOOK ONLINE NOW! We can only cater for 60 people! COST: $97 including discovering your Y and morning tea This event is proudly bought to you by YMag, an online magazine featuring the YOU & ME of the Business world. 22


Y STORY For many of us, shame is the feeling that most impacts on us when we suffer a breakdown. The problem is that it does nothing to help us face reality and find a solution. For Clare Marshall, it wasn’t until after she had had her breakdown, that she realised just how true this actually is. Accepting reality and being able to reject those thoughts of ‘life isn’t fair’ is where a strong, positive frame of mind – and the road to real confidence – begins.

Today, Clare is in a very different place. She looks for the positive in every situation. But her view of her journey to this point may surprise you. “I now realise that having the breakdown was the best thing that ever happened to me. They say that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and that’s so true. The strength that I now have helps me to be amazing every day.”

And her Y? Clare points to what Steve Jobs said about “When I learned that failure was a listening to the voice inside, as it necessity, my life started to change somehow already knows what for the better,” Clare says calmly. we should be. “I now live by this. For too many years I thought I “My story is simple really. I ran should be someone I wasn’t. I various businesses that were tried to be who others wanted unsuccessful, mainly because my me to be. Now I say ‘Sod them! heart was not in it. Then I tried It’s all about me.’ to save the day with a family business – and that is where things went very wrong.”

At her lowest ebb, Clare found herself rocking back and forth on her bathroom floor, feeling that everything and everyone was against her. It was then, at her lowest ebb, that she listened to her inner voice and took action that effectively saved her life. “Taking 100 percent responsibility was the first step. I had to admit that it was my fault. I had allowed myself to get into this state – and now I needed to get myself out of it,” she explains.



MARSHALL IT’S ALL ABOUT ME Taking responsibility for your failings can be the first step to recovering from a breakdown, as Clare Marshall discovered “Tomorrow is the most precious thing we can ever have, so live life to the full. And remember, what you do today really, really matters!”

Issue#2 - March2013 23

Y STORY In 1950s Boston my Jewish mother established a homebased business as a prostitute to remedy my father’s inability to provide for his family. At age six, I was answering the front door to he ‘Johns’. Neighbouring children were forbidden to associate with her and even the Girl Scouts asked her to leave.



STANTEN MUM ON THE RUN Boston-born Dale Stanten saw through her mother’s troubles to the love that lay at the heart of their relationship As Christopher Robin once said to Winnie the Pooh: “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”


My relationship with my mother was complex. On one hand, she was unable to set boundaries. We kids were exposed to all her indiscretions and were cajoled into participating in her lying and manipulations. We lied to our father about her activities. We acted like props during her shoplifting episodes. And when she scammed the checkout at the local deli, my sister Rowena was the getaway driver while I cowered in the back seat. It was like an episode of Bonnie and Clyde with the restaurant owner running after us. Who cared that Rowena was only 14 at the time and didn’t have a driver’s license? On the other hand, Ma was very nurturing. She did the best she could, and was a kind and sensitive person who taught us the same qualities. She cared for her family and she saved us from poverty. She was a survivor, and I admired her spirit. She believed in living life to the fullest and seizing the moment.

Remember the biblical story of Joseph? As a boy he was sold into slavery by his jealous brothers – imprisoned in a depraved land – yet he rose to become viceroy (governor) of Egypt, and forgave and sustained his family. The tale addresses trauma, love, and forgiveness. Like Joseph, I was thrust into situations I couldn’t control. All through the ordeals, I loved and forgave. We can be broken by life’s circumstances. Alternatively, we can find the inner strength by looking deep within ourselves and deciding what we will do. From my perspective, the miracle of the human spirit is that, paradoxically, the more broken you are, the more whole you have the chance to become. Today, I am very much my own person. I love my life and am grateful for my relationships with loved ones and life’s small, everyday moments. I am blessed because my Y is that I don’t take anything for granted. Sure, I have, and will always have, scars – but they have faded more than I could have ever hoped.

Accelerating Business Success With Powerful Speaking Skills


hen you speak do others listen? Are you able to create “cut-through communication” in a world of information overload so people remember you, your business and your key messages? Successful, savvy business owners understand the impact and influence that comes with a confident, energised and engaging speaking manner. Superior speaking and communication skills: • Win business

• Raise profile • Inspire confidence This is because the way we speak sends powerful, subliminal messages about us. Over 35% of people’s impression about us comes from how we sound. As business owners we are the public face and voice of our business. People will make decisions about whether or not they want to business with us based on how we sound because the way we speak sends powerful messages about us; messages such as how professional we are, how trustworthy, interesting,

sincere, confident, in control, credible, expert etc. Colourless, boring speech dampens rather than ignites enthusiasm.

Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw, Director of Speaking Edge.

3 Tips for Profitable Networking!


f you are new to business networking, it can be a bit daunting to enter a room full of people you don’t know and talk to them! Even if you have been networking for a while, it goes against the grain for most of us to self-promote. Here are 6 tips to help you get the most out of your networking efforts:

1. Present! That means be physically present, by showing up on time every time, and mentally present, by focusing on your fellow networkers and the meeting. Would you want to do business with someone who arrives late, or spends the entire meeting emailing and texting on their phone? 2. RelationshipsNetworking is all about building relationships, getting to know like and trust your fellow networkers - only then will business flow! So don’t leave it til sales are down and you are desperate - sow

the seeds now, develop your relationships by arriving early, staying on later and taking the time to catch up 1 on 1 to really get to know each other. 3. Organized - have a supply of business cards with you, a pen and paper to jot down notes. Your diary, you may meet someone you want to catch up with later. And remember, most business is done after the meeting, so organize your schedule so you don’t need to rush straight off.

Karen Phillips - Australias Profit Mentor

Issue#2 - March2013 25

Y STORY Even as a child, Gwen Inglis knew that weddings were truly special occasions. “If we drove past a wedding in progress, my long-suffering dad would pull over and wait ever so patiently until the bride and groom emerged from the church.”




LIVING HER DREAM: HELPING HAPPY COUPLES CELEBRATE THEIR BIG DAY Marriage celebrant Gwen Inglis overcame her fear of public speaking to help people create meaningful wedding ceremonies “I love all things girlie,” she confesses. “The beautiful bridal gowns, the makeup, the hair, the flowers … the total picture.” What’s Gwen’s Big Y? Living her childhood dream. 26

Growing up watching happy couples tie the knot, Gwen realised she wanted to be part of their celebrations. She wanted to be a wedding celebrant. However, there was one small problem. Like many people, Gwen was terrified by the prospect of public speaking. When she was old enough to attain her vocational certificate, she shunned pursuing her dream because of the gripping fear produced by her Glossophobia – the fear of public speaking. Sufferers feel anything from attacks of mild anxiety to actual physical distress whenever faced with addressing a group. In 1991, however, Inglis joined the non-profit organization Toastmasters International, which aims to help members improve their communication and public speaking skills. The club currently has boasts 280,000 members in 116 countries and operates mostly in English, although there are also clubs in Chinese, German, French, and Japanese. By joining, Gwen effectively learned to overcome her anxiety. “If you want to overcome your fear of

speaking in public, that’s the place to go,” she says. Although Gwen eventually conquered her phobia, her four young children and mortgage demanded she put her dream on hold for the sake of her family. Her career dream, however, was only postponed rather than cancelled. Fourteen years after joining Toastmasters International, Inglis took the plunge and enrolled in the Marriage Celebrant course. These days she helps many happy couples make their big day extra special. “Every couple is different,” says Gwen, “so we work together to create a ceremony that reflects their unique personality.” Gwen has faith in what she does, as well as the ideals of marriage, saying, “I genuinely believe in the importance of marriage to the family unit.” She loves making use of the skills she learned from Toastmasters International and interacting with happy people. Of course, she also still has that same childhood passion for weddings.

Y STORY After working for a decade as a neonatal professional in Paediatric Intensive Care Units in Europe, Carolyn Chambers has developed a simple philosophy when it comes to caring for new-born babies. “I believe that the support provided in the early weeks after birth is important towards helping new parents adapt to this new chapter in their lives,” she says. After living in Switzerland for five years, and learning to speak French fluently, Carolyn immigrated to Australia in 2010. However, she soon realized that despite her wealth of experience, her qualifications would not translate directly to a working role in neonatology in her new home country. “I have a strong passion for new-borns and their families… starting my own business and incorporating this passion was a natural step.” Chambers went on to establish her business, a company that specializes in creating clothes for babies. “I have dressed and cared for hundreds of babies and their needs are all the same; to have clothing that fits correctly, is comfortable and easy to sleep in from birth to ten weeks. This helps enable a settled routine early on after birth.” In just six months of trading in Australia, the company has been recognised and

awarded an ethical manufacturer award in Australia by the London organization ‘Ethical Fashion Forum’. Carolyn had also been battling health issues with infertility: “Receiving the news that it would be difficult to start my own family in 2008 was bad enough – but when we settled in Australia, we realized that the situation was a lot more complicated.” Indeed, she needed lifesaving surgery in 2011. However, while recuperating, she ploughed her energy into her successful venture, which perhaps helped with her own, personal healing process “I know that my Big Y is to help new families – and this gives me comfort that I, too, will eventually succeed.”



CHAMBERS COMFORTING NEW-BORNS AND NEW PARENTS With her business, Fourzero, Carolyn Chambers provides parents and new-born babes with peace of mind with specially designed infant clothes

Issue#2 - March2013 27

Y STORY “Absolutely everything is a gift,” says coach Izabella Siodmak. You wouldn’t know it to look at her, but Izabella hoards a dark secret in her past. Like many teenagers, she had an eating disorder. She was diagnosed with anorexia at the age of 14. She describes it as, “like being imprisoned and the keys thrown away.”

she confides. “Finally, here was an alternative to listening to the inner critic’s destructive voice. The realisation saved my life.” As a result of her own rise from tragedy, Izabella now focuses her time and energy on helping others as a life coach. This has been a fulfilling endeavour for the past 14 years.

Sunshine Coast/Queensland

Izabella was angry, particularly with her parents. She describes her former self as someone compliant who routinely suppressed her feelings. “I was resentful as to why I’d be loved if I behaved one way and rejected if I behaved in another,” she recalls.


She felt deeply unloved, began to doubt herself and believe that she was unworthy. According to Izabella it was: “A brutal, punishing, slow death through anorexia fuelled by my utter self-abhorrence.”

About 10 years ago, she began facilitating mental and emotional wellness retreats at Natural Attitudes. Her Big Y is to share what she has learned to help clients rise above their tragedies. Izabella has shared her experiences and expertise in five books – with four more titles on the way. Her life’s example now serves as nourishing soul food for troubled souls.

Izabella FROM TRAGIC TO TERRIFIC Izabella Siodmak rises from her own eating disorder to help others

However, instead of spiralling downwards, Izabella took the vital first step – though a seemingly crazy one at the time – towards regaining her true power from within. She became aware of her Inner Being and describes how she heard these chilling words: ‘You are going to die.’ Izabella knew her life was truly in danger and it wouldn’t be long before she collapsed from malnutrition – and something changed. “My Inner Being began to reveal to me everything I needed to know for my recovery,”


Y STORY I am a mother, a friend, sister and daughter, an aunty and a godmother – but most of all, I am a Woman. My life has been a journey of challenges where I have overcome adversity, enjoyed personal discoveries and adventures that have lead me to traveling and living overseas for 7 years, meeting extraordinary people along the way. I feel blessed. I didn’t always feel blessed though. I was adopted at birth and as a young woman struggled with my identity, feelings of abandonment and rejection. Throughout life I have experienced many things a woman should never have to endure – from childhood sexual abuse, date rape, domestic violence and parental divorce to my own failed marriage. When I realised that a woman cannot live a happy life while carrying the burdens of the past, it was time to heal my pain and start the journeys of selfactualisation and self-love. I think that something transformative happens to women when they hit their thirties. They start to question who they are and, with the way our society raise girls, most women have self-esteem issues. They don’t know who they are and therefore cannot relate to themselves in a deeply connected way.

When I became a Coach about ten years ago, I fast realised that there was an epidemic of challenged, self-loathing women begging for someone, especially themselves, to see who they really are. I decided then that I was going to make a difference in the world and help bring women closer to their spiritual roots, awaken the Goddess within them and teach them to live purposefully and passionately. And that is what I do. I get so much personal satisfaction knowing I have made a difference to someone’s life; it’s like fuel for my soul! Sometimes an unstoppable calling reveals itself in the most unusual of ways. Y do I do what I do? Because it makes me sublimely happy and fulfilled as a woman to know I am changing the path women walk on this earth. It’s the feminine way to embrace change and pay it forward.


Janelle MANTON SECRET REMEDIES FOR FEMININITY How Janelle Manton overcame her demons to become the personal development guru behind ‘Top Secret Women’s Business’

Issue#2 - March2013 29



Wynnum Manly Nissan 266–270 Tingal Road, Wynnum • Ph (07) 3348 6999



How YOU GET PAID to Promote Your Business and Attract HIGH-Paying -- HIGH-Calibre Clients BRISBANE  Tues, 2nd April HOBART  Tues, 9th April CANBERRA  Weds, 3rd April ADELAIDE  Weds, 10th April SYDNEY  Thurs, 4th April PERTH  Thurs, 11th April MELBOURNE  Fri, 5th April DARWIN  Fri, 12th April

Y STORY Looking back at her own life, Lisa Phillips can relate to most of her clients. “When I was in my 30s,” she says, “I really didn’t have a clue what all this ‘loving yourself’ stuff meant. I was working as an accountant; living overseas after experiencing a painful divorce.” If that wasn’t enough, a male manager at work was also bullying her. However, Lisa’s life took an unexpected turn and after six months, she was forced to take some time out to relax. It was then she took her first big step in loving herself. She sought help from a Life Coach and this was the start of something fabulous.

Despite all this, Lisa sees this part of her life as a huge blessing. In her attempts to break free, she set herself small targets to complete each day. She began to build up her self-esteem and love herself enough to only accept healthy relationships. Now she is a successful coach who helps people with their confidence. “I get great joy in watching my clients really start to believe in themselves and break free from old negative behaviours and beliefs which have been holding them back.” Lisa is sharing her story in her eBook ‘Step Out of Abuse and Into Love’ so that others may be inspired and benefit from it. Her Big Y is ambitious, but not surprising for a woman who has gone through so much:

“I soon realised that the coaching profession was something that lit my inner flame and I devoured every minute of it!” she gushes. “Two years later, after leaving the finance industry, I was a fullyfledged Life coach and NLP Master.” “My goal in 2013 is to raise the confidence of over five percent Lisa’s story doesn’t end happily of Australian women.” ever after yet. The divorce had left her with low self-esteem, which attracted yet another bully in her life – in the form of an abusive relationship.

Sydney/New South Wales


FROM VICTIM TO VICTOR Despite being victimised by bullies, Life Coach Lisa Phillips found success and discovered her Big Y

“It was during this time that feelings that I was worthless, ugly, fatally flawed and unlovable started to bubble up to the surface,” she says. “It took me seven attempts to leave this relationship and, during this time, I became sick and exhausted. I totally hit rock bottom.”

Issue#2 - March2013 31

Y STORY One morning in 2005, Keith awoke only to find he was unable to get out of bed. A successful career in management had taken its toll on him, and after 20 years of pushing himself, all that was left was an incredible sense of emptiness. But an idea at 3am idea in 2011 was to provide the beginning of the next chapter in his life.

Sydney/ New South Wales


WRIGHT SEEING LIGHT THROUGH THE DARKNESS When do your best ideas surface? Keith Wright reckons it’s 3am. Here’s why “I want our story to inspire people around the world to talk about what love is and, in so doing, create the change they hold within their hearts.”


Keith awoke in the early hours with the urge to write about love. From that urge sparked the idea of creating a book showcasing definitions of love from all corners of the world. The book’s proceeds could be donated to charity.

finalised his commitment to his coffee table book, ‘LOVE IS’. By this stage, he had collected more than 50 impressions of love from children and adults, before joining forces with Sally West, an award-winning international artist, who assembled a stable of artists to add colour to the publication. The final product is the fruit of Keith’s brave step, but he describes his ‘Y’ as his ability to reconnect with his inner child – that purer sense of optimism.

“Repeatedly, small groups of committed people have changed the world; the articles within this magazine are “During the preceding years I testimony to this fact,” he says. had written heaps; I found it was “Why talk about how we once a great way to empty my mind,” knew our neighbours, how Keith admits. “But I’d never written people no longer smile as they about love, and I could not walk down the street? believe what I had written. Even today, I read the words and smile.”

Keith pursued his idea, encouraged by the words of George Bernard Shaw: “Some men see things as they are and ask why. Others dream things that never were and ask why not.” It was not the easiest journey. “Being a hard-nosed guy from the wealth-management industry, I certainly received a few memorable looks from peers when they heard of my idea. Self-doubt took siege, so I reverted to what felt safe.” It wasn’t until April 2012 that he

Leave your Mark on the World!


ou’re walking down the beach and with every step you take, footprints are embedded in the sand to show where you have been. Only moments later a wave comes, washing away any proof you were ever there. Why did you bother doing this or anything else for that matter

if it’s all going to be forgotten afterwards? If you take that line or thinking, why bother doing anything? Strange how we are happy to eat multiple times every day of our life even though most of us can’t remember what we ate last week, let alone years ago. So maybe just maybe, it’s not about how long the footprints we make on the world last, but that we continue to make them. So now you are walking through life with a new mission – not to leave a once off legacy, but an ongoing dream to transform the world one small step at a time. What is your dream?, Whose life

do you want to change?, When do you want to take action to begin making a difference?, How do you plan to do this? and Why? As soon as you know your ‘Y’ answers to all the other questions will easily fall into place. Share your ‘Y’ with the word while profiling yourself as the expert in your field by publishing a book so your footprints attract high paying, high calibre clients to you time and time again, as you begin leaving your marks on the world.

Kylee Legge - The Publishing Queen

Breathe Life into Your Businesses Social Media


o matter what size your business, if you are not taking advantage of the latest trends in social media marketing, you are missing out! Missing out on a huge segment of the market that are looking for the products or services you have to offer. Social media marketing is one of the fastest growing forms of marketing available to the modern business. But, simply having a Facebook business page or a Twitter account isn’t enough. You have to make it work for you.

Connect your company to the right social media groups and build your reputation with a loyal following. Connect them to your blogs and newsletter service by developing a strong database – use this to drive traffic to your company website. However, it can be daunting – there are many different social media platforms to choose from and as an SME or entrepreneur, you really should be focused on what you’re best at! At Red Apple Virtual Assistant we help you realise your social media goals and get the best results by developing

a highly effective social media marketing campaign for your business. Would you like a loyal following on services like Facebook and Twitter? Interested? Contact us at Red Apple Virtual Assistant Services and get started today!

Laura Williams Red Apple Virtual Assistant Services

Issue#2 - March2013 33

Our Biggest Fears Can Become Our Greatest Treasures and couldn’t read out loud. But this did not stop her. She has turned her biggest fears into her greatest treasures:


common misperception that people have about Natasha is that success must come easily for her. The fact is that this couldn’t be further from the truth. 15 years ago Natasha was on a downward spiral of depression, low self-worth, and even tried to commit suicide. She realised after her near death experience that life was too precious and she wanted to live! She got some professional help, and started to rebuild her life brick by brick. In doing so Natasha has become an expert at conquering fear, especially around helping people find the courage to shine on camera and public speaking. Natasha used to be terrified of public speaking. She struggled with dyslexia at school


Fear of public speaking to inspirational speaker and TV presenter Dyslexia to best selling author of “The Crocodile Effect” 25 year phobia of snakes to presenting to 5000 people daily at Australia Zoo with a snake around her neck Natasha’s core message is that our greatest fears can become our greatest treasures: our fears hold the keys to our purpose, our success, and living an inspired life. Natasha is here to help people find the courage to walk towards their fears, embrace them, and watch them light up from the inside. Her life is living proof of this.

Natasha works with the #1 fear that most people have: Public Speaking and Presenting to Camera. With online video content becoming the communication tool of choice for consumers, Natasha helps business owners to conquer their fear of public speaking and the camera, to market their businesses with power, confidence and presence. Natasha Zuvela

Y STORY Kym is the owner and founder of Asthma Peeps, a charity organisation established in 2012 to help children affected by asthma. The impetus for creating the organisation came after Kym’s daughter was hospitalised for almost a week with a serious asthma attack just before her sixth birthday. Kym felt compelled to help her daughter understand what had happened but, after considerable searching, could find no materials written for children. Kym felt compelled to create one herself. “The Y behind Asthma Peeps,” she says, “is to provide children with asthma information through characters, stories and products that they can relate to; that puts their medical situation into a context they can understand.” Kym admits she has become passionate about providing parents with the tools to help their children effectively communicate about their asthma. Education is at the core of the plan, but she aims to make their condition less intimidating. “Medicating children can escalate into a daily battle, especially when using daunting apparatus,” says Kym. “In order to avoid screaming tantrums, I decided to take the scary edge off the spacer and inhaler by fixing colourful pictures of quirky characters on them, and from

this has grown the Asthma Peeps range.” The range has helped to bring an element of fun to what is a serious situation. Asthma Peeps has also created the very successful children’s book, The Trouble With Bear Hugs. Using simple metaphors to help children communicate their symptoms to adults, the second edition of the book is co-branded with the Asthma Foundation – with $1 from every online purchase going to Asthma Australia. The organization has also produced a series of personalised wallet cards designed to help reduce fatalities by providing easy-to-understand instructions on a child’s asthma medication, including information about attack symptoms and firstaid procedures.

Sydney/New South Wales


LATTER BREATHING EASIER Life-changing events can take many guises. Often the impetus is a threat to the life of a loved one – as Kim Latter discovered For Kym, “my Y is truly about educating and assisting parents and children who live with asthma to be able to effectively communicate about this condition, avoiding ever having to suffer a serious, life-threatening attack.”

Issue#2 - March2013 35




STRATFORD EDUCATING PEOPLE ON WEIGHTY ISSUES Melanie Stratford inspires others with her fight against weight and discovery of healthy living


Aussie health coach Melanie Stratford truly empathizes with what her clients are going through. Like them, she wasn’t always conscious about her eating habits and lifestyle.

in fat cells, which were slowly released, as the fat was lost. Today, she enjoys her job as a health coach for PearTree Place, advising clients on wellness, natural living, and healthy products.

“I was overweight,” admits Melanie, “and had a couple of potentially serious medical issues that the doctors wanted me to undergo surgery for. I started caring more about my health and wellbeing rather than eating the carb-rich meals that I used to enjoy…the weight just melted away and my energy levels soared.”

Melanie’s Big Y is based on her belief that we determine the fate of our children. “I believe it is up to us to choose healthy lifestyle choices,” she says. “I feel that it is extremely important for us as a society to shift our focus away from building more hospitals and prescribing more drugs to addressing the underlying problems and preventing sickness in the first place.”

Melanie had a lot to worry about indeed. According to recent studies by Monash University, obesity is now the leading cause of illness and premature death in Australia. The study estimates that, based on current trends, today’s generation of kids will experience a shorter life expectancy by the time they reach 20 – and all because of obesity. Aside from taking regular exercise and eating healthily, Melanie advocates toxic-free living and practices this herself: “I now only use personal care and homecare products that don’t contain the usual toxic chemicals, and reducing my toxic load aided my immune system in repairing my body.” Thanks to her change in lifestyle, Melanie believes she ridded her body of toxins previously stored

It is up to the current generation to ensure that the next generation stays healthy. By making the right choices, we can all help promote a more healthconscious way of living.

How to choose an Accountant


tart by selecting about three firms who you feel might be suitable. You should then contact each firm to make an appointment and take along a list of the questions to the meeting. Some of your questions should be: • Is the accountant a member of a recognised professional accounting organisation? The title ‘accountant’ is not regulated in Australia. In other words, anyone can call themselves an accountant even if they don’t have the educational and professional qualifications. So ensure that your accountant belongs to either The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia, CPA Australia or National Institute of Accountants. • Who will be handling your affairs and what are their professional qualifications? • Does the accountant have

knowledge of your particular industry? • Is the accountant able to provide business advice and assist in the financial management of your business? • Does the firm provide advice on investments and assistance with business and personal financing? • Will the accountant return your calls within a reasonable time? • How long will the accountant take to complete your work? • How accessible is the partner looking after you? A common complaint from business owners is that over time, they have less contact with the partner. • Do you feel that the accountant has an extensive knowledge of income tax and GST law and keeps up-to-date? • Is the accountant familiar with the accounting software that your business operates? • Does the accountant have a newsletter or some form of periodic communication to

inform you of issues that are of interest to your business? • What is the accountant’s hourly rate and the basis upon which fees are charged? For example, will you be charged for every phone call and also for travelling time? It might be a good idea to get confirmation in writing on some of these matters (particularly with respect to fees) to avoid any disputes in the future. Finally, take time to consider your decision and don’t be afraid to consult a friend or business colleague for advice.

Janelle Bartlett - FCA

Issue#2 - March2013 37


Y STORY We tend to presume our friends and family will always be there. Sadly, this is not actually the case. While in many cases people simply grow apart, far more traumatic separations also happen all the time. Watching two of the formative influences on his life develop dementia had a huge impact upon Ric Allport. But from these tragedies was born The Brain Food Factory, a free monthly e-magazine designed to fight the development of dementia and age-related memory loss. “My Y takes me back to when I was 14,” he says. “I would head over to my best friend’s place every other day to play guitar, and his father, who was a professional musician, gave me guitar lessons. “During one lesson, I noticed his hand trembling and he told me that he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. He deteriorated quite quickly and after a while I noticed his memory slipping. We found out that he had also developed Alzheimer’s.” An even bigger blow came when Ric returned after six months away to discover his friend’s father could not remember him. “He looked straight at me and said: ‘I am so sorry, I don’t remember who you are.’ It was one of the saddest days of my life.”

When Ric’s own father – his best friend and biggest fan – was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia some years ago, it was the catalyst that led to ‘The Brain Food Factory’. “These two people really helped influence my Y,” Ric says. “ I created the e-magazine over five years ago, after seeing how my weekly live trivia shows were helping people exercise their brains. “I had about 100 people telling me how much this helped them – and it now goes out to a circulation of 20,000.” What’s more, The Brain Food Factory is officially endorsed by both Brain Australia and the Stroke Recovery Association of NSW. Meanwhile Ric’s public talks on ‘Total Brain Fitness’ are helping Alzheimer’s Australia to bring awareness of brain health to the public. In fact, you’ve probably played one of Ric’s quizzes, puzzles or games without knowing; they’re published in newspapers like The Daily Telegraph and The Australian, and in magazines like Readers Digest and Take 5.

Gold Coast/Queensland


ALLPORT BRAIN FOOD Ric Allport strove to bring awareness of degenerative brain diseases by feeding the need for public awareness

Issue#2 - March2013 39

Y STORY Selena had a happy childhood, supported by loving parents who prioritised honesty and politeness in life. But when she fell pregnant at 17, before finishing school, many people around her foresaw the end of what could have been a promising future. Selena saw it differently.



HAWKINGS SOLAR POWER The road to success is fraught with obstacles. For Selena Hawkings, her journey involved overcoming society’s prejudices “I wanted to show my baby that we could both do anything”.

“Having been brought up to be seen and not heard, I was not used to people wanting to know what I had to say,” she says. “But still, I developed relationships and business partnerships. I have grown so much and I feel confident about the business I have built with my husband.”

“I knew that this was only the beginning,” she tells YMag. “I wanted to show my baby that we could both do anything.” She trained in beauty therapy, finishing her training only days before So, how would Selena describe having her second daughter, to her Y? “People deserve to know build a future for her family. what they are buying, that the service they receive is not “I learned that your clients are very only the best possible, but the special; they deserve the very best information given is also honest treatment that you can give them.” and reliable.

Selena took to heart the values of an industry that relies on listening to the needs of clients. It came as a shock to see how differently customers were treated when Selena began her new career in the solar industry. “I learnt very quickly that not everyone was capable of giving the first-class service that clients deserve,” she recalls. “For a very stressful two years, I witnessed clients’ frustrations and disappointments that came simply because promises were never followed through. “I knew I could do better; that people deserved better.”


With the help of her husband, Selena set up her own company, but in doing so was forced to step outside of her comfort zone and network.

Y EXPERT Are You using the ‘Super 7’ in your business today? function to the best that the market would allow. As business owners what conditions were needed in place to meet goals when you were a one or two man show? You now need to recreate the same winning formula and environment. We all remember how it felt and what steps were followed to produce strong sales results. Now teach this feeling to your team. Lets assume you have THIS MONTH RUSS INVESTIGATES hired suitably qualified people ‘WHY SALES MANAGEMENT and have a team of 3-5 in place, REQUIRES A DIFFERENT SKILL all working remotely. I say SET FROM SELLING.’ ‘remotely,’ as all data coming in from today’s Sales Teams of any of you ever-increasing territories should business owners be easily and visibly interpreted will function as remotely in whatever language sales managers they are submitted. until your Sales Managers and business grows sufficiently to warrant hiring someone with the modern-day business owners need to stay mobile, only skill set to take over these tasks. touching the ground to gather Alternatively, some empower and interpret data, identify a person to further grow their potential sales and/or potential business when they have problems restricting the path to reached their limits. The latter is the sale. I prefer to use numbers the hardest decision to accept. Often, however, this crucial step and percentages for simplicity in all walks of life. I always say: is the best way forward. “Show me the numbers!” For now you are at the Here are what I call “The helm and your team will expect Super 7” key pointers to success your direction. Firstly, we need to examine which factors initially in sales management: 1. No of proposals submitted motivated and enabled us as 2. % of Conversions Rate salespeople on the road to


3.% of Organic Growth of the current customer base 4. % of New Business Component of Sales Budget. 5. Margin % 6. Your Market Share % 7. Industry/ Product Breakdown % Strive to focus on the Super 7 points above. Drill down to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of your sales team – and ultimately your business. Your job as sales manager/owner is to fully understand your Sales Team, both personally and professionally, and in that order. Review all results from the data above particularly orders won and lost. Sometimes you may feel more like a parent than a sales manager. Only then will you have developed the winning formula. Keep posted for 30 Tips in 30 Years out soon.

Russ’s Tip – Have your Sales Team prepare a “Cost to Sales Budget” that gets signed off by management along with the Sales Budget.

Issue#2 - March2013 41

Y STORY Ann-Mhayra Aleckson spends her time helping such people, guiding them towards solutions to what she describes as “selfsabotage” – when people are unable to advance in their careers, businesses or relationships.



ALECKSON CLEANSING THE PSYCHIC BAGGAGE OF CHILDHOOD At YMag, we hear from many disenfranchised people who face down adversity to make remarkable achievements – but rarely do they do so alone

“The way to do that is to address According to Ann-Mhayra, these the same issues in adulthood, situations can be described via an using tools from positive all-too-common scenario, which psychology and neuro-scientific goes like this: “I see a little girl brain re-training that stops the standing nearby. I move towards damage progressing.” her and see that she’s a younger version of myself. The younger It is Ann-Mhayra’s calling to share me looks up in awe at how tall life-changing guidance, from the and strong she is to become. I spiritual to energy healing and tell the five-year-old version of positive psychology processes, myself that it is time to go play in as well as the science of neurothe park, to swing and slide. I tell plasticity and law-of-attraction life her that she is no longer afraid coaching. And while she loves it, and no longer needs protection. she says it’s not her real Y. I stoop down to hug the little one and tell her ‘I love you,’ before “A few weeks ago I finally glimpsed waving her off to play. my real reason for being – my big Y,” she says. “It reminded me of “I currently spend my days something an intuitive friend told removing energy blockages, me seven years ago: that I would fears, unhelpful habits and work with children … which, in ‘psychic baggage’ that my adult many ways, I am.” clients have been holding onto throughout their lives.” “ I see how their hurts pile up until their self-esteem has been eroded to the point of depression. At this point, they are unable to take action, having developed a fear of living.”

Ann-Mhayra is passionate about the work she does, and says nobody is beyond help – although sometimes the remedies she prescribes are not simple. 42

“We have got to stop this lack of self-love or self-esteem right where it starts, which is often during childhood, when people are bullied, mistreated or neglected,” she explains.



ave you always wanted to make a difference - but didn’t know how? Well now you can. $83 from each annual TSNG membership, will be donated by the company to the Sharanis Orphanage Project, opening on 7th May, 2016 in Thailand. This project is very close

to Shar’s heart and it will house 20 Thai girls under the age of 5. Your contribution will ensure that these girls do not end up on the streets and in professions they do not choose. Instead, they will live in beautiful surroundings with caring people looking after them. Have clean clothes and fresh food to eat daily and have

the best education available to them. They will smile every morning and every night and have a chance at a great life that we believe every human being deserves. Your contribution counts and this project would not be possible without your support.

Sharanis Orphanage Project TSNG is a new Style of business networking to hit Queensland. With monthly events currently in 3 locations, we are leading the way as the preferred Business networking group in Australia. Click here today to find an event near you, or enquire about becoming a TSNG Area Manager. o TSNG launches in Sydney on 2nd May! o Dale Beaumont is our Guest Speaker

Issue#2 - March2013 43



o get the results you deserve, you sometimes need to be unreasonable with yourself and try new things. Be honest about what it will take to get what you want. Do you have a BS story as to why you won’t achieve it? We all have them - the stories we tell ourselves as to why we can’t get the team to do what we want or get the profit we deserve from the business etc. We all have our ‘reasons’ as to why it won’t happen. The good news is that it can happen - all it takes is a few simple decisions.


What’s stopping you? MINDSET Once you master your mindset, you can achieve anything! Work with a Coach to identify what your blocks are and to help you with strategies to make changes. It is without doubt, the best investment you can make in yourself. BEHAVIOURS Your coach will help you form healthy behaviours and learn where you are sabotaging yourself. Also read books and you’ll soon be feeling really good about what you’re doing and the progress you’re making. SUPPORT TEAM Surround yourself with the best

people you can. Tell everyone what you’re doing and get support in all essential business areas – accountant, lawyer, marketing, sales , IT, other achievers in your profession and great networkers who can connect you. Kick your BS stories to the curb and make the decision to do what it takes to make this your best year ever. YOU deserve it. Julie Pidgeon

Y STORY A leading Clinical Hypnotherapist and Kinesiologist, Taya has spent the last eight years listening to people’s stories, and helping them through some of the most trying times in their lives. She smiles when she thinks about what her own clients have christened her: ‘The Baggage Handler’. But, as she tells YMag, listening is something she has been doing for a long time. “Ever since I can remember, people have shared their stories of heartache, pain and inspiration with me. Their deepest secrets and greatest desires spill forth, yet often they don’t even know me,” she tells us, adding that this all started in the schoolyard as a kid. It seems only natural, then, that Taya’s chosen profession should be rooted in listening to other people in order to help them. Her innate ability – to put people at ease and bring insight to their feelings, thereby allowing healing to happen – has been put to very good use. As a client once told her: “You give great insight into situations. Your ability is to help me see a situation through new eyes. Your gift is to ease anxiety, tension and upset”.

gift; more a privilege,” Taya admits. “I do it because I never get sick of that feeling when someone has a breakthrough. I’m honoured to be part of something so intimate and personal.” Taya confirms that people’s deepest-held fears are often dark and scary, but she is still always amazed by people’s resilience. Of course, her job is not just about helping people through sorrow and pain; it is also about love and achievement, about building lives and succeeding – and that is Taya’s Y.


“There are many stories of everyday trials and tribulations, but at the core of every session is a desire to be loved and a yearning for self-acceptance. Deep down, we all want to have flow in our lives,” she says.


“When we feel good about ourselves life is better. When we remove blockages from our past, success and love flow freely into our lives.


MICOLA We all love a good story – but the stories Taya Micola listens to are more meaningful than any Hollywood tearjerker “I never tire of that. It’s beautiful.”

Though she loves the fact that she has helped people, it’s not a question of praise but of making a difference. “It’s never felt like a

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Y STORY My name is Lisa-Jane Luck and I am the full-time volunteer CEO of CARE Inc, which is a disability charity based in Birkdale, as well as Spirit of the Dragonfly, another foundation for adults with disabilities.



LUCK PUTTING THE ‘ABLE’ IN DISABLED Lisa-Jane Luck has overcome her own disability to help others in similar positions

I myself was born with a physical disability, and told at the age of five that I was unlikely to walk. Being a determined child I told the Doctor to “get xxxxxx” and got a prompt slap across the bottom from my mother. I had an operation on my grade one break-up day and subsequently was in plaster up to my hip for twelve months. By grade three, I was telling my mother I wanted to help people with disabilities, because I didn’t want anyone to experience what I had. I worked throughout my career in many different community organizations, gaining qualifications in community services, psychology and disability therapy. In 2005, families in the Redlands, QLD with disabilities, became increasingly frustrated with a number of service providers, so I decided to start CARE. Several people told me that that my adventure would only last three months. But, by the end of 2007, I had to take on 20 staff, because our workload had increased so much. By 2010 CARE had given back over 300,000 dollars worth of in-lieu support to the community.


When the government changed their guidelines, we lost all our funding in 2010. We slowly rebuilt and CARE obtained accreditation in 2012. The government shifted policies again – and took our funding away again in September 2012. At this point many people thought I should just close up shop and forget all of our hard work. However, we have had some amazing success stories with our clients, and even though we had no funding, we decided to regroup. So on CARE’s seventh birthday I launched A Dream Foundation. The clients and I set about scheduling raffles, BBQs, and social activities in the community that would bring in some money. We still have no government funding and that is still a struggle, so we successfully raised enough money to send ten clients and four carers on a P&O Cruise in March 2013. I am overjoyed that I will get to see my clients faces as they board the ship. I am proud to be a disabled person – and that is my Y.

Y COMMUNITY he was in desperate need of a new vehicle. His current van is unsafe after having problems right from the start and it was even vandalised. It’s completely beyond repair.

Based on the Gold Coast, EJ Love, business owner and speaker for Generation Why Entrepreneurs founded the Kieron D’Netto Injury Support Fund in 2012. Kieron had a horrific diving accident 9 years ago when he was just 17 and was paralysed from the neck down leaving him in a wheelchair. He currently does voluntary work for the Spinal Injuries Association, and is part of the Spinal Education Awareness Team. He goes out to primary and high schools doing awareness talks and mentors spinal injury patients. Kieron says ‘Being in this situation as a high level quadriplegic I find doing talks very self fulfilling and constructive and much better than sitting at home. If I get a message into at least one kid’s head per talk and stop them

from having an accident and ending up like me, I’m serving my purpose.’ Kieron and EJ crossed paths last year and EJ was so inspired by Kieron’s positive attitude to life that when she heard that the Government had cut medical funding she set up a website and facebook page to help raise funds via her business networks to cover his monthly costs. Kieron’s Mum, Elaine said ‘If EJ had not set up the fund when she did and received the amazing support from the Generation Why group, Kieron would have been back in hospital within two days’.

After much battle the Government finally reinstated the medical funding Kieron needed simply to survive. EJ knew the next step was to raise funds to purchase a new vehicle for Kieron so he could continue his mentoring. EJ then came up with the concept of hosting a Bikini Carwash Fundraiser on the Gold Coast, but she also knew one event would not be enough to raise the $70,000 needed for the new vehicle. She started sharing the idea with friends and business associates all over Australia and has received massive support. The first event is booked in for 17th March on the Gold Coast and details can be found at kierondnettospinalinjurysupport where donations can also be made. The grand plan is to host those events in almost every state, the next being in Perth in May. EJ welcomes anyone who has a business and would like to be involved to contact her directly on

During this time EJ invited Kieron to do a talk to her Entrepreneurs group and she took the driver’s seat of Kieron’s van realising that

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