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Seasonal Essentials

it’s your time

It’s Christmas time, Now is the time for excitement and busyness, with so much to do and so many expectations. As you countdown to the festive season, we’re here to give you a helping hand. It’s your time to shine. This guide is packed with unique ideas for perfect gifts and treats for you. We hope you enjoy this special time of the year. Let’s start with our tips for last-minute gifts for those still hunting! Seasonal Essentials Guide available from November 1, 2020 to January 4, 2021.


Energise, connect,


Northern Lights Black Spruce Energising Set Code: 35422

So perfect for winter, this box of goodness includes a 5 ml bottle of the ever-popular Northern Lights Black Spruce essential oil, which sits beside a 7 cm fluorite crystal. Drop oil onto the crystal whilst meditating or practising yoga and sense the rich, woody and invigorating aroma. This is ideal for those seeking additional comfort and a source of strength during winter months.



is in the air

Starry Night Scents Set Code: 35535

Get carried away into the night sky with this dreamy bundle of seasonal oils. It’s such a lovely combination of scents that will keep you going throughout the holidays. Together with this set you’ll receive free of charge, a practical pouch which will keep your bottles safe and well if you’re on the move this festive time.




2020 Countdown Calendar Code: 29871

An Advent Calendar like none other, and certainly not only for the kids! There are 24 days of treats, one behind each door. Without spoiling the surprise, you can expect a varied mix of Young Living products, from oils to accessories and cosmetics. You’ll find some of your favourite oils and blends, and a few unusual ones to delight you.

Pamper yourself this festive season

It’s always true that our own needs get pushed aside to make room for preparations for our family and friends, for visitors and at home. This year let’s give ourselves a little pampering. We all need it and 2020 has been a year with so many challenges. We’ve curated some tempting treats for you. This is your time. Time to feel your best, and time to give your body the rest it needs to refresh, recover and recharge. We’re with you every step of the way.


Everlasting Beauty Set Code: 35727

Welcome to our complete collection of ART®—everything you need for an easy and effective skin care routine. ART takes care of every step, because it includes our cleanser, toner, serum and moisturiser in one easy set. What’s more it is carefully designed to suit all skin types and is infused with Young Living’s unique essential oils and innovative botanicals.


Cosycomforts 14

Dalmatia Essential Oil Collection (Page 14) Code: 577408

Bring home the earthy, aromatic scents of the Mediterranean with this trio of oils from our Dalmatia Aromatic Farm in Croatia. 10% of each sale will be donated to The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation to protect and empower our world’s young.

Sacred Sandalwood 5 ml (Page 15) Code: 30733

Share love and warmth with family and create the perfect sanctuary at home with warm, woodsy Sacred Sandalwood.

Davana 5 ml (Page 15) Code: 30510

Bring some plant-powered positivity to your day with the sweet, comforting aroma of Davana—limited supplies available!


Glam to Go Set Code: 35520

Sparkle at every event with our Glam to Go Set. With colours that pop, the ingredients in Savvy Minerals are responsibly sourced, naturally derived and paraben-free. Cosmetic bag included to store all your Savvy Minerals favourites!

Get Ready with Savvy Set Code: 35491

It’s time to party! Get ready to look your absolute best, without compromise. Savvy Minerals makeup delivers beautiful lip and eye looks without harsh ingredients. Keep our handy mirror close to stay instagrammable all night!



Rest and

Indulgent Body and Bath Set Code: 35531

You may struggle to give this set away because it oozes pampering and relaxation. Relaxation Massage Oil is perfect to unwind, as well as Roman Chamomile with its warm, sweet and calming scent. Enjoy zingy Orange to bring rays of sunshine to winter days. Ravintsara from Madagascar brings travelling dreams. What’s more, we include a long-handled body brush to help stimulate your skin.


Just roll with it! Relaxing Rituals Roll-On Set Code: 35534

This much-loved trio is ideal for those who love the ease and convenience of our roll-ons. The combination of oils in each is carefully crafted to deliver a quick dash of scent to help you on your way. Three of our most popular roll-ons are included here, to help you through Christmas and into the new year. Breathe Again Roll-On Peppermint, Eucalyptus and more for a refreshing aroma. Stress Away Roll-On Vanilla, Lime and more to ease you onward and upward. Peace & Calming Roll-On Citrus and floral tones save the day every day.



by magic

Be moved

Magic of Christmas Set Code: 35532

Inherit the wisdom of the ancient world with our seasonal gift of Frankincense and Myrrh, and our Three Wise Men essential oil blend. They are wonderful in times of prayer, meditation or mindfulness. Frankincense is particularly special, of the highest and purest quality. Enjoy the balsamic, earthy, sweet, honey-like and woody smell. Includes our beautiful Rose Diffuser to naturally scent your home.


your compass


New Year’s Resolutions Set Code: 35533

Sometimes our list of resolutions is longer than our wish list of gifts. So many things to achieve in life, and Young Living is there beside you every step of the way. This set of four of our most encouraging and stimulating oils will help you start the new year right. Includes Clarity, Acceptance, Magnify Your Purpose and Light The Fire essential oil blends, as well as our beautiful Rose Diffuser to naturally scent your home.



Fresh and Fragrant Shower Steamers Code: 35424


Surprise and inspire with our innovative Shower Steamers! Whatever mood you’re in when you wake up, simply add one to the base of your shower to get ready for the day ahead. Includes Young Living Citrus Fresh® Shower Steamers and Easy Breeze Shower Steamers, with Eucalyptus and Peppermint.

Christmas Bath-Time Favourites Set Code: 35413

If a warm, soothing bath is your way to relax, then this is the gift for you. Luxuriate with the soothing scents of Stress Away and Lavender oils in our Bath Bombs. Vegan-friendly and made without artificial colours or preservatives.




Cook with

Full on Flavour Christmas Cooking Collection Code: 35429

A dash here, a drop there—effortless cooking with a little something different! This set includes Lemon+, Peppermint+, Young Living Citrus Fresh®+, Lavender+ and Thieves®+. Thieves is one of our most popular blends with a powerful, spicy aroma that’s perfect for this time of year.

DIY Festive Flavours Code: 35421

These three festive flavours sum up the taste of Christmas. Warm and delicious Cinnamon Bark+ and Nutmeg+ oils are perfect for spice cake or teas, while a cheerful dash of Orange+ brings brightness to any dish.


clean fun!


Clean & Care Set Code: 35729

This hard-working trio of Thieves Waterless Hand Purifiers is great for the whole family. Infused with soothing aloe vera gel, Peppermint essential oil and the cleansing properties of our popular ThievesÂŽ blend. Includes three cheery animal-character sleeves and three Thieves Waterless Hand Purifiers to keep good hygiene feeling fun!


Best Start Set Code: 35412

Brighten your kids’ routine with our easy to take food supplements. Help little ones stay active with KidScents MightyZyme chewable tablets—ideal for children aged 6 and up—and KidScents MightyPro, our delicious food supplement packets specially formulated for children aged 2+.


Good Morning Food Supplements Set Code: 35523

Everything you need, inside and out for a mega boost this winter. Includes Super C, Olive Essentials, Life 9 and Inner Defense, plus a smart and fun drinks shaker for your favourite beverage.

your intake Top up


Shake things up!

Fresh and Delicious Gift Set

Vital Life Set

(Page 34) Code: 34960

(Page 35) Code: 35538

Get pepped up with our set of exhilarating oils and drinks. Includes our signature NingXia RedÂŽ drink, packed with fruity flavours and favourite oils, plus a drinks shaker, Peppermint+ and Young Living Citrus FreshÂŽ+ to bring the fun and fruit!

Thrive this winter with our powerful supplement set. Includes MultiGreens, Essentialzymes-4 and OmegaGize3 with the power of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D-3 and CoQ10 (ubiquinone). Drinks shaker included.

Holiday Ready Hair Set Code: 35526

Give your hair a well-deserved treat with our Holiday Ready Hair Set. Shampoo and condition with our Lavender Mint duo, then smooth Mirah Lustrous Hair Oil through your locks and watch the hair tame and shine. All three plant-based products are suitable for all hair types.

Heavenly Scents Bath and Body Set Code: 35524

This luxurious set combines lovely Lavender Bath and Shower Gel with the invigorating blend found in Morning Start and our indulgently fragrant Sensation Bath & Shower Gel. Also includes Bath and Shower Gel Base to create your own personalised bathing experience.

little things

It’s the

Looking for a little something or the perfect finishing touch to your Young Living gifts? We have everything you need.

Lavender Oatmeal Soap

Valor Bar Soap

(A) Code: 4904500

(B) Code: 3680500

Shutran Bar Soap

Coconut-Lime Body Butter

(C) Code: 5711500

(D) Code: 32834

Men’s Festive Wash Bag

Large Gift Box – Silver

(E) Code: 34705

(F) Code: 34729

Small Gift Box – Natural

Small Gift Box – Green

(G – Left) Code: 34726

(H – Right) Code: 34728

Tall Gift Bag

Large Gift Bag

(I) Code: 10866500

(J) Code: 10867500











Lava Star Necklace Code: 34722

Women’s Elegance Lava Necklace Code: 34887

Young Living Artisan Olive Trees

Crystal Diffuser

Code: 35022

Code: 34741

Sourced from Bethlehem, delight your guests with a drop of oil on these beautiful diffuser trees. Includes two trees (10 cm and 12 cm).

Just add oils for effortless diffusion with this beautiful, limited-edition Crystal Diffuser. Adds colour and a sense of tranquillity to any space.



Limited Edition: Snowy the Owl Diffuser (Page 42 – Left) Code: 34483 (Universal plug)

Up the festive cuteness with this exclusive, limited-time only Snowy the Owl Diffuser! Child-friendly and simple to use with your little ones, Snowy also comes with TummyGize 5 ml and over 100 removable stickers to make aromatherapy fun!

Feather the Owl Diffuser (Page 42 – Right) Code: 27015 (UK plug) Code: 27016 (EU plug)

Tuck your little ones in each night with Feather the Owl—our multi-function diffuser! It’s a humidifier, aroma diffuser, night-light and white-noise machine, all in one, and comes with Lavender 5 ml.


a rose

Kiss from

Just for Her Set Code: 362308

Romance is in the air! Enjoy the beautiful, sweet floral fragrance of Rose as a perfume or as part of your skincare routine. This set also includes a delicate pink lava stone necklace — simply add a drop of oil to uplift and gently scent your day. EN v.1 985908