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Christmas is in the air

This Festive Gift Guide is all about capturing the joy, celebration and gratitude that Christmas brings. Here at Young Living, we’re all about feel-good gifting, helping you on your journey to happiness and wellbeing. We’re sharing bestsellers and ultimate must-haves to make gifting simple and help you find the perfect gifts for your favourite people. So, for all you early birds who want to get ahead of the Christmas rush, set yourself up for success with our Festive Gift Guide. You’ll find everything you need and more to show them how much you care!

Festive Gift Guide available from September 9, 2020 until October 31, 2020.





Lucia Artisan Diffuser (Page 5) Code: 32631

Young Living’s exclusive Lucia and Lustre Artisan Diffusers are created to be statement pieces in your home, incorporating fluid, natural shapes and soft, cloud-like hues. Each glass diffuser cover is handcrafted by a master glassblower trained for years in the art of glasswork, making each one a unique work of art that will illuminate the decor of any home. Includes Peppermint 5 ml and Young Living Citrus Fresh® 5 ml.

Lustre Artisan Diffuser (Page 4) Code: 32685

Includes Peppermint 5 ml and Young Living Citrus Fresh® 5 ml.


Dalmatia Essential Oil Collection Code: 577408

Bring home the earthy, aromatic scents of the Mediterranean with this trio of oils from our Dalmatia Aromatic Farm in Croatia. 10% of each sale will be donated to The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation to protect and empower our world’s young.


Young Living Favourites Set Code: 34970

This uplifting set of classic essential oil singles and blends will help them get started! Topped off with a branded Young Living oil pouch as a gift.


your senses


Egyptian Gold 5 ml Code: 32378

This transcendent blend of biblical essential oils like rose, cinnamon, balsam fir and lavender will gently enhance life’s important moments and bring you spiritual awareness.

Oils of Ancient Scripture Code: 19343

Enjoy the beautiful aromas and intriguing histories of ten unique essential oils, from the refreshing scents of Myrtle and Cedarwood to the rich fragrances of Frankincense and Myrrh. Purchase this collection and you’ll also receive a free amethyst Gua Sha face massager.




your life

Surrender 5 ml Code: 32379


Surrender is a blend of lavender, black spruce, roman chamomile and other essential oils that provides aromas to help to surrender to what we can’t control and refresh our outlook.

Festive Spirit Set Code: 34956

Perfect for those who love to set resolutions, this set offers four refreshing blends including Forgiveness and Gratitude, as well as our gift to you—a beautiful festive lava necklace. They’ll be manifesting their destiny in no time!


Scents of the season

Christmas Wish Set (Page 12) Code: 34957

If you can’t wait for Christmas, you’ll love the Christmas Wish Set. Let the seasonal aromas of Northern Lights Black Spruce, Cinnamon Bark and Orange invite a sense of warmth and comfort into your home.

Sacred Sandalwood 5 ml Code: 30733

Share love and warmth with family and create the perfect sanctuary at home with warm, woodsy Sacred Sandalwood.

Davana 5 ml Code: 30510

Bring some plant-powered positivity to your day with the sweet, comforting aroma of Davana—limited supplies available!



Christmas shopping made Tough-to-please friends or hard to shop for people on your list? Pick up a great gift in seconds and impress with something they’ll use every day. These quick and easy Christmas treats are designed to make everyone happy!




all is bright

All is calm,

For Your Little Ones Set Code: 34958

Children bring wonder and excitement all year round but especially during the festive season. Help them stay merry and bright into the new year and beyond with this trio of grounding and calming scents—ideal for diffusing before your little one’s bedtime.


to you

Driving home

Revive Your Drive Set Code: 34965


Christmas is all about sharing happy moments with loved ones. Arrive home feeling refreshed with the Revive Your Drive Set—featuring Lemon Myrtle, Peace & Calming II and a Rose Gold Car Vent Diffuser.

Driving Home for Christmas Gift Set Code: 29458

If you’re on your way to see family and friends, energise your drive with the Driving Home for Christmas Gift Set—featuring Clarity, En-R-Gee and a Grey Car Vent Diffuser.



Christmas Give that


Christmas Feelings Set Code: 34955

Prepare to experience the positive energy of the holidays with the precious, spiritually uplifting and comforting aromas in the Christmas Feelings Set. This trio of festive favourites includes our beloved Christmas Spirit essential oil blend, plus Tangerine and Cedarwood essential oils.


Perfect gifts for the ones you love

Say “I love you” or “I care” with a special and thoughtful gift just for them. Whether it’s for your mum, sister, best friend or boyfriend, we’ve rounded up some great options. Thank us later because your shopping just got simpler!



Mistletoe Kiss Gift Set Code: 34964


This mistletoe-ready trio of moisturising lip balms is a great stocking filler. Someone on your list who needs a lip balm to hand at all times? This one will make them smile.

Magic Skin Gift Set Code: 34961

Mother Nature’s got you covered. Treat your skin to beautiful Rose Ointment or add a drop of Blue Tansy to moisturiser for supercharged skincare. Includes our Tree of Life necklace diffuser as a gift so you can smell gorgeous on-the-go.




Timeless Trio Set Code: 34967

Beautify your skincare routine with the power of flowers! Featuring three iconic beauty oils and an amethyst Gua Sha face massager, the Timeless Trio Set is a creative and customisable way to introduce essential oils into a loved one’s routine. It’s a gift sure to be appreciated by essential oil fans and beauty lovers alike.



with love


Beauty Elixir Set Code: 34950

Encourage peaceful feelings and relaxed evenings with this classic collection of Lavender, Frankincense and Geranium. You can also add these essential oils to your personal care products or dream up your very own blend for the Young Living perfume bottle included as a special gift.

Signature Scents Set Code: 34966

Inspire feelings of optimism and enjoy the relaxing, sweet aromas of the Signature Scents Set. Includes White Angelica, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang and our Young Living perfume bottle as a special gift.


Men’s Morning Rituals Set Code: 34962

Give your special guy the best! Featuring Shutran®, Valor Deodorant and Shutran® Shave Cream and made with pure essential oils and moisturising botanicals, this set boosts feelings of masculinity and confidence. Also includes a men’s lava bracelet.


Bespoke Scents Just for Him Set Code: 34952

It’s all about having the right selection of oils to rule his world. This selection of uplifting, woodsy and refreshing aromas are a thoughtful gift for the man you love. Also includes a men’s lava bracelet.


Savour special moments Warm His Heart Set Code: 34969

Set the stage for cosy nights by the fire with the modern design of the Charcoal Lantern Diffuser. Combined with the woodsy and invigorating scents of Northern Lights Black Spruce and Pine essential oils, it’s the ultimate setup for winter evenings indoors.






Happy New Year Habits Set Code: 35222

Positive changes start with a positive mindset. Get a headstart on your new year’s resolutions with our Happy New Year Habits Set. Including Balance Complete, Wolfberry Crisp Bars and Detoxzyme, don’t wait for January to make your everyday routine that little bit lighter.


Kids Bracelet Diffuser (Blue/Lion) Code: 34690 (Bumblebee) Code: 34886 (Ladybird) Code: 34701

Get curious minds started with their own EO routine with these fun diffuser bracelets.


Crystal Diffuser Code: 34741

Enjoy natural diffusion with our beautiful, limited-edition Crystal Diffuser —ideal for gently scenting smaller spaces like offices or bathrooms.


with love!

Give a gift

Looking for the perfect finishing touch to your Young Living gifts? We have everything you need to make your special surprises stand out under the tree!

Men’s Wash Bag (Top left – A) Code: 34705


Women’s Cosmetic Bag (Bottom right – F) Code: 34704

Small Gift Box – Natural

Small Gift Box – Green

(Top right – B) Code: 34726

(Top right – C) Code: 34728

Tall Gift Bag

Large Gift Bag

(Bottom left – D) Code: 10866500

(Bottom left – E) Code: 10867500







Celebrate Him Set Code: 34953

EN v.1 35097

Treat him to the gift of confidence with three earthy and sultry scents. Also includes a boxed trio of empty silicone oil bottle sleeves as a gift.

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