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River Explorers Water & Explorers River Explorers is a specialized local Peruvian tour operator dedicated to providing the best Peruvian tours the country has to offer.

Machu Picchu tours Discover what Peru has to offer! From charming Andean cities, majestic Incan ancient cities, Amazon rain forest tours, culinary experiences and shopping, to a wide variety of adventure activities and unique lodging opportunities for families, couple or groups. Everything you need to know about places in Peru is here!

Peru Tours Packages From coast to mountains, valleys to jungle, rivers to ancient cities, River Explorers offers distinctive Peru tours packages to many destinations rich in culture, history, customs, folklore, cuisine and music.

Peru white water river rafting tours Peru Rafting offers outstanding rivers for rafting adventures in the Coast, Andes and the Amazon jungle. Whether rafting the Apurimac River, the Tambopata River or the Yavero river you will have the rafting tour of a lifetime.

Apurimac rafting tours Cusco Rafting Arequipa rafting Lunahuana rafting Amazon rafting tours

Peru Travel – Tour Destination guide Welcome to Peru travel guide destination for your vacations.

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About Us RIVER EXPLORERS E.I.R.L. is certified by the Peruvian Ministry of Tourism,the only institution that certifies tour operators in Peru. For the Inca trail tour operators need a special permit granted by the Peruvian Government Department INC (National Institution of Culture), which is the official entity controlling the access to The Inca Trail and Machu Picchu. RIVER EXPLORERS E.I.R.L. is certified to run any Inca trails available in Peru. Since 2008 rafting tour operators need to have special certifications to operate rafting tours on rivers around Peru.


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