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Dear Parents, Here is the information about our Cross Country Day on November 13 th. You are warmly invited to attend, run and support the day. We look forward to seeing many of you at Negishi Park. Kind Regards The PE Department The Route. 2.6km (2 Laps), (1.3km 1 Lap Elementary)

Race Order Please note we will try our best to keep to the schedule but due to traffic problems and other unforeseen circumstances, some race times may need to be altered.




PE Teachers Meet at Negishi Park


Elementary School Warm Up


G3/4 1 - Lap Race


G5 1 - Lap Race and Girls G3/4/5 Blue Ribbon Lap Race


Boys G3/4/5 Blue Ribbon Lap Race and (Parents and Teachers)


Grade 3, 4, 5 Closing & Award Ceremony


Grade 3, 4, 5 leave Negishi Park by school bus


6-8 Warm up


Grade 6 - 2 Lap Race


Grade 7 & 8 Girls - 2 Lap Race (Parents and Teachers)


Grade 7 & 8 Boys - 2 Lap Race


Middle School Grade 6 - 8 ‘Ekiden’ Race


MS Closing & Award Ceremony


MS leave Negishi Park by school bus


9/ 10 Warm Up


Grade 9 & 10 Boys - 2 Lap Race

13:40 Grade 9 & 10 Girls - 2 Lap Race (Parents and Teachers) 13:45

11/12 Warm Up


Grade 11 & 12 Girls - 2 Lap Race


High School Grade 9/10 ‘Ekiden’ Race


Grade 11 & 12 Boys - 2 Lap Race


HS Closing & Award Ceremony /Clean Up


Grades 9 & 10 Return to School


Grades 11 & 12 Return to School

Transport Arrangements Students will be transported to and from Negishi by School Bus. Here are the departure and arrival times from YIS/Negishi. If you wish to transport your child directly to Negishi in the morning, please inform your child’s teacher ahead of time (For Elementary only).

Departure Time from YIS Departure Time from outside the GYM Negishi Park

Grade 3, 4, 5(1class), Grade 5(2 classes)

8:30 (Arriving Negishi 10:30 (Arriving YIS 8:45) 10:45) 8:45 (Arriving Negishi 9:00)

Grade 6 (all), 7, 8 (Girls) Grade 7, 8 (Boys)

10:45 (Arriving Negishi 11:00) 11.15 (Arriving Negishi 11.30)

13:25(Arriving approx YIS 13:40) 13.55(Arriving approx YIS 14:10)

Grade 9, 10

12:35 (Arriving Negishi 12:50)

15:10 (Arriving YIS 15:25)

Grade 11, 12

13:10 (Arriving Negishi 13:25)

15:40 (Arriving YIS 15:55)

Lunch Arrangements Elementary School will have a normal lunch. Middle School students should bring food from home and eat at the park. They will not have time to eat after returning to YIS. Normal classes will be resumed in the afternoon. G 9 & 10 should eat a big snack and bring lunch to the park. They will not have time to eat lunch at YIS. G 11 & 12 should eat a big snack and eat lightly during normal lunchtime. They will be running in the afternoon, so don’t want to eat too heavily. Awards Students will be awarded a gold medal for 1st Place. Each grade will have a separate boys and girls race. In addition each grade will have one ‘Fit For Life ‘ award, which recognises great effort, resilience and a positive approach across the whole cross country unit. There will also be an individual trophy for Elementary, Middle and High School house teams. Ekiden This year we will have a new race at our YIS Cross Country Day. We will run an Ekiden for Grades 6-8 and an Ekiden for Grades 9-10 Ekiden traditionally meant to transmit communication through stages, usually by stage coach. Today, Ekiden is a long distance relay race where usually 10 runners compete for a team over very long distances. The most famous race is the Hakone to Tokyo Ekiden. Our race will be a shorter style ekiden, where runners will run approximately 600 metres, as well as their individual races. The winning team in each category for the Ekiden relay will receive an award. Dress and Equipment Students should wear appropriate running clothing and footwear, and come dressed in their school house team colour. They should also bring appropriate warm/rain weather clothing for the elements, a water bottle and small snack. Negishi Park On this website you can find directions to and information about Negishi Park.


pe guide to cross country


pe guide to cross country