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2 ---------- Discography of My Courses Part 1: Ⅰ Ⅱ Part 2:

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3 ---------- Extra Works Competitions & Garage Kits & Works

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My name is Yiding Wang. I was born in Beijing, the capital of China. I'm studying in Beijing University of Technology, College of Art & Design. I'm in the Public Art Department and my major is sculpture. I have a huge enthusiasm in arts and design. So I am happy that I can continue my interest in the university and I'm sure I will fight for them through my whole life ! This is me.


Success Will Come After the Last Try

Name: Yiding Wang Birth: Oct.24th, 1988 Tel: 15901560227 OICQ: 199881945 E-mail: Blog:

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Discography of My Courses Part 1 The Foundation Courses

â… Sculptures

Plaster of Ancient Greece Copy This sculpture was finished when I was a freshmen in my college.Being my first exposure to sculpture, frankly, this work was not quite satisifactory, but it means a lot to me, because it aroused my interest in my major---Sculpture.

Plaster human body of Ancient Greece Copy When I was a sophomore, we started to take the sculpture classes called “the human bodies classes�. But from the start, we must learn the structures of human body, so we followed the great ancient Greece sculpture to understand them.

Female Body Portrait 1

Female Body Portrait 2

Male Portrait This is the last college sculpture class, through three years of study, I solved a lot of basic questions, such as the basic proportions of the appropriate and comfortable dynamics.


Others Works

Pottery craft Pottery is a traditional Chinese arts. It has a long history. This was my first time that I used this material and I really like this kind of craft. The clay of the pottery was really nice and I learned a lot of knowledge about the pottery.

Screaming Inspired by the famous oil painting <the Screaming> by Edvard Munch, I want to express exaggerated facial expressions and twisted actions when people encounter with surprise, danger or happy in a humorous way.

Metal Craft The Iron Soldering Through this class, I learned how to use welding tools like electric torch. I soldered these gears all togather by myself. This work was called "the Gear World".

Metal Craf--Molding Copper I learned the whole process of making a copper sculpture, except the last process---casting(too danger to us), including the prototype, silicone mold reproduction, end repairing the wax model.I fininshed them all by myself.

Stone Carving

Loyalty, Courtesy and Honor I merged three traditional Chinese virtues in one piece of stone sculpture."Loyalty" is represented by a straight-forth minister; "Courtesy" is represented by complex etiquettes; "Honor" is represented by a general having a vow before matching out.

Lacquer art

Art Inspection We went to other provinces to study the history of Chinese arts. We visited several G ro tto e s l i ke L o n g M e n , Yun Gang etc. in historical places such as Xi An, He Nan and Shan Xi provinces. I was shocked by the amazing art forms. I saw sculptures and cave paintings, most of them are related to the Buddhism. In one of the temples, we made sculptures by following the ancient sculptures. Through this trip, I realized that China's art history is so attractive and mysterious.

Hell Judger

Part 2 Other Courses

Interior Decoration Design In this course, students were seperated into several groups and each group had a task to design a part of our teacher's workshop. My group's task was designing the ceiling. Style was traditional Chinese water village in South of China. Through this class, we practiced team work, because everything in the design(inspiration, material) we had to figure them out all by ourselves. So,the course was a challenge.

Inspiration Traditional Chinese painting and the rainy days in that area, gave us inspiration. We wanted to use the rain to expresse sense of beauty, comfort and romance. White, black and gray are the symbolic colors of the water village in South China.

After one week disccussion, we decided to cut the plexiglass into square shape, and then sticked together with the fishing line into a whole. Then we put them on the iron sticks, using axles and wires to hang the sticks under the ceiling.

We imitated the rain by using lines with sqare shape plexiglass. Black white and grey represented the color of the Water Villege.

Interior Design Software: Google Sketch Up

Architecture Design

Disorder Inspired by ball of paper, it represents disorder and chaos.But I think there must be another kind of order in it. So I followed the shape and designed this architecture

Urban Sculputure The Symbol sculpture of Luan river in Qian An, He Bei province

The bridge was very majestic. It is a symbol of Luan He city. So,I wanted to express the cohesion and the strong will when people of Luan He county built this huge bridge.


Inspiration from dew and algae. These two elements represented the water and river.Water also means life and algae means tough w i l l . S o, I t h o u g ht these two elements could relate to the people in Luan He city.

Manuscripts U s i n g t h e s p i ra l s h a p e o f t h e a l ga e to further highlight the quality of c o h e s i o n a n d t e n a c i t y. T h e d e w i n the middle, combined with the algae, expresses the theme of the design.

3D Rendering

Exhibition Design Samsung booth design

Urban Landscape Planning Tsing Dao Plaza Software: Google Sketch Up

Floor Plan




I designed the Bridge of the plaza. I like geometric shapes and I want to make this brigde light and spacious.

Beijing Planetarium(Part) Software: Autodesk 3D Max


ExtrA WorkS

Competitions & Garage Kits & Works

Works Qian'an City People's Square Assisted teacher to finish the project

Manuscripts By integrating arts forms from different nationalities and cultures, to highlight the theme of National Unity.

Yanqing government offices Assisted teacher to finished the project.

Garage Kits Xing Tian The God of War in the Ancient Chinese legend. He represents Power, Perseverance and Courage. So I wanted to express these kinds of spirts.

Yaksa Patron saint of Buddhism

Cow A birthday gift to my grandfather

The Pyramid Head "A character from the movie & video game <Slient Hill>"

The Baneling "A character from pc game <Starcraft 2>"

Competition Social Development in my eyes

Using artistic ways to illustrate the development of society

Through disccussions, we wanted to use some strong contrast like old and new, advance and backward to express the theme. At last we decided to put ancient figures in a modern environment.

We made three old fashioned figures by clay and reproduced them into FRP.We used oil paint and paints.First brush paints on the model and after it drought, painted oil paint on the surface,wiped the surface with towels. Finally, it looked like brozen arts. Using different backgrounds on the two sides of Blind which one side was old street while another was a modern Shopping m a l l . T h e y represented old and new eras.

This is it The Portfolio Record my life in College Like I said I really feel Happy and Lucky That I can continue my Interest in University The Portfolio is not the End of the story But It is a Fresh Start Thanks For Watching !

Yiding Wang

A Portfolio of my undergraduate  
A Portfolio of my undergraduate  

This portfolio records my works from 2007-2011 during the period of my undergraduate.