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2019 est.1999

20 years of yachting

the story from passion to profession YES-yachts.com CEO Roberto Barile yachting empowers my inner soul By Nicole Simunic

Starting a new yachting movement of personal training aboard with amazing results for body and business read the article at the end of this magazine

The company grew from its founders passion to profession. Roberto Barile was raised on Italy’s Adriatic coastline close to the water based and beautiful city of Venice. His family owned & operated several power & sailing vessels and Roberto was always part of the maritime life. Operating from Venice and Lignano Sabbiadoro he had explored the Italian Adria and its surroundings soon and decided to buy his first yacht at Ibiza. After some captain’s employments on recreational charter vessels, he decided to start his own yacht charter fleet in the late 1990ies operating numerous vessels around the Balearic Islands himself. He extended his local experiences by adding new destinations to his schedule i.e. the Canary Islands, la Costa Brava, la Cote d’Azur, the

Costa Smeralda, the Italian Riviera as well as the Gibraltar region in the south of Spain. Growing in vessel size and following the global yachting calendar he extended his yachting experience overseas. He relocated for several winter seasons at Ft. Lauderdale, also known as the yachting capital of the world. Being onsite 24/7 he got connected to the best people in the industry, made his choices and was able in a short time to handle all yachting needs as well overseas as he was advising and assisting his friends and other yacht owners to maintain their vessels in the Mediterranean. Because of his former European activities and his continuously growing network, this became his step into global yacht management. Having gained the personal experience from enjoying yachting lifestyle from childhood, being the owner of several vessels and even selling and purchasing them from


time to time, managing and operating a charter-fleet company up to handling the yacht management for multiple yachts spread all over the world. His hobbies became his passionate target of profession. He gathered some additional experiences in one of the world’s top five brokerage companies and finally, driven by the aim to “think outside the box”, he merged his former companies into today’s YES- Yachting Exclusive Services combining its various company fields to perfection. The goal from the very beginning was to combine and maximise his extensive knowledge in multimedia, corporate marketing & latest computer-technologies together with a 24/7 full service approach into an internationally oriented and operative yachting enterprise. The idea of founding YES-yachts did fall in place and the era started from there.


YES- Expansion to Australia/Canada? the Gold Coast is calling! Out of a meeting in Italy, at the breathtaking Amalfi Coast a future collaboration can begin in a part of mother planet earth which up to now was always in our CEOs mind, but never such present as nowadays.

“Working in the yachting industry is much more than a local and fix brokerage office at one hotspot.

Economical crisis here or there come and go, the drastic development of the Continuing the talk during the next meeting over all economy and its results with the same people some weeks later in Amsterdam, Netherlands Roberto Barile started to exchange rates… We are always flexible at YES-yachts.com!” think deeply into yachting at the other side of the planet. Possible collaborations plans were set up for a new YES-yachts dependance at the Australian Gold Coast. The joint venture with co-workers who had Italian roots as well as Roberto has just were just the cherry on the cake. They started a strong bond with the view on the epic island Capri and continued their aim in the Dutch capital later on. Let’s see what future brings us from the Gold coast as well as from Canada the neighbor of the United states who has as bit more European roots than the Americans. Roberto is also talking about the company expansion of YES-Yachting Exclusive Services towards the Canadian major cities as Quebec and Montreal, which comes out of very interesting discussions with former customers who are deeply immersed into yachting there and made comparisons with the European market as well as they interesting exchange rates between Euro, US- and Canadian dollars which could push sales, too.

The world is yours, but pick the right place! yachting is still very interesting with the right circumstances! Be mobile and bring your yacht to the areas in booming development and best exchange rates for your setup


Quebec, Canada - waterfront city with direct access to the giant north atlanic for more information email to: quebec@YES-yachts.com


Many ideas have been gone through the heads of our yacht and refit managers, how to use and charter an old lady from the nineties which was an abandoned boat for some years...

now, the absolutely price breaking charter at dock offer (just 50EUR per night) package exclusively by YESyachts.com


Reanimation & charter at dock with YES-yachts benefits + + + +

all year long metropole -> Barcelona ! stay aboard at dock per cabin -> possible ! fitness work out available -> if wanted ! affordable flights from around the globe

An industries game changer, covering the yearly expenses of your yacht and keeping your crew busy… by Roberto Barile

In the beginning, there was an abandoned 3deck motor yacht at Port Vell, Barcelona and the idea to get her from the port authorities to make her shine again. The first 2-3 years were wasted with lots of try and errors by the new owner up to the point that YESyachts.com took over in May 2018. Essential engine checks were made and we found out that, beside outdated navigation equipment some of the actual operating gear was stripped by others. We put it all back in place and fixed the major things to make her windows and ceilings waterproof again. The full set of faucets and showers of this 4 stateroom, 4 bathroom 20m+ american built motor yacht were upgraded with rain showers and all cabins got nowadays flatscreen wifi-IP tvs. The kitchen appliances got back to

work and all oxidised ceiling lights got replaced. The complete loose furniture interior (couches, dining chairs) got changed as well as the big fridge & freezer. All cabinets got new and modern doors with nowadays matt oak wood decor. The mattresses got upgraded and a full set of new bedding and linen will now be washed in the new washing machine as well as dried aboard with 2 new dryers. The focus of this revival of an old lady was aiming to make her work as a floating apartment in the beautiful marina just 12 minutes away from her former dock downtown Barcelona. Badalona features the relaxed atmosphere of lots of locals and a lot less tourists than the big city life just next door. A beautiful wide beach with many cosy and tasty beach bars and a wide range of beach-sports equipments


for everybody. Our motor yacht is docked in a peaceful nice marina which gets impressive upgrades these years and will soon be another Catalan hotspot. Come and enjoy your holidays on the water with us. Choose from the master bedroom, over the vip-cabin with double beds, to the twin cabin for kids or friends and relax in the simple air-whirlpool on the sun deck which makes even winter holidays a real pleasure. Enjoying yachting with a minimum of crew aboard makes expenses drop down a lot and maintenance is easy to handle, if your yacht officially does what all the other big motor yachts do anyway… not leaving the port at all ;-) And if the crew wants some outer marina bay fun, we take the tender.


120m megayacht concept, designed by Abdulbaki Senol, for sale with YES-yachts.com Make your dream yacht come true with lots of specials! The 120m yacht features a touch-andgo helipad on the foredeck. Under the helipad is the tender garage that houses two RIBs and four jet skis. The sundeck contains a Jacuzzi forward and another one aft surrounded by sunbeds. Furthermore, there is a bar for eight people. A large swimming pool can be found on the main deck. In front of the pool is a generous sofa area, shaded by the upper deck. The upper deck has further sunbeds and al-fresco dining for twelve people.

Modern lines and innovative specials aboard. Become the proud owner of this unique vessel

by Rene Meyer yachtemoceans

areas with coffee tables. The upper deck contains the owners’ apartment with bedroom, bathroom, private lounge, private Jacuzzi, and direct access to the helipad. The upper deck also has two more guest cabins, a dining area with two separate tables (up to ten persons each) and a piano in the

tables with stools and lounge areas with coffee tables. The bridge deck houses the wheelhouse and the captain’s cabin — moreover, further lounges, sofas and a large round table for up to 16 persons.

Inside of the 120m Superyacht

The 120m yacht accommodates up to 22 guests and a crew of 32 people. The main deck has eight guest cabins, a cinema, a large salon at the aft with two separate lounges, bars and armchair

So don’t miss the opportunity and get some more details from your local YES-yachts.com broker.

middle. The aft area is another salon with a big sofa area; the corners have

for more information email to: yachtsales@YES-yachts.com



Superior Coaching

Time for body and soul your personal trainer aboard By Alan da Silva Pereira

Do you have influence and are you wealthy? Are you a person of high responsibility? Are you a celebrity in the public eye? . .. but you just can`t escape the feeling that something is still missing? Try superior coaching aboard of luxury YES-yachts! Do you really believe the lynx is rushing through the woods all day, exhausting his strengths without need? Exactly, he is not. He is wandering around in tranquility and relaxed at tentiveness. Anything else would cost too much energy. The lynx is using all his strength for just a few seconds, when life becomes serious. Concentration, quickness, flexibility, power. Then there is peace again. It was the legendary philosopher and general Sun Tsu who taught us the art how to win without fighting. Based on the unique principles of Taiwan Do © martial arts and healthcare I am able to provide insights and exercises to relax and strengthen both your body and your soul. Aboard of a luxury YES-yacht we leave daily stress and enter a world of new perspectives. With physical exercises tailored according your personal grade of fitness and constitution first we relax your body and mind. Than we have sessions of Kung Fu Wu Shu, Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Kung and Shan Meditation to strengthen your soul . Sophisticated conversations based on eastern philosophy and western theories of a healthy and ecofriendly life style and - last but not least - a good portion of life experience are completing the portfolio that you can chose from. The coach is able to offer you body experiences and insights


into the nature of yourself, based on a unique bridge between eastern philosophy and western rationalism: Taiwan Do ©.Taiwan Do © is classical chinese martial arts like Kung Fu Wu Shu and Shan Shaolin Kung Fu as well as healthcare like Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung. The idea of the particular Taiwan Do © stile is to build a bridge between eastern philosophy and western life style. It is not fighting what is taught , but winning without fighting is being practised. Do not hesitate to go one step beyond no matter if in your private or business life. My personal coaching is a high level sensitivity training that penetrates into the mysteries of your being - combine a unique training experience with breathtaking surroundings. Get to know a power that is beyond all material wishes. Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of luxury and silence aboard of a YES-yacht. Discover yourself in a protected area that is extremely discreet and top DETAILS & BOOKING secret. Olaf Paproth

for more information email to: SUPERIORCOACHING@YES-yachts.com see the full brochure at: http://bit.ly/YES-superiorcoaching


From young editor to perfection Real hot web-stuff! By Rene Meyer

yachtemoceans.com just another yacht news media? Rene Meyer

Ahoy, I'm René Meyer - the founder and editor-in-chief of yachtemoceans.com.

Is it just another yacht news media? On the one hand, I publish new projects and yachts from shipyards and designers and as well as exciting (new) equipment, on the other hand, the content is curated. Furthermore, I am following the principle One Yacht, One Article for some time past to collect all information there from the announcement to the official photoshoot. That's why I don't publish position changes et cetera. yachtemoceans aspire to be the Digital Coffee Table Book and a source of inspiration – just a place to enjoy the pure luxury and floating artworks, maritime lifestyle and high-end technology in the right environment with a light design, a good user experience.

Get the app and read this amazing content for pure joy. for more information email to: yachtemoceans@YES-yachts.com see the full blog at: https://bit.ly/YES-magazine/ yachtemoceans



Barcelona’s fun parc for kids and adults at Tibidabo

YES-yachts.com goes Barcelona the city-guide for your next stay By Nicole Simunic

The sun-drenched city on the beautiful Mediterranean coast is rightly the most visited by tourists in Spain (and fourth most visited by tourists of Europe, following to Paris, Rome and London) - and anyone who has ever been to Barcelona knows why. For some, it’s the work and buildings of Antoni Gaudi, whose architectural style has shaped this city like no other. For others, it’s the vibrant old town with its narrow streets, nice tapas restaurants and fashionable boutiques which make Barcelona a shopping experience of a special kind.

Let me take you on a tour to Barcelona, after you have already seen the famous sights of this million metropolis such as Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell, Nou Camp Stadium and La Rambla and want to experience more of this city. Let's start your tour with a little refreshment at the "Mercat de la Boqueria" This turbulent, fully covered market, whose original building dates back to 1840 and has undergone continuous structural expansion, offers Catalan specialties in an area of over 2,500 square meters - delicacies and delicacies as far as the eye can see, try your first fresh oyster even at the lowest price and if you do not like the taste, quickly switch over to the numerous fruit stalls to enjoy a fresh smoothie or


unbelievably tasty fruit to delight palate. A little tip: Avoid peak hours when possible, because the proximity to La Rambla, the boulevard of Barcelona, of course, ensures that this market has become a popular destination for hungry tourists and then running in the hallways can be a test of patience. Now leave the market, stroll a few steps over the Rambla, but then take the path towards Barri Gotic. Pay close attention to your belongings during your entire time, because unfortunately the number of pickpocketing in Barcelona is steadily increasing and


unique city-trips - metropole experience brought to you by YES-yachts.com money in the newest dress, or a good meal, but losing it to criminals. Speaking of good food: away from the snack bars along the Rambla you will find in the old town of Barri Gotic (the place where the history of Barcelona has its origin) pretty little restaurants, where you necessarily - no, even if the assumption is obvious - not a Catalan specialty, but originally from Andalusia and the Basque Country - will find very good tapas. Whether boquerones fritos (fried anchovies), Patatas bravas (fried potato cubes with spicy sauce), Patatas allioli (potatoes in garlic mayonnaise) or Pimientos de Padrón (prepared in olive oil and seasoned with coarse salt pepper), you must order plenty and share with each other! From the gothic quarter, it is only a short walk to one of the most important mega yacht harbors, Port Vell. This was transformed about 5 years ago from a hip downtown port to a very elite Megayachtmarina. Since then, the prices for the moorings have skyrocketed, and in front of the sophisticated One Ocean Club, only the mega yachts from about 60 meters upwards are allowed to lie there. Barcelona's Port Vell even has one of the few yacht owner exemptions that will drop VAT on the berth under certain conditions, which could be of interest to you as a yacht owner.

“Come to Barcelona and enjoy yachting life the local way”


The mile further along is walking distance to one of the major refit shipyards in the Mediterranean called MB92. There, not only the luxury yachts of the "ordinary millionaires", but also the world-famous oligarchs, who call the top 100 gigayachts worldwide their own, are brought up to date with the latest technology. As a contrast program, you can now take a ride on the funicular del Tibidabo, a funicular up to the highest mountain in Barcelona. At an altitude of 512 meters, the Tibidabo offers a fantastic view of the city and surrounding countryside. In addition to an amusement park for children is especially the "Temple del Sagrat Cor", a beautiful church in the neo-Gothic style, built in 1806, the highlight. You can take the lift up to the very top and admire the city from an altitude of 575 meters above sea level. After sunset, the water games at the impressive Palau Nacional round off the evening before diving into Barcelona's vibrant nightlife.

YACHTS+QUARTERLY IV-2019 Serving and performing is his passion and working for passion is his goal.

New YES-Collaboration: MC Zonte Serving Monaco & Cote d’Azur area By MC Zonte & Dorothea Bartok

My name is M. C. Zonte, I'm french citizen originally east European, grown up between the seaside and learning the nature laws, now living on the French Rivera. My rich professional experiences, communication knowledges and managing skills are due to the fact that I had worked for personalities and famous brands around the coast as conciergeguardian and event organiser. My whole business process is

based on presenting to people the best personalised services that they need (driver, spa, restaurants, sports activities, boats) and best location to stay for their vacation or for their living house, details in taking care of private properties, organising rental boats or administration and events within my entire passional and dynamic implication. I can assure you that sometimes it's really hard work to put all this organisation together,

managing other services as housekeeping, maintenance, looking for the best chefs, hostess or boat captains but everything is possible as we really want it. When we put all our positive energy into making things happen for our wonderful & special customers, and believe me everyone has different special demands. Sociability, rigour and availability are the guarantee of my successful life. Greetings!

MC Zonte serving Monaco-Area



Human Stem Cells for curing & anti ageing Now available at Monaco and more By Klara Doert & Brian Mehling

As a member of the YES- Yachts team, I would like to present to you the exciting and innovative opportunity to participate in setting up Stem Cell Clinics on Superyachts. As many of you are aware, the medical fraternity are now accepting the use of Stem Cells in fighting diseases and regenerative medicine.

YES-yachts.com is following Blue Horizon human stem cell treatments and development since 2009 - always amazed about their progress an internat. growth

More recently, the widespread use of Stem Cells is gaining worldwide recognition as part of the anti ageing treatment regime. Yes-Yachts team welcomes the yachting fraternity plus investors to join us in this exciting new opportunity. Please feel free to ask questions or come and talk us at any time. (+33 6 88 72 68 31 also WhatsApp) Dr. Mehling will be September 26 at the Monaco Yacht Show on a short stop from New York after being elected to share the latest Study on stroke to the German Stemcell Network Conference in Berlin. Pioneering stem cell technology Brian Mehling, M.D. had a vision. His vision focused on a future in which stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine become the preferred treatment over many surgical, pharmacological, and rehabilitative medical services. That vision eventually became a reality with the formation of the Blue Horizon Charitable Foundation (BHCF) and Blue Horizon International (BHI). BHCF was formed with the mission to assist in and finance the advancement of all aspects of stem cell therapies and cellular regenerative medicine and research in full regulatory conformance, in conjunction with the scientific community. The foundation will also support and provide charitable

therapies to those suffering from degenerative diseases and debilitating conditions. In addition, in order to raise awareness and educate the community, the foundation participates in and supports the production of relative documentary films. Dr. Mehling is an American orthopedic trauma surgeon, who practices medicine in both New York and New Jersey. He first became intrigued with stem cell technology and its potential to disrupt the healthcare market while studying biochemistry during his residency. This eventually led to the formation of Blue Horizon International (BHI), which specializes in bringing quality stem cell, regenerative, and related biologic technologies to emerging and established markets in a safe and ethical manner. BHI is a healthcare consulting company with a unique concept that combines treatment, research, and philanthropy. BHI provides the highest quality care and

More of Klara’s interests She safes the environment, is a global frequent traveller and Last but not least her steady search to help charity projects comes out of being longtime student of the worldwide Kabbalah community in Los Angeles.

service available in surgical and medical treatments globally, the most advanced technologies currently available in areas such as stem cell therapy, regenerative medicine, immuneoncology therapy, and also provides resources for those who are medically underserved.



Human stem cell pioneers Blue Horizon Internat. & Alpha Blu Skincare Stem cell therapy is an exciting, potential method for the management and treatment of multiple medical conditions.

Dr. Mehling’s published research, funded by BHCF, has shown ingredients from stem cells can markedly improve a subject’s skin.

As a result, BHI collaborated with a German biologist to create a skin care line, Alpha Blu, based on this research. The line currently includes four products; a day cream, a night cream, an eye cream, and a smoothing skin serum. The third generation of the line is in production and more research is underway to illustrate the benefits of this innovative product.

For more information visit: https://bit.ly/YES-magazine/bluehorizonfoundation or https://bit.ly/YES-magazine/alphabluskincare

The Blue Horizon Charitable Foundation has a unique mission of research, safety, efficacy, value, charity, and global reach untouched by competitors. As stem cell technology becomes more important in managing diseases and disorders, the Blue Horizon Charitable Foundation looks forward t o m a k i n g a p o s i t i ve change.



Interview with 100m+ mega yacht captain Sebastian Gerads By Nicole Simunic

How long have you been going to sea and since when are you captain of a mega yacht? My seafaring career began in 1997. During my studies in Bremen / Germany I completed practical semesters aboard of various ships. For a year I sailed as a “Kadet” container, tanker and heavy cargo vessels. The highlight was certainly a trip on the research vessel POLARSTERN, with which we actually made it in 2001 to the North Pole. After graduation, I landed more or less by chance in the yachting industry. I am sailing as a captain since 2008. I was allowed to look after the construction of a 60m private yacht at the German shipyard Lürssen for an European owner, got its command and sailed over three years around the world. In the following years I was captain of M/Y CARINTHIA VII (97m) and M/Y OKTO (67m). Since last year I have the command aboard of a 100m+ private yacht. How did you get to sea?

home at 5 pm and have no weekend. On a mega yacht, many nationalities of different age groups work together in a very small and sometimes tiny space. They eat together, spend the few spare time together and also share a cabin. Moreover, it is a very hierarchical environment. This of course causes tension from time to time. Controlling and managing this is surely the biggest challenge of any captain on a yacht.

The foundation was laid by my father, who sailed with me from early on and spent the holidays on the sailing boat every year. The deciding factor for my nautical career, however, was ultimately a report in the "Wirtschaftwoche” (means “Business Week"). A friend handed me the article titled "Helpless Shipowners". The point was that there were hardly any offspring in the shipping industry. The good job prospects and a lot of thirst for adventure then led me to boarding a container ship on the way to East Asia just three weeks later.

How often are you at home?

What profession would you do if you had not become a captain?

Can you also hold a wedding ceremony as a captain?

I think it would have been a crafting profession. I am not sure if my talent would have been sufficient, but the work of a carpenter has always fascinated me.

This is actually one of the most frequently asked questions. You can see it on TV regularly. In reality, there is the possibility of a free wedding, but this has no basis in front of the law and does not replace a civil or ecclesiastical wedding. Do you have a favourite place on board?

Which qualifications do you have? In Germany there were two ways for the nautical career at that time. Either you were trained as a ship mechanic or studying with practical semesters. Five years of nautical studies followed by a diploma thesis gave me the opportunity to become a second nautical officer. I had to "extend" my patent and only after a certain time as first officer you get the captain's patent, which ultimately enabled me to take command aboard. In Germany one says captain at sea, in English it reads Master Mariner (unlimited). What is part of your tasks aboard? The task field is very versatile. The actual steering of the ship takes only a fraction. Itinerary planning, guest care, organisation of maintenance and shipyard times, financial accounting and much more. Of course you do all this in a team. Nevertheless, you need to imagine a yacht as a medium-sized enterprise. However, the employees do not go

Because of the fact that I share my captains position with a colleague, I am on board for about 10 weeks and then back home for 10 weeks. Luckily times have changed. At the beginning of my career this was a lucky exception. Increasingly more yachts offer rotation nowadays, a few even for the entire crew. I think that's the way to go, because the efficiency of each crew-member is significantly higher, especially on yachts that make a dual-season overseas.

Definitely the bridge. And that does not have to do with just being in control a lot from there. You have the best view. And you will even be paid for it ;-) How do you spend your free time on board? There is not much free spare time on board during the season. In the months from June to September it happens that the crew has not even a single day off. The same applies to the months of December to February, when the ship is in the Caribbean, for example. If there is a little time left, I like to go for a run and then eat well with a clear conscience enjoying a wine or beer.

Sebastian Gerads, captain / master mariner (unlimited) Former vessels: M/Y CARINTHIA VII & M/Y OKTO



Interview with chairman of Azimut / Benetti Group PaoloVitelli @ Monaco Yacht Show

Ft. Lauderdale the yachting capital of the United States

by Klara Doert & G.-A. Lubukay Bright Asare

With 40 models in production, the Group’s four brands – Atlantis, Azimut, Azimut Grand and Benetti offer yacht lovers a variety of ways to experience the sea: on open / sport yachts, flybridges or mega yachts.

like some dutch and german shipyards not for sale. His company is strong in capital as a private owned group and not hold by banks. As a private company they can work more effectively than under pressure of bank takeover like most American competitors. What counts is besides customization of a personalized yacht the continous service after. The Azimut / Benetti group invest a lot for their professional staff training to offer full-fledge service maintenance packages after the sale took place. Vitelli founded the Azimut/Benetti Group over 50 years ago and today presides over an industry-leading company with nine production plants, approx. 2000 employees just at its facilities in Italy and a worldwide sales network comprised of 138 offices in 68 countries.

Paolo Vitelli is esteemed by the yachting industry worldwide for creating the largest private group in the yachting sector. W h e n I p r e s e n t e d S i g n o r Vi t e l l i o n e o f t h e past issues of “BOAT Attitude” he flipped through the pages and pointed out this company is broke, that one is in insolvence, this one was bought by… - it seems this is fact in this high-roller segment of marine industries these days! He stated that his group is the only private-owned company worldwide nowadays. The state of the industry in the moment is still fighting worldwide. It’s a moment of distinction. The feel of recovery after the 2008 dip is sensed but nothing is like it was before. Clients are less inclined to spend money for buying a yacht and more protective about their investments. Paolo Vitelli sees the technology of the industry in a constant change - to care more towards the needs of clients. Offering a more effective financial management the Azimut / Benetti group e.g. takes away all problems for owners to finance and manage a yacht. Special since lot’s of yachts are for sale owned by banks. The mission is to look more into small details, fill niches, personalizing boats of customization compared to worldwide brands. He pointed out that the Azimut / Benetti group is similar


Klara with the chairman of Azimut / Benetti Group Paolo Vitelli The premium Italian yacht builders more information about Benetti? email to: sales@YES-yachts.com


“Nothing is comparable to having such a great threedimensional art sculpture than owning it!� by Roberto Barile

Incredibly unique pieces of art become a part of a superyacht interior

Did it already happen to you that you stood on a marvellous yacht and admired all the precious and creative artworks? We from YES-yachts.com are delighted every time we enter one of these dream yachts and let our eyes wander over the tasteful interior and selection of different pieces of art. So it happens that we want to introduce you to one of these artists in person. NCCUdesign is the name of an artist and autodidact with a love of creativity that lives on in her lifetime. Already in her teens she developed her artistic streak and she began painting on silk. Further work with natural materials such as loam and clay were added in a row.

based on major Hollywood productions, in one-piece editions. Since 2011 commissioned work for worldwide privateers (even from the maritime sector) with continued customer service. In 2016 - amongst other things design and implementation of YESBusiness Lounge in cooperation with the CEO of YES-Yachting Exclusive Services GmbH in Germany. In the further course she discovered in 2017 the artistic branch of liquid acrylic painting and the art object design for herself and started successful cooperations with other artists and selling her art in galleries.

Once of a kind and unique is now the brand new designed and Constantly creative development produced atmospheric wall art. made her devote herself to the design An interplay of artist acrylic and and manufacture of children's alcohol colors with resin and glitter, clothing and pieces of furniture, hologram tinsel and pigments, paired



The combinati on of resin, pigments and real crystals, as well as alcohol ink and quartz pieces melted together to a very unique surface for artistic wallpanels of all kinds also led backlighte

The materials of boat-builders like epoxy resin, hardener, Swarovski crystals, glass & gold flakes inspired the artist to spectacular compositions Choose your own style, colours & materials with fire glass, real crystals and real gold powder make these LED backlighted art-objects a real eye-catcher. Any size (from extensive complete wall coverings to gift-size), color and design with real semi-precious stones such as mountain crystals from Brazil and amethysts or tourmalines from Madagascar and frames made of wood or aluminum are feasible. This unprecedented combination of art and lighting make these objects with their luminosity an absolute conversation piece among your friends and acquaintances and delight especially the owner's heart. Inspired? So, get your personal art-quote, now.




getting fit again our CEO’s transformation

It took Roberto more than 2 years of sweat in all kinds of sports as well as a fun turn over of his over all diary. The amazing result is shown in the pictures here below. He lost more or less nearly the half of his body weight and gained back a lot of personal drive and over all health benefits. While on a business trip to Dubai 2017 he set his personal deadline to stop going down a very stressful and heavy road in life. He just came from another trip to Milan where he had to stop every 50metres and could not even follow his assistant going out for window shopping from store to store. So then he came back from the desert willing to start with his 2 personal trainers he was not even able to do any normal sports at all,


get back in yachting-shape like our boss did for more information email to: backinshape@YES-yachts.com


normal sports at all, because of his over all body weight and problems in his joints and over all physical constitution. Following the thesis of nothing is impossible if you dream it you can do it, they found an innovative way to train his heavy body with the most sophisticated NASA development for their astronauts. EMS was the secret which he is still doing since 2 years now on a regular basis. The so called EMS-training is an Electric Muscle Stimulation which amplifies small muscle moves with the electric stimulation. Basically you are provocating a muscle contraction by electric shocks and the actual sport-moves just need to be very small ones. Like a sit-up or small arm movement which are enough to be done for a full body workout, because you are stimulating your whole body with lots of electric-pads which are hidden in a special wire-connected suit combined with a special underwear which lets pass the power-shocks right into your muscles. Roberto was impressed by the continuous results and the very small space a full body-work out could request. The perfect system for small spaces in any type of yacht for the best personal training you could think of. So the idea was born to offer fitness-yacht-charters aboard of a fleet of various destinations and different vessels of all sizes. Fit up your life!


M/Y MERLIN 63 meter ex-warship minesweeper becomes a superyacht the dierent steps of conversion In June 2011 I got a call of a very close friend of the industry telling me about a carisimatic gentleman who wants to invest his money into an unusual boat

building project. it should be an exnavy vessel with the structural option to become a sweet looking private yacht. After evaluating several options a fleet of 4 36 meter all the same vessels was found and we started to design the conversion’s exterior lines of the glamurous rebirth. The idea of a small luxury line by YES-yachts was born. Meanwhile the future owner did not stop to look around for even more exiting project boats and what has been found is the german navy vessel Ex-

Ex-Muehlhausen (all wooden hull, built in 1964) becomes a private superyacht - new name: M/Y Merlin by Roberto Barile & Angelique Brunner

Muehlhausen a 63 meter minesweeper ship, built in 1966 and still in full military operation till a few years ago. The target swiped to this vessel and the owner, completely new to yachting, was exitied to start not with one of the

the choice felt on the Egyptian shipyard due to their navy know how, their equipment and last but not least their unique pricepoint. So the first target was to get the vessel going! The ship had to be registered first (going through discussions about the vessel being an arm or not) and after the upgrade of the navigational systems, the security setup, engine overhauls and generator checks & repairs as well as the upgrade of the electrical system the vessel got its Cook Island flag with no problems due to the perfect work of the engineers aboard. After a publicity generating first sea trial with a hart touch of the harbors sea wall by the back of the vessel the problem had to be figured out why the steering system did not work 100% even that hassel had been taken quickly.

smaller vessels which were purchased before, but right away with the large 63 meter ship. The idea to rebuild all the vessels completely was the aim. One by one. In order to find the best value for money we discussed the projects with our affiliated shipyards in Germany, Turkey, Spain and Egypt. After several offers we


The arrival at the conversion shipyard in Egypt Transfer from Kiel, Germany to Egypt on her own keel without any problems! Now she is seeking a new owner for completion


M/Y MERLIN the historical wooden vessel gets a fully wooden upgrade Step 2 At the point of purchase the vessel could not have all the before mentioned work to be done. We had to transfer the ex-navy ship by strong trawlers into a Kiel Shipyard for making her seaworth again. This transfer did not happen incognito - ex-Muehlhausen, now named MY MERLIN, has been in the newspaper from day of the transit. Bloggers and private shipseekers reported about the transit, the docking-touch rumours and all available facts around. So MY MERLIN got a real celebrity in german local newspapers and radio stations around Kiel. The engine overhaul turned out to become a little tricky due to their massive 16 cylinders MAYBACH engines built in 1966 which have very special screws and tools to be used for working on them. The safari to find

these tools turned out as a time consuming and impossible mission. So to cut the edge our engineer aboard started to build the needed tools himself. Being an all wooden boat structural checks have been made before buying the vessel and the fully complete maintainance journal of the German

the new solid bulwark on the main deck and all around the vessel By Roberto Barile

Photos: local shipyard

navy showed each and every screw ever been purchased used or existing just for spare parts. Millions and millions of Euros have been invested over the last years for maintaining the vessel in perfect shape and fully operational for an eventual military or war operation. So visiting the vessel we found it very puristic and a little old school styled, but in 100% high quality heavy duty build condition. So during the process of figuring out the operational documents our design team started the work on the exterior overall rebuild design and the interior floor plans.

Working with such a carismatic toy full of history my colleagues decided to stay in their hotel as planned, but me and my

close friend decided to stay aboard during my visits at the berth in the shipyard at Kiel. We had hardly electric power to go throu all the cabins aboard, but the engineers figured it out in a second. So sleeping in the first officers lounge I got my ideas for the future floor plan. Lots and lots of small military cabins needed to become spacious owners and guest cabins. Now as you see in the attached pictures the ship arrived already in Egypt, after a long and hard sea trial making it perfectly with no hassels all the way down to Egypt. At the shipyard the conversion has already begun. First of all after the refit of the overall teakdeck the wooden bulkwalk has been installed. Now the main deck gets a massive extension and 2 additional decks will be realized soon. Already this summer, just about 6 months later the complete conversion will be finished and MY MERLIN will start her new career as a private luxury yacht. We will keep you posted.

Wood coating on the new bulwark For sale as is STEP 2 = EUR 1.580.000 For sale at STEP 3 = EUR 1.900.000 For sale fully finished = EUR 2.800.000 see brochure at: http://bit.ly/YES-magazineMYMERLIN



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