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The art to find the right symbiosis between luxury yachting and other prime toys.

The combo: luxury yachting +more talking about more than just yachts By Roberto Barile

Following the thesis of more than just one focused specialist we are proud to present our first edition of the completely overhauled YES-magazine combining our business in superyacht & megayacht brokerage with a prime selection of different luxury items.

Beside the content, images and over all setup the right timing is also important for our newest edition. starts the season-sale of large yachts at the Monaco Yacht Show - followed by the overseas event at Fort Lauderdale The proven business quality International Boat Show, as well of all involved people made it a as the next European shows at While collaborating for bit more easy to realize this latest Genova, Barcelona and more. many years only with YES-magazine edition. handpicked luxury agents Choosing the digital way of The every year prime worldwide we initiated and publishing the magazine thru the Yachting and Luxury event developed this idea for quiet a web - it makes it much more “Monaco Yacht Show� is the while. So at first we needed to flexible, interesting to browse, perfect moment to share our find the right people in the right more detailed information by it latest news. moment who came together and attached links and soon told us at YES- Yachting implementing even video & So welcome to the all new Exclusive Services about their audio sequences. So just take YES-magazine - Monaco edition luxury story, hot deals and your time, lay back and enjoy Q-IV-2011 providing you with prestigious products as well as 1st our selection of various luxury some new luxury ideas. Have a class services. themes. good time while reading it!


Doing so the symbiosis of these luxury agents has developed one common goal: to always exceed their customers expectations! by combining forces to fulfill all customer needs and requests.


Luxury conversion of strong warships transformation into superyachts By Roberto Barile

At the beginning was a phone call of one of my broker colleagues telling me that he found a series of 5 swedish ex-navy vessels for sale - wanting them as work-ships for sea-platforms or other heavy duty stuff and reselling them technically refitted for a small margin. Talking about it with friends of the yachting industry an idea was born > MY LIN NEA. I set up a team of interior designers, architects, technicians and a well equipped top shipyard to create a superyacht based on these warship hulls. The plan is to convert these vessels into private luxury yachts by spending much less than others do.

“Working in the design and architecture team of MY LIN NEA is a challenging target due to switch between war and luxury use. Our design visions had to fit the fast vessel lines. So the name LIN NEA was born.” Petra Leckelt

would dream about.

So what makes this idea of an extraordinary 40+ meter motor yacht so unique? presents MY LIN NEA, an amazing conversion-project to realize just as the future owner likes. See what we are planning to make out of a 1980ties fast military vessel full of history > a brand new stunning luxury yacht! The designers are following absolutely new tracks. Trust on its heavy build hull, relax in our luxurious interiors and look at its fresh & high style exterior lines. So let’s take a closer look to the varieties of concepts we offer to the new owners. We are willing to realize one of these 5 vessels just for you!

Revival par excellence the rebirth of a myth. Converting a heavy built warship into a luxurious superyacht.


MY LIN NEA 130+ft - 40+m 6.900.000 EUR +tax for more information email to: see the full brochure at:


Sailing yacht - full refit! 78 footer ADAM from St. Petersburg Russia By Marlo Plate presents SY ADAM, a 23meter sailing yacht and its prime vision of a complete REFIT in dark or light wood... just as you like! The future owner has the choice how to realize this amazing refit project. The sailing yacht SY ADAM has been built in the 1990ties at a St. Petersburg shipyard (Russia) and is a really solid steel hull. At the time she has been fully finished and was sailing for several years. The former owner decided to start a refit which sadly could not be completed. He originally started the refit in 2006 and passed away during the first actions of the refit. “A mysterious end of a great vision - so let’s finish to grind this diamond!” says Roberto Barile, chairman and founder of the globally operating superyacht brokerage company YES- Yachting Exclusive Services with headquarters in Duesseldorf, Germany. Now she is in a spanish ship-repair-yard which is highly specialized in first class builds and refits of all kinds of boats and superyachts. The sailing yacht ADAM has been completely emptied out in terms of interior and exterior items, walls and most of the installation. The basis for a full refit/rebuild has been realized. So she is ready for a completely new interior design - even with a new layout and with room for all kinds of amenities the new owner likes to implement. Roberto Barile decided to pick this marvelous yacht for a sales special. We

make your sailing dreams come true! The below mentioned price is including highest standard interiors (1st class owner’s quality) with absolutely amazing finishings. But first Marlo Plate inspected the yacht onsite in the Barcelona area and provided the basic information, photo shots and the full history of this spectacouls sailing yacht. So and the ship- and refit-yard are looking for the potential new owner to realize the full refit vision within highest standards and best on board equipment. “It's definitely going to be an owner's version with relevant high quality finish and layout! - We want to show off with the very best of the performance we can provide” says the owner of the spanish refit-yard. See the pictures of the vessel's current status in the attached brochure (just follow the link at the end of this article). You will also find some more colored sketches in detail and renderings of the designer’s vision how exactly this sailing yacht it is going to be finished.

Proposal: Dark wood salon design “Bring her back to the very top of her sailing life!” Roberto Barile

Talking about the time frame of this project the refit-yard, YES-yachts’ naval architects and our interior design team are willing to fulfill YOUR SAILING DREAMS in less than a year bringing her back again to the very top of her sailing life! The refit has been calculated in full in order to give you a prime selection plan. The final sales price does include the interior furniture as in the attached drawings. So the new owner will be able to choose the type of sails he wants and start his sailing tour in summer 21012. The yard is only waiting for the new owner’s choices, wishes, visions, preferences and needs - so they can decide on the type of finishing and setup of the vessel.

The exterior: twin power waking up the winds

The unique wide salon windows give this owners’ yacht a special type of style, timeless pure design.

By Roberto Barile

outside design of the 78ft SY ADAM Strong and fast ketch sailing yacht for much more than just a light breeze.


The refit project SY ADAMS is based on a very solid steel hull, fully cleaned, overhauled and finished to perfection. The big bulb is providing top stability even in strong waters and winds.

Both masts are strongly built and will be facing the forces of the elements to perfection. A Ketch shaped sailing yacht is always very unique in terms of high performance and top endurance.

This ketch sailing yacht is going to offer the new owner an all round sailing experience - top sailing performance combined with a lot of living space inside and outside. Fine teak deckings are used to cover all horizontal surfaces of the vessel.

23 meters a size where the new owner can still pick if he/her wants to sail sailing yacht ADAM with friends and family or if the owner likes to have her operated by a professional crew - so just chilling and enjoying the winds.


Proposal: Light wood cabin design

Your choice: light or dark wood interiors? the philosophy of colors and style By Roberto Barile

The here shown renderings of our latest sailing refit project SY ADAM are based on the idea to offer two types of color varieties, a light wood interior for a stylish light and wide cabin feeling or the darker wood variety for a touch of classic modern sailing yacht style.

Daylight is the mission! Relax on the real wood teak deck and after a day full of sunshine you do not have to miss the sunlight in your saloon, too. The wide daylight flooded salon is going to be the space where to socialize and sit with friends and/or crew after a day full of sailing or just chilling in a romantic bay anchored. We keep the radiation outside with a The dark wood styling is a tribute to the ‘bounty times’ of very special glass in built sun protection. sailing. The wood can be finished in high glossy or mat color Get a closer look while following the below mentioned finish. The overall design line will nevertheless be brand-new, link to the full brochure and fix an appointment with us at top modern, very functional and contemporary. Barcelona to visit the yacht in SY ADAM, refitted! The light wood styling is a tribute to the straight lines of person. 78ft - 23,5m nowadays high style penthouse furnitures in one of the Realize your 2.250.000 EUR +tax fashion metropolis of the 21st century. Also functional and dreams for a unique in use of open spaces. fraction of the for more information normal costs for a email to: Choose your guest cabin with double beds, single beds or 23 meter sailing additional pullman beds. yacht. see the full brochure at:



Many concepts have been constructed, to make private yachting a tax-deductible business; most have failed. An European Council Regulation delivers a norm, which makes „same rules for everyone“, no matter in which European country he is settled or his yacht is flagged. Combined with the synergetic effects of classical ownerships, some new horizons do appear at the sky of yachting - even beyond the EU, like here in Dubai.

With MotherShip by MemberShip to OwnerShip A fancy new concept makes your yacht come true... quicker, bigger and more streamlined than it ever did on your own. by Uwe Pordzik

In the beginning, there was a classical concept of businessadministration, which is taught at universities until today, because it is bearing advantages for all people involved, without any costs of finance: Imagine, you wanted to buy a yacht for about 4 Millions. Imagine further, you could save 400.000 each year (the interest is compensating inflation). After ten years, you get your yacht without any loan.


after one year, and now just five share one yacht - at already two destinations. Even ten years passed, none of you is disadvantaged, compared to doing it alone - and not a single cent of loan was needed.

ADVANTAGE: From the very first beginning, just five share in one yacht and you may choose between two destinations, at once. The turbo boost makes the system run quicker. In the end, five owners share into five yachts after five years - to be Synergy ONE: You can exact: after FOUR years, choose amongst ten destinations, already. STILL, the expenses are without wasting time or gasoline, PRIVATE. no matter, how far the distances are. But still, the expenses are So, the two HolderShips private. needed an OrganizationShip, which coordinates the Now imagine, there were nine So imagine, you built TWO commercial chartering amongst other people like you, everyone ownerships of the ten buddies each other. The first, fully with the same goal. Each of involved, two times five. Now, functional H2O-Molecule is them is putting his 400.000 each of you had to save 800.000 borne. (EUR /USD, no matter) into the a year, which is still just one fifth pool, and the first yacht can be of the target price. Now, this is fully taxbought - at once. The second deductible!


The job is not done by taxengineering only.

Destinations around the world, reached by air-speed.

Add some financial engineering and you are in heaven.

Photos: Uwe Pordzik

Indeed, MotherShip has to deliver services far beyond the bare taxengineering, to make this yacht-dreamcome-true. Like an automobile-club or a dating-base, it has to submit a database to bring owners with compatible goals together. To do that all around the world, modern means of communication are needed: Not everyone is at the Monaco yacht show at the same time to make up his mind for a multi-million-dollar decision.

To enjoy yacht-live, there, in slow-mo.

art-deco-hotel. You can build sandwiches of a yacht in between a birth you keep is the cash as an additional and a luxury-apartment. security. Imagine, you payed some six percent for the loan To put your focus on some of the numerous other advantages, just keep in what we know, is possible - to get mind, that not one single cent of loan some twelve percent for your assets has been involved up to now.

To exploit new destinations, the team of MotherShip is traveling around the world: Montenegro is a new place-to-go! ADVANTAGE: Choose amongst the finest destinations in the world. Of course, the concept is not restricted to yachts alone: In Acapulco, Mexico, a new marina is developed in combination with the restoration of an

what we know, is possible, too. Thus, every yacht is coming up for a part of its maintenance costs.

Some financial engineering added, you can imagine, that you get a loan of two millions to buy your yacht. What

for more information email to: see the full brochure at:

ADVANTAGE: Every yacht is coming up for its expenses. At least, tanks and fridges are loaded, no matter, what times of global crises we have. And one day, you will remember: It all started with a membership in some unique, global yacht-club. With MotherShip by MemberShip to OwnerShip! Of course, this concept is working also for a single owner of a single yacht.

YACHTS+QUARTERLY IV-2011 Low power consumption, long life cycle, small mounting spaces and endless ways to decorate interiors and exteriors ..only a few of the benefits for LED lights

LED-interior lights a tribute to consumption & life cycle By Marion Callies for nature light has also an important meaning for privacy: no light no life. Just imagine a dark winter day without having appropriate lighting or imagine a dark yacht cabin or house with no light after a long and stressful working period. But light is not only lighting, it is mood and a feel-good factor too. However, only healthy light can contribute according to a wellbeing. Disruptive and flickering

light is rather unpleasant and makes you sick, e.g. bright white fluorescent tubes. Energy saving lamps have a certain long start time until they generate sufficient brightness. They are highly toxic due to their mercury content and still give off a harmful radiation. This is also not a solution especially just for living rooms and households it definitely joined the stylish interiors of nowadays modern yachts.

The days of the conventional light bulb, as it is popularly called, are over. More than 90 % of its energy is converted into heat. Due to the very less efficiency the operation, sale and manufacture is mostly prohibited. Gradually, the bulbs will disappear from the shelves. Similarly, metal halide lamps and energy inefficient halogen lamps are things of the past.

LED styled interior rooms & cabins


Does the future lie in the dark? LED enlights your not only the yacht By Werner Callies

Due to the ever-increasing energy costs and particularly to make a contribution to environmental protection it is probably the most sensible solution: the light-emitting diode, shortly LED.

range, the light is nearly monochrome. Therefore, “Lorem Ipsum Dolor Set Ahmet In they are in use as signal light very efficiently Condinmentum. Nullam Wisi Acru compared to other light sources, which have Suscpit viviamuscolour Lorem filtered outConsectetuer to obtain a monochromatic Ipsum Dolor Set Ahmet. Lorem Ipsum characteristics of color filters for most of the Dolor Set Ahmet In Wisi Acru Suscpit spectrum.

Environmentally friendly, pollution-neutral, energy Consectetuer viviamus.” efficient, without release of harmful UV radiation Leo Praesen and with very little heat, it is almost the ideal solution to replace all conventional bulbs. These LED bulbs have a tremendous shelf life, which can last more than up to 25 times than conventional bulbs. The advantages of LEDs can not be compared to any other available light sources in the market. It's not just about power saving but the replacement of defective bulbs could also cause large costs. "More than 40,000 hours of life” has the LED. The acquisition of LED lighting is supposedly expensive. But this pays for itself in savings in lamp replacement, even without considering the cost of craft! " LED could save up to 90 % of electricity compared to halogen lamps and compared with fluorescent lights it is still more than up to 60 %. In commercial areas it has already begun its triumphant entry, while the household yet responded sluggishly to the new technology.

LEDs could not be established for all colors of the visible spectrum for a long time. The use of green LEDs for traffic signals was not possible due to the lack of technology required for the blue-green light color. The mass production of GaN-based blue LEDs began in 1993.

LEDs are usually capped with polymers. For highintensity LEDs glass or metal housing are used. Metal casing, usually made of aluminum are used LED - A light emitting diode (also luminescent mainly for heat dissipation. The plastic body is diode, light-emitting diode English, German light- often shaped like a lens and above is crystal. He emitting diode, LED) is an electronic sets the critical angle of total reflection pools and semiconductor device. Flows through the diode in thus reduced the power emitted radiation to a the forward direction, it emits light, infrared smaller, definable spatial angle. Glass has a radiation (as infrared light emitting diode) or by generally higher refractive index than plastic and ultraviolet radiation with a semiconductor material synthetic resin and therefore it can be more and the doping-dependent wavelength. concentrated (through the use of glass lenses), the rays of the LED. Unlike incandescent light emitting diodes are no heat lamps. They emit light in a limited spectral A colored must have even your private home, villa or company building are the best places to represent yourself by a modern & colorful illumination


What are the alternatives? LEDs as a replacement for bulbs aboard

"The lighting with LED technology is increasingly gaining ground,"

By Werner Callies

Marion Callies

There are big differences in. The lowcost LED (light emitting diodes) lamp which you can grab at discount stores or hardware stores can not compete with the efficacy of high-quality optoelectronic LED technology. The difference is easily recognisable. While discount deals are just bright and give off almost no light compared to the high-quality LED. The light is different. The high-quality LED illuminates objects even in a far distance. Also known are the bright white lights that illuminate the winter time, some Christmas trees or balconies, the comfort of warm light, however, remains on the sidelines. In the meanwhile any light colour can be produced by the LED, from the cozy warm tone to white light, everything is possible. In general it is always worth a comparison. The main objects of our German collaborating light design company is to explain the enormous savings potential and of course all the other advantages of LED Lighting to yachting people. This is in most cases an easily switch of the lightning without the use of equity, while the reconstruction can be financed by the monthly energy saving and replacement costs. This means none or almost no additional cost for the yacht owner. In a short time, the issue has paid off. Likewise we advise private clients, especially when halogen spotlights are used.

LED Light Solutions for more information email to: see the full catalouge at:

Other advantages are the lack of heat. It is noticeably cooler in premises which are illuminated with LED technology. Smaller air condition systems are needed. This course contributes to a longer retention of guests in the salon or cabins of the yacht. LED's have no harmful ultraviolet radiation, which is e. g. especially noticeable in the textile sector and walk-in closets. Clothes are no longer fading because of UV light.

solutions in the financial sector, our collaborating light design company, with its concept, really found a market niche. Accentual Light & Solution manufacture their own product, they know the market and they can advise accordingly.

A big advantage for the customer: Generally advice takes place directly at the customer's yacht, home, business place or in the premises, because the required light intensity and light colour The safety aspect is not to be ignored! Due to the low power consumption not should be tried there, where it should be only the interior, but also the exterior of used. It is not necessarily successful to choose the lighting only on a basis of a yacht can be lit longer if the electricity costs are reduced by up to 80 technical data or measured values. %. Long battery time everyone can supply. At least the interesting design varieties of different LED lights should be Today when everybody is increasingly mentioned. Massive aluminum, acts as concerned about energy saving, a heat sink. The lamps do not discolor environmental protection and savings even after long use.

Super power LED Underwater lights enlight the ocean By Claudio Amato provides german craftsmanship, experience the power of research and development in nautical electronics. Finest quality your vessel deserves! Underwater lights for more information email to:

see the full catalouge at:

Beside of the fact that we are a global operating brokerage-company, we like to provide you always with the newest, best and most unique yachting gadgets and toys. Assign to our quarterly YES-magazine to be always up to date! choose our one of a kind products and be different! Learn to say YES- !

PRODUCT ADVANTAGES: - through-hull in stainless steel - double o-ring / triple water sealed - air releasing anti-condensation included - internal electronic - high impact & temp. resistant borosilikat glass - one single high power LED watts 30 or 50 w - voltage: 12 v - light angle 110ยบ-140ยบ - light intensity1500 up to 3100 lumen - diameter flange ร˜ 85 mm


“Not only the entrance of the villa is absolutely breathtaking! Enjoy a wide open view into an elegant green environment - even from your main staircase! The perfect way to welcome your friends, guests & clients.” Roberto Barile

7900sqft / 2400qm living area at Duesseldorf Prime Real Estate: White Villa Grafenberg By Petra Leckelt

The L-shaped, very representative, modern "White Villa Grafenberg" situated in Duesseldorf-Grafenberg, with a total of approximately 2 411 m² (7 910 sqft) of living and usable space, offers trough its elegant and intelligent architecture a standard of living which is at the highest level. The division in two adjacent (main building and annex) enables different uses of the various areas and combines exclusive accommodation and work areas which can also be re-developed into a very spacious living environment per request. Built in 2010, this light and airy property, enhanced by skylights, consists of approx. 840 m² (2 756 sqft) living space and additional approx. 1 570 m² (5 151 sqft) of surface area and trough its design, using clear fronts and wooden floorboards reminds one of the forms of a ship.

The interior design can be determined by the buyer themselves, since the house itself will be handed over wholly surface free and adaptable. The building quality is emphasized by the superior technical equipment including heated floors, partly air-conditioning, safety equipment, building control systems, modern lighting, and more. The very prestigious and open lobby is emphasized by the floor to ceiling windows offering light and elegance. The total four floors are connected to each other by personal elevator and two staircases. The onsite garage offers parking spaces for up to ten vehicles. The bright and spacious living area, with an integrated gas fireplace, can be further opened up by the superior quality Aluminum sliding doors approximately 8 meters wide toward the garden.

YACHTS+QUARTERLY IV-2011 Wood floor terraces, floor to ceiling windows over all and a highly modern contemporary style - this is what the villa is all about... open space space and even more space!

4 floors of wide spaces living, working and relaxation ..A library, a dining room and kitchen with separate entry complete this area.

guest room which includes a private bathroom. This room is wholly separated from the master bedrooms.

to implement all facilities which are required for the space to be used as a sports and wellness area.

On the first floor, two master bedrooms are separated by sizable dressing rooms with sky lights and both have their own en-suites, in addition to a comfortable room with a fireplace and terrace to invite you to relax.

The potential office space, with a separate entrance on the ground floor, extends over 129 m² which could also be converted into a spacious show kitchen with an open dining area extending to the garden.

There is also 300 m² which could be used to full advantage by the installation of a homecinema or an indoor sports activity field.

Also on the first floor is an extra room which is perfect for use as either a children's bedroom or

Rejuvenate on the ground floor with the swimming pool. This area is enclosed by glass fronts which offer full views of the garden and offers enough space

Integrated within the house is a private annex.

prime area: in front of horse track & golf court


underground car park for 10 cars private gym indoor pool elevator The private annex: This area however, is secluded so that the privacy within the main house is not disturbed in any way. This impressive property captivates with its optimal usage of land and living space, including the secluded garden areas which are easy to maintain at all times. The address itself is a top selling point. Grafenberg is one of the very best quartiers of Duesseldorf - the state capital of Nord-Rhine-Westfalia. Special events like the major German horse races take place on the racecourse just in front of your future property and if you like to meet your friends and business partners for a round of golf, the golf court is a part of the horse racecourse, too. So the best place to live, work and relax! If you like more information of this prime real estate just follow the link in the below info-box. We are always happy to take you for a private tour. So, welcome at Duesseldorf !

on the market for 7.000.000 EUR for more information email to: see the full brochure at:

A marvelous place to combine luxury living with high class commercial space. Close to DUS-airport. by Petra Leckelt


Comspot joined the baptism of "Celebrity Silhouette" informing all visitors @ Hamburg

the newest top Apple products aboard

Photos: Oliver Fantitsch

There, the crusaders get their mail, surf the web and edit their photos on 26 MacBooks with professional software before returning home. During the baptismal events Comspot was present with a booth in the infolounge. In the pavilion the on land remaining visitors got an impression of the Apple world and received extensive information on various Apple products such as the iPad 2 or the latest generation Macbook Pro. "Technology for hands-on" was the motto, which was picked up enthusiastically by the audience.

The cruise ship provides travelers the “iLounge” equipped with 26 MacBooks for receiving and sending emails, browsing and image editing. Celebrity silhouette is no. four of five cruise ships in the American shipping company in the so-called Celebrity Cruises Solstice (Solstice) class. The gleaming white ship, 315 meters (1033ft) long and 37 meters (121ft) wide, was baptized in the “Hafen City” of Hamburg. On 21 July 2011 a couple of thousand people came to this special event and were entertained by a full-day program. The actual baptism took place on board and by exclusive invitation only, but also all the visitors who stayed on land could be pampered with the amenities that the Celebrity Silhouette can offer.

For those who wanted to look at the port of Hamburg and the Elbe from the similar height of the upper deck, this was possible on the largest portable ferris wheel in the world. From 60 meters, there was also a breathtaking view of downtown.

Every hour complimentary tickets were raffled off for this special tour. Celebrity Cruises offers Especially for this the “Hafen City” was their furnished with a chill-out lounge. passengers Whether on the specially created lawn aboard of or sandy beach, you had the full view of Silhouette the the luxury liner, including massage use of a very therapists, or enjoying the fitness exclusive program. iLounge.

Two Comspot customers were very lucky winning the event lottery price: a two-day maiden cruise with a companion in the North Sea. They could enjoy the luxury of Celebrity Silhouette on board and were completely charmed by the vessel.

The Premium Reseller - yacht installation & support on apple computers + apple audio & video entertainment. for more information email to: see the website at:

YACHTS+QUARTERLY IV-2011 and its partners say thank you for reading us. See you for the very next YES-magazine soon! By Roberto Barile

It has been a real pleasure to put these lines together for you. We would be happy to receive your thoughts and ideas at

Best regards Mit freundlichen Gruessen Cordiali Saluti Saludos cordiales

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YES-magazine 2011-Q4  

Lifestyle magazine about the latest highlights of the luxurious yachting world by - your global superyacht brokers!

YES-magazine 2011-Q4  

Lifestyle magazine about the latest highlights of the luxurious yachting world by - your global superyacht brokers!