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Fi l i pi no Communi ty New spaper COV ER to COV ER UNITED KINGDOM EDITION



Goodbye M a'am ! Queen El i zabeth I I 21 A pri l 1926 - 8 September 2022

Th e Fi l i pi no Communi ty i n th e UK condol es w i th th e Royal Fami l y on th e Queen's passi ng

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?It is a fitting time to look back at our native country?s historical ties with Great Britain. In the Philippine history corner, you?ll find an account of the landing of the British flotilla in Manila more than 250 years ago.?

EPTEM BER h as com e an d it ?s t im e f or u s t o say goodbye t o su m m er .

In recent months, we?ve had all sorts of weather - from pleasantly warm sunny days, to oppressively scorching hot days, and typically British rainy days. The temperature has now dipped considerably, and autumn is waiting in the wings. The Filipino community had been exceptionally busy with different joyous summer activities such as food and music festivals, anniversary event, sportsfest, outreach programme, and heritage day. If you missed some, or all of them, you can get a feel of the jolly atmosphere enjoyed by the lucky ones by reading about them and by looking at the lovely photos that are spread all over this month?s issue of Yes Philippines.

On a sad note, we have lost our beloved Queen Elizabeth II early this month. Our community in the UK extends its condolences to the Royal Family, with some of our fellow Pinoys sharing their reaction to her passing as we join the rest of the world in mourning the death of Britain?s longest reigning monarch. It is a fitting time to look back at our native country?s historical ties with Great Britain. In the Philippine history corner, you?ll find an account of the landing of the British flotilla in Manila more than 250 years ago. In a related article, we get a glimpse of the present economic relations between the two countries in a report on the announcement of the UK?s increased investments in the Philippines. All these and more are in your favourite news magazine?s September offering. So, make time for an informative and entertaining read. Enjoy!

This Edition is distributed all over the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland)

Pu blish er M ARY SOL PIM ENTEL Associat e Pu blish er SARAH M AE LARAGAN M an agin g Edit or M ARIA ELLIS Pr odu ct ion M an ager PAULA PEREZ Ar t Dir ect or JOHN KNUCKLES Wr it er s/ Con t r ibu t or s VIVA O'FLYNN PEPS VILLANUEVA ROBERT LABAYEN CAM ILLE EUSEBIO EDGAR DUAY Adver t isin g KARLA DUCAY Colu m n ist LIRA SIM ON-CABATBAT Cir cu lat ion FERNAN DOM INGO BIEN EVANGELISTA




Si gni f i cant Ev ents i n September BYTHEKAHIMYANGPROJECT


OURTEEN Sep t em b er 1815, t he g a lleo n t ra d e b et w een t he Philip p ines a nd M exic o end ed

On 14th September 1815, the galleon trade between the Philippines and Mexico ended, a few years before Mexico gained independence from Spain in 1821.

under Martial Law, suspending the civil rights and imposing military authority. Congress was also abolished. Marcos explained that martial law was intended to suppress civil strife and the threat of communist takeover following the series of bombings in Manila. The attempt on the life of then Minister of Defense Juan Ponce Enrile gave Marcos a window to declare Martial Law (Enrile would later reveal that the assassination attempt on his life was staged).

P. Romulo as head of the Philippine delegation to the United Nations (UN) was elected President of fourth General Assembly. Romulo received the votes of the representatives of all 59 nations except those of Russia and its satellite states which give 5 votes to the Czech Foreign Minister and the vote from Yugoslavia being declared invalid. Romulo later served as President of the Security Council on four different occasions when the Philippines was elected to the Council.

The President declared the emergency rule the day after the Enrile assassination attempt. Mr. Marcos also declared that the insurgency in the south, caused by the clashes between Muslims and Christians, was a threat to national security.

The Galeon Andalucia, a replica of the 17th Century vessels that sailed between Manila and Acapulco during the galleon trade

Galleon trade became the fundamental income-generating business for Spanish colonists living in the Philippine Islands with a total of 110 Manila galleons set sail in the 250 years of the Manila-Acapulco galleon trade (1565 to 1815). The Manila galleons or Manila-Acapulco galleons sailed the Pacific for nearly three centuries, bringing to Spain their cargoes of luxury goods, economic benefits and cultural exchange. Positive results of the galleon trade were the intercultural exchanges between the Philippines and the Americans, symbolized by no less than the Mexican-made Virgin of Antipolo, chosen as the patroness of the sailors, who protected them from the untold perils across the Pacific.

Numerous media outfits were either closed down or operated under tight control. Businesses owned by the oligarchy were confiscated and were taken over by Marcos' family members and close personal friends, and were allegedly used as fronts to launder proceeds from institutionalized graft and corruption in the different national governmental agencies.

The mango de Manila, tamarind and rice, the carabao (known by 1737 in Mexico), cockfighting, Chinese tea and textiles, fireworks display, tuba (coconut wine) making came to Mexico through the trans-Pacific trade.

The following day, 24th September 1762, Draper and Cornish sent an edict to the Filipinos announcing that they need have no fear of the British fleet, provided that they do not join the Spaniards or assist them in any way. They will be received under British protection; their women and children will be free from outrages; full prices will be paid them for food; they will be free to go and come as they please; and freedom of worship will be conserved to them. If they do, on the contrary, aid the Spanish, then they must fear the punishment that will be inflicted. The British occupation of the Philippines was short-lived as the Seven Years?War ended in Europe on February 10, 1763 with the signing of the peace treaty in Paris (Treaty of 1763).

Initially, the imposition of martial law was supported by majority of Filipinos. It was viewed as a change that solved the massive corruption in the country. Gradually, however, martial law became unpopular due to human rights abuses and excesses by the military, not to mention the incarceration of opposition leaders critical of the martial law. Journalists, student leaders and labour activists critical of the Marcos administration were also detained.

The English fleet entered the Manila Bay in the form of a half circle stretching from Cavite to the middle of the Bay, 13 ships in all.

Chairman of the six standing committees of the Assembly with Assembly President Carlos Romulo of the Philippines (seated)

Carlos P. Romulo was also nominated for the 1952 Nobel Peace Prize. According to Nobel Prize, Romulo was nominated "for his contribution in international cooperation, in particular on questions on undeveloped areas, and as president for UN's 4th General Assembly".

23 Sep t em b er 1762, t he Brit ish f lot illa la nd ed in M a nila On the evening of 23rd September 1762, the British flotilla landed in Manila Bay, which marked the beginning of the British invasion of the Philippines. Admiral Samuel Cornish led the expedition to capture Manila, which at that time was a Spanish colony. General William Draper, who was in the service of the British East India Company, commanded the troops.

The Spanish troops re-entered Manila May 31, 1764, possession of the city being taken by Don Simon de Anda, since the new governor ad interim, Francisco de la Torre, was sick. The British vessels left the bay for India on June 10 and 11, 1764.

2 9 Sep t em b er 1 8 9 8 , t h e M al o l o s Co n g r ess r at i f i ed t h e Decl ar at i o n o f In d ep en d en ce On 29th September 1898, the Malolos Congress ratified the June 12, 1898 Act of the Declaration of Independence proclaimed in Kawit, Cavite. It all begun on 15th September 1898, when the revolutionary congress convened in Barasoain Church in Malolos which also decided to draft a constitution. This constitution would become the Malolos Constitution of 1899. The new constitution was approved by the revolutionary congress on 20th January 1899, and sanctioned by President Emilio Aguinaldo on 21st January 1899.

In exchange, the return voyage brought innumerable and valuable flora and fauna into the Philippines: avocado, guava, papaya, pineapple, horses and cattle. The moro-moro, Moriones festival, and the image of the Black Nazarene of Quiapo, were also of Mexican origins. The Manila-Acapulco galleon trade began when Andres de Urdaneta in convoy under Miguel Lopez de Legaspi, discovered a return route from Cebu City to Mexico in 1565. 21 Sep t em b er 1972, Presid ent Ferd ina nd M a rc o s p la c ed t he Philip p ines und er M a rt ia l La w On 21st September 1972, President Ferdinand E. Marcos placed the Philippines

President Ferdinand E. Marcos announcing the declaration of Martial Law on September 23, 1972

Martial law was lifted on Jan. 17, 1981, although the suspension of the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus continued in the autonomous regions of Western Mindanao and Central Mindanao. 21Sep t em b er 1949, Ro m ulo w a s elec t ed UN Assem b ly Presid ent On 21st September 1949, Ambassador Carlos

Sir William Draper, photo credit: Wikipedia Commons

Opening of the Malolos Congress on September 15, 1898.






Ph i l i ppi ne Festi v al of Food, M usi c and Cul ture 3rd Sep t em b er 20 22 Ha w king e Co m m unit y Cent er Hero n Fo rst a l Avenue, Ha w king e, Fo lkest o ne, Kent CT18 7FP

Photo Credits: Great Foundation UK - Philippines






Ph i l i ppi ne Festi v al of Food, M usi c and Cul ture

Photo Credits: Great Foundation UK - Philippines

adv ert




Th e A dul t Dependant Route ?cuttingoff your nosetospiteyour face? BYATTY. LIRA SIMON-CABATBAT


HAT is t h e Adu lt Depen dan t Rou t e? Th e Hom e Of f ice def in es t h is as: The purpose of the Adult Dependant Route (ADR) route is to allow an adult

To meet the ADR Visa route bef or e 2012 a dependent relative was required to only show that they were living alone in the most exceptional compassionate circumstances. The requirements af t er 2012 demanded that the applicant or dependant adult fit within the following categories.

Just looking at the figures above it seems that the change introduced to the ADR route in 2012 has accomplished what was intended, i.e. to reduce the number of adult dependents coming into the UK. So w h y is t h is bad f or t h e UK?

(c) brother or sister aged 18 years or over; or

The pandemic, Brexit and the apparent need for certain skill sets to ensure that our economy remains competitive in the global market now requires an urgent rethink of the ADR.

(d) son or daughter aged 18 years or over

The 2016 review of the ADR route stated that:

of a person (?the sponsor?) who is in the UK. The sponsor must at the date of application be-

The main aim of the new ADR rules is to reduce burdens on the taxpayer, in particular NHS costs.

- a person in the UK with limited leave under Appendix EU,

(a) aged 18 years or over; and

Source: Home Office Website

(b) (i) a British Citizen in the UK; or

in accordance with paragraph GEN 1.3.(d) to settle here, if they can demonstrate that, as a result of age, illness or disability, they require a level of long-term personal care that can only be provided in the UK by their relative here and without recourse to public funds.

(ii) present and settled in the UK; or ent/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/ file/576644/Adult_dependent_relatives-review.pdf

dependent relative (ADR) of: - a British citizen in the UK - a person settled in the UK - a person in the UK with refugee leave or humanitarian protection

Source: Home Office ent/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/f ile/1049806/Adult_dependent_relatives.pdf The ADR was not always so restricted. It was changed in 2012 to the above. A decade since its introduction the House of Lords Justice and Home Affairs Committee is currently gathering evidence for an inquiry into the impact of the change. You can help by making written submissions by 15 Sept em ber 2022. Your views are essential. Please see details of how to submit your views. ce/2706/ The last review of the ADR was in 2016, the report concluded that the change was reasonable and should be maintained in its current format. It has taken a further six years to get to this stage. If you want your views to be heard, the time is now. It is crucial that the inquiry considers the personal impact the harsh change in the Rules have had on families and how this is affecting the United Kingdom?s ability to recruit and retain migrants including those whose skill sets are clearly needed.

(a) parent aged 18 years or over; (b) grandparent;

(iii) in the UK with refugee leave or humanitarian protection. Additionally, the rules require that: Applicants need to demonstrate that they require a level of long-term personal care that they are unable to get in their home country, either due to cost or availability. This makes it nearly impossible for the parents, grandparents or other adult dependent relatives of British citizens and those present and settled in the UK to join their family here. Source: Free movement are-and-relationships-for-generations-the-need -for-a-post-pandemic-review-of-the-adult-depen dent-rules/ The ADR was not a commonly used route even prior to the 2012 change when only around 2,325 applications were granted per year. By 2020 this number had fallen to 70, which is a mild improvement from 2017 when zero visas were issued. The Chair of Association of Pakistani Physicians of Northern Europe (APPNE) secured an FOI in May 2021 which revealed the dismal number of ADR visas granted over the last four years: 2017 (Issued: 0), 2018 (Issued: 35) , 2019 (Issued: 113), 2020 (Issued: 70) Source: Free Movement ibid

The concern was therefore the economic cost to the taxpayer of granting applicants?visas to the UK under the ADR. The presumption was that such applicants will likely need to rely on NHS care. It is noteworthy that the old ADR covered not only sickly relatives. It was aimed at those living alone in the most exceptional compassionate circumstances and so included adult children of working age. The effect was to allow family reunions which in turn encouraged migrants to pursue their family life in the UK. The issue (ADR) was raised in Westminster by the Chair of the Immigration All Party

Parliamentary Group, Stephen Timms in November 2021 who stated: The Minister is being very generous with her time. She has made much of the cost issue; I think she indicated that for somebody elderly arriving in the UK, we would expect health and care costs of something like £175,000, but a GP has had £500,000 invested in them. I wonder whether an assessment has been made somewhere of the value for taxpayers? the straightforward financial cost? of forcing somebody who is highly trained out of the country, versus the cost of care for their elderly relative. Source: Hansard 1-11-03/debates/EAAE3C28-2875-45F2-8EC7A77AF5266230/AdultDependentRelativeVisas

Putting aside any concerns about the data relied on by the 2016 review, the 2012 change in the rules comes within the strange phrase ?cutting off your nose to spite your face?. Put another way, the Home Office in seeking to limit migrants under this route, because of their alleged costs to the taxpayer, may in fact have resulted to prejudice to the UK economy in terms of loss of skilled workers, their tax contributions, loss of expertise and opportunities they would have created had they decided to make the UK their home.

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RA F- Recrui tment Campai gn f or M ul ti cul tural A udi ences




IM M IGRATION CORNER Continued from page 12 As an immigration practitioner I can attest to possible migrant applicants, of varying skills needed in the UK, who have been put off from applying to the UK when informed that they can come into the UK with their immediate family (spouse and children under 18 years old) but not their elderly parent or child who is now over the age of 18 years old. It is generally accepted that there is a shortage of doctors in the UK and that this shortage is likely to get worse. To stem what has been described as an exodus of doctors it has been reported that Ministers are preparing to announce changes to NHS pension rules in an attempt to stem the tide of senior doctors leaving the health service. Source: Saturday August 27 2022, The Times rhaul-exodus-senior-doctors-latest-lcz3pj5zx It may be easier to reach a conclusion supported by data that is quantifiable, but this pounds and pennies approach often fails to fully take into account the importance of family life to migrants whose skill set are much needed in the UK. Of more than 6,000 doctors from the UK who have left since 2015, many have reported this is due to harsh immigration rules preventing them staying together as families. The impact on several generations of grandchildren who are losing out on these valued relationships is

irreversible, despite the Home Office stating that their relationships can be maintained by modern technology. The BMA, GMC, several Royal Colleges, BAPIO and APPNE, BIDA and BINA were amongst those health bodies who followed up a joint letter to the Home Secretary in January 2020 (to no direct response) and asked for a review of the rules by garnering support from peers, and several politicians. Source: Free Movement ibid The need for workers in the UK is wide ranging. It is indisputable that

there is a desperate need for carers, nurses, and doctors. The hospitality industry has also been severely affected by the shortage of staff and for some, this has resulted to business closure. The government has acknowledged this need and has introduced some measures such as the introduction of the Carer Visa in February 2022, which is presently due to end on the 15th of February 2023, but they need to go further. A review of the ADR presents the government an opportunity to introduce some changes that will encourage

migrants to remain in the UK or equally important, to apply to work and live in UK. The UK remains a country of opportunities with enviable technological and medical advances, made more evident by its contribution to the world of the Covid vaccines. However, the UK is competing with other countries to get and retain highly qualified migrants and/or migrants with a rare skill set as well as locals alike. Some countries have clearly seen fit to make their country more interesting to migrants by taking

into account elderly parents. A much more humane approach is evident in the data and policies for elderly migration in other countries such as Canada, New Zealand and Australia, with Canada allowing 20,000 elderly parents in 2019, and Australia 7,371 in 2019-20. Australia even relaxed elderly parent entry rules in the pandemic. Source: Free Movement ibid To remain competitive the UK government must think out of the box.

Fami l y M i grati on Rev i ew ? deadl i ne on 15 September 2022 M a ke yo ur v iew s c o unt The House of Lords Justice and Home Affairs Committee is currently gathering evidence for an inquiry into family immigration. Share your views by 15 Sept em ber 2022. Please see details of how to have your say. The Committee intends to consider migration policies in whole and, rather than focussing on specific immigration pathways in isolation, intends to investigate the differences between different pathways. It is interested to know about the wider trends in the design of family immigration pathways, how migration policies affect families, and how family migration policies affect society. The Committee will be interested to identify any emerging best practices or lessons learnt in how recent immigration pathways were designed, and how this affects families.

You can also watch our program -

IM M IGRATION CORNER To watch it LIVE, visit:

For your immigr at ion concer ns, cont act us via f ol l owing:



7:30 PM







Fi l i pi no Communi ty i n th e UK ex tend th ei r condol ences to th e Royal Fami l y Headin gs Nakakalungkot yung araw na ito ngayon. It?s a sad day for us here in the United Kingdom & probably not only in the United Kingdom pero all over the world. We cannot express our sorrow or sadness enough on the passing of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. On behalf of the European Network of Filipino Diaspora-UK, our condolences to the Royal Family and our profound gratitude & sincerest thanks to our Queen.

RONALDSIPAT Chaiperson - European Network of Filipino Diaspora - UK

Nakakalungkot at laking kawalan ang pagkawala ng Reyna ng buong United Kingdom pati na rin sa labas ng United Kingdom. Isang babaeng simbolo ng kapayapaan. Kaya kami sa Batangas Association UK ay nakikiramay.

TONYSEVILLA Batangas Association UK

I just want to express my condolences to the whole family of Her Majesty, the Queen. I really felt sad because I was out the whole day and as soon as I came home, I noticed the text in my phone about the passing of our Queen. The world is in mourning now because she was such a great leader. All I can wish for is her eternal rest.

IRENEDUAY Chairwoman - Filipino Derby & Derbyshire Community




When I was a child, Queen Elizabeth II was the only monarch I've known. An epitome of dedicated work for 70 years of service -24/ 7. Rest now your Majesty. You've done a great job.

EDGARDOENRIQUEZ London, Unted Kingdom

I was in the meeting when we were interrupted by the sad news! I said OMG! God Have (sic) the Queen! Then I bowed my head, did the sign of the cross and said a prayer for the Queen! She was a patriot and symbol of love, only love. Rest in love and peace, Your Royal Highness!


Derbyshire, England

I was so shocked and sad when I heard about the news on TV that the Queen of England died. My condolences and rest in peace, Queen Elizabeth II. Now, you're joining Prince Philip with God.

EMOLYNRAFELL London, Unted Kingdom

May our beloved Queen Elizabeth ll rest in peace. Prince Philip must be very happy with her now in heaven.

CORA CARSOLA London, Unted Kingdom



1926 - 2022

Photo Credits:Samir Hussein/ WireImage


KATHRYNJOYCEVENTURA AGE: 27 HOBBIES: Baking, gardening, listening to music, zumba, spending time with friends and family. CURRENTLYDOING: Working as a chef at a newly opened restaurant in Derby called the Binary & Bar in Mickleover AMBITION: To travel the world, be successful in life, be financially secure, especially, have my own restaurant cafe and be my own boss; become an entrepreneur in the future MOTHER: Elizabeth Ventura FATHER: Benedicto Ventura




A 12-Year-Ol d Fi l i pi no-Bri ti sh Gi rl Wh o M ak es Bl ank ets Out of Cri sp Pack ets f or th e Homel ess V i si ts Ph i l i ppi ne Embassy i n London


WELVE-YEAR-OLD Filipin o-Br it ish Alyssa Fait h Fallor in a Dean of Pr est at yn , Wales, w h o w as r ecen t ly cr ow n ed M iss Royal UK Pr e-Teen 2022/ 2023, paid a cou r t esy visit t o t h e Em bassy on 31 Au gu st . During the call, Alyssa shared with Post her passion project ? the making and distribution of thermal blankets made from recycled packaging of chips/crisps for the homeless.

In the past year alone, she has produced and distributed to homeless shelters over 200 survival packages containing her handmade blankets and other provisions such as socks and knitted hats. The entire process of making a blanket takes her around an hour and a half. She starts by flattening the crisp packets out, washes and dries them, then uses an iron to bond them together. Her passion project became an opportunity for the family and the local community to bond as she receives help and support from her family and the community.

She was inspired by Pen Huston, a British woman who founded the Crisp Packet Project and creates sleeping bags made out of crisp packets. Alyssa?s crisp-packet blanket project has caught the attention of British and international media, including BBC and ITV, and she has been interviewed in both the English and Welsh languages. Alyssa also conducts workshops on making these thermal blankets from crisp packets in their home in Wales. Dr. James Davies, her local MP, recognized her ?compassionate nature? and invited her to visit the House of Commons, which Alyssa did on 01 September. Alyssa won the Miss Royal UK Pre-teen title on 20 August partly because of her advocacy and will compete at the Royal International Pageants in Florida in July 2023. Chargé d?Affaires, a.i. Rhenita B. Rodriguez congratulated and lauded Alyssa for her efforts in not only helping the homeless but in helping the environment through recycling as well. (Ph ilippin e Em bassy in Lon don )




UK to i ncrease i nv estments


Phot o Cred it s: g HE Un it ed Kin gdom is in cr easin g it s in vest m en t in Sou t h east Asia, w it h t h e Ph ilippin es as on e of t h e pr ior it y cou n t r ies.

Jubilee celebration in Makati City Thursday night. "There'll be a lot more by way of investments and in particular, green investments in infrastructure because a climate change is a key priority."

The British International Investment will invest 500 million British pounds in the region for the next five years and "the Philippines (would be) one of the three focus countries," UK Ambassador to the Philippines Laure Beaufils said.

Beaufils said aside from economic development, maritime cooperation, climate change adaptation, and technology would serve as pillars of the Philippine-UK relationship under the Marcos administration.


"(There's) a strong focus on economic development, trade and investment. We're really going to increase significantly our investments in the Philippines through new mechanisms that we have put in place," she said during the Queen's Platinum

The UK will continue to work with the Philippines on maintaining peace and stability in the region, including on maritime law and maritime domain awareness, she said. "For us, international maritime law is absolutely critical. UNCLOS (United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea) is

absolutely fundamental in terms of having international rules of the game that govern how we work together as states. And we will continue to be firm supporters of that," she said. "We're very supportive of the President's statement when he said that he would not relinquish one inch of Filipino territory.? Beaufils said UK's Carrier Strike Group is set to visit the region by the end of 2023 or early 2024. To recall, a Strike Group undertook a series of multinational exercises with global allies in the Philippine Sea last August 2021. "So that presence is going to come back and we're here to stay," she said. (PNA)

h t t p s: / / w w w .f aceb o o k .co m / Pi n o y Rad i o UK w w w .p i n o y r ad i o u k .co m

+4 4 (0 ) 7 8 5 0 7 4 0 5 5 3




Th e Ph i l i ppi ne Ex peri ence i n Gl oucester BYVIVA ANDRADA O'FLYNN


HE Filipin o Associat ion of Glou cest er sh ir e also k n ow n as GlosPin oys celebr at ed it s f ir st ever Filipin o Her it age Day: Exper ien ce t h e Ph ilippin es t h r ou gh f ood, m u sic, an d cu lt u r e at Kin g's Squ ar e, Glou cest er , on Su n day, 24t h Ju ly .

What an experience it was; bringing the Filipino experience to Gloucester! I remember coming into the United Kingdom and settling in Gloucestershire six years ago. Newly married and homesick, I knew no Filipinos living in our area. Then eventually I found them. I bonded with the Filipino groups in Gloucestershire: Filgroup of Cheltenham n Friends and GlosPinoys. As the secretary of GlosPinoys, I helped in organising the event and its fruition. It started with the vision of our Chairman and President who is a councillor member for Matson, Robinswood and White City, and the Cabinet member for Communities and Neighbourhoods, Cllr. Raymond Padilla. He had this idea to make known the Filipino talent, creativity, food, music, and culture with the British community. It was a smashing success! Listening to Original Pinoy Music played by the DJ and performed by Filipino talents from across the UK at the centre of town made me feel at home and accepted. These performances were from Ruhiya, Nikki Dunham on the harp, Erika Binosa, CJ and Company, Pinoy Zumba with the BMD Group, Filipino cooking lesson with Randy of Saladmaster, Filipino Folk Medley by Rockabilly Babes, Avygayle, Walter Begaso, Rex Portillano, and The Soulma8s. The event emcee was Karlo Babiera. Gloucester tasted Filipino food and bought Filipino made products. To further make Filipinos feel welcomed and embraced, there were moving speeches from our invited dignitaries: Cabinet Member for Culture Andrew Lewis, Gloucester Cllr. Declan Wilson, The Right Worshipful Mayor of Gloucester: Cllr. Howard Hyman, Gloucester MP: Richard Graham, and our sponsors. ?Experience the Philippines through food, music, and culture? event was made possible by our generous supporters: Gloucester City Council, Department of Tourism Philippines, Megaworld, L J?s Catering, Fortis Financial, Fresenius Medical Care, Ocho Ocho Asian Foods and Goods, Pyesta Filipino Restaurant, Lexi?s Cake Corner, S E A T Consultancy and Training Services Ltd., i-fern, Dias Solicitors, Saladmaster We Change Lives, Sance by Hannah Mae, Herb-ALL Amazing pure organic Barley powdered drink, Love Viva Cakes and Crafts, and Yes Philippines NewsMagazine UK. Looking forward to more events like this that showcases the best that Filipinos have to offer in the UK! Ph ot o Cr edit s: Lee Vist al Edw ar ds





OUTREA CH ? FUN TI M E A FTERNOON! BYDULIA PRADO, FWA-UK CHAIRMAN The Outreach & Community Affairs Committee, inspired by the success of the ?Getting to Know You Afternoon Tea Party?, held its own event ?FUN TIME AFTERNOON? last Saturday 13th August at the Artist Corner of the Copthorne Tara Hotel, London. It has been a while since the Association has held an event for senior members of the community due to the COVID pandemic. The event gave them a real treat with an afternoon off to meet and mingle with fellow friends and meet new ones! ? EAT, ZUMBA, and BINGO!

Finally, the ladies engaged in a fun game of Bingo, an old game that dates back to the 16th century. It is surely the one that is the most social and user-friendly, mostly played by women who appreciate its light-hearted nature, social component, and easy-to-follow rules that allow them to communicate with each other whilst playing. Many of the Bingo prizes were donated by members of FWA-UK, while a grand prize of a dinner for 2 at Coco?s Lounge was won by a prospective member from Morocco.

As always, eating together essentially enabled us to stay connected and allow bonding to take place over food. We all know that people love food almost as much as we love each other, so together they bring happiness and joy to us all. Noodles, sweet potato fries, a variety of delicious pizzas, and jugs of iced water were served on the day. The delicious Pinoy ?empanadas?donated by our Master of Baking, Ms. Chelo Valencia, was added to our menu and was enjoyed by everyone.

Ladies who took part were Bing Cabatic, Nannie Perez, Linda Challis, Nieves Bates, Rina Grosser, Pat Shah, Cel MacFarlene, Lydia Sumang, Dulia Prado, Imee Pinto, Zanie Delmundo, Amor Bayudan, Patty Realeza and Batcha.

After catching up over food, it was time to burn calories. Maniland Glamour ladies, Mary Rose Laurea and Grace Pineda led the group for the Zumba dance/workout routine full body workout which is extremely beneficial for older adults. It has a multitude of benefits and is a full-body workout that encourages you to dance, sweat, meet new people, and enjoy! It promotes flexibility, raises the metabolism, increases strength, promotes a better posture, and increases endurance. Everyone has had an ENJOYABLE & FUN time . . . more sweating, of course, and aching muscles to follow!

Before we all said goodbye, Lydia Sumang surprised us with a birthday cake! Everyone sang ?Happy Birthday?to Ms. Linda Challis. Thank you to the members of the Outreach Working Group such as Lydia Sumang, Nanie Perez, Pat Shah, Mary Rose Laurea, and Bing Cabatic who helped organise another successful event. Eat, Zumba and Bingo were the themes of the fun afternoon! Everyone went home with a big smile on their faces. Thank you, FWA-UK!






M ul ti -arts portal PELI K ULOV E l aunch es t h e ?Sh out Out Fest '' Onl i ne Festi v al

f rom September 19-25 f or f ree ELIKULOVE, a m u lt i-ar t s por t al w h ich aim s t o pr ovide ar t s edu cat ion an d a plat f or m f or ar t ist ic an d socially-r elevan t con t en t , is lau n ch in g t h e f ir st -of -it s-k in d ?Sh ou t Ou t Fest ival (M agh ayag at Lu m ik h a)? On lin e Fest ival f r om Sept em ber 19 t o 25, 2022.


In cooperation with the National Commission on Culture and the Arts, the ?Shout Out Festival? is a seven-day online festival of short films and stage plays, a culminating activity of the enrollees of the Pelikulove master classes of National Artist for Film and Broadcast Arts Ricky Lee, and Palanca Hall of Fame awardee Rody Vera. The works are produced in cooperation with regional theater and film organizations and can be viewed for free at beginning September 19. There are three sets of works to be showcased; each set is composed of three productions. Set A features the short films ?Libro for Ransom? tackling the theft of Jose Rizal?s masterpieces written by Ralph Morales and directed by Arjanmar Rebeta, ?Cooking with Love? written by Viva Andrada O?Flynn and directed by Delfin Castillo, and ?When a Manananggal Loves a Man? by Raymund T. Barcelon and directed by Neil Azcuna of Integrated Performing Arts Group off MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology.

company YATTA in Dumaguete, and ?Till Human Voices Wake Us and We Drown? about mambabarangs now working as nurse and caregiver, also from the UK group, written by Rogelio Braga and directed by Nyel Camilon. Aside from the short films and plays, the ?Shout Out Festival? Online Festival will also present virtual learning seminars, talkbacks, and Q&As with artists and mentors. Festival visitors will access e-books, self-paced courses on playwriting and scriptwriting, and other arts and culture-related content. Organizers would like to reiterate that access to the festival?s content is free. However, due to the platform?s limitations, only selected audiences can join through prior arrangements. Early registrants have a chance to avail of e-books by Ricky Lee, Rody Vera, and film critic Joel David without any fee. Shout Out?s board of festival directors includes National Artist Ricky Lee, Palanca Hall of Famer Rody Vera, TV and film director Jeffrey Jeturian, University of London Professor Cristina Martinez-Juan, University of the Philippines director and educator Issa Manalo Lopez, Artistic Director of Harlequin Theater Guild, De La Salle University and Pelikulove?s Program Director Raffy Tejada, and indie film director and Pelikulove?s Chief Creative Producer Ellen Ongkeko-Marfil. The festival?s council of evaluators includes film critic Joel David, actress-screenwriter-playwright Bibeth Orteza, and playwright and Ateneo ?de Manila?s Theater Arts Program Coordinator, Glenn Sevilla Mas.

Set B features the short films ?How to Make an Effective Campaign Ad? written by Paul Dela Cruz and directed by Roman Perez, Jr. of Pelikula Indiopendent, ? Hypertext? tackling intimacy issues, written and directed by United Kingdom-based Pinoy visual artist Jovi Saysay, a member of SOA Philippine Studies, University of London, and ?Quarantine 5? a story of five former activists written by Andrew Estacio and directed by Sari Saysay of Sining Banwa in Bicol.

Pelikulove?s founder and President Ellen Ongkeko Marfil declare, ?We are very excited to hold the first ever ?Shout Out Fest?as this festival epitomizes Pelikulove?s mission of nurturing an engaging and open environment towards building a creative community. We?d like to show that art is the soul of our lives and it must continue to thrive even in the midst of a pandemic. Now, more than ever, is the time to shout out our fears and triumphs, and shout out for the future.?

Set C features the play ?No Trespassing? set in the sugar plantations in Bacolod written and directed by Dada Grifon and co-directed by Julius Dela Peña of the La Salle Film Society of Bacolod, ?Ilaw sa Labas ng Tahanan? on two women trying to cope with their husband?s deaths, written by B. Salvador and directed by Benjie Kitay of the theater

For questions and inquiries about the ?Shout Out Fest? Online Festival, contact mobile (+63) 923359 6286 or the Pelikulove?s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube social media accounts. The festival?s complete schedule is available at

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SUM M ER SPORTSFEST, FI LBRI T NOTTS/ DERBYS BYROBERTYOUNG, PRESIDENT Saturday, 13 August 2022, an exceptionally beautiful day, saw the fulfillment of the first-ever Summer Sport fest by the Filipino-British Community Nottingham shire/Derby shire (Filbrit) at Murray Park, Derby. Excitement was felt everywhere as this was a sport fest with a difference, Not only did it have a variety of games (football, basketball, volleyball, badminton) for all ages (7 to 40 year olds), it was also a fun-packed family and friends day entertainment graced by talented performers, mayors, and beauty queens, and of fabulous Filipino food and delicacies. It was a great day of races, games and bouncy castles of picnics on the grass playing chess and 'sungka' a traditional Filipino game with shells. Special praises must go to the Arts and Crafts stall which attracted and made so many children happy. An altogether unique experience, the Filbrit Sportsfest showed so much promise, it can only go from strength to strength.




Ph i l i ppi ne Embassy i n London Cel ebrates Buw an ng Wi k a

Students and members of the Filipino community listen intently as Ms. Adelina Duenas reads a beloved Filipino folk tale during the "Kwentuhan sa Sentro Rizal"


HE Ph ilippin e Em bassy in Lon don spear h eaded t h e celebr at ion of Bu w an n g Wik a (Filipin o Lan gu age M on t h ) am on g t h e Filipin o com m u n it y in t h e Un it ed Kin gdom , w it h a ?Kw en t u h an sa Sen t r o Rizal? at Sen t r o Rizal Lon don on 26 Au gu st 2022.

They were also encouraged to share and discuss the moral lessons they derived from the story. Simple tokens were awarded to the game participants.

Filipino community leader Ms. Adelina Dueñas read to students and members of the Filipino community a beloved Philippine folk tale, ?Ang Alamat ng Pinya.? The storytelling session included a quiz portion, with the storyteller asking the guests some questions about the folk tale.

The celebration concluded with a salo-salo of Filipino food.

In her opening remarks, Chargé d?Affaires Rhenita B. Rodriguez underscored the importance of celebrating Buwan ng Wika as it bonds Filipinos as a people and fosters Filipinos?sense of national and cultural identity.

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Underdogs Wh y th ey i nspi re us, and h ow w e can beat th e odds BYROBERTLABAYEN


NCE, m y f am ily an d I st ayed in a w or ld-class r esor t h ot el ow n ed by a f or m er jan it or .

My friend, the owner, was dirt poor as a child. He sold food, sweets and cigarettes in the streets. He worked as a janitor to pay his way through university. His own hotel is one of the most beautiful things he had built as an architect. I have another friend with a story to tell. Rudy Gaspillo was one of ten children by a sugarcane plantation worker. After high school graduation, Rudy sat down by the big bamboo plant and wept. He knew he couldn?t go to college because all his older siblings did not. He cried hard but also prayed hard. Next day, Rudy?s father said,? You are good at fixing motorcycles, you should study to become a mechanical engineer.? ?But how, Papa?? Rudy asked. His father went to his employer and on bended knees he pleaded. ?Please send my son to college. To repay you, I will serve you all my life.? So, Rudy went to college. But he didn?t have any summer vacation. While his friends played and courted women, Rudy laboured in the farm. A few years later, the result of board exams for mechanical engineers was released. Rudy was a topnotcher at No.8, nationwide! Rudy now serves in the work for the poor advocacy of the Couples for Christ.

How c a n a p o o r b oy suc c eed in t he ric h m a n?s g a m e of g o lf ? Juan Antonio ?Chi-Chi? Rodriguez was a 7-year-old water carrier in a sugar plantation.

He decided to become a caddie because it paid more. Imitating the golfers, he swung twigs to hit tin cans as ?golf balls?. Two years later, he was already playing real golf on a real course. At only 12 years old, he scored a 67! Rodriguez has been inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame. He gives back through a foundation that instills self-esteem in young victims of abuse and hardship.

Never g iv ing up Anytime today, you will see Huffington Post on the Internet. Its founder, Arianna Huffington, was a peasant teenager in Greece when she saw a picture of Cambridge University. She decided that she will study there. Her family thought it was an outrageous idea. No one took her seriously because she was just a girl, they were too poor for Cambridge, and they didn?t have connections in one of the world?s most prestigious schools. The young Arianna Stasinopolous and her mother didn?t give up. They bought cheap tickets and flew to London. To the family?s great disbelief, Arianna was accepted on a scholarship. Later on, she even became the first woman president of Cambridge University?s legendary debating team. In 2006, Time Magazine put Arianna Huffington on the list of the one hundred most influential persons in the world. But before Huffington Post became a giant media brand on the Internet, Arianna wrote a book that was rejected by 35 publishers. The overdriven Ms. Huffington collapsed on her hard office floor and woke up in a pool of blood. After that, she wrote a book that redefines success. In the book Thrive, she said that beyond success and power is the third metric: it?s our well-being coming from our inner wisdom, sense of wonder and capacity for giving and compassion.

There is a n und erd o g in ea c h of us My tears fall for stories of uphill triumphs. Experts have proven that more people root for the underdog, be that in sports, politics, literature and movies. Among the many studies is this one headed by a team headed by Josepth Vandello from the University of South Florida. The research concluded that people back apparent ?losers? because we like to see a team beat the odds. Their victory is always sweeter! The study also discovered that the unfairly disadvantaged awaken in us a sense of fairness and justice, which are intrinsic human values.

Bib lic a l insp ira t io ns Most Bible heroes were underdogs. Among the first disciples were poor fishermen and sinners. King David was the least qualified in the eyes of his own father Jessie. Jesus himself was not born into royalty. When being asked to lead the chosen people, Moses protested, ?Oh, my Lord, I am not eloquent, either in the past or since you?ve spoken to your servant, but I am slow of speech and tongue.? It is obvious that God has a deliberate plan to use ?the unqualified? to be a showcase of how faith, hope and love can work miracles.

I think we also relate to the unlikely winner because there is an underdog in each of us. We can feel inferior to some people. We may think of ourselves as inadequate. Maybe we feel unappreciated. Perhaps we?re broken. Threatened by a giant problem or a serious illness. Overcome by depression and anxiety or consumed by guilt. Many of us are going through something. Something bigger than our human capacity.

When the young church in Corinth was experiencing the trials of rivalry and jealousy, St. Paul wrote to them, ?But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.?

But underdogs can beat their Goliaths by believing they can. And by deciding they will.

Sources : Wikipedia; The Element by Ken Robinson; Ariana Huffington: What Will Be Your Spiritual Wake-up Call in Oprah?s Soul Conversations website; The Appeal of the Underdog by Nathan A. Heflick in the Psychology Today website; the website Science Daily; Al Foxx in Winners Don?t Quit Associationwebsite; Exodus 4:10)

W inners d o n?t q uit Al Foxx is a paralyzed, brain-damaged survivor of a motorcycle accident. Initially leaning into depression, he found a new calling as a stand-up comedian. Today, he is a famous ?motivational humorist? and keynote speaker. He is the founder of the Winners Don?t Quit Association. His A-B-C advice is for us to Accept the book that we have been given, meaning accept what has happened to our life. Believe that we can write a happy ending. Care for others because ?the real keys to happiness are the intimate connections we have with the people in our lives.?

If you?re facing the odds today, believe there?s a plan.







20TH YEA R BYALEX SENOANDMARYROSEPUYAOAN IM ING to preserve the spirit of camaraderie and cooperation between its members, the Filipino Community of Oxfordshire held its annual gathering in celebration of its 20th year on 6th August 2022, at the Jury?s Inn Hotel, Oxford.

Consul General and Ms. Amuerfina Reyes highlighted the consular services of the embassy and gave their appreciation and encouragement to the attendees. Ms. Shiela Mae Aguilar from the Philippine Overseas Labour Office ? Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (POLO-OWWA) explained the services offered by the agency. Mr. Emilio Lopue Jr., Vice Consul was also present.

The community is led by its Chairman, Mr. Ariel Lanada, a Divisional Lead for Practice Development and Education at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and a newly appointed Deputy Lieutenant of Oxfordshire. The event also celebrated the 124th year of Philippine Independence and welcomed newly arrived Filipino nurses to the area. The event was attended by more than 120 guests from across the county dressed in formal attire or in traditional Barong Tagalog or Filipiniana.

International Recruitment and Ethnic Minorities Nurse Advisor for NHS England, Ms. Jennifer Caguioa, also delivered a message to further inspire and reassure the newly arrived Filipino nurses.


Honoured guests included Ms. Moira Darlington, Deputy Lieutenant of Oxfordshire; Councilor James Fry Lord Mayor of Oxford, together with his wife Councilor Susanna Pressel, Chair of Oxfordshire County Council; who all expressed their appreciation and gratitude for the contribution Filipino workers make to the economy and healthcare system of the country, as well as the importance of having such a vibrant and reliable local community. They also welcomed and gave encouragement to the new arrivals. From the Philippine Embassy based in London, Ms. Rhenita Rodriguez, Chargé d'Affaires and

A three-course meal was served and enjoyed by the guests. The event was sponsored by some of the top brands with Filipino roots in the UK: Megaworld International, Pooten Forwarding Ltd, Mega Gloryoung International (MGI), MM Catering Services, Elements of Zen and Alrodia Jewellery Ltd. The evening?s programme consisted of the presentation of the newly arrived Filipino nurses and the distribution of welcome gifts. Live performances from a well-known family band called ?The Soulm8s? serenaded the attendees. A fantastic singer, Ms. Susan Lovejoy, also showcased her singing talent at the event. Guests also had the opportunity to enjoy a disco in between parts of the programme. Everybody was encouraged to join in and were seen dancing the night away. The celebrations ended with the raffle draw, where various gift and monetary prices from generous sponsors were given to the lucky winners. Ph ot o Cr edit s: Vict or M an u el

Photo Credits: Victor Manuel







The Philippine Embassy in London invites everyone to a solo exhibition of Ms. Wawi Navarroza, a multi-awarded Filipina visual artist, at Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery-London Bridge from 19 August to 17 September 2022. The exhibit, ?As Wild as We Come?, includes Ms. Navarroza?s latest collection of self-portraits which highlight her vivid, layered explorations into identity, place and belonging, female experience and motherhood. It weaves together a multitude of references from ancient and contemporary cultures. Ms. Navarroza?s works has been featured in exhibitions and in museums in various countries, such as Australia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, Cambodia, Dubai, Germany, London, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Russia, and Philippines. More details of the Ms. Navarroza?s exhibit can be found on the gallery?s website,