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Mansion De Cäy

La s zlo N o sek

opera virtual


gorgeous location photographs in this

book are given –‘Étant donné‘ mostly by Thomas Jorion, a French photographer, f rom his book Forgotten Palaces. These were mostly taken in northern Italy where a combination of factors, f rom financial ruin and the threat of landslides, or, in one case, the construction of a nuclear base nearby, led to the owners of these extraordinary villas abandoning their homes, leaving them to fall into decline.


used these inspiring backdrops to create an ideal display for a body

of my art work: that exists in reality, only exists virtually, and some that only had existed before they had burned in this barn in the Catskills, NY.

SALVE + is a greeting in Latin, an interjection and also a remedy that soothe wounded pride or one’s conscience. “charity salves our conscience” It is something that makes you feel better about a difficult situation. An ointment, cream, or balm with soothing, healing, or calming effects. Any remedy or action that soothes or heals.



I call Étant donnés


deconstructed painting, it is a reference




Étant donnés, with the aid of which



another construction, most clearly traditional perspective painting. In such a painting, the layers or levels are laid on top of each other, so that they ‘melt’ into one level that materializes itself with the aid of the picture plane. When one looks at such a perspective painting, one experiences at a more illusionistic level that the picture stretches out behind the plane, behind “Alberti’s window”, and exposes - if not always a realistic picture of reality. Marcel Duchamp - Étant donnés: The Deconstructed Painting by Pia Høy translated by John Irons


nsciousness is a state of matter, like a Solid, a

Liquid or a Gas.




first put for ward

in 2014 by cosmologist and theoretical



Tegmark f rom MIT, who proposed that there’s a state of matter - just like a solid, liquid, or gas - in which atoms are arranged to process information and give rise to subjectivity, and ultimately, consciousness.

Yves Marchand & Romain Meffre Photography The Ruins of Detroit - Ballroom, Lee Plaza Hotel

Saturday of August 11. 2012,

Olivebridge, New York State

A fire early Saturday reduced a 100-year-old barn to rubble.

Olive Fire Chief Chris Winnie said firefighters were called to 2703 county Route 3 in Olivebridge about 3:35 a.m. and that by the time the fire was out, the building was a total loss. No people or animals were injured in the fire, and the cause was determined to be spontaneous combustion of hay that was stored inside.

He said a horse that was inside the barn when the fire broke out was able to escape. Vehicles that were stored in the barn were destroyed, the chief said.

Firefighters didn’t clear the scene until about 1:5 p.m., nearly 10 hours after arriving. “We had to bring in a bulldozer to raze what was left of the building,” he said.

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When in




down a






magnificent barn in

Olivebridge, New York – I equally felt remorse for the building and what it contained.

Not lost


only art work

my I


pasted on the walls of the burned out stone walls as a virtual exhibit, but also the antique farm equipments and vintage car collection what cascaded down f rom the upper floor and buried all in that inferno as visible on this image.

Two Dixies by István Nyári

The End


Mansion De Cäy – Opera Virtual  

Virtual exhibit in decaying mansions and art destroyed by fire.

Mansion De Cäy – Opera Virtual  

Virtual exhibit in decaying mansions and art destroyed by fire.