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Yes, Ma’am is a feminist zine that began in the cute party town that is San Marcos, TX. We’re into DIY publishing, free speech, promoting local badasses, and anything that is women positive. We have been on a tiny hiatus because grad. school takes over lives, but don’t worry, because YES, MA’AM FO LYFE. We look forward to receiving your future submissions and hope you enjoy this issue.

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Issue 7 Contributors Maribel Hermosillo......................4-5 Martha Buchanan.....................11-12 Paloma Mayorga............................13 Emily Lewis................................14-15 Candice Leigh Hammack.........18-19 3

The Nature of our Oppression Maribel Hermosillo This is the nature of our oppression. The distant sound of crying, Swollen eyes, And red noses. I never see this part. What I see is the fierce faces, big smiles and warm hugs. The narrative of our lives, This trauma happens and it is supposed to. What we don’t realize is Strong mujeres have already gone through the same struggles Queer liberation Straight confusion Why does it have to be hard? Frida Kahlo, Gloria Anzaldua and my mother. They knew what it’s like and shared their stories. Creator sends us angels and we chose to listen. Generational painful colonization transmitted by these same mujeres, I forgive you. I have to. I forgive you because I forgive myself. My ego is getting in the way of loving deeply. Fear is so consuming but you show me unconditionally I am worth salvaging. 4

Between what successes looks like on TV, And what it looks like in my heart. I am struggling. You make it okay for me to work on my connection With myself, madre tierra y los abuelos. My father abandoned me, Living in poverty, Issues worth crying but worth healing for. To all our relations, I give thanks to strong bond, dense as rope, Growing thicker each day, Despite violence we inevitably experience, From state-sanctioned violence To a compa that made you feel bad… I am here for you. I am here for you because you are my other.

Maribel Hermosillo is a Chicana Feminist writer and poet living in San Anto, Tejztlan. Her experience as a queer, Mexic-Amerindian, Tejana y Nepantlera deeply informs her writing and critical analysis. Maribel is on a zigzag path of healing, self-awareness and enlightenment that has led her to the courageous act of writing. She graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a bachelors of arts in history. Maribel’s work has been published in Policymic, Nena World, Rh Reality Check, Strong Families, the San Antonio Current, NowcastSA, Brown Queen and the Arts United of San Antonio. When you see her eyes glaze over, don’t be alarmed. She is probably thinking critically about the intersections around her or where she can find good Cumbias to dance. 5







Martha Saenz Buchanan, M.Ed., has an unyielding passion for performing arts and has enjoyed over twenty-eight years performing in different venues throughout San Antonio as an actress, director, and/or Slam Poet. She is previously published in “The Thing Itself,� Literary Journal of Our Lady of the Lake. She works to pays the bills, but feeds her soul hosting an ARTS radio show for the blind and low-visioned of San Antonio on OWL radio. She keeps her spine supple and spirit free by dancing with Zombie Bazaar. 12



Emily Lewis is a sculptor and illustrator from Houston, Tx. She earned her art degree from Texas State University, and was awarded a residency in 2013. Her work has been published in several Texas periodicals and local zines. Emily currently lives and works in San Marcos, Tx and collaborates with other Austin area artists. 15

Candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Texas


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