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Moooove Over Oat Milk

Brows Get a Makeover

Spin is Back

“On Yelp, we’re seeing people embrace international and Asian flavors and dishes, from Ube (+10%) to Japanese souffle pancakes ( +156%) to exotic desserts like Taiyaki ice cream (+28%). Where this year we saw healthy and mindful eating options like the impossible burger take center stage, next year we expect to see Yelpers searching for vibrant, colorful dishes to put on their plates.”


–Yelp Trend Expert, Tara Lewis

2020’s Biggest Food Trends | Eat


Elevated Breakfast

Nashville Hot Chicken

Souffle Pancakes, a Japanese culinary trend, were first mentioned on Yelp in the US this past September and mentions of the dish have been skyrocketing on Yelp ever since. Cinnamon Swirl Pancakes are also expected to make waves next year.

You don’t have to head to Nashville for this spicy chicken anymore. Recently added to the Ruby Tuesday’s menu, we expect to see this fried chicken dish everywhere in 2020.

Reviews for dishes like souffle pancakes and cinnamon swirl pancakes have increased by 156.2% in the last year.

Mentions of Nashville Hot Chicken popped up everywhere from Louisville, KY to Birmingham, AL to ChampaignUrbana, IL.

Healthy-Swap Comfort Food

Korean Cuisine

If 2019 was the year of zucchini noodles, 2020 is the year of cauliflower. People are increasingly searching for healthyswaps for their favorite comfort foods.

Earlier this year, Yelp revealed that Korean cuisine and Korean BBQ were seeing a surge in popularity and we expect it to be a top cuisine of 2020.

Cauliflower mashed potatoes and cauliflower pizza are just two of the creative dishes we’re seeing added to menus and searches.

Dishes like tteokbooki (Korean fried rice cakes) will be on everyone’s table next year.

Change in Yelp review mentions

Yelp 2020 Trend Forecast Report


2020’s Biggest Food Trends | Drink

Mocktails, Non-Alcoholic Happy Hours

Boozy Kombucha

Non-alcoholic bars are popping up all across the country and zero-proof concoctions with delicious juice blends are landing on menus everywhere.

Boozy, bubbly and somewhat healthy, hard kombucha has been spotted on bar menus along the coasts and at sports stadiums this year.


In fact, review mentions were up 377% in the last 12 months. San Diego Yelpers couldn’t stop talking about it on Yelp and we expect to see health-conscious consumers adding this to their list of favorite beverages in 2020.

Floral-Infused Drinks and Dishes Chrysanthemum and Butterfly Pea Tea are just two of the extracts popping up in cocktails and dishes across the US. Check out the Madame Butterfly at L.A.’s Tom Tom, featuring Butterfly Pea Tea and champagne. Floral-infused food and drinks were highest in cities like Los Angeles, CA; San Francisco, CA and Waco, TX.

Change in Yelp review mentions

Yelp 2020 Trend Forecast Report


2020’s Biggest Food Trends | Sweets

Pineapple Bun

Ube is the New Matcha

Yelpers are loving these popular sweet Cantonese pastries, which are often served as a dim sum snack, breakfast bun or dessert pastry.

Ube, a purple yam that hails from the Philippines, has been a rising ice cream flavor and continues to take over the dessert scene.

We’re seeing mentions of the sweet treat pop up in cities like San Francisco, CA; Jacksonville, FL and Los Angeles, CA.

It’s popping up in everything from ice cream sandwiches to donuts to pie! When it comes to this Filipino flavor, Yelpers in Omaha, NE and Bellingham, WA couldn’t stop raving! Mentions of Ube popped up in Omaha, NE and Bellingham, WA.

Next Level Desserts Move over cheese pulls, stretchy ice cream will be making our mouths water in 2020. Taiyaki ice cream, a Japanese treat best known for its fish-shaped waffle cones, and brick toast are both ready for a comeback in 2020.

Change in Yelp review mentions

Yelp 2020 Trend Forecast Report



On Yelp, we’re seeing a focus on preventative anti-aging procedures like Clear & Brilliant Laser Treatments (+48%) Lymphatic Drainage Facial Massages ( +36%) and Stem Cell Beauty Treatments (+47%). Where this year, we saw microneedling and dermaplaning take center stage, next year Yelpers will be searching for the latest technology to keep their skin bright, glowing and wrinkle-free. The best part? You can book your appointment with the tap of a finger on Yelp” –Yelp Trend Expert, Tara Lewis

2020’s Biggest Beauty Trends

CBD Moves to Beauty CBD has already made waves in food and beverages, and in 2020 you’ll see the feel-good ingredient included in beauty products, as well as CBD facials (like this one at Heyday) and massage treatments at spas around the world. (Photo via Business Owner on Yelp)

Organic Beauty FTW Call it the GOOP effect! As consumers become more cognizant of the chemicals included in both beauty products and treatments, organic beauty will continue to gain in popularity in 2020. Expect to see more clean beauty chains like Follain and Credo Beauty, as well as more spas offering and touting organic and detoxing treatments.

Yelp 2020 Trend Forecast Report


2020’s Biggest Face and Makeup Trends

Dip Powder Nails

Brows Get a Makeover

It’s no secret that people are looking for longer-lasting beauty treatments (who has time for a mani every week?). Unlike gel manicures—which are cured and sealed under a UV lamp—this technique colors your nails with a super-pigmented powder.

Despite the talk of a return to trends from the early aughts, it doesn’t seem like we’re ready to go back to thin eyebrows just yet. Yelpers are currently loving Ombre Powder Brows & Browlamination; expect to see these treatments gain in popularity next year. In fact, mentions of Ombre Powder Brows have increased 48% in the past year.

Mentions of Dip Powder Nails have increased by 67% in the past year, and were the highest in Richmond, Cleveland, Houston, Tampa, and San Antonio.

New Laser Facials

Lymphatic drainage treatments are gaining in popularity, as Yelpers look for their next beauty and wellness treatments.

Laser facials were a top trend in 2019, and they’re not going anywhere. On Yelp, we’re seeing a rise in mentions of the Fire & Ice facial and Clear and Brilliant treatments. Mentions of Clear & Brilliant have increased 48% in the past year, and were highest in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix and San Diego.

The facial massages have been said to revitalize skin and give a more youthful, glowing appearance. Mentions of lymphatic drainage have increased by 36% in the past year and mentions were the highest in Miami, Los Angeles, New York and San Jose.

People in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Boston and Tampa Bay are loving Fire & Ice treatments, with those cities experiencing the highest number of mentions. (Photo via Business Owner on Yelp)

Yelp 2020 Trend Forecast Report

Lymphatic Drainage Facial Massages

Medspas & The ‘Botox Bar’ Fillers aren’t going anywhere. We’re seeing Yelpers try out Botox alternatives like Dysport, Jeuveau and Newtox, but forget going to the doctor for these treatments. Expect to see more businesses like NYC’s Ject, a Medspa where getting in and out is as quick and easy as going for a mani/pedi.


2020’s Biggest Beauty Trends



Laser Hair Removal Goes Mainstream

Stem Cells in Beauty Treatments

Spray Tans Make a Comeback

The rise of national chains such as LaserAway have made laser hair removal more accessible, and more popular.

We’re seeing Yelp users look for non-surgical alternatives to anti-aging, and we expect the popularity of stem cell treatments - both topical and injectables - to rise in the coming year.

On Yelp, we’ve seen mentions of tanning beds steadily decline from 2010 through 2019. Spray tans peaked in 2014, but mentions of the word “bronzing” have been on the rise, leading us to predict that spray tans are poised for a comeback in 2020.

Mentions of laser hair removal have increased by 23% in the past year.

Mentions of the term “stem cell” have increased 47% in reviews of beauty businesses since 2017 and are highest in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Gone are the days of the Ross Gellar orange spray tan as people seek out a more natural, bronzed look. Expect to see Yelpers embracing their faux glow without the skin damage.

Yelp 2020 Trend Forecast Report


“At Yelp, we’re seeing that people are looking for new ways to take care of their bodies and minds. Looking ahead to 2020, we’re seeing Yelpers look for ways to minimize their down time in all areas of their lives- from IV drip therapy, (44%) rumored to reduce jetlag and hangovers, to Ject, a Medspa where getting in an out is as quick and easy as going for a wax.” –Yelp Trend Expert, Tara Lewis


2020’s Biggest Wellness Trends IV Drip Therapy Whether you’re looking to cure a hangover or beat jet lag, IV drip therapy has skyrocketed on Yelp as they’re added to the menus of spas across the United States. Searches for the rumored hangover cure are up 44% in the last year. (Photo via Business Owner on Yelp)

Medspas Fillers aren’t going anywhere. We’re seeing Yelpers try out Botox alternatives like Dysport, Jeuveau and Newtox. Expect to see more businesses like NYC’s Ject, a Medspa where getting in an out is as quick and easy as going for a wax.

Hydrafacials Hydrafacials continue to be one of the most sought-after in-house facial treatments. Their popularity has skyrocketed over the last five years as Yelpers look for their next appointment.

Holistic Healing From reiki to salt room therapy, we’re seeing a rise in searches for alternative healing treatments. First spotted in New York in 2018, salt room therapy is making its way across the country with mentions spiking in cities like Miami, St. Paul and Orlando.

CBD CBD-infused treatments and products will continue to pop up in 2020. Yelpers everywhere from New Orleans to Albuquerque to Portland, ME are showing interest in the trend. In fact, CBD mentions were up 118% in the last year! Yelp 2020 Trend Forecast Report


2020’s Biggest Workout Trends

Dance Workouts Dance-inspired workouts continue to grow in popularity on Yelp as studios and classes increase their offerings across musical genres. Yelpers in cities like New York, Chicago and Washington, D.C. are searching for their next dance-based workouts.

Indoor Cycling Thank Peloton! We’re seeing a renewed interest in spin and indoor cycling classes across the country. Cycle enthusiasts are searching for the closest spin studio in cities everywhere from Anchorage to New Orleans to Grand Junction, CO.

Swimming Workouts With the summer Olympics just a few months away, we’re seeing an interest in swimming rise on Yelp, and expect swim-based workouts like Aquacycle to continue to make waves in cities like Chicago, IL and San Francisco.

Yelp 2020 Trend Forecast Report


2020’s Biggest Fitness and Workout Trends

High-Intensity Interval Workouts

Big Box Gyms

Studios like F45 are growing popular as Yelpers look for functional and effective ways to workout.

Blame your crowded Equinox or 24 Hour Fitness on the renewed interest in weight training in recent years.

With the launch of concepts like Rumble Tread, we expect high-intensity interval workouts to continue to be a top workout choice in 2020.

Yelpers are looking for a reliable place to get their sweat on and we’re seeing a rise in searches for big box gym chains like Crunch.

Yelp 2020 Trend Forecast Report


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Yelp 2020 Trend Forecast Report