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SHARE YOUR YMCA STORY Stories draw us together and strengthen community. We all have stories of how the YMCA has changed our lives. You can help our cause by sharing your YMCA story with friends and neighbors. To share your story with even more people, please visit your Y branch to talk with a staff member.

ON THE COVER Cindy Dowd Greene and her granddaughter, Annie, in front of the Northwest Family YMCA during construction in 2014. To learn more about the Northwest Family YMCA, turn to page 17.


You can also visit our website to see our story blog, fill out our online story form and link to videos featuring the stories of other Y members. Visit: You can also email your story to Thanks!

Past Presidents 1858-1859 Charles F. Stevens 1860-1861 James Marshall 1862

Henry L. Duguid


Henry D. Didama

1864 A.W.Gyle 1865

Timothy Hough


Manning C. Palter


Edward Smith


Henry L. Duguid


T.G. Bassett

1870-1872 Isaac Bridgman 1872-1874 M.W. Hanchett 1874-1876 A.D. Roberts 1876-1878 James A. Skinner 1878-1879 George C. Sawyer 1880-1882 W.S.. Peck 1882-1883 John Marsellus 1892-1895 J.B. Brooks 1895-1898 C.H. Ketcham 1898-1902 Levi S. Chapman 1902-1916 F.R. Hazard 1916-1919 F.A. Barton 1919-1921 B.E. Salisbury 1921-1923 Levi S. Chapman 1923-1926 B.E. Salisbury 1926-1931 John W. Brooks 1931-1934 Ralph E. Haven 1934-1936 Emil Hansen 1936-1942 R.A. Bryant 1942-1947 Leroy Casper 1947-1957 Frank C. Love 1957-1958 Roscoe D. Severence 1958-1962 Robert M. Salisbury

DEAR FRIENDS, At the YMCA of Greater Syracuse, our cause is strengthening community. We’re dedicated to building a brighter future - for you, for your family and for your neighbors. That’s no small task. We can’t do it alone. We rely on our members, our volunteers, our donors, our staff and our partners to deliver on our promise. By leveraging those strengths, we’re building our capacity to meet community needs. How? In the last few years, we’ve opened two new YMCA branches. We’ve created successful no-cost programs that: help cancer survivors grow stronger; prevent diabetes; prevent drowning and provide after-school arts enrichment. In 2014, we didn’t stop building. • We launched our Academic Support program, which is free to children who are Family members • We implemented Healthy Eating and Physical Activity standards at all of our camps and childcare programs • We launched a partnership dedicated to preventing child sexual abuse in Central New York • We launched the CNY Corporate Games • We began construction on the Northwest Family YMCA In 2015, we’re poised for even more growth, but we’re not growing just to be big. Every new program, member, donor and volunteer builds our capacity to deliver on our cause. Together, we’re an association of more than 40,000 people dedicated to investing in our kids, our health and our neighbors. Together, we’re building a brighter future for all.

1962-1965 Morris Weedon 1965-1968 David H. Jaquith 1968-1971 Burnett E. Haylor 1971-1973 Richard W. Besse 1973-1976 Ralph J. Denton

We can’t thank you enough. Sincerely,

1976-1979 R. Philip Pond 1979-1981 Burnett D. Haylor 1981-1983 Charles L. Shaffer 1983-1986 Mary E. Lane 1986-1988 Robert Penney 1988-1991 Rev. Edwin Taylor

Vito Sciscioli President, Board of Directors

1991-1992 Martin M. Duggan 1992-1996 Edwin J. Kelley, Jr. 1996-1999 C. Bruce Wichmann 1999-2002 Raymond R. D'Agostino 2002-2003 Philip LeRoux

C. Bruce Wichmann President, Board of Trustees

2003-2006 Nicholas J. Phillips 2006-2009 Kevin E. Nass 2009-2012 Robert L. Jokl, Jr. 2012-2014 Nathan Podkaminer 2014-

Vito Sciscioli

Hal Welsh Chief Executive Officer

Annual Report 2014-2015


Thomas Pettitt with fellow Young Authors Academy participant, Anni Clark.


Our YMCA is committed to nurturing the potential of every child and teen in Central New York. We believe that all kids deserve the opportunity to discover what they can achieve. That’s why we help young people cultivate the values, skills and relationships that lead to positive behaviors, better health and educational achievement. Our Y programs offer a range of experiences that enrich cognitive, social, physical and emotional growth. We are Central New York’s largest provider of top-quality, low-cost, school-age childcare. Our teen volunteer/work program provides on-the-job experience to more teens than any other employer in the area. Other Y offerings include day camp, activities and facilities dedicated to teens and tweens, swimming lessons, youth sports, special-interest clubs, youth exercise programs and inclusion programs for children who have special needs. In 2014, we served 23,130 children and teens through membership and other programs. In addition, our after-school arts and academic enrichment program helped 910 Syracuse city schoolchildren develop as lifelong learners at no cost to them.



Young Author’s Academy Like most writers, Thomas Pettitt wrote alone. Then he discovered the Young Authors Academy at the YMCA’s Downtown Writers Center. “I was in a shell… which kept my writing and the public separate,” he said.“YAA helped me remove that shell. For the first time, I read my work to other people.” Thomas has seen himself as a writer since he was just six. “I realized that, instead of drawing pictures that tell a thousand words, I’d rather create those words to tell an actual story,” he said. When he learned about YAA from his 8th grade school counselor, he jumped at the chance to be among its first writers. Now a junior at Corcoran High School, he’s part of a thriving community of middle and high school poets and fiction writers from throughout Central New York. YAA’s professional writing teachers provide conservatory-style instruction for young people who show a passion for writing. “It’s so liberating to be with people my age who share the same interests,” Thomas said. “It exposes me to new ways of thinking about writing and how to approach it... Each week I go into class, I know I’m going to come out with something new rattling around in my brain.”

“The Young Authors Academy is home. And there is no place like home.”

A key component of YAA is peer critiquing, in which the young writers listen, reflect, and thoughtfully offer impressions and suggestions, said poet and DWC Workshops Coordinator Georgia Popoff. The YAA draws writers from all backgrounds, and its inclusive environment provides a safe space for them to be true to themselves, she said.

“The common thread is that they all write,” Popoff said. “When a new student mentions that they don’t ‘fit in’ at school, the others always assure them that they are right where they belong.” For Thomas, YAA has become a second family, where he can express his hopes and dreams. “The Young Authors Academy is home,” he said. “And there is no place like home.”

Annual Report 2014-2015


FOR ANAYA Membership For All

When he was six, Venice McClendon found a place of belonging at the YMCA. Today, he relies on the Y more than ever, because now he has a six-year-old of his own, Anaya. “She just loves that place and I feel safe bringing her,” Venice said. “You can go and relax and not have to worry. I’m a single dad raising a little girl, so I can use all the help I can get.” As a child growing up in a struggling part of Rome, N.Y., Venice went to the YMCA because he liked to play basketball. Later, he started working out, swimming and meeting with friends.

“Just to see the smile on my daughter’s face every weekend we go to the Y makes it all worth it.”

“It was a safe place, where you could go and not worry about people fighting and arguing,” Venice said. “You showed respect in that place.” As a young adult, Venice made a lot of mistakes, he said. It took the birth of his daughter for him to grow up, he said. When he won custody of Anaya three years ago, he wanted her to have every opportunity to succeed. He wanted her to have fun, to make friends, to learn life lessons and to develop an active lifestyle in a positive environment. He wanted her to go to the Y, but with his income as a security guard, he couldn’t afford it. Then he learned about the Y’s Membership For All program. It offers need-based financial assistance, ensuring that everyone can belong, no matter their financial background. Funded by the Y’s Annual Campaign donors, it covers most of Venice’s membership dues. “I don’t get child support, so every little bit helps,” he said. “I’m very grateful.” Now, Venice and Anaya take the hour-long bus ride from their home in the Valley neighborhood of Syracuse to the East Area Family YMCA. She’s made friends through basketball, and can’t wait to start swim lessons. She has even developed a healthy bond with some of the staff members. Other girls Anaya knows are already reflecting some of the negativity they see in their neighborhood and on television, Venice said. Not Anaya. “When you go the YMCA, you know that there’s nothing but positive,” Venice said. “I know she’ll be respected and that she’ll respect herself. It’s a relief. A little girl should always have confidence.” 6


Our YMCA is one of Central New York’s leading voices on health and well-being. We bring families closer together, encourage good health and foster connections through fitness, sports, shared interests and just plain fun. As a result, more than 40,000 people in our community are receiving the support, guidance and resources they need to achieve greater health in spirit, mind and body. This is particularly important as our nation confronts an obesity crisis, families struggle to balance the demands of work, home and school, and individuals search for personal fulfillment. Among YMCAs nationally, we are a leader in providing free programs for cancer survivors and programs to prevent diabetes. Our Downtown Writers Center is a critical piece of the area’s cultural fabric. In 2014, we provided $1.84 million in financial assistance to 13,736 people who otherwise would have been unable to participate in YMCA programs.


Venice McClendon and his daughter, Anaya, at the East Area Family YMCA.

Annual Report 2014-2015


Nate Lockhart and Downtown YMCA front desk staffer, Dannette Reid.


Our YMCA believes in giving back and supporting neighbors. We have been meeting the needs of Central New York since 1858. Through our programs, we deliver training, resources and support which empowers our neighbors to effect change, bridge gaps and overcome obstacles. In 2014, our Urban Swim Initiative helped 306 children gain the skills and confidence they need to stay safe and have fun in and around water. At our Downtown Men’s Residence, we provide counseling, subsidized housing, and other support services to men in transition. Our Downtown Senior Center provides subsidized housing to senior citizens and people with disabilities. Together, our residence facilities served 177 people in 2014. Through our 2014 Annual Campaign and other fundraising efforts, 2,151 members and other donors provided more than $525,000 to support our cause. We also engaged 631 YMCA volunteers who served more than 17,000 hours in activities that strengthen our community and pave the way for future generations to thrive.



Downtown YMCA Men’s Residence Nate Lockhart once had everything he wanted – a home, a successful restaurant and a baby boy. Then he made a life-wrecking choice that sent him to prison for more than five years. Today, with support from the Downtown YMCA Men’s Residence, he’s driven to rebuild his life. His singular focus: providing for his now-eightyear-old son, Nate Junior. “That’s my goal,” Nate said. “There is no ‘short-’ or ‘long-term.’ It’s just my goal. Being able to stay here at the Y has helped me do what I need to do.” As a young man, Nate worked his way up to become the owner of a small restaurant, which he sold for a profit. A cousin brought him to Syracuse to start a retail clothing business. When that fell through, they turned to selling drugs. After police broke up their operation in 2008, Nate was sentenced as a ringleader. When he got out of prison, he had a plan: Get a job, get off parole and earn the right to raise his son. Staying at the Rescue Mission at night, he crisscrossed the city during the day. He submitted more than 400 job applications, but his felony conviction held him back. “I knocked on every door,” he said. “Nothing panned out.” Along the way, he walked through the doors of the Downtown Y and met staff members Danette, Angela, and Marilyn. They found him a place at the Men’s Residence and helped him access other social services so he could concentrate on his goal. By listening, they helped him work through his challenges.

“There is no ‘short-’ or ‘long-term.’ It’s just my goal… the Y has helped me do what I need to do.”

“They helped me keep my focus without giving in or giving up,” Nate said. Today, Nate leaves the Y early each morning to take a bus to Onondaga Community College, where he’s earning a dual degree in Electronic Media Communications and Computer Information Systems. Because he has lived at the Y and has developed so many positive relationships, he’s eligible for early release from parole.

When he graduates, he plans to start his own business broadcasting high school sports events. Then, he plans to help Nate Junior realize his own dreams. “He wants to be a space trucker,” Nate said. “I just need to provide that little boy with a house and room of his own… and send him to NASA’s Space Camp.”

Annual Report 2014-2015


BUILDING... PROTECTIONS FOR OUR KIDS One in 10 children will become a victim of sexual abuse before they turn 18. Every child in Central New York is at risk, but there’s good news. Child sexual abuse can be stopped before it starts. All it takes is one adult who knows the signs and is willing and able to do the right thing. That’s why, in 2014, the YMCA of Greater Syracuse worked with the McMahon/Ryan Child Advocacy Center to organize a local collaboration to take a stand against child sexual abuse. Darkness to Light, a national nonprofit, has developed an award-winning, evidenceinformed course, Stewards of Children, to educate adults about the steps they can take to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to the reality of child sexual abuse. It emphasizes that preventing child sexual abuse

is an adult responsibility, because young children aren’t equipped to fend off sexual advances from a relative or family friend. Our collaboration is igniting behavior change. Our goal is to train a critical mass of 18,000 adults – 5 percent of the adult population - in Onondaga County by 2020. Thanks to a nationwide grant, our association is now offering online Stewards of Children training to Y members at no cost to them. For details, visit “If you’re an adult in Central New York, you need to take this course,” said Linda Cleary, Executive Director of the McMahon/Ryan Child Advocacy Center. “This includes you if you’re a parent, or if you work with kids, or if you’re just a responsible person who cares about our community. You have the power to save a child – maybe your own – from the lifetime of pain that child sexual abuse can cause.”

CONFIDENCE IN SCHOOL At the Y, we believe all kids deserve the chance to reach their potential. That’s why, in 2014, we launched the Academic Support Program. Our experienced, certified instructors provide no-cost, group homework help and instruction in the subjects kids struggle with most. The classes are offered at no cost to family members.


S T E WA R D S of C H I L D R E N 10

Drop-in classes are offered on a rotating basis at all YMCA of Greater Syracuse branches. We also offer Academic Support during before- and after-school childcare and during our camp programs.

STRONGER TEAMS At the Y, we’re experts at healthy fun. And our association is committed to helping local companies build stronger, healthier teams. In 2014, we launched the CNY Corporate Games. a summer-long series of sporting events that help us deliver on our commitment to strengthen community. Research shows that healthy, connected employees are happy employees. The YMCA’s CNY Corporate Games help companies build team spirit, boost staff retention and lower healthcare costs. With coaching from Y staff and friendly competition, employees are We offer help in math and language arts for elementary school students. For middle school making healthy lifestyle choices and building connections among their peers. A happier, students, we offer language arts, math and U.S. History. For high school students, we offer healthier workforce makes Central New York group instruction in: English, algebra, geometry, employers and our entire community stronger. social studies, chemistry, biology and Spanish. Employees at the Centers at St. Camillus As families have seen the value of the program, it has grown dramatically. Some students are learning English as a second language. Some have learning disabilities. Others just need to be turned on to learning.

narrowly defeated the Onondaga County employee team to take the inaugural CNY Corporate Cup. Syracuse Media Group took third place.

Terri Patterson said the program was responsible for a dramatic shift for her son Wyatt, age 7. She and Wyatt’s school teachers had worked hard the whole school year to get him to read, but he wouldn’t even try. Then, over the summer, he went to Camp Y Noah, which offers Academic Support every Wednesday. After a few weeks, his attitude toward reading changed. One day on the way to camp, Terri was shocked to hear him say that he now loves reading. “I was so thrilled!” Terri said. “He is definitely more confident… Thank you so much for giving him the little bit of extra help he needed.” Annual Report 2014-2015


BUILDING PARTNERSHIPS COMMUNITY COLLABORATIONS The YMCA of Greater Syracuse has a 156-year track record and on-the-ground presence to address our community’s most pressing social issues. We know that collaborating with others can amplify the impact of our work to strengthen community. That’s why we value collaboration as a means to advance our cause. Here are some of the many groups we worked with in 2014.



BALDWINSVILLE Elden Elementary McNamara Elementary Palmer Elementary Ray Middle Reynolds Elementary Van Buren Elementary

MARCELLUS Driver Middle K.C. Heffernan Elementary

CENTRAL SQUARE Brewerton Elementary Central Square Intermediate Millard Hawk Primary EAST SYRACUSE-MINOA East Syracuse Elementary Minoa Elementary Woodland Elementary FAYETTEVILLE-MANLIUS Eagle Hill Middle Enders Road Elementary Fayetteville Elementary Immaculate Conception Mott Road Elementary Wellwood Middle


NORTH SYRACUSE Allen Road Elementary Cicero Elementary KWS Bear Road Elementary Lakeshore Road Elementary Main Street Early Education Roxboro Road Elementary Roxboro Road Middle Smith Road Elementary PHOENIX SCHOOLS Maroun Elementary SYRACUSE SCHOOLS Roberts PreK-8 WEST GENESEE Christ Community Church East Hill Elementary Onondaga Road Elementary Split Rock Elementary Stonehedge Elementary

AFTER-SCHOOL ARTS PROGRAMS Hughes Academy McKinley-Brighton Elementary Roberts Elementary Salem Hyde Elementary Syracuse Latin School Van Duyn Elementary ACADEMIC SUPPORT SITES East Syracuse Elementary Huntington Family Centers Millard Hawk Primary Immaculate Conception Elementary North Syracuse Junior High Seymour Dual Language Academy Smith Road Elementary OFF-SITE WELLNESS PROGRAMS Canton Woods Senior Center Cicero Senior Center Fayetteville Senior Center Manlius Senior Center Sacred Heart Church of Cicero Westcott Community Center

AccessCNY Advocates, Inc. AIDS Community Resources American Cancer Society American Heart Association American Red Cross American Safety & Health Institute ARC of Onondaga ARISE Arts and Culture Leadership Alliance of Onondaga County (ACLA) Autism Society of America – CNY Chapter Baldwinsville School District The Bike Loft Birnie Bus Bishop Foery Foundation Boys and Girls Clubs of Syracuse Bridgeport Elementary School Bristol Myers Squibb Canton Woods Senior Center Cathedral Academy at Pompeii Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception Cathedral Square Association Catholic Charities Cato-Meridian Community Recreation Center Cazenovia College Central New York Tennis Association Central Square School District Child Care Solutions of Onondaga County Christopher & Banks Cicero Senior Center Cimvac Ambulance City of Syracuse Mayor’s Office City of Syracuse Parks & Recreation City of Syracuse Police Department CNY Services CNY Triathlon Club Cornell Cooperative Extension Cortland State Sports Management Internships Craftsman Inn

Crouse Hospital Department of Navy Downtown Committee East Syracuse-Minoa School District Eric Mower + Associates Excellus BlueCross BlueShield Exceptional Family Resources Family Video Fayetteville Fire Department Fayetteville Free Library Fayetteville-Manlius Boys & Girls Crew Teams Fayetteville-Manlius Little League Fayetteville-Manlius Meals on Wheels Fayetteville-Manlius School District Friends of Boxing Fulton Family YMCA Girl Scouts Golden Bus Company The Grainger Foundation Green Lakes State Park Haylor, Freyer & Coon Huntington Family Center Inficon Jamesville-DeWitt School District Joslin Diabetes Center Jowonio School Kelbermann Center KidSpeak La Casita Cultural Center La Liga – Spanish Action League Learn As You Grow LeMoyne College Liberty Resources Liverpool Central School District Liverpool Library LIVESTRONG Foundation Lowe’s Home Improvement Lyncourt School District Manlius Fire Department Manlius Police Department Marcellus School District McMahon/Ryan Child Advocacy Center Mental Health Association of Onondaga County Morrisville State College

Moyers Corners Fire Department MVP Health Care NAVAC New York Soccer Central New York State Council on the Arts New York State Department of Health New York State Office of Child & Family Services Nojaim Brothers Super Market Northside Baptist Church North Syracuse School District O’Brien & Gere OCM BOCES: Transition Services OCRRA Office for People with Developmental Disabilities Onondaga Case Management Onondaga Community College Onondaga County Dairy Council Onondaga County Department of Social Services Onondaga County Health Department Onondaga County Office of Aging & Youth Onondaga County Sheriff’s Department Onondaga-CortlandMadison BOCES Onondaga Lake Park Open Hand Theater Oswego County Child Care Council Oswego County Department of Social Services Oswego County Personnel Department Oxford Inn Party Solutions Partyhouse Entertainment Paul de Lima Coffee Co. PEACE, Inc. Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics for All Ages Phoenix Central School District The Post-Standard Primary Care West

Promotional Solutions Raddison Community Association Redhouse Arts Center Rescue Mission S & S Worldwide Saint Agatha Foundation St. Joseph’s Hospital St. Joseph’s Wellness Place St. Lucy’s Church Salina Free Library Salvation Army The Samaritan Center Say Yes to Education Stickley, Audi & Co. Stone Quarry Hill Art Park Subway/CM Properties Syracuse Banana Syracuse Behavioral Health Care Syracuse Chiefs Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists Syracuse University’s Lerner Center Syracuse University’s Honors Program Syracuse University’s Humanities Center Syracuse University’s Otto Syracuse Chargers Rowing Club Syracuse Housing Authority Syracuse City School District Syracuse Crunch Syracuse Silver Knights Town of Clay Town of DeWitt Town of Lysander United Imaging United Way University Hospital Upstate Medical University Upstate Printing U.S. Coast Guard U.S. Military U.S. Tennis Association Verizon Villas of SummerField Wegmans West Genesee School District Y94 FM YMCA Camp Gorham YMCA Camp Owasco

Annual Report 2014-2015


BUILDING A CULTURE OF GIVING At the Y, we work side by side with our neighbors to make sure that everyone regardless of age, income or background - has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive. Our work wouldn’t be possible without our donors. We’re especially grateful to the following, who made leadership gifts of $1,000 or more. They join a circle of supporters founded in 2005 to honor the memory of Dick Besse, a philanthropist, long-standing member and leader of the YMCA of Greater Syracuse. Over several decades, Dick gave generously to advance our mission. Besse Society members are recognized year-round in each YMCA branch. For more information, please contact our development office at 474-6851, ext. 317. Airside Technology Corp. Alan Byer Volvo The Allyn Foundation American Food & Vending Corp. Hernando Y. Arandia Dennis and Gail Baldwin Leigh Baldwin Bank of America Charitable Foundation Earl and Kim Barber Robert F. Benevento The Bonomo Family William H. Bradt Mark and Jennifer Bregande Matthew Bulger Judy Carr Dr. David Carter and Donna Cameron-Carter Central New York Community Foundation Champion Millwork Ronald J. Ciricillo Columbus Foundation CNY Sealing & Plowing, Inc. John L. Corcoran Richard E. Cote The Cronin Family Dannible & McKee, LLP Lee and Chris DeAmicis Delta Air Lines The Deshaies Family Scott and Jessica DesRosiers Dr. Brewster Doust The Drescher Family Dunn Tire Mountain Goat Run In memory of Bob Enslin Mr. and Mrs. Anthony R. Farella


John and Mary Jane Fennessey Fleet Feet In memory of Larry Freedman Ed and Eva Galson Neil Germain Cindy Dowd Greene and Mark Greene G&C Food Distributors and Brokers, Inc. Tom and Kelly Griffith Samuel and Deborah Haines John W. Hartnett The Hawkes Family Mr. and Mrs. Burnett D. Haylor Haylor, Freyer & Coon, Inc. Hematology-Oncology Associates Kaye Hershberger Memorial Fund Independent Insurance Agents of CNY Irish-Millar Construction, Inc. Hope and Bruce Irvine Elaine and Steven Jacobs JTM Associates, LLC Arthur A. Jutton Ed and Susan Kelley Tess and Mike Kenney KeyBank Foundation King + King Architects Mr. Russel A. King John and Sandy Kinsella Kinsella Quarries Fritz Kucinski and Barbara Omicinski Lamar Advertising Company Mary and Tom Lane Ami Longstreet

Richard L. Lowenberg Sarah Lufler and Tim Bumpus M & T Charitable Foundation Rich and Rita MacDonald Mac-Gray Services, Inc. Gwyn Mannion Dick and Carol Manville John and Candace Marsellus Mike McCaffrey Renee McCaffrey In memory of Richard Hermann and in honor of Chris Nucerino Members Give Phil Memmer and Michelle Reiser-Memmer MetLife Foundation Volunteer Project Fund Joe and Kathy Miller Drs. Diane and Craig Montgomery Cynthia Morrow and John Epling Pat Mullin Martha and Mark Nerenhausen Sally Lou and Fran Nichols Chris Nucerino O’Brien & Gere Engineers, Inc. The Palmer-Morgenthien Family Rob and Roxanne Parmele Robert A. Penney John and Linda Pennisi Nicholas Phillips and Juanita Welnicki Lisa Pachmayer Plumley and Stewart Plumley Nate and Jane Podkaminer William and Marty Potter Tony and Julie Procopio Promotional Solutions Cheryl and Alex Pusztai

Michael and Vicki Quigley The Quilter Family Drs. Patricia A. Randall and Stanley Meltzer Chris and Susan Read Frank and Frances Revoir Foundation Nicholas and Mary Ricciardi John Ridings Rotary Club of Dewitt, Inc. Rotary Club of Syracuse, Inc. Samuel F. Sammarco Schopfer Architects, LLP Scott Sears and Lisa Sabine In memory of Jon Seigle Shell Oil Company Foundation Janet and Rick Smith George and Rita Soufleris Laurence Sovik St. Joseph’s Imaging Associates Donna Stoner and George Cady Syracuse Fitness Store Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists George and Jane Tartick Paul and Jacqueline Terwilliger Dave and Lisa Towers Valvoline Instant Oil Change Victor and Kelly Vaccaro Verizon Donald R. Waful Steve and Cheryl Walker Wegmans Hal and Pat Welsh C. Bruce Wichmann Lesley and Larry Wilcox Zoom Media Corporation Anonymous (5)


ANNUAL CAMPAIGN We believe we have something special – a sense of community – and that everyone should have access to it. Our Membership For All program ensures that our doors remain open to whoever needs us. That’s just one reason we’re so thankful to those who support our cause. Our Annual Campaign provides a direct link between people – those who benefit from the Y’s programs and those who benefit by giving. It’s a partnership that makes us all stronger.


That’s also why we worked hard in 2014 to build our Annual Campaign. For the first time, we held an association-wide campaign kickoff with more than 100 people in attendance. We recruited more volunteer campaigners. We also saw a dramatic increase in online gifts, in part because we improved our online giving platform, allowing campaigners to create personal fundraising pages. In 2015, we built on that momentum. We doubled the attendance at our Annual Campaign kick-off and increased our number of campaigners by more than 100. That led to more than 2,000 donations – a 58% increase. When the six-week campaign was over, more than $268,000 had been raised – exceeding our goal of $250,000 - allowing the Y to help more people in need through our programs and services. Together, we’re building a culture of giving that makes us all stronger. Thanks to our donors, the YMCA of Greater Syracuse provided financial subsidies in 2014 to 13,736 people who otherwise would have been unable to participate in YMCA programs. Program

Financial Aid


Membership for All – East



Membership for All – Downtown



Membership for All – North



Membership for All – Southwest



Membership for All - Manlius









Y Kids Inc. (inclusion) Urban Swim Childcare - all branches Camp Iroquois



Low-income housing



Other Camps – East and North



Cancer Survivor Programs



Arts Programs



YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program TOTAL





The Heritage Club honors men and women who have made a long-term commitment to strengthening the community through the YMCA of Greater Syracuse. You can become a member by making a meaningful contribution to the YMCA endowment fund or by naming the Y in your estate plan. To learn more about the Heritage Club, or to let us know you have named the Y in your estate plan, please contact Chief Development Officer Elizabeth Quilter at 315-530-5979. Anonymous Raymond D’Agostino Mr. & Mrs. Richard Davis Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fiske Mr. Robert Ford Mr. & Mrs. Chris Frye Mr. & Mrs. Burnett D. Haylor Ms. Evelyn Klink Mr. Joseph Lamanna Mary & Tom Lane Ms. Anne G. Lloyd Richard Manville John F. Marsellus Robert Penney Mr. & Mrs. Philip Pond George & Rita Soufleris Mr. Charles S. Togias C. Bruce Wichmann

JOIN THE CAUSE Interested in becoming an Annual Campaigner for 2016? For more information, please stop by the front desk at your branch. Annual Report 2014-2015



Edwin J. Kelley Jr. Vice-President

Dr. Cynthia Morrow Vice-President

Lee DeAmicis Treasurer

Bill Bradt Secretary

Kim Barber Judy Carr Maureen Drescher Anthony Farella John Fennessey Joe Flynn Neil Germain Cindy Dowd Greene Ami Longstreet Frank Mento Stephen A. Mitchell Baye Muhammad Francis Nichols Nicholas J. Phillips Nathan Podkaminer Anthony Procopio, Jr. Samuel F. Sammarco David Schlosser Joe Snyder George Tartick Paul Terwilliger Victor Vaccaro C. Bruce Wichmann Doug Cagwin Emeritus

Harry Hale Emeritus


BOARD OF TRUSTEES C. Bruce Wichmann President

Kevin E. Nass Treasurer

Victor Hershdorfer Secretary

Richard Cote Raymond D’Agostino Edgar Galson Ed Green Russell King Mary Lane Robert L. Jokl, Jr. Richard Lowenberg George Soufleris Emeritus


Terry Delavan Rob Enslin Heidi Holtz Edward Kochian Charles Martin Teresita Paniagua DOWNTOWN YMCA BOARD OF MANAGERS Anthony Farella Chair

Kathleen Arsenault Douglas Cronin Raymond Dague Elizabeth DeJoseph Lori Dietz Linda Henley Leila Karkia Zachary Karmen Toni Kleist Thomas Kogut Scott Lickstein Robert Markowski Brent Murphy A. Chris Read Lisa Romeo John Warren Aaron Wood Monique Wright-Williams


Vic Vaccaro Treasurer

Leigh Baldwin Chuck Beeler Chantra Bonomo Jennifer Bregande Jason Cassalia Daniel Culkin Lee A. DeAmicis Shri DeShaies Kelly Griffith Jim King Gwyn Mannion Michael McCaffrey Dr. Diane Montgomery Tracey Noble Kyle Pipes Salatha Willis NORTH AREA FAMILY YMCA BOARD OF MANAGERS George M. Tartick Chair

Matthew Bulger Stephany Dlugozima Maureen Drescher Amy Dupell Sara Johnson Ed Koolakian Richard MacDonald Erick J. Moreira Kirk Narburgh Joe Sheen David Towers Taylor Wendler Bob Sedlak Emeritus


Jacquie Olmsted Vice Chair

Terry Dowd Treasurer

Sherri Woods Secretary

Donna Arseneau S.G. Arvantides Jack Baker Sandy Baker Kevin Bernstein Susan Bertrand Mark Dengler Tim Ebner Dave Horan Robert Hornaday Oscar Jensen Tom Kamide Roxanne Parmele Jim Ruddock Bob Sedlak Autumn Starr Lynn Tanner YMCA SENIOR CITIZEN HOUSING DEVELOPMENT FUND CORPORATION BOARD John Fennessey President

Mary Beth Frey Robert L. Jokl, Jr. Thomas J. Kamide, Jr. Zachary Karmen Edwin J. Kelley, Jr. Jean Kimber Winthrop Thurlow Raymond Wright

BUILDING CAPACITY The Northwest Family YMCA is ready to meet the growing needs of our community. The $20 million, 100,000 square foot facility opened June 8. It’s awe-inspiring, but not for its size, design or materials. It’s because of the people whose lives will be changed within its walls. At this new Y, members will make new friendships and lifelong memories. Kids will learn how to swim and make art. Parents of young kids will get a breather while their kids play. Cancer survivors will find the support they need to grow stronger. Teens will have a place to call their own. Seniors will stay connected, strong and independent. Over time, hundreds of thousands of people will belong at the Northwest Family YMCA. Their stories of lives changed wouldn’t be written if it weren’t for the many volunteers who dedicated their time, expertise, and money to the cause for so many years. Because of their investment and vision, we now have a YMCA that will meet the community’s needs today and for good. While construction is all but complete, our work as a community is not. Volunteers have already raised more than $5 million to build the Northwest Family YMCA. On May 21, 2015, they announced a goal of raising the last $1 million. It’s time for everyone to go ALL IN for a stronger community.

A LASTING LEGACY Few people have done more to strengthen Greater Baldwinsville than Dick Manville. The owner of three weekly newspapers in Northern Onondaga County, he was known as a champion for efforts to improve the community. His generosity wasn’t limited to newspaper columns. The list of nonprofits that he volunteered for is long, but he was especially proud of his work with the Syracuse Home Association. As its board president, he helped plan McHarrie Town, an independent senior living community in Baldwinsville. The other cause he felt most strongly about was the YMCA. It was the Downtown Syracuse Y that gave him a low-cost place to stay when he was a young World War II veteran, studying journalism at Syracuse University. He later served on the board for the North Area Family YMCA as well as both the governing board and the Board of Trustees for the YMCA of Greater Syracuse. For the past 16 years, he was a leading fundraiser and volunteer for the movement to build the Northwest Family YMCA in Baldwinsville. At the October preview party in the parking lot of future YMCA, he beamed with pride as hundreds of fellow Y supporters applauded him. Dick died at age 88 on January 1, 2015. Four months later, his family gathered in the new Y’s Club Room. They dedicated it in honor of Dick and his wife, Carol, who survives. Dick’s spirit will guide the Northwest Family YMCA as it strengthens community for generations to come.

To GIVE, JOIN or VOLUNTEER, visit NWFY.ORG BUILT WELL To meet the needs of the community, the Northwest Family YMCA includes: • Three basketball courts • Four small sports courts • Aquatics Center, with a warm-water therapy pool, a six-lane lap pool, a family fun pool, a sauna and a steam room

• Health & Wellness Center, with cardiovascular equipment, a strength circuit, free weights, a sprint track, small-group exercise room and a stretching area

• KARE Foundation Lobby, • The Kaye Center for Cancer with a fireplace, cozy chairs Wellness, dedicated to and free coffee helping survivors grow stronger together • 3-Lane, 1/8-mile track • Mind/Body Studio • Large group exercise studio • Teen/Tween Center • Locker rooms for women • Family Prime Time Center, and men, plus six changing • Art Studio, with music with rooms, activities and rooms for families and lesson rooms, a ceramics adult supervision dedicated people with special needs studio and gallery to infants, toddlers and • Group cycling studio • Turf practice field elementary school students

Annual Report 2014-2015



Anne Hawkes Chief Financial Officer

Elizabeth Fallon Quilter Chief Development Officer

Chris Iven Phil Kreuzer Sue Leroy Steven Lesko Patty Lim Stefanie Noble Mara Roberts Tiffany Way

DOWNTOWN YMCA Cheryl Pusztai Executive Director Erika Adigun Kevin Collins Jessica DesRosiers Liz Horne-Baxter Jennifer Hughes Stephanie Michaels Ryan Murray Scott Sears Richard Turk

YMCA ARTS BRANCH Phil Memmer Executive Director

Deborah Borenstein Dani Mosko Jonathan Paduano Georgia Popoff George Skafidas Miriam Swanson Kristin Swift


SOUTHWEST YMCA Jack Korzyp Sarah Lufler Kelly Wentworth

NORTH AREA FAMILY YMCA Lisa Pachmayer Executive Director

Caitlin Alcott Kelly Casson Tom Chigaridas Michele Cimino Amy Grabowski Crystal Henderson Tess Kenney Holly Kontak Cary LaManche Ryan Lucas Jason McCabe Becky McDonough Sue Montminy Robin Myers Kelly Notman Stephanie Rhodes Jill Rice Jennifer Savery Linda Spier Abbi Turner Cheryl Walker Joann Wixson

EAST AREA FAMILY YMCA Kelly Miner Associate Executive Director

Kelly Butters Nicole Calhoun Amanda Coyle Megan Davis Erin Grayson Steve Hasto Kim King Danielle LaTour Courtney LuCente Jade McClallen Tamra Moroski Jason Patti Amber Shannon

MANLIUS YMCA Dennie Taft Lesley Wilcox

Other 4.0%

Contributions 12.5%

Depreciation 5.8% Financing 1.7%

Fees & Grants 7.5% Program Fees 32.9%

Other 4.0%

Occupancy 9.9% Supplies, Telephone & Postage 7.0%

Membership 43.2%

Benefits & Taxes 12.1%

Contract Services 3.7%


Salaries & Wages 55.8%





Salaries & Wages


Fees & Grants


Benefits & Taxes




Contract Services

Program Fees


Supplies, Telephone & Postage





$737,123 $18,653,823

*includes Northwest Family YMCA Capital Campaign


















Annual Report 2014-2015



At the YMCA of Greater Syracuse, strengthening community is our cause. We believe that lasting personal and social change can only come about when we all work together to invest in our kids, our health and our neighbors. That’s why we focus our work in three areas: YOUTH DEVELOPMENT HEALTHY LIVING SOCIAL REPONSIBILITY

Nurturing the potential of every child and teen Improving the community’s health and well-being Giving back and providing support to our neighbors


The mission of the YMCA of Greater Syracuse is to put Christian Principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.

Downtown YMCA 340 Montgomery Street Syracuse, New York 13202 315.474.6851

North Area Family YMCA 4775 Wetzel Road Liverpool, New York 13090 315.451.2562

East Area Family YMCA 200 Towne Drive Fayetteville, New York 13066 315.637.2025

Northwest Family YMCA 8040 River Road Baldwinsville, New York 13027 315.303.5966

Manlius YMCA 140 West Seneca Street Manlius, New York 13104 315.692.4777

Southwest YMCA Onondaga Community College 4585 West Seneca Turnpike Syracuse, New York 13215 315.498.2699

The Arts Branch of The YMCA of Greater Syracuse 340 Montgomery Street Syracuse, New York 13202 315.474.6851 x328 YMCA Day Camp Iroquois 4795 Sweet Road Manlius, New York 13104 315.637.2025

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YMCA of Greater Syracuse 2014-2015 Annual Report  

Building a Brighter Future: 2014-2015 Annual Report of the YMCA of Greater Syracuse

YMCA of Greater Syracuse 2014-2015 Annual Report  

Building a Brighter Future: 2014-2015 Annual Report of the YMCA of Greater Syracuse

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