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The systematic oppression and structural exclusion from access to financing and economic opportunities for Black people in America has led to the average Black household holding about 1/10th the net worth of the average White household. One key source of wealth for the average White household is home equity.1 There has been a 20 to 30 percent gap between Black and White homeownership rates for more than 100 years. The racial homeownership gap rings true for San Diego County as well, where studies place the Black homeownership rate at 31 percent versus that of White households at 65 percent.2 Black household holding about 1/10th the net worth of the average White household.

With these sobering facts in mind, a collective including The San Diego Foundation, LISC San Diego and the Urban League of San Diego County, have united to launch the San Diego Black Homebuyers Program, which seeks to improve the racial wealth gap in San Diego by investing in generational wealth building opportunities through Black homeownership. The San Diego Black Homebuyers Program was founded with a $1 million grant from The San Diego Foundation Black Community Investment Fund and with administrative funding from the County of San Diego, through the office of the Chair, Nathan Fletcher, along with other charitable contributors.

[1] Oliver, M. L., & Shapiro, T. M. (2019). Disrupting the Racial Wealth Gap. Contexts, 18(1), 16-21 [2] Anderson, D. “Minneapolis, Milwaukee & Salt Lake City Have the Lowest Black Homeownership Rates in the U.S., With Just One-Quarter of Black Families Owning Their Home.” Redfin News. Updated October 19, 2020,

COX SUPPORTS THE BIRTH OF A BLACK-OWNED BUSINESS Cox supports the birth of a Black-owned business It might seem counterintuitive to open a customerfacing business during a pandemic, but for midwife Nikki Helms, January 2021 was as good a time as any. After all, no catastrophe can stop the miracle of babies being born. And with Cox Business’s phone and internet solutions in place, Nikki was able to realize her dream of opening the San Diego Community Birth Center. In the late 2000s, Nikki began researching the disparities and outcomes for women of color, particularly those for Black women, in hospitals and birthing centers. Nikki, a Black woman herself, had first-hand experience. “I saw how people of color were treated in the hospital, and how stark those differences were compared to white women,” Nikki said. “I wanted to change those statistics. I wanted to have a greater impact.” She spent seven years as a practicing doula—an emotional and physical support person for pregnant women—before deciding she wanted to be a clinical practitioner. In 2010, she enrolled in the Nizhoni Institute of Midwifery and completed the rigorous three-year program and concurrent five-year apprenticeship while raising her girls and working fulltime. Today, Nikki is one of only a handful of Black midwives in San Diego County. It wasn’t an easy journey to get the keys to her new Bankers Hill clinic - and the pandemic changed her timeline – but Nikki was determined to create an option for any woman seeking an alternative to the hospital birthing experience.

COX SUPPORTS THE BIRTH OF A BLACK-OWNED BUSINESS Cox supports the birth of a Black-owned business cont...

Thanks to a GoFundMe campaign, Nikki raised nearly $150,000 which she used to lease and revamp her space. She hired a Black woman contractor to install flooring, and she and friends painted the walls and made upgrades, creating a modern, Zen environment for expectant women and their partners. On Jan. 5, 2021, she opened the doors to the only Black-owned birth center in San Diego. Of course, part of getting her business up and running meant utilizing the right technology to best meet the needs of her customers and community, so she had Cox come and install internet and phone services. e pandemic, so I decided this would be a great partnership,” Nikki said. For more information on The San Diego Community Birth Center, visit

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SAN DIEGO COUNTY BUILDING TRADES UNIONS The San Diego County Building and Construction Trades Council, AFL-CIO consists of the affiliated construction and trade unions representing workers in San Diego County. Currently, 22 unions representing over 30,000 workers are affiliated with the Building Trades Council. Among the Council’s responsibilities is to be a clearinghouse of information for its affiliated unions on legislative issues at all levels of government, the body that approves strike sanctions for affiliates, acts as the lead in negotiations for Community Hiring Agreements and Project Maintenance Agreements, and is the body that speaks for the Building Trades on issues of concern. Business Manager Tom Lemmon manages the day to day operations of the Council and acts as its spokesperson.











A project labor agreement (PLA) is a prehire collective bargaining agreement between building trade unions and contractors. They set the terms and conditions of employment for all construction workers—union and nonunion—on a construction project. As with all collective bargaining agreements, a group of workers—in this case, construction workers—come together to collectively negotiate these terms with their employer(s)—in this case, construction contractors.

One of the most essential benefits is that PLA projects produce high quality buildings or infrastructure, built by a skilled and trained workforce, on time and on budget. In addition, public works PLAs can provide significant benefits to taxpayers by decreasing uncertainties, promoting transparent competition, and ensuring a reliable supply of labor. Public works PLAs are also required by California public contract code to include five fundamental taxpayer provisions:

Project labor agreements are a benefit to communities for a number of reasons.

1) a prohibition on discrimination based on race, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, political affiliation or membership in a labor organization in hiring and dispatching workers for the project, 2) all qualified union and nonunion contractors and subcontractors are permitted to bid on and be awarded work on the project, 3) an agreed-upon protocol for drug testing workers employed on the project, 4) a guarantee against work stoppages, strikes, lockouts, and similar disruptions of the project, and 5) that disputes arising from the agreement shall be resolved by a neutral arbitrator.


Beyond those however, there can be added benefits for the public, including programs that increase local hire, offer advantageous terms for small and underrepresented businesses that increase their ability to successfully bid on and complete a contract, and prioritize recruitment and dispatch from disadvantaged communities. Most commonly, these benefits center around targeted local hire and dispatch goals that are often negotiated into PLAs, in order to create greater job opportunities for communities of concern. While the CA state constitution prohibits the consideration of race, ethnicity, and gender in public hiring, contracting, and education, PLAs are still able to incorporate opportunities for communities of color through hiring and dispatch goals that are geographically targeted—looking at specific zip codes, or proximity to a construction project. In other cases, they can include participation or engagement with apprenticeship readiness programs, in particular those that utilize the MultiCraft Core Curriculum (MC3) that is sponsored by the North American Building Trades Unions (aka NABTU), ensuring that graduates of MC3 programs get fasttracked into career opportunities in the Building Trades. Programs can also be developed into a PLA that focus on construction career opportunities for veterans, the formerly incarcerated, foster youth, tenants of affordable housing properties, and more.


PLAs also have an apprenticeship utilization requirement, which means that one out of every five hours has to be worked by a state-registered apprentice. Apprenticeship is an “earn while you learn,” workforce development model that allows a person to learn a skilled trade through a combination of coursework and on the job training hours. Apprentices are trained tuition-free, get paid for their hours in the training program, earn healthcare and retirement benefits, and graduate with a “journeyman” certification in their trade—a portable credential that is industry-recognized internationally. Targeted recruitment into union apprenticeship programs are a huge community benefit, as a successful apprenticeship is a demonstrably powerful tool to transform lives and break cycles of intergenerational poverty.




his year’s Meet the Primes will include two days of one-onone virtual business T

matchmaking for subcontractors, vendors, suppliers, consultants, and concessionaires to network with prime contractors, concessionaires, and business support service centers.

September 14, 2021 10 a.m. - noon PST - Prime Contractor Panel Session

Prime Contractors will discuss upcoming opportunities. September 15, 2021 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. PST - Matchmaking with Prime Contractors

One-on-one virtual matchmaking meetings with prime contractors on My Business Matches Platform. Register and create a profile on My Business Matches and set up your meetings. September 16, 2021 5 p.m. - 7 p.m. PST - Prime Contractor Panel Session

We encourage firms to attend the contractor, concessionaire,

Prime Contractors will discuss upcoming opportunities. September 28, 2021 10 a.m. - noon PST - Concessionaire Panel Session

and business matchmaking panels and sessions to learn

Prime concessionaire operators and small business concessionaire operators will share how to become successful in the industry.

about opportunities and how to be become a successful

September 29, 2021 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. PST - Matchmaking with Concessionaires & Business

Support Service Centers

business. From there, you’ll have a better understanding of

One-on-one virtual matchmaking meetings with prime contractors and business support service centers on My Business Matches Platform. Register and create a profile on My

which companies to speak

Business Matches and set up your meetings.

with. Come prepared to the

September 30, 2021 10 a.m. - noon PST, 5 p.m. - 7 p.m. PST - Public Agencies and Business

matchmaking meetings with a list of questions. You’ll come

Support Services Session

Panelists will discuss how to do business with each agency, and business support services

away with an attendee profile

will discuss how they can assist you with growing your business.

to best match with primes and

The Meet the Primes panel and session registration website can be accessed at

business support service centers.

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Destiny Jennings, Project to build water towers in Nigeria


Words from the Mouth of a Lyricist

What Does Building Generational Wealth Mean To Me?

Educate, Encourage and Empower others by creating our future. Starting with us. Me being a mom-preneur has had it's roller coaster of challenges. Building generational wealth for my children is my goal.

. Now that I have been able to catipult alot more understanding. I am starting a grand new chapter...

Click her for more about Eturnul



I aspire to create the type of wealth that can trickle down not just as cash, but as inspiration to others. Through my music, I inspire and impact those around me with encouragement to never give up on they're goals and dreams. I know that influence plays a big part . With that in mind I have chosen to create a music and clothing brand that will inspire others for generations to come. My Brands OC Overcome Cancer and OL Overcome Lupus are the perfect niche. These brands are released to health awareness which will always be around and be needed for it forever.

Maurice Williams

What does Generational Wealth Mean to Me?

It took some time for me to think about what the term Generational Wealth means to me. And what I determined was generational wealth is what you pass down as part of your legacy to others. The others that I speak of can be your children, their children or whomever one pleases. But more importantly, the idea here should not be based solely on the monetarization as most think. If we were to be honest, how many times have we watched movies that provided the backdrop of a family awaiting to hear from the deceased’s last will and testimony as to what they may or not be receiving as part of their inheritance?

This place of thought is dreadfully antiquated. DeMatteo (2020) stated, “Generational wealth refers to any kind of asset that families pass down to their children or grandchildren, whether in the form of cash, investment funds, stocks and bonds, properties or even entire companies” (para. 2).We have to share what we have regarding our experiences in the form of triumphs and losses in order to properly equip those who will live on with us, and afterward.

Reference DeMatteo, M. (2020). How this entrepreneur is working to help Black women build generational wealth through homeownership. Retrieved from: age%20of%2030%20and,out%20to%20build%20her%20own%2 0wealth%20through%20homeownership.




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aking the metro rail and bus is an interesting way to

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get around the city and into the boroughs as it cuts

City of Interest: New York City

traffic in half...but if you can stand the heat of the

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underground tunnels and the crowds - take the

New York City is 2,790 miles from Los Angeles and a 15 hr flight from Kong Kong. If you have the miles, upgrade to first class. The comfort of space, leather chairs and on-board spirits are not a bad idea. Getting Around You may also want to find out if you have any uber or lyft cash hanging around. There is also a new app called Juno that is specifically for NYC.

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Travel cont...

Congratulations to Chief Executive Officer of Young Black & N' Business, Roosevelt Williams, III for acceptance into the San Diego Regional chamber of Commerce Public Leadership Institute Training

Relax The flight from LAX to JFK is 5 hours and on the return is 6 hours. So beware of the time change because it is highly possible to come down with a delay of jetlag. You might want to recover a bit on the Airtrain or on the taxi cab ride to your hotel from either Laguadia, JFK or Newark. Do something DIFFERENT One of the most fantastic and creative times to visit New York is during New York Fashion Week. Although designers are opting to show off-site there are still many fashion-related events to explore.

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