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under the top lifelines. Slowly the boat settles down again and we await the call to change headsails. It doesn’t feel too bad and the dull light from instruments numbers show the wind has eased slightly. We are attempting to get past a crucial tidal gate of the nearby headland. The decision was made earlier to delay the preparation and distribution of dinner until after we get round. It was going to be tight but the advantage would be worth it, so the goodie bag was essential. The meal will require a crewmember down below to heat up individual pre-packed portions of ‘splodge’ that can be eaten using a spoon straight out of the bag it was heated up in.These being dished out, eaten and the empties returned always cause a little disruption in the rhythm of the boat. The food itself is like Marmite - you either love it or accept the evil necessity the calories provide. The race is going into the second night. It seems a long time ago since we undid the dock lines from the boat and left them alongside the fenders and assorted equipment we decided was not essential. It always feels different from going out to ‘race around the cans’. Offshore by its very definition means going away from the land, venturing out for long enough for the weather and other things to change and long enough to possibly miss being ashore. The process invokes an element of uncertainty and a release from the shackles of shore side life. It highlights preparation, experience and the abilities of those competing together.

THE REGATTA TT TTA the industry event for property, construction and estate agency

the industry event for property, construction and estate agency COWES

With a great mixture of exhilarating sailing and relaxed socialising ashore, the Blueprint Regatta provides the perfect environment for networking, team-building and corporate entertainment. All abilities can take part and it doesn’t matter if you’ve never sailed before!

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Solent Handbook & Directory 2017