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PORTSMOUTH & GOSPORT Reference: QHM Portsmouth General Direction 07/10. Small Boat Channel and access to Gunwharf Quays and Town Camber. The Small Boat Channel, as displayed on Admiralty charts, is defined by Ballast Beacon at its northern extremity and No 4 Bar Buoy to the south. As the harbour entrance is a blind bend for large vessels, small boats operating near the harbour entrance are often difficult to detect, the following rules therefore apply to all small boats: 1. Small Boats must enter and leave the harbour through the Small Boat Channel. 2. All craft fitted with engines, when navigating in the Approach Channel to Portsmouth Harbour, are to proceed under power between No 4 Bar Buoy, Ballast Beacon and Gunwharf Quays/Town Camber. 3. The Small Boat Channel may only be entered or exited by vessels approaching from the vicinity of Gunwharf Quays/Town Camber north of Ballast Beacon. 4. A traffic pattern is established at Ballast Beacon; small boats entering the harbour are to pass close to the east of Ballast Beacon, those exiting close to the west. 5. Small boats, unless authorised by QHM, are not to loiter in the Small Boat Channel. 6. Small boats should remain on the Starboard side of the Small Boat Channel, adjusting their speed to remain within the Small Boat Channel to avoid overtaking or leaving the Channel. 7. Immediately prior to departure from Gunwharf Quays/Town Camber, small boats are to request permission, from QHM on VHF Ch 11, to cross the harbour to Ballast Beacon before entering the Channel. Note - There are no visitor berths or moorings at Gunwharf Quays, and boats will only be permitted to cross the harbour to Gunwharf Quays if they have an assigned berth. The Gunwharf Berthing Manager can be contacted by VHF Ch 80 or 02392 836732.


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