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Trade, Tradition & Packaging

Paintings Exhibition by

Made Romi Sukadana

Warisan VI [Heritage Series]

50cm x 55cm Acrylic on canvas 2013

Unusual concepts in art usually create unique masterpieces. Made ‘Romi’ Sukadana implements these concepts in his paintings. Made “Romi” Sukadana was born in Denpasar, January 22 1973, and paints images of Balinese classic icons, like the Barong, Rangda, Dancers, and others heritage characters over realistic-cardboard-paintings on canvas side by side with product images and anything already printed on the cardboard medium. Through his art, he depicts those visual phenomenon presented together in eclectic compositions. Romi has realized that there are so many unique and exciting things hiding within the cardboard. In his previous exhibitions called “Hidden Connection I & II”, in Denpasar and Jakarta a few months ago, Romi does not only have the image of the product on the surface of a piece of cardboard, but also relates the condition of the product being packaged inside. Besides presenting a visual feast, this artwork can also be a medium for which it is able to expose the consciousness and investigate the values and meanings sometimes hidden from the naked eye. The exhibition at Gardenia Boutique Guest House & Coffee Shop is on-going until June 2013. At the moment some of his latest artworks are exhibited at Mayya Gallery, Frankfurt, Germany, entitled “The Hidden Code” together with others Balinese fine artists; Made Bayak & Jango Paramartha. Others Made Romi Sukadana artworks are available at:

Rangda 30cm x 35cm Watercolor on paper 2013

Barong 30cm x 35cm Watercolor on paper 2013

Jero Gede 35cm x 30cm Watercolor on paper 2013

Bangkal 35cm x 30cm Watercolor on paper 2013

Warisan V [Heritage Series] 50cm x 55cm Acrylic on canvas 2013

Warisan VII [Heritage Series] 50cm x 55cm Acrylic on canvas 2013

Ikon XI [Icon Series] 50cm x 55cm Acrylic on canvas 2013

Ikon XII [Icon Series] 50cm x 55cm Acrylic on canvas 2013

Harmoni Bali I 80cm x 100cm Acrylic on canvas 2013

Harmoni Bali II 80cm x 100cm Acrylic on canvas 2013

Made Romi Sukadana Education: STSI Denpasar Solo Exhibition: 2013 “Hidden Connections II” at Galeri Cipta III, Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta at Tryst’s Resto & Gallery, Kemang, Jakarta 2012 “Hidden Connections I” at Ayucious Restaurant & Gallery, Denpasar, Bali 2009 “Sebuah Nama” at 10 Fine Art Gallery, Sanur 2007 “Dialogue With The Reality” at Kamandalu Resort, Ubud 2001 “Sides of Woman” at Paros Gallery, Ubud Selected Group Exhibitions: 2013: “The Hidden Code” Mayya Gallery, Frankfurt, German 2012: “Byur...!!!” Warung Yayaa Art Space, Sanur 2011: “In The Name of Identity” Tanah Tho Gallery, Lod Tunduh, Ubud | Pameran Bersama Ten Fine Art “Re Fresh” Raos Gallery Batu-Malang, Pameran Bersama “Lokality and Universality di Chandan Gallery, Malaysia, Pameran Bersama “Tidak Takut” di Willem Kerseboom Gallery, AmsterdamBelanda | 2010: “Ten Made” Tujuh Bintang Art Space, Yogyakarta | “Optimism 2012” Maha Art Gallery, Sanur | 2008: “Entitas Nurani” Art Centre, Denpasar | “Green” Segara Beach Sanur |

2007: “Me Between Us” Tony Raka Art Gallery, Ubud | “IBUMI” GWK, Jimbaran | 2006: “Jago” Niki Gallery, Ubud | “Unlimited” with 10 Fine Art at Popo Danes Art Veranda, Denpasar | “Panorama” with 10 Fine Art at Ganesha Gallery at Four Season Resort, Jimbaran | 2005: “Exhibition of Fine Art & Architechture” Griya Santrian, Sanur | “10 Fine Art” Melbourne Art Show, Australia | “10 Fine Art” Hogart Collection, Australia | “Simple is Beauty” Guet Fine Art, Sanur | “Brikolase” 10 Fine Art, Sanur | 2004: “New Harmony II” Drawing at Rare Angon Gallery, Sanur | “Oh!!” K Sudana Gallery, Ubud | “10 Artists Introduce Themselves” 10 Fine Art, Sanur 2003: “Tai Black” Tanah Air Indonesia Hitam, STSI, Denpasar | “BIG” with Perupa 16 Art Centre, Denpasar & Griya Santrian Gallery, Sanur | “New Harmony” Rare Angon Gallery, Sanur | “Small Beautiful” Kiridesa Gallery, Singapura | 2002: Group Exhibition with Sanggar Poleng, Cottages Frames, Denpasar | “Unity” with Perupa 16 at Gabrig Gallery Sanur | “Small” Paros Gallery | 2001: “SESARI” Gedung Titik Dua, Denpasar | “Imajinasi & Warna” Bizette Gallery, Jakarta | “Oriental” with Kelompok 5 at Art Centre, Denpasar | 2000: HIMPESTRADA at Museum Bali, Denpasar.

Boutique Guesthouse & Coffee Shop Jl. Mertasari no. 2 p.+62-361-286301 Sanur Bali Indonesia

yayaa artmanagement Jl. Sekar Waru no. 4 Belanjong Sanur Bali Indonesia 0361 270335 | 0821 4553 0088 |

"Trade, Tradition & Packaging" by made Romi Sukadana  

Made Romi Sukadana solo paintings exhibition "Trade, Tradition & Packaging" at Gardenia Boutique Guesthouse & Coffee Shop, Sanur, Bali Indon...

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