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Ficha de Trabajo Time/Tenses Codigo G.VP1 / 2 Date 30/01/2013 Idioma Inglés


Present Simple vs Present Continous

Objetivo de la ficha:

En esta ficha aprenderás la diferencia entre ambos tiempos verbales, su uso y sus formas afirmativas, interrogativas y negativas. 45 min A2 Nivel Cenlex Básico 2

Tiempo: Nivel CEF: Instrucciones:

Lee cuidadosamente el uso de cada uno de los tiempos verbales. Posteriormente identifica en qué tiempo debe ir el verbo y contesta los enunciados del ejercicio 1. Luego convertirás las oraciones del ejercicio 1 en su forma negativa e interrogativa. Clave de respuestas: Acude a tu asesor.

Sugerencias: Busca en otros textos cómo se le da uso a éstos dos tiempos verbales. ¿Coincide con lo que se te ha enseñado en esta ficha? ¿Cuáles son las diferencias?


Yatziri Garza


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a)- Habitual actions He goes to school on foot. She usually wakes up at six. b)- Permanent situations They live in Edinburgh. She doesn’t like fish. c)- Eternal truths The moon goes round the earth. d)- Future with timetables, programmes,… The train leaves at seven. e)- Conditional type 1 If you don’t pass, I will be angry. f)- Verbs of perception, emotion and belief. I don’t understand this. She loves him. EXERCISE 1 Put the verbs in the correct form. 1-Mary________ late on Sunday. (get up) 2-She never ________ to the radio. (listen) 3-Peter __________ this week. (camp) 4-Susan _________ milk every day. (drink) 5-Mary _________ wine. (hate) 6-Susan _________German. (understand) 7-They sometimes _________ fish. (eat) 8-My dad ________ his car now. (wash) 9-Shops ___________ at 9 o’clock. (open) 10-Is she_______ to school today? (come) 11-She’s thirsty. She ________ water. (want) 12-Grandma___________ the plants now. (water) 13-He ____________ tomorrow! (leave) 14-School _______ in September. (start)

a)- Actions happening at the moment of speaking Be quiet! The baby is sleeping. b)- Temporary actions She is camping in Scotland this week. c)- Repeated actions, but not a permanent state She is having French lessons I am attending evening classes d)- Irritating habits with always He is always whistling in her ear. She is always singing the same song. e)- Future arrangements Her daughter is getting married soon. I am leaving tomorrow. EXERCISE 2 Now turn these sentences into negative. 1- __________________________________. 2-__________________________________. 3-__________________________________. 4-__________________________________. 5-__________________________________. 6-__________________________________. 7-__________________________________. 8-__________________________________. 9-__________________________________. 10-_________________________________. 11-_________________________________. 12-_________________________________. 13-_________________________________. 14-_________________________________.

EXERCISE 3 Now write the same sentences in the interrogative form. 1- _________________________________? 3 - _________________________________? 5- _________________________________? 7- _________________________________? 9- _________________________________? 11- ____________________ ____________? 13- ____________________ ____________?

Yatziri Garza

2- ___________________________________? 4- ___________________________________? 6- ___________________________________? 8- ___________________________________? 10- ___________________________________? 12- ___________________________________? 14- ___________________________________?


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