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APRIL 2005 Vol 26 No 9

Shane and Libby Taylor’s Brumby. See the report on it on the website, to appear shortly. Photo by Shane Taylor SC513


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CLUB MEETINGS Monthly meetings are held on the FOURTH MONDAY of each month at 8 pm, at the Veteran Car Club, 1376 OLD CLEVELAND ROAD, CARINDALE Phone: 3843 0010 - UBD 42nd Edition Reference: Map 182 E 6

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If you find a mistake in the Suba News, please consider it put there on purpose. We try to publish something for everyone, and some people are always looking for mistakes. The views expressed in this magazine are not necessarily those of the Club, in whole or in part. All content is copyright. That means you need written permission to use any of it. We will be glad to share it. Just ask!


PRESIDENT’S REPORT Hello Subafans, I hope you all had a good Easter break. Our EPIRB has arrived. Let’s hope we never need to use it. Our new first aid kits are here as well. With the end of the club year looming please think about whether you would like be on the committee for the next year, all help will be appreciated. Don’t forget to pencil in the club Birthday party in July. We would like to see you there.

Cameron Neilsen SC287



MAGAZINE Articles being submitted for inclusion in the next magazine are to reach the Editor at

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10th May 2005

by the Earlier than this would be much appreciated. Thanks!!



TECHNICAL TIPS Water Cr ossing Tec hniques Crossing echniques There are 3 main things that stop an engine working: no spark, no air and no fuel. Water crossing can affect the first 2: water shorting out the ignition system or water in the air cleaner. Ignition Sys Systtems In older vehicles there is a coil, a distributor and spark plugs. Water can enter the distributor and cause shorts inside the distributor cap and under the caps of spark plugs. Water can also short out the spark plug leads if there are cracks in the insulation. Newer vehicles don’t have a distributor, but still have spark plugs and leads. In some cases the spark plugs are inside the heads and are protected from water. But if the leads are perished, water can still short them out. In newer vehicles there are also computers controlling the motor, gearbox, etc, which can also be affected by water. In older vehicles silastic was used to seal the distributor cap and spark plugs. The same can be done on newer vehicles. Air Cleaner s Cleaners Water can enter the air cleaner and stop the air flow or be sucked in and stop the engine. Older vehicles’ air intakes were usually in the centre of the engine bay above the carburettor. It was easy to fit a piece of pipe that could be run to the back of the engine bay where there was less chance to suck in water. Newer vehicles have air intakes either behind the headlight or between the top of the grille and the bonnet. These air intakes are designed to ram air into the air cleaner, the trouble is that they also ram water into the air filter. The better designed air inlet systems have water traps, which remove the water before it can enter the air filter. The safest system is to have a snorkel fitted.


Water Cr ossing Tec hniques (contin ued) Crossing echniques (continued) Bef ore Crossing Before Do you really need to drive through the water? Is there another way or a shallower crossing? Anything above doorsill height deserves caution. Vehicles can float and water can enter the cabin. Deep water crossings should never be attempted alone, except in an emergency. Before you enter any water, you must check the path you plan to find any big rocks or deep holes hidden under the water and check the firmness of the bottom and the current flow. A radiator blind prevents water being forced through the front grille, then through the radiator core resulting in flooding of the engine bay. Removing or loosening the fan belt will prevent the fan blade from being driven into the radiator and splashing water all over the engine. If you have electric fans, turn them off. Also turn off the air conditioner. If the engine and transmission are very hot consider letting them cooling down before entering the water; especially engines fitted with turbo chargers. The Crossing Enter the water slowly, then increase speed to build a bow wave and maintain the momentum, which effectively lowers the water level around the engine and behind the vehicle. Driving too fast could cause water to surge over the bonnet and flood the engine bay. Don’t change gear while in the water. Travel diagonally to the current flow. If you start floating, open a door and fill the vehicle with water. Af Aftter Crossing On leaving the water, always drive a short distance with the foot brake lightly depressed to dry out the brake linings. Upon returning home after water crossings, check the diff and gearbox oils for water contamination, especially after long or deep water immersions.

Ron Penfold SC002 5

SOCIAL DIRECTOR’S REPORT There is a long weekend coming up, May Day 30 April to 2 May that requires a trip leader. If you want to run one of these trips or a trip to somewhere else, that’s fine, just contact me, and I will help with the details. The trip sheet has been modified to include the maximum number of vehicles allowed on a club trip and if personal permits are required. The maximum number of vehicles is at the discretion of the trip leader, but for forestry trips it is set at 15 as a condition of the permit.

Ron Penfold SC002


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Custom Designers of: Custom Stereo Systems Subwoofer boxes Boot fitouts Doorpods Centre and overhead consoles Mobile Service

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Suppliers of: 27MHz and UHF radios Custom design snorkels GPS systems T.V. screens, external cameras Oddessy and Powercell batteries Full Automotive Trimming available

Phone Bryan on 0416 104 993 www .subsoniccar sound.8k .com www.subsoniccar .subsoniccarsound.8k

LUCKY MEMBER DRAW A lucky member draw will be held at each general meeting, sponsored by a life member. To be eligible for the prize of a $5 scratchy, you must be at the meeting, be wearing a Subaru club shirt and have travelled to the meeting in a Subaru. Each meeting the draw is based on a different outcome, either about Subaru vehicles or club membership. The March winners, the “longest married couple” sponsored by John McKenna, were Brett and Megan Rogers. The April draw will be sponsored by Trevor Bell. So come to the meetings in your Subaru wearing a Subaru club shirt and you could be the next lucky member winner.


BOURNE’S BACK The Bourne name, which has been so integrally linked with Silverstone Race to the Sky, will be showcased again at this year’s event, with the surprise announcement that Peggy Bourne will compete in the race as a personal tribute to Possum. Possum died tragically following an accident on the Waiorau Snow Farm road on Good Friday two years ago. Event promoter Grant Aitken says Possum was always the Race to the Sky’s most loyal supporter. “He loved the event and loved to bring his family to it. To have Peggy compete this year is very exciting for us and we know the crowds will love to see her racing in memory of Possum.” Peggy says entering the race is the perfect way for her to celebrate Possum’s life. “Of all the events he entered, this had a special place in his heart,” she says. Peggy recently attended the Dale Perry’s Rally Drive NZ rally school in the Maramarua Forest to complete her competition licence and get a better understanding of how her Subaru WRX Impreza entry would handle. “I loved it. It was an awesome experience and gave me the confidence I need to enter Race to the Sky.” Internationally renowned co-driver Mark Stacey will join Peggy in her debut performance. Peggy says she is looking forward to facing the challenge alongside Mark, who was one of Possum’s co-drivers and a long-time friend. Her support team is made up of a group of key sponsors and supporters who have been close friends of Possum, Peggy and the family. “Winger Subaru is providing the car with additional mechanical support, McDonalds, STI (Subaru Japan’s motorsport division), Subaru New Zealand, CRC, Hella, Caltex, and Flamecrusher are all involved,” she says. “I am thrilled and so appreciative of each of the sponsors’ generous offers of support. I wouldn’t be able to make this tribute without them.”


BOURNE’S BACK Peggy will also be working with Emmy award winning producer Julian Grimmond of the Mountain Film Unit, which is the Race to the Sky’s media partner, to produce a documentary of her race challenge. “When we heard Peggy was going to race we knew it would make an incredible story. The event is exciting and world renowned and this adds another dimension to it,” says Julian. The 2005 Silverstone Race to the Sky is scheduled for Easter Weekend, March 26 and 27 at The Snow Farm in Cardrona Valley, close to Queenstown and Wanaka.


HALF PRICE MEMBERSHIPS Full Member Associate Member Country Member

$50.00 $50.00 $45.00

From 1st of April all new memberships receive 15 months worth of membership for the price of 12. So if you have mates who would like to go 4 wheel driving get them to join up. They still have to pay the $10.00 joining fee. Contact our membership officer Dave Martin for more details.

Club Merchandise For Sale Polo Shirt with embroidered logo $25.00 Baseball cap with embroidered logo $15.00 Embroidered cloth badge $ 8.00 Name tag $ 3.00 Windscreen Sticker - Made to Order $10.00 Window sticker $ 2.00 Gear bag $ 6.00 Tow hooks (assorted styles, each) $ 6.00 Snatch strap $53.00 Bow shackles, large $12.00 Bow shackles, small $10.00 Bow Saw $14.00 See the club’s Property Officer, Bryan Neilsen if you wish to purchase any of the merchandise on offer.


Subaru Auto Recyclers 9 Pioneer Road, YYandina andina 4561

A A winner Guaranteed used parts from APR APRA “Australia’s Most Environmentally Aware Recycler Recycler”” u parts For quality recycled Subar Subaru 5472 7222 phone Andrew u servicing and Subar Subaru phone Bob

5472 7222

also available: good value, mechanically checked vehicles from $5000 to $15000 5472 7222 phone Tony

Winner GIO Ex cellence in Business Award Excellence Visit our Website: www .subar upar tsrecycler www.subar .subarupar upartsrecycler


What’s On... Mon Apr 25

General Meeting and sausage sizzle @ 6.30pm

Sat Apr 30 - Mon May 2 Trip Leader Meeting Place Directions to Meeting Place Time Rating Distance Fuel Water Recovery Gear Maximum Number of Vehicles Personal Permit Required Domestic Animals Details

Warwick SF Trip leader required McDonalds Warwick Warwick is 160 km west of Brisbane on New England Hwy 9.30am Medium 200 km Full tank, available at Warwick For weekend, available? Penfold packs required 15 No No Tour local state forests

Sat May 14 Trip Leader Meeting Place Directions to Meeting Place

Night Drive Ron Penfold ph. 3353 2218 mob. 0412 118 652 Dayboro Crown Hotel McKenzie St Dayboro, 43 km drive from Brisbane via Samford or Petrie Time 6.00pm for dinner, 7.30pm for night drive Rating Medium Distance 100 km Fuel Full tank, not avaliable Water For night, not available Recovery Gear Penfold packs required Maximum Number of Vehicles 10 Personal Permit Required Yes, Mt Mee Domestic Animals No Details Eat evening meal in Dayboro Crown Hotel Bistro (cost up to $25 for main meal). After dinner, drive in Mt Mee SF area. Bring supper.


...continued onPage 13

What’s On (continued) Sat May 21 Trip Leaders

Rally Queensland Training Day - Imbil Greg Bryant ph. 3402 0396 mob. 0416 073 951 David Martin ph. 3262 5665 mob. 0429 121 996 Meeting Place Imbil Showground Directions to Meeting Place Follow Bruce Hwy north to Imbil turnoff and follow to Imbil. TL (signposted) immediately after school in centre of town. Time 10am Rating Easy Distance 200 km Fuel Full tank, available at Imbil Water For day, available at Imbil Recovery Gear Penfold packs required Maximum Number of Vehicles No limit Personal Permit Required No Domestic Animals No Details Brisbane Sporting Car Club will be running a training session for officials who are assisting with the

...continued onPage 14



Serving Subaru Since 1973 * Subaru Turbo Specialist Technicians * Over 40 years combined experience * All servicing and repairs including wheel alignment * Every Customer a V.I.P. * 10% parts discount to club members

80 Annerley Road Wolloongabba

Phone: 3391 6055 Service: Sergio La Monaca Parts: Jim Lavery

“Big enough to cope, Small enough to care.”


Futur e Events Future organisation of this year’s Rally Queensland, including a drive through the stages that the club is controlling. BBQ lunch provided. Camp overnight at Imbil Showground. Sun May 22 Trip Leader Meeting Place Directions to Meeting Place

Imbil SF David Martin ph. 3262 5665 mob. 0429 121 996 Imbil Showground Follow Bruce Hwy north to Imbil turnoff and follow to Imbil. TL (signposted) immediately after school in centre of town. Time 9am Rating Medium Distance 200 km Fuel Full tank, available at Imbil Water For day, available at Imbil Recovery Gear Penfold packs required Domestic Animals No Maximum Number of Vehicles 15 Personal permit required No Details Explore Imbil SF and local area Thur May 26 - Sat June 4 Trip Leader Meeting Place Directions to Meeting Place Time Rating Distance Fuel Water Recovery Gear Domestic Animals Maximum Number of Vehicles Personal permit required Details


Fraser Island Brett Rogers, mob. 0417 979 791 Big Fish Service Station Caboolture LHS of Bruce Highway, 1st exit north of Caboolture TBA Medium 600 km Full tank and available For trip and available Penfold Packs required No Unlimited no Fraser Island fishing competition, general touring and sight seeing. Beach driving and training if required, inland tracks. Lifted vehicles an advantage, but not required. Bring camping gear to be self sufficient for 10 days.

...continued onPage 15

Futur e Events Future Mon May 23

General Meeting

Sat May 28

Mechanical Day

Sat Jun 4 - Sun Jun 5

ARC Rally Queensland - Imbil

Sat Jun 11 - Mon Jun 13

Glastonbury SF (Long Weekend)

Sun Jun 26

First Trip re-run, Lions Road and Wiangaree NP

Mon Jun 27

General Meeting

Sun Jul 10

Spicers Gap

Sat Jul 16

Subaru 4WD Club 26th Birthday Party

Sun Jul 17

Detailing Day

Mon Jul 25

Annual General Meeting

Mon Aug 22

General Meeting

Sat Aug 27

Cooloola Rally

Sun Aug 28

Cooloola Area


TEMPORARY REP AIRS TO SPLIT BOOTS REPAIRS With the high price of C.V.’s and D.0.J.’s, it pays to keep a close eye on the boots. As with anything, prevention is better than cure and the best way to prevent damage is to fit large boot protector flaps. For additional peace of mind, it would be worth considering carrying an emergency boot repair kit, especially on longer trips. The kit should contain panty hose or stockings, glad wrap, cable ties, duct tape, scissors and suitable grease.

If the boots are torn or split, either because of old age or because of damage on a trip, then there are a number of simple things that you can do to get the vehicle home so that the boot can be replaced with the least possible damage done to the joint. First, find the split boot before too much grease has been flicked out or dirt has entered. Telltale signs of boot damage include the smell of burnt grease on the exhaust, grease being flicked out under the car and up the rear gate, and clicking noises (too late).


The main aim is finding the split boot early and then bandaging it up. Once the damaged boot has been found, try to clean the joint out a bit and pack a little more grease in if you have some. Panty hose is one of the best bandages to use, however in an emergency glad wrap, plastic bags or even any type of cloth can be used. The repair material can be wound on, making sure the end is rotating in the direction of the wheel. Once wound over the joint, the repair material should be tied on with cable ties and then taped up with duct tape. The rear D.0.J.’s are easiest to do, especially with a lift kit fitted, followed by the front inner D.0.J.’s. The front outer C.V.’s are the hardest due to lack of room. When using the stockings on D.0.J.’s, wrap the pant part around with the toes pointed towards the gearbox or diff. Then wrap the legs around in opposite directions and tie on to cup part of the D.0.J. Then tie the other end around the axle. If the pant part does not fully cover the boot, cut out some tabs and tie them up. Jack the wheel up and then wrap the legs in opposite directions along the boot, while somebody turns the wheel, and tie the legs together on the axle. For the outer C.V.’s, it is best to cut a section out of a stocking leg and use cable ties at both ends, and then tape up. Plastic can also be used with cable ties and duct tape. Check the repair regularly to ensure that it is holding together and that you are not losing too much grease from the joint. A well-performed repair can survive for thousands of kilometres, but the boot should be replaced and the joint should be checked for damage as soon as possible.

D. Martin SC180


TRIP CLASSIFICATIONS All 4WD trips are graded for a standard single range and unlifted Subaru, so members can choose trips that suit their vehicle and their driving ability. The gradings are for dry weather only and the trip may not include all the aspects of 4WDing in the particular grade. SOCIAL

Social trip no driving


No 4WDing


Moderate grades, shallow water crossings and even track formations, mostly 2WD with some 4WD.


Moderate to steep grades with minor washouts on the track. Water crossings up to 0.5m deep.


Long and very steep grades needing expertise in negotiating these conditions. Track formations rough. Water crossings up to 1m deep. Continuous 4WD with towing possible.

TRIP DISTANCES The distance indicated on the trip sheet does not include the distance from your home to the meeting point. The distance is from the start point to the finish point.

PENFOLD PACKS A Penfold Pack is your recovery gear. Something to dig with: preferably a long handle shovel. Something to cut with: an axe or bow saw. Something to tow with: preferably a snatchem strap with 2 shackles Tow point front and rear.


RALLY NEWS WR C – Rally Ne w Zealand – Rd 4 WRC New This event is a favourite amongst the drivers because of the smooth fast and flowing roads. Subaru’s new number two driver Queensland’s Chris Atkinson was the talk of the event after leg 1. He was in 5th place after setting 2 fastest stage times, and this is in only his 3rd WRC event. He later slipped to finish in 7th place after experimenting with suspension and transmission settings. With a 7th place he gained his first 2 WRC points. Also in the unexpected heat and hard packed roads the team’s Pirelli tyres were no match for the latest spec Michelin tyres that the winning Citroen team used. His Subaru team mate Petter Solberg, who also suffered tyre wear problems, managed to finish in 3rd place to stay in 1st place in the Championship. The other big news for Subaru was Aussie driver Cody Crocker and his new co-driver Dale Moscatt won the Group N class finishing in 12th place overall in their new Possum Bourne Motor sport built Spec C WRX. Team mate Dean Herridge with his new co driver Bill Hayes did not fare so well slipping off the road and getting stuck in a ditch on day one. The co-driver changes at Team Subaru Australia were brought about because Cody’s long time co-driver Greg Foletta took on the role as team manager, whilst Dean Herridge’s old co-driver Glenn Nacneall is now Chris Atkinson’s co-driver in the WRC series. Positions – 1 Sebastien Loeb Citroen, 2 Marcus Groholm Peugeot, 3 Solberg Subaru, 4 Francois Duval Citroen, 5 Markko Martin Peugeot. Championship Points (Driver) – Solberg 26, Loeb 25, Martin 23, Gronholm 20, Gardemeister 20. Championship Points (Manufacturer) – Peugeot 43, Citroen 31, Subaru 28, Ford 26, Mitsubishi 24.


HEARD THE NEWS Luc ky escape – Club President Camo Neilsen had a lucky escape last month Lucky while ridging his Suzuki bike down near Thredbo on the big annual Ulysses Motor cycle Club get together in Canberra, which thousands of riders attend from all over the country. He was stopped with a group of riders on the side of the road just over a brow, when another rider from another group of riders who were travelling behind them, came over the brow travelling at about 40 kph and ran into the back of Camo. Camo was knocked off his bike, but with his protective clothing on, he survived but ended up a bit battered and bruised. The other rider came off too. Unfortunely the bikes did not fare too well, with Camo’s bike skidding along the bitumen wearing a hole in an engine cover. After the accident Camo had a pillion ride with Subaru 4WD Club life member Clint Lovell to the nearby Cooma hospital for a check up, where he was given the all clear. His bike is currently being assessed by his insurance company. Camo made it home, helping out another Queensland rider by riding his big Honda Gold Wing home, because the owner became ill and was not feeling up to the long ride. Fir st time competit or – Possum Bourne’s widow Peggy had her first ever Firs competitor taste of competition rally driving at this year’s Race To The Sky hill climb held in New Zealand. She was driving a rally prepared WRX and her co-driver was Mark Stacey who was also Possum’s co-driver. Her finishing position was a creditable 82nd place out of 125 competitors. It is now 2 years since Possum’s recce collision death at this event. The winner was Japanese driver ‘Monster’ Tajima driving his Suzuki 4WD hill climb special, featuring a mid engine V6 twin turbo developing up to 735 kw of power. In 2nd place was Kenneth Eriksson, a former WRC driver and former team mate of Possum Bourne. He was driving Possum’s old 2 door WRC car specially built for this event. Another interesting Subaru that finished in 5th place was a Kiwi built WRX fitted with a turbo charged H6 engine developing up to 480 kw.


...more Heard the News page 21

HEARD THE NEWS It pa ys tto o belong – Over the years many members have benefited from the pays higher grades of car insurance. One such policy is the RACQ’s Ultra Care. It costs a little extra but it has a lot more features such as getting your car tilt trayed home so it can be repaired. It has helped Big John Mckenna on the 1997 desert trip when his first model Rodeo chassis broke. More recently it helped Bryan Johntson when he bent a front suspension arm on his Forester at Ballina beach. Then on the recent Easter trip, Ultra Care helped Christine Barry after Ron Penfold towed her L series to an accessible town after a cam belt tensioner bolt broke. 4WD TTV V sho w – Now there is an Australian produced 4WD show on Brisbane’s show community TV channel BRIS 31. It is an half hour show and is shown at 1.30 pm on Saturday afternoons and it is repeated on Tuesday nights at 8.30 pm. It mainly covers bigger 4WD’s but has info about all the new products and has a segment on Clubs. The only problem is BRIS 31 has a weak transmission signal and is hard to pick up in some areas. That should change later this year when a new more powerful transmission tower is built.


MARKET PLACE Genuine RX Turbo Ist month 86, very original, red, 237,000 km, new cam belts and heads, air con, factory alloys, turbo timer, seat covers, new 2 inch lift kit still in box, reconditioned power steering not fitted, $6000, or $5000 Club Member price. Contact Keith Peters on 07 4122 3032 or mob. 0408 184 145. Wanted: One only factory H6 alloy 16 inch rim, Contact Keith Peters on 07 4122 303 or mob. 0408 284145. Wanted: 2 service manuals, Gregory’s or similar, to suit: 1991 Liberty 1992 L series. Contact Dane Allison 0438870184 Wanted: 2 used offroad tyres for my Liberty. They need to be 215/70-15 or 205/75-15 in an all terrain or highway terrain tread. The tyres I have now are a Dunlop A/T snow tyre which aren’t a very aggressive pattern, so something similar would be good. They don’t need to have a lot of tread left, as long as they are evenly worn. I only put them on the car when I’m heading off-road. I need them to be close in diameter to the 215/70-15’s I currently have which probably only have 30% tread left. Contact Dane Allison on 0438870184 Due to selling my Forester I have the following items to sell. Magnatec 10w-40 1 litre bottles x 2 $5 each. Subaru coolant 3 litres $15. Christine Barry SC558 Subaru Touring Wagon L Series, 1987, silver, 5 speed manual, 2 inch lift, 14 inch Peugeot mags, bull bar, tow bar, racks, CD, electric windows and mirrors, central locking, power steering, reconditioned engine, very reliable, currently reg but sell unreg. GC $2500 ONO. Phone Monique (07) 3862 1535 or 0402 126 585.

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MARKET PLACE My name is Nick Wells and I was just seeing if you know of anyone or anywhere I could source 1 x Alloy wheel for a 2004 Subaru Forester XT Luxury. I only need one Alloy wheel as I had an accident in mine and it is ruined. I have called many wreckers in QLD and other states but can only find 1 set of 4 wheels which they want $1000 for and will not sell one of them. (understandable). Anyway if you could help it would appreciated. Contact me on 0403 324 765 or at Cheers, Nick Wells. Wanted: Motor and Carburettor for 90 model Brumby. Condition not important. Contact Roger Widdowson SC541 on 07 4958 1255. Regretful Sale. Subaru Sportswagon L Series 1994 model. $9000. Excellent condition. 153 000 km. Automatic, bull bar, air conditioning. Contact Carla on 0419 790 841 I have 2 only 16 x 7 1998 WRX wheels that I need sell. They do fit on the 2000 forester, but I only have 2... unless someone has 2 they want to sell !!!!!!!!!! Also approx 4 foot square all aluminium roof rack, fits on Forester roof rails with 4 x bolted clamps, only weighs about 15 kg but will easily carry 150 kg. Very strong. Contact my email if you want a photo or call me on 0415 535 718 Robin Laban SC532 Current model Forester factory cargo mat and rubber floor mat set $175.00 the lot. Set of 4 steel Liberty rims and tyres 25% tread $150.00 ono. Contact Dave Martin on 3262 5665 or mob. 0429 121 996 2001 Model Outback H6, 66,000 km. Pearl White with towbar, mats and roofbars. Has a paint treatment and interior treatment. Car is located in Noosaville. Contact Graham Mutch on 5475 2475, or mob. 0409 078 087.

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MARKET PLACE Rola roof bars ( 2 off ) to suit L Series wagon, plus 1 wire basket about 1m x 1m $100.00. Contact John Leach ph 3822 1334. 83 Brumby ute complete, good motor, 13" Sunraysia rims, unregistered. $650.00 ph 32741935. or 0402879686.

To advertise in Market Place Phone your advert to the Editor on (07) 3299 1061 or E-mail to:

Please advise when Sold or WithdrawN From Sale Advertisements in Market Place are available to members at a cost of $2 per issue or $5 for non-members - tell your friends.


Our expertise and working knowledge of suspension systems is our specialty. Fully trained staff supported by famous brand components ensures a professional job on your car. Fulcrum Suspensions - the ride control specialists.

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Wheel Alignment and Balance Workshop Facilities Shock Absorbers - Koni, Monroe, Formula, Bilstein Springs - Formula Torsion Bars Super Pro Bushings

Allterraintyres FORYOURSUBARU computerised wheel alignments computer balancing pre-trip inspections open Saturday mornings

For all your new and used vehicle requirements. Special deals for club members.

Call Dean Fisher on 32907878 3499 Pacific Highway, Springwood Mobile (0414) 361 550 Email: d.f isher@highw ayauto d.fisher@highw isher@highwa Internet: www .highw ayauto www.highw .highwa

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