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SEPTEMBER 2004 Vol 26 No 2 Celebrating 25 years 1979 - 2004

The Editor hard at work 2003 Detailing Day. Photo by Ron Penfold SC002


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PRESIDENT’S REPORT As your New President I would like to welcome everyone to the new year of Subaruing and Welcome of course to our new members of which there have been a few lately. The influx of newer vehicles that we have had in the last few years has been good to see and has prompted the thought (and I stress the word thought) of possibly having a minor name change to our club. How does the Subaru Awd Club of Queensland sound? I will leave you to ponder that thought. If you have any comment or ideas for our club please feel free to contact a member of the committee. We are in the front of the book or see us at the meeting See you on a trip soon. Don’t forget about the sausage sizzle and the auction at this month’s meeting. Regards Camo

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SOCIAL DIRECTOR’S REPORT I have put together a trip calendar for 2004 – 2005 club year, based on our popular past trips and dates. The calendar is flexible, if you want to run a trip that’s on the calendar, either an existing one, on a different date or a new one, come and see me. Convey rules exist so a club trip can run smoothly, CB radios are not a substitute for our convoy rules they are used to enhance our convey rules. Each month I will highlight a different convey rule. “Eac h vvehicle ehicle is responsible ffor or the ffollo ollo wing vvehicle. ehicle. When turning of “Each ollowing offf the road and at cross roads, if the ffollo ollo wing vvehicle ehicle is not in sight – w ait. Should ollowing wait. the con ed and yyou ou reac h an int er section where there convvey become separat separated reach inter ersection is no vvehicle ehicle indication of the ne xt ssttage, pull tto o the side of the road and next w ait ffor or a member of the pre vious par ty tto o return. DO NO T PR OCEED ANY previous party NOT PROCEED FURTHER” FURTHER”. Just because the side road is a no through road, does not mean that, the convey did not go that way. As an act of curtesy, I suggest that the vehicle waiting at an intersection use indicators to show which direction the convey will be going and the following vehicle indicate the direction, when they see which way the convey will be going, then each driver knows that the other driver has seen which direction the convey will be going. We have a whale watching trip planned in late October, using club member’s boats. If you have a boat, come along and join in the adventure. More details next month. You will notice a new section on the trip sheets about domestic animals. Some club trips are not suitable for the taking of domestic animals, eg club trips that visit National Parks, some Forestry areas and other locations. The taking of domestic animals on club trips is at the discretion of the trip leader.

Ron Penfold SC002 3

Trip Report Brisbane Valley Area 28.03.04 The meeting place was the Kilcoy Park at 0900. Unfortunately only five cars arrived. · David Martin in his 2003 Forester XT, with Co-pilot Dwayne. · Chris Barry in her 2002 Forester. · Alison Macneill in her red ’98 Forester. · Albert & Kath Hill in their ’92 L Sportswagon. · David Bargin with dad Gerhard, sister Val and two boys in his 2003 H6 Outback. He was down from Rockhampton for the week-end. Amazing what some folks will do to go on a club outing. On leaving Kilcoy the convoy travelled about 15k towards Jimna then turned left onto the Monsildale Road – gravel now. This is a reasonable quality road. We then turned left again into Louisville Road. This road finally brought us to the farmhouse of Tony Gilliland. Immediately after passing the house, a gate gave us access to a sandy track down to a creek crossing on Monsildale Creek. This bush property track followered the stream along with many crossings. The water level was usually about 200 mm. A brief stop was made on a grassy area for morning tea. Continuing on through numerous gates, opened by Dwayne and closed by the boys in tail end Charlie, the track gradually improved until we reached the Moore to Mt. Stanley road. Monsildale Creek joins the Brisbane River at this point. Here the vehicles turned left with the Brisbane River on our left and a short run took us into Lindville for a mandatory stop, this was mainly for the boys to refuel on chips and drinks. This section was handled very well by the girls – Chris and Allison. They did not admit to any apprehension. From Linville a short run and we turned right into Rohlmanns Road. This was not a long run on gravel to the first gate, here the road once again became a two wheel track through long grass and the climb upwards was cautious as numerous branches were strewn across the supposed track just to keep the interest. Dwayne and David had the task of clearing the path. In places the washouts were almost to the point where picks and shovels may have been needed. However, we all know how good a Subaru is !! This track/road follows the path of the underground water pipe line from Caboombah to Tarong power station. Atop the main ridge we passed the tall metal surge tank vent for the pipe line. A couple of dirt track bike riders flew around a corner - no dramas. This road joined the Old Esk Road. A few more minutes and the lunch stop was at the Benarkin fire tower. While every one else walked around eating, the Hills excelled by having table and chairs – no table cloth, next time.


Trip Report Brisbane Valley Area 28.03.04 ...continued from Page 4 After lunch a short run into Blackbutt again for a pit stop. Heading south initially on the Crows Nest road, a left turn put the convoy on the Rocky Creek road. This gravel road soon degenerated in an excuse for a road, becoming rutted with many washouts as it descended into Emu Creek gorge. We climbed again, travelling along the ridges, then finally through the grid entrance to Nukinenda Station and onto Anduramba before descending the escarpment on the Bluff Road towards Toogoolawah along Cressbrook Creek. A right turn at Rosentretters junction, we were now heading for the bitumen and a burst into Esk. As most tongues were now hanging out for a caffeine fix, all of us stopped at the Esk bakery for a spell and a well earned cuppa. After the break, the final leg – all on bitumen. Heading south on the Brisbane Valley Highway towards Ipswich. Across the Wivenhoe Dam wall to the junction of the Bryden/Northbrook Road. Here Chris bid us adieu. The rest of us turned left . Up past the Splityard Power station holding dam to turn right into the Northbrook Road towards the western side of Mt. Glorious. The climb up is steep and very winding plus numerous sharp curves. Passing through the village, the end was in sight. However, at the left turn into the Samford road, Allison decided to go straight ahead via Mt. Nebo and The Gap??. The rest of us descended the steep road into Highvale, Samford and finally Brisbane. The Hills parted company. In reflection, a very pleasant day out. I was pleasantly surprised with our 92 L; it was my first serious workout. Congratulations to Chris and Allison, flying solo they did themselves proud. Kath suggests that it would be great to have some quick stops on future trips to admire some of the great scenery we have in this part of the state – any in agreement. Also, David asked for someone to do the trip report at lunch time, I volunteered. However, I was just enjoying the run to this time and not taking a lot of notice. I suggest the Trip Reporter be chosen at the beginning of the outing. I hope all you non-starters are now sorry for not coming along. See you on the next trip.

Albert Hill SC549 5


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Phone Bryan on 0416 104 993


Trip Report QRC Amamoor 13.03.04 After packing the Hilux we headed off on Friday night, grabbing tea on the way at the BP Travel Centre. It was late by the time that we arrived (early hours of Saturday, I think.) at the Amamoor Camping area. It is a fair drive in from the town of Amamoor. It is actually the area where the Gympie Country Muster is held – for those who may have been there you will know where you are now. After catching a few hours sleep we got up and set up a little better and had breakfast waiting for the rest of the crew to arrive for a long day ahead of us. Around 9am could have been a bit later we heard them talking on the radio so we gave them a call. Trying to guide them into where we had set up camp with a bit of confusion, Rob got on his bike to find them. A convoy arrived of Greg and Kathy, Dwayne, Ricksta, Dean and friend, Big John and David. After more tents where put upas getting in late after we were to finish was not the time to be doing that and there was plenty of time anyway. Then it was off to set up our stage. David was getting a little anxious by this stage as time was getting away from us, (so he thought.) We did have a long stage to set up though, 29km’s and also a short section as well. Big John and Ricky were left at the start to set up, with the help of David that was their job for the day. Rob and I with Malcolm were left about 9km into the stage at the first radio point after helping along the way with putting up bunting. The others pushed along with putting the rest of the bunting through the stage. Dean was left at 18km’s into the stage as the second radio point.


Dwayne was at the flying finish, Greg and Kathy at the stop control, we had other helpers for road blocks. It was a long wait for the first car to come, we were left at about 11.30am and the first car I was told 5.10pm, didn’t actually leave until 5.56pm, that’s rallying. The radio helped to pass the time away as you could listen to what was happening in other stages of the rally. Along with the paper and books the time did pass reasonably quickly. Our second run was 9.30pm, but started at 10.16. We had a little worry with the 0car for a little while as he took a little too long to get to us. We could hear him coming in the forest, then there was silence. We thought he may have had an off as we heard sounds of what sounded like he was trying to get back on the track. Recovery was on their way in to find him when we heard him on his way again. When he got to us we found he couldn’t get through to base as his aerial had fallen and his navigator was quite sick and had to make a few stops. They did push on slowly and stopped at the next radio point until the end of the stage. With the cars finally run and the stage closed and the rally over we pulled down our bunting and packed up our point, and waited for Dave coming from the start to lead us through the stage and back to camp. It was about 1am by this time we had a quick cold shower to wash the dust off and said our good-nights. Sunday saw another day with a couple of day-trippers finding us for the State Forest drive. We didn’t go along, and stayed with Greg and Kathy. We packed up and slowly headed for home. One person who does deserve credit os David as he does a good job on the stage he runs. If you haven’t given him a hand at all, try it. It’s a lot of work and a long day, but a lot of fun.

Julie and Rob Peters SC401 9

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Club Merchandise For Sale Polo Shirt with embroidered logo Baseball cap with embroidered logo Embroidered cloth badge Name tag Windscreen Sticker - Made to Order Window sticker Gear bag Tow hooks (assorted styles, each) Snatch strap Bow shackles, large Bow shackles, small Bow Saw

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What’s On... Sun 25 Sep

Lawn Bowls

Trip Leader Meeting Place Time Details

Greg Bryant ph. 3402 0396 mob. 0416 073 951 Merthyr Bowls Club, Oxlade Drive New Farm 12noon An afternoon of lawn bowls, BBQ lunch and initial training provided. Cost $20.00 per person. Licensed premises. Neat casual dress required, including collared shirt for men.

Mon 27 Sep

General Meeting, Sausage Sizzle and Annual Club Auction @ 6.30 pm


Bring along your surplus Subaru parts and camping gear to sell at the auction.

Sun 3 Oct

Condamine Gorge

Trip Leader Meeting Place Time Rating Distance Fuel Water Recovery Gear Details

David Martin ph. 3262 56665 mob. 0429 121 996 Boonah, park on LHS as you enter town 9.00am Easy-medium 150 km Full tank For day Penfold packs required Follow 4WD track through Condamine Gorge, lunch at Queen Mary Falls

Sat 16 Oct Sun 17 Oct

Nanango Stock Route

Trip Leader Meeting Place Time Rating

Ron Penfold ph. 3353 2218 mob. 0412 118 652 Main Street of Esk, 1½ hrs from Brisbane 9.00am on Saturday Medium with the odd hard spot


What’s On (continued) Distance Fuel Water Recovery Gear Details

150kms, finish at Kilcoy Full tank, available For weekend, creek water may be available Penfold packs required Run trip in reverse. Bush camping in mining reserve near Nanango.

Mon 25 Oct

General Meeting @ 8 pm

Sat 30 Oct Sun 31 Oct

Whale Watching

Trip Leader Meeting Place Time Rating

John Petersen ph. 4129 6167 mob. 0427 735 220 TBA TBA TBA



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What’s On (continued) Distance Fuel Water Recovery Gear Details

TBA TBA TBA TBA Whale watching on club members’ boats, either Saturday or Sunday depending on the weather. 4WD trip if weather not suitable.

Futur e Events Future Sat 13 Nov Sun 14 Nov

Double Island Point

Trip Leader Details

Kathy Bryant Sand driving training

Mon 22 Nov Sat 27 Nov

General Meeting QRC Gallangowan Rally

Trip Leader

Dave Martin

28 Nov

Gallangowan SF

Trip Leader

Dave Martin

Sat 4 Dec Sun 5 Dec

Christmas Party at Flanagan’s Reserve

Trip Leader


Sun 12 Dec

Bellthorpe SF

Trip Leader

Dwayne Boyton

Sat 18 Dec

Go Carts

Trip Leader

Dave Martin

Sun 9 Jan

Mt Mee SF

Trip Leader

Dave Martin

Sun 23 Jan Mon 24 Jan

Beerburrum SF General Meeting


LUCKY MEMBER DRAW A lucky member draw will be held at each general meeting, sponsored by a life member. To be eligible for the prize of a $5 scratchy, you must be at the meeting, be wearing a Subaru club shirt and have travelled to the meeting in a Subaru AWD or 4WD. Each meeting, the draw is based on a different outcome, either about Subaru vehicles or club membership. The August winner “the newest member� sponsored by Ron Penfold was Mal Vane. The September draw will be sponsored by Clint Lovell. So come to the meetings in a Subaru AWD or 4WD wearing a Subaru club shirt and you could be the next lucky member winner.

MARKET PLACE Regretful Sale. Subaru Sportswagon L Series 1994 model. $9 000. Excellent condition. 153 000 km. Automatic, bull bar, air conditioning. Contact Carla on 0419 790 841 9 /1990 Brumby twin headlight with spotlights, 6 months rego, turbo ea81 engine, with a late model microtech fuel injection computer and an ea82 turbo and brake booster, alloy bull bar, liftkit, rollbar, towbar, Cd player, 14 inch wheels with off road tyres, custom exhaust including mandrel bent crossover pipe. It also has twin finer filter air pods and mod plate. $8500 Contact Jason Ollett Phone 0418 629 546

...more Market Place on pages 18


Trip Report Amamoor Area14.03.04 For members who are unaware, Coral and I have relocated to Brisbane for 12 months. Work commitments did not permit time to drive over and the Outback came by truck. Both front tie down hooks were pulled away from the front cross member, bent and cracked, when it arrived. Although readily welded back together, the damage highlights a weakness to be considered, not only during transport, but when snatching and the importance of pulling straight ahead. We made contact with the Subaru 4WD Club of Queensland and arranged to join them for a trip on Sunday 14 March, to Amamoor State Forest. According to the website, the trip was rated “medium” – it sounded a good introduction to a different club. We left Brisbane early in the morning for the two hour drive north. Most participating members from the Queensland Club were camping at the meeting point, having been marshals for a stage of the Queensland Rally Championship the night before and only getting to bed about 2 am. The convoy consisted of 2 Brumbies, Dwayne Boyton, and David Martin, Jan Watt, Forester XS auto, Big John Mckenna, new model Rodeo, Dean Aderman, Maverick, and our Outback set off through forests and beautiful, hilly, green countryside. The rain we had encountered on the drive from Brisbane had abated and we could enjoy the scenery. Then the turbo Brumby in front shot up a side track to check the view from the top for a morning tea spot. The hill was freshly logged, the track was loose dirt, very steep and had serious woy boys (oversized speed humps). The Outback got half way up, before getting stuck on a woy boy, then decided to go sideways, when we tried to reverse out. With some assisting directions, we managed to reverse down safely. I was impressed with the selection of a warm-up hill for a “medium” trip: only the Maverick followed the turbo Brumby to the top. Lunch was enjoyed at Imbil, then into the forest and along a very overgrown track. Lantana seems to present a major hazard to paintwork over here. Probably as a result of recent storms, there were endless trees and branches


...continued on Page 17

that had to be cleared as we went – plenty of sawing, lifting and shoving to get our exercise. Then a tree too large to saw by hand or to push or lift. We had to get the (somewhat modified) Maverick from the back to the front of the convoy (an exercise in itself) to climb over the tree and drag it away. The track was greasy and very steep in places: one hill was so long and steep, the Outback clutch overheated just short of the top and we had to wait 5 minutes for it to cool before finishing the climb. We put this problem down to the low range gears in the Outback having too high a ratio. Interestingly, the automatic 2.5 litre Forester came up without difficulty. The sensible participants left to go home from the afternoon tea stop. The remaining turbo Brumby, Forester, Maverick and ourselves then headed into some impressive rain forest. This track was muddier and even more slippery. On one slippery turn the Maverick, skidded to a stop, with both driver’s side wheels beside a 1.5 m sheer drop. It looked as though any movement forward or back would lead to the vehicle sliding further down the slope and going over the drop. Fortunately, the Maverick had a electric winch and we hooked it to the back of the vehicle, via a pulley at the side to drag the vehicle sideways, away from the drop. A good plan, but the winch would not work (despite claims of its extensive use the previous weekend). A hand winch was employed to drag the Maverick sideways, but just mixing and matching tow ropes to suit the limited cable length was an exercise in logistics. We then proceeded deeper into the rain forest. The first creek crossing we came across was rocky and we all got across. The next crossing was sandy and, despite deep ruts at the entry, we all got across. The third crossing was rocky and deeper: as we nosed the Outback into the water, the bow-wave swept up the bonnet. We feared the worst, but the car kept going, the wave lowered as the car levelled out and we reached the far side. The Forester (which happened to be the newest vehicle on the trip), behind us, was not so lucky and got stuck mid-stream. Although the Maverick was at the bank behind the Forester, by the time a strap had been attached and the Forester dragged back out, the foot wells and engine were wet. As darkness fell, we left the others still trying to start the Forester. Dave (the trip leader) escorted us across the remaining shallower creeks and

...continued on Page 19


MARKET PLACE MY 83 wagon, silver, air con, tow bar, 300,000kms, good mechanicals, some rust in doors, rego until 4/04, $1000 ONO, Ph Sue Hosie on northern NSW Kingscliff no.0266742197, car is Brisbane based. Rola roof racks to suit a 1987 Subaru Touring wagon. Complete with locker ball clamp type locks for fishing rods. Good condition $100.00. Contact Ron Penfold 3353 2218 or 0412 118 652 Subaru Touring Wagon L Series, 1987, silver, 5 speed manual, 2 inch lift, 14 inch Peugeot mags, bull bar, tow bar, racks, CD, electric windows and mirrors, central locking, power steering, reconditioned engine, very reliable, currently reg but sell unreg. GC $2500 ONO. Phone Monique (07) 3862 1535 or 0402 126 585. List of items is as follows $200 the lot or will separate 4 Doors front & rear no rust, Exhaust system, Windscreen & rubber, Drive shaft c/w CV, Radiator hoses & Heater Hoses, Thermostat Housings, Door Rubbers, Front Grill, Full Gas Conversion Kit inc. tanks, pipes hoses, valves , controls, Instrument cluster, Carburettor, Mirrors, Washer water tanks 2, Thermo fan, Headlights & Surrounds, Seatbelts, Alternators, Wiper motor, Brake shoes (disk & drum), Engine mounts Plus assorted other bits. Ph Dave Paxton H 3390 6408, W 3834 7729 M 0407 554 190 Wanted Motor and Carburettor for 90model Brumby. Condition not important. Contact Roger Widdowson SC541 on 07 4958 1255.


pointed us towards Brisbane. The Forester was later towed to a nearby town and the RACQ called. The RACQ confirmed water in the engine and was unable to start the car. The Forester was transported to a yard at Nambour, awaiting inspection by an insurance assessor. Since then the interior have been dried out and the engine is in the process of being repaired. Many thanks to Dave Martin and the Subaru 4WD Club of Queensland for letting us join them and making us feel welcome. We certainly had an adventure packed day, most of which was very enjoyable. We also learnt much about driving in conditions different to those readily found around Perth.

By Paul and Coral Messenger Subaru 4WD Club of WA Club Members



WRC – Rally of Germany – Rd 10 – With changeable weather conditions and being the first all bitumen rally of the year, coupled with new rules banning gravel note cars. There were many offs including Subaru’s Petter Solberg who at the time was in 4th place and on cold tyres had the biggest accident of his career. The crew were ok but the car was destroyed. His team mate Mikko Hirvonen finished in 8th place. Citroen’s Sebastien Loeb over came the very slippery conditions to win the event. Ford’s up and coming young driver Francois Duval finished in 2nd place. Positions – 1 Loeb Citroen, 2 Duval Ford, 3 Sainz Citroen, 4 Martin Ford, 5 Robert Peugeot. Points – Loeb 76, Martin 47, Sainz 46, Solberg 44, Gronholm 42. Manufacturers – Citroen 125, Ford 96, Subaru 67, Peugeot 65, Mitsubishi 17. ARC – Premier State Rally NSW – Rd 5 – This rally was another good event for Subaru, with the Atkinson brothers from Queensland winning both heats, the first time this year a crew has achieved this feat. They are now within 6 points of Championship leader Team Subaru’s Cody Crocker who finished in 4th place overall. He suffered tyre choice problems and had an engine down on power. While team mate and first time new dad Dean Herridge had more tyre problems and in heat 2 he did not finish because he had 2 punctures on 2 stages and did not make it back to service. Mitsubishi’s Juha Kangas finished in 2nd place in both heats. In heat 2 his team mate Ed Ordynski had a high speed off rolling 4 times, he was air lifted to hospital with bruising but was ok. Toyota’s Simon Evans still recovering from a broken leg finished both heats in 3rd place. At this stage of the Championship any of the top 5 place getters can win the crown. In the very competitive Subaru RS Challenge Steve Glenney took a narrow win from series leader Darren Windus. The Queensland crews of John Goasdoue and Matt van Tuninen hold 4th and 5 th places. Ross Dunkerton driving the auto AWD Magna still leads the Aussie Car Class, although for the first time this year he was beaten by his team mate Michael Taylor. Points – Crocker 132, Atkinson 126, Kangas 124, Evans 111, Herridge 90, Bates 90. Manufacturers – Subaru 368, Mitsubishi 320, Toyota 220. WRC- Rally Japan – Rd 11 – It was a dream out come for the Subaru World Rally Team with Petter Solberg easily winning Japan’s first WRC event from start to finish. In doing so he collected Subaru’s 41st WRC victory for the Impreza WRX and their 42nd victory overall. The Liberty RS Turbo claimed Subaru’s first WRC win. Along with big turn out of local fans Subaru had 3000 employees on hand to view the event. Solberg’s team mate Mikko Hirvonen finished in 7th place. Also Subaru collected


RALLY NEWS the top 3 Group N places with Japanese driver Toshi Arai finishing first in class and 9 th place outright. Team Subaru Australia’s Cody Crocker and Dean Herridge were driving Japanese prepared cars with Dean finishing 3rd in class and 11 th outright. Cody had problems with his back because his seat did not suit him, he managed to finish in 14th. The Atkinson brothers driving the fast FWD 1600 Suzuki Ingis finished first in their class and 12h outright. Positions -1 Solberg Subaru, 2 Loeb Citroen, 3 Martin Ford, 4 Gronholm Peugeot, 5 Sainz Citroen. Points – Leob 84, Solberg 54, Martin 53, Sainz 50, Gronholm 47. Manufacturers – Citroen 137, Ford 102, Subaru 79, Peugeot 73, Mitsubishi 17.

THIS MONTH’S SCOOP FROM THE EDITOR Sorry to Robin Laban, the photo on the cover of the mag from last month wasn’t Robin’s car. I should probably pay more attention to the stories that I am putting into the magazine. Thanks to Damian from D R Keast consulting who exercised a couple of viruses from my home computer. While he was here, he also hooked up the club computer to Broadband, no more long delays waiting for files to download. So now no excuses for not sending in trip reports with photo’s. If you have bought 25 th Birthday merchandise, it will be ready to be collected at this month’s meeting. Bring your cash and see Bryan. Another reason to bring your cash to this months meeting is the sausage sizzle and annual club auction. If you are an un-financial member, this will be the last magazine that you receive. To renew your membership see Dave.

Dwayne Boyton SC481


HEARD THE NEWS Sunshine Coast Weddings – Last month Sunshine Coast members Doug and Shan Tilley were married at Maroochydore. Their wedding cars were Doug’s imaculate 92 Liberty RS Turbo and a friend’s WRX. For their honeymoon they have planned a 6 week overseas trip. In September Shane Taylor and Libby Lugsden were also married on the Sunshine Coast at Buderim. For the weekend and for the wedding car they rented a Eurocar Saab Turbo 9-3 Aero convertible. They spent their honeymoon at the luxurious Marriott Hotel on the Gold Coast. Updating – With a keen buyer [a work mate of Matthew Abbott] ready to buy Greg and Kathy Bryant’s auto Liberty RS Turbo, before it was really ready for sale. After a quick road worthy was organised the sale went ahead. For a replacement car, a private sale low mileage as new, mica blue MY 99 manual Liberty 2.5 RX sedan was found and bought, they are rapped. Updating number 2 – Life Members Clint and Charleen Lovell have recently sold their L89 Turbo wagon. The new owner has also become a Club Member. The L series has been replaced with a well looked after white MY 01 manual Outback. While Clint was in the buying mood, he bought another bike, this time a 2nd hand sports bike a big Honda CBR 1000. For touring they still own their Honda Gold Wing. Getting set up – New Club member Malcolm Vane did not waste much time in setting up his MY 99 manual Forester. A lift kit, sump guard, and front bull bar were supplied and fitted by The Subaru Shop. He also has fitted a smart looking fibreglass snorkel designed and made by another new Club member Bryan Johnson. Bryan is a car sound and motor trimming expert, he owns and operates Subsonic Carsound, and is also a new Suba News advertiser. Bryan owns a well setup MY 99 Forester fitted with a lift kit, front bull bar, a stainless reinforced fibreglass moulded sump guard, and of course his snorkel. Smooth ride – RX Turbo owner Bryan Neilsen has recently smoothed the ride out by fitted new front struts and springs, and rear shocks and springs. While he was at it the gearbox was changed to the better lower 3.9 ratio L series wagon unit. Win a trip to Rally Australia – If you want to be in the running for a trip for 2 people following Team Subaru at Rally Australia in Perth during November. You can enter your details and answer an easy question on line at Entries close on the 21st September.


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HEARD THE NEWS On the road again – In their well set up Brumby Don Watt and Maureen set off on 3 different trips between April and June. Their first trip was to Kaputar N/P and Barrington Tops, the second to Cooktown via Birdsville and the third to Wilpena Pound via Cameron Corner. A total of 14,781kms was travelled using 1,670 litres of fuel and the overall average fuel economy was 8.85 lts per km. The dearest fuel cost was $124.5 and that was in Tibooburra NSW. Genuine rally gear – The Club has been contacted by a former Prodrive Subaru World Rally Team technician called Mike Horn, who now lives on the Gold Coast. Over the past few years he has worked with Juha Kankunen, Colin McRae, Richard Burns and was lead tech for Tommi Makinen. His last event with the team was in New Zealand this year. Mike has a whole lot of genuine team clothing and memorabilia to sell ranging from jackets, shirts, caps, and signed rally plates, to Tommi Makinen’s flame proof socks. He can be contacted on email or phone home 55757669, mobile 0423648728.

Line up of Foresters, Outback and an L Series on the Brisbane Valley trip. Photo by Albert Hill SC 549


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