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Grant & Scotts Libertys Cooloola NP Double Island Point Trip November 2004 Photo by Kim Rogers SC577


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CLUB MEETINGS Monthly meetings are held on the FOURTH MONDAY of each month at 8 pm, at the Veteran Car Club, 1376 OLD CLEVELAND ROAD, CARINDALE Phone: 3843 0010 - UBD 42nd Edition Reference: Map 182 E 6

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PRESIDENT’S REPORT I’d like to welcome you all to the new club year – our 27th of continuous operation. A big thank you to the outgoing committee - the club is in a very strong position, both financially and in terms of member numbers, due in no small part to the efforts of the outgoing committee members. I’d also like to welcome in our new committee – I’m sure that we’ll try hard to improve the club even further. We’ve managed to fill the last few vacant positions – Brett Rogers (Social Director), Peter Gates (Public Relation) and Gaven McGrath (Custodian) have all generously donated their time and effort. I’d especially like to welcome on board Grant and Kim Rogers, Kelvin Bradshaw, Dave Gibson and Peter Gates, who have joined the committee for the first time. It gives me great pleasure to inform you that the club voted in its newest Life Member at the AGM. David Martin has contributed more to the club than any other member in the years that I have been a member, and has also won the Club Man award each year in that time. So it is only fitting that the club has bestowed this honour on David – he truly deserves the recognition for his years of untiring work and selflessness. Congratulations David! That’s enough waffle for this month. See you in the dirt.



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12th September 2005

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EDITOR’S REPORT Hi, our names are Grant & Kim and we’ve been brave (silly!) enough to put our hand up for the Editor and Co-Editor positions this year. (What were we thinking!) If you are reading this then we must have done something right and would like to welcome you to another edition of SUBANEWS!! We are excited to be helping out this year and look forward to working with everyone to produce your magazine each month. As this is our first time not only as editors but first time comittee memebers, it is a real eye opener to see how much work actually goes on behind the scenes. Our hats go off to those who have donated their time and efforts, past and present. We would like to use this space to personally thank Greg Bryant, our new club president, for kindly spending his entire weekend at our place helping us get setup in our new role as editors. “ THANKS GREG” We would never have done it without his help.....and patience (I am sure he left here with a few extra grey hairs!) Many thanks also to Kathy, his wife, for lending him to us.

Kim & Grant Rogers SC577 “Hard at it” Photo by Grant Rogers SC577


SOCIAL DIRECTOR’S REPORT We have some interesting ideas for trips for the coming months so keep an eye on “What’s on” to stay up to date. Some of the trips that have been suggested are 1770/Agnes Waters and surrounding National Parks, Bargara to watch the Turtles/Hatchlings and a Northern NSW coast trip. If any one has an idea for a trip, or is thinking about being a trip leader feel free to contact me, preferably by email at . Trips don’t have to be elaborate and are actually quite simple to plan and run. All you have to do is think about a place you enjoy going to, when you would like to go there again and then just let me know. Simple really. Go on, run a trip, you know you want to! If any one is considering going on a trip then please ring the trip leader and let them know your intentions. Or better still, come along to a meeting and write your name on one of the trip sheets. Speaking of meetings, they aren’t as boring as some people may think. We are getting good numbers of people to the meetings of late and every one is enjoying the quick get together. If you have never been to a meeting, or haven’t been for a long time drop by one night. You may just be surprised. Visitors are always welcome at our meetings.

Brett Rogers SC306

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Fraser Island 26/05/05 - 04/06/05 We had 3 weeks spare before the trip. The camper was being re-vamped and things were on track for a good holiday until the trip home from the April Club Meeting when the motor died. The next 3 weekends were spent looking for a motor, rebuilding, putting it in, pulling it out, and putting it back in. Just in time for the departure to Fraser and I mean just in time. The van was not completely finished, but enough for the trip. Well it wouldn’t have been a “normal” holiday with out a mishap or two. We needed to top up the air in the tyre on the camper and would you believe the first three servos we stopped at had an “Out of order” sign on the pump! Finally, we got to the Matilda servo near Gympie. After filling up we noticed a bad wobble which we tracked to an egg in the camper tyre. We figured we would fix that in Gympie however it blew out 2 minutes from the servo. So the Camper, the two boys, and I were left on the side of the road while Brett went for help because “someone” forgot to pack the spare.


Fraser Island trip cont... 2 hours later we were on our way, next stop the beach. What a beautiful place, we arrived at low tide for a fantastic run. Hook Point, at the bottom of Fraser was it’s usual self, exposed tree stumps, gutters running right to the dunes and soft sand. The police RBT unit was just north of Poyungan rocks and were pulling up everyone, they were a visual presence all week. After 7 hrs of travelling we finally set up camp. Bad luck strikes again. We were getting settled in for the first nights sleep, after a very long and trying day. The boys were still hyped and bouncing around in bed. Brett and I on the other hand, were nearly asleep down the other end of the camper. After being roused at a final time the boys finally settled down. All was quiet for an entire 5 minutes, when the jockey wheel welds decided to give way. The camper up ended, with Brett and I going down hill, the boys bed sliding into the van, and tossing Jake out of bed. We ended up, after all the commotion, having to put the camper on the tow ball for the night. Brett made a “make do”


Fraser Island trip cont... solution using zip ties, and a tent peg. Very “BYB style”. I had to go into Orchid Beach in the morning asking to buy a besser brick so we had something to support us for the week. We camped north of the Cathedral beach in an effort to get as far north without going to Waddy Point to try to save a bit of fuel. The Fishing Expo and entertainment was at Orchid Beach and we planned to travel there most days. If not, to weigh fish in, then to enjoy the entertainment. Petrol was priced at $1.53 a litre for pretend premium (95ron). Brett’s car is usually not happy with anything other than 98 but performed well any way. The weather was awesome initially. Crisp, cool nights with clear days around 25°C. Sitting on the dunes having a drink, watching the competitors arrive with their big boats, was a great way to unwind. Other than the first few days the weather changed. It rained, it blew a gale, it was hot and sunny, and then it got cold, all in one day. Sometimes within a few hours. Mostly it was very good though. The comp started on Saturday night at Midnight, and it was easy to tell. Some one yelled “Game on” and the fisherman come out in the hundreds. Everywhere you looked there were lines in the water. For all you statisticians out there, out of 1500 competitors, 440 were 1st timers, 285 boats entered, 125 women competitors, over 1100 “catch and release” weigh ins. Prize money was $3000 for each ”catch and release” winner and $2000 for the “catch and keep”. We went for a quick spin in through the Woralie track to Lake Allom and the Knife-blade sand blow. To our ( Brett’s) excitement the track had been poorly maintained and we had to traverse quite a lot of large “steps” on the hilly bits with a big bumps and jumps over tree roots etc. Dave Gibson SC 574 and his Dad came up in the MY and joined us for an overnight stay. With little time to show them around the island, we decided to do the same track again. I think he thought we were having a go at him when we told him how rough the track was, because on returning we ended up following a grader right to the lake turn off. Some how I think Dave may have been a little scared and actually paid the bloke to grade it. Ha ha.


Fraser Island trip cont... Eli Creek, Ocean Lake, Gnkala Rocks, Waddy Point, The Champagne pools and Indian Head are the other touristy things we did. They barely change each time but are still amazing places to visit. We were up there to fish, so fish it was. If you didn’t fish, just entering the comp for the entertainment and prizes, would keep you busy. Each competitor receives an identification number, a few of these are drawn each night with the chance to win, things such as generators, esky’s, fishing gear, deep sea fishing charters etc. After presentation each night highlights of the day were shown on multiple “big screens”, followed by live entertainment. The entertainment for the night Dave visited was called “Fiddle Me Please”. Their names just happened to be, Brett and Dave! Very appropriate I think. Fishing was good, we entered a few weigh ins, ate some for dinner, and lost some possible “winners” that got away. Competition was strong with fish like Spanish mackerel at 24kgs, Red Emperor of 16kgs and a few 4.5kg+ Tailor already on the board. Managed to have a chat to ET, had a quick word with Gary Howard, and Brett got to see (perve at) Natahlia, the girl that doesn’t speak English in the XXXX ads. Subaru count for the weekend - a 98 Forester, a lifted L, and Dave’s MY. We saw one dingo in the whole 10 days. We spotted some horse manure, which is strange considering NPWS removed all the brumbies about 10 years ago. There is an abundance of Troupies loaded to the hilt with Backpackers and their supplies. The return trip was less eventful. Our new Uniden UHF/GPS with its warning alarms etc proved to be a handy item. We used it to mark things during the day like fishing spots so they could be found again later in the night. It has an excellent feature that allows you to black spot things such as obstacles like Eli Creek etc that sets an alarm off upon approach. The tide was still pretty high and we had to use the bypasses at Poyungan and Yidney rocks. This was a bit daunting as we had never taken the camper this way before but the Suby did it with ease. From there on it was an easy drive to the barge.


Fraser Island trip cont... Quotes/questions from the weekend about our Lib. “How does it go through the sand with the high stuff in the middle?” This was asked just after we drove 25k’s through a track on our own with plenty of “high stuff in the middle” “How often do you drive that mate?” Stunned look when he was told that it is driven to work every day. “My mate reckons it’s a V8 but I reckon it sounds like a WRX thing, anyway it sounds bloody nice” “Have any troubles in that soft stuff back there” Asked just after we turned out of the tracks to go around a Patrol having troubles behind Indian Head. We think it may have been a bit tongue in cheek as they were pretty big eyed and grinning from ear to ear. “I am not surprised you need the good fuel, you brought up a race car, not a fishing truck” We travelled 1375 km’s round trip. Excellent week. Brett is already planning next year’s trip. Any one else up for it, so I don’t have to smell like rotten fish for a week.?

Megan Rogers SC306


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What’s On... Mon 22 Aug

General Meeting @ 8 pm

Sat 27 Sun 28 Aug Trip Leader Meeting Place Directions to Meeting Place Time Rating Distance Fuel Water Recovery Gear Domestic Animals Maximum Number of Vehicles Personal permit required

Double Island - Inskip Point David Martin ph 3262 5665 mob 0429 121 996 Tewantin Barge Moorindal Street off Poinciana Avenue, Tewantin 9 AM Sat - 9 am Sun or meet at Inskip point. Easy to Medium

Details Sat 3 Sun 4 Sep Trip Leader Meeting Place Directions to Meeting Place

Time Rating Distance Fuel Water Recovery Gear Domestic Animals Maximum Number of Vehicles Personal permit required Details


Full tank. Fuel available at Tewantin just before the barge. For trip Penfold Packs recommended (Snatch strap, shackles etc) NO Unlimited National Parks camping permit, available there. $4 per person per night. BYO gear for camping. BYO lunch - day trip. Beach trip. Whale watching - Hervey Bay John Peterson ph 41296167 mob.0427 735220 Jody Reid ph 41282564 mob. 0404 834636 Keith & Danna Peters Home 46 Serenity Dr Tinana Maryborough ph 41223032 mob 0408 184145. When entering Maryborough from the south TR off highway into Woongool Rd at Schultz Park, then 2nd TL into Banksia Way, then TR into Serentiy Drive. 10 am Possibly Medium Available in Maryborough and Hervey Bay Whales won't swim in anything else Full Recovery Kit Required No To be advised No Camping in Caravan Park at Point Vernon. Need at least 15 people, costs TBA - depending on numbers and type of boat. More details & numbers at Aug 22nd GM“"

What’s On (continued) Sat 10 Sep Trip Leader Meeting Place Directions to Meeting Place Time Rating Distance Fuel Water Recovery Gear Domestic Animals Maximum Number of Vehicles Personal permit required Details

Cooloola Rally Greg Bryant ph 3402 0396 mob 0416 073 951 Caltex Log Cabin service station Gympie LHS heading north on Bruce Highway, 5 km south of Gympie 8.30 am Easy Full tank. Fuel available at Gympie Not available Full recovery kit required. No Unlimited Not available Run a special stage. Officials, road blocks, and control personnel required. Can camp at Glastonbury Oval. All facilities including food (dinner). BYO lunch. No showers.



Serving Subaru Since 1973 * Subaru Turbo Specialist Technicians * Over 40 years combined experience * All servicing and repairs including wheel alignment * Every Customer a V.I.P. * 10% parts discount to club members

80 Annerley Road Wolloongabba

Phone: 3391 6055 Service: Sergio La Monaca Parts: Jim Lavery

“Big enough to cope, Small enough to care.”


Sat 11 Sep Trip Leader Meeting Place Directions to Meeting Place

Time Rating Distance Fuel Water Recovery Gear Domestic Animals Maximum Number of Vehicles Personal permit required Details

Gympie Hinterland David Martin ph 3262 5665 mob 0429 121 996 Glastonbury oval west of Gympie. Turn left at the closed Caltex Pineapple Service Station, centre of Gympie. Cross river, follow road to showgrounds on left and turn right at the signpost Glastonbury – Widgee Rd. Travel approx 12 km to Glastonbury. 9 am Medium Full tank. Fuel available at Gympie BYO Yes. Penfold pack (Snatch strap, shackles etc) No 15 vehicles maximum A group Club permit will be organised. Explore the surrounding State Forests. BYO lunch

Mon 26 Sep

General Meeting @ 8 pm with Sausage Sizzle and *Annual Club Auction* starting at 6.30 pm

Mon 24 Oct

General Meeting @ 8 pm

Fri 18 - Sun 20 Nov

Christmas Party - Double Island Point

Mon 28 Nov

General Meeting @ 8 pm

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Member No. 002 558 480 306 577 545 578 401 204 513

Christian Name Glenys Christine Kathy Megan Kim Jan Christine Julie Pam Libby


Total 33 26 22 21 12 12 11 11 9 7

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Club Merchandise For Sale Polo Shirt with embroidered logo $25.00 Baseball cap with embroidered logo $15.00 Embroidered cloth badge $ 8.00 Name tag $ 3.00 Windscreen Sticker - Made to Order $10.00 Window sticker $ 2.00 Gear bag $ 6.00 Tow hooks (assorted styles, each) $ 6.00 Snatch strap $50.00 Bow shackles, large $12.00 Bow shackles, small $10.00 Bow Saw $14.00 See the club’s Property Officer, Kelvin Bradshaw if you wish to purchase any of the merchandise on offer.


Gettin ‘ Hitched Dear Family and Friends, For those who haven’t yet heard......... On Wednesday 20th July 2005,on a windy, overcast, cold late afternoon as the timer on the camera went click,at the Tip (Cape York, not the dump) Don asked me to marry him. This is the picture taken at the time. and I did say Yes. We have just gotten home from a wonderful, if not a somewhat windy and sometimes damp trip up to Cape York. As we are planning a NZ wedding in Oct 2005 (thinking the 29th, if we can get it all to work out) we will be having our Aussie party at home on Sat Nov 5th, so keep the date free. I’m in a bit of a tail spin, so much to do in so little time but it will happen. Love Maureen and Don


SUBAR U 4WD CL UB OF QUEENSLAND INC. SUBARU CLUB MINUTES OF GENERAL MEETING HELD 25/0 7/2005 25/07/2005 (Note- minutes are unconfirmed and subject to ratification at the next General Meeting) Meeting opened: Visitors: Apologies: Previous Minutes Accepted: Business arising: Inwards Correspondence:

8.05pm Andrew Benson (Highway Subaru) Kathy Mullaly Moved Christine Barry, seconded Gaven McGrath None T&A Daly ) P&M Stokes ) P Watt ) D Taylor ) Membership Renewals Qld Gov Notice of Increase in fees for selected State Forest activities. Outward Correspondence: None Treasurer’s Report: Working A/c $3761.82 Reserve A/c $5153.41 Net Balance $8915.23 Year to date + $846.23 Expenses for approval: Instant Print & Copy $140.20 for July magazine Treasurer’s Report Accepted: Moved Ray Lyons, seconded Greg Bryant Social Director’s Report Trips for August 14 Aug Sunshine Coast Hinterland Greg Bryant Cooloola Rally Postponed until 10/09/05 TBA Inskip Point David Martin Membership Officer’s Report: Membership total 30 Property Officer’s Report: Snatchem straps are now available PR Officer’s Report: Guest speakers: August meeting – Prodrive September meeting – Ashdowns Editor’s Report: None Webmaster’s Report: Club website received 98,000 hits last month and 3,447 visitors Your email addresses are still available Training Officer’s Report: None President’s Report: Cameron thanked the committee for the work they’ve donne over the past Year. He emphasized that without the committee there would be no club. General Business: David Martin knows of a Brumby for sale for $7,000 Curlie thanked the committee. As a new member he had been made to feel very welcome. Fines – Christine Barry for not washing her car on Detailing Day. Meeting closed: 8.30pm


Rally News WR C – Rally Argentina – Rd 9 – This is a high altitude event reaching over WRC 2000 metres on some stages. Teams had to battle with damp, wet and icy conditions. So far this year the Subaru team has been battling handling set up problems with the wide track 05 Impreza. Still, Peter Solberg was happy with his 3rd place, after losing time slowing down for the water crossings. Then, on the second day, had an off and bent the suspension which lead to brake problems. His young Aussie team mate, Chris Atkinson, made some handling improvements in testing that helped him to an impressive 9th place finish on his first attempt. The winner was Citroen’s Sebastien Loeb who continued to set more records, now with 6 wins in a row and 7 wins for the Championship. He survived a few spins and a near miss with a bull. Peugeot’s Marcus Gronholm fought hard with an improving 307 to finish in 2nd place only about 26 seconds behind. There were few retirements and both the Ford and Mitsubishi teams managed to finish in the top 5. Positions – 1 Loeb Citroen, 2 Gronholm Peugeot, 3 Sol berg Subaru, 4 Gardemeister Ford, 5 Romancer Mitsubishi. Points – Loeb 75, Solberg 48, Gronholm 45, Gardemeister 44, Martin 42. Manuf acturer s – Citroen 96, Peugeot 90, Ford 62, Subaru 54, Mitsubishi Manufacturer acturers 41. WR C — Rally Finland – Rd 1 0 – Finland is a high speed event, with average WRC 10 speeds of up to 130 kph on some stages. Another feature, are the big jumps and past history states local knowledge always plays a part in the results. This year, a number of Co-drivers on the jumps were winded and suffered neck and back injuries, keeping their teams’ Physio busy. Subaru’s Petter Solberg had another difficult rally, with the on going set up problems. He lost time after a bad landing on a jump which lead to an off, he also had the rear brakes fail. He recovered to finish in 4th place. Again, his teammate Chris Atkinson, showed his potential with stage times in the top 5, his best was a 3rd fastest. He had a light crash on the first day and under the super

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Rally News cont.... rally rules re started the next day, and had another off. On the last day the he finally retired with two stages to go as the team thought the engine may have been damaged. Under new rules one engine has to complete two rallies. Local Peugeot driver, Marcus Gronholm, used his experience to break Citroen’s Sebastien Loeb [2nd place] record number of wins by winning the event. A large total of 28 cars retired from the event. Positions – 1 Gronholm Peugeot, 2 Loeb Citroen, 3 Martin Peugeot, 4 Solberg Subaru, 5 Hirvonen Ford. Points – Loeb 82, Gronholm 55, Solberg 53, Martin 48, Gardemeister 47. Manuf acturer s – Peugeot 106, Citroen 105, Ford 69, Subaru 59, Mitsubishi Manufacturer acturers 43. AR C – TTo oyot a Rally S A – Rd 4 – This was a closely contested event with only ARC ota SA a few seconds separating the top place getters. Team Subaru’s Cody Crocker lost his winning run of three out right wins in a row, managing to finish in 4th place. With a good points lead he can afford not to push as hard. Team mate Dean Herridge was also off the pace to finish in 9th place. The winner was Mitsubishi’s Scott Pedder who made it his first ever, outright win. Neal Bates driving his [prototype] Toyota AWD now fitted with a new centre diff finished in 2nd outright. His teammate Simon Evans struggled with punctures and finished in equal 6th place. Former Mitsubishi team driver, Ed Ordynski, celebrated 30 years of rallying at the wheel of a borrowed Corolla. Interestingly he started his career in this same event also driving a Corolla. Local Subaru privateer driver, Steve Glenney, was on the pace with 4 stage wins and a 4th place finish to be the leading privateer. Subaru’s satellite team driver Juha Kangas finished in 5th place outright after a troubled heat 1. Eli Evans, Simon’s brother, won both heats of the RS Challenge which moves him into 1st place in the series ahead of Gavan Mosher. Positions — 1 Pedder Mitsubishi, 2 Bates Toyota, 3 Crocker Subaru, 4 Glenney Subaru, 5 Kangas Subaru.


HEARD THE NEWS Welcome bac k - After a few years break Cystic Fibrosis sufferer David Shaw back and his wife Donalda have rejoined the Club. During the break David’s life was transformed, first a baby daughter Nadia was welcomed, and then David who was on the waiting list for a lung transplant got the call up for the operation. Now many months since the successful operation he is fitter than ever. During David and Donalda’s first stint as members driving their MY 84 wagon he achieved many things that a C F suffer was not expected to do, such as climbing Ayers Rock [Uluru] and driving west to east across the Simpson Desert. Now driving a mid 1980’s Pajero, and in better health, he is ready for more exploring. Canop Canopyy fit out - Dwayne Boyton’s rear canopy fitted to his Brumby is about to be transformed. He has done a deal with Club Member and Suba News advertiser Bryan Johnston of Subsonic Car Sound, to fit a sliding drawer system, lights, 12 volt power socket and lining. The job will take a few weeks so they are swapping cars, Dwayne will be driving Bryan’s well set up Forester. Now Dwayne’s future camping trips should be a lot more comfortable. Updating - Over the past few months quite a few members have changed or upgraded things on their cars. Mark Ottway has sold his RX Turbo to Scott Kerrisk and bought a diesel GU Nissan Patrol to tow a horse float. Camo and Bryan Neilsen have bought a Liberty RS Turbo with a damaged auto gearbox. Many Club Members over the years have owned this car. It is an imported model first owned by Jody Reid, who sold it to Peter Brown, who later sold it to Greg and Kathy Bryant. They eventually sold it to a workmate of Camo’s. Mal Vane has his Forester for sale, he needs more room and is looking for a good GU Nissan Patrol. David Martin has fitted a lift kit and sump guard to his XT Forester. Ken Drewe likes his Forester so much he has bought a new MY 05 Impreza GX wagon, for his wife Margaret. David Bargen has just traded his H6 Outback on a new auto [sportshift] MY 06 Forester. He virtually drove it straight from the Dealership to Suba Xtreme for a lift kit, sump guard, front and rear bars. The car is being used to design the new look front bull bar, because of the new front end design.

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HEARD THE NEWS cont... Rein ed wheel einvvent ented Michelin has invented an airless and puncture proof tyre and wheel combination called the Tweel. It consists of 3 components, a centre alloy hub similar to current wheels, V shaped flexible polyurethane spokes that radiate from the hub giving the spring effect, and the outer elastic rubber band using conventional tread patterns. It is first being tested on military vehicles, skid steer earth-movers, wheelbarrows and scooters. Reports say it will be at least 10 years before it is ready for cars. Mo o Queensland!! Movved tto Our new Seargent at Arms, Dave Gibson (SC574) has recently made the move from New South Wales to Sunny Queensland. After many trips North for Club meetings he has finally worked out it is lot easier to live here. Welcome to Queensland Dave!! Rumour has it he is sporting a new champagne coloured Liberty Wagon. We no w ha now havve a Club Cus Custtodian!! Many thanks to Gaven McGrath (SC421) for kindly taking on the role of Club Custodian. What is a Club Custodian you may ask? The club has in its possession an assortment of items (i.e tools,manuals, videos etc) that it has collected over the years.Basically it is the Club Custodians role to maintain a list of these items and keep track of their comings and goings. To make Gavens’ job a lot easier, if you have or know the whereabouts of any of these items, please contact the Club Custodian to help him get things organised. I’m sure we will be able to publish a list of items available to club members, in the near future. Don’t Miss it !! On page 180 in the October issue of 4WD Monthly magazine, there is an article about John Petersens Outback and Jody Reids’ Forester. It also tells of SubaXtremes’ exciting plans for the future. Well worth the read.


MARKET PLACE Subaru Touring Wagon L Series, 1987, silver, 5 speed manual, 2 inch lift, 14 inch Peugeot mags, bull bar, tow bar, racks, CD, electric windows and mirrors, central locking, power steering, reconditioned engine, very reliable, currently registered but sell unregistered. GC $2500 ONO. Phone Monique (07) 3862 1535 or 0402 126 585. Current model Forester factory cargo mat and rubber floor mat set $175.00 the lot. Set of 4 steel Liberty rims and tyres 25% tread $150.00 ono. Contact Dave Martin on 3262 5665 or mob. 0429 121 996 Regretful Sale. Subaru Sportswagon L Series 1994 model. $9 000. Excellent condition. 153 000 km. Automatic, bull bar, air conditioning. Contact Carla on 0419 790 841 2001 Model Outback H6, 66,000km. Pearl White with towbar, mats and roofbars. Has a paint treatment and interior treatment. Contact Graham Mutch on 5475 2475 or mobile 0409 078 087. Car is located in Noosaville.

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Phone Bryan on 0416 104 993 www .subsoniccar sound.8k .com www.subsoniccar .subsoniccarsound.8k


MARKET PLACE Genuine RX Turbo 1st month 86, very original, red, 237,000 km, new cam belts and heads, air con, factory alloys, turbo timer, seat covers, new 2 inch lift kit still in box, reconditioned power steering not fitted, $6000 or $5000, Club Member price. Contact Keith Peters 4122 3032, mob. 0408 184 145. Wanted one only factory H6 alloy 16 inch rim, Contact Keith Peters Home, 07 4122 3032, mob. 0408 284 145. Rola roof bars ( 2 off ) to suit L Series wagon, plus 1 wire basket about 1m x 1m $100.00 or reasonable offer. Contact John Leach ph 3822 1334. 5 x 14" (5 stud) Liberty wheels with 4 tyres at 60% tread and spare. 4 x Liberty Wheel Trims ex 1990 Liberty GX. $100 ono for the lot. Contact Jeff Benson on e-mail or 0438 451 113 Address is 12 Melinda Street Burpengary Qld 4505 Set of 5 14-inch Peugeot rims, 4 with new 185/75 tyres plus spare $500.00. Contact Paul on 3348 9297 or mobile 0401 329 074 Wanted – Swing away spare wheel carrier to suit 83 MY Touring Wagon. Also any other suitable modifications such as 3.7 ratio LSD, long range tank, etc, prefer good design and quality, but will consider anything offered. Phone Terry on 3359 2359 Subaru Touring Wagon L Series, 1987, silver, 5 speed manual, 2 inch lift, 14 inch Peugeot mags, bull bar, tow bar, racks, CD, electric windows and mirrors, central locking, power steering, reconditioned engine, very reliable, currently registered but sell unregistered. GC $2500 ONO. Phone Monique (07) 3862 1535 or 0402 126 585. Current model Forester factory cargo mat and rubber floor mat set $175.00 the lot. Set of 4 steel Liberty rims and tyres 25% tread $150.00 ono. Contact Dave Martin on 3262 5665 or mob. 0429 121 996

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MARKET PLACE Regretful Sale. Subaru Sportswagon L Series 1994 model. $9 000. Excellent condition. 153 000 km. Automatic, bull bar, air conditioning. Contact Carla on 0419 790 841 2001 Model Outback H6, 66,000km. Pearl White with towbar, mats and roofbars. Has a paint treatment and interior treatment. Contact Graham Mutch on 5475 2475 or mobile 0409 078 087. Car is located in Noosaville.

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Our expertise and working knowledge of suspension systems is our specialty. Fully trained staff supported by famous brand components ensures a professional job on your car. Fulcrum Suspensions - the ride control specialists.

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Wheel Alignment and Balance Workshop Facilities Shock Absorbers - Koni, Monroe, Formula, Bilstein Springs - Formula Torsion Bars Super Pro Bushings

Allterraintyres FORYOURSUBARU computerised wheel alignments computer balancing pre-trip inspections open Saturday mornings

For all your new and used vehicle requirements. Special deals for club members.

Phone 3290 7878 3499 Pacific Highway, Springwood Internet: www .highw ayauto www.highw .highwa

August 2005  

AUGUST 2005 Vol 27 No 1 SUBARU 4WD clubSUBARU4WDclubSUBARU4WDclubSUBARU4WDclubSUBARU4WDclub OF QUEENSLAND inc Grant & Scotts Libertys Co...

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