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Yannis Souris Print Advertising

Yannis Souris Print Advertising

Yannis Souris


They serenade you with crisp, comprehensive layouts,

and consultations about the style and its supposed su illustrations and photographs are neatly mounted on

rate storyboards are dazzling in their execution. Each

beautifully from panel to panel. There are heads and

Everyone can tell that the actors cast, the setting and

ambiguities here. Nothing is left to chance or misund

boy are indicated. Everything’s there. Except for one th

, the typefaces were selected after a lot of conferences

ubliminal communicative meaning, spectacular colour foamcore. The corners have even been rounded. Elabo-

h panel is a work of art. The story flows smoothly and

d hands and action lines sticking out of the frames.

d the props are demographically perfect. There are no

derstanding; even the freckles on the redheaded little

hing: An idea. There is none.

From Make the Layouts Rought and the Ideas Fancy by Stavros Cosmopoulos





Š1968, Eddie Adams

Eddie Adams’ 1968 Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph stands forever as an icon for the b

the image of Nguyen Ngoc Loan, police chief of Saigon, firing a bullet at the head of a Vie fueled antiwar sentiment that ultimately changed the course of history.

It takes 1/125 sec to capture this image. And an eternity to forget it.

brutality of the Vitnam war:

etcong prisoner. Adam’s image 380 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, Ontario Canada K1N 9N4 Tel.(613) 990-1985,

For what’s in between.

Raised at home. What you notice when you drop by the Clocktower is a cozy place with an eclectic crowd of all ages. Although the food is great, our patrons usually concentrate on more important matters like trying out all of the seasonal handcrafted brews. Like our pride and joy Bytown Brown. Ask your waitress for a sample, and we are sure that our other homemade ales like Kolsh, Fenian Red, Raspberry Wheat and Wishart’s Bitter will also make an impression.

Handcrafted ales since 1992 I The Clocktower Brew Pub 422 MacKay Street, Ottawa, 613.742.3161

The accomplishmen generation have breathless.

We raise environmental awareness with our youth and provide an in environmental protection. To take part in the activities EDO or

nts of this left the world

nformation exchange for everyone interested in promoting rganizes, call 613-599-3112 or visit

15 minut downt 10 by am

tes from ntown. mbulance.



part time programs. Register now.


Krieghoff: Images of Canada

380, prom. Sussex Drive, Ottawa (Ontario) K1N 9N4  !243sNATIONALGALLERYCAMUSEEBEAUX ARTSCA

13 October - 7 January

Now playing at the Canadian Museum of Civilization. For tickets, call Ticket Master 613.755.1111


Travel with a group of people who spend all their time searching for events that most individuals hope to avoid - hurricanes, monsoons and tornadoes. Weather is one of the most exciting areas of science, one that we all experience every day. Stormchasers seek to track


extreme weather conditions to help understand how such events form and how to predict them.

To Better Understand Lung Disease, Try Breathing Through This For A While. For information or to make a donation, call 613) 569-6411

19 Platia Elefterias, Drhama, 66100, t: 0251.46753

Sirikon Beach and poolside wear.

We have your size. We carry active apparel including specialty swim, beach, poolside, yoga and dance wear, in addition to footwear for all forms of dance. Visit our store for a great selection and a bra bar that features sizes 32A to 46G.

STHRCOMM ALARM SYSTEMS Sales HInsta ResidentiaL / Commercial

allation HService

H 613.820.5560

Whether you are a novice, a fitness enthusiast, or a competitive athlete, Premier Fitness provides an environment that fosters and supports your desire to reach higher. To satisfy any need for a comprehensive fitness experience, we offer our trade-marked Intelligent Prescriptive Fitness and Nutrition programs administered by accredited fitness professionals that guarantee results at any level of fitness.



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