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ESCAPE the Financial Matrix Orrin Woodward

The 4-Generation Family How to Be Exceptionally LIKEABLE May/June 2015 Scale Up Your Results on Facebook

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Flex Those Muscles

Susan Sly Much like getting that physical workout in, flexing our financial muscles, as painful as that may sometimes be, is imperative for financial health. 6

WORDS OF WISDOM On Financial Fitness Memorable quotes by Aristotle, Benjamin Franklin, Warren Buffet, and others.


IN LOVING MEMORY Mark B. Yarnell (1950-2015) Business and life tips from a bestselling author and network marketing legend.

DEPARTMENTS 10 FINANCE Be Prepared! Sandy Botkin, CPA, Esq. If you could lower your taxes by several thousands of dollars a year, would that help cure your retirement woes? 12

PEOPLE BUSINESS Increase Your EQ Dr. Travis Bradberry Being likeable does not come from innate traits that belong to a lucky few, but from specific behaviors anyone can adopt.

14 PERFORMANCE Master Your Thinking Susan Shaw Align your conscious thoughts with your subconscious patterns to create congruency within your brain and new habits in your life.

May/June 2015




LEAD INTERVIEW Escaping the Financial Matrix Orrin Woodward is one of the most influential leadership experts of our time. He has sold over one million books, including New York Times bestsellers Launching a Leadership Revolution and LeaderShift. In his soon to be released book, The Financial Matrix, Orrin applies his vast experience and knowledge of history and economics to provide educational resources for network marketing professionals with particular insight in and applicability to today’s economic issues.


MASTER NETWORKER Lighting the Path Currently a top earner in his company, Steve Fisher understands what it feels like not to have instant success in network marketing. Today he uses his success story to help others develop long-term vision for their businesses. Always ready to share, Steve has condensed his twenty years of experience building teams of over 65,000 associates in his new book, Residual Millionaire. Steve and his wife Diane live in Texas and have been married 26 years.


MASTER NETWORKER Creating Shares of Life John and Tiffaney Malott are top earners in a skincare company that does more than $1 billion in retail product sales. The company launched in 2005 and started a network marketing division in 2011. Recognizing a ground floor opportunity and attracted by the product’s wow-factor, the Malotts joined in 2012. They created rapid success, but only after completing a 10-year learning curve focused on personal growth, communication skills, and leadership.


MASTER NETWORKER The Journey That Makes Us Based in Texas, Kenny Lloyd was introduced to networking marketing while thriving in the mortgage industry. Seeing no reason to change careers, Kenny continued down the same path, until his business collapsed in 2008. Son of the late Earl Lloyd, Kenny inherited from his father the value of honor. This gave Kenny the courage to pursue an opportunity that would eventually lead him out of the darkest financial period of his life.


MASTER NETWORKER Be Kind to Others Keith Halls began his career serving as a senior vice president, original shareholder, and member of the board of directors of a network marNetworking Times


keting giant. After 15 years he quit his corporate job and became a distributor, building three international downlines of over 100,000 people. Keith joined his current company in 2013, starting over at age 55. He vowed to recruit only people who were new to the business until he reached his company’s top rank. 60

RISING STAR You Deserve It! Based in Ontario, Canada, Tara Cooper is a young mother of three and one of the top income earners in her company. When Tara joined her company in 2009, she was a stay-at-home mom with a 2-year-old and a 6-month-old. She was also a struggling part-time elementary school teacher, until a friend introduced her to a home business opportunity.


INTERNET MARKETING The Great Connector Jim Lupkin Facebook gives you access to well over a billion people. By using Graph Search, you can easily find commonalities with many of them.


SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS 10 Ways to Succeed David Green Contemplate deeply what you really want in your career and life. Money counts, but will the way you make it bring contentment or restlessness?


May/June 2015


THE CLOSE The 4-Generation Family John Solleder As humans are living longer, who will pay to take care of everyone? To help yourself, start a financial literacy campaign with you as the first member.


CALL TO ACTION Women United for Change Sonia Stringer Born from our desire to “pay it forward,” the WUfC movement helps women in developing nations transform their lives by building their own businesses. 3


Mark B. Yarnell 1950 - 2015

Words of Wisdom by Mark Yarnell • Do one thing at a time; do it right; finish it. • Become the best possible version of yourself! Live without regrets. • A leader is someone who consistently demonstrates what’s possible. • We are all guaranteed the right to pursue happiness, but it’s not about the pursuit of happiness. It’s about the happiness of pursuit.

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the Financial Matrix

A Conversation with

Orrin Woodward By Garrett McGrath 16

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two professionals in our mid-twenties who had followed conventional wisdom—on the verge of panic over what should have been fantastic news: we were going to have a baby. I had promised Laurie before we got married that she could be a stay-at-home mom when the time came. But now that it had arrived, we had $32,000 in consumer debt, a car payment for a new truck, and a mortgage. Paying all the bills had been difficult enough up to this point. How on earth would we do it without her salary? I actually put her off as long as I could, but on the day she asked me outright when she should turn in her notice at work, I knew I could no longer avoid it. Especially when she looked right at me and said, “Orrin, you promised.” At that moment, I decided if I had to work two jobs to fulfill that promise, then I would. Thankfully, I got exposed to network marketing and started building a business. My whole reason for doing so was to keep my word to Laurie. Though that story is deeply personal, I continued to see this pattern over and over in Orrin, tell us why you are so committed the lives of others. We live in the richest country to teaching network marketers about in the world, yet the average debt numbers rrin Woodward is one of the most influential leaders and authors of our time. He has sold over one million books on the subjects of leadership and liberty, including New York Times bestsellers Launching a Leadership Revolution and LeaderShift. Soon to be released, his next book is The Financial Matrix, which further explores the ideas put forth in this article. He has also cofounded two multimillion-dollar leadership companies. Orrin has taken his extensive experience and knowledge of history and economics to provide educational materials with particular insight and applicability to today’s economic issues. In this article, Orrin is interviewed by Garrett McGrath, President of the Association of Network Marketing Professionals (ANMP). Orrin has been named as one of Inc Magazine’s Top 20 Leaders and Top 100 Speakers. He and his wife Laurie have four children and reside in Michigan and Florida.—Ed.

financial fitness. It begins with my personal story, and how as a young man in graduate school, I thought I had done everything I was supposed to do financially. I received top grades in high school and attended an excellent private engineering college, graduating with honors. I landed a great job at General Motors and started working on my MBA at one of the top schools in the country. I even held four U.S. patents. My wife Laurie worked as an accountant. Here we stood— With Laurie at their home in Florida.

May/June May/June2015 2015



Lighting the Path Steve Fisher:

Building Belief in Others By Teresa Hamilton


Networking Times

Motivational speaker Les Brown endorses Residual Millionaire!


teve Fisher understands what it feels like not to have instant success in network marketing. Though he is currently a top earner in his company, his journey did not start without challenges. Today Steve uses his experience to encourage others in their own journeys, and to help them develop long-term vision for their businesses. Initially coming to network marketing through his brother’s invitation, Steve immediately fell in love with the business model and the opportunity to shape his own destiny. He eventually dove in full time. Since then, he has not only risen to the top in his company, but helped many others fulfill their own dreams. Always ready to share, Steve has condensed his twenty years of experience building teams of over 65,000 associates. In his new book, Residual Millionaire, he shares his passion for developing residual income. Steve and his wife Diane currently live in Colleyville, Texas. They have been married 26 years and have three daughters and a son-in-law.

made total sense to Steve. He looked at his brother and told him he planned to sponsor 10 associates that week. He already had in mind a running list of people he “knew” would get involved with him. Steve signed up that night and took home his “pizza box” kit of materials. He didn’t exactly know what he had gotten himself into, but he was excited. On the way home from the meeting he In the Beginning made his first phone call to some friends—a husIn 1994, 25-year-old Steve Fisher worked as a band and wife who were both air traffic controlbaggage handler for American Airlines at the lers at Dallas/Fort Worth airport. Dallas/Fort Worth airport. One day his brother, Steve told them to brew a pot of coffee and an executive at Delta, called him and asked if that he had something to show them. When he got he would accompany him to a business opportu- there, Steve opened the pizza box of information nity meeting. Steve had enormous respect for his at the kitchen table and invited his friends to go brother, and felt so honored by the request that he through the contents. He said, “Tell me why this didn’t even ask any questions—he just said yes. won’t work.” Steve recalls, “When my brother picked me Steve’s friends dove right in, asking all kinds up, he told me not to pay attention to the person of questions about the business that he couldn’t doing the presentation, but to listen to the answer. They all ended up pouring over the numbers and see if they made sense. If they do, information and learning together. At the end of he said, then let’s do business together and make two hours, much to Steve’s surprise, they said, some money.” “This looks great. We’re signing up!” Steve remembers the presentation itself Proud of his first efforts, Steve called his wasn’t that great, so his brother’s advice kept brother right away and said, “I haven’t even him focused on the opportunity itself. The concept been home yet and I’ve already sponsored my

May/June 2015



Creating Shares of Life

Tiffaney and John Malott: Grateful for Personal Growth By Teresa Hamilton 34 34

Networking Networking Times Times


ohn and Tiffaney Malott are top earners in a Dead Sea skincare company that has sold more than $1 billion in retail product sales. The company, launched in 2005, started a network marketing division in May, 2011. Recognizing a ground floor opportunity and attracted to the company’s wow-factor products, the Malotts joined forces with the company in June, 2011 and created rapid success. They feel their previous multilevel marketing experience, 11 years for Tiffaney and 17 years for John, has prepared them for where they are today. “We are a culmination of our learning experiences,” says John. “Success comes as a result of paying attention, learning from failure, and refusing to give up.”

First Encounter In 2000, Tiffaney Malott was working for a jelly factory in Memphis, Tennessee, 60 hours a week on the third shift. Her father had passed away the year before after a 30-year career in the manufacturing industry. Despite that service, in the last nine months of his life the company he worked for cut his short-term disability, making the final months of his life more difficult for his entire family. Dealing with the grief of losing her father and feeling overworked and underpaid, Tiffaney was fed up. But she didn’t know where to look for something different. It was by chance that she met a man who owned his own business. Having a college degree in business, Tiffaney had always been interested in entrepreneurship and had even been encouraged by her father to consider business

May/June 2015

ownership. Learning that the business owner had experienced the same struggles as she had in the corporate world, Tiffaney was instantly intrigued by the solution he had found. She asked him to send her information on his company. A few weeks later she began her career in network marketing.

Getting Started Having no experience in multilevel marketing, Tiffaney listened to her sponsor who encouraged her to approach those she knew best with the opportunity. So, Tiffaney began showing her one VHS tape to everyone she could. In her first month, she made an extra $1,000. Feeling encouraged, she built a team and taught them the simple system she was using to create success. Tiffaney was able to walk away from her job having reached the company’s top rank after five months and was earning a six-figure income three years later. She took an underdeveloped Memphis market and helped more than 40 people reach the top position. She grew a weekly meeting from 30 to 250 people on average. One day she was looking for a speaker for one of her events. “Many of my business partners recommended John as a dynamic presenter so I called him,” she says. “We met for the first time in 2003 at the event I hosted and have been working together ever since.” Nearly 20 years ago, long before John took that trip to Memphis, he was also searching for a new path. He attended a motivational seminar where he picked up a newspaper entitled Health, Wealthy, and Wise.





That Makes Us

Kenny Lloyd: Leaving the Light On By Dan Jones 44

Networking Times


enny Lloyd has seen his fair share of peaks and valleys. Based in Houston, Texas, Kenny was first introduced to network marketing while in the midst of a thriving career in the mortgage industry. At the time, Kenny was living comfortably, and network marketing was little more than a fleeting curiosity. Seeing no reason to change careers, Kenny continued down his same path, not realizing the potential of the seed that had been planted in his mind. The son of the first African-American in history to play in the NBA, the late Earl Lloyd, Kenny inherited from his father the value of honor in life. It was that same honor that gave Kenny the ability to pursue an opportunity that would eventually lead him out of the darkest financial period of his life. Today, Kenny has started life anew. After reinventing himself in a field he never imagined being a part of, Kenny was recently named Vice President of North American Sales for his company. “The two greatest moments in life are the moment you’re born, and the moment you discover what you’re born to do,” he says. Yet were it not for a sudden and prolonged period of struggle well into his adult life, Kenny might still be searching for his true purpose. “I never let fear hinder me,” he says. “Fear and faith cannot occupy the same space, and faith will take you where your fear would never allow you to go.”—D. J.

How did you first get acquainted with ment he stepped on that stage, I could see and feel network marketing? the love and appreciation his team had for him. It My first encounter was through my friend James Tucker in 2006. At about 6 foot 6, he’s one of the most intimidating guys you’ll ever see. If you saw him walking towards you, you’d get on the other side of the street. Before finding network marketing, James went through some challenges that left him penniless. When James started working for a network marketing company, it turned his life around completely. I watched him over the course of two years go from dead broke to earning seven figures a year. At one point, he began talking to me about the business, trying to get me involved. At the time, I was making a lot of money in the mortgage industry, so I really had no use for it. James was persistent, though, and he invited me to one of his events to see what it was all about, so I agreed to attend. It was a network marketing boot camp, and at one point during the event, James was asked to come on the stage and say a few words. The mo-

May/June 2015

was incredible. He started talking about his journey—how he got to where he was and all the struggles he went through along the way. It was really moving and he started crying. I couldn’t believe this big man was crying. I had never seen anything like that from him, so I assumed it was an act. I approached him afterwards and said “Were you acting up there?” He said, “No.” I said, “What made you cry like that?” James said to me, “My journey. What it took to get me from where I was to where I am now.” There was a powerful emotion, but I didn’t fully understand it at the time.

What did it take to finally get you involved? It wasn’t until two years later when I was having some seriously difficult times. By then it was 2008 and the mortgage industry had totally collapsed. I thought I was prepared for the worst; I had saved about $250,000 dollars and amassed a collection of probably 21 different credit cards. I said to myself, “In an absolute emergency, at least




KIND to Others

Keith Halls:

Starting Over at Age 55 By Dr. Josephine Gross 52

Networking Times


eith Halls has been active in network marketing for over 30 years. He began his career serving as a senior vice president, original shareholder, and a member of the board of directors of a network marketing giant for over 15 years. As a distributor, he has built three international downlines of over 100,000 people. Keith and his wife Heather live in Utah with their six children and two grandchildren. When Keith joined his current company in 2013, he was starting all over again at age 55. In 2014 he was awarded Rookie of the Year at the company’s annual convention. “I was very fortunate,” he says, “but it gave great hope to a lot of people who were a little bit older that you can get started any time, any place of your life and still succeed.” Keith wanted to make sure others could duplicate his success. Being extremely well connected in the network marketing space, he told his wife and friends, “I’m going to try my very best not to recruit any network marketers.” He firmly believed that if he could show people who’ve not been involved in network marketing before how to succeed in this profession, that he would find a lot more success in the long run. “It took me a little bit longer,” he says, “because I was teaching people who when you say the word upline look at you and ask, ‘What’s an upline?’ But it was fun, and I reached the highest rank in my company recruiting only people who are brand new to the profession.” Today Keith leads a growing international organization of about 120,000. “Of those, roughly 100,000 are product users, and close to 20,000 either have made it or are on their way to making it.”—J.G.

What made you leave the corporate world check coming to them that was going to be residfor the field? ual for the rest of their lives. I knew that at some First of all, I loved the corporate side. I had a wonderful 17-year experience with an incredibly great company, helping as it grew from a mere dream to a billion-dollar enterprise. After we went public in 1996, my financial security was pretty much guaranteed unless I really did dumb things with my money. With that knowledge also came the fact that I had always wanted to become a distributor. When I left my job, many people thought I was absolutely crazy. When they asked why I would go out into the field, I would always give them my first reason. As Chief Financial Officer, I was signing—or stamping—checks for people who were doing quite well. I realized they had a May/June 2015

time in my life I would retire, and no matter how well that company treated me, I knew that after I retired I wouldn’t continue receiving a check. So my number one reason was to build a residual check for myself. The second reason was to teach others how to build a residual check. I grew up in a small town in east Texas, and our family struggled financially. I remember when I was only seven, one night I said a prayer, “God, if you’ll help to take care of my parents, I promise I’ll give you everything…” First, I said “everything I ever earn,” and then I realized if I did that I’d be broke. So I said, “... half of everything I ever earn.” I also promised, “If you’ll help 53



ased in Ontario, Canada, Tara Cooper is a young mother of three and one of the top 200 income earners in her company making a multiple six-figure income. When Tara was first introduced to her company in 2009, she was a stay-at-home mom with a 2-year-old and a 6-month-old. “I was also a struggling part-time elementary school teacher,” she says. “Thankfully a friend of mine cared enough about me to share her opportunity.” Tara wasn’t immediately receptive to building a business, because her prior experience in multilevel marketing had not been positive. Years ago she was in a couple of companies whose products she liked, but she remembers having trouble filling her monthly quota to remain an active associate. “I constantly felt I was begging my friends and family to help me reach my required volume,” she says. “During those times I would often resent spending money just to remain eligible for commissions.” When her friend approached her six years ago, Tara told her she wanted to think about it and gave her lots of excuses for why she should say no. After two months of discussion, she finally joined, knowing it was time to take better care of her health. In her first company, Tara wasn’t as passionate about the products as she is in her current company, which she learned makes all the difference.


You It! Tara Cooper: Creating a Life of Abundance and Freedom By Dr. Josephine Gross 60

Networking Times

Tara quickly found out that launching a new business comes with multiple challenges. “Many of these challenges simply occur because our belief level is low and we lack knowledge and skills,” she says. As Tara started building, she remembers being faced with ridicule, judgment, laughter, and avoidance from the very people she loved the most. “Thank goodness I was told that this is common,” she says, “because if no one had warned me, I may have given up and continued to believe that network marketing doesn’t work.” Tara’s husband, with whom she’d always had a happy marriage, was very critical, closed-minded, and negative towards her business choices. When she asked him why, he said he didn’t want to see her get hurt. He also felt that she should pursue her teaching career for the benefits and lifestyle it offers. “For 18 months, instead of trying to convince him, I just kept moving forward,” she says. “I educated myself, took action, and increased my confidence and belief by reading the right books and

magazines. I attended events and surrounded myself with people who were already successful and believed in my potential before I believed myself.” Another struggle Tara experienced was that she desperately tried to prove herself to the skeptics. “Therefore I was more focused on enrolling people rather than supporting them,” she says. “Looking for anyone who has ‘a pulse and a credit card’ is not the way to create a sustainable business, and I learned this the hard way.” Reflecting on her daily mode of operation then and now, Tara says not much has changed. “When I began, I was eager to learn and totally coachable. I wanted to become a master in this profession. I love how David Wood (a wonderful mentor and trainer in my company) puts it: Every master was once a disaster. Tara quickly discovered that the only way to build a network marketing business successfully is to have the desire to help others and the ability to follow simple systems. In teaching her team, she emphasizes the need to remain coachable and to

“My three little miracles—Jack, Kate, and Hannah.”

May/June 2015



Women United for Change Empowering Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide By Sonia Stringer


he world will be saved by the Western woman.” The Dalai Lama uttered these words at the Vancouver Peace Summit in 2009, and now a group of female entrepreneurs have taken up the challenge with a vengeance. In March 2015 a small group of women in network marketing and direct sales launched Women United for Change, a new movement with the goal to transform the lives of thousands of female entrepreneurs around the world. We found the perfect partner in Project Concern International, a nonprofit organization based in San Diego, CA which is gaining recognition for its “Women Empowered” program. Through this program, PCI is already working with over 400,000 women in 12 developing nations, training them with the skills and support to start businesses that bring in much needed income for their families. The economic empowerment of women is gaining popularity as one of the most effective tools to address global poverty. According to Kofi Annan, Secretary General to the United Nations, “… study after study has taught us that there is no tool for global development more effective than the empowerment of women.” Perhaps Melinda Gates sums it up best: “When we invest in women, we invest in the people who invest in everyone else.” Investing in women is exactly what the WUfC movement is all about. The leaders involved have already secured well over $100,000 in committed funding for PCI’s program and they are positioned to raise a lot more. With over 13 million women involved in network marketing in the U.S. (and another estimated 70 million worldwide) the opportunity to inspire more women to lend their voice to this movement is promising. Since we have large networks, strong influence, and a burning desire to make a difference in the world, we believe WUfC has the potential to be one of the largest movements ever created to empower women worldwide. Our lives have been transformed through entrepreneurship, so it’s only fitting that we can help women in need to transform their lives by building their own businesses. To find out more about this movement and how to get involved, visit n

SONIA STRINGER is founder of Savvy Network Marketing Women, an online community that supports over 200,000 women in network marketing/direct sales to make more money and a bigger difference in the world.


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May/Jun 2015 is all about Financial Fitness and the daily exercise this requires. Orrin Woodward explains how network marketing allows us to...

NT1403 May-June Preview  

May/Jun 2015 is all about Financial Fitness and the daily exercise this requires. Orrin Woodward explains how network marketing allows us to...

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