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Medicine of Tomorrow Be Part of Clinical Research at Yale Each one of us benefits every day from clinical research. Your blood pressure medicine, your child’s asthma inhaler, the latest Alzheimer’s drug that your mom is taking – all of these are available to you because of clinical studies that show they are safe and effective. None of them would be possible without volunteers who were willing to take part in clinical studies. At Yale, there are hundreds of clinical studies underway for diabetes, asthma, cancer, mental illness and many other conditions. There are even trials for healthy volunteers. Learn more by visiting our website,, where you can search for studies and express interest in a trial. You can also call us at 1-877-y-studies and talk to an expert who can explain and guide you through the process of enrolling and participating in a study. | 1-877-y-studies The photographs being used are for illustrative purposes only and any people depicted in the photo are models.

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