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2013–14 SEASON

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DECEMBER 13–19, 2013




Costume Designer


Lighting Designer


Sound Designer Production Dramaturg Stage Manager


CAST Orphan, Tootles, Pirate, Indian


Orphan, Slightly, Pirate, Indian


Orphan, Tiger Lily, Tinkerbell


Orphan, Twins, Pirate, Indian


Orphan, Nana, Starkey, Neverbird Orphan, Nibs, Pirate, Indian


Orphan, John, Pirate, Indian


Orphan, Mrs. Darling, Smee


Orphan, Michael, Pirate, Indian Orphan, Mr. Darling, Hook Orphan, Curly, Pirate, Indian Orphan, Peter Pan Orphan, Wendy


SETTING An orphanage

Peter Pan is presented by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc. Peter Pan is performed without an intermission.



Lost Boys

Lost Drafts Yale’s Beinecke Library

imaginations. In this

years ago next year.

houses the world’s largest

adaptation we’ve set the

Fragments of the war’s

collection of J.M. Barrie’s

play in an orphanage

horrors found their way

books, manuscripts,

in the early part of the

into many great works of

letters, and ephemera.

twentieth century. For

post-war drama as artists

There we discovered that

this community, the

tried to contend with

Peter Pan was Barrie’s

loss of mothers is an

the magnitude of what

life-long passion, and

immediate reality, and

had occurred. So as with

he wrote seemingly

the longing for maternal

many of the great early

endless drafts of his play

love takes on a fresh

modernist works, WWI

from 1904 to 1928, with

urgency. We gathered

haunts this production.

a novelized version in

from Barrie’s rewrites

between. The ending of

deleted material that

Ultimately, our Peter

the story obsessed him.

further illuminated this

Pan finds its home in

There are almost as many

idea, and our final script

the poetic reality of the

versions of it as there

became a synthesis of his

stage, where the mythic,

are drafts of the play.

many versions.

historical, theatrical, and

In one, the culminating

imaginary all co-exist.

scene features a parade

In thinking about the

As Barrie says of the

of mothers, each hoping

Peter Pan myth and its

immortal urchin, “The

to be reunited with one of

relationship to the wider

difference between him

the Lost Boys. In another,

world, we talked a lot

and other boys at such a

Captain Hook transforms

about abandonment and

time was that they knew

into a schoolmaster

a larger, collective loss

it was make-believe, while

chasing the truant Peter

of innocence. If there

to him make-believe and

with a ruler.

was a modern loss of

true were exactly the

innocence on a grand

same thing.”

The idea that no

scale, a psychic cataclysm

definitive version of

on the global level, it

the story exists allowed

was precipitated by the

a window to open

events surrounding WWI,

somewhere in our

which began one hundred


CAST CHRIS BANNOW (ORPHAN, TOOTLES, PIRATE, INDIAN) is a third-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where his credits include The Visit, Cloud Nine, Iphigenia Among the Stars, and Petty Harbour. Other credits include reWilding, The Yiddish King Lear, Carnival/Invisible, The Fatal Eggs (Yale Cabaret); Tartuffe, Heart’s Desire (Yale Summer Cabaret); Hamlet (Yale Repertory Theatre); The Elephant Man featuring Bradley Cooper (Williamstown Theatre Festival); A Civil War Christmas (Huntington Theatre Company); youthINK (McCarter Theater Center); and Speech and Debate (Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater). Film: Not Fade Away. Chris is a founding member of Special Sauce Co., D.I.Y. Shakespeare, and served as Associate Artistic Director of the 2013 Yale Summer Cabaret, where he directed Miss Julie and In the Bar of a Tokyo Hotel. Upcoming: Have I None at Yale Cabaret. He is a New Haven local and a recipient of the Jerome L. Greene Scholarship.

AARON BARTZ (ORPHAN, SLIGHTLY, PIRATE, INDIAN) is a second-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where his credits include King Richard 2 and Platonov. Other credits include Beginners by Raymond Carver, or What We Talk About When We Talk About Love (Yale Cabaret); Hamlet, The Beaux’ Stratagem (Texas Shakespeare Festival); Macbeth, A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey LIVE! tour); King Lear (Southwest Shakespeare Festival); To Kill a Mockingbird (Montana Repertory Theatre). Upcoming: Have I None at Yale Cabaret. Aaron received his BFA from the University of Montana.

PREMA CRUZ (ORPHAN, TIGER LILY, TINKERBELL) is a third-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where she has appeared in Wintertime, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Romeo and Juliet, Vieux Carré, and Petty Harbour. Her Los Angeles credits include Three Sisters After Chekhov (Lower Depth Theatre Ensemble) and Romeo and Juliet (Shakespeare Festival/LA). Other credits include Tartuffe, The Shoemaker’s Prodigious Wife, Heart’s Desire (Yale Summer Cabaret); Radio Hour, Funnyhouse of a Negro, and Beginners by Raymond Carver, or What We Talk About When We Talk About Love (Yale Cabaret). Prema is a California native and received her BFA in acting from the University of Southern California.

HUGH FARRELL (ORPHAN, TWINS, PIRATE, INDIAN) is a second-year MFA candidate in the Dramaturgy and Dramatic Criticism department at Yale School of Drama. Originally from Ireland, he completed his undergraduate degree in English and theatre studies at Trinity College Dublin before coming to Yale. He recently served as the production dramaturg for Caryl Churchill’s

Owners at Yale Repertory Theatre. Hugh is currently an artistic associate of Yale Cabaret and the web managing editor for Theater magazine. Acting credits include Princess Plays (Yale School of Drama); Dilemma (Yale Cabaret); Crazy For You (Telécom Paristech, Paris); The Happy Prince (Bank of Ireland Theatre, Galway/Players Theatre Dublin); Obama Mia (The Caves, Edinburgh); Death of a Salesman, Private Lives, K., (Samuel Beckett Centre, Dublin); and Oliver! (Festival Productions, National Concert Hall, Dublin). Directing credits include The Homecoming, Endgame, and Catastrophe (Samuel Beckett Centre, Dublin).

CHRISTOPHER GEARY (ORPHAN, NANA, STARKEY, NEVERBIRD) is a second-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where he was seen in The Visit and Sagittarius Ponderosa. His other credits include The Small Things, We Know Edie La Minx Had a Gun (Yale Cabaret); The Cat and the Canary (Berkshire Theatre Group); Losing Tom Pecinka (HERE Arts); and Elephant in the Room (New York International Fringe Festival). Christopher received his BA in theatre performance from Fordham College at Lincoln Center where he performed in Hamlet, Kate Crackernuts, Tales of the Lost Formicans, Mrs. Packard, and Pericles, among others. Christopher is a graduate of the Walnut Hill School for the Arts and has also studied at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts.

MAURA HOOPER (ORPHAN, NIBS, PIRATE, INDIAN) is a second-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where she was seen in Sagittarius Ponderosa and Platonov. Her other credits include The Twins Would Like to Say (Yale Cabaret); Dear Elizabeth (understudy, Yale Repertory Theatre); Pygmalion, The Valley of Fear (Williamstown Theatre Festival); and Caucasian Chalk Circle (Pipeline Theatre Company). She is a California native and holds a BFA from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

MATTHEW McCOLLUM (ORPHAN, JOHN, PIRATE, INDIAN) is a third-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where his credits include The Visit, King Richard 2, Twelfth Night or What You Will, The Two Gentlemen of Verona, Sunday in the Park with George, Vieux Carré, and Fen. Other credits include The Cat and the Canary (Berkshire Theatre Festival); The Yiddish King Lear (Yale Cabaret); God’s Fool (59E59, Edinburgh Fringe Festival); Trouble Tales (for boys and girls), The Morpheus Quartet (Williamstown Theatre Festival); Three Sisters and The Winter’s Tale (understudy, Yale Repertory Theatre). Television and film credits include Judging Amy, Threshold, and Heart Says It All. Matthew received his BA from Yale College and is a recipient of the Rebecca West Scholarship.

CAST MICHELLE McGREGOR (ORPHAN, MRS. DARLING, SMEE) is a thirdyear MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where her credits include Lottie in the Late Afternoon, Still Murky, Fox Play, Vieux Carré, and No More Sad Things. Other credits include Chamber Music, The Fatal Eggs, Cowboy Mouth, The Ugly One (Yale Cabaret); Tartuffe, The Shoemaker’s Prodigious Wife, and Heart’s Desire (Yale Summer Cabaret). She is a graduate of the Santa Fe University of Art and Design, where she received her BFA in acting.

MARIKO NAKASONE (ORPHAN, MICHAEL, PIRATE, INDIAN) is a thirdyear MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where she has appeared in The Visit, Romeo and Juliet, Twelfth Night or What You Will, Fox Play, and What a Very Pretty Pageant!. Regional credits include In a Year with 13 Moons (Yale Repertory Theatre); Arms and the Man, Macbeth, A Christmas Carol (Guthrie Theater); Our Town, The Clay Cart, Henry VIII, The Comedy of Errors, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Don Quixote, The Music Man (Oregon Shakespeare Festival); The Diary of Anne Frank, and Pericles (Utah Shakespeare Festival); This., and Chamber Music (Yale Cabaret). Mariko can be seen on the FOX series DragonflyTV, on which she has appeared for four seasons. She is a graduate of Boston University and is a recipient of the Jerome L. Greene Scholarship.

TOM PECINKA (ORPHAN, MR. DARLING, HOOK) is a second-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where he was seen in House Beast. His credits include The Germ Project (New Georges); Losing Tom Pecinka (HERE Arts); Exquisite Corpse (Clubbed Thumb); There Will Be Snacks, The Watermelon Wars (Incubator Arts Project); Dar and Matey’s Christmas SpectaculARGH! (Vampire Cowboys); Richard 3 (New York International Fringe Festival); The Martian Chronicles (Fordham Alumni Company); As You Like It (Shakespeare on the Sound); and The Cat and the Canary (Berkshire Theatre Festival). Tom is a graduate of Fordham University.

AARON LUIS PROFUMO (ORPHAN, CURLY, PIRATE, INDIAN) is a second-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where his credits include Lottie in the Late Afternoon and Platonov. Aaron also performed in Radio Hour at Yale Cabaret. He graduated from Oberlin College, where he studied acting and political science with a concentration in Middle Eastern studies. Aaron also performed with and directed the long-form improv troupe Primitive Streak. He is a co-founder and project director at RTC Studios, a multi-media performance and production company.

MICKEY THEIS (ORPHAN, PETER PAN) is a third-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where his credits include The Visit, Cloud Nine, Vieux Carré, Blueberry Toast, and The Bachelors. Other credits include Cowboy Mouth, reWilding, Clutch Yr Amplified Heart Tightly and Pretend (Yale Cabaret); In the Bar of a Tokyo Hotel, The Shoemaker’s Prodigious Wife, Tartuffe, and Secret in the Wings (Yale Summer Cabaret). He made his Yale Repertory Theatre debut last season in Hamlet featuring Paul Giamatti. Also a musician, he is a former member of Motel Motel, a band with which he toured internationally and recorded The Big Island (2010) and New Denver (2008). He holds a BA in literary studies from Eugene Lang College, The New School for Liberal Arts.

SOPHIE von HASELBERG (ORPHAN, WENDY) is a third-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where her credits include Sunday in the Park with George, Vieux Carré, and Wintertime. Other credits include Ivanov (Columbia Stages); The Cat and the Canary (Berkshire Theatre Group); Our Town (Williamstown Theatre Festival); Ermyntrude & Esmeralda, Chamber Music, and The Fatal Eggs (Yale Cabaret). She is a graduate of Yale College and a co-founder of the theatre ensemble Old Sound Room. 

CREATIVE TEAM GRIER COLEMAN (COSTUME DESIGNER) is a second-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama. Previous credits include A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Enchanted, The Girl From Maxim’s, Ionescopade, Under Milkwood (The Juilliard School); Macbeth, Much Ado About Nothing, As You Like It, Love’s Labour’s Lost, Woyzeck, Sonia Flew, Alice: The Looking Glass Girl, Yikes!, and Triangle, an original piece based on the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire (New York University); We Know Edie La Minx Had a Gun and All of What You Love and None of What You Hate (Yale Cabaret). She has worked as a crafts artisan for The Public Theater, Ringling Bros. Circus, Hair (Broadway and London tours), Disney on Ice, Utah Shakespeare Festival, and as a stylist for Live! With Regis and Kelly. Grier holds a BFA from the University of North Carolina. She is the recipient of the Donald and Zorka Oenslager Scholarship for stage design.

MARIANA SANCHEZ HERNANDEZ (SCENIC DESIGNER) is a secondyear MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama. Before coming to New Haven, she assisted designer Jason Ross on several collections for Donna Karan and Henry Beguelin in New York. She previously lived in Mexico City, where she was an independent architect for five years. Prior to that, she was a project manager

CREATIVE TEAM for Javier Sanchez Arquitectura, an architecture firm. Her theatre credits include set design for Cenizas de Piedra (Teatro de la Paz, Mexico City), The Bird Bath, and All of What You Love and None of What You Hate (Yale Cabaret). She also served as assistant to set and lighting designer Sergio Villegas in Mexico City on Codex Romanof, Yamaha 300, La Nueva Familia, and Mi Joven Corazón Idiota. Mariana holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the National University of Mexico. She is a recipient of the Ray Klausen Design Scholarship.

TYLER KIEFFER (SOUND DESIGNER) is a second-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where he served as the assistant sound designer and engineer for Vieux Carré and Cloud Nine and as the production sound engineer for the 2013 Carlotta Festival of New Plays. Tyler hails from the New Orleans area and holds a BA in theatre from Louisiana State University.

JOEY MORO (LIGHTING DESIGNER) is a second-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where his credits include The Two Gentlemen of Verona. Other credits include Lindbergh’s Flight; Dutchman; The Most Beautiful Thing in the World; Beginners by Raymond Carver, or What We Talk About When We Talk About Love; and Radio Hour (Yale Cabaret); El Monte Cavlo (Yale College); Glam Kitty Squad: a new musical (Pantachino Productions); Adult Roy's Badland: A Rave Opera (Cornell); and the Senior dance concert at Connecticut College. He served as the assistant technical director and master electrician for Yale Summer Cabaret’s 2013 season and as the master electrician for Kitchen Theatre for two seasons. Joey holds a BA, cum laude from Cornell University and is the recipient of the Stanley R. McCandless Scholarship for lighting design.

DANIEL SCHLOSBERG (COMPOSER) is an MMA candidate at Yale School of Music, where he has studied with Martin Bresnick, David Lang, Aaron Jay Kernis, and Christopher Theofanidis. His flute and piano piece, strange ancestors, premiered at Carnegie Hall in November, and his ten-minute opera, Frau Trude, was performed at Yale in October. Last year he conducted and re-orchestrated Sunday in the Park with George at Yale School of Drama. At Yale Cabaret, he performed in Pierrot Lunaire and wrote original music for Basement Hades. ANITA SHASTRI (STAGE MANAGER) is a second-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where her previous credits include Vieux Carré, No More Sad Things, and Lottie in the Late Afternoon. Other credits include

We Know Edie La Minx Had a Gun, The Most Beautiful Thing in the World (Yale Cabaret); Spamalot, Les Miserables, and West Side Story (The Muny); and the Windham-Campbell Prize readings (Yale University). She received her BA in theatre and communications from Saint Louis University.

DANA TANNER-KENNEDY (PRODUCTION DRAMATURG) is a third-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where her credits include Sunday in the Park with George and Fen. She is the current Literary Associate for Yale Repertory Theatre and a former managing editor of Theater magazine. She also served as Dramaturg and Associate Artistic Director for the 2012 Summer Cabaret. Other dramaturgy credits include Hamlet (Yale Repertory Theatre); Urge for Going (The Public Theater); Loot, Tartuffe, Suddenly Last Summer (Westport Country Playhouse); Psychos Never Dream (Kitchen Dog Theater, Dallas); Romeo and Juliet and Othello (Shakespeare Dallas). She spent five seasons in the education department at Dallas Theater Center, serving as Associate Director for two, and interned in the literary offices of Atlantic Theater Company and The Public Theater in New York.

DUSTIN WILLS (ADAPTOR AND DIRECTOR) is a third-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where he has directed Shakespeare’s King Richard 2, Blueberry Toast by Mary Laws, reWilding by Martyna Majok, as well as an original adaptation of Mikhail Bulgakov’s The Fatal Eggs at Yale Cabaret. He served as Artistic Director for the 2013 Yale Summer Cabaret, where he directed Tartuffe, The Shoemaker’s Prodigious Wife, Heart’s Desire, and Drunk Enough to Say I Love You. After graduating from the University of Texas in 2006, Dustin split his time between Austin, Texas, and Rome, Italy, directing for the English Theatre of Rome (Ophelia, Le Falene, Cinque), Salvage Vanguard Theater (Heddatron), Texas Performing Arts (Ashes, Ashes), and Tutto Theatre Company (Black Snow). While in Rome, he worked as a tour guide for the Vatican Museums. In Austin, he founded the company Paper Chairs for which he directed Baal, Machinal, and the original musicals Murder Ballad Murder Mystery and Hillcountry Underbelly. He is the 2013 recipient of the Princess Grace Foundation Lynn Wyatt Theatre Award. His productions twice have earned him the distinction of Best Director from the Austin Critics’ Table. For the NEArecognized organization Creative Action, Dustin developed educational touring shows for youth and created and directed numerous city-wide outreach projects.

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PRODUCTION Bronislaw J. Sammler, Head of Production James Mountcastle, Production Stage Manager Jonathan Reed, Production Manager Steven Schmidt, Associate Head of Production and Work-Study Supervisor Grace O’Brien, Senior Administrative Assistant to the Production and Theater Safety and Occupational Health Departments Scenery Neil Mulligan, Matt Welander, Technical Directors Alan Hendrickson, Electro Mechanical Laboratory Supervisor Eric Sparks, Shop Foreman Matt Gaffney, Ryan Gardner, Sharon Reinhart, Master Shop Carpenters Brandon Fuller, Shop Carpenter Kelly Rae Fayton, Alexandra Reynolds, Assistants to the Technical Director Painting Ru-Jun Wang, Scenic Charge Lia Akkerhuis, Nathan Jasunas, Assistant Scenic Artists Kevin Klakouski, Assistant to the Painting Supervisor Properties Brian Cookson, Properties Master David P. Schrader, Properties Craftsperson Jennifer McClure, Interim Properties Master Ted Griffith, Interim Properties Assistant Bill Batschelet, Properties Stock Manager Elizabeth Zevin, Assistant to the Properties Manager Costumes Tom McAlister, Costume Shop Manager Robin Hirsch, Associate Costume Shop Manager Clarissa Wylie Youngberg, Mary Zihal, Senior Drapers Deborah Bloch, Harry Johnson, Senior First Hands Linda Kelley-Dodd, Costume Project Coordinator Denise O’Brien, Wig and Hair Design Barbara Bodine, Company Hairdresser Linda Wingerter, Costume Stock Manager Electrics Donald W. Titus, Lighting Supervisor Linda-Cristal Young, Senior Head Electrician Brian Quiricone, Head Electrician Daniel Hutchinson, Assistant to the Lighting Supervisor

Sound Mike Backhaus, Sound Supervisor Monica Avila, Staff Sound Engineer Gahyae Ryu, Stephanie Smith, Assistants to the Sound Supervisor Projections Erich Bolton, Projection Supervisor Christopher Russo, Head Projection Technician ADDITIONAL STAFF FOR PETER PAN Alexander Woodward, Assistant Scenic Designer Asa Benally, Assistant Costume Designer Andrew F. Griffin, Assistant Lighting Designer Kate Marvin, Assistant Sound Designer and Engineer Kelly Montgomery, Assistant Stage Manager Kaitlyn Anderson, Associate Production Manager Matthew Groeneveld, Technical Director Lee O'Reilly, Nick Vogelpohl, Assistant Technical Directors Joey Brennan, Properties Master Tom Harper, Master Electrician Brittany Thaler, Stage Carpenter Brittany Behrens, House Manager Seth Bodie, Lindsey Ferrentino, Jiréh Breon Holder, Mary Laws, Brendan Pelsue, Gahyae Ryu, Christopher Thompson, Sonja Thorson, Run Crew



Peter Pan December 13–19, 2013 University Theatre, 222 York Street

Fine cakes for epic events. 1242 WHITNEY AVENUE, HAMDEN

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Peter Pan | Yale School of Drama  

Peter Pan, by J.M. Barrie, adapted and directed by Dustin Wills

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