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DECEMBER 9–15, 2016

YALE SCHOOL OF DRAMA James Bundy, Dean Victoria Nolan, Deputy Dean Joan Channick, Associate Dean Chantal Rodriguez, Assistant Dean




Music Director


Scenic Designer


Costume Designer


Lighting Designer


Sound Designer Projection Designer Production Dramaturg Technical Director Stage Manager




Cast in alphabetical order

Drunk, Investor, Ben Farmer, Investor, José

Old Witch, Investor, Susanna

Mila, Miroslava, Sally

The Historian, Ensemble

Geo, Yanko

The Butcher, Frank

Old Priest, Investor, Donny

Milkmaid, Investor, Dinah


Tobacco Lady, Investor, Fátima


School Boy, Investor, Yanoush



The Devil, Toma, Patty

The Band Percussionist ALEXANDER CASIMIRIO Clarinetist ALLEN CHANG Violinist GINNA DOYLE



Guitarist JIJI KIM Accordionist




“Three Chains a Slave” performed by the Yale Slavic Chorus

There will be one ten-minute intermission.


A lone maiden Curses at her tired eyes: “Damn you, my black eyes, You always watched vigilantly And now you fell asleep You didn’t see What went down the road What went down the road Three chains of slaves. On the first chain All small children On the second chain All young brides On the third chain All young men. The first chain leads My brother’s child The second chain leads My dear sister The third chain leads My first love.” 3

The people, Pricked By a thousand knives, Dulled, Degraded, Poorer than beggars, Deprived Of brain And nerve, Arose From the darkness and fear Of their lives —And wrote with their blood


Geo Milev’s lines, written in 1924 for his iconic poem September, still echo loudly in our very own day and age: Occupy Wall Street. Occupy London. Tahrir Square. The Arab Spring. The Syrian Civil War. Black Lives Matter. Standing Rock. The anti-austerity demonstrations in Athens. The feminist and pro-choice demonstrations all over the world. This list could go on forever. At a time in which political and economic systems have failed entire social, racial, religious and gender groups, people are organizing, making demands, taking to the streets. Bulgaria! Revolt! is an investigation of revolution, from the moment when the seed of utopian thinking is planted in the hearts and minds of people, to the aftermath of the revolutionary process. Inspired by Geo Milev’s masterpiece, which recounts the failed uprising against Aleksandar Tsankov’s dictatorship (1923-1926), our musical delves into the poet’s struggle between his revolutionary ideals and paralyzing cynicism. On the eve of his disappearance at the hands of the secret police, our poet will have his conscience tested by his wife Mila and the Devil—the first failed revolutionary, thrown into perpetual darkness for revolting against God. Structured as a riff on the medieval trope of The Psychomachia, Bulgaria! Revolt! will take the Milevs on a dreamlike journey to two very different, yet equally oppressive, worlds—a timeless Bulgarian village and Chicago in the golden age of the meatpacking industry.

More than ninety years after Geo Milev’s disappearance and in the midst of one of the most tumultuous periods in American politics, Bulgaria! Revolt! is a theatrical experience that connects present and past revolutions, by summoning the specters of those who perished in the name of social change but still haunt our present, waiting to be redeemed. Geo Milev (1895–1925) was one of the most iconic figures of Bulgarian 20thcentury literature. In 1919 he returned home from World War I, having lost his right eye during a shell attack. Accompanied by his wife and relentless supporter, the actress Mila Mileva, Milev relocated to Sofia, where he launched the avant-garde publication Plamak (Flame). In 1924, he decided to publish his epic poem September, an account of the failed uprising, led by the communists and the peasantry, against Aleksandar Tsankov’s government that resulted in the massacre of thousands of Bulgarians across the nation. Milev’s brave gesture had devastating consequences. Authorities seized the issue containing the poem right after its publication, and Milev had his citizenship revoked by the state. In April 1925, the St. Nedelya Church bomb attack, perpetrated by members of the Communist Party, unleashed a wave of violent governmental repression. In the following weeks, hundreds of people—with or without actual connections to the attack— disappeared and were executed without a trial. Geo Milev was one of them. Thirty years later his remains were found in a mass grave near Sofia.


Leda Mileva—one of Geo and Mila’s two daughters and a renowned writer herself—wrote about the last memories of her father, before he disappeared at the hands of the Bulgarian state police. In Footsteps on the Stairs, she says: “I hardly remember my father. I was less than five when he ‘vanished without trace’—that was the first official version of his death in 1925. But, having grown up amidst his family and friends, amidst his extensive multilingual library—Geo Milev’s only real possession—my picture of my vanished father has always been vivid and sharp. His presence in our home was almost tangible […]. We were living in rented accommodation, as a rule on the top floor of various, for their time, tall buildings. Whenever I heard footsteps behind me as I climbed the stairs I always stopped and with a pounding heart timidly turned to see whether these were not, at long last, the footsteps of my father […]. One of my few clear memories from that time is the morning of our unexpected parting. I can still see the dark silhouette of the policeman framed in the door as he summoned my father for ‘a little questioning.’ My mother gave him a clean handkerchief and he followed the policeman out without even saying goodbye—surely they were just summoning him for a little questioning and he would soon be back for his morning cup of coffee.” –MARIA INÊS MARQUES, PRODUCTION DRAMATURG 5


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“A n independent New Haven institution since 1976.”

H O U R S O F O P E R AT I O N : Monday-Saturday: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM Sunday: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Cast BEN ANDERSON (DRUNK, INVESTOR, BEN) is a second-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where his credits include The Dog Pack Play, New Domestic Architecture, and Our Lady of 121st Street. He is a member of the critically acclaimed The Road Theatre and Rogue Machine Theatre in Los Angeles. Ben has worked with The New Harmony Project with playwrights such as Lee Blessing, John Pielmeier, and MJ Kaufman. He holds a BFA in theatre performance from the University of Evansville.

SEBASTIAN ARBOLEDA (FARMER, INVESTOR, JOSÉ) is a third-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where he has been seen in Blood Wedding, Amy and the Orphans, The Oresteia, and Preston Montfort—An American Tragedy. Other credits include Leonce and Lena, Episode #121: Catfight (Yale Cabaret); Romeo and Juliet, Fool for Love, Lobster Alice (California State University, Long Beach Players); and Lemon Boots (Hollywood Fringe). Sebastian holds a degree in performance and organizational communication from California State University, Long Beach.

MARIÉ BOTHA (OLD WITCH, INVESTOR, SUSANNA) is a second-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where she has been seen in Blood Wedding and New Domestic Architecture. Originally from South Africa, she had two recurring roles on the television drama Erfsondes. Other credits include Slouch (Yale Cabaret); Alice in Wonderland, Antarctica! Which Is To Say Nowhere (Yale Summer Cabaret); and Cate in Sarah Kane’s Blasted (Duo Theater). She holds a BFA in acting from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and studied at The Meisner Studio.

JULIANA CANFIELD (MILA, MIROSLAVA, SALLY) is a third-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where she has been seen in Bluebeard’s Wife, A Tale of (gay) marriage and (queer) death; The Three Sisters; New Domestic Architecture; Women Beware Women; Best Lesbian Erotica 1995; The Skin of Our Teeth; and Deer and the Lovers. Her other credits include The Taming of the Shrew, The Profane (Chautauqua Theater Company); Dental Society Midwinter Meeting, Once Five Years Pass (Williamstown Theatre Festival); Roberto Zucco, Leonce and Lena, Episode #121: Catfight (Yale Cabaret); and Fortuna Fantasia (New York International Fringe Festival). Juliana holds a BA in English from Yale College.

ANNA CRIVELLI (THE HISTORIAN, ENSEMBLE) is a third-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where she has been seen in Bluebeard’s Wife, A Tale of (gay) marriage and (queer) death; The Three Sisters; The Oresteia; The Skin of Our Teeth; and Deer and the Lovers. Other credits include Dental Society Midwinter Meeting, Once Five Years Pass (Williamstown Theatre Festival); and Leonce and Lena (Yale Cabaret). Through Fordham College at Lincoln Center, where she received a BA in theatre, she appeared in Non tutti i ladri vengono per nuocere in Rome, Mixed Doubles in London, and What of the Night? in New York. 7

Cast LELAND FOWLER (GEO, YANKO) is a third-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where he has appeared in The Three Sisters, Our Lady of 121st Street, The Merchant of Venice, This Land Was Made, Fucking A, and The Children. Other credits include The Taming of the Shrew, Tiny Houses (Chautauqua Theatre Company); Dutch Masters, Lake Kelsey, 50:13, The Untitled Project (Yale Cabaret); Midsummer, love holds a lamp in this little room, Orlando (Yale Summer Cabaret); Songs to Grow On and By the Way, Meet Vera Stark (Alliance Theatre). Leland earned his BA in drama from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. He has also studied at the British American Drama Academy.

DYLAN FREDERICK (THE BUTCHER, FRANK) is a third-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where he has been seen in The Dog Pack Play, New Domestic Architecture, Women Beware Women, The Skin of Our Teeth, and Deer and the Lovers. Other credits include Episode #121: Catfight and Roberto Zucco at Yale Cabaret. Last summer his play, Boy Gets Violent, premiered at Ars Nova’s ANT Fest. Dylan holds a BFA in theatre performance from the University of Evansville.

JONATHAN HIGGINBOTHAM (OLD PRIEST, INVESTOR, DONNY) is a third-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where he has been seen in The Three Sisters, Macbeth, The Oresteia, and Preston Montfort—An American Tragedy. His other credits include Cymbeline (Yale Repertory Theatre); Episode #121: Catfight, We Are All Here, Moonsong (Yale Cabaret); and Twelfth Night (Elm Shakespeare Company). Jonathan holds a degree in theatre from Hamilton College.

COURTNEY JAMISON (MILKMAID, INVESTOR, DINA) is a second-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where her credits include Bluebeard’s Wife, A Tale of (gay) marriage and (queer) death; The Three Sisters; and Some Bodies Travel. Other credits include The Slow Sound of Snow (Yale Cabaret). She has worked regionally in Dreamgirls and The Color Purple (Virginia Repertory Theatre). Courtney holds a BA in musical theatre from James Madison University, where she appeared in How I Learned to Drive, Spring Awakening, Trojan Women, and All Shook Up among others.

STEPHANIE MACHADO (TOBACCO LADY, INVESTOR, FÁTIMA) is a second-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where she was seen in Blood Wedding and Amy and the Orphans. Other credits include Cloud Tectonics (Yale Cabaret). She holds a BFA in acting from Southern Methodist University, where she appeared in The Women, Black Snow, and Middletown, among others. She is a graduate of New World School of the Arts in Miami, Florida.

PATRICK MADDEN (SCHOOL BOY, INVESTOR, YANOUSH) is a secondyear MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where his credits include The Three Sisters, New Domestic Architecture, and Bluebeard’s Wife, A Tale of 8

(gay) marriage and (queer) death. He also appeared in And Tell Sad Stories of the Deaths of Queens at Yale Cabaret. He has trained and performed at Shakespeare & Company, Williamstown Theatre Festival, and Brown University, where he received a BA in English.

ELIZABETH STAHLMANN (THE DEVIL, TOMA, PATTY) is a third-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where she was seen in Blood Wedding, Amy and the Orphans, The Merchant of Venice, The Oresteia, and Clybourne Park. Her other credits include Knives in Hens (Yale Cabaret); Phaedra’s Love, Midsummer, love holds a lamp in this little room, Orlando (Yale Summer Cabaret); The Real Thing, A Christmas Carol (Guthrie Theater); As You Like It, The Comedy of Errors, Romeo and Juliet (The Acting Company national tour and Off-Broadway); Something Cloudy, Something Clear (Tennessee Williams Festival); School for Wives, Insatiable Hunger (Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater); God of Vengeance (Marvell Rep); and at Joe’s Pub with Billy Hough.

Musicians ALEXANDER CASIMIRIO (PERCUSSIONIST) is the Associate Director of Bands and a lecturer at the University of New Haven. He holds a DMA from the University of Texas, a MM from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and a Music BA from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. At the University of Texas, Alex extensively researched the composer Stuart Saunders Smith, and performed the world premiere of Smith’s The Drum Set Suite. Other credits include playing timpani and percussion with the Austin Symphony, Omaha Symphony, Round Rock Symphony, and the Joffrey Ballet. His endorsements include Zildjian cymbals, Remo drum heads, Vic Firth sticks and mallets, and Pearl drums.

ALLEN CHANG (CLARINETIST) is a sophomore at Yale College, where he is studying music and statistics. He plays clarinet in the Yale Symphony Orchestra and studies piano with Elizabeth Parisot at the School of Music.

GINNA DOYLE (VIOLINIST) is an actor-musician in her senior year at Yale College. Her acting credits include The Wild Party, Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike, Merrily We Roll Along, The Rocky Horror Show (Yale Dramatic Association); The Three Sisters (Yale School of Drama); An American Daughter, and Orpheus in the Berkshires (Williamstown Theatre Festival). As a violinist, Ginna has most recently performed at Carnegie Hall with the Yale Symphony Orchestra and at the Late-Night Cabaret at Williamstown Theatre Festival. She is pursuing a degree in theatre studies at Yale College.

SCOTT ETAN FEINER (MUSIC DIRECTOR, PIANIST ) is a sophomore music major at Yale College, where his credits include 1776 (music director), As You Like It (composer), and Hello Again (Young Thing). He is also the current Music 9

Musicians Director of The Yale Spizzwinks(?), the world’s oldest underclassmen a cappella group. He attended Juilliard Pre-College for composition from 2011–15 and has studied with Adam Guettel and Dr. Ira Taxin.

JIJI KIM (GUITARIST) is a second-year MM candidate at Yale School of Music. She is a first prizewinner of Concert Artist Guild’s Victor Elmaleh Competition, and has performed in major venues such as Carnegie Hall, Kauffman Center, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and National Sawdust. She regularly performs a wide range of music from improvisation to contemporary classical music on both classical/electrical guitar. Jiji has a BM in classical guitar from Curtis Institute of Music.

ADAM MATLOCK (ACCORDIONIST) is an accordionist, composer, and vocalist living and working in New Haven. He writes songs under the name An Historic, building narratives accompanied by musical inspirations from Balkan music, Klezmer, soul, and various strains of rock. Adam also composes under his own name, most notably the opera Red Giant (2014) for six-piece ensemble and three singers, and Earthseed Songs (2012) for voice and two instrumentalists. Adam began to expand his role as a performer in 2009, playing original music and interpretations with projects including Broadcloth, Gzara, and Dr. Caterwaul’s Cadre of Clairvoyant Claptraps. He has recorded, performed, or improvised with artists including Anthony Braxton, Mario Pavone, Ceschi, Vinny Golia, Sigh, and Clara Engel, and works as a music teacher in the New Haven area.

IAN SCOT (BASSIST) is a third-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama where his credits include Blood Wedding, Some Bodies Travel, This Land Was Made, and The Merchant of Venice. Other credits include compositions and sound designs for Purple Eyes, The Little Edelweiss (Proyecto Teatro and touring Texas); Boy Gets Violent (Ars Nova ANT Fest); Dutch Masters, Roberto Zucco, Moon Song, 50:13 (Yale Cabaret); other installations, compositions, and performances at Yale University Art Gallery, Boston Conservatory, Texas A&M University, Florida State University, Midnight Laboratory, A+D Gallery Chicago, and PROP THTR to name a few. Ian is a composer and sound designer specializing in the development of new works. MA, interdisciplinary arts, Columbia College Chicago.

Creative Team MICHAEL COSTAGLIOLA (COMPOSER AND SOUND DESIGNER) is a second-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama. Recent credits include Styx Songs (Yale Cabaret) and The Moors (Yale Repertory Theatre, assistant sound designer). He studied music at Brown University, where he received the Weston Award for Music Composition. He is a teaching artist in sound design for the Roundabout Theatre Company and is the resident composer for the AntiGravity 10

Theatre Project. His work has been heard in New York at La MaMa E.T.C., Manhattan Theatre Club, Dixon Place, Incubator Arts Project, the PRELUDE Festival, and the Brick Theater among others, as well as at various theatres in Providence, Philadelphia, Boston, Madrid, and across Europe and India.

ELIZABETH DINKOVA (CO-CREATOR, DIRECTOR) is a third-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where her credits include Shakespeare’s Othello, and Best Lesbian Erotica 1995 by Miranda Rose Hall, with whom she has collaborated on How We Died of Disease-Related Illness (Yale Cabaret) and the debut production of Antarctica! Which is to Say Nowhere (Yale Summer Cabaret). As Co-Artistic Director of Yale Summer Cabaret, Elizabeth also directed Adam Geist. Other credits include Leonce and Lena, Boris Yeltsin (Yale Cabaret); Bull (staged reading, Studio Theatre); 15’000 Gray (Goethe Institut Participatory Theater Festival); Facebook in Memoriam (Source Festival); Intertwined (Sfumato Theatre Festival); Female Kingdom (Small Bulgarian Theatre); King Lear, The Suede Jacket, The Bacchae, The Story of a Mother, and The Portrait of the Idiot as a Younger Idiot (Reed College). Elizabeth has assisted directors Rebecca Taichman, David Muse, Michael Kahn, KJ Sanchez, Serge Seiden, Kim Weild, Javor Gardev, Kathleen Worley, and Indumathi Manohar. Before coming to Yale, she served as Studio Theatre’s Artistic Apprentice. She is also the former directing apprentice for One Year Lease, a New York-based ensemble theatre company. Elizabeth is from Sandanski, Bulgaria. She received a BA from Reed College (Phi Beta Kappa) where she double-majored in theatre and psychology, and wrote her thesis on cultural translation in the theatre.

MIRANDA ROSE HALL (CO-CREATOR, BOOK AND LYRICS) is a third-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where her play Best Lesbian Erotica 1995 was produced last fall. Her other plays include How We Died of DiseaseRelated Illness (Yale Cabaret) and Antarctica! Which Is To Say Nowhere (Yale Summer Cabaret). Her plays have also been produced at DC’s Capital Fringe Festival, and Longacre Lea as part of the DC Women’s Voices Theater Festival. Miranda was the 2013–14 Hot Desk Playwright in Residence at Baltimore’s Center Stage, and is currently Resident Playwright and ensemble member with LUBDUB. Theatre Company. She grew up in Baltimore, and graduated from Georgetown University.

SARAH NIETFELD (COSTUME DESIGNER) is a second-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama. Her credits include And Tell Sad Stories of the Death of Queens (scenic design), How We Died of Disease-Related Illness (Yale Cabaret); Antarctica! Which Is To Say Nowhere (Yale Summer Cabaret); August: Osage County (Balagan Theatre); Once in a Lifetime (Theatre Anonymous); Austen Translation (Jet City Improv); Pride and Prejudice, The Old Maid and the Thief, and Incite (Cornish College of the Arts). An Irish-born Seattle native, Sarah holds a BFA in performance production, costume design from Cornish College of the Arts, and has interned with Seattle Opera, Guthrie Theatre, and The 11

Creative Team Royal Lyceum in Edinburgh. She has also worked at Colonial Williamsburg, La Jolla Playhouse, and Fuel Theatre Company in London in association with the National Theatre.

MARIA INÊS MARQUES (PRODUCTION DRAMATURG) is a third-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where her credits include Altogether Reckless. She graduated from the University of Porto in Portugal with a BA in Portuguese and English studies. Her previous dramaturgy credits include The Moors (Yale Repertory Theatre); La Scène by Valère Novarina (TeCA, Portugal); Muzeum, Cloud Tectonics, and The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant (Yale Cabaret). She was the translator and dramaturg for the English-language world premiere of Boris Yeltsin by Mickaël de Oliveira, also at Yale Cabaret. In Portugal, Maria worked on two academic research projects about translation and reception of foreign drama in the country. She served as managing editor of Theater magazine last year, and collaborates as visiting dramaturg and translator with Saudade Theater, a New York-based Portuguese company.

SHELBY NORTH (STAGE MANAGER) is a second-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where her credits include Macbeth and Best Lesbian Erotica 1995. Other credits include Thoreau, or Return to Walden; Fiorello!; Constellations (Berkshire Theatre Group); Bat-Hamlet and Sleeping Country (Essential Theatre). Shelby has a BA in drama from College of Charleston.

CHRISTIAN PROBST (CHOREOGRAPHER) is a senior majoring in theatre studies and economics at Yale College, where he has performed in numerous productions with the Yale Dramatic Association, including The Wild Party, The Drowsy Chaperone, Parade, Icarus, A Chorus Line, and The Rocky Horror Show. Other credits include Avenue Q, Gypsy, and the original musical Giovanni’s Room (Yale Drama Coalition), and the national tour of Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Also a member of Yaledancers, Christian choreographed Yale Dramatic Associations musical Merrily We Roll Along. Upcoming: Hedwig and the Angry Inch (Yale Drama Coalition), and an original musical, Tenn, based on the life of Tennessee Williams. Proud member of AEA.

KELLY PURSLEY (TECHNICAL DIRECTOR) is a second-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where she has served as Assistant Technical Director for The Oresteia and The Merchant of Venice. Other credits include Murder for Two and Julius Caeser (Technical Director, Utah Shakespeare Festival); technical directing apprentice for Ragtime and Harvey; and for The Amish Project (Technical Director, Milwaukee Repertory Theater). Kelly has a BFA in technical production from University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.

WLADIMIRO A. WOYNO R. (PROJECTION DESIGNER) is a second-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama,. where his credits include The Merchant of Venice. His design credits include The Last Voyage of Donald Crowhurst (Ghost River Theatre, Canada); Parade (Nederlands Dans Theater, Netherlands); Ziriguidum (Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, Canada); and Sometime Between Now 12

and When the Sun Goes Supernova (Theatre Junction, Canada). He was also the Associate Projection Designer on GHOST—O Musical (4ACT, Brazil) and The Stampede Grandstand Show (Calgary Stampede, Canada). He holds a BFA in theatre design and production from the University of British Columbia.

KRISTA SMITH (LIGHTING DESIGN) is a second-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama where, her credits include The Merchant of Venice. Other credits include Adam Geist (Yale Summer Cabaret); and And Tell Sad Stories of the Death of Queens (Yale Cabaret). Originally from Albany, California, her regional credits include Beneath Paris Skies, The Marriage of Figaro, Once on This Island, Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well and Living in Paris, RENT (Cinnabar Theater); The Great Tragedies by Mike Daisey (California Shakespeare Theater); Fire Work (Theatre FIRST); Kalos Kai Agathos, Sueno, and The Golden Dragon (A.C.T. Conservatory). She has assisted several prominent lighting designers such as Robert Wierzel, Stephen Strawbridge, and Tyler Micoleau. She holds a BA in drama with an emphasis in lighting design from San Francisco State University.

EMONA STOYKOVA (SCENIC DESIGN) is a second-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama. As an intern at the National Theatre of Bulgaria in Sofia, she worked on Enchanted Night and Finita La Comedia (assistant). American design credits include Kaspar (Acme Corporation); Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman (Annex Theatre); and Potatoes of August (E.M.P Collective). Film work includes costume design for Me, You, Nobody Else and Tales (short). She holds BAs in scenography, and in theory and practice of the art education from National Academy of Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria, as well as professional qualification of painting from the National School of Fine Arts.


Bulgaria! Revolt! Staff ARTISTIC Gerardo Díaz Sanchez, Assistant Scenic Designer Herin Kaputkin, Assistant Costume Designer Nic Vincent, Assistant Lighting Designer Yaara Bar, Assistant Projection Designer Kathryn Ruvuna, Assistant Sound Designer and Engineer Christina Fontana, Assistant Stage Manager

PRODUCTION Matt Davis, Associate Production Manager Steph Waaser, Ross Wick, Assistant Technical Directors Olga Tyurikova, Scenic Charge William Neuman, Properties Master Dashiell Menard, Stage Carpenter Kevin Belcher, Master Electrician Rae Powell, Projection Engineer Yana Birÿkova, Tye Hunt Fitzgerald, Molly FitzMaurice, Shadi Ghaheri, Rebekah Heusel, Majkin Holmquist, Chad Kinsman, Amauta Marston-Firmino, Cole McCarty, Run Crew

ADMINISTRATION Trent Anderson, House Manager

SPECIAL THANKS Daniel Goldberg, Jennifer Schmidt, Elena Tilli, Georgi Videnov

Yale School of Drama Staff

James Bundy, Dean Victoria Nolan, Deputy Dean Joan Channick, Associate Dean Chantal Rodriguez, Assistant Dean

ARTISTIC MANAGEMENT Jennifer Kiger, Associate Artistic Director Director of New Play Programs James Mountcastle, Production Stage Manager Amy Boratko, Literary Manager Kay Perdue Meadows, Artistic Associate Rachel Carpman, Literary Associate Josie Brown, Senior Administrative Assistant to the Dean and Associate Artistic Director Laurie Coppola, Senior Administrative Assistant for the Directing, Dramaturgy and Dramatic Criticism, Playwriting, and Stage Management Departments Mary Volk, Senior Administrative Assistant for the Design and Sound Design Departments Lindsay King, Library Services


Production Management Bronislaw J. Sammler, Head of Production Jonathan Reed, Production Manager 14

C. Nikki Mills, Associate Head of Production and Student Labor Supervisor Grace O’Brien, Senior Administrative Assistant to the Production and Theater Safety and Occupational Health Departments

Scenery Neil Mulligan, Matt Welander, Technical Directors Alan Hendrickson, Electro Mechanical Laboratory Supervisor Eric Sparks, Shop Foreman Matt Gaffney, Ryan Gardner, Sharon Reinhart, Master Shop Carpenters Alex McNamara, Cat Edwards, Shop Carpenters Bryanna Kim, Brian Pacelli, Assistants to the Technical Director

Painting Ru-Jun Wang, Scenic Charge Lia Akkerhuis, Nathan Jasunas, Scenic Artists Olga Tyurikova, Assistant to the Painting Supervisor

Properties Jennifer McClure, Properties Master David P. Schrader, Properties Craftsperson Ashley Flowers, Properties Assistant Bill Batschelet, Properties Stock Manager Logan Baker, Michael Schermann, Assistants to the Properties Master

Costumes Tom McAlister, Costume Shop Manager Harry Johnson, Clarissa Wylie Youngberg, Mary Zihal, Senior Drapers Deborah Bloch, Patricia Van Horn, Senior First Hands Linda Kelley-Dodd, Costume Project Coordinator Denise O’Brien, Wig and Hair Design Barbara Bodine, Company Hairdresser Elizabeth Beale, Costume Stock Manager Jamie Farkas, Rachel Gregory, Assistants to the Costume Shop Manager

Electrics Donald W. Titus, Lighting Supervisor Jennifer Carlson, Linda-Cristal Young, Senior Head Electricians Mayumi Nishiyama, Assistant to the Lighting Supervisor

Sound Mike Backhaus, Sound Supervisor Stephanie Smith, Staff Sound Engineer Roxy Jia, Haley Wolf, Assistants to the Sound Supervisor

Projections Erich Bolton, Projection Supervisor Mike Paddock, Head Projection Technician

Stage Operations Janet Cunningham, Stage Carpenter Kate Begley Baker, Head Properties Runner Elizabeth Bolster, Wardrobe Supervisor Jacob Riley, FOH Mix Engineer Mark Bailey, Light Board Programmer


General Management Flo Low, Gretchen Wright, Associate Managing Directors Trent Anderson, Assistant Managing Director Emalie Mayo, Senior Administrative Assistant to the Deputy Dean Catilin Crombleholme, Jaime Totti, Management Assistants Rachel Shuey, Company Manager Armando Huipe, Leandro A. Zaneti, Assistant Company Managers

Development and Alumni Affairs Deborah S. Berman, Director of Development and Alumni Affairs
 Janice Muirhead, Senior Associate Director of Institutional Giving
 Susan C. Clark, Senior Associate Director of Operations for Development and Alumni Affairs
 Joanna Romberg, Senior Associate Director of Annual Giving and Special Projects
 Chiara Klein, Associate Director of Development and Alumni Affairs
 Jennifer E. Alzona, Senior Administrative Assistant to Development and Marketing & Communications
 Alice Kenney, Development Associate
 Rebecca Hampe, Development Assistant

Finance and Human Resources Katherine D. Burgueño, Director of Finance and Human Resources Erin Ethier, Business Manager Janna J. Ellis, Director, Yale Tessitura Consortium Monica Avila, Chris Fuller, Preston Mock, Business Office Specialists Shainn Reaves, Senior Administrative Assistant to Business Office, Digital Technology, Operations, and Tessitura Ashlie Russell, Business Office Assistant

Marketing, Communications, and Audience Services Daniel Cress, Director of Marketing Steven Padla, Director of Communications Caitlin Griffin, Senior Associate Director of Marketing and Communications Emily Reeder, Associate Director of Marketing and Communications Laura Cornwall, Armando Huipe, Malenky Welsh, Marketing Assistants Marguerite Elliott, Publications Manager Laura Kirk, Director of Audience Services Shane Quinn, Assistant Director of Audience Services Tracy Baldini, Subscriptions Coordinator Roger-Paul Snell, Audience Services Assistant Alexandra Cadena, Sara Cho, Jordan Graf, Nicolette Mántica, Kenneth Murray, Alexis Payne, Tarleton Watkins, Box Office Assistants T. Charles Erickson, Production Photographer

Operations Diane Galt, Director of Facility Operations Nadir Balan, Operations Associate Jennifer Draughn, Arts and Graduate Studies Superintendent Sherry Stanley, Team Leader Michael Humbert, Facility Steward Donell DiGioia, Ty Frost, Kathy Langston, Mark Roy, Jerome Sonia, Custodians

Digital Technology Chris Kilbourne, Director of Digital Technology Daryl Brereton, Associate Director of Digital Technology Luis Serrano, Web and Email Services Associate Don Harvey, Ron Rode, Ben Silvert, Database Application Consultants

Theater Safety and Occupational Health William J. Reynolds, Director of Theater Safety and Occupational Health Jacob Thompson, Security Officer Ed Jooss, Audience Safety Officer Kevin Delaney, John Marquez, Customer Service and Safety Officers Bulgaria! Revolt! December 9–15, 2016 Iseman Theater, 1156 Chapel Street THE TAKING OF PHOTOGRAPHS OR THE USE OF RECORDING DEVICES OF ANY KIND IN THE THEATRE WITHOUT THE WRITTEN PERMISSION OF THE MANAGEMENT IS PROHIBITED. 15

photograph by David Ottenstein

printing and mailing 475 heffernan drive, west haven, connecticut 06516 t 203 479 7500 f 203 479 7575 16




Directed by



2016–17 SEASON 203.432.1234 17

Proud Season Sponsor of Yale School of Drama


1180 Chapel Street • New Haven • (203) 691-5696

Bulgaria! Revolt!  

BULGARIA! REVOLT! Created by Elizabeth Dinkova and Miranda Rose Hall, book and lyrics by Miranda Rose Hall, Music by Michael Costagliola, Di...

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