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adams center for

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adams center for musical arts

The opening of the Adams Center is a defining moment for the Yale School of Music,

the Yale College ensembles that have resided for decades in Hendrie Hall, and the University’s entire, extraordinary music community.

robert blocker henry and lucy moses dean of music yale university


An die Musik Franz Schubert (1797–1828) Text by Franz von Schober (1796–1882) Translation by Richard Cross


adams center for musical arts

Grand Opening of the

adams center for musical arts february 16, 2017

Dedication Fanfare performed by ysm brass students thomas c. duffy, composer & conductor welcome & introductions Robert Blocker The Lucy and Henry Moses Dean of Music invocation Marguerite Brooks Associate Professor of Choral Conducting performance Scherzo No. 4 in E major, Op. 54 Frédéric Chopin (1810–1849) chuhan zhang, piano ’18ba/mm greetings & remarks Peter Salovey President of the University presentations & acknowledgements Robert Blocker

“Alleluia” from Exsultate, jubilate K. 165 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756–1791) jessica pray, soprano ’17mm robert blocker, piano An die Musik Franz Schubert (1797–1828) The audience is invited to sing after both stanzas are performed sarita kwok, violin ’05mma, ’06ad, ’09dma melvin chen, piano ’91bs jeffrey douma, conductor


The opening of the Adams Center for Musical Arts marks a wonderful milestone in Yale’s history. By providing a new home for our rich and diverse musical community, this space demonstrates the promise of a more unified Yale. Music, as much as any discipline or activity, invites us to collaborate. What happens when people of creativity and genius work together to imagine new sounds, forms, and ideas? This stunning facility will draw musicians from the School of Music, Yale College, and across the university to practice and perform in a single space — opening the door to tremendous new possibilities. Our community is indebted to Stephen ’59ba and Denise Adams, whose vision and generosity have transformed the School of Music. We are also grateful to another Yale stalwart. Since arriving in 1995, Robert Blocker, the Henry and Lucy Moses Dean of Music, has led the renovation of our physical spaces — Sprague Hall, Leigh Hall, and now Hendrie Hall — and promoted excellence in every facet of our music program. With gratitude to these friends and leaders, we are proud that the School of Music, one of the foremost institutions of its kind in the country, is now tuition-free. In celebrating the Adams Center for Musical Arts, we reflect on the extraordinary power of this art form. It is inspiring to consider how many chords, melodies, and riffs will be played or sung within the Center’s walls, and how many performers and audiences will be changed by what they experience here. In this remarkable space, the Yale community will discover, again and again, how music enriches all our lives.

Peter Salovey President and Chris Argyris Professor of Psychology


adams center for musical arts

With boundless joy and profound gratitude, I welcome you to the grand opening of the Adams Center for Musical Arts. The contributions of talent, time, imagination, determination, and financial resources — manifested through the hearts, minds, and spirits of innumerable people — have transformed a dream into reality. Place is important to us, and the Adams Center is a place on Yale’s central campus that invites musicians from Yale College, the Yale School of Music, and the New Haven community to create and re-create music from all times and cultures. With elegance and practicality, the Adams Center is a welcoming space that beckons to all who seek the joy, comfort, and beauty of the musical arts. Music is one of Yale’s transcendent values, transforming hearts and minds on campus and beyond for more than three centuries. These qualities are born of and nurtured by people, and in this extraordinary place future generations of Yale students will discover and share their distinctive musical voices with the world. To Stephen and Denise Adams, this Center is a symbol of your generous hearts and a legacy to music, Yale, and indeed humankind. To you, and to all our patrons and friends, our heartfelt thanks resound.

Robert Blocker The Lucy and Henry Moses Dean of Music


The Yale School of Music is grateful to the following donors who made leadership gifts of $1 million or more to support the creation of the Adams Center for Musical Arts Denise & Stephen Adams Frederick W. Beinecke Nancy & James Better Carol Colburn Grigor, CBE Mitch Leigh Sylvia & Leonard Marx Mead Witter Foundation, Inc. Cornelia Cogswell Rossi Foundation, Inc.

The Yale School of Music is grateful to the following generous donors who made gifts toward the creation of the Adams Center for Musical Arts Donald B. Abbott Sharon V. Agar Thomas G. Aikenhead Mark E. Alberta Charles P. Allee Robert R. Ambrogi David L. Ammen Geoffrey A. Anderson Philip B. Arnold, M.D. John G. Arscott Allan G. Atherton Preston G. Athey Mary & John B. Atwater Conant Atwood Samuel F. Babbitt Rev. Caroline Bail William T. Baker, Jr., Esq. Andris Baltins Kenneth C. Bardach


Robert H. Barker, Jr. Kathryn M. Barry Robert H. Bartlett Henry P. Becton Family Andrew S. Beenken Samantha Bennett Terence G. Benson Marvin B. Berenblum C D. Bergfeld Bruce M. Bloxom Rebecca L. Blum Aron Boesl Benjamin J. Bonarigo Catherine P. & Jon Boyce Martin J. Brennan Caitlin Briggs Russell S. Broad, Jr. Leah W. Brockway, M.D. Lisa H. & Thomas J. Brooks

adams center for musical arts

Ransom G. Bruce Stephen A. Bruce Morton K. Brussel Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey H. Buchan Lisa B. Burnham Jonathan J. Bush Lisa L. Cader Tiffany H. Card Peter M. Casey Lisa K. Catapano-Friedman, M.D. Candace S. Chen Harold H. Chen James F. Clark Karin K. Calvert Stanley H. Cochran Sarah E. Cogan Richard B. Collins Christopher R. Cooke Cotuit Bay Shores Assoc. Inc. Martha B. Coven Bruce C. Cozadd Nicole A. Cretacci Dennis W. Cross Dr. Mark P. Curchack Walter H. Curchack Todd F. Currie John S. Darrow Jean Davis Jennifer C. & Lee N. Davis John S. Davis Katherine M. Dell Michael A. Delplato Sarah R. Dewey Maura N. Dibble Mr. & Mrs. Charles Dilks Wayne T. Dodge, M.D. James L. Dunagin Elise M. Doran James L. Downey, M.D. Paul A. Downey Morton R. Dworken, Jr. R K. Edwards R A. Elson Thomas K. Emmons

Roger W. Englander R. Bennett Eppes, M.D. Frank W. Estes Anne F. Ten Eyck Martin Fenton, Jr. Karin E. Finberg, M.D., Ph.D. Dr. Stephen M. Fjellman J W. Flanders Jefferson Freeman Lynne C. Fryling Diane D. Fuller John J. Funkhouser, M.D. John S. Garvan, III Brit Geiger, Esq. John A. Gerlach Lily Giordano Stefan W. Goff Jody A. Goodman Dr. Steven D. Gore & Dr. Amy Davidoff Brian L. Gorelick Jeffrey R. Grandy Katharine R. Grant Prof. William L. Green Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Greenberg Deborah A. Greenman, M.D. Paula S. Greenman Dr. Emily Greenwald Mary J. Greer Thomas M. Guterbock Mary P. Hancock Judith V. Hankins Marion D. & David C. Hanold George D. Hardy John F. Harkness William B. Hart Warren H. Hausman David G. Hawkins Sarah S. Heath Rita F. Helfand Clifford B. Hendler Timothy Y. Hia Richard H. Hiers Lucius T. Hill Joseph H. Holmes, III


Richard B. Horenstein Kirsten S. Hosemann John H. Hughes, M.D., F.A.C.S. Arefin F. Huq Juliette W. Hyson Jonathan Ingham Fred H. Johnson, Jr. Carl F. Kaestle Michelle E. Kanter Peter A. Kaplan Clay F. Kaufman Heningham L. Kennedy Ellen M. Kerrigan Daniel I. Kim James M. Kingsbury John Kittredge Lee C. Klippel Kenneth H. Knight Newell S. Knight Wilfred D. Koplowitz Lawrence R. Krakoff, M.D. Katherine H. Kunz Stanley T. Lamar Barbara Lamonda Walter G. Langlois Mr. and Mrs. David S. Lauter Katherine Levin Ronald D. Levin Naomi J. Lewin Winifred I. Li Kenneth W. Liebman Meghan G. & Charles E. Lockwood Thornton C. Lockwood Derek Ludwin William P. MacKinnon Amanda M. Mahaffey J R. Mann John R. Manning Harriet Markert Jameson N. Marvin Konrad H. Matthaei J T. McAndrew Jonathan E. McBride David M. McCarthy, M.D.


Thomas C. McKinney Thomas L. McLane Victoria L. Misenti Edison K. Miyawaki Belina E. Mizrahi Glen M. Modell Tricia Mohan Rachel Monfredo Brian G. Mountford Kathryn L. Murdoch Dr. Robert K. Musil Polly F. Mygatt Raymond J. Nagem, III Catherine Neijstrom Scott M. Nelson, M.D. James H. Newby D. Warner North Frank M. Northam Dr. & Mrs. Robert S. Northrup Valerie C. Norton, M.D. Brenda O’Donovan Robert B. Opatrny Elizabeth & Aldo Parisot Stefanie E. Parkyn Bruce R. Peabody Prof. Richard B. Peiser Kathy K. Peng Peggy A. Peretzky Phillip O. Periman, M.D. Karen E. Pesch Willard F. Pinney, Jr., Esq. Reed M. Pitre, M.D. Sarah G. Potter & Jonathan E. Clune George C. Pratt David C. Pressel William B. Price Ralph S. Protsik Marsha K. & Dr. Kyle D. Pruett David M. Ragaini David L. Raish, Esq. Vijay Ramachandran Hugh M. Ravenscroft Griffith L. Resor, III Edward L. Richards

adams center for musical arts

Paul W. Richelson Robert D. Roderick Sandra P. Rose Elliot J. Roseman Alison T. Rosenblum Lori L. & Bruce E. Rosenblum John S. Ross, Jr. Stanley M. Rumbough Thomas G. Rusling Donna M. Salmon Vardit H. Samuels Lawrence A. Schneider Mary H. Schnoor Eric D. Schorr Margaret I. Schultz Drs. Debra H. & Adam E. Schussheim Eric D. Schweikert Mr. & Mrs. William C. Scott James R. Sheffield Brent Sherwood Scott M. Simpson Rev. Peter W. Sipple Judith R. Sizer Gail K. & Jonathan R. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Todd Wakelee Smith Jocelyn Soffer, M.D. Judith Solomon James A. E. Spencer, M.D. William L. Stafford David A. Stein David E. Steuber Barney Stewart H. Evan Strong, Jr., M.D. Louis C. Sudler Elaine E. Sullivan Duward F. Sumner, Jr. Gerald R. Swirsky Dr. Oakleigh Thorne, II John H. Trattner Linus Travers Gregory D. Tummino James K. Van Slyke, III Daniel R. Venning Raymond A. Volz

June C. Vukman Dr. & Mrs. Ronald B. Vukman Carol K. & Dr. Seth Ward Abraham M. Wayman Cynthia P. Weaver William D. Weber Barbara W. Weis & Mark D. Stiles Raymond G. Wells Clayton J. Westermann Murray Wheeler, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Wheeler Richard C. Wilde The Williams Law Firm, LLP Susan S. Williams David F. Willis Catherine S. & Richard R. Wilson E. Janney Wilson Daniel L. Winik Amanda G. & Roger S. Wise Carl L. Wohlenberg Scott Woods Young Family Trust Ashley R. Young Dr. Robert S. Young Peter F. Zallinger Bethany J. Zinni


The opening of the Adams Center for Musical Arts represents a transformative moment for music at Yale. From the practice rooms to the breathtaking rehearsal spaces and the welcoming student commons, the Adams Center was designed to serve the needs of today’s artists while offering a proud and respectful nod to the history of musical culture that Yale has enjoyed for more than three centuries. Indeed, when a small group of ministers gathered in 1701 to organize a new collegiate school that would become Yale University, they sang a hymn and in doing so gave life to music’s transcendent legacy at Yale. Named for Stephen ’59ba and Denise Adams in recognition of their continued generosity and support of the Yale School of Music, the $57.1 million Adams Center for Musical Arts was made possible primarily through gifts from Yale alumni. The remarkable complex, designed by KPMB Architects, connects a newly renovated Hendrie Hall to the previously renovated Leigh Hall, the very heart of the School of Music,


adams center for musical arts

by way of an entirely new structure that is anchored by a magnificent orchestra rehearsal hall and a commons in which students from the School of Music and Yale College can gather. Combining the space in Leigh Hall (23,523 gross square feet), the preexisting space in Hendrie Hall (34,805 gross square feet), and the space in the new structure (30,276 gross square feet), the Adams Center totals 88,604 gross square feet. From floor plan and square footage to ceiling height and volume, every space in the Adams Center reflects the specific requirements of its use. The orchestra rehearsal hall, a stunning, three-story soundstage-like space, is the first permanent home that the Yale Philharmonia and Yale Symphony Orchestra have had at Yale. Reflecting a commitment to serving and enhancing the needs of today’s musicians — especially the widely admired professional-school and college ensembles — the space

left: The Adams Center for Musical Arts as seen from College Street. right: A view from above the Adams Center’s four-story atrium. 13


adams center for musical arts

is equipped with a full, digital recording studio and advanced audio and visual technology that will allow students and faculty to connect with peers and audiences around the world and provides instrumentalists and conductors alike a dedicated space in which to make music. It is a facility that in large part dictated the scope of the broader project, as no space in Hendrie Hall matched the footprint of the stage on which the Yale Philharmonia and Yale Symphony Orchestra perform in Woolsey Hall.

In addition to carefully engineered acoustics designed by Kirkegaard Associates and incorporated throughout the complex, the Adams Center is equipped with $1.2 million in advanced audio- and video-recording systems and distance-learning technology. The complex’s digital infrastructure was designed in a way that will allow the School of Music to upgrade systems as next-generation technologies are developed.

left: The Yale Philharmonia rehearses in the ensemble’s new home. right: YSM students use distance-learning technology to facilitate a master class with New York Philharmonic hornist Leelanee Sterrett ’10mm.


While the Adams Center for Musical Arts features entirely new facilities, it also boasts wonderfully reimagined spaces in Hendrie Hall, including those that are home to Yale’s undergraduate ensembles — the Yale Glee Club and Yale Bands — and, from YSM, the Yale Opera, and Yale Percussion Group. Renovating Hendrie Hall as part of the larger Adams Center project necessarily meant retrofitting the building for its current and future use. That entailed reducing it to its most basic structural components save for the iconic elements that reflect its history. The mosaic tile and stone in Hendrie Hall’s Elm Street entranceway remain, as does the cast-iron staircase that was incorporated as a signature feature in the original design by the New York-based firm Cady, Berg & See.


adams center for musical arts

Just as Hendrie Hall’s rich history has been honored, a major renovation of Leigh Hall preserved important architectural features, including the exterior carvings that identify the building’s original use. Constructed in 1930 as the Yale health center, Leigh Hall was thoughtfully renovated in 2005, at which point it was named for Mitch ’51bm ’52mm and Abby Leigh. Home to most of YSM’s faculty studios, Leigh Hall has long been the heart of the Yale School of Music. Perhaps the most quietly symbolic element of the new Adams Center for Musical Arts is the atrium, one of whose walls was previously the northfacing exterior of Hendrie Hall. It is in this space that School of Music and Yale College musicians can gather and interact. The Adams Center for Musical Arts is a marvelous reflection of the dynamic evolution of music at Yale, particularly over the past twenty years. It is here that today’s ascendant musicians will grow into tomorrow’s cultural leaders.

left: Members of the Yale Opera rehearse in their new space; a percussionist’s setup in the orchestra rehearsal hall. right: The preserved cast-iron staircase in Hendrie Hall. 17

“The building has a resonance of the respectable academy of the last two hundred years, but provides the utility of the most modern facility.� thomas duffy director, yale university bands


adams center for musical arts



adams center for musical arts



architect KPMB Architects Toronto, Canada Marianne McKenna, partner Chris Couse, principal Mark Jaffar, associate David Poloway, project architect Clementine Chang, architect Thomas Payne, partner in charge of design (2005–2009) structural engineer LeMessurier Boston, Massachusetts Gregory Shreve, vice president mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection Altieri Sebor Wieber, LLC Norwalk, Connecticut John Kenny Wieber, Jr., principal acoustic consultant Kirkegaard Associates Chicago, Illinois Joseph W. A. Myers, president lighting consultant Suzanne Powadiuk Design Incorporated Toronto, Canada Suzanne Powadiuk, principal rigging consultant Theatre Projects Consultants South Norwalk, Connecticut Benton Delinger, principal consultant fire and life safety consultant Bruce J. Spiewak, AIA, Consulting Architect West Haven, Connecticut Doug Golden, consultant elevator consultant VDA New York, New York Chris Marino, senior associate

cost consultant Vermeulens Cost Consultants Toronto, Canada Melissa Chabot, associate principal construction managers Consigli Construction Boston, Massachusetts Matthew Consigli, president Curtis Kuck, senior project manager Aaron Kreuger, project manager Chuck McWilliams, project superintendent Richard LaPointe, project superintendent Corey Shearer, assistant project manager yale university office of facilities John Bollier, associate vice president for facilities George Zdru, director of university planning Keith Fordsman, director of facilities capital program Jon Olsen, associate director, construction project management Justin Ritz, construction project manager Lawrence Regan, design phase project manager building committee Stefanie E. Parkyn, co-chair Michael Yaffe, co-chair Robert Blocker, dean Melvin Chen, deputy dean portait artist John Nava program book David Brensilver, communications officer Katie Dune, design manager Donna Yoo, director of communications & alumni affairs photography Fly On The Wall Productions Matthew Fried Bob Handelman Michael Marsland

landscape consultant Towers Golde New Haven, Connecticut Sean Ragan, landscape architect 22

adams center for musical arts

top: One of 26 new practice rooms in the Adams Center. bottom: The Ensemble Library. 23

Adams Center for Musical Arts