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Robert Blocker, Dean

One Hundred Twenty-Fifth Commencement

Commencement Concert

Sunday, May 20, 2018 • 4 pm Morse Recital Hall in Sprague Memorial Hall New Haven, CT

One Hundred Twenty-Fifth Commencement

Commencement Concert May 20, 2018 · Sunday at 4 pm Morse Recital Hall in Sprague Memorial Hall

Rebonds B (1989)

Iannis Xenakis 1922–2001

Sam Um ’17MM ’18MMA, percussion

Clarinet Quintet in B-flat major, K.Anh 91 (516c) I. Allegro

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1756–1791 Graeme Steele Johnson ’17MM ’18MMA, basset clarinet completed by Sophia Mockler ’17MM ’18MMA, violin Robert Levin Laura Park ’18MM, violin Thomas Duboski ’18MMA, viola Samuel DeCaprio ’18MMA, cello

Selections from 8 Klavierstücke, Op. 76 Johannes Brahms I. Capriccio in F-sharp minor. Un poco agitato 1833–1897 II. Capriccio in B minor. Allegretto non troppo VIII. Capriccio in C major. Grazioso ed un poco vivace Nansong Huang ’18MM, piano

As a courtesy to the performers and audience members, silence all electronic devices. Please do not leave the concert hall during selections. Photography and recording of any kind are not permitted.

Trombone Quartet, Op. 117 I. Allegro vivace II. Adagio molto III. Presto

Derek Bourgeois b. 1941

Hillary Simms ’18MM, trombone Grant Futch ’18MMA, trombone William Wortley ’18MM, trombone Zachary Haas ’18MM, bass trombone

Woodwind Quintet (1948) I. Allegretto II. Allegro giocoso

Elliott Carter 1908–2012

Leo Sussman ’18MM, flute Michelle Nguyen ’17MM ’18MMA, oboe Elisha Willinger ’18MM, clarinet Dillon Meacham ’18MMA, bassoon Joshua Thompson ’17MM ’18MMA, horn

“Questa o quella,” from Rigoletto “No puede ser,” from La tabernera del puerto Luis Aguilar Regalado ’18MM, tenor Lam Wong ’18MM, piano

Giuseppe Verdi 1813–1901 Pablo Sorozábal 1897–1988

“Questa o quella”

“This girl or that girl”

Questa o quella per me pari sono a quant’ altre d’ intorno mi vedo, del mio core l’ impero non cedo meglio ad una che ad altre beltà. La costoro avvenenza è qual dono di che il fato ne infiora la vita. s’ oggi questa mi torna gradita forse un’ altra doman lo sarà. La costanza tiranna delcore detestiamo qual morbo crudele, sol chi vuole si serbi fedele; Non v’ha amor se non v’è libertà.

This girl or that girl are just the same to me, to all the others around me I won’t give away my heart to this beauty nor to the others. Their charm is a gift given by destiny to embellish their lives. If today I love this one I’ll probably love someone else tomorrow. We hate constancy, the heart’s tyrant, as if it were a cruel plague, Let those who wish to be faithful keep their fidelity alive; There is no love without freedom.

De’ i mariti il geloso furore degli amanti le smanie derido, anco d’ Argo i cent’occhi disfido se mi punge una qualche beltà.

The rage of jealous husbands and lovers’ woes I despise, I can defy Argo’s hundred eyes If I fancy a beautiful girl.

Text by Francesco Piave

English translation by Guia Monti

“No puede ser”

“It cannot be so”

¡No puede ser! Esa mujer es buena. ¡No puede ser una mujer malvada! En su mirar, como una luz singular, he visto que esa mujer es una desventurada.

It cannot be so! This woman is good. She cannot be a wicked woman! In her look, like a strange light, I’ve seen that this woman is unhappy.

No puede ser una vulgar sirena que envenenó las horas de mi vida. ¡No puede ser! Porque la vi rezar, porque la vi querer, porque la vi llorar.

She cannot be a cheap siren who poisoned every moment of my life. It cannot be so! Because I’ve seen her pray, because I’ve seen her love, because I’ve seen her cry.

Los ojos que lloran no saben mentir; las malas mujeres no miran así. Temblando en sus ojos dos lágrimas vi y a mí me ilusiona que tiemblen por mí, que tiemblen por mí.

Those eyes that cry don’t know how to lie. Bad women do not look like that. Gleaming in her eyes I saw two tears, and my hope is they may gleam for me, they may gleam for me.

Viva luz de mi ilusión, sé piadosa con mi amor, porque no sé fingir, porque no sé callar, porque no sé vivir.

Vivid light of my hopes Be merciful with my love Because I cannot pretend, because I cannot be silent, because I cannot live.

Text by Federico Romero and Guillermo Fernández-Shaw

English translation by Valeriu Raut

YSM Commencement Concert, May 20, 2018  
YSM Commencement Concert, May 20, 2018