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Robert Blocker, Dean

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Sam Um percussion

Monday, April 16, 2018 • 4:30 pm Morse Recital Hall

Master of Musical arts Recital

Sam Um percussion April 16, 2018 • Morse Recital Hall

John Psathas b. 1966

One Study One Summary (2005) I. One Study

Jacob Druckman 1928–1996

Reflections on the Nature of Water (1986) I. Crystalline II. Fleet III. Tranquil IV. Gently Swelling V. Profound VI. Relentless intermission

Philippe Hurel b. 1955

Tombeau: In Memoriam Gerard Grisey (1999) I. Énergique II. Lointain III. (Attacca) IV. – Miles Walter, piano

Steven Stucky 1949–2016

Isabelle Dances (2010) I. Bounce II. Dream (Homage to F. Chopin) III. Hover IV. Stomp (Homage to B. Bartók)

This performance is in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master of Musical Arts Degree.

As a courtesy to the performers and audience, please silence all electronic devices. Please do not leave the hall during selections. Photography or recording of any kind is prohibited. connect with us

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Sam Um, percussion, April 16, 2018  
Sam Um, percussion, April 16, 2018