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Robert Blocker, Dean

master of musical arts degree recital

Lauren Williams oboe

December 1, 2016 • Thursday at 4:30 pm Morse Recital Hall

Yale School of Music

Lauren Williams oboe December 1, 2016 • Morse Recital Hall

Maurice Ravel 1875–1937 arr. David Walter

Sonatine, M. 40 I. Modéré II. Movement de menuet III. Animé Sun-A Park, piano

Sergei Rachmaninoff 1873–1943

“Oh, Never Sing to Me Again,” Op. 4, No. 4 Sun-A Park, piano

Malcolm Arnold 1921–2006

Sonatina for Oboe and Piano, Op. 28 I. Leggiero II. Andante con moto III. Vivace Sun-A Park, piano intermission

Master of Musical Arts Degree Recital

Benjamin Britten 1913–1976

Six Metamorphoses after Ovid, Op. 49 I. PAN, who played upon the reed pipe which was Syrinx, his beloved II. PHAETON, who rode upon the chariot of the sun for one day and was hurled into the river Padus by a thunderbolt III. NIOBE, who, lamenting the death of her fourteen children, was turned into a mountain IV. BACCHUS, at whose feasts is heard the noise of gaggling women’s tattling tongues and shouting out of boys V. NARCISSUS, who fell in love with his own image and became a flower VI. ARETHUSA, who, flying from the love of Alpheus the river god, was turned into a fountain

Steven Stucky 1949–2016

Sonate en forme de préludes (2004) I. Accords brisés (Broken chords) II. La Danseuse perdue en pensées (The dancer lost in her thoughts) III. Course de vitesse (Speeding) IV. Musique nocturnes (Night music) V. Jongleurs (Jugglers) VI. Pierrot se cache dans les ombres (Pierrot hides in the shadows) VII. Feux d’artifice (Fireworks) Cody Halquist, horn Agata Sorotokin, harpsichord

This performance is in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master of Musical Arts degree.

As a courtesy to the performers and audience, please silence all electronic devices. Please do not leave the hall during selections. Photography or recording of any kind is prohibited. connect with us

P.O. Box 208246, New Haven, CT ¡ 203 432-4158

@yalemusic on Twitter

If you do not intend to save your program, please recycle it in the baskets at the exit doors. Robert Blocker, Dean

Lauren Williams, oboe, December 1, 2016  
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