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antoine malette-chĂŠnier harp

master of music degree recital February 2, 2014 • Morse Recital Hall

Robert Blocker, Dean

Master of Music Degree Recital

antoine malette-chénier harp Sunday, February 2, 2014 • 5:00 pm • Morse Recital Hall

Lucas Ruiz de Ribayaz 1626–1677

Preludio y Tarantela arranged by Arianna Savall Antoine Malette-Chénier, arpa doppia Garrett Arney, tambourine

Gilles Binchois c.1400–1460

“Comme femme desconfortée”, from The Mellon Chansonnier Antoine Malette-Chénier, gothic harp Ariadne Lee, voice Arash Noori, lute

Henriette Renié 1875–1956


Ludwig van Beethoven 1770–1827

Sonata No. 1 in F minor, Op. 2, No.1 transcribed by Antoine Malette-Chénier I. Allegro II. Adagio III. Menuetto – Allegretto IV. Prestissimo

This performance is in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master of Music degree.

Antoine Malette-Chénier, harp

Paul Hindemith 1895–1963

Sonate für Harfe I. Mässig schnell II. Lebhaft III. Lied (sehr langsam)

Elias Parish-Alvars 1808–1849

Sérénade, Op. 83

Caroline Lizotte b. 1969

Raga for two harps, Op. 41 Haley Rhodeside, harp

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Robert Blocker, Dean

Antoine Malette-Chénier, harp  

Master of Music Degree Recital