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Robert Blocker, Dean April 13, 2011 · 5 pm Morse Recital Hall at Sprague Memorial Hall This performance is in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master of Music degree.

Elizabeth Upton horn

Joo Hyeon Park piano

robert schumann (1810–1856) dana wilson (b. 1946)

richard strauss (1864–1949)

Adagio and Allegro, Op. 70 Musings: An Ode to the Greek Muses Calliope: Muse of Eloquence and Epic Poetry Thalia: Muse of Comedy Polyhymnia: Muse of Sacred Songs Melpomene: Muse of Tragedy Alphorn Fabiana Gonzalez, mezzo–soprano Intermission

thea musgrave (b. 1928) john davison (b. 1930)

The Golden Echo I for horn and tape Sonata Allegretto Adagio Vivace

Elizabeth Upton, horn  

Master of Music recital