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This handbook is just a smattering of what Mallorca can offer the yachting industry, with the support of your agency

By Estela Shipping Palma SA Av. Gabriel Roca, 37 Local C, 07014 Palma | +34 971 722 532 | estela@superyachts.agency

The Y | Yachting Handbook


"When Estela Shipping showed

us what they were planning on producing, I thought that is a great tool, providing us with information, legislation and ideas for us to put forward to our guests. The guide alongside the support of Estela is indespensable" –Captain Dale Parker–

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The Y | Yachting Handbook


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Back to the ‘60 Interview with Leonardo Viera A Story in Time. by Gregory Piatowski Captain’s Chapter Balearic Marinas & Bays Owners & Guests Chapter On Land Experiences Discovering Palma Crew Chapter Yacht Chapter Around the World Safety on Board Estela Partners & Friends Restaurants In Like Flynn. by Gregory Piatowski Estela Shipping The “Y” Taxi Numbers Pharmacies & Hospitals Important telephone numbers

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MALLORCA REVIVES THE 60’s WITH SUPERYACHT TOURISM If you are heading to the Mediterranean this summer, you will probably start and finish your season in Mallorca. The island has been a prominent tourist destination since the 60’s, and is still quite undiscovered by those in the luxury yachting industry it offers an amazing alternative to the standard yachting routes.


In the past yachts would stop in Mallorca for repairs and fueling, things are starting to change for the better. Guests have begun to discover that the island offers a range of experiences for them to see and do. There is something for everyone; the island caters for those looking for relaxation, sport, gastronomy, nightlife the list goes on! Although mass tourism has done some damage to the islands reputation, Mallorca is being revived and everyone is welcoming this new era, it is now developing a reputation for being somewhere for the more discerning tourist to travel, as it now has a number of fine-dining restaurants among them nine with Michelin stars, designer shopping

boutiques, beautiful villas and excellent beaches, yet still keeping its essence. The nautical industry in Mallorca is now focusing on high quality services; boosted by the superyachts presence the coast reveals many treasures that are only accessible by boat. You can enjoy your trip with all kinds of water sport activities. Amazing diving spots, good waves for surfing, perfect weather for sailing and preserved areas for snorkeling excursions, there is so much on offer! On land the possibilities are endless. Regardless of the age, taste or culture of your guests, you will find activities and experiences that will make their holiday unforgettable. If you are planning on bringing your guests to Mallorca, this guide will offer you the best information on what you can do during your stay and all the information you could need while cruising the Balearics.

The Y | Yachting Handbook


A parisian artist in Mallorca Born in Paris to a prestigious family of international artists, a German mother and Spanish father, made their way to Palma on Boat from the Canary Islands where Leonardo now lives and works. A lot of international artists reside on the island of Mallorca; they come here to work on their art as they have found they enjoy the lifestyle the island has to offer, as its very cosmopolitan, but still keeps its Mediterranean feel.

What is the art for you? Art for me is a free way to express yourself; whether its surrealist, abstract, realist or expressionist, this great medium you have allows you the freedom to express yourself in different forms. This does not mean that you change your style, that is personal. It is very important that your work is personal you do not want it to be just a decorative piece that fills museums.

Tell us about your art My art is very expressive, obviously I express myself visually. My work is a culmination of creativity, technique and emotion, which in todays society is very hard to find, this process is something that I have had since birth, being that my parents were well known prestigious international artists, and the knowledge I gained from great artists from the 20th Century and before. A great influence for me was the masters of course. My work is not only technical it is very emotional, it has passion and strength, some are more complex than others it depends on the theme and subject.

How does an artist see art? It is an emotional experience, intellectual and complex one, it’s very personal. 14 | “Minotauro” 140 x 72 cm, 1-X-1990. Óleo sobre lienzo

It can be happiness through colour, there are some that are more profound and have underlying meanings, it tends to give meaning to their life, using the mediums of paint, sculpture and design. Some artists look for things other than beauty every artist sees art differently.

There are lots of art foundations on the island such as the Fundació de Joan Miró. The Contemporary Museum Baluard is one of my Favourites (see Museums).

What do you mean look at things other than beauty?

Yes of course there are many owners that are interested in artwork from the island for their yachts as well as their homes. Most are discreet about their collections and the purchase tends to go under the radar. A lot of clients would be aware of a collection on the island and they would come specifically to see it as they have the means.

There are artists that create a piece of art that is more emotional, grotesque or could even be called a monstrosity, and yet some see the beauty in it. Life is savage and wild, like a lion or tiger, beautiful to look at, but in the end they will rip you to shreds.

Is the Art world difficult nowadays? It depends, the art world for me has had all the difficulties and all the joys at the same time, but I feel the level is at its high point now and the market is really strong be it for living or deceased artists, it is much easier to sell art now.

If you only had one day in Palma what museums would you recommend that people should visit?

Is there a relationship with art and the Superyachts in Mallorca?

Are there international Galleries in Palma? Yes Mallorca is very interesting place for certain galleries; the main galleries that have opened are German, for the national market and international market. Not anywhere near the level that we could say in New York or London or Paris, but for here in a provincial city it is still at an important level. leonardo.vieraneubauer

“Europa y otros mundos” 97 x 195 cm, 4-IX-2001. Óleo sobre lienzo | 15

The Y | Yachting Handbook

MallORCA & the BAlEaRiC ISLaNdS A story in time

Beneath the more commercial view promoted by the average tourist guide, a vast amount of history provides the foundations for the culture seen around the island today. A closer look into Mallorca of past times coupled with the geographic location of the Balearic archipelago gives a much more diverse picture. Set into the historical and contextual time frame of over two thousand years, it is only the last short fragment of a larger story. The Romans called the Mediterranean “Mare Nostrum” or “Our Sea” and this gives us a sense for how this inland ocean is generally known as the origin of our occidental culture; the Balearic Islands are at its very center. An island, set in the heart of the western Mediterranean, apart, and yet Mallorca is at the crossroads of history, and today, the meeting place of Europe and the world. Mallorca is Spanish, and yet both historically and today, it is the most international of islands. The Spanish era, or to be more precise, the Aragonese era starts with the end of their “conquista” or conquest, in A.D. 1231. Ever since the Spanish-catholic cultural paradigm has shaped the conception of its history.


By Gregory Cyril Yan Piatkowski

Author of historical travel guides. He works in the yachting industry and lives with his family on Mallorca. It is said that the victors write the history books, and historical records are commonly written through the eyes of the culture which prevailed. In Mallorca, the dominant Spanish-Christian cultural record tends to suppress, or fails to fully appreciate the Oriental-Arabic influence and inheritance on this island. “La Seu”, Palma’s cathedral, was built on the site where a mosque had been during times of Moorish rule. The Christian cathedral is literally built on Moorish foundations, foundations which cannot be seen, but are the predicates of what is built on them today. The Arab Baths still exist intact in the maze of streets behind the cathedral, and through this fragment we can still appreciate the Arab/ Roman skill for engineering, and social development. Elements of Moorish design were incorporated into the architectural styles of the conquerors, from the windows of the La Lonja building, to the “Arab balconies” or enclosed window balconies which are a common sight around Palma. The incorporation of Arab elements into public and religious buildings connects Mallorca to other Mediterranean islands such as Sicily and Malta. The Palermo cathedral has arabesques and moorish tiles

and the streets of Catania and Valletta have the same arab balconies that can be found in Palma de Mallorca. The boatbuilding styles of these islands share common characteristics, and show how Mallorca is connected with a wider Mediterranean identity. This can be seen as the visitor walks about the city and explores the island, and with a historical background that looks deeper into these layers and connections, a much deeper appreciation of the significance of Mallorca and the development of western culture of the Mediterranean can be gained by the traveler who takes the time to dig deeper into the history of the Balearic Islands. A Mallorquin librarian once observed that it was due to the Moorish wisdom of irrigation and agriculture that we enjoy the flourishing groves of almond trees, oranges and lemons today, that the casual tourist or native islander might take for granted. The beauty of the island’s landscape and the bounty of its harvests owe much to the knowledge and species that the Moors brought to these islands. The spectacular natural scenery of Mallorca’s Tramuntana, along with the fertility and richness of the islands farmlands and temperate climate, brought the island to the attention of the Archduke Ludwig Salvator, who bought an old Mallorquin villa with extensive olive groves near Deiá in the late nineteenth century, and there he wrote his masterpiece “The Balearics” which both catalogued the natural beauty of the islands’ flora and fauna in the area of natural science and biology, and also provided the most comprehensive record of the Balearic Islands’ culture and history up until the beginning of the 20th century.

Our own historical perspective seeks both to honor and to continue the postenlightenment study that the Archduke undertook, connecting the ancient and early periods of the successive conquests of Mallorca, to the trials and tribulations of the Balearics development within the context of the Spain in the 20th and early 21st centuries, to see how the layers of history and successive cultural paradigms are connected and how we ourselves are connected to them by our existence here on this island today.

Many writers, painters, poets, exiles and philosophers, along with the many sailors who have made the island their home, have contributed to the story of Mallorca. Ramon Llull, Robert Graves, Ruben Dario, Albert Vigoleis Thelen, Miquel Barcelo, Joan Miró and others, all created works of art to bear witness to the unique beauty and complexity that they found here. Mallorca inspired all of them. Their spirit is interwoven with the story of these islands, which is told in many voices through their works of art and literature. The tale of the common people through the centuries can also be found in the organic culture of


The Y | Yachting Handbook

the Mallorquin people, which comes to life during the cycle of festivals in which the Mallorquin reaffirm their identity and heritage.

conquests, jewish pogroms, the terror of the Holy Inquisition and the slave trade. The latter thriving here for at least three centuries.

“The real story lies in between the lines”

Nor do we easily get to know about the more recent chapters in the islands history: The epic struggle of the Spanish civil war 1936-1939; the role of the financier Joan March, banker to Francisco Franco and the Falange: the butchering of loyal republicans by death squads led by the infamous “Conde Rossi”, a military envoy of the “Duce” Benito Mussolini and the silence of the always present Catholic church in regard to the terror committed against the islanders who maintained their loyalty to Catholicism throughout just the same.

But the romantic side of cultural traditions and the arts only provides a limited perspective. A deeper look into the Spanish epoch does not paint such a peaceful and serene picture of the celebration of the islands fertile fields, majestic mountains and fishing grounds

teeming with life. Beneath the surface there are darker historical antecedents which need to be considered for a fuller knowledge of the island and its people. Not just the rosy pictures of the official version of history, but an inquiry into the darker prerogatives of the successive rulers of the Balearics must also be part of our process of understanding. One rarely finds information on peasant uprisings throughout the centuries and their bloody suppression, epidemics,

The stone blocks of the Baluard wall and the Cathedral bear the marks of the stone quarriers who carved them out of the islands rock to build the city of Palma. An arrow, a cross, a family symbol or a greek omega, all these can be seen as the islanders carved their marks into the building stones of the bastion walls which protected them from invaders and the sea and the cathedral which would both define them and make visible the spiritual element which is an essential part of the Mallorquin identity. A look behind the curtains of the usual holiday island which is seen at first glance when arriving in Mallorca may lead you from the known facts to the lesser known, but intricately connected and endlessly intriguing story of the generations of Mallorca, and how we are connected to them and to the rest of the world on this island at the center of the western Mediterranean Sea.

18 | Mallorca & the Balearic Islands. A story in time. By Gregory Cyril Yan Piatkowski

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CAPTAINS CHAPTER This section of the handbook is specifically written for Captains. Rules and Regulations, Important links, protected areas, plus much much more…



An efficient shore support allows you to make the best use of your time and skills, helping you avoid stress and panic. We help increase your productivity and in turn enhance quality. This means that we are committed to assisting everybody who is on board your yacht. Our job is to help you achieve the best results! Before your arrival

We can assist you on all matters related to: • Booking • Accommodation • Itinerary planning • Storage • Courier • Logistics • Charter Authorisation • Temporary Importation

On your arrival

You can rest assured that we will offer you assistance with: • Arrival & immigration formalities • Car rental • Laundry • Medical Assistance • Internet & telephone • Repairs, refits and chandlery.

During your stay

Our range of services will help you to make the most of your stay. These include: • Transfers • Crew activities • Concierge services • Training and Recruitment • Parcel deliveries • Flight Reservation • Cash to Master

Before your departure

We will also assist you with: • Departure formalities • VISA applications • Provisioning & Supplies • Yacht Transportation • Shipment and shrink wrapping • Fuel & lube oil We offer extremely competitive prices on the most expensive commodity that your yacht requires.


Whether you need to book a shipyard or any of the following services: • Scaffolding • Chandlery • Antifouling & Painting • Repairs & Spare parts • Storage • Accommodation • International Shipments

We are here to help you!

We are compliant with the latest regulations in the maritime sector and have been granted the Quality Awards ISO Certification: 9001: 2008.

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The Y | Yachting Handbook


Captains Chapter

INdiSpENsAbLe InFoRmaTioN We have compiled important information before your arrival. Whether you are ready to set off or are heading to the Balearic Islands, it is important that you are aware of certain information. Some of our clients have saved a considerable amount of time and hassle by taking on board our advice. It has been mainly captains who have found the information extremely useful for the smooth running of their journey. We know that sometimes a bit of red-tape can easily disrupt your trip and even cause delays. Being aware of certain environmental aspects and having the necessary documentation could save you time and a fine. Anchoring in the Balearic Islands is forbidden in specific areas where Posidonia is present. This sea plant guarantees the health of the beds in the Mediterranean and it is a protected species in the Balearic Islands. Failure to do so could result in a hefty fine. To help you identify Posidonia areas, download the APP here. Berthing and sailing through National Park areas of the Balearic Islands require authorisation. Failure to present it to the authorities can also result on a fine. We can obtain this authorisation.

It is important to bear in mind that: Cabrera National Park authorisations can be issued 21 days before your berthing date. There is very limited buoy availability and the maximum LOA for your vessel is 40 metres. Authorisation for navigation in protected areas is compulsory for all vessels. Contact us for authorization.

License for the use of PWC or personal watercrafts It is compulsory to have a license for the use of this type of watercrafts. We can organise specific courses for obtaining this license, which can be held on board and only take one day. After completion of the course, a certificate will be issued to the participants. Non-EU guests or members of the crew on board If any of these passengers disembark the boat and leave the island (this being on a temporary or permanent basis) their passports must be stamped by the authorities on departure and on return to the vessel. Estela Superyacht Agency can assist you with the preparation of all the required paperwork prior to your arrival. We want you to have a fantastic time during your trip, so let us deal with all the red-tape that is required prior to your arrival in a foreign country.

Need assistance? Contact us at estela@superyachts.agency | +34 971 722 532 | 25

The Y | Yachting Handbook

Captains Chapter

Arrival-Departure Notice

This will have to be presented to the authorities if your last port is not in Spain. Prior to departure to any port outside of Spain, it is necessary to present a departure notice to the authorities. We organise all required documentation.

Departure clearance

If your next port is a non-EU, it is necessary to obtain a departure clearance from the authorities which we provide.

Embarking and Desembarking

All crew and guests must inform port authorities prior to arrival and departure of the yacht. If you are intending on flying anywhere and your passport is not European you must go to port authorities and have your passport stamped and scanned this must happen on departure and arrival.


The Maritime law here in Spanish water has a Royal Decree Nยบ 393I 96 Act 8 states that any vessel exceeding 500 Gross Tonnage regardless if the yacht is commercial or private must have pilotage, failure to do so will result in a 12.000 euro fine.

Radio contact to Pilots on ch#14 & 16 Cash Declaration

If you are travelling with more than 99.999 Euros in cash, or the equivalent in any other currency, you should declare it.

Cash to Master

As you may need cash on board your yacht, moneies can be transferred to us and we bring the cash on board, all thanks to our CTM service. IMPORTANT: You should declare any cash transfer above 9.999 Euros.

Make sure you have done your duty

For advice on any of the above matters, please contact us on +34 971 722 532 or alternatively via email: estela@superyachts.agency


A change has been made to the Custom law, (The new Union Customs Code UCC) as of the 1st of May 2016. The moment that a NON EU private vessel enters into EU waters; she has a total of 18 months to be in EU waters before declaring herself to the relevant authorities. It is no longer possible to request a bond for the vessel to extend the 18 months. Once the 18 months period is completed, the vessel must either pay EU Import VAT or leave EU waters. If any of these requirements are not met, EU VAT will be applicable.

There are new documental requests When the vessel arrives into an EU Customs Port coming from an NON EU Port, a CUSTOMS DECLARATION must be done in order to officially declare her entrance. In Mallorca the official customs port of arrival is Palma. Once the process has been completed, the vessel can head to any other port in Mallorca.

You have the following 2 options: 1. If a yacht is entering the EU through Balearic Ports the only Custom ports are Palma, Alcudia, Ibiza and Mahon. You must apply through a cosignatory agent a Customs declaration, showing proof that you have passed through a port in The Balearics, for example a Marinas mooring invoice, bunker supply or something similar justifying the stay in a Custom area port.

2. Oral Declaration (Annex 71A) this requires a long list of documentation that has to be presented to Customs Authorities by the Captain with his cosignatory agent and then be checked by Customs, The yacht is not allowed to leave port until Customs has cleared the yacht to sail.

Estela Shipping Palma recommends taking the first option as it is much easier to submit and be approved. This procedure is subject to change as time is needed to adapt its use. If the vessel has professional crew on board, all crew members must make an IMMIGRATION ENTRY CLEARANCE through the Port Police, even though they are EU or they stay on the vessel. The same is required for IMMIGRATION DEPARTURE CLEARENCE.

Need assistance? Contact us at estela@superyachts.agency | +34 971 722 532 | 27

The Y | Yachting Handbook

Captains Chapter

iMmiGrAtiON formalities Interview with Inspector Luis Porto and Subinspector Juan A. Lemos of the foreign border control What are Captains obliged to do on Arrival and Departure into Mallorca Marinas? All recreational embarkations that come to Palma, the Captain being the person responsible for the embarkation has certain obligations that he must comply with the maritime port authorities; these are not only for Mallorca but Spain the EU and all Schengen areas. The requirements that they need are the following: • Crew list with nationality and passport details. • Guest list with nationality and passports.

28 | Inspector Luis Porto with Kristy Hollingsworth

I understand that some people want to stay anonymous, but we must be able to identify who is on board and who is in the country. We understand that captains want to be discreet about who they have on board but this is inevitable, not only here but all over the world. There are strict rules if information provided to third parties is incorrect. The main point is the nationality of those aboard the yacht as these will determine the requirements they would have for getting through border control.

The law has just been ammended, on the 15th March 2017 a new Scheghen Rule was changed, meaning that from 5th April 2017. All EU citizens must have their passports checked through immigration.

Law states that all yachts over 23 meters must have a cosignatory

Are they required to physically go to the port authorities? The general rule is that you must come to immigration. If you are represented by Cosignatories it makes the paperwork easier as the documentation will be correct therefore avoiding mistakes and having to go back and forward, the law states that all yachts over 23 meters must have a cosignatory, as they are aware of what is required as well as speaking the languages. If a boat is coming from Inside the Schengen area and is then about to leave Spain for Gibraltar then again they would have to come and stamp their passports. What they need to ensure is that if there were an inspection on board they have the correct documentation.

Even if you are coming from European waters just you advise the port Authorities? Yes it is a legal requirement regardless of the port of entry when coming to Mallorca which port they are coming from, Registry, Insurance, Crew and Guest list

must be sent to the Port Authorities, your arrival notice.

What are crews obliged to do? Although the Captain is in charge of the vessel, crew must be aware of their requirements if they are not in the EU they must ensure when they disembark and embark on a yacht they must have their passports stamped. We have found people here on the island that have not disembarked correctly, then visas have run out and we have to process them and send them home. Not only that they are expelled from entering Schengen areas for up to 5 years in some cases and this can ruin a crew member’s career. Not to mention the fines that are applicable if the member is on board a yacht and does not have the correct documentation and legalities. What we must remember as well that this is a matter of controlling the borders, not stopping people coming in but knowing who is here. There may be people that are wanted elsewhere and have come here without our knowledge, there are evil people in this world and as long as we know who is here we are able to keep it that much safer especially with the current climate in the world. If we all collaborate and work together in good faith we all benefit Mallorca stays a safe place and people can come and enjoy this beautiful island.

Every time a crew list changes you must be informed? Especially if they are going out to sea it is very important that we are informed.

Need assistance? Contact us at estela@superyachts.agency | +34 971 722 532 | 29

The Y | Yachting Handbook

Captains Chapter

This is not only important in terms of border control but the safety on the seas. If there was something bad that happened, for instance fires on board, this procedure helps us enormously when it comes to knowing who is on board makes rescues much easier as they can confirm who has been rescued and who needs to be found and rescued. This is very important.

is the “Regulation (EU) 2017/458 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 15th March 2017 amending Regulation (EU) 2016/399 as regards to the reinforcement of checks against relevant databases and external borders�

Where can we find all the laws for crew and Captains when it comes to immigration formalities?

European Citizens must have their passports checked

Well there are loads of laws; the most important law is the Schenghen Code (399/2016) which has been ammended, this is only related to EU citizens, and remember the changes are being applied from April 5th 2017. The change being that European Citizens must come and have their passports checked when they enter or exit a Schenghen area. The code

30 | Subinspector Juan A. Lemos

Please see following links:

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Why our services can be advantageous for you? The first thing that comes to mind when you are considering contracting any of our services might be the costs involved. However, let´s see why we think this can be a ROI. Before a super yach t is up and running, we can support both the crew and the owner in several aspects; whether this is financial, operational, crewing, technical or flag and class compliance. Part of our expertise and knowledge in this niche market, is that we evaluate

the safety of the yachts, class and fiscal regulations, and we bring all these components together to enable the yacht to be fully operative at all times for the benefit of the owner and charterers as well as the crew and captain. Once the Yacht is cruising through the sea to its next destination, there are other points to take into account before it is ashore. Each yacht has different requirements, we can offer you assistance in relation to the planning of your journey. We can support you in a number of ways including arrival & immigration formalities, car rental, laundry, medical assistance, Cash to Master, logistics, provisioning, bunkering, repair & refits. But we also want to make your stay memorable, and therefore we put other services at your fingertips. Whether you need to book accommodation, activities, or any other concierge services, we are here to make your life easier, so you can make the most of your stay!

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The Y | Yachting Handbook

Captains Chapter

POSidONiA OCEAniCa Is a protected species

Posidonia Oceanica also known as Neptune grass or Mediterranean Tape weed is a seagrass species that is endemic to the Mediterranean sea. This species forms underwater meadows that are a vital part of the marine ecosystem. This flowering plan lives in dense meadows along the channels in the sand of the Mediterranean. It is found at depths of 1-35 meters, in relation to water clarity. The leaves are a bright green, and with age start to turn a brown colour. The leafs final point is rounded but in some cases absent due to damage. Leaves are arranged in groups with the older longer leaves are outside and differ in form from the younger ones they surround. The rhizomes are found in two forms: one growing up to 150 cm beneath the sand and the other rising above the sand. In 2006 a huge colony was discovered south of the island of Ibiza, at 8 kilometers across and is estimated at 100,000 years old, this may be one of the largest and oldest clonal colonies on Earth! This species is found only in the Mediterranean and it is in decline, only occupying 3% of the basin. This corresponds to a surface of about 38,000 square kilometers. Posidonia grows best in clean waters, and is presence is a huge marker for the lack of pollution. The presence of Posidonia is detected by the masses of decomposing leaves on beaches.


It is forbidden to anchor your vessel in specific areas where Posidonia is present. This sea plant guarantees the health of the beds in the Mediterranean and it is a protected species in the Balearic Islands. Failure to do so could result in a hefty fine. More than 800 pleasure boats were made to move to another spot to drop their anchors in the summer of 2016, given that they were located in areas which are protected as posidonia oceanica were growing in the area. The Captains had dropped their anchors on these beds of sea grass which are of great value to the marine ecosystem and are protected under EU and regional and national Spanish laws.

There have been many complaints from ecologists and in Formentera authorities about the destruction that anchors are causing and it is getting worse each year. These anchors have ruined areas of this sea grass which takes decades to grow. The Balearic Island ministry of Agriculture, the Environment and Regional Planning has developed this tool to make it easier for boats to anchor without damaging the sea bed, particularly the Posidonia prairies, which have been classified as a priority habitat in annex, I to the Habitat directive 92/43EEC, including all the sites of the community importance SCI´s that must be protected.

To help you identify Posidonia areas, use the APP from this link:

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Kindly be informed that Jet Skis as per Spanish regulations can only be managed by someone with A Jet Ski License. This can be obtained by doing a one day course which can be done on board or at the Jet Ski school. You must be 18 in order to obtain a license and drive one. Those who do not have a license are allowed to be driven by a carrier of said license. It is forbidden to ride a Jet Ski less than 200m from the beach, thus avoiding accidents with swimmers, and less than 50m in the rest of the coast within a navigation channel with buoys, access to the coast or a beach without these channels, or within a port, at a maximum speed of 3 knots. The Jet Ski must be 100 meters away from any other vessel before exceeding 5 knots and must carry a method of communication to be carried at all times (i.e. mobile phone/VHF). You are not allowed to practice this sport within the ports, access channels, in the areas of mooring buoys and in areas of high concentration of boats, whether they are sailing or moored, as well as areas where sailing regattas are. The Jet Ski cannot be at a distance of two nautical miles from the coast. When on a Jet Ski whether it be, driving or being passenger must use an approved life jacket, with a minimum of 150 Newton buoyant.

You are allowed to use water toys with a Jet Ski as long as it has the correct tow bar at the rear of the Jet Ski. If you wish to Waterski or Wakeboard you are allowed as long as the second person on the Jet Ski is sitting facing the person being towed. The maximum number of people allowed on the Jet Ski is indicated by the manufacturer. The minimum age for the handling of the bike is 18 years. However, minors who are 16 years and provided by a written consent of a parent or guardian that registered at any Harbormaster. The registration shall appear on both sides of the vehicle and is compulsory to carry at least third party insurance. It is only allowed to use the bikes during the day, from sunrise until one hour before sunset.

pROtEctEd aREAS in Mallorca

An Island that traps tourists with its sun and beaches, but what they are also amazed by is their natural parks, of which there are many variations due to the dimensions of the island. The beauty of its landscape, the symbolism of its ecosystems and the uniqueness of its flora and fauna are the reasons why nature lovers keep coming back to visit these protected areas.

Serra de Tramuntana Declared world heritage sights by Unesco, and located in the North of Mallorca in the municipalities of Alarรณ, Andratx, Banyafulbar, Bunyola, Calviรก, Campanet, Escorca, Esporles, Estellencs, Fornalutx, Lloseta, Mancor de la Vall, Palma, Pollenรงa, Puigpunyent, Santa Maria, Selva, Sรณller y Valldemossa. It is characterized

by the diversity of landscape its wealth of vegetation and fauna. The coastline of the mountain presents us with meadows of Posedonia oceanica, which together with the red algae beds and communities of coral deserves special attention for its beauty and state of conservation. The coastal population of the mounts with its viewpoints, walkways and bays leaves the tourist amazed by its extreme beauty.

Cabrera Is an uninhabited islet and in 1991 it was declared a National Park. It is located in the south east of Mallorca and comprises of 18 islands. The first image visitors get is a tiny harbor with whitewashed houses. No traffic, no masses of tourists only the usual daytrip visitors arriving by ferry.

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The Y | Yachting Handbook

Captains Chapter

The islands population never exceeds 20, mainly consisting of the natural reserve staff and the bartender in the harbor café. This National park has 10.000 hectares of protective territory of which 85% are in the sea. This is due to its vast meadows of Posidonia oceanica, which favor the proliferation of a large number of species of marine fauna and flora essentially the Mediterranean’s oxygen.

the well preserved remains of a sunken roman sailing vessel just off the coast. It is said to be one of the only 1800 unaltered wrecks to be found in Spanish waters. Archeologists discovered presence of Garum, a fermented fish sauce, this was a condiment used in ancient cuisine and a major export product of those times. It is probable that Cabrera was a pit stop on trading routes.

But there is more to this isolated island than meets the eye. Cabrera named since the Roman Empire. The “goat Island” always offering fresh meat to ship crews when passing through the area, and to this day serves as a secure refuge to sailors when storms are raging. Recently divers discovered

36 | Protected Areas in Mallorca · Cabrera Island

Do not drop your anchor We can reserve your buoys

In 603 AD, a group of monks had congregated on the island; they dwelled on extracting true purple from murex shells, due to its repugnant smell of rotting flesh and lewd behavior they were reprimanded by the then Pope Gregorius Magnum. Being able to visit this lush island is one of those rare opportunities that you can indulge in on the island, especially if you decide to spend the night. This great natural Beauty is one of the best conserved sea beds on our coasts. You must apply for a sailing permit to sail and anchor in Cabrera, up to 35 meters. You are only allowed to anchor in the port on Buoys; you cannot drop your anchor. If you have a tender on board you can make your way to the jetty and visit the

You must apply for a sailing permit to sail and anchor for Cabrera Contact us: estela@superyachts.agency

14th Century Castle on the island as well as the Museum of Cabrera, you will learn all about the archipelagos tumultuous history. Make sure you take supplies with you as there is little on offer on the islands.

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The Y | Yachting Handbook

Captains Chapter

Dragonera Thanks to campaigners in the 1970’s who protested against the planned tourist development is now protected. It is a continuation of the Tramuntana Mountain Range, separated from the Island of Majorca by the Freu Channel which is about 780m wide. The island is a nature reserve; it is located just off the south western area near Sant Elm (see Bays). Takes its name due to its shape which resembles a dragon, this island is 6 kilometers in length, and is home to over 350 different plant species, 18 of which are endemic to the Balearics. The vegetation which can be found are Tree Spurge, Mediterranean Buckthorn and Spurge-Olive. The pine trees covers a large

38 | Protected Areas in Mallorca ¡ Dragonera Island

part of the islet, Many plants uncommon to the rest of the island can be seen on the rocky outcrops plants such as wild cabbage, corn chamomile or horse-shoe vetch. There is also the European fan palm; mainly used in handcrafts. The islet is a strategic point during bird migration, and therefore, many colonies of sea birds and birds of prey can be found on Sa Dragonera. Seagulls, shearwaters and as a bird of prey the osprey to name but a few can be seen fishing off the shores of the islet. In addition to birds, a small subspecies of lizard native to Sa Dragonera is characteristic, in fact the name of the island comes from the large number of these lizards you come across while strolling around the island.

IT IS FORBIDDEN to do anything that involves altering the natural habitat of the island

• Yachts must navigate at least 50 meters away from the island. • The collection of any material living or not from the island. • Feeding the plant or animal life. • Fishing off the coast. • Domestic animals are not allowed on the island. • The extraction or removal of any fossils or minerals from the island. • Be involved in any activity on the island that has not been previously authorized. • Light fires or smoke. • Sporting activities. • Tenders can disembark clients only in Cala cuco and Cala Llebeig. • Make noise. • Walk outside the designated paths.

Parc natural de s’Albufera Access to the park is on foot or bike along the point of the Anglesos. The water is the basis of the biological wealth of s’Albufera. The water and the humidity of the soil allow the continuous growth of vegetation; this can depend on depth proximity to the sea and type of terrain.

The park receives rain water through the streams and springs. In the summer the amount of sea water coming in is not important, but it does affect the vegetation and fauna.

Parque Natural de Mondragó It is located on the Southeast coast of Mallorca, the sea of Levante, in the municipal district of Santanyí. It was declared a National park status as it has great ecological value, and has a variety of landscapes and in addition a wealth of flora and fauna. A European directive has declared it a special protection areas for birds, over more than 70 species the majority are from wetlands and migratory.

Parque Natural de la península de Llevant The park is situated on the northeast of the island, in the península of Llevant, in the Municipal of Artá. You can reach the park on the Artá road towards the ermita of Betlem MA333 and turn right at 4.7km. The current landscape of these lands is the result of interactions between humans and nature over the passage of time. In the park you will find and extensive cultivation of Olive, Almond fig and carob. The development of tourism has caused a progressive abandonment of these activities in less profitable areas. In order to regenerate the herds of sheep and goats the mount was burnt repeatedly, and this has favored the presence of species that regenerate easily like Mauritania Grass and chamaerops humilis. This Grass now covers large tracks in the park formerly occupied by forests or other shrub communities.

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One of Mallorcas most picturesque and protected areas is the small island of Cabrera, little is known about its Napoleonic history. In 1809 French troops were defeated by The Spanish and British Forces in the Battle of Bailen. The French were marooned on this uninhabited island, forgotten by their captors they were left to fend for themselves. The island became a death camp and any efforts to escape the island were thwarted by the Spanish gunboats, on occasion British sailors were sympathetic to their plight and were able to take refuge aboard and taken back to Britain. Those left behind, which at any point was between 4 to 5 thousand soldiers and only 22 women, often starving had to at times revert to cannibalism, or suicide. Many of the women gave birth on the island and also resorted to prostitution in order to buy food and water. Water was scares as it arrived by boat and on occasions never arrived, which caused hundreds of deaths.

To keep morale high those that were educated taught fellow prisoners how to read and write and put on productions in the theatre they had built.

Apart from a few rabbits and goats the only creatures that inhabited the island were thousands of black lizards.

During the winter months the winds and waves would wash away the efforts they had made for shelter, and rather than help being sent, only more prisoners were sent another 6000 over four years.

They did however try to build some sort of life for themselves. They formed small communities, with makeshift huts, hospital, cemetery and even a theatre.

When Napoleon abdicated in 1814, the survivors were taken back to France out of 12000 prisoners only 5000 survived. Those that remain are buried on the island without headstones.



Convention 2004 comes in!

by Captain Andrea Boero

On the 8th September 2017 the Water Ballast Management Convention 2004 will be officially implemented. As per Convention, All ships over 400GT will be required to do the following: • BWMPM (Ballast Water Management Plan Manual) (reg.B1-BW Convention 2004), approved by Flag State Administration, according to reg. D1. • Registry of Management and Treatment of Water ballast (reg. B2-BW Convention 2004). • IBWMC - International Ballast Water Management Certificate, in conformity with reg. D1-E1-E2 (BW Convention 2004) issued by Flag State Administration previous approval of BWMPM and valid until next renewal of the IOPPC off the vessel. Therefore, any yacht over 400GT currently with ballast tanks already in place will have, to comply with Section B/Reg. B1, B2, B3 and Section D/Reg. D1 of the Ballast Water Management Convention 2004, as emended by IMO. Upon expiration of the IOPPC, with in September 2017, it will not be possible to renew the IBWMC fulfilling the above mentioned Sections and Regs of the BW Convention 2004, therefore the vessel will have to install a Ballast Water Treatment Plant on board. So it is recommended/suggested to keep in mind this few reminders: • Insert the vessel’s construction plan in the program of hull calculation.

• Take into account new stability calculations concerning Ballast Water Exchange of the tanks. • Preparation of the BWMPM (Manual). • Training on “how to use” the Manual BWMPM. Suggested documents, drawings and diagrams to get ready for the above mentioned compliancy: • Stability Booklet. • Body Plan and Capacity Plan, necessary to perform required stability calculations for the water exchange steps/phases. To attach and keep with BWMPM (Manual): • General Arrangements Plan. • Piping Diagram of Ballast System and keep a copy in Engine room. • Sounding Pipes for water ballast tanks. • Manhole arrangements for ballast tanks. • Draft Marks. • Main Structural Section diagrams (Longitudinal, Horizontal, Transversal). To conclude: By the 8th of September 2017 all ships to which the Convention applies will be required to: 1. Carry on board a “Ballast Water Management Plan” approved by the Administration, detailing safety procedures and actions to be taken to implement the ballast water management requirements. 2. Carry on board a “Ballast Water Record Book” for the recording of each operation concerning ballast water manage.

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Great news for everyone in the Nautical Industry here in the Balearics, the new legislation increases Luxury Yacht Charters. There has been a great increase in the Balearics for Superyachts due to the exemption of matriculation tax. In 2011 there were only a handful of superyachts chartering in Spain out of the 802 vessels. There has now been an increase of almost 200%. The figures have largely been boosted by the popularity of the luxury yacht charters, as the Balearics is becoming one of the the most sought after destinations of choice, we can completely understand why it has so much to offer from sandy white beaches, spectacular views, exciting nightlife and exquisite cuisine. Everything clients would expect and more. If you require a charter license we can provide you with all the necessary documentation, for more information just contact us.

The Y | Yachting Handbook

CHaRtER iN the BAlEaRiCS Essencial Information

by Jaume Darder Vidal

It is well known that the Balearics is a preferred destination for sailors from all over Europe and it is as a result of this that the area is considered as a great base for charter activities for vessels of all sizes.

to 3,000 GT, the international regulations applied by the IMO, meaning that normally an inspection will be required by the Spanish maritime authorities to make sure that said regulations are being met.

Questions on how a vessel which does not have a Spanish Flag can obtain a charter license in the Balearics are very common. Here is where the following question should be asked: are we dealing with a European flagged vessel or a non-European flagged one.

It goes without saying that all of these yachts must meet the same requirements as Spanish flagged vessels with regards to taxation and registration matters, meaning that, they must be able to prove that the vessel was imported correctly (IVA) and have paid or been declared exempt from having to pay tax on certain means of transport (IEDMT), also known as registration tax. For this reason and in order to be able to start charter activities, the vessel’s owners must obtain a Spanish Identification Number (NIF) as well as registering the shipping company or alternatively the company that you have a contract with for the leasing of the yacht with the National Census of Economic Activities (CNAE).

In the case of the vessel being a European flagged one, the Spanish legislation allows the vessel to carry out charter activities as long as they meet the requirements that said legislation applies to Spanish flagged vessels (security, radio communications, etc‌). Recreational vessels under 24 meters of length, have a clearance protocol which requires the vessel to not only meet the legislation of the country of the vessels flag and that they present the corresponding certificate, but they must also undergo an inspection approved of by the Spanish authorities to verify and certify that the vessel complies with the Spanish legislation. When the vessel in discussion is a recreational vessel over 24 meters and up

44 | Captains Chapter

Lawyer | Nautiservice

Should all of the former requirements be met, the only thing left would be to process the corresponding statement to the government of the Balearic Islands and clear the vessel with the Balearic maritime authorities. Logically, every vessel and therefore case is different so it is usually better to consult professionals

who will be able to help make sure that all the requirements are met as well as the tax matters. On the other hand, non-European flagged vessels can’t carry out charter activities in Spanish waters leaving from Spanish ports; however this is not the case in the Balearics. The Balearics is the only region in Spain that allows yachts to carry out charter activities being non-European flagged vessel, when said vessel is over 14m in length and there are no yachts that are the same or similar that can offer the same service. The non-European flagged vessels who arrive in the Balearics must comply with the same requirements as European and Spanish flagged vessels in all areas, especially in relation to fiscal regulations. The vessels ability to carry put charter activities is subject to prior authorization, although it is understood that soon they will be able to access the system whereby they will be able to declare all, a system that is for Spanish and European flagged vessels. Once the yacht has the authorization so that the vessel can be legally leased on Spanish waters, the vessel will then generate two tax obligations. Firstly, the IVA will be applied. This must be paid in Spain whenever the passengers of the vessel have embarked the vessel in a Spanish port, and these settlements will be paid every three months. Secondly, we have to take into account the income tax of the person and company taxes, depending on whether the owner is sole owner or whether it is an association. Normally large yachts that are in charter are under non-European flags, and in this

case, the biggest issue is whether the owner resides in Spain on a permanent basis or not. If the owner resides in Spain, he would pay his taxes as though he was Spanish. If the case was that he does not have permanency then, his contributions would depend on the fiscal residency of the owner, or the company has an agreement of international dual taxation with Spain, in this case they would be in the provisions of that treaty. If the case was that there was no such agreement in between those countries, they would apply what they call non residence tax, which would be a fixed percentage over monies made without the possibility of taking an amount without tax in the expenses. The moment in which the yacht accesses the Charter market in the Balearics the following must be taken into account: • Commercial Registry. • Compliance with tax and customs. • Compliance with Safety requirements and the correct qualifications with yachts that employ crew members. • Tax implications of the activity. Nautiservice can organise all the services that our clients would need to be able to charter their yachts safe in the knowledge that they comply with all the tax and working obligations in Spain. In addition to providing advice on tax, labor, accounting and legal we also offer help with commercial, real estate administrative and immigration. Our aim is to make sure you have all the correct advise and do things properly and this means analyzing each case individually to cater to your specific needs. Jaime Darder Vidal | Nautiservice

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The Y ||Yachting YachtingHandbook Handbook

Captains Chapter

Book your Berth. 2016 was a record year for the marinas here in Mallorca with capacity in Marinas up 50%. It is with this in mind that it is advisable to get your bookings in before the season starts to avoid disappointment.

1. Marina Club de Mar

2. Marina Cuarentena

Club de Mar is one of the most consolidated private marinas on the island, a club with history, a reference in the present and its sights set on the future.

Marina Palma Cuarentena is located on the seafront of Palma, just opposite the Estela Shipping office.

Club de Mar, Muelle Pelaires, Palma

Paseo Marítimo, Palma

Max length: 350M Depth: 10M Berths: 575

Max length: 60M Depth: 7M Berths: 70

39°33’22.40”N 2°37’45.17”E

48 | Captains Chapter

Balearics marinas and bays

39°33’40.32”N 2°37’44.31”E

3. Pantalán del Mediterráneo

5. Marina Real Club Náutico

Max length: 120M Depth: 7M Berths: 61

Max length: 35M Depth: 1.5-4M 189

Situated on the famous Paseo Marítimo in the Center of Palma, this marina offers berths up to 100M, and within walking distance to the city center. Av. Gabriel Roca, Palma

39°33’42.85”N 2°37’48.21”E

Centrally Located Marítimo.


39°33’52.90”N 2°38’1.91”E

6. Marina Moll Vell

4. Marina Port de Mallorca Max length: 50M Depth: 7M Berths: 200

Berths: 971

Is situated at the heart of the Bay of Palma, in the SW of Mallorca. This port is perfectly protected from the winds and storms; it offers its visitors exemplary safety. Fueling can be provided here by truck.

Max length: 42M Depth: 5M 26 Berths: 25



Paseo Marítimo s/n (in front of Hotel Victoria), Palma

39°33’49.45”N 2°37’48.90”E

Situated in the very heart of Palma. The Marina offers also three fine-dining restaurants in diverse styles, internal parking, security guards and WIFI connection. Calle Moll 8, Palma

39°33’59.17”N 2°38’33,50”E

Book your berth with us

Contact: +34 971 722 532 estela@superyachts.agency

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Client-friendly marina & total privacy

Best location in the heart of Palma

Professional team Personalized and best services. Concierge Service Your boat in good hands.

Contact us ! comercial@group-ipm.com

t. + 34 664 002 269 BE ONE OF US!



Puerto Portals

Max length: 60M Depth: 2-4M Berths: 639

Puerto de Alcudia Max length: 30M Depth: 2-4M Berths: 744

Located 10km from the center of Palma, this marina is a prestigious nautical and leisure complex on the island and the Mediterranean.

Situated on the northern coast of Mallorca, this port has two different areas: commercial dock and a small craft dock which is made up of a fishing quay and a marina.

Edificio de Capitanía, Portals Nous, Calviá

Paseo Marítimo nº 1, Port d’Alcudia

39º32”N 02º35”E

39º49”N 03º08”E

Port Adriano

Puerto de Sóller

Max length: 80M Depth: 7M Berths: 480 This marina is situated on the south west coast of Mallorca approximately 25 minutes from Palma city center. This newly designed marina by Phillipe Stark is one of the most modern marinas in the Mediterranean, with an array of premium services in a highly functional environment. Urbanización el Toro, Calviá

39º29’22”N 2º28’45”E

Max length: 30M Berths: 465

Port of Soller is situated on the west coast of Mallorcas Tramuntana mountain range. The formation of its essential infrastructure dates back to the 18th Century. C/ Moll comercial, Sóller

39º46’3 18”N 2º42’5036”E

Puerto de Andratx Max length: 60M Berths: 222

This port is situated on the sothwestern tip of the Tramuntana mountain range. Av. Gabriel Roca 27, Puerto de Andratx

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IBIZA Marina Ibiza

Max length: 55m Depth: 6M Berths: 380

Marina Ibiza is situated in the heart of Ibiza 11 miles from Formentera. Paseo Juan Carlos I, 20 - 07800 Ibiza.


Port Ibiza Town Max length: 140M Depth: 7M Berths: 9

This port was born for the need to provide moorings for yachts exceeding 60 meters right in the center of Ibiza. Estación Marítima. Contramuelle de Poniente del Puerto de Ibiza, 07800 Ibiza.


Port Es Nautic Sant Antoni

Max length: 50M Depth: 74M Berths: 578

Ibiza Magna

Max length: 60M Depth: 7M Berths: 85

Situated at the foot of Dalt Vila right in the city center. Contramuelle de Poniente del Puerto de Ibiza, 07800 Ibiza.


MENORCA Puerto Cala’n Bosch Max length: 18M Depth: 1.5M Berths: 276 39º55’N03º50ºE

Puerto de Mahón Max length: 40M Depth: 9M Berths: 165

C/ Andana de Ponent 26, 07701 Maó, Menorca.

39º52,0’N004º 18,8’E

Situated near Sant Antoni. Paseo Marítimo, 07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany.


Marina Botafoch

Max length: 30M Depth: 6M Berths: 428

Situated in the north section of Port of Ibiza. Paseo Marítimo, 07800 Ibiza.

Assistance in Ibiza or Menorca?

Contact us: +34 971 722 532 estela@superyachts.agency


Need assistance? Contact us at estela@superyachts.agency | +34 971 722 532 | 53

PantalĂĄn del MediterrĂĄneo, has so much to offer its clients, situated on the Paseo MarĂ­timo this fabulous marina is a only a 10 minute walk to the center of Palma with its great restaurants and shopping, and only a stones throw away from the yachties favorite spots, Santa Catalina and casco antiguo you could not find a better location. The marina prides itself on being extremely private with 24 hour surveillance all comings and goings are vetted carefully to ensure the privacy and safety of the clients. We always try and offer our clients something a little bit more than the normal marina and periodically run promotions that are of great advantage to our clients. We aim to give our clients the best service possible, that is why we are always making sure the team all work well with crews and companies that come to work on the yachts, making the environment relaxed yet professional. The most important thing to us is that our clients are looked after and receive the best possible service from our team!

54 | Captains Chapter

Balearics marinas and bays

Avenida Gabriel Roca, s/n +34 971 458 211 info@pantalanmediterraneo.com www.pantalanmediterraneo.com

The Y | Yachting Handbook

Captains Chapter

Port Adriano is one of the most modern and well-equipped marinas in the Mediterranean, designed by the Frenchman Phillip Stark. This marina was built for boats measuring between 6 and 110 meters and located in the municipality of Calviá, to the southwest of Palmas largest bay and just 9km from the Islands city center. We at Port Adriano like to think that it is something of a sailor’s paradise; you will find everything for your stay on the island.

sports like horse riding, cycling, golf, hiking or even partridge hunting. Throughout the year, Port Adriano organizes events that leave a mark on the islands social, sporting and musical calendar.

Situated in the marine reserves of El Toro and the Malgrats islands, you will experience one of the best dive encounters in the Balearics.

The Buena Vista Social Club. Roger Hodgson, Los Secretos, Gloria Gaynor, 2 Cellos, Omara Portuondo and Diego El Cigala, The orchestra – comprised of members of the electric Light Orchestra, Jorge Blass and Hombres G, to name but a few have graced the stages of the Marina.

The port is located in an area renowned for having everything; Calvia´s municipality offers numerous possibilities for practicing

The sporting scene includes regattas like The Silver Bollard and The Classic Silver Bollard the event Sup Race- now

in its fourth year- led by Laura Quetglas, the Paddle Surf sports personality and her partner Manuel Simoncelli. The Sup Race forms part of the European circuit paddle surf Euro Tour and is organized in collaboration with Port Adriano water sports center, Mar Balear. Another Annual date in our calendar is Sunset Yoga Port Adriano, which brings together hundreds of people in a master class with a renowned instructor, the yogi Xuan-Lan. Some other, more festive dates throughout the year are the Street Food Festival, which proposes exquisite, casual titbits with vintage decoration in a cool atmosphere. In June, the Best of Yachting Port Adriano unfurls a meticulous selection of boats, yachts and sailing boats that are exhibited over a vibrant weekend, leading companies such as Princess Yachts, Chris

Craft, Nautors Swan, Delta Power Boats, Sunseeker Mallorca, Frauscher and Motyvel are all present. The Fun Fair Livens up the Summer in Port Adriano with an entertainment experience designed exclusively for the marina, combining scenic languages such as a circus comedy, mime and dance. In September the Mallorca Classic Week congregates clubs and owners of Classic cars motorbikes over 25 years old, they enjoy a tight and attractive program of activities. Port Adriano is also committed to creativity and a talent through the organization of a short film competition – shorts, musical video clips or audiovisual works that tell a story in which action takes place in the harbor in under 5 minutes.

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The Y | Yachting Handbook

Captains Chapter

• Position 39° 26, 6 N - 002° 28, 3 E • VHF channel 9 • 24-hour telephone: T. +34 678 788 072 • Wifi and cable (fibre optic 100Mb). Ask for the password in the captaincy offices • Maximum draught 7 m • Private car park 10,000 m2 technical area, with 250-tonne Travelift and workshops. Dry dock for vessels. For an appointment call T. +34 971 237 006

Petrol station

Opening hours: From November to March (Monday to Sunday): 8 am to 7 pm; from April to October (Monday to Sunday): 8 am to 8 pm.

Petrol supply in berth

From 3,000 litres. Request this service in advance from the captaincy over channel 9. • Wastewater extraction service in berth. Request this service in advance from the captaincy over channel 9. • Running water • Telephone switchboard • Security cameras and 24-hr surveillance • Restricted access due for reasons of security and privacy with use of personal cards.

58 | Captains Chapter

• Storerooms (surface 24 m2, 6 x 4 x 3.3 m) • MARPOL certifications • Mooring system with 2 lines + 2 or more optional lines • Electricity supply up to 700 ah • SMS notification service of incidents and news to users • 24-hr. Crew service, available by calling over channel 9. • Internal shuttle service during the summer, to transport clients between their boat and anywhere in the port. • Specific recycling areas and Green Station. Upon request to the captaincy or over channel 9, the port crew will collect oil, batteries and flares to place them in the corresponding containers. • Captaincy-authorised diver service • Diving and water sports school • Venue for nautical, sporting, corporate, fashion events, etc. • El Corte Inglés Yacht Provisioning • Banco Popular • Gym • Children’s area

Balearics marinas and bays

The Y | Yachting Handbook

iNtERViiEW Captain

Giangaspare Carta Tell us about your experiences in Mallorca I am a Captain of a sailing yacht here on the island, with over 10 years’ experience. Three years ago I moved to the Island and I charter all around the Balearics but mainly here in Mallorca. This is my favorite of all the islands as it is the biggest and very cosmopolitan there is always something to do all year round and there is all kinds of activities that cater to all types of needs. I have sailed around this islands many times and I am still overwhelmed by its beauty and still to this day I am finding new and interesting places to visit.

Why come to Mallorca on Charter? In my opinion Mallorca is the best Island in the Mediterranean for charter. The size, it takes a week to sail around the island and each day you are in a completely different surrounding. There are over 300 beaches and bays where you can drop your anchor. There are over 20 tourist ports from the biggest to the smallest they have services and prices that are very competitive compared to the rest of the Mediterranean.

Which is your favorite itinerary? The itineraries always depend on the weather. My charters are usually 6 nights and 7 days, starting from Palma. From one place to the next is usually about 6 hours meaning that the journey can be divided up

62 | Captains Chapter

with stops for snorkeling or other activities. I tend to split them into two hour slots so the guests are not on the move for long periods of time. For the first night Es Trenc, Es Carbó or Playas de Cargol 3 Caribbean like beaches, the first being the most known and visited whereas the other two are more untouched. Puerto Petro especially on the buoy on the entrance to the port, Cala Mondragó or Porto Cristo, these are great for a 2nd night. If the sea is calm and there are not many yachts my favorite place to spend the night at Cala Mitjana it is nicely hidden away. When I am in Porto Cristo, my guests are able to experience the magical tour the caves of Drach a natural phenomenon of underwater caves. The 3rd night we would go to Cala Ratjada, Cala Gat or Cala Moltó these are all fabulous bays. On the 4th day I head towards Puerto Pollensa as it is much more peaceful than Alcudia and the guests are able to the explore this historical town. The 5th night we would go to Sóller or the marvelous Sa Calobra, or if the sea conditions are fair we would go to Deiá. This town has a lot to offer fabulous views and great restaurants as they are formed within the mountains. Sóller port is very characteristics and it is the safest westerly

Balearics marinas and bays

port. Sa Calobra is without a doubt the most awe inspiring of them all, as its infrastructure is in the base of the Tramuntana Mountains.

international island which offers plenty of opportunity for those who have at least Spanish and English as languages.

The 6th night San Telm, this is a natural pool which in turn gives it a crystal clear color. Port of Andratx is a fishing port which has been transformed into a touristic town; there are many places to visit and great restaurants on the sea front. There is also a fantastic fish market which is very picturesque in the afternoon once the fishermen have come back into port. In all of these places you can go into port by tender.

The city of Palma has been selected as one of the best places to live in the world and I believe this to be true!

Would you advise people to come and live in Mallorca? Certainly not only for those who want to work in the nautical industry, it is a very

Mallorca not only offers those in the nautical industry during the summer months but also during the winter months yachts are coming not only for small repairs but extraordinary refits as this city is still buzzing all year round. The most important thing is that the Shipyards in Palma they have the infrastructure to cater for all yacht needs from paintwork, interiors, upholstery and much more and of course Estela Shipping can help you organize this.

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25 successful years in Mallorca Find your dream home with us - the Island’s leading real estate brand www.engelvoelkers.com/mallorca


Food & Drink · Leisure & Relax

in front of the sea

Ctra d'Andratx, 11, Cas Català (Calvià), 07181 Mallorca (+34) 971 707 744 · maricel@hospes.com

OWNERS & GUESTS CHAPTER Amaze your guests on board and on shore with our tailor-made experiences. In this chapter, you will find indispensable information for exclusive itineraries, unforgettable experiences and personalised activities that guarantee maximum satisfaction.


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The Y | Yachting Handbook

Owners & Guests Chapter

Balearics Itineraries From Palma de Mallorca you can sail up north to Menorca, visiting the east coast of Mallorca and Cabreras natural reserve or start sailing in Balearic Sea south to Ibiza and Formentera Islands.

70 | Balearics itineraries ¡ Mallorca ¡ Es Port des Canonge

Puerto Portals

Is an exclusive marina for motor yachts with fancy restaurants and shops.

Port Adriano

Is an exceptional place to moor yachts, has become one of the most important ports in the Balearic Islands. It has a beautiful beach and an excellent location for all manners of nautical activities in addition to offering a wide range of different cuisines.

Isla Dragonera

A visit to the island on private yachts to visit the museum and have a stroll around the island must be arranged and requested through the Council of Mallorca that we can help to arrange for you.

Sa Foradada

It is 2011 meters before Cala Deiá. Sa Foradada is the most popular place to enjoy the sunset for those who travel on land, with a lovely cove in Son Marroig estate.

Cala Deià

Is small and shingly, the cove has fantastically clear water and rocky cliffs that curve around the bay, making it feel like a secret hidden paradise. Deiá itself is one of the chicest places in Mallorca, popular with celebrities due to its quiet, simple way of life and tranquil surroundings.

Puerto de Sóller

Cala Estellencs

With its private marina, located on the north western coast of Mallorca holds the only protected anchorage in the area and quite possibly boasts the most glorious views of the mountain ranges when the weather is nice.

Cala de Banyalbufar

The waters here are calm during still weather but waves can pick up and be quite treacherous during high winds as there is little protection past the lighthouse although the marina is well protected from large waves.

A Small beach with pebbles, which is used by residents. On one side you can see fisherman’s cottage carved into the rock, where boats and fishing utensils are stored. This beach has stones and crystal clear water. In summer, the only beach restaurant is open.

Es Port des Canonge

Here you will find many small boats and fishermen’s houses.

Cala de Valldemossa

Crystal clear water with sandy beach and a restaurant.

Booking in advance is advisable due to the popularity of the area although it is very safe to anchor in the middle of the sheltered bay. Take precaution if anchoring in the bay as the bottom is very weedy and can often drag your yacht in strong winds.

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72 | Balearics itineraries ¡ Mallorca ¡ Sa Calobra

NORTH of Mallorca

Possible stops between Port de Sรณller and Alcudia Cala Tuent Despite development this is a heavenly beach with sand, surrounded by pine and olive trees, which seem to kiss the water. There is a restaurant nearby.

Sa Calobra The Torrent de Pareis flows in this sandy beach in a spectacular way into the sea, forming one of the wildest landscapes of the Serra de Tramuntana. Very popular in the summer.

Cala Bรณquer Pollenรงa Beach with clear waters, virgin landscape. Nestled in the north west coast of Mallorca, near the town of Puerto Pollenca, Cala Boquer is only accessible by either foot or by boat and therefore is a very quiet and peaceful cala. The clear waters are ideal for swimming and snorkeling with fish and crabs hiding within the nooks and crannies of the rocks. Be aware that some areas can be very shallow and there are areas of rocks around the cala. Take care with this and do not anchor too close to the shore.

Cala Formentor & Cap de Formentor Is a spectacular place, located on the northern most point of Mallorca with its highest point, Fumart, being 384m above sea level.

It has many associated bays, including Cala Fiquera, Cala Murta and Cala Pi de la Posada.

Cala de Coll Baix Is one of the most unspoilt beaches in Mallorca mainly down to the fact that it is only accessible by foot or boat, making it quiet and peaceful. The beach is 220m long and surrounded by turquoise water and white sand. The bay is not very deep at all so be careful when anchoring your tender.

Puerto de Alcudia Is predominantly a commercial and fishing harbour on the north eastern side of Mallorca, close to Pollenรงa, and is a very popular tourist destination. The old town of Alcudia is a short walk from the port and has numerous bars and restaurants.

Marina Alcudiamar Is the only marina in Alcudia and the anchorage just outside the marina has excellent holding sand and well protected from the Mistral (strong north wind). Very easy to approach and there is plenty of water below most keels all the way in to the harbour Just west of the island there are areas with only 1.8m in depth and can often be recognised by its brown shiny coloured water.

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74 | Balearics itineraries ¡ Mallorca ¡ Es Trenc

Cabo Vermey & Cala Canyamel

Is relatively untouched by an invasion of hotel chains and tourism so you can still capture the beauty of the unspoilt natural pine forests and olive groves. It has a wide, sandy beach with fresh water torrents at one end.

Cala Petita

Is a small beach near the town of Porto Cristo and is famous for its striking pink rocks that give its shape. Be careful though as the sea can get quite rough and choppy here and due to it being quite isolated it is often popular with nudists.

Porto Cristo

Is on the south eastern coast of Mallorca and is a quiet town at the head of a long sheltered inlet. Anchoring here is fairly easy with a sandy floor and very clear water. Although the harbour is well sheltered yachts are advised to take caution when approaching the entrance as weather conditions can change rapidly due to its exposure to the wind.


Is a tiny piece of land declared a national park with extremely limited and restricted access. The archipelago consists of the main island, Cabrera, and 18 smaller islands. Anchoring is forbidden and must be reserved in advance (please ask Estela Shipping for assistance). There are only about 50 moorings (max. 40 meters) available and permits are only available between a minimum of 2 days and a maximum of 20 days in advance. Throughout July and

August you are only permitted a 1 night stay, June and September allows you to have a maximum of 2 nights and the rest of the year is restricted to no longer than 7 nights stay. Scuba diving is only allowed with a permit and the areas can also be restricted. Entrance is possible in all weathers and winds but can often be difficult with strong winds coming in from the north although once inside the bay the shelter is excellent.

Get your authorisation! If you are wishing to navigate through Cabrera or hook up to buoy you will need authorisation. All we need to know is when you wish to visit and we can sort the rest, contact us at: estela@superyachts.agency

Playa S’Espalmador

Has rocky surroundings that encompass the sapphire water which lead to the designated diving spots of Cala Galiota and Es Dimoni which house some of the most amazing scuba diving areas in the world.

Sa Platgeta

This is a beautiful small beach with white sand, crystal clear water and an amazing view to the bay of Es Port.

East coast of Mallorca

On the way back to Palma possible stop at Colonia Sant Jordi, Es Trenc, Cala Pi.

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76 | Balearics itineraries · Menorca · Pont d’en Gil

Menorca is the second largest island in the Balearics it literally takes its name due to its size being that much smaller than Mallorca. Menorca is often regarded as the “Jewel in the Balearics” and it is easy to see why. With its crystal-topaz waters, glittering beaches, and a wealth of historical and cultural attractions. There are some really bizarre facts about this little isle, only adding to its charm and attraction. For example, did you know that Menorca is the birthplace of mayonnaise?

Port de Maó

Is actually the second biggest natural harbour in the world, falling behind Pearl Harbour in Hawaii. Some have disputed this, suggesting that harbours in Sydney and Rio are larger, but either way, this five-km stretch will impress even the most cynical. Because Menorca is not only the most eastern Balearic Island but the furthest east you can go in the Spanish peninsula, Menorca gets the sun before anywhere else in Spain. If you really want to be the first, head to the most eastern point on the island, Cales Fonts. Menorca is especially well known for its traditional summer fiestas, which intrigue many visitors. The “Festes de Sant Joan” is held annually in Ciutadella, during 23–25 June. The festes lasts for three days. On the first day, a man bears a wellgroomed sheep upon his shoulders and parades around the local streets. In the late evening, main streets are closed and bonfires held upon them.

On the second day, locally bred black horses are the star of the show, dressed up for the occasion with ribbons and rosettes. The riders, or “caixers”, ride the horses through the streets and, along with a tumultuous crowd of people, encourage them to rear up on their hind legs. The brave can be found running underneath them as they do so. The third day sees intense competition between the riders in a harmless form of jousting that involves spearing a suspended ring with a lance at considerable speed. The festes is brought to a close with a firework display.

Most recommended coves

Cala del Pilar, situated in the north coast is an uncrowded beach surrounded by caramel-coloured rock formations.

Cala Trebalúger

One of the quietest virgin beaches of the south coast. This place hides a secret: a river in the gorge behind where terrapins plop and kingfishers flash like blue sparks. Keep it quiet.

Other coves

Cala Presili, Cala Mesquida, Caló Blanc, Cala Escorxada, Cala Macarelleta.

Assistance in Menorca? Contact us: +34 971 722 532 estela@superyachts.agency

Need assistance? Contact us at estela@superyachts.agency | +34 971 722 532 | 77

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78 | Balearics itineraries ¡ Formentera ¡ Cala en Baster


Easy to reach, yet one of the most beautiful spots in Europe, Espalmador is a natural paradise untouched by development and protected as part of the Las Salinas Natural Park of Ibiza and Formentera.


This small island is extremely popular throughout the summer months due to its locality just south of Ibiza and sandy white beaches. Tour around the island and anchor wherever convenient in front of the big beaches. Anchoring just west of the harbour at Puerto La Savina is perfect for a short trip ashore but very exposed for an overnight stay. Anchor in 3-4m but be extremely careful as it shallows very quickly as you get closer in although sand patches between the rocky areas are clearly visible due to the clear water. There are various restrictions regarding the use of buoys and where you are allowed to anchor. Designated buoys are put in place between 1st June and 30th September and need to be booked in between 2 and 20 days in advance. Anchoring is forbidden in the bay of S’Espalmador.

Cala Saona

Unlike most of the main beaches in Formentera, Cala Saona is narrow in width and deep in length, with fine white sand and a shallow access to the sea at the western end. It gets a lot of sun worshippers in the summer months so can be crowded near the water but there is plenty of room to stretch out further up.

El Tiburón

Is located between Illetes and La Savina beaches but it remains quiet and peaceful even during high season. Here you will find pine trees that provide shade in the heat of the day, and it is a great spot to watch the yachts coming and going to Ibiza. There is an excellent restaurant “El Tiburón” which is very popular with the wet-set.

Playa Tanga

This bright white sandy beach can be found between Es Pujols and Playa de Llevant. It has all the characteristics of Formentera’s other beaches yet it is one of the quietest. For those with a sweet tooth, the beach restaurant “Tanga” apparently offers the best cake on the island!

Playa Tramuntana

This secluded little bay is situated on the otherwise rocky coast at the village of Es Caló in the north eastern part of Formentera. It is a sweep of almost pure white sand lapped by the turquoise sea.

Sa Roqueta

Another pure white beach with crystalline waters. The waters are shallow and so it is perfect for families and if you walk to the end of the beach you will find a traditional beach. Be warned -very popular with nudists!

Es Caló

Not officially a beach but this is a mustsee whilst in Formentera! It is a superb spot for snorkelling and the sea at Es Caló is breathtakingly clear with an area of deep water which is an amazing shade of blue due to minerals in the rocks that reflect the light.

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80 | Balearics itineraries | Ibiza

Ibiza Magna Marina

Is located southeast of Ibiza. It is a well-equipped dock offering mooring for 85 boats and, thanks to the location of the port, it has virtually all the services needed such as drinking water, electricity, fire protection, waste collection, bilge aspiration and wifi, among others.

Marina Ibiza

This marina combines the exclusivity of its design with elegant functionality and can accommodate 539 boats. The redesign of the marina was built using high quality materials in order to build pontoons to suit the needs of the latest superyachts such as wooden fingers for easy access to boats, fuel supplies for superyacht moorings and 24h guarded parking. In addition, they have incorporated many green spaces.

Beaches at Ibiza

Clockwise from Ibiza city

Cala Jondal

Is a very beautiful beach, surrounded by pines and jagged cliffs, very popular with boat owners and a stylish crowd. It is one of the more up-market beaches on Ibiza, with a fabulous selection of beach restaurants.

Cala D’Hort

Is part of a National Park, created to safeguard it against tourist development. In 1999, 11,000 environmentalists fought the so-called ‘Battle of Cala d’Hort’ in a protest against the building of a hotel, golf course and desalinisation plant in the area. You’ll see why they were so keen to preserve this scenic spot.

Cala Tarida

Much frequented by tourists, with countless services and entertainment alternatives, restaurants and refreshments

to enjoy the exquisite local gastronomy in a unique environment. It is a very long beach, very safe for bathing, perfect to practise water sports.

Cala Conta

There are three beaches in one here, the furthest away a small cove used by naturists. You can hire a pedalo here or you swim out to the islet offshore. But, as the beaches aren’t huge, they can get pretty busy in summer.

Benirrás Beach

For a sunset experience that really is like no other, head to Benirrás Beach on the northern tip of Ibiza. It’s popular with families and hippies, and the Sunday sunset ritual sees hundreds of people flock to watch the sun descend into the sea, while accompanied by the rhythmic beat of bongos from local dreadlocked drummers.

Cala Benirrás

By day, it’s great for snorkelling and swimming, but Benirrás Beach is more famous for its evening entertainment –it’s drummers, who draw an enthusiastic crowd as they ‘drum down the sunset’.

Cala Xarraca

Look at that clear turquoise water! While it’s only a small beach, is the place for underwater lovers, with excellent scuba conditions. It’s also got a mud bath if you fancy a free facial.

Niu Blau

Crystalline waters and a small flat stretch of sand make up Playa Niu Blau, perfect for a lazy afternoon picnic. Surrounded by lush green pine trees, the area is also popular for hiking –or leisurely strolls on those hotter summer days– and is very family friendly.

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On land experiences

vaLldEMOSsa · dEiÀ · SÓLlEr

At estela shipping we pride our selves on organizing perfect itineraries for our guest, each individual is different and often wants something unique for themselves. We have put together a itinerary example of what you can experience on the island.

vaLldEMOSsA Since the 19th century Valldemossa has been promoted internationally as a place of outstanding beauty, largely as a result of the affection of distinguished traveller and cultural writer, the Austrian Archduke Ludwig Salvato. Set in the Tramuntana Mountains a range that is the backbone of the North East of Mallorca. Valldemossa is a very attractive tourist destination,. There are many shops and restaurants to indulge in and a vast amount of Spanish culture. Valldemossa is a very popular tourist destination in the Balearic Islands of Spain. Some main attractions include the 13th century monastery, where the musician Frederic Chopin spent a winter (1838-39). The monastery was originally built as a royal palace, however in 1399 it was converted into a monastery.

TOP tHiNGS tO dO The Cartuja

The Royal Carthusian Monastery was originally a royal residence, until Carthusian monks occupied the building from 1399 until 1835. It has white-arched corridors leading to ‘cells’ containing museums on various themes.

82 | On land experiences · Valldemossa

The old pharmacy - you can almost smell the herbs - then look into the library, where the monks would meet for half an hour a week, their only human contact. There is a fine modern art museum, with works by Picasso, Miro and Juli Ramis, and of course there is Chopin’s cell.

The Archduke Way – Walk The archduke walkway above Valldemossa and Deiá is one of the most popular stages of the GR221 and Mallorca’s dry stone route. It is without a doubt of the most stunning walks on the island. The walkway follows the summit ridge with spectacular views down to the sea. It is a challenging hike with over 500m of ascent. However, the steep climb out of Valldemossa is worth it for the views along the north western coast. Most Walks start from the center of Valldemossa, and soon head uphill through the woods along stony old mule tracks. Continue steeply uphill for some time with an occasional breather, and fabulous lookout points with sweeping views of Palma in the distance and the coast beyond Valldemossa. Once on the summit ridge

the Archduke’s walkway gives stunning panoramic views of the coast and surrounding Tramuntana mountains. Along the way there are many examples of the old forest dwellers’ settlements and old lime kilns along the way, so this walk is a great opportunity to learn about Mallorca’s rural history.

The Museum of Chopin Chopin took a trip to Mallorca accompanied by his writer friend George Sand in 1838. They rented a cell nº 4 in the monastary of Valldemossa where he recieved his Pleyel piano from Paris. During his stay he composed many of his great works and some of his preludes, one polonese his second balad and his third Sherzo.

Chopin sold his piano in Mallorca to the Family Canut. Since 1932 this same bedroom has been on display where he played.

Palacio del Rei Sanç Museum King Jaime II ordered to build this palace at the beginning of the fourteenth century so that his son Sancho could find a relief from the deliberating asthma he suffered from. It is believed it was built on the old fortress of a Moorish wall called Mussa or Muça from where they say the name comes from: Valldemossa. The palace was one of the rural castles of the Majorcan dynasty and was used as a rest and relaxation home. The palace’s falconer and the road united to the Taxi royal house

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which shows us that the hunting was, indeed, the main activity. We know the visits of Kings James II, Sancho I, James III and John I as they are well documented in various maintenance Works: Payment to Bernat Tarragó, the king’s carpenter, master builder and architect In Majorca, when they were repairing the galleries of the queen’s room in Valldemossa’s royal palace, which is in serious risk of falling down. Though close to the coast, Valldemossa is not a beachside town. There is a small

84 | On land experiences · Valldemossa

mooring harbour for a couple of fishing boats at Port Valldemossa which is about six km away. There is a restaurant here and a small pebble beach. Many locals travel here and is perfect if you ant to spend an afternoon away from any noise or the hustle and bustle.

Recommended Restaurants 1. QuitaPenas Valldemossa 2. Casa de Sa Miranda 3. Es Roquissar 4. Es Port de Valldemossa 5. Sa Cova

deiÀ Deià is probably the most chocolate-box villages in Mallorca. It is, and has been for many years, very popular with artists due to the clarity of the light and panoramic views. It also entices writers with its tranquil ambience. It is a paradise for people who enjoy walking holidays as opposed to lying on the beach. Even walking through to the town is a pleasant experience, and if you visit Deià, if only for the day, you must make the walk up to the church (Graves the poet is buried there), following the Stations of the Cross on houses leading up to it.

There are some very nice restaurants, all with superb views, there are a few shops and museums which are worth a visit. There is a pebble beach at Cala de Deià with a restaurant on.

Recommended Restaurants 1. Es Racó d’es Teix 2. Xelini 3. Village Cage 4. Sa Vinya 5. El Olivo

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SÓLlER Sóller is a hidden gem still holding its characteristics from years gone by. Take a walk down Carrer de Sa Luna, a narrow pedestrian street just off Constitution Square in Sóller town. This beautiful Street has fantastic, artisanal jewelry shops and local textiles that can be bought. Visit PerlArt in C/ Marina 28, for natural pearl jewelry in gold and diamonds. There is a fabulous Patisserie that make the most divine macaroons, lovely to stop off put your feet up and have a nice morning coffee. Take a walk around its port with fabulous yachts and exquisite views.

Can Prunera Is a museum in Sóller and holds a small permanent exhibition of great masters of the 19th and 20th centuries. Man Ray, Santiago Rusiñol, Paul Klee, Joan Miró, Georg Baselitz and Maurice Vlaminck are some of the artists whose works can be admired in the museum.

86 | On land experiences · Sóller

Apart from that, there is a room devoted to Painter from Sóller Juli Ramis. The Sóller Train is a must the trains goes from the large train station in Sóller through the winding mountains of the Tramuntana Mountains, leading into 13 tunnels it finally end in the Capital Palma. The historic electric train, winding Work began on the railway in 1911 on the profits of theand, which at the time was booming. For this reason, it is sometimes known as the Express. The famous train is now not only a mode of transport between these two key Mallorcan settlements, but also an attraction in itself.

Recommended Restaurants 1. Salvia 2. Kingfisher 3. Luna 36 4. Can Boqueta 5. Don Pedro

Recommended Hotels

1. Jumeirah Port Hotel & Spa 2. Salvia 3. Ca’s Canal 4. Espléndido 5. Aimia

Our services include: Individual Rental – Self drive something different, or maybe surprise your partner for a birthday or anniversary. Organised Driving Tours – Parties of 6 to 30 people, West Coast, Wine region, Valdemosa, monastery tours. Weddings – Select from one of our beautiful cars to self drive or be chauffer driven. Media, Photography Film and TV – Photo shoots for modelling, hire for TV and film production. Corporate Events and Hospitality – Why not try something different? We organise driving experience days where clients get to sample a selection of cars in one day.


For any questions or to arrange a bespoke package please contact us T. +34 871 950 550 / +34 618 307 909 | E. info@rentaclassiccarmallorca.com


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the 14th Century was built on the remains of a Muslim village. The castle opens for tourists to visit throughout the year.

39°39’26.54”N 3°26’49.84”E Artá is a picturesque town in the north east of Mallorca, it not only has cultural and heritage sights at its fingertips but, the amazing Caves of Artá situated in Cap Vermell, which is surrounded by mountains that tower over the cliffs toward the sea. This natural formation never fails to amaze from the towering entrance to the natural beauty that lies within the chambers, each of which have impressive formations. Drop your anchor by the bay Embarcador del Rei, come ashore onto the secluded sandy beach. There is the Castell de Capdepera, this is one of the largest castles in Mallorca. It was constructed at the beginning of the 3rd Century by the Romans and then in

88 | On land experiences · Artá · Caves of Artá

There is also “La Cueva de la Ermita”, already known in the time of the Moors; the caves were noted in the royal chronicles of the islands conquest in 1229.

Recommended Hotels 1. Hotel Can Simoneta 2. Hotel Pleta de Mar 3. Luxury Hotel Park Hyatt Mallorca

Caves of Artá

+34 971 841 293 | Open every day (Except January 1st and December 25th) Ctra. de las Cuevas s/n, Capdepera info@cuevasdearta.com www.cuevasdearta.com

Exclusivity included... in unique places.



Es Trenc (Campos)






Thermal Spa & Wellness ***** www.fontsantahotel.com

***** www.conventdelamissio.com

***** gl www.pletademar.com

***** www.cansimoneta.com


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90 | On land experiences ¡ Beaches & coves ¡ Playa de Formentor

The island of Mallorca enjoys a wide variety of beaches and coves with a multitude of facilities.

many people and make the beach very crowded despite the fact its more than three kilometers long!

This year, 60 of the island’s beaches will be given a blue flag - the European Foundation for Environmental Education’s will award the beaches that meet the requirements for water quality, environmental management, safety and security.

Located within the Natural Reserve of Mondragó, this cove has two main beaches one of which S’Amarador it is the largest and least crowded.

Here are a few of our favourite beaches that we recommend in Mallorca.

Cala Millor

This is the longest beach on the east coast, stretching from Cala Bona to the wild cape of N’Amer a Natural Area of Special Interest. There is a wide track for walking, skating or cycling, a beautiful sandy beach and several tourist establishments for eating, drinking or shopping. The east of Mallorca is a well-kept secret, avoid the big tourist resorts and you will find beautiful coves and historic villages.

Cala Portals Vells

Is located within the Natural Area of Special Interest of Cap de Cala Figuera. This bay is an important nesting area for many white birds. The beach restaurants specialize in seafood and rice dishes. To the right of the beach is the interesting cavern of ‘la Mare de Déu’.

Es Trenc

Is considered one of the best beaches in Mallorca, whose transparent waters attract

Cala Mondragó

Playa de Formentor

Situated on the peninsula of Cap de Formentor, this is a narrow beach, where the pine trees run along the length of the beach and are always close to the crystal clear water. The Serra de Tramuntana ends at Cap de Formentor, the northern tip of the island. Discover the best spot to photograph the island.

Cala Varques

Is a virgin beach in a Natural Area of Special Interest on the east coast, within the municipality of Manacor.

Cala Tuent

Is at the foot of Puig Mayor, the highest mountain in Mallorca, surrounded by mountains, pine and olive trees. Access by boat is much simpler you will reach the beach much more easier, being able to contemplate the wonderful view of the mountains and the crystal waters.

Cala Calobra

Is 38 kilometers from Sóller, located between Morro de sa Vaca and Morro de Ses Felles, and under the shadow of Puig the highest peak in the Balearic Islands.

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This sandy beach, is behind the pedestrian tunnel that borders the vertical and wild cliffs, giving access to the beautiful and paradisiacal mouth of the Torrent de Pareis.

Cala Marmols

This placid and dazzling virgin beach is very enclosed between cliffs that are 20 meters high, giving it a triangular shape it has a beautiful panoramic view of the Cabrera archipelago.

Cala Boquer

The beach is a cove of stones located about 4 km from the port of Pollença. There is about 3 km foot path allowing you to explore the area. During the tour of the

valley we can find curiosities such as the old lime kiln, the hole of l’Ull de Bou (which is located on one of the mountain slopes of the valley) and an ancient Roman town of bochoris, among other peculiarities all of which are signposted). This cove is reputed to be a good place to dive. There is the possibility of climbing because there are multiple tracks throughout the valley access to the cove.

Cala des Moro

It is a small beach covered with fine-grained and bright sand. The water is crystal clear with the most beautiful turquoise shades. Perfect for a swim between the high cliffs. Try to avoid the weekends.

92 | On land experiences · Beaches & coves · Cala des Moro

25 successful years in Mallorca Find your dream home with us - the Island’s leading real estate brand www.engelvoelkers.com/mallorca

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Owners & Guests Chapter

This itinerary is one of the many itineraries that we customize for each client depending on their wants and needs.

dAy 1 When coming into Mallorca your first point of call would be the newly upgraded Port Adriano. This exquisite port has been completely reformed. Famous architect Phillipe Starck designed the new minimalistic marina, you can refuel and recharge ready for you Balearic trip. (Find more information at page 52).


When you leave Port Adriano make your way round to the exclusive marina of Puerto Portals, step of the quay into fine dining and exclusive boutiques. Stop off and have a meal in the ports most famous restaurant, Flanigans, frequented by the Royal family and celebs alike, this restaurant has mouthwatering fish and meat dishes, traditional Spanish tapas and its famous apple tarte tatin and a wine list to die for. If you have had too much sun and wish to still sample their fabulous food, do not worry they offer an on board service so the restaurants comes to you.

dAy 2 We then take you onto Palma the Capital of Mallorca. The marinas here have a history of looking after superyachts, moor up in one of the many Marinas in Palma.

96 | On land experiences ¡ One week itinerary

Our car service company Transfer Class will send a driver and car to collect you from the marina, all drivers speak all nationalities so feel free to ask questions. Once in Palma we can organize a personalized guide and take your guests on a guided tour around the main points of Palma. (Find more information about the city Palma in Discovering Palma section).

dAy 3 A visit to Cabrera is on everyone’s list of places to see and on arrival you will understand why. This marine ecosystem stands out in this cluster of calcareous islands and islets, with meadows of posidonia oceanica. It is one of the best conserved sea beds on our coast. (Find more information in the Natural Parks section). Once on the island you can explore its history and even experience snorkeling and diving, this will be arranged by us as special authorization is also required.

dAy 4 One of the most beautiful spots on the island, the area of Porto Cristo there are several mooring options such as the Port Cristo Yacht Club, which is home to the famous Caves of Drach with their large underground lake.

There are opportunities to see this by night whilst an orchestra performs classical music something not to be missed, we will of course organize this. Once the trip has concluded we would take clients towards the North you come to Capdepera and are charmed by the castle and Canyamel Tower.

dAy 5 Cala Ratjada an old fishing town with amazing cafes and restaurants that curve around the coast, whichever site you choose the views are all quite breathtaking, it has a very bohemian feel to it with its painted walls and street art. There is a great market which has all traditional Mallorquin wears for sale.

dAy 6 Formentor this headland has quite a few lookout points with spectacular views. The most well-known is Mirador del Mal Pas. Mallorca illuminates Menorca in the east, Cala Fiquera in the west, and Alcudia with its sandy beach in the south. However, the view of the cliffs below is not for the faint hearted as sea roar 300m below and the winds on the headland can be vicious. It has one of the most spectacular sandy white beaches spanning 850 meters with crystal clear water. More popular with yachts; as it is not easily accessible by car. You will certainly feel relaxed on this part of the Mediterranean.

Need assistance? Contact us at estela@superyachts.agency | +34 971 722 532 | 97

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Moor up in the historical fishing marina of Sóller, this quaint marina is located in the most beautiful valleys on the island. It is surrounded by the Tramuntana Mountains, one of the most spectacular and awe inspiring sights that you will get to experience whilst on your visit here in Mallorca, there are traditional markets and museums and great variety of local cuisine restaurants. Take this opportunity to stretch your legs and have a day out exploring the island. Our drivers from transfer rent will pick you up and take you to the picturesque village of Valldemossa (Find more information in the On Land Experiences section). Then have a lovely meal in es Port de Valldemossa where you can sample

Mallorca’s Classic Tapas and seafood paella overlooking the beautiful sea. You will then be transported down the south west coast in the car and meet up at Sant Elm visit the Dragonera Island and watch the sunset in Andratx.

dAy 7 End your trip back at Port Adriano, after having been round the island and enjoyed many of its beautiful bays and culture, why not have a little bit of fun and let your hair down, 5 minutes away from the marina is a great place call Katmandu. It has mini golf, 4d experiences, the zombie show and infamous K3 climb, water park for children and a house of wonders. Then head down to the famous Nikki Beach for some music and cocktails and then make your way back to the marina for your trip home.

98 | On land experiences · One week itinerary · Cap Formentor

Cape Formentor is one of the most beautiful areas of Mallorca and, perhaps of Spain. It’s so exclusive, that the few houses that are located there have the most expensive price per square meter of Europe. Formentor, belongs to the municipality of Pollença. It’s a narrow peninsula that reaches Cape Formentor, a spectacular cliff located in the northernmost point of the island of Mallorca. The locals also call it “The meeting point of the winds”. It’s accessed from a road that starts at the port of Pollença and goes up to reach the highest viewpoint of the cape. There is also

a car park, very comfortable to pick up the car and contemplate the views. Formentor, is made up of cliffs over 100m from which we can enjoy spectacular views. In addition to the different viewpoints and the wonderful coves (Cala Formentor, Cala Figuera and Cala Murta), you need to visit the Formentor Lighthouse and the Atalaya de Albercuix. This complete tour can be done in a few hours, and we also recommend to visit the surrounding villages like Alcudia or Deiá to know local products, traditions, foods and also decide where to stay.

Need assistance? Contact us at estela@superyachts.agency | +34 971 722 532 | 99

The Y | Yachting Handbook

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Wine tour

Enjoy A guided tour in one of the many wine cellars here on the island, visit one of the traditional farm houses and experience a stroll through the vineyards. You will then enjoy a variation of wine that also includes a meal of authentic Spanish tapas.

Weekend breaks

Looking for a great weekend Spa Getaway experience the best the island has to offer.

100 | On land experiences


On Mallorca you really are spoilt for choice with a wide range of guided hikes, with the Tramuntana mountain range in West Mallorca and then the Serra de Llevant in the east. The best time to go hiking is spring or late summer.


Mallorca offers something for everyone’s taste buds make sure you get to experience the best restaurants on the island. With great working relationships with the top restaurants we will make sure that you are looked after.

Family day out

Looking to for a fun day out with the children, we can organise entrances to all the theme park and attractions the island has to offer, from Water parks to Palma Aquarium to petting Dolphins.

Nights out

The island has a vibrant nightlife, with live bands, top DJ’s and singers, make sure you contact us and we can make sure that you get the VIP treatment you deserve.


With over 30 Golf courses on the island you really are spoilt for choice if you want the course to yourself let us know as anything can be arranged.

Son Amar Dinner Show

Son Amar is a production that is as dynamic and colourful as it’s name suggests. Set after spectacular set leaves you breathless and is a showcase for the international, multicultural world of music and dance. You can book your tickets by contacting us.

Need assistance? Contact us at estela@superyachts.agency | +34 971 722 532 | 101

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Get your authorisation! There are 7 marine reserves. We can organize this prior to your arrival or once you arrive. Contact us at: estela@superyachts.agency

This link will take you to diving spots in Mallorca:

102 | On land experiences

DiVE SitES El Toro

Is located in a nature reserve, there is a great wealth of fauna. Level: Intermediate Depth: 42M Area: El Toro

Formentor Island

Underwater it is quite bare but there is a ravine that goes into the island and an opening in the rock, through which you can swim. Level: Easy Depth: 22M Area: Port de Pollença


In 2004 Malgrats was declared a nature reserve and this has had a positive impact of the fauna. Level: Intermediate Depth: 42M Area: Isla Malgrats

Cap de Llebeitx - Cabrera

Cabrera is a natural reserve; it has one of the best preserved coastlines in the Mediterranean. Level: Intermediate Depth: 30M Area: Isla Cabrera

Cap de Llebeig - Dragonera

One of the top dive sites in Mallorca due to its crystal clear water. Level: Difficult Depth: 38M Area: Isla Dragonera

Swiss Cheese

This dive has entrances into caves and tunnels; there is lots of marine life to see. Level: Intermediate Depth: 6- 23M Area: Cap de Formentor

Formentor Steps

From the point of the lighthouse you will see a staircase that leasd down to the start of the dive. You will come to an enormous shaft; this is where you can dive through. Level: Intermediate Depth: 12-30M Area: Cap Formentor

Neptunes Temple

This is an exciting dive spot as it is truly unspoilt. Only accessable by the sea it consists of a maze of tunnels. Level: Intermediate Depth: 20M Area: Cap Formentor

Parque Mar

This Dive is directly on the Coast of Cala d’Or. There are two dives here one in the direction of Cala Egos and one towards Cala d’Or. The swell here can make the entry a little complicated so may suit more experienced divers. Level: Intermediate Depth: 6-34M Area: Cala d’Or

Tunnels of Love

There are caves and tunnels with long swimming passages that meander along the wall. There is also air bubbles whereby you can surface. Level: Intermediate Depth: 28M Area: Cap de Formentor

Cala Ferrera

This dive is situated in a sheltered bay; this area has unique rock formations. Level: Easy Depth: 8-28M Area: Cala Ferrera

Need assistance? Contact us at estela@superyachts.agency | +34 971 722 532 | 103

The Y | Yachting Handbook

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More information about Beach Clubs in Mallorca:

If you are looking for a bit relaxation or somewhere a bit more upbeat each here are some of the beach clubs the island has to offer Ponderosa Beach | www.ponderosabeach.com/en/

Ponderosa Beach Club is situated on Muro beach at the north of Mallorca, this is a great place for everyone, relax and enjoy the chill out music whilst enjoying their famous seafood Paella, all produce is organic and aimed at sustainability for the locals. This beach club is very busy in the summer and we recommend that you book in advance.

Purobeach | www.purobeach.com

Purobeach is in an affluent place located in a prime just outside Palma. An oasis of peace and pleasure, their brand of Puro Music will follow you all the time. Spa, restaurant, pool, bar, terraces and shop make their Beach Club an unforgettable experience for all clients.

Nikki Beach | www.nikkibeach.com

This Famous franchise has everything to offer you situated in the south west of Mallorca you will experience the Glitz and Glamour that Nikki Beach is renowned for, their Champagne Spray Parties and Entertainment always a fun day/evening.

104 | On land experiences

More information about Golf in Mallorca:

Arabella Golf Son Vida

18 holes PAR 71 www.arabellagolfmallorca.com

Son Muntaner (Arabella Golf)

Real Golf de Bendinat

18 holes PAR 70 www.realgolfbendinat.com

Pula Golf

18 holes PAR 72 www.arabellagolfmallorca.com

18 holes PAR 70 Phone +34 971 817 034

Son Quint (Arabella Golf)

Santa Ponsa I

18 holes PAR 72 www.arabellagolfmallorca.com

18 holes PAR 72 www.golf-santaponsa.com

Golf de Poniente

Golf de Andratx

18 holes PAR 72 www.tgolf-poniente.com

18 holes PAR 72 www.golfdeandratx.es

Need assistance? Contact us at estela@superyachts.agency | +34 971 722 532 | 105

The Y | Yachting Handbook

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The Cathedral of Palma

Construction of Palma Cathedral began in 1229, after the island was conquered by King Jaime I of Aragon, on the site of the former mosque of Medina Mayurca. The cathedral was built in honor of Santa María, who had purportedly saved the king and his army from a shipwreck caused by the storm that raged on the way to Mallorca. Gothic in style, it took almost 400 years to complete. It’s the second biggest cathedral in Spain after Seville. Its surface is about 6600 square meters, measuring 121 meters long

106 | On land experiences

and 55 meters wide, the central nave has a height of about 44 meters. This stone used to build the cathedral comes from the village of Santanyi. You will find works by Antonio Gaudí in the exterior as well as the interior; he worked on the restoration of the cathedral in 1904. You will also discover the “Chapel” by the architect Miquel Barceló.

Almudaina Palace

As for the Almudaina Palace, this former fortress rebuilt in the year 1309 by King Jaime II was successively the seat of the monarchs of the Kingdom of Mallorca, the

Crown of Aragon and Spain. Nowadays the king and queen still hold audiences inside it when they are on official visits to the island. At the base of the Almudaina Palace, after viewing the whole Bay of Palma from its walls, you can go down through the Jardines del Rey, or king’s gardens, which lead you out onto the city’s most mythical avenue, Paseo del Borne. We recommend that you take advantage of the proximity to visit the Arab baths from 09h00 to 18h00 walking from the cathedral. A playful way of cultural tourism and also to see the magnificent patios in the old town of Palma. In the avenue of paseo del borne, Flanked by its tall, ancient plane trees, it is here, in the Borne, between the Plaza Rey Juan

Carlos Tortuga (popularly known as the Plaza de las Tortugas) and Plaza Reina María Cristina, that the life of the city has run its course over the last two centuries. And today, Paseo del Borne contains some of the most exclusive stores in Palma de Mallorca. In the Plaza de las Tortugas, Bar Bosch is the perfect place for stopping and taking some refreshment on the busy terrace.

The Bellver Castle

Looking up at this castle, so perfectly maintained, it is hard to believe that it has been standing for almost 700 years. Begun by Jaume II in 1300 and built by Pere Salva, the architect of the Almudaina Palace, it is unique among Spanish castles in being entirely rounded.

Need assistance? Contact us at estela@superyachts.agency | +34 971 722 532 | 107

The Y | Yachting Handbook

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108 | On land experiences ¡ Discovering Palma ¡ The Bellver Castle

Three large towers surround a central courtyard, connected by an arch to a free standing keep. The courtyard itself is on two levels, the ground floor with semicircular arches and a flat roof, the upper level with Gothic arches and ribvaulting. For the full effect, walk around the moat then climb onto the roof and look down into the courtyard to compare the contrasting styles. While you are there, look out over the city and the bay for one of the best views in Palma. Bellver means ‘lovely view’ in Catalan. For many centuries the castle was used as a prison; Jaume III’s widow and sons were imprisoned here for most of their lives. These days it contains Palma’s museum of municipal history, which traces the development of the city through its artefacts, with pottery from Talaiotic, Roman, Arab and Spanish periods

The patios of Palma

Palma hides numerous courtyards built between the XV century and the XVII century. It’s a good idea to discover them at randomly from a street or walking in the alleys of the old town. The “Route of the Patios de Mallorca” is an essential and unique visit. This itinerary is located in the lower part of the city and aims to offer a retrospective view of the history of the city and the knowledge of the most beautiful courtyards. Classical, Gothic and modern are the main Architectural styles that make each patio a unique piece. From mid-May to June, the courtyards open their doors to visitors for spring parties and the celebrations of numerous free concerts of classical music, jazz, etc.

Plaza Cort

Plaza de Cort, one of the city’s most evocative squares, where the City Council offices are, as well as a spectacular, ancient olive tree which is probably the mostphotographed specimen of all Mallorca.. Continuing along the street called Palau Reial, you will walk past what was the former Círculo Mallorquín, an impressive building that was the venue for the balls and parties of Palma’s nobility during the first half of the 20th century, and is now the seat of the Balearic parliament. Right beside this building, you can see the Palau March, which was the residence of the Juan March Ordinas, an entrepreneur and financier who was once the richest man in the world.

El Paseo Marítimo

The port of Palma is the perfect place for a pleasant walk by the seashore. You will discover the maritime facade of Palma, the Palau de la Almudaina, la Lonja and you will see also luxurious yachts and cruise ships. A bike path of 12 kilometers, bordering the bay of Palma and starting from the Arenal, will please lovers of jogging and cycling. This area is lively at night thanks to the numerous restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Without going too far away, but going up Avenida Argentina again, Es Baluard Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art awaits with an interesting permanent collection (works by Picasso, Miró, Barceló, etc.), displayed inside an installation that is a work of art in itself, Palma’s old city wall. When you leave Es Baluard, you can wander on up through the neighborhood of Sant Pere, a former fishermen’s quarter which still

Need assistance? Contact us at estela@superyachts.agency | +34 971 722 532 | 109

The Y | Yachting Handbook

Owners & Guests Chapter

retains its old seafaring flavor. From the lower part, Plaza Atarazanas, you can take a relaxing walk along Paseo de Sagrera, opposite the fishing boats, until reaching another of Palma’s most typical districts, La Lonja.

Plaza Mayor

Once the headquarters of the Inquisition, Plaza Mayor is now the heart and soul of Palma Old Town and the ideal starting point to explore the historic center’s narrow cobblestoned streets lined with quaint traditional shops. Locally known as Placa Major, this rectangular open space surrounded by old arcaded Spanish buildings is the main and largest square in the city. It was erected in the 19th century on the site of the Convent of San Felipe Neri, and soon became one of Palma de Mallorca’s

landmarks and a true social and cultural hub, where locals and tourists alike come to enjoy drinks and tapas while watching the world go by. Bursting with restaurants, outdoor cafes, art galleries, and street artists, Palma’s Plaza Mayor makes for a great alternative to the beach when the weather is not so good, or when you just need a break from the sun. A nice artisan market is held weekly in the square, offering an interesting choice of local crafts and produce, from traditional foods to the famous Mallorcan pearls.

Calle San Miguel

One of the busiest streets in Palma, you will find in a circular monastery with free exhibitions, numerous shops with clothes and accessories, stalls and food vendors.

110 | On land experiences · Discovering Palma · Almudaina Palace

You should stop at the Fundación March, one of the best museums in the city; the church of San Miguel, one of Palma’s oldest churches; and the Mercado del Olivar, the city’s main market, with its traditional stalls selling meat, fish, vegetables and fruit. Alongside the old-fashioned cafés and stands you can taste oysters, seafood and sushi which have become all the rage of late. Upon leaving the Mercado del Olivar, go down Calle Olmos, which will lead you to La Rambla with its flower stalls and meandering on down you will come to Calle Jaime III, Palma’s main shopping street.

Palma by night

A nocturnal visit of the historic center, with the surroundings of the cathedral will make

you discover Palma from a different point of view. The streets and most beautiful monuments of Palma are illuminated by a particular light that gives a mystical aspect. An evening walk through the streets and alleys of La Lonja is highly recommended before you enter one of the numerous restaurants in the area for dinner, of which we can recommend Forn de Sant Joan, KOA and Neo Cultural. And if you still have the energy to extend the night after dinner, one good option is to visit some of Palma’s cocktail bars. We recommend, Shamrock, the Brass Club, The Gibson, Ginbo or Atlántico, at Blue Jazz, you can listen to live music, in the penthouse of the Hotel Saratoga.

Need assistance? Contact us at estela@superyachts.agency | +34 971 722 532 | 111

The Y | Yachting Handbook

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112 | On land experiences ¡ Discovering Palma ¡ Palma by night from Na Burguesa

Need assistance? Contact us at estela@superyachts.agency | +34 971 722 532 | 113

The Y | Yachting Handbook

Owners & Guests Chapter

To dance until dawn, the best options are Pasarella, Tito’s or Garito Café, in the Paseo Marítimo

Park de Ses Voltes

Parc de la Mar, next to the cathedral, ideal place for a walk along the city wall where you can enjoy splendid views of the bay and the old part of Palma.

Mirador de Na Burguesa

Na Burgesa is a mountain range situated in the municipality of Calviá. It starts mid-way from Santa Ponsa in between son Falconer up to Palma by the town of Son Vida. It contains a significant mass of pine trees and Mediterranean garrigue. The mountain range has a lot of history due to the exploits of King Jaime I of Aragon during the reconquering of Mallorca. It got its name at the beginning of the XVI century from the Family that owned

the farmhouse at the foot of the mountain Francesc de Burgues. The estate changed hands to the Salas family and then onto the Marquis de La Romana who famously ordered the construction of the well-known Bendinat Castle. The mountains name never changed. On the mountain range there is the Mirador de n’Alzamora, a small refuge which offers excellent views of the sea, Calviá and the mountains to the North and east. The mountain range used to be a wellknown summer grazing place for herds in the area. The whole mountain range is accessible by paths and roads, they are frequented by hikers, walkers and hunters When you finish, you can go to the neighborhood of Génova that there is a great variety of restaurants. The most recognized restaurants in that area are Casa Jacinto, Can Pedro, La Rueda and Ca Na Joana for codfish lovers.

114 | On land experiences · Discovering Palma · Es Baluard Museum

Need assistance? Contact us at estela@superyachts.agency | +34 971 722 532 | 115

an insider’s shopping tip! If you are in Mallorca and seeking inspiration, head to lifestyle store Rialto Living, located in the heart of Palma. This two-storey shop is housed in a former palace and is defined by relaxed elegance and casual luxury. You can find high-end fashion and also a range of cherry picked treasures sourced from all corners of the globe, like furniture and unique items of decoration. Additionally, Rialto Living sell fabrics, fresh flowers, designer perfumes, art, books, accessories and do interior design projects. In the Café you will be able to relax and enjoy homemade food and great drinks. Rialto Living, C/ Sant Feliu 3, 07012 Palma de Mallorca. Tel. 971 71 33 31. Open: Monday - Saturday 10.00-20.30. www.rialtoliving.com

Your lifestyle store in Palma C/ SANT FELIU 3, PALMA DE MALLORCA. TEL 971 71 33 31. WWW.RIALTOLIVING.COM COME AND SEE US, WE ARE OPEN MONDAY – SATURDAY 10.00 – 20.30.

Rambla 15, Palma Tl. 871 23 51 82 Some of our services that we offer are: Womans Haircut Mens haircut Cut and blowdry Ecoplex hair treatment Full colour ecological

20,00 € 16,50 € 35,00 € 30,00 € 23,00 €

Pedicure + gel polish 35,00 € Manicure + gel polish 30,00 € Facial treatments from 50,00 € Waxing


Winter’s Tale Cheek by Jowl

Saturday 20th May 2017 20:00 h Language: English Prices: From 8-20 Euros Author: William Shakespeare Cast Leontes Orlando James Polixenes Edward Sayer Hermione / Dorcas Natalie Radmall-Quirke Perdita Eleanor McLoughlin Paulina / Mopsa Joy Richardson Emilia / Time Grace Andrews Camillo David Carr Autolycus Ryan Donaldson Florizel Sam Woolf Old Shepherd / Antigonus Peter Moreton Young Shepherd Sam McArdle Cleomenes Joseph Black Dion & Live Music Supervisor Guy Hughes Mamillius Tom Cawte One of Shakespeare's greatest plays, The Winter's Tale, though written at the same period as The Tempest, smashes all the rules that The Tempest follows. Unity of time, place and action are hurled aside as we range across Europe, from court to country, from high tragedy to low comedy, across a time span of sixteen years. The Winter's Tale tells of a delusional and paranoid king who tears his family apart. But this is the new Shakespeare, after he completed his great tragedies, and the tough struggle for redemption yields flickers of hope. Initial darkness gives way to joy as Time leads the characters to a shattering conclusion... Produced by Cheek by Jowl in a co-production with the Barbican, London; Les Gémeaux/Sceaux/Scène Nationale; Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg; Piccolo Teatro di Milano - Teatro d'Europa; Chicago Shakespeare Theater; Centro Dramático Nacional, Madrid (INAEM) For the full schedule of Teatro Principal visit their website: www.teatroprincipal.com/en/





O N E C O M P A N Y. . . O N E C O M P L E T E S E R V I C E

the bespoke yachting company in the heart of palma.

providing crew training, crew placement, brokerage and charter.

t:+34 971 677 154 training & crew

palma@bluewateryachting.com crewpalma@bluewateryachting.com

brokerage & charter jim@bluewateryachting.com cissi@bluewateryachting.com




BOWL YOUR GUESTS OVER! Do you want to make sure your guests are completely bowled over by the experiences you can offer them on board? With fantastic and unique ideas we can organize, live bands, flamenco dancing, wine tasting or even have specialized tastings of famous Spanish ham. Maybe your guests are looking for a relaxing experience, we can organize a masseuse, or Tai Chi lessons. We offer all types of experiences that are sure to keep your guests entertained. The Possibilities are endless!

Hi Queco and Alberto, is it true that you are one of the most well-known flamenco group on the island? Well that’s true, we are very lucky to live on this beautiful island and be able to do what we love. We are originally from Andalucia, but we have been here for quite a while now, and truth be told we are very well known, we have great tourism on the island which allows us to have a wealth of clients with different nationalities.

When did you start to learn the art of flamenco? From a very young age, we became friends and we were always performing flamenco in the streets. In Andalucia you are surrounded by flamenco, we would find a corner and just kept practicing and playing on our guitars and that’s how we became Kindale.

Why did you start to perform? We started playing because it’s what we felt inside, we were born into this. All the families are involved in some way or another. At home we would always be listening to flamenco music. My father, my mother we all sang, and we wanted to form a family group and have that true feeling of flamenco. We have always listened to music it is in our blood. Having so much flamenco in all

our homes is how our group was formed and we can share our music with everyone.

Over the last couple of years you have started to perform on yachts is that correct? That’s correct we are now performing on yachts, we even performed for the British royal family which was an amazing experience for us to play for them.

How did you get into the Yachting sector? Well we managed to get into the yachting industry thanks to Estela Shipping and its going really well.

On what type of occasions do you perform on yachts? Normally we perform for the owner of the yacht or if the yacht is on charter it could be for their guests. Estela Shipping then calls us and tells us where to go and what the client is looking for. We then perform a flamenco experience with music and dance on the yacht.

Are you going to the Palma Superyacht show? Yes, this year we will be there for two days at Estela shipping stand. Everyone will enjoy listening to us live!

Watch KINDALÉ on this link:

Need assistance? Contact us at estela@superyachts.agency | +34 971 722 532 | 127

An urban, modern and functional space, designed to provide comprehensive services for Hair & Beauty, where you can enjoy several treatments simultaneously during a small period of time. At H&B you will be in the hands of truly professionals with a large experience working with cosmetic and hair products of he latest technology. We propose to yo a personalized service adapted to your needs with guaranteed results. Let you surprise in our global environment created for your commodity, respecting your busy Schedule.


CREW CHAPTER This section of the handbook is specifically written for Crew. Everything you could need whilst in Mallorca, Crew Discount Card, things to do on your day off, places to visit, plus much much more…


The Y | Yachting Handbook

Crew Chapter

Who is it for?

by Estela Shipping How did it come about? The thinking behind the card was a very simple one. Here at Estela we are no different from anyone else and we get great joy out of saving a little bit here and there. I suppose the card could be compared to the student discount card that many of you may have been lucky enough to make great use out of during your academic years.

How do you obtain this card? The card is exclusive to Estela’s clients and can be obtained by either getting in contact with us or coming to introduce yourself personally in our office, where we would be more than happy to explain the card further and share our recommendations.

The card is of great benefit to all crew wanting to break the everyday routine of living and working aboard a yacht. Whether you are in Palma for a short stay or are based here for a longer period of time, the card will be of great benefit to you.

What benefits does it bring? Due to our ongoing collaborations with a lot of our partners on the island, we 2017 cardon managed5to negotiate agree certain NG - vip SHIPPIand 85x5 ESTELA YK - CMthe b 2017for discounts andFedeals crew with us here at Estela Shipping. The card can be used to save a bit ‘here and there’ at many places such as: Gyms, restaurants, car/motorbike rentals, bars, beauty salons through to aquatic sport rentals.

This link will take you to a list of all our partners where you will receive a promotion upon showing your crew discount card:


Card 2017 ew Discount SHIPPING - Cr 85x55 ESTELA YK CM 17 Feb 20

We always want to make sure that all crew members feel safe in the knowledge that they have an agency that, as well as a support them with their guests also looks out for them. We make sure we are available to crew members 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Remember: We are here to help, whatever your needs we are only a phone call or email away: +34 971 722 532 | estela@superyachts.agency Information: We offer crew members tips on all types of information they may need. VISA: Organize your visas whenever they are required quickly and efficiently without causing you too much time or trouble. Your passport maybe about to expire, don’t worry we can organize all the relevant paperwork so you can carry on working without the worry that you may have to go back home sooner than intended. Legal advise: Use our network of people on the island that can help you, maybe your captain is not treating you fairly, you have not been paid, we can point you in the right direction. Crew recruitment: Enjoy our large crew and recruitment section on our social network sites, you can get unbiased Information from other crew member s in a similar situations or just find groups and make new friends on the social scene when you are in Palma. Medical support: On call doctors all English speaking should you require any assistance, from toothache to just feeling unwell we can make sure you are sent to the right place.

Training: We work alongside one of the best training companies on the island if you are looking at expanding your cv just contact us and we can let you know what courses are available and how to sign up. Crew change: Our database is constantly expanding and we often have captains looking for new crew every season, make sure you send us your cv and we can keep you at the forefront of captains mind when they are looking to change their crew. Sim card: We are an official salepoint for pay as you go cards. Car rental: We have our own fleet of cars for Crew. Accomodation: Just give us a call we will find something just right for you. Travel agency: if you need to get home quickly or just fancy a cheeky getaway contact us we can organize everything for you.

Need assistance? Contact us at estela@superyachts.agency | +34 971 722 532 | 133

The Y | Yachting Handbook

Crew Chapter

• Provisioning • Fish • Fruit and vegetables • Meat • Gourmet • Wines • Spirits • Soft drinks Highest grade quality food with fast delivery across the island


• Flowers • Laundry • Cleaning products • Cleaning service • Carpet cleaning • Soft furnishing • Carpentry & polishing • Entertainment • Interior products

• Fuel • Lube oil • Spare parts • Logistics • Technical assistance • Electrical • Mechanical • Marpol certificates • Tank cleaning • Waste disposal

• Booking • Transfers • Nautical charts • Flags • Ropes • Crew

Need assistance? Contact us at estela@superyachts.agency | +34 971 722 532 | 135

The Y | Yachting Handbook

Crew Chapter

PAlMa yACHT CREW 5 Questions to Lars by Kristy Hollingsworth

Interview to Lars Molin, administrator of the Facebook Group “Palma Yacht Crew” What is your background in the Yachting industry? Although I grew up by the sea in my home country, Denmark, I never was much involved with any sort of boating other than the odd day-out-on-the-water with a friend or two. So, upon entering the yachting industry, when a Danish friend called me up, while I was backpacking in the States, my life took a drastic change - for the better ! Having spent a couple of years doing my military service along with being an adventurer at heart, never mind my viking and Scandihooligan genes, I found my call in life. So yes, I am a backpacker, who saw an opportunity and stuck with it.

Why did you set up the Palma Yacht Crew, and what is the main Purpose of the group? Facebook was still a relatively new thing back in 2007, when the idea to start up Palma Yacht Crew struck my mind. At the time I was Chief Officer on a yacht in Club de Mar, where the crew all did their own thing after work. Thinking that many were likely experiencing the same, the idea was to set up a small friendly community online, where members could meet colleagues from other yachts interested in socialising and expanding their network as well.


Well, that turned out to be easier said than done. With a bit of self-promotion, in the first year we reached about a 100 members, but as they say in Mallorca “poc a poc” or little by little, we reached the first 1,000 members milestone on November 3rd, 2012. In the last 4.5 years we have added an additional 35,000 members, and with roughly 1,000 new members monthly and 2,000 individual daily visits at the moment (April 2017), it is beginning to prove popular with a few yachties out there. However, the original idea behind the group was unfortunately not, what the members were after. They wanted jobs and a place to crash! Nevertheless, over the years, our community has helped so many, whether that would be finding local recommendations and other information, industry news, helping retrieve unpaid salaries, support for injured crew members, ideas about how to escape the boss’ violent bodyguard (true story!), cleaning up the beaches of Mallorca, walking poor little dogs stuck in small cages at the local shelter etc. Heck, we even managed to collect funds to help a long time member get brain surgery in Germany, and I kid you not, one or two lucky members found their love through the Yacht Crew groups. Over time some yachts started using the group to search for crew, and once the crew agencies embraced the group, the whole thing just erupted.

Do you have any other pages for around the world? Oh yes, why serve just one destination, when there are yacht crews worldwide, who can benefit from a well functioning crew community? Seeing where Palma Yacht Crew was going, I set up Antibes Yacht Crew, which has about 25k members at the moment. Then followed Italy-, Fort Lauderdale-, St Maarten-, Antigua-, Virgin Islands-, Australia Pacific-, SE Asia-, Dubai- and eventually also Maltaand Barcelona Yacht Crew. On the side, there are a couple of “fun� groups; Yacht Freaks and Yacht Crew Photos. Recently, I started playing around with a few pages, which have various functions; News related articles from all over the net are shared via one easy-to-find-location; Yacht Crew News. Those interested in managing their hard-earned money can find related articles

on Yacht Crew Finance, and recently I also set up a training related page; Yacht Crew Training. Okay, time to take a breath...

Have you seen a change over the last few years in Palma when it comes to yachting? Absolutely! A few years ago there was very little community or easy access to information, once you moved off the docks. That has totally changed with the introduction of the Facebook communities, which brought us all so much closer to each other, whether it would be green crew, captains, crew agents, schools and other industry professionals. Other contributors to this change would be the increased popularity of The Islander magazine and the development of the facilities at STP, which has introduced a much larger number of yachts and crew wintering on the island, making a massive difference.

LOoKiNg FOR a JOb? This year is looking very exciting for the yachting industry! Many new yachts have come into the market, new destinations, and more yachts making the Atlantic crossing again. The crisis looks like it may be definitely over, and with that comes new opportunities for those seeking jobs in the yachting industry and new challenges, for those wanting to get into the market and be at the top of their field and at the forefront of these clients lists.

Make sure you join these groups on Facebook!

Yacht Crew Recruitment

Job opportunities, tips, essential training, all you need in order to find your ideal job in superyacht industry and how to improve your skills.

Estela Shipping Superyacht Agency

Join our community and keep updated about our events, information, initiatives and exclusive benefit you can enjoy being part of the Estela family. Once again wishing you all a great 2017 may it be full of promise!

Need assistance? Contact us at estela@superyachts.agency | +34 971 722 532 | 137

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Crew Chapter

Need a day out and some crew bonding or just in need of letting your hair down and experiencing something different? Leave everything to us! We have tailor-made experiences for everyone whether it is climbing to Go Karting or even just a great night out. We organize transportation to and from all venues, cater for all different needs and budgets. Some examples:

Go Karting We can cater for group packages for up to 30 drivers spending the day racing round the islands very own track, with speeds of up 60 miles per hour, this exhilarating activity is a great way to unwind and have fun. The whole day gives you that Fรณrmula 1 experience suiting you up in all the racing gear, helmets on and gets yourselves onto the starting line. Your change over in the pits will give your that genuine feel to the day. Once the winners are announced stand onto the podiums for the customary champagne spray Once you have dried off we then take you onto a great restaurant for a menu of the day loads of Spanish tapas and red wine to boot.

Adventure Rooms This is a new concept that came to the island last year. You are locked in a room and have 60 minutes to escape. This is a great and exciting new way for team

bonding or just an excuse to challenge the rest of your friends and see who comes out first with over 4 rooms to choose from and ever changing experiences this is an activity that you can go back to time and time again.

Learn to cook Spanish Paella in a fun environment Wanting to experience a bit of Spanish culture and being able to take away your paella with you at the end of the day then this is definitely for you, start the day by visiting the local markets to but the fresh produce, then transfers take you to the Finca where you will cook a menu to be proud of. Once the food is ready sit down to eat in the very picturesque mountains of with local wines and spectacular views.

This is a unique opportunity to experience the island at its best! For more information and tailor made days out contact us on:


Need assistance? Contact us at estela@superyachts.agency | +34 971 722 532 | 139

Katie Handyside Personal and Group Training and Nutrition are a team that offer one on one personal training and Group exercise classes. We also do mobile training to yachts, hotels and villa’s for both fun parties of group training and personal training.


· ·

Bodyweight training Weight training Pilates style classes Stretching and mobility TRX Kettlebells Bootcamp style training Circuits and intervals Weight loss, detox and fat burning programme






We take into account your health, fitness goals and what you would like to achieve whilst working with us. Along with exercise, Nutrition is also a large part of what we offer: weight loss and Nutritional advice and specific Metabolic Balance Nutritional programmes based on your individual blood results.

THE SMARTEST DIVING SOLUTION FOR YACHTS Try it out! Get your own! (+34) 971752026 info@peterdiving.com www.peterdiving.com

peterdivingsystem peter_diving peterdiving peterdivingsystem Search “PETER Diving

Katie Handyside She has been working with super yachts for over 11 years. A fully qualified mobile Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, DNA Certified, Metabolic Practitioner. Bringing fitness to yachting! Try a group workout, a team building experience in the outdoors, a workout on board or Nutritional Plan.

Club HĂ­pico La Gubia Looking for a perfect day out, in an idyllic location at the foot of the Serra Tramuntana National Park you will find Club HĂ­pico La Gubia. It has become one of the best riding schools in Spain where you can enjoy first class facilities. They offer experiences for all levels.

Peter Diving A unique way of diving, Peter diving systems use compressed air tanks like those when scuba diving, but these have long Airlines which allow the tanks to remain on the Surface of the water, allowing diver to explore the water beneath. They have various locations on the island for you to enjoy.

Pula Stil Hotel This little gem, located at the foot of a hill offers fantastic countryside, set around an 18 hole golf course. The perfect place for a weekend getaway, enjoy one of the best courses on the island, Relax in the Spa, or take a swim and enjoy the world class service allowing you to rejuvenate before heading back on board.

Need assistance? Contact us at estela@superyachts.agency | +34 971 722 532 | 141

PULA SUITES GOLF & SPA ***** Located on the Pula Golf Course, in the Countryside, only 3 km away from Costa de los Pinos, and the east coast-side of Mallorca. Its Mediterranean architecture style, surrounded by landscape and gardens over viewing the sea, together ga with excellent installations and facilities, makes of PULA SUITES the ideal place for golf lovers, health and beauty treatments and for all those who seek to enjoy a relaxing holiday in a nice atmosphere and privacy.

Ctra. Son Servera - Capdepera Km.3 · 07550 Son Servera · T: 971567307 F: 971568053 info.pulasuites@sentidohotels.com · www.stilhotels.com

There are plenty of activities and sights to enjoy during your time on Mallorca. We have listed a few possibilities that might interest you. PALMA • Arab Baths • Cathedral La Seu • Palma Jump • Adventure Rooms • Aqualand Arenal • Palma Aquarium • Palau March Museu • Castell de San Carles • La Lonja

• Pueblo Espanyol • Cuevas de Genova • Palau de Almudaina

CALVIÁ • Western Water Park • Katmandu Park • Marineland • Golf Fantasia • Jungle Park

PORTO CRISTO • Safari Zoo • Ham Caves • Caves of Drach

Other Place of interest: • Lluc Sanctuary • Castell de Santueri Felanitx • Castell de Capdepera • Caves of Campanet • Cap de Formentor • S’Hort del Rei – Marratxi • Hidropark Alcudia • Castillo de Alaró Please follow this link for more information

DEIÁ / VALLDEMOSSA • Son Marroig Deiá • Chartreuse de Valldemossa

ARTÁ / CANYAMEL • Ermita de Betlem • Caves of Artá

SANTA EUGENIA • Zoo Natura Parc

YACHT CHAPTER This section of the handbook is specifically written for Yachts. Refit and Repairs, Fuel & Lube-oil, Yacht assistance worldwide, Safety and Medical, plus much much more...


The Y | Yachting Handbook


Yacht Chapter


Car rental

Data - telephone

Laundry - cleaning



We can organise straight away!

Lube oil


Cash to master




Need assistance? Contact us at estela@superyachts.agency | +34 971 722 532 | 147

The Y | Yachting Handbook


BE ONE OF US www.group-ipm.com

Yatch Chapter


www.stp-palma.com t. +34 971 214 747-info@stp-palma.com

Palma offers one of the best conditions for Superyacht refit and repair. There is Top class marina facilities, the services offered on the island are by the best professionals. Location wise, it’s perfect for Captains, crew and owners with excellent flight connections throughout Europe. Mallorca is one of the favorite places for Captains when it comes to refit and repair, it is situated perfectly for the Summer season at the mouth of the Mediterranean all the work can be done over the winter period ready for the Season. We can offer to you a complete assistance and support during your staying in the Shipyard: Shipyard booking · Scaffolding · Crew Accomodation · Catering Chandlery / Antifouling / Painting · Repairs / Spare Parts · Storage / Courier / Logistic

palma@superyachts.agency | +34 971 722 532

The Y | Yachting Handbook

Yatch Chapter




BE ONE OF US www.group-ipm.com



www.stp-palma.com t. +34 971 214 747-info@stp-palma.com

STP – Servicios Técnicos Portuarios 39º33’50”N - 2º 38’23”E Max length: 120M – Depth: 7.5M – Berths: 53

One of the safest and most advanced shipyards in Europe it is a technical area of reference for the repair and maintenance of ships. They guarantee the highest level of efficiency and professionalism. (Muelle Viejo - 07012 Palma).

Astilleros de Mallorca 39º33’59”N - 2º 38’22”E Max length: 120M – Depth: 7.5M – Berths: 53

The shipyard offers a full range of in-house services, covering all needs and requirements of yachts, with facilities for hauling up to 1700 tons and around 100m in length, as well as an exterior berthing quay for vessels of up to 110m. (Contramuelle Mollet, 11 - 07012 Palma).

Audax Marina 39º34’5”N - 2º 38’20”E 100 T Travel Lift - 12T Crane

Based in Palma de Mallorca, Audax Marina is a fully equipped and specialist shipyard offering a range of yacht refit and repair services. Audax can provide complete yacht installations. (Contramuelle Mollet, 11 - 07012 Palma).

1942 2017

Quality, our driving force

Superyacht Marine Engineering, Refits & Repairs ✓ Shipyard refit and maintenance ✓ Mechanical & electrical engineering;

service, repair, overhaul and installation ✓ Metal works; aluminium and steel structural repairs and fabrication ✓ Outfitting; interior and exterior design and installation ✓ Full project management and global support

Your Yacht, Your Terms . . . (+34) 971 224 982 www.burgessmarine.co.uk info@burgessmarine.co.uk STP SHIPYARD

Supplying Anything from a Teaspoon to a Main Engine ✓ Supplying spares and equipment to ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

superyachts worldwide Supporting yachts from Newbuild stage, Refit, through to Operational Specialised & tailored procurement in all departments Provide a Dedicated Account Manager Offices in Palma, Ibiza, Antibes and UK


Here to Make Your Life Simple (+34) 671 332 749 www.globalservicespalma.com sales@globalservicespalma.com




• Finishing • Varnishing • Polishing • Antifouling • Scaffold, Cover & Fittings • Tanks & Engine Rooms • Sand & Hydro Blasting • Temporary Protections

Extensive ship’s chandlery where we stock deck and engineering spares a full range of maintenance products, tools, ropes, fenders, lights and fittings.


We work with individual boat owners, captains, crews and management companies. chandlery@nautipaints.com


MARINE OIL DISTRIBUTOR IN BALEARICS Stock on the island · fast delivery · better price

Need assistance? Contact us at estela@superyachts.agency | 0034 971 722 532 | 157

The Y | Yachting Handbook

Yacht Chapter

As the official dealer of SHELL MARINE LUBE-OIL in the Balearic Islands, we are able to offer the most competitive prices with resources available immediately upon request. Using our knowledge of both the commercial and yachting industry, together with our expertise in the fuel industry, we continuously work in collaboration to provide the best substances for your vessel in order to maximise the full potential of your engines whilst at the same time safeguarding the longevity of your machinery in order to reduce labour costs and thus keep your vessels in the water than in the shipyards.

estela@superyachts.agency 158

Whether you are planning a long trip or exploring somewhere close by, making sure you have the right fuel, oil, lubricants and chemicals to maintain the smooth running of your engine is vital. By using one of our many supply chains both in port or bunkering at sea, you will be looked after by one of the marine world’s specialised and devoted leading suppliers of marine fuels who understand the ever changing needs in energy efficiency in addition to the environmental protection of the seas you sail in. As business partners of Termopetroli, one of the largest fuel and oil networks, we are able to offer extremely competitive prices on the most expensive commodity that your yacht requires. We can also advise and assist you in the following areas:

• Cleaning of fuel sewage and

fresh water tanks, bilges and engine rooms with our high pressure hot water system

• Gas free cleaning • Fuel centrifugation using Alfa Laval • Hi-tech camera systems exploring the smallest spaces to inspect your tanks and bilges

• Antibacterial treatment • Analysis of chemical and bacteriological fuel Need assistance? Contact us at estela@superyachts.agency | +34 971 722 532 | 159

ESTELA SHIPPING has joined forces in a joint venture with Sillero e hijos, a Company well established in the Balearics in the field of water treatment and chemical product manufacturing. This joint venture is the production of products specifically designed for the nautical industry, there are 3 products so far in this range and are being launched this year.

You will find a sample of each in your “Welcome Box” NT-20



Nautical plastic cleaner

Cleaner–restorer–metal polisher

An air freshner

NT-20 is a potent degreaser which eliminates with ease all types of plastic surfaces that are common on boats. Its quick working action cuts down cleaning time drastically, ideal for plastic tiles, pneumatic boats, fleets, vinyl upholstery (skay), greasy stains and hydrocarbons in the hull, etc..

Kliner metal is a gentle cream with quick action that cleans, restores and buffs in one simple application on all types of metal, quickly bringing back its original appearance and shine.

This product neutralizes odors and incorporates a patented molecule, which gives it an advanced technology of eliminating said odors; apart from this it also releases a pleasant and subtle composition of perfume.

This formula is biodegradable and allows you to achieve the most effective clean without trying and without harmful products, leaving surfaces clean and gleaming as if they were new.

It comes off easily without leaving any trace, and can be placed on stainless steel, copper, bronze, aluminum, tiles and porcelain. Its studied formula allows it to get rid of small oxide points, and perfect for restoring decorative items such as stainless steel bannisters, lifts, fridges etc.

This component reacts with the principle molecules that cause bad odors (food, Tabaco, urine, sweat, etc...) and quickly and efficiently removes them. Its easy application and safety in use makes Nodor fresh is the ideal solution for the effective elimination of bad odors in all public areas, bedrooms, bathrooms etc. Easily used in your everyday cleaning routine.

The Y | Yachting Handbook

Yacht Chapter

This section provides you with information on how we can assist you around the world. 162

Need assistance? Contact us at estela@superyachts.agency | +34 971 722 532 | 163

The Y | Yachting Handbook

Yacht Chapter

Are you planning to go to


MEd tHiS suMmER?

Information that could be helpful to you during your planning process We have offices all over the world that are ready to help you with anything you could possibly need.

Canaries, Gibraltar, Valencia, Barcelona, Palma. We are able to assist you in the following ports during your trip with our offices in: • Spain • Gibraltar • Canary Islands • Morocco • Through our Agency Network: • Azores • Cape Verde • France • Italy • Greece • Turkey • Croatia Should you decide to ship your tender to Palma, we can take care of the shipment, arrival formalities and move it into the marina for you. We are able to make bookings for your stay in any marina, prepare the itineraries for your guests and make any restaurant/hotel reservations. Feel free to use our address/office for all your couriers and shipments.


During your stay we can assist you with: • Provisioning • Laundry • Medical assistance • Transfers • Wine and drinks • Car rental • Flight tickets • Restaurant / Hotel / Show bookings • Fueling and lube-oil • Internet / Telephone • Storage • Crew / Guest Activities • Recruiting • Repairs / Chandlery / Antifouling Others... Should you need to transfer money, we will be more than happy to assist you with our Cash to Master Service. Upon arrival we will be able to assist you with all the formalities, including: • Arrival Declaration • Custom Declaration • Immigration Formalities • Visas Finally, during your stay in Mallorca, don’t miss the opportunity to improve the safety onboard your yacht, with our tailor made WSC training.

Should you need any more information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us:


C/ Buenaventura Muñoz 15, Entresuelo 4, Barcelona, Spain 08018 Phone: +34 934 853 869 | Fax: +34 934853873 | Email: barcelona@estelashipping.net


Puerto de Colón 2000, Colón, Panama 76270 Phone +507 66145436 | Email: panama@estelashipping.net


Suite 2, 244 Main Street, Gibraltar GX11 1AA Phone +350 20041777 - 20041778 | Email: gibraltar@incargo.es

Need assistance? Contact us at estela@superyachts.agency | +34 971 722 532 | 165

20 th Anniversary

Head Office


The Y | Yachting Handbook

Yacht Chapter

Just some information that could be helpful to you during your planning process Leaving for the Caribbean?

Let us organize all your required documentation before you depart. Have your bunkering ordered on the way we have the fuel stations in the canaries, we can organize a quote and make sure the service is booked in for your arrival.

Where can we assist you? Antigua · Cuba · Panama · Miami


Now you can book your berth in Antigua W.I. and enjoy a range of special benefits: • Credit payment option • Full Port-to-Port Assistance • Fuel & Lube-oil Discount • Provisioning Service • Pre-Crossing Assistance • Custom Clearance Formalities • Recruitment Service • Berth Discount

Need assistance? Contact us at estela@superyachts.agency | 0034 971 722 532 | 169

WORLD-CLASS WORLD-CLASS SHIPPING & HANDLING SHIPPING & HANDLING The only float-on, float-off, less-stress yacht transportation service. The only float-on, float-off, less-stress yacht transportation service. DYT Yacht Transport is the world’s premier yacht logistics company, offering hassle-free yacht transport to the world’s most desirable cruising playgrounds. Our goal is to make your yacht shipping DYT Yacht Transport is the world’s premier yacht logistics company, offering hassle-free yacht experience as smooth and simple as possible, while offering you the unbeatable service you deserve. transport to the world’s most desirable cruising playgrounds. Our goal is to make your yacht shipping Why not choose the most trusted name in yacht transport for your next passage? experience as smooth and simple as possible, while offering you the unbeatable service you deserve. Why not choose the most trusted name in yacht transport for your next passage?

DYT USA T +1 954 525 8707 E dyt.usa@yacht-transport.com DYT USA TYACHT-TRANSPORT.COM +1 954 525 8707 E dyt.usa@yacht-transport.com

DYT Yacht Transport YACHT-TRANSPORT.COM T: +377 9770 7535 Monaco T: +39 010 2789411 Italy DYT.Europe@yacht-transport.com

T 45321 burgess_magazine_ad.indd 1

11/10/16 4:08

45321 burgess_magazine_ad.indd 1

11/10/16 4:08 P

NO CRuiSiNG liCENSE No problem

There is a misconception among many captains, crew and yacht owners that a foreign-flagged vessel cannot cruise in the United States without a valid cruising license. They can, and do. The purpose of a cruising license is to allow private, foreign-flagged vessels to cruise without having to make a formal entrance into each port or place. (By the way, this privilege of a cruising license is actually only extended to vessels from 27 countries. A vessel registered in Malta, for instance, cannot receive a U.S. cruising license). A vessel without a U.S. cruising license can still cruise U.S. waters. The difference is that it must clear into each port by filing form 1300 with the local office of Customs and Border Protection. Each office will then take the yacht’s Certificate of Registry and return a receipt, or Permit to Proceed. When the vessel leaves the port, its certificate of registry is returned and the vessel is given a clearance out, which can be presented at the next port of call.

by Capt. Debora Radtkei American Yachts Agents

With the Permit to Proceed, vessels can perform sea trials and cruise within the boundaries of the port, which are outlined in the Permit to Proceed. Yes, there is more paperwork associated with cruising in the U.S. without a cruising license, and yes, there is a little more hassle, but it’s possible. And as captains who have cruised around the world are well aware, many other countries charge a great deal more and have more regulations. There has been a lot of concern recently about changes in the system for obtaining a U.S. cruising license. The reality is that CBP is formalizing the application system to make it consistent in every port. “This article originally appeared in the August issue of The Triton (www.the-triton.com). Reprinted with permission.”

There is a $37 fee at each port for this clearance, unless the vessel applies for an annual D/TOPS decal. This decal allows vessels to clear in and out of each port without paying an additional fee.

Need assistance? Contact us at estela@superyachts.agency | 0034 971 722 532 | 171

The Y | Yachting Handbook


Need assistance? Contact us at estela@superyachts.agency | 0034 971 722 532 | 173

The Y | Yachting Handbook

Yacht Chapter

SAfEtY ON board Q&A Yachts today sail around the seven seas, crossing oceans and visiting remote and unknown zones, practicing different activities on board, on land and in the water, with a variety of people, and in many cases wilderness areas. Basic knowledge of CPR and first aid kits have far too little to ensure the safety and high standard of quality Superyachts requires.

We commonly say that lives are invaluable, that saving a life, any life, is worth any effort, any expense. Is this true? If we have a look at the actual situation in the yachting industry and all the injuries and accidents, unfortunately on many occasions fatal, we can see where the Achilles heel is. If you are in the sea, you must be aware that possible emergencies may arise. Every emergency is a situation which you have no control over, and eventually it can stem from a lack of preparation. In fact fear of failure, anxiety and confusion can generate chaos and paralyze the victim’s rescue procedures.


by Francesco Gennai

WSC Project - Estela Shipping Palma

There are a few questions that you must know the right answers to in order to set a basic level of safety on board your yacht.

How do you react in an emergency situation? The right answer is fast and well organized. Speed and organization are compulsory in an emergency situation.

Do you have a First Aid Emergency Action Plan on board? Without an action plan, panic and improvisation can generate chaos and eventually you will lose control of the situation.

Do you train your crew to rescue a victim in the water? People very often forget about the risks in the water when they are on board a big yacht. Every yacht takes part in watersports activities, such as diving, jet ski, snorkeling and many others, but are you really prepared to rescue a victim in the water? Could you manage a strong current, panic or distress situation? Only a well-trained instructor can teach your crew the necessary skills.

What’s your reaction time in a first aid emergency? The right answer is few seconds. Just the necessary time to realise that we are facing an emergency. A well trained crew and a tested Actuation Plan can drastically reduce your reaction time from tens of minutes to a bunch of seconds.

What is your task in an emergency situation? If you don’t know what your task is, it means that in case of emergency you will try and improvise one. Will it be the right choice?

Are you really able to provide First Aid support to a victim, including CPR, AED and Emergency Oxygen? These are the basis in a first aid emergency. If you want to succeed you must be brilliant at the basics.

Do you know what your most valuable assets are, in order to increase the safety on board? Your prevention policy and the level of preparation your crew has. Most tragedies in the yachting industry are the result of lack of prevention and the lack of preparation.

“When Seconds Count” is a project tailor made for the yachting industry with the necessity’s needed to prevent and manage a First Aid Emergency on board. If you answered “no” or “I don’t know” to any of these questions, we can help you increase the safety on board your yacht.


When Seconds Count Is your Yacht really

SAFE? In all walks of life preparation is the key to success.

Need assistance? Contact us at estela@superyachts.agency | +34 971 722 532 | 175

The Y | Yachting Handbook

Yacht Chapter

NEW Yacht

Healthcare Service partnership between Estela Shipping and Clipper Ventures Clipper Ventures and Estela Shipping are delighted to introduce a new service that will revolutionize healthcare on board yachts. Estela Shipping Superyacht Agency is thrilled to announce a new agreement with ClipperTelemed+, the leading global provider of remote and on board medical services. ClipperTelemed+ offers 24/7 global emergency and remote general medical support for crews of merchant ships and yachts from fully qualified emergency physicians within five minutes, wherever the casualty is located, in most languages. As a result of the synergy between the two companies, ClipperTelemed+ and the WSC -When Seconds Count project (by Estela Superyacht Agency) the partnership will offer telemedicine and medical assistance, medical training and other on board health services.


Super Yachts First Aid & Rescue Improvement Training The purpose of the SYFARI Course is to increase the safety of a yacht, improving prevention knowledge, reaction time and skills in a First- Aid emergency situation. SYFARI prepares your crew to prevent and manage an emergency situation on board and in the water. Looking to improve your CV and knowledge of quick response times and on board prevention and safety, make sure you check when we have our WSC training available.

WSC Yacht Crew Coaching • Time Management • Risk Reduction and Prevention • Emergency Preparedness

Equipment • Safety & Prevention • First Aid • Water Rescue

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Safety and the ability to tend to your guest or crew mates is always important on the yachts, that’s why with the extensive knowledge our friends at Pharmacy Progrés (Plaça Progrés 1, Palma) have offered some useful tips on common occurrences on yachts and how to prevent/cure them. Remember that with your crew discount card you can also benefit from some great offers on products.

Marine life: have you ever been stung by a jellyfish? Jellyfish are marine animals, also called sea tears. They live in the open sea, they are gelatinous and they look like bells. They seem harmless, but watch out, they have tentacles and they sting when they try to defend themselves. Beware as they can stick to the skin and leave a mark for the whole summer.

And what if we got “bitten”? The first thing we have to do is to get rid of the animal or its remains with a flat surface, a credit card would be perfect. Then clean the area with sea water/saline and baking soda. If the area has become red and swollen we can use some ice in a cloth to soothe the area. Let’s make use of our first aid kit! Please remember to read the info leaflets. In case the area is still sore take paracetamol or methimazole. If the itching is persistent and you can’t resist scratching, antihistamine cetirizine will save you (preferably at night). In case the “ice treatment” does not help, we suggest rubbing an ointment on with cortisone. After applying this product it is important to avoid direct exposure to the sun. In order to save yourself from a Jellyfish scar make sure you apply 50spf sunscreen on the sting for the rest of the year.

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Useful tip! Medjellyesta App will inform you where the jellyfish are, with updated daily information on the beaches of the Mediterranean coast. The latest solutions! Ask your pharmacist for a sunscreen that keeps jellyfish away and you will not get stung (results guaranteed).

Seasickness/dizziness: prevention and what to do? Dizziness or motion sickness is a conflict of our senses: the inner ear perceives movement and sight does not. No one gets away from dizziness. Even the most intrepid and experienced sailors can get dizzy. It appears the first hours and days of sailing and then our body gets used to it. But the good news is that there are some tricks to prevent it: • Rest well the night before a boat trip. • Avoid greasy and acid forming breakfasts, such as orange juice and toast with bacon. • Drink lots of water, you have to stay well hydrated. Having an alcoholic drink before sailing is not a good idea, as they cause dehydration. • Stay in the central part of the boat with fixed sight on the horizon. Navigating the boat yourself and sitting in a cool and airy place are good remedies Make use of your medicine cabinet! Look for dimenhydrinate which you can take an hour before the trip and then repeat every 6 hours. You can expand your standard kit by adding natural products such as Cocculine, which is a homeopathic remedy and ginger, which is ideal to fight back motion sickness. Anti-dizziness wristbands that act on acupressure are effective too.


Do we really have to avoid sun light? If we do not protect ourselves properly, the sun can cause burns, premature aging of the skin, spots, cataracts and even skin cancer. For this reason, we have to be careful and be aware of its effect on us but this does not necessarily mean we should run away from the sun. In fact, it has very beneficial effects: it stimulates the synthesis of vitamin D (prevents osteoporosis), increases psychological well-being and promotes blood circulation.

How can we enjoy sunbathing and get a nice suntan without taking risks? Protect yourself properly. According to the type of skin, environmental factors or individual needs. Children, pregnant women and older people are more sensitive to solar radiation and they should be particularly careful with their sun exposure. Basically: raise awareness, protect and prevent. The Decalogue recommended by your pharmacist to enjoy the sun in a healthy way is as follows: • Use sun cream and appropriate clothing during outdoor activities (also cloudy days). Protect your eyes with prescribed sunglasses. • Sunbathe progressively and avoid it between 12pm and 16 pm. • Children under 3 should not be exposed to the sun. • Your prototype is determined by your hair, eyes and skin. According to this the pharmacist will advise you on the most suitable sun cream for you. It is important to monitor spots, moles and other skin disorders. • Do not use the sun cream from last year, once opened it loses its effectiveness. • Apply half an hour before the sun

exposure and repeat the application every two hours. • Try not to use perfume, cologne and water sprays during exposure. • Drink a lot of water. • Pay special attention if you are taking any medications, some react in the sun. Check it out at the pharmacy.

It is said that the sun causes premature aging of the skin, why? The skin develops a strategy to protect itself from the sun, the corneal layer thickens, the amount of melanin (skin pigment) increases and antioxidant mechanisms are activated. When the exposure is constant and prolonged these mechanisms are not enough: free radicals appear excessively, skin thickness increases, loss of firmness and as a result deep wrinkles and spots appear. These cause premature aging of the skin.

What we can do? First of all, healthy lifestyle habits are crucial and they include a balanced diet rich in antioxidants and lots of water. As for a daily routine of skin care, we should realize that the first anti-aging treatment is the use of sunscreen, every day, all year. For urban use there are lots of products with really nice textures, with color, creams, etc. And when the solar exposition is intense (summer, skiing, mountains) the cream should be complemented with oral photo protection in capsules and with an antioxidant serum that acts by neutralizing free radicals under solar cream.

Is oral sun protection in pills a good idea? The answer is yes, it is a complement and its worth trying. The creams do not totally protect us and there are times


Is that your only option? The MLC states that you must have a valid medical certificate recognized by the administration before you can start work at sea. The ENG 1 only covers a basic medical exam, urine, eye test ear test and questions on your wellbeing. Would you not prefer to have a full medical exam, an MOT if you like, providing you with blood, urine, heart analysis, we can organise a full medical exam so you can rest easy and it is certified by Spanish Marine Social Institute and valid for 2 years, with a bonus it does not cost the earth! Contact us for more information:


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when the diet does not provide enough antioxidants. The sun protection in pills is recommended for all age groups, especially those who want complete protection. It is highly recommended to people with solar allergies, very clear skin, and melisma and if you have history of skin cancer. There is also oral protection that strengthens the tan. Ask your pharmacist, you have many possibilities.

What are the antioxidant serums? These are facial care products with a higher concentration of active ingredients, in this case antioxidants. They provide total protection because they neutralize free radicals and they should be applied before the sun exposure.

How should we take care of our skin after the sun exposure? The most important thing is to hydrate the skin inside and outside. As a topical treatment a super moisturizing night line is really effective. In the summer do not use cream with photosensitive active ingredients (used to treat depigmentation), leave it for after the summer. Give your skin what it needs to “super hydrate”: proteoglycans, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, collagen… Ask your pharmacist and find

out how to look radiant. The ideal summer routine would be: • Morning: oral sun scream + antioxidant serum + sun cream. • At night: moisturizing soothing mask + ampoule or serum + moisturizer Sunburn. Luckily nowadays pharmacies offer a wide range of products to protect your skin. There is no one better to advise you on what your particular type of skin needs than your pharmacist. Bear in mind that we all have individual needs depending on the type of skin we have. Sunburns happen when we don’t protect ourselves properly, in other words, we don’t follow the procedure pointed out by our pharmacist or we use mismatched products. If you get sunburnt, don’t panic! We will give you some useful tips. The first signs of sunburn usually appear hours after sun exposure. The symptoms are temporary however the damage of the cells is permanent. Again, prevention is the best cure. First-degree sunburn comes out with red, inflamed and sore skin but with no blisters. If this happens moisturize your skin from the inside out. Drink a lot of water and put on moisturising lotion. Avoid the sun

First Aid Kit? Thanks to our collaboration with Farmacia Progrés we are able to purchase your on board first aid kits, medical equipment and deliver them directly on board.

Call us even if it is to just to replenish your old kit. With your Crew Discount Card you can also benefit from some great offers on products! 180

Because Safety Matters www.first-aid.support

until full recovery. Using vinegar and greasy ointments is a really bad idea. Use after-sun lotion instead and let your skin breathe. The most effective brands are found at a pharmacy rather than a supermarket. They help relieve the sensation of burning and redness. The pure aloe vera gel is an ideal solution for skin that has been attacked by sun. It has regenerating and moisturizing properties. In case the inflammation and itching of skin is intense, it is time to open your first aid kit. Hydrocortisone ointment will save you but remember to use it at night only. If you have a headache because of possible sunstroke, drink lots of water and you can take paracetamol.

Second-degree sunburn usually forms blisters on your skin. Do not burst your blisters yourself. If you decide to do so, have the procedure done by a health professional. Do not use vinegar or occlusive ointments. You should clean the affected area with sterile saline. Then we recommend using an ointment with silver called Silvederma to prevent infection or Blastoestimulina with antibiotic. Neither of them is in your standard kit but you can get it easily at a pharmacy. The blisters could be covered with sterile gauze. But you should see your doctor if a large area is affected by them. Take paracetamol if you feel pain and we insist on drinking a lot of water.

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ESTELA PARTNERS & FRIENDS CHAPTER This section of the handbook you will find information about your benefits for working with Estela Shipping and the companies that work alongside us. Remember that you can contact all the companies in this handbook through us, at no extra cost and your purchases will increase your credit in our Loyalty Program.


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We reward our customers for working with us and using our network. All Estella clients get to enjoy the benefits of our loyalty programme. Every purchase made through Estela offers a reward accumulating points you can use for future.


We have put together a welcome gift box for all our clients on their arrival; they include various items from our high quality partners on the island, as well as your VIP and Crew Discount Card

WE HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR GIFT! All products are available exclusively from us should you wish to purchase more. Need assistance? Contact us at estela@superyachts.agency | 0034 971 722 532 | 187

Our Get togethers Here at Estela Shipping we think it is essential to let your hair down once in a while thats why we organise events for the crew, our provisioning companies and the members of our team. Building relationships with crew members and provisioning companies is something we believe is key to being a great superyacht agency. Sharing an experience is the best way to build a relationship with someone. When you are at an event everyone is in the same position, no work commitments no one telling you what to do or where to go, parties are great ways to enjoy each others company. We’re helping everyone get to know each other physically which creates a better understanding of each other, and in the long run a better work relationship. We ensure that we have the best food, drink and music available to all our guests.


Every year our proactive stand makes the difference at Palma Superyacht Show. We invite Ownes, Captain and crew to come and visit us at our stand, firstly to meet our team and secondly to enjoy all the information, and experiences we can offer you as clients. Palma Superyacht Show 2017 starts on 28th of April until 2nd of May.

Friday 28th

18:00 Food, Drink & Music

Saturday 29th

20:00 RUMBA MUSIC with KINDALÉ Food & Drink

Sunday 30th


20:30 at Varadero Bar-Restaurant

Monday 1st

18:00 FLAMENCO with KINDALÉ Food & Drink

Tuesday 2nd

19:00 RAFFLE Food, Drink & Music

See you at the show! With this link you can find the program and your invitation:

EStElA NEtWORk Our network is made up of companies and people that have been selected for their reputation, experience, innovation and reliability. Our aim is to Provide excellent service, and an unforgettable experience for our clients.

Thanks to our partner support and loyalty we are able to provide a wide range of products and services for our customers. This has also enabled us to organise our events, parties and the Y Guide.


eStElA iNfORmAtioN We aim to provide all relevant and upo to date information to all those that are in the nautical industry, through all channels that we have available to us.

• The Y Guide • Social Networking • Email • Our website We provide the following:

• Rules and Regulations • Activities • Itineraries • Topics • Yacht Support • Things to do in Mallorca • Day and Night Life • Important contact numbers

Calle Olmos, 20. 07003. Palma de Mallorca +34 871 706 913


CUSTOM CARPETS .eu Suppliers of high quality bespoke dock mats & protective floor coverings to the yacht industry

info@customcarpets.eu +34 657 479 956 www.customcarpets.eu

971 551 325

Follow us!


Disma Matalassos, S.L. is a mattress manufacturer with unbeatable quality and prices. We manufacture our own products, meaning that we are able to cut out the intermediaries. We offer special, tailor-made pieces and have a wide range of mattresses and bed frames, etc. With more than 30 years experience in the sector, we specialise in retail sales and hotel orders.

Fast & reliable service Visit our showroom: VĂ­a Portugal, No. 17-19, Manacor (Mallorca).

TOP tHiNgS for removing stains

by Lola Busto · Ecolada Express A good laundry service should offer personalised services for each client, and if you have stained items, it’s important to find a launderette like Ecolada Express that will treat the stains separately and not just put everything into the laundry machine together, as the stain will never disappear this way!

Top Tips for removing stains from laundry: • Check the label for care details of the stained garment. • Treat the stain as quickly as posible. • Speed is key and application must performed between 24 hour. • Take into account the fabric skills. • Do not use drier machine when there is a stain. • Do not use bleach with sunscreen stains.

Red wine: Never use soap and water; you can remove it using white wine. Oil: Blot with paper towels to remove as much as possible. Use an oxygen based designed for removing grease stains before washing in warm water. Sunscream: Do not use bleach or any Oxi type of cleaner. Wash with maximum temperature. You can use lemon juice, vinegar, CLR or acid-based (chelating) cleaner phosphate substitutes. Chocolate, sauce & blood: Good to have a bottle of hydrogen peroxide on board. Tea and coffee: Start by rinsing in warm water then pouring boiling water from a height of two to three feet onto the stain. Follow by washing in soapy water and if a trace of the stain remains, bleach with a sanitiser containing sodium percarbonate. Ecolada express · 627 960 453 lola@ecoladaexpress.es www.ecoladaexpress.es

Unbeatable quality and price on carpeting for yachts in Mallorca Whether it's for the bridge deck or the main salon, the crew's quarters or an outdoor space

WE DIVE... +34 687 48 24 78 Welding Mechanical engineering Confined space Maintenance services Industrial diving Underwater surveyÂ

Propeller polishing Maintenance services Technical servicesÂ


Oil Change Descaling Complete Maintenance Antibacterial Fuel Cleaning Oil and Fuel Test Mechanical Works Marpol Certificate

More than 10,000 Yachts with Bรถning Technology. Get Retrofits for the 21st Century.

We offer specially coordinated retrofit packages for older Bรถning systems. We would especially like to point out the numerously equipped yachts with MAN engines and Bรถning electronics over the last 15 years. Bร NING Baleares S.L.U. Palma de Mallorca

CertiďŹ ed Marine Diagnosis Center Palma de Mallorca

Improve Comfort

CONTACT: Tel. +34 971 962 563 | +34 666 868 957 info@atlantegroup.com


Real-time Diagnosis Predict Failure - Trend Analysis System Design Issues EfďŹ ciency Monitoring www.atlantegroup.com Contramuelle Mollet,11 Moll Vell, 17 07012 Palma de Mallorca (Spain) 07012 Palma de Mallorca (Spain) info@atlantegroup.com T: +34 971 962 563 / T: +34 971 422 718

Robinson R44: max 3pax 15 min 261€ / 20 min 351€ / 30 min 501€

Bell 206L3: max 5pax 20 min 585€ / 30 min 835€ Pollenca

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2 s

30 Location: aeropuerto de Son Bonet 07141 Marratxi 15 minutes from Palma Centre We need : - weight of each passenger - telephone number

es nut


Sa Colobra


El puerto de Soller

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Ca´n Picafort

Sa Pobla Inca




Bañalbufar Estellencs

Santa Maria

Esporles Isla Dragonera


Cala San Vicente


Santa Ponsa

Sineu Petra

Son Bonet


Palma al

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Palma Nova Magaluf



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Porto Chr Cala Estany


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Cala Domingos

Campos Porto Colom

- clients must bring their Id/Passport

Santanyi Sa Rapita

Cala d’or

Ses Salines

Cala Pi

Cala Figuera Colonia de Sant Jordi

Cala Santanyi

Adventure awaits at Katmandu Park® Enjoy “freedom to play your way” with flexible ticket options. Over 10 attractions where guests can journey through exciting rides, epic 4D encounters, climbing thrills and splash park fun. There is something for everyone at Katmandu Park, where the imaginary comes to life!

• Removal of sewage on land and at sea (MARPOL group IV). • Unloading and transport of MARPOL group V (solids, liquids and maintenance waste, both hazardous and non-hazardous). • Management of the collection of sludge and oils from sewage on land. • MARPOL Certificate. • Supplies.

yerbabuena 1/2

ReStAUraNtS pAlMa Arume

Located in the center of Palma, it offers a fantastic combination of Asian Fusion, taking the best elements of sushi, Thai and Chinese a mouthwatering experience. www.tomeumarti.com / +34 971 214 121


Located opposite Santa Creu church on the edge of Palma’s La Lonja district, is an authentic Italian fine-dining restaurant. +34 971 637 137

Ca’n Eduardo

Specialising on fresh fish and seafood on the Paseo Marítimo. www.caneduardo.com / +34 971 721 182


Over 40 years old specializes in food from the Basque region of Spain, with amazing meat and fish dishes. www.restaurantexoriguer.com +34 971 288 332

Caballito de Mar

Situated in the busteling area of La Lonja this gem offers fantastic fish and rice dishes. www.caballitodemar.info / +34 971 721 074


Has a newly refurbished restaurante upstairs with a varied menu of meat, fish, tapas and homemade desserts. Downstairs its famous Irish Pub is always great for drinks after with its live music most nights. www.shamrockpalma.com/en/ Av. Gabriel Roca, 3 / +34 971 732 435

We are always looking to make sure our clients enjoy their time here with us on Mallorca and we value their opinions it is with that in mind that we have compiled this list of ours and their favorite restaurants L’Ottimo

The essence of a typical Italian kitchen full of Mediterranean flavour. A good selection of italian and spanish wines. www.ottimo-restaurante.com Paseo Mallorca, 16 +34 871 713 409

Sandro Restaurante

Fans of Italian cuisine will be delighted with the choice of dishes, which includes some real crowd-pleasers. Open for lunch and dinner, the restaurant offers live music on Thursday evenings. info@sandrorestaurante.com C/ Ramón y Cajal, 9 +34 971 962 311

Es Mollet

Located in Portixol, Es Mollet offers fish directly from the sea to your table. www.restauranteesmollet.com +34 971 247 109


More than a restaurant, it’s a great experience. Amazing lebanese food and magic atmosphere. This place is a must eat restaurant in Palma. www.restauranterotana.com C/ Sant Magí, 58 / +34 971 286 078

Need assistance? Contact us at estela@superyachts.agency | +34 971 722 532 | 213

AS IA IN THE MEDITERRA N E A N tomeumarti.com

Santa Catalina’s Market and to take away + 34 722 20 88 74

Calle Sant Miquel, 83 Palma + 34 971 21 41 21

El Toque

A restaurant with family spirit. The kitchen is for everyone, combining Belgian cuisine with Mediterranean cuisine. Traditional and creative dishes. www.restaurante-toque.com/en/ C/ Federico GarcĂ­a Lorca, 6 +34 971 287 068

Marc Fosh

This Michelin stared restaurant offers extraordinary Mediterranean cuisine with ocean flavours and seasonal ingredients. www.marcfosh.com / +34 971 720 114

Forn de St. Joan

Offering contemporary Mediterranean dishes a favorite with everyone. www.forndesantjoan.com +34 971 728 422


Authentic italian food in the centre of Palma. The interior is warm, welcoming and understated, with attractive lighting, Great selection of italian wines. C/ Pi, 6 / +34 971 720 235

Adrian Quetglas

Awarded its first Michelin star in 2017 it offers a modern twist on classic cuisine, fresh produce and impressive presentation a fabulous restaurant in the heart of Palma. www.adrianquetglas.es / +34 971 781 119

La Casa Gallega

Excellent tapas and original dishes. Av. Comte de Sallent, 19 www.restaurantcasagallega.com

The Room

Real Italian food, freshly made, in the heart of Santa Catalina. C/ Cotoner 47 / +34 971 281 536

Gin Burger

The best homemeade Burgers and selections If Gin in Santa Catalina. Friendly atmosphere, relaxing music. C/ Pursiana, 18 / +34 971 773 768

SoN VidA Es Vi

Tapas with Majorcan flavors and a modern Spanish bodega ambience, inspired creations made with seasonal and local products. www.restaurant-esvi.com/en / +34 971 493 493

La Bodega del Green

A quaint restaurant serving plenty of Spanish tapas. www.labodegadelgreen.com/en/ +34 971 787 100

Es Carbo Sheraton

Set in The Sheraton Hotel, it offers a European menu based on healthy and seasonal foods. A modern restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere. www.sheratonmallorcagolfhotel.com/ en/restaurant/restaurant-escarbo +34 971 787 100

GÉnOvA Casa Jacinto

Authentic Mallorcan cooking with exquisite meat dishes a favourite with residents and tourists alike. www.casajacintomallorca.com +34 971 401 858

Need assistance? Contact us at estela@superyachts.agency | +34 971 722 532 | 215

One of the most sought-after venues for tourism and leisure is to be found in the exclusive yachting harbour: Puerto Portals, in the south of the island and only 9 km from the capital, Palma de Mallorca. This is where leading business people and celebrities come together. It’s the backdrop for the most prestigious international nautical events. Flanigan can’t wait to titillate your palate in the most refined ambience. You’ll rediscover the authentic flavours of classical Spanish cooking, created following our own special recipes. We shall give you the pleasure of savouring the best ingredients culled from the land, a journey of gastronomic excellence which, while respecting what the seasons offer, will last from the starter to the dessert. The menu thus leads you on an adventure of the perfumes, the flavours and the colours of the land of Mallorca. Our exquisite creations reflect to perfection our unceasing search for excellence. Flanigan’s Capricho Bar is a most welcoming and elegant place placidly to contemplate the rocking of the boats in the harbour. But also - on weekend evenings in high season - to enjoy the frenetic rhythms of live music and DJ events. Flanigan catering event. Flanigan’s excellent service has four key ingredients: courtesy, expertise, authenticity and innovation. Flanigan guarantees professional service to create each event anew, as something unique and a once in a lifetime experience. You see these are moments as ones which will stay with you for a lifetime. Our restaurant is literally a moveable feast: we come on board ships without any compromise on service or standards: wherever we are, we prepare all the dishes, just as they should be, right before serving them. We also have a take away menu. The delivery will be on the boat directly by our staff (free of charge in Puerto Portals).

Information and reservations: (+34) 971 679 191 · Puerto Portals, local 16 rest.flanigan@flanigansa.com · www.flanigan.es Sales and marketing: M (+34) 676 189 272 · comercial@flanigan.es

CAlviĂ Es Fum

This Restaurant received its Michelin star in 2011 thanks to its creative kitchen of regional products. This elegant restaurant has been elegantly designed and features the artwork of Nils Burwitz. Set in the prestigious St Regis Mardavall Hotel. www.restaurant-esfum.com +34 971 629 629


Set in the heart of the Tramuntana mountains, in Castell Son Claret, this amazing restaurant has received two Michelin stars and it is easy to see why with a culinary indulgence that appeals to all the senses. www.zaranda.es / +34 971 138 627


The best known restaurant in Puerto Portals with a perfect location and menu to match, a visit to Flanigans never disappoints with a great variety of Spanish classics on offer. If you have a sweet tooth make sure you try their Apple Tarte Tatin, exquisite. www.flanigan.es +34 971 679 191

Mar y mar

Restaurant & Beach Bar. Fish restaurant based on a mediterranean cuisine, with a touch of asian fusion. Menu blends nostalgic seaside favourites with contemporary fish dishes. www.marymar-mallorca.com C/ Pinaret 1, Paguera, CalviĂĄ +34 670 528 665

Need assistance? Contact us at estela@superyachts.agency | +34 971 722 532 | 217

La Gran Tortuga

With ocean views this restautrante is set in Paguera, known for its fantastic lobster and fish dishes. www.lagrantortuga.net / +34 971 686 023

La Gourmeda

A gourmet restaurant in Puerto de Andratx, with an inviting garden, warm atmosphere and a “crossover” - kitchen. Avenida Gabriel Roca 13, Port Andratx +34 971 674 980

Playa El Mago

Situated next to the beach, lovely mediterranean food and great paella. Ctra. Toro, Calviá / +34 971 180 766


An amazing restaurant in an excellent location, overlooking the bay of Camp de Mar and located directly next to the 18th hole of the Golf de Andratx. www.campinopersico.com/en/ C/ Cromlec 1, Camp de Mar +34 971 136 450

DEiÀ & SÓllER Es Racó des Teix

With its Chef whose use of local ingredients is world renowned, set in the beautiful surroundings of the Tramuntana mountains this restaurant received its Michelin star in 2002. www.esracodesteix.es / +34 971 639 501

Bens d’Avall

A Family run restaurant since 1971 offers fresh and authentic Mediterranean cuisine. www.bensdavall.com / +34 971 632 381

El Olivo

Probably one of the best restaurants on the island from service to location this amazing restaurant is set in a old olive press that has been renovated. www.belmond.com/la-residenciamallorca/restaurants_in_mallorca +34 971 639 011

PoRt d’aLcUdiA Jardín

She loves tradition an her favourite ingredients are olive oil and garlic. www.restaurantejardin.com/es/ +34 971 892 391

Sa COMa PoRt VeRd PoRtO coLoM Es Molí d’en Bou

The head chef Macarena is the first female chef on Mallorca to receive a Michelin star her style is Mallorcan and Mediterranean dishes with her signature.

This Michelin stared restarant offers you a unique experience with no menu but staff full of knowledge and care of the food and wine they serve unmissable. www.esmolidenbou.es / +34 971 569 663

Need assistance? Contact us at estela@superyachts.agency | +34 971 722 532 | 221

871 511 862 C/ IndĂşstria, 16 Palma

R E S TAU R A N T · B A R · C O C K TA I L L O U N G E







F I N E D I N I N G AT T H E P O R T · D I R E C T L Y O P P O S I T E T H E “ P O R T V E L A”

t e l . ( + 3 4 ) 9 7 1 6 7 4 9 8 0 · w w w. l a g o u r m e d a . c o m · i n f o @ l a g o u r m e d a . c o m

Throughout the fifties Mallorca and its capital Palma were a hotspot for the glamourous. They sought anonymity and enjoyed the peacefullness of the place. Of all the famous actors who visited the island the one who made the greatest impression on the islanders was Errol Flynn. In 1950 he had married the actress Patricia Wymore in Monaco. During their ensuing honeymoon trip on the yacht “ZACA” a storm forced them to take refuge on the coast of Mallorca. The amazing impressions of the landscape and people made the couple decide to come back to Mallorca two years later. From 1952 until 1959 “ZACA” had her berth in the Real Club Náutico de Mallorca, RCNP. In between movie productions Flynn preferentially lived on his boat in Palma bay. By 1955 the actors star was in steady decline. One of the reasons he made Palmas Harbour his home were his outstanding tax debts in the U.S. His fortune by then was mismanaged by italian accountants and his marriage with Patricia Wymore lay in shards. Ironically enough by then his old successes of the 30’s and 40’s as “Captain Blood”, “The Charge of the Light Brigade” and “Robin of the Woods” reached the iberian movie theatres and gave him late fame in Spain. Living on the “ZACA” Errol Flynn could play the part of his life and could go on believing that he was a Hollywood star, though slowly realising that the great Errol Flynn no longer existed. Flynns nights out on the town were legendary. He prefered “Joe’s” at Plaza

Gomila and Rudi’s, still existing today, “Tirol” on the calle Apuntadores. “He staggered, but he never fell”, some very old bartender still remember to this day. The image of the womanizer and that of the heavy drinker blurr his other facets: In 1937 Flynn already visited civil war ridden Spain covering the fighting on the republican side. Again in 1958 he proved his passion for freedom fighters, much to the disapproval of Hollywood: Flynn produced “The Cuban Story: The Truth about Fidel Castro’s Revolution”. To this day a unique document of the upheavels on Cuba. His diary entry of 8 October 1955: “(...) Favourite occupation: A prolonged bout in the bedroom. The greatest calamity: Castration. What would I like to be at seventy? At seventy I confidently hope I will have had at least eight more wifes, have grown a stomach that I can regard with respect, and still walk upstairs to the bedroom without aching or groaning.” On October 14, 1959, in negotiations for the sale of “ZACA” in Vancouver, Errol Flynn succumbed to a fatal heart attack at the age of fifty. The “ZACA” to this day sails the Mediterranean seas. She underwent a major refit in the 90’s after ailing for decades on a yard in Villefranche, France. Legend has it that in 1979 two preachers, an Anglican and a catholic exorcised the remains of the boat: Flynns ghost still partied on his beloved “ZACA”.

Gregory Cyril Yan Piatkowski

The Y | Yachting Handbook

“Always get a prompt call back. Happy with Estela, will continue to use them and the team are a nice bunch” — Captain MY Silver Angel, 65m “Always Happy with our Service, your agency is vital to the success of our very busy season in the Balearics” — Captain Lloyd Bernard MY Chiqui, 40m “Estella shipping is the most dedicated agency there is in the Mediterranean” — Roger Egea, Yacht Captain “How would you describe your ideal yacht agency? Answer: As you are!” — Captain MY Azteca, 65m “Reliable, conscientious, punctual” — Chief Stew MY Blue Vision, 44m


EStElA SHippiNg by Miguel Arcos Moya Director

Established in 1850, ESTELA SHIPPING is one of the oldest shipping agents in the Mediterranean and has built a strong reputation of reliability, quality service and honesty amongst both the superyacht and commercial shipping industries. With offices in the major ports throughout the world, we are able to service all the needs for a range of clients in the marine world. The brand leader Estela Shipping through its maritime agents situated in Barcelona and Palma conducts business as operation consignee for yates and ships; forwarding and naval management. By improving continuously the quality of services and through experience we are one step ahead of the expectations of our clients. The organization has been standing out as a maritime agent in the western Mediterranean since 1850 leading to the generation of respect, the improvement of their leadership in the port areas of Spain and the expansion of services internationally. The future of our organization will be determined by offering high quality services in order to meet the changing demand and needs of our clients. In order to guarantee these quality services the management of Estela Shipping commits: To ensure to meet all legal requirements in order to fulfill the needs of our clients. To improve continuously our customer service.

To strengthen in all moments the available means and working environment because the fundamental strength in our organization resides in our employees, to whom we procure the necessary means that will facilitate their decision making, trust, competence and pride of the realized work. To establish objectives and quality indicators aiming to control our processes and to monitor the satisfaction of our clients at any time which then consequently results into the improvement of our services. Therefore, the management of Estela Shipping affirms and supports the following values:

Teamwork Communication Proactivity Innovation and creativity Relationships to providers, subcontractors and clients is honest, objective and straight, always taking into account the dignity of each team member.

Miguel Arcos Director

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The Y | Yachting Handbook

Yach Chapter

EStElA SHippiNg Interview with Antonio Tuero

C.O.O. at Estela Shipping Office, Palma

“Looking into the future since 1850�, how do you apply this concept over the years? Since the company was founded it has gained a renowned reputation within the commercial shipping industry. Over the years we have been able to establish our Superyacht Agency division in Palma de Mallorca. We have a wide range of exciting opportunities that are on offer to our clients every season. Every day we have the chance to speak to many of our customers, we can get some valuable feedback about their needs and expectations from a yachting service provider like us. We definitely take this feedback on board and strive to continuously maintain and improve the quality of our services.

How is the company doing in terms of the service demands from clients? We are constantly improving the way we operate to cope with the demands of each individual yacht and their needs. Last year, we launched our Superyacht Tour Operator service. The reaction from customers has been very positive. I think it is always nice to captains to see something new and exciting being introduced to the market place, especially if it is something that can make their life a lot easier!


Knowing that a captain can rely on a trusted and respected team to organise activities and opportunities both on board and on shore for their guests and crew, allows them to concentrate on other important aspects on running their yacht.

Can you tell a bit more about the your Loyalty Program? The Estela Loyalty Program allows our clients to benefit from numerous discounts which include free agency fees, free port reservations, free car rental, free training services and discounts on fuel, oil and lubricants.

It sounds like you have a busy summer ahead of you! Yes, we have some exciting months ahead of us especially recently as we are vigorously promoting a health and safety campaign to highlight the dangers that can happen on board yachts and in the water.

EStElA SHippiNg Interview with Kristy Hollingsworth

Operation Consultant at Estela Shipping Office, Palma

What is the most difficult thing about this job? I know this is quite a cliché but there never seems to be enough hours in the day, and it really is frustrating when you want everything to run smoothly and you are waiting on others, but that is our burden to bear. Making sure that this never affects the services that we provide. If I had it my way I would love instant responses but I know that’s impossible.

What makes you proud to work for this company? The fact that it’s not about what we are going to gain from others but about the service we provide. No request from a yacht is too small or big. Everyone needs are looked after to the highest standard.

What is it like day to day? Every day is different you come into the office and the next you are out the

door, from visiting garden centers and florists designing bouquet arrangements, to sourcing a rare wine, even visiting restaurants to sample the foods so we can see whether or not we would recommend them to our clients. That’s what is great about this job there is always something new to do, and you are never sat twiddling your fingers.

What is the companies’ area of expertise? Estela has been operating in Mallorca’s waters for over 165 years; we have excellent relationships with all the port authorities, undeniable knowledge of all legalities and laws that yachts would require. We are always updating our clients on any new legislation that may come into effect, we provide them with information. We also pride ourselves on giving a very one on one service to our clients, be it when a crew member has had to go to hospital, we visit them see if they need anything. To making sure when they are having their boat refueled we are on dock to make sure everything goes smoothly. We are with every step of the way to make the journey/experience easier.


The Y | Yachting Handbook

The handbook was born with the idea of offering a better support system for our customers. We live in a world of technology and online connections, but with the use of something small and physical that serves as a tool is always helpful. There is so much information that we must deliver to our customers: laws, rules, new services, products and experiences, it is quite hard for us to comunicate all this information with a bunch of emails or telephone calls. This handbook is a new communication channel for us and our partners, and is ideal for promoting the Balearics to the yachting sector.

You will find a varied amount of information that is a result of our vast experience in the maritime sector, as well as answers to many questions that our customers ask us on a day to day basis. It’s no coincidence that we have chosen the name “Y”: as in “Yacht”, but also “Why”! The handbook is a new tool which will be given into the hands of all those on board. Up till now there have been similar books in the yachting field, this is the first one created to support the Captain, Crew, Guests and Owner at the same time. We believe that the natural process for the yacht agents of today is to provide excellent service but also essential information.

A big thank you to all our friends and partners that had faith in our project and helped us to acomplish our dream!

Francesco Gennai

Management Consultant | Estela Shipping Palma 234

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The Y | Yachting Handbook

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ct /min Activate your Lebara prepaid SIM card at Estela Shipping office: Av. Gabriel Roca, 37 local C 07014 – Palma de Mallorca

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Please find list below of Pharmacies close to the marinas

Farmacia Progrés

Accepts Estela Crew Discounts Cards. Specialized in Marine First Aid Kits and Beauty Pharm. Plaça del Progrés 1, Santa Catalina, Palma Tel. +34 971 733 021

Farmacia Miquel Obrador

Av. Joan Miró 17-L3, Plaça Gomila, Palma

Farmacia March - March

Av. Joan Miró 186, Porto Pi, Palma

Farmacia Guijarro Bagur Plaza de la Reina 11, Palma

Hospital Universitario Son Espases Carretera de Valldemosa 79, Palma Tel. +34 871 205 000

Hospital Son Llàtzer

Carretera Manacor, km 4 Tel. +34 871 202 000

Hospital Quirónsalud Palmaplanas

Camí dels Reis 08 Autovía Palma-Andratx salida 5B, Palma Private Tel. +34 971 918 000

Farmacia Ubach Turull

Av Bellavista 59, El Toro, Calviá (Next to Port Adriano)

Farmacia Serra Jaume

Benito Feijoo 10, rotonda Puerto Portals

Balearics Pharmacy Finder:

Balearics Hospitals link:

Need assistance? Contact us at estela@superyachts.agency | +34 971 722 532 | 239

The Y | Yachting Handbook


Need assistance? Contact us at estela@superyachts.agency | 0034 971 722 532 | 241

The Y | Yachting Handbook

Local Police Emergency: 092 National Police Emergency: 091 Fire Brigade Palma: 080/112

Rest of Mallorca Fire Brigade: 085 24h Pharmacy: 112 Civil Guard emergency: 062

Decompression Chamber 666 444 999 / 971 73 16 47

Hospital Palmaplanas: 971 918 001 Emergency 24H: 900 844 484 Civil Protection: 971 176 417 Coast Guards: (16 CH) Tourist Office: 971 724 090 Animal Protection: 971 470 060 Airport: 971 789 000

Spanish Dialing Code: +34 Maritime and Coast Guard: 900 202 202 / 971 724 562 ch #16 VHF Pilot Station: 610 717 876 (14/16 CH)


Estela Shipping Palma Office

+34 971 722 532 | estela@superyachts.agency Avenida Gabriel Roca, 37 Local C, 07014 Palma

Francesco Gennai (ES, IT, EN, RU, RO)

+34 638 816 803 | francesco.gennai@estelashipping.net

Kristy Hollingsworth (EN, ES)

+34 619 655 955 | kristy.hollingsworth@estelashipping.net 242

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