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Classic Beauties

The Plush Olympics we’ll tell you how to get to


spring fling Jenny with our favorite Nerdy Girl

The Japan Diaries

WTH is eleanorzine?

editor’s letter

Eleanor zine is created for: The outsiders, the geeks, the dweebs, the nerds, the trend setters and not followers, the girl who can beat anyone at smash bros, the girl who dreams of having high tea in Japan, the girl who sits alone in the cafeteria, the girl who is sometimes thought of as weird, odd, and peculiar, the girl who likes fashion, but perhaps not the main stream, the girl who swims against the flow vs. going with the flow, the girl who blogs about polaroids, purikura, and holga. This zine is for the knitters, the stitchers, and the all around crafsters—the girl who downloads Japanese magazines, and doesn’t need help at Game Stop. This zine is created for you by girls like you. Whether you are 12 or 112, we hope to cater to a place to find where you belong, because magazines usually don’t cater to us, so we decided to create our own. So keep blogging, watch Ninja warrior, and dominate on Steam, we promise to bring what interests you back into the magazine realm, because if we don’t who will. Questions, professional inquiries, mysteries of the universe contact us at:

How exciting that EleanorZine is back in action! It truly has been much too long since our premiere zine came out in September of 2008. A lot has happened to the staff here since, lots of changes through both us and the zine. We have also grown, seen more, and done more in our lives to bring a better perspective to the zine. Plus, we have a better understanding of what we want this zine to be about. At first, we admit, we were a little lost. We did not know if we wanted to be an indie zine, a music zine, a fashion zine, but now we know. We looked into our hearts and realized that what we wanted this zine to be about is what we always looked for in other magazines but could not find. We wanted something that represented the geek in us. We like Japanese culture, videogames, and cartoons. But we also like fashion and sometimes being a girl. We wanted something that would embrace the geek in us versus telling us we had to choose between being cute and being a nerd. We want to be both, and we promise that this zine will offer both of these things to us. Because honestly, who of us really isn’t a nerd at heart?

Big hug little hug, Bianca.

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Bianca, 22, Chicago (editor-in-chief) Bianca grew up as that weird girl, no not the girl next door, the girl who lived next to the girl next door. She always wears mismatched socks, and zebra chucks but she was never craving to fit in. She’s like you, she likes to go to China town in search for cute Japanese things. She shops vintage, and recycles plastic bags. She loves to sew and loves to eat. She is very happy to be a part of this zine because even though she loves fashion, not everyone can conform to its standards. She wants other girls to know it’s okay to stand out and love what your into, who cares what anyone else thinks.

PetSugar, 27, NY (Kawaii for the Sexaii (sexy)) I am of East Indian background but I was born in the U.S. I say this only because it clearly influenced my loves in this world. I adore every country on earth but I have a special place in my heart for the countries of Asia. I want to inspire pride in those with Asian backgrounds. It is one of the luckiest things in the world! I adore the cuteness Asia has taken to an extreme. I live for it and I live for the food. Anyway, at the end of the day I just want people to never for a minute hesitate to tell their ethnicity with endless enthusiasm

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse, 23, Fort Lewis, WA (Classic Beauty) Since the summer of 2007 she has been sharing her photography and interests through The Clothes Horse blog. She wears vintage dresses with motorcycle gloves and thinks every outfit looks better with a fascinator on top. She wishes life looked like a Romanticism painting, but would happily trade her current wild surroundings for some concrete streets. A mix of paradoxes, Rebecca feels like a grounded dreamer


Sara Mari, Minneapolis MN (The Japan Diaries) Sara Mari would like to call herself a profession blogger, but her real current work is as a Social Sciences student. One day before ending off for a another day of 4th grade classes, she caught a glimpse of Sailor Moon - a cartoon that changed her life path forever. Now she consumes all things “Japan”. With yearly trips to the land of the rising sun, she fuels her passion for fashion and photography. She knows better than to call herself otaku, but she can’t deny her nerdiness. Ellen Nakamura, 18, Japan (The Japan Diaries) pleasure to meet you, i’m ellen. i blog daily from Japan. follow me if you will.

AmbiBambi, 23, Sapporo, Hokkaido JAPAN (The Japan Diaries) Graduated Art Institute with BFA in Animation, came to Japan 2 months after graduating to teach english(September2009). What initianlly drew me to Japan was the art, the stamps and beautiful paintings also geisha and shrines. When I first watched an anime (sailor moon) I thought I must go to where these beautiful works were created. Now I’m here learning about the country I and many others dream of living in. Dreams come true, never give up :)

Jenny, 26, Washington, DC Jenny is a blogger from DC that is this month’s featured Nerdy girl, to know more about her, read the article or check out her blog!


ElleGirl: (2001-2006) This loss still depresses us. It died during the better years of high school, and we have missed it since. It wasn’t as trendy as TeenVogue, nor did it focus on mainstream pop culture. It brought to us Franz Ferdinand, Ben Kweller, Phoenix and Japanese Street style. Here’s to you ElleGirl.

A Moment Of Silence

We want to take a moment of silence for the magazines that have fallen before us , and were so awesome. It always seems (similar to our favorite television shows) that our favorite magazines come to an end. Here’s a few that have gone to a better place that the people here at EleanorZine are inspired to carry on their torch and bring more of what they were to our readers.

ShojoBeat: (2005-2009) We will admit, we were pretty depressed about losing our Shojo. Sure there always manga scans online, but ShojoBeat was perfect for long trips, and simply getting other persons opinions on Japan. It brought us recipes and tips on building a better bento, and DIYs towards making our cosplays better. ShojoBeat, we will miss you, and we truly loved your food issue of August 2008, it was superb.

Pinky: (2004-2010) Why does the magazine world continue to make us suffer? Pink was like casual girlie glam, perfect for looking cute and airy at the office. But even Japan has suffered with the recession pulling out some of our favorite zines.

Sassy: (1989-1994) Thanks to Sassy’s existence it brought out other great zines like NYLON, and N.E.E.T, and brought to the world the effortlessly cool Chloe Sevigny. We want to give kudos to Sassy, towards making ourselves cooler than imitating everyone else.

**editors pick* Luire: (2005-2009) I was just happy to see so many models who looked like me. It was one of the few magazines EVER to feature black or bi-racial models throughout the magazine. It gave me the confidence to dress with Japanese style in the states even if I don’t look like the average Japanese girl.


Getting Giddy

Get the Look Right

Sassy Sixties Thanks to televisions series like MadMen, and movies like An Education, 60s fever is sweeping the world. It is also reflected in America’s political climate with wars, protests, and a sassy first lady. We absolutely adore how the 60s have taken fashion by storm from pixie cuts to Twiggy like make up. Here’s a compilation of getting the 60s look right, and not looking like a go-go dancer for Halloween.


With the

Right Hair Models Tao Okamoto, and Emma Pei get the pixie treatment similar to Jean Seberg in Jean-Luc Godard’s famous 1960 film A Bout de Souffle. The Pixie look is the epitamy of the 60s, free, gamine, and very cute. Other looks include big bouffantesque shoulder length bobs that model Wakatsuki Chinatsu displays in her WC ads. Whether they are short or long bangs are a must have for the retro inspired look.


As for fashion...

Getting Giddy

Its all about, clean lines Current looks from Built by Wendy (left) and Dear Creatures (below) create beatuiful 60s inspired silhouettes without looking costumey. Ms. Pei and Ms. Okatomo score once again backstage at the Cynthia Rowley Fall 2009 show. (Far Right) And Vivi’s Lena Fujii always looks like a 60s cupie dolls with lovely coordinates. Plus how could we even talk about 60s fashion without the iconic Audrey Hepburn. (lower left)


& feminie fits


Getting Giddy

Get the Perfect ‘Make’


One of the most iconic look of the 60s would be what some refer to as “Dolly Eyes.” The look was made popular by fashion model Twiggy (lower left) and has resurfaced mostly by Japanese icons such as modelTsubasa Mawaka (cemter), model and DJ Elli Rose (top right) and siinger Kato Milyah (bottom right). The look was even in Vivienne Tam Spring 2010 collection (upper left) during NY Fashion Week.

scans by

try this look by

Vivi Magazine


eleanorzine: StREET

We could not help ourselves from being all too excited about this ingenious way to represent street style. We have all seen time and time again, personal snaps of what a person wore that day. BUT TO SEE IT HAND DRAWN -that is major cool. Plus there’s often a few famous illustrators and comic book artist who get in the fun as well. Check out these street snaps done in a way that we know people like us can truly enjoy. check out more at: whatiworetodaydrawings/pool/


.marmushka. / marie walgraeve

Geek Out

Get Ready for the Con >>Sell old comics: Get rid of that Scooby Doo comic you liked in 1st

As convention season approaches us, we are preparing ourselves and totally geeking out. But we know there are a few things we must remember to do before ‘the con’ comes, and while we are there. Here are some tips that you can use to prepare youself for the big day. >>Save Money: Some of the bigger conventions start in the spring and

end in the fall. We all know that we want to spend money there with no worries. Lots of times there are items that catch our eyes that we must by, other times its a food run were the hotel sells burgers for 14 bucks a quarter pound. If we start saving now, we can spend the cash we need at the con without interferring with ‘bill money.’

>>Barter, Barter: Along with saving money, we don’t want to blow

all of our cash on one day. If you are only going to a convention for one day you really have no choice. But if you can go for two, pick the last two days. The sales are usually insane. Usually on the day before the last dealers are willing to, give you a break, not by much. If you show disinterest most dealers are willing to break under pressure. On the last day, things go for pennies, take out your barter chops and talk those prices down. Don’t be shy, you’ll be surprised what you can achieve. >>Don’t park at the Hotel/Convention Center: Unless you are


staying there, don’t waste your money or your time. Most conventions are held in large cities were parking is everywhere. Some of us here at the zine park at train stations, pay the $1.50 fee, and walk to the place. Unless other parking is further than a mile, save the money to get that classic game.

grade. It’s ridiculous and came out of a cereal box. Unless you only have comics that you love, some of us have some old dusty issues of Fruits Basket that we no longer give a second glance. Therefore, when you go to the con, sell those issue, keep the cash, or make a trade. Comic book dealers will sometimes give you a better deal than a comicbook shop. Now you can finally get the stuff you like, versus the crap you read when you were 12. >>Eat,Stay Hydrated: It’s easy to forget some basic needs when you

are lost in a fantasy land. But it’s very important to keep your energy and stay refreshed. The last thing you need is to pass out in the arms of a person cosplaying as The Joker. (or maybe that’s the first thing we need :D ) >>Bring a buddy: Ladies, unless theres no other choice and your mom

utterly refuses, don’t go to cons alone. There can sometimes be some sticky situations and with girls everywhere dressed in bikini’s from Dead or Alive, some guys (or girls) may get the wrong impression. Plus people dressed as pedabear and the tenticle monster, they may believe its ok to touch you inappropiately. Not everyone at cons are creepers, but don’t take your chances.Just like on Halloween, costumes do not excuse poor behavior, if you feel uncomfortable risk looking uncool and say something.

>>Carpool: In this economic situation, it’s all about cutting corners. If you

have the oppurtunity to carpool, do it. Split the cost of gas or make them buy your meals. As always, make a deal.

>>Geek Out: what could be more important than geeking out amongst

your peers over SAILOR MOON and COUNTERSTRIKE? Always to remember to have fun.





This spring there are a lot of big hitters coming out, obviously you should go see Iron Man 2, do we even need to tell you to go see it? Also comic book Kick-Ass will be a movie this spring too. We are pretty excited about it but we’re scared that it also may not be as good as the comic. Although we want to bring to your attention a movie you may not have heard of. It’s called the Secret of Kells. It’s nominated for an Oscar for best animation, and we are curious to see why it is. We don’t want to give anything away, so go check it out! READ:

Jeffery Brown Funny Misshapen Body This is a comic we could read over and over. It’s been passed from friend to friend; even our editor has her copy autographed by the artist! The story is a memoir of artist, Jeffery Brown, exploring his life as a comic book artist and how he came to be one. It is so emotional and honest; it reminds you of your own clumsy life.


We usually have an artist we like to promote here, but recently we have been digging the soundtrack to both Kimi ni Todoke(left) and Honey and Clover (right). Kimi ni Todoke features an ending theme by the iconic Chara (who will forever look like a rosy cheeked 17 year old) and Honey and Clover has an end theme by artist Suneohair that is so mellow and cool it reminds us of beautiful summer nights. You can check out both artists online, plus we insist that you watch both animes too because obviously we cannot get enough! PLAY:

This spring is a big year for PART TWOs of videogames we ADORE (we get excited easily) check out, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom (left), Red Dead Redemtion(center), and No more Heroes Desperate Struggle (right). We are already hooked.


Blogger Style

Classic Beauty Keeping with the retro theme of this spring issue of EleanorZine, we wanted to have a piece focused on bloggers who represent the beauty of classic style. Blogger Rebecca (the clothes horse) has a timeless quality about herself, whether she is wearing vintage or dressing in a way that still says 60s or 50s, we know that this sweetheart will always remain, timeless.


About Rebecca Age: 23 Local: Fort Lewis, WA Rebecca has always been the new girl. Moving every three years for her father’s job and even living in Germany by the age of six did nothing to cure her shyness. As she got older she began experimenting with her personal style and realized that her clothes could often do the talking for her. Instead of wearing her heart on her sleeve, she began expressing her interests and interpreting her inspirations into outfits. Since the summer of 2007 she has been sharing her photography and interests through The Clothes Horse blog. She wears vintage dresses with motorcycle gloves and thinks every outfit looks better with a fascinator on top. She wishes life looked like a Romanticism painting, but would happily trade her current wild surroundings for some concrete streets. A mix of paradoxes, Rebecca feels like a grounded dreamer.

visit her blog at: 36

Conan plush created by Laura Granlund

The Plush Olympics eleanorzine

Still have Olympic fever? We know we do, and it’s not from eating at a certain popular burger joint. (Even though that might cause a fever) We were thrilled to see people online taking the Olympics by storm, but one in particular stood out. The creators of Plushyou. and are featuring a plush—that’s right, and plush Olympics. Plush designers from all over the world are entering in their creations to win the gold. We will admit, we have never seen competition so cute and cuddly. The deadline is March 13, so check out the Olympics yourself at and see who goes for the gold!



Sexaii (Sexy) by Pet Sugar

I’m happy the world is obsessed with Alice in Wonderland and I don’t care if this post is the least bit surprising... considering the pending Tim Burton movie. I want to support the obsession and as always kawaii-fy. Before I continue.. let me help you appreciate what this all means. Swarms of females are going nuts for a story void of any romance whatsoever (I remember being so unused to this as a kid that I perceived strange things about the White Rabbit and Alice)! Secondly, its a brilliant story that requires some heavy duty comprehension. Now this is why it all relates to my expertise (I’m very important). Japan, and its Lolita subcultures especially, have embraced this story in adorable ways only they know how. This Western story has then been influenced by the Japanese subcultures and then reconfigured back into Western subcultures! Wow I’m making my contribution to this sound very important when in fact all I want to do is help you browse and shop! Whoa did I undermine the brilliance of shopping for a whole sentence. Not to continue undermining it, but I’m actually going to include some amazing art into the mix. Let’s begin with all variation of art. It was so difficult narrowing it down! Pick any Japanese female artist and there you will have Wonderland art! I decided to show a kawaii spectrum.


art work by miya koshi and other fantasic japanese artists










Phew!!! Oh no but now you want to shop more than ever for Alice goods! Ha! Stay Tuned ;)


The Japan Diaries Meet

AmbiBambi, Ellen, and Sara Mari Three girls living in, coming from, or somewhere between Japan. These are their stories of their sights, smells, feelings, and ideals of how Japan really is. Sometimes they might talk about something cool they’ve seen, other times its about broken hearts. Whatever it is, it takes place in a country we all know and love, and through the eyes of some of the sweetest girls around.

Smooth weekend so far... Feb 28, 2010 1115 AM

The guy I’m dating has been making me worry a whole ton but other than that I’ve been very blessed with great company, many to drink and much deliciousness to eat P: This weekend I enjoyed my first Nomihodai.. haha enjoyed is an intersting word isnt it. NOMiHODAI is all you can drink. Yup believe it! Nothing like it in the USA. It was my friends birthday party 3 hours all the alchool or whatever u want u can drink and also a crap load of food for 3 hours for 2500YEN!! whoa!! Thats about 25$ kids. I I made it halfway through the night. Thats about 2am Japanese weekend time haha. They party all night here clubs close at 7am. Needless to say when I stepped out of that cab it all came back to me...out out of me...should I say? Better in than out right? hanging with friends and model me!

Last night I went to a club event with some friends. They guy I’m dating was right. It was a bullshit event. Music sucked, live music sucked but I had a good time dancing with my girls :)I walked 15mins to the guy I’m dating’s house just to get a hug and a kiss, because I’m addicted to his fine Japanese ass. But Japanese guys are different...I dont feel the same affection and the YES I LIKE youkinda vibe that American guys give/show...wahh makes me worry. When he does show affection thoughit makes my heart melt....ahh but lets not go that direction I could go on for days about him. I came home from clubbing around 6am, got a ride from one of the DJs, so f riendly here huh? Slept until 1030 am and now I’m writing this entry. Ahhhh today I’m going to model for my friends store. Yeyyy I hope the weekend ties up nicely. I want to have no worries ahh~~ Gambarimasu. until next time. matane <3




Eighties Fever in Japan Feb 19, 2010

This past year has seen many 80s type trends resurface in the fashion world; leggings, stirrups, paint splatter and hitops just to mention a few. But to see a real resurgence of 80s goodness you need only hop on a plane heading for Japan. Biggest trend of 80s revival in Japan is the appearance of character branded goods. Remember the Care Bears? What about the Popples or the Yum Yums? They might have been the childhood friends of many an American child back in the day, but now they are decorations and ornaments of Japanese young women. This year saw the opening of an official Care Bear shop in the trendy Harajuku area of Tokyo, a hot bed of fashion. This popularization of 80s characters and toys is growing concurrently with the new Japanese fashion style called Fairy Kei. It mixes vintage 80s clothing, pastels and modern handmade accessories to achieve perfectly sweet coordinations that scream out â&#x20AC;&#x153;I love the 80s!â&#x20AC;? Hopefully we will see more of fairy kei and 80s style, but in the fast paced fashion world of Japan what comes around might go around before we even know it. -Sara Mari


Doctor’s Housewife

Feb 23, 2010 Last night my grandma told me she wanted me to help her with cleaning the office in the morning... I told her that I’d leave at 12PM and she said she’d come before then. She came at 11:50PM, which meant I couldn’t leave until later... Note to self: Don’t trust grandma.

Just me

While we cleaned together she began to talk about my future, something we talk about everyday without fail. She tells me everyday that when I graduate university, I should return to Japan and marry a rich Japanese doctor (She doesn’t want me marrying a foreigner) and become a housewife. She makes it sound so easy, like she can just arrange my marriage with a rich doctor and we’ll live happily ever after. She’s quite the old fashioned one. I told her that she’s insane and that I’d get lonely if I married a doctor because he’d always be working, she said it doesn’t matter, haha I actually had a job interview today at UNIQLO (Japanese equivalent of American Apparel)... I’m thinking to work two jobs just for experience since I’ve got nothing else to do.

Favorite ice cream after a hard day

The interview was epic fail, they ended up interviewing a girl and I together... She was perfect, answered every question articulately and then when they turned to me, it was like “...”. But the guy who interviewed us was really enthusiastic and talkative, which was good and kept me from crying on the spot of embarrassment.

Favorite drink with this Korean boy at work.


Oh well, I’m not fussed about it now, (in the end) it was kind of good to just listen to the kind of answers the girl gave.

Love from Ellen


spring fling Jenny with our favorite Nerdy Girl


“ Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got, I’m still I’m still Jenny from the block.”-J.Lo

Okay that song is full of cheese (even though we were all about it in High School.) But it is very true for blogger Jenny from Washington DC. Even though now, when we read her blog it seems like the perfect life. The husband, the job, the shopping! Yes, we all once or twice have been a bit jealous of Jenny’s “perfect life.” But do not get fooled by what may seem perfect. All of Jenny’s successes did not come over night. Even though what we see may look so yummy, it is simply the end result of years and years of working hard and never giving up. For each issue of EleanorZine, I wanted to incorporate a girl I felt embodied the zine’s core beliefs. I asked Jenny if she would like to help me out with the zine, and she gladly accepted. She even informed me that “she doesn’t normally do these kinds of things.” But she felt like the magazine represented what she believed in and gave us the green light. I’ll admit that I was very excited to have this moment with her and learn about this girl who brightens my evenings with her blog spots about this and that. And that is really the best part. Her blog is really about this and that and the other, it is not telling what to buy or what to do. It is merely a small window into her world. When you read her blog you feel like you are her sister and she’s letting you borrow her Majolica Majorca make-up, and her WC T-shirt. It’s not like she is in any way bragging about all this cool stuff she has, but she is sharing it with us because some of us may never get the chance to buy clothes from Japan, and it feels like we have them too. But there was a time in Jenny’s life when she did not have these things at all. And we wanted to share these moments with you.


EleanorZine: You don’t talk too much about your life growing up in the south. As a girl who likes things about Japan and video games, how was your life in high school and college? Did things start to turn around in college? Jenny: High School was a bit disheartening at first. I had about 1 or 2 friends at the time and was still very shy. I often felt like a loner or even an outcast. It was also a tumultuous time in my family so I was in a constant state of worry and unhappiness. My junior year of high school is when I gained more confidence. I had spent a summer with my aunt in Spain. This meant so much to me. I owe so much to her for this opportunity. I had gotten a better sense of what I wanted, who I was, and the confidence to stand by that. I got my first job around this time too. I started finding my own little niche and made new acquaintances and friends. I stopped looking at things so negatively and really started to be happy for my own sake. I eventually even found other anime lovers which was extremely exciting since this was really before the days of the social internet explosion. Mostly guy friends. They were just easier to get along with and drama free compared to girls. I think that was a big difference in comparison to my first 2 years where I just had female friends. The final 2 years of high school weren’t so bad. I wasn’t hung up on “who I was” or trying to be something others wanted me to be. I had sort of figured out that High School didn’t really matter in the long run and the social pressures just floated away. College was pretty darn great! Well aside from the horribleness of exams and projects! Plus my boyfriend was there and I felt we could finally be together on our own. Freshmen year was filled with countless casual friends and fantastic parties. Classes were easy the first year. Of course my dormitory roommate wasn’t too fond of my “creepy” stuffed cats (Hello Kitty plushies.) Same goes for the following year’s roommate too! I found a lot of guys willing to play video games “with a girl.” This was a lot of fun for me because before I had always just played video games alone. In my final college years I had made some real connections with a few friends from the Art department. I spent my weekends at the college gay bars with them just dancing and having a good time. My Japanese obsession, from manga to fashion magazines were really well received and I was able to just enjoy all my hobbies without fear of judgment.


ez: Do you miss living in the south? We were doing some research and saw how affected you were by Hurricane Katrina. We want to first tell you how brave we think you are about getting through that horrendous time and want to say that we truly believe it is part of what makes you such a delightful sharing person. Do you want to add anything about this experience? It’s what moved you to DC correct? J: I miss certain aspects of the south. Such as spending my summer days out in the boat at the Barrier Islands or enjoying the Mardi Gras season. But I moved away for my own reasons. I always knew I wouldn’t be spending my adult life there. I never really felt like I belonged, if you will, in my hometown. Katrina wasn’t what moved me to DC at all. I had planned to move months before the storm. The awful truth is Katrina hit 2 weeks before our move out date! Terrible timing. I grew up with hurricanes, so I don’t necessarily feel brave having gone through Katrina. Instead it was just a part of my life. We had large storms before and the Gulf Coast had been saying for years we were due “another big one” any day now. I was so grateful that my parents had raised me to be well prepared for hurricanes so I had taken the necessary precautions to keep me and the boyfriend safe despite no power, phone, running water, cleared roads, and so on. The worst part was the heat. In the days that followed we were hit with 100F + heat every day. No air conditioning. It was horrendous and impossible to sleep in. I was able to get out after a day or 2 to check on friends and ended up staying with them. It’s funny how important human interaction can be when the world is turned upside down. Or at least set back a good 100 years! I think the biggest impact Katrina made on my life was the way it changed my little hometown. Many of the areas I grew up around were washed away, forever altered. There’s rebuilding, but of course it’s not the same. The buildings are more modern now, the bridges much bigger. I guess I had taken for granted the idea that the little town would remain timelessly unchanged and I could always revisit my childhood past.


ez: When did life start to turn around for you? You talk about how blessed you are to have such nice things, but there was a time when you didn’t have this but all you had was a few shirts and a pair of pants. What made you want to change that? J: I always knew I wanted more. Not in a greedy, money way, but in a fulfilling life way. My Grandparents were a big influence on me. They were world travelers both originally from New York. They had treasured items and amazing stories and it inspired me to want the same. It wasn’t a quick change really. From nothing to fulfilling my aspirations. It was a long process that began the moment I moved out of my parents’ home and started college. I never moved back in after that. I spent summers in my college town or elsewhere instead. My Father was mostly against my going to college. My mother was the one who really helped get me through college, financially. She was gracious enough to cover my dormitories and class costs while my part-time job covered other expenses like food, books, lab fees, and supplies. The part-time jobs were in web design so they helped get my foot in the door when I graduated and moved. For a long time it was just a lot of hard work. It’s scary not knowing if it’ll pay off in the end. I think the real moments where I felt I had “made it” was when I purchased my home with husband. Being so young, and yet financially successful. It really hit me then. Everything I had work so hard to achieve was finally tangible. It’s nice to just sit and enjoy life right now instead of being locked down in the constant struggle for an uncertain outcome. ez: Where would you like to go from here? J: I’m not really sure yet. Mostly I’m enjoying the fruits of my labor at the moment. Living in the life I’ve achieved before beginning a new path full of hard work and changes. I do know I’ll move eventually. Maybe to sunny Florida where my husband’s family is or maybe even overseas. I’m learning more towards the overseas path, ha!


ez: How do you feel about people saying that you’re a Japanese wannabe? (I don’t feel this way, I respect Japan a like is just as much as anyone else but I love my heritage and since Japan is so popular if you like it you automatically are a weeabo, but it you are really into France no one says you’re a wanna be frenchie…heh) J: It makes me laugh at first because some comments I get are really so enraged about something so silly! But more seriously I end up feeling sorry for the person who says and thinks these things. They must really be so narrow minded and ignorant of the world around them. Full of unhappiness and completely judgmental. It makes me sad for how they must live their lives with the insecurities they posses. It’s funny you made the observation about French lovers not being harshly judged. There have been times when I was completely obsessed with Sweden as well. Plus Germany, having gone there in an exchange program and studied the language. I still have a total fondness for anything German. I just think Japan, at times, can be such a polar opposite compared to America that it just has more to offer my obsessing mind.

ez: What got you into Japanese Fashion, were you always into it? When did it stop being mimicking other styles, and then truly making it your own? J: While in college I attended the Otakon Anime Event here in the DC area. While here I stopped by the Tower Records because they had a large assortment of Sanrio and San-X goods. One of the employees had an issue of Cawaii up as their monthly recommendation. So I headed to the magazines and there were quite a number of Japanese fashion magazine titles! After flipping through them all I decided CUTiE was the one that really drew me in. I just bought one. The next day I ran back out to the same Tower Records and bought the other 2 remaining issues of CUTiE! I was hooked! I think a year or so later I was feeling more confident about putting together my own looks and layering different pieces. I had a few issues of Non-no by then as well as a year subscription to CUTiE. They were really the first magazines that actually “fit” my personal style best. When attempting to following American magazines of the time I’d get bored and never felt like I was in my own skin and instead was just meeting someone else’s expectations of “fashion.” ez: How has your style changed? J: Not much really. What’s changed is the availability of clothing and my ability to purchase key items I love. I’ve always been a casual style girl. Growing up I wore the hand-me-downs of my 5 older boy cousins. I was also very tom-boyish in my personality as well. That’s really stuck with me. Throughout Jr, High and High School I loved casual clothing like wide-leg or cargo pants and I would match it with a pink camisole top to add that bit of girly to it. I was always drawn to having some unique piece being a part of my wardrobe whether it be brightly colored shoes, socks, hat, or fashion accessory. And if it sparkled even better! People seemed to either love it or hate it! When I got into Japanese fashion, street fashion was really the place to find casual looks. Cutie, Zipper, Jille, Spring. As I got older Non-no and Soup were a good source for me for more adult casual looks. Less child’s play but still playful. Now casual looks are opening up in other magazines and clothing styles as well! I’m completely in heaven right now when it comes to casual yet cute style options!


ez: Who is your favorite model currently?’ A: Nana Suzuki. She does cute casual like no other! ez: What is your favorite piece of clothing? J: I just bought a pair of patchwork H&M jeans that I’m loving! I’ve worn them nearly every day since buying them. They’re made of super soft denim and are more fun to wear than just regular, boring jeans. ez: Do you see yourself as a style icon? (You so are! :D ) J: I so don’t! It’s a bit strange for me to understand people’s connection between me and fashion. I find it extremely flattering and humbling. But if I can help anyone find their own personal style I’m happy. I think it’s so important, as an individual, to discover and develop your own personal tastes and preferences despite what any mainstream dribble might be saying. ez: Despite the lashes and the curls do you see yourself as a nerdy girl at heart?


J: Very much so! I couldn’t deny it even if I wanted to. The evidence is much too stacked against me! I play video games, I know how to assemble a Cat5 patch cable, my childhood crush was on Wil Wheaton from Star Trek: The Next Generation, I know all too well what DM really stands for (Dungeon Master,) I was blogging before blogging was cool, Doctor Who is my idol, I think the movie Equilibrium was superior to all 3 Matrix movies, I’ve read books by Stephen Hawking “for fun,”

I was in AP courses (and did extremely well,) I majored in an extremely nerdy profession (the IT field.) Which I’ll also comment was void of most all girls. I was often the only girl in many of my classes and, despite wearing pink heels, there was no denying nerdom was in my blood. And I’m OK with that! I’ve been OK with that for a long time now. What Blog do you get giddy over? J: I check dozens of blogs daily via Netvibes. I think the one I’m most excited about daily is There’s always a good mix of simple topics relating to Japanese goods, fashion and foods with fantastic photo quality. ez: What do you get giddy over period, even if its silly, do you know why? J: Pointing out “new” fashion items in US stores that’s originally from Japan and seasons old! It’s a blessing at times really because I used to suffer from not being able to get any key items used in current Japanese fashion. Now there seems to only be about a year lag for US stores to get in key items that match the taste of some Japanese trend. And lastly, EleanorZine is made for nerdy girls who love fashion and are not ashamed of being themselves, what can you say to our readers so they feel confident to be themselves? J: There was a short period of time during my freshmen year of college where I bought a few outfits from American Eagle. I got many compliments when wearing them but they never really meant anything to me because for the first time I was dressing to someone else’s idea of how I should look. It didn’t last long! I went back to my mix and match looks quickly. The compliments I’d receive when wearing what I truly wanted felt so much better than when wearing the status quo! I think it’s easy to dress in what’s expected, but it’s in no way satisfying.


Jenny’s Faves ez:Current Lip stick, Blush, and Mascara?

ez:Type of Cell? J:Blackberry Curve

ez: Favorite Band:

J:Lipstick: Mac - St. Germain Blush: NARS - Angelika Mascara: L’Oreal Paris Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara J: Passion Pit ez:Make up product you can’t live w/o? J: Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion

ez:Mac or PC? J:Both. At work and at home I use both.

ez:Favorite Magazine (besides us..lawls): J: PopSister

ez:Dream Car? J:Don’t really have one. One that runs on garbage would be awesome! And if it could time travel when it gets up to 88 mph that would be even better! ez:Video Game? J:Playing Rock Band Beatles at the moment!

ez:Vacation Spot? J: Japan, of course. I’ll be visiting again this year.

ez:Favorite Show? J:Hard decision! I’ll go with 30 Rock

ez:Heritage? J:Italian and Irish

ez:Favorite Movie? J:Clueless

ez:Cats or Dogs? J:Cats ez:Favorite Food? J:Crab

SESAME STREET Designer Devani knows how to handcraft whimsical fashion pieces that do not say â&#x20AC;&#x153;ordinaryâ&#x20AC;? by any means. Each lovingly made piece truly take us back to a time when we wanted to figure out where sesame street was.






All work and photography is by Devani and Co.


usagi’s story book “diet riot”

“I’ve been doing so well on my diet”


“But sometimes it’s hard to always watch what I eat”


“I stay within proprotions...”


“Intensely exercise...”


“And I’m very proud of my weekly weigh ins”

“I just know I that gotta stay motivated to lose the weight. Some day, I’ll get there. I pinky swears...”

luv usagi 83

learn more about usagi and her misadventures at


Trend to Try Bunny ears! Do we even need to tell you to try this? Once a trend that was premiered in the Fall, it is now back for the spring and ready to wear. Find simple ways to incorporate it into your everyday outfits, or go all out and wear the biggest ones you can find. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be shy, everyday is a party might as well come dressed up as a bunny.

Morgane Dubled in Jalouse, September 2009



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