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August 2013 Issue X t re m e P ro je c t s G ro u p be c o m e s a re al i t y After 9 years trading, Xtreme Projects has come into its own this year, with the company securing large national and international contracts. As a result branches have sprung up in Cape Town, Namibia, Mauritius, Ghana and Italy. Moreover, Xtreme Projects is honored to be recognized as the Maritime Environment Winner at the 2013 SAMSA Maritime Industry Awards. The drive and dedication


and continuous quest for perfection and peak performance from the CEO, Kevin Kelly has made Xtreme Projects a force to be reckoned with, not only nationally but globally.

Xtreme Projects National Xtreme Projects is assisting with the clean up and salvage of the Kiani Satu which ran aground near Knysna on Thursday 8 August. The stricken vessel has been leaking oil into the ocean and the main aim is to prevent environmental damage. The salvage mission is being hampered by bad weather.

We make the world a cleaner greener place. Written & Compiled by Megan Kelly

Xtreme Projects International

Xtreme / Frotamerica Album

International Booms In late 2012, Kevin ventured over to Italy, more specifically the Isole del Giglio where the salvage of the Costa Concordia was underway. He was armed with his usual charm and a brilliant product that he had designed himself, After making certain observations in the booming industry, Kevin designed and manufactured a High Seas Oil Containment Boom that is of a world class standard. Needless to say, he returned jubilant and within a few weeks the first containers filled with this brilliant product were en route to Italy. Kevin has been Xtremely excited by this project as it has enabled him to expand into the manufacturing sector, thereby giving him the opportunity to create some much needed employment.

Xtreme Projects Namibia Xtreme Namibia had barely been launched and we were called to assist with the salvage of oil off a vessel that had broken loose from the Luderitz port limits in February and had become stranded north of Luderitz. The Frotamerica is in danger of being broken apart from the assault of the turbulent ocean and expose the delicate surrounding area to oil pollution. Our team is working long hours in harsh conditions to clear the vessel of oil. The team gets to and from the vessel via a zip-line daily and is camped out in the desert with only each other, lots of sand and some unusual wildlife as company.

We make the world a cleaner greener place. Written & Compiled by Megan Kelly

Xtreme Newsletter - August 2013  

The Xtreme Newsletter for August 2013

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